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Prepare: They Are Pushing The “Delta Variant” REALLY HARD Right Now

Using fear-mongering terms such as “dangerous” and “concern” and “spreading rapidly”, the mainstream media continuing and ramping up their propaganda surrounding the “delta variant.” This looks like, at least on the surface, that it’s a ploy to get people to willingly take the experimental gene therapy shot.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

“I’m worried about those who are unvaccinated, United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told CNN Tuesday, noting the Delta variant “is rapidly increasing here in the United States.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying this is a more “transmissible” form of the virus and can cause “more serious disease.”

“The second reason it’s concerning is that there is some data to indicate that it may in fact also be more dangerous, may cause more severe illness. That still needs to be understood more clearly, but these are two important concerns and they explain in part … why this has become the dominant variant in the U.K., where over 90% of cases are the Delta variant,” Murthy said.

But the vaccine doesn’t “prevent transmission” and that much is admitted in the very same article. It lessens the chances that you will end up hospitalized:

Murthy said there isn’t enough data to indicate the effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine in regards to the Delta variant, but the vaccine has shown it can help prevent hospitalizations and deaths when people are infected with other strains.

A new study by Public Health England found that two doses of a coronavirus vaccine is “highly effective against hospitalization” caused by the Delta variant. The study found the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is 96% effective against hospitalization after two doses. –CNN

Does anyone else find that strange that a “vaccine” is not providing immunity and it’s only effective against “hospitalization”? They do this with the flu shot every year too.  They claim it will lessen symptoms but you could still get infected. That’s not the definition of a “vaccine,” which is supposed to force your body to create an immune response to prevent infection.  This is why experimental gene therapy is the correct term.

Law Insider defines the term “vaccine” as: Vaccine means a specially prepared antigen which, upon administration to a person, will result in immunity.

If you can still get the disease, you are not immune. Immunity to hospitalization does not count according to the ruling class’s own definition. There’s no antigen in these shots either. They have mRNA and the “spiked protein.”

The “Delta variant”, which was first reported in India, currently accounts for nearly 10% of coronavirus cases in the US, according to the CDC.

“The key is get vaccinated, get both doses,” Murthy said.

Maybe some would consider it if this was actually a vaccine. Another question to ponder, is if the unvaccinated are “domestic terrorists,” why does anyone in the ruling class care if we take this shot? Shouldn’t they want us all gone off the face of the Earth?

Politicians Say “Anti-Vaxxers” Are “Domestic Terrorists”

They keep saying the “vaccines” are effective against the “delta variant,” so is this just a marketing plot to make sure everyone gets these shots?  This is getting more and more absurd by the day and we are expected to just swallow what these psychopaths are saying and do what we are told. What are they really trying to accomplish here? There is something to this, and we know we are being lied to, but to what extent and how large of a part these “vaccines” play is still unknown.

Continue to use your own discernment, as always.  Look into things and ask questions. The media is not going to tell us the truth and that should be apparent by now. Critical thinking is a long-lost skill that we should all be honing. Stay prepared for whatever you can.  This is ramping up.

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Biden administration COUNTRIES COVID-19 doses Intelwars Pfizer Purchase Vaccine

Biden admin to purchase 500M doses of Pfizer COVID vaccine to give to other countries: reports

President Joe Biden is set to announce plan for the U.S. government to purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for the purpose of sending the vials to other countries who are in need of vaccines, according to several reports.

Biden is expected to unveil the deal during this week’s G-7 summit of the world’s most developed economies with the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the U.K., where the event is being held.

What are the details?

NBC News reported that according to three people familiar with his thinking, Biden will announce his plan to buy the 500 million doses “to donate to other countries struggling with a limited supply.”

“Of the doses, 200 million will be donated this year and 300 million will be donated across the first half of next year,” the outlet reported, adding that “the doses will be distributed through COVAX — a humanitarian program run in part by the World Health Organization that aims to distribute vaccines fairly — to 92 low-income countries, as well as the African Union.”

Politico also cited three unnamed sources in its report on the plan while reporting that “the new order would nearly double the government’s original agreement to buy up to 600 million Pfizer doses” and “it has so far secured 300 million for the U.S. population, but American demand has dropped off in recent weeks while calls for overseas donations have increased.”

The Washington Post also claimed three people familiar with the plan told them about it, but that the White House declined to comment on Wednesday.

The newspaper reported that Biden “hinted he would be announcing his global plan as he boarded Air Force One to Britain on Wednesday” when he told reporters, “I have one, and I’ll be announcing it.”

While in the air on the trip to the U.K., national security adviser Jack Sullivan told the press:

“The president is focused on helping to vaccinate the world because he believes it is the right thing to do; it’s what Americans do in times of need. When we have the capacity, then we have the will, and we step up and we deliver. And he said in his joint session that we were the arsenal of democracy in World War II, and we’re going to be the arsenal of vaccines over the course of the next period to end this pandemic.”

Anything else?

The world’s wealthy nations have faced increasing pressure to distribute coronavirus vaccines to less fortunate countries.

In May, a slate of celebrities gathered for Global Citizen’s “VAX LIVE” concert, where they called “on world leaders to step up for equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Admitted COVID-19 Intelwars Pharmacist Prison Ruining Vaccine

Ex-pharmacist who confessed to attempting to ruin COVID-19 vaccine doses gets 3 years in prison

The former Wisconsin pharmacist who admitted to trying to ruin more than 500 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison after pleading guilty earlier this year to two felony counts of attempting to tamper with a consumer product.

What are the details?

Steven Brandenburg, 46, was arrested in late December and confessed to intentionally removing 57 vials of the vaccine from refrigeration and leaving them at room temperature overnight to spoil at his then-job at Advocate Aurora Health in Grafton. Each vial contained ten doses.

Brandenburg reportedly claimed at the time that he believed the vaccines were unsafe. Following his arrest, he was barred from serving as a pharmacist.

Moderna ultimately informed Aurora Health that the doses were still viable despite being unrefrigerated. But in the meantime, scores of individuals who received the shots — including several of Brandenburg’s co-workers — were left with uncertainty over whether they received a viable, effective inoculation.

WMUR-TV reported that as many as 60 victims were granted the opportunity to submit impact statements at Brandenburg’s sentencing. One former colleague of Brandenburg’s wrote, “The act of sabotage with the intent to place my life in danger has shaken me to my core.” Another told the court, “Steven Brandenburg took the choice from me to receive a stable and known to be safe vaccine.”

Ahead of sentencing, Brandenburg told the court that he felt “great shame” for his actions and accepted responsibility, The Associated Press reported.

Prosecutors had asked that Brandenburg serve three years and five months in federal prison for his crime, and the judge ultimately sentenced him to three years behind bars and another three of probation. The former pharmacist was also ordered to pay $84,000 in restitution to Aurora Health.

Anything else?

According to the AP:

Brandenburg is an admitted conspiracy theorist who believes he is a prophet and vaccines are a product of the devil. He also professed a belief that the Earth is flat and the 9/11 terrorist attacks were faked.

Brandenburg also secretly substituted saline for flu vaccine that he was mandated to receive and persuaded several co-workers to secretly swap saline for their flu vaccine as well, according to court filings.

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China Now Offers COVID “Vaccines” To Children As Young As 3

China has become the first country to offer experimental gene therapy shots to children as young as three years old. Most people know these shots as the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine.”

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Sinovac (one of China’s COVID inoculations) confirmed that the company’s Covid “vaccine” has been “approved for emergency use in three- to 17-year-olds”. However, the manufacturer did not provide any information on when those children would start to receive the jab.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

The National Health Commission in China is responsible for outlining the schedule for the country’s vaccine rollout, and it will update its plans to include children who are authorized to receive it “according to China’s current epidemic prevention and control needs and vaccine supply.”  The ruling classes of the world are diligently working to get these shots into as many humans as possible. That should concern everyone:

Sinopharm, which makes China’s other main domestically produced vaccine, has also stated that its data shows it is safe and effective in young children, but it did not reveal whether officials had or were set to approve it for emergency use, according to a report by RT.

The reason the state of emergency and pandemic status has not been removed is so that these mRNA shots can be given to humans and no liability to the rulers or companies who made them when people get injured or worse.

Both the Sinovac and Sinopharm jabs are on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of Covid vaccines approved for emergency use in adults aged 18 and older. The WHO is not yet recommending vaccinating children, despite some nations announcing plans to do so. –RT

These jabs will eventually all be “approved” for everyone. They are coming for all of us and children are no exception.

As always, use critical thinking and discernment and apply them to everything. Don’t let the rulers and their propagandists destroy your sense of morality with their brainwashing.  It’s up to us to determine the truth.

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CDC herd immunity Intelwars Johns hopkins professor Natural immunity Vaccine

Johns Hopkins professor says ‘ignore the CDC’ — ‘natural immunity works’

A professor at the renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine advised Americans recently to “ignore” guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention due to the public health agency’s puzzling refusal to recognize natural immunity from previous infection.

What are the details?

Dr. Marty Makary, who also serves as a professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, suggested during a Tuesday appearance on “The Vince Coglianese Show” that 150 million Americans, or “half the country,” likely already have natural immunity to COVID-19 due to having been infected with the virus and then recovering.

Yet despite that staggering figure, Makary lamented the fact that the CDC, in concert with Biden administration officials, have neglected to recognize the reality of the situation. Instead, previously infected individuals who decline being vaccinated are routinely “demonized” by health officials who insist that virtually all Americans must be vaccinated before normal life can resume.

But “herd immunity” has already been reached, argued Makary, citing up-to-date vaccination and infection data to suggest that 80% to 85% of Americans are currently protected from the virus.

“I never thought I’d say this, but please ignore the CDC guidance,” Makary stated, advising Americans to “live a normal life, unless you are unvaccinated and did not have the infection, in which case you need to be careful.”

Makary called the the CDC’s outright dismissal of natural immunity “one of the biggest failures of our current medical leadership” as Coglianese pointed out that the CDC amazingly offers no guidance for individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, in regard to what they can safely do.

“Natural immunity works,” he argued. “We’ve got to start respecting individuals who choose not to get the vaccine, instead of demonizing them.

“There is more data on natural immunity than there is on vaccinated immunity, because natural immunity has been around longer,” he continued, noting that both vaccination and previous infection likely provide “lifelong” immunity from the virus.

He added that reinfection is extremely “rare,” and even when it does happen, the “symptoms are mild or [those individuals] are asymptomatic.”

Anything else?

For months, Makary has been a consistent voice of reason, sounding the alarm on misinformation coming from progressive media as well as what he calls the “most slow, reactionary, political CDC in American history.”

Earlier this year, he derided the CDC’s “absurdly restrictive” guidance that permitted fully vaccinated people to mingle indoors with some other people without masks or social distancing, calling the agency “paralyzed by fear.”

Then in May, Makary chastised media and health expert doomsayers for “fearmongering” even as the pandemic was waning by telling Americans that herd immunity may not be reached for a long time to come.

(H/T: Daily Caller)

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The Insidious Agenda Of The Global Elite Is Moving Forward Very Rapidly

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

The global elite have an entirely different perspective on things than most of the rest of us.  Most people are not focused on “global issues” because they have enough to deal with just trying to run their own day-to-day lives.

But the global elite have so much money that they don’t have to endlessly work long hours in order to “make a living”, and others take care of mundane daily tasks for them.  So the global elite are able to pour an inordinate amount of time and energy into the issues that they consider to be important, and population issues are right at the top of the list for many of them.

There is a consensus among the global elite that climate change is the number one threat to our planet by a wide margin, and that humanity is doing far more to cause climate change than any other source.  They endlessly push this narrative through the news and entertainment companies that they control, and most people have bought into their propaganda on at least some level.

The global elite would like all of us to radically alter our behavior in order to combat climate change, but they also acknowledge that this will not nearly be enough.  The long-term solution, in their view, is to dramatically decrease the size of the human population until it has reached a level where climate change is no longer a major threat.

Throughout the 20th century, the population of the globe absolutely exploded.  It is now over 7 billion, and the global elite needed to find a way to slow that down.  So their news and entertainment companies started to encourage women to wait longer in life to have children and to have fewer children when they finally did decide to have families.

In addition, the toxic environment that has been created by the products that their corporations endlessly produce has made it more difficult for couples to have children.  As I have detailed in previous articles, male sperm levels in the western world have declined catastrophically in recent decades.

Of course if a pregnancy does occur, the global elite have worked very hard to promote abortion as a “choice” all over the planet.

They aren’t doing this because they care about women.  They are doing this because they want to keep the population in check.

All of these measures are really starting to work.  In fact, the fertility rate in the U.S. has now been consistently below replacement level since 2007

The U.S. total fertility rate, which estimates how many babies a hypothetical group of 1,000 women would have during their life based on data from a given year, remains far “below replacement” – meaning there wouldn’t be enough babies born for a generation to exactly replace itself.

“The rate has generally been below replacement since 1971 and has consistently been below replacement since 2007,” according to the agency, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And the global elite have got to be thrilled that the fertility rate in the U.S. for 2020 was lower than ever

The number of babies born in the U.S. dropped by 4% in 2020 compared with the previous year, according to a new federal report released Wednesday. The general fertility rate was 55.8 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44, reaching yet another record low, according to the provisional data.

We are witnessing similar patterns throughout most of the rest of the industrialized world.

As of 2017, fertility rates were below replacement level in nations that account for nearly half of the entire global population

According to the most recent UN estimates (United Nations 2017), almost one half of the world’s population lives in countries with below replacement fertility (BRF), i.e. with a total fertility rate (TFR) below 2.1 births per woman. Of these, one-quarter have TFRs close to the replacement level, i.e. between 1.8 and 2.1; the other three-quarters have really low fertility, below 1.8 births per woman. Low-fertility countries are generally grouped into clusters. The main clusters are in East Asia, Southern Europe, the German-speaking countries of Western Europe, and all the former socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Table 1).

Of course there are other areas of the world (such as Africa) where the insidious population control agenda of the global elite is not working nearly as well, and this distresses them to no end.

Needless to say, the global elite will continue to try to come up with more ways to “encourage” population control, because they truly believe that time is running out for our planet.

They don’t respect life because they believe that humanity itself is a “plague”, and that has resulted in a tremendous lack of respect for life throughout our entire society.

Over the past year, millions of people have been dying during this pandemic, and this week we learned that the very first man that got a COVID vaccine has died

William Shakespeare, the first man in the world to have an approved Covid jab, has died in hospital aged 81 after suffering a stroke.

Bill, as he was known, made global headlines on so-called V-Day on December 8 when he received the Pfizer/BioNTech jab at the University Hospital Coventry.

The former Rolls Royce employee and parish councillor passed away from a stroke last Thursday, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust said, after a period of illness at the same hospital where he famously received his vaccine.

There have been so many needless tragedies that have been popping up in the news lately.  When a 35-year-old mother named Anne VanGeest suddenly dropped dead recently, it made the local news

Anne VanGeest, 35, died April 19 at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s hospital in Grand Rapids.

“It is with profound sadness that we share the news of Anne’s passing Anne (Annie), who was 35, was a loving mother, wife, sister and daughter,” according to a statement from her family provided Lambert, a Grand Rapids-based public relations firm that is providing its services to the family pro bono.

Those that have passed away deserve to be remembered, but the vast majority of them will be quickly forgotten as the death toll grows.

Unfortunately, what we have witnessed so far is just the tip of the iceberg.  As humanity plunges into a very apocalyptic future, the death and destruction that we will see will be off the charts.

But for now, the total population of the world is still above 7 billion, and the global elite will continue to try to find creative ways to keep that number down.

Unfortunately, most people out there still assume that the global elite are looking out for their best interests, and that is a tragic mistake.

***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.***

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break free Censorship condescending control corporate COVID czar Dr. anthony fauci enslavement experimental gene therapy Fascism frauds government is slavery Headline News herd immunity Intelwars Masks personality cult plandemic propaganda scamdemic Vaccine wake up

Fauci and the Fed: America’s Technocratic Frauds

This article was originally published by Tho Bishop at The Mises Institute. 

This past March, Dr. Anthony Fauci sparred with Dr. Rand Paul over any public health benefit that came from wearing a mask if one had developed immunity to the virus. In dealing with both a democratically elected senator and a medical doctor, Dr. Fauci was dismissive and condescending. He demonstrated the degree to which he held himself higher than the Senate.

Dr. Fauci was also wrong.

A medical expert in Dr. Fauci’s position losing a debate on the science to an ophthalmologist—even one of Dr. Paul’s great reputation—would itself be enough to declare them a fraud.

But Dr. Fauci is much worse than a fraud; he is a technocrat. He doesn’t see himself as simply someone to explain “the science” of the virus but appointed himself a covid czar. He leveraged the corporate press’s personality cult and used it to manipulate the public to behave the way he wanted them to behave.

He prioritized control over presenting the science.

He also has no shame in doing this. He has repeatedly boasted about it to his devoted followers in the media.

For example, this morning, Fauci explained on ABC that his wearing masks indoors was about optics—not science.

I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals but being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low.

This is not the first time Fauci has given himself the authority to act beyond “the science.” Last December, Fauci started changing his claims about the necessary rates of vaccination to achieve a state of post-covid normality. The original aim of 70 percent was moved as high as 90 percent. As Fauci explained to the New York Times:

When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent…. Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, “I can nudge this up a bit,” so I went to 80, 85. We need to have some humility here…. We really don’t know what the real number is. I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent. But, I’m not going to say 90 percent.

America has subjected itself to a lost year of economically devastating, mentally abusive policies—all based on the authoritarian impulses of a learned ignoramus.

This has also become the norm for Washington’s imperial federal government.

While Fauci’s thirst for the camera has made him an easy target for ridicule, most of the true power of the federal government rests in the hands of similar unelected “experts.” For all the arguments that can be made against democracy, it is in these unelected institutions of power that we have seen the most aggressive expansions of state power in pursuit of the most radical policies.

Take the institution most challenged now by the success of Fauci-ism: the Federal Reserve.

Though he doesn’t make enough television appearances to earn his own progressive prayer candle, Jay Powell has received his own fawning praise from the slice of the corporate press that follows the Fed. Senate Democrats have even begun to push for Biden to keep Powell on board when his term comes up next year.

Outside the Beltway, however, Americans are feeling the impact of inflation. Google searches for “inflation” hit record highs in March, long before the 4.2 percent reported an increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Perhaps an American consumer seeing their paycheck buy less and less would be comforted by the fact that inflation is precisely what the Fed has been explicitly calling for.

Of course, the consequences of the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented monetary policy go beyond simply the devaluation of money. The Fed’s low-interest-rate policy has massively increased risk in the financial system by depriving investors—both large and small—of safe, conservative investment options. Doing so has been great for large corporations, which have seen stock prices soar since 2008, both richly rewarding CEOs and subsidizing attempts to purchase smaller potential competitors. Those Americans who just wanted to simply save money, avoid debt, and avoid the volatility of the stock market have been less lucky.

At least they can look forward to funding the bailouts when the collapse of a stock market bubble ends up designating Facebook a systemically important company.

Even better, the Federal Reserve continues to give itself greater and greater authority to expand its mission far beyond monetary policy, with policy aims such as “greening the financial system.”

These bold and aggressive power grabs come in spite of the fact that the Fed’s own actions have repeatedly demonstrated that it has no idea what it is doing. Examples include not only the inability to identify the financial crisis in 2008 but its failure to reverse quantitative easing (QE)—as it repeatedly claimed it could do—and its repeated inability to forecast economic growth. The Fed has gone from one crisis to another, expanding its power, creating new tools for itself, and without any clear or coherent vision or economic theory.

Just like Fauci and the other parts of America’s technocratic class.

As the Trump era showed, the problem of these unelected policy czars is not solved simply by a presidential election. They are embedded deep within the structure of the federal government. To reign them in, we either need systemic change or pressure from the states.

Ultimately, what forced the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to break itself from the propaganda of Dr. Fauci were the counterexamples offered by Florida and other open states, which were grounded in science rather than a personality cult. While it is easier for a state to nullify public health guidelines than it is to separate a state from America’s central bank, we have seen states like Wyoming and Texas take legislative action to promote alternatives to the Fed.

Hopefully, the example of Dr. Fauci will help kill some of the faith in “policy experts” that government schools spend so much time instilling in the public.

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Government “Scientific Advisors” Admit To Using “Totalitarian” Tactics To Control People

Scientists in the United Kingdom who are working as advisors for the government have expressed regret for using what they admit to being “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control the behavior of the masses. And they use the scamdemic as an excuse.

According to a report by The London Telegraph, the comments were made by Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) the government’s chief scientific advisory group.

The report quotes a briefing from March 2020, as the first lockdown was decreed, that stated the government should drastically increase “the perceived level of personal threat” that the virus poses because “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”.

One scientist with the SPI-B admits that “In March [2020] the Government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down. There were discussions about fear being needed to encourage compliance, and decisions were made about how to ramp up the fear.”

The unnamed scientist adds that The way we have used fear is dystopian.”

The scientist further confessed that “The use of fear has definitely been ethically questionable. It’s been like a weird experiment. Ultimately, it backfired because people became too scared.”

Another separate scientist on the subcommittee professed “You could call psychology ‘mind control’. That’s what we do… clearly we try and go about it in a positive way, but it has been used nefariously in the past.” –Summit News

So basically, the government is admitting that what they use is fear to manufacture consent for the slaves to remain enslaved and willingly submit to their own oppression. If you already understand that government is slavey (it can be nothing more and nothing less) then you already knew this. If you think this is limited to the UK government because they admitted it, the brainwashing has been effective:

“Right Now I’m Scared” – CDC Director Chokes Back Tears As She Fearmongers “Impending Doom”

CNN Admits To Fear Mongering The COVID-19 Scamdemic

Using fear as a weapon is nothing new.  Governments have done it for centuries because, simply, it works. It goes back to the Hegelian dialect. If you want to get people to willingly take a “vaccine,” for example, how can you do it? You tell me because I think we all are living through it now.

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

They come up with a problem, elicit a fear-based reaction, then step in with the preplanned solution, and sadly, this still works on a vast majority of human beings, who set their own discernment and critical thinking aside in order to obey the master out of fear. Hopefully, humanity will begin to see that they have been manipulated and controlled since birth.

Waking up is the first step.  There can be no solution if we cannot hone in on the problem, which is and always has been slavery. No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave, and we need to realize that.

Click here to read the entire comprehensive report written by Steve Watson at Summit News. 

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COVID-19 Critical Thinking deaths discernment disobedience Dr. anthony fauci Greg Abbott Headline News holdouts Intelwars Joe Biden liars lie with statistics plandemic propaganda ruling class scamdemic servitude Texas Vaccine wake up

Two Months After Biden Blasted “Neanderthal Thinking”, Texas Reports Zero COVID Deaths

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott elicited criticism from Dr. Fauci and a host of Democrats when he decided to drop all COVID-19-linked restrictions in the Lone Star State back in March. Now, as states across the country are falling in line with President Biden’s aggressive new mask guidance (clearly intended to encourage more holdouts to accept the vaccine) Texas is reporting a milestone that many of these critics once believed unthinkable: On Sunday, the state’s Department of State Health Services reported its first day without single COVID-19 death since March 21, 2020.

Confronted in an interview last month, Dr. Fauci finally acknowledged that he couldn’t explain Texas’ success. And President Biden memorably slammed Republicans in Texas (and in other southern states like Mississippi that followed Texas’ lead) as “Neanderthal-thinking” Republicans.

That good news was quickly overshadowed when state officials reported 23 new deaths on Monday, the highest daily count in two months.

Still, as the Houston Chronicle admits, it’s clear Texas has “turned a corner” and that the takeaway from the zero-death day is that the state has done remarkably well in combating COVID.

And in a social media post, Gov. Abbott recently rattled off a host of stats illustrating just how successful the state has been.

Adding to this, the state reported a record low seven-day positivity rate of 3.9% last week, and cases and hospitalizations have fallen to their lowest marks since last summer.

Funeral homes in the area rejoiced at finally seeing business return to a more normal pace.

Bradshaw-Carter Funeral Homeowner Tripp Carter said they haven’t had a COVID-related service since early March, which she credited in part to Houstonians abiding by precautionary measures.

“We are right in the heart of the city, and so it’s just great that we haven’t seen any more cases,” Carter said. “Houstonians, or at least certainly in the inner loop, were very conscious about following CDC guidelines.”

Texas counted only 624 new confirmed infections on Wednesday according to state data, with a seven-day average of 2,072 new cases per day.

Source: State of Texas

To put this all in context, Texas was reporting nearly 30,000 new cases per day and upward of 400 deaths a day earlier this year. It once was home to the worst outbreak in the country, and last summer became the first state to top 1 million confirmed cases.

Deaths finally began to slow in March, as vaccine eligibility was gradually expanded. To date, 41% of Texans have received at least one vaccine dose, and nearly one in three are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, which lags the rate in many other states.

Now, the state can focus its attention on the new crisis of 2021: the fester crisis at the southern border caused by a surge in migrants responding to Biden’s pledge to welcome immigrants.

At least now, with the COVID numbers down, maybe Biden will deem it safe enough to hold more photo-ops at the border where he lectures the GOP on immigration policy.

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COVID-19 Dr. anthony fauci Intelwars national institutes of health Richard Burr Senate hearing Vaccine vaccine hesitancy watch

Dr. Fauci testifies that only ‘a little bit more than half’ of NIH employees have been vaccinated

At the hearing last week during which U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci over “gain of function research” in relation to the COVID-19 virus, another rather eye-opening exchange took place but wasn’t widely reported.

What are the details?

Toward the end of the nearly three-hour hearing last Tuesday before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, ranking member U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) asked Fauci what percentage of employees at the National Institutes of Health have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“What percentage of the employees in your institute … has been vaccinated?” Burr asked.

Fauci replied, “You know, I’m not 100% sure, senator, but I think it’s probably a little bit more than half — probably around 60%.”

Burr asked the same question of Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration.

Marks replied, “I can’t tell you the exact number, but it’s probably in the same range — some people vaccinated at our facility and others … outside of the facility.”

Walensky told Burr that at the CDC, “we’re encouraging our employees to get vaccinated, we’ve been doing town halls and education seminars … our staff have the option to report their vaccination status, but as you understand, the federal government is not requiring it, so we do not know.”

Uh oh

With that, Burr mildly scolded the trio sitting before him: “Listen, you’re the face of why people should get vaccinated. And knowing and promoting and confidently giving numbers, percentages. … Imagine being the parent of a school-age kid who for generations has been required to have their kids vaccinated before they could start school? And the fact that even within our health organizations we can’t require that of people … we’re gonna have tough decisions to make.”

Burr soon warned Fauci, Marks, and Walensky that “if we’re gonna get that last mile coverage, we’re gonna have to start portraying that we’re willing to do to ourselves what we’re asking the American people to do.”

WATCH LIVE: Fauci, federal health officials testify about ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19

Anything else?

The momentous Q&A moment came in the wake of recent headline-grabbing statements from those in the public eye who’ve declared that unvaccinated people should be shunned.

Sunny Hostin of “The View” earlier this month ripped into Americans who’ve indicated they won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine by saying we should “shun” them — and the co-host specifically called out “white evangelicals” and “Republicans.”

“When you look at the folks that are not getting vaccinated — because it’s a quarter of Americans that aren’t getting vaccinated — white evangelicals: 45% say they won’t get vaccinated according to … Pew Research … almost 50% of Republicans are refusing to get the vaccine,” Hostin said. “So we won’t reach herd immunity because of those particular groups.”

She then added, “So I say we need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated.”

A few days before Hostin’s nationally televised takedown, USA Today published an op-ed by a far-left former Justice Department prosecutor titled, “It’s time to start shunning the ‘vaccine hesitant.’ They’re blocking COVID herd immunity.”

Michael J. Stern wrote that “businesses should make vaccination a requirement for employment” and that “things should get personal, too: People should require friends to be vaccinated to attend the barbecues and birthday parties they host. Friends don’t let friends spread the coronavirus.”

One wonders if Hostin or Stern would utter their venom to the faces of Fauci, Marks, and Walensky — or in front of the still-unvaccinated employees of the NIH, CDC, or FDA.

Intelwars Joe Rogan Prince Harry Remarks Vaccine

‘Just stay out of it’: Prince Harry hits out at Joe Rogan over vaccine remarks

Prince Harry has weighed in on podcasting king Joe Rogan’s comments regarding COVID-19 vaccinations for young people, saying Rogan should “just stay out of it” while warning, “you’ve got to be careful about what comes out of your mouth.”

What are the details?

Last month, Rogan suggested on “The Joe Rogan Experience” that he would not recommend a healthy 21-year-old get vaccinated against the coronavirus, but said he believes vulnerable people should get the shot.

The podcaster was blasted over the remarks, and he later clarified his statements while adding, “I at least try to be honest about what I’m saying.”

But the “Armchair Expert” podcast wanted to get Prince Harry’s thoughts on Rogan’s comments, according to Page Six.

The U.K. royal — who moved to the U.S. last year — told “Armchair” hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman that the right thing for Rogan to do would have been “just stay out of it.”

“This issue is in today’s world with misinformation endemic,” the prince said. “You’ve got to be careful about what comes out of your mouth.”

He also scolded Rogan, adding that “with a platform comes responsibility.”

The New York Post noted that Page Six “exclusively reported that Rogan’s comments would not sit well with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been huge supporters of COVID-19 vaccinations,” pointing out that “the couple served as campaign chairs of Global Citizen’s VAX Live: The Concert to Reunite the World, which served to increase donations and sharing of vaccine doses around the world.”

Anything else?

Harry himself has refused to “just stay out of” American politics.

During the 2020 election cycle, he and wife Meghan Markle issued a video widely interpreted as an effort to sway voters to pull the lever for then-candidate Joe Biden.

When asked for his reaction to the couple weighing in the race at the time, then-President Donald Trump said, “I’m not a fan of hers, and I would say this — and she probably has heard that — but I wish a lot of luck to Harry, ’cause he’s gonna need it.”

Since then, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down for a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey seen worldwide, wherein they criticized the royal family and alleged that there are racists in their ranks.

COVID-19 Donald Trump experimental gene therapies Headline News Hoax Intelwars Ivanka Trump Joy Behar LIES Obey Operation warp speed plandemic ruling class scamdemic Statistics submission Vaccine wak up

Ivanka Trump Helps Push The Official Narrative: Get The “Vaccine!”

Ivanka Trump is helping the push to get as many people injected as possible with the experimental gene therapies they are calling “vaccines.” Trump touted the COVID-19 vaccine in a social media post celebrating her second dose, and once again urged her followers to get vaccinated.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her father, former President Donald Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed and has also been trying to push his followers into taking the gene therapy shot.

Trump Does Fauci’s Bidding & Urges Americans To Get Vaccinated: “I Would Recommend It”

Ms. Trump’s posts come a few months after she told “The View” co-host Joy Behar in September that she would get the vaccine once it was available to her. Obviously, this is nothing more or less than a propaganda push for the “vaccines.”

To date, more than 105 million people have gotten their second doses in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine tracker. Obviously, based on how much we know they lied with their statistics about this scamdemic, to begin with, perhaps those numbers are dramatically off too.

Another COVID-19 Whistleblower: A Montana Dr. Says Government Is Drastically Overstating Deaths

When it comes to this “vaccine” people seem to be split more than the polling or mainstream media is willing to suggest. There are those who have already gleefully and willingly signed up to be injected with this experimental technology, and there are those who will not take ever regardless of the oppression and tyranny they will be subjected to for refusing.

With the goal of helping you all enhance your critical thinking skills, read the following article and the reasons (if they can even be reasons, it’s more of one guy just giving an answer you’re expected to believe without evidence because he “repeated” it often) that this is not gene therapy, but actually a vaccine. If you want a good starting place, look at how he describes the difference between RNA and DNA, and the research the difference.

Forbes article: Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines Are Not ‘Gene Therapy,’ As Some Are Claiming

Research and ask the questions, because the guy who wrote the above article is hoping you won’t. I am no scientist, but I do attempt to think things through, and based on the “evidence” he gives, I would say this is gene therapy. If you research and come to the conclusion that this is a “vaccine,” that’s fine too. Just use your critical thinking skills to do so, because that’s the one thing that panics the elitists the most.

Wake up, folks. Do everything you can to stay alert and prepared for anything. They will stoop to all-time lows to get people to take this shot.  It’s a piece of their agenda and to what extent, we will have to wait to find out.

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Biden covid Intelwars Nosedive patent Pharmaceutical Stocks Vaccine

Vaccine stocks nosedive after Biden administration makes global vow

The stock prices of several coronavirus vaccine developers took sharp downturns on Wednesday, after the Biden administration announced it supports stripping away vaccine patent protections so the formulas can be shared with the world to produce generics.

What are the details?

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced in the afternoon that the administration supports waiving intellectual property protections for COVID-19 vaccines.

Tai said in a statement:

“This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic call for extraordinary measures. The Administration believes strongly in intellectual property protections, but in service of ending this pandemic, supports the waiver of those protections for COVID-19 vaccines. We will actively participate in text-based negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO) needed to make that happen. Those negotiations will take time given the consensus-based nature of the institution and the complexity of the issues involved.

CNBC reported that following the news, shares of vaccine producers Pfizer, Biontech, Novavax, and Moderna all plunged “to session lows.”

The outlet reported that following the sharp drops, “Pfizer ended its trading day flat, while Moderna lost 6.1%; Johnson & Johnson shed a modest 0.4%.”

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a trade group that represents several of the pharmaceutical companies impacted, slammed the Biden administration’s move.

“In the midst of a deadly pandemic, the Biden Administration has taken an unprecedented step that will undermine our global response to the pandemic and compromise safety,” the group’s president and CEO, Stephen J. Ubi, told CNBC. “This decision will sow confusion between public and private partners, further weaken already strained supply chains and foster the proliferation of counterfeit vaccines.”

Reactions to the news were split on social media, with some people slamming the move and saying that pharmaceutical firms should be able to profit off the development of the vaccines. One person wrote, “This current administration has no understanding of the great lengths that went into development of these life saving vaccines. These companies should be able to profit from there (sic) hard work.”

Another expressed concern over the precedent that the Biden administration’s policy sets, tweeting, “Pretty extraordinary step. Once this box is opened I think it will be hard to limit it only to COVID. What about cancer drugs? What if we get a cure for Alzheimer’s? Are those really less important than COVID-19? This has major ramifications for IP going forward in the U.S.”

But others argued that sharing the vaccine technology was more important than profits. Akshaya Kumar, the crisis advocacy for Human Rights Watch, wrote, “Thanks for taking this bold position @AmbassadorTai! By doing so, the US may help turn the tide on this pandemic and save countless lives globally.”

Some pointed out the pharmaceutical companies had received a hefty amount of taxpayer funds for the speedy development of the shots under former President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed.”

One person replied, “Taxpayers funded this, not the companies. They took almost no risk, just reaped reward. All this is doing is asking them — who, again, did not pay for this and risked functionally nothing — to accept slightly less of a reward.”

Time magazine reported in December that Operation Warp Speed “allocated more than $12 billion to vaccine makers” for the development (including research and clinical studies) and manufacturing of the first 300 million doses.

Six deals were made between the U.S. government and individual firms or partnerships, including Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax, and undertakings by AstraZeneca-Oxford, Sanofi-GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer-BioNTech.

Fox Business reported in March that the deals are still rolling in for approved U.S. vaccine producers not only from the federal government, but from countries abroad.

At that point, Pfizer and BioNTech expected to split $15 billion in vaccine revenues by the end of 2021, while Moderna expected $18.4 billion in advanced sales and Johnson & Johnson was on on track to pull in roughly $10 billion by the end of the year.

Those potential revenues could look entirely different if the formulas are spread to other firms globally.

Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars Shun those who won't get vaccine Sunny Hostin The View Vaccine watch White evangelicals

Sunny Hostin of ‘The View’ declares ‘we need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated’ — specifically ‘white evangelicals’ and ‘Republicans’

Sunny Hostin of “The View” tore into Americans who’ve indicated they won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine by saying we should “shun” them — and the co-host specifically called out “white evangelicals” and “Republicans.”

What are the details?

Hostin on Monday’s program decried the “politicization” of the vaccine controversy, calling out former President Donald Trump without naming him — and then proceeded to politicize things herself by using divisive and shaming language and phrases.

“This is just a vestige of the prior administration’s politicization of the mask and of the vaccine,” Hostin said of reason for vaccine hesitancy. “I mean, the prior administration was an anti-science administration, and I think we’re seeing the fallout of the bungling of the pandemic where it led to … the death[s] of over 500,000 people. We now know that studies show that had the pandemic … been dealt with in a different way, in a public-health manner, had these masks and efforts not been politicized in the way that they were, we could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, including the lives of my in-laws.”

Perhaps Hostin missed the news that Trump — who, by the way, said he’s been vaccinated — recently called anti-vaccine sentiments “deranged pseudo-science” and ripped President Joe Biden for aiding such a point of view by pausing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine’s distribution.

Oh, and speaking of politicizing the vaccine, who remembers when Kamala Harris in September famously said she wouldn’t receive a vaccine developed under the Trump administration — and then happily received it in December when she was the vice president-elect?

But anyway, Hostin in her soft-spoken rant went on to target and blame specific groups.

“When you look at the folks that are not getting vaccinated — because it’s a quarter of Americans that aren’t getting vaccinated — white evangelicals: 45% say they won’t get vaccinated according to … Pew Research … almost 50% of Republicans are refusing to get the vaccine,” Hostin said. “So we won’t reach herd immunity because of those particular groups.”

Then the co-host lowered the boom: “So I say we need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated.”

She added that unvaccinated Americans should be refused entry into certain places.

“I think if you have not been vaccinated, no entry. You want to get on a plane? You gotta be vaccinated, show proof of vaccination,” Hostin said. “And those people who don’t want to get vaccinated … that’s fine for you, but you can’t spread it to other people … you don’t get those other liberties that come with immunity. Something has to break. If that’s your personal choice not to get vaccinated, you don’t then get to infringe on the rights of those who have chosen to protect their fellow citizens.”

Hostin’s comments begin just after the 3:30 mark in the below clip:


But co-host Meghan McCain, as you can imagine, wasn’t down with Hostin’s all-out assault on the unvaccinated — and pointed out that when concern abounded last year over vaccine hesitancy among the black community, the response was “compassion” and “empathy.” However, amid vaccine hesitancy with other groups, McCain said the response from the left has been “you dumb hillbillies; stay the hell away from me!”

She added that such messaging is “absolute garbage” and is “getting worse.”

“I have no problem with vaccines, but the messaging is psychotic,” McCain concluded, adding that “I’m horrified by the way people are talking to Republicans … I think we should try and meet people along instead of saying they’re dumb morons in the middle of the country that are going to kill everybody. It’s just not effective.”

Hostin is far from alone in her view

As it happens, Hostin is far from alone in her view. On Friday, USA Today published an op-ed by a far-left former Justice Department prosecutor titled, “It’s time to start shunning the ‘vaccine hesitant.’ They’re blocking COVID herd immunity.”

Like Hostin on her high horse, Michael J. Stern’s piece was full of venom and extremist sentiments, noting that “a quarter of the country is ruining [herd immunity] for all of us” — and he also took aim at white evangelicals and Republicans, saying “in the end the G.O.P., and the children of G.O.D., are perpetuating a virus that is sickening and killing people in droves.”

More from Stern’s piece:

A big part of the problem stems from the cultish relationship many evangelicals and Republicans have with the former president. They absorbed his endless efforts to downplay the danger of the virus and turn public health precautions into a political freedom movement. But the time for analyzing why these human petri dishes have chosen to ignore the medical science that could save them, and us, is over. We need a different strategy. I propose shunning.

Biden’s wildly successful vaccine rollout means that soon everyone who wants a vaccine will have one. When that happens, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, barbers, airlines and Ubers should require proof of vaccination before providing their services.

And it shouldn’t stop there. Businesses should make vaccination a requirement for employment. A COVID-19 outbreak can shut down a business and be financially devastating. And failure to enforce basic health and safety measures is not fair to employees who have to work in offices, factories and stores where close contact is required. Things should get personal, too: People should require friends to be vaccinated to attend the barbecues and birthday parties they host. Friends don’t let friends spread the coronavirus.

(H/T: Washington Times)

agenda Craig Melvin Death Emergency use authorization experimental gene therapy FDA full approval Headline News Intelwars Joe Biden liability LIES mandating the COVID-19 shot Military military refuses the vaccine not approved official narrative political masters push to vaccinate ruling class service members Shots side effects United States Vaccine vaccines vaccines mandatory wake up

Biden Considers Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines For The Military

Military members are refusing the experimental gene therapy shot (inaccurately dubbed the COVID-19 vaccine) in massive numbers.  Because of this, Joe Biden is considering mandating they take the shot.

The Pentagon is “sounding the alarm” when it comes to those in the military refusing to be “vaccinated” with the new experimental shot they continue to push.

Political Masters Call On Other Members Of The Ruling Class To Make Vaccines Mandatory

When asked if he was considering mandating the “vaccine” for those in the military, Biden said: “I don’t know. I’m going to leave that to the military.” He made those comments to NBC News’ Craig Melvin in an interview that aired Friday, in response to a question on whether he would mandate the vaccine for U.S. service members once it is fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Remember, the “vaccine” is not approved by the FDA, it only can be used during a state of emergency under emergency use authorization and those who created the “vaccine” are not liable for side effects of the shot including death.

“I’m not saying I won’t [mandate vaccines]. I think you’re going to see more and more of them getting it,” Biden said. “And I think it’s going to be a tough call as to whether or not they should be required to have to get it in the military because you’re in such close proximity with other military personnel — whether you’re in a quarters, where you’re all sleeping, or whether you’re out in maneuvers.”

With roughly one-third of troops declining to take the shot as of February, according to congressional testimony from military officials. Earlier this month, the Pentagon reported that nearly 40 percent of Marines who had been offered the vaccine turned it down. –Politico

Back in March, members of the ruling class begged other members of the same ruling class to mandate vaccines for the military.

Political Masters Call On Other Members Of The Ruling Class To Make Vaccines Mandatory

If Biden does not mandate the vaccine, the military’s top brass looks poised to do so himself. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby confirmed the military’s top brass was weighing a mandatory vaccination order, according to Politico. “Obviously, we’re thinking about what happens when they become FDA-approved,” Kirby told reporters. “It would change the character of the decision-making process, about whether they could be mandatory or voluntary. But I don’t want to get ahead of that process right now.”

Notice how he said “when” the experimental gene therapies become FDA-approved, not “if?” As if any studies will have no bearing on the approval. It’ll all be subject to the official narrative that will push the agenda of the rulers.

The skepticism of the vaccine within the military’s ranks mirrors the hesitancy the White House is trying to combat among a broad segment of the civilian population, as U.S. vaccine supply begins to outpace demand and shots have become available to all American adults 16 and older.

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COVID-19 Critical Thinking experimental gene therapy government is slavery Headline News herd immunity holdouts Intelwars LIES punished harshly push to inject refusal to comply say no scamdemic SLAVERY stand up vaccinated Vaccine wake up willingly submit

New Poll: U.S. Is Running Out Of Adults “Willing To Be Vaccinated”

According to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll, the United States ruling class is running out of adults who are willing to be vaccinated. That could mean more measures to get this experimental gene therapy in the remaining holdouts could be rolled out.

The survey was conducted on only 1,558 Americans 18 or older. It was done from April 27 to April 29, and found that while the number who say they have already been vaccinated (57 percent) has continued to climb in recent weeks, just 6 percent now say they have not yet been vaccinated but plan to get a shot “as soon as it is available to me.”  That’s down from 35 percent in February and 17 percent earlier in April, according to a report by Yahoo News. 

This is both good and bad news.  The good news is that people stood up for themselves and said “no” if they chose to not get “vaccinated”.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

The bad news is that those who chose to not get the vaccine could be “punished” and soon for their refusal to comply like a good little slave.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

If you have paid attention and applied critical thinking, you know this is far from over. Now the push comes to convince the holdouts to roll up their sleeves. According to the results of the poll, the share of adults who say they are unsure (7 %), are waiting to see “what happens to others before deciding” (10 %) or will “never” get vaccinated (20 %) has not budged.

What’s the problem? The ruling class needs people to take this shot. It is an obvious piece to their agenda of total control over making.

The implication is stark: Unless many of the unvaccinated Americans who have been saying for months that they’re waiting or unsure have a sudden change of heart, fewer than 65 percent of U.S. adults are likely to be inoculated against COVID-19 this spring — far short of the level experts say is required for the kind of lasting population-wide protection known as herd immunity. –Yahoo News

Of course, we won’t ever reach herd immunity anyway considering the master is already telling the gullible slaves they will need booster shots every year. It is fascinating that people cannot use critical thinking and ask if any of this makes sense.

BioNTech CEO Says “Booster” Shots of Pfizer Vaccine Will Be Required Every 12-18 Months

The Ruling Class And Big Pharma Team Up To Push A Third COVID Shot

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head medical tyrant in the United States has even said this thing doesn’t work. That means it’s either not a vaccine (which all evidence is showing it is not) or it just doesn’t work.  So which is it, Fauci?

Fauci: Vaccinated People Can’t Dine Indoors Or Go To The Movies Still

We have already been told this won’t end until the whole world is vaccinated.  The push is coming.  It’s time to wake up, stand firm, and continue to be helpful.  We will probably need each other if we continue to refuse this experimental gene therapy.

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Biden Biden lost his mask Big day blaze Blaze podcasts Blaze tv Blazetv Blazetv youtube Commentary conservative Conservative commentary Conservative podcast Coronavirus COVID-19 Covid-19 vaccine Dandelion Flower Intelwars Jill Jill Biden Joe Joe Biden Kamala Harris Mandate Mask Mask mandate news Pat Pat gray Pat gray podcast Pat gray radio Pat gray unleashed Pat gray videos Pat grey Pat grey unleashed Political commentary Radio Social commentary TALK RADIO TheBlaze Vaccine vaccines Video

Pat Gray: Our fearless leader, Joe Biden, lost his mask

On Friday’s show, Pat Gray played two videos which he described as “very special for a special leader.”

The first video featured President Joe Biden as he approached the microphone to address a crowd in Duluth, Georgia, to promote his first 100 days in office. The first 30 seconds of the clip showed a panicked President Biden searching for his mask. “I can’t find my mask. I’m in trouble,” Biden said to the crowd.

The second video shows President Biden and first lady Jill Biden walking toward Marine One headed for Georgia. In the clip, Biden stops to pick up a dandelion for Jill. Though the media had painted the interaction as romantic, Pat, Jeffy, and Keith had a different take. Watch the clip for more. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

Want more from Pat Gray?

To enjoy more of Pat’s biting analysis and signature wit as he restores common sense to a senseless world, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Biontech booster shots comply COVID-19 Data don't work doses experimental gene therapies Headline News immune response Intelwars Obey Pfizer third shot Ugur Sahin Vaccine wake up wear a mask

BioNTech CEO Says “Booster” Shots of Pfizer Vaccine Will Be Required Every 12-18 Months

What a surprise. The CEO of BioNTech says you will need a booster shot of the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine” every year.

Ugur Sahin, BioNTech’s chief executive, and co-founder told reporters on Wednesday that the vaccine his company created with Pfizer will likely require a third booster shot due to data showing a weaker immune response over time in people who received the vaccine, the Associated Press reported.

Is anyone surprised that the person responsible for racking in the money from the creation of these experimental gene therapies is saying we will all need to get them annually?  We should have seen this coming a mile away, and come of us did.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

Scientist Who Helped Develop Pfizer Vaccine Says A Third Shot Will Be Needed

They have officially begun the push to have these gene therapies injected into everyone every single year.

As I have said before, this will not end until we all wake up. Until we figure out what a scam this has been from day one and ignore these psychopaths out of power, they will continue to push this concoction of DNA-altering “therapy” on us.  And yes, they admitted it does alter your DNA. 

The Truth Comes Out: It DOES Alter Your Genetic Material

And then we have this:

Bill Gates-Backed BioTech GMO Mosquitoes to be Released In Florida

They have already also admitted that they can administer “vaccines” via mosquito bites.

According to studies, and as reported by Newsweek, the Pfizer “vaccine’s” efficacy of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine drops from 95% to 91% after six months. Sahin said people who receive two doses of the vaccine should get the third dose nine to 12 months after the first shot. “Accordingly, we need a third shot to get the vaccine protection back up to almost 100% again,” Sahin said. “And then I expect it will probably be necessary to get another booster every year or perhaps every 18 months.”

Wake up. Once awake, stay alert. Use your discernment and critical thinking. We are being bombarded with propaganda and it is up to us to figure out what the controllers and masters are doing to manufacture our consent to be enslaved. This is ramping up in so many ways as people figure it out. What they have up their sleeves next, is anyone’s guess.

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anthony fauci Intelwars Questioning Ron Johnson Vaccine

Fauci hits out at Sen. Ron Johnson for questioning ‘push to make sure everybody gets a vaccine’

Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a rebuke of Republican Sen. Ron Johnson (Wisc.) on Friday, after the senator made waves by questioning the federal government’s “push to make sure everybody gets a [COVID-19] vaccine.”

What are the details?

During an interview with WISN-AM the day before, Johnson told host Vicki McKenna:

“The science tells us the vaccines are 95% effective, so if you have a vaccine quite honestly what do you care if your neighbor has one or not? What is it to you? You’ve got a vaccine and science is telling you it’s very, very effective. So why is this big push to make sure everybody gets a vaccine? And it’s to the point where you’re going to shame people, you’re going to force them to carry a card to prove that they’ve been vaccinated so they can still stay in society. I’m getting highly suspicious of what’s happening here.”

He added, “For the very young, I see no reason to be pushing vaccines on people. I certainly am going to vigorously resist any kind of government use or imposing of vaccine passports…that could be a very freedom-robbing step and people need to understand these things.”

Following backlash over his remarks, Johnson issued a statement Friday, saying:

Everyone should have the right to gather information, consult with their doctor and decide for themselves whether to get vaccinated. I strongly supported Operation Warp Speed, and celebrated its astonishingly rapid success. Now I believe government’s role (and therefore my role) is to help ensure transparency so that people have as much information as possible to make an informed decision for themselves.

It is a legitimate question as to whether people at very low risk of suffering serious illness from Covid, particularly the young and healthy, should be encouraged to take a vaccine that is being administered under an Emergency Use Authorization — in other words, before it has been fully tested and approved. I was the champion of ‘Right to Try’ legislation. A reasonable corollary to that is the right to choose or not to choose treatment. I also support health privacy laws and will vigorously oppose any efforts by the government to utilize or impose vaccine passports.”

Fauci, who has led U.S. policy guidance on the coronavirus pandemic since it the country last year, took issue with Johnson’s comments.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Fauci responded to Johnson’s questioning of the call for universal vaccination by saying, “Well there’s a pretty good reason. We have 567,000 people who’ve died so far in this country from this disease. That is a really, really good reason to get people vaccinated with a vaccine that you’ve shown is highly efficacious and quite safe. And that’s the reason for the emergency use authorization.”

“We are dealing with an emergency,” Fauci added. “How can anyone say that 567,000 dead Americans is not an emergency?”

Dr. Fauci On Sen. Johnson’s Comments Against Vaccinations: ‘We Are Dealing With An Emergency’

Albert Bourla ask questions Biontech Coronavirus COVID-19 Dr. Ozlem Tureci experimental gene therapy Headline News herd immunity Immunity Intelwars intentional LIES mislabeled plandemic scamdemic season flu seasonal covid shots third shot Vaccine wake up waves websits

Scientist Who Helped Develop Pfizer Vaccine Says A Third Shot Will Be Needed

The scientist who helped develop Pfizers experimental gene therapy falsely labeled as a “vaccine” says that a third shot is going to be necessary to provide immunity. Apparently, “immunity wanes.” They want you lined up and taking these gene therapies for life.

Dr. Ozlem Tureci, co-founder and CMO of BioNTech, which developed a Covid vaccine with Pfizer, said she also expects people will need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus annually, like for the seasonal flu.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

The chief medical officer of BioNTech told CNBC on Wednesday that people will likely need a third shot of its two-dose Covid-19 vaccine as immunity against the virus wanes, agreeing with previous comments made by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. And the masses continue to line up to take this shot unknowing and willing to care that this isn’t even a vaccine.  Just a moderate amount of reading on BioNTech’s own website should be enough to alert people to what’s going on.  Don’t take my word for it.  Read it here yourself:

Once the mRNA vaccine is injected into a person, the lipid nanoparticles protect the mRNA from degradation and help it reach the cells where the information contained in the mRNA strand is read to produce the antigen protein that eventually triggers the desired immune response.

The interest in mRNA technology as a platform for vaccines has increased during the last two decades. A vaccine based on mRNA is faster to manufacture than conventional vaccines, as only the blueprint and not the antigen itself needs to be produced. –BioNTech

But if they are using mRNA technology that will read and produce the antigen to trigger the desired immune response, why are more doses needed? Won’t that take care of it? Is anyone else refusing to ask even the most simple of questions?

“We see indications for this also in the induced, but also the natural immune response against SARS-COV-2,” she said during an interview with CNBC’s Kelly Evans on The Exchange.We see this waning of immune responses also in people who were just infected and therefore [it’s] also expected with the vaccines.”

Does anyone else see what’s going on? They are now telling us that even if you have had it and your body has fought off this mild flu-like illness, then you still need to get the vaccine. So basically, we should line up annually for mRNA experimental gene therapies and hope for the best.

Pfizer said earlier this month that its Covid-19 vaccine was more than 91% effective at protecting against the virus and more than 95% effective against severe disease up to six months after the second dose. Moderna’s vaccine, which uses technology similar to Pfizer’s, was also shown to remain highly effective at six months. –CNBC

If it’s that effective, why do we need more shots? Are they saying it isn’t as effective as they are saying it is? It seems like this is a straight lie to get as many injected with whatever this thing is as possible.

Again, use your discernment and apply critical thinking to everything. This is obviously a piece to the overall agenda, but only time will tell to what extent these “vaccines” will be used to enforce the slave planet they are quickly trapping us in.


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MSNBC analyst feels ‘wave of euphoria’ with first vaccine shot, pushes others to roll up their sleeves as well: ‘Best feeling you’ll have had in a year’

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, “vaccine selfies” are a thing among members of the mainstream media.

And along with the preponderance of photographs of masked journalists with rolled up sleeves and needles in their arms is a kind of lock-step pressure campaign — along with more than a few guilt trips.

Take CNN’s Brian Stelter, for example, who just days ago called out one of his favorite targets — Fox News — and claimed their on-air personalities are failing to show their “vaccine selfies.”

“Where are Tucker [Carlson] and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham? Where is Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade?” Stelter inquired. “Where are the biggest stars on Fox getting vaccinated?”

Then invoking peer pressure with a phrase you may have last heard in high school, Stelter said “everybody else is doing it … all across television, all of those anchors are rolling up their sleeves.”

‘Wave of euphoria’

Well, another media personality just hit the vaccine campaign trail, and Matthew Miller’s message to his nearly 457,000 Twitter followers was the amazing feeling that washed over him upon getting his first shot.

In fact, the MSNBC analyst said Wednesday he sensed a “wave of euphoria” — and encouraged others to roll up their sleeves as well: “Go get your vaccine, folks. Best feeling you’ll have had in a year.”

Of course, not everybody who commented on Miller’s tweet were convinced — but what was truly eye-opening was how many folks not only gave him kudos but also said they got emotional upon getting their shots. A number even shared that they shed tears:

  • “I sat in my car and cried for 5 minutes after getting my 1st dose of Pfizer 3 weeks ago,” one commenter said. “I go today at 4 p.m. to get my 2nd dose. It is a wonderful feeling!”
  • “My husband and I got our second shots this morning. It does give you a sense of joy and relief,” another user wrote. “Of course, we’ll still wear masks for months to come. But it’s a great feeling!”
  • “Also the feeling of community and inclusion with everybody there and thankfulness for a well-run government and free medical procedure!!” another commenter gushed.
  • “I got teary-eyed both times getting my seamlessly run vaccines!!!” another user said. “Thank you, Biden!!”
  • “I cried like a baby as I walked back to my car,” another commenter admitted. “All the memories of the lockdown, continual bad news, ‘inject bleach’ press conferences, and daily death count flooded my brain.”
  • “During my time of waiting (15 min mandatory to make sure there was no reaction) I listened to Andrea Bocelli loud and blotted a few tears,” another user said. “I wanted to hug everyone.”
  • “I cried a little after my second shot. Tried not to because I felt stupid. But the lovely nurse who was watching over us for reactions simply came over and offered me a tissue with no words,” another commenter said. “Of course that made me cry harder!”
  • “I was shocked by the range of emotions I had when I received my first shot! I was so choked up I could barely say my name & birthdate,” another user recalled. “I literally cried with relief & hope as I sat there & thought about all of those who died this last year due to the failure of the former POTUS.”

Still one of the few detractors had the following to share: “People losing their minds used to be the minority. This past year has seen that turn into the majority. This obsession with being injected with experimental medicine is truly frightening.”

Covid vaccine FDA Intelwars Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Confidence in Johnson & Johnson vaccine plummets after FDA issues ‘pause’; more people now see it as unsafe than safe

In a shock to efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday issued a call to “pause” the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over concerns of blood clotting.

According to a new Economist/YouGov poll, the government’s move led to a sudden distrust of the vaccine among a large swath of the American people.

What happened?

As YouGov was conducting a poll on Americans’ perceptions of the safety of four leading COVID vaccines — Moderna, Pfizer, Oxford-AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson — the FDA issued its call to halt the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

As a result, the survey was able to offer a real-time look at how the FDA’s move impacted the perception of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. And the results were telling.

Before the FDA announcement, a majority of Americans (52%) said they believed the vaccine was safe, and only 26% called it unsafe.

After the the FDA’s pause, those numbers shifted dramatically, as a plurality (39%) said they considered the vaccine unsafe — a 13-point jump. The share of respondents who said the vaccine was safe dropped 15 points to 37%.

According to the survey, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was polling nearly as well on the safety question as the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines before the FDA made its call.

Prior to the government’s move, 59% of Americans said the Moderna vaccine was safe, and 58% said the same of the Pfizer shot, while, as noted above, Johnson & Johnson came in at 52%.

Johnson & Johnson was also outperforming the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which is not available in the U.S. and was viewed by only 38% of respondents as safe — until the FDA made its announcement.

YouGov said that the FDA’s call for a halt did not impact the public’s views of the other vaccines, writing on Twitter, “For those asking, there are no statistically significant differences between pre- and post-announcement sentiment toward other vaccines, and the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are seen about the same as they were in our last poll in late Feb.”

Clalit Research director COVID-19 experimental gene therapy Headline News Intelwars ISRAEL liars Masters Moderna Pfizer Ran Balicer real world data rulers ruling class second dose slaves South African variant tel aviv university unvaccinated vaccinated Vaccine variants of concern wake up

New Study: A COVID Variant Affect The Vaccinated More Than The Unvaccinated

In a study that was published on Saturday, it was determined that the South Africa variant of the coronavirus (a “variant of concern”) affects vaccinated individuals more than those who are unvaccinated. This study was conducted by Tel Aviv University and Israel’s largest healthcare provider.

Coronavirus Variants Detected In California Are Now “Variants of Concern”

“We found a disproportionately higher rate of the South African variant among people vaccinated with a second dose, compared to the unvaccinated group,” said Adi Stern of Tel Aviv University. “This means that the South African variant is able, to some extent, to break through the vaccine’s protection.”

Of course, whatever is being injected into people isn’t a vaccine, it’s experimental gene therapy and the rulers have already told us it doesn’t protect us against COVID-19 nor will it stop you from spreading it. So what’s the point? Control.

MSM: Vaccines Will Not Be Enough To Stop COVID-19

Not only could the variant “breakthrough” protections offered by the Pfizer vaccine, but it uniquely affects those who have been vaccinated (around eight times higher) than those who have not received the vaccine — 5.4% to 0.7%, according to a report by the Washington Examiner. 

“Based on patterns in the general population, we would have expected just one case of the South African variant, but we saw eight,” Stern told the Times of Israel. “Obviously, this result didn’t make me happy.”

The South Africa variant is generally rare, making up only about 1% of all coronavirus infections.

“Even if the South African variant does break through the vaccine’s protection, it has not spread widely through the population,” Stern added. –Washington Times

While it was made clear that this study has yet to be peer-reviewed, Clalit Research director and professor Ran Balicer said the study is still important as it is “the first in the world to be based on real-world data.” This study focus on the Pfizer “vaccine” gene therapy.

About 53% of Israel’s 9.3 million citizens have received the Pfizer jab. The Moderna vaccine, which is only rarely used in the country was not the focus of this study. About a third of the country is under the age of 16 and is not eligible to receive any vaccine.

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Brian Stelter CNN Covid vaccine COVID-19 Intelwars Mainstream media Matt gertz Media Bias Vaccine Vaccine selfie

CNN’s Brian Stelter complains that Fox News hosts aren’t sharing ‘vaccine selfies’

CNN host Brian Stelter complained Sunday that Fox News hosts are not sharing “vaccine selfies” to help promote the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

Current data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that about 22% of the American population is fully vaccinated, and 187 million doses of vaccine have been administered as of Monday morning.

What did Stelter say?

Despite millions of vaccine dose administrations per day in the United States, Stelter claimed that “it is important to see all of the TV anchors, personalities showing themselves getting the shot.”

Then he turned to the alleged importance of “vaccine selfies.”

“We’ve seen a lot of vaccine selfies from lots of folks at lots of different networks. It’s been really inspiring to see,” Stelter said. “The ‘Today’ show even brought the co-hosts outside for a live group vaccination this week.”

Citing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who vocalized fears about receiving the vaccine but did so anyway, Stelter questioned why Fox News hosts are not following their mainstream media counterparts.

“So, I say all of that to make the following point: Where are Tucker [Carlson] and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham? Where is Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade? Where are the biggest stars on Fox getting vaccinated?” Stelter complained.

“I get it is a personal choice between the hosts and their health care provider,” he continued. “But everybody else is doing it … all across television, all of those anchors are rolling up their sleeves.”

In response, Media Matters senior fellow Matt Gertz said “Fox has a really unique responsibility here.”

In fact, Gertz asserted that by not being more vocal about COVID-19 vaccination, Fox News hosts “are raising questions about its effectiveness, raising questions about whether it is dangerous. That does a lot of damage.”

“Steve Doocy should get vaccinated live on ‘Fox and Friends,'” Gertz suggested, to which Stelter replied, “Absolutely.”

Anything else?

Despite their concerns with Fox News hosts, many top Democrats sowed distrust in COVID-19 vaccine last year when they were being developed under former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Vice President Kamala Harris suggested last September that she would not receive the vaccine because she believed Trump would rush the development process to bolster support among voters.

“I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump, and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about,” Harris said. “I will not take his word for it.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) also sowed distrust about the vaccine because of Trump.

“I’m not that confident, but my opinion doesn’t matter. I don’t believe the American people are that confident,” Cuomo said last October. “You’re going to say to the American people now, ‘Here’s a vaccine, it was new, it was done quickly, but trust this federal administration and their health administration that it’s safe’? We’re not 100 percent sure of the consequences? I think it’s going to be a very skeptical American public about taking the vaccine, and they should be!”