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Hillary Clinton: Islamic terrorism and ‘huge refugee outflow’ could be consequences of Biden leaving Afghanistan

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton raised concerns over President Joe Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, warning of “two huge consequences” of leaving the war-torn region in an interview Sunday.

The first consequence is “the potential collapse of the Afghan government and a takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban,” Clinton said.

She warned that civil war might resume in the country if American troops leave, a concern shared by U.S. commanders in the region who opposed the withdrawal over fears the Taliban could overrun Afghan armed forces without American military support.

Clinton added that the United States has an obligation to protect “many thousands of Afghans” who worked with the U.S. and NATO, those who “stood up and spoke out for women’s rights and human rights.”

“I hope that the administration in concert with the Congress will have a very large visa program and will begin immediately to try to provide that channel for so many Afghans to utilize so that they are not left in danger,” she said, predicting a “huge refugee outflow” if Afghanistan spirals into civil war.

The second major consequence of U.S. withdrawal, according to Clinton, is the “resumption of activities by global terrorist groups, most particularly Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.”

Acknowledging that there has been a “sharp drop in both capacity and action on behalf of Islamic terrorist groups,” Clinton said she wouldn’t count on that “downward spiral” lasting if the Taliban retakes power and provides refuge for Islamic terrorist groups.

“The Taliban has never been willing to separate itself from Al-Qaeda,” Clinton pointed out.

“It’s one thing to pull out troops that have been supporting security in Afghanistan, supporting the Afghan military, leaving it pretty much to fend for itself, but we can’t afford to walk away from the consequences of that decision,” Clinton concluded.

The United States officially began to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan last week, with President Joe Biden’s ultimate goal being a complete exit from the country by Sept. 11 — commemorating the 20-year-anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

Biden’s timetable for withdrawal broke an agreement between the Trump administration and the Taliban to have American military forces leave Afghanistan by May 1. In response, the Taliban said Friday it will “take every counteraction it deems appropriate against the occupying forces,” possibly signaling new attacks on U.S. forces as they attempt to leave the country.

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Pentagon develops microchip ‘sensor’ technology to rapidly detect COVID-19 in human blood

A top military doctor revealed Sunday the Pentagon has developed a microchip that, when inserted inside the human body, can detect COVID-19.

What are the details?

Dr. Matt Hepburn, a retired Army colonel and infectious disease physician, told CBS’ “60 Minutes” the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a top-secret military unit established during the Cold War, developed “subdermal implant” technology to prevent pandemic diseases from debilitating military resources.

COVID-19, for example, managed to sideline the USS Theodore Roosevelt — one of the U.S. Navy’s critical aircraft carriers — for almost two months last spring when nearly 1,300 sailors tested positive for COVID.

The device, according to CBS News, is “not some dreaded government microchip to track your every move, but a tissue-like gel engineered to continuously test your blood.”

Hepburn compared the technology to a “check-engine light.”

“It’s a sensor,” he explained. “That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body and that signal means you are going to have symptoms tomorrow.”

The device, then, allows military personnel to discover their infection status before they begin infecting others.

“Sailors would get the signal, then self-administer a blood draw and test themselves on site. We can have that information in three to five minutes,” Hepburn said. “As you truncate that time, as you diagnose and treat, what you do is you stop the infection in its tracks.”

A sensor that can tell you if you’re sick

How many soldiers have the ‘sensor’?

Hepburn did not provide additional details about the so-called “sensor” beyond explaining its basic functionality and saying the device is “now in late-stage testing.”

It is not clear how many U.S. military personnel are walking around with the device.

And although active-duty soldiers may not have a choice about receiving the microchip if the Pentagon gives it the green light, there would certainly be widespread reluctance to receive the device.

In fact, U.S. soldiers are even hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Publicly, the military has said that one-third of troops are opting out of receiving the vaccine, although CNN reported, citing military sources, the true percentage could be closer to one-half.

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw reveals he is going ‘pretty much off the grid’ after emergency surgery

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R) announced Saturday that he would be “pretty much off the grid for the next weeks” after undergoing emergency surgery on one of his eyes.

Crenshaw, a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran, lost his right eye and sustained severe damage to his left eye while deployed in Afghanistan in 2012.

Crenshaw ultimately served 10 years in the U.S. military before medically retiring in 2016 at the rank of lieutenant commander.

What did Crenshaw say?

The Texas Republican explained that he received “emergency surgery” Friday morning to reattach the retina in his left eye.

“A few days ago, I noticed some dark, blurry spots in my vision, which seemed out of the ordinary,” Crenshaw said. “I went to get this checked out by an ophthalmologist on Thursday and they discovered that my retina was detaching.”

“This is a terrifying prognosis for someone with one eye, and the nature of the injuries that I sustained in Afghanistan. Anyone who knows the history of my injuries knows that I don’t have a ‘good eye,’ but half a good eye. The blast from 2012 caused a cataract, excessive tissue damage, and extensive damage to my retina. It was always a possibility that the effects of the damage would resurface, and it appears that is exactly what happened,” Crenshaw explained.

“The prognosis I received on Thursday is obviously very bad,” he said.

How was the surgery?

Crenshaw said he received emergency surgery in Houston on Friday, which went “very well.”

Unfortunately, Crenshaw said the surgery left him “effectively blind for about a month.”

“During the surgery, they put a gas bubble in my eye, which acts as a bandage for my retina. This means I have to be face-down for the next week or so, unable to see anything,” Crenshaw explained.

Crenshaw, who won election to Congress in 2018, said he would be out of the public eye for the duration of his recovery, and he asked supporters for prayers.

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Biden signals he may break Trump’s deal to withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1

President Joe Biden said Monday that it will be “tough” to meet a deadline to withdraw the remaining U.S. forces in Afghanistan by a deadline agreed to by the Trump administration.

In an interview with ABC host George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America,” Biden was asked if the U.S. will keep its commitment to withdraw U.S. troops by May 1. Biden said he is “in the process” of determining when the troops will come home.

“The fact is that that was not a very solidly negotiated deal that the president — the former president — worked out. And so we’re in consultation with our allies as well as the government, and that decision’s going to be — it’s in process now,” Biden said.

Last year, former President Donald Trump negotiated a peace deal with the Taliban to end the 19-year U.S. war in Afghanistan. Trump agreed to pull U.S. forces from the region in exchange for commitments on peace talks.

When the deal was struck, the U.S. had more than 12,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan. Over the course of last year, President Trump began withdrawing troops. Today, about 2,500 troops were thought to remain in the country, but the New York Times reported on Sunday that there are also 1,000 special operations forces stationed there.

When asked how much longer the troops will stay, Biden said, “I don’t think a lot longer,” adding that the May 1 deadline “could happen, but it is tough.”

The president laid blame for the delay on the previous administration. “The failure to have an orderly transition from the Trump presidency to my presidency … has cost me time and consequences,” he said.

The agreement Trump reached with the Taliban did not include the Afghani government, and U.S. intelligence later reported that the Taliban had “no intention of abiding by their agreement.”

U.S. commanders are opposed to withdrawing now, warning that the Taliban could retake key cities, including the capital, Kabul, should American forces leave the Afghanistan Army to fight alone.

If Biden reneges on the U.S. promise to withdraw, American forces may remain in Afghanistan indefinitely as the U.S. tries to broker a peace agreement between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban.

Acknowledging that the Taliban may not keep their promises, Trump told reporters after announcing the deal that Afghanistan would have to “take care of themselves” and that the United States should not be present there for another 20 years.

“You can only hold somebody’s hand for so long. We have to get back to running our country, too,” Trump said.

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Guam’s Democratic delegate rebuked for dragging National Guard soldiers to GOP lawmaker’s office to make political point

Guam’s congressional delegate, Michael San Nicolas (D), sparked backlash Monday after using National Guard soldiers to make light of a recent blunder by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R).

What is the background?

While speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, Greene referred to Guam as a foreign land.

“I’m a regular person. And I wanted to take my regular-person, normal, everyday American values, which is, we love our country. We believe our hard-earned tax dollars should just go for America, not for what? China, Russia, the Middle East, Guam, whatever, wherever,” she said, Business Insider reported.

However, Guam has been a U.S. territory since 1899 following the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Spanish-American War. The people of Guam are full U.S. citizens and pay federal taxes, though they are excluded from paying federal income tax.

Guam also has one non-voting congressional delegate, which is currently San Nicolas.

What did San Nicolas do?

San Nicolas lead a delegation of Guam National Guard soldiers to Greene’s office on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately for San Nicolas, Greene was not present in her office at the time of his visit.

Last week, San Nicolas promised to visit Greene and engage in “cookie diplomacy” to help the new congresswoman better learn about American territories.

“Congresswoman Greene is a new member, and we will be paying a visit to her and delivering delicious Chamorro Chip Cookies as part of our ongoing outreach to new members to introduce them to our wonderful island of Guam,” San Nicolas told the Guam Daily Post.

Not only did San Nicolas bring cookies, but he also gave Greene educational materials about Guam sent from Guam Gov. Lourdes Aflague Leon Guerrero (D).

What was the response?

San Nicolas was criticized and accused of further politicizing the U.S. military.

Politicization of the military became a hot-button issue last week after senior military leaders, along with rank-and-file soldiers, publicly bashed Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who voiced controversial opinions about new uniform accommodations being made for women serving in the military.

“I don’t know if military should go chasing after members of congress? In general, a lot of weird things happening with the military lately where if you switched who was president we’d be getting some stern TV monologues about,” progressive journalist Zaid Jilani said.

“What uniformed military leader thought this use of their forces as political props was a good idea?” retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness reacted.

“What in the hell is going on with our military?! Who’s in charge of these troops and why are they being used as political props? I never thought I’d see this,” retired Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson said.

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Horowitz: From Gen. Patton to ‘feminist’ generals wearing masks and promoting motherhood as warfare

“Be all that you can be!” Where men can be women and women can be men; where soldiers must wear masks all day on American bases but can’t carry firearms; where the entire purpose of the military is to fight other countries’ battles but not the one at our border; where getting women to act like men is the only religion allowed in the military, except when they invariably can’t meet the standards and the military lowers them to make them “fair” for all.

That is sadly the state of play in what was once the pride of the nation, after decades of the left rotting out our armed forces with left-wing politicians serving as generals.

For many years, conservatives have known that military leadership has become politicized. The focus shifted from combat readiness to social experimentation, and the left finally conquered the one institution that was considered a bastion of traditional American values. But Tucker Carlson has now exposed that it’s worse than even we realized.

Last Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson commented on Biden’s celebration of the military becoming more feminine: “While China’s military becomes more masculine, as it’s assembled the world’s largest navy,” America focuses on making our military “become more feminine — whatever feminine means any more, since men and women no longer exist.”

Tucker was commentating on Biden’s celebration of the military making apparel for women, including “designing body armor that fits women properly; tailoring combat uniforms for women; creating maternity flight suits; updating — updating requirements for their hairstyles.”

Carlson prefaced his critique of the president with his now famous line, “So we’ve got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits.”

“Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the U.S. military,” Carlson added on his show Tuesday. Carlson drove home the point by noting how “the Pentagon is going along with it” and that this entire feminine focus “is a mockery of the U.S. military and its core mission, which is winning wars.”

For most Americans with common sense, Tucker was expressing their anger and sorrow at what has happened to our military over the years. What none of us expected was the response of the military leaders from all service branches sending out memes about Amazonian women and outright celebrating the concept of pregnant women in combat. Reminiscent of Rush Limbaugh’s parody “we’re fierce, we’re feminists, and we’re in your face,” many active-duty feminist generals sent out social media memes basically suggesting that women are the strongest and most effective part of combat readiness, taking the absurdity of gender-bending to the next level and exemplifying Tucker’s point better than he could have on his show.

Putting aside the absurd values and strategy behind this gender-bending agenda, it’s quite shocking how active-duty generals are able to spar with a civilian media figure to this extent. It’s one thing for the secretary of defense to engage in political battles, but we have never seen active-duty military allowed to become so political. It’s as if they are trying to compensate for 20 years of egregious rules of engagement and lack of mission clarity by training their fire on a civilian with no holds barred. Now we know why we’ve been in Afghanistan for 20 years.

As for the substance of the gender-bending argument, how many of you actually believe that a military leadership so dedicated to promoting women in combat really remains neutral when it comes to passing women through the combat training tests? Well, just one month ago, before Tucker prompted the generals to tout women as stronger than men, the Army Times reported that the military is considering halting its gender-neutral Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) test, as female soldiers were failing at a rate of 65%, in order to make it fair to both genders.

So, much like having both sexes compete together in sports, women are exactly like men, until they are not. Which is perhaps why Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) is now promoting “mindfulness and yoga” as part of combat readiness – of course, while wearing masks.

A Pentagon study has found up to 65% of women were failing the ACFT, compared to just 10% for men, according to the Telegraph. Lt. Col. Margaret Kageleiry of TRADOC told the Army Times last month that the Army “is looking at means to apply those scores based on gender to account for biological differences.”

Oh, so you mean there are actually biological differences that make life-and-death differences in combat readiness? Who knew?

The reality is that the Marines already studied this issue very carefully in 2015, but their findings were ignored. When Obama began integrating women into infantry and other combat units, the Marine Corps, under General Joseph Dunford, was the only service branch to question this absurdity. The service conducted a study of 400 Marines (300 male and 100 female) over many months at a cost of $36 million, in which all-male teams and integrated teams were studied performing numerous tasks similar to those they would carry out in real-life combat. In infantry testing, in nearly every category, mixed teams came up short compared to the all-male teams.

Here are some key points, according to a summary of the report:

  • Overall, the all-male teams outperformed teams with integrated female members 69% of the time, in 94 out of 134 tasks.
  • All-male teams were faster than integrated teams in every tactical movement, and this was especially evident when heavy crew-served weapons were being moved. This held true across all Military Operational Specialties (MOSs).
  • The all-male teams were more accurate shots than the integrated teams across all weapons systems. This included male Marines trained as infantrymen and those in a different MOS who were part of the testing.
  • The all-male teams performed much better on routine combat tasks. When climbing an eight-foot wall, male Marines would toss their packs to the top, whereas female Marines “required regular assistance getting their packs to the top.” When carrying out mock evacuations of casualties, all-male teams were much faster except in cases where the evacuee was carried in a fireman’s carry, and then it was usually a male Marine doing the carrying.
  • The top 25% of females overlapped with the bottom 25% of male Marines in the study for anaerobic power, and the top 10% of females corresponded with the bottom 50% of males for anaerobic capacity.
  • Most importantly, the female participants sustained significantly higher injury rates and levels of fatigue than their male counterparts. In the Infantry Training Battalion, females were injured at six times the rate of male Marines.

It’s important to keep in mind that these were some of the strongest and most talented female Marines, drawn from graduates of the Infantry Training Battalion. Yet at the end of the day, combat is a job only for the strongest and most resilient of men, not just average men, which is why it makes no sense to promote an agenda of women in infantry units.

Overall, the results showed that while some exceptional and unusual women might be capable of serving in the infantry in a vacuum, even they would lag far behind their male counterparts and end up slowing down their units or placing themselves or others in unnecessary danger.

The study and the recent admission from the Pentagon about women failing the ACFT – despite five years of moving heaven and earth to get as many women through it as possible – prove the simple yet blunt conclusion of a 1992 report from the Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces correct:

Unnecessary distraction or any dilution of the combat effectiveness puts the mission and lives in jeopardy. Risking the lives of a military unit in combat to provide career opportunities or accommodate the personal desires or interests of an individual, or group of individuals, is more than bad military judgment. It is morally wrong.

So much for “following the science.” Women in combat was the original “wear your mask to stop the spread.” In both cases, politics trumps science. It’s just a matter of time before they begin celebrating pregnant female Navy SEALs.

Now the same Marine Corps is attacking Tucker on Twitter for essentially opining on what its own study showed. The military is also abusing the soldiers with endless mask-wearing while performing exhausting physical exercises, while the science has shown that it has failed to stop the spread among these predominantly young recruits who are not even in danger from the virus.

The same generals promoting gender-bending are the same ones proposing masks, endless nation-building follies, and more Saudi military recruits – while opposing using troops at our own border and arming soldiers on their own bases. Donald Trump was right when he said in 2016 that our generals have been “reduced to rubble.”

Meanwhile, all civilians should be asking themselves the following question: Does China actually fear a military wearing masks and run by feminist generals?

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Marines face backlash for ‘unacceptable & appalling’ messages bashing Tucker Carlson

An official United States Marines social media account drew sharp criticism over the weekend after publicly rebuking Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

What happened?

Carlson triggered a tsunami of backlash last week he criticized new uniform accommodations made by President Joe Biden for women serving in the military.

While China’s military becomes more masculine as it’s assembled the world’s largest navy, our military, as Joe Biden says, needs to become more feminine — whatever feminine means anymore since men and women no longer exist. The bottom line is it’s out of control and the Pentagon is going along with it. Again, this is a mockery of the U.S. military and its core mission, which is winning wars.

In response, the II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group publicly blasted Carlson.

“What it looks like in today’s armed forces @TuckerCarlson,” the Marine group tweeted along with a picture of a female Marine carrying another Marine.

“Get right before you get left, boomer,” the account mocked.

When one person asked the Marine group to “please focus on China and not Tucker Carlson,” the Marine group fired back, “Come back when you’ve served and been pregnant.”

What was the response?

The response from the II MEF Information Group, along with other senior military leaders, was widely condemned as unbecoming behavior for American soldiers.

  • “Unconscionable that active duty military members – in uniform and from official military social media platforms – have leveled personal political attacks on a media figure. This is no longer the same military my grandfather, my father, my uncles, my brothers and I served,” Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Ark.), an Army veteran, said.
  • “With US Marines tweeting partisan views on Govt accounts — and keeping their jobs all the while — we’ve crossed a red line.
    The Republic will not stand long when our military, intelligence, & law enforcement become political tools.
    We are in desperate trouble,” Bryan Dean Wright, a former CIA ops officer,
  • “Please focus on China and not Tucker,” Joey Jones, a retired Marine, said.
  • “These political tweets to a civilian from official accounts, one from a senior enlisted in official uniform at official command are absolutely unacceptable & appalling. Marines need to be held accountable & there needs to be a @USMC wide message against this. @CMC_MarineCorps,” Former Navy SEAL and Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.) said.
  • “As a female Marine that served in II MEF, this attack on a reporter’s free speech from an official account is completely unacceptable,” Michele Perez Exner, who works for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said.

Anything else?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Sunday demanding to meet with Marine Commandant David H. Berger over the political statements.

“Under Biden, the military is launching political attacks to intimidate Tucker Carlson & other civilians who criticize their policy decisions,” Cruz tweeted. “Officials in uniform are being used for the campaign. I’ve demanded a meeting with the Commandant of the USMC to put a stop to it.”

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‘Our Army Combat Fitness Test shouldn’t be the equivalent to an Instagram yoga a** model’: Steven Crowder

The United States Army considers changes to the Combat Fitness Test scoring for male and female soldiers. Steven Crowder offered his thoughts on the issue on Monday’s episode of Louder with Crowder.

In this clip, Crowder said he believes soldiers “should not enter the battlefield” if they are unable to do a pull-up. “Our Army Combat Fitness Test shouldn’t be the equivalent to an Instagram yoga a** model,” Crowder said with a smirk.

Watch the clip for details.

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Christian scholar tossed in Facebook jail for ‘violence and incitement.’ His crime? Objecting to Biden’s transgender military policy.

Facebook suspended a prominent Christian scholar for 24 hours earlier this week — for speaking out against transgender ideology and President Joe Biden lifting the ban on transgenders in the military — calling his words “violence and incitement,” PJ Media reported.

What are the details?

Robert A.J. Gagnon, who teaches New Testament Theology at Houston Baptist University, was banned Tuesday, the outlet said.

Gagnon also holds a Ph.D. in Pauline theology and sexuality from Princeton Theological Seminary and published “The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics,” PJ Media said.

The outlet said Gagnon posted a defense of his friend, Laurie Higgins, who got a seven-day ban for criticizing Biden’s policy. Then Gagnon himself was thrown in Facebook’s slammer for the following text, PJMedia said:

My friend Laurie Higgins has been suspended for 7 days, for making an accurate and witty satirical post, by left-wing FB overlords who seek to squash all dissent on the issue of transgenderism, no doubt emboldened by the Biden/Harris administration. There’s nothing inaccurate about this post.

  1. Biden’s lifting of Trump’s transgender military ban will indeed put women military personnel in the awful position of having to shower with biological males.
  2. Trans-promoters aren’t content with having men invade the domain of women’s sports and shelters.
  3. “Transgender” ideology is indeed a pseudo-science, compelling people to reject basic biological facts.
  4. Promoters of “transgenderism” do indeed exhibit traits of a religious cult in their mind-numbing, science-denying conformity. The censoring and suspending of Laurie Higgins rather proves the point, doesn’t it?

Gagnon said Facebook claimed his criticisms violated the social media giant’s “Community Standards on violence and incitement,” the outlet reported.

What did Gagnon have to say?

“There was absolutely no incitement to violence on our part. We abhor violence done to any person,” Gagnon told PJ Media on Tuesday. “This is just a thinly veiled and pathetic excuse for censorship of any critical views toward trans-tyranny over our consciences, religion, and reason.”

He also noted that “only one point of view is being allowed. [Former President Donald] Trump was not the great danger to the Republic. Left-wing canceling is,” the outlet added.

Facebook, however, told Gagnon it has such “standards” in place “to prevent and disrupt offline harm,” PJ Media reported, adding that Facebook didn’t respond to the outlet’s request for comment.

Another professor steps in

Robert P. George, McCormick professor of jurisprudence and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, spoke out on Facebook against the platform’s attack on Gagnon, the outlet said.

“Censorship on Facebook and some other social media has now gone way beyond the bounds of the reasonable, and is grossly violating representations about free speech made by CEOs and other officers of the major platforms,” George wrote, according to PJ Media, calling Gagnon’s suspension “an egregious case.”

“We need robust free speech in what functions today as the public square. We need dialogue and debate. People need to be able to criticize and forcefully challenge idea — including ideas that are dominant in elite sectors of the culture and among people in the tech industry,” George said, the outlet reported. “What we do NOT need is the silencing of dissent. That is never a good idea. Once it starts and becomes normalized … things do not end well.”

George concluded, according to PJ Media: “If anyone from FB is reading this comment, please, I beg you, reconsider the path down which you are going. It is not a good one. It is a healthy spirit of civil libertarianism we need; not dogmatism and the enforcement of groupthink.”

Anything else?

Gagnon had more to say Thursday:

On the bright side, he also noted Thursday that Higgins’ ban had been lifted:

(H/T: The Christian Post)

Donald Trump inauguration Intelwars Joe Biden Nuclear football Nuclear weapon US Military

Trump wasn’t at the inauguration to hand Biden the nuclear ‘football.’ The transfer happened differently for the very first time.

Traditionally the nuclear “football” — the heavy briefcase that’s always with the president, who can use it to control America’s nuclear weapons — is handed off by the outgoing commander in chief to the incoming president at the inauguration, NBC News reported.

But not this time.

What are the details?

A military aide who carries the “football” remains physically close to the president, the network said, and is ready at a moment’s notice to commence the detailed process of putting the football to use.

But former President Donald Trump wasn’t on hand to witness President Joe Biden take his oath of office Wednesday, so instead of Trump doing the handoff, it’s happening in a different way for the very first time, the network said.

More from NBC News:

A U.S. official said that a military aide will accompany Trump to Florida with one of the footballs and that Trump will retain sole authority to launch a nuclear strike until 11:59:59 a.m. Wednesday. Trump’s being physically out of Washington will not affect his launch authority or access to the football until noon. (There are multiple footballs that allow a president to launch a military strike while traveling.)

Another military aide with a second nuclear football will hand over the authority to Biden once he is sworn in, the official said, and the military aide with Trump will bring the football back to Washington.

Retired Navy Adm. James Stavridis, also an NBC News contributor, said the football with Biden becomes — at noon — the one that’s “activated” and that U.S. Strategic Command will go to that football, the network reported.

“Right before he becomes president, there’s a football in his vicinity [that] is activated,” Stavridis told NBC News of Biden.

The network said the White House declined to comment on the matter due to security.

Anything else?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney described in a 2013 Discovery Channel documentary how it all takes place, NBC News noted:

“The passing of the football occurs at high noon. Nobody says a word, but I knew what to look for,” he said. “So you’ve got the ceremony going down front, but … sort of behind one of the big pillars there in the front, these two guys are standing there in their uniform, and at the right moment he reaches over to hand it to the newly designated military aide. And he takes it from that moment on. The new president is the guy who’s in control of our nuclear assets.”

Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian and NBC News contributor, told the network some unusual events involving the nuclear football have occurred under various presidents.

Beschloss said the football’s location “was an issue” when former President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963 and that “[former President Ronald] Reagan’s nuclear code card was accidentally thrown out at the hospital after he was shot in 1981. [Former President Bill] Clinton lost his nuclear code card for a few months in 2000.”

Intelwars Iran Iran attack Qassem soleimani Soleimani US Military

US military bracing for Iranian attack as anniversary of Soleimani’s death approaches, officials say

The United States military suspects that an Iranian-linked attack on American personnel and interests in Iraq could be immanent as the one-year anniversary of Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani’s death approaches.

On Jan. 2, 2020, the U.S. launched a drone strike on an envoy near the Baghdad airport that killed the renowned Iranian military leader along with Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

What are the details?

Defense officials reportedly expressed their suspicions of a retaliatory attack on Wednesday as two B-52 bombers finished a round-trip, 30-hour mission from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to the Middle East. The mission was part of an effort to demonstrate American military might in the region and deter any action by Iran.

“The United States continues to deploy combat-ready capabilities into the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility to deter any potential adversary, and make clear that we are ready and able to respond to any aggression directed at Americans or our interests,” said Gen. Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, chief of U.S. Central Command, according to the Washington Post.

“We do not seek conflict, but no one should underestimate our ability to defend our forces or to act decisively in response to any attack,” he added.

Another defense official speaking anonymously told the Post that “the threat streams are very real” and that a “fair amount of advanced conventional weaponry” has flowed over the border from Iran into Iraq in recent weeks.

Last week, McKenzie similarly indicated to ABC News that U.S. forces remained “in a period of heightened risk,” but emphasized that the military is “not looking for war with Iran.”

Those comments came as the U.S. Navy acknowledged that it sent a submarine into the Persian Gulf, “a move widely seen as sending a message to Iran,” the outlet reported.

What else?

Soleimani’s death was a major blow to the terror-sponsoring Iranian regime as he was the leader of the elite Quds Force, a special wing of the Revolutionary Guard Corps. For years, he had coordinated attacks on U.S. forces and assets in the Middle East.

Given how high profile a leader he was, a retaliatory attack near the anniversary of his death is certainly a possibility, especially as tensions rise in the region.

Last week, unknown attackers launched more than 20 rockets on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, killing at least one Iraqi civilian, though no Americans were hurt. Iran denied any involvement, but the Post reported that U.S. officials believe the attack was carried out by militias coordinating with the regime.

President Trump responded to the attack with a sober warning for Iran:

ICBM Intelwars missile defense Shoots down icbm US Military Warship

US successfully shoots down ICBM in space from warship for the first time ever in military test

The United States shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile in space from a warship at sea for the first time ever in a successful demonstration early Tuesday morning, the Missile Defense Agency announced in a news release.

What are the details?

The ICBM was launched into space at approximately 12:50 a.m. EST from the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site, located on the Marshall Islands. Shortly after, the missile was “intercepted and destroyed” as it traveled above the broad ocean area northeast of Hawaii.

The MDA used an advanced SM-3 Block IIA ballistic missile defense interceptor made by Raytheon Missiles & Defense to destroy the missile. The operation was part of a hypothetical defense of Hawaii scenario, the release noted.

The successful operation marked the first time that the U.S. has shot down an ICBM from a non-grounded site. It is an encouraging development for homeland defense as foreign adversaries such as North Korea continue to develop long-range missile systems capable of reaching the U.S.

“This was an incredible accomplishment and critical milestone for the Aegis BMD SM-3 Block IIA program,” MDA Director Vice Admiral Jon Hill said. “We have demonstrated that an Aegis BMD-equipped vessel equipped with the SM-3 Block IIA missile can defeat an ICBM-class target, which is a step in the process of determining its feasibility as part of an architecture for layered defense of the homeland. My congratulations to the entire test team, including our military and industry partners, who helped us to achieve this milestone.”

The MDA made video of the test available in its release, which can be seen below:

What else?

In a separate news release, Raytheon also celebrated the “historic” event.

“This first-of-its-kind test shows that our nation has a viable option for a new layer of defense against long-range threats,” Bryan Rosselli, vice president of Strategic Missile Defense at the company, said. Raytheon added in the release that the interceptor was co-developed with Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Fox News noted that previous tests to shoot down ICBMs have been conducted using ground-based interceptors launched from military bases in Alaska and California.

The demonstration was performed to fulfill a congressional mandate to test the interceptor before the end of 2020, MDA officials said. It was originally scheduled for May but was moved back due to personnel issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 al qaeda leaders Al qaeda leaders Al-Qaeda Intelwars Us airstrike US Military

US airstrike reportedly kills 7 senior al Qaeda leaders in Syria

The United States military believes it killed seven senior al Qaeda leaders in Syria in an airstrike last week, the Associated Press reported Monday.

What do we know?

According to Major Beth Riordan, a spokeswoman for U.S. Central Command, the airstrike was carried out on October 22 as the senior leaders for the terrorist group convened near Idlib, a city in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border.

Riordan did not disclose the names of the leaders in her statement to the Associated Press, but said that their removal was a strategic victory for the U.S. and its partners in the region.

“The removal of these AQ-S leaders will disrupt the terrorist organization’s ability to further plot and carryout global attacks threatening U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians,” Riordan said.

She added: “AQ-S takes advantage of the instability in northwest Syria to establish and maintain safe havens to coordinate terrorist activities. With our allies and partners, we will continue to target al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations.”

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that, in all, 17 jihadists died in the airstrike, which targeted a dinner meeting last Thursday.

“They had been invited to dinner in a tent on a farm in Jakara,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told “It was a meeting of leaders opposed to [Hayat Tahrir al-Sham] and who reject the Russia-Turkish deals.”

What else?

The news follows another apparent blow to the terrorist organization. On Monday, Afghanistan officials reported that they had killed a top al Qaeda propagandist who was on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

The reported killing of Husam Abd al-Rauf was a good sign of continued resistance there as the U.S. finalizes its full withdrawal from the country in the coming months.

7 al qaeda leaders Al qaeda leaders Al-Qaeda Intelwars Us airstrike US Military

US airstrike reportedly kills 7 senior al Qaeda leaders in Syria

The United States military believes it killed seven senior al Qaeda leaders in Syria in an airstrike last week, the Associated Press reported Monday.

What do we know?

According to Major Beth Riordan, a spokeswoman for U.S. Central Command, the airstrike was carried out on October 22 as the senior leaders for the terrorist group convened near Idlib, a city in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border.

Riordan did not disclose the names of the leaders in her statement to the Associated Press, but said that their removal was a strategic victory for the U.S. and its partners in the region.

“The removal of these AQ-S leaders will disrupt the terrorist organization’s ability to further plot and carryout global attacks threatening U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians,” Riordan said.

She added: “AQ-S takes advantage of the instability in northwest Syria to establish and maintain safe havens to coordinate terrorist activities. With our allies and partners, we will continue to target al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations.”

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that, in all, 17 jihadists died in the airstrike, which targeted a dinner meeting last Thursday.

“They had been invited to dinner in a tent on a farm in Jakara,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told “It was a meeting of leaders opposed to [Hayat Tahrir al-Sham] and who reject the Russia-Turkish deals.”

What else?

The news follows another apparent blow to the terrorist organization. On Monday, Afghanistan officials reported that they had killed a top al Qaeda propagandist who was on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

The reported killing of Husam Abd al-Rauf was a good sign of continued resistance there as the U.S. finalizes its full withdrawal from the country in the coming months.

culture Gender Intelwars Navy Navy SEALs political correctness US Military

Navy SEALs remove terms like ‘brotherhood’ from ethos to be more gender-neutral

The U.S. Navy SEALs and the Navy Special Warfare Combat-craft Crewman have removed so-called gendered terms like “brotherhood” from their ethos and creed statements in an effort to present the Navy as gender-neutral.

Another change made to the SEAL ethos was to alter the words “A common man with uncommon desire to succeed” to “Common citizens with uncommon desire to succeed.”

The changes were made to comply with changes in the law allowing women to serve in the SEALs and SWCC, a spokesman for Naval Special Warfare told American Military News.

“Naval Special Warfare continues to deliberately develop a culture of tactical and ethical excellence that reflects the nation we represent, and that draws upon the talents of the all-volunteer force who meet the standards of qualification as a SEAL or SWCC,” Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Stroup said.

“The previous versions of the SEAL Ethos and SWCC Creed were written prior to the law allowing women to serve as operators in Naval Special Warfare,” Stroup continued. “The changes do not in any way reflect lowering standards of entry, rather they ensure that all those who meet the requirements to train to become a SEAL or SWCC are represented in the ethos or creed they live out. This improves the posture of the NSW force by ensuring we draw from the greatest pool of talent available.”

“To date, no women completed the SEAL or SWCC qualification training pipelines,” he added.

The new SEAL ethos can be found on the official website for the Naval Special Warfare Command. American Military News provided a link to an archived version of the ethos containing the original language.

From the report:

Another alteration to the first paragraph changes the phrase “I am that man” to “I am that warrior.”

In the fourth paragraph, the sentence, “The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from other men” is changed to “The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart from others” in the new version of the SEAL ethos.

In the final paragraph of the ethos statement, the prior sentence states, “Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold.” The sentence is now changed with the reference to “Brave men” changed to “Brave SEALs.”

The memo also calls for the SWCC creed to change the term “Brotherhood” in the first paragraph to “group of maritime warriors.” Additionally, the memo states the sentence “I challenge my brothers to perform, as I expect them to challenge me” is to be changed to “I challenge them to perform, as I expect them to challenge me.”

American Military News also provided links to the new version of the SWCC creed and compared it to a copy of the older version without the gender-neutral changes from the U.S. Special Operations Command website.

“The changes come despite the fact that there have been no women to successfully complete SEAL or SWCC training and enter the elite units,” American Military News reports.

Retired SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who was pardoned by President Trump of one war crime conviction and acquitted of other serious charges, blasted the changes to the SEALs creed in an Instagram post Friday.

“What a joke. Note the names that signed off at the bottom. Adm. Colin Green (part of the hierarchy that tried to use the system to put me away)~ let’s remove all male pronouns & BROTHERHOOD from the SEAL ethos,” Gallagher wrote.

“To be honest I thought the ethos was always BS,” Gallagher added. “Now I know it is. A creed or ethos is supposed to be written in stone, obviously ours is not and will sway to whatever political agenda is being put out.”

Air Force American Flag Coronavirus face mask Intelwars North Carolina Patriotism US Military Veteran

Air Force veteran ordered to remove American flag face covering for grocery store job — but he’s not having any of it

Air Force veteran Gary Dean told WCTI-TV he’d been wearing his American flag face covering for his job at the Food Lion in Havelock, North Carolina, without any problems for months.

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

But Dean said a manager informed him Tuesday afternoon out of the blue that his patriotic face covering was verboten — specifically because it showed the stars and stripes, the station said.

“Apparently corporate came down and said ‘somebody was offended by the image of the American flag on the face covering,'” Dean recalled to WCTI.

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

But the station said the 69-year-old military vet wasn’t having any of it — and Dean quit.

‘Out of principle’

“As a veteran, my dad being a World War II hero, my best friend killed in Vietnam, out of respect for them I can’t just say … ‘I’ll take my flag and put it in my pocket,'” he told the station, noting such a concession would be against his values. “I had to quit, out of principle.”

Dean added that it also was shocking that the sight of an American flag would be offensive to anyone, particularly in a military town, WCTI noted.

“Why would anybody for any reason be offended by the American flag, the stars and stripes?” he asked the station.

What did Food Lion have to say?

WCTI said it reached out to Food Lion, and the company replied that while it respects the American flag, corporate policy “prohibits associates from wearing clothing with writing, insignia, or symbols.”

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

Here’s the company’s full statement via the station:

At Food Lion, we have great respect for the American flag. Like many other organizations, we also have policies that guide the attire and conduct of associates in the workplace. As part of our effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the well-being of our associates and customers, we’ve required associates to either wear reusable face masks provided by Food Lion or choose to wear a different face covering while working. However, all face coverings must adhere to standards set by the company and communicated to each of our more than 77,000 associates. The policy prohibits associates from wearing clothing with writing, insignia or symbols. The dress code is meant to ensure a consistent and professional representation of our associates inside of our stores.

But WCTI noted that the Havelock store does feature reserved parking spaces for military veterans marked with American flags.

‘An emotional subject for me’

Dean told the station he served in the Air Force from 1970 to 1976: “Four of those were active, two of those were inactive reserve.”

But while many years have passed since then, he keeps those memories alive in his home, which is full of patriotic objects. Dean showed a reporter from the station a photo album of images from when he was in the service — and some of them aren’t easy for Dean to revisit.

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

“That’s my friend who was killed in Vietnam, he was a ranger,” he told WCTI, pointing at a picture of himself and another man. “David Toler. Got shot right through the heart, they brought him home. That’s an emotional subject for me. When you lose a friend that is fighting for your freedoms, you get angry.”

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

Dean added to the station, “You get very angry when people disrespect the flag.”

He also told WCTI that the American flag face covering he was using is a print and wants to make sure it’s clear he wasn’t using an actual American flag to cover his face. But while he’s not angry at the store managers, Dean is still perplexed at why it was so offensive.

“I love this country,” he told the station. “I love that my dad went off and fought for my country, nearly got killed for this country but came back and raised a family.”

Image source: WCTI-TV video screenshot

“I love everything about that flag,” Dean told WCTI. “So, yeah, that is my priority.”

Air Force emergency helicopter Intelwars Shooting US Military Virginia

Air Force helicopter hit by gunfire while flying over Virginia, forced to make emergency landing

An Air Force helicopter was hit by gunfire Monday while flying over Virginia, damaging it and forcing it to make an emergency landing at a regional airport, officials told McClatchy DC. A crew member also was injured, the outlet said.

What are the details?

The UH-1N Huey helicopter — assigned to the 1st Helicopter Squadron at Joint Base Andrews — was flying about 1,000 feet off the ground about 10 miles northwest of Manassas Regional Airport when the incident occurred, the outlet said, citing an Air Force statement.

The injured crew member, who was not identified, was treated and released from a hospital, McClatchy said.

“Initial findings are that the helicopter was struck by a bullet resulting in a minor injury to an aircrew member and damage to the aircraft,” the Air Force said, according to the outlet.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident, McClatchy added.

The FBI “dispatched special agents and its Evidence Response Team to the Manassas Airport after receiving reports that a helicopter was shot at from the ground nearby,” the FBI’s Washington Field Office said in a statement, according to the outlet.

More from McClatchy:

Officials at Manassas Regional Airport said they received a call at about 12:20 p.m. alerting them that “a military helicopter was inbound and that paramedics were on the way,” said airport operations officer Richard Allabaugh.

A second airport official said the injured Air Force crew member was taken to a local facility for treatment. The helicopter remained at the airport as an investigation was launched into the shooting incident.

“The FBI Washington Field Office is working jointly with our law enforcement partners, including the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. One individual in the helicopter sustained a non-threatening injury, for which he was treated and subsequently released from the hospital,” the FBI said, according to the outlet, and added that “anyone near this area at the time of the incident who may have information please call the FBI at 202-278-2000.”

Joint Base Andrews said it had no further details to release, McClatchy noted.

“The Office of Special Investigations is fully engaged with our FBI colleagues on this incident. OSI take threats to our Airmen and our resources very seriously. As this is an ongoing investigation, no further investigative details can be released at this time,” Joint Base Andrews said, according the outlet.

Here’s a clip of a UH-1N Huey helicopter making a landing:

USAF UH-1N Twin Huey Evening Arrival AVL

Coronavirus Covid positivity Fake coronavirus numbers fake news False coronavirus stats Intelwars US Military Us military coronavirus

Health company apologizes for falsely telling 600,000 US military members they were infected with coronavirus

A healthcare insurance company for members of the U.S. military had to apologize for accidentally telling over 600,000 people that they were infected with the virus when they were not.

Tricare apologized for alarming several hundred thousand people because of a poorly worded email that implied the recipient was a coronavirus survivor. The email went out from Humana Military, a regional manager for Tricare.

“As a survivor of COVID-19, it’s safe to donate whole blood or blood plasma, and your donation could help other COVID-19 patients. Your plasma likely has antibodies (or proteins) present that might help fight the coronavirus infection,” read the email.

“Currently, there is no cure for COVID-19. However, there is information that suggests plasma from COVID-19 survivors, like you, might help some patients recover more quickly from COVID-19,” the email continued.

Six hours later, Humana sent out a correction and an apology over the confusing and erroneous emails.

“In an attempt to educate beneficiaries who live close to convalescent plasma donation centers about collection opportunities, you received an email incorrectly suggesting you were a COVID-19 survivor,” read the email. “You have not been identified as a COVID-19 survivor and we apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused.” documented the mistake and reported messages on social media from those confused about the email.

“Just wondering [if] anybody [got] an email from Tricare saying since you are a COVID survivor, please donate your plasma.?? I have NOT been tested,” said one person on Facebook. “Just remember all those people inputting data are human and make mistakes.”

Marvin Hill, a spokesperson for Humana, offered a statement to explaining the error.

“Language used in email messages to approximately 600k beneficiaries gave the impression that we were attempting to reach only people who had tested positive for COVID-19. We quickly followed the initial email with a clear and accurate second message acknowledging this. We apologize,” said Hill.

About 31,000 people affiliated with the U.S. military have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, far fewer than the 600,000 reached by the erroneous email.

Some critics of the pandemic lockdown orders have used mistakes in counting and reporting coronavirus cases to bolster their claims that some elements of the government are using the pandemic to damage the president and the Republicans.

Here’s the latest on the coronavirus pandemic:

COVID-19 Won’t Stop the Return of Baseball | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 584

anti-Trump California Donald Trump Intelwars Rally Us flag US Military US Navy watch

Naval petty officer caught on video screaming ‘F*** Trump!’ at flag-waving rally attendees

A uniformed naval petty officer was caught on video screaming expletives about President Donald Trump at a group of flag-waving rallygoers Sunday — and officials told the Navy Times the incident sparked an investigation by her California command.

What are the details?

The sailor in question — identified by officials as Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Launch/Recovery) 2nd Class Sarah J. Dudrey — is seen exiting a car and moving through the gathering at the Ventura County Government Center and raising her middle fingers at them, the paper said, adding that it’s unclear what sparked the confrontation.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

“F*** Trump!” Dudrey yells. “F*** you!”

The description of the Facebook video reads that “a large group of people were having a pro-America rally and had lined the sidewalks with happiness and flags. Dudrey pulled up in a BORROWED CAR, parked illegally on a busy main street, blocking an entire lane, got out…”

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

The members of the crowd shouted right back at Dudrey.

“Shame on you!” one person yells.

“Take the flag off your shoulder!” another demonstrator shouts.

At one point Dudrey, 24, gets in the face of a older woman who’s holding a red, white, and blue umbrella in one hand and a sign in the other that reads, in part, “no more house arrest.”

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

“You should be ashamed!” a protester hollers at Dudrey.

“Learn how to act in a f***ing uniform, you piece of s**t!” another demonstrator loudly suggests.

“Who’s your commanding officer?” another person asks.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

Soon Dudrey gets back in the vehicle, and the incident appears to come to an end.

Here’s the clip. Content warning: Language:

Now what?

Dudrey is assigned to Naval Base Ventura County, about 15 miles from the site of the confrontation, the Times said.

Her command became aware of the video Sunday and started looking into it Monday, the paper said, citing spokeswoman Melinda Larson.

“The Navy is a proponent of free speech, and active-duty members are free to participate in protests during their off-duty time,” Larson told the Times in an email. “However, Navy members are not authorized to wear military uniforms while engaging in protests and voicing personal opinions.”

It was not clear Tuesday what disciplinary action Dudrey may face, the paper said.

“After a thorough inquiry into the matter, the Commanding Officer will make a determination on what actions are warranted,” Larson added to the Times.

Dudrey could not be reached for comment Tuesday, the paper said, adding that Larson said she was not able to contact the petty officer on behalf of the Times.

Anything else?

Defense Secretary Mark Esper warned troops in a February memo to avoid political statements and supporting certain candidates while representing the military, the paper said.

“As citizens, we exercise our right to vote and participate in government,” Esper wrote, according to the Times. “However, as public servants who have taken an oath to defend these principles, we uphold DoD’s longstanding tradition of remaining apolitical as we carry out our official responsibilities.”

Donald Trump Glorifying violence Intelwars Minneapolis riots minnesota Tim walz Twitter censors trump US Military

Twitter suppresses President Trump’s tweet for ‘glorifying violence’ amid rioting: ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’

President Donald Trump fired off a pair of tweets after midnight Friday in relation to rioting in Minneapolis over George Floyd’s death at the hands of police.

The first tweet from the president is still up. The second tweet? Well, Twitter got an eyeful and ruled that it violated the tech giant’s rules about “glorifying violence.” But Twitter still made the tweet available for viewing since its content “may be in the public’s interest.”

What are the details?

The first of Trump’s two tweets says, “I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right…..”

But in the spot where Trump’s second tweet used to be is the following message from Twitter: “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.” Users who want to read the tweet can press “view” at the right of the message to do so:

Image source: Twitter

What does Trump’s second tweet say?

Trump’s second tweet states: “…These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let this happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you.”

According to Fox News, Twitter took action on Trump’s second tweet a few hours after he posted it.

What did Twitter have to say?

Twitter told the cable network that Trump’s tweet was hidden for “glorification of violence based on the historical context of the last line, its connection to violence, and the risk it could inspire similar actions today.”

Fox News added that critics of Trump’s second tweet said it contains “racial undertones” and that the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” can be “traced back to Miami Police Chief Walter Headley in 1967 as a threat to black protestors during the civil rights movement.”

Twitter added to the cable network that it has “taken action in the interest of preventing others from being inspired to commit violent acts, but have kept the Tweet on Twitter because it is important that the public still be able to see the Tweet given its relevance to ongoing matters of public importance.”

Anything else?

It was second time this week that Twitter has taken action against Trump’s activity on the social media platform.

On Tuesday, Twitter added fact checks to Trump’s tweets about problems he foresees with “substantially fraudulent” mail-in balloting:

Image source: Twitter

In response, Trump signed an executive order against social media companies that behave with bias — and said Thursday he’d shut down Twitter completely if he could do so legally.

Not that it matters, but Twitter’s “head of site integrity” who helped orchestrate the fact-check said “Nazis” are in the White House and implied that Trump supporters in middle America are racists.

Intelwars IRAQ ISIS Isis tunnel United States military US Military

New video shows coalition forces demolishing ISIS tunnel system in Iraq

The United States military released a video Wednesday showing coalition aircraft destroying an Islamic State tunnel system in the Hamrin Mountains in Iraq.

The Hamrin Mountains are known to be an ISIS “safe heaven,” according to the report. “Intricate tunnel and cave systems” in the mountains are regularly used by ISIS fighters to smuggle weapons, plot terror attacks, and move senior officials.

By spring 2019, the ISIS caliphate suffered complete territorial defeat as fighters were ousted from their last remaining land territory in Syria, but the terrorist organization continues to operate in covert.

“The presence of Daesh in Iraq continues to diminish, thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of our Iraqi partner forces,” Maj. Gen. Eric Hill, commanding general of the Special Operations Joint Task Force — Operation Inherent Resolve, said in a statement.

“Strikes like these help our Iraqi partners maintain relentless pressure on the Daesh scourge, no matter where these terrorists hide,” he added.

The report added that the airstrikes, which are estimated to have killed 5-10 ISIS fighters, were conducted in coordination with the Iraqi government. Iraqi security forces were able to recover ISIS documents, electronic devices, and various other equipment in a ground search of the targeted area post-strike.

Intelwars Iran Iran-backed militias IRAQ Military Qassem soleimani Us airstrikes US Military War

Breaking: Airstrikes underway in Iraq in retaliation for attack that killed 2 US troops

The United States responded to an attack that killed two US soldiers with airstrikes against numerous targets in Iraq on Thursday.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reported that military sources told her the airstrikes were concentrated on Iranian-backed Shia militias.

The attack on coalition forces at Camp Taji on Wednesday was suspected to be coordinated by Iranian-backed militias. In addition to the US fatalities, a British service member was also killed in the attack that included as many as 30 rockets.

The attack also injured another dozen service members.

Iran had previously launched attacks against US forces in January as retaliation for the drone strike that killed Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani near Baghdad airport.

While no service members were killed in that attack, more than a hundred troops suffered traumatic brain injuries.

The newest attack on US forces on Wednesday coincided with what would have been Soleimani’s 63rd birthday.

Earlier on Thursday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper foreshadowed the retaliation from the United States.

“I have spoken with the president,” said Esper, “He’s given me the authority to do what we needed to do.”

The retaliatory attack is designed to be a “proportional” response in order to deter future attacks, according to the Pentagon.

Here’s Fox News’ report on the retaliatory strikes: