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Whitlock: ESPN’s Jay Williams stars in Twitter’s Special Olympics for race-baiters and critical race theory

Wednesday afternoon, ESPN reported that the Boston Celtics reached an agreement for Ime Udoka to coach their squad.

ESPN basketball analyst and former Duke Blue Devils star Jay Williams immediately racialized this news, tweeting:

“The first head coach of color for the Celtics & even more importantly… he is one talented individual who has paid his dues.” Williams’ tweet included a black-fist emoji.

The problem is that Udoka, whose dad is Nigerian, is the Celtics’ sixth black head coach. In fact, Bill Russell, one of the league’s most famous players, was Boston’s and the NBA’s first black coach in 1966. He led the Celtics to two titles. Another black Celtics legend, K.C. Jones, coached Boston to two titles in the 1980s. Doc Rivers, who is black, coached Boston for a decade and led the organization to the 2008 championship.

Williams deleted his tweet. Hours later, he claimed his account was hacked and that he’d changed his password.

No one believes Williams’ Twitter account was hacked. What’s true is that Twitter has hacked Williams’ brain and the brains of most of the athletes, media members, and public figures addicted to social media.

Twitter is the lifeblood of racist thought, the playground for critical race stupidity, aka critical race theory. Twitter baits its most insecure and needy users into seeing the entire world through a racial lens. On Twitter, every human interaction is driven primarily by race. On Twitter, no individual, no group, no organization makes decisions based on a set of agreed-upon values, principles, or culture.

Twitter is where humanity, complexity, and nuance die and critical race theory flourishes. Race, according to CRT, centers and/or disrupts our values, principles, and culture. Race trumps Jesus, morality espoused in the Bible, the Koran, and the Torah, parental upbringing, and everything else. Critical race stupidity is secular and therefore rejects all religious values, including the nuclear family.

So, Jay Williams, like his overlords at ESPN, learned the news of Udoka’s hire and, as quickly as he could, took to Twitter to spin the news through the prescribed narrative that highlights black racial oppression.

It’s 2021 and the Celtics are just now hiring a black coach! No justice, no peace!

Williams expected to be flooded with likes, retweets, and replies affirming this groundbreaking moment of racial history. Oops, that ground was broken 54 years ago.

Williams isn’t a bad guy. Like all of us, he’s been cast into a new media dynamic that most do not understand. Twitter, a 2006 invention, hijacked the editorial voice of corporate media. The importance of building a social media following perverts what public figures say.

Race bait is the gold standard. Jemele Hill spent nearly 15 years trying to build a reputation as a public intellectual and journalist. Frustrated in her pursuit, she took the easy shortcut. She tweeted that “Donald Trump is a white supremacist.” That tweet is her greatest journalistic accomplishment.

Twitter requires no skill, intellect, nuance, research, facts, reporting, proper grammar, or common sense. A single barbershop-style racial allegation made Hill a star, a public intellectual worthy of five-figure college speaking engagements, consulting contracts, and the adoration of elite puppet masters.

Spewing race bait via social media is the cover for a lack of talent, a lack of work ethic, and being well beyond your intellectual skis.

Jay Williams is one of the highest-paid basketball analysts at ESPN. He’s on ESPN’s premier basketball show, “NBA Countdown.” He’s qualified to talk hoops. Before a motorcycle accident, he was headed for NBA stardom. The problem for Williams and most of the athletes and broadcasters at ESPN is that he’s required to talk about race and other societal issues beyond his expertise. Twitter is their source for racial expertise.

I hope everyone is sitting down before reading this next sentence.

Black or brown skin color is not an ingredient for talking intelligently about complex racial issues. No skin color is. Research, study, reflection, writing, willingness to engage with differing opinions, emotional self-control, thick skin, and an open mind are all far more important than skin color when it comes to discussing race.

When your skin color is your only weapon in a discussion about race, you are unarmed. You’re just entitled and clueless.

The best thing ESPN could do for the betterment of America is muzzle all of its unarmed race-baiters. If the network needs help identifying its unarmed race-baiters, I’ll be more than happy to identify them. It’s pretty much all of them.

Writing — not tweeting — is the highest form of communication. There’s a reason God released the Bible in a book rather than on DVD, cassette tape, CD, MP3, or Netflix. Writing forces you to think deeply. The process of writing naturally challenges your thoughts and assumptions.

The loudest voices at ESPN talking about race rarely, if ever, write. The process of writing at a high level requires editing, by the writer and an editor. The writing process naturally filters a great deal of idiocy.

If Jay Williams had an editor, he would never have tweeted that foolishness.

On public platforms, Williams, like LeBron James and countless other athletic prodigies, needs to stick strictly to talking about the athletic activities that happen between the whistles. Their thoughts about social issues are primitive and should be restricted to barbershops, dinner tables, and nightclub VIP areas.

They don’t have the guts or the work ethic to compete in the intellectual Olympics, the marketplace of ideas. That’s why they choose to compete in Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s rigged Special Olympics.

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Creator of popular ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ video games announces retirement after woke mob goes after him for donating to Republicans

The creator of a popular video game series announced his retirement this week after a woke cancel culture mob attacked him for several political donations he made to public officials viewed as hostile toward LGBT people.

Scott Cawthon, who made the hit indie horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and its sequels, announced on his website that he will be retiring from the series, handing it over to a different video game developer while he spends more time with his family.

“I’ve had a blessed, fulfilling, and rich career,” Cawthon wrote. “I’ve been shown great kindness and I’ve tried to show great kindness in return. I’ve tried to make some good games (let the debate ensue), and I’ve witnessed the creation of possibly the most creative and talented fanbase on the planet.”

“But here on the seventh anniversary of the first game’s trailer, as I realize that I was in my mid-30s when I created the series and now I’m approaching my mid-40s, I realize that I miss a lot of things that I got to focus on before FNAF became such a success,” he continued. “I miss making games for my kids, I miss doing it just for fun, and I missing making rpgs even though I stink at it. All of this is to say that I am retiring. I have been shown tremendous love and support over this last week, a lot of which has come from the LGBTQ community. The kindness shown to me has been surreal.”

While Cawthon’s statement doesn’t mention the controversy over his political donations, last weekend he was harshly criticized on Reddit and Twitter for making several financial contributions to various politicians, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), former President Donald Trump, and former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. All together, Cawthon made over $42,000 in campaign contributions to mostly Republican candidatesm and as a result he was accused of being racist and anti-LGBT.

On Saturday, before announcing his retirement, he directly addressed his critics in a Reddit post and refused to apologize for being a Christian, a Republican, and someone who has always treated all people fairly and equally no matter who they are.

To say that the last few days have been surreal would be an understatement. I’ve debated greatly how best to address this, including not addressing it at all, but with so many people from the LGBT community in the fanbase that I love, that’s not an option. I’d like to think that the last seven years would have given me the benefit of the doubt in regards to how I try to treat people, but there I was, trending on twitter for being a homophobe, getting doxed, with people threatening to come to my house. My wife is six weeks pregnant and she spent last night in fear because of what was being said online. She has already been struggling with her pregnancy so seeing her so afraid really scared me. All this because I exercised my right, and my duty, as an American citizen, to vote for and support the candidates who I felt could best run the country, for everyone, and that’s something that I won’t apologize for.

For those who took the time to look, you saw that the candidates I supported included men, women, white people, black people, republicans, and democrats. I supported Kimberly Klacik in Baltimore because I believed that she really cared for the African American community there and wanted to pull them out of poverty. I believed she could have really make a difference in a time when so many black communities were struggling. She lost, unfortunately. I supported Tulsi Gabbard, a democrat, even though I disagreed with her on several issues, because I felt she would have been a good and fair president. And yes, I supported President Trump, because I felt he was the best man to fuel a strong economy and stand up to America’s enemies abroad, of which there are many. Even if there were candidates who had better things to say to the LGBT community directly, and bigger promises to make, I believed that their stances on other issues would have ended up doing much greater harm to those communities than good. All of this explanation, I fear, is wasted, as people don’t want to discuss with one another anymore; they want endless apologies and submission. People who are expecting those from me will get neither.

Cawthon said that if he gets canceled for his views, he would be at peace with it. “I don’t do this for the money anymore; I do it because I enjoy it,” he wrote.

“If people think I’m doing more harm than good now, then maybe it’s better that I get cancelled and retire. I would accept that. I’ve had a fulfilling career. Besides, most things that people can take from you are things that never had much value to begin with.”

In the post confirming his retirement, Cawthon explained that the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series would be handed off to “someone of my choosing, and someone that I trust.”

“I have SIX kids now (although one of them is currently the size of a blueberry.) I love them dearly; they are my whole world and my whole universe,” he said. “I want to focus my attention on them, focus on protecting them, and spend my time making things for them. I only ask that my fanbase respect my decision.”

big business Censorship complete control Corporations freedom government is slavery Headline News human rights Intelwars jack dorsey ownership of people play ball Politicians regime Regulate silenced Social Media tech leaders Twitter wake up

Why Big Business Ends up Supporting the Regime

This article was originally published by Ryan McMaken at The Mises Institute. 

Policymakers know they hold immense power to regulate and punish firms that don’t play ball. Industry leaders know this too. So it’s likely both sides will indeed end up “playing ball.” 

The Democrats in Congress want comprehensive regulation of social media which will ultimately allow regime regulators to decide what is and what is not “disinformation.” This has become very clear as Congress has held a series of Congressional hearings designed to pressure tech leaders into doing even more to silence critics of the regime and its preferred center-left narratives.

Back in February, for instance, Glen Greenwald reported:

For the third time in less than five months, the U.S. Congress has summoned the CEOs of social media companies to appear before them, with the explicit intent to pressure and coerce them to censor more content from their platforms.

House Democrats have made no secret of their ultimate goal with this hearing: to exert control over the content on these online platforms. “Industry self-regulation has failed,” they said, and therefore “we must begin the work of changing incentives driving social media companies to allow and even promote misinformation and disinformation.” In other words, they intend to use state power to influence and coerce these companies to change which content they do and do not allow to be published.

(The February hearing wasn’t even the end of it. Big Tech was summoned yet again on March 25.)

Greenwald is probably right. The end game here is likely to create a permanent “partnership” between big tech in which government regulators will ultimately decide just how much these platforms will deplatform user and delete content that runs afoul of the regime’s messaging.

It might strike many readers as odd that this should even be necessary. It’s already become quite clear that Big Social Media is hardly an enemy of mainstream pro-regime forces in Washington. Quite the opposite.

Jack Dorsey, for instance, is exactly the sort of partisan regime apparatchik one expects out of today’s Silicon Valley. For example, in October of last year, Twitter locked down the account of the New York Post, because the Post reported a story on Hunter Biden that threatened to hurt Biden’s chances for election. Over 90 percent of political donation money coming out of Facebook and Twitter goes to Democrats.

Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t going to be enough to convince politicians to pack up and decide to leave social media companies alone. The regime is unlikely to be satisfied with anything other than full state control of social media through permanent regulatory bodies that can ultimately bring the industry to heel. Regardless of the ideological leanings of the industry players involved, they’re likely to see the writing on the wall. As with any regime where the regulators and legislators hold immense power—as is the case in Washington today—the regime will generally be able to win the “cooperation” of industry leaders who will end up taking a “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” position.

Silicon Valley Is Ideologically Allied with the Regime. But That’s Not Enough.

It’s been abundantly clear for at least a decade that ideologically speaking, Silicon Valley is as politically mainstream as it gets. The old early-2000s notion that Silicon Valley harbors secret libertarian, antiestablishment leanings has been disproven dozens of times over.

Moreover, Washington has a long history of co-opting tech “geniuses” to serve the whims of the regime. Even back in 2013 Julian Assange already saw the “ever closer union” between government agents and Silicon Valley. Assange saw how federal agencies were hiring Silicon Valley workers as “consultants” and saw where the “partnership” was headed. He concluded, “The advance of information technology epitomized by Google heralds the death of privacy for most people and shifts the world toward authoritarianism.”

But even if Silicon Valley is packed full of stooges for the NSA—as appears to be the case—this still doesn’t mean that Silicon Valley firms are willing to happily hand over their property to the federal government. After all, Silicon Valley CEOs, managers, and stockholders are all still at least partly in it for the money. All else being equal, they prefer profit to loss, and they want the freedom to make decisions free of regulatory control. They probably don’t care about freedom in the abstract, but they care about it for themselves.

The Threat of Regulation Creates Support for the Regime

On the other hand, once federal policymakers and regulators start making threats, the game changes entirely. All of a sudden, it makes a lot of sense to pursue “friendly” relations with the state as a matter of self-preservation. If Washington has the ability to destroy your business—and if it has become impossible to “fly under the radar”—then it makes a lot of sense to make Washington your friend.

Under these circumstances, there’s little to be gained from blanket opposition to federal regulation, and a lot to be gained from embracing regulation while merely working to ensure that regulation benefits you and your friends.

Big Business versus Small Business

So, it should never surprise us when big business ultimately ends up siding with the regime. It would be folly not to, especially if one has the means to hire lobbyists, attorneys, and PR consultants which can help Big Business negotiate effectively with regulators. Needless to say, the outcomes of these negotiations are likely to end up helping the big players at the expense of smaller ones who aren’t even present at the negotiating table.

For small firms that have little hope of influencing federal policy, it still makes sense to simply oppose federal activism altogether and hope for the best. But if your firm manages to get a seat “at the table” it’s best to seize the opportunity. To quote an old saying among lobbyists: “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

But let us not forget that even when private firms can bring immense amounts of resources to bear for purposes of influencing public policy and negotiating with bureaucrats: the regime itself ultimately holds the advantage. No private firm in the world has the resources to ignore or veto the wishes of the regime’s army of regulatory, prosecutors, and tax collectors. No private firm enjoys anything approaching the coercive monopoly power of the state.

But this doesn’t mean those firms can’t share in this power. And that’s very often what happens. Faced with a “join us or be destroyed” ultimatum from federal regulators or lawmakers, most private firms choose the “join us” option. Of course, many smaller firms aren’t even offered the choice.

The post Why Big Business Ends up Supporting the Regime first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

Fox corp. censorship Fox whistleblower Intelwars Ivory hecker Kriv-tv Project Veritas Twitter Videos viral videos WHISTLEBLOWER

Texas reporter goes rogue during live shot, says station is ‘muzzling’ her. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

A Fox affiliate reporter went off-script during a Monday report on the Texas heat wave, stating that the “Fox Corp.” was “muzzling” her and preventing its viewers from receiving “certain information.”

KRIV-TV reporter Ivory Hecker said that she planned to release the information — which she’d covertly recorded — to James O’Keefe’s
Project Veritas.

What are the details?

During a live shot, Hecker — a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor — was preparing to deliver a report on Texas weather when she began, “Before we get to that story, I want to let you, the viewers, know that Fox Corp. has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you. And from what I am gathering, I am not the only reporter being subjected to this. I am going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox, because it applies to you, the viewers.”

“I found a nonprofit journalism group called Project Veritas that’s going to help put that out tomorrow, so tune into them,” she continued.

Hecker did not elaborate on what she recorded or what she planned to discuss with Project Veritas.

A spokesperson for Project Veritas told Insider that Hecker “will be sitting down for an interview with the group on Tuesday evening to discuss claims of ‘corruption’ and ‘censorship’ that she has regarding her employer.”

“The spokesman added that Hecker will be, among other things, ‘blowing the whistle’ and speaking out about how she believes corporate journalism is ‘broken,'” the outlet added.

A spokesperson for the organization told the Daily Beast that it plans to publish some of Hecker’s recordings, which she says corroborates her accusations.

For a previous story, Hecker herself told Newsweek — which reported that video footage of Hecker’s remarks has been viewed more than 2 million times at the time of this reporting — that she has had issues with the network since “last August” when relations reportedly took a “dark turn” following an interview she conducted.

“They decided they didn’t like what the interview subject had said, and they went on to internally harass and defame me,” Hecker insisted. “I knew I was not working for a journalistic organization when I was called into an HR meeting in December and was told to keep my support for free speech and opposition to censorship to myself — that those were not matters to be publicly spoken about.”

“True journalism can’t exist in an environment of censorship,” Hecker added. “True journalism needs an environment of free speech.”

It is unclear at the time of this reporting whether Hecker is still employed at KRIV.

g7 House Republicans Intelwars Jill Biden Joe Biden Twitter World Leaders

‘Where’s Joe?’: House Republicans mock photo of first lady Jill Biden ‘prepping’ for G7 summit — and leftists hit back hard

House Republicans wasted no time mocking a photo of first lady Jill Biden “prepping for the G7” summit that appeared on her official Twitter page Wednesday:

And what did the House GOP wonder in response?

“Where’s Joe?” they asked.

It’s a fair question, especially given longstanding chatter about what many say is the diminished cognitive state of her husband, President Joe Biden.

Jill Biden has been a constant presence at Joe Biden’s side since before the election, and questions have come up regarding how much she’s helping her husband get through his public appearances.

On Wednesday she told Biden to “pay attention” as she spoke to American service members stationed in the United Kingdom. While sympathetic news outlets passed it off as a joke between the couple, the photo of her “prepping for the G7” may have been a bit much for Republican House members.

After all, why would a first lady, who’s not elected and has no authority, prep for a summit of world leaders?

What was the reaction?

As you might expect, leftists hit back at the GOP House members’ “Where’s Joe?” dig and didn’t let up:

  • “Not trolling on Twitter like a child,” one commenter shot back. “I know that much.”
  • “I guess the notion of a woman doing something other than keeping house without her husband isn’t comfortable for you,” another user quipped.
  • “Any INTELLIGENT woman would want to know what will be discussed at the Global meeting of the World,” another commenter offered. “Could you imagine someone of her stature walking in and just standing there ‘to look pretty’ as if she were a prop!”
  • “Seriously? Advertising your misogynistic attitudes is not a good look,” another user said. “But go ahead, it’s why you’ve lost the majority of the educated women’s vote….”

Others Biden fans loved the first lady’s photo caption:

  • “Cannot hide the educator as she reads… pen in hand like an extension of her entire being… she’s SO GOOD she doesn’t need highlighters,” one commenter gushed.
  • “It’s so wonderful to see a first lady actually working not just having a photo op on our dime!” another user added.
  • “This is beyond refreshing,” another commenter declared. “Thank you for being an intelligent first lady who is bringing respect back to our country.”
Attacks on police Intelwars Jacksonville police officer Mob attacks officer Police officer attacked Social Media Twitter viral videos

Police officer responds alone to shots-fired call; mob swarms, attacks him — and then cackles that it was all caught on camera

An unruly mob attacked a Jacksonville, Florida, police officer who responded alone to a call of shots fired, according to

The mob swarmed the officer and hit him with their fists and kicked them with their feet as some cackled that the attack had been caught on camera.

What are the details?

The Jacksonville police officer responded to a call of shots fired in the Brooklyn area Thursday night.

The lone officer reportedly rushed to the scene because it was “a potential active shooter situation.” He approached a crowd where he thought the shots were coming from.

In a statement on the incident, Steve Zona, president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Jacksonville, said, “Our police officer was actually responding to a report of gunshots, shots being fired. So equate that to a potential active shooter situation.”

“When he got down there to try and get people to disperse, one of the people from the crowd actually attacked our police officer,” he added.

Social media video captured the moment that a crowd surrounded the lone officer and pushed him to the ground, shouting expletives and attacking him.

In the video, the unnamed officer — who has a rifle strapped to his back — is able to climb to his feet as the person recording the now-viral video runs off laughing about the incident and how he caught the heartless attack on video.

The video does not show what took place immediately following the attack on the officer.

Zona also expressed his disappointment that no one stepped in to help the lone officer during the attack, but according to a new report from WTLV-TV, “a takedown and arrest of the suspected attacker followed.”

“We have tremendous support here in the community and I don’t think what happened to our police officer is a direct reflection of our community here in Jacksonville, I say it’s a direct reflection of the people there,” he added.

Content warning: Rough language:

What else do we know about this?

The station on Tuesday
reported that authorities arrested 23-year-old Jermisha Ramsey in connection with the attack and charged her with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and street fighting.

WTLV that the officer suffered “multiple abrasions” in the attack.

Citing the arrest record, WTLV reported:

According to the arrest report, police initially responded to a call in the area of 600 block of Oak Street regarding multiple vehicles being burglarized around 2:10 a.m.
Upon arrival, one of the complainants advised the JSO officer she’d heard gunshots down the road. JSO says the officer saw a gathering of people near Edison Avenue and an active fight.
The officer requested backup and approached the fight with his police rifle slung on his back. The report says he saw about eight people fighting and arguing in the middle of the road and gave them loud, verbal commands to stop. The officer had to physically separate two individuals, one of whom was later identified as Ramsey.
The officer attempted to detain Ramsey for failing to obey his verbal commands but was unsuccessful. The officer attack that was recorded and posted to social media is redacted entirely from the police report.
However, the report goes on to say the officer picked up his glasses and gave chase, eventually catching Ramsey, throwing her on the ground and handcuffing her.

The Police Tribune)

#racisthunter Intelwars Lawyer n-word texts trends Twitter

#RacistHunter trends on Twitter over report Hunter Biden used N-word in multiple texts to lawyer

Hunter Biden is back in the limelight following a report Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s son used the N-word multiple times while texting back and forth with his attorney.

The revelation led the hashtag #RacistHunter to trend on Twitter.

What are the details?

The Daily Mail claimed in an exclusive report to have obtained the text messages between Biden and corporate lawyer George Mesires from Biden’s abandoned laptop. Screenshots purportedly show Biden used the shortened slang version of the racial epithet a number of times during their banter.

According to the Mail, Mesires is white.

Images showed that Biden texted Mesires in December 2018, “‘how much money do I owe you. Becaause (sic) n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.”

“That made me snarf my coffee,” Mesires replied, to which Biden responded, “That’s what im saying ni…,” cutting off the text.

In another exchange, Biden asks Mesires, “Where do you find unconditional love then George,” and the attorney replies, “God loves you unconditionally. Beau loves you unconditionally. Children are too young to understand what it means. But you will show them. There are ideals of unconditional lovve that serve as proxies. I don’t have many. You. God.”

“OMG n***a did you just a fictional character from the imagination of the collective frightened and my dead brothers (sic) unconditional love is what I should rely on and my kids aren’t children George,” Biden replied.

The two went on to apparently joke back and forth, with Biden texting “my penis as of late has been unconditional” and “I only love you because you’re black.” He also replied to Mesires, “True dat n***a.”

Biden had also reportedly saved a meme on his laptop with the image of a hug between his father and former President Barack Obama, where a fictional script shows Joe Biden telling the former president, “You my n***a, Barack.”

As The Daily Mail’s story was reposted countless times on Twitter, #RacistHunter became a trending topic on the platform.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the story with the hashtag along with the message, “Hunter Biden used the n-word multiple times in casual conversation, text messages show.”

Pro-Trump Republican organizer Scott Presler tweeted, “Joe Biden’s son used the n-word multiple times in text messages with his lawyer. I wonder where he learned that. Like father, like son. To our global community & people of color, we apologize for the first family — a worldwide embarrassment. #RacistHunter.”

Another user wrote, “#RacistHunter is trending and I’m not surprised, his dad idolized KKK member ‘Robert Byrd’ and even spoke at his funeral. He was a leader of a hate group that loved using the n-word to insult black people.”

Multiple users also accused Twitter of suppressing the search results for the hashtag “#RacistHunter,” posting apparent screenshots showing there were “no results” for the term.

Others defended Biden.

One person tweeted, “Hunter Biden Is a recovering addict. I am sure he has said things he regrets. He is not President nor does he work for us. He is a private citizen who is being targeted by political operative. sick and sad #RacistHunter is targeting a private citizen @twitter.”

But some people used humor to react to the story, with the Washington Free Beacon’s Joe Simonson tweeting, “Hunter Biden will never be editor of teen vogue now.”

Anything else?

The New York Post — the publication that first reported on some of the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop ahead of the 2021 presidential election and was quickly censored by Twitter — also reported on The Mail’s revelations.

The Post added:

President Biden himself has a long history of using racially charged language. In 2006, he told one voter that “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent”. The following year, he described Obama, then a fellow candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, as “the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

Just last year, Biden told “Breakfast Club” radio show host Charlemagne Tha God that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Deletes emails Fauci Intelwars Kristian andersen Twitter

Scientist who told Fauci COVID-19 possibly engineered — then argued the opposite — deletes Twitter account

A virologist who co-wrote in March 2020 arguing against the lab-leak theory regarding COVID-19’s origins has deleted his Twitter account amid scrutiny after unearthed emails show he told Dr. Anthony Fauci just weeks prior that “some of the features” of the virus “(potentially) look engineered.”

What are the details?

Virologist Kristian Andersen, a professor at Scripps Research Institute, has fallen under the microscope after a trove of emails from Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, were obtained by the media last week through Freedom of Information Act requests.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Andersen wrote Fauci on Jan. 31. 2020, that “The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (<0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered."

NBC News reported that just four days after that email to Fauci, Andersen wrote in another email that suggestions that the virus was engineered were “crackpot theories,” adding, “we have to look at this much more closely and there are still further analyses to be done, so those opinions could still change.”

A few weeks later on March 17, 2020, the journal Nature Medicine published an article by Andersen and four other researchers wherein they argued, “We do not believe any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible.”

Upon the emergence of emails between Andersen and Fauci, people began calling out Andersen on social media and urging him to explain himself on his apparent about-face on the origins of COVID-19 in such a short period of time. Others criticized the NIH funding Andersen and Scripps received following his public dismissal of the lab-leak theory, and several users accused the virologist of deleting thousands of tweets following the emergence of the emails. He ultimately deactivating his account altogether.

Newsweek reported that before Andersen deleted his account he defended himself, tweeting in response to a question on his email to Fauci, “we thought — on preliminary look — that the virus could have been engineered and/or manipulated. Turns out the data suggest otherwise — which is the conclusion of our paper.”

He continued, “As I have said many times, we seriously considered a lab leak a possibility. However, significant new data, extensive analyses and many discussions led to the conclusions in our paper. What the email shows is a clear example of the scientific process.”

Andersen told Newsweek, “Conspiracies have created a narrative where we all dismissed it [the lab-leak hypothesis] out of hand. That’s absurd and couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just that the data don’t support the hypothesis.”

Anything else?

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that Andersen deleted his own account, but Andersen did not immediately reply to the outlet’s request for comment on him leaving the platform and his emails to Fauci.

Big tech Big tech censorship Intelwars Muhammadu buhari Nigeria Social Media Twitter Twitter censorship Twitter reactions

Twitter bashed for saying access to its platform a ‘human right’ while accused of silencing conservatives

Twitter argued that a free and open internet is “an essential human right in modern society,” which many found to be comically hypocritical since the big tech platform is often accused of censoring conservative voices.

The situation stemmed from an ongoing dispute between Twitter and the Nigerian government. Twitter deleted a stern and threatening tweet posted by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, which condemned attacks on public infrastructure in the country’s southeast region, including arson attacks on government offices and police stations.

“Many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the Nigerian Civil War,” Buhari wrote on Tuesday. “Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand.”

Buhari referenced the “brutal two-year Nigeria-Biafra war, which killed an estimated one to three million people, mostly from the Igbo tribe in the eastern part of the country between 1967-1970,” according to CNN.

Twitter removed the tweet written by the Nigerian president, claiming it had violated the platform’s policy on abusive behavior.

In retaliation, the Nigerian government banned Twitter from the African nation.

“The Federal Government has suspended, indefinitely, the operations of the microblogging and social networking service, Twitter, in Nigeria,” the country’s Federal Ministry of Information and Culture tweeted Friday night.

Twitter’s Public Policy division responded on Saturday morning by saying, “We are deeply concerned by the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria. Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society. We will work to restore access for all those in Nigeria who rely on Twitter to communicate and connect with the world. #KeepitOn.”

Twitter’s declaration that access to its platform is a “human right” ignited a firestorm of criticism and mockery of the social media network since it has a reputation for silencing conservative voices, including former President Donald Trump.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: “Curious. In Twitter’s own words, they are willfully denying Donald Trump ‘an essential human right in modern society.'”

Former Trump advisor Jenna Ellis: “Are you also deeply concerned about the blocking of Twitter users in America? Asking for a friend.”

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “We are deeply concerned by the blocking of @realdonaldtrump by Twitter. Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society. Unblock President Trump and stop with the hypocritical virtue signaling.”

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell: “For years we’ve pointed out your failure to let the Iranian people on twitter. Why ignore Iran but take a stand on Nigeria?”

Florida congressional candidate Lavern Spicer: “I am deeply concerned by the suspending of President Donald Trump on Twitter. Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society, even if you disagree with their politics.”

BlazeTV host Steve Deace: “This shamelessly comes from an entity that believes in non-disclosed and unaccountable systems to deny people access to its own platform. Self-awareness is dead.”

The News and Why It Matters” host Sara Gonzales: “The company blocking a former president’s content from their site believe ‘access to the internet’ is an ‘essential human right.’ You couldn’t make it up if you tried.”

Pseudo-Intellectual” host Lauren Chen: “Let me get this straight… Nigerian government blocking citizens from using twitter: Violation of human rights Twitter blocking people they don’t like from using Twitter: Perfectly fine and actually it’s just good sense Hm.”

Conservative commentator Dinesh DSouza: “Not sure I understand this. If Twitter can block Nigerians and their elected officials for violating its standards and policies, why can’t Nigeria and its elected officials block Twitter for violating their standards and policies?”

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon: “Say the wrong thing and they’ll permanently take away your ‘essential human right.'”

Author Jack Posobiec: “I can’t wait to remind Twitter that their public policy position is platform access is a human right and those blocked from use must have their access restored Again and again and again.”

Outkick founder Clay Travis: “Didn’t Nigeria just do the exact same thing to you that you did to President Trump?”

Newsmax host Steve Cortes: “Wait, Twitter believes platform access “is an essential human right in modern society.” Good. I agree. Stop suspending my account. Restore Trump. Right now!”

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson: “I guess now you know what it feels like.”

Actor James Woods: “If irony were a food, Twitter could cure hunger overnight.”

Director Robby Starbuck: “Oh Twitter believes access to a free and open internet is an essential right? I know a guy named Donald J. Trump and 75+ million Americans who may want to dispute your commitment to that.”

Actor Nick Searcy: “You hypocrites censor people who disagree with you. Shut up.”

One Twitter user joked: “Just build your own Nigeria then.”

backlash Intelwars Kamala Harris Memorial Day Twitter

Swift backlash hits Kamala Harris over glaring omission from Memorial Day weekend message

Vice President Kamala Harris triggered a barrage of backlash Saturday after publishing a Memorial Day weekend message that lacked any mention of the meaning behind Memorial Day.

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday remembering Americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice in military service to the United States. The holiday is observed on the last Monday each May, and has been observed in some form or fashion since the mid-1800s.

Memorial Day is different from Veteran’s Day in that the latter holiday honors all veterans, living or deceased, who honorably served in the armed forces.

What did Harris say?

Posting a picture of herself smiling, the vice president said, “Enjoy the long weekend.”

There was no mention of Memorial Day or the reason why Americans annually get a “long weekend” before the start of summer.

What was the reaction?

Critics were quick to remind Harris that Memorial Day is not about enjoying a “long weekend,” but about remembering those men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for American freedom.

  • “It is Memorial Day weekend. This weekend is our time as a nation to honor our Fallen. It is our dedicated time to reflect on our war fighters, those who paid the ultimate price for our Freedom,” Code of Vets, a veteran advocacy organization, told Harris.
  • “It’s just a ‘long weekend’ for this fraud. I have several dead buddies that disagree,” Buzz Patterson, a Republican congressional candidate, said.
  • “…and pay tribute to the courageous men and women of our nation’s military who sacrificed their lives in defense of our freedoms and liberties,” Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) corrected.
  • “Real misfire here. It is a long weekend. It’s also Memorial Day weekend, which means far more that our government officials should acknowledge: a time to remember and honor the millions of Americans who lost their lives in our nation’s defense,” Paul Szoldra, editor of military news website Task and Purpose, said.
  • “As the proud daughter and granddaughter of 2 vets, I’m disgusted by Kamala’s ignorance about Memorial Day. This clueless woman should never be one step away from the Presidency,” Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said.
  • “As the @VP enjoys a long weekend, maybe she could read a couple of books on the sacrifices made by those we honor with this holiday,” former Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) said.
  • “This is more than a ‘long weekend’ for the thousands of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who’s loved ones will never return,” Rep. Madison Cawthorn, said.
  • “Harris, show some respect for the heroes who paid the ultimate price for our freedom,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded.
  • “America is honoring our fallen, Kamala is honoring herself,” Kassy Dillon noted.
  • “This is unreal. No regard or gratitude for the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. Could you possibly be more obtuse, @VP?” Jessie Jane Duff said.
  • “Care to mention WHY we’re having a long weekend, Kamala?” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) said.

By Sunday morning, Harris had posted a more appropriate message.

“Throughout our history our service men and women have risked everything to defend our freedoms and our country. As we prepare to honor them on Memorial Day, we remember their service and their sacrifice,” Harris tweeted.

Cynthia nixon Intelwars Internet reactions Shoplifting Twitter Twitter reactions

Cynthia Nixon gets crushed for saying shoplifters shouldn’t be arrested: ‘This is how Democrats lose elections’

Cynthia Nixon declared on Twitter that shoplifters shouldn’t be arrested, and she was slammed by online commenters. Internet commenters lampooned the proposal by the “Sex and the City” actress as an “out of touch Democrat” who wants to “legalize crime.”

Nixon responded to a tweet by Errol Louis, a Spectrum News NY1 journalist, which shared a New York Times article spotlighting the shoplifting surge in San Francisco.

“The mundane crime of shoplifting has spun out of control in San Francisco, forcing some chain stores to close,” the article stated. “Walgreens said that thefts at its stores in San Francisco were four times the chain’s national average, and that it had closed 17 stores, largely because the scale of thefts had made business untenable.”

San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safai told the San Francisco Chronicle that shoplifting incidents “have become more violent and brazen,” and the situation is “out of control.”

“People are scared to go into these stores — seniors, people with disabilities, children. It’s just happening brazenly,” Safai said

Louis added on his tweet, “Worth noting that several candidates for Manhattan DA (and for NYC Mayor) say shoplifting should not be prosecuted because that’s ‘criminalizing poverty.'”

Nixon shared the tweet by Louis on Twitter and wrote, “The CVS on my corner has started locking up basic items like clothing detergent. As so many families can’t make ends meet right now, I can’t imagine thinking that the way to solve the problem of people stealing basic necessities out of desperation is to prosecute them.”

Twitter reactions lambasted the former Democratic New York gubernatorial candidate’s proposal:

  • Tony Bruno: “Guess that embarrassing foray into politics wasn’t enough to prove how out of touch with reality you truly are.”
  • Erielle Davidson: “No, it’s mostly organized gangs that then resell the items. These stores close down when the theft becomes too great, taking jobs (and access to basic necessities) with them. We’ll need to invent a new academic term for this phenomenon—toothpaste deserts or something.”
  • Andrew Sullivan: “‘Legalize Crime’ is almost as effective as ‘Defund The Police.'”
  • Kurt Schlichter: “Democrats are for theft.”
  • A Twitter user: “You live in a neighborhood of $3 million-dollar apartments and townhouses. No one at your CVS is ‘desperate’ to steal ‘basic necessities.’ This isn’t just moral grandstanding on your part, it’s really incompetent moral grandstanding.”
  • A commenter: “Letting people just steal stuff doesn’t solve the problem either. Which laws do we choose to follow? Do you really think society will be better off if we let people just walk into a store and steal whatever they want? This is how Democrats lose elections.”
  • Another user: “Well Cynthia, why don’t you go down to the CVS on your corner and simply buy these items from the store. Then set up a table outside the door with the items available for anyone to take, for free. Then you can directly help these families you are so troubled about.”
  • A commenter: “I grew up poor, and we never took anything that we hadn’t paid for. It’s insulting that you think the less fortunate have no ability to discern right from wrong. Also, allowing widespread theft will result in higher prices, punishing the poor and honest.”
  • A Twitter user: “San Francisco allows theft to go on unabated, so the retailers all close. Then there are no jobs and no easily accessed commodities.”
  • A commenter: “Tweet out your address and open your pantry.”

Christian bands Christianity Dc talk Exvangelical Intelwars Jesus freak video Kevin max Social Media Twitter

Grammy-winning Christian musician announces he’s an ‘exvangelical’ who is ‘progressing,’ ‘deconstructing’

DC Talk’s Kevin Max has admitted that he is an “exvangelical,” according to the Christian Post, and is working toward “progressing” and “deconstructing.”

What are the details?

On Saturday, Max, a Grammy-winning vocalist, “came out” on Twitter,
writing, “Hello, my name is Kevin Max & I’m an #exvangelical.”

In responses to his initial tweet, Max
said that he still believes in “the Universal Christ.”

“For all those people using my post as plug & play for your own hot take or personal discourse, I offer the lyrics to an upcoming song off of my new band @AstronautsSad album ‘Adult Fears’ titled ‘It’s okay,'” he
wrote. “I’m sorry for being obtuse or difficult but it’s a process … love.”

The lyrics read:

It’s ok to be estranged

From everything that you were taught

And it’s ok

To unpack all the hopeless baggage that you bought

I know the sun it never shines

In the same place twice

And I know that life is better

With a trusted vice

But you will change

When you cave

To the universal Christ

And it’s ok for you to lose

The shame from all the churches abuse

And it’s ok

For them to see

You don’t believe in man’s inerrancy

I know the sun it never shines

in the place you hide

I know you think its better

Shrouded in secrets and lies

But you’ll change

When you embrace

The glowing universal Christ

The outlet reported that some of those people leaving the Christian church have begun referring to themselves as the “nones” and are promoting a movement called “deconstruction” — translated as “deconstructing one’s faith and leaving the church.”

“Many who are ‘deconstructing’ have spoken out about their experiences getting hurt by people inside the Church,” the outlet reported. “Others have cited their rejection of biblical teaching on sexuality as the reason they are disassociating.”

In a later tweet, the self-described “leftist” added that he is “anti-war, pro-peace, anti-hate, pro-live, pro-LGBTQIA, pro-BLM, pro-open mindedness, anti-narrow mindedness, pro-utopia, anti-white nationalist agenda, pro-equality, pro-vax, pro-music, anti-1%rs, pro-poor, pro-misfit-pro-Jesus, etc[.]”

His remarks were in response to a user who asked, “Are you pro-Israel? Are you pro-Palestine? I’m pro-not-killing-people.”

DC Talk – Jesus Freak (Original Video)

What else?

In December, Max told Decent Christian Talk that he has begun the process of deconstruction, but prefers to refer to it as “reconstruction.”

“I like to call it deconstruction, reconstruction,” he said. “Any person that’s really changing every day, which we do, you’re going to deconstruct or you’re going to reconstruct. So it’s a combination of both of those things.”

He continued, “I’ve been deconstructing for decades. I’ve always been progressing, as you can say, and then sometimes I regress. But I think where I’m at right now is I’ve really gone on a journey to find out what I truly believe in by reading a lot, thinking a lot, keeping my eyes and ears open.”

Max also said that if Christians aren’t progressing in their faith, they are growing stagnant.

“When you give in to the fear of ‘Oh my gosh, I’m asking questions’ or ‘Oh man, I don’t know if I believe in this anymore,’ you’re giving in to the same fear that you know kept us from progressing as people for so long,” he explained. “The total totalitarian fear that’s constant, in my opinion, in a lot of evangelical churches have made people regress over time.

“I feel like anybody out there going through it, they should just embrace it,” he added. “If they’re a believer, they should have these deep conversations with the God they believe in and really struggle with it, talk to Him about it.”

He concluded, “I believe in a God of the universe, and I believe that He can hear me. And that, in itself, is just plain kind of crazy. But if I believe that, then I truly believe that He cares about my progression and asking questions and wanting to know what is real and what isn’t real.”

Decent Christian Talk podcast #114: Kevin Max returns!

airstrikes attacks CONFLICT Death Gaza Hamas Headline News heavy price Hussam Abu Harbeed Intelwars Iron Dome Islamic Jihad commander Israeli Defense Forces Missiles Murder PALESTINE recep tayyip erdogan TURKEY Twitter War

Israel’s Netanyahu Vows There’ll Be No End To Conflict

Photo Credit: Aljazeera

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that there will be no end to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. His promise comes not long after Israel airstrikes killed an Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza.

This is likely not going t end well at this point. In a Twitter post and statement on Monday, the IDF said that Hussam Abu Harbeed, Islamic Jihad’s northern division commander, had been killed in an airstrike. The tweet was accompanied by a video of the attack on Abu Harbeed’s compound.

The statement says that Abu Harbeed and his forces consistently led attacks on Israel and that he was responsible for a number of missile launches. One of the attacks took place on the first day of the current round of fighting, injuring one Israeli. The IDF said he had been a commander in the Islamic Jihad group for 15 years.

The IDF statement added that there had been around 60 missile launches by militant groups from Gaza on Sunday, 10 of which had landed in the enclave and did not trouble Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.  -RT

Israel claims it has neutralized more than 130 terrorists in the last week, while Palestinian militant groups had fired more than 3,150 missiles at Israel, killing 10, with the alleged attempt to overwhelm the Iron Dome, Israel’s missile defense system.

Additionally, on Saturday, Netanyahu said there would be no ceasefire in the fourth war against Gaza, adding that he “wants to levy a heavy price” on the Hamas militant group. He has also said he will continue to attack Gaza “as long as necessary.” Turkey’s ruler has said that he will not “remain silent” when it comes to the killing of Palestinians by Israel.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that Ankara is “furious” over Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and lashed out at countries that “remain silent” in the face of Israel’s operation. “We are both saddened and furious at the cruelty of the terrorist state of Israel against Palestinians,” Erdogan told a virtual meeting of his ruling Justice and Development Party. “To stand against Israel’s aggression in Palestinian cities, Jerusalem is a duty of honor for humanity,” he said. “By attacking the sacred sites of all three religions, terror state Israel has crossed all boundaries,” he added according to Al-Monitor.

If any other ruling class decides to send their slaves into this conflict, we could see an advancement toward a global conflict. As of right now, there appears to be no end in sight

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Francisco josé contreras Hate speech Intelwars LGBT Spain Transgender Twitter

Spanish MP suspended from Twitter after declaring ‘a man cannot get pregnant’: ‘Fascist biology’

Twitter suspended a member of Spain’s Parliament last week after the politician wrote on the social media platform that “a man cannot get pregnant.”

What are the details?

Francisco José Contreras, a member of Spain’s right-wing Vox Party, was locked out of his Twitter account for 12 hours after publishing the politically incorrect statement.

Contreras was reportedly responding to a news article in which a transgender man claimed they were now a father after giving birth to a child.

“Es una mentira. Un hombre no puede quedar embarazado. Un hombre no tiene útero ni óvulos,” Contreras wrote in Spanish, which translates in English to, “This is a lie. A man cannot get pregnant. A man neither has a uterus nor ovaries.”

Twitter claimed Contreras had violated its platform rules against “hate speech.” Twitter specifically cited rules against “threatening, harassing, or encouraging violence” against people on the basis of “sexual orientation,” “gender,” and “gender identity.”

How did Contreras respond?

The politician, who has been a member of Spain’s lower chamber of Congress since 2019, mocked Twitter in a post on Facebook revealing his Twitter suspension.

“You can that see this is already fascist biology. Next time I’ll try 2 + 2 = 4,” he wrote.

In a statement provided to LifeSiteNews, Contreras vowed to not “yield” to Twitter’s “twisted worldview.”

“We will not yield to Twitter imposing a twisted (and anthropologically wrong) worldview,” Contreras said. “We will continue to speak the truth about human nature. Biological truth should not be regarded as ‘hate speech’. It’s biology, not bigotry.”

Anything else?

According to Counting Stars, a Spanish news publication, this is not the first time Spain’s Vox Party has been targeted for suspension by Twitter.

From Counting Stars:

The treatment that Twitter is giving this conservative party is especially scandalous. Last February, at the gates of regional elections in Catalonia, Twitter censored the Vox account in a new interference by the American company in an electoral process in another country. Twitter’s excuse in that case was that stating statistics showing the high percentage of criminal complaints against Maghrebis was also “incitement to hatred.” Apparently, Twitter believes that statistics, like biology, should be censored if at any time they contradict the ideological dogmas of progressivism.

In fact, Twitter allegedly has been inconsistent in enforcing its policies.

Twitter allegedly permitted left-wing activists to threaten Vox Party president Santiago Abascal and other members of the Vox Party, Counting Stars reported.

Adeel raja adolf hitler Anti-Semitism Antisemitism CNN Intelwars Twitter Twitter reactions

Longtime CNN contributor tweets, ‘The world today needs a Hitler’; has history of anti-Semitism

A longtime contributor to CNN found himself in hot water after tweeting, “The world today needs a Hitler.” The inflammatory tweet, which could be interpreted as a call for the extermination of the Jewish people, was posted to Twitter on Sunday amidst the rising tensions and violence between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.

The CNN contributor quickly deleted the post, but it sparked social media users to comb through his Twitter profile. Adeel Raja, who has written dozens of articles for CNN, also appears to have a history of posting ant-Semitic messages on Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. posted screenshots of the “Hitler” tweet as well as a CNN article that indicates Raja as a co-author, and his LinkedIn profile, where he describes himself as a “Freelance Contributor at CNN.”

“Hey @cnn this seems to be one of yours, but I imagine that surprises no one anymore,” Trump wrote.

The now-deleted “The world today needs a Hitler” tweet was just the tip of the iceberg. There were other tweets praising the murderous Nazi leader.

“The only reason I am supporting Germany in the finals — Hitler was a German and he did good with those Jews!” Raja wrote during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Another tweet from 2014 read, “My support for Germany is for what Hitler did to the Jews!”

One tweet from Raja’s verified Twitter account said, “Hail Hitler!”

Raja responded to a Twitter user calling for “Palestinian genocide….inner Hitler among Germans must resurface,” by enthusiastically tweeting, “Hell yeah!!!!!”

In another Twitter post, Raja urged terrorist groups to go to Israel, “ISIS, TTP, TALIBAN – please go to Israel ASAP!”

Raja is a longtime contributor to There are 53 results when you search for “Adeel Raja” on the CNN website. It appears that his first article for the CNN website was published on Jan. 2, 2014, and he was contributing fairly consistently to the site. Raja posted as recently as Sept. 16, 2020. Most of the articles he contributed are related to Pakistan, where he is allegedly based.

When asked about Raja, CNN spokesman Matt Dornic told the Washington Examiner that he has “never heard” of him and was “looking into it.”

RELATED: Jews attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters in Toronto. Anti-Semitic chants hurled in London: ‘F*** Jews, rape their daughters!’

civil disobedience divide and conquer do not comply experimental gene therapy government is slavery Headline News Intelwars Joe Biden Mask new rule refuse ruling class Sleepy joe stand up totalitarian tweets Twitter Vaxxed

Biden Tells Americans To “Mask” Or Get “Vaxxed” & Is Ruthlessly Mocked

Joe Biden tweeted that Americans either need to get “vaxxed” or wear a mask. After his post, all sides ruthlessly mocked him for his ignorance and relentless pushing of the experimental gene therapy.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

The sudden about-face from the mask zealot – Biden wore a mask on Zoom calls with foreign leaders and insisted on wearing it outside even after being fully vaccinated for months – left many people who listened to him and the corporate media narrative on the virus with a bad case of virtual whiplash. -RT

Even democrats blasted Biden as “irresponsible” for saying the vaccinated can remove their masks. Others were likewise unconvinced that either a mask or vaccine is necessary. Ian Smith, one of the owners of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey – persecuted by the state for refusing to lock down his business – commented that “This gonna turn into ‘Let me see your papers please’ real fast.”

Biden and the Democrats embraced mask-wearing as a cause in mid-2020, as a way to differentiate themselves from President Donald Trump – who had refused to cover his face in public, arguing it would show weakness.

The push to get everyone vaccinated or wear the visible sign that you are submitting to the new world order is only going to intensify.  In the previous weeks, the ruling class has even admitted it’s running out of people willing to take this experimental gene therapy shot and responded by saying kids, ages 12 and up can now get injected.

Stay alert. It doesn’t look like we are far off from this:

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

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Biden rule Biden twitter Coronavirus rule Covid rules Intelwars mask rules President joe biden Twitter Twitter reactions Vaxxed or masked

President Biden gets blasted for new ‘rule’ on COVID-19 vaccinations and masks: ‘Kindly, screw off’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally eased indoor face mask requirements on Thursday. The new CDC guidance allows vaccinated Americans to not have to wear masks outdoor and in most indoor settings. Following the announcement, President Joe Biden issued his own new “rule” about face masks and coronavirus vaccinations, which caused a stir on social media, and many lambasted the order as “authoritarian.”

The official Twitter account for President Biden posted a video calling for Americans to get “vaxxed or masked,” and had the caption: “Folks, if you’re fully vaccinated — you no longer need to wear a mask. If you’re not vaccinated yet — go to to find a shot, and mask up until you’re fully vaccinated.”

The Twitter account for President Biden also posted a proclamation, “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.”

There was an immediate backlash to Biden’s “rule.” Twitter reactions labeled the order as unconstitutional, and said the ultimatum wasn’t really a “choice.”

BlazeTV host Glenn Beck hurled back, “Hey #POTUS – the rule is simple. Kindly, screw off. You will find the rules in a little read document called ‘the constitution’. The sequel is even better. You can find it on line under ‘The Bill of Rights’. You and your authoritarian pals will find it a quick read.”

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-K.Y.) countered the president on Twitter, “Show us in the Constitution where you have this power Mr @POTUS. (You don’t).”

Rep. Paul Gosar (R- Ariz.) stated, “Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.”

Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) retorted, “Requirement to do one or the other of two things demanded by another person, against your will, is not called a choice; it’s called coercion, and we reject it in a free society.”

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) reacted by saying, “No. 1) The federal government can’t force you to wear a mask until you’re vaccinated, 2) it would also have no way of tracking vaccinations, and 3) this doesn’t account for natural antibodies.”

BlazeTV host Chad Prather fired back, “Eat s**t Adolph.”

Donald Trump Jr tweeted, “Um, team Biden, Joe somehow got a hold of his Twitter account and is talking all crazy again.”

Actor Rob Schneider snapped back, “The rule is even simpler, YOU are an elected official of a Republic, not a doctor or Russian Czar, therefore it is the citizens who will make THEIR OWN HEALTH DECISIONS FOR THEMSELVES AND FOR THEIR FAMILIES. The CHOICE IS INDEED FOR EACH AND EVERY FREE AMERICAN AS THEY SEE FIT!”

Conservative comedians the Hodge Twins pointed out, “Choice is a decision between a several options. An ultimatum is a final demand of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations. Dictators and their sheep usually can’t tell the difference because you’re idiots.”

Conservative activist Scott Presler explained, “The rule is simple: the government has no authority to tell me how to live as a private citizen & I’m not forced to disclose my health. We can defeat this authoritarian gov’t by electing more leaders, like Ron DeSantis.”

Sebastian Gorka, the former deputy assistant to former President Donald Trump, quipped, “My body. My choice buster.”

Cultural critic James Lindsay replied, “We have replaced ‘mean’ tweets with nakedly authoritarian ones. This is fine.”

Mediaite senior columnist John Ziegler responded by saying, “If Trump had been pro-mask from the start & said this now, the woke crowd would be taking to the streets. This is clearly a move to help the mask cult accept this new edict by making them feel better knowing they can still feel morally superior to, & be allowed to shame, others.”

One commenter added, “You nor the government have any sort of authority to force me or any other person for that matter to wear a mask. Plain and simple. Time for bed Joe.”

Another person noted, “Biden is vocally tougher on unvaccinated Americans than terrorists who hacked American infrastructure.”

Someone wrote, “Imagine what the media would say if Trump tweeted this.”

A Twitter user joked, “I ‘identify’ as someone who is vaccinated.”

Bette Midler Coronavirus vaccines COVID-19 Covid-19 vaccines for kids Intelwars Social Media Twitter Vaccinate kids

Bette Midler tweets ‘threat’ over unvaccinated kids: ‘If my kid can’t bring peanut butter to school, then yours can’t bring the deathly plague’

Actress Bette Midler’s posted a tweet about threatening to expose allergic children to peanuts that fell flat for many social media followers. Midler took heat on Sunday after she shared a tweet about forcing parents to vaccinate their children against the coronavirus.

In her tweet, Midler compared permitting unvaccinated children to attend schools to bringing peanut products to the classroom despite the danger children who may have peanut allergies could face.

She shared, “If my kid can’t bring peanut butter to school then yours can’t bring the deathly plague. Vaccinate or I’m bringing the Jiffy.”

What else?

The Food and Drug Administration did not announce the authorized emergency use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 12 to 15 years until Monday, one day after Midler’s tweet.

Children who are allergic to peanuts and peanut products can sometimes find themselves in middle of a nasty anaphylaxis response.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology, include “impaired breathing, swelling in the throat, a sudden drop in blood pressure, pale skin or blue lips, fainting, and dizziness.”

What was the response?

One mom, who referred to herself as “super liberal,” took Midler to task over her remarks.

She wrote, “I’m super liberal, very pro vax and science but this isn’t funny. My son, like millions of others is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts! If he touches it he gets hives. If he eats even the tiniest amount, his throat closes, no amount of CPR would help. Do better!”

Another user added, “We are vaccinated. Our kids can’t be vaccinated yet. Parents of kids with allergies have seen epi pens save their kids lives. We are pro science. Imagine volunteering to vaccinate your community and seeing this after holding your kid in anaphylaxis because this threat happened?”

“‘Get vaccinated or I’m gonna start killing kids with peanut allergies’ is definitely a sales pitch,” one user countered.

Another user pointed out that Midler’s remarks were insensitive at best, and wrote, “There are better analogies than this. As someone who has two kids allergic to peanuts this is just stupid.”

“Choosy moms choose Jif and there is no FDA approved pediatric coronavirus vax as of today,” another user tweeted on Sunday. “I’m not certain where you’re going with this meme but wishing death on children is certainly a call for self reflection.”

Midler has not issued any updates on the backlash she received following the controversial Sunday tweet.

adolf hitler Hamas Hitler Intelwars Israel Palestine Twitter Veena malik

Muslim actress makes headlines after quoting Hitler in tweet as Hamas launches rockets into Israel: ‘I would have killed all of the Jews of the world’

Actress Veena Malik — sometimes known as Zahida Malik — raised eyebrows after she tweeted a quote she attributed to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, which referenced killing Jews across the world.

Malik’s tweet came at a time when clashes between Israel and Palestine have hit a fevered pitch.

What are the details?

According to a Wednesday report from the Post Millennial, the 37-year-old Pakistani Muslim actress tweeted a graphic that read, “I would have killed all the Jews of the world … but I kept some to show the world why I killed them. Adolf Hitler”

It remains unknown whether the Nazi dictator ever actually uttered or wrote those words.

While the offending tweet is gone, the actress’s
Twitter page remains active at the time of this reporting.

New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali captured the
tweet before it was deleted.

Ali tweeted, “How is this still up???” and later added, “This tweet is now gone along with a bunch of other tweets on her account. Looking forward to an apology from all those who doubted me.”

What else?

The actress has yet to issue a statement of apology or clarification at the time of this reporting.

According to OpIndia, Malik has been recently outspoken in her condemnation of Jews.

The outlet reported, “Malik has since been glorifying the attack on Israelis and cheering the death and destruction.
In her subsequent tweets in Urdu, she urged Muslims to not be disheartened and said that if they are truly ‘believers,’ then they would be proud.”

On Tuesday night, Palestinians carried out ruthless attacks on Israelis with rockets and more.

Amid the chaos, Israeli city of Lod Mayor Yair Revivo compared the deadly attacks to the Nazi campaign of death against Jews and said, “This is Kristallnacht.”

In remarks, Revivo implored the nation’s prime minister to declare a state of emergency.

“This is Kristallnacht in Lod,” said Mayor Yair Revivo. “I have called on the prime minister to declare a state of emergency in Lod. To call in the [Israel Defense Forces]. To impose a curfew. To restore quiet. … There is a failure of governance. … This is a giant incident — an Intifada of Arab Israelis. All the work we have done here for years [on coexistence] has gone down the drain.”

He added, “All of Israel should know, this is a complete loss of control. … This is unthinkable. Synagogues are being burned. Hundreds of cars set alight. Hundreds of Arab thugs are roaming the streets. … Civil war has erupted in Lod. … The Orthodox-nationalist community here has guns. I’m imploring them to go back home but they understandably want to protect their homes. Petrol bombs are being thrown into [Jewish] homes. The situation is incendiary.”

According to the New York Post, Hamas on Tuesday fired at least 130 rockets at Tel Aviv alone.

Daisy barringer Elon Musk Intelwars Ok hand sign Saturday Night Live Social Media Twitter Videos white supremacy

Twitter-verified writer hopes Elon Musk burns alive after insisting he flashed a ‘white power’ symbol during ‘SNL’ appearance

Daisy Barringer, a self-proclaimed freelance editor and writer who is verified on Twitter, said that she hoped Tesla CEO Elon Musk would burn to death in one of his Teslas after she insisted he flashed a “white power” hand sign during his recent “Saturday Night Live” hosting duties.

Barringer’s tweets are now
protected at the time of this writing.

What are the details?

Barringer took supreme exception to Musk flashing the “OK” hand sign — which many in the woke crowd claim is a white power sign — during a Saturday segment on the popular comedy sketch show.

wrote, “Wait. Whaaaaaaaaa… did Elon Musk just … like… aggressively flash the white power sign during the Weekend Update? Please tell me I’m insane. Please. No really. Going to need you to tell me I’m insane.”

Image source: Wayback Machine screenshot

“Listen, usually when I say I hope someone dies in a fire, I’m being hyperbolic,” Barringer continued, the Daily Wire noted. “But, like, Tesla’s do burn for four hours straight, so like … I’m not gonna be mad about it. I kept watching because I really hoped one of the cast members was going to walk to the front of the stage at the closing and punch him out.”

She later
added, “Definitely never thought Saturday Night Live would send me into a tornado of existential despair. But here we are. I almost don’t have words but I will say I hope his Tesla catches on fire and he dies.”

Image source: Wayback Machine screenshot

What else?

The Daily Wire reported that Barringer also insisted that Musk was not just ignorantly flashing the “OK” sign — he was intentionally promoting white supremacy during the appearance and called out people on social media who were reportedly defending him.

“SUPER shocking that the white supremacists are searching Twitter to ‘correct’ people about the never-been-more-obvious Elon Musk white power sign,” she added. “It’s like … I want to just roll my eyes, but that’s the last thing to do with Nazis.”

“Omg the people excusing Elon Musk saying it’s the ‘okay’ symbol,” Barringer added. “Wow wow wow. I guess they never learned about context. Why would [he] be saying okay at all, much less forwards and backwards.”

Weekend Update: Financial Expert Lloyd Ostertag on Cryptocurrency – SNL

Intelwars Nancy Pelosi Nancy pelosi twitter Twitter Twitter reactions Willie mays Willie mays birthday Willie mccovey

Nancy Pelosi botches attempt to honor Willie Mays by posting photo of wrong black baseball legend

Nancy Pelosi struck out in an attempt to wish baseball legend Willie Mays a happy birthday. The Democratic House Speaker from California swung and missed on the tribute when she posted a photo of the wrong black baseball icon.

Pelosi’s social media team was caught napping while attempting to wish a happy 90th birthday to all-time great Willie Mays. Instead of posting a photo of Mays, an image of Willie McCovey was shared. McCovey, a baseball superstar in his own right, sadly passed away in 2018 at the age of 80.

“Happy 90th Birthday to an all-American icon, Willie Mays,” Pelosi tweeted on Thursday. “A trailblazing, record-breaking baseball player, civil rights leader, and champion for youth sports and well-being, Willie Mays is a civic legend and national treasure.”

Pelosi, who has represented the city of San Francisco for decades, whiffed on the bush league birthday tidings because there was a photo of McCovey instead of the Say Hey Kid. Pelosi’s social media team didn’t catch the error, but keen-eyed baseball fans noticed the faux pas and cried foul. With Pelosi’s social media team caught in a pickle, they quickly tried to clean up the mistake by posting another photo, this time of Willie Mays along with Pelosi.

Pelosi’s office issued a statement on the mix-up of San Francisco Giants greats.

“A staffer inadvertently selected the wrong photo for the tweet,” the statement read. “The photo we wanted to use was of the Speaker and Willie Mays at Willie McCovey’s August 2018 wedding. The quickly deleted photo was the wrong photo from the right wedding. We apologize for the error.”

Both players were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Mays in 1979 and McCovey in 1986.

Mays, who is the oldest living Baseball Hall of Famer, is arguably one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game.

Thus far, Pelosi has not received nearly as much widespread, and at times harsh condemnation that Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Dan Sullivan received last year when they attempted to honor Rep. John Robert Lewis but accidentally shared a photo of Rep. Elijah Cummings instead.

Donald Trump Jr. Intelwars Jimmy Carter Joe Biden Pravda Soviet Union Twitter

Twitter accused of pushing Soviet-style spin after targeting Donald Trump Jr.’s anti-Biden tweet

Twitter was compared to Pravda, the Soviet Union’s propaganda newspaper, on Friday after spinning a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.

What did Trump Jr. say?

Trump Jr. responded on Friday to Democrats who keep comparing President Joe Biden to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Democrat who was elected president four times.

Liberals like Jonathan Alter, for example, cite Biden’s COVID-19 response and Biden’s aggressive push to expand the role of government with ambitious multi-trillion dollar legislative packages. “Whatever the future holds, Mr. Biden and Mr. Roosevelt are now fused in history by the size and breadth of their progressive ambitions,” Alter recently wrote in the New York Times.

According to Trump Jr., Biden is no FDR.

“Biden isn’t the next FDR he’s the next Jimmy Carter,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

The comparison was made after April’s jobs report showed just 266,000 jobs were added last month, falling way short of the 1 million that experts predicted. The dismal showing resulted in the unemployment rate going up.

As TheBlaze reported, unemployment levels remain about 8 million jobs short of pre-pandemic levels, but not because of a lack of available jobs. Despite “now hiring” signs being peppered on businesses across the nation, businesses are having difficulty finding enough workers because many of those left unemployed by the pandemic are making more money on enhanced unemployment than they would at work.

What did Twitter do?

In response, Twitter claimed people were “confused” by Trump Jr.’s tweet.

“People are confused by a Tweet from Donald Trump Jr, saying that President Biden ‘isn’t the next FDR he’s the next Jimmy Carter,’ given that former president Carter is a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose humanitarian record is largely respected,” Twitter wrote in its “trending” section.

Trump Jr. then explained exactly what his tweet meant — as if anyone did not already understand the implied meaning.

“Anyone who is supposedly ‘confused,’ by my below tweet should probably read the awful Biden job report out today, then take a peek at the rising prices of raw materials that we’re seeing and then finally google ‘Jimmy Carter inflation’….Things will make a lot more sense to you!” Trump Jr. explained.

What was the response?

Twitter was accused of spreading propaganda.

“Twitter’s editorial voice is basically late Soviet if Pravda were run by concern trolls,” New York Times writer Ross Douthat said.

“This is the way @Twitter works. And the propagandists in DC are just as bad,” Richard Grenell reacted.

“What has Twitter become? It obviously wants to play a very active partisan role,” political scientist Max Abrahms said.

“95% of people know exactly what it means to compare a president to Jimmy Carter and the other 5% are playing dumb,” Frank Fleming, a Babylon Bee writer, said.

Black Lives Matter Black lives matter activists Intelwars Ma'khia bryant Social Media Twitter Videos You shoot us we shoot you

Purported BLM activists near Ma’Khia Bryant death scene have ominous message for cops: ‘You shoot us, we shoot you’

Purported Black Lives Matter protesters are reportedly threatening to shoot police officers in an “eye for an eye” move following the officer-involved fatal shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

What are the details?

The Daily Caller reported Friday that Black Lives Matter protesters rallied in the streets of Columbus, Ohio, following the teen’s death.

In a video, the news organization explained that a video posted to Twitter shows a group of protesters threatening to kill police officers.

“We’re not gonna sit here and just sit around while you shoot and kill us and go back to the suburbs,” an unidentified male can be heard saying. “We’re sick … maybe it needs to be an eye for an eye.”

Members of the crowd responded in agreement, yelling “Yeah!”

The speaker added, “They shoot us, we shoot them! You shoot us, we shoot you!”

The video, shared by Twitter user TheElefentGamer, was captioned, “BLM activists call for assassinations of police in response to the Columbus shooting of an armed teenager.”

The video has been viewed more than 10,000 times at the time of this reporting.

What else?

Kiara Yakita, founder of the Black Liberation Movement Central Ohio, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the officer’s use of force was unjust because he didn’t attempt to de-escalate the situation.

“When I saw the bodycam, I noticed the difference in how they police. When it comes to black people, they do not like to deescalate,” Yakita said. “The reaction seems to be to fear black people who are in conflict and to just try to violently stop them.”

“There’s not many questions asked, there is hardly any time spent trying to identify who’s the victim, who’s the aggressor, who’s the person who even called us here for help in the first place,” she added.

chair dnc Intelwars Jaime harrison Tim Scott Twitter

DNC chair takes a swipe at Tim Scott online, gets absolutely torched by the Republican senator

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison took at swipe at fellow South Carolinian Sen. Tim Scott (R) on Wednesday with an insult on Twitter, but the Republican senator fired back with a stinging reminder from the recent past.

What are the details?

Earlier in the day, Republican leadership announced that Scott would deliver the GOP’s response to President Joe Biden’s speech next week before a joint session of Congress.

Harrison — who gained his new post after handily losing his bid to challenge Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in November — decided to flex his muscles over the decision in a public fashion.

Posting CNN’s story about Scott’s upcoming address to the American people, Harrison tweeted in reaction, “And I will take great joy responding to the falsehoods & the hypocrisy that I’m sure we will hear in this response.” He added the hashtags, “#IGotReceipts” and “#FactChecking.”

But Scott replied, “Hey Jaime, we saw your receipts. Spending $132 million and losing to @LindseyGrahamSC by 10+ points seems a little high, don’t you think?”

The reactions from other Twitter users descended into further political battles, with numerous folks praising Scott for his “mic drop” response in a collection of gifs sharing applause, slam dunks, and the declaration that “there’s been a murder.”

But others criticized the only African American GOP senator — with multiple tweets, calling him an “Uncle Tom.”