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Trump and Bill O’Reilly announce national tour discussing history of Trump administration: Talk ‘will not be boring’

Former President Donald Trump and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly announced Monday that the pair will be going on a national tour in December, discussing “a never before heard inside view” of the Trump administration called “The History Tour.”

What are the details?

A news release published on Bill O’ states that the “series of live conversations across the country” will begin in December, with locations already set in Florida and Texas, where they “will discuss exactly how things were accomplished, as well as challenges, both good and bad” during Trump’s time in the White House from January 2017 to January 2021.

“From the pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands, to the speedy development of the vaccine, to the rise of the economy, to the global challenge from China, Donald Trump was the dominant decision-maker and the most powerful person in the world,” the release reads.

Trump said in a statement:

“These will be wonderful but hard-hitting sessions where we’ll talk about the real problems happening in the U.S., those that the Fake News Media never mention. I will be focusing on greatness for our Country, something seldom discussed in political dialogue. If we don’t make our Country great again, we will soon no longer have a Country! I look forward to working with Bill, who right now has the #1 bestselling book, to openly discuss the real problems of our Country, and how to solve them. Additionally, it will be fun, fun, fun, for everyone who attends!”

O’Reilly added, My job as a historian/journalist is to get important things on the record in a fact-based way. These conversations with the 45th President will not be boring.”

When does the tour start?

The first event will be on Dec. 11 at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida, and the second talk will be on Dec. 12 at a location that has not been determined. The third event is scheduled on Dec. 18 at the Toyota Center in Houston, and a fourth event at the American Airlines Center in Dallas the next day.

Tickets go on sale June 14.

The tour announcement follows reports that Trump is considering resuming his “Make American Great Again” rallies as he considers another White House run in 2024.

Meanwhile, the former president remains prohibited from sharing his views on several Big Tech platforms, including Twitter (who issued him a lifelong ban following the Jan. 6 riot) and Facebook, who recently announced their post-riot ban wouldn’t be lifted until 2023 — two years from its implementation.

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Dave Chappelle says celebrities — not Obama staffers — left ‘dirty notes’ for incoming Trump administration

Comedian Dave Chappelle says that celebrities — and not Obama staffers — left “dirty notes” for former President Donald Trump’s incoming team in 2017.

In 2019, Trump administration officials said they believe that former President Barack Obama’s aides left “taunting notes” behind in the White House to greet Trump, The Wrap reports.

What are the details?

Chappelle, who appeared on model Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series “No Filter with Naomi,” said that he witnessed celebrities penning nasty notes for the incoming Trump team.

The comedian, who was attending one of the final White House events thrown by the Obama administration, said that he saw some celebrities “leaving ‘dirty notes’ for the incoming Trump administration.”

He did not divulge where, specifically, the celebrities left the notes in question other than to state that the notes were placed in White House drawers and cabinets.

“Remember when the Trump administration moved in, they said ‘The Obama staff left dirty notes for us in all the drawers and all the cabinets,'” Chappelle told Campbell. “Now, I saw this happening. I’m not going to say who did it. But it was celebrities, writing all this crazy s*** and putting them all over there. And I saw them doing it, so when I saw it on the news I laughed real hard.”

In 2019, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said that the notes included sentiments such as “You aren’t going to make it” and “You will fail.”

“Every office was filled with Obama books, and we had notes left behind that said, ‘You will fail, you aren’t going to make it,'” Grisham at the time. “In the press office, there was a big note taped to the door that said, ‘You will fail.'”

Former Obama aides at the time insisted they had nothing to do with the notes left for the Trump administration at the White House, and said that such notes didn’t even exist.

Dave Chappelle on Stand-Up, Africa, and Dancing in the White House | No Filter with Naomi

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Ted Cruz: You can blame the Trump administration for not reining in Big Tech censorship

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) told BlazeTV host Steven Crowder on Thursday that some of the blame for Republicans’ failure to rein in Big Tech censorship over the past four years should be directed toward members of the Trump administration.

Cruz — who has been one of the leading voices in Congress raising the alarm about the brazen censorship practices of Big Tech monopolies such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — explained to Crowder that addressing the issue through the legislative branch is nothing short of a pipe dream.

“In Congress, all of the Democrats are opposed to doing anything about Big Tech, they want them to use their monopoly power to silence and destroy their enemies,” Cruz said. “So you’ve got half the Congress that is fully in bed with Big Tech. You then have half the Republicans that are just scared of doing much of anything.

“When you’ve got all the Democrats and half the Republicans on the other side [against legislation], you don’t have the votes to move something through Congress,” he continued. “So I’ve proposed all sorts of things, they ain’t going to move because the votes aren’t there.

“The only hope was the executive branch,” Cruz argued.

But according to the Texas senator, the executive branch under Trump, though perhaps willing, was ultimately unable to generate substantive reform.

“Look, Trump understood that Big Tech was a problem, he wanted to do something about it. The rest of his administration couldn’t actually effectively execute,” Cruz said. “I could never get the people in the administration executing the policy to get serious about stopping censorship.”

Cancel Gina Carano? Go Screw Yourselves… | Louder with Crowder

Cruz said despite countless meetings he held with senior members of the Trump administration, during which he outlined the steps they should take, the issue was never advanced.

Nevertheless, he explained, “that’s the only way we’re going to get it done, is with an executive who is ready to act and knows how to act.”

Crowder responded by pointing out that if half of the Republicans in Congress are not willing to go to work on the issue, then those lawmakers should be identified and voted out of office.

Both characterized the issue of Big Tech censorship as one of the most important currently facing the country and both agreed, now that the Democratic Party has assumed power, it will be “open season” on conservatives or any dissenting voices, for that matter.

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‘Monsters among us’: Trump WH alumni must be blacklisted from book deals, American publishing industry professionals say

When Simon & Schuster canceled its book deal with U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley earlier this month, citing the Missouri Republican’s “role” in events that led to rioting at the U.S. Capitol, it may soon prove to be one of many moves to silence conservative voices if other publishing professionals get their way.

What are the details?

More than 500 American publishing industry professionals — editors, authors, agents, and others — have signed on to a “letter of intent” demanding that publishing houses blacklist members of former President Donald Trump’s administration.

“As members of the writing and publishing community of the United States, we affirm that participation in the administration of Donald Trump must be considered a uniquely mitigating criterion for publishing houses when considering book deals,” the letter — which Reason said was originally titled “No Book Deals for Traitors” — states.

More from the letter:

Consequently, we believe: No participant in an administration that caged children, performed involuntary surgeries on captive women, and scoffed at science as millions were infected with a deadly virus should be enriched by the almost rote largesse of a big book deal. And no one who incited, suborned, instigated, or otherwise supported the January 6, 2021 coup attempt should have their philosophies remunerated and disseminated through our beloved publishing houses.

“Son of Sam” laws exist to prevent criminals from benefiting financially from writing about their crimes. In that spirit, those who enabled, promulgated, and covered up crimes against the American people should not be enriched through the coffers of publishing.

The letter concludes: “We believe in the power of words, and we are tired of the industry we love enriching the monsters among us, and we will do whatever is in our power to stop it.”

Um, what?

Considering the degree to which leftist cancel culture banned, de-platformed, and purged conservatives from the public square — including Trump himself — one might say the aforementioned letter calling for Trump administration officials to be blacklisted from book deals is almost expected.

But Reason noted that it’s a slippery slope: “If Anthony Fauci wanted to write a book about his experiences inside the White House, would the letter’s signatories really agree that he should be blacklisted from publishing?”

Hawley pretty soon got a new publisher — Regnery — for his book, “The Tyranny of Big Tech.” But the senator’s response to Simon & Schuster for canceling him in “Orwellian” fashion could easily apply to the hundreds of publishing industry professionals who want Trump administration officials blacklisted from book deals: “It’s a direct assault on the First Amendment. Only approved speech can now be published. This is the Left looking to cancel everyone they don’t approve of.”

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Biden administration asks for US Surgeon General Jerome Adams’ resignation

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams has resigned from his position at the request of President Joe Biden and his administration.

What are the details?

Adams — a veteran anesthesiologist and former Indiana health commissioner — made the announcement via social media on Wednesday and tweeted, “I’ve been asked by the Biden team to step down as Surgeon General. Its [sic] been the honor of my life to serve this Nation, and I will do all I can to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve and maintain health.”

Adams’ tweet pointed to a lengthy Facebook post discussing his successes as the 20th United States surgeon general, including his assistance in helping to manage the country’s collective public health amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A portion of the post said, “In the face of a once in a century pandemic, I sought to communicate the rapidly evolving science on this deadly adversary, and arm people with the knowledge and tools they needed to stay safe. I wasn’t always right — because no one was, and this virus continues to humble all of us — but I was always sincere in my efforts to speak to every day Americans, and address the terrible health inequities this virus exposed.”

He added, “I want to thank those of you who supported me and my family — my wife who is undergoing cancer treatment, my brother who is struggling to overcome addiction, my mother who suffered a stroke earlier this year, and my kids who sacrificed time with their dad so that he could serve this Nation. And thanks to those of you who have become part of my family — the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, my dedicated support staff in the Office of the Surgeon General, the amazing colleagues and friends I’ve met across government, and the many people across this great Nation who constantly pray for my wife and kids, and ask about my dog Bella.”

The statement concluded, “I hope in 2021 and beyond, we can focus more on what unites us, and rise above what divides us. Because Americans working together can overcome any obstacle or adversary. I stand at the ready to help in our mutual quest for recovery, resilience, and health, and thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to serve.”

What else?

According to the Washington Post, Biden has nominated former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy — the surgeon general under the Obama administration — to serve his country once more.

Murthy would first need to undergo Senate confirmation, which has not been scheduled at the time of this reporting.

The Post added, “Three people with knowledge of the decision who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it said the Biden administration would choose an acting surgeon general shortly, bypassing Deputy Surgeon General Erica Schwartz, a longtime public health official.”

Schwartz, according to a former Trump administration officials, is retiring.

“RADM Erica Schwartz, a career HHS official, served our country with honor and distinction for more than two decades,” said Admiral Brett Giroir, Trump’s HHS assistant secretary for health. “It is unfortunate that the American people will no longer have her expertise and dedication as we continue to battle the covid-19 pandemic and prepare the Commissioned Corps for 21st- century challenges.”

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QAnon Zionist Disinformation Psychological Operation 6D Chess Honeytrap | Know More News (Part 1 & 2) – WARNING!!! Top Israeli Rabbi says “AMERICA COLLAPSING, ISRAEL MUST STEP UP AS NEW WORLD SUPERPOWER” – Was Adolf Hitler a Zionist Stooge? – James Corbett: “Hitler Was A Rothschild”

FYI… QAnon Zionist Disinformation Psychological Operation 6D Chess Honeytrap | Know More News (Part 1) Source QAnon Zionist Disinformation Psychological Operation 6D Chess Honeytrap | Know More News (Part 2) Source WARNING!!! Top Israeli Rabbi says “AMERICA COLLAPSING, ISRAEL MUST STEP UP AS NEW WORLD SUPERPOWER” Source God’s Chosen People (Documentary Banned from YouTube) Source … Read more

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Democrats Plan To Pressure Pence To Remove Donald Trump

Source: The New York Times

Democrats will move to pressure vice president Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Donald Trump from office.  This seems ridiculous considering Trump has a mere 9 days left as president. So the real question should be: why bother?

If Joe Biden won a “free and fair election” and Trump has said that an “orderly” transfer of power will occur, why would democrats even need to waste their time trying to remove him from office? According to the Wall Street Journal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will introduce a resolution on Monday; “We will act with urgency.”

Mr. Pence isn’t expected to move forward with a 25th Amendment process, people familiar with his thinking said.

One article of impeachment that accuses Mr. Trump of inciting an insurrection was close to having enough support to pass the House. Meanwhile, more GOP lawmakers said Sunday Mr. Trump should resign. –Wall Street Journal

“In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both,” Pelosi said in a letter to her Democratic colleagues, according to CNN.  “As the days go by, the horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action.”

No matter which articles you read, the only reason to push through impeachment in the last 9 days of Trump’s administration is his “inciting” of the riots and protests on January 6th at the Capitol. Again, with only 9 days to go, there’s almost nothing Trump can do at this time and the social media giants have already taken out his means of communicating with the public.

Democrats are justifying the unprecedented push for a second impeachment on the grounds that after his most flagrant abuse of power yet, Trump presents a stark danger to the country and the world and must be removed immediately. Another motivating factor is that a conviction in a Senate trial would likely bar Trump from ever seeking public office again. They parry critiques that such a late-term impeachment would be academic by arguing that Trump’s crime against the Constitution cannot go unpunished. –CNN

If there is success in the impeachment of Trump, he will not be able to seek any public office ever again. Perhaps that’s the goal.  However, we all know elections are selections (that should be obvious by now) and they’ll put whoever they want in power, so what’s the point?

This might be all a distraction to cause more division. Keep your eyes on issues such as this.  There’s a bigger reason for the impeachment of Trump than they are telling us.  There’s a reason and we should be asking these questions.

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Congress Gives $1.9B to Rip-and-Replace Huawei and ZTE Equipment from American Networks as Part of COVID Package

This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post. 

Wireless connections have always been more vulnerable to hackers than hard-wired connections.  Wireless network vulnerability is also NOT a new thing.

Last month it was reported that one longstanding network flaw has continued to NOT be fixed.  Also reported – due to security concerns, Congress allocated $1.9B to remove Huawei and ZTE gear from American networks.

From Telecoms:

Congress earmarks $1.9 billion to remove Huawei and ZTE gear from American networks

The US lawmakers have included in the coronavirus relief package up to $1.9 billion as reimbursement for American CSPs to remove Huawei and ZTE equipment from their networks.

European readers woke up this morning to the breaking news alerts on their smartphone screens that the US Congress has agreed to a $900 billion package of COVID-19 pandemic aid. More details of what are included in the package, especially details related to the telecoms industry, have just been disclosed.

Reuters learned from its sources that $1.9 billion has been set aside to finance American broadband operators to remove and replace equipment from Huawei and ZTE that is operating on the systems. Back in June the FCC formally designated Huawei and ZTE as national security threats. Such designations excluded the vendors from the shopping list of any operators wishing to access the Universal Service Fund (USF), worth $8.3 billion. Earlier this month the FCC shared more details on its mandate to operators which have equipment from these vendors to “rip and replace” with equipment from vendors deemed safe. The $1.9 billion is to compensate the cost to implement the rip-and-replace policy. The priority of the reimbursement is with small operators, especially those with two million subscribers or less, Reuters reported.

Read full article

High-speed internet is achievable, safer, and more secure with a wired internet connection (see 12) – not 5G or WiFi.  According to lawsuits and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, Americans have already paid to have high-speed internet via fiber optics where they live (see 12345).  Regardless, the FCC recently gave billions more to telecom companies and said it was for high-speed internet in underserved areas.  NOPE.

Of course, the FCC has been corrupt and “captured” agency for decades (see 12).  The agency refuses to update 24-year-old RF radiation exposure guidelines.  During the Trump administration, lawsuits have been filed against the agency for NOT protecting the public from unsafe levels of radiation as well as controversial and dangerous 5G on Earth (see 1234) and in space.  Doctors and scientists have asked the agency MANY TIMES and again recently that health and environmental risks from radiation from 5G, cell towers, and other wireless sources be evaluated by experts with no conflicts of interest (see also 123).  NOPE again.

In 2019, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they had NO independent scientific evidence that 5G is safe.  There is research that has already determined it’s not.  Since 2018 there have been reports of people and animals experiencing symptoms and illnesses after 5G was installed (see 1234).

Recently, the U.S. Government Accountability Office also issued warnings about cybersecurity risks associated with the 5G deployment.  The White House has also issued a directive about the potential for satellites being targeted by hackers as well.

petition boycotting 5G phones has been endorsed by doctors, scientists, and telecom whistleblowers.  Americans opposed to 5G are encouraged to sign a petition asking President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris to stop the deployment.  If you’re concerned about 5G cell towers being installed near your home and throughout your community, EMF Experts is offering a free online tutorial on how to locate them.

Activist Post reports regularly about unsafe technology.  For more information, visit their archives.


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Ambitious Vaccine Schedule Announced By The Trump Administration

Federal officials within the Trump administration said a vaccine could be distributed to as many as 24 million people by mid-January. Moncef Slaoui, the chief science adviser of Operation Warp Speed, said all residents of long-term care facilities and health workers could receive the first round of vaccinations by mid-January.

The most sinister vaccine in human history will be upon us soon. We are about to be faced with some bold and disturbing decisions. A vaccine created and manufactured by Pfizer could be available by the end of the week.  After the dreaded approval by the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Slaoui said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that the rollout of the vaccine will be immediate. Alex M. Azar II, the secretary of health and human services, was just as optimistic.

“Really within days,” Mr. Azar said on Fox News Sunday.  “Within 24 hours of FDA green lighting with authorization, we’ll ship to all of the states and territories that we work with. And within hours, they can be vaccinating.”

Health experts said the timeline sketched out by Dr. Slaoui and Mr. Azar was uncompromising and did not account for the possibility of delay during the many steps from vaccine manufacture to distribution at state and local levels, not to mention the hesitancy that many people might feel about taking a newly approved vaccine. –New York Times

It doesn’t appear that many want this vaccine and will avoid it entirely no matter what kind of rewards or punishments befall them.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

There will a system set up to coerce everyone into being vaccinated. Do you want food stamps? Get the shot. Do you want another stimulus check? Get the shot. Do you want a job? Get the shot. Do you want to buy a house? Get the shot.  This is ramping up quickly and if not enough say no and refuse to take this concoction, we are in big trouble, and many people have started to realize this.  Sadly, people we all know will get vaccinated.

In California, under orders issued on Thursday by Gov. Gavin Newsom, residents across the southern and central parts of the state were directed not to leave their homes for three weeks starting at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, joining parts of the San Francisco Bay Area in shuttering outdoor dining and bars and roping off playgrounds. –New York Times

The mainstream media continues to amp up the fear and make sure people are in a complete brainwashed state of panic and hysteria in order to convince them to take the vaccine. We have an interesting remainder of 2020.

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Operation Warp Speed official: ‘100% of Americans’ who want vaccine will have it by June

A top official with Operation Warp Speed — the Trump administration initiative to speed the development and distribution of a coronavirus vaccine — said Monday that every American who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by June of next year.

Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski (Ret.), the director of supply, production, and distribution for Operation Warp Speed, appeared on MSNBC and was asked about his expectations for Americans come June.

“One hundred percent of Americans that want the vaccine will have had the vaccine by that point in time. We will have over 300 million doses available to the American public, well before then,” Ostrowski said.

The confident prediction came as biotech company Moderna on Monday announced the final results of its 30,000-person efficacy trial for its vaccine. The company’s trials found its vaccine to be 94% effective against COVID-19 with a 100% effectiveness against severe disease. No one who participated in the trial developed a severe case of coronavirus. Moderna declared its intention to file for emergency approval from the FDA to begin production and distribution of its vaccine as soon as possible. The agency will meet on Dec. 17 to discuss approval for the vaccine.

Earlier in November, Pfizer and BioNTech submitted their vaccine to the FDA for emergency approval.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientific adviser for Operation Warp Speed, told CNN last week that tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccines will begin shipping to immunization sites by the end of this year. He predicted that Americans would reach herd immunity by May 2021 and that life would return to normal once people are immunized.

As multiple vaccines near release, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci called on the American people to “be part of the solution” Monday by receiving a vaccine in a conversation with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Monday.

“Say, ‘I’m not going to be one of the people that’s going to be a steppingstone for the virus to go to somebody else. I’m going to be a dead end to the virus,'” Fauci said.

As of Nov. 30, there were more than 13 million confirmed or probable coronavirus cases in the United States, according to the COVID Tracking Project. About 96,000 Americans are currently hospitalized and more than 259,000 have died from COVID or complications related to the virus.

CNN reports that as Pfizer’s vaccine awaits authorization, states have until Friday to request the number of doses for the vaccine.

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Retiring Never-Trump diplomat: We’ve been lying to the Trump administration about how many US troops are still in Syria

An outgoing U.S. diplomat admitted in a recent interview with Defense One to lying to President Donald Trump and other senior administration officials about the true number of U.S. troops deployed in Syria in an effort to dissuade the president from withdrawing U.S. forces from the region.

Retiring Ambassador Jim Jeffrey, the U.S. special envoy for Syria, said that for years his team outright misled the Trump administration about troop levels deployed in the region.

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,” Jeffrey told Defense One. He admitted that the actual number of U.S. military forces in northeast Syria is “a lot more than” the roughly 200 troops Trump agreed to station there in 2019.

In 2018, President Trump announced that the United States had defeated ISIS in Syria and subsequently declared that U.S. forces would be withdrawn from the region. At the time, more than 2,000 troops were stationed in the region. His declaration was met with opposition from several national security officials, the media, and even some Republican lawmakers, such as Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.). Trump’s decision prompted Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to resign.

Jeffrey described the announcement as “the most controversial thing in my fifty years in government.”

Trump’s policy change was ultimately reversed after Jeffrey and his team convinced the president to keep a residual force in Syria to prevent ISIS from regrouping and keep Russia and Syria from expanding their territory.

“What Syria withdrawal? There was never a Syria withdrawal,” Jeffrey said. “When the situation in northeast Syria had been fairly stable after we defeated ISIS, [Trump] was inclined to pull out. In each case, we then decided to come up with five better arguments for why we needed to stay. And we succeeded both times. That’s the story.”

Trump reportedly agreed to keep somewhere between 200 and 400 troops in Syria, but anonymous sources who spoke to Defense One say there are closer to 900 U.S. troops serving in Syria today. The exact figure is classified and it would seem not even the president of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, knows how many troops are stationed there.

CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto’s reporting corroborated Jeffrey’s claims, tweeting that senior Department of Defense officials who spoke with him for his book, “The Madman Theory” explained how they “fooled” Trump into leaving troops deployed in Syria.

Jeffrey, a career bureaucrat, began his service in the Trump administration as an opponent of the president. He was one of several U.S. national security officials who signed a letter in 2016 declaring their opposition to Trump’s candidacy for president.

“I know what I did in 2016, I do not disagree with that,” said Jeffrey. “I was following closely the situation with Iran, Iraq and Syria, and I was appalled that we didn’t have a more coherent policy. This wasn’t a political decision.”

He now believes that Trump’s Middle-East policy has actually improved the region and he hopes that former Vice President Joe Biden will continue Trump’s policies should he ultimately prevail in the 2020 election.

“Nobody really wants to see President Trump go, among all our allies [in the Middle East],” he said. “The truth is President Trump and his policies are quite popular among all of our popular states in the region. Name me one that’s not happy.”

Covid response Fauci Fauci trump campaign ad Intelwars Trump administration Trump campaign ad

‘This isn’t news, it’s a hit job’: Mark Levin challenges Dr. Fauci over Trump campaign ad feud

The Trump campaign recently released a new ad that includes a video clip of White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci saying, “I can’t imagine that anybody could be doing more,” presumably in reference to the administration’s coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But on Monday, Fauci told CNN’s Jake Tapper that his quote had been taken out of context.

On a recent episode of “LevinTV,” BlazeTV host Mark Levin argued that Fauci’s words were not taken out of context, after all the video clip in question was cut from an interview with Levin himself, on “Life, Liberty, and Levin” in late March.

“It’s an accurate ad,” Levin said. “And it challenges that narrative by the media and the democrats that the president of the United States hasn’t been on top of this virus, that he was slow out of the gate, that he doesn’t listen to science, and so forth — you’ve all heard the propaganda.”

In the March interview, which you can watch here, Levin asked Fauci if he had ever “seen this big of a coordinated response by an administration to such a health threat.”

Fauci replied that “we’ve never had a threat like this,” and that the coordinated response had been “impressive.” He went on to say that he and other members of the [Trump-appointed] Coronavirus Task Force had been working “all hands on deck” virtually all day, every day at that point.

“So I can’t imagine, that under any circumstances, that anyone could be doing more,” Fauci added.

But when the Trump campaign added a video clip of Fauci uttering those exact words, Fauci quickly came out with a statement saying the sentence had been taken out of context, and that he had been talking about the White House Coronavirus Task Force and not praising President Trump.

“This isn’t news, it’s a hit job,” Levin said. “Let me ask you something. What’s the name of the administration? I think it’s called the Trump administration. Who appointed the task force? I think it was President Trump. Who runs the task force? I think President Trump’s vice president. Who [is consulted] before they make major decisions that affect our culture and our society? The president of the United States. This is ridiculous.”

Watch the video clip below for more from Mark Levin:

Want more from Mark Levin?

To enjoy more of “the Great One” — Mark Levin as you’ve never seen him before — subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Big Pharma Coronavirus COVID-19 death rate Donald Trump Dr. Robert Frenck Emergency Preparedness experts FDA Headline News Intelwars Kids Military Operation warp speed Pfizer Preparedness propaganda punishements testing on children Trump administration tyranny United States Vaccine vaccine hesitancy zero

Operation Warp Speed: Big Pharma To Test COVID-19 Vaccine On Children As Young As 12

The rollout of Operation Warp Speed, president Donald Trump’s plan to fast track a COVID-19 vaccine, is leading Big Pharma to test its product on children as young as 12. The goal of the current administration is to have a vaccine distributed by the military by the election.

If the government succeeds, people will be getting vaccinated during the beginning of November by the United States military. In fact, the Department of Defense has recently said there is great progress being made on this vaccine.

David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

According to a report by CNN, drugmaker Pfizer has plans to start testing its experimental coronavirus vaccine in children as young as 12, and parents have already expressed interest in enrolling their kids, the researcher leading the trial said on Tuesday. It will be the first coronavirus vaccine trial to include children in the United States. A team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will begin vaccinating teenagers aged 16 and 17 this week, and will move to enroll 12-to 15-year-olds later, said Dr. Robert Frenck, director of the Vaccine Research Center at the hospital.

The company confirmed on its website it has approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to enroll children as young as 12 in its trial.

“We really think a vaccine for adolescents and children is going to be critical for getting Covid under control,” Frenck told CNN in a telephone interview. –CNN

“I think one of the things that is important to remember is that although the death rate for children with Covid is lower than in older adults, it’s not zero,” he said, noting that more than half a million children have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the United States. “It is not a nonexistent infection in children.”

Bill Gates: The U.S. Should “Brainstorm” Ways To Reduce “Vaccine Hesitancy”

This vaccine will not be a choice for most.  There will be an effort to make sure you are “voluntarily” coerced into taking it.  Please don’t delude yourself into assuming otherwise. Brace for it, watch the progress and know what the punishments will be for refusing it.  They will be harsh, we’ve already been told that. Stay prepared, this is coming soon!

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

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Betsy DeVos department of education Education Intelwars Princeton Racism Trump administration

Department of Education opens investigation after Princeton publishes letter saying ‘racist assumptions … are embedded in structures of the university’

A letter that was probably intended as an exercise in self-flagellation designed to placate angry protesters might soon have serious consequences for Princeton University, according to a report from the Washington Examiner.

The genesis of the letter appears to have been a series of protests at and around Princeton University that occurred in early June in response to the May 2 death of George Floyd. The protests prompted Princeton to rename its public policy school to remove reference to former president Woodrow Wilson, who was a notorious racist. They also prompted Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber to promise that the University would undertake some soul searching with respect to how the university could help combat systemic racism.

In its continuing effort to wear the hair shirt, Eisgruber released a letter on Sept. 2 that set forth the efforts that had been undertaken by the school thus far. During the course of this letter, Eisgruber made a number of claims about the university that were doubtless intended to mollify protesters, including statements like, “Racism and the damage it does to people of color nevertheless persist at Princeton as in our society, sometimes by conscious intention but more often through unexamined assumptions and stereotypes, ignorance or insensitivity, and the systemic legacy of past decisions and policies,” and “Racist assumptions from the past also remain embedded in structures of the University itself.”

In response to these admissions, the Department of Education felt compelled to open an investigation into all this racism in order to ensure that Princeton was not receiving funds in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which states that, “no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

According to the Washington Examiner, the letter states:

Based on its admitted racism, the U.S. Department of Education (“Department”) is concerned Princeton’s nondiscrimination and equal opportunity assurances in its Program Participation Agreements from at least 2013 to the present may have been false.

The Department is further concerned Princeton perhaps knew, or should have known, these assurances were false at the time they were made. Finally, the Department is further concerned Princeton’s many nondiscrimination and equal opportunity claims to students, parents, and consumers in the market for education certificates may have been false, misleading, and actionable substantial misrepresentations in violation of 20 U.S.C. § 1094(c)(3)(B) and 34 CFR 668.71(c). Therefore, the Department’s Office of Postsecondary Education, in consultation with the Department’s Office of the General Counsel, is opening this investigation.

The Department’s letter purportedly asks Princeton to disclose what evidence it used to determine that the university is racist and to identify every person who has been discriminated against at Princeton in violation of the law. The letter requires Princeton to produce documents and also to make school officials available for an interview.

Princeton University spokesperson Ben Chang provided TheBlaze with the following comment in response to the Department’s letter:

On September 16, we received a letter from the Department of Education requesting information about Princeton’s nondiscrimination practices.

The letter was the Department’s reaction to President Eisgruber’s update to the University community outlining the steps we are taking to address systemic racism at Princeton and beyond. Princeton has long been committed to creating and maintaining a community where all can thrive, and stands by its representations to the Department and the public that it complies with all laws and regulations governing equal opportunity, non-discrimination and harassment. This work is core to the University’s teaching and research mission, and we are vigilant in our pursuit of equity in every aspect of our programs and operations. The University also stands by our statements about the prevalence of systemic racism and our commitment to reckon with its continued effects, including the racial injustice and race-based inequities that persist throughout American society. Attracting talent from every sector of society is crucial to our academic mission, and we will continue to lead on these issues.

The University will respond to the Department of Education’s letter in due course. It is unfortunate that the Department appears to believe that grappling honestly with the nation’s history and the current effects of systemic racism runs afoul of existing law. The University disagrees and looks forward to furthering our educational mission by explaining why our statements and actions are consistent not only with the law, but also with the highest ideals and aspirations of this country.

concerns Coronavirus dark winter Dr. anthony fauci efficacy Emergency Preparedness Fear Fox News Government Headline News Intelwars Joe Biden Mainstream media Operation warp speed panic ruling class Safety Shots Trump administration Vaccine

MORE Concern People Won’t Take The Vaccine. Why?

If the vaccine for COVID-19 won’t be made mandatory, why is there always a politician or official or expert expressing concerns that the American public won’t take it? What is in this thing that makes every single authoritarian eager to plunge needles into our arms?

Previously, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have both been worried that the public won’t find a rushed vaccine to be very safe. Polling has shown that that’s exactly how Americans feel and the coronavirus panic and fear being perpetuated by the mainstream media hasn’t been working as well lately to convince people to line up for the shot. So what gives?

These same people pushing a vaccine continue to talk about a “dark winter” or elude to winter as a time frame for something big. Dr. Fauci is now concerned that a rushed vaccine is “fueling the perception that the vaccine is not safe or that it’s being rushed for political purposes.” Did you catch it? It’s fueling perception...meaning this is a battle for your perception. The vaccine doesn’t have to be safe. It has to be perceived to be safe. This is a truly disturbing dystopia we have found ourselves in.

Whoever controls your perception, controls your reality. Question everything. Especially something rushed that will be injected into every human being on this planet if they get their way.

Fauci told the New Yorker that he “never liked,” the name “Operation Warp Speed” because it “suggests, incorrectly… that you’re prematurely putting something out there that isn’t entirely safe,” echoing concerns he voiced in August that it “subliminally” suggests “reckless speed.”

But there’s been little about this vaccine that’s been “subliminal.” Everyone, including anchors on Fox News, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and the entire Trump administration are intent upon vaccinating the public.


Even though polling shows skepticism about taking a vaccine, many (68%) are confident that the Food and Drug Administration ould only approve a safe vaccine, meaning they won’t ask any questions when told to lift up their sleeve and take this shot.

Alan “The-State-Can-Plunge-A-Needle-In-Your-Arm” Dershowitz Is In Epstein’s “Little Black Book”

Another question we should all be pondering is IF the ruling class is so concerned about the safety of a vaccine, why have the vaccine manufacturers been given immunity if their product causes serious harm or even death? Probably because, as we all know, this vaccine is about control and nothing else. We don’t even know what’s in this thing and these puppets want us to line up to be injected.

Why are they so intent upon vaccinating the public? And what the hell is in this vaccine? There’s a lot of speculation, but it’s difficult to come by actual ingredients on this concoction, and even if we did, who is to say there are not things in there that were conveniently left off the ingredient list.

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agenda Big Pharma concoctions Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness experts FDA forced vaccines Forecasting Headline News Humanity Intelwars Law mandated Manufacturing New World Order not safe Operation warp speed Paul Mango phase 3 plandemic scamdemic skip trials stockpiling vaccines three vaccines toxic Trump administration unapproved

Trump Administration Is Stockpiling 3 Different Types Of COVID-19 Vaccines

The Trump administration is now stockpiling three different types of coronavirus vaccines through Operation Warp Speed. None of these vaccines have been approved for use but all are from different Big Pharma companies.

Based on all the information available, nothing about this new COVID-19 vaccine is neceasrry, yet it looks like it is going to be mandatory. Even IF the “law” doesn’t mandate it, there will be ways to coerce Americans into getting it.

How Much Fiat Currency Would You Take In Exchange For The COVID-19 Vaccine?

The United States has already manufactured and stockpiled “hundreds of thousands of doses” of coronavirus vaccines in the hopes that one will be effective in combating the virus, a senior administration official said Tuesday, according to a report by Fox News BusinessShould the Food and Drug Administration give any of these concoctions clearance, the vaccines would be ready to be deployed by the military, as Trump himself has already said would happen.

FDA Commissioner Is Willing To Skip Phase 3 Trials On COVID-19 Vaccine

Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

Time is almost up. You had better wake up uick. Trump is going to have these vaccines ready before the election ost likely. If we stand any chance at retaining our humanity and the freedom which is our birthright, we had better learn to stand together and opposed this en masse!

“As I mentioned manufacturing is already underway for three of our vaccines,” Paul Mango, Health and Human Services deputy chief of staff, said last week. “We already have manufacturing started for the other three. We are retrofitting a number of facilities.”

Mango said the U.S. expects to have four coronavirus candidate vaccines in large-scale clinical trials by the middle of September. The government is “very pleased” with the progress, he said. –Fox News Business.

Operation Warp Speed was spearheaded by president Trump. The ambitious $10 billion program bean in mid-May with the goal to develop, produce, and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year. Operation Wapr Speed would also creat  of making “at least” 300 million doses to administer to Americans.

More Proof Trump Is Working On Bill Gates’ Vaccine Under “Operation Warp Speed”

Medical Tyranny: Trump Pivots To Mandatory Vaccinations Under Operation “Warp Speed”


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Barack Obama Depression Intelwars Michelle Obama President Trump Quarantine depression Racial injustice depression Trump administration

Michelle Obama blames President Trump for contributing to her ‘low-grade depression’

Former first lady Michelle Obama announced that she is suffering from depression, adding that President Donald Trump is one of the contributing factors.

Obama started her own podcast in late July, and the first episode featured her husband, Barack Obama. In the second episode of “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” the former first lady admitted that she is currently dealing with “low-grade depression” brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice, and the “hypocrisy” of the Trump administration.

“I’m waking up in the middle of the night because I’m worrying about something or there’s a heaviness,” Obama said Wednesday. “These are not, they are not fulfilling times, spiritually. I know that I am dealing with some form of low-grade depression.

“Not just because of the quarantine, but because of the racial strife, and just seeing this administration, watching the hypocrisy of it, day in and day out, is dispiriting,” Obama said during her interview with former Washington Post opinion columnist and NPR host Michele Norris.

“‘I’d be remiss to say that part of this depression is also a result of what we’re seeing in terms of the protests, the continued racial unrest, that has plagued this country since its birth,” she said.

“I have to say that waking up to the news, waking up to how this administration has or has not responded, waking up to yet another story of a black man or a black person somehow being dehumanized or hurt or killed or falsely accused of something, it is exhausting,” Obama said on her eponymous podcast. “And it has led to a weight that I haven’t felt in my life in a while.

“I’ve gone through those emotional highs and lows that I think everybody feels, where you just don’t feel yourself,” she said.

Obama, 56, added that there have been “periods throughout this quarantine, where I just have felt too low” to work out.

People magazine reported, “Obama said she has ‘had to give myself … those days, those moments’ where she accepts that she’s not feeling normal and takes a break from what she’s doing — whether that means shutting off her phone and taking a moment to sit in silence by herself, or spending time with her husband, former President Barack Obama, and their two college-age daughters, Malia and Sasha.”

In April, the former first lady urged Washington, D.C., residents to stay home, “except for essential trips for food, medicine or exercise.” Two days before the message was posted on social media, her husband was seen golfing at a Virginia golf course 40 miles from his home.

Also during this week’s podcast, Obama attempted to understand why anyone would oppose Black Lives Matter.

“I mean, it’s easy for us, as people of color, to demonize folks who are out there protesting against Black Lives Matter. They’re not right in their positions, but their fears are coming from somewhere,” she said. “Because folks aren’t just crazy. You know, folks are out there trying to work and trying to keep it together, and when you can’t do it, and when things feel stacked against you, as many of the people who are afraid are, then you lash out.”

A Black Lives Matter founder previously admitted that the organization’s creators are “trained Marxists.” The Black Lives Matter organization revealed that one of its goals is to “get Trump out.” BLM openly calls for a restructuring of the family, declaring that the nuclear family is a “capitalist invention.”

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has said that he would select Michelle Obama as his vice president “in a heartbeat.”

However, Obama has been consistent in saying that she does not want to run for political office.

At the South by Southwest festival in March 2016, she stated, “I will not run for president. No, nope, not going to do it.”

She added that her children have “handled it (the presidency) with grace and with poise, but enough is enough.”

Obama appeared on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show in February 2018, where she was asked if she was ever asked to run for political office.

“All the time. But I’ve never had any serious conversations with anyone about it because it’s not something I’m interested in or would ever do,” she replied. “Ever.”

Despite saying that she doesn’t want to be a political leader, supporters of the Committee to Draft Michelle Obama for VP wrote an open letter to Biden on Tuesday, urging him to pick her as his running mate.

“As a candidate, she has the power not only to assure victory over Donald Trump but to unite a bitterly divided nation and continue her life’s tireless work for the American people. As a leader, her stature and preexisting rapport with heads of state are unparalleled,” the letter said.

collapse Donald Trump Global News Government Intelwars Politics Society Trump administration U.S.

ICYMI: Trump: “Enough is Enough” (Video)

Illuminati cards… Trump says : “Enough is Enough”(at the end of the video – video starts at 13: 03)… Trump took the pic… And NO, the following is not the “Go Horns” sign! And please don’t tell me that of all people Obama, Cheney, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, Pope Benedict, Sarkozy etc. are flashing the … Read more

accept the mark beast system Big Pharma bill gates COIVD-19 Coronavirus dark winter Dr. anthony fauci full control Headline News Intelwars mandatory mike pence Moderna New World Order Operation warp speed payments phases propaganda roll out trials Trump administration vaccines world takeover

Trump Administration Has “Great Confidence” A Vaccine Will Be Ready By FALL

Vice president Mike Pence said the Trump administration had “great confidence” in a coronavirus vaccine. The Trump administration insists that a vaccine will exist by the fall after it was announced that trials were entering their next phases earlier this week.

As we’ve noted, this vaccine is going to be one of the pillars of the New World Order.  It will be mandatory in every sense of the word. Some have even suggested the mandatory mask edicts being enforced by grocery stores is a test run to see if private businesses will enforce the will of the tyrants that are trying to take over the world.

Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

Pence said he’s “optimistic” that tens of millions of Americans will be vaccinated by the end of this year, according to a report by Newsweek. Additionally, pharmaceutical firm Moderna announced earlier this week that their COVID-19 vaccine experiment in partnership with the National Institue of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was going into its next phase.

This will all be tied in with a payment system centrally controlled by the elitists.  The beast system is here, like it or not.

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records,” & “Payment Systems”

Pence praised Dr. Anthony Fauci, a liar, and propagandist extraordinaire, who is pushing the New World Order on us all, saying “I’ve got to tell you, when you’ve got Dr. [Anthony] Fauci saying that it’s not if, it’s when we have a vaccine, it gives you the signal that we really have great confidence that by this fall we’re going to have a vaccine.” Pence made that comment while speaking to Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

Under Operation Warp Speed, we’re literally producing those vaccines right now. We’re purchasing millions of syringes right now so that the moment the FDA says a vaccine is safe and effective we will have the supplies on hand to literally offer vaccines to tens of millions of Americans,” Pence added.

Fauci Talks “Winter” Again: “We Will Have An Answer On A COVID Vaccine”

Don’t forget, that they have already warned us of an upcoming “dark winter.” They are really doing this. Make any last-minute preps now if you can.

Coronavirus Pandemic immigration Intelwars Online instruction Student visa Students immigration Trump administration Trump immigration

Breaking: Trump admin backs off on plan to force out foreign students over online instruction

The Trump administration reversed itself on a decision announced last week to force foreign students out of the country if they moved to online instruction for the fall semester because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The change in policy was first announced on July 6 but was reversed on Tuesday.

However, according to Reuters, a senior official with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said that the administration is still considering some kind of new policy regarding foreign students taking online courses in the U.S.

Critics of the president were outraged at the previous announcement and called it racist and xenophobic.

“The cruelty of this White House knows no bounds. Foreign students are being threatened with a choice: Risk your life going to class in-person or get deported,” responded Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“We must stand up to Trump‘s bigotry,” he added. “We must keep all our students safe.”

California became the first state to sue over the decision and seek an injunction to stop the order.

“Shame on the Trump administration for risking not only the education opportunities for students who earned the chance to go to college but now their health and well-being as well,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in statement during a virtual news conference.

The order “could put everybody at risk of getting the coronavirus or being subject to deportation,” he added.

“Not on our watch,” Becerra concluded.

Reuters reported that more than a million foreign students attend U.S. colleges and universities, and many schools depend on revenue from foreign students, who often pay full tuition.

Here’s more about the admin. rescinding the order:

Trump admin rescinds rule on foreign students amid pressure from colleges

Attorney general william barr capital punishment death penalty Department of Justice executions Federal executions Intelwars Trump administration

Justice Department to resume federal executions for the first time in? 17 years

The Department of Justice is on course to resume federal executions for the first time in 17 years according to a report from the Associated Press.

Three executions are scheduled on Monday at an Indiana prison despite critics citing the coronavirus pandemic as a reason to continue the hiatus.

Officials are instituting social distancing policies in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at the executions. Families of the victims and inmates will be allowed to attend, but they must wear masks.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr defended the policy, saying it was necessary to reinstitute executions to uphold the cause of justice.

“The American people, acting through Congress and Presidents of both political parties, have long instructed that defendants convicted of the most heinous crimes should be subject to a sentence of death,” Barr said in a statement in June.

Critics have pointed to racial and economic disparities in executions to advocate for an outright ban of capital punishment. However, all three executions scheduled on Monday are of white inmates.

Scheduled for execution is a member of a white supremacist group convicted in Arkansas of murdering a family of three, including an 8-year-old child.

The second inmate is 67-year-old Wesley Ira Purkey who was convicted of beating an 80-year-old woman to death and later confessed to raping and murdering a 16-year-old. He later recanted his confession.

The third inmate scheduled for execution is Dustin Lee Honken, convicted for murdering five people, including two children, in order to conceal his methamphetamine drug business.

Here’s more about the resumption of executions:

Kansas rapist, killer among first to be executed when capital punishment resumes

Intelwars Lt. colonel alexander vindman resignations Trump administration Trump Impeachment Vindman retires

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman — key witness in Trump impeachment trial — announces military retirement following what he says was political retaliation

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial,
announced his military retirement on Wednesday.

What are the details?

said that his future in the military would “forever be limited” due to political retaliation by Trump and his allies, according to his attorney, David Pressman.

Vindman — a Purple Heart recipient — served in the armed forces for 21 years and is an expert on Ukraine, his birth country.

Pressman added that Vindman has endured a “campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation” since
testifying against the president in 2019. He said that Trump has led the effort against Vindman since the impeachment trial.

fired the military officer from the National Security Council after Vindman testified about his purported knowledge of a 2019 phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president.

During explosive November testimony, Vindman said that Trump’s insistence on the Ukraine investigating former vice president and presidential candidate Joe Biden was inappropriate and he knew “without hesitation” that he should report the knowledge to superiors in order to hold the president accountable.

Since delivering the testimony and losing his position at the NSC, Vindman has said that Trump and his allies have reportedly attempted to blackball Vindman, including blocking a promotion to colonel.

Vindman, who was bound for the National War College as his next assignment, said that he opted to retire rather than be forced underneath a glass ceiling because of his role in the president’s impeachment trial.

In a statement to CNN, Pressman said, “The President of the United States attempted to force LTC Vindman to choose: between adhering to the law or pleasing the president. Between honoring his oath or protecting his career. Between protecting his promotion or the promotion of his fellow soldiers.”

“These are choices that no one in the United States should confront, especially one who has dedicated his life to serving it,” he added. “[Vindman] did what the law compelled him to do, and for that, he was bullied by the president and his proxies.”

You can read more about his testimony here.

On Wednesday, Vindman tweeted, “Today I officially requested retirment from the US Army, an organization I love. My family and I look forward to the next chapter of our lives.”

What else?

Earlier in July, John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser, told CNN that he fully believed Vindman deserved the promotion.

“Based on not just his service, but his twin brother’s service at the NSC, both of whom were pushed out of their assignments early, I think they certainly deserve a promotion based on what I saw,” Bolton said. “They shouldn’t be discriminated against. I hope there’s nobody in the White House who’s holding this up or putting bureaucratic obstacles in the way. I think this is something, this kind of corruption of this promotion process, unfortunately, typical of a number of things that have happened in the administration, [and] I think it’s a bad signal to all of our military.”

Donald Trump Economy Global News Government Intelwars Politics Society Trump administration U.S.

Never Before Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment & Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Labor Department Nails It

– Never Before Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment & Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Labor Department Nails It: By Wolf Richter Labor Department today: People on state & federal unemployment insurance jumped to 31.5 million, worst ever. Bureau of Labor Statistics today: 4.8 million jobs created, unemployment dropped by 3.2 million. … Read more

anthony fauci Coronavirus COVID-19 Intelwars Trump administration WHITE HOUSE

Dr. Fauci says White House may change COVID-19 testing strategy: ‘Something’s not working’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, top public health expert on the White House coronavirus response task force, said Thursday that the White House is considering a new testing strategy as evidence mounts that the current strategy isn’t as effective as it needs to be in slowing the spread of COVID-19, according to the Washington Post.

“Something’s not working,” Fauci said. “I mean, you can do all the diagramming you want, but something is not working.”

What’s the alternative? Right now, the strategy is to test as many people as possible on an individual basis so that people who are COVID-19 positive, even if they don’t have symptoms, can isolate themselves.

The possible new strategy is called “pool testing,” which would have a group of samples combined into one pool that is then tested. If that group of samples comes back negative, no further action is needed. If that group of samples comes back positive, then all the individuals in that pool would be tested individually.

The hope would be that this pool testing method would allow for a conservation of resources and for better identification of asymptomatic cases, which would then lead to quicker isolation of infected individuals.

“What you need to do is find the penetration of infected people in your society,” Fauci said, according to the Post. “And the only way you know that is by casting a broad net.”

Would it work? The effectiveness of the pool testing strategy would be dependent on a majority of Americans not having the virus. If too high a percentage of the population is infected, the strategy would not save any time or resources.

Scientific American describes it as a numbers game, giving the example of trying to identify positive individuals in a group of 100 people. Instead of doing 100 individual tests, you could divide them into five pools of 20, and test each group. If, for example, four of those groups test negative, and one group tests positive, then you only have to do 20 individual tests to figure out who is positive, saving a significant number of tests.

That’s where the prevalence issue comes in. If the virus is too prevalent, and all five groups came back positive, no resources are saved by the method.

(H/T: New York Post)