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Navarro says Fauci and CNN have ‘blood’ on their hands after study shows hydroxychloroquine doubles COVID survival rate

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro has strong words for Dr. Anthony Fauci and far-left network CNN for dismissing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19, after a new study found that treatments of the malaria drug combined with zinc more than doubled the survival rate of coronavirus patients on ventilators.

Navarro says Fauci and CNN have blood on their hands.

What are the details?

I had 60 million tablets of HCQ that Tony Fauci and @cc wouldn’t allow the American public to use because of their Hydroxy Hysteria,” Navarro tweeted on Thursday. “Blood on @JohnBerman @cnn and Saint Fauci’s hands. More than 50,000 Americans would be alive today.”

The economist shared a link to an article by The Daily Mail, titled, “Was Trump right about hydroxychloroquine all along? New study shows drug touted by former president can increase COVID survival rates by 200%.”

The Mail pointed to an observational study on 255 COVID-19 patients published in medRxiv on May 31, that was conducted by Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey. The study, which has not been peer-reviewed, concluded that “when the cumulative doses” of hydroxychloroquine and zinc “were above a certain level, patients had a survival rate 2.9 times the other patients.”

What’s the background?

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic last year, then-President Donald Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a promising treatment against the virus.

Germany’s Bayer pharmaceutical company in turn donated three million doses of the anti-malarial to the U.S., as health care providers were already treating coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine-based treatments in France, China, and other nations, MarketWatch reported at the time.

The Washington Examiner noted Trump’s promotion of HCQ “earned him pushback from medical experts, including his own White House coronavirus team member Dr. Anthony Fauci, and political pundits who dismissed his claims and maintained the drug was ineffective.”

The new study on HCQ’s effectiveness comes as Trump has seen a series of apparent vindications in recent days, which was not lost on his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

The younger Trump tweeted Wednesday, “In the last week alone, we’ve learned that the media, so-called fact checkers and their Big Tech enforcers lied to us about the lab-leak theory, Hydroxychloroquine and the clearing of Lafayette Square. All to hurt Donald Trump. What else are they lying about?”

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Is Texas Facing A Humanitarian Crisis?

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

Up to 15 million Texans remain without heat and electricity as temperatures across the state are well below freezing. Another round of winter weather is battering parts of the state Wednesday morning, as many Texans have been without electricity since Sunday are desperately scrambling to find shelters. Weather-related deaths have already been reported as one of the nation’s wealthiest states can barely supply electricity to its residents. And some of those residents have written to us to share their painful realities…

…my house is now resembling a refugee camp. yeah these are all my friends but crazy cause they all have young kids

hence i’m escaping the chaos…

what’s insane is that big swathes of population in surrounding areas are without power and *water supply*

… bottled water flying off shelves & stores bout to run out.

… so much for Green New Deal shit… all our turbines and solar don’t work now in freeze, LOL

i live in an area behind a major hospital so i’m thinking that’s why my grid has been up and running this whole time. 

The unprecedented polar vortex split, dumping Arctic air down to the Gulf of Mexico, resulted in frozen wellheads that impeded the flow of natural gas to power stations, triggering electric shortages as demand overwhelmed the grid. Considering ERCOT, which manages 90% of the state’s electric load, has a high percentage of electrical generation produced via natural gas, power has yet to be restored to millions of folks.

The cascading effect of blackouts and controlled power outages has resulted in some critical infrastructure such as cellular networks and water treatment plants going offline.

As we attempt to show below, the speed at which one of the nation’s wealthiest states transforms into a third-world country is simply stunning.

Jared Tennant, a drone pilot in central Texas, captured stunning images of how downtown Austin has been lit up during the power grid collapse while surrounding and more impoverished communities on the outskirts of town have had their power cut.

Tennant “showed images of downtown Austin Tuesday night. Municipal buildings, empty office buildings, and even empty parking garages fully lit throughout the night,” said PJ Media.

Office buildings in downtown Austin were lit up during the blackouts.

Austin’s convention center had power while neighborhoods across I-35 were dark.

Downtown offices were lit while tens of thousands of thousands of people in the surrounding community froze.

One reader wrote that central Texas looks like a “refugee situation of sorts,” offering some anecdotal accounts of what he’s seeing on the ground which is nothing short of a disaster in the making.

  • Central Texas looking like a refugee situation of sorts… suburbs with power have homes with 10 to 15 or 20 people piled into living rooms with sleeping bags.
  • Increasingly whole zip codes are being hit with not just power outage, but water system going down too either thru frozen or electrically damaged processing facilities or key pipes bursting.
  • Anyone without power/water (now going on 2 to 3 days) is begging any friends or family in area still with power to take them in.
  • Often multiple families are camped out in living rooms of those who still have power.
  • Families are dropping off young children in residences & with neighbors that still have heat.
  • Basically whole neighborhoods on other side of highway with no power are “moving in” to neighbors’ homes on other side where power still exists.
  • I’m getting phone calls from friends and elderly people in the community asking desperately for firewood. People are now running out of firewood and the couple grocery stores actually open for a few hours a day are constantly out.
  • People are braving the iced-over roads to go looking for anyone with firewood.
  • Any home that still has water is filling up jugs & bathtubs in expectation of water supply cut at any moment.
  • The water situation is getting alarming.. especially many elderly now trapped in homes with no heat OR WATER.
  • Local stores (the 2 or 3 that actually open) are limiting customers to 2 gallons of water each–it’s flying off the shelves
  • Individuals with 4-wheel drive and/or jeeps have been seen picking up stranded strangers on side of road… often people are having to hike miles to an open corner store to raid the shelves for any canned food/or still available items.
  • As vehicles get stuck and/or become inoperable due to extreme freeze… people have been seen hiking out of suburban neighborhoods to reach “civilization” (or any area still with power and water)
  • People are also now living in their work offices and/or teachers bringing their family to school classroom to live if school/office still has power/water.
  • In many cases schools or some churches are not yet officially “warming centers”–yet people are basically squatting–entering any public place/room they can find that’s warm.
  • For most part there’s almost zero snow plow/de-icing equipment particularly in mid- to small-sized towns and rural areas… last night’s layer of ice storm means many people now trapped in their powerless/waterless homes even if they want to leave for a warming center
  • There’s no recourse, no answers… Oncor will not answer calls or give answers for days running. Civic services not responding… also local police departments are angrily demanding answers from the large energy companies
  • Growing number of carbon monoxide poisonings in area and the state…people are lighting charcoal grills indoors, also running vehicles in garages

Another Texas resident exclaimed:

So I honestly don’t really know if there’s anyway to mitigate this at all, or if there is any point trying to kick and scream and raise awareness about this since it seems like such an unstoppable avalanche, but with all of the pipes bursting as well as water treatment plants now going offline – next week when this shit thaws out, all of that sewage is going to coat the entire fucking state.

Which is gross, but the worst part of it is that fucking Covid can transmit through sewage, not all that well and it probably needs to be aerosolized, but with apartment buildings and the fact it will be EVERYWHERE and everything else… Texas is about to become a science experiment in herd immunity.

When those pipes start to thaw I bet they’ll be gushing and spurting too – how long is it gonna take to seal everything off, there’s just no way. 

I hope I’m wrong, but I think Texas might be on its way to becoming a Third World country.

… and there’s more.

Houston Chronicle’s Brett Coomer reports dozens of people lined up to fill their propane tanks – many of whom have been without power for days.

More Texans are standing in freezing weather waiting for propane fillups.

People are running out of food. Huge lines were seen at a grocery store in Houston’s suburb on Wednesday.

More people are starving in Texas; a drone captures a massive line at another grocery store.

Lines at gas stations.

“The line to get into HEB an hour before they open. I expect it to wrap around the building within the hour. Why? No power and most stores are closed. Why? Texas insulated and privatized the grid and failed to winterize it. Time to expropriate. It starts here!,” one Twitter user said.

Users are reporting grocery stores are now placing limits on food to avoid shortages.

“This is the line outside to get to the lines inside the only grocery store our roads are safe to get to in Canyon Lake Texas. We have been out of power and water since last Sunday it is now Wednesday. Friends brought us firewood. It’s 26 degrees outside,” another Twitter user said.

… and while people rush to stores for propane and food, others are facing some grim realities at home with busted pipes.

Dallas resident records ice frozen fan.

More busted pipes – some homes in Texas are not winterized.

The Hilton hotel in downtown Forth Worth is flooded after pipes broke.

Water gushing from an apartment deck.

“Burst pipe has been running for 9 hours at an apartment in Austin,” said one user.

This certainly doesn’t look good.

Homes across Texas have been devastated by bursting pipes all day.

*This story is developing as the power grid collapse morphs into a humanitarian crisis that is far from over. 

The post Is Texas Facing A Humanitarian Crisis? first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

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Cities Across The Country Board Up Windows Ahead Of The Election


Many cities are anticipating election chaos and violence after the election takes place on Tuesday, so business owners have been boarding up their windows to prevent as much damage as possible. Small businesses are being systematically destroyed and this could be the end for so many more.

Regardless of the outcome, businesses are concerned about the public’s response to the winner. From San Francisco to New York, major cities are taking precautions and shuttering their doors and windows to prevent theft and damages. After a spring of economically disastrous lockdowns and a summer of protests, looting, and rioting, storefront businesses across the country are bracing for a potential wave of social unrest related to the election.

In Chicago, several businesses along the Michigan Avenue shopping district have boarded up their windows in preparation for Election Day, Adam Skaf, a spokesperson for the Magnificent Mile Association, told NBC News. The group also partnered with the city government to participate in an auxiliary command center on Election Day, when it will share real-time information to businesses.

Walmart has also taken a controversial step. The store said this week it would remove all guns and ammunition from its sales floors as a precaution, after seeing some “isolated civil unrest.” Walmart announced Friday it had reversed that decision, however.

Another Secret Model: A Contested 2020 Election

While President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that he will refuse to participate in a peaceful transition of power in the event he loses to former Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others have suggested the Joe Biden refuse to concede no matter what.

This election has been promised to be chaotic at best. Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.  You cannot control the actions of others, but you can prepare for the rabid hoards of people that are likely to take to the streets the night of the election and for days, if not weeks afterward. Be where you want to be and make sure you are safe. This has been promised to be ugly, and with so many Americans impoverished thanks to lockdowns, people are going to feel backed into a corner, and they may think fighting is the only way out. 

Texas Governor Orders 1,000 Troops For “Post-Election Disturbances”

Don’t Vote for a Psychopath: Tyranny at the Hands of a Psychopathic Government

The post Cities Across The Country Board Up Windows Ahead Of The Election first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

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A List Of 50 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of The Next 12 Months

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

People have been asking me to do an article like this for quite some time.  In all the years that I have been writing, I have never seen so many of my readers so alarmed about our immediate future.

Over and over again, I have been getting emails from people asking for advice about how to prepare for what is ahead, and so many of them are using the word “urgency” to describe what they are feeling.  And I can definitely identify with that, because around the middle of last year that is a word that I started using constantly.  I felt an urgency about 2020 that I had never felt about any other upcoming year, and there were certain things that I knew that I had to get done.  One of those things that I had to get done was my new book, and it is now finished.  The plan is to release it this month, and after reading it there will be no doubt about why I have been feeling such a sense of urgency in recent months.

I want to warn you in advance that the list below is not an exhaustive list.

Instead, it is meant to be a very basic starting guide.  There are many other things that could (and probably should) be added to this list, and I very much encourage readers to leave comments after this article with their own suggestions and recommendations.  We should always be willing to learn from one another because nobody is an expert on everything.

To me, the four primary priorities for preparing for an emergency scenario are food, water, energy, and shelter.  Once you have got those four basic areas covered, you can certainly build on that foundation by addressing other considerations.

In the title of this article I use the phrase “the next 12 months”, but I do not mean to imply that everything will be fine after those 12 months are over.  In fact, I am convinced that our problems are only going to intensify as time rolls along.

And I certainly hope that you will not need everything on this list during the next 12 months.  Hopefully, you will not need to use some of these items for a few years.  But this is definitely a great opportunity to purchase many of these things because a lot of them are only going to become more expensive and more difficult to acquire the worse conditions get.

In putting this list together, I was envisioning a scenario in which most of you will be sheltering at home rather than “bugging out” to an alternative location.  In a “bugging out” scenario, this list would look quite a bit different.

Also, I didn’t address self-defense on this list, but without a doubt, it is very important.  In fact, if you live in or near a major city, it is imperative to have a plan for defending yourself and your family.  For years, I have been encouraging readers to move away from the major cities, but for a lot of people that simply isn’t possible at this moment.  More than 51 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment so far this year, and so a good stable job is an extremely valuable thing to have at this moment.  If your job is keeping you in a potentially dangerous area right now, you will also want to have a plan for “bugging out” to a more remote location if the need arises.

With all of that being said, the following are 50 things that I am encouraging everyone to stock up on in order to prepare for the chaotic times that are coming…

#1 A Generator

#2 A Berkey Water Filter

#3 A Rainwater Collection System If You Do Not Have A Natural Supply Of Water Near Your Home

#4 An Emergency Medical Kit

#5 Rice

#6 Pasta

#7 Canned Soup

#8 Canned Vegetables

#9 Canned Fruit

#10 Canned Chicken

#11 Jars Of Peanut Butter

#12 Salt

#13 Sugar

#14 Powdered Milk

#15 Bags Of Flour

#16 Yeast

#17 Lots Of Extra Coffee (If You Drink It)

#18 Buckets Of Long-Term Storable Food

#19 Extra Vitamins

#20 Lighters Or Matches

#21 Candles

#22 Flashlights Or Lanterns

#23 Plenty Of Wood To Burn

#24 Extra Blankets

#25 Extra Sleeping Bags

#26 A Sun Oven

#27 An Extra Fan If You Live In A Hot Climate

#28 Hand Sanitizer

#29 Toilet Paper

#30 Extra Soap And Shampoo

#31 Extra Toothpaste

#32 Extra Razors

#33 Bottles Of Bleach

#34 A Battery-Powered Radio

#35 Extra Batteries

#36 Solar Chargers

#37 Trash Bags

#38 Tarps

#39 A Pocket Knife

#40 A Hammer

#41 An Axe

#42 A Shovel

#43 Work Gloves

#44 N95 Masks

#45 Seeds For A Garden

#46 Canning Jars

#47 Extra Supplies For Your Pets

#48 An Emergency Supply Of Cash

#49 Bibles For Every Member Of Your Family

#50 A “Bug Out Bag” For Every Member Of Your Family

Are there certain key items that you would add to this list?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

I understand that there are a lot of people out there that are feeling extreme financial stress during this severe economic downturn, and acquiring all of the items on this list may not be possible.

And that is okay.  Our job is to do the very best that we can with what we have, and we shall trust God with the rest.

I know that a lot of people out there don’t like it when I write such “negative” articles.  But I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t warn people about what was coming, and I actually believe that articles like this give people a lot of hope.

There is hope in understanding what is coming, there is hope in getting prepared, and there is hope in connecting with others that are also preparing.

Just like we witnessed during the early stages of this COVID-19 pandemic, the people that will be freaking out when things get really crazy will be those that do not understand what is happening and haven’t made any preparations in advance.

Millions upon millions of Americans will not be able to handle the times that are coming, but we prepare because we believe that with God’s help we can make it through all of the storms that are ahead.

If you wish to mock us for being preppers, please feel free to do so, but you also need to be prepared to issue one whopper of an apology when you are forced to turn to one of us for help one day.

About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep. My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe. I have written four books that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned) By purchasing those books you help to support my work. I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but due to government regulations, I need those that republish my articles to include this “About the Author” section with each article. In order to comply with those government regulations, I need to tell you that the controversial opinions in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished. The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions. Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Michael Snyder or the operators of the websites where my work is republished. I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.

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Inflation Triggered: Higher Gas & Food Prices As Supply Chains Break

The rising costs of goods and services show that inflation is here. Make no mistake, this is being done on purpose to further destroy the purchasing ability of as many people as possible.

The cost of consumer goods and services rose in June for the first time in four months largely because of higher gasoline and food prices, but inflation more broadly remained low and is likely to stay that way during the pandemic, reported Market Watch If you didn’t catch the irony of the soaring cost of essentials while “economists” continue to claim inflation is low, you’re missing out.

The consumer price index jumped 0.6% last month to match the biggest increase since 2012, the government said Tuesday. About half of the increase traced to higher gas prices. Of course, it couldn’t possibly be the excessive money creation by the Federal Reserve…

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

Supply and demand also play a role. It’s an economic certainty that no amount of centralization can fix. As the government commands food suppliers to shut down and farmers to turn under crops and dump milk, the products that are available will be in higher demand, making the supply low, and prices for food will rise. 

This is all a part of the scam, but be prepared, because the real pain hasn’t even hit yet. Empty grocery store shelves are on thing, but empty shelves for an extended period of time will cause a whole other problematic situation many are wholly unprepared for.

The people in power in government and up, want you to believe some virus is causing the food shortage. However, the food shortage is caused by people obeying those tyrants to stop the production of food. This isn’t a food supply problem, it’s a power and a belief in government problem.

It Wasn’t The “Virus” That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed


It won’t be long before food will either be simply unavailable or only for those who have enough to pay for it.  Food can be used as a weapon to manufacture consent. We’ve seen how Americans act when they want a TV for 25% on Black Friday. Imagine how desperate they will get when the food supply is killed.

Save yourself, and prepare while you still can.  Grab things that will be hearty, don’t need refrigeration, and will last at least a few years. These are the most basic of preparedness items.  Don’t forget water either. If you can’t store it, consider a Life Straw or something else that can filter water straight from a stream or lake.

Do not panic or sink into fear.  This is exactly what the mainstream media wants and what their handlers are demanding.  Instead, brace yourself, and prepare your family for what is coming.

Coronavirus Currency Emergency Preparedness Federal Reserve Fiat food prices rise food shortages food supply chains Headline News Intelwars LIES Mainstream media New World Order Pay Prepare soaring prices survival weaponization of food

Inflation Triggered: Higher Gas & Food Prices As Supply Chains Break

The rising costs of goods and services show that inflation is here. Make no mistake, this is being done on purpose to further destroy the purchasing ability of as many people as possible.

The cost of consumer goods and services rose in June for the first time in four months largely because of higher gasoline and food prices, but inflation more broadly remained low and is likely to stay that way during the pandemic, reported Market Watch If you didn’t catch the irony of the soaring cost of essentials while “economists” continue to claim inflation is low, you’re missing out.

The consumer price index jumped 0.6% last month to match the biggest increase since 2012, the government said Tuesday. About half of the increase traced to higher gas prices. Of course, it couldn’t possibly be the excessive money creation by the Federal Reserve…

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

Supply and demand also play a role. It’s an economic certainty that no amount of centralization can fix. As the government commands food suppliers to shut down and farmers to turn under crops and dump milk, the products that are available will be in higher demand, making the supply low, and prices for food will rise. 

This is all a part of the scam, but be prepared, because the real pain hasn’t even hit yet. Empty grocery store shelves are on thing, but empty shelves for an extended period of time will cause a whole other problematic situation many are wholly unprepared for.

The people in power in government and up, want you to believe some virus is causing the food shortage. However, the food shortage is caused by people obeying those tyrants to stop the production of food. This isn’t a food supply problem, it’s a power and a belief in government problem.

It Wasn’t The “Virus” That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed


It won’t be long before food will either be simply unavailable or only for those who have enough to pay for it.  Food can be used as a weapon to manufacture consent. We’ve seen how Americans act when they want a TV for 25% on Black Friday. Imagine how desperate they will get when the food supply is killed.

Save yourself, and prepare while you still can.  Grab things that will be hearty, don’t need refrigeration, and will last at least a few years. These are the most basic of preparedness items.  Don’t forget water either. If you can’t store it, consider a Life Straw or something else that can filter water straight from a stream or lake.

Do not panic or sink into fear.  This is exactly what the mainstream media wants and what their handlers are demanding.  Instead, brace yourself, and prepare your family for what is coming.

Civil War communism conflicts Donald Trump Emergency Preparedness Fake Conservatives Fascism Forecasting freedom from government Globalists Headline News Ideology Intelwars Joe Biden leave the system left-right paradigm liberty lockdowns non-aggression principle one party system peace scamdemic SLAVERY survival tyranny United States voluntaryism voting doesn't matter

Is America Heading For Civil War? Of Course It Is…

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market. 

In last week’s article, I discussed the issue of American “balkanization” and the rapid migration of conservatives and moderates from large population centers and states that are becoming militant in their progressive ideology. In my home state of Montana, there has been a surge of people trying to escape the chaos and oppression of leftist states.

Some are here because of the pandemic and the harsh restrictions they had to endure during the first lockdowns. Others are here because they can’t stand the hostility of identity politics, cancel culture, and race riots. Either way, they are fleeing places with decidedly leftist influences.

Uprooting and moving to an entirely new place is not an easy thing to do, especially in the middle of a pandemic. For many people, such an idea would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Believe me, moving to a place like the Rocky Mountain Redoubt is not an easy transition for most. Hopefully, these people understand that they will have to make extensive preparations for the rough winter and be ready to work hard in the spring and summer months to survive. Maybe they don’t realize yet how tough it is here; maybe they know and don’t care.

That’s how bad the situation has become – Rational and reasonable people are willing to leave behind their old life and risk it all to keep a margin of freedom.

In my view, it is clear that the political left has gone so far off the rails into its own cultism that there is no coming back. There can be no reconciliation between the two sides, so we must separate, or we must fight. I advocate for separation first for a number of reasons:

First and foremost, conservatives are the primary producers within American culture. If we leave the leftists to their own devices there is a chance they will simply implode in on themselves and eat each other because they have no idea how to fill the production void. The recent developments in the defunct CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone are a perfect example. Those people don’t have the slightest clue what they are doing and it shows.

Second, if conservatives separate it provides a buffer that helps defuse future random conflicts. When you force the two sides into a box together eventually they will find a reason to try to kill each other. Putting some distance between them and us reduces the angst.

Third, if the leftists decide they don’t like that we have separated and are thriving on our own, and they attempt to antagonize or attack us where we live, then we hold the clear moral high ground when we smash them to pieces in response.

I fully realize that the third outcome is the most likely. War is probably inevitable. Why? Because collectivists and narcissists are never satisfied. They desire unlimited control over the lives of others and they will use any means to get that control no matter how destructive. Separating from them is only a stop-gap that allows us to take a superior position. Through peaceful migration, we set the pace of the conflict. Eventually, they will come after us, and there will be no doubt about our response then. There will be no way to spin the result in their favor, no way for them to play the victims.

Some people might question if we are actually to the point of open conflict; they might accuse me of “doom-mongering”. Others may argue that conservatives are acting “passive” and that we will never take any action. These assumptions are common right now because such people do not understand how history progresses and how group psychology evolves.

Domestic war is not something pursued lightly, or haphazardly. The average person knows at least subconsciously that it’s better to seek resolution or to remain patient as events unfold. Conservatives aren’t stupid; we know that before any civil war there is first a culture war. And, we know that the cards are stacked against us and that if we act rashly in any way we will lose position in that culture war.

So, we let the leftists spit and rage like madmen for a little while. Each day people who were on the fence when it comes to the culture war are witnessing this and come over to our side because we’re the only side that is sane. The drawback is, there comes a point in which calm professionalism might be wrongly perceived as weakness. And when people sense weakness among conservatives, they might run into the arms of the extreme left thinking that it’s safer to join the “winning team”.

I believe conservatives have not been sucked into a reactionary stance yet because they are thinking logically and refusing to play the game for now. In some ways, it is how we enter the fight that is more important than the fight itself.  To understand why, we have to look at the bigger picture beyond the left/right conflict.

As I noted last week, the political left is a tool for a greater agenda. They are being used as a weapon of chaos by globalist interests. This is not “conspiracy theory”, this is a conspiracy fact. Millions of dollars have poured into Antifa and BLM related groups through elitist donors like George Soros and his Open Society Foundation as well as the Ford Foundation. Globalist institutions like these have been influencing the extreme left and promoting identity politics for DECADES. This is openly admitted. What we are witnessing in 2020 is simply the culmination of a half-century-long propaganda campaign that created the modern feminist movement, victim group status, entitlement culture, etc.

The reason for the agenda should be obvious: Chaos creates fear. Fear creates division and crisis. And, crisis creates opportunity (as globalist Rahm Emanuel once bragged). Meaning, the extreme left is going to start a war because that’s exactly what the global elites created them for.

Now, some might suggest that this places conservatives in a Catch-22 position; if we don’t fight back then we will look weak. We will be culturally isolated and eventually overrun and wiped from the history books. If we do fight back we will be giving the globalists what they want – A civil war that will tear America apart.

The suggestion by certain special interests will be that there is only one way out; use government power to turn the tide to our advantage. In other words, institute martial law. I don’t really see it that way.

Once we understand that a fight is coming regardless, our task is to position ourselves with the most advantage possible while keeping our culture and our principles intact. This includes our belief in constitutionalism, civil liberties, and opposition to tyranny in ANY form. Winning the fight is important, but maintaining our principles in the process is more important. Becoming a monster to fight the monster is the same as losing.

When the left comes for us (and they will), the fight has to be won by us, not government. We cannot hand even more power to government in the name of security. We cannot become the fascists the leftists accuse us of being.

I am often asked these days about my view of the 2020 election and how it will turn out. I did predict Trump’s election win in the summer of 2016 based on the idea that Trump’s presence in the White House would drive the left insane, as well as give the globalists a perfect “conservative” scapegoat for the economic collapse they had been engineering since at least 2008.

Trump’s cabinet of global elitists suggests his complacency in this plan.  We still live under a one-party system pretending as if it is a two-party paradigm.

Furthermore, I am not convinced there will even be an election in November. With pandemic lockdowns surely returning as infections spike once again, the US economy will be in ruins by winter. Voting in a traditional fashion will be difficult or restricted in some states. And, mail-in or digital ballots will not be accepted by most conservatives because of their history of being used to rig election outcomes.

Look at it this way: If Trump “wins”, or delays the election, the left will riot and a civil war will be triggered. Conservatives will have to deal with the violence of the left while also dealing with the potential for martial law (which we cannot tolerate or support either). If Biden “wins”, it will be perceived by many conservatives who still think elections matter as a stolen presidency engineered through fraudulent ballot practices.

To summarize, if Trump is still in the White House in 2021, get ready to fight back against leftist mobs as well as martial law measures. If you believe in freedom, realize that fake conservatives that support government tyranny will be as much a problem as Marxist lefties. If Biden enters the White House, expect him to immediately implement unconstitutional policies including medical tyranny, gun confiscation, and martial law. Either way, it ends in war.

It’s also the classic false choice narrative:  You can choose Marxism and communism, or you can choose fascism.  Communism being the elevation of the weak and the oppression of the strong in the name of arbitrary “equality”, and fascism being the elimination of the weak or less fortunate in the name of making more room for the strong.  Both sides rely on totalitarian government to assert dominance, and both sides benefit the elitist establishment.  The great con is that there is no third option when there is; the non-aggression principle, citizen defense, voluntarism, and freedom.

Frankly, I almost prefer a scenario in which Biden and the left are perceived as stealing the election. At least then conservatives will be fully united once again and ready to fight, instead of passively relying on a Pied Piper like Trump to save them.

The truth is, in 2020-2021 we stand at a massive nexus point in human history. We are spiraling into a decade and a fight that will decide the fate liberty for the next century or more. On one side stands the global elites and the useful idiots on the hard left. They will push for a collectivist system that erases all memory of the Constitutional Republic we once knew, and they will get help from fake conservatives that value power over principle. On the other side stands the people that just want to be left alone; the free minds, the people that don’t need or desire to have power over anybody.

If humanity is to have a future at all, the second group must continue to exist and prosper. They are the wellspring that feeds us, that gives us something to hope for. If the elites and the social justice mob take control, there can be no future for our species. They desire what they cannot and should not have. They value only what they can take from others. They have a hunger that can never be satiated. They will devour the world until there is nothing left while claiming they stand for the “greater good”. War cannot be avoided with such people; the only question is, will liberty-minded people stay the course and stick by their principles or will they fall to their darker impulses to ensure victory?

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From 9/11 to COVID-19, It’s Been a Perpetual State of Emergency

This article was originally published by John W. Whitehead at The Rutherford Institute.

“The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government. The answer is that they tend to enslave themselves, to let themselves be governed by tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support.”—Étienne De La Boétie, The Politics Of Obedience

Don’t pity this year’s crop of graduates because this COVID-19 pandemic caused them to miss out on the antics of their senior year and the pomp and circumstance of graduation.

Pity them because they have spent their entire lives in a state of emergency.

They were born in the wake of the 9/11 attacks; raised without any expectation of privacy in a technologically-driven, mass surveillance state; educated in schools that teach conformity and compliance; saddled with a debt-ridden economy on the brink of implosion; made vulnerable by the blowback from a military empire constantly waging war against shadowy enemies; policed by government agents armed to the teeth ready and able to lock down the country at a moment’s notice, and forced to march in lockstep with a government that no longer exists to serve the people but which demands they be obedient slaves or suffer the consequences.

It’s a dismal start to life, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, we who should have known better failed to maintain our freedoms or provide our young people with the tools necessary to survive, let alone succeed, in the impersonal jungle that is modern America.

We brought them into homes fractured by divorce, distracted by mindless entertainment, and obsessed with the pursuit of materialism. We institutionalized them in daycares and afterschool programs, substituting time with teachers and childcare workers for parental involvement. We turned them into test-takers instead of thinkers and automatons instead of activists.

We allowed them to languish in schools that not only look like prisons but function like prisons, as well—where conformity is the rule and freedom is the exception. We made them easy prey for our corporate overlords while instilling in them the values of a celebrity-obsessed, technology-driven culture devoid of any true spirituality. And we taught them to believe that the pursuit of their own personal happiness trumped all other virtues, including any empathy whatsoever for their fellow human beings

No, we haven’t done this generation any favors.

Given the current political climate and nationwide lockdown, things could only get worse.

For those coming of age today (and for the rest of us who are muddling along through this dystopian nightmare), here are a few bits of advice that will hopefully help as we navigate the perils ahead.

Be an individual. For all of its claims to champion the individual, American culture advocates a stark conformity which, as John F. Kennedy warned, is “the jailer of freedom, and the enemy of growth.” Worry less about fitting in with the rest of the world and instead, as Henry David Thoreau urged, become “a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought.”

Learn your rights. We’re losing our freedoms for one simple reason: most of us don’t know anything about our freedoms. At a minimum, anyone who has graduated from high school, let alone college, should know the Bill of Rights backward and forwards. However, the average young person, let alone citizen, has very little knowledge of their rights for the simple reason that the schools no longer teach them. So grab a copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and study them at home. And when the time comes, stand up for your rights before it’s too late.

Speak truth to power. Don’t be naive about those in positions of authority. As James Madison, who wrote our Bill of Rights, observed, “All men having power ought to be distrusted.” We must learn the lessons of history. People in power, more often than not, abuse that power. To maintain our freedoms, this will mean challenging government officials whenever they exceed the bounds of their office.

Resist all things that numb you. Don’t measure your worth by what you own or earn. Likewise, don’t become mindless consumers unaware of the world around you. Resist all things that numb you, put you to sleep, or help you “cope” with so-called reality. Those who establish the rules and laws that govern society’s actions desire compliant subjects. However, as George Orwell warned, “Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they rebelled, they cannot become conscious.” It is these conscious individuals who change the world for the better.

Don’t let technology turn you into zombies. Technology anesthetizes us to the all-too-real tragedies that surround us. Techno-gadgets are merely distractions from what’s really going on in America and around the world. As a result, we’ve begun mimicking the inhuman technology that surrounds us and have lost our humanity. We’ve become sleepwalkers. If you’re going to make a difference in the world, you’re going to have to pull the earbuds out, turn off the cell phones and spend much less time viewing screens.

Help others. We all have a calling in life. And I believe it boils down to one thing: You are here on this planet to help other people. In fact, none of us can exist very long without help from others. If we’re going to see any positive change for freedom, then we must change our view of what it means to be human and regain a sense of what it means to love and help one another. That will mean gaining the courage to stand up for the oppressed.

Refuse to remain silent in the face of evil. Throughout history, individuals or groups of individuals have risen up to challenge the injustices of their age. Nazi Germany had its Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The gulags of the Soviet Union were challenged by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. America had its color-coded system of racial segregation and warmongering called out for what it was, blatant discrimination and profiteering, by Martin Luther King Jr. And then there was Jesus Christ, an itinerant preacher and revolutionary activist, who not only died challenging the police state of his day—namely, the Roman Empire—but provided a blueprint for civil disobedience that would be followed by those, religious and otherwise, who came after him. What we lack today and so desperately need are those with moral courage who will risk their freedoms and lives in order to speak out against evil in its many forms.

Cultivate spirituality, reject materialism, and put people first. When the things that matter most have been subordinated to materialism, we have lost our moral compass. We must change our values to reflect something more meaningful than technology, materialism, and politics. Standing at the pulpit of the Riverside Church in New York City in April 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. urged his listeners:

[W]e as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thing-oriented” society to a “person-oriented” society. When machines and computers, profit motive and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.

Pitch in and do your part to make the world a better place. Don’t rely on someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t wait around for someone else to fix what ails you, your community, or nation. As Mahatma Gandhi urged: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Stop waiting for political saviors to fix what is wrong with this country. Stop waiting for some political savior to swoop in and fix all that’s wrong with this country. Stop allowing yourselves to be drawn into divisive party politics. Stop thinking of yourselves as members of a particular political party, as opposed to citizens of the United States. Most of all, stop looking away from the injustices and cruelties and endless acts of tyranny that have become hallmarks of the American police state. Be vigilant and do your part to recalibrate the balance of power in favor of “we the people.”

Say no to war. Addressing the graduates at Binghampton Central High School in 1968, at a time when the country was waging war “on different fields, on different levels, and with different weapons,” Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling declared:

Too many wars are fought almost as if by rote. Too many wars are fought out of sloganry, out of battle hymns, out of aged, musty appeals to patriotism that went out with knighthood and moats. Love your country because it is eminently worthy of your affection. Respect it because it deserves your respect. Be loyal to it because it cannot survive without your loyalty. But do not accept the shedding of blood as a natural function or a prescribed way of history—even if history points this up by its repetition. That men die for causes does not necessarily sanctify that cause. And that men are maimed and torn to pieces every fifteen and twenty years does not immortalize or deify the act of war… find another means that does not come with the killing of your fellow-man.

Finally, prepare yourselves for what lies ahead. The demons of our age—some of whom disguise themselves as politicians—delight in fomenting violence, sowing distrust and prejudice, and persuading the public to support tyranny disguised as patriotism. Overcoming the evils of our age will require more than intellect and activism. It will require decency, morality, goodness, truth, and toughness. As Serling concluded in his remarks to the graduating class of 1968:

Toughness is the singular quality most required of you… we have left you a world far more botched than the one that was left to us… Part of your challenge is to seek out truth, to come up with a point of view not dictated to you by anyone, be he a congressman, even a minister… Are you tough enough to take the divisiveness of this land of ours, the fact that everything is polarized, black and white, this or that, absolutely right or absolutely wrong. This is one of the challenges. Be prepared to seek out the middle ground … that wondrous and very difficult-to-find Valhalla where man can look to both sides and see the errant truths that exist on both sides. If you must swing left or you must swing right—respect the other side. Honor the motives that come from the other side. Argue, debate, rebut—but don’t close those wondrous minds of yours to opposition. In their eyes, you’re the opposition. And ultimately … ultimately—you end divisiveness by compromise. And so long as men walk and breathe—there must be compromise…

Are you tough enough to face one of the uglier stains upon the fabric of our democracy—prejudice? It’s the basic root of most evil. It’s a part of the sickness of man. And it’s a part of man’s admission, his constant sick admission, that to exist he must find a scapegoat. To explain away his own deficiencies—he must try to find someone who he believes more deficient… Make your judgment of your fellow-man on what he says and what he believes and the way he acts. Be tough enough, please, to live with prejudice and give battle to it. It warps, it poisons, it distorts and it is self-destructive. It has fallout worse than a bomb … and worst of all it cheapens and demeans anyone who permits himself the luxury of hating.”

The only way we’ll ever achieve change in this country is for people to finally say “enough is enough” and fight for the things that truly matter.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your political ideology is: wake up, stand up, speak up, and make your citizenship count for something more than just voting.

Pandemic or not, don’t allow your freedoms to be curtailed and your voice to be muzzled.

It’s our civic duty to make the government hear us—and heed us—using every nonviolent means available to us: picket, protest, march, boycott, speak up, sound off and reclaim control over the narrative about what is really going on in this country.

Mind you, the government doesn’t want to hear us. It doesn’t even want us to speak. In fact, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the government has done a diabolically good job of establishing roadblocks to prevent us from exercising our First Amendment right to speech and assembly and protest.

Still, we must persist.

So get active, get outraged, and get going: there’s work to be done.

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Preparedness: How To Begin “Square Foot” Gardening

Square foot gardening is a simple method of creating small, orderly, and highly productive kitchen gardens. You may have even seen them before.  With people leaning more and more towards preparedness, their popularity is growing.

It was invented by backyard gardener, retired engineer, and efficiency expert Mel Bartholomew as a better way to grow a vegetable garden, and it became a huge hit when he introduced the idea to the gardening public in 1981 in his book Square Foot Gardening.  The best part about this approach is that you only need a small amount of space to grow an efficient garden – and it can be done indoors.  This is valuable to those who live in cooler climates.

The basic concept is to create a small garden bed (4 feet by 4 feet or 4 feet by 8 feet are common sizes) and divide it into a grid of 1-foot squares, which you manage individually. Seeds or seedlings of each kind of vegetable are planted in one or more squares, at a density based on plant size (e.g., you’d plant about 16 radish seeds per square, but only one tomato plant). Since there are no paths, there is no wasted space, and the soil in the bed stays loose because you never step on it. If you aren’t able to build your own garden bed, there places you can purchase premade beds.

The one huge advantage to making the garden bed yourself is that you can build it to fit where you want it and the amount of food you want to grow.  The one disadvantage is that startup costs can be high even if you make your own beds. The expense of building even a small raised bed and filling it with soilless mix has the potential add up quickly. If you do have good soil to work with, stick with the original method and form in-ground garden beds for much less money.

The following guideline may be of use to you.  These can be found all over the internet with minimal searching.  It’s easy enough to find one that can work for you and the space you’ve got to work with.

Gardening and preparedness have both become more popular in the wake of the government’s overreaction to the coronavirus, which has crippled food supply lines, and impoverished millions already.  Self-sustainable lifestyles were not popular even two months ago, but all that has rapidly changed.  Seeds are not impossible to come by, but we suggest you choose heirloom varieties, so you can save your own seeds and replant them indefinitely.

4 Reasons To Choose Heirloom Seeds For Your Garden

Heirloom seeds will also produce vegetables that will be easier to regrow in water.

Preparedness: How To Regrow Vegetables In Water

Taking small steps toward a more self-sustainable lifestyle and being less dependent on government handouts and the weak food supply chain will give people a leg up when the coming economic collapse truly makes its impact felt.

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Last Minute Quarantine Preps You Can Buy From Home

This article was originally published on March 17, 2020. It has been updated with items that are now available.

Last Minute Quarantine Preps You Can Buy From Home

As much of the country is practicing social distancing in order to contain the coronavirus, fear has taken over the masses and people are wiping out grocery stores. While we advocate being prepared, fear doesn’t do anyone any good and that’s becoming more apparent by the day.

Because the public was largely unprepared for a pandemic, there isn’t much left to grab in stores.  Being in a crowded store right now is one of the last things preppers want to do anyway.  But there may be a few things you forgot to grab, so I’ve done my best to find items you can get from the comfort of your own home.


N100 Face Mask (no longer N100, but can still be useful)

12 Cans of Black Beans

Bulk Black Beans in a 25 lb. box

Toilet Paper

Baby Wipes

Bidet (attachable to toilet) & Handheld Bidet – could free up your toilet paper stash to be bartered with

Feminine Hygiene: reusable menstrual cup

Bulk Wild Rice in storage bucket

24 cans of Peas

Basic First Aid Kit

Water filtration straws (LifeStraws)

These are some things that are still available online for purchase if you find yourself running low.  Personally, I also purchased the following after an audit of my own supplies:

12 lighters

Water purification tablets

Aloe Vera Gel (can be used on cuts or burns and in making hand sanitizer)

Quick Clotting Gauze

Hydrogen Peroxide

2-pack liquid soap for the family

A lot of the items preppers suggest get stockpiled have sold out. Anything labeled “emergency food” is almost impossible to find, so at this point, it’s time to make due with what we can get. The panicked masses have finally decided preparedness is a good thing, but their fear is not only destroying the economy, but it’s also making essentials difficult to come by.

Trying to desperately control this virus and the installment of fear in the public by the mainstream media is doing a lot more damage than the virus itself could ever hope to do to our society.

Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

The Best Ways to Prevent A Coronavirus Infection

Food groceries Headline News Heirloom Seeds Intelwars Plants Preparedness Roots save money seed saving seeds self sustaining survival vegetables Water

Preparedness: How To Regrow Vegetables In Water

Food, at any time, could become a valuable commodity. In addition to learning to grow a garden, you should also know how to garden, save seeds, and “regrow” certain vegetables in water to get the most out of your garden.

A lot of preppers understand this idea, but many still don’t practice it. I admit that I don’t do this as often as I should, but now is good time to start! And getting started is simple. Just don’t throw away your vegetable food scraps, just yet! Those can be used to grow more vegetables, money can be saved, you’ll spend less time at the grocery stores, and won’t need to grow as much in your own garden.

Regrowing your vegetables in water can be done with store-bought vegetables too, and that is a great place to start.

These are the ten vegetables that will easily regrow in water in the comfort of your own home (there are others, but it can be easier to start here):

Bok Choy
Simply cut off leaves at the bottom of the stalks and within a few days, new growth will appear.

Cut the bottom of the head off, & place it in a shallow bowl with a small amount of water. Don’t let the leaves get too big, they’ll taste better when small.

Carrot Greens
When you’ve finished eating the root of the carrot plant, save the tops! Cut them down to just a few inches and watch them produce new green leaves.  Excellent for tossing into salads, make pesto or add to your green juices.

Cut the stalks down to about 2-3 inches tall.  Place the base of the plant and small roots into a shallow bowl with a small amount of water and watch a new small stalk begin to grow from the center.

Cut the stalk down to about 1-2 inches tall, leaving the roots intact. Place in a shallow bowl with water.

Garlic Chives
Place a small garlic bulb that has started to grow a green shoot into a shallow bowl of water. Within a few days, you’ll be enjoying fresh garlic chives.

Green Onions
Cut the green part off of your green onion, and place the white stalk with the roots intact into a bowl of water.  The stalk will regrow the green section that you cut off.

Remove the bottom of the head, leaving it about 1-3 inches long.  Place that into a shallow bowl with water.  It will regrow small lettuce leaves in the center.

Place the bottom section of the stalk, about 2-3 inches long, into a bowl with water. It will re-grow the center portion of the leek.

Lemon Grass
Plant the same as you would a leek. Remove all but 2-3 inches of the stalk, place in about 1/2 inch of water and watch it regrow from the center.

Don’t stop there either! Plant your own garden this year. Choose non-GMO heirloom seeds so you’ll have new seeds from your vegetable harvest every year. Save seeds and you can replant your garden without needing to purchase more seeds.

Once you’ve learned to garden, don’t let a late frost or an animal destroy your means of getting food.  You should also be able to forage for plants that are edible.  There are several books out there to help, the three below are highly rated and great resources for anyone looking for a more self-sustaining lifestyle:

Body common cold Coronavirus CRISIS Emergency Preparedness face masks Fear Flu foods Headline News Health Immune System Intelwars pandemic panic Preparedness Prepping stockpiling survival viral infections

Prep Your Immune System To Fight Off Viruses

Preparing for a pandemic is only half what you stockpile.  The other half is fortifying your body and its immune system against viral infections.  The better health you are in, the more likely you will be to not get sick in the first place or to beat the illness swiftly.

Make sure you have some personal protective equipment, especially if you’re older or have underlying health conditions, as the coronavirus will likely be more severe if you contract it.  Most suggest using a properly fitted face mask (N95 or higher) and keeping your distance from others while in public.  You could also wear safety goggles if you’d like.


Your health should come first though!  Your immune system is your first line of defense against any viral infection.  Once a virus is introduced, the body’s immune system goes into high gear to fight back.  We’ve written extensively on some things you can do to improve your immune system.

Before you start stockpiling for the next crisis or pandemic (or at least in tandem) you should try to get as healthy as possible. Keep your weight in a healthy range, avoid the excess consumption of alcohol, and try to quit smoking.  Get an adequate amount of sleep. You should also cut out as much processed food and sugar as you can.  It’s not good for you, and a healthy gut can go a long way to help your body fight off an infection.  Add more vegetables to your diet and make sure you are eating healthy fats such as avocados or olive oil.

You should also exercise some and do some light stretching if possible. Even now, while most of us are on lockdown, you should move a little.  There are thousands of videos on YouTube of home workouts you can do. This is not new information.  We all should be as healthy as we can be.

Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

The Truth About CBD, the Immune System and Coronavirus COVID19

Prep For Cold & Flu Season: How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Make sure you are prepared and not scared.  Stress is not good for the body and can negatively impact your immune system.  If you’re properly prepared for a crisis, you won’t be stressed out.  Panicking and living in fear can raise the stress hormone cortisol making it harder to fight off a virus.

You should also improve your handwashing. This step is vital at the prevention of most viruses, such as the novel coronavirus, the rhinovirus (common cold) and the flu.  Take the time to wash your hands well and don’t touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth unless you’ve washed your hands.  Just this one small step that could go far when it comes to combating the spread of communicable diseases.

Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

There’s no time like the present to start preparing or getting the body in better shape for optimum health and wellness.

This article is for informational purposes only!

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Prepping: DIY Rainwater Harvesting System

Water storage can be a big problem for those with limited space and no well.  But there is a way to still prepare for your water needs in the event of a long term emergency.  You can use a Do-it-yourself rainwater harvesting system.

There is more than one way to go about creating your own system to have water when the SHTF. Additionally, rainwater harvesting is one of the most self-sufficient and environment-friendly methods of using water. You are collecting water from the sky as it falls, all the while trying to utilize is as much as you can, and without a price tag looming on it.

The average roof collects 600 gallons (2,271.2 L) of water for every inch of rainfall and you can make a rainwater collection system for under a hundred dollars and store hundreds of gallons of water to use for your garden or other purposes.  Make sure you have a filtration system in place before drinking this water just to be safe.

Please be aware that some states have banned rainwater collection and harvesting. 

Installing a simple rain barrel to collect water is pretty easy. Through this do-it-yourself tutorial, you can make it in no time and start harvesting water in just four steps. Connecting a rain barrel system to the rainwater drainage pipes is an efficient way of collecting rainwater. What I also like about this tutorial is the reliance on visuals to explain the process, which is always helpful, especially to those who are new to prepping.

What You’ll Need

Obtain one or more water storage barrels. We suggest a food-grade BPA-free plastic water storage barrel (in case this water needs to be used for human consumption). A rain barrel can also be made from a large plastic trash can if you are on a budget and intend to use the water only in a garden or for washing. You’ll want a barrel that will hold 30 to 55 gallons (113.6 to 208.2 L) of water.

  • If you decide to get a used barrel, make sure that it didn’t formerly contain oil, pesticides, or any other type of toxic substance. It’s too difficult to clean these chemicals from the inside of the barrel, so using them is too risky.
  • If you plan on collecting a lot of water, get two or three barrels. You’ll be able to connect them so they’re all part of the same water collection system and this way you can have hundreds of gallons of water at your disposal.
  • 1 standard 1-inch hose spigot with ¾-in. pipe threads, so you can access water from your rain barrel.
  • 1 ¾-inch x ¾-inch coupling
  • 1 ¾-inch x ¾-inch bushing
  • 1 ¾-inch pipe thread with a 1-inch hose adapter
  • 1 ¾-inch lock nut
  • 4 metal washers
  • 1 roll Teflon thread tape
  • 1 tube silicone caulk
  • 1 “S”-shaped aluminum downspout elbow, to direct water from your downspout to your rain barrel
  • 1 piece of aluminum window screen, to keep leaves, bugs and other materials out of your water
  • 4-6 concrete blocks

Once you’ve got the supplies needed, level the area next to your downspout by clearing away any debris. Make sure you’ve cleared an area big enough to fit all the barrels you’d like to use. Put down a layer of pea gravel. This will provide better drainage around the rain barrels and help keep water away from the foundation of your home. Dig a 5-inch deep rectangle in the area you leveled to accommodate the rain barrels, and fill it with 1?2 inch (1.3 cm) of pea gravel. If you are putting barrels on concrete, don’t worry about the pea gravel. Stack the concrete blocks on the pea gravel to create a raised platform for your rainwater barrels.

Drill a spigot hole in the side of your barrel. It should be high enough up on the barrel to fit a bucket or water jug underneath. Make a 3/4-inch hole to properly fit the spigot you bought. Use caulk on both the inside and outside of the hole. Put the spigot and the coupling together. Use Teflon tape to wrap the threaded ends to create a tight seal and prevent leakage. Put a washer on the threaded end of the coupling and insert it through the hole in the barrel from the outside. Slip another washer over the pipe from the inside. Attach the bushing to hold the spigot in place.

(For pictures, please click here or watch the video below)


Next, make an overflow valve. Click here for detailed instructions if you are using more than one barrel. Put a filer at the top of the downspout so leaves and debris stay out of your water. Connect the downspout using the “S” elbow to your rain barrels.

This is just a simple way to start collecting rainwater, and there is more than one way to do this.  Make it work for you and your situation.  Prepping really isn’t a “one size fits all” deal.  We all have different setups and needs, so create something that works for you.  If something doesn’t work in this guide, scrap it and find what does work. We simply hope this gives you ideas on how to better prepare for an emergency.

Also, if you are new to prepping, don’t worry about trying this! We all started somewhere and as you get more ideas, you’ll be able to discover new and innovative ways to make things work for you in your current situation. Most preppers are here to help and offer advice that’s worked for them personally. If nothing else, you’ll come away with some great ideas on how to advance your preparedness.

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Prepping Tips: Long & Short Term Water Storage

Water storage is a bit tricky for most people.  Few are fortunate enough to have a well on their property and a means of removing water from it without electricity.  But since there are a lot of new preppers out there now, we have decided to put together a helpful guide on how to store water for a short and long term emergency.

In a short term emergency, even if the power goes or you’re experiencing a massive storm, bottled water can be purchased at grocery stores. But there are other ways to have it on hand in case of an emergency and you don’t want to battle anyone at the store.  You could just buy a few cases of water beforehand and keep them around, but the plastic bottles will eventually begin to break down and could leech plastic into your drinking water. If you plan to store bottled water for a short term emergency, make sure to drink it every year and replace it before the leaching process can begin.

Unlike the water itself, which has existed on Earth for 4.5 billion years, that manufactured plastic bottle only has so much time before it “goes bad.” The plastic bottles that water comes packaged in (usually polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for retail bottles and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for water cooler jugs). The bottle will eventually fail (expire) and begin to leach plastic chemicals into the water with an effect on the overall taste. So if you happen to find a water bottle well past its printed expiration date in your home, it’s probably safe to drink, if you don’t mind the chemical bits of bottle which have broken down and are now swirling around in it, but you should also be aware of the fact that it might not be super fresh tasting anymore either. But in a life and death situation, you could drink well-expired bottled water and probably be alright. Howver, there are many other options for storing water that could help you avoid drinking the plastic. –Ready Nutrition

Food Grade Plastic Containers

These are an excellent option. Make sure you choose BPA-free containers. These will be safer and if your water is not stored correctly, it can (and will) become toxic.  These containers come in a variety of sizes, but if you want long term water storage you’ll want some pretty big ones. The benefits of a BPA-free food-grade plastic is definitely the weight and durability.  These containers are difficult to break if you’re using them correctly and they are light enough to move around until you decide where you want them.  Once you have water in them though, they’ll obviously be pretty heavy.

Glass Containers

I am not a fan of these, personally. (But they may work for you. Remember, prepping is about what works best for you, in your life.) They are heavy and easy to drop and break. The cost isn’t worth it to me, however, glass is going to be your best bet if you are concerned about leeching. There is no chance that a glass container will leech.  But getting big enough containers to store enough water for the long term can be difficult and is often beyond the budget for some. Two 64 oz. jugs cost about $20 or, this pack of 4 glass one-gallon jugs costs $32.  By comparison, the plastic jug (pictured to the left) holds 15 gallons of water and costs $79.

How Much Water Should You Store?

The general “rule of thumb” is to store one gallon of water per person per day.  This may not be enough though if you want to wash clothes and dishes and bathe, but with conservation methods, you could certainly make that work. A better goal is to store two gallons per person per day and get enough for a two-week emergency when you first start. Build your storage from there.  It’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, and that especially applies to your water.


You will also want a way to filter water.  If an emergency or disaster stretches out, (or you’re just beginning and you only have a couple of gallons of water stored) you are going to have to find another source of water when you diminish your storage.  A lot of people like LifeStraws, but a lot of people like the Sawyer water filtration system too.  This portable Berkely water filter (pictured to the right) is pricey but highly rated. Another good suggestion is to grab some water purification tablets. I keep these in my vehicle emergency kit.  Tablets will eventually get used up and are a better plan for a short term survival situation.

Survival Water Filter DIY – What to do in an Emergency!

Remember to be safe with your water! Drinking water directly from a lake or stream can make you very sick, which is why we have included several ways for you to filter water.  Lakes and streams can contain viruses, bacteria, protozoans, and parasites which can cause severe illness. (Click here for more information from the CDC about contaminates in natural water sources.)

Hopefully, this will give the newer preppers out there some ideas for their water storage and filtration.  If anyone has any other tips for beginners, be sure to leave them in the comments!

Why NOT To Store Rice In A Used Soda Bottle & Alternatives For Storage

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This article was contributed by our friend Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

This cannot be reflated THAT QUICKLY. What we’re seeing is the 2008 IMPLOSION with a 12-yr delay. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has said that the markets will stay open, but it’s UP IN THE AIR right now.

Officially, this has killed retirement for tens of millions of people. We are going back in time, CONSERVATIVELY, by 6-7 years.

By the time this is over with, 10-15 years of EQUITY, hard work, sweat, imagination, and creativity, might go DOWN THE TOILETS.

The various segments of society are treating this much differently.

Business leaders are thinking in terms of SURVIVAL and their responsibility to thousands of families, who depend on salaries to STAY AFLOAT.

Investors are looking at their retirement cushions – which one month ago were at ALL-TIME HIGHS – dissipating like steam.


Every single day, STOCKS are halted. The volatility is like nothing we’ve ever encountered.

The bullion dealers are limiting orders of gold and silver to only a few thousand dollars and the DELIVERY DELAYS are in the range of 6-8 weeks.

Yet, the number of casualties in America is fewer than the amount of people that attend a wedding.

The lesson here is that we are INCAPABLE of properly dealing with a pandemic.

We have, single-handedly, RUINED our lives. China was six weeks late in containing it, and from there we’ve been in a WORLD OF HURT.

I fully ANTICIPATE that the societal changes we’ll undergo will be UNIQUE.

We are living in a new world. This was CHECKMATE for the fiat monetary system. It proved itself to be a GIANT house of cards, built on bullshit economics.

This bubble is deflating so fast that Usain Bolt can’t keep up with it.


From here on, no one will be impressed with how veterans SURVIVED the Dot.Com bubble bursting. The coronavirus of 2020 is going to be ENGRAINED in the psyche of the masses. It will leave a scar that will not heal or get better for decades.

In the case that this isn’t fixed soon, between 15 million and 30 million Americans will be out of a job.

The government will not only send checks to every American, but they will have to resort to NATIONALIZING industries and embarking on a TRILLION-DOLLAR infrastructure program.

We aren’t going back to normal by any stretch of the imagination.

In the history of the United States, authorities have closed the stock market in 1914 (WW1), in 1933 (bank holiday of the Great Depression), in 1963 (JFK) and on 9/11.

The VOLATILITY INDEX has now gone higher than in the Lehman Weekend!

This country must find the strength and inspiration to turn this around and UNITE, or risk falling apart on MULTIPLE LEVELS.


At this moment in time, my two BIGGEST takeaways are that (1) there’s no way IN HELL that people ever trust their retirement funds to be there when they need them. (2) I believe that share BUYBACKS will become illegal and that CEOs, this time around, will be put to justice.

The court of public opinion is going to bury so many well-known people.

As much as this has been ALMOST SURREAL thus far, it’s really not over.

Check this out:


This is our generation’s Pearl Harbor, our GREATEST test and, on a personal basis, it’s a time for self-reflection.

I’ve spent considerable time speaking with top-income earners in many industries. I’ve spoken with CEOs, venture capitalists, and WHALE INVESTORS.

I’m telling you that the sentiment is WORSE than in 2008. Many have thrown in the towel.

The markets are BEGGING to be closed. In fact, I’m BREAKING this news here first. As I see it, for the first time in the MODERN ERA, investors are PRICING a default by the TREASURY!

I’m going to repeat that: The world is beginning to consider that Washington is NOT STABLE.

On Sunday, I’m going to publish an EMERGENCY BRIEFING. Stay tuned!

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Prepping For Two Week Quarantine: Emergency Food Supply

Right now, the focus of is to make sure all readers are as UPDATED as possible on the Covid-19 pandemic. Download our EXCLUSIVE report immediately at:

With the increase in people looking to take a more prepared lifestyle, we’ve decided to put together a more beginner guide for a two-week emergency food supply. This is not a “quarantine specific” guide, although it definitely could apply for our current situation.

We all started somewhere, and as preppers, our goal is to help others establish a means to not only survive, but get through an emergency with less stress, panic, and fear. If you are prepared, those basic response emotions to crises tend to abate and that’s the goal.  The fewer people who panic, the less the government’s response and less we all experience a loss of our basic human rights and dignity.

Even though the chances of getting the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 are small, the government’s response is huge. Schools are shut down.  The shelves have been wiped out at grocery stores.  Basic essentials are in short supply. Try getting toilet paper right now!  The panic has set in and people are scared.  But you can be prepared, instead of scared, and it’s a much more calming feeling.

The video below is an excellent resource, but you’ll also probably want some explanation in the form of writing, especially for those who are just beginning. This video simply lists 20 foods you can store for a two-week emergency supply kit.

The first thing you will need to do is take into account your family’s dietary needs. For example, if someone is lactose intolerant, buying 3 gallons of milk is not only a waste of money, but it’s a waste of food. You won’t use it and it’ll go bad.  You want to purchase things that are shelf-stable and will last you two weeks.  You should also take health into account when it’s only a two-week emergency supply, and especially if you are specifically preparing for a pandemic.  Your immune system cannot function if you eat too much sugar and don’t get enough healthy nutrients.

What You Should Store

Rice – can be used as a filler in soups or as a side.  It’s inexpensive and will last forever! That means, if you don’t need it right away, you can chuck it in with your long-term preparedness food storage. White, wild, jasmine and basmati rice are among the many that can last forever. Purchase at least 20 lbs.

Canned Vegetables – canned vegetables don’t last forever, but they do have a shelf life of 5 years. If you are limited on fresh produce, however, these could be essential. For two weeks, assume you’ll eat a can per day per person if there is no fresh produce. Use that to figure out how many cans you will need for a two-week emergency. You can obviously get more, and once they approach their shelf life, replace them and eat them during normal times.

Bulk Nuts – a simple snack full of healthy fats.

Protein Pancake Mix – the reason you want to get a pancake mix with a higher protein, is because generally, it contains less sugar than the standard mixes.  They also make more hearty pancakes and will keep people fuller for longer. My family likes the Lakanto Keto pancake mix however, there are others available if it’s not your thing.

Canned Beans & Dried Beans – for a family of four, get 24 cans of canned beans and 20 lbs of dried beans.  Beans will provide protein if meat is in short supply.

Canned meat – as mentioned in the video, canned chicken is a good choice and is universally liked.  Some members of my family don’t like tuna or spam, but we all like chicken.

Canned Soup – this is a simple meal and can fill up people quickly.

Peanut Butter – a few large jars of peanut butter can be eaten by the spoonful as a snack.  Peanut butter is full of healthy fats.

Nut Milk (such as oak milk or almond milk) – these milks generally last longer than cow’s milk and they don’t taste bad.  If you like coffee creamer, these can scratch the itch.

Oils – for the short term, you’ll want quality here.  Cold-pressed olive oil or avocado oil are excellent options.

Pasta & Canned Tomato sauces – these will be pretty quick and easy to make into a dinner. If you run out of pasta, the sauce can be used to make tomato soup.

You could also consider reading resources about preparedness, such as Tess Pennington’s The Prepper’s Blueprint

If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not. –Tess Pennington

Use your own critical thinking skills here, and store things for both the long-term and short term.  More advanced preppers could take this time in isolated quarantine to perform an audit of their supplies to make sure food is still edible and everything is in working order.

Share with our readers in the comments the foods that you like to store for a short term emergency.

*This guide is focused on foods.  Please note, you should have some water stored and filtration devices on hand.  If you still have trouble getting your hands on some toilet paper, consider a bidet.  It’ll be a change, but even if you have toilet paper, you’ll have a pretty powerful bartering item if the S hits the fan. 

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“Do Not Call 9-1-1 Just Because You Ran Out Of Toilet Paper”

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

Did you ever imagine that you would see the day when police are being called out to protect trucks that are unloading shipments of toilet paper?  Well, in California this is actually happening.  At the Costco in Santa Maria, California police were seen guarding a truck as it unloaded a shipment of toilet paper on Saturday.

Thanks to the tremendous fear that the coronavirus pandemic is creating, toilet paper has become one of the hottest commodities in America all of a sudden.  Many retailers have already started to limit the amount of toilet paper that each customer can purchase, and shortages are becoming increasingly common.

So what should you do if you run out of toilet paper and can’t get anymore?

Well, apparently some people in Oregon have been calling 9-1-1 to voice their concerns.  The Newport Oregon Police Department posted the following message on their Facebook page two days ago…

It’s hard to believe that we even have to post this. Do not call 9-1-1 just because you ran out of toilet paper. You will survive without our assistance.

In fact, history offers many other options for you in your time of need if you cannot find a roll of your favorite soft, ultra plush two-ply citrus scented tissue.

Seamen used old rope and anchor lines soaked in salt water. Ancient Romans used a sea sponge on a stick, also soaked in salt water. We are a coastal town. We have an abundance of salt water available. Sea shells were also used.

Mayans used corn cobs. Colonial Americans also used the core of the cob. Farmers not only used corn cobs, but used pages from the Farmers Almanac. Many Americans took advantage of the numerous pages torn from free catalogs such as Sears and Roebuck. The Sears Christmas catalog, four times thicker than the normal catalog, could get a family of three wiped clean from December through Valentine’s Day; or Saint Patrick’s Day if they were frugal.

Then, of course, there are always alternatives to toilet paper. Grocery receipts, newspaper, cloth rags, lace, cotton balls, and that empty toilet paper roll sitting on the holder right now. Plus, there are a variety of leaves you can safely use. Mother Earth News magazine will even tell you how to make your own wipes using fifteen different leaves. When all else fails, you have magazine pages. Start saving those catalogs you get in the mail that you usually toss into the recycle bin. Be resourceful. Be patient. There is a TP shortage. This too shall pass. Just don’t call 9-1-1. We cannot bring you toilet paper.

I am glad that they approached this “crisis” with a sense of humor, but the reality of the matter is that this is starting to become a full-blown national problem.

At this point, even Amazon is having a very difficult time finding enough toilet paper

Those toilet paper and water shortages at your local markets and big-box retailers have affected Amazon, as well.

The company said over the weekend that it, too, is out of stock on many items, “especially in household staples categories,” and is working “around the clock” and bringing on “additional capacity” to deliver orders.

Ultimately, toilet paper is not essential for survival, and we could do just fine without out.

But what will happen if this pandemic stretches on for many more months and national food supplies start getting really tight?

Let us hope that we don’t get to that point any time soon because it would spark nationwide panic on a scale that is absolutely unprecedented.

Sadly, most Americans could not last very long on what they currently have stored up in their homes.  If we have to go through an extended national lockdown like we have already seen in China or Italy, a lot of the exact same people that mocked us for “preparing” are going to find themselves in a very precarious position.

And in some areas, a lockdown has already occurred.  In fact, more than 6 million residents of northern California have now been ordered to “shelter in place”

Six Bay Area counties announced a “shelter in place” order for all residents on Monday — the strictest measure of its kind yet in the continental United States — directing everyone to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible for the next three weeks as public health officials desperately try to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus across the region.

The directive begins at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday and involves San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties — a combined population of more than 6.7 million.

Most Bay Area residents will be just fine for a few days.

But what happens if this “shelter in place” order lasts for several months?

Over on the east coast, New York City has not been locked down yet, but the latest measures are a big step in that direction

The city that never sleeps has been forced to shut down its bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms, including those in New York City’s iconic Times Square, in a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Photos of one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Big Apple show a relatively quiet scene with only a handful of people walking under Times Square’s bright lights on Monday.

The state of New York now has the most confirmed cases in the entire nation, and if this outbreak continues to spread wildly it is just a matter of time before a total lockdown is instituted.

At this point, the United States is on the exact same trajectory as Italy.  If this continues, the same things that are happening there will start happening here.

In the northern portion of the country, the death toll is becoming truly frightening.  In fact, we just learned that six Catholic priests have died from the virus in the city of Bergamo alone

At the heart of the European coronavirus crisis in northern Italy’s city of Bergamo, six Catholic priests have died during the past week from the disease and, as of Sunday, over 20 priests were hospitalized.

The Bishop of Bergamo, Francesco Beschi, confirmed this numbers speaking with the Italian TV news network Rainews24.

Anyone that has to deal with the public is going to be at great risk during this pandemic, and so it is vital not to underestimate the deadliness of this virus.

Just a few weeks ago there were zero cases in Bergamo, but now the city’s crematory has so many dead bodies it is unable to keep up

An Italian mayor says that his city’s crematory is now “unable to dispose of all the work it has to do,” as there have been so many bodies of those who have died due to the coronavirus.

Giorgio Gori — the mayor of Bergamo, Italy — says that it is no longer only the hospitals that are in a state of emergency but also the crematorium responsible for managing the bodies, according to a report by Il Giornale.

Doesn’t that sound eerily similar to what happened in Wuhan?

If we don’t get this outbreak under control somehow, the same thing will eventually happen in the United States too.

But most Americans still seem to believe that this virus is not a serious threat to them personally.  In fact, a brand new survey discovered that only 19 percent of Americans expect to catch COVID-19…

The survey of 502 people at least 18 years old shows that fear and panic doesn’t seem to be completely overtaking most households, but plenty of Americans are worried. In all, 19% of respondents think they’ll be diagnosed with coronavirus at some point.

Interestingly, nearly one in ten (9%) people went as far to admit they believe they have coronavirus right now.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs is projecting that half the U.S. population will eventually become infected.

A lot of people that are not taking this seriously will eventually get sick and die.

And this is especially true for those that are openly mocking this pandemic.  Right now, “the coronavirus challenge” is getting a lot of attention on social media for all the wrong reasons.

As a part of this challenge, people are literally licking toilet seats and doorknobs

No matter what’s at stake, please don’t try this challenge, folks.

There’s a brand new challenge introduced on TikTok where people are licking everyday items that are often for public use.

Yes, these include toilet seats and doorknobs.

How unbelievably stupid do you have to be to do something like that?

Unfortunately, this is yet another perfect example of how far our society has degenerated.

We have literally become an “idiocracy”, and we are sitting ducks for a deadly virus that is not going to show us any mercy whatsoever.

About the Author: I am a voice crying out for change in a society that generally seems content to stay asleep. My name is Michael Snyder and I am the publisher of The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe. I have written four books that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned) By purchasing those books you help to support my work. I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but due to government regulations, I need those that republish my articles to include this “About the Author” section with each article. In order to comply with those government regulations, I need to tell you that the controversial opinions in this article are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the websites where my work is republished. This article may contain opinions on political matters, but it is not intended to promote the candidacy of any particular political candidate. The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial or health decisions. Those responding to this article by making comments are solely responsible for their viewpoints, and those viewpoints do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of Michael Snyder or the operators of the websites where my work is republished. I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.

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Pandemic Kits & Supplies Are SELLING OUT: Get What You Need!

Pandemic kits on Amazon have all sold out. Face masks are difficult to come by. Even Tyvek suits are going quickly and emergency food supplies are dwindling.  The American public appears to be preparing, but do we have everything we need?

As survival-minded people, we know we can’t depend on any government or organization to take care of us. Our self-reliant mindset leads us to conclude that we need to prepare now for the possibility of a global coronavirus pandemic, and most of us already have.  However, some are just beginning their journey to preparedness, and the coronavirus is a good reason to start.

Recently, we wrote an article detailing ways to set up a quarantine in your own home with a list of gear and supplies that you may want to have on hand, just in case. Because the majority of the items have sold out, we’ve included other options that are still available for purchase. Remember, don’t be turned off by the term “panic buying.” If you need it, get it. If you MIGHT need it, get it. It’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.


First, you need items to prevent contraction of the virus and its transmission should you or a family member get it. Face masks have been shown to be about 80% effective at prevention, and even a surgical mask can prevent you from transmitting the virus to someone else.  Even the surgeon general suggested the public stop buying masks so plenty would be available for the elitists.  And that’s why they come in at number one on our list:

  1. Body Suits and N95 Masks – make sure the mask fits snugly to your face for the best chance of prevention.
  2. Thick Plastic Sheeting (common at home improvement stores) and Duct tape or painters’ tape – to partition off a quarantine room if someone gets sick.
  3. Simple and easy to clean cot
  4. Strong High Mil Trash Bags 
  5. Hydration and Electrolyte Options (sports drinks or others)
  6. Immune Booster (echinacea tea, for example) or vitamin C and/or zinc supplements. 
  7. High-quality disinfectant soap, bleach, and scrubbing tools
  8.  Disposable latex gloves
  9. 5-gallon bucket(s) – can act as a backup toilet (multiple would be preferred)
  10. Water – in this case, at least 2 gallons of water per person for up to 7 days if possible. More is better. Also, consider a filter (like a life straw, one for each family member) because you never know just how dire things could get. You won’t want to get sicker by drinking contaminated water.
  11. Food – hopefully you have enough emergency food for a month because these are definitely in short supply right now.  One month should be long enough to ride out this virus.
  12. Over the Counter Medicines – these will help alleviate the symptoms of coronavirus if you happen to get it.  They won’t cure you but could make life a lot more comfortable as your body fights it off.
  13. First aid kit  – you should have one of these in all your vehicles and home anyway.

Hopefully, this list will help you fill in the gaps or at least come up with other items you could use to beef up your home quarantine kit. Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. If you never need to use any of these items, you will have them the next time a possible pandemic strikes.

Prepping is very personal. If there’s something on this list you don’t think is necessary, don’t get it.  If there’s something not on this that you think will be valuable to you, get it. There’s no one perfect list for everyone or a “one size fits all” preparedness plan. Suggestions for additional supplies or ideas to enhance others’ preparedness are always welcome and could be invaluable to our beginner readers.

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FEMA Is Preparing For Coronavirus “Emergency Declaration”

As Americans scramble to prepare themselves for the possibility that the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is also preparing.  FEMA is “aware of the gravity of the situation” and ready to assist in a coronavirus response.

FEMA officials are preparing for an “infectious disease emergency declaration” by the president that would allow the agency to provide disaster relief funding to state and local governments, as well as federal assistance to support the coronavirus response, according to agency planning documents reviewed by NBC News.

The Trump administration would have to use the 1988 Stafford Act to enable FEMA to provide such disaster assistance. Emergency declarations are most often used in the event of natural disasters but can be used to help manage disease outbreaks. “To me, this is another indication that the president and the White House are finally aware of the gravity of the situation,” said Michael Coen, who was FEMA chief of staff during the Obama administration. “They need to consider all tools available to them and have contingencies for action.”


“I actually find this reassuring,” said Tim Manning, who was a FEMA deputy administrator under President Barack Obama. “I hope this discussion has been happening continuously over the last couple of months.” An emergency declaration would allow FEMA to provide disaster medical assistance teams, mobile hospitals, and military transport, among other kinds of federal support, Manning said.

China Invokes HOLOCAUST HORRORS: 40 Mobile Incineration Ovens Deployed in Wuhan

But it isn’t immediately clear just what all of that could mean.

China Is Literally Dragging People Out Of Their Homes And Sending Them To “Mass Quarantine Camps”

Department of Defense: The Military Has MASS Quarantine Camps Set Up In The U.S.

FEMA’s disaster relief fund has a current balance of $34 billion, according to the latest agency update. “It’s money that’s sitting there and ready,” said another former FEMA official, who declined to be identified. –NBC News

What To Expect From FEMA After A Disaster (Spoiler: It’s Not Good)


emergency food Emergency Preparedness face masks First Aid Kits Food gas masks hazmat suits Headline News Intelwars items Medicine N100 pandemic Preparedness prepper gear quarantine selling out SHTF Supplies survival

As The Coronavirus Spreads, Survival Gear Keeps Selling Out!

N95 or better face masks are all but impossible to come by right now.  But in addition to those selling out completely, emergency food kits and other gear is flying off the shelves in stores and selling out online because of the coronavirus’ rapid spread and rising death toll.

What is selling out? According to a report by Business Insider, these are the items to grab if you want and don’t already have because they may not be available much longer:

  1. Hazmat Suits – as people boost their quarantine gear and first aid kits in anticipation of what could soon be a global pandemic, Hazmat suits are seen as necessary. If you self-quarantine yourself or an ill family member at home, a couple of these could come in handy to prevent the spread of the virus to others.
  2. Face Masks AND Gas Masks – Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I was unable to find any N95 or better face masks available for sale.  But if you want one, continue to Google them a few times a day or check websites that say they are coming back in stock. However, while face masks aren’t readily available, preppers are also buying gas masks. Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?
  3. Emergency Food Kits – a lot of the 30-day emergency food kits have already sold out.  You can still grab some 72-hour and 14-day kits, but those are going quickly too.  This is likely due to the “bugging in” that will happen if this virus does become a pandemic.


There are a few things you can do that don’t cost anything to make sure you’re ready for this outbreak to be labeled a pandemic. Improve your diet, improve your handwashing techniques (and teach children), and do an audit of your first aid kit and quarantine supplies. 

While everything else seems to be in stock, for now, these three items are going quickly.  It’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  That seems to be the mindset of most preppers, as these things that we all know we should have on hand for those SHTF scenarios start to sell out!

Big Government combatant commands Conspiracy Fact and Theory control coronavirus preparedness Emergency Preparedness excuse executive order Fear Headline News Intelwars Martial Law Mike Hatfield Military MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX pandemic Police State preparations quarantine respond survival United States

U.S. Military Prepares For Coronavirus Pandemic

In the United States, it isn’t health officials that are preparing for the possibility of the coronavirus outbreak becoming a pandemic.  The military is preparing, and that should concern everyone.

Considering the coronavirus is a health concern, doctors and hospitals are the ones who should be getting ready for the possibility of a massive outbreak in the U.S.  But that isn’t the case.  U.S. Northern Command is executing plans to prepare for a potential pandemic of the novel coronavirus, now called COVID19, according to Navy and Marine Corps service-wide messages issued this week.

Chinese Doctors BEG For Face Masks Amid Coronavirus’ Continued Spread

When the Chinese government and those who serve it got involved, people were violently removed from their homes, and some cautioned that this may not stay isolated to China if the virus spreads to the U.S.

Department of Defense: The Military Has MASS Quarantine Camps Set Up In The U.S.

Is this just an excuse for more control over the public? Is this an excuse to use Martial Law? Who knows, but as some say: hope for the best, prepare for the worst. What you do with this information is up to you, but the U.S. military is making preparations for a pandemic.

The Navy and Marine Corps messages, issued Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, reference an executive order directing U.S. Northern Command to implement the Department of Defense Global Campaign plan for Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases 3551-13.

The document serves as the Pentagon’s blueprint for planning and preparing for the widespread dispersion of influenza and previously unknown diseases.

U.S. Northern Command said Wednesday it was directed the Joint Staff Feb. 1 to commence “prudent planning” in their assigned role synchronizing the department’s plans for pandemic flu and disease. –Military Times

The planning does not indicate a greater likelihood of an event developing, says the military.  As military professionals, planning for a range of contingencies is something we owe the American people,” Navy Lt. Cmdr. Mike Hatfield said. “We coordinate with other combatant commands to assess potential impacts in the event of a pandemic and we ensure the U.S. military is poised to respond as required,” Hatfield said in a statement. “The military profession fosters a culture of planning, and the fact that we are coordinating planning efforts across the geographical combatant commands is consistent with how we prepare to respond if directed.”

Combatant commands? The assumption should be that they’ll be fighting a virus…

If you think that what happened in China can’t happen here, Military Times says it without coming out and saying it:

According to the Marine Corps message MARADMIN 082/20, commanders are to review their disease containment plans and take “preparatory and precautionary actions” to protect service members, installations and ships.

This includes ensuring that the plans contain procedures for “response, isolation, quarantine, restriction of movement and community-based intervention” as well as developing measures to contain and treat those possibly exposed. –Military Times

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” –Ronald Reagan

His words ring truer every day.

Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital


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Coronavirus Cases Surge: Pandemic Becomes More Likely As Cases Jump In Italy

Source: MSN

The coronavirus outbreak is inching closer to becoming a pandemic.  Italy has seen cases surge and now reports one death as global infections continue to rise. Authoritative containment efforts have not been effective to this point.

Authorities are struggling to contain and understand the outbreak in countries that have had a surge in infections, such as South Korea, Italy, and Iran.  Infected cases have skyrocketed and have increased over 2,000 percent in the past couple of weeks, according to a report by Fox News.  Italy is considered the site of Europe’s first major outbreak and the largest outside of Asia. The number of infected cases jumped to 152, compared to just three 10 days ago.

Italy’s outbreak is of concern to many health officials.  The country has seen 110 cases in Milan, which is its financial district and Venice, known as a famous hub for tourists throughout the world. The possibility of spreading the virus from a tourist destination like Venice to the entire globe is now possible. Events and soccer matches were canceled in the country, while some of its movie theatres were reportedly shuttered, including Milan’s legendary La Scala.

“We are worried about the situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in Italy,” World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference in Stockholm via a video link.

Food and water provisions should be made before this virus has a chance to become a pandemic, if at all possible. Face masks may help, however, avoiding the general public is the best chance at the prevention right now.  Make sure your first aid kit is up to par and that you are able to care for yourself or a sick family member if need be.  Quarantining on your own may be the best advice yet. It’s times like this that I like to say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  If you can prevent the contraction of the virus (and transmission to your family members), that will be your best chance. However, if you do get sick, you will want to be prepared for the long haul, especially in hospitals fill up in the event that this virus becomes a pandemic.

Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

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