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Poll: Majority of voters say BLM demonstrations are riots — not protests

A majority of voters surveyed by a Fox News poll say that Black Lives Matter demonstrations are riots rather than protests.

The findings come amid months of heightened police-community tensions following the death of George Floyd in May.

What are the details?

The poll, released on Sunday, found that 48% of likely voters believe protests taking place across the country — in cities such as Rochester, Portland, and Kenosha — are riots, while 40% view the demonstrations as protests.

According to Fox, the national survey is the first the network has conducted among likely voters in 2020.

Of those responding, 39% said that violence stemming from the demonstrations is due to “left-wing radicals,” while 33% blamed “right-wing radicals”; 9% of respondents said that blame could be apportioned to both sides.

The poll’s findings were split along party lines, with 68% of Republicans referring to the demonstrations as riots and just 30% of Democrats agreeing.

Along racial lines, 52% of white voters said the protests are riots, while 62% of black respondents and 48% of Hispanic said they are demonstrations.

Anything else?

The poll also asked respondents who they would vote for if the election were held today.

The Biden-Harris ticket, according to the poll, was ahead of the Trump-Pence ticket 51-46.

“That 5 percentage-point advantage sits right at the margin of sampling error of the latest Fox News survey,” the outlet pointed out, however, which was conducted following both the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

“Despite the often tumultuous events of the day, campaigns are often about partisan homecoming. Trump may be benefiting from this dynamic,” Republican pollster Daron Shaw — who conducts the Fox News Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson — said. “It looks like Republican-leaning undecided voters have come around, both in the ballot and his job ratings.”

The poll was conducted between Sept. 7 and Sept. 10 over 1,311 registered voters and 1,191 likely voters.

You can read more on the poll’s findings here.

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Little Trust In Government’s COVID-19 Vaccine

The tyrants who want to vaccinate the world with a coronavirus vaccine have one big problem on their hands: trust.  The public is rapidly losing trust in government, the banking cartel, and big pharma.  This could be a big problem when it comes to trying to manipulate people into taking this vaccine.

One of the biggest problems the government is having when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine is that many don’t trust those pushing and creating the vaccine. But those who think they own you, are going to try their hardest to get you to comply.

FDA Commissioner Shares Bill Gates’ Concern: People Might Reject The Coronavirus Vaccine

Their biggest concern is not the safety of a vaccine, but that people will not take the shot once it’s available. That should be a sign that maybe your best interest is not theirs. The mainstream media continues their propaganda push for big pharma and the government however, doing their best to convince you that the vaccine is the only solution. Those wide awake already know better.

They Moved The Goalposts AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”

Bloomberg writes: “In the war against the coronavirus, only one weapon has the potential to ease the conflict quickly: a vaccine.” But they do admit that the public doesn’t trust the authorities anymore. A recent poll said that one-third of Americans won’t take the vaccine.

A poll published Friday from NPR, PBS NewsHour, and Marist conducted August 3-11 found that 35% of respondents said they would not receive a COVID-19 vaccine, 60% said they would and 5% are uncertain.  And those numbers are with the mainstream media pushing and promoting the vaccine 24/7.  This poll could be misleading, however.  Personally, I have not met one person who is going to get the vaccine, regardless of the circumstances or the punishments for rejecting it.

The power of propaganda has worked really well on Americans:

People with college degrees are more likely than those without to elect to receive a coronavirus vaccine, 72% compared to 53%. -U.S. News

Do you see what they are doing? “Smart people” are those with college degrees and they are going to get the vaccine. If you doubt the propaganda, check out what was written later in the same article about this poll:

Many experts warn that life won’t return to “normal” until a vaccine is widely available. Currently, approximately 140 COVID-19 vaccines are in development across the world, according to the World Health Organization. More than two dozen have started clinical trials and some drugmakers believe a vaccine could be available to the public in 2021. -U.S. News

Not to mention that the military is going to be in charge of rolling out this vaccine. Yeah, that doesn’t sound nefarious at all…

The Pentagon & CDC Will Join Together To Mass Distribute The COVID Vaccine

This is not about health. The government does not care about us.  This is about control through fear. This is a psychological war for your mind, and we have to stop allowing the media to control us at the commands of politicians and the banking cartel.