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Sun Is Entering Solar Minimum & And Age Of Global Cooling

The evidence suggests that our sun is entering a phase called “solar minimum.”  That means the activity of the surface of the sun will be low and cause a cooling of the Earth. But NASA says don’t worry, redirect your attention to the virus and remain in panic mode.

There have been no sunspots for 100 days, which is the best evidence we have that the sun is entering its solar minimum. There has been talk on social media about an impending Ice Age, but NASA scientists have said we should not be overly worried, according to PennLive.comThe control freaks in power need you focused on the fear over a virus to complete their tyrannical takeover, so they don’t want you prepared for what could come during solar minimum.

The lack of sunspots shows that the sun is entering a period of low activity. “This is a sign that solar minimum is underway,” reads “So far this year, the Sun has been blank 76% of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age. Last year, 2019, the Sun was blank 77% of the time. Two consecutive years of record-setting spotlessness adds up to a very deep solar minimum, indeed.”

The best bet is to be prepared for anything really.  Solar minimum can and has historically wreaked havoc on crops.  Freezing temperatures in places that don’t normally freeze can create famines. Droughts are common as well, meaning growing could be difficult. Prepare, don’t fear. All of this might happen, but none of it could also happen.

If you’ve already got some preparations in place for the government-induced food shortages coming up, you might be able to simply piggyback on those preps.

Scientists Warn: PREPARE NOW For A Mini ICE AGE As The Sun Cools

Ways to Prepare for a Solar Minimum

What can you do about it when the sun changes during this cycle? You can do plenty of things. Let’s go over a few of them.

  1. Pantry: Ensure that your Mason jars are wide-mouthed jars (that take a freeze), as much as possible. Ensure that all of your dry and canned goods are able to be warmed by a wood stove or moved into a room with a fireplace if there should be a power loss.
  2. Overall Food Supply: this encompasses canned and dry goods, as well as dehydrated, high-protein foods, is the way to go. Consider putting up a greenhouse as well.
  3. Water: remember that water in the winter under 32 degrees F is ice. Allow for some headspace (about ¼) in your water containers to allow for freezing. Move any water stored that is in danger of being frozen into an area above the freezing temperature. Have a way to take the ice and turn it into the water, and purify it.
  4. Winter Fuel: For years I have advocated cutting wood in the spring and curing it to cut and section in the fall. You should break out the chainsaws and if there are fire restrictions prohibiting its use, get out the ax and bow saw for a good workout along with the wood gathering. Any dead trees on your property and any fallen dead timber or standing dead timber (with a permit in a national or state forest) is fair game. Cut it now, while the cutting is possible.
  5. Vehicles Weatherized and Prepped: Now is a good time to top off all of the fluids, perform any maintenance, and get that vehicle ready to be your tool in the winter. Extra blankets and clothing in the car along with your BOB (bug-out bag) and supplies are necessary. Don’t forget a food supply that is either dehydrated or one that can take a freeze.
  6. Communications: Prep by investing in Motorolas for the family, CB radios for the vehicles and a base station, or long-range radios and a base station as well. Don’t forget to support it all with a generator and solar panels to charge batteries and to run radios from.
  7. Defense: Archery equipment and firearms are necessary for both hunting game, and also making sure that two-legged hunters don’t make your supplies their game if it hits the fan and there is a prolonged collapse.

Remember, if you are prepared, there is nothing to fear. In my experience, you would pretty much do the opposite of what the government tells you to do.  For example, “fear the virus” is all anyone is focusing on, so it’s it overblown out of proportion propaganda psych op to leave you paralyzed by fear.  Now, NASA and other “official scientists,” say we don’t have to worry about or prepare for a solar minimum.  That probably means it’s time to get a few preps in order if you haven’t already. The mainstream media puppets won’t tell you it’s time to prepare, because their job is to wait until they can use a topic to generate fear and manufacture consent for your enslavement.