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Former Oval Office director of operations Madeleine Westerhout issues apology for leaking to reporters

Madeleine Westerhout, former director of Oval Office operations, issued an apology on Tuesday for leaking to reporters while she was employed at the White House.

lost her job at the White House in 2019 after she told reporters that President Donald Trump preferred her company over that of his own daughters and that he reportedly didn’t like to be photographed with his youngest daughter, Tiffany, because “she is overweight.”

What are the details?

In a Tuesday interview with Fox & Friends’ Steeve Doocy, Westerhout said she “had a bad night” and loosened her lips after a “few drinks” one fateful evening.

Promoting her new book, “Off the Record: My Dream Job at the White House, How I Lost It, and What I Learned,” Westerhout said that her “major lapse of judgment” cost her her dream job.

“On a rare day off, after a couple of drinks by the pool, I accepted an invitation to an off-the-record dinner with four reporters and a White House colleague of mine, and at that dinner I said some things that I didn’t mean and that I never should have said, and I deeply regret that,” she told Doocy. “But I take full responsibility for my actions that night and really regret that I hurt people that I care about very, very much.”

Westerhout also told Doocy that she didn’t even vote for President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

“This was something that I thought a lot about whether or not I wanted to put in the book and I ultimately decided it was very important for me to be completely honest in this book, so what I reveal is that I did not vote for President Trump in 2016,” Westerhout reasoned. “I absolutely did not vote for Hillary Clinton, but in 2016, you know, I had never met the president and everything I knew about him I based off what the mainstream media told me, and it wasn’t until I got to know him and know his character that I realized how wrong I had been.”

Westerhout sings the president’s praises

The former White House staffer had nothing but glowing remarks for the president, insisting that he is nothing short of kind or generous.

“He is a great leader and encouraging boss, and I cannot wait to cast my vote for him on November 3rd,” she insisted. “Until then there is going to be no greater supporter of President Trump than me.”

She also told Doocy that the president is an excellent champion for women.

“The one thing that I found so fascinating about President Trump is his deep admiration and respect for women,” she gushed. “He promotes women. He surrounds himself with strong, intelligent women. He is married to one, he has raised two of them, and every interaction that I have seen and I have had with him has been just showing how much President Trump respects women.”

Trump Staffer Fired For Leaking Apologizes, Says She Leaked ‘After a Few Drinks’

Anything else?

On Tuesday, Trump himself
tweeted about Westerhout’s book, writing, “Great new book by former Director of Oval Office Operations, Madeleine Westerhout, entitled ‘Off the Record’. When I look at all of the Fake Books and garbage written about me, it’s really nice to see a very smart and already wise young woman write an honest depiction of what went on at the White House during some extremely interesting and important times. So many good stories by someone who, unlike most other so called writers, was actually there, and a part of the action – of which there was plenty. Go buy this book, a job well done!”

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MSNBC’s Katy Tur under fire for tweeting and deleting: ‘Kim Jong Un is brain dead’

MSNBC’s Katy Tur apologized after tweeting that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “brain dead” following a surgery.

CNN announced on Monday that Kim recently had a surgery and had suffered complications as a result.

What are the details?

To her 724,000+ Twitter followers, Tur wrote, “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is brain dead, according to two US officials. He recently had cardiac surgery and slipped into a coma, according to one US current and one former US official. @NBCNews confirms and adds to CNN scoop.”

Following apparent questions — and swift backlash — over the tweet, Tur deleted the tweet.

“I’ve deleted that last tweet out of an abundance of caution,” she admitted. “Waiting on more info. Apologies.”

At the time of this writing, Tur has not tweeted further on the alleged status of Kim Jong Un.

The North Korean leader has reportedly not been seen in public since April 11.

You can read more about Monday’s late-breaking story here and here.

What else?

On Monday night, CNN’s Jim Sciutto said, “I’m told by a U.S. official with direct knowledge that the U.S. is monitoring intelligence that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in grave danger following a surgery.

“Now we should note that Kim, he recently missed the celebration of his grandfather Kim Il Sung’s birthday on April 15,” he added. “This raised speculation about his wellbeing, about his health.”

The Los Angeles Times later announced, “The Daily NK, a Seoul-based website that gathers information from informants inside the isolated nation, reported Tuesday that Kim underwent ‘a cardiovascular surgical procedure’ and was now mostly recovered.” The Times noted, however, that it was it was “impossible to immediately verify the report, which the Daily NK said was based on one person inside North Korea.”

On Tuesday, national security adviser Robert O’Brien appeared on Fox News and promised that the U.S. is “keeping a close eye” on the reports.

“We’re monitoring these reports very closely,” O’Brien said. “As you know, North Korea is a very closed society.”

Kim Jong-Un in ‘grave danger’ after heart surgery: Report

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