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Ana Navarro says CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin ‘sexually harassed himself maybe,’ defends his return to network after ‘accidental’ masturbation faux pas

Ana Navarro shocked absolutely no one during Monday’s episode of “The View” when she defended Jeffrey Toobin’s
return to CNN after the legal analyst’s embarrassing Zoom call masturbation fiasco last fall that cost him his longtime job with the New Yorker.

What did Navarro say?

After viewing part of Toobin’s on-air return to CNN, which took place last week, co-host Whoopi Goldberg noted that Navarro “worked for CNN” and then asked her, “Are you surprised to see him back on the air?”

Team player Navarro said no.

“You know, actually I’m not surprised he’s back on the air,” she answered. “But I will tell you when I saw that interview, oh, God, how embarrassing, how humiliating. I kept thinking to myself, ‘If I have to go on live TV and explain to the nation why I masturbated on a Zoom call, I think I would rather go sell avocados under I-95 than get my job back on TV.'”

Navarro explained that Toobin “was not sexually harassing anybody. He didn’t have the intent to sexually harass somebody. He was sexually harassing himself maybe.”

She added that Toobin’s
faux pas was an “accidental exposure” and that he was fired from the New Yorker for it and took a leave of absence from his CNN gig as well — and “during the election, during the hottest political and legal times.”

Navarro suggests CNN viewers should ‘have some grace’

“I also think CNN is a for-profit business. If viewers don’t like it, then they should make their views known,” she continued. “If they wanna have some grace, if they wanna say, ‘We’re not gonna cancel a guy because he made a stupid mistake.’ I think his bigger problem is, frankly, with himself, with his family, with his wife than it is with his CNN colleagues. Because it was not something that was done to us. It was something stupid, horrific, kinky, freaky that he did. But it wasn’t something he was trying to do to us, his CNN colleagues.”

Jeffrey Toobin Returns to CNN After Exposing Himself in Zoom Call | The View

What’s the background?

Toobin was caught masturbating on camera during an October work call with the New Yorker, for whom he was a veteran staff writer. After his behavior came to light, Toobin
lost his New Yorker job — but CNN, for which he also worked, granted him a leave of absence rather than terminating his employment.He explained that he thought he’d turned off his camera.

“I didn’t think I was on the call. I didn’t think other people could see me,” Toobin told CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota during his high-profile return in front of the camera last week.

Toobin added to Camerota that it still didn’t excuse his behavior, and he called his actions “deeply moronic and indefensible.”

He also told Camerota he’d been in therapy during his leave of absence and did things like working at a food bank and is “trying to be a better person.”

After Toobin’s return to the cable network, the
Daily Beast said it interviewed CNN “insiders” about it — and some of them characterized Toobin’s comeback as “insane,” “awkward,” and “inappropriate.”

Past allegations against Toobin

It isn’t clear why Navarro referred to “sexual harassment,” but Toobin has been accused of it — both immediately after the notorious Zoom call and years before that.

The New York Daily News reported in 2010 that an unnamed “well-known media figure” said Toobin — who’s been married since 1986 — repeatedly hit on her at a Washington, D.C., party.

“He came up behind me and whispered in my ear,” the source told the paper, adding that “I couldn’t believe my ears. It was so disgusting. At the time, I never even knew people did that.”

The woman added to the Daily News that Toobin later followed her to her hotel room: “He tried to invite himself in. He said, ‘You know you want it.’ I said, ‘No, actually I don’t.'”

After Toobin was caught masturbating last fall, the Young Turks’ Adrienne Law tweeted in response to those defending him that “1. Masturbating at work is neither normal nor acceptable — it’s sexual harassment. 2. Individuals who engage in sexual harassment should suffer professional consequences. 3. These Toobin defenders are telling on themselves.”

The Daily News — citing an unnamed source — also reported in 2010 that after Toobin impregnated his mistress Casey Greenfield, he offered her “money if she’d have an abortion.”

The paper added that Greenfield carried the baby to term but that Toobin had stopped talking to her. The Daily News said Toobin agreed to take a DNA test, which ultimately proved he’s the father, and that a Manhattan Family Court judge ordered him to pay child support. The paper said that when Toobin refused to pay the full amount, sources claimed Greenfield’s lawyer threatened to notify his employers and garnish his wages — and then Toobin ponied up.

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Women’s group to CNN: Suspend Chris Cuomo for advising NY gov brother on sexual harassment claims

A women’s group has issued a scathing response after CNN admitted anchor Chris Cuomo joined calls advising his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), on how to respond to a barrage of sexual harassment claims against the Democrat.

Feminist organization Ultraviolet called on the network to suspend the anchor immediately, arguing, “This was a major network news anchor advising the Governor of New York to actively push back against sexual harassment allegations and denegrate (sic) survivors.”

What are the details?

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that four sources say Chris Cuomo “joined a series of conference calls that included the Democratic governor, his top aide, his communications team, lawyers and a number of outside advisers” regarding the handling of several sexual harassment claims against the governor earlier this year.

The newspaper reported:

The cable news anchor encouraged his brother to take a defiant position and not to resign from the governor’s office, the people said. At one point, he used the phrase “cancel culture” as a reason to hold firm in the face of the allegations, two people present on one call said.

CNN admitted that Chris was part of the strategy calls, saying in a statement, “Chris has not been involved in CNN’s extensive coverage of the allegations against Governor Cuomo — on air or behind the scenes. In part, because, as he has said on his show, he could never be objective. But also because he often serves as a sounding board for his brother.”

“However,” CNN continued, “it was inappropriate to engage in conversations that included members of the Governor’s staff, which Chris acknowledges. He will not participate in such conversations going forward.”

What did the women’s group say?

Not good enough, Ultraviolet says.

“Make no mistake – this wasn’t just a brother talking to his brother about their lives, or even politics,” the women’s group wrote in reaction to the Post’s story. “This was a major network news anchor advising the Governor of New York to actively push back against sexual harassment allegations and denegrate (sic) survivors of abuse by defining their calls for accountability as ‘cancel culture.'”

The statement continues, “The fact that after this advice, Governor Cuomo instructed surrogates to attack and defame those who courageously came forward with their stories should not be lost on anyone.”

Ultraviolet concludes:

“CNN should immediately suspend Chris Cuomo and conduct a thorough investigation into whether or not his position of authority at the network has impacted how others covered the allegations against his brother, Governor Cuomo. Anything less is unacceptable, and further harms survivors of sexual abuse, who are already disinclined to come forward for fear of retaliation from men in power like the Cuomo brothers.”

Anything else?

CNN did not immediately respond to Fox News‘ request for comment on UltraViolet’s statement.

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Gov. Cuomo says ‘feeling uncomfortable’ isn’t harassment, contradicting harassment law he signed

Facing allegations of sexual misconduct from multiple women, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) attempted to defend himself Thursday, saying that making someone “feel uncomfortable” is not harassment.

During a news conference, City & State NY reporter Rebecca Lewis asked the governor about the statement he made after Charlotte Bennett, a former Cuomo aide, accused her ex-boss of making inappropriate sexual advances toward her.

“I never meant to make anyone feel uncomfortable,” Cuomo said in response. “I never said anything that I believe is inappropriate. You can leave this press conference today and say, ‘Oh, the governor harassed me.’ I would say I never said anything that I believed was inappropriate. I never meant to make you feel that way. You may hear it that way, you may interpret it that way. And I respect that, and I apologize to you if I said something that you think is offensive.”

But Lewis pressed him on the legal definition of sexual harassment, saying, “The harasser’s intention doesn’t matter. You can apologize if you make someone feel uncomfortable. I’m just wondering — do you acknowledge that, according to the law, it doesn’t matter?”

“Harassment is not making someone feel uncomfortable,” Cuomo insisted. “That is not harassment. If I just made you feel uncomfortable, that is not harassment. That’s you feeling uncomfortable.”

Cuomo’s response raised eyebrows in the room and drew condemnation from anti-sexual harassment activists and Bennett, one of his accusers.

“When @NYGovCuomo propositioned me for sex, he broke the law,” Bennett said. “It is very simple: the issue is about his actions, it is not about my feelings. He broke the law (you know, the one he signed). Apologies don’t fix that, and neither do denials.”

In 2019, Cuomo signed a sweeping law that strengthened protections against sexual harassment and lowered the bar for a victim to prove harassment took place. The law defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome verbal or physical behavior based on a person’s gender.”

The Sexual Harassment Working Group, an activist organization comprised of former New York legislative staffers that fights harassment in the state Capitol, issued a statement blasting Cuomo’s “self-delusion.”

“Today Andrew Cuomo’s self-delusion reached impressive new heights & our response is very simple: Just because you believe you can’t make anyone ‘feel’ harassed by your actions, doesn’t make it legally true. If the Governor tried that before a judge he’d get laughed out of court,” the group said. “We accept his original confirmation of Charlotte Bennett’s account of him breaking the New York Human Rights Law he signed, by creating a hostile work environment and grooming her for sex.”

“We eagerly await the Attorney General’s investigation and look forward to the Governor being held accountable for his actions: Not anyone’s feelings,” the group added. “We are not going away and Cuomo will not silence victims.”

Cuomo faces accusations of sexual harassment from nearly a dozen women following the first accusation from Lindsey Boylan, a former aide. State Attorney General Letitia James (D) opened an investigation into the allegations earlier this year. At the same time, Cuomo is also under investigation for allegedly covering up nursing home deaths, tying vaccine access to political support, and misusing state resources to write and promote his pandemic book.

The New York State Assembly has also opened an impeachment inquiry into Cuomo, though Republicans have criticized what they say is a “stalled” investigation that has only provided two updates since it began more than two months ago.

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Cuomo hit with sixth sexual harassment claim, accused of touching another woman inappropriately

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has been accused of sexual harassment by a sixth woman — an aide who claims he touched her inappropriately during an encounter at the governor’s mansion late last year.

What are the details?

The Albany Times Union reported Tuesday that the latest alleged victim to come forward is a member of the Executive Chamber staff who claims the governor made the unwanted advances toward her at the mansion in Albany when she “had been summoned to do work.”

An Executive Chamber supervisor just recently became aware of the allegation, and other employees reported the complaint over the weekend to the governor’s office and to the New York attorney general’s office, where an investigation into five other sexual harassment claims is already ongoing.

According to the Times Union, the aide has not filed a formal complaint herself, and the outlet is withholding her name until she can be reached for comment.

Cuomo was asked about the latest allegation during a conference call with the press on Tuesday, but said that he was not aware of the allegation.

“First, I’m not aware of any other claim,” the Democrat insisted, reiterating, “As I said last week, this is very simple, I never touched anyone inappropriately.”

“No one ever told me at the time that I made them feel uncomfortable,” the governor continued, adding, “Obviously, there are people who said after the fact that I made them uncomfortable.”

The sexual harassment allegations that surfaced in recent weeks have led New York politicians on both sides of the aisle to join calls for Cuomo to resign.

The governor was already embroiled in scandal over claims that his administration underreported nursing home deaths last year over fears of the political fallout from his executive order placing COVID-19 positive patients in long-term care facilities at the start of the pandemic.

The state’s Democrat-led legislature moved last week to strip him of the emergency powers granted to him during the pandemic, and Republicans are rallying efforts to have the governor impeached.

This week, Fox News reported that Cuomo also ordered homes for people with developmental disabilities to take in coronavirus patients in an order that remains in place.

Anything else?

Despite the backlash from the scandals, Cuomo has adamantly refused to step down, arguing that he “was elected by the people of the state,” and not by the politicians who want him out.

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Did the ‘Cuomosexual’ media enable Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

Two more women came forward over the weekend with allegations of sexual misconduct against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Although Cuomo issued a public apology for making people uncomfortable, he said he “never touched anyone inappropriately.” Now Democrats are calling for the resignation of the once beloved governor.

Steven Crowder told his audience Monday that he does not believe Cuomo is a “serial rapist.” However, he does believe Cuomo should be held accountable for the grossly underreported number of COVID-19 deaths that occurred in New York nursing homes.

Crowder reminded his audience of when Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Ellen Degeneres self-identified as “Cuomosexuals” and members of the mainstream media praised Gov. Cuomo as “one of the heroes on the front lines [of COVID].”

“Do not let the left get away with this,” Crowder said. “This was their guy … the example of how states should handle COVID.”

Watch the clip for more from Crowder.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo says resigning over allegations would be ‘anti-democratic’: ‘No way I resign’

As demands for his resignation intensify, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) defiantly said Sunday that he will not resign.

Cuomo’s remarks came one day after the fifth woman came forward with allegations of sexually harassing behavior against Cuomo, once one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party.

What did Cuomo say?

During a press conference with reporters, Cuomo characterized resigning over allegations as “anti-democratic.”

“There are some legislators who suggest that I resign because of accusations that are made against me,” Cuomo began.

“I was elected by the people of the state, I wasn’t elected by politicians. I’m not going to resign because of allegations,” he said. “The premise of resigning because of allegations is actually anti-democratic.”

You know the system is based on due process, and the credibility of the allegation. Anybody has the ability to make an allegation in democracy and that’s great, but it’s then the credibility of the allegation,” Cuomo continued.

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) is leading an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment. In order to conduct an independent probe, her office is contracting a private lawyer who will be deputized as a Special Independent Deputy Attorney General with “all powers provided under state law,” CNBC reported.

Still, Cuomo said he will not resign.

“So no, there is no way I resign,” Cuomo said after mentioning the investigation.

What are Democratic leaders saying?

Top New York Democratic leaders — state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D) and New York Assembly Majority Leader Carl Heastie (D) — released statements Sunday demanding Cuomo’s resignation.

“Every day there is another account that is drawing away from the business of government,” Stewart-Cousins said. “We have allegations about sexual harassment, a toxic work environment, the loss of credibility surrounding the COVID-19 nursing home data and questions about the construction of a major infrastructure project.”

“New York is still in the midst of this pandemic and is still facing the societal, health and economic impacts of it,” she added. “We need to govern without daily distraction. For the good of the state Governor Cuomo must resign.”

Meanwhile, Heastie said:

The allegations pertaining to the Governor that have been reported in recent weeks have been deeply disturbing, and have no place whatsoever in government, the workplace or anywhere else. I too share the sentiment of Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins regarding the Governor’s ability to continue to lead this state. We have many challenges to address, and I think it is time for the Governor to seriously consider whether he can effectively meet the needs of the people of New York.

Anything else?

Cuomo, however, revealed Sunday that he would sign legislation to limit his emergency powers, more than one year after the coronavirus pandemic began.

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Two more women come forward with allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ‘Just a skirt’

Things are getting worse for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

Two more women have come forward with allegations of sexually harassing behavior against Cuomo, bringing the total number of accusers to five. The women stepped forward as calls for Cuomo to resign or be impeached have intensified.

What are the newest allegations?

Ana Liss, who worked as a policy aide to Cuomo from 2013 to 2015, alleged that Cuomo harassed her to the point that she felt reduced to “just a skirt.”

The Wall Street Journal reported Liss as claiming that Cuomo “asked her if she had a boyfriend, called her sweetheart, touched her on her lower back at a reception and once kissed her hand when she rose from her desk.”

More from the Journal:

Ms. Liss recalled working at a May 6, 2014, reception at the Executive Mansion in Albany, which is Mr. Cuomo’s official residence. Mr. Cuomo was in a living room on the north side of the mansion’s first floor and noticed Ms. Liss, she recalled.” He came right over to me and he was like, ‘Hey, Sweetheart!'” she said.

She said the governor hugged her, kissed her on both cheeks and then wrapped his arm around her lower back and grabbed her waist. They turned to a photographer, who took a picture that shows Mr. Cuomo’s hand around her waist.

Liss told the Journal that she decided to come forward after other women went public with their allegations against Cuomo.

The fifth accuser, Karen Hinton, revealed her allegations to the Washington Post, which came when Cuomo was secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton administration.

From the New York Post:

Former press aide Karen Hinton endured a “very long, too long, too tight, too intimate” embrace from Cuomo in a dimly lit Los Angeles hotel room in December 2000, she told the Washington Post.

The married Hinton pulled away, but “he pulls me back for another intimate embrace,” she told the paper. “I thought at that moment it could lead to a kiss, it could lead to other things, so I just pull away again, and I leave.”

How did Cuomo respond?

In response to Liss’ allegations, Rich Azzopardi, a senior adviser to Cuomo, said, “Reporters and photographers have covered the governor for 14 years watching him kiss men and women and posing for pictures. At the public open-house mansion reception, there are hundreds of people, and he poses for hundreds of pictures. That’s what people in politics do.”

Meanwhile, Peter Ajemian, communication’s director for Cuomo, aggressively denied Hinton’s allegations, and even personally attacked her.

“This did not happen,” Ajemian told the Post. “Karen Hinton is a known antagonist of the Governor’s who is attempting to take advantage of this moment to score cheap points with made up allegations from 21 years ago. All women have the right to come forward and tell their story — however, it’s also the responsibility of the press to consider self-motivation. This is reckless.”

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‘That wasn’t an apology’: Claire McCaskill torches Andrew Cuomo over sexual harassment explanation

Former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is not buying fellow Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s explanation for the wave of sexual harassment claims brought against him in recent days, saying of his statement on the allegations: “That wasn’t an apology.”

What are the details?

After two former staffers came forward in recent weeks accusing the scandal-plagued governor of unwanted advances, Cuomo issued a written statement saying, in part, “I acknowledge some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation. To the extent anyone felt that way, I am truly sorry about that.”

McCaskill, now a contributor on MSNBC, referenced that statement during an appearance on “Morning Joe” when asked about the scandal Wednesday.

According to The Daily Caller‘s dictation, the former prosecutor replied, “Let me just say some obvious truths here: This is the Governor of New York who had a young — a woman young enough to be his daughter in his office. The two of them alone. And he asked her if she had sex with older men. And then he had the nerve to say he was apologizing if his comments had been misinterpreted as flirtation.”

“Well, I got news for you,” McCaskill continued. “If you have a position of power over a young woman, a very young woman compared to your age, and you ask her if she has sex with older men, you ought to be man enough to say you did something terribly wrong. Not ‘I’m sorry if it was misinterpreted.'”

“It’s infuriating,” McCaskill went on to say. “That wasn’t an apology. That was a rationalization. So, you know, just everybody out there, if you are old enough to be a woman’s daughter and you’re her boss, don’t ask her if she likes to have sex with older [men]. It’s not complicated.”

The full segment can be viewed below. McCaskill’s comments begin around the 3:25 mark:

Probe Into Gov. Cuomo Claims Is Expected To Be Wide-Ranging | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Anything else?

Cuomo addressed the allegations again during a Wednesday news conference, days after a third woman went public accusing him of unwanted advances — including touching her bare lower back while she was wearing a formal gown at a wedding and then asked to kiss her but she declined.

Reacting to the multiple claims, the governor said, “I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable. I never, ever meant to offend anyone or hurt anyone or cause anyone pain. I feel terrible that these people felt uncomfortable, felt hurt, felt pain from the interactions, and I’m embarrassed by it, and I feel bad about it.”

According to Fox News, “the accusers rejected his latest attempt at an apology.”

The governor said Wednesday that he would not resign, despite calls for him to do so.

Accuser Advances Andrew Cuomo Intelwars photo Sexual Harassment Third

Third woman comes forward accusing Gov. Cuomo of unwanted advances — provides photo of encounter

A third woman has gone public with allegations that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) made unwanted advances toward her, and has provided photos and text conversations with friends to back up her claims.

What are the details?

The New York Times reported Monday that Anna Ruch — a former Obama administration employee and Biden 2020 campaign staffer — says upon meeting Cuomo at a wedding in Sept. 2019, he placed his hand on the small of her bare back, which was exposed because of the design of her dress.

The outlet reported:

When she removed his hand with her own, Ms. Ruch recalled, the governor remarked that she seemed “aggressive” and placed his hands on her cheeks. He asked if he could kiss her, loudly enough for a friend standing nearby to hear. Ms. Ruch was bewildered by the entreaty, she said, and pulled away as the governor drew closer.

“I was so confused and shocked and embarrassed,” said Ms. Ruch, whose recollection was corroborated by the friend, contemporaneous text messages and photographs from the event. “I turned my head away and didn’t have words in that moment.”

The Times included a photo provided by Ruch in its story, showing Cuomo with his hands on both sides of her face, which purportedly was taken during the incident.

It was widely dispersed on social media, as shown in the tweet below:

Ruch is the third woman to come forward with sexual harassment allegations against the New York governor in the past week.

The first was Linsey Boylan, who worked for the Democrat from March 2015 to October 2018, and published an account Wednesday outlining explosive claims.

As TheBlaze reported:

The allegations of impropriety include Cuomo asking his aides to play strip poker with him; closed-door meetings between the governor and Boylan, a married woman, in which Cuomo allegedly made references to President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky; Valentine’s Day deliveries of roses to Boylan and other female staffers; inappropriate physical touching; and a nonconsensual kiss on the lips.

Over the weekend, a second former Cuomo aide, Charlotte Bennett, told The Times that the governor asked her inappropriate questions about her sex life, and felt that he was “grooming” her in their discussions.

“I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and felt horribly uncomfortable and scared,” she told the newspaper. “And was wondering how I was going to get out of it and assumed it was the end of my job.”

Following the second claim, New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) announced she would launch an investigation into the allegations against the governor.

What does Cuomo say?

On Sunday night, Cuomo issued a lengthy statement where he addressed the allegations from his former aides. Within it, he apologized and suggested his actions toward them had been misconstrued.

Here is his statement in its entirety:

“Questions have been raised about some of my past interactions with people in the office.

I never intended to offend anyone or cause any harm. I spend most of my life at work and colleagues are often also personal friends.

At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny. I do, on occasion, tease people in what I think is a good natured way. I do it in public and in private. You have seen me do it at briefings hundreds of times. I have teased people about their personal lives, their relationships, about getting married or not getting married. I mean no offense and only attempt to add some levity and banter to what is a very serious business.

I now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal and that some of my comments, given my position, made others feel in ways I never intended. I acknowledge some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation. To the extent anyone felt that way, I am truly sorry about that.

To be clear I never inappropriately touched anybody and I never propositioned anybody and I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but these are allegations that New Yorkers deserve answers to.

That’s why I have asked for an outside, independent review that looks at these allegations.

Separately, my office has heard anecdotally that some people have reached out to Ms. Bennett to express displeasure about her coming forward. My message to anyone doing that is you have misjudged what matters to me and my administration and you should stop now – period.”

Andrew Cuomo Intelwars New York Sexual Harassment

‘You are a monster’: Democrats lash out at Andrew Cuomo over newest allegations, call for investigation

Democratic politicians are becoming increasingly outspoken about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), a scandal-embattled Democratic leader who is quickly falling from his party’s good graces.

Already saddled with a nursing home scandal in the Empire State for which Cuomo has blamed Republicans and former President Donald Trump, more Democrats are calling for an investigation into Cuomo after another woman came forward with allegations that Cuomo sexually harassed her.

As TheBlaze reported, a former Cuomo aide alleged Saturday that Cuomo sexually harassed her last year.

“I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and felt horribly uncomfortable and scared,” Charlotte Bennett told the New York Times. “And was wondering how I was going to get out of it and assumed it was the end of my job.”

What are the details?

Many of New York’s top Democratic politicians called for an “independent investigation.”

New York state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said, “The continued allegations are deeply disturbing and concerning. The behavior described has no place in the workplace. A truly independent investigation must begin immediately.”

New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D) said, “As I previously stated, all allegations of harassment must be taken seriously. A truly independent investigation is warranted.”

Even Lt. Gov Kathy Hochu (D) said, “Everyone deserves to have their voice heard and taken seriously. I support an independent review.”

Other Democrats even demanded Cuomo’s immediate resignation.

“[Y]ou are a monster, and it is time for you to go. Now,” New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D) wrote on Twitter.

“The assertions against Governor Andrew M. Cuomo by Charlotte Bennett detail behavior that is unacceptable,” Biaggi also said in a statement. “I am especially horrified by the comments the Governor made to Charlotte about her experience with sexual assault — comments he did not deny making. They are the epitome of a hostile work environment.”

“As a New Yorker, a legislator, Chair of the Senate Ethics and Internal Governance Committee and a survivor of sexual abuse, I am calling for Governor Cuomo to resign,” Biaggi added.

Anything else?

New York State Attorney General Letitia James (D) also called for an investigation into Cuomo on Sunday.

She said:

Allegations of sexual harassment should always be taken seriously. There must be a truly independent investigation to thoroughly review these troubling allegations against the governor, and I stand ready to oversee that investigation and make any appointments necessary. Given state law, this can only be accomplished through an official referral from the governor’s office based on State Law (§ 63-8) and must include subpoena power. I urge the governor to make this referral immediately.

Cuomo’s office later claimed Sunday that it had requested an independent investigation into the allegations.

COVER UP Intelwars John weaver Lincoln project Lincoln project allegations Sexual Harassment

Report: Lincoln Project leadership knew about sexual harassment claims as early as last March

Several top leaders of the anti-Trump Super PAC, the Lincoln Project, were aware of sexual harassment allegations against one of its co-founders, John Weaver, as early as last March, the 19th reported Tuesday.

The news raises serious questions about the Lincoln Project’s handling of the controversy, especially considering the organization claimed in a statement last month that it was “shocked” when the allegations started surfacing.

Critics now allege that the organization covered up the allegations so as not to distract from its efforts to boot former President Donald Trump from the Oval Office.

Weaver, a longtime establishment Republican strategist who advised the late Sen. John McCain and former Gov. John Kasich before going on to launch the anti-Trump political operation, admitted in January to sending “inappropriate” sexually suggestive messages to multiple young men over the course of his career in politics.

Weaver’s admission followed public accusations from several young men — a number now totaling at least 21 — similarly recalling how Weaver demonstrated grooming behavior by sending unsolicited sexually charged messages often alongside promises of career advancement. One of the accusers was a 14-year-old boy who claims Weaver asked him about his body.

The veteran operative, who is married to a woman and has two children, announced he is gay in a statement and apologized to the young men he harassed, saying he thought at the time the exchanges were “consensual mutual conversations.”

The Associated Press previously reported the organization’s leadership was informed about at least 10 specific allegations of harassment against Weaver last June, including two involving Lincoln Project employees. The informers detailed the allegations in writing and in subsequent phone calls to the Super PAC’s leaders.

That also stands in contrast to the Lincoln Project’s statement, which declared that “at no time was John Weaver in the physical presence of any member of The Lincoln Project.”

On Monday, the Lincoln Project told the 19th it had hired outside counsel to conduct a “comprehensive review of our operations and culture.” Embroiled in controversy, the organization has also hastily released current and former employees from nondisclosure agreements.

“We are committed to creating a positive, diverse, and inclusive workplace environment at The Lincoln Project and inappropriate behavior by anyone associated with the organization will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We have already taken decisive action to address internal concerns,” co-founder Reed Galen told the progressive outlet.

Andrew Cuomo Believe all women Believeallwomen Intelwars Lindsey boylan Me too Metoo New York Sexual Harassment

Former adviser to Andrew Cuomo says New York governor sexually harassed her ‘for years’

A former adviser to Andrew Cuomo claims the Democratic governor of New York sexually harassed her “for years” when they worked together.

Lindsey Boylan served as deputy secretary for economic development and special advisor in the Cuomo administration from March 2015 until October 2018, according to Newsweek. On Saturday, Boylan accused Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment from when she was an adviser to him.

In a series of tweets, Boylan outlined her experiences with sexual harassment, which included allegations against Cuomo.

“My first experience of workplace sexual harassment was when my mom got her first real office job after graduating from college when I was in high school,” Boylan wrote. “She was so excited to be taken ‘seriously.’ Her bossed isolated her and kissed her. She never had that type of job again.”

“It was then how I learned how hard it is for women. How hard this world can be for us when we are trying to be taken seriously and help our community. How easily jerks can destroy the lives of women,” she continued. “And I promised myself I would never let those kind of guys win. I would work hard my whole life to put myself in positions of power to change things. To end the violence & corruption. Give voice to the voiceless. I am not stopping. I refuse. I will never give up.”

“Yes, @NYGovCuomo sexually harassed me for years,” the Cuomo accuser attested. “Many saw it, and watched. I could never anticipate what to expect: would I be grilled on my work (which was very good) or harassed about my looks. Or would it be both in the same conversation? This was the way for years.”

“Not knowing what to expect what’s the most upsetting part aside from knowing that no one would do a damn thing even when they saw it. No one. And I *know* I am not the only woman,” she proclaimed.

“I’m angry to be put in this situation at all. That because I am a woman, I can work hard my whole life to better myself and help others and yet still fall victim as countless women over generations have. Mostly silently,” Boylan concluded. ” I hate that some men, like @NYGovCuomo abuse their power.”

Earlier this month, Boylan declared that “working for Andrew Cuomo” was the “most toxic team environment” she had ever encountered. The former Cuomo adviser noted that waitressing at Friendly’s restaurant as a teenager was an “infinitely more respectful environment,” even with customers who poorly tipped.

Boylan added that “if people weren’t deathly afraid” of Cuomo, that “they’d be saying the same thing and you’d already know the stories.”

“Seriously, the messages and texts I receive when I speak the truth about this…it’s a whole book of people who have been harmed,” Boylan said of other alleged Cuomo victims.

Boylan claimed that if you’re not doing Cuomo’s “dirty work,” then “your life working for him is endlessly dispiriting.”

The former aide said that she “tried to quit three times before it stuck.”

Boylan is currently running as a Democratic candidate for Manhattan Borough president in the upcoming 2021 election.

Previously, Boylan ran against Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) in the 2020 Democratic primary. In the 10th congressional district election, Nadler received 68% of the vote compared to only 22% for Boylan.

Intelwars Michigan sexual predator Pedophile on snapchat Pedophile social media Sexual Harassment Snapchat sex with minors Snapchat sexual predator Social Media

Police say Michigan man used Snapchat to find and have sex with a 12-year-old — and he exposed her to HIV

Dearborn police say a Michigan man used a popular social media application to target a 12-year-old girl for a sexual relationship, and he exposed her to HIV.

The girl’s family, from Allen Park, suspected that she was with the man that she had met on Snapchat and reported her missing on August 19.

Police found the girl and she told them that she was having sex with the man later identified as Anthony Alvin Hodges, 35, from Pontiac, Michigan.

They believe that the man told her he was 19 years old, and convinced her to run away from her family. She told police that at one point during their online correspondence she thought he might have been as old as 40.

Police say they interacted via Snapchat but their relationship became sexual after he met her in person. They had a relationship for several weeks afterward.

Hodges was charged by police with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, and two counts of HIV-knowingly engaging in intercourse with intent to inflict uninformed partner.

He has no bond and is being held at the Oakland County Jail. According to the Detroit News, Hodges faces a punishment of life in prison if found guilty of the first-degree criminal sexual conduct charge.

Hodges had previously sentenced in February to 2 years in prison and later paroled for attempting to infect a sexual partner with HIV.

Experts warn parents of the dangers of minors being on social media without proper supervision. According to one survey, 20% of teens who sign into the internet regularly say that they have been solicited sexually online. Of those, only 25% told a parent.

Another study found that 33% of teens were friends on Facebook with people they had never met in real life, and 95% of U.S. teens are are online.

Here’s more about how predators use social media:

Man arrested for “Sextortion” after targeting minors on Snapchat

columbia university Columbia university marching band Cultural oppression Intelwars Racism Sexual Harassment

Columbia University Marching Band dissolves, confessing to being founded on racism and sexual harassment

The Columbia University Marching Band voted to dissolve itself over the weekend after more than a century of existence, citing a foundation of racism and sexual misconduct, according to the Columbia Spectator.

The band, which has had various conflicts with the university for years, was stripped of its university funding in 2019 after failing to register as a recognized student group. That registration was a condition for the group continuing to receive funding after violating university rules to hold a concert in the library in 2017.

In a statement provided to the Spectator, the band’s leadership said the decision to dissolve was the result of “anonymous postings and allegations of sexual misconduct, assault, theft, racism, and injury to individuals and the Columbia community as a whole,” which were discussed during a Sept. 12 town hall meeting.

In the statement, leadership expressed a belief that the organization was so structurally corrupt that it was beyond reform.

“The Band has unanimously and enthusiastically decided to dissolve. The Columbia University Marching Band will not continue to exist in any capacity and will no longer serve as a Columbia spirit group,” the statement says. “The Columbia University Marching Band apologizes for insult and injury victims have experienced as a result of actions perpetrated in its name. The Band has maintained a club structure founded on the basis of racism, cultural oppression, misogyny, and sexual harassment. While substantial efforts have been made in recent years toward undoing decades of wrongdoing, we as a Band feel ultimately that it is impossible to reform an organization so grounded in prejudiced culture and traditions.”

Earlier this month, the band released a statement about problems within the group that sparked calls for dissolution and led some members of the band’s leadership to step down.

“The CUMB has very serious problems when it comes to racism, sexual assault, and alcohol culture,” a Sept. 2 read, according to the Spectator.

Although it remains possible that a new band will be formed in the future, some fear that the spirit of the band that served the university for 116 years will be lost.

“The band is gone, and if and when it returns, it will be exactly what the corporations bankrolling Ivy League sports specifically because Ivy League sports is an essential establishment power identification and training system, want it to be,” said Steve Greenfield, a former drum major from the class of 1982.

Football Intelwars NFL Redskins Redskins sexual harassment Sexual Harassment Washington Redskins

15 female ex-employees of Redskins allege sexual harassment; NFL: The accusations are ‘serious, disturbing and contrary’ to league’s values

The Washington Redskins have been embroiled in controversy over the name of their NFL franchise. Now, the team is entangled in another predicament as 15 women who worked for the Redskins claim they were sexually harassed by team employees.

Former female employees of the Redskins allege they were sexually harassed by coworkers while working for the NFL team, according to a report from The Washington Post. The allegations spanned from 2006 to 2019 and included inappropriate comments about the clothing or bodies of female employees, unwelcome sexual advances. The women were also allegedly encouraged to wear revealing clothing and flirt with clients to close sales deals.

For the exposé published on Thursday, the newspaper conducted more than 40 interviews, reviewed internal documents, and obtained potentially damning text messages.

Of the women who came forward with accusations, only one former employee, Emily Applegate, spoke on the record. The other accusers remained anonymous because they signed nondisclosure agreements with the franchise.

“It was the most miserable experience of my life,” said Applegate, who worked as a marketing coordinator before leaving in 2015. “And we all tolerated it, because we knew if we complained — and they reminded us of this — there were 1,000 people out there who would take our job in a heartbeat.”

Daniel Snyder, who has owned the Redskins since 1999, is not accused of sexual harassment. Former team president Bruce Allen is also not accused of inappropriate behavior, but Applegate believes he may have known about issues.

“I would assume Bruce [Allen] knew, because he sat 30 feet away from me… and saw me sobbing at my desk several times every week,” Applegate told The Washington Post.

Allegations were made against Washington’s longtime radio voice, Larry Michael, who abruptly retired on Wednesday after being the team’s lead play-by-play announcer on radio broadcasts for the last 16 seasons. In 2018, Michael was caught on a hot mic talking about the attractiveness of a college-aged intern while filming a video for the team.

“It was disgusting,” said a former female employee who heard the audio. “This is a grown man who could be my grandfather, and he’s talking about someone younger than me.”

Complaints were also made against the director of pro personnel, Alex Santos, who was fired last week. He allegedly made inappropriate comments to six former employees and two reporters who cover the team, and asked the women if they were romantically interested in him.

Richard Mann II, assistant director of pro personnel, was also fired last week. The Washington Post claims they acquired a text message where Mann and other employees debated if a female coworker had undergone a breast enhancement surgery.

Former COO Mitch Gershman, who left the team in 2015, was also named in the report. So was the former president of business operations, Dennis Greene, who left in 2018.

“The Washington Redskins football team takes issues of employee conduct seriously,” the team said in a statement. “While we do not speak to specific employee situations publicly, when new allegations of conduct are brought forward that are contrary to these policies, we address them promptly.”

Ron Rivera, Washington’s head coach who was hired in January, reacted to the allegations.

“Biggest thing is that we have to move forward from this and make sure everybody understands we have policies that we will follow and that we have an open door policy with no retribution,” Rivera said. “Plus my daughter works for the team and I sure as hell am not going to allow any of this!”

Attorney Beth Wilkinson of the D.C.-based law firm of Wilkinson and Walsh has been hired by the team to conduct an independent investigation, as well as review the organization’s protocols, culture, and policies. Wilkinson was asked by the team “to conduct a thorough independent review of this entire manner and help the team set new employee standards for the future.”

The National Football League issued a statement and said they would wait until the end of the independent investigation before handing out any punishments.

These matters as reported are serious, disturbing and contrary to the NFL’s values. Everyone in the NFL has the right to work in an environment free from any and all forms of harassment. Washington has engaged outside counsel to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations. The club has pledged that it will give its full cooperation to the investigator and we expect the club and all employees to do so. We will meet with the attorneys upon the conclusion of their investigation and take any action based on the findings.”

Intelwars jimmy kimmel Liberal Media Liberal media bias Megan Fox Michael bay Sexual Harassment

Megan Fox speaks out on resurfaced Jimmy Kimmel interview about her being sexualized while underage

Actress Megan Fox says director Michael Bay never mistreated her, despite a resurfaced 2009 Jimmy Kimmel interview that perhaps seemed to suggest otherwise.

What’s a brief history?

During the interview, which resurfaced this week amid Kimmel’s announcement that he was taking the summer off from his late-night show, Fox recalled working with Bay in “Bad Boys II.”

“They were shooting this club scene, and they brought me in, and I was wearing a stars-and-stripes bikini and a red cowboy hat and, like, six-inch heels. And he [Michael] approved it,” she recalled during the 11-year-old interview. “They said, ‘You know, Michael, she’s 15, so you can’t sit her at the bar and she can’t have a drink in her hand.”

“So his solution to that problem was to then have me dancing underneath the waterfall getting soaking wet,” she said during the interview with Kimmel. “At 15, I was in 10th grade. So that’s sort of a microcosm of how Bay’s mind works.”

Kimmel laughed, adding, “That’s really a microcosm of how all our minds work. Some of us have the decency to repress those thoughts and pretend that they don’t exist.”

Fans across social media demanded an apology from Hollywood on Fox’s behalf, and expressed their outrage that Kimmel would trivialize such an incident.

What are the details?

On Monday, Fox, 34, made an announcement on Instagram insisting that some details of her experience with Bay were “lost in the retelling of the events.”

“I know that a discussion has erupted online surrounding some of my experiences in Hollywood and the subsequent mishandling of this information by the media and society in general,” she wrote. “While I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support, I do feel I need to clarify some of the details as they have been lost in the retelling of the events and cast a sinister shadow that doesn’t really, in my opinion, belong. At least not where it’s currently being projected.”

She continued, “I was around 15 or 16 years old when I was an extra in Bad Boys II. There are multiple interviews where I shared the anecdote of being chosen for the scene and the conversations that took place surrounding it. It’s important to note, however, that when I auditioned for Transformers I was 19 or 20.”

“I did ‘work’ (me pretending to know how to hold a wrench) on one of Michael’s Ferrari’s [sic] during one of the audition scenes,” she admitted. “It was at the Platinum Dunes studio parking lot, there were several other crew members and employees present and I was at no point undressed or anything similar.”

She added that she was not underage for “this particular audition story,” and was not forced to wash someone’s cars in a sense that was “extraneous from the material in the actual script.”

“I hope that whatever opinions are formed around these episodes will at least be seeded in the facts of the events,” she continued.

What else?

Fox went on to thank her fans and supporters, saying that these particular instances are not the ones with which the public should take issue.

“There are many names that deserve to be going viral in cancel culture right now, but they are safely stored in the fragmented recesses of my heart,” she wrote. “[W]hen it comes to my direct experiences with Michael, and Steven [Spielberg] for that matter, I was never assaulted or preyed upon in what I felt was a sexual manner.”

Fox’s post has received more than 275,000 likes at the time of this writing.

Chris d'elia Intelwars Metoo Sexual Harassment Sexual Misconduct

Comedian Chris D’Elia accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women — including some who were underage

Comedian and actor Chris D’Elia is facing a barrage of sexual misconduct allegations from women online, including some women who say they were underage when he solicited sex or nude pictures from them, Newsweek reported.

The allegations began Tuesday when a woman named Simone Rossi posted screenshots of email exchanges she said were between her and D’Elia from 2014 and 2015, when she was 16 years old. In the screenshots, D’Elia allegedly asks her to “send me a pic” and in another message he suggests meeting up and asks “can we make out?”

“For the longest time I thought it was embarrassing for ME that I was interacting with this older man, but he was the one who DM’d me on Twitter and was the one who was twice my age and was the one that used the power imbalance between us to his advantage, so f*** Chris D’Elia,” Rossi wrote.

After Rossi’s tweets went viral, more women shared their own experiences with D’Elia, or instances they’d been told about by others.

A 21-year-old woman told about an instance when D’Elia allegedly direct messaged her to hang out at a bar before attempting to change the venue to his hotel room. A comedian named Emma Arnold wrote that one of D’Elia’s friends told her that D’Elia would share nude pictures women sent him with other male comics.

The Twitter account @SheRatesDogs, which shares strange messages that women get from men, posted several exchanges women allegedly had with D’Elia, including a 19-year-old who said D’Elia messaged her on Twitter offering to fly her to Los Angeles to “hook up,” and a 16-year-old who said D’Elia messaged her asking to hang out and calling her a “total babe.”

D’Elia, who is currently 40 years old, has not yet addressed the allegations publicly.

Ben Sasse Chris janicek Intelwars Nebraska Nebraska democrats Sexual Harassment texts U.s. senate election

Nebraska Democrats demand their candidate drop out of US Senate race after he sends sexually vulgar texts about a female staffer

The Democratic Party of Nebraska is calling for their candidate for the U.S. Senate to step down after texts surfaced of a sexually vulgar comment he made to staffers.

Chris Janicek is the owner of a cupcake bakery in Omaha and his campaign is aiming to unseat Republican Sen. Ben Sasse from the U.S. Senate.

The state executive committee of the Nebraska Democratic Party voted unanimously to withdraw all party resources from Janicek’s campaign on Monday.

“Our Democratic Party has no tolerance for sexual harassment,” said state Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb in a statement, according to the Associated Press.

“Our party will not extend resources or any type of support to any candidate that violates our code of conduct and doesn’t treat men and women with the dignity and respect they deserve,” she added.

What did he text?

The AP obtained the text messages and related the vulgar insult to a female staffer in a group text exchange involving five other people. Janicek allegedly joked that perhaps the party should spend money to “get her laid,” after referring to an argument that he had with the staffer.

He then reportedly went into graphic detail about a group sex scene he imagined with the staffer.

“It will probably take three guys,” he said.

‘Exuberant excitement’

Janicek then texted an apology and blamed the lack of sleep for his obscene suggestions.

“I’m going on no sleep and a bunch of exuberant excitement and I think I was out of line,” he wrote, according to the AP.

The staffer left the campaign over the vulgar comments and filed a complaint with the party.

“You are my boss and a candidate running for Senate, (an) office held by just 100 Americans representing approximately 330 million of her people,” she wrote. “There is zero tolerance for what you said.”

He’s staying in the race

Janicek said he was not leaving the campaign despite being abandoned by his own party. He did not deny making the comments and only said that he wished the matter had remained private.

The Democratic campaign to unseat Sasse was considered a long shot even before this disastrous incident.

Janicek can only be replaced on the November general election ballot if he files a request with the Nebraska secretary of state’s office to have his name removed, the AP reported.

Bill Maher Intelwars Metoo Rose mcgowan Sexual Harassment Tara reade

Rose McGowan accuses Bill Maher of sexual harassment for crude comment he whispered to her in 1990s

Rose McGowan, one of the early vocal leaders of the #MeToo movement, has accused Bill Maher of sexual harassment. The Hollywood actress claims that Maher whispered inappropriate comments to her when she appeared on his political talk show back in the 1990s.

Early Saturday morning, McGowan issued the allegation against the host of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“@BillMaher Here’s a memory I’d like to share with you,” McGowan tweeted. “I bet you don’t remember, but I sure do. I was so excited to be on your show & get to flex my mind instead of my face. Here’s what happened. All I can say, Bill, you got the face you deserved.”

“I was on your show Politically Incorrect in the late 90s — as the show returned from a commercial break, you leaned over to me & whispered in my ear, ‘my parents didn’t give me a good face, but they did give me a huge c***,'” McGowan wrote. “I could feel your hot breath on my ear as an image of both your hideous face & alleged big c*** flashed in my mind. Both turned my stomach. I’ve always wondered what you say & do to the girls that aren’t famous?”

Maher hosted the political talk show “Politically Incorrect” between 1993 and 2002 when it aired on Comedy Central and ABC.

McGowan’s accusation appears to be in response to comments made about Tara Reade by Maher on his HBO show that aired a few hours before her tweet. On Friday night’s Real Time episode, Maher questioned the legitimacy of Reade’s allegations against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“I’m not saying why not 27 years ago. I understand it can take victims years to come forward,” Maher said. “I’m saying, why not before Super Tuesday? Why not last fall when we still had a dozen other candidates to choose from? Why wait until Biden is our only hope against Trump and then take him down?”

“You waited 27 years,” Maher continued. “You think it couldn’t wait a few more months? That’s what I’d like to ask Ms. Reade. Why now?”

Reade is a former U.S. Senate staffer who has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexual assault in 1993.

“The liberal media and liberal party is doing exactly what Republicans want: for us to go down the rabbit hole of ‘Joe Biden, sex monster,'” Maher claimed.

“Believing everything doesn’t make you noble, it makes you gullible,” Maher said of the #MeToo movement’s “Believe all women” slogan.

Reade’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor said Maher “decided to recycle old rape myths.”

“He ought to be ashamed, and I expect that those who believe in the #metoo movement will join me in condemning him for his hurtful words that unfortunately, will act as a deterrent to survivors that grapple with coming forward because of comments such as his,” Wigdor said in a statement.

New Rule: Sex Monster | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Campaign 2020 Christine O'Donnell Eva murry Intelwars Joe Biden Sexual Harassment

New woman accuses Joe Biden of sexually harassing her when she was just 14 years old

A second woman went public on Friday with claims that Joe Biden sexually harassed her more than a decade ago when she was just 14 years old.

Eva Murry, who is now 26, told Law&Crime about the alleged incident, which she said occurred in 2008. Murry is the niece of former Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, who challenged Biden for his Senate seat in 2008.

From Law&Crime:

The woman, Eva Murry, told Law&Crime that Biden complimented her on the size of her breasts at the First State Gridiron Dinner & Show in 2008, a long-running roast of and party for politicians, journalists and prominent business figures held each year in Delaware. Murry says she remembers the event occurring sometime around May of that year.

One friend and her sister said that Murry told her details of the alleged incident more or less immediately after it happened. Four other friends of Murry’s said they were told about the incident, with the same details, between two and three years after it originally occurred.

“I remember walking into the lobby and being in awe of all the people in such fancy clothes. Our two parties of people gravitated towards each other and everyone started saying their hellos. When it was Biden and my aunt’s turn to say hello he quickly turned to me and asked how old I was,” Murry told Law&Crime.

“I replied with my age and he replied with the comment ‘Fourteen? You’re very well endowed for 14!’ I was confused but it was definitely weird, he looked me up and down and hovered his eyes on my chest so I had some clue [about] the notion of his comment but didn’t fully understand at the time,” she explained. “We quickly separated from his area after the encounter.”

Murry said she only attended a few other campaign events with her aunt after the alleged incident with Biden, and described feeling anxious or sick upon seeing him.

“I feel his comments were verbal sexual harassment,” Murry told Law&Crime. “I think I was too naive to realize exactly what it meant at the time but I vividly remember the uncomfortable feeling I had in the pit of my stomach during the whole encounter. It wasn’t Biden’s words alone that made me so uncomfortable, it was the look, the tone, the whole general vibe was off.”

Murry also said her accusations are not politically motivated.

“No man or woman should get away with acting that way and that is what this boils down to,” she said.

The new allegations came just hours after Biden addressed Tara Reade’s allegations for the first time. Reade alleges that Biden sexually assaulted her when she worked in his U.S. Senate office in the early 1990s. Biden denies Reade’s accusations.

Biden’s campaign did not immediately respond to Murry’s allegations, Law&Crime reported.

Biden Intelwars Joe Biden Joe biden 2020 Joe biden sexual assault Sexual Assault Sexual assault allegation Sexual Harassment

Joe Biden accused of sexual assault by former staff assistant

A woman accused Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual assault in 1993 when she worked for him as a staff assistant.

Tara Reade revealed the graphic details of her accusations in an interview on Wednesday with journalist and podcaster Katie Harper.

Reade said that she was sent to rush a gym bag to Biden, who was a U.S. Senator at the time, when he accosted her in a side area and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

“We were alone, and it was the strangest thing. There was no, like, exchange really, he just had me up against the wall,” Reade said.

“His hands were on me, and underneath my clothes,” she went on, explaining with graphic details what he went on to do to her.

She claimed that he was kissing her during the assault and asked her if she wanted to go “somewhere else.”

After the assault, he said to her, “C’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

Reade claims that he angrily dismissed her and walked off. She says that the assault left her shaking in a stairwell, “trying to grasp what had just happened and what I should do or what I should say.”

While there were no witnesses to the alleged assault, Harper noted that Reade had told her brother and a close friend about what happened at the time.

Biden has been accused by numerous women of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment.

Here’s more about the accusations against Biden:

Ryan Grim: Did #MeToo organization cover for Joe Biden?

[H/T: The Daily Wire]

brain tumor Britt McHenry Fox nation Fox News Health Intelwars Sexual Abuse sexual assault allegations Sexual Harassment

Fox Nation’s Britt McHenry reveals that she has a brain tumor

Britt McHenry, the host of online streaming channel Fox Nation, revealed on Thursday that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The 33-year-old said on Twitter that she had been forced to make the matter public after details were being leaked without her consent.

“I was trying to keep this relatively private. But as usual, things are being said without my consent,” she tweeted.

“I have a brain tumor,” she added. “I’m with an amazing medical team and surgery is imminent. Thank you for continued support and understanding at this time.”

McHenry filed a lawsuit against a former Fox Nation host and Fox News over accusations that she had been sexually harassed. She claimed in her lawsuit that George Murdoch, who is known as “Tyrus” on the show, had sent her sexually explicit messages via phone texts. Fox News said they investigated the claims and found them without merit.

She had detailed medical issues from her social media account before the revelation Thursday.

“I had good & bad news today. Overwhelmed by the support by friends & strangers alike,” McHenry tweeted Tuesday.

“With the best surgeons and doctors. Just another thing to take on,” she concluded before recommending to her more than 220,000 followers to get MRI scans early.

Here’s more about McHenry’s lawsuit:

Acquittal Court guilty Harvey harvey weinstein Intelwars Metoo not guilty Rape Sexual Abuse sexual assault allegations Sexual Harassment Trial Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein found guilty on just two counts, acquitted on most serious charges

Disgraced former Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of third-degree rape and criminal sex act but has been acquitted on the most serious charges brought against him in the most high-profile case of the #MeToo movement.

The monthslong trial officially came to a close Monday when a jury of seven men and five women read the verdict after five days of deliberation, sealing Weinstein’s fate.

Weinstein, 67, was convicted on a count of criminal sex act against Mimi Haley, a former “Project Runway” production assistant, in 2006, and raping former aspiring actress Jessica Mann in a New York City hotel room in 2013, the Associated Press reported. The two convictions could land Weinstein in prison for as many as 29 years.

The jury found him not guilty on the most serious charges, however, which were two counts of predatory sexual assault, and one count of first-degree rape against Jessica Mann. The two predatory sexual assault charges each carried a life sentence.

NBC News reported that Weinstein “showed no emotion” as the verdict was read.

District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said the guilty charges signaled “a new day” for survivors of sexual assault in America.

“It is a new day because Harvey Weinstein has finally been held accountable for crimes he committed,” he added. “Weinstein is a vicious, serial sexual predator who used his power to threaten, rape, assault and trick, humiliate and silence his victims.”

Weinstein maintained his innocence throughout the trial and pleaded not guilty on all five counts. Late last year, he even insisted that he should be credited for helping women achieve success in Hollywood.

“As sure as I’m a bald man, we will be appealing,” Weinstein’s defense attorney, Arthur Aidala, said.

The guilty verdict is seen as a reckoning for Weinstein and a win for the #MeToo movement, which encourages victims of sexual harassment to publicly speak out against powerful offenders who use their power and influence to harm others.

In all, more than 80 women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Weinstein since October 2017, when a bombshell report by investigative journalist Ronan Farrow made the “open secret” of Weinstein’s history of abuse public.

Weinstein was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs and is scheduled to be sentenced March 11.

Here’s more about the verdict: