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WHO blasted for sexism after stating women of childbearing age should not consume alcohol

The World Health Organization is taking flak after stating that women of childbearing age should not consume alcohol at all, even if they do not have any interest in starting a family.

According to a Thursday report in the New York Post, the U.N. agency issued the guidance in a draft for its global alcohol action plan for 2022-2030.

The WHO defines women of reproductive age as being between 15 and 49 years old.

What are the details?

The action plan draft urges countries to pay “appropriate attention to prevention” of alcohol consumption in certain groups across the world, but specifically in teens and in women of childbearing age, according to The Telegraph.

The plan points out the urgency to help prevent “the initiation of drinking among children and adolescents, prevention of drinking among pregnant women, and women of childbearing age.”

“One of the most dramatic manifestations of harm to persons other than drinkers is prenatal alcohol exposure and the development of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders,” a portion of the draft plan says.

What else?

Matt Lambert, head of the Portman Group — a social responsibility and regulatory body for alcohol in the United Kingdom — said the WHO statement went too far.

“We are extremely concerned by the WHO calling on countries to prevent drinking among women of childbearing age in their latest action plan,” Lambert told the Telegraph. “As well as being sexist and paternalistic, and potentially restricting the freedoms of most women, it goes well beyond their remit and is not rooted in science.”

He added, “It is wrong to scaremonger in this irresponsible way and associate women’s alcohol-related risks with those of children and pregnant people.”

Christopher Snowdon with the Institute of Economic Affairs said the organization’s latest drafted advice was patronizing and absurd and not based on scientific fact.

“This is classic World Health Organization idiocy,” he said. “Not content with repeatedly dropping the ball on COVID-19 and dishing out awards to politicians for banning vaping, it now thinks most of the world’s women should abstain from alcohol.”

“The idea that it is unsafe for women of childbearing age to drink any alcohol is unscientific and absurd,” Snowdon added. “Moreover, it is none of the WHO’s business.”

Hannah Ord, a researcher at Adam Smith Institute, told the Daily Mail that a related policy would “[drag] us back into the past.”

“Not only is this an impractical paternalistic policy, but this ridiculous overreach risks turning off young women from all [the WHOs] other sensible health messages,” Ord insisted. “Restricting women’s rights to drink alcohol on the chance that that women may at some point decide to have children is ludicrous, sexist and impossible to actually implement — and ignores alcohol’s inhibitive effects on male fertility to boot.”

She added, “Before 1982, women in the U.K. could legally be refused alcohol at a pub, 40 years on and apparently women should be refused alcohol in general. Cheers to WHO for dragging us back into the past!”

The Telegraph noted that the National Health Service currently advises that men and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week — the equivalent to six pints of “average-strength beer or 10 small glasses of low-strength wine.”

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Gov. Whitmer blames ‘layer of misogyny’ for recent criticisms despite Michigan having highest COVID-19 rate in US

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer claimed Sunday that criticisms of her performance as governor and handling of the coronavirus pandemic are the result of “misogyny,” and are untethered from her actual job performance.

The Democratic governor’s comments came as Michigan experiences the highest COVID-19 positivity rate in the United States, as state officials there face scrutiny over their vaccine distribution plan (many Michiganders have traveled to Ohio to receive their shots), and as Whitmer faces her own nursing home scandal.

What did Whitmer say?

Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Whitmer was asked about criticism from top Michigan Republicans.

Recently, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser said Michigan’s top female Democratic politicians — Whitmer, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson — are three “witches” who should be “ready for the burning at the stake,” politically speaking. Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R) also bragged about having “spanked” Whitmer on legislative battles, such as the state budget and political appointees.

Show host Margaret Brennan asked Whitmer, “But do you think there should be repercussions for misogynistic, threatening remarks like this?”

“I can tell you this, though, that sadly in this moment there have been a lot of death threats,” Whitmer responded. “We know that there was a plot to kidnap and kill me. Death threats against me and my family. It’s different in what I’m confronting than what some of my male counterparts are.

“So, yes, I do think that there is a layer of misogyny here that every woman in leadership has been confronting and dealing with to some extent,” she continued.

“I don’t have time, though, to focus on that or to go punch for punch. I’m not going to do that,” Whitmer added. “I’ve got a job to do and that is helping get my state through this, helping get our economy back on track, supporting the American Jobs Plan so that that helps us do both of those things. And that’s what I’m going to stay focused on.”

What is happening in Michigan?

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that Michigan currently has the highest rate of COVID-19 infection across the country at nearly 516 cases per 100,000 people. New Jersey is second-highest with just 300 cases per 100,000 people.

That means Michigan’s infection rate is greater than the three most populous states — California, Texas, and Florida — combined.

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Kyrsten Sinema fires back at critics angered after she opposed wage hike by using left’s own standards

Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.) was sharply criticized by Democrats on Friday for voting against a proposal to include a minimum wage hike in the latest coronavirus-related economic relief package. Sinema was one of eight Senate Democrats who opposed the effort.

In response to critics, Sinema used Democrats’ own standards against them.

What did critics say?

Sinema’s critics focused their outrage on her appearance and the manner in which she voted against the proposal.

HuffPost characterized Sinema as using “an exaggerated thumbs-down hand gesture” to display her opposition.

More from HuffPost:

Although hand gestures are commonplace on the Senate floor, particularly in the coronavirus era, Sinema’s casual body language was disappointing to some who saw the gesture as belittling the fight to end poverty wages.

Other critics focused on the name brand bag Sinema was carrying when she voted against the proposal.

“I am insane and zoomed in on another picture of her carrying and in the spirit of Edward R. Murrow-level journalism I’m humbled to announce in a parody of white feminism Krysten Sinema [sic] voted against a $15 living wage while carrying a giant Lululemon bag,” comedy writer Bess Kalb said on Twitter.

Other critics compared Sinema to Marie Antoinette for bringing chocolate cake with her into the Senate chamber.

“She’s decided she’s going to be a media darling as Marie Antoinette of the establishment. Dress in a super fun way, do performatively hip thumbs downs as she votes to kill higher wages & now rub it in with symbolic cake we can all eat instead of higher salaries,” far-left pundit Cenk Uygur said.

How did Sinema respond?

Hannah Hurley, a spokeswoman for Sinema, denounced the critics, implying they are violating Democrats’ own standards regarding comments about women.

“Commentary about a female senator’s body language, clothing, or physical demeanor does not belong in a serious media outlet,” Hurley told HuffPost.

Anything else?

Sinema released a statement after voting against the proposal explaining that she supports raising wages, but opposes doing so in legislation supposedly meant to address pandemic woes.

“Senators in both parties have shown support for raising the federal minimum wage and the Senate should hold an open debate and amendment process on raising the minimum wage, separate from the COVID-focused reconciliation bill,” Sinema explained.

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Top WH official resigns after threatening female reporter: ‘I know this was terrible’

A top White House communications staffer tendered his resignation over the weekend after uproar over the Biden administration’s handling of his alleged threats to a female reporter.

What is the background?

Deputy White House press secretary TJ Ducklo was suspended without pay for one week after he threatened to “destroy” the life of a female reporter who inquired about his relationship with another member of the media. Ducklo was also accused of making “derogatory and misogynistic comments.”

However, the reprimand seemingly fell well short of a promise that President Joe Biden made on Inauguration Day.

“I’m not joking when I say this: If you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I will fire you on the spot. No ifs, ands or buts,” Biden told his staff on Jan. 20.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was confronted last Friday over why Ducklo’s punishment seemingly contradicted what Biden had promised. In response, Psaki dodged the questions and claimed Ducklo’s reprimand was “serious.”

What happened now?

Ducklo announced late Saturday that he had resigned from his job in the West Wing, saying he is “devastated” and “embarrassed” over his behavior.

No words can express my regret, my embarrassment, and my disgust for my behavior. I used language that no woman should ever have to hear from anyone, especially in a situation where she was just trying to do her job. It was language that was abhorrent, disrespectful, and unacceptable.

I am devastated to have embarrassed and disappointed my White House colleagues and President Biden, and after a discussion with White House communications leadership tonight, I resigned my position and will not be returning from administrative leave.

I know this was terrible. I know I can’t take it back. But I also know I can learn from it and do better. This incident is not representative of who I am as a person, and I will be determined to earn back the trust of everyone I have let down because of my intolerable actions.

Psaki then confirmed that Ducklo had tendered his resignation.

“We accepted the resignation of TJ Ducklo after a discussion with him this evening. This conversation occurred with the support of the White House Chief of Staff,” she said in a statement.

Anything else?

Interestingly, the Biden administration only addressed Ducklo’s behavior when it became public.

“There were conversations that occurred with the reporter, as well as editors at Politico, immediately after the conversation occurred,” Psaki admitted last week. “That was how we engaged in a private manner, and that was what we felt was appropriate at the time.”

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CBS suspends president, senior VP who were accused of racist, sexist conduct in the workplace

CBS placed two of its executives on leave after they were accused of creating a hostile work environment including perpetrating racism and sexism.

CBS took the spotlight in 2018 following sexual harassment and abuse allegations against former chairman Les Moonves, who was quickly forced out of the company in disgrace.

What are the details?

According to a Tuesday report from the New York Times, CBS placed Peter Dunn and David Friend on administrative leave following the allegations.

Dunn is the president of CBS television stations, and Friend is the senior vice president of news for TV stations.

The Times reported that the suspension came after an emerging report that detailed accusations of the hostile environment, “including making disparaging remarks about female and black employees.”

In a statement on the suspension, the network said, “CBS is committed to a diverse, inclusive, and respectful workplace where all voices are heard, claims are investigated, and appropriate action is taken where necessary.”

A weekend report from the Los Angeles Times stated that several employees accused Dunn and Friend of “bullying female managers and blocking efforts to hire and retain black journalists.”

The outlet reported the Dunn declined to comment on the allegations against him.

Friend, however, insisted that the allegations couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“These comments I may have made about our employees or prospective hires were only based on performance or qualifications,” he told the Los Angeles Times in a statement. “Not about anyone’s race or gender.”

Friend added, “I believe that I — and our stations — have a strong track record of hiring, supporting, and placing women and BIPOC journalists in important roles as anchors, reporters, and news directors.”

The New York Times reported that the National Association of Black Journalists called for both Dunn’s and Friend’s firings immediately following the allegations.

Roland S. Martin, the organization’s vice president of digital, said, “We aren’t satisfied with lip service. We don’t want promises that things will change.”

“We are heartened by our discussion with [CBS CEO] George [Cheeks] and [company executive vice president and global head of inclusion] Marva [Smalls] that there will be real, substantial, and substantive changes to CBS to ensure that it is a welcoming place for black and other journalists of color to work, rise, and succeed,” Martin added.

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Control the narrative: Democratic women pre-warn media to report on Joe Biden’s VP pick without being racist or sexist

Ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden’s announcement of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate, a group of powerful Democratic women sent a letter to top executives in the media to warn them against any hint of racism or sexism in news coverage about the candidate.

What are the details?

In the letter, provided here by Axios, the group, referred to as “We Have Her Back,” essentially gave marching orders to the media on how and how not to report on the forthcoming news.

The group explicitly positioned itself as a watchdog-of-sorts intending to “collectively and individually monitor coverage” and “call out those we believe take our country backward with sexist and/or racist coverage.”

Translation: If you step out of line, we will bury you.

The letter, sent last Friday, was signed by some familiar names: “Fatima Goss Graves (National Women’s Law Center), Ilyse Hogue (NARAL) Valerie Jarrett, Alexis McGill Johnson and Melanie Newman (Planned Parenthood), Debra Ness (National Partnership for Women and Families), Cecile Richards (Supermajority), Jess Morales Rocketto, Hilary Rosen, Stephanie Shriock, Christina Reynolds (Emily’s List), and Tina Tchen (TimesUp).”

Here is a particularly colorful portion in which the undersigned offer examples about what would be considered racist or sexist coverage — i.e. what will be summarily denounced by the group:

Women have been subject to stereotypes and tropes about qualifications, leadership, looks, relationships and experience. Those stereotypes are often amplified and weaponized for Black and Brown women. Attempts at legitimate investigations of a candidate have repeatedly turned into misguided stories that perpetuate impressions of women as inadequate leaders, and Black and Brown women as worse. There are multiple ways that media coverage over the years has contributed to the facts of the lack of diversity at the top of society’s roles.

For example:
• Reporting on a woman’s ambition as though the very nature of seeking political office, or any higher job for that matter is not a mission of ambition
• Relationships with partners, staff, colleagues and donors are characterized differently if the woman is not seen as subservient or supportive
• Reporting on whether a woman is liked (a subjective metric at best) as though it is news when the “likeability” of men is never considered a legitimate news story.
• Reporting, even as asides in a story, on a woman’s looks, weight, tone of voice, attractiveness and hair is sexist news coverage unless the same analysis is applied to every candidate
• Reporting on questions of electability of women is, in itself, a perpetuation of a stereotype about the ability of women to lead
• Reporting on doubts women may not be qualified leaders even when they have experience equal to or exceeding male leaders
• Reporting on the heritage of Black women or women of color perpetuates a misunderstanding about who is legitimately American
• Reporting on and using pictures of a woman’s, particularly black women, show of anger at injustice or any other kind of passion in communication perpetuates racist tropes that suggest unfairly that women are too emotional or irrational in their leadership or worse “hate America”

That’s a pretty extensive — and specific — list of do’s and don’t’s.

What else?

In her coverage of the news, Hot Air’s Karen Townsend noted the hypocrisy of such a letter coming from Democrats given their past treatment of Republican women such as former potential first lady Ann Romney and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

“It is as though these liberal women expect conservatives to forget how Sarah Palin was treated,” Townsend wrote. “Democrats said she was uneducated, ignorant, possibly having a child that wasn’t her husband’s, a hick from Alaska, she wore the wrong clothes, she didn’t speak well, they mocked her religion, and so on. It was hideous.”

According to Townsend, it would appear that racist or sexist messages are really only condemned when one’s party affiliation is Democratic. It’s hard to argue the point.

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Elizabeth Warren — who lost the female vote in her own state — blames failed campaign on sexism

Now that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has dropped out of the race, the questions and allegations about how sexism may have hindered her candidacy are making the rounds.

Warren pointed to her gender as an obstacle in earning the nomination, now that the remaining contenders are white men in their late-70s.

“[Sexism] is the trap question for every woman,” Warren said Thursday. “If you say, yeah, there was sexism in this race, everyone says, ‘Whiner.’ And if you say no sexism, about a bazillion women think, ‘What planet do you live on?'”

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), as her own campaign was declining, also wondered openly about whether America was ready for a female president. And now that Warren is out, Harris has revisited the question.

“This election cycle in particular has also presented very legitimate questions about the challenges of women running for president of the United States,” Harris said Thursday, CNN reported. “Look at what’s happened. There are no women currently in this race…but the reality is that there’s still a lot of work to be done to make it very clear that women are exceptionally qualified and capable of being the commander in chief of the United States of America.”

There is, however, evidence that sexism was not Warren’s problem, but rather a general and widespread unpopularity across demographics — including women.

Warren not only lost her home state of Massachusetts, which is embarrassing enough for an allegedly serious presidential contender, but in her home state she also lost the female vote to former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Massachusetts exit polls, Biden beat her by 10 points with women. Sanders beat her by 7 points with “very liberal” voters and by 14 points with voters who support Medicare for All. And the former college professor lost college educated voters by 5 points to Biden.

There are certainly some voters who believe a woman is less qualified than a man to be president. But even if you take that away, Warren probably had too many issues to overcome to have a chance at the nomination. She lied about her race. She was dishonest about the tax implications of her policies. She tried to make personal wealth the worst thing in the world in a country where people aspire to be personally wealthy. Even Sanders, despite still having a chance at the nomination, is learning that some of those issues can cause problems with voters.

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Bloomberg to release three women from their NDAs after devastating attack at Democratic debate

The campaign for New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg said that he would release three women from their non-disclosure agreements after he was hit hard during the Democratic debate about them.

“Bloomberg LP has identified 3 NDAs signed over the past 30+ years with women to address complaints about comments they said I had made,” Bloomberg tweeted from his official account on Friday.

“If any of them want to be released from their NDAs, they should contact the company and they’ll be given a release,” he added.

Bloomberg appeared stunned when Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) challenged him on the NDAs during the Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exchange was widely seen as one of the more damaging interactions to the billionaire’s campaign.

“A billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians!’ And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg!” she said at the opening of the debate.

Warren also criticized the decision to release the NDAs in a statement released immediately after the announcement on Friday.

“That’s just not good enough,” the statement read. “Michael Bloomberg needs to do a blanket release so that all women who have been muzzled by the NDAs can step up and tell their side of the story in terms of what Michael Bloomberg has done.”

A spokesman for Bloomberg fired back on CNN.

“We’ll continue to do as much as we can around this,” said Bloomberg senior advisor Tim O’Brien, who went on to criticize Warren on her claims of Native American heritage.

Here’s more about the NDAs:

Dem debate Democratic debate Intelwars Liz warren Michael Bloomberg Racism Sen Elizabeth Warren sexism Warren

VIDEO: Liz Warren opens Democratic debate with blistering attack on Mike Bloomberg

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) opened the Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a blistering attack on New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against,” said Warren.

“A billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads,’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians!’ And no I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg!” she added.

“Democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like red-lining and stop and frisk,” she continued.

“Look I’ll support whoever the Democatic nominee is, but understand this, Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another,” she concluded. “This country has worked for the rich for a long time and left everyone else in the dirt.”

Bloomberg responded by reciting items from his resume and claiming he had the best chance to beat President Donald Trump.

“I’m a New Yorker, I know how to take on an arrogant con man like Donald Trump who comes from New York,” said Bloomberg.

“Im a mayor, or I was a mayor. I know how to run a complicated city, the biggest, more diverse city in this country,” he added.

Here’s the video of her attack: