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White people charged ‘reparations fee’ to attend Pride event since it’s for ‘black and brown’ trans, gay community — and city officials support it

White people will be charged a “reparations fee” to participate in a Seattle gay pride event since it’s focused on “black and brown” members of the “trans and queer” community — and the city council president and local Human Rights Commission support the fee,
Jason Rantz reported in a piece for KTTH-AM.

What are the details?

TAKING B[L]ACK PRIDE organizers said all are welcome to attend Saturday’s event — but noted that “white allies and accomplices” must
fork over a “reparations fee” of between $10 to $50.

“All are free to attend HOWEVER this is a BLACK AND BROWN QUEER TRANS CENTERED, PRIORITIZED, VALUED, EVENT,” a notification from the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network reads. “The safety of Black and Brown Trans and Queer folks is PARAMOUNT, and we will make sure the safety of our community is prioritized at all times. White allies and accomplices are welcome to attend but will be charged a $10 to $50 reparations fee (and given a wrist band as proof of payment) that will be used to keep this event free of cost for BLACK AND BROWN Trans and Queer COMMUNITY but to also ensure that performers can be paid well.”

Rantz added that the “reparations fee” will be charged based on one’s ability to pay. In addition, he wrote that since the event is being held in Jimi Hendrix Park, which the city owns, there are questions concerning the legality of the fee.

According to Rantz, Seattle Parks and Recreation “explicitly prohibits racial discrimination in their parks. And it applies to event organizers using the park, with or without a permit.”

He cites
Seattle Municipal Code (18.12.280):

It is unlawful for any person occupying or using any park or recreation facility for any event, activity or exhibition open to the public, whether or not under a permit and whether or not an admission or entrance fee is charged, to deny to any other person the full use and enjoyment of such park and recreation facility because of race…

Pushback from LGBTQ leaders over fee

Capitol Hill Pride Rally and March leaders Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson — who actually
banned gay and straight police officers from attending their event — complained about the reparations fee to the Seattle Human Rights Commission, arguing that it’s “reverse discrimination” and a violation of local and federal anti-discrimination laws, Rantz reported.

But Rantz said the SHRC wasn’t buying it.

Uh oh

“Black trans and queer peoples are among the most marginalized and persecuted peoples within the LGBTQIA2S+ community,” the SHRC
wrote back to the LeFevre and Lipson. “They often face shame not only from the cis-heteronormative community, but within the queer community at large as well. In making the event free for the Black Queer community, the organizers of this event are extending a courtesy so rarely extended; by providing a free and safe space to express joy, share story, and be in community.”

Rantz added that Seattle City Council President and mayoral candidate Lorena Gonzalez was offended by LeFevre and Lipson so much that she canceled her scheduled appearance at Capitol Hill Pride.

“After a year that has taken an unbelievable toll on all of our communities, I was looking forward to this opportunity to celebrate Pride in person,” Gonzalez tweeted, according to Rantz. “However, I simply cannot support an organization that is trying to stop Black people in the LGBTQ+ community from celebrating Pride in the manner that they choose.”

TAKING B[L]ACK PRIDE rips Capitol Hill Pride

blasted the “audacity of Capitol Hill Pride” over complaints about the reparations fee, noting that this isn’t the first time such a fee has been charged.

“Our allies, supporters, and accomplices, pay our sliding scale donation ‘reparations” because they are able to understand that as folks with privilege, equity can start with making sure that people who possess various levels of marginalization are able to have spaces that center their needs, safety, identities, and contributions to LGBTQI culture,” TAKING B[L]ACK PRIDE wrote in a statement. “We ask our white supporters, allies, and accomplices to deeply consider their privilege and make a contribution that feels equitable for them (they often choose to pay more than what is asked, or volunteer with the event).”

TAKING B[L]ACK PRIDE also argued that reverse racism doesn’t exist — and that “Black and Brown LGBTQI folks do not possess the institutional power or enforcement of that power to be racially ‘oppressive’ to white folks.”

“We encourage vendors, performers and candidates to boycott Capitol Hill Pride and not support ANY event that would contribute to white supremacist violence against Black and Brown LGBTQIA folks,” the statement added. “Your community is watching.”

TAKING B[L]ACK PRIDE also slammed LeFevre, saying her “actions are no different from the actions of perpetrators of any other ‘Karen-like’ incident. She has decided to use her power and privilege as a white passing woman to elicit an emotional response & dangerous reaction from people like herself in order to create unsafe and potentially life threatening conditions for Black and Brown LGBTQIA folks.”

The group added that LeFevre “acted out of entitlement and casual violence because she was mad, and felt that her hurt feelings gave her the right to make Black and Brown trans folks, sick and disabled folks, sex workers, migrants, elders, youth, and communities already under constant threat of violence and criminalization pay with their safety and potentially their lives. This is not ok. SUCH is the fallacy of LGBTQIA white and white passing liberals.”

Event apparently has no permit from city

Rantz added that Seattle Parks and Recreation told him TAKING B[L]ACK PRIDE is not a permitted event, but the agency “did not respond to direct questions on how the city will proceed. An unnamed spokesperson wrote”:

At this time, we are scheduling no events at Jimi Hendrix Park, due to a scheduled construction project. Unpermitted events happen in parks from time to time, the nature of the event and concerns raised would determine if a response from the City would be warranted.

Has scrubbing commenced?

Rantz also added a late update Monday saying Jesús Aguirre, superintendent of Seattle Parks, won’t pursue an investigation into the event — and “organizers are scrubbing mention[s] of the reparations fee from some of their event pages.” Indeed it appears to have disappeared from the description on the event’s main page.

But at 6 p.m. EST, the reparations fee still is mentioned in an organizer’s post under “notificiations”:

Image source: Facebook

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Unhinged hardware store worker shoves customer with bat, throws punches after COVID-19 mask dispute: ‘That’s not customer service’

It would seem that social distancing wasn’t too high up on the COVID-19 protocol list for one Seattle hardware store worker caught on cellphone video shoving a customer with a bat and then throwing punches.

What are the details?

Bobby Dixon told KOMO-TV he and a friend entered Tweedy and Popp Hardware at Lake City to buy screws on Sunday. Dixon said he wore a mask but his friend didn’t, the station said, adding that signs posted on the front doors told customers that face coverings were required.

Dixon told KOMO that employees told his friend to mask up or leave — but his friend informed them he was fully vaccinated. The station said employees indicated mask-wearing was a store policy, and then things went downhill fast.

“It was a cussing match back and forth between them,” Dixon told KOMO.

The station said Dixon’s friend turned to go back outside, and Dixon headed for the cash register. But Dixon told KOMO that because the cashier was crude and offensive to him, as he was walking out he decided to stop, turn around, and head back to complain about the poor treatment.

“You work in customer service, and if you’re going to be rude, I’m going to take your name down and give it to your boss,” Dixon added to the station.

Then bat man showed up — which is when the video begins.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

“You’re going to hit me with that bat? You taunt me with that bat?” Dixon is heard asking the bat-wielding employee, who ends up shoving Dixon out the door and punching him.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

“It was actually quite terrifying,” Dixon told KOMO. “I’ve never had anybody come at me with a weapon like that, and it was flight or fight, and I was trying to get out of there, and he kept coming at me super aggressively.”

Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM said Dixon’s friend recorded the video of the fight, which shows Dixon beginning to fight back and landing a kick:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

Dixon manages to knock down the employee, and the pair wrestle:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

Things soon come to a close, and the employee heads back into the store — but Dixon and his friend continue to exchange words with both store employees.

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Now what?

KOMO said store employees refused to speak to the station about the incident, and messages left at the corporate offices of Ace Hardware — which supplies the store — were not immediately returned.

The station added that a report was filed with Seattle police, and detectives said they are trying to sort out conflicting versions of the incident. Police told KOMO that the employee they contacted claimed neither customer was wearing a mask. Dixon told the station he had a mask on while inside the store — but the cellphone video shows him not wearing a mask.

In addition, the police report indicates the store employee claimed both men attacked him even though the video shows only Dixon fighting the store employee.

“I wasn’t threatening, I never made any threats, and neither did my friend,” Dixon told Rantz during his KTTH radio show. “I never touched the dude until he came at me, and I was just trying to defend myself.”

Dixon added to Rantz, “I wasn’t trying to fight. I just kept trying to de-fuse the situation. And you know, you look in the video, he kept just coming towards me, and you even hear me tell him ‘stop.'”

According to Rantz, Dixon said he intends to press charges and that the employee “will have to be terminated.”

“That’s not customer service, and that’s not acceptable, and Ace Hardware needs to handle that,” Dixon added to Rantz.

Dixon also said Ace Hardware should release surveillance video from inside the store and that it will prove he’s telling the truth, Rantz reported.

“I’m kind of shook up,” Dixon told Rantz. “It’s kind of humiliating because I’m trying to run a business out here, and it’s not a good look for a business owner to be involved in something like that, but I want to clear the air.”

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Leftist political candidate once threatened to blow up school bus, called children ‘white cowards’ as they fled: court docs

A political candidate in Washington once threatened to blow up a school bus full of children, and when the students attempted to flee the potentially deadly situation she called the kids “white cowards,” according to court documents.

Ubax Gardheere is running for the King County Council in the Seattle area. Gardheere is the director of the Equitable Development Division in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development, which works with organizations on “anti-displacement efforts in high displacement risk neighborhoods, with a continued emphasis on serving BIPOC communities that have been targeted by systemic and institutional racism.”

Gardheere labels herself as a community organizer “focused on policy and systemic healing.” Gardheere, who calls herself a “bureactivist,” says she has “extensive experience in social justice and transformative practices.”

“She prioritizes working in community development and building an inclusive vision with many of Seattle’s BIPOC, low-income, and working-class communities,” her campaign website states. “She believes all humans deserve respect, safety, shelter, and economic opportunity.”

However, Gardheere reportedly did not offer school children respect or safety years ago.

On Jan. 12, 2010, Gardheere allegedly boarded a school bus while it was transporting children to the Chinook Middle School. “Gardheere demanded the driver tell his dispatcher ‘that a national security incident was going on,'” according to a new report from the Post Millennial.

Gardheere, who is a Somali immigrant, began yelling at the children about America’s relationship with Somalia, according to police reports.

The school bus driver instructed Gardheere to exit the vehicle, but she retaliated by saying that she may have a bomb and a gun, the court docs say.

“You need to calm yourselves down ’cause I could have a bomb. Look how loose my clothes are,” Gardheere said, according to an audio recording of the incident described in court documents.

“While speaking with the middle school students, the defendant stated that she might have a bomb and might have a gun,” deputy prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren wrote to the King County court. “When students attempted to escape out the back of the bus, she called them cowards and told them they would be responsible if something happened to their classmates.”

“Several students believed she had a weapon of some kind and many feared for their lives,” Holmgren said.

Fox News reported, “The court documents also say at least one student heard her call the fleeing students ‘white cowards.'”

Gardheere told an arresting officer that she was “prepared to die,” according to a King County detective. Gardheere had no weapons in her possession at the time of her arrest.

Gardheere was hit with felony charges of kidnapping, but worked out a plea deal with prosecutors to get the felonies down to a misdemeanor.

A few weeks after she made veiled threats to bomb a middle school bus with children onboard, Gardheere gave an interview to Seattle Weekly. Gardheere told the paper that she was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her son three years earlier.

“She said her mental condition worsened after she stopped in Dubai to see in-laws on her way to visit Somalia in 2008,” the article from January 2010 said. “Then, according to her account, she was nearly raped by someone at the house where she was staying–and beaten up by police when she tried to report the incident.”

She told the publication, “I’m thinking in my head, ‘What can I say or do that will get you taken to jail instead of a mental institute?'”

Now, Gardheere is running for the King County Council. Some of her political aspirations are to replace capitalism with “an economic system that is based on abundance and communal self-determination for communities of color and all people.”

“Our current economic system requires hierarchy, oppression, and extraction to operate and maintain itself,” Gardheere’s campaign website states. “It divides people according to race, class, ableism, and gender, and often treats Black Indigenous People Of Color (BIPOC) people, people who identify as LGBTQ+, poor people, immigrants/refugees, undocumented immigrants and refugees, people living with disabilities, and the natural environment as expendable resources.”

In a recent interview with the South Seattle Emerald, the leftist candidate said a “moderate Democrat” is “somebody that’s adjusted to whiteness.”

Gardheere has been endorsed by State Sen. Rebecca Saldana, a Democrat, who said, “I would follow Ubax anywhere.”

Ubax Gardheere KCYD Endorsement Video

Defund the police Intelwars Police Seattle

Seattle police furious after city finance department sends — and then defends — all-staff email calling cops white supremacists

Members of the Seattle Police Department have plenty of reasons to be upset with what’s going on in the Emerald City. For the better part of a year they’ve seen anti-police protests fill their streets and attacks on cops go largely unpunished as calls to “defund the police” have rung out across the U.S.

Now they have another straw to add to the proverbial camel’s back: A local radio station exposed a major Seattle city department’s all-staff email demeaning Seattle police as white supremacists. And when the department was called out for its messaging, officials defended the screed.

What happened?

KTTH-AM host Jason Rantz revealed Tuesday evening the text of what he labeled an “unhinged” email sent to the entire staff of the Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services, or FAS, by the “FAS Change Team.”

The message, written by Daniel Holmberg, a FAS senior management systems analyst, was titled, “White supremacy thrives without consequences” and came under the heading “Black Lives Matter: A message and resources from the Change Team.”

In the email, Holmberg and his Change Team claimed they did not want “to paint all police with a broad brush,” but they began the message by attacking law enforcement generally, saying white supremacy is “ensconced” in American institutions and saying that police “serve the false gods of white supremacy” and “are not worthy of the power they wield.”

Racist cops who extend restraint “only to white people,” Holmberg said, “are no longer guardians; they are mercenaries and zealots, paid in the wages of white privilege, inflicting their wicked commandments upon us.”

Despite his insistence that he didn’t want to taint all cops with his claims, Holmberg listed a few incidents of race-related incidents Americans have seen over the last few years and then insisted that “it strains the boundaries of credulity to believe that these are isolated issues, confined to a ‘few bad apples.'”

He continued:

The ubiquity of this phenomenon, found in all corners of law enforcement, reveals a broken culture, a world split in two: white supremacists and those who know better but go along to get along. In such a culture, good people who stay silent attempt to walk the razor’s edge between complicity and absolution. But it is a failed proposition. Silence is sunlight to the seeds of villainy. The full axiom is “one bad apple can spoil the barrel” and this barrel is writhing with maggots.

White supremacists are attracted to a career in law enforcement, he said, because “[t]hey get to use brute force to harm and restrain people of color” and “know their ‘thin blue line’ will encircle and defend them, no matter what.”

More from Holmberg:

Might it be that white supremacy sees in law enforcement its most tangible, immediately satisfying and most enduring method of harming people of color? Law enforcement provides an ideal habitat for white supremacists—a pulpit from which they can level catastrophic harm while enjoying the greatest protections. They wear the uniform like camouflage, hiding in plain sight. I respect and hold gratitude for the service of anyone who does so with honor, but the dignity and duty espoused by the badge do not come with the badge; they need to be earned on the back of righteous deeds.

We talk about ignorance, unconscious bias, and the invisible systems that perpetuate racial inequity. But what about explicit bias? What about intentional, premeditated racism that is celebrated and rewarded? This racism cannot be scapegoated to fear or misplaced anger, or even “economic anxiety.” It is a deeply rooted, marvelously disguised, desire to harm non-white people. White supremacists hold positions of authority and influence. They make the arrests and file the reports; they testify as expert witnesses, and they control the custody of evidence.

Holmberg closed his screed with advice for cops: “We’re not asking you to shoot guilty white people the way you shoot innocent Black people, we’re asking you to protect innocent black people the way you protect guilty white people.”

City department defends itself

When confronted about the email, the department defended the attack.

“If we have learned anything from the past year — when COVID-19 disproportionately ravaged communities of color and the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others laid bare how entrenched systemic racism is in our country — it is that we cannot afford to stay comfortable,” FAS spokeswoman Melissa Mixon told Rantz in an email. “Staying comfortable is costing lives, specifically Black lives, and we stand behind our Change Team for keeping us accountable and challenging all of us to learn, to re-examine, to grow and, above all, to act in this urgent work.”

Cops react to email

Seattle police officers didn’t hold back in their response to the city’s attack.

One officer told Rantz, “This is a prime example of why officers are leaving the force in droves. There is absolutely zero support for SPD in this city. Now we have the people who work on our buildings and cars treating us like we are public enemy #1.”

Another cop said the email was “inappropriate, bigoted, and full of misleading inaccuracies and over-generalizations.”

Yet another pointed out the glaring double standard the city is using:

If any SPD employee made disparaging remarks about another group of people, they would be under a full bias investigation, yet this individual gets to spew this hateful rhetoric to an entire division of city employees with no consequences.

Articles like this one cause division and hate towards a group of people. To say they don’t mean to paint all officers with the same brush while at the same time painting all officers with the same brush is hypocritical and reckless.

Interim Seattle Police Chief condemned the FAS message, calling it “disappointing” and saying it “got so many things wrong.”

Antifa Blocking traffic Intelwars Motorist Seattle watch

VIDEO: Antifa militant jumps on car’s hood as fellow comrades close in. So the driver — reportedly an elderly man — hits the gas.

Left-wing militants posing as protesters are an eccentric bunch, to put it mildly.

Particularly when they assemble to block vehicle traffic on freeways and street-level intersections. To borrow a common phrase, they think they own the road.

Showing no apparent fear that they’ll be run over by motorists, their M.O. is to form a small army and stand in the way of moving vehicles — fully expecting motorists to stop.

And the strategy has pretty much worked. Drivers typically have been the first ones to blink, and depending on how much fear is involved, might even consider themselves lucky if they can make U-turns and escape with just a few dents and broken windows.

Yes, America — we have new kings and queens of the streets.

But not every driver dutifully bows at their throne.

What happened?

Surveillance video caught the moment when a motorist came upon a group of about 20 black-clad Antifa militants forming a complete blockade of a Seattle intersection just before 11 p.m. Saturday night.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

At the start of the clip, a couple of drivers, on cue, abandoned the idea of getting too close to the militants staring them down in the crosswalks and simply turned around to search for other routes.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

But one driver apparently was in no mood to capitulate.

Video shows the driver stopping about 50 feet from the intersection at the top right of the screen — and an Antifa militant waving what appears to be a flashlight at the car.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

However, this particular driver chose not to turn around or sit idly by — and moved the vehicle forward. This irked Antifa a lot, and one comrade decided to show how irksome it was by jumping on the car’s hood.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

Yowsa. The Antifa faithful began running toward the vehicle, and the driver quickly hit reverse — with the militant still on the hood.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

And perhaps deciding that it would be a better idea to get out immediately rather than watching his car get smashed to bits — or worse — the driver hit the gas and simply sped through the roach-like swarm.

With the Antifa stuntperson still atop the hood.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz

Here’s the clip:

What happened next?

Conservative commentator Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM tweeted that the driver — an elderly male — was the victim and released. But Rantz said the individual on the hood was arrested.

In a subsequent tweet, Rantz added that the suspect — a female — claimed minor injuries and was headed to a hospital but was not being booked.

Rantz added a “PSA” to his tweet thread: “You do not have the right to block traffic, jump on the hoods of cars, or otherwise interfere with the rights of drivers or pedestrians, even if you think you’re a freedom fighter or hero.”

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Woke chocolate shop worker finally fired after refusing to serve Seattle police; shop owner doing major damage control

Well, it took a few extra days — and a landslide of negative comments on Facebook — but the owner of a Seattle chocolate shop has finally fired a woke employee who refused to serve police last week.

What’s the background?

The hubbub kicked off with a report from the Post Millennial, citing sources within the Seattle police department, that a worker behind the counter at the Chocolati shop on North 45th Street refused to serve an officer and trainee last Tuesday afternoon.

The employee — a white female with green streaks in her hair — said, “No, I won’t serve you,” the outlet reported, after which the officer and trainee departed.

The Post Millennial said it contacted Chocolati for comment, and a store employee told the reporter to “go f*** yourself.”

On Wednesday, Chocolati issued a statement on Facebook that acknowledged the refusal of service incident but did not indicate that the employee had been fired, much less disciplined: “We are actively working directly with this team member and the local precinct to create a more inviting, inclusive and cohesive community for all.”

As you might imagine, the rather tepid response from the shop elicited a tidal wave of angry, negative responses. There also was a report of a far nastier anti-police incident at a different Chocolati location that involved an officer requesting a new beverage over fears that it could have been tainted by hostile workers.

Change of heart

Well, wouldn’t you know the owner of Chocolati finally had a change of heart with respect to the employee who refused service to the officer — and fired the worker in question.

“After fully understanding the facts of this incident, we came to the mutual conclusion that it was in the best interest of both parties to part ways with the team member involved in this incident,” the shop’s statement posted to Facebook late Friday night read. “We also continue to communicate with our employees about our values and how we serve our customers to ensure an incident like this does not happen again. We will do better.”

The owner, Christian Wong, added that he was looking forward to “meeting on Sunday with the SPD officer involved in this incident to personally apologize — just as I would apologize to any customer who was refused service on the basis of an employee’s personal views.”

Here’s a video report about the incident that aired prior to the worker getting the boot:

Antifa Christopher Wray Intelwars jerry nadler Joe Biden Left-wing violence Police Seattle watch

Antifa — ‘a myth,’ ‘an idea, not an organization’ — meets after street ‘action’ to discuss strategy, warns each other to keep things secret

It appears that Antifa militants — you know, those figments of conservatives’ collective imagination, those black-clad, violent leftists who are at best “an idea, not an organization” and at worst a “myth” — have miraculously exited the pages of storybooks and landed in apparent real life.

Say what?

Conservative radio host Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM posted cellphone video — seemingly recorded on the sly — showing a group of “radical activists, including Antifa” holding an outdoor meeting in Seattle Friday night following their usual street hijinks.

During their chat, the “comrades” — a term actually uttered by one freedom fighter — discuss strategy, pat themselves on the back after they “fought with the pigs,” and emphasize not to discuss with anyone that they’ve met or their activities, as well as other methods to keep authorities at bay.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @JasonRantz

Shockingly, one militant tells the group that “autonomous doesn’t mean unorganized. So we do have to make decisions as a crew, as a team.” Seriously, since when do myths and ideas band together like … an organization?

Another militant suggests next time out they divide themselves into groups dressed as “black bloc” and “plain clothes” in order to prevent police from identifying members according to attire. In addition, another militant reminds members to look at the “Seattle [Black Lives Matter] calendar” and other groups’ activities to keep informed.

Prior to departing, one militant adds, “Once we de-bloc and leave, you weren’t at this autonomous action. So you don’t go home and talk about it. You didn’t see anything, you didn’t talk to anybody.” Another group member chimes in, “Our general policy is, ‘I didn’t see s**t or know s**t.’ If somebody asks you what you did Friday night — ‘nothin’.'”

Others also offer tips about phones, primarily to keep them turned off, to “get a burner if you can,” nont to have phones “tied to you personally,” and to make them password-protected with “no bio, no face, no thumb.”

Toward the end, another woman tells the group, “While we’re not necessarily out in the streets every night, we are doing actions every night. We’re sharing information, we’re watching livestreams, we’re educating ourselves, we’re educating our peers, our families, our friends. So keep that momentum up.” She adds that there’s plenty to be done to aid the “revolution.”

The militants also express a desire for “more organization” as well as concerns about being “infiltrated,” especially since they’re in a “vulnerable location” and “the longer we stay here, the easier it is for them to start picking out people as they walk out.”

Content warning: Language:

Anything else?

Last July, Democratic U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.), chairman of House Judiciary Committee, was caught on video stating that Antifa violence in Portland, Oregon, taking place night after night — and documented in numerous videos and news reports — is a “myth that’s being spread only in Washington, D.C.

Last September, then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in a debate with then-President Donald Trump parroted the words of FBI Director Christopher Wray, saying that “Antifa’s an idea, not an organization.

But speaking to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence last week, Wray was willing to concede that Antifa is “more of a movement. There are certainly local and regional nodes, individuals who self-identify with Antifa who commit violent attacks, citing that as their motivation. And we have a number of predicated investigations into such individuals.”

Asian Americans Autonomous zone Black Lives Matter Chop Hate crime accusation Intelwars Leftists Racism accusation Seattle

Black Lives Matter protester who demonstrated at Seattle’s leftist CHOP zone charged with hate crimes against Asian-American women

A Black Lives Matter protester who demonstrated at Seattle’s CHOP autonomous zone last summer has been charged with hate crimes against Asian-American women, KOMO-TV reported.

What are the details?

Seattle police arrested Christopher Hamner last month for two alleged incidents of anti-Asian hate attacks, the station said.

Pamela Cole told KOMO that Hamner threatened her and her young children when she tried to drive past him.

“He just opens his door and starts yelling at me ‘F you, you Asian B! ‘F you’ kind of thing,” Cole recalled to the station. “And then he pulls in the parking lot and comes charging at us.”

Investigators said Hamner made similar anti-Asian hate threats to two other women just days later, KOMO added.

Cole noted to KCPQ-TV that Hamner also yelled at her, “Get out! Get out! Get out!” and that “me and my kids [were] just stuck” and that she felt “so helpless and defenseless as a mom.”

Black Lives Matter

Nevertheless, KOMO reported that Hamner often was seen protesting with Black Lives Matter last summer and that he posted videos of himself on his social media accounts demonstrating at CHOP, the left-wing militant “autonomous zone” in downtown Seattle controlled by BLM and Antifa.

“Of course it strikes me as hypocritical, but I wasn’t surprised to be completely honest,” Cole told the station. “I wasn’t shocked about it.”

KOMO spoke with some leaders of the city’s racial justice protests who remember Hamner, and they said he always seemed to be on the fringe. The station said one leader remembers his “creepy stares,” and another characterized his actions as coming “out of left field.”

A victim tried to help him

Cole told KOMO she reached out to Hamner’s employers at a VA hospital to try to get him help since she doesn’t believe putting him behind bars will do him any good.

“At the end of the day if he goes to jail, he still comes out as a racist full of hate,” she noted to the station. “Nothing’s changed. He didn’t learn anything. … There was no rehab in it, so to me it’s pointless.”

KOMO said Hamner remains in custody and is due to enter a plea on hate crime charges Thursday morning.

Stop Asian Hate rally held in Seattle

Antifa Intelwars property destruction Seattle vandalism violent leftists watch

Seattle community leader blasts Antifa ‘fools’ who are ‘nightly destroying our city’ and elected officials who keep ignoring leftist anarchy

As Antifa violence continues to boil over in Seattle — and elected officials continue to treat the anarchy with kid gloves — some community leaders have had enough.

What are the details?

The city’s streets and businesses on Wednesday once again fell victim to the so-called anti-fascists — black-clad militants who have often been hailed by the left as heroes even though they regularly attack everyday people and small businesses and anyone else who defies them or gets in their way.

The next day, in the wake of more shattered glass and tagged buildings, several community activists criticized City Hall’s response,
KOMO-TV reported — although “lack of response” would appear to be more apt description.

Image source: KOMO-TV video screenshot

“Very weak. Very weak,” community organizer Victoria Beach told the station regarding the reaction from far-left Mayor Jenny Durkan and city council members. “It’s not addressing the problem. I reached out to the mayor today … she needs to come out and say, ‘Stop! Enough is enough!'”

Image source: KOMO-TV video screenshot

KOMO tried talking to Durkan to no avail — but did say her spokesperson offered an statement that read in part, “Violent threats, vandalism, and misogynistic and homophobic hate speech are unacceptable in our community. Mayor Durkan has consistently denounced individuals who are targeting small businesses and government facilities.”

Image source: KOMO-TV video screenshot

Beach told KOMO that’s not a sufficient response.

“We are not talking about all that other stuff,” she told the station. “We are talking about these fools [who are] nightly destroying our city. That’s what we want to hear about.”

Image source: KOMO-TV video screenshot

More from KOMO:

City Councilman Andrew Lewis also declined to speak on camera to KOMO News about the protests but said in an email statement that “property destruction is a crime, not free speech. Last night a small group of people committed acts of vandalism in Downtown Seattle and were promptly arrested. It has never been hard for me to distinguish between acts of petty vandalism committed by opportunists.”

City Councilwoman Lisa Herbold also did not answer questions from KOMO News, but sent a written statement saying: “I have spoken out against property destruction and violent behavior and will continue to do so.”

“To me, it’s a complete mystery why we’re not having more response,” Stephanie Tschida of the East Precinct Advisory Council told the station, adding that elected officials should be holding news conferences denouncing the destruction the strengthen the reach of the message. “Because a lot of people seem to have become apathetic.”

The station added that neither the mayor nor council members posted their statements to KOMO on their social media platforms — and other council members didn’t respond to KOMO’s requests for comment about the issue.

Antifa Assault burned flags dog and pony show Headline News inauguration Intelwars Joe Biden looting portland Property damage Rioting Seattle Violence

Antifa Wreak Havoc On Seattle & Portland After Biden’s Inaguration

Mere hours after democrat Joe Biden was inaugurated in the pomp and circumstance dog and pony show as the 46th president of the United States, Antifa took to the streets of Portland and Seattle to wreak havoc.  The groups burned flags, looted, and rioted while leaving destruction behind them.

People are upset on all sides right now.  In Seattle, flags were burned in the middle of the street.

Mobs also graffitied the Amazon Go store.

At least two of the rioters were arrested for property damage and assault.

In Portland, over 100 rioters descended on Portland, wreaking havoc and destroying property just a few hours after Biden’s inauguration ceremony. The so-called “J20 Protest” was advertised as an anti-Biden, anti-police event also aimed at supporting indigenous people’s rights, according to local ABC affiliate KATU.

The group rioting in Portland also targeted the Democratic Party of Oregon building for special destruction, breaking windows, spray painting graffiti (including “anarchy” symbols and a “F**k Biden”), and overturning dumpsters. Some held signs with slogans including “We are ungovernable,” “A new world from the ashes,” and “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge.”

The MAGApocalypse predicted by the mainstream media’s talking heads never materialized, however. Portland police told local media they arrested eight people on charges including rioting, reckless burning, possession of a destructive device, and criminal mischief. There were at least two other post-inauguration protests scheduled for Wednesday, according to RT. 

Despite widespread hype about Trump supporters plotting to overtake state capitals on Wednesday, however, law enforcement agencies detailed to the Oregon Capitol building reportedly encountered more journalists than angry conservatives. –RT

Please remain prepared and peaceful. This may be just the beginning. Violence will only expand the government’s power and give the ruling class an excuse to clamp down hard on the slaves. Protest by leaving their system and not participating. Don’t play into their hand by committing violence and destroying private property.


The post Antifa Wreak Havoc On Seattle & Portland After Biden’s Inaguration first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

Intelwars Kick to head Physical attack Police Seattle watch

Thug caught on video kicking women in head from behind in separate incidents; one victim suffers 10 facial fractures

Seattle police detectives arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with separate attacks caught on video in which two women were kicked in their heads from behind,
KIRO-TV reported.

Police said Wednesday the suspect was arrested and will be booked into the King County Jail on suspicion of assault, the station said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What are the details?

Police said in both attacks — which occurred day apart last week — the man was wearing the same clothes and attacked the women in the same way, the station said.

“There was no interaction between the two,” Seattle Police Officer Valerie Carson told KIRO. “They didn’t speak, they didn’t exchange words.”

On Jan. 6, police said the man stepped on a bus near Northeast 43rd and University Avenue and became agitated at a woman talking on the phone, the station reported. Surveillance video shows him kicking the victim from behind in her head.

The woman suffered a concussion as a result, KIRO said.

Then around 5 p.m. Jan. 7, investigators said a 56-year-old woman was planting flower bulbs on Fourth Avenue and Blanchard Street when the man walked up to her from behind and kicked her in the side of her head, the station reported.

After the second attack, video showed the man scampering off for a few yards before casually walking away.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Officer Carson said the second victim — who had never encountered the suspect before — suffered 10 fractures to cheekbone, nose, sinuses, and eye socket, KIRO reported.

Here’s a clip of the second attack:


The second victim is a semi-retired pediatric nurse who for years has cared for children with cancer, the station said, adding that she also has volunteered to help homeless people.

And every year she plants daffodil and tulip bulbs in the tree wells in Belltown, KIRO said.

Carson noted that “it’s shocking … for all of us to think that there might be someone out there who could do something so violent with no remorse,” KIRO added.

Anyone who has any information on the attacks can call the Seattle Police tip line at 206-233-5000, the station said.

Here’s a KCPQ-TV video report about the attacks which aired prior the arrest:

Capitol hill autonomous zone Capitol hill occupied protest Chaz Chop Defund the police Intelwars Police Seattle

Seattle cop debunks 4 major ‘defund the police’ myths in scathing op-ed: ‘This is nonsense’

Christopher Young is a self-identified left-leaning progressive from Seattle who wants to legalize drugs and expand the welfare state.

He also happens to be a 26-year veteran Seattle police officer and detective and former member of the U.S. military. And he is fed up with the lies he has heard from the defund-the-police left in America. So in an op-ed for the New York Post published Sunday, Young took it upon himself to debunk “four core myths of the #DefundPolice movement.” He began:

As a progressive who wants to decriminalize drugs and advance the welfare state, I fit in well in my Pacific Northwest community. Except, that is, for my job: I’ve been a big-city cop here for 26 years. Before that, I served in the military. The raging #DefundthePolice movement doesn’t know me and my colleagues at all — and persistent myths about police and their critics do more harm than good.

Myth #1: “Police are killing large numbers of civilians.”

This one is just plain untrue, Young stated, adding that policing in the U.S. has steadily improved over the last half-century.

He pointed to New York City as evidence, noting that the NYPD, which makes up 5% of all American police forces, “has meticulously tracked every shot fired by its officers since 1971” and found a steady drop in killings by police from 93 in 1971 to five in 2018.

And crime has dropped at the same time. “[T]he NYPD has successfully used less lethal means of preserving — and improving — the rule of law,” Young wrote.

Myth #2: “The anti-cop movement is largely peaceful.”

Any person who paid actual attention to the riots that plagued American cities this year knows that to be false, the detective said. The daytime protests shown on TV were largely peaceful, but things got nasty when the sun went down.

[T]he dynamic changed dramatically at night. Protests became intentional ­riots, designed to draw a police response that allowed rioters to claim victim status.

They would begin with insults, shouted at the riot line for hours in the hope that exhausted officers would retort on video; some told officers to commit ­suicide. Then they would throw rocks, shine bright lasers in our eyes and throw fireworks and Molotov cocktails — forcing the police to respond.

The media, he noted, “adopted the comically false ‘peaceful-protest’ narrative and perpetuated the myth of pervasive police brutality” and offered little other anti-cop propaganda.

Myth #3: “Abolishing police wouldn’t lead to lawlessness.”

Young said that many of the defund-the-police activists are anarchists who want to get rid of government and believe that civilization would blossom because a “society of angels” would chose to serve each other.

No place was this notion exposed as “nonsense” more than in the CHAZ that plagued Seattle last summer.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was a nightmare for Emerald City locals — and all because police were not allowed in. From Young:

Police weren’t allowed in the “occupied” protest zone for three weeks. It immediately became a hellscape and led to the shooting deaths of two young black men — the very people the movement claims to want to protect from the police.

Myth #4: “Today’s police are ‘militarized.'”

Young contrasted his time as a cop with his time as a U.S. soldier, noting that not once in his more than 25 years as a cop has he been tasked with sitting in an armed vehicle’s turret with a belt-fed machine gun, though he did so regularly as a member of the military. He also shared:

Contrary to activist complaints, SWAT teams’ armored vehicles, armored clothing and special training help them avoid deadly force, not commit it. A regular cop is often justified shooting someone who threateningly brandishes a gun. A SWAT officer wearing protection, however, will wait longer before resorting to deadly force. In Seattle, our SWAT team recently saved a suicidal young black man with a gun.

Young closed his op-ed by highlighting the need for cops on the street, even in relatively low-crime cities like Seattle. He added that the arguments from social justice warriors that policing is hopelessly broken and that police must be defunded should be ignored.

“Take it from a left-leaning cop,” he wrote. “Those arguments are either wildly exaggerated or just plain false.”

Defund the police Intelwars Lisa herbold Poverty defense Seattle seattle police

Seattle City Council member who voted to cut police budget calls police after home targeted by rock attack

In an incredible bout of irony, a Seattle City Council member who voted to slash the Seattle Police Department’s budget and supports effectively legalizing certain misdemeanor crimes called police earlier this month to request assistance after becoming the victim of a crime.

What happened?

Seattle City Council member Lisa Herbold called police in the afternoon on Dec. 11 after someone threw a rock at her house, according to KTTH-AM.

Herbold reportedly told police that “she was on the west side of the living room near the kitchen when she heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and dove into the kitchen for cover.”

Herbold did not see who threw the object, but a neighbor described the assailant as a white male, who was “unathletic and a bad runner.”

What does Herbold propose?

Herbold has proposed amending the Seattle municipal code to allow criminals to argue a so-called “poverty defense” when they commit petty crimes like trespassing or shoplifting to meet an “immediate basic need,” KOMO-TV reported.

“It’s giving people an opportunity to tell their stories and giving judges and juries the opportunity to hear those stories and make a decision based on the values of our city,” Herbold told the Seattle City Council’s Public Safety Committee just days before her home was attacked.

That means the perpetrator who seemingly attempted to break into Herbold’s house could be let off if he was attempting to provide for a basic need by breaking into her home.

According to Fox News, Herbold also approves extending such defenses for individuals who commit petty crimes because they are under mental duress or suffer from addiction.

Opponents of Herbold’s proposal said creating exceptions for crimes would only embolden criminals.

Council member Alex Pedersen said, according to KOMO, “This proposal seems to create too easy of a way for repeated vandalism, trespassing and shoplifting and other misdemeanor crimes that can harm others.”

Scott Lindsay, a former mayoral public safety adviser, agreed.

“It’s a green light for crime,” Lindsay said. “If you are engaged in 100 different misdemeanors that are in our criminal justice system code, you are not going to be held liable. You are not going to be held accountable.”

Anything else?

The news comes less than one month after the Seattle City Council approved a massive 18% cut to the Seattle Police Department’s budget.

The cuts mean the police department will lose tens of millions of dollars. But it’s not as bad as it could have been. In fact, in the immediate aftermath of racial unrest over the summer, the majority of the city council pledged to slash the police budget by a whopping 50%.

For her part, Herbold told Fox News, “There are no crimes that I am ‘effectively pushing to make legal.'”

Anita khandelwal Crimes Criminal Code Intelwars Lisa herbold Seattle Seattle City Council Seattle washington

Seattle considers excusing criminals if they can prove they broke the law because of drug addiction, mental illness, or poverty

Seattle officials are considering changing the current criminal code to exempt criminals from prosecution if it is deemed that suspects’ survival depended on committing acts of trespassing, theft, or assault.

What are the details?

According to the Daily Wire on Monday, the Seattle City Council is mulling over the changes, which were first broached in October.

In October, KOMO-TV reported on a proposed ordinance — courtesy of Councilmember Lisa Herbold and King County Director of the Department of Public Defense Anita Khandelwal — that would “excuse and dismiss … almost all misdemeanor crimes committed in Seattle by offenders who could show either: symptoms of addiction without being required to prove a medical diagnosis; symptoms of a mental disorder; or poverty and the crime was committed to meet an ‘immediate and basic need.'”

The station reported, “For example, if a defendant argued they stole merchandise to sell for cash in order to purchase food, clothes, or was trying to scrape together enough money for rent … [t]he accused could not be convicted.”

The ordinance, nicknamed the “poverty defense,” according to the Daily Wire, would cover all misdemeanor crimes except domestic violence cases and DUIs.

According to KUOW-FM, Khandelwal in early December said, “In a situation where you took that sandwich because you were hungry and you were trying to meet your basic need of of satisfying your hunger; we as the community will know that we should not punish that. That conduct is excused.”

Khandelwal added that the current system in place is not meeting anyone’s needs.

“This is not that we don’t care about the business community or about people who have experienced harm,” Khandelwal explained. “It is that we know that this process — this processing of human beings through the system — is harmful to our clients and again very racially disproportionate, and also not getting business owners what they need, either.”

What else?

Not all people are on board with the move, according to the outlet.

In a statement to Fox News, Seattle-area radio host Jason Rantz said, “We have this culture of lawlessness. We have a prolific offender problem where pretty much the same 100 or so individuals keep breaking the law, not seeing any punishment, and then doing the same thing over and over and over again.”

“And so,” he continued, “all you’re doing is making it easier for those people to continue that behavior. And, the fear is, of course, you know, ‘Does this only apply to Seattle residents?’ And if not, does that mean someone can come from outside of the region who is destitute, who is low income, [and] break a whole bunch of laws knowing that if you do it in Seattle, you’re not going to get into any trouble?”

Former Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess has also spoken out about the ordinance.

“It leans on the scales heavily in favor of certain individuals based on status, and it says to others, ‘You don’t matter,'” Burgess explained.

Former mayoral public safety adviser Scott Lindsay added, “It’s a green light for crime. If you are engaged in 100 different misdemeanors that are in our criminal justice system code, you are not going to be held liable. You are not going to be held accountable.”

Fox News reported that crime in Seattle has been on the rise since the summer’s CHAZ protests, and the city saw a 525 percent spike in criminal activity as a result.

Fox said that documents from a Tuesday city council briefing “say the council would be required to specify whether the rule would apply solely to someone committing a misdemeanor to meet immediate basic needs.”

The Seattle City Council will continue to work on the proposed ordinance in 2021.

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Cut police funding Defund police Intelwars Police budget cuts Seattle seattle police

In Seattle, 34 more officers ditch the force as city slashes police budget for a second time

An additional 34 police officers have exited the Seattle Police Department since October as the city council voted to slash the police budget for a second time.

According to Jason Rantz of KTTH-TV, the latest exodus brings the total number of separations since the start of this year to a historic high of 144, with “scores of other [officers] still applying elsewhere.” Rantz said rumors are swirling internally that separations could hit 200 by the year’s end.

The news comes as the Seattle City Council approved the city’s 2021 budget on Monday, in a move that shrank police department funding by 18%, KING-TV reported. The budget cuts are expected to affect overtime pay and training while leaving dozens of vacant jobs unfilled and moving 911 dispatchers and parking enforcement out of the department’s jurisdiction.

“I am sad and yet, I’m not surprised that many of the great human beings that do the job of policing in Seattle are still leaving SPD at an alarming rate,” Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) President Mike Solan told KTTH-TV. “It saddens me because I’m witnessing a professional police agency revered by many fall victim to radical activism that is swallowing Seattle.”

Under the new budget, millions of dollars that previously funded the police department will now go to community programs. Activists applauded the new budget, though it fell far short of their goal of cutting police funding by 50%.

“These are all really exciting things that have been won after many, many years of mobilizing and partnering together,” said Nikkita Oliver, a prominent local activist. “They’ve been won because of the uprising and defense of black lives, and the many people who put their feet to the ground, who have made calls, sent emails, and organized their communities.”

Councilwoman Lisa Herbold, who originally campaigned on hiring more officers, said, “Our work to shift the public safety response away from police, is a beginning to address our nation’s shame in that history of policing.”

In response, Solan called the city council “naïve” and argued the budget cuts would ultimately make the city even less safe.

“You’re going to see crime rise, we’re already seeing increased homicide rates that we haven’t seen in decades,” he said.

The Seattle Police Department is now dangerously understaffed. The number of deployable officers now sits at approximately 1,200, which is lower than it was in the 1990s despite the population increasing by 44% since then. According to KTTH-TV, the mayor’s office said in the coming months that number could drop even further, to 1,072.

college campus Election 2020 Election anxiety Election stress Intelwars Mental Health Seattle University

Report: Seattle schools and businesses encouraged to take a post-election ‘flex day’ to deal with stress

Some students and workers in the Seattle area have been encouraged by their employers and school administrators to take Wednesday off as a “flex day” to process the Election day results, the Post Millennial reports.

A Google employee reportedly told the Post Millennial that team leaders at the Big Tech corporation suggested employees take Wednesday off “if they needed to cope with the results.” Also, another employee of a smaller tech company reportedly said that his entire company will take the day off to “process” the results.

Over the weekend, KTTH-AM host Jason Rantz posted a message from The Northwest School, a Seattle private boarding school, announcing that Wednesday will be a “flexible day for processing, reflection, and reactions” to the election.

“We anticipate a full range of emotions among students as well as adults,” the message stated. “Some will need time on their own; some will want to connect, discuss, and process within a safe environment; some will want a sense of normalcy.”

The message went on to note that the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court “and the fear and threat that essential rights for the LGBT community — marriage equality and civil rights — may be at stake is devastating.”

The Northwest School did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Blaze.

Additionally, several college and university campuses around the nation have events planned for students dealing with post-election mental health issues.

The University of Michigan is offering resources to students through Counseling and Psychological Services, Wolverine Support Network and Michigan Medicine, providing access to support groups for students and faculty dealing with election-related anxieties.

Similar resources are available at the University of Colorado Boulder, which said in a Facebook post it will create “virtual space” for “students to process whatever they need, in community with the aid of trained staff counselors and facilitators.”

The “virtual space” will have “themed break out rooms” including, “Self-care through art, meditation and movement,” “general processing,” and “taking action/Next steps.”

The University of Central Florida has planned Election Day and post-Election Day gatherings and is offering mental health services and counseling for students “needing to speak with someone.” Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on Tuesday will host a “racial healing group” for “students of color to express, process and heal from negative race-based experiences.” The day after the election, the campus CAPS will create a “Post-Election Support Space” for students to “discuss your feelings and thoughts about the outcome of the election in a safe and respectful place.”

Counselors at the University of Southern California are working to “provide one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and other resources” for students feeling worried or anxious. The school is hosting election stress workshops through mid-November.

Black Lives Matter Drive-by shooting HARASSMENT Intelwars Leftists Police Seattle thin blue line watch

Drive-by shooters target elderly couple’s home after outraged leftists demanded removal of their ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag

When an elderly north Seattle couple decided recently to fly a “Thin Blue Line” flag outside the home they’ve lived in for more than 30 years, they knew their decision to support police wouldn’t be popular, KIRO-TV reported.

They were right.

And what started as angry comments, demands that they take down the flag, and graffiti on the street in front of their residence appears to have escalated into a drive-by shooting last week, the station said.

What are the details?

“About twice a week someone was coming by and [saying] derogatory remarks, saying take it down,” the man told KIRO. “I didn’t argue with anybody.”

“Black Lives Matter” and the letters “ACAB” — which stands for “all cops are bastards” — also were painted on the street in front of the home, the station said.

The couple — who didn’t want to identify themselves or show their faces on camera for fear of retaliation — filed a police report for harassment, KIRO said.

Then last Friday surveillance video caught someone driving a dark SUV by the home, firing nine shots, and speeding away, the station said. Six shots hit the home and a vehicle, KIRO reported, adding that at least one bullet pierced multiple walls of the home.

“This didn’t really happen did it?” the man asked the station in disbelief.

“I’m fearful because I don’t know who it would be that would get that angry,” the woman told KIRO.

The homeowners replaced a large flag with a similar-looking smaller flag, hoping that would deescalate the situation — but after the shooting, the station said police officers told them it wasn’t safe to keep it hanging.

“The police said, ‘As much as we appreciate your support, we tell our families don’t fly ’em,'” the woman told KIRO.

‘Everybody has an opinion … but you don’t shoot me for it’

In the aftermath, the couple is troubled that they were targeted with such violence simply for exercising their First Amendment rights.

“I feel like people are trying to take over someone else’s opinion and controlling them, and I had no idea that this was happening,” the woman noted to the station, adding “everybody has an opinion, and we’re entitled to it — but you don’t shoot me for it.”

(H/T: The Police Tribune)

Defund police Intelwars Jenny durkan Seattle Seattle mayor seattle police

Seattle mayor who praised CHOP, supported police cuts, is now ‘deeply concerned’ as more than 100 officers have left the force

Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan — who once called the police-free autonomous zone in her city a “block party” amid a “summer of love” — is now “deeply concerned” over the mass exodus taking place within the city’s police department.

What’s the situation?

KING-TV reported early Friday morning that a record number of officers had left the department in September, according to a new Seattle Budget Office report. The report noted that 39 officers and officers-in-training “separated” from the department while an additional 14 officers extended their leaves.

The exodus is part of a continuing trend that has resulted in at least 118 officers leaving the force this year, KTTH-TV reporter Jason Rant said. He added that “even this number is misleading” because “many officers are using their accrued sick time as they begin their escape to other agencies or wait for retirement.”

The total number of officers in the department now sits at just over 1,200, which the report noted is on par with police staffing levels in the early 1990s, even though the city’s population has grown 44% since then.

As a result, 911 call response times have been increasing and police investigative services have been crippled.

What’s she saying?

In a statement, Durkan called the levels of attrition “unprecedented,” yet doubled down on the re-imagination of community safety and calls for “community-based alternatives” to policing.

“We will continue to improve policing and reimagine community safety in Seattle by shifting some responses to community-based alternatives and civilian programs like Health One or Community Service Officers,” Durkan said. “But the City also needs a sufficient number of officers who can respond to the most urgent 911 calls in all parts of our city at any time of the day. We are losing an unprecedented number of officers, which makes it even more critical that we recruit and retain officers committed to reform and community policing that reflect the diversity and values of our city.”

A spokesperson for the mayor, Kelsey Nyland, added, “If we don’t act now, we’ll soon see undeniable impacts to 911 response times and investigative services. It could also impact the department’s ability to sustain the gains and meet the requirements of the federal consent decree.

“The Mayor is deeply concerned by the fact that some of our youngest officers — those who joined the department knowing it was under a federal consent decree — are leaving at an extremely high rate,” she continued. “These are the exact officers we want to keep as we transform the department. They’re the ones who entered the department with an emphasis on de-escalation training and community-based, constitutional policing.”

Anything else?

The exodus follows the City Council’s decision in September to override a mayoral veto and slash the city’s police budget, leading to the cutting of as many as 100 officer positions and the elimination of the Navigation Team, which cleared homeless encampments.

Durkan, who is in favor diverting police funds to social programs, only vetoed the measure because it lacked “the type of collaboration” she desired.

bicycle Breonna taylor riots Intelwars protester Rioting Seattle seattle police watch

Protester lays face-down in Seattle street to block path of bicycle cops — and one officer just rolls right over his head

Police departments in numerous cities across America contended with rioting Wednesday night on the heels of a grand jury
decision indicting only one Louisville officer in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor — and the officer wasn’t charged with Taylor’s death. And two Louisville officers were shot amid rioting there.

Seattle — a hotbed of rioting and protesting all summer — was certainly no exception Wednesday night as at least 13 people were arrested amid street violence. In fact, video caught a rioter smashing a cop in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Fortunately the officer was wearing a helmet and seems to have escaped serious injury.

But another clip out of Seattle — also showing what appears to be total disregard for a human head — is gaining attention as well. However, the roles were reversed in this case.

What are the details?

As police lined up on a street to advance on rioters,
video from journalist Kitty Shackleford shows one guy laying face-down in the middle of street, presumably to block the paths of officers.

But one cop who was lined up directly in front of the enterprising protester apparently wasn’t about to alter his course in the slightest — and the officer walked his bike’s wheels right over the protesters head:

The cop wasn’t done, either.

After rolling over the protester’s head, the cop swings the back wheel of his bike and smashes it against another protester who was advancing on the police line.

At least two other officers converged on the protester who was laying on the ground, with one appearing to handcuff him. It isn’t clear what happened to the protester afterward or if he was injured as a result of the bike’s wheels rolling over his head.

What has been the reaction to the skull-as-speedbump video?

As you might expect, particularly given the barrage of attacks on police of late, most folks commenting on Shackleford’s video weren’t very sympathetic to the protester:

  • “There’s a lesson here: when the cops say it’s time to go home, wake up from [your] street nap and GTFO,” one commenter noted.
  • “How stupid do you have to be to lay down in the street and let someone ride over your head and neck with a bike?” another commenter asked. “These rioters are completely unhinged. Morons, one and all.”
  • “That cop is awesome,” another commenter said. “Walks his bike over the dude’s head, then tail whips it into another one.”
  • “How a person handles bumps in the road says a lot about their character,” another commenter quipped.
  • “I’m dead, I can’t stop laughing,” another commenter wrote.
Andre taylor Ex-pimp seattle Intelwars Not this time Seattle Seattle street czar

Seattle bankrolls ‘Street Czar,’ ex-pimp, BLM activist at $150K to help the city consider ‘alternatives to policing’

The city of Seattle has hired a Black Lives Matter activist and convicted ex-pimp to be its “Street Czar,” paying him $12,500 a month for a year to come up with “alternatives to policing.”

What are the details?

Andrè Taylor was once sentenced to more than five years in prison for illegally working as an escort hustler in Las Vegas (he ended up only serving one year) and was featured in the 2000 documentary, “American Pimp.” He also came to Seattle in 2016 vowing to “go to war” after his brother, Che Taylor, was killed by police.

Now Taylor and his organization, Not This Time, have been bankrolled by the city at $150,000 over the next 12 months to provide “community de-escalation services.”

“When you come at the king, you best not miss!”

The contract, published for the first time this week by news website PubliCola, provides Taylor’s organization office space in the city’s Municipal Tower and requests Taylor’s help “provid[ing] recommendations to the City on de-escalation, community engagement, and alternatives to policing.”

Under the agreement, which was reportedly Taylor’s idea, Not This Time will also work toward the “urgent de-escalation of conflict and violence between the police and the community assembling in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.”

The Seattle Times noted that the contract came just one year after Not This Time was paid $100,000 by the city to host a speaker series called “Conversations with the Streets.”

What else?

According to the Seattle Times, Taylor’s public presence during protests and riots in Seattle has evolved considerably over the last several months. He reportedly led one of the very first rallies in Seattle in the immediate aftermath of the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, and appeared at a news conference beside Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) on the same day.

Later, while publicly disavowing the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, he attempted to broker a deal between CHOP protesters and the mayor, insisting that the protesters demand money in return for leaving the area.

“Don’t just leave. Leave with something,” he told a small group of protesters in a recorded conversation. “Let me make that happen for you, and then I can bring that back to you. I don’t know, we’ll ask for $2 million. They might give us $1 million, but let’s ask for it.”

The paper reported that the activists eventually rejected his advice, one saying that the money grab felt “off.”

Taylor then reportedly drew ire from CHOP protesters when he appeared at a news conference with the mayor on June 22 telling them to shut down CHOP — the same day he was offered a six-figure contract by the city.

Anything else?

Kelsey Nyland, a spokesperson for Durkan, said, “the City sought a contract with Not This Time because of our existing working partnership … but also because of the organization’s lived experience with the criminal legal system, and their history of successful advocacy and activism on issues of policing and dismantling systemic racism.”

Nyland added that the city is spending millions this year on similar contracts with various other groups.

“Not too many people can go talk to gangbangers in their territory, and then go talk to the government in their territory,” Taylor said of the contract.

Blm protest demands Defund the police Defund the police seattle Intelwars Jenny durkan veto Seattle Seattle city council socialist Seattle police dept cut

Seattle City Council overrides mayor’s veto to defund the police; up to 100 officers to be cut

The Seattle City Council voted to override Mayor Jenny Durkan’s three vetos of bills to divert funds from the police department into social programs.

The council voted 7-2 in a vote on Tuesday after three hours of discussion that included the consideration of a compromise bill that was ultimately rejected.

Durkan vetoed the police budget bill in August but said in
statement that she did so because the city council had not consulted with her office to arrive at a defunding bill they could agree on.

“This veto was because the bills as passed did not have the type of collaboration that I think we will have going forward, and that I’m hopeful we will have going forward,” she said at the time.

The proposal cuts about $3.4 million from the department’s $400 million budget. Seattle has about 1,400 police officers and the bill would cause 100 police positions to be cut by attrition.

The cut to the police department’s funding falls far short of the demands from Black Lives Matter protesters, who have called for 50% of the funds to be diverted to social programs.

Kshama Sawant, the far left socialist member of the city council, had voted against the bill because it didn’t go far enough to meet the demands of the BLM protesters.

“Seattle Mayor Durkan remains hostile to defunding police,” said Sawant in a tweet. “Democratic Councilmembers completely failed to keep their public promises of 50% defunding in the Summer budget vote, furthermore, approved an austerity budget after having promised anti-austerity.”

The previous vote of the city council to cut police funding also led to the resignation of former Police Chief Carmen Best, who said she felt as if the measures were motivated by “animus toward me specifically.”

While many supporters of the protester praised the modest cuts to the police department, some like local conservative talk show host Jason Rantz condemned the move.

“Seattle City Council voted to override the Mayor’s veto of their dangerous defund police bill,” tweeted Rantz.

“This Council will *always* side with socialists and criminal activists,” he added. “They are the enemy of sane constituents because they don’t respect us.”

Here’s a local news report about the decision:

Seattle City Council overrides Durkan’s budget vetoes over police funds

Anarchist jurisdictions Antifa Intelwars Justice Department New York City portland Seattle William Barr

Justice Dept. labels NYC, Portland, and Seattle as ‘anarchist jurisdictions,’ will seek to withdraw federal funds

The Department of Justice has labeled New York City, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, as “anarchist jurisdictions,” a designation that could lead to a withdrawal of federal funding from those cities, according to the New York Post.

The three cities earned the designation for efforts to reduce police funding, or for their response to the race riots that started in late May after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. White House budget director Russ Vought will reportedly issue guidance about cutting funding to the cities in the coming weeks.

“When state and local leaders impede their own law enforcement officers and agencies from doing their jobs, it endangers innocent citizens who deserve to be protected, including those who are trying to peacefully assemble and protest,” Attorney General William Barr said in a statement. “We cannot allow federal tax dollars to be wasted when the safety of the citizenry hangs in the balance.

“It is my hope that the cities identified by the Department of Justice today will reverse course and become serious about performing the basic function of government and start protecting their own citizens,” the statement continued.

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump issued a memo expressing a desire for Seattle, Portland, New York City, and Washington, D.C., to have federal funding reviewed in light of their response to unrest.

“My Administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones,” Trump’s memo read. “To ensure that Federal funds are neither unduly wasted nor spent in a manner that directly violates our Government’s promise to protect life, liberty, and property, it is imperative that the Federal Government review the use of Federal funds by jurisdictions that permit anarchy, violence, and destruction in America’s cities.”

New York City has seen a spike in crime as Mayor Bill de Blasio sought to cut funding to the NYPD and disbanded a significant plainclothes crime unit.

Seattle surrendered a police precinct and nine blocks of the city to protesters who established a continuous protest area first referred to as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, later renamed the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. That area of Seattle was occupied for roughly a month, and for much of that time the protesters had the support of Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Portland has had more than 100 straight days of protests, some of which have devolved into riots, including vandalism and deadly violence. President Trump sent federal law enforcement to the city to help protect property and quell the violence, but that effort was met with resistance from Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also Portland’s police commissioner.

Additionally, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced a policy in August that said many riot-related crimes would not be prosecuted.

child father Intelwars pepper spray Police Protesters Seattle watch

Remember the little boy who got pepper-sprayed at an anti-police protest while with his dad? Watchdog group finds incident wasn’t intentional.

You may recall a viral video just as George Floyd protests heated up of a child screaming and crying in the middle of a street as adults douse his face with milk to lessen the sting of pepper spray.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Some people deemed it outrageous that cops would do such a thing to a kid, while others wondered what the boy’s father was doing with his child at the May 30 anti-police protest in Seattle.

Well, last week the city’s Office of Police Accountability — a citizen-led watchdog group — ruled that officers didn’t violate rules when the boy was inadvertently hit with pepper spray,
KOMO-TV reported.

What are the details?

“OPA’s review of bystander and body-worn video found that the boy was not individually targeted,” the report states, according to the station. “He and his father moved towards a protester who had grabbed an officer’s baton and was pushing into the police line. An SPD supervisor used pepper spray to move the protester back. In response, the protester ducked, causing the pepper spray to inadvertently affect the boy and his father.”

OPA director Andrew Myerberg defended the board’s ruling to KOMO: “It’s clearly a directed spray toward someone who is breaking a line, and that force was appropriate for that person.”

The report added that “while the impact to the boy was an unfortunate result, he was not visible on the video at the time of the pepper spraying and therefore could not have been seen by the supervisor,” the station also said.

What did Dad have to say?

During the protest, video shows the boy’s father standing with his son just behind a line of protesters and hollering at police: “Look at his bitch ass!” he yells at one point. Then — balling up his fist — he yells at a cop, “He’s ready to swing somethin’ — his d**k ain’t that big, but that’s why [unintelligible] my black ass!”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

After the boy was hit with pepper spray, his father confronted police: “Hey, you’re a bitch! You just sprayed my 8-year-old son, you whore-ass motherf***er! F*** you!”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

At a press conference over the incident, Mondo Avery seemed a tad more reserved in front of a camera and said in reference to his son, “I felt like I failed him because I couldn’t protect him.”

Image source: KIRO-TV video screenshot

Here’s a statement submitted to
KIRO-TV on behalf of the boy’s family in response the the watchdog group’s finding:

We are deeply disappointed, but not surprised, by the result reached by the OPA. Today, they have confirmed that it is the Seattle Police Department’s position that the use of pepper spray in an intentional and reckless manner that it would strike an innocent child exercising their First Amendment rights is “within policy.” We understand the OPA has said it is “sorry” for these actions. But “sorry” and “regret” is not sufficient. We demand change. OPA did not address … whether the officers could have [taken] steps to prevent this from happening and, even further,
no police officers attempted to render aid to the child, making any apology tough to accept. Moreover, the OPA reached its conclusions by analysis and discussion of body camera footage — tapes that were not provided to the family or their legal counsel before today. The [OPA] also refuses to identify the officers who used force in this incident. All of this undermines the claims of objectivity and transparency that the City purports to value. We continue to demand change, and this confirms that it is still deeply needed because the City of Seattle continues to remain indifferent to the suffering its police, and other City officials, have caused to black and indigenous people of color for decades, including the Avery family.

The following is a compilation video from the Office of Police Accountability showing various clips from the May 30 protest. (Content warning: Language):

Child Pepper Spray Investigation Video Compilation

(H/T: The Police Tribune)