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Iran Vows To Respond To Israel’s Alleged Sabotage at Natanz Nuclear Site

Iran is promising to respond to alleged sabotage by Israel of the Natanz nuclear site. Iran’s foreign minister has issued a warning to Israel that an attack on the Natanz atomic site will not stop the country’s nuclear program.

Speaking alongside his Russian counterpart on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Israel had made a “very bad gamble” by sabotaging the Natanz nuclear site.

The underground Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz experienced a power outage on Sunday. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh called the suspected Israeli sabotage “an act against humanity, because the damage done to the plant could have caused a disaster.

The foreign minister contended that Iran’s hand in the renegotiation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the now-abandoned 2015 pact limiting Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, had been strengthened by Israel’s sabotage. “The Israelis thought the attack will weaken our hand in the Vienna talks, but in contrary, it will strengthen our position,” Zarif said. -RT

Zarif also said that Natanz would continue to be an important nuclear enrichment site for Tehran. “I assure you that in the near future more advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges will be placed in the Natanz facility,” he stated.

Israel has not taken responsibility for the act.

Iran has labeled Israel’s alleged involvement in the attack on the nuclear site as an attempt to provoke Tehran and derail talks in Vienna. Those talks are said to have a goal of bringing Iran and the US back in line with the 2015 pact which President Donald Trump unilaterally left in 2018. If successful, crippling sanctions against Iran would be removed.

If Iran does follow through on its promise to retaliate against Israel for this action against the nuclear site, we could see an escalation that could lead to war.  With the ongoing tensions currently continuing to rise between Ukraine and Russia, global conflict seems inevitable.

Stay prepared and stay aware. Use your discernment and actively employ your critical thinking skills. It’s imperative at this point in history to understand what does and does not resonate with you. Choose morality and life over dogma and political slavery. We can unite to stop these wars, but it’s going to take more people choosing to not kill each other at the commands of their rulers.

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Leftist thug caught on video allegedly trying to cut brake lines on NYPD vehicle. He doesn’t get far.

A frequent participant in Occupy City Hall protests in New York City was caught on surveillance video Friday afternoon allegedly trying to cut the brake lines of a police van in Brooklyn, authorities
told the New York Daily News.

An NYPD detective told the paper he spotted Jeremy Trapp moving under a marked NYPD van parked on Fourth Avenue near 43rd Street in Sunset Park about 4 p.m. and recovered a pair of scissors from him.

Image source: WNBC-TV video screenshot

As it happens, the wrong wire was cut, authorities told the Daily News. The 24-year-old suspect allegedly cut the line that measures wheel speed, the paper said, citing court documents.

Numerous charges were leveled against Trapp, including reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, criminal tampering, auto stripping, and obstructing governmental administration, the Daily News said.

But as with many other arrestees in the Big Apple this year, Trap was released without bail the day after his arrest, the paper said, adding that he’s due back in court in December.

Trapp is an Occupy City Hall protester, police sources told the Daily News.
WNBC-TV reported that he’s been seen coming and going from the protests in recent weeks, officials said. The group has been camped in City Hall Park around the clock for weeks demanding the defunding of the NYPD, the paper said.

Anything else?

The incident is the latest in what’s becoming a troubling anti-police environment, officials told the station, adding that police vehicles have been firebombed, lug nuts have been loosened on their vehicles, and officers have been assaulted.

In fact, officers were physically attacked on the Brooklyn Bridge last week by Occupy City Hall protesters.

Quran Campbell, 25, allegedly punched Lt. Richard Mack of the in the face during the dust-up, the Daily News said. Mack suffered multiple fractures of his orbital bones and cuts needing 12 stitches, the paper said, citing prosecutors’ statements at Campbell’s Thursday arraignment.

And after NYPD Chief of Department Terrance Monahan intervened, court documents said the department’s highest-ranking uniformed officer was punched in the face, too, the Daily News reported.

Image source: NYPD News

While Campbell was charged with felony assault, he was freed without bail under supervised release, the paper said.

Chanice Reyes also was charged with felony assault for allegedly walloping an NYPD sergeant and lieutenant with a cane, the Daily News said.

Image source: NYPD News video screenshot

Image source: NYPD News

Reyes made $7,500 bail and was freed Friday, the paper said.

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Story of Gus Weiss

This is a long and fascinating article about Gus Weiss, who masterminded a long campaign to feed technical disinformation to the Soviet Union, which may or may not have caused a massive pipeline explosion somewhere in Siberia in the 1980s, if in fact there even was a massive pipeline explosion somewhere in Siberia in the 1980s.

Lots of information about the origins of US export controls laws and sabotage operations.

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New Ransomware Targets Industrial Control Systems

EKANS is a new ransomware that targets industrial control systems:

But EKANS also uses another trick to ratchet up the pain: It’s designed to terminate 64 different software processes on victim computers, including many that are specific to industrial control systems. That allows it to then encrypt the data that those control system programs interact with. While crude compared to other malware purpose-built for industrial sabotage, that targeting can nonetheless break the software used to monitor infrastructure, like an oil firm’s pipelines or a factory’s robots. That could have potentially dangerous consequences, like preventing staff from remotely monitoring or controlling the equipment’s operation.

EKANS is actually the second ransomware to hit industrial control systems. According to Dragos, another ransomware strain known as Megacortex that first appeared last spring included all of the same industrial control system process-killing features, and may in fact be a predecessor to EKANS developed by the same hackers. But because Megacortex also terminated hundreds of other processes, its industrial-control-system targeted features went largely overlooked.

Speculation is that this is criminal in origin, and not the work of a government.

It’s also the first malware that is named after a Pokémon character.