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Texas Democratic Party official resigns amid backlash after using racial slur against Sen. Tim Scott

A Democratic Party leader in Texas has resigned following outrage after he publicly used a racial slur in referring to African American Republican Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.).

What are the details?

Sen. Scott delivered the GOP retort to President Joe Biden’s first speech before a joint session of Congress last week, wherein he declared that America is “not a racist country.” Afterward, the Republican received waves of racist abuse online from leftists.

Texas’ Lamar County Democratic Party chair Gary O’Connor joined in on the attacks, writing in a now-deleted Facebook post, “I had hoped that Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles.”

As TheBlaze previously noted, “by calling Scott an ‘oreo,’ O’Connor was suggesting that Scott — the lone black U.S. senator — is black on the outside, but white on the inside.”

O’Connor was hit with a flurry of calls for him to resign over the post, and he has now stepped down.

“I am deeply and sincerely sorry for my inappropriate and hurtful use of [the] racist term I used to describe Sen. Tim Scott on my personal Facebook page,” O’Connor told The Washington Examiner on Tuesday. “It was insensitive, and I have embarrassed myself and my party by its use.”

He added, “As a result, I feel compelled to offer my resignation as chair of the Lamar County Democratic Party for consideration by the County Executive Committee.”

Anything else?

Following Scott’s response to Biden’s speech, the term “Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter for several hours, after countless progressives used the play on the racist term “Uncle Tom” to refer to the Republican senator.

Fox News noted that “Congressional Democrats — whose platform vehemently opposes racism — have remained silent on the slur targeting Scott that trended amongst their voting base.”

Over the weekend, Scott denounced the racist attacks made against him, telling CBS’ “Face the Nation,” “Fighting bigotry with bigotry is hypocrisy.”

“The question we should be debating and fighting over is: How do we resolve those issues going forward?” he said. “One side says, ‘I’m going to take from some to give to others.’ Our side, what I’ve suggested, is: Let’s expand opportunity and make sure that we are fully equipped for the challenges of the future.”

Alyssa farah Communications Director Intelwars resigns trump WHITE HOUSE

White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah resigns

White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah announced her resignation on Thursday, issuing a statement expressing her pride in being a part of the accomplishments made by the Trump administration.

What are the details?

Farah, 31, entered the administration as press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence in 2017, then transferred to the same role at the Pentagon before returning to the White House to serve as communications director.

In a statement regarding her departure, Farah expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve her country. While she did not mention President Donald Trump directly in her statement, she did point to a litany of his achievements and said that working for his administration was “the honor of a lifetime.”

“Under this Administration, the ISIS caliphate was destroyed, American hostages were returned home, NATO is stronger than ever, we’ve brokered historic Middle East peace deals, and I was on the ground in Kabul for the announcement of a historic peace deal between the Afghan Government and the Taliban aimed at ending America’s war,” she wrote.

“We delivered historic tax cuts, putting money back into the pockets of hard working Americans,” Farah continued. “We rebuilt the judiciary with Constitution abiding independent jurists and we worked to create the most inclusive economy in American history – that gives every citizen a real chance to achieve the American dream.”

Farah said she was leaving to “pursue new opportunities,” and the news is buzzing over where she might end up next.

One America News Network’s Alex Salvi reported that “Farah has been interviewing with agents, pursuing a television job after her White House departure.”

According to The Washington Post:

Farah’s last day is on Friday, and she plans to start a consulting firm focusing on the corporate, political and defense realms. She had initially planned to leave before the election, according to one person familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to reveal private discussions.

Prior to joining the Trump administration, Farah worked as an aide on Capitol Hill, first as communications director for former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) —who is now White House chief of staff — before serving as spokesperson for the House Freedom Caucus.

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AG Barr Approves Probe Into Election Fraud & Almost Immediately DOJ Election Crimes Chief RESIGNES

Almost immediately upon the announcement that attorney general William Barr approves an investigative probe into election and voter fraud, the acting Department of Justice Election Crimes Chief resigns.  It shouldn’t matter what side you are on, that’s telling.

Most readers understand I no longer participate or believe in the left vs. right paradigm, and therefore, have no dog in this fight, so to speak.  However, this election isn’t over just yet, and we should have known that this one would be contested. After all, the elitists modeled this exact scenario:

Another Secret Model: A Contested 2020 Election

As we’ve mentioned before, do not be surprised if this thing goes one way (which it appears to have gone to Joe Biden) only to turn around and go back the other way (Donald Trump.) This would cause huge societal upheaval. But is looking more likely by the day.

Barr authorized federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, the head of the DOJ’s Election Crimes Branch has decided to resign. “Having familiarized myself with the new policy and its ramifications, Richard Pilger wrote in an email to his colleagues, obtained on Monday by the New York Times, “I must regretfully resign from my role as director of the Election Crimes Branch.” 

Pilger reportedly said he would move to a different role at the DOJ, working on corruption prosecutions.

The policy change mentioned by Pilger was outlined by Barr in a memo on Monday, in which the AG argues that it is imperative that the American people can trust that our elections were conducted in such a way that the outcomes accurately reflect the will of the voters.” Previously, the Electoral Crimes Branch would not take overt investigative steps until the election was over, its results certified and all recounts and other contests concluded, Barr wrote, but such a passive and delayed enforcement approach can result in situations in which election misconduct cannot realistically be rectified.”

Barr’s new policy authorizes inquiries and reviews if there are “clear and apparently credible allegations” of irregularities that, “if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual state.” The mainstream media is continuing to cast doubt on the possibility of election fraud saying these claims are “unfounded.”

While Democrat Joe Biden declared victory on Saturday after mainstream media reported that he has more than the 270 electoral votes needed, President Donald Trump has challenged that in court. None of the states have yet certified their election results, and Trump’s lawsuits seek an audit of the vote in multiple states where his early lead was wiped out by mail-in votes counted long after Election Day. RT

Stay alert to what’s happening. If this election swings back to Donald Trump, the left is going to lose their minds and we could see chaos like never before on the streets. Perhaps that was the plan all along…

Secret Models of “The Darkest Winter”

More Preplanned Election Chaos: Trump Says The Supreme Court Will “Sort Out” The Election


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Catholic chaplain of prestigious college resigns over email saying George Floyd ‘had not lived a virtuous life’

The Catholic chaplain of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology resigned earlier this month over an email he sent to the school’s Catholic community about the killing of George Floyd, the Boston Globe reported.

The Archdiocese of Boston asked Rev. Daniel Patrick Moloney to step down June 9, the paper said.

What did Moloney’s email say?

Moloney’s message sent two days prior suggested that Floyd’s killing may have had nothing to do with racism, the Globe reported, adding that Moloney also questioned Floyd’s character.

More from the paper:

In his message, Moloney said that while Floyd shouldn’t have been killed by the police officer, “he had not lived a virtuous life.”

“In the wake of George Floyd’s death, most people in the country have framed this as an act of racism,” Moloney’s message read. “I don’t think we know that. Many people have claimed that racism is a major problem in police forces. I don’t think we know that.”

Moloney went on to state that police “deal with dangerous and bad people all the time, and that often hardens them.”

According to WBZ-TV, the email also said Floyd “was convicted of several crimes, including armed robbery, which he seems to have committed to feed his drug habit. And he was high on drugs at the time of his arrest. But we do not kill such people.”

What did the archdiocese have to say?

“The personal opinions echoed in his comments regarding the murder of George Floyd do not reflect the positions of the archdiocese,” a statement sent to members of the MIT Catholic community announcing Moloney’s resignation said, according the Globe, adding that they were “wrong and by his resignation he accepts the hurt they have caused.”

The archdiocese said Moloney’s comments in his email shouldn’t reflect badly on his ministry as a whole, the paper reported.

What did MIT have to say?

MIT officials told the Globe they received reports from many in the school community who were angered and hurt by Moloney’s email.

“The message from Father Moloney was deeply disturbing,” Suzy M. Nelson, a vice president and dean for student life said in a message sent Friday to leaders of student organizations, according to the paper. “Those who wrote me and other senior leaders were outraged, and many felt abandoned and alienated by their faith. By devaluing and disparaging George Floyd’s character, Father Moloney’s message failed to acknowledge the dignity of each human being and the devastating impact of systemic racism.”

What else do we know about Moloney?

The Globe — citing the MIT Catholic website — reported that before he was ordained as a priest in 2010, Moloney was briefly a senior policy analyst at conservative outfit the Heritage Foundation.

In the wake of the controversy, Moloney — who’s been MIT’s chaplain since 2015 — told the paper he was trying to speak out against the cancel culture that diminishes both Floyd and the police as well as highlight how unity among people has weakened.

“I regret what happened, I regret it was misunderstood, I regret that became difficult for me to be a voice for Christ on campus,” he told the Globe. “The whole thing went down in a way that I wish were otherwise. … I didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

(H/T: The College Fix)

Bailout Boeing Intelwars Nikki Haley resigns taxpayer

Nikki Haley resigns from Boeing board, citing opposition to firm’s bailout request

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stepped down from the board of aircraft manufacturer Boeing on Thursday, saying in her resignation letter that she “cannot in good faith support” the company’s pursuit of a taxpayer bailout amid the COVID-19 crisis.

What are the details?

“While I know cash is tight, that is equally true for numerous other industries and for millions of small businesses,” Haley wrote in a letter to the board. “I cannot support a move to lean on the federal government for a stimulus or bailout that prioritizes our company over others and relies on taxpayers to guarantee our financial position.”

Haley, the Republican former governor of South Carolina, added, “I have long held strong convictions that this is not the role of government.”

CNBC reported that earlier in the week, Boeing had announced “it is seeking $60 billion in government aid for itself and its massive supply chain because of the virus,” and noted that President Donald Trump stated this week, “We have to protect Boeing.”

Haley’s departure comes less than a year after she joined the aerospace giant’s board of directors. However, she noted in her letter that she has “had the pleasure of working with Boeing for almost ten years now,” saying she “came to know the quality of the company” when she was a governor.

Boeing responded to Haley’s resignation with a statement saying, “We appreciate her service on the board and wish her well,” Axios reported.

Anything else?

The Washington Post pointed out that “the aerospace industry was not mentioned in a massive economic stimulus bill introduced by Senate Republicans on Thursday.”

The newspaper also noted that “Boeing’s request for government help comes as global air traffic is expected to decline and airline customers plan to push off new orders of jets” amid widespread travel restrictions over the coronavirus pandemic.