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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

The NASDAQ 100 has GONE DOWN from 12,420 to 10,833 points from September 2nd to September 23rd, a -12.8% CORRECTION! During that same period, the S&P 500 has HEADED SOUTH by -10% from 3,580 points to 3,226. This is AWFULLY SIMILAR to the period of September 2018.

Back then, the S&P 500 also hit an ALL-TIME HIGH (as it did just recently), went into a DEEP DIVE, flattened in October, and GOT BUTCHERED in December – a total decline of NEARLY 20%!

It was also a BRUTAL PERIOD for precious metals since the backdrop for this WHOLE EPISODE was Jerome Powell’s automatic rate hikes policy.

We have NO SUCH THING on the plate at the moment, so in my view, this was a correction WORTH BUYING and that’s what I did personally.

We believe that the September 2nd ALL-TIME HIGH reached just three weeks ago, will stand supreme for a FULL YEAR.

Markets, as we view them, are range-bound for the next 6-12 months…


There’s an ENORMOUS SHORT POSITION on the NASDAQ 100, which indicates that we’ve probably bottomed for this correction, but we also fail to conceptualize that ANIMAL SPIRITS will prevail.

Between Covid-19, the elections, Brexit, and the already pricy stock market, we’re calling for a SIDEWAYS TRADING pattern.

This is good for MINING STOCKS, because it shines a light, IN CONTRAST, on their growing earnings, thanks to higher commodity prices.


The power of blindly trusting in the INTEGRITY OF LIFE was made apparent to me this year.

Between the various propaganda tools and the hundreds of thousands of conflicting opinions and beliefs on what the right thing to do is, I found I was INCREASINGLY DISTANCING myself from the ceaseless flow of subjective information thrown at me.

More and more, I went inside the chambers of my mind to solidify the characteristics and values that I care to embody in daily living, no matter how OUTSIDERS were behaving. I looked to reach a sense of detachment from criticism.

A major lesson for me is to reach a LOOSENED state of mind towards any statement or action taken by a specific person, keeping a high level of tolerance towards all and a LIGHT VIBE of humor, even when an individual seeks to undermine me.

There are GROWING DISAGREEMENTS between countries and within the country itself; the only way to be effective about it is to LET IT SLIDE, without secretly wanting to have the opposing person AGREE with us or think we’re right. We must show the other side that our way of doing things is better, BY WAY of RESULTS, and not by preaching it to existence.

Optimism is the MAGIC FORMULA; if you can maintain your charm and A DEGREE OF PATIENCE, even when confronted by seemingly impossible conditions, you’ll have a HEALTHY OUTLOOK and I bet you’ll ENJOY LIFE, even in the midst of chaos!

Focus on optimism, patience, tolerance, poise, and humor, even in ADVERSE SITUATIONS; you’ll be most effective.

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz with Wealth Research Group. 

September has been HARD to STOMACH; the NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average have all been THROUGH THE WRINGER. A proper correction is in place, just like we’ve been WARNING ABOUT since the end of August.

There are COUNTLESS money managers, who RETAIN THE VIEW that there’s so much more selling in the coming months that it is becoming apparent that we’re actually in a BUYING OPPORTUNITY.

I want to show you why I’ve been BUYING THIS DIP:

Courtesy:, @BearTrapsReport

As you can see, the NASDAQ 100 has seen its FAIR SHARE of big down days, but the trend is VISIBLY BULLISH; I don’t see a reason to believe that this index has entered a rough patch – the companies that comprise it are GROWING and this is normal action for the past two years.

This sustained bull market won’t go on WITHOUT VOLATILITY, though, since now there are hundreds of thousands, IF NOT MILLIONS, of new traders. That means QUICKER sentiment changes and people flipping ON A DIME.

I am staying focused on the big-picture FUNDAMENTALS, which are driving the BULL MARKET:

  1. Interest rates pegged to zero until 2023, if not longer.
  2. Massive hoard of cash on the institutional sidelines.
  3. An entire generation of investors is entering peak earning years, forming families, leaving their parents’ homes and buying homes of their own (millennials).
  4. Newly-found awareness towards gold, influenced by Bitcoin’s adoption.


A RECORD AMOUNT of money has exited stocks in the past week, so if you’re STILL IN CASH, waiting for further discounts, know that you’re PLAYING WITH FIRE, since you may not get a chance to enter at a better price.

In Europe, where quarantines are being attempted again, the general population is LASHING OUT, letting politicians know that it’s time to learn to live WITH COVID-19, not to close everything down like in March and April.

The consensus towards accepting the fact that this pandemic will continue costing lives, but that there’s a NEED FOR BALANCE as well, is coming to the forefront.

You can save the people who are at risk by isolating only them, taking care of their health and well-being by various means, while the economy stays open.

The GDP shrinkage has been DEVASTATING for small businesses; I’m stunned at how households that have LOST EVERYTHING are behaving in a very civil manner, but I don’t expect this politeness to last much longer.

There are REAL VICTIMS here, financially speaking, who have lost their whole livelihood.


The dollar index, which is going back up to JULY LEVELS (two-month highs), before gold’s and silver’s INCREDIBLE MOVES, is indicating that the euphoric mania of the summer has come to a close.

That doesn’t mean a new one isn’t starting, though.

In other words, buying certain stocks, after they’ve fallen by 20%-30% in ONE MONTH, isn’t a bad idea (maybe half a position).

Silver is the MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to the strength of the dollar; you can look at its chart and tell that a new POWERFUL RALLY could spark shortly:


In March, after a similar-sized clobbering, it proceeded to DOUBLE in five months!

I’m not sure that’s in store right now, but I do know we were probably handed an opportunity that will not REPEAT ITSELF too often.

The trend hasn’t changed: negative rates, no sign of higher bond yields, and perhaps even INFLATIONARY PRESSURES. Gold and silver have a long racetrack in front of them.

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This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

We’re not in a Dot.Com bubble, but we’re certainly in a TECH DISRUPTION BOOM!

Companies are re-creating entire industries, and stocks that are just in their infancy are going up by hundreds and even thousands of percent, based on expected earnings and market penetration.

There are amazing opportunities in tech, which is why the NASDAQ is flying to the moon, but owning stakes in a well-diversified ETF of booming tech sectors, such as cloud-based services, payment systems and cyber security, ISN’T A REPLACEMENT for level-headed thinking about price and value.

It doesn’t matter how promising a company looks, there’s a RIGHT price and a WRONG price for everything. It boils down to risk tolerance and alternatives.

If the world of equities was restricted to just a few assets, then prices for them would be higher, but there are thousands of options out there, so BE PATIENT.


As you can see, the VIX index going up and the stock market DUMPING HARD is sending yields back down, as the chase for SAFE HAVENS is increasing.

In this world, markets move SUPER-FAST; the bear market, for example, only lasted 34 days. From top to bottom, the -35% MARCH CRASH took only 16 days. Everything happens more quickly than ever.

If one wants to TAKE ADVANTAGE of opportunities, one has to be ready at all times.

What 2020 is teaching me is how valuable of a skill it is to UNDERSTAND PEOPLE and to think about other people’s needs and hot buttons.

Companies and individuals that are experts at knowing WHAT’S IMPORTANT for others find it easier to do business and to increase sales, profits and margins.

One can’t live according to OLD ADAGES that aren’t true anymore, since he’ll miss out on what’s happening today.

The most DAMAGING THOUGHT that I see many industry leaders entertaining is that their sector will return to its pre-covid-19 status, but EVEN THOUGH this pandemic is mostly propaganda, misinformation and plenty of bullshit, the WORLD HAS CHANGED.


As you can see, we’re in a PRETTY AMAZING SPOT to enter the commodities sector!

China is CUTTING BACK on its exposure to U.S. Treasuries and that’s a form of dollar debasement.

As you know, debt continues to be a MASSIVE STORM CLOUD, with global debts reaching 230% the GDP, at the same time as equities are reaching that SAME AMOUNT.

The point is that we can’t IGNORE FACTS: the resource segment has a chance to blow out other industries in the years ahead.

Therefore, we have created an INCREDIBLE PORTFOLIO, consisting of four companies to start with. We’ll be strengthening it and offering more diversification with additional profiled stocks in the weeks to come.

This is the IDEAL PORTFOLIO, in our opinion. You can DOWNLOAD IT here and use it as an initial basis for further analysis on your part.

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

Gold stocks might have peaked for the COMING WEEKS. On August 5th, we may have SEEN THE TOP for the time being.

Just how amazing was the RALLY, which started on March 18th?

  1. The GDX index, which is comprised of the world’s BIGGEST AND most recognized gold and silver miners, has gone from $19 to $44.50, a 134% return in LESS THAN five months.

Year-to-date, the GDX index is up 37%, compared with the NASDAQ 100, which is up only 33%!

With all the noise that the media is making about tech being the GREATEST PLAY ever, a simple low-fee position with GDX has beaten all of these cloud-servicing, Artificial Intelligence and payment processing wonder kids of the cyber world.

  1. The GDXJ index looks to have ALSO TOPPED, and is up 34.9% in 2020, but HOLD YOUR HORSES; that’s 400% more than the average S&P 500 annual return, so I assume you’re not feeling TOO BAD about that!

Still, in a mature BULL MARKET, the GDXJ would handily beat the GDX, so the fact that it isn’t is indicative of FURTHER UPSIDE POTENTIAL.


The way American finance works, with the FEDERAL RESERVE having so much authority to CREATE CURRENCY, the markets have ceased to be “free.”

The big problem with the rich getting richer isn’t that the poor are FRUSTRATED, since entrepreneurs COULD INSPIRE the masses to follow them; the problem is that the wealthy aren’t doing anything that’s REPEATABLE or leaves a trail of guidelines, since all they’re doing is capitalizing on their UNIQUE ACCESS to cheap credit.

When the poor don’t HAVE A PRAYER to join the rich, elevating the collective wealth of the nation, something IS WRONG!

If someone is doing ALL HE CAN and still gets nowhere, we have a structural failure.

For now, this entire CREDIT ORGY is fueling a great party, but what the participants don’t know is that once the music stops, they’ll be asked to pay for this shindig and it WON’T COME CHEAP!

A country like the USA can create many trillions in currency to offset the revenues and the income lost by the pandemic, but it can’t put the genie back in the bottle; this is CURRENCY DEBASEMENT.


The credit expands and generates wealth for equity holders, while the average person GOES DOWN!

No country can thrive as a bastion of capitalism when its citizens have no part in the FUN OF PROFITS, but only toil from dusk ‘til dawn to make ENDS MEET.

I own gold, silver and other safe havens for this reason.

THINGS ARE NEARING a breaking point; it’s just the way it is, unfortunately!

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

Friday’s HUGE STUNNER, which saw unemployment numbers in America GOING DOWN, has brought back GRANDMA AND GRANDPA to the stock market, along with their MILLENNIAL grandchildren. Suddenly, retail investors are BULLISH like I’ve never seen!

In fact (get this), the NASDAQ daily volume has reached a new RECORD-HIGH – not just any old high, but one set by a WIDER MARGIN from anything else we’ve encountered before!

Get a load of this:


When the MARCH PANIC occurred, we received SCORES OF EMAILS from people expressing dismay that we didn’t dedicate ENOUGH PRINTED WORDS addressing the dangers of the Covid-19 market crash.

Now you can see why we always note caution and diversification but are never permanently bearish on the U.S. indices; the ENTIRE ECONOMY is based on the performance of them – the Federal Reserve and Washington WILL NEVER allow their precious baby to fall down the staircase.

The baby boomers’ net worth is tied to the stock market. The ability of the United States’ ruling class to issue debt, use leverage, exploit the middle class, and live like kings,
ALL DEPENDS on a rip-roaring bull market.

This is especially true in times like these when COMPANIES are clearly much more valuable than government bonds.

But there’s a LIMIT to how much investors can pay for stocks and, IN MY OPINION,
we’re nearing that point.

I don’t expect a massive crash, but what times like these call for is CHERRY-PICKING. The S&P 500 is expensive, but there are REAL BARGAINS within it. The market, as a whole, could see a mini-pullback (5%) and offer better ENTRY POINTS.

Some stats are important here:

  1. There was an attempt to compare this CRASH/REBOUND to the Great Depression, plotting the two charts on top of each other.

Wealth Research Group ARGUED that this was TOTAL NONSENSE all along and we were DEAD-ON!



Covid-19 is much more of a natural disaster than a recession. It didn’t originate because businesses were MANAGED BADLY or because investors were FOOLISHLY BETTING on risky stocks, nor because consumers were maxing out their credit cards or home equity lines. It originated because governments COULDN’T RISK taking a global pandemic too lightly and are now TRYING TO RECTIFY the damages of
SHUTTING DOWN the global economy.

  1. Even after the RECORD-FAST rally back from the lows, there are STILL 115 companies in the S&P 500 index that are DOWN 20% or more this year. On top of those, there are an ADDITIONAL 207 companies that are DOWN between 0.1% and 20% this year.

Overall, 322 companies have DROPPED IN PRICE in 2020.

There are opportunities among them and we are working on our SHOPPING LIST PART 2 after the first one brought us UNBELIEVABLE RETURNS!

  1. Bulls are just BLINDED by the news right now. If we look at the put/call ratio and other measures of BULLISHNESS, we clearly see that mom and pop investors are FAR MORE TRIGGER-READY than Wall Street. In fact, Jeremy Grantham, one of the MOST LEGENDARY hedge fund managers to ever live, just initiated A SHORT POSITION on the markets!

In my career, I have RARELY WITNESSED instances where the general public was able to outperform Wall Street’s top money managers.

My point is that if retail is already positioned, no one is left to bid prices up in the near-term.



I want to close with more thoughts on what’s happening in America right now, with regards to protests, riots, looting, and vandalism.

America has always been A BASTION OF FREE ENTERPRISE, filled with racial, gender, religious, social, and financial POLAR EXTREMES.

What makes it work is that PEOPLE realize that they are in control of their destiny. Our policemen, politicians, business leaders, rags-to-riches stories, protesters, and bad actors are NOT ALIENS, but the product of OUR COLLECTIVE way of life.

I will go to my grave believing that ANYONE who puts every fiber of his being into the pursuit of AN ELEGANT LIFESTYLE and is willing to make sacrifices and to listen to mentors, CAN SUCCEED beyond their wildest imagination. This is how countries change, ONE BY ONE.

Books ALTERED my life from end to end. Books opened my consciousness to worlds that were foreign to me.
Books gave me entry to networks of people that would not consider me otherwise.

Books proved to me that MOST PEOPLE are not independent thinkers, but followers. Books forced me to THINK BIG.

Are there INNUMERABLE CASES of corruption and injustice? Are there more events of WRONGDOING each and every day? The answer is a RESOUNDING YES.

The second you INTERNALLY BELIEVE, with all of your mental capabilities, that NO GOVERNMENT, no boss, no neighbor, no family member – nothing outside of yourself – can SHAPE YOU or HURT YOU unless you allow it to, you are MADE FREE.

You will not WAIT FOR CHANGE from others but will do it yourself, upon yourself. The rest is out of your control.

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Stock market takes a sharp upturn after coronavirus drug shows promising results

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped by more than 800 points in futures trading on Thursday after a report showed that a drug meant to treat coronavirus had promising results.

The Dow Jones has cratered after a historic drive upward after the coronavirus pandemic began to shut down economies all over the world.

Futures traded upward on the news that Remdesivir, a Gilead Sciences drug, was shown to be effective in treating coronavirus patients with severe symptoms in a trial at a Chicago hospital.

The stock market could have also been responding positively to the Trump administration revealing a plan by Dr. Deborah Birx to slowly ease the restrictions on economic activity.

S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures were also up sharply on the drug news.

“This is obviously good news. Of course, we’ve heard a few other pieces of good news like this recently and they didn’t pan-out as well as people had hoped,” said market strategist Matt Maley to CNBC.

“The big question is whether it’s going to be enough to help the economy ‘re-open’ more quickly than people are thinking right now,” he explained.

About 22 million Americans have lost work because of the economic shutdown ordered by state and local governments to help stop the spread of the virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Here’s more about the new coronavirus treatment:

Gottlieb on Gilead’s potential drug breakthrough for coronavirus