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An Outlook For Gold

As we have noted, the Biden administration’s tax plan and the central bank’s modern monetary theory of creating as many dollars out of thin air as possible are setting up a “perfect storm” for precious metals, including gold. Physical assets are still a great way to protect your wealth and enhance your bartering power should the SHTF.

Talking about the outlook for gold and getting an update on Blue Lagoon Resources and the Dome Mountain project, Rana Vig, CEO of Blue Lagoon Resources tells us a bit about new news at his company, Blue Lagoon Resources. He also tells us what he thinks about gold prices and where we are in the market cycle, writes 2 is 1 YouTube channel. 

Rana Vig: Biden’s Tax Plan & The Central Bank Is Setting Up A “Perfect Storm” For Precious Metals

Gold and silver will continue to become more valuable as more stimulus is handed out. This is the “perfect storm” for gold and silver. Governments are going to continue to create more money and as it goes down, expect gold to go up to $7000, even, says Vig. It’s all perspective and timing.

Vig says he feels that cryptocurrency is here to stay, but so are gold and silver. People are stocking up on metals to protect themselves from a devastating economic situation that is coming down the road. Whether we see something happen this year, next year, or in the next few years, gold will be a hedge against government tyranny and an economic collapse that appears right now to be wholly intentional. -SHTFPlan

Vig also reminds listeners that copper is hitting new highs as well and could be a great option for ownership. Metals such as gold have been around as money for thousands of years and it has outlasted other government collapses. It is likely to do the same. As the currency continues to be devalued, gold will break out and surge higher.  Gold is about a long-term plan to protect your wealth, says Vig.


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Hello Pal App: Get Paid In Crypto To Stream? Is It Too Good To Be True?

A new app called Hello Pal claims to pay you in cryptocurrency to live stream. But is it too good to be true? And what’s the catch?

In the video below, Tech Hustler reviewed the Hello Pal Platform. The Hello Pal app is a live streaming app where you can earn hello pal’s cryptocurrency called “Charm” and trade it for Paypal, Bitcoin, or Alipay. Soon you will be able to purchase crypto mining rigs from hello pal and watch your earnings be added to your hello pal wallet every day.

This could be a way to make a few extra bucks on the side.  Even if you do earn some crypto, who says you can’t immediately exchange it for fiat dollars? You can also earn gift cards according to Tech Hustler.

The company’s stock has risen lately, meaning they could be getting more popular. (This is not financial advice, do your own research before you invest in anything.)

Through Hello Pal’s Crypto-Mining Service, you’ll be able to own or part-own cryptocurrency mining rigs (“miners”) and enjoy the experience and rewards of mining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Litecoin (LTC), all without the hassle of finding/acquiring a suitable miner, complicated hardware/software setup, expensive electricity bills, and endless maintenance!

Between Hello Pal and our strategic partners, we have over 40,000 miners that we are able to make available to you, so that you can own your own miner and start mining BTC, ETH, DOGE, and LTC.

You may have heard about Cloud-mining, where you rent cloud computing power to mine cryptocurrency. This is NOT cloud-mining.

Our service allows you to purchase your own specific miner and own it, so all the cryptocurrency mined from it belongs to you, and since you own the miner, you can transfer ownership of it, or even sell it back to us. As part of our terms of sale and service, your miner will be hosted and managed in our professionally-run mining facilities which enjoy first-class security and very low-cost electricity. –Hello Pal

Cryptocurrency could be the future. Who knows? And why not earn something to be on your phone?

Full disclosure: I have not tried this app yet, I just thought it may be an interesting way to earn something on the side considering the sad state of affairs the government has put so many in at this point in history.  Give it try if you’d like, and if not, at least you are aware it exists!


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Silver Futures Soar 8%, Rise Above $29 As Reddit Hordes Pile In

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

 It was the one print everyone was waiting for, and here it is: silver futures opened up 7%, surging from $27/oz to a high of $29.095 following a weekend of speculation that the next big squeeze on WSB’s radar is silver. And whether that’s true or not, may no longer matter in a world where – as described below – there is virtually no physical silver to be purchased.


Spot Silver is back to its highest since the August/Sept cycle highs…

Gold futures managed very modest gains…

And silver’s dramatic outperformance has pushed the gold/silver ratio to its lowest since 2014…

US Equity futures are taking a hit (all down around 1%)…

So as silver approaches $30, keep an eye on major price slams, emerging either out of central banks who desperately need to keep precious metals lower, or the BIS itself, whose Benoit Gilson will have a busy day tomorrow.

* * *

Update (1100ET): For some background on just how unprecedented this weekend’s action in silver markets is, Tyler Wall, the CEO of SD Bullion writes the following (emphasis ours):

In the 24 hours proceeding Friday market close, SD Bullion sold nearly 10x the number of silver ounces that we normally would sell in an entire weekend leading to Sunday market open.

In a normal market, we normally can find at least one supplier/source willing to sell some ounces over the weekend if we exceed our long position (the number of ounces we predict we will sell over the weekend).

However, everyone we talk to is afraid of a gap up at Sunday night market open.

This is about ready to get really interesting as there was very little inventory left from suppliers/mints going into Friday close.

Our direct AP supplier informed us after close on Friday that the “US Mint will be on allocation for the remainder of Type 1” (Current Silver Eagle Design).

Our sales for the month of January exceeded any one month last year during the heart of the pandemic. It was an all-time record month in our company history. 

And, perhaps most importantly, as QTR tweets so succinctly, “this is a red pill moment for many, and it’s beautiful.”

Additionally, there are also signs of a notable regime shift, as Bloomberg points out, investors are holding onto silver they own, rather than trying to take profits.

“Now we’re seeing nothing, no single offer, which is scary,” Peter Thomas, senior vice president at Zaner Group, said by phone from Chicago.

“Whatever we sell, people are holding it. There’s no inflow of metal at all.”

*  *  *

Update (1030ET): It would appear the run on silver has begun. With the market closed, traders have rushed to secure some exposure to silver ahead of what WSB suggests could be “the world’s biggest short squeeze” and that has left bullion dealers

As we noted below, the premium for physical silver had soared late Friday and into Saturday (after the massive flows into SLV), but as Sunday rolled around, bullion dealers are now facing massive shortages of physical coins.

Source: APMEX


Source: JMBullion


Source: SDBullion

And as one investor noted, the shortages are widespread…

We can only imagine where SLV will open after this.

*  *  *

While all eyes have been focused on GameStop and a handful of other heavily-shorted stocks as they exploded higher under continuous fire from WallStreetBets traders igniting a short-squeeze coinciding with a gamma-squeeze, the last few days saw another asset suddenly get in the crosshairs of the ‘Reddit-Raiders’ – Silver.

On Thursday, we asked, “Is The Reddit Rebellion About To Descend On The Precious Metals Market?” … One WallStreetBets user (jjalj30) posted the following last night:

Silver Bullion Market is one of the most manipulated on earth. Any short squeeze in silver paper shorts would be EPIC. We know billion banks are manipulating gold and silver to cover real inflation.

Both the industrial case and monetary case, debt printing has never been more favorable for the No. 1 inflation hedge Silver.

Inflation adjusted Silver should be at 1000$ instead of 25$. Link to post removed by mods.

Why not squeeze $SLV to real physical price.

Think about the Gainz. If you don’t care about the gains, think about the banks like JP MORGAN you’d be destroying along the way.

Tldr- Corner the market. GV thinks its possible to squeeze $SLV, FUCK AFTER SEEING $AG AND $GME EVEN I THINK WE CAN DO IT. BUY $SLV GO ALL IN TH GAINZ WILL BE UNLIMITED. DEMAND PHYSICAL IF YOU CAN. FUCK THE BANKS.Disclaimer: This is not Financial advice. I am not a financial services professional. This is my personal opinion and speculation as an uneducated and uninformed person.

…and judging by the unprecedented flows into the Silver ETF (SLV) they just got started…

SLV saw inflows of almost one billion dollars on Friday, almost double the previous record inflow for this 15 year-old ETF.

Source: Bloomberg

Which helped prompt a spike in SLV off Wednesday’s lows of over 11% (and note that every surge in price was mimicked by gold, but gold was instantly monkey-hammered lower after the spike).

Source: Bloomberg

And judging by the asset flow, SLV has room to run here…

Source: Bloomberg


Just as short-interest in the ETF has been building…

Source: Bloomberg

This surge came after Reddit user ‘TheHappyHawaiian’ posted the following thesis on buying silver noting that “the world’s biggest short squeeze is possible and we can make history.”

‘TheHappyHawaiian’ cites two reasons to buy – The Short Squeeze and Fundamentals.

The short squeeze:

Buy SLV shares (or PSLV shares) and SLV call options to force physical delivery of silver to the SLV vaults.

The silver futures market has oscillated between having roughly 100-1 and 500-1 ratio of paper traded silver to physical silver, but lets call it 250-1 for now. This means that for every 250 ounces in open interest in the futures market, only 1 actually gets delivered. Most traders would rather settle with cash rather than take delivery of thousands of ounces of silver and have to figure out to store and transport it in the future.

The people naked shorting silver via the futures markets are a couple of large banks and making them pay dearly for their over leveraged naked shorts would be incredible. It’s not Melvin capital on the other side of this trade, its JP Morgan. Time to get some payback for the bailouts and manipulation they’ve done for decades (look up silver manipulation fines that JPM has paid over the years).

The way the squeeze could occur is by forcing a much higher percentage of the futures contracts to actually deliver physical silver. There is very little silver in the COMEX vaults or available to actually be use to deliver, and if they have to start buying en masse on the open market they will drive the price massively higher. There is no way to magically create more physical silver in the world that is ready to be delivered. With a stock you can eventually just issue more shares if the price rises too much, but this simply isn’t the case here. The futures market is kind of the wild west of the financial world. Real commodities are being traded, and if you are short, you literally have to deliver thousands of ounces of silver per contract if the holder on the other side demands it. If you remember oil going negative back in May, that was possible because futures are allowed to trade to their true value. They aren’t halted and that’s what will make this so fun when the true squeeze happens.

Edit for more detail: let’s say there’s one futures seller who gets unlucky and gets the buyer who actually wants to take delivery. He doesn’t have the silver and realizes it’s all of a sudden damn difficult to find some physical silver. He throws up his hands and just goes long a matching number of futures contracts and will demand actual delivery on those. Problem solved because he has now matched the demanding buyer with a new seller. The issue is that the new seller has the same issue and does the exact same thing. This is how the cascade effect of a meltup occurs. All the naked shorts trying to offload their position to someone who actually has some silver. My goal is to ensure that I have the silver and won’t sell to them until silver is at a far higher price due to the desperation.

The silver market is much larger than GME in terms of notional value, but there is very little physical silver actually readily available (think about the difference between total shares and the shares in the active float for a stock), and the paper silver trading hands in the futures market is hundreds of times larger than what is available. Thus when they are forced to actually deliver physical silver it will create a massive short squeeze where an absurd amount of silver will be sought after (to fulfill their contractually obligated delivery) with very little available to actually buy. They are naked shorting silver and will have to cover all at once and the float as a percentage of the total silver stock globally is truly miniscule.

The fundamentals:

The current gold to silver ratio is 73-1. Meaning the price of gold per ounce is 73 times the price of silver. Naturally occurring silver is only 18.75 times as common as gold, so this ratio of 73-1 is quite high. Until the early 20th century, silver prices were pegged at a 15-1 ratio to gold in the US because this ratio was relatively known even then. In terms of current production, the ratio is even lower at 8-1. Meaning the world is only producing 8 ounces of silver for each newly produced ounce of gold.

Global industry has been able to get away with producing so little new silver for so long because governments have dumped silver on the market for 80 years, but now their silver vaults are empty. At the end of WW2 government vaults globally contained 10 billion ounces of silver, but as we moved to fiat currency and away from precious metal backed currencies, the amount held by governments has decreased to only 0.24 billion ounces as they dumped their supply into the market. But this dumping is done now as their remaining supply is basically nil.

This 0.24 billion ounces represents only 8% of the total supply of only 3 billion ounces stored as investment globally. This means that 92% of that gold is held privately by institutions and by millions of boomer gold and silver bugs who have been sitting on meager gains for decades. These boomers aren’t going to sell no matter what because they see their silver cache as part of their doomsday prepper supplies. It’s locked away in bunkers they built 500 miles from their house. Also, with silver at $23 an ounce currently, this means all of the worlds investment grade silver only has a total market cap of $70 billion. For comparison the investment grade gold in the world is worth roughly $6 trillion. This is because most of the silver produced each year actually gets used, as I have mentioned. $70 billion sounds like a lot, but we don’t have to buy all that much for the price to go up a lot.

**If the squeeze happens, it would be like 40 years worth of their gains in 4 months **

The reason that only 8 ounces of silver are produced for every 1 ounce of gold in today’s world is because there aren’t really any good naturally occurring silver deposits left in the world. Silver is more common than gold in the earth’s crust, but it is spread very thin. Thus nearly every ounce of silver produces is actually a byproduct of mining for other metals such as gold or copper. This means that even as the silver price skyrockets, it wont be easy to increase the supply of silver being produced. Even if new mines were to be constructed, it could take years to come online.

Finally, most of this newly created silver supply each year is used for productive purposes rather than kept for investment. It is used in electronics, solar panels, and jewelry for the most part. This demand wont go away if the silver price rises, so the short sellers will be trying to get their hands on a very small slice of newly minted silver. The solar market is also growing quickly and political pressure to increase solar and electric vehicles could provide more industrial demand.

The other part of the story is the faster moving piece and that is the inflation and currency debasement fear portion. The government and the fed are printing money like crazy debasing the value of the dollar, so investors look for real assets like precious metals to hide out in, driving demand for silver. The $1.9 trillion stimulus passing in a month or two could be a good catalyst. All this money combined with the reopening of the economy could cause some solid inflation to occur, and once inflation starts it often feeds on itself.

What to buy:

I will be putting 50% directly into SLV shares, and 50% into the $35 strike SLV calls expiring 4/16.

This way the SLV purchase creates a groundswell into silver immediately that then rockets through a gamma squeeze as SLV approaches $35.

Price target of $75 for SLV by end of April if the short squeeze happens.

Edit: for the part of your purchases going into shares, some people recommend PSLV because they think SLV might start lying about having the silver in their vault. Or that the custodian will be double counting, ie claiming that the same silver belongs to multiple people (banking on the fact that people wont all try to get their silver at once). So if you buy SLV shares and calls, that’s great. But I think it could be prudent for us to buy options in SLV (no options on PSLV) and shares in PSLV. It all depends on how paranoid you want to be. There is a lot of paranoia in the precious metals world.

Alternate options:

  • buying physical silver; this also works but you pay a premium to buy and sell so its less efficient and you take fewer silver ounces off of the market because of the premium you pay
  • going long futures for February or March; if you are a rich bastard and can actually take physical delivery of 1000s of ounces of silver by all means do so. But if you simply settle for cash you are actually part of the problem. We need actual physical delivery, which is what SLV demands and is why SLV is the way to go unless you are going to take delivery
  • miners; I don’t recommend buying miners as part of this trade. Miners will absolutely go up if SLV goes up, but buying them doesn’t create the squeeze in the actual silver market. Furthermore, most silver miners only derive 30-50% of their revenue from silver anyways, so eventually SLV will outperform them as it gets high enough (and each marginal SLV dollar only increases miner profits by a smaller and smaller percentage)

Details on SLV physical settlement:

When SLV issues shares, the custodian is forced to true up their vaults with the proportional amount of silver daily. From the SLV prospectus:

“An investment in Shares is: Backed by silver held by the Custodian on behalf of the Trust. The Shares are backed by the assets of the Trust. The Trustee’s arrangements with the Custodian contemplate that at the end of each business day there can be in the Trust account maintained by the Custodian no more than 1,100 ounces of silver in an unallocated form. The bulk of the Trust’s silver holdings is represented by physical silver, identified on the Custodian’s or, if applicable, sub-custodian’s, books in allocated and unallocated accounts on behalf of the Trust and is held by the Custodian in London, New York and other locations that may be authorized in the future.”

‘TheHappyHawaiian” ends with a call to (financial) arms:

Join me brothers. Lets take silver to the moon and take on the biggest and baddest manipulators in the world.

Please post rocket emojis in the comments as desired.

Disclaimer: do your own research, make your own decisions, everything here is a guess and hypothetical and nothing is guaranteed, not a financial advisor, I have ADHD and maybe other things too.

Bear case: silver does tend to sell off if the broader market plunges so it’s not immune to broad market sell off. It’s also the most manipulated market in the world so we are facing some tough competition on the short side

Interestingly, ‘TheHappyHawaiian’ dropped this update on 1/29:

Due to the manipulation and collusion of citadel, hedge funds, and brokers to change the rules and rig the game in their favor. Who likely knew ahead of time and bought puts right before and calls at the bottom, GME is too important to abandon still. SLV is still my next play but GME needs to go to $1000 and these people need to go to jail.

However, judging by the massive physical premiums for silver we are seeing this weekend at APMEX

… JM Bullion

… and SD Bullion.

…there are more than a few who are already rotating to SLV from GME.

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

We’re currently drafting a letter to Warren and Charlie addressing the company’s decision to own shares of Barrick Gold. As the largest mining company that focuses on gold, its market cap is $53bn, compared with the $130bn in cash that Berkshire currently has on its books.

If it really wanted to, Berkshire could purchase 10% of Barrick and it wouldn’t EVEN REGISTER as an earthquake. Every year around the globe, there are 900,000 earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.5 or less, which aren’t EVEN FELT; $5bn out of $130bn is 3% of its disposable cash and won’t make any material difference to Berkshire – that’s how small the gold industry is, compared with the amounts of money that can flood INTO IT.

When it comes to MAJOR INSTITUTIONS, their budgets are unreal.

Check out this chart from 2016 of the gold junior stock:

At the 2008 lows, this stock traded for CAD$0.23 and at the 2011 HIGHS (which we’re not even close to YET) it traded above CAD$2.70. At the 2015 BOTTOM, it traded as low as 12c and by August 2016, it again traded above A BUCK, only to fall to CAD$0.29 in 2018 and KISS A BUCK again today.

Junior mining companies are SUPER-CYCLICAL – even if Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bernard Arnault were jointly running one it wouldn’t matter and they would have had to deal with the INHERENT NATURE of it.

These TINY OPERATORS, which many times aren’t even mining yet, are like responsible adults riding an amazing rollercoaster. No matter how much the adult tries to deny that he’s on a rollercoaster, it doesn’t change facts; he will feel HIS STOMACH TURNING, even if he’s been on the ride many times. CEO’s can’t change the game, so the BEST ONES adapt to the rules and make it work!


Just like in 2009, we’ve started a new bull market in equities. Many DON’T ADMIT it, can’t bring themselves around to believe it or are just in shock at how QUICKLY IT CAME ABOUT.

Nevertheless, it’s on. Markets are already trading at all-time highs, even though indices fell by 35% in SIXTEEN DAYS in March, due to the coronavirus scare.

The previous bull market cycle, from 2009 to 2020, coincided with a dollar bull market, but this one is GETTING COUPLED with a dollar bear market.

We anticipate in the next 13F filings from Berkshire Hathaway and other VALUE FUNDS that more of them disclose stakes in the major mining companies and royalty companies.


As you can see, this rotation is already taking place. Investors understand that while tech companies will continue to be critical to our WAY OF LIFE, the value is elsewhere (since tech is fully priced), if the dollar is weak.

The top chart of that junior miner was put there for a reason. As you can see, if you’ll scroll back up, it is STILL TRADING below its 2016 high, even though gold is $1,966, not $1,380, as it was back then (2016), and even though silver is $28/ounce, not $21, as it was back then.

That random stock trades for about a 60% DISCOUNT with its 2011 high, which implies that it still has a 250% UPSIDE POTENTIAL, even if metals DO NOTHING for months and remain at these levels.

I’m telling you this because investors aren’t euphoric on the mining sector. When gold PUKED last week, traders were selling IN DROVES.

The bottom line is that Buffett OPENED THE DOOR to other fund managers; it’s only just GETTING STARTED!


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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

Some things in life are unlikely. Other things are NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. “Unsinkable Sam” was the nickname given to a cat originally named Oscar. It began its military service during WW2 on board the Nazi vessel, Bismarck. The ship was sunk by the British. Soldiers on the HMS Cossack, the conquering ship, discovered the cat floating on a board in the seas, A FEW HOURS after the Nazi ship sank. They saved it and named him Oscar. The British’s luck ran out, though, when a TORPEDO struck and killed many CREW MEMBERS. Somehow, Oscar escaped the onslaught and was given the nickname above. It survived the war and lived a full decade AFTER IT ENDED.

While this story is amusing and unlikely, 2020 is ANYTHING BUT COMICAL. It is not only SCARY AND TRAGIC to most but also a reminder of just how fragile life is, how precious and short it is and what could happen on this planet, circling in the solar system along with trillions of other stars.

Other things are CERTAIN as well. You can trust gravity and the seasons of nature. You can trust in physics and chemistry to work. Einstein said it best: “God doesn’t roll the dice with the universe.”

Sowing is followed by reaping. Sleep is followed by vigor after night comes day – these are so FUNDAMENTAL TO LIFE that we don’t wonder about them – and we accept and work in harmony with them.

With 100% certainty, no fiat currency has EVER WORKED. Let me repeat that, since it is such an astounding fact: NO FIAT CURRENCY has ever survived, long-term.

You can, as Nancy Pelosi said in 2015 after being asked if Donald Trump would ever be President of The United States, “take it to the bank.”

Unlike Pelosi, though, who simply MISREAD the pulse of the nation and was DEAD-WRONG, the following fact is not up for discussion: GOLD IS IN A BULL MARKET.

  1. Our PLAIN VANILLA gold portfolio, comprised of purchasing only physical gold, is trading at an ALL-TIME HIGH. Gold Eagles are sold above $2,000 and at double their price in 2016 when Wealth Research Group launched with the SOLE MISSION of educating the public on precious metals.
  2. Our PLAIN VANILLA gold stocks portfolio, comprised of owning a BASKET OF SENIOR MINERS, such as the GDX index, is up 200% since 2016. Our more leveraged gold stocks portfolio, indexed by the GDXJ, is up 210% and is OUTPERFORMING the mega-cap for the first time since August 2016!

We are WINNING big-time!

Gold stocks have seen AN ALMOST UNIMAGINABLE quantity of fund inflows since the coronavirus pandemic took over the news cycle.

The GLD, which is the controversial ETF everyone uses (since it is gold-backed, at its surface, yet reports are that it is leveraged 250:1), is now holding nearly 3,000 metric tons of gold. The public is FEARFUL and only the countries of Germany and the United States report higher amounts in their official reserves than the GLD have!


In 1990, there weren’t many sure things to bet on, but one gamble that no one took the other side of MATERIALIZED and shattered the paradigm of the time. On February 11th, in Tokyo, a man named Buster Douglas, a CLEAR UNDERDOG, took to the boxing ring, facing off against the UNDISPUTED KING of the heavyweight category, the undefeated Mike Tyson.

Buster won in one of professional sports’ GREATEST UPSETS.

The United States has the dollar, considered by most as Mike Tyson was at his peak: UNCHALLENGED. Gold is Buster Douglas and we’re about to witness a KNOCKOUT BLOW!

I leave you with this: One of the 20th century’s most important composers recently passed away at 91 years of age. His music is revered in all corners of the globe. His most famous masterpiece is near and dear to my heart, because of its title. Ennio Morricone, R.I.P, wrote this one, called The Ecstasy of Gold:


Bankruptcies defaults delinquencies equities Funds general population Gold Government Headline News Intelwars mining perfect set up plandemic ruling class shutting down Wealth

DECLASSIFIED: Gold Mines Shutting Down – UNHEARD OF!

This article was contributed by Tom Beck at Portfolio Wealth Global. 

What a PERFECT set up for gold!

Seriously, can ANYTHING ever compare to the CHAOS that we now are UNDERGOING as a species?

  1. Bankruptcies, Defaults & Delinquencies: We haven’t even SCRATCHED THE SURFACE!

Don’t think for a second that this ISN’T COMING!

About 100 companies in the S&P 500 index have already SUSPENDED DIVIDENDS, which is the responsible thing to do, but it also points to the REAL-LIFE conditions of businesses.

Many real estate funds have told investors that there will be NO DISTRIBUTIONS until this pandemic blows over. What markets don’t WANT TO UNDERSTAND is that there’s at least a 12-to-18-month LAG between the time that governments give people the ALL-CLEAR sign from the medical professionals and the time that people actually feel confident.

These next 12-18 months will USHER IN a wave of bankruptcies, mostly for small businesses.

  1. Shot Out of a Cannon: The markets came ROARING BACK because of the $12T and counting of financial aid, subsidized by Washington and loaned from the Federal Reserve, but we must BE CAREFUL not to confuse this SLINGSHOT EFFECT with fair value.

We have published our WATCH LIST, which shows you where we believe prices start to look appealing.

Mortgages TOTALING close to $150 billion in commercial real estate – a QUARTER of outstanding debt – have borrowers that are on the hook and have BEGGED for leniency from creditors.

In other words, what I’m saying is that we don’t see a BACK-UP-THE-TRUCK moment in equities yet because it’s being delayed by the stimulus. We had a brief one in March, picked up what we could back then, and will be JUMPING ON BARGAINS (if and when they arise), but for now, GOLD is our primary position.


Crises and recessions end with LOW P/E MULTIPLES, not with record-high ones!

April 2020 has been the best month since January 1987 for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, so you can READILY SEE why this is complete nonsense.

The markets might be FORWARD-LOOKING, but with Markit Manufacturing and Markit Services at record lows, ISM Manufacturing collapsing and ISM Services lowest since 2009, and with NEARLY 66% of small businesses (500 or fewer employees) stating that they have 90 days of cash left, the markets are TOO forward-looking.

Notice that DEMOGRAPHICALLY, we are entering a period similar to that of the late 1960s, where the labor force is INCREASING DRAMATICALLY compared to the general population!

In terms of inflation, that is the MAIN DRIVER, going forward.

Chaos is what makes investors buy and hold gold, but inflation is what makes gold prices RISE FAST.

Between now and 2023, the markets will begin to price these demographic trends into their portfolios.

This is why Portfolio Wealth Global is raising its PRICE TARGET for gold to $2,346 from $2,105 for the end of 2021.


Amir Adnani chaos control disobey enslavememnt experts Fear Forecasting Gold government reaction Headline News Intelwars lockdowns mining Money Printing panic Precious Metals Silver stimulus tyranny ww2

Amir Adnani: The Enitre Gold “Supply Chain Is Grinding To A HALT!”

Amir Adnani, the Chairman of GoldMining Inc. did a fascinating interview with SGT Report.  Adnani says,  “WW2 remains the most expensive war ever fought, the total cost was combined six trillion dollars US dollars adjusted for inflation. The stimulus committed by central bankers in 2020…. exceeds the total cost of WW2.”

Why? Because the elites who want to control everyone understand that fear did not work to keep the public in their grip, so they are trying with worthless fiat currency. The governments of the planet don’t want the public to even have access to precious metals, or real money.  Mines are shutting down left and right under the orders of tyrants.  The solution, according to central banks, is to print more fake money.

Adnani goes into detail about what the lockdowns mean for gold:

The entire supply chain is “grinding to a halt because of virus restrictions,” Adnani said. He said it clear as day: the virus didn’t cause any of these.  People following the commands of tyrants caused all this chaos. “Governments are telling them what they gotta do!”

David Icke has a solution, and it’s the same one we have.  We put the lockdown in place by following tyrannical orders and we can lift it by disobeying.

David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

So until people really stand up and go about their lives, what do we do? Adnani says if “you have [gold or silver] you hold on to it!” That’s how mining companies are going about this problem right now. Billionaires are buying gold mining stocks and physical gold right now and have been since before the government’s heavy-handed response to what’s turned out to be a very mild viral outbreak.

Adnani says we are in the “early innings” of the new gold market. “Perspective is very important here, to understand why it is so important to be concerned right now about fiat currencies,” he adds. Global debt, both public and private is just under 300% of GDP.  The globe is indebted. The money is being printed as a way to get people back on the government’s side so they can continue to control and manipulate the public. The solution is to go back to work.  Reopen your business and stop relying on government promises.

The government and their mainstream media puppets are losing control of the narrative quickly and they are scrambling to keep the public in line right now.

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[WATCH] Precious Metals Expert: “Men Go MAD In Herds, & Recover Their Senses Slowly”

Keith Neumeyer, a precious metals expert, sat down for an interview with Shawn of SGTReport.  Neumeyer discussed a number of things, including precious metals and the mining industry, and the crazy stock market ride we are all experiencing.

Eluding to the finite economic law of supply and demand, Neumeyer says “we are going to need more silver as we develop further, and it’s just simply not around.” In this manipulated market, silver investors are being punished for holding the precious metal.

Silver has become so scarce because tech companies use it in everything and need to keep the costs down. But they won’t come out and tell the public just how much silver they need, said Neumeyer, and that’s all by design. You cannot build a Boeing plane without silver. Nor can you build a computer, an iPhone, a solar panel, or a Tesla.  All of this is ironic but intentional.

*Watch the entire video for important insights into the silver market and the future of the silver mining industry, as well as what will happen if President Donald Trump gets his way and this country faces zero or negative interest rates.

“A lot of people don’t realize how important these metals are yet and we don’t get fair pricing,” Neumeyer said.  This is all happening in a heavily manipulated economy too, one which some analysts call a “Ponzi scheme.”  And this Ponzi scheme could rival that of the social security Ponzi scheme. 

Neumeyer himself says he bought 200 ounces of physical silver in the form of Canadian Maples.  He also says he “regularly” converts his cash into real money by buying physical silver.

He touched on the coronavirus as well, saying that in Vancouver, 20-30% of the population is walking around with face masks to prevent infection with the virus.

Neumeyer also talks about the Federal Reserve’s current repo and the silence around why and when they are printing money. One theory is that this is being done to cover the shortcomings in the manipulated gold and silver market.

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