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Meghan McCain torches Fauci for basking in spotlight amid pandemic: ‘He clearly wanted to be a Kardashian’

“The View’s” Meghan McCain blasted infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci during Friday’s broadcast for appearing to capitalize on his newfound fame amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the details?

During a Friday segment, McCain said that Fauci loved his press opportunities — such as photo shoots for People magazine and In Style — during the coronavirus pandemic because he thrived on a desire of being a reality star just like the Kardashian family.

Fauci in 2020 was even nominated for People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

The remarks took place during a discussion about Fauci’s newly released emails.

Co-host Sara Haines insisted that Fauci was not happy with the attention he received over the past year, but McCain pointed out that he appeared to be well at ease with the myriad press opportunities that came his way.

“I don’t think people that are uncomfortable with celebrity and don’t want to be celebrities pose on the cover of ‘In Style’ magazine in fashion spread, and on the cover of ‘People’ magazine,” McCain insisted. “I’m sorry, but if he just wanted to be a scientist, part of the criticism of him going forward is that he clearly wanted to be a Kardashian as well.”

She also said that Fauci apparently didn’t understand Americans’ concerns in the early days of the pandemic.

“We have to understand where the virus originated from if we’re ever going to, God forbid, face a threat like this going forward,” McCain continued. “There’s a huge crisis in this country with Republicans and Democrats questioning the legitimacy of our institutions, and having a lack of faith in our government, and the medical community. … If there’s nothing to hide, then show us the proof, and continue the investigations.”

In a December interview with People, Fauci called his celebrity “surrealistic” and “amusing.”

“You can’t take that stuff seriously and start to think you’re a celebrity,” he said. “When you start to think that, then you get into trouble. I’m a physician. I’m a scientist. And I’m a public health official.”

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‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar says conservatives aren’t getting vaccines because they want to ‘own the libs.’ Megan McCain shoots her down in segment-ending fury.

“The View” co-hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain clashed over vaccinations on Thursday’s broadcast of the hit daytime TV show, prompting co-host Whoopi Goldberg to prematurely shut down the segment.

At one point during the heated discussion, Behar insisted that conservatives are avoiding the vaccine simply in order to “own the libs.”

The remarks didn’t sit well with McCain, the sole conservative on the panel.

What are the details?

Early in the segment, which was about COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine lotteries, and the contingent of population who are receiving the vaccines, co-host Sunny Hostin argued that people who refuse the vaccine are “selfish,” and insisted that we are “supposed to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.”

“We’re supposed to take care of each other,” Hostin reasoned. “We have to incentivize people to get vaccinated so they not only protect themselves and their families, but their fellow citizens — I guess I can’t make sense of something like that when you have a country like India where there are 4,500 deaths every day from COVID and people there are begging for the vaccine.”

Hostin concluded her tirade by insisting that people who wish to be incentivized for receiving the vaccine are “sad and selfish” and “frankly kind of absurd.”

Behar’s remarks came after the show played a clip of infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that Americans were misinterpreting updated mask guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What are Americans ‘misinterpreting’?

On Wednesday, Fauci said, “They are feeling that we’re saying ‘You don’t need the mask anymore.’ That’s not what the CDC said. They said ‘If you are vaccinated, you can feel safe — that you will not get infected either outdoors or indoors. It did not explicitly say that unvaccinated people should abandon their masks.”

Behar chimed in, “It’s not that complicated, people. It’s not nuclear physics. All you have to do is get the damn vaccine. When you go inside, wear a mask even if you have the vaccine. There might be variants around. Get the damn vaccine! Get the booster when that time is coming! What is the complicated problem here with people?

“I don’t understand,” she continued. “Is this just to own the libs? Maybe they’re not seeing enough on television the way people suffer when they get the disease. Even though the numbers are going down, people are still dying. … You’re not ‘owning the libs’ by not getting the shot. Nobody is growing an extra arm or head. Everybody is fine. It’s the people not taking it who are not fine. I’m sick of it!”

White House and CDC have done a ‘terrible job’

McCain interjected and said that Behar’s remarks weren’t helpful in mending division between conservatives and liberals and that Fauci’s messaging on the vaccine and mask-wearing has been utter “garbage.”

“And it’s not just about owning the libs, the demographics on who is vaccine-hesitant — it crosses the gamut,” McCain fired back. “The White House and the CDC have done a terrible job, and just saying, ‘What do you want to own the libs’ and that’s that? It’s not productive. That’s why people keep going to their corners and this is coming from a place of fear. I don’t think it’s coming from a place of politics.”

McCain added that there has been so much miscommunication surrounding the pandemic that it’s easy to see why some Americans are hesitant or skeptical of a new vaccine.

“People don’t understand and don’t know,” McCain defended. “I don’t like to judge people who aren’t accessible to the same resources and education I am. This is a serious, serious problem in this country.”

Behar’s race argument

Behar reasoned that vaccine hesitancy in black Americans is legitimate, but added that white conservatives aren’t getting the vaccine because they’re watching Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

“A lot of people of color have every right to be skeptical of the government,” Behar insisted. “They have been burned for generations by various policies and so they’re nervous. That’s different.”

McCain interrupted, “Republicans have reasons to be nervous for other [reasons]. I’m not trying to judge. I want as many people vaccinated in as many ways, but I think when you come on the show and just say we’re ‘owning the libs,’ it’s just factually inaccurate about the demographics who are not getting the vaccine. It crosses the gamut.”

As McCain continued shutting her down, Behar fired back, “A lot of these people that you’re talking about, Meghan, are watching Sean Hannity … and Tucker Carlson, who are telling them that it’s danger — Excuse me, can I please finish the sentence?”

McCain, however, refused to back down, and shouted, “They are not! They are not!”

She continued, snapping, “Some of these women that I know are highly educated women.”

As the two women continued shouting at each other, Goldberg cut the fiery segment off and went to commercial break.

(H/T: Rawstory)

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Meghan McCain implores media to quit focusing on Trump allies and take a good hard look at President Joe Biden

Meghan McCain lashed out at the media during Thursday’s broadcast of “The View,” saying that they would be better advised to examine President Joe Biden’s administration rather than targeting Trump allies and re-litigating issues that took place months ago.

What are the details?

During the show’s “Hot Topics” segment, McCain and the other co-hosts addressed Georgia Republican Reps. Jody Hice and Andrew Clyde for their remarks on the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot.

Both Nice and Clyde have insisted that no “insurrection” took place in Washington, D.C.

Clyde has said, “There was no insurrection, and calling it an ‘insurrection,’ in my opinion, is a bold-faced lie.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg fired back, “What was he smoking?”

Co-host Sara Haines began, “This is a strategy. The broken recording, this is something [former President Donald] Trump did leading up to his election, it’s what he did through his whole administration, and what he continues to do. ‘If I say it enough, it’ll be come true, or at least it’ll appear to be true and people will start to believe it.'”

McCain, for her part, began, “Well, this happened four months ago, and we’ve been talking about it for four months, and I’ve made my perspective on this absolutely crystal clear: I think it’s horrific. I don’t believe the ‘Big Lie.’ We’ve talked about Liz Cheney at length.”

Continuing, McCain turned to what many people say are the missteps of the Biden administration — including the ongoing U.S. southern border crisis and inflation — and said that the media should pay attention to what’s affecting the lives of America right now.

“You know what’s also a strategy, Sara? A strategy is not focusing on anything the Biden administration is doing right now that is leading this country into crisis,” McCain said. “There’s a crisis at the border, inflation rates are sky-high, the Middle East is on fire, unemployment is crazy, and a lot of Americans can’t figure out how they’re gonna get gas in their car. These are real problems. It’s like the ’70s all over again.”

She continued, “I think there’s a strategy going on that the media doesn’t want to focus on anything bad happening in the Biden administration. And I implore everyone who works in this industry — just because Trump was so bad doesn’t mean this is good!”

Doubling down on the remarks, McCain insisted, “There are real meat-and-potatoes issues impacting average Americans, who are also frightened, and I think we should be focusing on that, versus re-litigating something that happened four months ago.”

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Meghan McCain defends Liz Cheney in fiery tirade, warns GOP of dire consequences if she’s ousted

Meghan McCain offered a fiery tirade in defense of Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (Wyo.) and warned of dire consequences if the party ousted her from leadership.

McCain made the comments during Wednesday’s episode of The View when asked to comment about the loss of support for Cheney from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other Republicans.

“What’s going on is Liz Cheney, who was already, by the way, voted in January to stay in her position and overwhelmingly had support to stay when they tried to oust her before, and what’s happening it’s very clear, and I’m gonna be a little crass, they’re shivving her for her going on television multiple times and saying that the election wasn’t stolen, and for refusing to debase herself to Cheeto Jesus,” McCain said, referring to a common insulting nickname for former President Donald Trump.

“I don’t understand what’s going on, I have spent the past five years of my life trying to accept, understand, and include the MAGA base of this party,” she continued. “I think it is Kafkaesque to try and spin this in a way that this is about anything else but her not supporting President Trump.”

McCain pointed to the four Senate seats losses for the GOP in the 2020 election as proof that betting on Trump was the wrong course of action for the future of the party.

“We are going to bloodlet the party from women like me, college-educated women that lost you the election in the first place. I don’t understand it, it’s the most asinine politics I’ve seen in a really, really long time, in a cacophony of asinine politics,” she added.

“I feel very defensive of Liz Cheney, and if you do this, which it looks like they’re gonna do, I promise you there will be consequences, one way or another, there’s gonna be consequences,” McCain said.

“So go ahead, go ahead in this sausage fest of MAGA up on Capitol Hill, pull her out and put another woman in who will do and say anything you want for President Trump: ‘The election wasn’t stolen, he is Jesus, it’s only Trumpism going forward’ — see where this lands us in midterms,” McCain concluded.

“I’m absolutely furious,” she said.

Cheney defended herself on Tuesday in an op-ed in the Washington Post where she warned Republicans against supporting the “cult of personality” around Trump. Allies of McCarthy have said that they’re ready to vote against Cheney and remove her from the leadership of the party by the end of May.

Here’s the video of her comments:

Rep. McCarthy Slams Rep. Cheney On Hot Mic | The View

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Meghan McCain says Dr. Fauci needs to be replaced by someone who ‘understands science’

Meghan McCain said recent public comments made by Dr. Anthony Fauci were the last straw for her, and she believes the infectious disease expert who’s been the face of fighting COVID-19 in the U.S. should be replaced by someone else who “understands science.”

What are the details?

During a segment of “The View” on Monday, the co-host played a clip from over the weekend where CNN’s Dana Bash asked Fauci for his guidance on whether fully vaccinated elderly Americans would be able to see their unvaccinated grandchildren and the doctor refused to provide a recommendation.

Fauci went on to explain that guidance would be forthcoming on the issue, but that he did not want to declare it on national television until after consulting with the coronavirus task force.

McCain said Fauci’s non-answer left her frustrated because of his inconsistent messaging, saying that she and so many other Americans have been responsible and followed guidance during the pandemic but there has not been clear guidance for emerging from restrictions as more people become vaccinated.

The co-host pointed to how public messaging in Israel encourages citizens to get vaccinated in order to return to normalcy in their lives.

“Is the science in Israel different than the science here in the United States of America? Because Israel has over half of their country vaccinated already and seem to be doing pretty well,” she asked.

“The idea that I can get vaccinated and I won’t be able to see friends and nothing in life changes, and that we’re going to have to wear masks forever — I don’t understand the downplaying of getting the vaccine,” she continued, adding that former President Donald Trump “can take much of the blame” for the rollout that she called “a disaster.”

“But,” McCain added, “now we’re in the Biden administration and I, for one, would like something to look forward to and to hope for. Because if getting the vaccine means that just nothing changes and we have to wait another few years until everyone gets it — there’s already people not getting it and we’re already having a messaging problem getting people to take this vaccine.”

She concluded: “So, I’m over Dr. Fauci. I think we need to have more people giving more opinions and honestly, quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places that are doing it successfully.”

What else?

According to the New York Post, McCain’s opinion sparked a debate between herself and co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who pushed back by pointing out that Israel is much smaller than the U.S. and that questions remain over “how protected” vaccinated people are after being inoculated.

McCain also took plenty of heat online for her on-air comments, but she doubled down, tweeting, “Many of you can keep worshiping at the alter of Fauchi (sic). I’m not a phony – i will not go on tv and lie saying one thing privately and another on air. This is my opinion. We need someone else in charge of coronavirus messaging and leadership.”

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‘The View’ — surprise, surprise — vigorously defends Biden White House’s desire to get reporters’ questions in advance

It will come as no surprise that nearly all the co-hosts of “The View” vigorously defended the jaw-dropping recent request from President Joe Biden’s communication team to get reporters’ questions in advance of daily press briefings.

What are the details?

It seemed like a big joke to co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who chuckled several times as she opened the discussion on Wednesday’s show and bristled that journalists were “raising red flags about the [chuckle] Biden administration’s promise of total transparency.” She then asked, “Does it occur to anybody they’ve been in probably for three weeks, and they might not [laughs] … have all the answers yet? Call me crazy.”

Co-host Joy Behar naturally concluded the concern from the media is bogus: “First of all, let’s talk about whether they’re actual, specific questions or areas of discussion, and, you know, this type of press conference is not supposed to be gotcha questions; they’re supposed to be informative, information questions and answers — and so it behooves the administration to be prepared to give the correct information.”

Behar added that White House press secretary Jen Psaki “can’t know everything, you know?” and that “the reporters are quite aware of when someone is spinning and when they’re not, and that they would call her out on that, and this administration is very well prepared to say the truth, whereas the last one would just lie and spin and whatever. But you know … I just think that it’s not a gotcha session. That’s what has to be understood.”

Co-host Sara Haines also said the Biden White House’s request for questions in advance wasn’t a concern, emphasizing that it would be “if there was some kind of consequential outcome” for reporters who don’t provide advance questions. She added that “this happens in every administration, and it’s just part of the game.”

While co-host Sunny Hostin said she didn’t like the request for questions in advance, she managed to go on a lengthy breakdown about why it’s actually no big deal since President Donald Trump is finally out of office.

“Let’s face it. I mean, this is a world of difference from what we were dealing with before,” she said. “The last administration was not transparent. It was opaque at the very best. … We’re coming from the Mooch [Anthony Scaramucci], Sarah Huckabee [Sanders], and Kayleigh McEnany! The liar-in-chief … press secretary! So we’re in a whole new world, and so, you know, if the Biden administration has given us — .”

Hostin wasn’t quite able to finish her thought and just settled for, “I think it’s just a breath of fresh air, so the fact that they’re asking for topic areas or even questions, I still think we’re in a much better place in terms of transparency. And isn’t that what we want … from our government?”

But Meghan McCain isn’t having it

As you might expect, co-host Meghan McCain differed from the rest of the panel.

“I’m a Republican,” she began, noting that the idea of the White House asking reporters for questions in advance is “highly un-kosher” and “highly unorthodox.”

“Maybe we are all living in different worlds,” McCain continued, “but I have worked on campaigns, I’ve been around many politicians, I’ve helped politicians — [but] I’ve never once been in a situation where I said, ‘Hey, you as a journalist, can you give me this question for the principal in advance?’ That’s not how it works.”

She then addressed the elephant in the room: “A big part of the problem is that we live in two different worlds of media: We live in the liberal media and the conservative media, and it is known … most journalists are liberal, most journalists are Democrats, most journalists have a liberal bias. It’s just the facts.”

McCain added that there’s journalism school data to back up her points.

Finally, she issued a warning: “If Jen Psaki and people in the Biden administration want to act like this is just gonna be a free for all forever because ‘we’re all finally done with the Trump administration,’ and there’s gonna be a different set of standards … it’s gonna end very badly.”

White House Press Office Sought Questions in Advance? | The View

(H/T: BizPac Review)

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‘They can go to hell’: Meghan McCain says of those calling for ‘deprogramming’ Republicans

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain delivered a strong rebuke of those who have called for “deprogramming” some Republicans in the wake of President Donald Trump leaving office, saying outright that “they can go to hell” and pointing to liberal journalist Katie Couric directly.

What are the details?

Earlier this month, Couric asked HBO host Bill Maher during an interview, “How are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?”

The former co-anchor of NBC’s “Today” show has faced backlash over the comment in recent days, even leading to reports that her opportunity to guest host on “Jeopardy!” might be in peril.

Fox News reported that during Monday’s show of “The View,” McCain “said she thought there would be a stronger desire for unity from Democrats in the aftermath of President Biden’s election win, but she said the language from liberals had been more concerned with dehumanizing Trump supporters, which she called dangerous for Democrats and the country.”

The outlet noted that “Couric and several others, including McCain’s ‘The View’ colleague Sunny Hostin, have referred to Trump backers as “brainwashed” or in need of “deprogramming” in the past two weeks.

“If you don’t care about unity you should care about the politics of this, because right now there is a vacuum to pick up the four people — four in ten Republicans who feel very disenfranchised,” McCain said.

She added, “If President Biden and Democrats want to have a big tent party and include some of these people, great, and if we’re all just deplorable and need to be reprogrammed as Katie Couric said, then honestly they can go to hell, because I don’t need to be deprogrammed. I just have a different perspective on how the government should be run.”

What else?

Biden is a longtime friend of the McCain family and its late patriarch, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). Meghan McCain and her mother, Cindy McCain, supported Biden in his 2020 race against Trump, who was a strong critic of Sen. McCain even after he passed away from brain cancer in August 2018.

But Meghan McCain signaled Monday that calls to “deprogram” Trump supporters threatens the nation itself, saying, “”That 74 million Americans are basically irredeemable people … I think it’s horribly dangerous for the country.”

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‘Heartless monster’ NY Gov. Cuomo torn to shreds by Meghan McCain, Megyn Kelly for insult to Fox News’ Janice Dean

It hasn’t been the best kickoff of the new year for far-left New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

What now?

But now Cuomo may have outdone himself.

You might recall that Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean has been a vocal critic of Cuomo’s handling of New York nursing homes amid the coronavirus — particularly as she
lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19 in 2020.

Earlier this week, Dean ripped Cuomo’s botched coronavirus vaccine rollout, calling it a “disaster … it is just another leadership failure from this governor,”
Fox News reported.

“I have been covering him for about 10 months, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is interested in being a celebrity instead of being a governor,” she added, according to the cable network.

How did Cuomo react?

When Cuomo’s office was asked about Dean’s comments earlier this week, the response was as follows: “Last I checked, she’s not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather,” the
Wrap reported.

Uh oh.

Then what?

Fox News contributor Guy Benson had the following to say in response: ‘
Wow, what an a**hole.”

Then Meghan McCain and Megyn Kelly joined in to defend Dean:

  • “After @Janicedean lost BOTH her in-laws this year in NY nursing homes, instead of mourning with her and listening to her, Cuomo smears her,” McCain — who co-hosts “The View” —
    tweeted. “There is blood on your hands Cuomo, and we all know it. You disgust me, you absolute heartless monster.”
  • “@JaniceDean *is* an expert on how Cuomo’s orders killed 6k+ ppl, including her in-laws,” Kelly
    wrote. “She had to become one. B/c the media didn’t give a damn. And when she spoke up, the media mocked her for going beyond weather — just like Cuomo did here. And all of those ppl can F right off.”

Dean, as you might expect, was happy with the support from McCain and Kelly:

McCain added an insurance policy, later telling Dean: “I would wrestle an ox with my bare hands for you my sister. No one is going to let off what Cuomo has done to your family and so many others.”

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Meghan McCain suggests Capitol rioters be ‘sent to Gitmo,’ treated ‘like any other terrorists’

Co-host Meghan McCain says the Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building last week should be “prosecuted like any other terrorists who have attacked our homeland,” and suggested that those found guilty even be sent to prison in Guantanamo Bay.

What are the details?

During ABC’s “The View” on Monday, McCain and her co-hosts were discussing the prospect and timeline of impeaching President Donald Trump when she interjected, “I just think we need to treat domestic terrorists the way we do actual terrorists.”

“I think we need to consider all, all, all possibilities,” she continued. “I’m not against sending these people to Gitmo. And that may sound extreme, but these are domestic terrorists who attacked our own republic, they should be treated the same way we treat Al Qaeda.”

Meghan McCain Calls Trump Supporters Terrorist

McCain delivered a similar statement on Twitter ahead of the show, writing, “The MAGA terrorists should be prosecuted like any other terrorists who have attacked our homeland and be given the same severity of consequences. They should also be tried for treason. No mercy.”

According to Newsweek:

So far, more than 120 individuals have been arrested in connection to the pro-President Donald Trump riot that occurred at the Capitol on January 6. According to Associated Press, the U.S. Attorney’s office for D.C. filed 17 federal court cases against alleged agitators, while 40 more cases were filed in the Supreme Court. More are expected to come as more arrests are made.

Also on Monday, it was announced that two U.S. Capitol Police officers were suspended for alleged misconduct during the Capitol siege, and another 10 to 15 investigations into law enforcement actions are ongoing.

Anything else?

McCain also joined her co-hosts on “The View” in urging for Trump to be ousted either by Congress or his own administration over the attacks ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. The president has been accused by Democrats and a number of Republicans of inciting the violence that occurred at the Capitol, which left five of his supporters and a police officer dead.

“They have to send a direct message, Republicans and Democrats, that this cannot stand and there have to be ramifications,” she said. “If we let this stand and we don’t have — I’m 100% for impeachment, the 25th Amendment — anything and everything to get him out now, because the existential threat of violence is still here.”

Georgia runoff election Intelwars Meghan McCain Raphael warnock The View watch Whoopi Goldberg

Angry Whoopi Goldberg slaps down Meghan McCain’s questions for Democratic US Sen.-elect Raphael Warnock — who of course skirted them

Co-host Meghan McCain has been having a tough couple of days on “The View.”

On Monday, the lone conservative voice on the decidedly left-wing TV program was forced to push back against Joy Behar — perhaps the most ardent leftist co-host on the show — over her “dangerous'” rhetoric regarding those who voted for President Donald Trump.

But it got nastier on Wednesday during a segment in which “The View” welcomed with open arms the new U.S. senator-elect from Georgia, the Rev. Raphael Warnock.

What happened?

McCain had no intention of pitching softballs to the far-left Democrat, fresh from his runoff victory Tuesday night — but she did offer him congratulations to start things off.

“I watched your race closely like everyone else, and you talked a lot about unity on the campaign trail and the need to unify the country and unify Georgians,” she continued. “But progressives across the country are celebrating that your election could mean adding two states, eliminating the filibuster, and packing the Supreme Court with more members. Your colleague [Democratic U.S. Sen.] Joe Manchin has joined with Republicans to reject those ideas. [Democratic Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer this morning tweeted ‘buckle up.’ So you could understand how it’s hard for Republicans like to believe in the spirit of unity. And I want to know, will you do the same thing as Joe Manchin and agree not to follow up on all of those things?”

Warnock skirted McCain’s question by replying that he hasn’t been thinking about those issues, and neither are his constituents. But McCain refused to let him grandstand, and she interrupted his attempt to move the goalposts.

“Senator, I do believe that average Americans care about packing the courts, and I just want to know if you would agree and join Joe Manchin and agree that you’re not for that?” McCain continued.

Already a skilled politician, Warnock certainly knows how to avoid giving direct answers — and he warbled on about other issues.

But after he finished, McCain continued to press: “Senator, I understand that. I’m just asking you a direct question. I just wanted to know if you would join—”

Goldberg, however, began speaking while McCain was still asking her question: “Well … actually, I’m going to end this. I get …”

And then she yelled at McCain: “Hey, listen!”

Dialing it back just a tad, Goldberg continued by saying, “We’re gonna say thanks to the Senator-elect, Rev. Raphael Warnock, and we will be right back. Thanks for coming back, sir.”

Warnock smiled and said, “Great to be on ‘The View!'”

Raphael Warnock Calls Projected Win “Reversal of the Old Southern Strategy’ | The View

Intelwars Joy Behar Meghan McCain President Donald Trump The View Trump voters Videos

‘The View’s’ Meghan McCain pushes back against Joy Behar over her ‘dangerous’ rhetoric & media treatment of Trump voters: ‘You’re a proud, progressive leftist’

Meghan McCain took Joy Behar, fellow co-host on “The View,” to task over her treatment and the media’s treatment of Trump supporters.

What are the details?

As highlighted by the Daily Caller, the exchange took place Monday.

McCain’s remarks about the media and its treatment of Trump supporters came after fellow co-host Sunny Hostin said that President Donald Trump’s efforts to halt certification of the 2020 presidential election amounted to nothing more than a coup attempt.

Behar also quipped, “Who are these people?”

McCain fired back, “I think that rhetoric is dangerous. I think saying we’re going to have martial law, and it’s a coup — I’m here in D.C. They’re setting up for the inauguration right now. There’s not going to be martial law, and things like that just scare people.”

“Joy, to your point, ‘Who are these people?'” McCain added. “Who are these people are 70 million Americans that voted for Trump. Biden won, but he didn’t win by any kind of the landslide that I, for one, thought he might have.”

She continued, insisting that the media rhetoric against Trump supporters needed to stop.

“I’m just saying the rhetoric and the media needs to be more respectful of people — of Trump voters — and I think that’s how we got to this place to begin with, and going forward in 2021, we need to be respectful of the 70 million Americans that for whatever reason did not feel that they could, in good faith, pull the trigger for President Biden and Vice President Harris.”

Behar, not to be outdone, fired back and insisted that many of Trump’s supporters got their information about his campaign and the subsequent election from sources that were simply not “legitimate.” She also insisted that many people who voted for Trump did so without the full picture of what it was they were actually doing.

McCain snapped, “That’s your perspective. It’s the perspective of Joy Behar and, you know, you’re a proud, progressive leftist, but I am a proud conservative, and I think the idea that the only reason why people voted for President Trump in the last election is because they were lied to and they’re morons who were just being fed information is not only disrespectful … [but] inaccurate.”

dead Intelwars john mccain Meghan McCain Roberta mccain

Roberta McCain, mother of late Sen. John McCain, passes away at 108

Roberta McCain, the mother of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain (R), has passed away at the age of 108.

What are the details?

Cindy McCain, the widow of John McCain, announced the news Monday on Twitter, writing, “It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my wonderful Mother In-law, Roberta McCain. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model or a better friend. She joins her husband Jack, her son John and daughter Sandy.”

Fox News reported:

A native of Muskogee, Okla., Roberta Wright was nearly 21 and a college student in southern California when she eloped to Tijuana, Mexico, in January 1933 with a young sailor named John S. McCain, Jr. He would go on to become a Navy admiral, like the father he shared a name with, and the couple would have three children — Jean, John and Joseph — within a decade.

Tributes poured in for the McCain family over the loss of their matriarch, an oil heiress who hit the campaign trail at the age of 96 to help John in his second campaign for president in 2008. John died in 2018 from a brain tumor.

His daughter and “The View” co-host, Meghan McCain, tweeted Monday, “I love you Nana. You’re everything I ever aspired to be. Thank you for teaching us all about living life on your own terms with grit, conviction, intensity and love. There will never be another one like you, you will be missed every day. I wish my daughter had gotten to meet you.”

Longtime journalist Greta Van Susteren tweeted, “My very dear friend Roberta McCain died…108 1/2 and what a great run it was and what a great friend she was to me. She loved adventure..loved a good party. Yes, she was elderly but I still never believed this day would come…”

The Washington Post‘s obituary for Mrs. McCain noted that Sen. McCain said of his mother in his 1999 memoir, “Faith of My Fathers”: “She was a willful, rebellious girl.”

The Post’s piece concluded:

In her 90s, Mrs. McCain spent three hours each Tuesday morning at the National Gallery of Art or the Freer Gallery of Art, whose collection of Chinese porcelain she particularly admired. Asked by Vogue to explain her longevity, good health and general fearlessness, she shrugged.

“I don’t do anything I’m supposed to do. I don’t exercise and today, I’ve already eaten a half a box of caramel popcorn,” she told the magazine. “Honey, I’ve had a dream life, and it was all luck.”

Intelwars Joy Behar Meghan McCain Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scotus nominees Supreme Court The View Videos

Joy Behar concedes Democrats’ SCOTUS loss: ‘We’ve lost that battle’

Joy Behar, co-host on “The View,” said Tuesday that Democrats have lost the fight for the Supreme Court.

What are the details?

Behar said on the daytime show that Republicans won the battle for the control of the Supreme Court during a segment about replacing late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday.

“You know, I was thinking about the Supreme Court, because we’ve lost that battle,” she admitted. “I don’t want to talk about the Republicans anymore. We’ve lost the battle. That doesn’t mean we lost the Senate. There are states up for grabs — Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas … and Arizona, too.”

Behar added, “Those states could become Democratic, help the Democrats win the Senate.”

She insisted that she personally doesn’t need to worry too much about what the Supreme Court does because she’s “white.”

“I don’t have to worry about the Supreme Court that much because I’m white. Because I’m post menopausal so I can’t get pregnant, thank God,” she continued. “I happen to be straight. I have money because I’ve been working on ‘The View’ for so many years.”

Behar pointed out that those in more precarious situations should worry about what the Supreme Court will be like in the coming years.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg voiced her agreement and admitted that she didn’t want to think about the Supreme Court all that much, either — but she couldn’t help taking a backhanded swipe at purported top SCOTUS pick, Amy Coney Barrett.

“Well, here’s what I’ll say about — you know, talking about the woman who has the seven kids,” Goldberg said. “She’s up for becoming a justice. You know, you can’t really Kavanaugh her because Kavanaugh was Kavanaughed because he was accused of rape and people wanted to make sure that that wasn’t the case. No one’s going to accuse her of anything. And I haven’t really seen people going after her for her religion.”

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney indicated Tuesday that he would vote to confirm a qualified Trump nominee, which would likely kill any chances Democrats had of obstructing the nomination.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)

Intelwars Meghan McCain President Donald Trump Ruth Bader Ginsberg SCOTUS Scotus appointment Scotus nominee The View Videos viral videos

Meghan McCain unloads on ‘The View’ over Democrats’ behavior ahead of SCOTUS nomination: Dems will do ‘anything and everything to smear any conservative’

Sparks flew on Monday’s broadcast of “The View” when the co-hosts discussed President Donald Trump’s plans to announce a nominee to replace late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by the end of the week.

Ginsburg died Friday at the age of 87 following recurring bouts of cancer.

What are the details?

Conservative co-host Meghan McCain squared off against her fellow co-hosts over the news, proclaiming that she backs Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) announcement that the Senate will vote on Ginsburg’s successor before the November general election.

“One of my biggest concerns is if we have a contested election in 2020, and it’s split like it was in 2000, we have to have a full court ruling on it,” she explained. “The potential for constitutional chaos is absolutely the most imminent it has been in my modern lifetime.”

McCain pointed out that while she agrees with her fellow co-hosts who said McConnell is a hypocrite over the announcement after he refused to confirm former President Barack Obama’s nominee in 2016, she believes that the circus surrounding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation could occur once more due to political division and underhanded dealings.

“Democrats on their side will do anything and everything to smear any conservative,” she insisted.

Co-host Sara Haines insisted that the focus should not be on rushing a SCOTUS nomination in the 45 days preceding the election.

“In the shadow of what’s been left behind after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, the irony of what type of human she was, and what we’re seeing in our politicians is disheartening,” she said.

McCain fired back, “At the same time, you have people on the left who are screaming that they’re gonna pack the courts and create violence and you’re gonna see chaos that we’ve never seen if Mitch McConnell does this. Everyone is behaving badly across the board, and the deep politicizing that happened after she passed is true, and while you’re correct that the majority of Americans are against repealing Roe v. Wade, 47% of Americans are pro-life.”

“Every time I talk about it on this show, it’s received as if it’s this vast minority in the country,” McCain said. “It’s not. I’m telling you, for people who are pro-life, not never-Trumpers … for people like me, it is a meat and potatoes issue, much like guns. It will get people out [to vote], period.”

Haines then went on to read a quote from Amy Coney Barrett — purported to be a potential SCOTUS nominee — but McCain wasn’t having any of it.

“I would be very careful slandering her, Sara, before she’s even been put forth,” McCain warned. “This is what I’m talking about with the Kavanaugh stuff!”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg had to pull the plug on the segment, and, quickly cutting to commercial, yelled, “Everybody stop! We’re going. We’ll be back.”

What’s at Stake in Possible SCOTUS Appointment? Part 1 | The View

Black lives matter riots CNN CNN bias Intelwars Kenosha wisconsin riots Meghan McCain Meghan mccain slams cnn The View Videos

Sunny Hostin says violent riots are ‘manufactured by the Trump campaign.’ Meghan McCain hits back and puts blame on radicals — and the media.

Meghan McCain, co-host on “The View,” issued a scathing rebuke of mainstream media — specifically CNN — and its coverage of the nationwide riots over police conduct.

Her remarks came after fellow co-host Sunny Hostin said that much of the violence has been “manufactured by the Trump campaign.”

What are the details?

On Monday, McCain slapped much of the media for downplaying the riots’ violence and refusing to outright condemn the madness.

Co-host Sunny Hostin began by discussing a recent Fox News poll that found that the majority of surveyed voters said Black Lives Matter demonstrations are riots — not protests.

“If you really look at the facts, 93%, 93% of protests are nonviolent, nonviolent,” Hostin insisted. “And, in fact, when Trump has put in force, has put in federal enforcement, out of those 93%, the violence ratchets up.”

Hostin continued, insisting that much of the violence has been “manufactured by the Trump campaign.”

“And so more than 5% of the protests, actually, that are linked to the Black Lives Matter movement that was met by force by authorities compared to 1% of other sorts of demonstrations like COVID protests or protests about being unhappy about not being able to, you know, go to the barbershop,” she said. “And so this is manufactured by the Trump campaign, and I just wish that people understood that and knew that and just looked up the real facts about protests in this country.”

‘Radical Antifa people in this country’

McCain, clearly not having any of it, responded by telling Hostin that there should be no violence during protests and that settling for 7% is unacceptable.

“People are coming on and saying, ‘Oh, only 7% of the protesting is violent,'” she said. “Well, I wouldn’t get on a plane that had a 7% chance of crashing. We’re talking about deaths in the country. There’s been around 34 deaths as a result of protesting and rioting since this all started at the beginning of this summer.”

McCain said that much of the media — “particularly CNN” — has succeeded in downplaying such violence.

“I think the media, particularly CNN, has done a real disservice by trying to downplay the violence so much,” she insisted. “I mean, the idea of a peaceful protest with a video of a building on fire, people being shot, has been blasted all over social media all summer, and I think when you have a group of people in the media that want to act like nothing is going on.”

McCain said that the left should be held to account for the out-of-control demonstrations and violence taking place in U.S. cities.

“I think there are radical Antifa people in this country, just like there’s radical people on the right, and in the same way that I’m held to accountability for every crazy Trump supporter that does something crazy in the country, I don’t understand why people on the left aren’t taking accountability for some of this as well,” she mused.

2 Los Angeles Deputies Ambushed in Shooting | The View

Coronavirus COVID-19 Fox News Intelwars Janice Dean Meghan McCain Soledad O'Brien

Journalists savage former CNN staffer Soledad O’Brien after she mocks Fox’s Janice Dean over COVID-19 stance

A bevy of journalists defended Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean after former CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien ribbed her for her stance on how to fight against COVID-19.

What are the details?

On Saturday, “Fox & Friends” meteorologist Dean tweeted a recent interview in which Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that Americans should embrace high levels of social distancing measures in order to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fauci made the suggestion while praising the directives of New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In the tweet, Dean referred to Fauci’s praise of Cuomo’s methods of fighting the virus as “garbage.”

She added, “Sorry Dr. Fauci. 32,000 deaths. 6,000 seniors? Nope.”

O’Brien, who apparently took issue with Dean’s assessment of Fauci’s interview, sarcastically fired back, “Meteorologist weighs in.”

Dean — who lost two family members to the coronavirus — responded to O’Brien’s remark in kind, writing, “30 thousand deaths in New York. Over 6 thousand Covid patients shoved into nursing homes killing over 6,000 elderly. I’d say New York didn’t do the greatest job. Thanks for getting my title right, though.”

Famed journalist Megyn Kelly chimed in, writing, “That ‘meteorologist’s’ name is @JaniceDean. She’s a working mom w/MS who is married to a hero 9/11 fireman. She lost both in-laws in NY nursing homes thx to Cuomo’s disastrous orders & so yeah, she gets an opinion. She also epitomizes class & kindness. Remember those?”

O’Brien decided to take a jab at Kelly, and responded, “What did I do to deserve the Blackface lady tweeting at me while I’m still in bed? This doesn’t bode well for my day, [to be honest].”

Kelly fired back, “Oh let me help you! You attacked a woman grieving her dead relatives for challenging the narrative that NY handled corona just great, dismissing her as too small to have an opinion because she’s just a meteorologist.”

Jack Posobiec added, “So cruel and unfeeling.”

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain simply wrote, “Love you Janice.”

Mark Levin added, “Whatever happened to moron Soledad O’Brien? Well, apparently, she’s still a moron.”

Other journalists, as highlighted by Newsweek, such as Amber Athey, Guy Benson, Jessica O’Donnell, and Emily Miller, also vocalized their support for Dean.

COVID-19 Crowds Intelwars Media Meghan McCain Protests rallies trump

‘Is it only a pandemic if you are a conservative?’: Meghan McCain rips ‘mixed messaging’ on crowds

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain unleashed her fury on Tuesday over the “mixed messaging” being spread by those in the media who have promoted the ongoing nationwide Black Lives Matter protests during the COVID-19 pandemic, but are now criticizing President Donald Trump for resuming his campaign rallies citing risk of spreading the virus.

What are the details?

During “The View,” the panel discussed whether President Trump was endangering his own supporters by scheduling a rally for Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Co-host Sunny Hostin argued it was “despicable” for the campaign to plan the event, and Joy Behar lambasted the president, saying he clearly does not care about Americans.

McCain asked Behar, “Do you think [Democratic New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo cared about people’s health when he moved old people around to nursing homes that were COVID positive?” pointing out that many people died due to Cuomo’s decision.

“There’s a lot of hypocrisy to go around,” McCain continued. “This is one of the issues that I’m really enraged about. I don’t think anyone should be in giant rallies right now because we’ve been told by medical experts it’s not safe, but the message from the media is as long as you are protesting something or going to a rally that is of the right politics you can do it and we’re going to ignore the spread of COVID. So going to a Trump rally is somehow much more dangerous than going to a rally in Brooklyn over the weekend.”

McCain explained:

What we’re seeing is a lot of anger festering up. When you’re seeing people who are now taking it into their own hands and going and opening up playgrounds in Brooklyn because [Democratic New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio won’t let them [enter], but at the same time hundreds of thousands of people can go protest in Brooklyn. The messaging is very confusing for people.

We can laugh all we want on here, but this is the most angry I’ve seen a lot of people I know in the center and on the right because the messaging is very confusing. Is COVID a pandemic that we all have to stay sheltered in place and inside, or is it not? Or is it only a pandemic if you are a conservative and a Trump supporter and then you have to stay inside and you’re a hypocrite if you sign this waiver and you go into this rally, but you’re not a hypocrite if you go protest someplace else.

Tulsa Rally Endangering Trump Supporters? | The View

Ad Amy mcgrath Intelwars john mccain kentucky Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain calls out Dem who used her late father’s image to attack his friend, Mitch McConnell

Meghan McCain has called out a Kentucky Democrat who is attempting to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), after the candidate used the image of her father, the late Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), in an attack ad against McConnell without the family’s permission.

What are the details?

Democrat Amy McGrath released a
campaign ad this week highlighting the “historic moment” when John McCain cast the deciding “no” vote against Senate Republicans’ bill to dismantle Obamacare.

Tuesday evening, John McCain’s widow, Cindy,
tweeted, “I’m disappointed in @AmyMcGrathKY’s use of my late husband #johnmccain image in a partisan attack ad against his good friend @senatemajldr. John’s memory should be used promote common ground and civility and not to stoke division.”

The next morning, McGrath shared the ad again on Twitter with the message, “Prior to running this ad, I reached out to a member of the McCain family, who I know, and received encouragement. I am saddened that Mrs. McCain sees this differently, but my intention is to honor Sen. McCain’s historic vote that is also a moment of public record.”

Meghan McCain didn’t buy the explanation. She replied, “Which member Amy, please name names? Because it wasn’t me or my mother. My entire family communicates before such decisions and I have no idea what you’re talking about. P.S. (ex disgruntled staffers don’t count as ‘family’)

Anything else?

The McCain family aren’t the only Republicans who have scolded McGrath for political exploitation in her race against McConnell. The Hill reported that last month, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) “asked McGrath to keep his image out of her campaign ads when she included him and other governors in an ad attacking McConnell.”

But McGrath’s present challenge is her opponent in the June 23 primary, fellow Democrat and Kentucky Rep. Charles Booker, who has racked up several high profile endorsements in recent days including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and the editorial board of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Former president barack obama Intelwars Meghan McCain President Donald Trump The View

‘The View’ co-hosts gloat over Obama’s anti-Trump remarks — but Meghan McCain serves an immediately sobering shutdown

A clearly unamused “The View” co-host Meghan McCain rained on show’s parade Monday, as three of the four co-hosts gleefully celebrated former President Barack Obama’s critical remarks on President Donald Trump.

On Saturday, Obama blasted the Trump administration for its handling of the COVID-19 crisis in America. Sunday saw an irate Trump firing back, calling Obama a “grossly incompetent” president.

What are the details?

Co-hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg all lauded Obama’s remarks against Trump during Monday’s broadcast.

Behar, who said Obama’s remarks made her feel “giddy,” stated, “I’m really looking forward to watching the … brilliant law professor take on the quasi-literate reality show host. This is going to be good!”

Hostin pointed out that Obama’s speech took her “back to a time where we had [a president] that was compassionate and empathetic and reassuring, and funny, intelligent, honest curious.”

“[T]hat’s what a president is supposed to sound like,” Hostin gushed.

Goldberg said that Trump deserved the commentary, and that people reacted positively because they “miss” Obama.

McCain adds proper perspective

McCain then put things into perspective for many of the long-running show’s viewers.

“Obviously everyone on the left has basically appointed President Obama as nothing short of a saint, and obviously I feel different, as most Republicans and conservatives do,” she said. “I will say… the culture war that I believe is real and is raging in this country I believe was ushered in with his administration and then exacerbated in the Trump Administration.”

McCain pointed out that despite the hype surrounding Obama’s remarks, she believes that Trump would win a re-election if the 2020 presidential election were held today.

“And if the election were held today, I do believe Trump would be re-elected and I think at a certain point, we have to start talking to each other in the middle, and we have to start talking about the faults on both sides because he was not a perfect president, and I don’t think perfect presidents would have ushered in the era of Trump,” she concluded.

Andy Cohen Christianity Coronavirus COVID-19 Elisabeth Hasselbeck Faith God Intelwars Joy Behar Meghan McCain Meghan mccain vs prayer Meghan... outbreak Prayer Praying quarantine Sunny Hostin The View Whoopi Goldberg

Meghan McCain refuses to host ‘The View’ with Elisabeth Hasselbeck over her coronavirus prayer comments

Meghan McCain said that she would refuse to co-host “The View” with Elisabeth Hasselbeck because of her comments telling people to pray against the coronavirus pandemic.

McCain made the comments on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

“Somebody actually sent me a screenshot of my face when she said that,” McCain said to Cohen.

“I took this virus seriously from the very beginning, and I thought a lot of this rhetoric was really dangerous. I think it’s really, really unfortunate and dangerous that she said that,” she added.

Meghan McCain Doesn’t Want to Co-Host with Elisabeth Hasselbeck | WWHL

Hasselbeck had returned to the show in early March and commented that people needed to pray against the coronavirus in addition to taking personal precautions.

“I think there can be a fine line between what is precaution, what is taking precaution, and what is panic,” said Hasselbeck on the previous show. “Yes, we’re going to take precautions, we’re going to Purell, pray that God’s got us in our tomorrows. We pray that this coronavirus is extinguished, that it stops in its tracks.”

McCain can be seen in the video grimacing at Hasselbeck’s comment.

Later McCain accused her of putting out misinformation about coronavirus.

“I don’t need to co-host with her again, and it’s unfortunate, because I’ve been a huge fan for a long time,” McCain said. “Anybody who is screwing around with this virus and putting out sort of misinformation, I don’t really have a lot of time for right now.”

There are nearly 900,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., with more than 50,000 deaths.

Here’s the video of Hasselbeck’s comments:

Calming Coronavirus Fears Amid Outbreak | The View

ba banks Coronavirus COVID-19 Dallas Mavericks Daytime tv Economy Employees Intelwars loans Mark Cuban Meghan McCain NBA Payroll President Donald Trump Relief Sara haines Shark Tank small business Small loan Sunny Hostin The View Video Videos Whoopi Goldberg

Sunny Hostin tries to bait Mark Cuban into Trump-bashing while on ‘The View’ — but Cuban won’t do it: ‘I’m not gonna throw him under the bus’

Sunny Hostin, co-host on “The View,” attempted to bait billionaire Mark Cuban three times into attacking President Donald Trump over his COVID-19 response.

Three times, Cuban refused.

What are the details?

Cuban appeared via video on Tuesday’s broadcast to discuss the coronavirus pandemic gripping the U.S. and the rest of the world.

“You know, in January, though, experts were raising the alarm about the coronavirus to President Trump, and some say that his refusal to respond quickly, efficiently, appropriately enough cost lives, American lives,” she said. “What are your thoughts about his leadership during the pandemic?”

Cuban responded by saying he believed the president was doing the best of his ability.

“You know,” he began, “I’m not a fan of President Trump, but I’m not going to rip on him either, because any senator could have stood up and said something and screamed loud. Any congressperson could have. I mean, nobody did. I didn’t have high expectations from President Trump, but I’m not going to throw him under the bus.”

Mark Cuban Shares What Worries Him Most About Pandemic | The View

When it was clear that Hostin wasn’t getting what she was looking for, she attempted a more direct approach.

“Trump’s approval ratings match his all-time high — 49% — the highest mark since he’s been in office,” she said. “Are we underestimating how Americans are viewing his handling of this crisis?”

Cuban was unmoved.

“No,” he responded. “You know, he’s doing the best he can, and here’s what I’ll say, and I’m not a fan of his, but what’s real is real. When you have imperfect information, you make imperfect decisions. We’re not in a ready, aim, fire mode. That makes it tough. No matter what he did, it’s going to be wrong for some people.”

Hostin, determined, attempted one last time to encourage Cuban to attack Trump.

“Mark, you know, many people are calling Governor Cuomo ‘President Cuomo’ at this point for the way he’s leading New York state during this pandemic, but President Trump berated him saying, he needs to do more … Is this how President Trump should be spending his time?” she asked. “Criticizing the governor of one of the hardest hit states?”

Although he agreed personal attacks were unnecessary, Cuban reiterated a third time that he would not take the bait.

“There’s no good reason just to rip on, you know, I’m ripping on politicians generically, but the decisions that have been made particularly from the president, he is who he is. I’m not just going to stand around and tear him apart,” Cuban insisted. “President Trump can tweet about whatever he wants. I’m looking to see people doing work, and are we trying to solve things coming out of the government? Yes, we are. That’s what I focus on.”

Mark Cuban on Restarting the Economy | The View

Anti-conservative bias Anti-socialism China Coronavirus David Axelrod Intelwars Left-wing college students Meghan McCain Nikki Haley Rachel campos duffy Racism allegation Scott Walker Sean Duffy Threats University of Chicago Xenophobia allegation

Conservative Hispanic college student — daughter of former GOP congressman — threatened with violence after blasting socialism

A conservative Hispanic college student penned an op-ed for the University of Chicago’s student newspaper Friday saying that after she expressed her anti-socialist beliefs as part of a school-related project, she received an “onslaught of online hate and threats of violence.”

The student in question, Evita Duffy, also happens to be the daughter of former Republican U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy, a Fox News contributor and author, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

But in the wake of the fallout against her, Evita Duffy also has received support from some pretty big names for making her voice heard.

What’s the background?

Duffy, a sophomore at the prestigious school, noted that the college’s Institute of Politics asked her to participate in a digital initiative called “I Vote Because” in which students pose with a small white board stating their reasons for casting ballots. Her statement read, “I VOTE BECAUSE … the coronavirus won’t destroy America, but socialism will.”

What was the reaction?

Duffy wrote in her op-ed for the Chicago Maroon said she’s used to “being in the minority opinion” since she’s a “conservative Hispanic woman” on a “liberal college campus.”

“I am a proponent of free speech, and I hoped my white board message might even encourage a lively and robust debate on economics,” she added. “However, I was naïvely unprepared for the onslaught of online hate and threats of violence I received.

More from her op-ed:

Fellow students attacked my character, my intellect, my family, my appearance, and even threatened me with physical violence, using foul and offensive language. I was called a racist and a xenophobe. Some compared me to animals. Others declared that they would personally stop me from voting, and many defended the personal attacks, saying I deserved to be bullied and that I don’t belong at the University of Chicago on account of my beliefs. I was told by many that I was the most hated person on campus. It was frightening. It was also hurtful, since some of the attacks came from people I considered friends.after that post she received threatening messages on social media and from her classmates.

She also ripped college officials, saying it’s “not hard to imagine what sort of actions they would be taking if an LGBTQ+ or Muslim student faced similar threats or experienced this sort of intolerance on campus.”

In relation to the other part of her white board statement, Duffy noted that “as awful as the coronavirus is, killing a total of 12 people nationwide and over 3,000 globally, its number of victims pales in comparison to the tens of millions of people who have died at the hands of socialism and communism.”

Who else spoke up?

David Axelrod — the IOP’s founding director and confidant of former President Barack Obama — penned a statement Friday speaking against the “unacceptable harassment” Duffy endured. But Axelrod also said her “minimization” of the Coronavirus was “offensive to those who have loved one here and overseas who have been infected and whose lives have been disrupted — which may very quickly include all of us — in large ways and small.”

Still, Axelrod pointed to Duffy’s statement about socialism as the primary element that stirred anger, and that she was “entitled to express [her opinion] without the ugly and inappropriate online harassment that followed. We strongly condemn and deeply regret the threatening comments this student has received.”

Messages of support

Duffy’s op-ed caught the attention of a number of high-profile voices who offered their support and encouragement, including former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Republican presidential candidate and governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, and cohost of “The View” Meghan McCain:

Anything else?

The day after Duffy’s op-ed was published, the Chicago Maroon ran a rebuttal from Darcy Kuang, a fellow student and deputy news editor, who called Duffy’s white board message “insensitive, offensive, and racist.”

“You treated an extremely traumatic event for Chinese people around the world as nothing but a way to weaponize your own political opinion, which you could have sufficiently expressed without any mentions of the outbreak,” Kuang wrote, adding that “you made Chinese students feel like our trauma is unrecognized and unimportant at this school. Your message suggests that our trauma is only worthy of being the backdrop of ‘important’ discussions like capitalism vs. socialism.”

But judging by some of the comments to Huang’s rebuttal, it doesn’t seem to have been received all that positively:

  • “Hey Genius, Coronavirus, does not just kill Chinese people…so you can crawl off the alter of victimhood and find another argument to whine about.”
  • “Connecting two newsworthy topics in the same sentence doesn’t trivialize or marginalize either one, and nothing about this statement is racist or xenophobic. In fact, it’s the very opposite of xenophobia. You trivialize real racism, which does still exist in this country, with your eagerness to be angry. What a bizarre and anti-intellectual reaction.”
  • “More examples of ‘feelings’ and needs for ‘safe spaces’ from the whining generation.”
2020 presidential election Bernie Sanders Intelwars Meghan McCain Russia The View

‘The View’s’ Meghan McCain goes after co-hosts for ignoring Bernie Sanders and alleged Russia ties

Co-host Meghan McCain hit out at her fellow “The View” co-hosts on Monday, blasting them for ignoring alleged ties between presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Russia.

According to recent reports, Sanders was reportedly briefed in January about the possibility of Russian operatives attempting to aid his bid for president.

What are the details?

During a heated exchange, McCain squared off with her co-hosts and insisted that any discussions concerning Russian election interference and President Donald Trump should not exclude Sanders.

Co-host Sunny Hostin added, “Bernie was briefed privately about the fact that Russia is likely helping him with his election, and wasn’t really that forthright, in my opinion, with the public. I also think a piece of this is about the fact that if Bernie — let’s say is the nominee — and if he wins, Trump will contest the results of the election because of Russia being involved and so that may also be a part of the Russian plan.”

McCain said that if Russia were interfering in the election to help Trump or Sanders, it’s only fair that Sanders be put under the microscope as well. The conservative commentator noted that “The View” has seemingly spent time chewing over only reports that Congress was briefed about operatives attempting to interfere on Trump’s behalf.

“We didn’t even mention that Bernie was also briefed at the same time [as Trump],” she said. “That was completely omitted from reports. We also didn’t mention that now it’s come out that maybe people that had briefed those people, briefed the campaigns, may have overstepped it a little bit.”

She added, “I always think it’s interesting that when we’re talking about Russia, we only ever talk about Trump. When it comes out that Bernie has as serious a problem as Trump does. Why aren’t we talking about that?”

What else?

Later during the segment, McCain declared, “I mean, Bernie spent his honeymoon in Soviet Russia. I mean, I think if you’re going to go back and forth over who is more in the tank for Russia, it’s a really hard one between Bernie and Trump.”

(H/T: The Daily Caller)

2020 presidential election Daytime tv Elizabeth Warren Intelwars Meghan McCain Michael Bloomberg The View Videos

Meghan McCain lauds Warren for savaging Bloomberg: ‘I really enjoyed watching you rip out Mayor Bloomberg’s jugular’

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain praised presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Thursday for the way she attacked fellow presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg during Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas.

McCain has been critical of Bloomberg in the days since he announced his campaign.

What are the details?

Warren appeared via video livestream on Thursday’s broadcast, where she discussed Wednesday night’s presidential debate in Las Vegas.

“Hello, Senator, this is Meghan,” McCain said. “First of all, congratulations last night. I really enjoyed watching you. I really enjoyed watching you rip out Mayor Bloomberg’s jugular — I really did.”

Warren smiled and responded, “So nice.”

Warren opened the Democratic debate with a scathing attack on Bloomberg.

“I’d like to talk about who we’re running against,” Warren said during her debate opener. “A billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians!’ And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg! Democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like red-lining and stop and frisk.”

Warren said that she would openly support any Democratic nominee, but warned that Democrats are taking a “huge risk” if they opt to “substitute one arrogant billionaire for another.”

During Thursday’s show, McCain continued, “I take great offense at the idea that you’ve been running for president … and you should just drop out because he has billions of dollars. The time that Trump came up last night was when you compared him to saying that Democrats aren’t going to win the nomination if they have a history of harassing women.

“I think this is an incredibly strong point,” she insisted. “[Bloomberg] has a history of both misogynistic and racially charged comments over a long period of time, and I believe the media has given him a huge pass on this.”

How did Warren respond?

Warren replied, “You know, I think you’re asking the question, Meghan: Why [does the media] always seem to give the billionaires extra consideration?”

She added, “Because I think that’s what’s happened here, but you know what I’ll bet you he’s doing right now? I’ll bet he’s reaching in his pocket and spending $100 million more on advertising to try to erase everyone’s memory of what happened last night.”

Warren continued, pointing out that Democrats should never appoint a man or woman who “has a history of embracing racially outrageous practices like stop and frisk.”

“[W]e should not have a nominee who has — we don’t know how many times he’s been charged with discrimination against women or with sexual harassment and has just shoveled some of his money in to cover it up,” Warren added. “Too many men have gotten away with that for far too long and it stops now.”

(H/T: The Daily Caller)