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Video shows woman  beating McDonald’s employees allegedly over refusal to mix slushie flavors

An Ohio woman went berserk on a pair of McDonald’s employees earlier this week in an incident that was caught on video.

Police say the alleged perpetrator, 44-year-old Cherysse Cleveland, was apparently angry because the workers denied her request to mix slushie flavors together. She is seen physically attacking the employees multiple times in a clip taken by a witness.

What are the details?

Facebook user Brian Allen posted the video to the platform on Monday, writing in a message, “Craziness is out in full force, just saw this at Ravenna McDonald’s.”

Warning: Profanity and violence

Allen’s video shows Cleveland behind the counter at the McDonald’s, pushing two female employees as one calls for bystanders to call the cops and another asks her, “Are you crazy?”

Cleveland then punches one of the employees while the second worker tells the suspect, “Do not touch my boss!”

Cleveland continues to argue and yell at the two other women, who repeatedly ask her to leave before one of the employees tells her, “Honey, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.”

That comment appeared to calm Cleveland for a brief moment. She replied with emotion, “Sorry, I’ve been up all day. I’m sorry.”

But Cleveland was quickly triggered again, and ripped the apparent supervisor’s mask off before running to the front of the counter to grab ice and returning behind the registers to attack one of the workers once again. That worker gets Cleveland on the ground and punches her several times. Police then arrive and place Cleveland in handcuffs.

Cleveland was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault. The Daily Mail reported that when she appeared in court the next day, Cleveland was ordered not to return to the McDonald’s where the incident occurred and not to have any contact with her alleged victims. Her bond was set at $1,000.

Anything else?

WOIO-TV interviewed Mr. Allen, the witness who took the video, to gain his account of what occurred before he began recording.

“I heard her ask for a slushie with all three flavors mixed into one,” Allen told the outlet. “Whereupon the manager informed her that they could not do that, and she became increasingly irritated and combative and decided that she would go behind the counter and fix her own drink.”

As things began to escalate, Allen pulled out his phone to document the encounter. “I was concerned that she may start hurting somebody,” he said. “So, I started recording in case law enforcement needed the tape for any kind of evidence of the assault.”

Fight for 15 Intelwars McDonalds minimum wage

Fight for 15: McDonald’s now testing automated drive-thru machines as wages set for increase

McDonald’s is now testing automated drive-thru service in select Chicago-area restaurants, yet another indication that forced minimum-wage increases drive low-skill industries to outsource work to computers.

What is the background?

As municipalities and some states enact a $15 minimum wage, low-skill industries, such as fast-food restaurants, have been exploring methods of automation to keep labor costs down while complying with wage laws.

For example, many McDonald’s restaurants now include automated ordering machines, allowing customers to order food inside the restaurant without directly interacting with employees. In theory, such machines eliminate the need for a cashier position, which means McDonald’s owners can save money by employing fewer people.

What is McDonald’s doing now?

CEO Chris Kempczinski announced last week that McDonald’s is testing voice-recognition machines at 10 Chicago-area locations to automate the drive-thru experience.

Kempczinski told investors their automated system is about 85% accurate and is able to process most orders. However, he also predicted that automated drive-thru lines won’t become a mainstay — at least for the next few years.

“Do I think in five years from now you’re going to see a voice in the drive-thru?” Kempczinski said, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. “I do, but I don’t think that this is going to be something that happens in the next year or so.”

“There is a big leap between going from 10 restaurants in Chicago to 14,000 restaurants across the U.S. with an infinite number of promo permutations, menu permutations, dialect permutations, weather — I mean, on and on and on and on,” he explained.

The news comes after McDonald’s recently announced plans to hike wages for employees who work at McDonald’s-owned McDonald’s restaurants. The vast majority of McDonald’s locations are owned by franchisees, who determine wages at their own restaurant.

“These increases, which have already begun, will be rolled out over the next several months and include shifting the entry level range for crew to at least $11-$17 an hour, and the starting range for shift managers to at least $15-$20 an hour based on restaurant location,” McDonald’s explained in a news release.

Anything else?

Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi said forcing businesses to increase their minimum wage will result in one of two outcomes: increased prices for consumers or further automation of the industry.

“When you raise prices 1%, you lose about 1% of your transaction costs,” Rensi told Fox Business. “And you have to work really hard to recover that through promotion, marketing, you know, all kinds of local events and it’s not an easy thing to do, particularly when you’re living on a very high number of transactions.

“You got a choice, you go broke by raising prices or you go broke by losing money because you can’t raise prices,” Rensi continued. “So I understand the need to perhaps make a public statement that you’re going to $15 and I don’t quarrel with that aspect of it. But when the rubber meets the road, you’ve got to look at what are the franchisees going to do because they’re 80% to 90% of the system and a lot of them are already there.”

Chipotle chief financial officer Jack Hartung agrees that the cost of forced minimum wage increases will be passed onto customers.

“We’re not that far off of like for example, a $15 number. But let’s say, for example, that there’s going to be an across-the-board 10% increase in our wages,” Hartung said in April, Business Insider reported. “And that would, to offset that with menu pricing, that would take us 2% to 3% price increase.”

Fight for 15 Intelwars McDonalds minimum wage

New research finds hiking minimum wage leads to higher prices of consumer goods

New research studying the impact of government-mandated minimum wage hikes found exactly what critics of such policies predict: The cost is pushed onto consumers.

What are the details?

Proponents of hiking the federal minimum wage to $15 argue that every American is entitled to earn a “living wage” and that no person should work hard each week, yet still live below the poverty line.

But if the government forces businesses to increase their wages, Princeton economist Orley C. Ashenfelter and Czech economist Št?pán Jurajda found through studying price and wage data from nearly every McDonald’s restaurant in the U.S., businesses themselves do not cover the cost of increased wages.

Instead, they found that businesses simply pass that cost on to consumers.

“Our data imply that McDonald’s restaurants pass through the higher costs of minimum wage increases in the form of higher prices of the Big Mac sandwich,” the researchers said.

Indeed, businesses will incur significant cost increases if politicians hike the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, which would be more than double the current standard. For companies that employ large numbers of low-skilled positions, monthly payrolls would ballon thousands of dollars per month, at minimum.

Other unintended consequences?

As Brad Polumbo at the Foundation for Economic Education noted, having more money in one’s pocket is not necessarily most important.

Rather, only increasing the purchasing power of one’s money increases one’s standard of living.

From FEE:

If a McDonald’s cashier’s take-home pay increases 20% after a minimum wage hike, but the prices for the food and other things they spend their wages on increase by a similar amount, they aren’t actually any better off. This would happen throughout the economy, not just in fast food.

One poignant example comes courtesy of the Heritage Foundation’s Rachel Grezler, who studied how minimum wage hikes would impact the cost of childcare; an enormous expense for many working-class families. “Childcare costs would increase by an average of 21 percent—an extra $3,728 per year for two children—and up to 43 percent, or more than $6,000, in some states,” Heritage reports. “The impacts would be greatest in lower-cost areas; in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi, costs would surge between 37 percent and 43 percent.”

What about jobs?

The Congressional Budget Office found in a 2019 report that despite lifting some Americans out of poverty, raising the minimum wage would leave perhaps even more Americans out of a job.

In fact, nearly 4 million Americans could lose their jobs, with 1.7 million lost jobs being the CBO’s median estimate.

“In an average week in 2025, the $15 option would boost the wages of 17 million workers who would otherwise earn less than $15 per hour. Another 10 million workers otherwise earning slightly more than $15 per hour might see their wages rise as well,” the CBO explained.

“But 1.3 million other workers would become jobless, according to CBO’s median estimate. There is a two-thirds chance that the change in employment would be between about zero and a decrease of 3.7 million workers. The number of people with annual income below the poverty threshold in 2025 would fall by 1.3 million,” the report added.

arrest Child abuse Florida Intelwars McDonalds Physical attack Teacher fights students

Middle school math teacher arrested after allegedly hitting juveniles outside McDonald’s following verbal fight with her kid

A middle school math teacher was arrested after allegedly hitting two juveniles outside a Florida McDonald’s following a verbal fight involving her child.

What are the details?

Bartow police said two groups of students were involved in verbal fight at a Bartow High School basketball game Friday night, WFLA-TV reported.

After the game, the dueling groups of students moved to the Bartow McDonald’s, the station said.

Police said Liquindella Clark — a sixth-grade math teacher at Bartow Middle School — aggressively approached one of the students who had been arguing with her child, the Ledger reported. Clark’s child is a teenager, WTVJ-TV said.

Police said Clark threatened the juvenile but was removed from the lobby and directed to the parking lot by an unknown man, the Ledger added.

But police said Clark waited in the parking lot until the group of juveniles came outside, after which a physical fight ensued, the outlet noted.

Police said Clark hit one girl in the face and removed her wig and also hit another juvenile in the head, the Ledger reported, adding that neither child was seriously injured.

Clark was arrested at the scene early Saturday morning on felony child abuse charges and taken to the Polk County Jail, the outlet reported, adding that she was released Sunday.

What did the school district have to say?

Schools were closed Monday for Presidents’ Day, but “when teachers return on Tuesday, [Clark] will be placed on paid administrative leave,” Polk County Public Schools’ spokesman Jason Geary told the Ledger.

Clark began her career with the school district in August 2008, Geary added to the outlet.

A county inmate profile indicates Clark is 49.

Burger King Burger king kissing ronald mcdonald Helsinki pride Intelwars Love conquers all Marketing McDonalds pride Ronald McDonald Viral ads

Burger King mascot, Ronald McDonald share passionate kiss in LGBTQ pride ad: ‘We wanted to show that in the end, love always wins’

The Burger King and his McDonald’s fast food compatriot, Ronald McDonald, share a kiss in a Pride-themed ad to honor Finland’s Helsinki Pride Week.

What are the details?

The Finnish campaign shows the two rivals kissing in an ad titled “Love Conquers All.”

The ad, launched by Burger King Finland — partner for Helsinki Pride — is a reflection of the company’s values, a spokesperson says.

Burger King Finland’s brand manager, Kaisa Kasila, told Adweek, “Burger King has always stood for equality, love, and everyone’s right to be just the way they are. The only instance where it might not seem so is when we’re bantering with our competition.”

Kasila added, “We thought, what a better way to convey our values than by portraying an all-encompassing kiss between Burger King and McDonald. We wanted to show that in the end, love always wins. And we know McDonald’s stands for the values we stand for, too.”

Fernando Machadao, global chief marketing officer for Restaurant Brands International — a holding company for a variety of fast food corporations including Burger King — lauded the ad in a now-viral tweet.

He wrote, “Proud to see Burger King Finland as the official partner of The Helsinki Pride. Even more proud of our 100% Corporate Equality Index. Congrats to Kaisa from the BK Finland team for such a beautiful execution.”

Anything else?

Machado told Adweek that the “impossible kiss” was an illustration that love does, indeed, conquer all.

“Our brand is always bold, edgy, and fun,” he said. “So showcasing this ‘impossible kiss’ is a way to demonstrate that love conquers all. And we hope that ‘the other guys’ understand that it is actually a celebration of love rather than a competitive statement.”

It is unclear at the time of this reporting whether McDonald’s is aware of the viral new ad campaign.

TheBlaze has reached out to McDonald’s Corporate for comment, and will update the story as necessary.

covid COVID-19 Face mask debate face masks Intelwars McDonalds

Want a Big Mac? Good luck getting one without a face covering as McDonald’s joins the face-mask movement

Iconic fast-food chain McDonald’s announced this week that all of its customers will be required to wear masks.

The hamburger joint joins Costco, Target, and Walmart who have instituted mask requirements in all of their stores, regardless of mask mandates in the various states their stores are in.

What did McDonald’s say?

In a press release Friday, McDonald’s declared that, beginning Aug. 1, anyone visiting their restaurants will be required to wear a face mask.

It doesn’t matter if the state the restaurant is doesn’t currently require masks, the company said, the “safety of all” is more important.

“[I]n order to protect the safety of our employees and customers, we will ask all customers to wear face coverings when entering our US restaurants effective August 1,” the press release said. “While nearly 82% of our restaurants are in states or localities that require facial coverings for both crew and customers today, it’s important we protect the safety of all employees and customers.”

What if a customer still is unable or unwilling to wear a mask? McDonald’s said they have a plan to “take care of them,” albeit in a “friendly, expedited way.”

Oh, and they’ve also created “de-escalation training” for employees in case mask-less customers make a scene:

The intent of this policy is to take a proactive approach and focus on quickly finding solutions when customers are unable or unwilling to wear a face covering. In those situations where a customer declines to wear a face covering, we’ll put in place additional procedures to take care of them in a friendly, expedited way. Additionally, we will provide training for our restaurant staff to ensure they are prepared to address this new policy in a friendly and positive way. We also will re-share resources for our and our franchisees’ employees who want to revisit de-escalation training.

Anything else?

The press release added that it was extending its ban on dining room use for another 30 days. The chain currently allows people to enter the restaurants to order food, but they are not allowed to eat there.

The company also said they are adding more protective panels in the dining areas once they are open.

Assault Coronavirus COVID-19 Intelwars Mask mandate Masks McDonalds

McDonald’s workers report verbal and physical assaults for asking people to wear masks

A survey found that nearly half of McDonald’s workers reported being verbally or physically assaulted for asking customers to wear masks, illustrating how contentious the debate over mask mandates has become in the U.S., Business Insider reported.

The Service Employees International Union surveyed more than 4,000 McDonald’s workers, and 44% of those workers reported some form of assault by customers they approached about wearing masks as a COVID-19 precaution.

Some of those assaults have even sent workers to the hospital, leaving workers feeling like the company has put them in a bad position:

One McDonald’s worker who was assaulted at work is Maria Resendiz, who visited the hospital in late June after being grabbed and hit by an anti-mask customer through a drive-thru window in Oakland, California, she told Business Insider. In Illinois, María Villaseñor recently filed a complaint with the Chicago Department of Public Health after seeing a McDonald’s coworker attacked by a customer she asked to wear a mask.

“Throughout the pandemic, McDonald’s has failed to protect us from COVID-19,” Villaseñor told Business Insider. “Now it’s asking us to police a culture war that’s not in our job description and that we’re not paid to do.”

McDonald’s did not feel the survey was an accurate representation of working conditions its employees face, and issued a statement dismissing the findings.

“[It is] disappointing to see the SEIU stirring up media attention yet again with these inaccurate characterizations, which do not represent what is happening in our 14,000 restaurants across the country,” the company told Business Insider. “This survey represents just 0.5% of the more than 800,000 crew and managers within our McDonald’s family working across our U.S. restaurants. While the SEIU is spending time sharing misinformation, McDonald’s and our 2,000 franchisees are focused keeping crew and managers employed in safe environments to serve healthcare workers, first responders, and communities during this pandemic.”

Many businesses, states, and localities are requiring people to wear masks in public, often putting lower-level employees in the unenviable position of having to approach customers without masks to tell them they must either put on a mask or leave.

At times, these workers have run into customers whose resistance to masks is so steadfast that they will defend it with violence. In a Louisiana Walmart, a man hit a police officer with his car and resisted arrest when the officer attempted to confront him over not having a mask on.

COVID-19 Intelwars McDonalds Soda Soda fountains

McDonald’s bans public soda fountains amid COVID-19 pandemic

McDonald’s is putting the kibosh on public soda fountains during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the details?

Around 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants across the United States are banning public soda fountains over hygiene concerns.

According to data company Scrape Hero, there are 13,839 locations — so that sounds an awful lot like “all McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s confirmed the news in a statement to Yahoo Finance.

A portion of the new guidelines pointed out that “beverage bars” in restaurants “will remain closed or sectioned off and staffed in restaurants.”

“From the beginning of the crisis in February our safety and sanitation practices have been informed by guidance from both our own third-party contagious disease experts and the CDC,” the McDonald’s release read. “Now, we’re evolving these health and safety guidelines further by implementing nationwide standards for restaurant operations across all 14,000 U.S. restaurants.”

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the restaurant is directing its staff to close the beverage bar area or have a staff member monitor it due to the difficulty of maintaining the beverage bar’s high need for sanitization.

Yahoo Finance added that at least one franchise owner is opting to shut down the beverage bar altogether rather than deal with the continuous need to maintain hygienic vigilance and monitoring.

What else?

Joe Erlinger, president of McDonald’s USA, also defended the restaurant’s decision to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an open letter, Erlinger said, “[M]any people are depending on us right now for a hot meal.”

Erlinger’s letter added, “Since the pandemic began, my team and I have been meeting three times a day to evaluate and adjust our plans while also adopting best practices from our franchisees and global markets. To date, we have implemented nearly 50 process changes in restaurants and increased training for restaurant crew. Now, as cities and states begin to ease restrictions, we are moving thoughtfully and judiciously with guidance provided by local authorities.”

You can read more about the company’s “process changes” here.

Coronavirus Coronavirus america Intelwars McDonalds Oklahoma Shooting

Woman allegedly opens fire in McDonald’s after employees forced her out for refusing to leave dining area closed due to coronavirus

A woman allegedly opened fire inside an Oklahoma City McDonald’s restaurant Wednesday evening after employees forced her out for refusing to leave the dining area that was closed due to the coronavirus.

What happened?

Police told TheBlaze that after the suspect entered the restaurant around 6:30 p.m., employees said the dining area was closed and asked the suspect to leave — but the suspect refused.

With that, the suspect and an employee began fighting, police said, and soon a group of employees forced the suspect out of the McDonald’s.

However, the suspect re-entered the restaurant with a handgun and opened fire with approximately three rounds, police said.

One employee was hit in the arm, a second was hit with shrapnel in the neck and shoulder, and a third employee was hit with shrapnel in the side, police said. All three were taken to a hospital, but their injuries are not life-threatening, police said.

According to KFOR-TV, two of the wounded employees are 16-year-old males.

In addition, the employee involved in the initial physical confrontation with the suspect injured his head, police said, but the cause of the injury — which also isn’t life-threatening — is unclear.

What happened to the suspect?

The suspect — identified as 32-year-old Gloricia Woody — was found a few blocks away from the McDonald’s and taken into custody without incident, police said. She was booked into jail on four counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, police added.

Police told KOCO-TV that Woody matches the appearance of an individual seen on surveillance video of the incident.

Anything else?

About eight employees were inside the McDonald’s at the time of the shooting, KFOR said, all of whom ran for the back door when the gunfire erupted. Some of them told the station off camera that they were shaken up and worried about their friends.

“The safety and security of our employees and customers is our top priority,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told KOCO in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved, and the good news is that we can report the employees who sustained injuries are expected to make a full recovery. This is a heinous crime on our restaurant employees who were trying to support public health efforts. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement as they continue to investigate this matter.”

China Coronavirus COVID-19 Intelwars McDonalds Mcdonalds china Racism

McDonald’s apologizes after China store refuses entry to black people

McDonald’s was forced to issue an apology after one of its Chinese stores placed a ban on black people entering the restaurant.

The notice emerged after reports of discriminatory treatment against Africans in the region.

What are the details?

Guangzhou’s McDonald’s recently barred black people from entering the premises after local officials announced COVID-19 cases in a neighborhood with a large African migrant population, Agence France-Presse reported on Tuesday.

A viral video showed a notice posted that read, “Notice: We’ve been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant. For the sake of your health consciously notify the local police for medical isolation, please understand the inconvenience caused.”

The notice was reportedly issued after rumors of African people spreading COVID-19 throughout the city. Guangzhou is home to one of the nation’s largest African communities.

McDonald’s temporarily closed the restaurant after it discovered the notice.

According to the BBC, tensions have been running high between Chinese and African people in the city.

The outlet reported, “Last week, hundreds of Africans in Guangzhou were evicted from hotels and apartments after online rumors that coronavirus was spreading among African people.”

In a statement, McDonald’s decried the action.

“Immediately upon learning of an unauthorized communication to our guests at a restaurant in Guangzhou, we immediately removed the communication and temporarily closed the restaurant,” a portion of the statement said.

The company will mandate new diversity and inclusion training because of the incident.

Newsweek reported that Regina Hui, a McDonald’s spokesperson, added, “McDonald’s China apologizes unreservedly to the individual and our customers.” Hui promised that the incident would be used to “further educate managers and employees on our values, which includes serving all members of the communities in which we operate.”

According to Fox News, an unfounded rumor noted that “300,000 black people in Guangzhou were setting off a second epidemic.”

You can read more on the local unrest here.

Bakersfield Black Lives Matter California felony Hamburger Intelwars McDonalds Officer Poison Police police officer Rubbed bun on floor Rubbed on ground Spit Spit on bun Spit on burger

McDonald’s worker allegedly rubbed a bun on the floor, spat on it, then served it to a police officer. Now she is facing a felony charge.

A former McDonald’s worker has been ordered to stand trial on a felony charge of willfully poisoning food after she allegedly spit on a hamburger before serving it to a police officer.

The worker, Tatyana Hargrove, 22, was arrested last November in Bakersfield, California, and is due in court March 23.

She is accused of rubbing a hamburger bun on the floor of the restaurant and then spitting in it while preparing an order for a uniformed police officer using the drive-thru, KGET-TV reported.

Hargrove also allegedly shouted, “Black lives matter” and “f*** the pigs!” during the incident.

The investigating officer, Deputy Carly Snow, testified that Hargrove admitted to yelling the insults because she knew the burger was going to be served to a police officer, according to testimony from a preliminary hearing.

The officer who was served and shouted at reportedly did not become ill from eating the burger.

During the preliminary hearing, Hargrove’s attorney, Lexi Blythe argued that there is insufficient evidence to prove her client willfully mingled poison or harmful substances with food, as the felony charge requires.

Blythe said that it’s unknown when the last time chemical cleaning products were used on the floor and that Hargrove’s back was turned away from the surveillance camera when the alleged crime was committed.

The prosecutor in the case, Gina Pearl, argued that another McDonald’s employee heard Hargrove drawing saliva into her mouth while she prepared the order, and that Hargrove can be seen wiping her mouth afterward, according to surveillance video.

When asked if saliva can be considered a harmful substance, Pearl said, “My position is saliva is absolutely a harmful substance. Look [at] what’s going on in the world right now with coronavirus,” according to

Prior to the November 2019 incident, Hargrove claimed to be the victim of police brutality in a lawsuit filed against the Bakersfield Police Department in 2017. The suit went to a trial but the jury ultimately sided with the police department.

Intelwars McDonalds Pete buttigieg South Bend South Carolina

Mayor Pete Buttigieg butts in on McDonald’s workers’ minimum wage protest — then the protest turns on him

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, can’t seem to avoid awkward moments with black voters.

Monday while in South Carolina, the day before the primary debate, Mayor Pete found his way to a protest where McDonald’s employees were calling for a higher minimum wage. Seeing an opportunity to endear himself to a demographic that has overwhelmingly rejected him (the protesters were mostly black, as is a majority of the Democratic electorate in South Carolina), Buttigieg joined in.

He grabbed a sign, began marching, and chanted along with the other protesters: “We work! We sweat! Put $15 on our checks!” A fine show of support for the hard-working people of South Carolina.

But some protesters took notice of an imposter in their midst — and began to confront him over allegedly not supporting a $15 minimum wage while he was mayor of South Bend.

Suddenly, a different chant emerged: “Pete can’t be our president! Where was $15 in South Bend?”

Buttigieg addressed the protesters and spoke in support of a higher minimum wage, but quickly left the scene after his remarks without addressing questions from protesters about his record on the topic in Indiana.

According to the State, South Bend saw a minimum wage increase while Buttigieg was mayor, but it was far short of $15.

Buttigieg quickly left the rally after his remarks, as members of the Black Youth Project 100 shouted questions at him, saying Buttigieg hasn’t always been for $15 an hour and has changed positions on the issue.

They also pointed to how wages for some South Bend city jobs are less than $15 an hour. In 2016, Buttigieg was able to get minimum wage for city employees raised to $10.10 an hour, but state law prevented local municipalities from instituting a higher mandated minimum wage for all businesses.

Buttigieg isn’t winning South Carolina, anyway. The most recent poll in the state has him at 8 percent, while Biden seems to have a solid lead at 35 percent. And with black voters, who make up about 60 percent of South Carolina Democratic voters, Buttigieg hovers around 1 percent.