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Cuomo hit with sixth sexual harassment claim, accused of touching another woman inappropriately

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has been accused of sexual harassment by a sixth woman — an aide who claims he touched her inappropriately during an encounter at the governor’s mansion late last year.

What are the details?

The Albany Times Union reported Tuesday that the latest alleged victim to come forward is a member of the Executive Chamber staff who claims the governor made the unwanted advances toward her at the mansion in Albany when she “had been summoned to do work.”

An Executive Chamber supervisor just recently became aware of the allegation, and other employees reported the complaint over the weekend to the governor’s office and to the New York attorney general’s office, where an investigation into five other sexual harassment claims is already ongoing.

According to the Times Union, the aide has not filed a formal complaint herself, and the outlet is withholding her name until she can be reached for comment.

Cuomo was asked about the latest allegation during a conference call with the press on Tuesday, but said that he was not aware of the allegation.

“First, I’m not aware of any other claim,” the Democrat insisted, reiterating, “As I said last week, this is very simple, I never touched anyone inappropriately.”

“No one ever told me at the time that I made them feel uncomfortable,” the governor continued, adding, “Obviously, there are people who said after the fact that I made them uncomfortable.”

The sexual harassment allegations that surfaced in recent weeks have led New York politicians on both sides of the aisle to join calls for Cuomo to resign.

The governor was already embroiled in scandal over claims that his administration underreported nursing home deaths last year over fears of the political fallout from his executive order placing COVID-19 positive patients in long-term care facilities at the start of the pandemic.

The state’s Democrat-led legislature moved last week to strip him of the emergency powers granted to him during the pandemic, and Republicans are rallying efforts to have the governor impeached.

This week, Fox News reported that Cuomo also ordered homes for people with developmental disabilities to take in coronavirus patients in an order that remains in place.

Anything else?

Despite the backlash from the scandals, Cuomo has adamantly refused to step down, arguing that he “was elected by the people of the state,” and not by the politicians who want him out.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Madame’ Has Been Arrested: Will She Face A Similar Fate?

Photo by Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

We all know Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy high-profile pedophile that flew politicians and celebrities to his disturbing island on the Lolita Express, didn’t kill himself.  Now that his madame has been arrested, perhaps she will not kill herself too while in custody.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday morning in Bradford New Hampshire where she has been staying in a million-dollar estate. Considering how long she has been on the run, her arrest timing is already suspicious. Washington Free Beacon senior investigative reporter Alana Goodman told “Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday that the circumstances of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, and alleged madam, were “very bizarre.”

“There were rumors of all different places that she was supposedly at,” said Goodman, co-author of A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein. “I mean, some people claimed maybe [Maxwell was in] Paris. I mean, people had spotted her in Paris. There were claims about London. There were claims about, like, the Israeli embassy and things like that,” Goodman added. “There’s been some pretty wild speculation, but I think generally the idea was people assumed she was out of the country.”

What’s strange is that because Maxwell holds citizenship in France, the country of her birth, she likely would not have been extradited from the European nation had she gone there.  It begs the question, why was she just waiting in the U.S. to be arrested? “So it was very surprising that she is hiding out, really under everyone’s noses in the United States, within driving distance of the U.S. attorney’s office that is prosecuting her right now,” Goodman said.

“I think that a lot of the friends of Jeffrey Epstein who were very relieved after he died are probably pretty terrified at this moment,” Goodman told Carlson, “because I think that Ghislaine Maxwell has every incentive to talk in this situation. And if she even pretends that she might open up, she will likely face the same fate as Epstein.

“Epstein is dead … she doesn’t really have to worry about protecting him or anything else at this point. And I think that [the Department of Justice] also has more leeway to potentially kind of deal with her than it did with Epstein because … he was accused of being the kingpin in this situation.”