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Elderly homeowner in wheelchair fatally shoots former renter who kicked down door and attacked him

An elderly homeowner who uses a wheelchair told Houston police that a former tenant he’d booted from his residence for failure to pay rent returned Tuesday night, kicked down his front door, and attacked him, KPRC-TV reported.

But the 72-year-old homeowner also has a gun — and fatally shot his former tenant during the attack, the station said.

What are the details?

Investigators told KPRC the homeowner had been renting out one of his rooms to the man in question, who allegedly stopped paying rent for quite some time.

With that, the homeowner told the man leave and not come back, the station reported.

Authorities told KPRC that while the tenant did indeed leave the premises, his departure was apparently short-lived, as he soon came back — and his reasons for returning did not appear related to paying back rent to his former landlord.

Officer R. Willkens with the Houston Police Department told the station that the man “kicked the door in” and “got inside,” after which “some kind of altercation” erupted.

While the former tenant may have figured he’d have an easy time overpowering an elderly man, who needs a wheelchair to get around, it doesn’t appear the guy factored in the possibility that his former landlord might have an equalizing tool on hand.

“The older man shot the younger one,” Willkens added to KPRC. “The homeowner shot the guy who was kicking in the door, and homicide is … trying to figure out what exactly occurred.”

One just might conclude it makes common sense for an elderly individual with a disability to own a gun for protection — just in case of incidents like this.

Now what?

Detectives told the station they’re questioning the homeowner about the shooting, and added that he’s being cooperative. KPRC said no charges have been filed so far.

Homeowner shoots, kills tenant who kicked in his door in southeast Houston, police say

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Home invasion suspect picks the wrong home to enter — and ends up dead when he meets armed homeowner

An armed homeowner reportedly took the life of a home invasion suspect during a Thursday night encounter, police say.

The incident took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the famed French Quarter neighborhood.

What are the details?

According to a Friday report from the Times-Picayune and New Orleans Advocate, the suspect — identified by WVUE-TV as 29-year-old Matthew Clark — reportedly entered a French Quarter home around 7 p.m. local time and lunged toward the homeowner.

The homeowner — who is not facing charges at the time of this reporting — remains unnamed at this time.

Neighbors later told police that they witnessed a male who appeared to have been intoxicated and who was yanking on buildings’ door handles along the block.

Two witnesses said that the suspect was banging his fists on neighborhood doors and appeared to be so drunk he could barely remain on his feet.

When the suspect arrived at what would be his final destination and began pounding on its door, the homeowner reportedly retrieved a gun and opened the door.

At that point, the suspect reportedly lunged at the homeowner, who, in turn, fatally wounded the would-be intruder.

A New Orleans Police Department spokesperson told the outlet that the homeowner is not facing charges “based on the investigation and circumstances of this incident.”

As such, the department said it would not release any further information about the armed homeowner.

Area resident Dereck “Woody” Terry told WVUE-TV that the situation is “unfortunate.”

“I mean these things happen but again it’s Thursday night at 6 o’clock with a drizzle and you don’t expect something like that to go down,” Terry told the station. “We don’t know the real story. Hearing bits and pieces of what happened. But it’s unfortunate regardless.”

Surveillance video captured the moments that led to the fatal shooting.

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Elderly man shoots home invader — then fears for his life when intruder just gets more aggressive. But homeowner has more bullets left.

An elderly man told KGNS-TV he saw a moving shadow outside his window followed by what sounded like someone trying to break into his Houston home early Monday morning.

What happened next?

The 74-year-old, who told the station he didn’t want to be identified, grabbed a handgun and shot the intruder who had just broken out a window.

One would assume that would be enough to deter most people from trying anything further — and that it certainly is plenty to convince the target from turning up the heat.

But no such luck in this case.

The homeowner told KGNS that rather than backing down, the intruder became even more aggressive.

So the homeowner shot the man two more times, killing him, the station said.

KGNS noted that the homeowner said a prayer because he didn’t know what was going to happen but believes it was a kill-or-be-killed situation and that he only was trying to protect himself.

And now the homeowner — who has lived in the area all his life and said he loves the neighborhood — told the station he believes it’s time for him to move.

Anything else?

KGNS reported that the case will be turned over to a grand jury to determine whether charges will be filed. Authorities have not released the name of the alleged intruder, the station added.

In related news, New Orleans police told WDSU-TV a homeowner fatally shot an intruder at a Dauphine Street residence Thursday evening.

The homeowner reportedly heard banging on the door of the residence and approached with a gun, the station said.

After opening the door, police said an unidentified male lunged at the homeowner, who responded by shooting the male, WDSU reported. The male died at the scene, the station reported, adding that no other information was available on the incident.

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‘You wanna f***in’ play? Let’s play!’: Intruder kicks in door, allegedly threatens his kids’ mother. But woman in home has a gun — and ends threat for good.

A terrifying home surveillance video shows an incensed man walking up to the front door of a home a few miles north of Pensacola, Florida, last week and beginning to kick in the front door.

“F***in’ play, bitch? You wanna f***in’ play? You wanna f***in’ play? Let’s play! F***in’ bitch!” the man yells into the home before turning his back to the front door and bashing it with the bottom of his boot.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via @NorthEscambia

After the 10th kick, he enters the residence and was heard screaming, “Let’s f***in’ play! Let’s f***in’ play! You wanna f***in’ play with my kids?”

What happened next?

The surveillance clip of the May 5 incident ended at that point, but the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office told that once inside, the suspect armed himself with a knife and hollered that he was there to harm his children’s mother.

The sheriff’s office said the man searched room to room and threatened the occupants who had taken refuge in a bedroom in the back of the house, the outlet said.

The ESCO told NorthEscambia that the man confronted a female in the rear bedroom, who feared for her life, so she shot the intruder twice.

Deputies arrived at the scene just after 5 p.m. Tuesday to investigate a call about a disturbance that included a shooting, the outlet said.

Deputies found a 54-year old man dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head, NorthEscambia reported.

At the time of the incident, the outlet said the suspect had an active domestic violence injunction filed on him, adding that investigators said he was reportedly on his way to anger management when it all went down.

Now what?

The sheriff’s department said charges will not be filed against the individual who shot and killed the intruder, NorthEscambia noted.

“Florida State statute allows people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from harm,” Sheriff Chip Simmons said, according to the outlet. “You can see from the video; his demeanor and intent were clear. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office will defend a person’s right to reasonably protect themselves against harm, even with the use of deadly force. We do not intend to bring charges against the occupant of the home.”

No names have been released in relation to the incident, NorthEscambia added.

Here’s the clip. Content warning: Language:

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Granddad shoots one of two armed home invaders in ill-fated heist — and victim’s granddaughter came up with idea for the crime, cops say

The good news? A 65-year-old Florida homeowner successfully fought back against two armed home invaders Thursday morning — managing to turn the tables on the pair by using his own gun and shooting one of them before they took off from his Pensacola residence, WKRG-TV reported.

The bad news? The victim’s granddaughter came up with the idea for the ill-fated heist, authorities told the station.

What are the details?

Cynthia Register and her friends were trying to come up with bail money for another friend when Register said her grandfather had some, the station said — and then they hatched a plan to rob Register’s grandfather, WKRG reported.

Image source: Escambia County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office

So just before 4 a.m. Tayari Crear and Jemarquz Cromwell entered the home of Register’s grandfather in the 7300 block of West Jackson Street.

Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons offered a bit of a play by play on what happened next.

Image source: WKRG-TV video screenshot

“Mind you Cynthia Register, granddaughter, does not go in the house. Why? Because she knows that Grampa has a gun. So she decides to stay outside,” Simmons said. “But she allows Tayari Crear and Jemarquz Cromwell to enter the home. And granddaughter was right. Granddaddy did have a gun. He did use the gun because he was being burglarized. So Granddaddy shot Cromwell in the chest area, and then they fled the home.”

Then what happened?

Crear and Cromwell climbed in a vehicle and drove off, but they wrecked the car a few blocks away, the sheriff’s office said.

Image source: Escambia County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office

Then another vehicle pulled up to the crash site and drove away with both suspects, authorities said, adding that the two suspects were dropped off at a local hospital where they were met by deputies. Natalie Gagne was the driver who picked up Crear and Cromwell after they wrecked their vehicle, the sheriff’s office said.

Image source: Escambia County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office

It was discovered that Register, Gagne, Crear, Cromwell — as well as Clint Hochhalter and Dominique Gonzalez — came up with the plan to rob Register’s grandfather after Register pitched the idea to the group, authorities said.

Image source: Escambia County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office

Register and Hochhalter have been arrested and charged with armed home invasion robbery (principle), the sheriff’s office said, while Gagne, Crear, Gonzalez, and Cromwell were arrested and charged with armed home invasion robbery.

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Man breaks into home of mother of three. Problem for intruder? Mom is a sheriff’s deputy — and she doesn’t hesitate to use her gun.

One guy sure picked the wrong house to break into last week — and he didn’t stop at just one.

What are the details?

Bart Anthony Coniglio forcibly entered a family member’s home in Wilmington just before 1 p.m. last Wednesday, WECT-TV reported, citing the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. A female who made a 911 call said it was her son, the station added.

After she escaped out the front door with a friend, the pair ran to a neighbor’s home — which happened to be the residence of New Hanover County sheriff’s deputy Leyla M. Davis-Woodhouse, a mother of three who was off duty with her kids, the station said.

Authorities said Coniglio then forcibly entered the deputy’s home, where a physical altercation took place, WECT said.

Turns out the woman who ran from the first house was still on her call to 911 — and was now describing events while hiding in a bedroom in the deputy’s home, the station reported.

“He’s trying to get in her house,” she said, according to WECT. “She’s fighting with him outside.” The station added that moments later, the caller said, “She’s trying to get him out of the house … he won’t get out.”

What happened next?

Other neighbors told WECT that Davis-Woodhouse warned Coniglio to not come any closer or she’d have to draw her gun — and then moments later, they heard two shots.

“She shot him or something,” the caller said, according to the station.

Minutes later Davis-Woodhouse called 911 and said, “This man has pushed his way into my house, and I shot him twice. They need to get here now,” WECT reported.

Then Davis-Woodhouse shouted, “Stay down, you hear me?” after which she told the dispatcher, “He fought me on the porch and pushed his way inside my house,” the station said.

More from WECT:

Conigilio is no stranger to law enforcement. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, the 40-year-old is a convicted felon who has a criminal record dating back to 2002 for offenses ranging from resisting an officer, to possession of controlled substances, to multiple DWI arrests, and embezzlement. He has not done any prison time in North Carolina.

Coniglio also has pending court dates on more than a dozen criminal charges in New Hanover County, including Assault on a Female, Domestic Violence Protective Order Violation, Habitual Assault, Probation Violation, and giving Fictitious Information to an Officer.

What else do we know the suspect?

Coniglio was hospitalized and was being treated as of Wednesday, WLOS-TV reported.

A family member filed a Jan. 8 domestic violence protective order against Coniglio that said he has “ongoing mental health issues,” the StarNews reported. The family member wrote that she feared her safety, and Coniglio “believes he is possessed by demons and that people are going to shoot him.”

What else do we know about the deputy?

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office said it hired Davis-Woodhouse in August 2014 as a detention officer and promoted her to deputy in May 2018, the paper said. She moved to the patrol division in July 2018 and was promoted to detective on Feb. 9, 2021, the StarNews said.

(H/T: The Police Tribune)

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Suspects in police chase try breaking into house by shooting through door. But homeowner has gun, too — and is in no mood to play.

A police chase in Georgia over the weekend in which two men in a pickup truck were firing at sheriff’s deputies took a detour when the suspects pulled into a residential driveway and tried to break into a house by shooting through the door, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

But the suspects soon had a radical change of heart.

You see, the homeowner also had a gun — and he fired back at the suspects, who decided to not try anything further at the house and took off, authorities said.

How did this all start?

GBI said a Seminole County sheriff’s deputy on Saturday tried to conduct a reckless driving traffic stop on a white 2500 Chevrolet pickup truck with a Florida license plate. There were two men in pickup, the driver refused to stop, and a chase began, the agency said.

A second Seminole County deputy joined the pursuit, and the suspects began to fire at the deputies, GBI said, adding that the deputies returned fire.

The deputies continued the chase into Decatur County, where sheriff’s deputies there joined the pursuit, the agency said. That’s when the suspects pulled into the driveway of the Decatur County residence and tried to break in by shooting through the door, after which the homeowner returned fire, GBI said.

What happened next?

After the suspects took off from the home, one of the suspects shot at an arriving Decatur County deputy’s vehicle and hit the deputy, the agency said. The deputy was taken to a hospital for treatment and surgery and was listed in critical condition, GBI said.

The suspects fled in their truck and wrecked it a short time later in a wooded area, the agency said.

A Georgia State Patrol helicopter and crew responded to the spot where the truck was wrecked, and one of the two suspects — 41-year-old Brad Phillips — was taken into custody without further incident, GBI said. Brad Phillips has been charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, the agency added.

But Troy Arthur Phillips got away — and a manhunt involving multiple local, state, and federal law enforcement officers commenced, GBI said. Citizens were warned to not approach Phillips, whom the agency considered “armed and dangerous” and who was wanted for aggravated assault on a peace officer.

Troy Arthur PhillipsImage source: Georgia Bureau of Investigation

GBI then reported Sunday that Phillips was arrested and in custody of law enforcement.

Anything else?

Family members identified the Decatur County deputy who was shot as Lieutenant Justin Bedwell, WSB-TV reported. His sister said he was flown to a Tallahassee hospital, the station said, adding that a GoFundMe has been set up to help Bedwell’s family with medical expenses.

WSB said it’s unclear whether the suspects are related.

Here’s a video report from WXIA-TV that aired prior to Troy Arthur Phillips’ capture that shows more images of him:

Manhunt in South Georgia after deputy critically shot

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82-year-old Vietnam vet beats armed intruder to death: ‘That guy picked the wrong house’

An 82-year-old Vietnam veteran defended himself, his wife, and his property after an armed intruder entered his home over the weekend, killing the intruder by bludgeoning him to death.

What are the details?

According to a report from Newsweek, 82-year-old Herbert Parrish and his wife, 79-year-old Lois Parrish, were inside their South Carolina home Sunday when they heard an unexpected knock on the door.

When Lois opened the door, she saw a man — later identified as 61-year-old Harold Runnels — who said he was looking for his dog.

“I opened the door and he said he was looking for his little white chihuahua and wanted to know if I saw it,” she recalled. “I told him no, I hadn’t.”

At that point, Runnels reportedly forced his way into the home, brandished a knife, and slashed Lois’ forehead.

During the melee, Herbert grabbed a shotgun hanging on a nearby wall and repeatedly struck Runnels with the barrel of the weapon until he fell unconscious.

Parrish — who said he pummeled Runnels at least 10 times in the face — said, “I felt, we’re gone. He’s going to kill us and take what he can take. He was not going to go out the door and leave us alive. That’s the way I felt. That’s why I said ‘I’ve got to do something quick and get the edge on him. Get the advantage on him.'”

Parrish said that he hit Runnels “just as hard as I could hit him.”

When authorities arrived on the scene, Runnels was unresponsive on the floor. He was taken to a nearby medical center where he died of his injuries, according to Fox News.

What did the sheriff’s office say?

In a statement, Aiken County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Eric Abdullah confirmed that Parrish “was able to strike Mr. Runnels enough to the point where he fell to the floor still being conscious but unresponsive.”

Neighbor Jessica Clark said that Runnels made a grave error in choosing the Parrish home.

“This street is normally not that crazy or anything, and we all know each other and everything,” Clark recalled. “I never would have expected it to happen here. And so I kinda feel like it puts a stain on this neighborhood in a way.”

Clark added, “[W]hen I heard they were able to fend off the suspect, I was so proud of them, and I was like, ‘OK, so that guy picked the wrong house.'”

Abdullah added, “[F]olks have the right to defend themselves if their lives are in danger, but the best thing to do is call for help. Every situation is going to be different. It may be a similar crime in nature, but every situation is going to be different. There’s no way to accurately predict exactly what actions that any person should take if somebody is trying to invade their home. The best recourse is to think smartly and get help on the way.”

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Crook uses pickax to try breaking into home after midnight. But homeowner has a gun — and intruder doesn’t stand a chance.

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again. Those apparently out to violate the law and hurt and take from others in the process still don’t seem to understand that everyday folks all over are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights and arm themselves for protection.

Especially when their homes and lives are threatened. The scenario of intruders getting fatally shot by homeowners is becoming a familiar one, and it has already played out a couple of times this month. In both cases, not only did the suspects apparently ignore the possibility that their victims may, in fact, be armed, but they also physically charged at or attacked the homeowners.

And a weaponless physical attacker typically loses to someone with a gun.

Never bring a pickax to a gun fight

On Friday morning yet another information-deprived individual decided to throw his hat into the ring and try a home invasion — but this one ended with a rather pointed twist.

Police were called around 1 a.m. to a San Antonio home in the 100 block of Arlington Court, not far from South Presa Street, after getting word that shots had been fired, KSAT-TV reported.

Police said the homeowner, a man in his 30s, fired three shots at an intruder who was trying to force his way inside the Texas residence through a window — using a pickax, the station said.

Naturally, the pickax-wielding suspect lost the battle.

Police said the intruder — a man in his 20s — was hit at least once and ran to a nearby fire station for help, KSAT reported, adding that he was taken to Brooke Army Medical Center for his injuries.

According to KENS-TV, the intruder was shot in the chest and was in serious condition.

Police are still investigating this incident, KENS said, adding that the homeowner who fired the gun is not expected to face charges.

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Man who broke into family’s home after midnight charges at homeowner outside, cops say. But homeowner has a gun — and it doesn’t end well for suspect.

A man broke into a Florida home around 1 a.m. Sunday while a husband, wife, and their three children were asleep — and he paid a huge price.

What happened?

Polk County Sheriff’s deputies said the homeowner’s wife heard banging on the front door of their Frostproof residence and woke him up, WTSP-TV reported. When he investigated, he noticed the front door had been forced open — so he grabbed a handgun, the station said.

With that, investigators said the husband found Jory Plummer outside in front of the home “yelling obscenities at him,” WPST reported.

The man told Plummer “numerous times” to leave, the station noted, but investigators said Plummer refused.

“The husband described Plummer as ‘out of control,'” the sheriff’s office wrote in a news release, according to WPST.

But it got worse. Deputies told the station that Plummer charged at the homeowner, who – “in fear for his life” – fired one round and hit the suspect.

Things weren’t over yet. The sheriff’s office said Plummer walked a few feet, turned around, and charged again — and the homeowner shot the suspect a second time, WPST reported.

Deputies responded to the scene and tried lifesaving efforts, but Plummer died at a hospital, the station said.

What did the sheriff have to say?

“People have a right to be safe in their home, and when necessary, defend that safety,” Sheriff Grady Judd wrote in a statement, WPST said. “At this point in the investigation, the evidence indicates that the resident acted in self-defense.”

Judd added on a
WVTV-TV clip that “our victim and his wife have zero criminal history. Just good, hard-working Americans in their bed at night, with their infant children, when [the suspect] kicks the door in.”

The station said Plummer’s criminal history includes nine felonies and nine misdemeanors, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence — battery
  • Tampering with evidence
  • Forgery
  • Resisting a law enforcement officer
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Driving on a suspended driver’s license
  • Violation of probation
  • Failure to appear

Anything else?

Readers of TheBlaze might recognize the no-nonsense Sheriff Judd and his way with words:

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Man breaks into home in middle of night. But homeowner is a Vietnam vet with a gun — and he uses it with deadly accuracy.

A Missouri homeowner fatally shot a man in a suspected burglary of his home near Willard in the middle of the night last week, Greene County investigators told KYTV-TV.

What are the details?

Deputies were called to a home in the 6000 block of West Hawthorn Court in the Meadows Subdivision for a burglary in progress around 4 a.m. Thursday, the station noted in a previous story.

Deputies found the suspect dead inside the residence, KYTV reported, adding that a front window was shattered.

“The suspect attacked the homeowner, and the homeowner was able to defend himself, and as a result the suspect is deceased,” Deputy Jason Winston with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office told the station.

“I’m a little shocked this is all going down next door,” neighbor Jay Davis noted to KYTV.

Investigators did not identify the two other people who were in the house when the break-in occurred, the station said, adding that those two people weren’t hurt. The homeowner, however, was taken to a hospital where he was being treated for injuries that were not life threatening, KYTV said.

“He probably saved them,” Davis told the station regarding his neighbor. “He’s already a hero because he’s a Vietnam veteran. Now he’s even a bigger hero because he saved his family.”

Winston added to KYTV, “We’re just glad the homeowner was able to confront this suspect and defend himself and his family against this attack.”

What do we know about the suspect?

Investigators identified the deceased burglary suspect as Ryan Altman, 37, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the station said.

The sheriff’s office is working to figure out why the suspect chose to break into the house, KYTV noted.

“We have no idea as to why this suspect chose the home or why he made unauthorized entry into the home,” Winston told the station. “Hopefully we get to the bottom of it as our investigators continue to figure out what happened here this morning.”

Winston also noted to KYTV that the residents of the home “have no idea who the suspect is; there’s no connection there.”

Investigators added to the station that they are also looking to see if a pickup truck found in a ditch behind the home in question is related to the incident.

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Texas mom taking care of 8-year-old son spots crook trying to enter her home — and she opens fire. Threat neutralized.

It’s always risky to roll up on a mom taking care of her young child, unless those up to no good enjoy tangling with Mama Bear.

And in this case, the mom had a gun.

What are the details?

Police in Sugar Land, Texas, said a woman was inside her home with her 8-year-old son around 5 a.m. Friday and heard a noise downstairs, KTRK-TV reported.

When she checked on the noise, the woman saw a man trying to get into her home through a window, police told the station.

With that, Mama Bear took action in a big way.

Police said she fired a gun once and hit the suspect in the chest, KTRK reported.

The suspect ran from the home and left a trail of blood, after which officers found him in a neighbor’s yard, the station said.

Who is the suspect?

The suspect has been identified as 21-year-old Santana Hudson, KTRK said.

Oh, and wouldn’t you know the station added that there’s a warrant for his arrest with the Houston Police Department for a 2018 vehicle burglary?

Hudson was transported to a hospital, where he was listed as stable, KTRK said, adding that the mom and her son weren’t hurt.

Hudson is charged with burglary of a habitation and unlawfully carrying a weapon, the station noted.

What did neighbors have to say?

The woman’s neighbors told the station they aren’t upset about her actions.

“I would have done the same thing,” Brittany Spivey told KTRK. “Absolutely.”

Roger Clayden added to the station: “Just make sure I keep my guns loaded. Not much else you can do.”

Anything else?

KTRK said officers spent Friday morning looking for surveillance video from neighbors’ homes to determine if there were other suspects involved.

More from the station:

Although there have only been two other residential burglaries in the city so far this year, Sugar Land Police plan to be more present and vigilant.

“Any time you have somebody thats breaking into your house is going to be of concern. So, obviously we the Sugar Land Police Department will do our best to help assuage that kind of fear. Were going to have extra patrols,” Asst. Chief Michelle Allen said.

2nd Amend. child gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars mother Self-Defense Texas

Texas mom taking care of 8-year-old son spots crook trying to enter her home — and she opens fire. Threat neutralized.

It’s always risky to roll up on a mom taking care of her young child, unless those up to no good enjoy tangling with Mama Bear.

And in this case, the mom had a gun.

What are the details?

Police in Sugar Land, Texas, said a woman was inside her home with her 8-year-old son around 5 a.m. Friday and heard a noise downstairs, KTRK-TV reported.

When she checked on the noise, the woman saw a man trying to get into her home through a window, police told the station.

With that, Mama Bear took action in a big way.

Police said she fired a gun once and hit the suspect in the chest, KTRK reported.

The suspect ran from the home and left a trail of blood, after which officers found him in a neighbor’s yard, the station said.

Who is the suspect?

The suspect has been identified as 21-year-old Santana Hudson, KTRK said.

Oh, and wouldn’t you know the station added that there’s a warrant for his arrest with the Houston Police Department for a 2018 vehicle burglary?

Hudson was transported to a hospital, where he was listed as stable, KTRK said, adding that the mom and her son weren’t hurt.

Hudson is charged with burglary of a habitation and unlawfully carrying a weapon, the station noted.

What did neighbors have to say?

The woman’s neighbors told the station they aren’t upset about her actions.

“I would have done the same thing,” Brittany Spivey told KTRK. “Absolutely.”

Roger Clayden added to the station: “Just make sure I keep my guns loaded. Not much else you can do.”

Anything else?

KTRK said officers spent Friday morning looking for surveillance video from neighbors’ homes to determine if there were other suspects involved.

More from the station:

Although there have only been two other residential burglaries in the city so far this year, Sugar Land Police plan to be more present and vigilant.

“Any time you have somebody thats breaking into your house is going to be of concern. So, obviously we the Sugar Land Police Department will do our best to help assuage that kind of fear. Were going to have extra patrols,” Asst. Chief Michelle Allen said.

2nd Amend. gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Mississippi Self-Defense

Two armed men show up at home; one opens fire, hits homeowner. But shooting victim also has a gun — and his aim is deadly.

A pair of armed men decided to pay a visit to a residence in Moss Point, Mississippi, to pull off a home invasion Sunday evening, Police Chief Brandon Ashley told WXXV-TV.

But it didn’t go so well for at least one of the suspects.

What are the details?

Police said in a press release that the two armed men went up to the front door of their “target” residence, encountered the homeowner, and one of suspects opened fire “multiple times” and struck the homeowner at least once.

But the homeowner came to the door prepared.

Police said he returned fire and struck one of the intruders — who collapsed in the roadway and died.

Police said they received a call around 6:30 p.m. reporting “shots fired” in the Mill Avenue area of East Moss Point — and upon arrival found the dead suspect in the street.

Police have not yet identified the two suspects, WLOX-TV reported, adding that it’s not clear if the other home invasion suspect was arrested.

Jackson County Coroner Bruce Lynd Jr. said the suspect’s body was sent to the state crime lab in Jackson for an autopsy, the Sun Herald reported. Lynd added to the paper that officials are running the dead suspect’s fingerprints to try to confirm his identity since the he didn’t have any identification on him.

What happened to the homeowner?

Police said the homeowner was treated and released from a hospital for his gunshot wounds and is not facing any charges, the Sun Herald noted.

But the paper added that a Jackson County grand jury will hear evidence in the case to determine if any criminal wrongdoing occurred — or if the homeowner acted in self-defense.

How did folks react?

Commenters on the Facebook page for the Moss Point Police seemed decidedly behind the homeowner’s actions:

  • “Why a grand jury[?]” one commenter asked. “The homeowner fixed half the problem already. Kudos Mr. Homeowner!”
  • “Hell yeah, play stupid games and win stupid prizes!” another user exclaimed.
  • “[You] break in here, get right with Jesus,” another commenter said, “’cause [your’re] meeting him.”
  • “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6,” another commenter noted.
2nd Amend. California gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense watch

Gunman caught on camera firing into home amid break-in attempt. But homeowner has a gun as well — and wins shootout.

A California homeowner’s surveillance video cameras outside his residence underscore the stark truth: One never knows when a gun will come in handy.

What are the details?

One of the video cameras next to the front door of the Hesperia home showed a man approaching the door and then repeatedly kicking it. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said it all commenced around 3:30 a.m. Monday, KTTV-TV reported.

The homeowner told the station he and his wife woke up to the pounding — and also heard the man demanding to be let in.

“I run to the front door to see who it is,” the homeowner later told KTTV, “and then I see him … and he’s trying to kick the door in, demanding to come in, and then I see him pull out a gun.”

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

The homeowner told the station at that point he retreated, got his own gun, put his wife and child in a closet, and then went back to the front door, where he said he saw the man “aiming” his gun at the door.

Homeowner recounts shootout with intruderImage source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

Then a 45-second shootout commenced, the homeowner told KTTV, with shots being fired by both individuals on either side of the front door.

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

Soon the man gave up, got back into his vehicle, and then drove away, the homeowner added to the station.

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

The homeowner said in another portion of KTTV’s video that it appeared the man also shot at another neighbor’s house amid his getaway.

What happened next?

No one was injured, KTTV reported, and authorities arrived about five minutes after the shootout and eventually tracked down and arrested 39-year-old Erick Contreras.

Turns out Contreras is a neighbor who lives only a few doors from the homeowner, KABC-TV reported, adding that the homeowner said he didn’t know the gunman or have any previous interaction with him.

The homeowner’s residence was left with bullet holes in the walls and doors, KABC noted.

Image source: KTTV-TV video screenshot

The homeowner was armed with a 9mm gun, the station reported and said based on the bullet casings, it appeared the intruder had a .22.

Contreras was charged with attempted murder, shooting in an inhabited dwelling, armed robbery, felon in possession of ammunition, and felon in possession of a firearm, KTTV said.

2nd Amend. gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Louisiana Self-Defense watch

Homeowner shoots all four armed men who broke into his house — two of them fatally. Surviving suspects face murder charges for accomplices’ deaths.

It appears to be yet another case of crime suspects getting charged with murder when their accomplices are fatally shot by the crime victim.

What are the details?

A Louisiana homeowner had just about all he could handle last Tuesday morning when four men carrying guns invaded his residence in Lacombe, WVUE-TV reported. Lacombe is about an hour’s drive north of — and directly across Lake Pontchartrain from — New Orleans.

Thing is, the homeowner also had a gun — and used it far more successfully than the quartet of intruders. The homeowner, in fact, shot all four suspects, killing two of them during the ensuing shootout.

The St. Tammany Coroner’s office identified the dead suspects as 25-year-old Renard Causey Jr. and 21-year-old Justin Hill, WVUE added.

But now the two suspects who survived the shooting — Renard Causey Sr. and Jason Leblanc — both face charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery, and home invasion, the station reported in a follow-up story.

Both men will be booked after they are released from a hospital, WVUE reported.

The homeowner’s 4-year-old daughter apparently was struck by a bullet in the crossfire, the station said, adding that family members said she received an operation and is expected to be OK.

The homeowner also is expected to be OK, and WVUE added that deputies say the homeowner won’t face charges at this time. A relative told WVUE the homeowner may have been pistol-whipped before he fired at the intruders.

St. Tammany Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the incident, the station said.

Anything else?

WVUE said the community on Palmer Drive is close — the kind of place where everyone either is related or has known each other for years — and many are stunned by what happened.

“It was late morning and we heard patrol cars, one after another and detective cars and then there would be ambulances,” Shannon Bordelon told the station. “There were several dozen emergency vehicles involved.”

Neighbors aded to WVUE that they waited 24 hours to learn about the shooting, but sheriff’s officials said they didn’t want to put out information sooner that might impede the investigation.

Arrests warrants issued in Lacombe deadly shooting

2nd Amend. concealed carry Detroit gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense watch

Two gun-toting Detroit homeowners open fire on intruders in separate incidents. One of the suspects is armed — and ends up dead.

Once again we have another example of criminals not getting the picture that everyday folks in growing numbers are armed and ready for them.

And this time the tale concerns a pair of Detroit homeowners with concealed pistol licenses who successfully used their guns to protect themselves after intruders invaded their residences.

What are the details?

The first incident happened around 7 p.m Monday when police said a suspect armed with a long gun entered a home on Fenton, just west of Telegraph between McNichols and 7 Mile, WJBK-TV reported.

The suspect then confronted the homeowner, pointing his gun at him, police told the station.

But the homeowner was able to arm himself, too, and shot the 22-year-old intruder several times with a handgun, WJBK said, adding that the suspect died at the scene.

Officers recovered both guns, the station said, adding that the CPL-holding homeowner was detained for questioning.

The circumstances are still being investigated, WJBK reported.

The second incident took place Wednesday night at a home in the 16600 block of Fairmount Drive when police said the 39-year-old homeowner heard a strange noise above her, WDIV-TV reported.

When she went to investigate the noise, police told the station she discovered a 19-year-old male in her attic — and officials believe the suspect was hiding there as part of an attempt to burglarize the home.

After a brief standoff, the intruder reportedly made a sudden move — and that’s when the CPL-holding homeowner fired a shot at the suspect, WDIV reported.

Police arrived at the scene, and the suspect was taken to a hospital, the station said. He was in stable condition, WDIV reported — but police said once he’s well enough he’ll be taken into custody.

The homeowner is cooperating with police and their investigation, the station noted.

Detroit homeowner shoots teen intruder hiding in attic

2nd Amend. home invasion Intelwars Oklahoma Self-Defense

Two men enter home, pull gun on homeowner. But he pries away weapon, fires, and hits both suspects — killing one of them.

Two men entered a home in Elk City, Oklahoma, sometime before 6 a.m. Saturday and went into a bedroom when one of the men pulled out a gun, pointed it at the homeowner’s face, and demanded money, according to a document police provided to TheBlaze.

What happened next?

The homeowner told police he was afraid he would be killed, so he grabbed the handgun and pointed it away from his face. A struggle for the gun ensued, after which the homeowner told police the two men pinned him on the bed, the document states.

The homeowner told police that after he gained control of the gun, he fired it several times until the man who pointed it at him fell to the floor. The document also states that, according to the homeowner, the other man who was with the gun-wielding assailant ran out of the house.

That man — Isaiah Johnson, 25 — was shot in the chest during the struggle, the document from police states.

But he had quite a story for cops at the hospital later, telling them he heard shots while walking near the house on the 600 block of North Watkins, realized he was hit, and went to the hospital for treatment, the document states.

Soon, however, Johnson came clean.

Upon further questioning, he confessed that he knew the other suspect — Samuel Castro Jr., 39 — had a handgun before they entered the house and was intending to rob the victim, the document states. Johnson added to police after he heard the gunshots and felt pain in his chest, he fled the home and walked to the hospital. He also said he originally told cops he was hit while walking near the residence so that he might avoid being arrested, the document states.

Johnson was still in jail Tuesday afternoon, police told TheBlaze.

Isaiah JohnsonImage source: Elk City, Oklahoma, Police

Police found Castro’s body surrounded by a large pool of blood in the bedroom where the struggle with the homeowner took place, the document says, adding that officers also observed a Walther .380 handgun on a small table in the bedroom.

A medical examiner investigator found several gunshot wounds on Samuel’s body, the document adds.

Police on Tuesday would release no other information to TheBlaze.

Quite the wake-up call

Neighbors woke up Saturday to an abnormally large police presence.

“I saw five or six police cars; they had all alleys blocked off,” Tristian Wooten told KWTV-DT. “Cones had the area shut off.”

“They blocked off all in front of the tennis courts there that are to the south and then all the way at the north end of the block,” neighbor Terry Jordan added to KWTV. “So you couldn’t even really tell what house everything happened at.”

“Something like this happens, it does hit pretty close to home,” Wooten added to the station. “It does kind of make you wanna … step up your guard a little bit more.”

Jordan acknowledged to KWTV that “home invasion is kind of a whole different level” and “it’s something you think about” since “as a homeowner” you want to keep your family safe.

2nd Amend. Arkansas gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense

Homeowner discovers intruder hiding in his closet. Intruder gets combative — so homeowner fights back with his gun.

There are a few things wrong with this picture.

For starters, you have an alleged burglar hiding in an Arkansas homeowner’s closet, having gained entry to the residence after possibly bunking in the backyard camper without permission.

Image source: KHBS-TV video screenshot

And then after the homeowner discovers the intruder hiding his closet, the intruder actually becomes combative with the homeowner and ignores — or completely forgets — one commonsense rule: Don’t assume even for a second that those you target as crime “victims” aren’t armed at least as well, if not better, than you are.

What happened?

Had the intruder heeded that simple rule when his jig was up around 10 a.m. Thursday and instead begged the homeowner for mercy, he may have escaped pain.

But instead he got a big dose of it.

“He opened the door of the closet, and he actually saw this person looking at him in the closet,” Van Buren Police Sgt. Jonathan Wear told KHBS-TV of the homeowner’s actions. “He confronted the man that was in his home. That man became combative, and then at that point he ended up having to fire shots at him.”

Sgt. Jonathan WearImage source: KHBS-TV video screenshot

Wear told the station the suspected burglar was shot in the leg.

And when police arrived at the residence on Blueberry Hill Street, the homeowner was holding the intruder at gunpoint and told cops he didn’t know him, KHBS said.

The homeowner thought that perhaps the intruder was staying in his backyard camper, the station noted.

What happened next?

Police told KHBS the suspect, who is from Gentry, was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries — and when he’s released, police said he’ll be arrested and most likely will face burglary charges.

“He actually had the homeowner’s wallet and a pair of his shorts,” Wear added to the station, “and so we think he was actually in the house trying to steal things from the homeowner.”

Law enforcement officials also will try to determine if the suspect has ties to any other burglaries in the area, KHBS reported.

What will happen to the homeowner?

KHBS said the case will be turned over the the local prosecutor for review, but so far the homeowner isn’t facing any charges.

Homeowner finds suspected burglar hiding inside closet in Van Buren

2nd Amend. California gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense

Homeowner endures middle-of-night burglary — then it happens again a week later. But this time homeowner puts gun to use.

One Fresno, California, homeowner has been having quite the frustrating time, to say the least.

First off, KMPH-TV reported that the homeowner encountered a burglar who was attempting a break-in around 2:30 a.m. last Wednesday.

And as it turns it, the homeowner had already endured a similar situation a week prior, as a burglar managed get inside the home around 5:30 a.m. and then ran off after being discovered, the station said.

So, what was the difference between the two incidents? During the second burglary, the homeowner put his gun to use.

What are the details?

Last Wednesday in the middle of the night, a doorbell video camera alerted the homeowner that somebody was trying to break a window on the front door, KMPH reported.

The homeowner was armed with a handgun and said the suspect went around to the side of the residence and jumped a fence to get in the backyard, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office told the station.

The homeowner tried to run the suspect off while another person in the home called for help, KMPH reported.

At that point the homeowner fired several shots, hitting the suspect multiple times, the station said.

The wounded suspect ran from the home on East Clinton Avenue near Chestnut Avenue, but deputies found him down the street, KMPH noted.

An ambulance met deputies and took the suspect — a 17-year-old — to the hospital where he was treated and released before being booked into a juvenile detention facility, the station said, adding that he faces a felony charge of attempted home burglary.

Detectives are interviewing the homeowner and other witnesses in an attempt to piece together what happened, KMPH said.

What happened next?

No charges have been filed against the homeowner, but the station said the investigation is ongoing.

Detectives will submit the case to the district attorney’s office for review, KMPH said.

It’s unclear if shot suspect is the same individual who got inside the residence a week prior, the station said.

2nd Amend. Burglar gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Oklahoma Self-Defense

Armed homeowner comes face to face with alleged burglar — and things don’t end well for the uninvited individual

An Oklahoma City homeowner was checking on his property Wednesday night when he encountered an alleged burglar and shot the individual, police told KOTV-TV.

Police told the station the alleged burglar later died at a hospital.

What are the details?

Several neighbors told KOCO-TV the homeowner has been battling break-ins of late.

“You have to understand, if you’re going to break into someone’s home, you’re going to risk dying,” neighbor Camille Jones added to KOCO.

Neighbors also told KOCO they’ve been dealing with recent break-ins as well.

“How do we protect ourselves, and how do we protect our neighbors?” Jones asked KOCO.

James Jacobs, another neighbor, told KOTV the homeowner — whom he’s known for more than 30 years — doesn’t live at the home and uses it for storage. But he was there just hours before the shooting in order to fix a fence, the station said.

Jacobs added to KOTV he was helping the homeowner with the job: “It has been broken into a couple times, and we were talking about how we could make the place look better and more secure.”

The homeowner left and came back to the property around 8 p.m., which was when he caught the alleged burglar, KOTV reported.

Jones told KOCO it was “just a matter of time” before someone got hurt because of the break-ins.

What happened after the shooting?

Police stayed at the property through the night as the investigation carried over into the following day, KOTV said, adding that homicide detectives interviewed the homeowner and released him pending further investigation.

While Jacobs called the circumstances “terrible,” he noted to KOTV that his friend has “all rights to be there anytime he wants to. If somebody breaks [in] over there, he has a right to defend himself.”

“That guy could have been after me!” Jacobs added to KOCO, noting he would’ve done the same thing to a burglar, and that “you have to stand your ground.”

The case has been handed to the district attorney who will determine if the property owner will face any charges, KOCO said, adding that police haven’t said if the alleged burglar was armed.

Police didn’t release the names of the homeowner or the alleged burglar, KOTV reported.

dog Fighting back home invasion Intelwars knife Self-Defense Spokane Washington state

‘I’ll cut your head off, dude, if you even move’: Homeowner flips the script on intruder who could have choked him to death

Travis McKee told KHQ-TV he opened the door of his home Friday night in Spokane, Washington, to find a stranger — 36-year-old Randall Davis — asking for a cigarette.

And just moments later, McKee said he was in a battle for his life.

“He got on top of me and just pounded me for 10 minutes,” he noted to KHQ. “The side of my face … he had me in some kind of hold where my chin was pressed against my neck, and I couldn’t get any air.”

Turns out Davis is a convicted felon with a history of assault, the station said. But all McKee likely was considering at the time was how to stay alive, as Spokane police said he began to lose consciousness amid the intruder’s grip, KHQ said.

What happened next?

Enter McKee’s faithful dog, Mutt, who gave his owner a spark of mental clarity — so to speak.

“When my dog came up and bit my leg, it woke me up,” McKee told the station. “I remembered I had that knife in my pocket. I got my knees under me and started to try to kind of worm my way out of [the intruder’s grip]. It was just a last ditch effort. I was going to die.”

Davis still had McKee pinned to the floor, but McKee managed to slash at his attacker’s arm, stomach, and neck until he let go, KHQ said.

It gets better

Believe it or not, the beaten-down victim who may have died in his assailant’s grip resolved to prevent Davis from dying, the station said.

“I held a knife up to him. I told him, ‘I’ll cut your throat. I’ll cut your head off, dude, if you even move. You know, period. I’m going to tourniquet you, and you’d better not move,'” McKee recalled to KHQ telling the attacker.

And the bleeding assailant — the tables turned on him — wisely listened.

“He let me do it,” McKee told the station, “and I [put a tourniquet on] him and came back and found my phone and called 911.”

Police who arrived on the scene gave Davis first aid until medics arrived, KHQ said, adding that McKee and Davis both were taken to local hospitals.

Blood was all over the house, too, the station said:

Once Davis is released from the hospital, the station said he’ll be booked into jail on charges of first-degree burglary and second-degree assault.

When a KHQ reporter asked McKee why he couldn’t let his attacker die, he had a relatively simple answer: “‘Cause I’m just not into hurting people, you know?”

2nd Amend. gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Louisiana Self-Defense

Armed men break into home, demand cash, pistol whip male who won’t comply. Then female resident grabs her gun and turns the tables.

A trio of men wearing hoodies and armed with guns forced their way into a home in Monroe, Louisiana, around 10 p.m. Oct. 11 and demanded money, the Monroe News-Star said, citing a police report.

What happened next?

A male in the residence refused to comply with their demands and yelled several times for the female resident, who had fallen asleep, the paper said. The male was struck in the head several times with a gun, the News-Star said.

When the woman woke up, she said she knew something was wrong and grabbed her gun from underneath the mattress, the paper said.

She saw the male resident fighting with with two unknown armed men, the News-Star said, adding that one was wearing a light gray hoodie and the other was wearing a dark hoodie and light blue jeans — and that the latter assailant pointed a gun at her.

With that, the woman fired multiple rounds and heard one man say, “Aw, she shot me,” the paper said.

The woman said a third man was standing at the front doorway and appeared to be in shock, the News-Star reported, adding that all three ran off, got into a silver Nissan Altima, and drove away.

The jig is up

Then around 10:25 p.m., St. Francis Medical Center told Monroe police a shooting victim had arrived, the paper said.

Emergency room staff informed officers that 19-year-old Jeffrey W. Williams Jr. told them he was hanging out with friends when someone drove by shooting at them, the News-Star noted.

But police noticed that Williams’ clothes matched the description from the home invasion, the paper said. And once officers began interviewing him, Williams told them he and another man entered the home and demanded money at gunpoint, the News-Star reported.

He said when the woman came into the living room, she fired two or three shots at them, the paper said — and he noticed he was shot in the abdomen as he fled the residence.

The man who forced his way into the home with Williams reportedly drove him to the hospital and dropped him off at the emergency room, the News-Star said.

Williams said he doesn’t know the third man’s name, only that he lives in West Monroe, the paper said.

Williams was arrested Friday and booked into Ouachita Correctional Center on one count of aggravated burglary, the News-Star said, adding that his bond was set at $100,000.

2nd Amend. guns home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense South Carolina watch

Homeowner shoots intruder, warns ‘bums and thieves who come on my property to steal, if I have to defend myself … I’ll do it’

After a homeowner shot a suspected burglar trying to break into his South Carolina residence Tuesday morning, the homeowner delivered a stern warning to anyone else who might try it, WYFF-TV reported.

“Bums and thieves who come on my property to steal, if I have to defend myself, if I have to disable your vehicle, if I have to disable you, I’ll do it,” the homeowner told the station. “Stay off my property.” The homeowner declined to go on camera and wished to remain anonymous, the station added.

What happened?

The shooting was reported about 9:30 a.m. after three people tried to break into a home north of the city of Anderson on Walker Circle near Liberty Highway, Anderson County deputies told WYFF.

“There were three people [the homeowner] … caught and he believed were breaking in,” JT Foster of the sheriff’s office added to the station. “One of the suspects made a move toward him, and he felt threatened, so he fired at least one time, striking one of the suspects.”

Deputies, forensic investigators, and detectives responded to the scene, WHNS-TV reported, adding that the homeowner wasn’t injured.

What happened to the suspects?

The shot suspect was taken to a hospital, but his condition was unknown, the WYFF said.

The other two suspects ran from the scene, WYFF added, after which deputies brought in a K-9 officer and ATVs to track them down.

“It’s absolutely one of the most difficult tasks around,” Foster told the station, referring to how hard it is to conduct searches in heavily wooded areas. “Not only are you worried about not being attacked by someone you may find in the woods, but you gotta watch your step for poisonous plants and snakes.”

Deputies told WYFF they captured and detained the second suspect — a woman — shortly after the incident.

A third suspect was captured Tuesday evening, the station said.

The suspects were identified as Shawn D. Breter, Danielle N. Shockley, and Danny L. Smith, WHNS reported, adding that they all were charged with third-degree burglary.

3rd suspect captured following attempted burglary in Anderson County