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Dem Rep. James Clyburn claims President Bush called him a ‘savior’ for helping get Joe Biden nominated

South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, the No. 3 House Democrat, told reporters Wednesday that former President George W. Bush hailed him as a “savior” at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, claiming that Bush said Biden was the only Democrat in the primary who could have beaten President Donald Trump.

But a Bush spokesman has called on observers to “not make this into more than it is.”

What are the details?

Associated Press reporter Meg Kinnard reported Wednesday afternoon that “On a call with reporters just now, @WhipClyburn says ex-President Bush told him he’s ‘the savior’ because of his role in helping Biden win the Democratic nomination. Clyburn says Bush went on to call Biden ‘the only one who could have defeated the incumbent president.'”

Freddy Ford, chief of staff for President Bush reacted in a tweet, saying, “Let’s not make this into more than it is. He was saying Clyburn helped saved Biden’s nomination….nothing Biblical here.”

Kinnard had pointed to an article she co-wrote in March last year that detailed how Clyburn’s support of Biden has been credited with turning the tide in the former vice president’s favor during the Democratic primaries that spring. Biden went on to win the nomination and ultimately, the presidency.

The piece states:

Biden handily won South Carolina, bested chief rival Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday and bumped rivals Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren out of the contest in one of the most muscular comebacks in presidential campaign history.

Who else did Bush do?

Politico noted that Bush “didn’t support Trump’s reelection bid in 2020 and voted for ‘none-of-the-above’ in 2016.”

Bush issued a statement congratulating Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris shortly after they were declared winners of the 2020 election, calling for Americans to come together.

“Though we have political differences, I know Joe Biden to be a good man, who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country,” he said.

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The Ruling Class Claims They Are Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all say they will be getting the new Coronavirus vaccine. As if we didn’t trust the ruling class already, this should seal the deal. This is an obvious bit of propaganda.

The three former presidents from both sides of the aisle (political parasites and members of the ruling class) have all pledged to take a COVID-19 vaccine on camera when it’s available to them, hoping to assuage fears at a time when recent polls have shown that just under half of Americans said they would not take a vaccine, according to a report by Today. 

As Brian with High Impact TV says, “anytime a world leader takes a V-A-double-X on TV, it might behoove the general public to take a closer look.”

We know these three former presidents have all lied to us and deceived us, so the very idea of them taking the vaccine on video is laughable. Even if they do get a shot, does anyone honestly believe it’s anything more than a simple saline solution?  Wake up, folks. It’s 2020 and people are still falling for this.

Obama said on “The Joe Madison Show” on SiriusXM Wednesday that he was committed to taking a vaccine. “I promise you that when it’s then made for people who are less at risk, I will be taking it, and I may end up taking it on TV or having it filmed just so that people know that I trust this science, and what I don’t trust is getting COVID,” he said.

A statement by Bush aide Freddy Ford provided to NBC News and first reported by CNN indicated that the 43rd president (who lied extensively about weapons of mass destruction and 9/11 to send the troops into endless wars) would also be publicly taking the vaccine when it becomes available. “A few weeks ago President Bush asked me to let Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx know that, when the time is right, he wants to do what he can to help encourage his fellow citizens to get vaccinated,” Ford said. “First, the vaccines need to be deemed safe and administered to the priority populations. Then, President Bush will get in line for his, and will gladly do so on camera.”

Not convinced yet? Well, let’s add in Bill Clinton. He’s been an honest and upstanding ruler, right? (That’s sarcasm.) Clinton’s staff indicated he would take the vaccine and potentially be filmed doing it, NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker reported on TODAY Thursday.

So that’s it! Roll up your sleeve and submit, slaves. The presidents are going to.  And there’s no way they’d ever lie and fake these videos of them getting the vaccine. Of course, they’ll be getting the same shot they want us to take… (sarcasm again)


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Former Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton say they’re willing to get COVID-19 vaccine — and maybe even on camera

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton said they are willing to receive a coronavirus vaccine in order to prove to the public that it’s safe and effective — and perhaps even get the injections on camera.

What are the details?

Bush’s chief of staff Freddy Ford told CNN that Bush reached out to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx — the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the White House coronavirus response coordinator, respectively — to see how he could help promote the vaccine.

“A few weeks ago President Bush asked me to let Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx know that, when the time is right, he wants to do what he can to help encourage his fellow citizens to get vaccinated,” Ford told the cable network. “First, the vaccines need to be deemed safe and administered to the priority populations. Then, President Bush will get in line for his, and will gladly do so on camera.”

Clinton’s press secretary told CNN Wednesday that he also is willing to take the vaccine in public.

“President Clinton will definitely take a vaccine as soon as available to him, based on the priorities determined by public health officials,” Angel Ureña said. “And he will do it in a public setting if it will help urge all Americans to do the same.”

Obama said in an interview with SiriusXM that if he would take a vaccine if Fauci determined it was safe and effective.

“People like Anthony Fauci — who I know and I’ve worked with — I trust completely,” Obama said. “So, if Anthony Fauci tells me this vaccine is safe, and can … immunize you from getting COVID, absolutely I’m gonna to take it.”

Speaking of Fauci, he also said he’s willing to get vaccinated on camera. Speaking Thursday on Major Garrett’s CBS podcast “The Takeout,” Fauci said he planned to be inoculated on camera in order to lessen public anxieties about the vaccine’s safety, Forbes noted.

USA Today reported that reluctance to get vaccinated is especially high within communities of color, with Black Americans expressing the most doubts in polls regarding taking vaccines. And Obama said he’s aware of that.

“And I understand … historically — everything dating back all the way to the Tuskegee experiments and so forth — why the African American community would have some skepticism,” he said. “But the fact of the matter is … vaccines are why we don’t have polio anymore, the reason why we don’t have a whole bunch of kids dying from measles and smallpox and diseases that used to decimate entire populations and communities.”

Obama added that he also may take the injection on camera.

“I promise you that when it’s been made for people who are less at risk, I will be taking it,” he said. “And I may end up taking it on TV or having it filmed, just so that people know that I trust this science, and what I don’t trust is getting COVID.”

More from USA Today:

A November Gallup poll found 58% of Americans are willing to receive a coronavirus vaccine, an increase from early in the year when hesitancy about vaccines was widespread.

Public health experts say at least 60% to 70% of the population needs to take a vaccine to achieve “herd immunity,” a public health term for when a critical mass of the public is inoculated against a given infectious disease.

Anything else?

“Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, said today that they are in full support of COVID-19 vaccine efforts and encourage everyone who is eligible to get immunized as soon as it becomes available in their communities,” the Carter Center said in a Thursday statement.

CNN said the Carter Center media team has not responded to its question regarding whether the former president would get vaccinated publicly.

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Former President George W. Bush congratulates Joe Biden, saying election ‘outcome is clear’

Former President George W. Bush said that he called Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over the weekend to congratulate Biden after several media outlets declared the former vice president the victor in his White House bid against President Donald Trump.

Bush — who won his first term in 2000 after a recount in Florida — said President Trump is entitled to do the same, but that the 2020 election “outcome is clear.”

What are the details?

Bush issued a statement saying that he had called Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.), on Sunday to extend his well wishes.

“Though we have political differences, I know Joe Biden to be a good man, who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country,” Bush wrote, according to CNN. “[Biden] reiterated that while he ran as a Democrat, he will govern for all Americans. I offered him the same thing I offered Presidents Trump and Obama: My prayers for his success, and my pledge to help in any way I can.”

The former president also congratulated Trump in his statement, noting that the current president “earned the votes of more than 70 million Americans — an extraordinary political achievement.”

He added, “They have spoken, and their voices will continue to be heard through elected Republicans at every level of government.”

President Bush acknowledged, “President Trump has the right to request recounts and pursue legal challenges, and any unresolved issues will be properly adjudicated.”

President Trump has refused to concede the race as vote counting continues in a number of states, while Vice President Mike Pence insists the race “ain’t over.” The president’s campaign has filed multiple lawsuits over alleged voting irregularities.

Anything else?

Bush is the only living former Republican president, and he was joined by a few GOP senators in congratulating Biden on the apparent win declared in the media.

Politico noted:

Trump has had a tense relationship with the Bush family. He branded former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida as “low energy” during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, blamed George W. Bush for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and mocked his father, former President George H.W. Bush, for his “thousand points of light” volunteerism program. George W. Bush didn’t support the president’s reelection.

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A Bush lost in Texas for the first time in over 40 years on Super Tuesday

Pierce Bush, the grandson of the late former President George H.W. Bush, failed to advance in his bid for a Houston congressional seat on Tuesday, marking the first time that a member of the Bush family has lost a race in Texas in over 40 years.

The last time that happened was in 1978, when George W. Bush ran a failed bid for Congress, CBS News reported. Since then, Bushes have won races in the Lone Star State for president, governor, and even state land commissioner — one of Jeb Bush’s sons, George P. Bush, won those races in 2014 and 2018.

What are the details?

Pierce Bush, a 34-year-old nonprofit executive, finished third in the primary race that featured 15 Republican candidates. The top two finishers, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and technology consultant Kathaleen Wall, are set to compete in a runoff election in May.

Political scientists say that while the waning influence of the Bush family name could have contributed to Bush’s loss, other factors were also at play. Bush jumped into the race for the 22nd Congressional District late, and chose not to run for the 7th Congressional District, where his grandfather represented from 1967 to 1971.

“Pierce Bush’s failure to reach the runoff suggests that the market for the Bush family brand of compassionate conservatism is nowhere near as strong as it was 20 to 30 years ago when his grandfather and uncle enjoyed widespread support within the Texas GOP,” Rice University political scientist Mark Jones told the Texas Tribune.

“At the same time, it is important not to read too much into this race, since Pierce Bush’s candidacy was undercut from the outset by the launch of his campaign less than three months prior to election day as well as the legitimate critiques against him of being a carpetbagger who only moved into the district after launching his candidacy,” Jones said.

Brandon Rottinghaus, a University of Houston political scientist added that Bush’s conservative credentials were not considered as strong as some of the other candidates in “a primary field that was moving significantly far to the right ideologically.”

What else?

Despite reportedly raising more money than any of the other 14 candidates and securing the endorsement of the outgoing GOP incumbent Rep. Pete Olson, Bush’s efforts were not enough.

Texas’ 22nd Congressional District is one of seven seats that Democrats have prioritized flipping in 2020. Whoever wins the GOP primary will face Democrat and former foreign service officer Sri Preston Kulkarni in the general election.