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Gov. DeSantis sending Florida law enforcement to assist Arizona, Texas at border

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Wednesday that law enforcement agencies from across his state are stepping up and will deploy officers to Texas and Arizona, answering the border states’ calls for assistance as they struggle with a bombardment of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

What are the details?

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) sent a joint letter to their fellow governors calling for “manpower” to assist in arresting migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, which allows them to “call in reinforcements” from other states during crisis.

Ducey has declared an emergency in Arizona over the border surge, while Abbott has declared a disaster and vowed to begin building Texas’ own border wall. Both governors have deployed national guard troops to their southern borders, and both have pleaded for the Biden administration to take action.

DeSantis says Florida is ready to help.

“America’s border security crisis impacts every state and every American,” DeSantis said in a statement. “The Biden Administration ended policies implemented by President Trump that were curbing illegal immigration, securing our border, and keeping Americans safe. Governors Abbott and Ducey recently sent out a call for help to every state in the nation, needing additional law enforcement manpower and other resources to aid with border security. I’m proud to announce today that the state of Florida is answering the call. Florida has your back.”

The Florida governor held a news conference along with state Attorney General Ashley Moody (R) and several sheriffs from throughout Florida to discuss the plan.

WPTV-TV reported that “in making his case for why the issue is one that impacts the safety of all Florida residents, DeSantis referenced a May incident in Martin County in which an 82-year-old woman was “raped by a criminal illegal alien.”

“I mean, how disgusting?” DeSantis said of the case during the presser. “This guy had been arrested. (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) had never — was not willing to take him and remove him — and so he ends up committing a dastardly act against an elderly resident in Martin County.”

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that DeSantis reiterated, “We believe securing the Southern border is important for our country. Where the federal government has failed, the states are stepping up.”

DeSantis: Florida officers to respond to ‘border security crisis’ in Texas and Arizona

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Parents send face masks worn by children at school for lab analysis. Results show ‘dangerous pathogens’ on masks.

Exactly what gets collected on your face mask after hours of use? Many medical experts have claimed there are no health drawbacks to wearing face masks for long periods of time, as long as you regularly clean them or use a new covering each time you mask up.

But Florida parents, who are concerned about children wearing face masks at school, discovered recently that face masks actually catch a host of bacteria, many of which are “dangerous pathogens.”

What are the details?

The Gainesville parents sent six recently worn face masks to the University of Florida for laboratory testing. They discovered that face masks collect numerous bacteria that cause, in many cases, serious illnesses.

The parents wanted the face masks tested “because they were concerned about the potential of contaminants on masks that their children were forced to wear all day at school, taking them on and off, setting them on various surfaces, wearing them in the bathroom, etc.,” Rational Ground explained.

“We need to know what we are putting on the faces of our children each day. Masks provide a warm, moist environment for bacteria to grow,” parent Amanda Donoho told Rational Ground.

The tests, conducted by the University of Florida’s Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center, discovered that five of the six masks contained a host of bacteria and three of the masks were contaminated with “dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria.”

The 11 “dangerous pathogens” found on the masks are responsible for illnesses that include:

  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Meningitis and Sepsis
  • Food poisoning from E. coli
  • Diphtheria
  • Lyme Disease
  • Urinary Tract Infections

More from Rational Ground:

Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified, including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

The tested masks were new or had been freshly washed. They were worn by children ages 6-11 attending in-person school, while one was worn by an adult. Unworn masks and a T-shirt worn by one of the children were used as controls.

“No pathogens were found on the control,” Rational Ground noted.

What do doctors say?

Dr. Patrick Grant, a microbiologist at Florida Atlantic University, said last year that unwashed face masks do, indeed, accumulate harmful bacteria.

“It’s very common that we will eat and then put our mask back on and if we are sweating a little we are creating a really nice soup for this bacteria,” Grant said.

However, infectious disease specialist, Dr. Rossana Rosa, said the risk of pneumonia transmission, for example, due to accumulated infected particles on a face mask is nonexistent.

“The way bacterial pneumonia tends to develop is through aspirating — or breathing in — contents into the lungs. So, in terms of wearing a mask, the respiratory droplets you exhale that land on the inside of your mask that you then breath [sic] back in will not give you bacterial pneumonia,” Rosa explained. “If you have phlegm, you should find a way to safely spit it out. That way you aren’t at risk of breathing in large amounts of mucus or saliva into your lungs, which is how bacterial pneumonia develops.”

What is less clear, as the concerned Florida parents indicated, is the transmission risk when school children are taking off and putting on their face masks multiple times per school day to eat and drink. With the accumulation of harmful bacteria, the chances of falling sick would theoretically increase.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest guidance recommended that students continue wearing face masks through the 2020-21 school year.

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Horowitz: Florida appeals court rules mask mandate is unconstitutional

In April, I wrote a column outlining the constitutional violations of mask mandates and asking why the courts have failed to abide by the line of Supreme Court cases protecting the right to bodily integrity. Well, on Friday a Florida appeals court did exactly that, perhaps in more emphatic language than a Kentucky judge last week.

Although Florida has been largely free of state-based COVID restrictions and never had a mask mandate, several counties, such as Alachua, zealously instituted unconstitutional regulations until fairly recently. In a landmark ruling on Friday, Florida’s First District Court of Appeals ruled that a lower court had erred in tossing out the lawsuit against Alachua County’s mask mandate because it should be held as presumptively unconstitutional.

“Based on what the supreme court has told us about the scope of article I, section 23, Green (and anyone else in Alachua County) reasonably could expect autonomy over his body, including his face, which means that he was correct to claim an entitlement to be let alone and free from intrusion by Alachua County’s commission chairman,” Judge Adam Scott Tanenbaum, an appointee of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), wrote. “The mask mandate, then, implicated the right of privacy. According to Gainesville Woman Care, the mask mandate was presumptively unconstitutional as a result.”

This language is very significant because it’s the first time a judge is using the principle of bodily autonomy to affirm a constitutional right not to have one’s breathing restricted. The lawsuit was originally brought last May by Justin Green, a Gainesville business owner, but he was denied an injunction against the mandate by Eighth Judicial Circuit Judge Donna Keim.

There are several very striking elements about this ruling, which will reverberate throughout the country even as the mask mandates officially expire. Defendants had argued that the mandate is now moot given the orders of the governor requiring all counties to end their mandates. However, the judge noted in a footnote, “Because of the nature of the various emergency orders that we have seen and the county’s continued commitment to public mask wearing, we are not convinced that this is the last that we will see of this issue.”

In other words, you can’t have a gross violation of the most fundamental rights hanging over our heads at any time and somehow suggest that we have no recourse to eliminate it. “We conclude, then, that this case fits within the exception to the mootness doctrine, which is for controversies that are capable of repetition, yet evading review,” presciently observed Judge Tanenbaum.

The judge also recognized that the pretext for these “fiats” and “diktats” is rooted in abuse of emergency powers, which can be repeated at any moment:

It would behoove the trial court also to consider that while article I, section 23 “was not intended to provide an absolute guarantee against all governmental intrusion into the private life of an individual,” Fla. Bd. of Bar Exam’rs re Applicant, 443 So. 2d 71, 74 (Fla. 1983), “even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten.” Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo, 141 S. Ct. 63, 68 (2020). And there is this warning from William Pitt the Younger, roughly paraphrasing a similar sentiment in John Milton’s Paradise Lost: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.”

Drawing on precedent from the state’s supreme court, the judge ruled that bodily autonomy is a fundamental right. What this means is that the starting point for any mask mandate must begin with the government proving that masks absolutely work and are necessary to achieve a vital state interest. “The supreme court in Gainesville Woman Care told us multiple times what this special approach means for the evidentiary burden at a temporary injunction hearing: A plaintiff does not bear a threshold evidentiary burden to establish that a law intrudes on his privacy right, and have it subjected to strict scrutiny, ‘if it is evident on the face of the law that it implicates this right.'”

Also notable in this opinion is how the judge believes that the harm to plaintiffs is not just the threat of fines or denial of service.

Another consequence was being subjected to whispering informants, impelled by county-designed publicity like the following proposed signage encouraging citizens to inform on their disobedient neighbors.

The judge warned, “The threat of government-sponsored shaming was not an idle one. The chairman who issued the original mask mandate stated publicly that ‘masks are the only outwardly visible signal that you are contributing to the solution.'”

In other words, this line of reasoning will give plaintiffs throughout the country a continued cause of action to fight both the mask mandate and the vaccine mandate. Both of them violate bodily autonomy and use public shaming to coerce people to violate their autonomy. According to this ruling, any edict requiring masking for those not vaccinated would also violate the Constitution.

The next step for those seeking judicial relief would be a victory in federal court. It happens that the only lawsuit against the CDC mask mandate on public transportation, including airplanes, is in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Lucas Wall, a plaintiff from D.C., is suing the TSA, the CDC, and other federal agencies in federal court because he was prevented from traveling without a mask and is now stuck in Florida. The well-written and researched complaint accuses the government of violating fundamental rights, usurping legislative power, and providing no data that any of the policies are effective.

It’s also possible that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ lawsuit (also brought in the Middle District of Florida) against the CDC’s mandates on cruise liners could result in the collapse of the entire federal mandate, including on airplanes. During oral arguments last Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Steven Merryday observed that the CDC’s own study showed that masks were “barely statistically significant” in stopping the spread of COVID-19. “Where does this mask efficacy theory come from?” Merryday said. “We’ve had masking and social distancing for a long time and we had a pandemic in the middle of it.”

Throughout the hearing, the judge seemed to oppose the entire premise that non-pharmaceutical interventions work against the virus, possibly opening the door for a very broad ruling against mask mandates, a ruling he promised “soon.”

At this pace, perhaps it’s a good thing for some of the mandates to remain in place just long enough to get standing to sue against them. For if we fail to destroy this ill-gotten government power while it’s unpopular, it will surely rear its ugly head next flu season.

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DeSantis knocks Biden’s messaging at G7: ‘His performance probably played well with European elites, not sure there was much in it for Middle America’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis knocked President Joe Biden’s messaging at the G7 summit, noting that America’s enemies are “sizing up” the passive president at the international conference.

During an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” DeSantis said Biden’s low energy approach is “quite a contrast” from former President Donald Trump.

“I think that President Biden is someone that’s much more passive on the world stage, not nearly as assertive as somebody like Donald Trump was,” the Republican governor told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “I think his energy level is obviously much lower. And so I think that’s just something that people are sizing up. I think that our adversaries are watching that.”

“I didn’t hear very much in the way of holding China accountable for their role in covering up the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he continued. “I think that’s absolutely essential that China be held accountable for their role in that, as well as any bureaucrats in the United States who may have been covering it up.”

DeSantis also questioned Biden’s loyalty toward Middle America while he was hobnobbing with European elites and making commitments to decrease the energy production in the United States.

“They were talking economically a lot about other countries, [Biden] was talking about reducing energy production worldwide, and I couldn’t help but think, here in the United States, he’s leaving a lot of people behind,” DeSantis said.

“Look at all the workers he left behind by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline,” DeSantis noted. “Those were thousands and thousands of very good jobs.”

“And then also think about family budgets, with the sharp increase in gas prices, and then the overall budding inflation that we are seeing that’s being fueled by his big-spending policies,” DeSantis said of deteriorating economic factors since Biden took office. “So, I think that his performance probably played well with European elites. Not sure that there was much in it for Middle America.”

The national average gallon of regular gas in the U.S. is $3.078, versus $2.100 in 2020, according to AAA. Gas prices for Memorial Day weekend were the highest since 2014.

Consumer prices rose 5% year over year in May, the fastest pace since August 2008, CNBC reported.

DeSantis touted his home state of Florida for attracting wealthy individuals and corporations from other states.

“I mean, before COVID, we had seen by far the highest amount of wealth move into Florida compared to any other state,” he explained. “But I think that’s accelerated since COVID. I think you’re seeing a lot of people move here. Obviously, we have a very favorable tax climate. Florida is the lowest per capita tax burden, individual tax burden, in the country. And we are very proud of that. That has led, obviously, to more businesses moving here.”

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Gov. Ron DeSantis says he would sign ban on minors getting trans surgeries

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis proclaimed that he would be willing to sign legislation banning minors from getting trans surgeries.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, DeSantis was asked if he supports a ban on youths getting gender reassignment surgery.

“I’m very much opposed to chemical castration of minors, I honestly didn’t know this existed until a few years ago,” the Republican governor of Florida responded. “That would be something I would sign for sure.”

In February, Florida lawmakers introduced the Youth Gender and Sexual Identity Act, which proposed criminal penalties for health care practitioners who provide gender reassignment surgical procedures and medical treatments to children. The House bill died in a Professions & Public Health Subcommittee on April 30.

On June 1, DeSantis signed SB 1028 into law, creating the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” which bans transgender women and girls from competing in women’s sports in an effort to preserve “fair opportunities for female athletes to demonstrate their strength, skills, and abilities in athletic competition.”

“The bill that we’re doing today will ensure fairness for women athletes for years to come in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said at the time of signing the bill into law. “It says that athletic teams or sports that are designated for females are open to females. And we’re going to go based off biology.”

“It’s discrimination against our women athletes to force them to participate against male athletes,” DeSantis said. “It needs to be a level playing field, and it needs to be fair, and it should all be based on biology, not based on ideology.”

“Well, look, it’s discrimination against our women athletes to force them to participate against male athletes,” he said this week. “Selina (Soule) from Connecticut came in; she missed New England regionals for track by two places, and both of the people who beat her were biological males. And so if she had had a level playing field, she would have not only advanced to regionals, she would have won that track meet.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal discrimination complaint with the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights in 2019 on behalf of three female high school athletes, including Soule, who lost sports competitions to biological males.

DeSantis signed the bill despite threats from “woke” organizations such as the NCAA.

“I remember the NCAA put out a statement saying any state that enacts this, we’re not going to hold events there,” DeSantis recalled. “So I called the speaker of the House in Florida and I said, ‘Did you hear what they said?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘We definitely got to get this done.’ You can’t be cowed by these organizations, or particularly by woke corporations, from doing the right thing.”

“We have to protect our girls. It is discriminatory to force them to compete against biological males,” he continued. “If the price of having a tournament is that I have to deny equal opportunity to hundreds of thousands of young girl and women athletes throughout Florida, I am much more willing to stand with the girls. And to hell with these events.”

“If corporations want to come in and try to bully us around, they are going to go nowhere. It’s going to be like hitting their head against a brick wall,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis also blasted fellow Republican governors who are reluctant to sign similar legislation.

“I think it’s just corporate pressure; I think the corporations have gotten very woke; they tend to genuflect before whatever the most recent left-wing cause is,” DeSantis told the Daily Caller on Tuesday. “They just don’t like getting the blowback; they don’t want to be the subject of a social media mob or things like that.”

“And so I think that they have taken that posture, but you can’t let them — like some woke corporation, you’re going to turn over the reins of government to them and let them set the policy? That ain’t happening in Florida, and so we’re not gonna be deterred by that,” DeSantis declared.

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Florida Democratic Rep. Val Demings announces bid to unseat Sen. Marco Rubio

Florida Democratic Rep. Val Demings announced Wednesday that she is running to challenge Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for his seat in the upper chamber.

What are the details?

“When you grow up in the South poor, Black and female, you have to have faith in progress and opportunity,” Demings says in a video announcing her 2022 run. “My father was a janitor and my mother was a maid,” she continued, adding that her mother told her, “Val, never grow tired of doing good. Never tire.”

NBC News reported that Demings went on to give her background in law enforcement. The Democrat served in the Orlando Police Department and eventually rose to become the department’s first female chief.

“I’m running for the United States Senate, because of the two simple words, ‘never tired,'” Demings, a three-term House member said in the ad. “Over the next few weeks, I hope to share more of my story with more of you. It’s a simple question: Can my unlikely story of opportunity expand to more Americans and more Floridians?”

Never Tire | Val Demings for U.S. Senate

Following Demings’ announcement, Rubio released a video of his own in reaction to her challenge.

“Look, I’ve always known that my opponent for the Senate was going to be a far-left liberal Democrat,” the two-term Republican senator said in the clip. “Today we just found out which one of them [Senate Majority Leader] Chuck Shumer’s (D-N.Y.) picked.”

“Congresswoman Val Demings is a do-nothing House member with not a single significant legislative achievement in her time in Congress,” Rubio went on to say.

Anything else?

ABC News noted that Demings’ announcement comes after months of speculation that she would run for Senate, and she is the first Democrat “with national name recognition” to throw her hat in the ring.

NBC News added that Demings “received national attention last year when she served as an impeachment manager in the first Senate trial of President Donald Trump over his efforts to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations into Joe Biden and his son Hunter.”

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Ron DeSantis tells NCAA, ‘woke corporations’ where they can shove their threats over transgender sports law

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) revealed Tuesday exactly where the NCAA and “woke corporations” can shove their money and events if they don’t like Florida’s effort to protect girl’s sports from transgender athletes.

What is the background?

On Tuesday, DeSantis signed into law the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” which prohibits biological males who identify as transgender females from competing on female sports teams, both in high school and at the collegiate level.

The purpose of the law, according to DeSantis, is to protect the integrity of women’s sports.

“The bill that we’re doing today will ensure fairness for women athletes for years to come in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “It says that athletic teams or sports that are designated for females are open to females. And we’re going to go based off biology.”

How did DeSantis respond to corporate pressure?

Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, DeSantis said he called the bluff of organizations like the NCAA.

The NCAA, the sanctioning body for most collegiate athletics, threatened to withdraw events from states that pass laws preventing biological males who identify as transgender females from competing in women’s organized sports.

Recalling his response to the NCAA’s threats, DeSantis made it clear the pressure would not work. “To hell with these events,” DeSantis said.

“I remember the NCAA put out a statement saying any state that enacts this, we’re not going to hold events there. So I called the speaker of the House in Florida and I said, ‘Did you hear what they said?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘We definitely got to get this done.’ You can’t be cowed by these organizations, or particularly by woke corporations, from doing the right thing,” DeSantis explained.

The Republican governor said protecting women’s athletics is worth the cost of losing NCAA events.

“We have to protect our girls. It is discriminatory to force them to compete against biological males,” DeSantis said. “If the price of having a tournament is that I have to deny equal opportunity to hundreds of thousands of young girl and women athletes throughout Florida, I am much more willing to stand with the girls. And to hell with these events.”

“If corporations want to come in and try to bully us around, they are going to go nowhere. It’s going to be like hitting their head against a brick wall,” he added.

What has the NCAA said?

The NCAA has not yet responded to Florida’s new law or DeSantis’ remarks.

However, as the New York Times noted, the NCAA’s statement in April failed to explicitly pledge to pull events from states that enact laws not favorable to LGBT activists, suggesting the NCAA’s woke appeasement is all bark and no bite.

In fact, the NCAA’s failure to act has enraged LGBT advocacy groups, like the Human Rights Campaign.

HRC president Alphonso David said recently:

The NCAA should be ashamed of themselves for violating their own policy by choosing to hold championships in states that are not healthy, safe, or free from discrimination for their athletes. It also undermines their commitment to transgender participation in NCAA events, for which they have had an inclusive policy for years. While we have remained hopeful about the NCAA stepping up to the plate and taking action like they have done in the past, they are willfully ignoring that commitment this time, despite repeated attempts by the Human Rights Campaign and others to communicate the harsh and harmful negative impacts of this legislation, which is not just pending but enacted into law in seven states, with South Dakota also creating two Executive Orders to similar discriminatory affect. Their words will not stop discrimination, only actions to deliver real consequences to states that dare to discriminate. The NCAA must face scrutiny and public pressure to do the right thing.

Indeed, the NCAA even recently selected the University of Florida, located in Gainesville, as host of a regional tournament for NCAA baseball.

Covid-19 vaccines Discrimination against unvaccinated Florida Intelwars Punk rock concert Ron DeSantis

Unvaccinated ticket buyers charged $1,000 to enter Florida punk rock show; vaccinated fans to pay only $18 — and Gov. DeSantis’ office says it ‘unfairly discriminates’

A Florida concert promotor insists he’s not preventing unvaccinated fans from entering an upcoming punk rock show.

Those without the COVID-19 jab absolutely can enter VFW Post 39 in St. Petersburg to catch headliners Teenage Bottlerocket on June 26. All they have to do is pay $999.99.

As for fans who have been vaccinated, their tickets are $18.

“I’m not denying entry to anyone,” promotor Paul Williams told the Washington Post. “I’m just offering a discount.”

What are the details?

Of course, Williams’ ticket prices fly in the face of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ recent executive order saying businesses aren’t allowed to make patrons prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

DeSantis also signed into law a bill threatening violators with fines in the thousands of dollars, the Post reported.

In reaction to Williams’ $1,000 per ticket for unvaccinated concertgoers, the governor’s office told the paper it’s discriminatory.

“Charging higher ticket prices for individuals who do not furnish proof of vaccination unfairly discriminates against people who have enumerated rights under Florida law,” Christina Pushaw, press secretary for the DeSantis’ office, told the Post in an email.

Angry responses

Williams told the paper his tactic seemed safe, as the new law doesn’t go into effect until after the show — but that didn’t stop angry responses to the $1,000 ticket price.

The Post said Williams received anti-vaccination Facebook messages and spam calls, and the paper made special mention of a “misspelled email that warned the band their next show could be their ‘last’ and said: ‘You’re fans are going to kill you.'”

“I didn’t know that caring about my community would make me Hitler,” Williams told the paper, adding that he’s notified law enforcement about the threatening email — and that he’s not bending under what’s become nationwide attention: “We’re still sticking to our guns.”

Williams even admitted to ABC News that he wanted the concert “to be a vaccine drive to get the fence-sitters off the fence. I wanted to get the kids that want to go to shows to go out and get their shots.”

More from the Post:

A few of the “discount” tickets were left as of Saturday afternoon, he said; headliner Teenage Bottlerocket’s website listed the St. Petersburg show as having sold out. None of the “standard” price tickets had sold.

Williams said attendees must present photo ID and a coronavirus vaccination card the day of the concert to enter at the lower price, which was reported by Creative Loafing: Tampa Bay.

Punk rock fan Brittney Wigen wants to go to the show, but she told WFTS-TV she’s had COVID too recently to be able to get vaccinated in time.

Teenage Bottlerocket singer-guitarist Ray Carlisle told the station there’s another option for Wigen: “Perhaps put together a Go-Fund-Me and all the other weirdo anti-vaxxers can help support you going to Teenage Bottlerocket for a thousand dollars. That’s always an option.”

Miguel Chen, bassist for Teenage Bottlerocket, told the Post that the band initially didn’t believe Williams actually was charging $1,000 for unvaccinated fans: “When we first heard it, we thought it was a joke.”

But Chen noted to the paper that his group soon agreed that if Williams thought this was “the best way to safely throw a party in his town, then we back him and we support it.” Still, though, he told the paper, “I never in my life thought I’d be in a place where I’m getting threatened for trying to play music and spread joy.”

Legal concerns

Legal experts told the Post that the ticket price disparity could be problematic.

Andrew Zelmanowitz, a Fort Lauderdale business lawyer, noted to the paper that the large price hike for unvaccinated ticket buyers “violates the spirit” of Florida’s ban on requiring proof of immunization.

Eric Feldman — a University of Pennsylvania law school prof with expertise in health policy — told the Post that the $1,000 ticket price is “basically saying unless you show us proof of vaccine status, we’re going to treat you really badly.”

Here’s Teenage Bottlerocket playing a 2019 show. Content warning: Language:

Teenage Bottlerocket – Skate or Die 6-29-19

Florida Florida shooting Hialeah shooting Intelwars mass shooting Miami shooting Shooting

Two dead, up to 25 wounded in shooting at concert in South Florida

Two people were killed and up to 25 people were injured in a shooting in South Florida. The incident happened at a concert in northwest Miami-Dade County.

A white Nissan Pathfinder drove up to the El Mula Banquet Hall in the Country Club Shopping Center in Hialeah between 12 a.m. and 1 a.m., according to Miami-Dade police director Alfredo Ramirez III. Three assailants reportedly got out of the SUV and indiscriminately opened fire with rifles and handguns at the crowd outside the banquet hall, which had been rented out for a concert.

Two people were shot dead at the scene, and between 20-25 people were wounded. The gunshot victims were transported to local hospitals, and one person is in critical condition.

Alex Lanires, who works in the shopping center, said the crowd there is “rowdy” and there have been fights “every other weekend.”

“I guess it was a matter of time before something really bad happened, and I guess today was that time,” Lanires told WPLG-TV reporter Parker Branton.

Authorities believe the shooting was targeted.

“I am at the scene of another targeted and cowardly act of gun violence, where over 20 victims were shot and 2 have sadly died,” Ramirez tweeted on Sunday. “These are cold blooded murderers that shot indiscriminately into a crowd and we will seek justice. My deepest condolences to the family of the victims.”

No arrests were immediately announced.

The police are asking for the public’s help in bringing the shooters to justice. Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

“It is very difficult to stop a small amount of individuals who want to go out there and commit murder, and it takes all of us to stop this,” Ramirez told the Miami Herald. “We really have to put the work in this summer to keep our children and community safe.”

2 Dead, Over 20 Injured In NW Miami-Dade Mass Shooting

82-year-old woman victim Daniel horowitz Florida Ice deportation Intelwars Rape suspect

Horowitz: Illegal alien with at least three prior arrests accused of raping 82-year-old Florida woman

It was the ultimate failure of our government to keep its most vulnerable citizens safe. An 82-year-old woman woke up at 3 a.m. on May 12 in her Martin County, Florida, home by a man who tied her up and raped her for 45 minutes. It turns out that individual came to this country illegally in 2016. Yet, despite at least three other arrests, he was never deported. In other words, this alleged attack was 100% preventable. These stories happen every day. THIS is the broken aspect of our immigration system that is never discussed.

Marvin Ailon-Mendoza, 20, appeared in court last Wednesday with an interpreter when he had his bail set at $520,000 for charges of sexual battery by great force, burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery while masked, and false imprisonment while masked.

According to Martin County Sherriff William Snyder, Mendoza is an illegal alien who came here as an “unaccompanied minor” in 2016 along with many other volatile Guatemalan teens. He had been arrested for several offenses while he was a minor, and then as an adult, was arrested for grand theft and battery. He was arrested again in 2019 for exposing himself at a park in front of children. He wound up serving 100 days in jail, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) never picked him up to ensure he’d be removed from the country.

The sheriff’s office told me that the battery charge was for an arrest stemming from domestic violence incident when he allegedly choked a woman until she was nearly unconscious. There was also a probation violation as well. I was also told that the 82-year-old woman suffered significant physical trauma during the sexual assault.

The million-dollar question is how can an illegal alien with such a criminal record not be deported? We face a criminal justice crisis in this country with domestic criminals who constantly reoffend and revolve in and out of jail. But foreign nationals can and should easily be deported upon the first sign of trouble. Sheriff Snyder contends that his county always reports illegal aliens to federal immigration officials and it was the feds who dropped the ball. According to the sheriff, his office has documentation from the jail records system that shows ICE was notified when Mendoza was arrested.

The facts of the case are still unclear, but even under the Trump administration, the feds were extremely lenient on minors who committed offenses, so it’s unfortunately not surprising that he would have remained in the country after he racked up charges as a juvenile. What is shocking, however, is how he was released onto the streets after serving 100 days for indecent exposure. Even if he somehow finagled legal status in the ensuing years since he came, those charges would have been grounds for an ICE hold.

In recent days, ICE announced the complete suspension of deportations for criminals below a pretty significant threshold. Overall, interior removals are down about 85%, dipping below 3,000 a month, down from about 22,000 a month in FY 2019. It’s truly shocking to imagine the number of violent criminals from other countries who are remaining in this country to senselessly victimize Americans.

For example, just among the relatively small number of illegal alien criminals ICE arrested in FY 2019, they had a cumulative tally of:

  • More than 1,900 convictions and charges for homicide;
  • More than 1,800 convictions and charges for kidnapping;
  • More than 12,000 sex offenses, with more than 5,000 convictions and charges for sexual assault;
  • More than 45,000 convictions and charges for assault;
  • More than 67,000 convictions and charges for crimes involving drugs;
  • More than 10,000 convictions and charges for weapons offenses; and
  • More than 74,000 convictions and charges for Driving Under the Influence.

Remember, ICE has only 5,000 deportation officers (one-fourth of the size of the NYPD) for the millions of criminals aliens, so they often miss a lot of detainers, as was observed with Mendoza. Now, imagine an 85% decline in detainers and you can count the thousands upon thousands of people who will needlessly be victimized by other country’s criminals remaining in America.

Just how badly do some government officials not want the public to know about the extent of the criminal alien crisis? When I asked some specific questions about Mendoza’s immigration history, the sheriff’s office told me that “immigration representatives told our records section that we are prohibited from releasing his immigration status.” While the office is “researching the legality of that directive,” it appears that this order is extremely novel. I have written about criminal alien cases for years, and throughout the Trump administration, DHS officials would give me information on immigration status except if the individual was a refugee or currently under 18 years old. The notion that even local law enforcement couldn’t give out information on an adult illegal alien is unfounded in statute, according to former senior DHS officials I spoke to.

It’s also peculiar that at a time when government is forcing people to disclose their medical conditions and whether they had a vaccine in order to breathe without a mask, they seem concerned about the privacy of illegal alien sex offenders. Throughout the past year we have heard that state governments have “the police power” to essentially nullify bodily integrity under the guise of protecting public health. Yet, somehow states lack the authority to take action against other countries’ violent criminals under the guise of public safety.

“The federal government, and all government for that matter, have a singularly paramount obligation, and that is to protect their constituents,” lamented Sheriff Snyder. “This case is a tragic illustration of how our government is failing in its number one priority.”

Anti-semitic attack Anti-Semitism Antisemitism Florida Intelwars ISRAEL Miami Palestinians South Florida

Man with a gun reportedly chases off anti-Semitic group terrorizing Jewish family: ‘Die Jew!’

Florida police are investigating an alleged hate-fueled incident where a group of young men terrorized a Jewish family, who were visiting from Teaneck, New Jersey. The men shouted anti-Semitic threats at the family, but stopped the intimidating harassment when a man with a gun intervened, according to several reports.

Eric Orgen and his family were visiting Bal Harbour, located a few miles north of Miami Beach. Orgen, his wife Karen, his 16-year-old daughter, and Mark Schwartz, the deputy mayor of Teaneck, had just left a synagogue in the area and were walking on the sidewalk of Collins Avenue.

Four men said to be in their 20s in a white SUV allegedly drove up to the family and began screaming anti-Semitic remarks, “F*** you, Jew” and “Die Jew.” They also said they were going to rape his wife and daughter, according to a Facebook post written by Orgen. The group reportedly threw garbage and a water bottle at the family while yelling, “Free Palestine!”

“They just started screaming some derogatory things towards Jewish people out the window,” Orgen told WPEC-TV. “My first thought was just making sure my wife and daughter were behind me so I could take the brunt of anything that was going to happen.”

A driver of an Audi was right behind the SUV and allegedly witnessed the hateful harassment. The motorist, who was armed, got out of his car and “pulled his gun to protect us and chased them as they drove away,” Orgen claimed. “So thankful that a total stranger stepped up to protect us!”

Orgen reported the incident to local law enforcement, which is investigating the alleged incident.

“It’s a scary world we live in but the world is big enough for everyone to live peacefully. We all bleed red,” Orgen told WSVN-TV, adding that he believed the incident was a hate crime.

Bal Harbour Mayor Gabriel Groisman issued a statement on the reported incident.

“Bal Harbour Police Department is actively investigating the incident, and I am confident that they will track down the perpetrators,” Groisman wrote on Facebook. “We have ZERO TOLERANCE for criminal conduct in our municipality, and we will do everything in our power to keep all residents and visitors in Bal Harbour safe.”

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava issued a statement regarding recent anti-Semitic incidents in South Florida that began following the commencement of the most recent Israel-Gaza conflict.

Acts of hate and violence against any community are not tolerated in Miami-Dade County,” Cava said. “Hate and intolerance contradict the foundations of our community – a place where so many generations of people found a safe home after fleeing their own countries to build a new life with their families.”

“As a member of the Jewish community and the first Jewish Mayor of Miami-Dade, acts of antisemitism in our County cut especially close to home,” she continued. “They also deepen my commitment to ensure Miami-Dade remains a place where all people are welcomed, respected, and made to feel at home, regardless of where they come from or their faith.”

On May 14, Miami police arrested Joseph Bounds, who was driving a van that was covered in anti-Semitic slurs and swastikas disrupting a pro-Israel rally in Boca Raton. The vehicle flew Palestinian flags, and had hateful remarks such as “Jews killed Jesus,” “Jews are not white,” “vax the Jews,” and “Hitler was right.” There were at least six men raising their arms in the Nazi salute, according to the Miami Herald.

Miami police arrested Bounds, who is from Denver, for refusing to obey police orders during a traffic stop.

Covid restrictions Florida Intelwars Ron DeSantis

Gov. DeSantis announces he will pardon anyone charged for defying mask and social distancing mandates

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) delivered some welcome news to a Florida couple facing jail time for violating the county’s COVID mandates, telling them on Fox News Wednesday night that he would be pardoning them — and any other Floridian charged for defying COVID rules like masking and social distancing.

What’s that now?

DeSantis lifted most of his state’s COVID restrictions back in September. Included in that move was permission for all gyms to reopen at full capacity and a proscription on new restrictions from local governments that would close businesses.

But Broward County decided to implement its own COVID restrictions on mask-wearing and social distancing for businesses, which was a problem for Mike and Jillian Carnevale, the former owners of Fitness 1440 in Plantation, Florida.

Mike Carnevale was arrested multiple times by Broward officials for violating COVID mask mandates, WFOR-TV reported. One of those incidents occurred in August when he set up his gym equipment in his business’ parking lot and refused to ask members to wear masks, according to WTVJ-TV.

The Carnevales told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham they filed a lawsuit against the county’s mandate that citizens wear masks during strenuous exercise and were arrested 24 hours later. They said they were arrested a total of three times, had their business seized, and now face up to 180 days in prison after they turned down a plea deal for 10 days in jail.

The couple’s attorney, Cory Strolla, told Fox that the problem is that they are dealing with a “political activist judge” who was insisting on jail time for not forcing people to wear masks while exercising.

Gov. DeSantis joined the couple and their attorney on Ingraham’s show to rip what he called the county’s “total overreach” and to share with them that he would be pardoning the couple and anyone else charged with violating COVID restrictions like masks-wearing and social distancing.

“This is exactly what we ordered against last summer,” DeSantis said, explaining that he was “just recently” briefed on the Carnevale case.

“I’m glad you have Mike and Jillian on, and I’m also glad to be on to be able to say that, effective tomorrow morning, I’m going to sign a reprieve under my constitutional authority,” the governor said.

He explained that his move would “delay the case for 60 days against both of them” and said, “When our clemency board meets in the coming weeks, we’ll issue pardons not only for Mike and Jillian but for any Floridian that may have outstanding infractions for things like masks and social distancing.”

“The fact is, it’s not even right to be wearing masks when you’re exercising,” DeSantis added. “The World Health Organization advises against it. It’s not healthy to be doing that in the first place, so it was a bad restriction.”

“These things with health should be advisory, they should not be punitive,” the governor said.

Coronavirus Coronavirus tyranny COVID-19 Covid-19 tyranny Desantis Florida Intelwars Mask mandates Masking children Masks in schools McMaster South Carolina

Horowitz: SC and FL governors lead on unmasking and unshackling our children

We often hear that half the states no longer criminalize human breath and have ditched their mask mandates, but it’s simply not true. The most immoral and scientifically indefensible aspect of the mask mandate is the masking of schoolchildren for seven hours a day. That is continuing in nearly every county of most red states, with few of the governors even attempting to rein in local school boards. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has now provided a blueprint for how to actually enforce the termination of the mask mandate on local school districts.

On Tuesday, Gov. McMaster ordered the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control and the state’s Department of Education to distribute waiver forms to all parents, which will allow them to opt out of any mask mandate in their district’s public school. This will ensure that all children will be allowed in school without their face covered if their parent signs the document.

“We have known for months that our schools are some of the safest places when it comes to COVID-19,” McMaster said in a press release. “With every adult in our state having the opportunity to receive a vaccine, it goes against all logic to continue to force our children – especially our youngest children – to wear masks against their parents’ wishes. Whether a child wears a mask in school is a decision that should be left only to a student’s parents.”

Here is a copy of the waiver in the Spartanburg school district.

Notice that school districts are asserting that Biden’s executive order still requires masking on buses. There is no reason there should not be a lawsuit in every school district on the grounds that the president not only violated the civil rights of children but also overstepped his authority because these buses do not cross state lines.

McMaster’s Executive Order 2021-23 also declares any local mask mandate based on original emergency orders to be pre-empted and invalid. The order further prohibits any local government entity from requiring proof of vaccination to obtain services.

It has become clear that we will have to pry the mask obsession out of these local governments with as much force as we can apply. We cannot rely on simply terminating mandates in word only, but must repeal them with as much force as they were implemented. Requiring school districts to mail out consent forms is a good first step, which will also create a clear legal cause of action against those districts that violate the policy.

To the south in Florida, Gov. DeSantis has already superseded local mandates and signed a bill banning requirement of vaccines in schools. The Florida Department of Education already announced guidelines to end the school mask mandates for the next academic year. Also this week, Florida State University announced that masks will no longer be required on campus.

On Tuesday, DeSantis called on schools to return to complete normalcy. “These kids do not need to be wearing masks, OK? I’m sorry, they don’t,” DeSantis said Tuesday at a Jacksonville high school. “We need to be able to let them be kids and let them act normally, and that’s what should be the case in the fall (and) throughout the school year.”

Either way, the governors will have to use their control over the state departments of education and health to hold localities accountable and make sure the mask craze actually comes to an end. The mask has become to the left what guns are to the right. Just as Charlton Heston said, you will have to pry the gun “from my cold, dead hands,” so too we will have to pry the masks from the warm, moist, bacteria-filled faces of the COVID cultists. That will require an indefatigable grassroots pressure campaign that must include lawsuits, naming and shaming county and state bureaucrats, and a sustained focus on local elections.

2nd Amendment Domestic dispute fatal shooting Florida home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense Threat watch

‘You wanna f***in’ play? Let’s play!’: Intruder kicks in door, allegedly threatens his kids’ mother. But woman in home has a gun — and ends threat for good.

A terrifying home surveillance video shows an incensed man walking up to the front door of a home a few miles north of Pensacola, Florida, last week and beginning to kick in the front door.

“F***in’ play, bitch? You wanna f***in’ play? You wanna f***in’ play? Let’s play! F***in’ bitch!” the man yells into the home before turning his back to the front door and bashing it with the bottom of his boot.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via @NorthEscambia

After the 10th kick, he enters the residence and was heard screaming, “Let’s f***in’ play! Let’s f***in’ play! You wanna f***in’ play with my kids?”

What happened next?

The surveillance clip of the May 5 incident ended at that point, but the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office told that once inside, the suspect armed himself with a knife and hollered that he was there to harm his children’s mother.

The sheriff’s office said the man searched room to room and threatened the occupants who had taken refuge in a bedroom in the back of the house, the outlet said.

The ESCO told NorthEscambia that the man confronted a female in the rear bedroom, who feared for her life, so she shot the intruder twice.

Deputies arrived at the scene just after 5 p.m. Tuesday to investigate a call about a disturbance that included a shooting, the outlet said.

Deputies found a 54-year old man dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head, NorthEscambia reported.

At the time of the incident, the outlet said the suspect had an active domestic violence injunction filed on him, adding that investigators said he was reportedly on his way to anger management when it all went down.

Now what?

The sheriff’s department said charges will not be filed against the individual who shot and killed the intruder, NorthEscambia noted.

“Florida State statute allows people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from harm,” Sheriff Chip Simmons said, according to the outlet. “You can see from the video; his demeanor and intent were clear. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office will defend a person’s right to reasonably protect themselves against harm, even with the use of deadly force. We do not intend to bring charges against the occupant of the home.”

No names have been released in relation to the incident, NorthEscambia added.

Here’s the clip. Content warning: Language:

administration blaming hoarders Critical Thinking diesel discernment Feds Florida fuel gasoline government is slavery Headline News Intelwars Joe Biden liars North Carolina owning people ruling class shortage SLAVERY States states of emergency supply crunch Virginia wake up

Ruling Class Says There’s No “Shortage” Of Fuel, Then Blames The Shortage On “Hoarders”

This is getting more and more difficult to believe by the day. The ruling class has come out and said there is no gasoline or diesel shortage in the aftermath of the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.  They also said the shortage they claim doesn’t exist is the fault of “hoarders.”

Because of things like this, we constantly urge everyone who reads this site to use critical thinking and discernment.  The Biden administration denied there was a “shortage” and blamed “hoarders” for the “supply crunch.” Apparently, “shortage” and “supply crunch” do not mean the same thing to Sleepy Joe’s people and the other tyrants running around.

Virginia and Florida declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, following North Carolina’s declaration the day before, as the disruption in pipeline operations led to over 1,000 gas stations across a dozen states running out of fuel, according to S&P’s Oil Price Information Service, according to a report by RT.

Every day Americans are sharing images of gas stations out of fuel online. But the mainstream media is acting like the rulers claiming there is not a shortage of fuel.  The New York Times claimed that since the pipeline’s shutdown due to a ransomware attack, there have been no long lines or major price hikes for gas.”

So they are obviously lying to us and telling us to ignore what our own eyes are showing. We live in the strangest of times, folks, and it could get even more interesting as the rulers continue to open their mouths and attempt to continue to brainwash the public into servitude.

Ruling class puppet known as the Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm insisted the East Coast was not facing a “gasoline shortage” but rather a “supply crunch.”  The ruling classes’ talking head went on to say: “We know that we have gasoline; we just have to get it to the right places,” Granholm told reporters at the White House on Tuesday. She said there was “no cause for hoarding gasoline” and compared it to “hoarding toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic.”

This is the very reason we ask that all people use discernment and critical thinking. It’s time to start figuring out what these psychopaths are doing and the reasons these agenda items just happen to tick off all the boxes of enslavement.

The post Ruling Class Says There’s No “Shortage” Of Fuel, Then Blames The Shortage On “Hoarders” first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

Conservative talk radio fairness doctrine FCC federal communications commission Florida Intelwars Marco Rubio Miami

Florida Republicans urge FCC to reject Democrats’ attempts to silence Hispanic conservatives

Florida’s two United States senators and the U.S. House congressman representing much of Miami-Dade County are urging the Federal Communications Commission to resist pressure from Democrats to block the sale of a local Spanish-language radio station to a conservative ownership group.

Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rick Scott (R-Fla.) along with Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart (R-Fla.) on Wednesday published a letter to FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel urging the FCC to reject “politicization” of the agency by Democrats.

“We write to express our profound concern that highly partisan political operatives, many with no ties to South Florida, are attempting to pressure the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reject the pending application of WSUA Broadcasting Corporation to assign the license of WSUA (AM) (known as Radio Caracol 1260) and FM translator W232DX (which rebroadcasts WSUA) to ATV Holdings, Inc,” the lawmakers wrote.

“The opponents of the proposed sale have expressed concerns about the potential content of WSUA’s programming, claiming it would be overly conservative.”

Last month, the Democratic Congressional Hispanic Caucus demanded that the FCC “scrutinize” the sale of popular Miami radio station Caracol 1260 AM to America-CV Network LLC, a broadcasting company that owns the Spanish-language TV station América TeVé in Hialeah, Florida.

Democrats cried foul after America-CV fired the station’s most popular on-air personality, former Hialeah Democratic Mayor Raul Martinez, who hosted a four-hour daily talk show. They are upset that conservative voices will have an opportunity to spread so-called “Spanish-language misinformation” on the airwaves in Miami County, which former President Donald Trump won in 2020 with support from Hispanic voters.

At the time, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr blasted Democrats for attempting to punish conservative points of view by interfering in the sale.

“This attempt by Democrats in Congress to pressure the FCC into blocking the sale of a Spanish-language radio station based on the political viewpoints that it would broadcast to South Florida’s Hispanic community crosses a line drawn by the First Amendment,” Carr said. “The FCC has no business doing the Democrats’ bidding or using our regulatory process to censor political opinions that Democrats do not like. What’s worse, the Democrats appear to be treating the FCC as merely an arm of the DNC—expressly pressuring the agency to take action that they believe will increase their electoral odds in Florida in 2022.”

Rubio, Scott, and Díaz-Balart cited Carr in their letter, joining him in criticizing the Democrats’ demands.

“We are concerned by these attempts to impose on the FCC’s independence and politicize its decisions by encouraging content-based censorship,” the lawmakers wrote. “Preventing the assignment of the radio station licenses based on its anticipated programming would set a dangerous precedent, and likely would violate the First Amendment’s protections of free expression and a free, independent media. Instead, as you consider the application, we respectfully request that you reject any politicization of the FCC, and engage the application on its merits alone.”

The Republicans went on to mock Democrats for complaining about one right-leaning radio station given “the overwhelming predominance of left-leaning bias in print, cable, and broadcast media.”

“It is similarly telling that simply because the purchaser is expected to have an anti-Castro, anti-Communist, anti-Socialist viewpoint, it has been deemed ‘too conservative,'” the lawmakers wrote.

“Constituents of our state and districts do not appreciate the brazen attempt by partisans, many from outside the state, to impose their media choices on South Floridians,” the lawmakers said in the letter. “Comments indicating that our constituents will be duped by ‘disinformation’ is insulting and tinged with racism. South Florida has a wide array of media sources, and our constituents are exceedingly capable of determining which of them are worthy of their trust and time.”

Anti-restrictions bill constitutional republic Coronavirus Coronavirus tyranny COVID-19 Covid-19 tyranny executive order Florida Intelwars Ron DeSantis

Horowitz: Florida Gov. DeSantis leads as other Republican governors drag their feet

Why do we only have one governor who is consistently fighting for individual liberty on the issues of our time?

Given that the 100 days of mask-wearing Biden prescribed turned into a joke – with cases rising in states with mandates and falling in those without them – one would think every red state governor would commit to permanently blocking COVID fascism. While many Republican governors have loosened restrictions, most have not committed to ending them permanently and ensuring that nothing like this can happen again. Moreover, few of them are truly fighting the growing trend of colleges and businesses illegally requiring vaccines.

Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill (S.B. 2006) that will dramatically alter how pandemic orders are promulgated in the state going forward. Unlike other governors who fought the legislatures on limiting executive authority, DeSantis embraced the opportunity to promote liberty at the expense of his own power. He also went a step further. To bridge the gap between now and when the bill takes effect on July 1, he signed a companion executive order today that will suspend all remaining COVID-19 orders from local jurisdictions throughout the state. This includes all remaining mask mandates.

Most importantly, stripping localities of the ability to apply emergency orders will likely block school districts from requiring students to wear masks, effectively immediately. Last month, the Department of Education already announced guidelines to end the school mask mandate for the next academic year.

The governor also announced that there will be a complete clemency for any individual or business cited by a locality for violating COVID restrictions last year.

The long-term reforms included in the bill DeSantis signed today include the following:

  • Will continue to allow a governor to declare an emergency up to 60 days at a time, but not longer without affirmative support from the legislature.
  • Allows House and Senate to override any emergency by joint resolution even before 60 days.
  • Allows local subdivisions to create emergency orders for only up to seven days at a time.
  • Any extension of local orders must be approved by the local governing body and can only be done for seven days at a time for a maximum of 42 days. This would prevent health departments from running counties administratively or even local bodies from having mask mandates for a year, as was done in Miami.
  • Allows governor to override any local order if deemed too restrictive to liberties.
  • Assumes all schools and businesses should remain open during an emergency if they
  • can maintain safety protocols, and governor must provide explanation why it is
  • necessary to close them if not.
  • Bans vaccine passports by government, businesses, and schools as a condition of entry
  • or enrollment. The governor already banned them in his executive order on April 2, but this bill would make his order permanent. Under the bill, those officials who require vaccination could face a $5,000 penalty.

Very few states have passed laws this aggressive. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and the Chamber of Commerce watered down a bill blocking businesses and schools from requiring a vaccine in order to obtain service. The final bill was limited just to government actors. However, the bill barring all state and local mask mandates forever in future pandemics did become law. Under Florida’s law, a locality can still impose a mask mandate during a future pandemic for up to seven days unless the governor nullifies it. North Dakota passed a bill denying only state officials the power to impose mask mandates. Otherwise, very few red states have limited the ability of this illogical and inhumane practice to rear its ugly head again next flu season.

Republicans control 23 state governments the way they control Florida. Why are these victories so few and far between?

Coronavirus vaccines COVID-19 Pandemic Covid-19 restrictions Florida Intelwars Ron DeSantis Vaccine passports

Gov. DeSantis announces suspension of all local emergency COVID-19 orders

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday signed a bill that would ban COVID-19 vaccine passports in the state and also announced a new executive order suspending all local pandemic-related emergency orders.

Businesses, schools, and government agencies in the state are now prohibited by law from requiring people to show documentation proving that they’ve had COVID-19 vaccinations or have recovered from the virus before gaining entry to their buildings.

The bill also gives Gov. DeSantis the authority to override local health orders during a health emergency and directs state agencies to develop plans for future pandemics.

In his remarks before signing the bill, DeSantis also announced a new executive order that will terminate all local coronavirus emergency orders in the state on July 1. In the meantime, the governor said he will use his executive authority to suspend local COVID restrictions until his executive order goes into effect.

“I’m going to sign the bill, it’s effective July 1st. I’ll also sign an executive order pursuant to that bill invalidating all remaining local emergency COVID orders effective on July 1st,” DeSantis said at a press conference in St. Petersburg. “But then, to bridge the gap between then and now, I’m going to suspend under my executive power the local emergency orders as it relates to COVID.”

“I think that’s the evidence-based thing to do,” he added. “I think folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point, if you’re saying that, you really are saying you don’t believe in the vaccines, you don’t believe in the data, you don’t believe in the science. We’ve embraced the vaccines, we’ve embraced the science on it.”

The governor’s order will apply only to state and local governments. Private businesses will be free to impose their own health and safety policies, including social distancing or requiring face coverings, as they see fit.

DeSantis criticized local and state governments in other parts of the country for continuing to implement new COVID restrictions even as vaccine distribution continues and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance saying Americans do not need to wear masks outdoors unless they are in a large crowd.

“I read Brookline, Massachusetts, did an outdoor mask mandate, or extended that. Even the CDC says that doesn’t make a difference,” DeSantis said. “Washington D.C. just banned dancing at weddings. So they’re literally going to have law enforcement there policing people’s weddings that say you can’t dance when this is kinda the day you’ve been waiting for?”

“It’s insane.”

Coronavirus Florida Gretchen Whitmer Intelwars Personal trip Travel

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer blasted for ‘hypocrisy’ amid reports she recently took personal trip to Florida

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is facing accusations of hypocrisy amid reports that she recently traveled to Florida to visit her ailing father, despite blaming travel to the Sunshine State for her own state’s raging COVID-19 outbreak.

What are the details?

Michigan Information & Research Service News first reported Monday that Whitmer traveled to Florida, noting that the governor’s father owns a home in the state.

Several local outlets, including WWMT-TV, reported that Whitmer’s office confirmed the news.

In a statement to WEYI-TV, Whitmer spokesperson Tiffany Brown was careful not to name where the governor went, but explained:

The governor did not go on spring break, and she has not left the state in over a month. In the past six months she has left the state three times, once for the inauguration, once to assist her elderly father who is battling a chronic illness, and once to visit with Michigan’s National Guard troops. All trips were very brief, two full days or less, closely followed public health guidelines, and were made when Michigan’s daily positivity rate was in the low single digits. Due to ongoing security concerns, we will not comment further on the governor’s personal schedule. A little more context, her dad was fully vaccinated and the governor is tested regularly and has never tested positive for COVID. The trip was not paid for at taxpayers’ expense.

Whitmer’s office also initially confirmed the Florida trip to the Detroit Free Press, but then backtracked. Reporter Paul Egan tweeted after the initial report, “Correction: Gov’s office, which sent the statement extensively quoted in this article after being specifically asked, in writing, about a trip by the Gov to Florida, now says it will not confirm that Florida is where she visited her father.”

Whitmer has been under fire for her stringent coronavirus restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, and took further heat earlier this month when it was revealed that one of her top aides traveled to Florida for spring break despite the governor’s warnings against doing so.

The Detroit Free Press also noted that “Elizabeth Hertel, the director of the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency that issues Michigan’s coronavirus restrictions, recently traveled with her family to the Gulf Coast of Alabama when her department was cautioning against such travel and while cases in Michigan were surging.”

The Daily Wire pointed out that “on Sunday, Whitmer suggested that Florida was part of the reason that coronavirus cases have exploded in her state, saying, ‘This is the time in the year that snowbirds come home from Florida, where people are going on spring break, and all of these things can contribute to spread.'”

In reaction to the news, Chris Gustafson of the Republican Governor’s Association said in a statement that Whitmer’s “hypocrisy knows no bounds,” Patch reported.

“Gretchen Whitmer’s hypocrisy flies in the face of every Michigander who has persevered through Whitmer’s disgraceful response to COVID-19,” Gustafson said. “While telling Michiganders not to travel, Whitmer flew down to Florida and proved once again that the rules to her or her family don’t apply. It’s time for Gretchen Whitmer to go.”

Black lives matter riots Florida Florida anti riot bill Florida politics Intelwars Law Enforcement Ron DeSantis Sheriff Grady Judd

Florida sheriff tells new residents don’t ‘vote the stupid way you did up north’ as Gov. DeSantis signs anti-rioting law

A Florida sheriff on Monday advised new residents of the state who moved south from liberal states against “voting the stupid way you did up north.”

The remarks were made by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd during a news conference held by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) at the signing ceremony of a new anti-rioting bill passed by the legislature. Judd, who last September grabbed headlines for giving members of the media a visual aid to help them tell the difference between a peaceful protest and a riot, praised the governor and Senate President Wilton Simpson, House Speaker Chris Sprowls, and other lawmakers for prioritizing the safety of Floridians.

“Florida is a unique place and a special place. It’s where we work, where we live, but it’s also where the world comes to play, to bring their children — and their children have a right to be safe,” the sheriff said.

He contrasted DeSantis’ leadership in Florida with the governments of Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis, where Black Lives Matter protests have devolved into violent riots that have set those communities aflame.

“That’s no way to treat the community. That’s no way to treat those that put their entire life into building their business,” Judd said.

“We saw folks’ businesses around this nation who literally worked their entire life and had every penny in their life savings involved. We’re going to proactive and we’re going to make sure people are safe,” he continued, holding up a picture of a peaceful protest next to a picture of a riot, as seen in video reported by WTVT-TV.

“Pay attention, we got a new law and we’re going to use it if you make us. We’re going to protect the people.”

The new law, “Combating Public Disorder,” would criminalize “mob intimidation” — such as the practices of protesters accosting people at restaurants — and would increase penalties for rioting, looting, and related violence. The bill would also create legal protections for fleeing motorists who cause injury or death to rioters while attempting to drive away to safety.

“We saw unprecedented rioting throughout 2020,” DeSantis said during the news conference. “We wanted to make sure we protect the people of our great state, businesses and property against any type of mob activity. We’re here today being prepared to sign that bill into law.”

Rioting erupted in cities across the nation last year when 36-year-old George Floyd died in police custody. The officer, Derek Chauvin, had knelt on Floyd’s neck for at least eight minutes and is now on trial for Floyd’s murder.

DeSantis proposed the anti-rioting law in response to the nationwide wave of violence last year, warning would-be rioters that there will be consequences for violence in Florida.

“If you are involved in a violent or disorderly assembly and you harm somebody, if you throw a brick and hit a police officer, you’re going to jail, and there’s going to be a mandatory minimum jail sentence of at least six months for anyone who strikes a police officer, either with a weapon or projectile. And we’re also not going to simply let people back out on the street,” DeSantis previously said. “So if you are in custody for one of these offenses relating to a violent or disorderly assembly, you’re not getting bail before your first appearance.

“If you are from another state and you come to participate in one of these violent or disorderly assemblies, you’re going to have extra penalties imposed on you as well,” he added.

The new law also penalizes the destruction of “memorials” by creating a felony crime for defacing, damaging, destroying, or pulling down memorials or historic property if the damage is more than $200. Persons convicted of crimes under this law would be responsible for restoration or replacement of the property.

Judd, speaking after DeSantis Monday, used another visual aid to show the media why people come to Florida, holding up a picture of families vacationing at the beach and at Disney World.

“This is what we enjoy in Florida. This is the Florida we know and love. This is what our governor, our speaker, our president — this what all these law enforcement officers, and administrators, and sheriffs and police chiefs and their officers do every day — they guarantee an environment where you can come here and have fun,” Judd said.

He continued:

This is the Florida we know and love. We’re a special place. And there are millions and millions of people who like to come here. And quite frankly, we like to have them here. So, we only want to share one thing as you move in hundreds a day:

Welcome to Florida! But don’t register to vote and vote the stupid way you did up north, you’ll get what they got!

There’s a reason that this place is fun. There’s a reason why we have a 49-year-low crime rate. And the same people that don’t think we should have an anti-rioting bill, or a rioting bill, are the same ones that think we ought to let more people out of prison. And where they’re doing that … crime goes up. But it’s not just crime that goes up, victimization goes up. The people of those states are hurt and killed and their livelihoods change and their children are changed.

Coronavirus tyranny Covid-19 tyranny Florida Florida department of education Intelwars Mask mandates Masks in schools

Horowitz: Florida Department of Education asks schools to make masking optional in the fall

There is a lot of focus on the 23 states that no longer have mask mandates in place, but the reality is that in all of those states, nearly all of the schools are still forcing children to wear masks for seven hours a day. Thus, the most unscientific and inhumane aspect of the mandate is largely intact in all but the most rural counties of red states. A new directive from the DeSantis administration in Florida aims to make the Sunshine State the first state where children can actually live a normal life again.

In a letter titled, “Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year,” Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran told the school districts that it’s time to follow the science.

“Upon reviewing the policies of those districts with mandatory face covering policies, reviewing all districts’ relevant health data, and factoring in such data points as the percentage of students learning in-person and the relative population of a county (which is often synonymous with a county’s community health resources), the data shows us that districts’ face covering policies do not impact the spread of the virus… Broad sweeping mandatory face covering policies serve no remaining good at this point in our schools” (emphasis in original).

Indeed, throughout the epidemic, the counties with the mandates actually had more cases per capita than those without mandates.

An analysis by Rational Ground in December tabulated all of the days that various counties had mandates and compared them to the days without the mandates. They found that when counties did have a mandate in effect, there were 667,239 cases over 3,137 days with an average of 23 cases per 100,000 per day. When counties did not have a countywide order, there were 438,687 cases over 12,139 days with an average of 22 cases per 100,000 per day. This held true even adjusting for differences in population density.

This particular letter is earth-shattering in that it is the first department of education in the country to actually look at the data on mask-wearing rather than take its efficacy as an article of faith. Moreover, Corcoran recognized in the letter that face coverings are a “personal decision” and should be left to each family.

After conveying the fact that there has been zero proof of tangible benefit from mask-wearing, the letter goes on to remind school districts that mask-wearing for children is not a cost-free social experiment.

“Mandatory face covering policies inhibit peer-to-peer learning in our classrooms and they may also unintentionally create a barrier for students and families who would otherwise choose in-person instruction if such a policy were not in place,” wrote Corcoran. “Such policies may also impede instruction in certain cases, especially for students with disabilities and English language learners who benefit from viewing a teacher’s face and mouth.”

Amen! I would also add that breathing freely without re-inhaling one’s own CO2 or wearing a disgusting bacteria trap are also pretty good reasons.

The letter closes by asking all those districts that still have mask mandates to terminate them by next school year.

Once again, Florida leads the way in protecting human rights and our most basic freedoms while following the science.

Covid deaths Covid vaccines COVID-19 Florida Florida covid pandemic Intelwars Positive covid tests

Florida reports COVID deaths in the single digits for first time since September

Hopeful news from Florida: The state health department this week reported only a single-digit daily increase in the number of new reported deaths linked to the coronavirus pandemic, the lowest number in nearly seven months.

Florida’s health department said Monday that seven more residents and two non-residents died because of COVID-19. The Palm Beach Post reported that over the previous two weeks, daily reported COVID deaths in Florida ranged between 22 and 98 people. Since January, weekly reported deaths have slowly declined, and this most recent report is back in the single digits.

Every death is tragic. The last time Florida reported single-digit deaths was Sept. 28, when the state said there were five new deaths that week, before deaths increased in the following months. Hopefully, deaths will continue to decline in Florida and across the nation as state governments work to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to those who need them.

The Florida health department also reported 5,520 new cases of COVID-19, with about 7.76% of virus tests coming back positive daily. Florida has the most cases of the U.K. variant of COVID-19, with 3,510 cases identified. There are also 126 cases of the Brazil variant and 27 cases of the COVID-19 variant from South Africa.

Vaccine distribution in Florida has increased since Gov. Ron DeSantis announced last month that everyone over the age of 18 would be eligible to receive the vaccine on April 5. By Sunday, nearly 1 million more people in Florida received a shot of either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines after they became eligible.

The number of people ages 16 to 24 who received their first shot more than doubled from 78,669 to 163,393. Those aged 35 to 44 were the group that got the most vaccines, with 169,117 shots in arms reported for that age group.

Florida prioritized senior citizens for vaccine distribution, and now almost 3.5 million seniors have received their first vaccine shot. More than 2.72 million seniors are fully vaccinated.

Overall, more than 7.2 million people in Florida have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Nationwide, the New York Times COVID-19 tracker reports there is an average of 70,000 new daily cases reported. There are about 730 coronavirus deaths reported daily, which is the fewest since October. Michigan is the state experiencing the largest spike in COVID-19 cases.

Nearly 3.1 million Americans are receiving a vaccine shot each day. President Joe Biden has set an April 19 deadline for states to make all adult Americans eligible to receive the vaccine, but 43 states were already making vaccines eligible for those ages 18 or older at the time of Biden’s announcement.

Covid rules Florida Governor whitmer Gretchen Whitmer Intelwars Michigan Siesta key Tricia foster

Top Whitmer aide travels to Florida despite Michigan governor issuing spring break travel warning

A top aide of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took a spring break trip to Florida with family. Only days earlier, the Democratic governor of Michigan warned her constituents about travel because of concerns of spreading COVID-19.

Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s chief operating officer, posted photos on Facebook of her family vacationing in Siesta Key, a popular beach tourist destination on the Gulf of Mexico about an hour south of Tampa.

Photos on Foster’s Facebook page obtained by Breitbart show her teenage daughters and friends enjoying a spring break vacation in the resort town that has far fewer coronavirus restrictions than Michigan’s COVID-19 constraints, which many deem to be excessive and draconian. Foster, her daughters, and their friends are seen maskless and are not practicing social distancing in the social media posts.

“The photos no longer appeared on Foster’s timeline Friday afternoon, but the Free Press spoke to a Facebook friend of Foster who saw the beach photos before they were taken down,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

However, Whitmer issued a travel warning to Michiganians on April 2, especially traveling to Florida.

“Whitmer said she is concerned about spring break and people traveling, with many going between Michigan and Florida,” the Detroit Free Press reported. “If people do travel, she said they should work from home and have school from home for a least a week when they return, assess whether they need a COVID-19 test and get vaccinated.”

“Students and families traveling across Michigan, to other states or out of the country risk being exposed to and carrying COVID-19 with them,” a press release from Whitmer’s office stated. “This, in turn, could fuel outbreaks within their households and the communities where they live or visit.”

Whitmer’s office did not deny that Foster and her family traveled to Florida, but dismissed the report as a “partisan attack from a garbage white nationalist website.”

“Trish Foster is fully recovered from COVID and fully vaccinated,” Whitmer press secretary Bobby Leddy said.

When Leddy was asked whether Foster’s daughters and her daughters’ friends were fully vaccinated, the spokesperson responded, “I don’t have anything additional to add.”

Michigan currently leads the nation in new COVID-19 cases and positive test rates. Infections in the Wolverine state have increased for seven consecutive weeks.

“Officials are reporting more than 7,000 new infections each day, a sevenfold increase from late February,” according to the Baltimore Sun. “And Michigan is home to nine of the 10 metro areas with the country’s highest recent case rates.”

“Policy change alone won’t change the tide,” Whitmer said on Friday. “We need everyone to step up and to take personal responsibility here.”

Following the most recent surge of COVID-19 cases, Whitmer has asked that the public take a two-week break from indoor dining, in-person high school, and youth sports.

In January, Whitmer traveled to Washington, D.C., for the inauguration of President Joe Biden despite discouraging “Michiganders from traveling and attending gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Last June, Whitmer flouted her own executive order mandating social distancing when she attended a George Floyd march and was photographed shoulder-to-shoulder with protesters.

Last May, Whitmer was embroiled in controversy when her husband reportedly attempted to use his influence to persuade a company to prioritize putting their family’s boat in the water before Memorial Day weekend. Whitmer claims that her husband was simply making a joke when he told the company, “I am the husband to the governor, will this make a difference?” Whitmer had instructed her constituents not to vacation in the area where her family’s boat was docked.

Florida Intelwars Leaving california Leaving San Francisco san francisco Texas

Study: San Francisco lost the most residents of any major city in the United States

A great many San Francisco residents moved out of the city over the last two years with a significant numbers of them heading to more conservative localities in Florida and Texas, new data shows.

What are the details?

Of all the major U.S. cities, the home to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) topped the charts for losing the most residents in 2019 and 2020, according to a study conducted by the CBRE Group, a Dallas-based commercial realty firm.

The study found that in 2020, a whopping 18 residents per 1,000 left the city, doubling 2019’s rate of 9 residents per 1,000. The mass exodus from San Francisco was clearly part of a trend over the last couple years as several other liberal metropolitan areas such as New York City, Boston, and Seattle followed behind.

Business Insider noted that while the bulk of residents exiting San Francisco ended up in other areas of California, like Sacramento, a sizable portion of them ended up across the country in redder states like Florida and Texas.

“The number of people who moved from San Francisco to Texas increased by 32.1% between 2019 to 2020, and the share of those who moved to Florida rose by a whopping 46.2%,” the news outlet reported.

CBRE Group, which made its analysis off of USPS records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated migration trends in coastal and Sun Belt markets.

“The pandemic came just as the bulk of the large and increasingly affluent millennial cohort had reached prime family formation age,” the report stated. “Consequently, millennials had been trending toward more suburban residencies even before COVID-19 came on the scene.”

Anything else?

The news follows speculation that California will lose a seat in the House due to population changes when a congressional reapportionment is conducted in 2022. It’s not the only deep blue state poised to lose political power. New York’s cratering population may cost the state two seats when it’s all said and done.

Exiting tax-heavy liberal states has become somewhat of a trend over the last couple years, headlined by well-known businessmen Elon Musk and Joe Rogan. Both Musk and Rogan opted to ditch California for Texas in 2020.

Rogan, host of the massively popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” cited overcrowding, traffic, and homelessness among the reasons for moving. He added that he also wanted “a little bit more freedom.”