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Greg Mannarino On The Coming Financial Crisis: “Buckle Up! This is Going To Be EPIC!”

The stock market is going to be punished today, says Gregory Mannarino in his latest special report video.  Mannarino also warns that this coming financial crisis is going to be EPIC, so buckle up.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the dollar is being collapsed by design.  As of now, it’s officially on, and there’s no going back. This coming financial crisis is going to be one for the history books, so “put on your seatbelts,” says Mannarino. The banks are going to destroy everyone.

Greg Mannarino: The Fed Is “Trying To KILL What’s Left Of The Middle Class”

“These banks have the world by the ‘you know whats.’ They can crush the global economy or the market. The global economy, which is the middle class, is already crushed, ok. They can destroy the stock market like this [snaps fingers.] ANd you can see it playing out right now. So all to of this is more than likely going to get brushed under the rug as it always does,” Mannarino says of the banks controlling the world.

The banks and the government are “in bed” together, and this opens a bigger Pandora’s box.  This is a corrupt system worth trillions of dollars and their ultimate goal is to own the world. “All of it is not in the interest of you,” Mannarino reminds his viewers.

Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

Through this phony scamdemic, governments have amassed the power to control the public through fear and brainwashing, while the Federal Reserve (central bank) robs them blind. We have reached the point of no return with too many people asleep at the wheel. Well, unfortunately, be facing a financial crisis that will be one for the record books.

“People, buckle up. Put on your seat belts. This [financial crash] is going to be epic!” Mannarino adds to finish his market report.

If you follow Mannarino’s advice, add old, silver, and cryptocurrency to what you already own now while the prices are low.

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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

Domestically, major strife and internal division often end in revolutions and major paradigm shifts. On the international scene, there is no such thing as revolution; there are ONLY WARS.

Looking at the United States and the path it took, it seems more like a corporation than a country. Think about this sentence – America produces wealth, but doesn’t focus on the country’s financial health – its market boom, its government bankrupt.

I want to show you a BIG-PICTURE, bird’s-eye view of the history of the world’s largest economy from inception to present day and then explain why the path out of this problem IS TRICKY. Unlike many crises before, it doesn’t seem like anyone has said the SAFE WORD YET.

Courtesy: Ray Dalio’s amazing LinkedIn page

Let’s follow the BLUE and RED lines first since we view these as the catalysts for how the other categories have developed over time.

In the beginning, nothing prepared the world for the fact that the United States, comprised of just the colonies, would one day become 25% of global GDP activity.

This is a financial miracle, but who is gaining and who is at a DISADVANTAGE?

The blue line shows that the defiant ones, those early pilgrims, adventurers, and pioneers who sought to live in the land of the free, didn’t RELY ON ANYTHING external and were thirsty for education.

Starting in 1760 and running through the formation of the country in 1776, education BOOMED.

Remember, the people that began migrating here in the 1600s were the poorest bunch of them all, 97% of them illiterates and from violent, feudal backgrounds – those with NOTHING TO LOSE, for the most part.

They were willing to risk their lives traversing the Atlantic Ocean just to reach no man’s land, a journey that took months and resulted in many casualties.

I get excited just thinking about the entrepreneurial aspect of it. These were SPECIAL men and women who came to the “new world.”

There’s no denying that education PEAKED around 1870 and that in the past 150 years, compared to its own history, most Americans are VERY IGNORANT, while a relative few are INCREDIBLY WELL-EDUCATED, so much so that they are able, via technology and other means, TO OFFSET the collective lack of thirst for knowledge, education, and IQ. The gap between those that have access to the most in-depth perspectives have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over the masses.

Roughly 40% of children living in poverty aren’t prepared for primary schooling. By the age of 10, African-American/Hispanic or pupils of low-income backgrounds read and write like 8-year-olds. By graduation, their level is only that of the 8th grade.

Notice in the chart that while education PEAKED in the late 1870s and has since been in FREE-FALL, technology continued to be the STRONGEST TREND of American capitalism.

It helped the country build the biggest military in human history, gain control of the reserve currency system, and become a financial center, but it also made the country less competitive and rely less on trade, resulting in LESSENED OUTPUT.


We can VISIBLY SEE how, in the 1960s, following the murder of JFK, MLK, and the entrance into the Vietnam War, the public had a “MOMENT OF TRUTH” and decided the government had become TOO BIG and too corrupt.

In a way, Kennedy was the last great president that the public wholeheartedly embraced.

Go back to the top of the chart and you can see that the reserve currency status peaked in September 2001, following the 9/11 attacks.

Also, notice how 2008 marked the top for technological innovation, as China and India began to TAKE AWAY from America’s perfect track record.

I don’t want to say that it’s all downhill from here, but it SURE LOOKS LIKE IT based on hard data.


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New Survey: 60% of Americans Cannot Provide Basic Necessities If Quarantined for 1 Month

The solution to the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of economic suicide. As this lockdown drags into the fourth month for most of the country, a new survey is revealing the bleak costs that Americans are paying in order to comply with the government’s commands to shut down the economy.

Some are saying social distancing is the “new normal”, but we’d beg to differ.  The new normal is going to be poverty for most of the country.

Almost 60 percent of Americans say they’d be unable to meet their basic financial needs in one month or less of quarantine, according to a survey. The Society for Humane Resource Management (SHRM) surveyed American workers between 12 and 16 March, according to a report by Newsweek. One in five people said they’d no longer be able to afford rent, bills or groceries after just one week of quarantine.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to start preparing for an economic meltdown if you haven’t already. If you don’t have 3-6 months worth of expenses in a savings account or otherwise liquid form, you may already also be experiencing the pain of the government’s solution.

How To Best Prepare Yourself For The Coming Financial Crisis

If Donald Trump does not want to be known as the authoritarian tyrant the mainstream media and leftists have made him out to be, he’ll step up and admit this lockdown was wrong and devastating and take immediate steps to reopen the economy. Don’t hold your breath, however.  It’s our guess that he’s looking to get a phase 4 stimulus package done before people will be allowed to have some of their basic human rights back. At this point, it’s unlikely we’ll get all of our rights back.

Fifty-eight percent of workers say they won’t be able to pay rent, buy groceries, or take care of essential bills (such as electricity and water) if quarantined for 30 days or less, according to a new survey from the Society for Human Research Management (SHRM) released Wednesday morning. One in five workers said they’d be unable to meet those basic financial needs in less than one week under quarantine.

That’s devastating considering we’ve already been under quarantine for going on four weeks, three weeks for some parts of the country. “This has a real impact on people’s lives and it’s creating a level of stress that cannot be overstated,” said Johnny C. Taylor Jr., the president and CEO of SHRM, noting that many Americans live “right on the margins of paycheck to paycheck.”

The survey was conducted before Congress passed the historic $2 trillion stimulus package on March 27. SHRM acknowledged that some aspects of the CARES Act may “help mitigate” some of these problems for workers, according to Newsweek. But $1200 isn’t going to be enough for most people to survive on for one month, let alone longer. And in the face of mounting job losses, the solution has become the biggest problem of our collective human history.

SHRM also found that small businesses will be greatly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Half of small businesses in the U.S. can’t afford to pay employees for a full month under quarantine conditions. More than half of small businesses expect to see a loss in revenue somewhere between 10 and 30 percent. The group surveyed a sample of 512 small business owners from March 13 to March 16, 2020.

The stimulus package includes nearly $350 billion for a small business loan program called the Paycheck Protection Program. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Fox Business Network on Monday that small business loans will be made available starting Friday.

President Donald Trump has said that the United States was “not built to be shut down” and at one point had expressed a desire to reopen the nation by Easter, which is on April 12. He has since backed away from that goal and has enforced social distancing guidelines until the end of the month. Newsweek

If Trump was concerned about the well-being of Americans, he’d lift all the restrictions now and potentially salvage what’s left of humanity and his reputation.

End The Shutdown!

1984 Business cash Central Banks Corporations Debt Dollar Draconian experts Fear Financial Crisis Forecasting global banking system inciting panic Intelwars Japan Mainstream media reset taxpayers The Federal Reserve United States zero interest rates


This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

At this point, society is being REARRANGED. Forget anything you know about our political, judicial, and financial systems, and the values we cherish.

Basically, discard anything you thought America stood for. America is fighting for survival. It’s a DO-OR-DIE moment and the government and the central bank are TAKING OVER everything.

I’ve already covered the fact that the Federal Reserve has lowered rates to zero. I’ve shown you the MARGIN CALL that the U.S. Dollar has been in, but you’ll need to sit down for what’s coming next.

We live in a new world.


In this new system, the Federal Reserve criminals are ABOUT TO begin buying corporate debt. The authorities are OUTLAWING defaults and OUTLAWING the failure of the business world so that TAXPAYERS will be liable for EVERYTHING.

Through the guise of private enterprise and keeping markets open, the Federal Reserve will purchase, by the time this is done, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in debt.

As I see it, the Federal Reserve will become the largest owner of toxic debt in history.

This is a form of communism and the panic that’s out there will allow these draconian measures to be implemented.

I’m seriously considering the ramifications of this. America is turning into Japan.


This is the FIRST time you’re going to be hearing about this: MY ESTIMATE is that markets are now contemplating the risk of America going under, of the government falling apart.

Bond yields are actually going UP.

Silver Eagles are selling for $22/ounce, while the spot price is around $12/ounce. Our markets are broken.

That’s not all; not by a LONG SHOT!

We are also hearing that the U.S. government, using TAXPAYERS’ money (whatever that means at this point), is considering BUYING STOCKS!

We are stretching the limits of what America even means. This is the worst transformation of our core ideas I’ve ever seen.

These are measures that put in jeopardy the mere meaning of fair competition: PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY and BEING AN INDIVIDUAL.

All laws are written, as we go along.

We are creating a new society, a new global economy, and a new paradigm.


FORGET about the past. You have woken up to a new reality. The financial losses mean absolutely NOTHING, compared with the loss of LIBERTY.

The government will own real estate, stocks and bonds and will exercise TOO MUCH control over the economy.

This should CONCERN you.

The government has asked FEMA to get involved and they’ve AGREED to send paychecks to all Americans.

Every prediction that I’ve made, which five years ago was CONSIDERED TABOO, is coming true.

I discussed the day that the FED would cut back to zero. I highlighted that we’ll first see a HUGE RALLY in the dollar (because everyone is selling), and I forecasted that we will see STOCKS PURCHASED by federal agencies.

1984 is here!


We are days away from seeing the GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEM freeze; a 2008 repeat.

This will require a miracle to avoid and, worst of all, the MEDIA is the main virus here – spreading PANIC that is SO overblown that I believe people will never trust it again.

TRILLIONS have been lost. The bottom line is that we’ve lost our way.

This is precisely why I have a 2nd passport, physical metals, a cash duffle bag, whole life insurance and friends in several countries.

You need to know who to trust for accurate facts, for sound reporting, and for hard evidence.

China Emergency Preparedness Equity experts fiat money Financial Crisis Forecasting Government hard work Headline News house of cards implosion Intelwars interest rates investors market collapse Market Crash pandemic stabilize Steve Mnuchin survival unprepared Washington


This article was contributed by our friend Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

This cannot be reflated THAT QUICKLY. What we’re seeing is the 2008 IMPLOSION with a 12-yr delay. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has said that the markets will stay open, but it’s UP IN THE AIR right now.

Officially, this has killed retirement for tens of millions of people. We are going back in time, CONSERVATIVELY, by 6-7 years.

By the time this is over with, 10-15 years of EQUITY, hard work, sweat, imagination, and creativity, might go DOWN THE TOILETS.

The various segments of society are treating this much differently.

Business leaders are thinking in terms of SURVIVAL and their responsibility to thousands of families, who depend on salaries to STAY AFLOAT.

Investors are looking at their retirement cushions – which one month ago were at ALL-TIME HIGHS – dissipating like steam.


Every single day, STOCKS are halted. The volatility is like nothing we’ve ever encountered.

The bullion dealers are limiting orders of gold and silver to only a few thousand dollars and the DELIVERY DELAYS are in the range of 6-8 weeks.

Yet, the number of casualties in America is fewer than the amount of people that attend a wedding.

The lesson here is that we are INCAPABLE of properly dealing with a pandemic.

We have, single-handedly, RUINED our lives. China was six weeks late in containing it, and from there we’ve been in a WORLD OF HURT.

I fully ANTICIPATE that the societal changes we’ll undergo will be UNIQUE.

We are living in a new world. This was CHECKMATE for the fiat monetary system. It proved itself to be a GIANT house of cards, built on bullshit economics.

This bubble is deflating so fast that Usain Bolt can’t keep up with it.


From here on, no one will be impressed with how veterans SURVIVED the Dot.Com bubble bursting. The coronavirus of 2020 is going to be ENGRAINED in the psyche of the masses. It will leave a scar that will not heal or get better for decades.

In the case that this isn’t fixed soon, between 15 million and 30 million Americans will be out of a job.

The government will not only send checks to every American, but they will have to resort to NATIONALIZING industries and embarking on a TRILLION-DOLLAR infrastructure program.

We aren’t going back to normal by any stretch of the imagination.

In the history of the United States, authorities have closed the stock market in 1914 (WW1), in 1933 (bank holiday of the Great Depression), in 1963 (JFK) and on 9/11.

The VOLATILITY INDEX has now gone higher than in the Lehman Weekend!

This country must find the strength and inspiration to turn this around and UNITE, or risk falling apart on MULTIPLE LEVELS.


At this moment in time, my two BIGGEST takeaways are that (1) there’s no way IN HELL that people ever trust their retirement funds to be there when they need them. (2) I believe that share BUYBACKS will become illegal and that CEOs, this time around, will be put to justice.

The court of public opinion is going to bury so many well-known people.

As much as this has been ALMOST SURREAL thus far, it’s really not over.

Check this out:


This is our generation’s Pearl Harbor, our GREATEST test and, on a personal basis, it’s a time for self-reflection.

I’ve spent considerable time speaking with top-income earners in many industries. I’ve spoken with CEOs, venture capitalists, and WHALE INVESTORS.

I’m telling you that the sentiment is WORSE than in 2008. Many have thrown in the towel.

The markets are BEGGING to be closed. In fact, I’m BREAKING this news here first. As I see it, for the first time in the MODERN ERA, investors are PRICING a default by the TREASURY!

I’m going to repeat that: The world is beginning to consider that Washington is NOT STABLE.

On Sunday, I’m going to publish an EMERGENCY BRIEFING. Stay tuned!

cash Coronavirus COVID-19 death toll Disaster Donald Trump economy crashing elections emergency Emergency Preparedness experts Federal Reserve Financial Crisis Forecasting global economy Headline News Humanity Intelwars market closure pandemic physical gold public fear quarantine social distancing The Fed zero interest rates


This article was contributed by Lior Gantz at The Wealth Research Group. 

Coronavirus is now, QUITE HONESTLY, one of the worst disasters to come upon the human race since WW2. The quantity of casualties worldwide is about 7,000 – which, compared with the 50,000 deaths a day caused by malnutrition, the 400,000 deaths a year caused by smoking, and the hundreds of thousands of deaths every year caused by car accidents and alcoholism, is NOTHING, but the prevention of further spread comes at an unbearable cost to economies.

The real ISSUE in this matter is not that the virus has brought about untold tragedies, but that the LACK OF proper ways of containing the virus do not exist, without MASS-SCALE quarantines and OUTLAWING INTERACTIONS.

The trade-off to eradicating the virus and of limiting the death toll, when it comes to the price paid by the global economy, is that all of our major industries have FLICKED THEIR SWITCHES OFF.

Collectively, as societies, we are SUBJECTING OURSELVES to this crisis, in a financial sense, in order to potentially save many lives. The combination of public fear and of the medical professionals, who DO NOT wish to UNDERSTATE the lethality of Covid-19, has painted us into a corner, along with governors, U.S.-bound, and heads of state, globally, who just WILL NOT risk taking responsibility for this contagious outbreak happening under their watch.

As a global society, we have decided that in the field of pandemics, we hold authorities accountable for coming up with SOLUTIONS and the eyes of the world are on WASHINGTON.


The U.S. economy is, without a doubt, ENTERING an earnings recession with each passing hour. What the Federal Reserve has done, by cutting interest rates to ZERO in a full-on EMERGENCY manner, is to allow credit markets to FUNCTION, since they were PUSHING THE ENVELOPE.

Literally, had the central bank not done this, yesterday we would have seen dollar shortages worldwide. We could have experienced market closures, a bank holiday, lines at the ATMs and curfews, with police patrolling the streets.

The Federal Reserve threw itself on a live grenade to save credit facilitation and bond liquidity but TOOK ITSELF out of the game completely.

They will now be buying bonds and Mortgage-Backed-Securities, an OFFICIAL QE5 program launch, but they will not INTRODUCE negative rates.


Before the FED intervention, the bond markets were close to SHOUTING MAYDAY. The entire planet wanted dollars and there weren’t enough to go around.

The same goes for physical gold. While the price of paper ETFs is falling, in a couple of days, you will not be able to EASILY get your hands on the real thing. Due to OUTRAGEOUSLY high demand and supply chain constraints, both gold and silver, which have dropped like a rock to the bottom of the ocean on the TOTALLY MANIPULATED paper exchanges, are UNATTAINABLE in material form.

Because the Federal Reserve is wounded and left on the sidelines, I expect the MOTHER OF ALL BAILOUTS to start being deployed by the government and by international organization, which are U.S.-centric, such as the IMF and the World Bank.

This is a global pandemic and, as many have feared, the response will be globally-coordinated, opening the DANGEROUS doors to a one-world currency and global governance STRUCTURE.

Don’t think for a second that power-starved globalist key players aren’t looking to FULLY capitalize on the suffering of others and become their heroes in this time of crisis.

Make no mistake about it: the levels of FEAR on the street are HUMUNGOUS. I surveyed several mentors of mine, who were so bearish that I nearly used it as a CONTRARIAN indicator that the worst is behind us.

What you want to see before making a large allocation is the indication of higher highs. For now, we’ve broken below the December 2018 lows, so the floor is that 1,800-2,200 for the S&P 500, the level it traded when Donald Trump made an upset and won the 2016 presidential elections.


At this point, as you can see, the fear of the public, especially with the PROSPECT of a lawful house curfew, mandated by the federal authorities, is SIGNALING DISTRESS.

Obviously, ZERO interest rates and QE programs are not enough to make investors BELIEVE the crisis has been contained.

In a few days, companies will begin releasing their emergency measures, mostly in the fields of manpower, coupled with the publication of FRESH unemployment numbers and we will need a BILL, signed by the SENATE, which assists the misfortunate.

Nothing else will suffice.

The markets are UTTERLY CONCERNED that after nearly one full term of VERBAL VIOLENCE between the Democrats and the Republicans, they will drag their feet, rather than be one step ahead of the economy, IN UNISON.

By this Friday, we will have an ADEQUATE amount of data and we could, with higher certainty, form a decision on BUYING THE DIP or staying in cash even longer.

Brain Kemp confirmed cases Coronavirus COVID-19 crashing economy Donald Trump economic ramifications Financial Crisis Georgia Government Headline News immune system boost Immunity Intelwars Market Crash mass panic medical martial law Preparedness public panic quarantine toilet paper troops deployed viral infection

More National Guard Troops Are Deployed In Geogia Than People Who Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

If ever there was evidence that the media is overreacting and causing unnecessary mass panic amongst the public, it can be seen in Georgia.  The state’s governor has called in 2,000 national guard troops to “assist” with 99 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The complete loss of freedom and the decimation of the economy are the real problems here, not the actual virus.  While it’s true that this virus spreads rapidly, and it is new, so little is known about it, the sheer panic is astronomical and that’s a much bigger concern right now. Governor Brian Kemp hasn’t helped calm his constituents either. He has issued an executive order to call up as many as 2,000 Georgia National Guard troops to State Active Duty to address coronavirus concerns.  But it’s only going to panic people further and cause more economic disruptions.

Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

Here’s What’s Coming for America as the Coronavirus Spread: MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW

The Georgia National Guard is already assisting with the transfer of thirty-one Georgians – formerly passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship – from Dobbins Air Reserve Base to their homes today for isolation and monitoring by the Department of Public Health officials.

So far, 99 Georgians have tested positive for the virus.

“Through extensive emergency preparedness training, the brave men and women in the Georgia National Guard stand ready to serve above and beyond their traditional military duties. In states of emergency, they are equipped to take necessary action to protect the health and safety of Georgia families in every region,” said Governor Kemp in a press release. “To assist with COVID-19 mitigation and critical services, including the transfer of Georgians currently at Dobbins Air Reserve Base to their homes, the Georgia National Guard will now be available to communities to ensure the steady supply of medical equipment, food, shelter, or related materials to keep Georgians safe in the weeks ahead.” –CBS 46 local affilate

Health officials have not answered questions about the number of people who have been tested in the state, and medical experts expect the actual number of cases is far greater than has been reported. Even so, AJC, a Georgia media site reported:

For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover in a matter of weeks. –AJC

The Best Ways to Prevent A Coronavirus Infection

If you are older, over the age of 60, please be cautious of the virus.  It has been having a greater impact on those who are older. Doctors suggest that people remain calm.  Panicking only causing the stress hormone cortisol to rise which will impact your immune system negatively. The most important thing to do is realize that a strong immune system is the best defense against any viral infection, including the coronavirus, the flu, or the common cold.

We want all readers to be prepared, but panicking isn’t doing individuals or humanity any good.  It’s crashing our economy and even now, it is going to be difficult to recover from such an overreaction.

Prepper Foods and Supplies to Survive Coronavirus Without Leaving the House

Toilet paper is selling out, and as we find some, we’ll link it for you.  Understandably, this will affect people who didn’t panic buy all the toilet paper at their local dollar store, and you may need some. Also, consider a bidet.  They are better for septic systems and our planet anyway, and you won’t need much toilet paper.  You can grab one for under $40 that attaches to the toilet. It’s simply another way to beat the mass panicked public.

Baby wipes and paper towels are still available in bulk too if you need another alternative to toilet paper.  Remember, don’t flush baby wipes (even if they say flushable) or paper towels.  The last thing you need a clogged toilet during this mass panicked public. The S could literally hit the fan in your house!

bear markets Bitcoin Bonds buying spree central bankin central plannin collapse Coronavirus correlation Donald Trump economic crash everything bubble experts Federal Reserve Financial Crisis Forecasting global economy Great Depression Headline News History Intelwars layoffs Market Crash mayhem popping presidency Stocks The Fed trillions of dollars


This article was contributed by our good friends at Portfolio Wealth Global. 

Don’t, Just Don’t Get Duped

The last time that the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded in this way was in October of 1929. This, to history lovers, should SOUND THE BLOODY ALARM.

We all know that markets have transitioned from all-time highs to bear market in only SIXTEEN TRADING SESSIONS, a record that will be hard to beat in our lifetimes.

The combined losses of stocks and bonds have been monumental, 2008-like even.

Everyone’s on edge. Stores are completely EMPTY. I have never before encountered such panic and I’ve traveled to war zones, had missiles dropped near me, been to refugee camps and to 3rd world countries during tropical storms, but this TAKES THE CAKE.


A classic diversification into stocks and bonds simply wasn’t enough to CURTAIL this MAYHEM. It’s shocking to see how QUICKLY the sentiment changed, but it’s also important to keep in mind that stocks have only erased 2016-2019 gains. The big picture could still be much more FRIGHTENING if and when companies have to begin firing employees.

This will be the crucial week for Trump’s presidency. Every day, he and his team will have to inspire CONFIDENCE in their plan and to show the people of this country that the prospect of containment is racing towards them.

It will be a do-or-die week for the Federal Reserve as well.

They MUST appease the credit markets. The central bank, in all LIKELIHOOD, will announce a HUGE slash of 0.75%, after the emergency 0.50% did nothing to BLOCK the bear market from steamrolling trillions of dollars of equity.


As you can see, this can end TERRIBLY for everyone. The market is following in the footsteps of the most INFAMOUS depression in American history. No one wants to go through that again.

Judging by the fact that up until now only 50 people have died on U.S. soil, the panic has PROBABLY reached maximum levels. To me, if the areas of community spread don’t show spikes in new cases, the notion that this more acute version of the seasonal flu is not the Black Plague will sink in. Slowly, but surely, industry, commerce, and trade will resume normalcy.

Certainly, it is very ENCOURAGING to see how CEOs are coming in, using their personal funds, and buying shares in their own companies.

Historically speaking, they are bottom fishing, so it’s a sign that they have faith in the RECOVERY from this period of disaster and pandemic.


Throughout the passing week, I’ve been hit with INNUMERABLE questions about what the future holds. I’m extremely optimistic, overall. This, to me, was UNDUE panic and should have been dealt with in a way that doesn’t shuts-off the global economy.

We can all learn from this situation. Financially, markets were OVERBOUGHT (just as I said) and needed this sort of shakeout.

For eleven years, we’ve enjoyed tremendous gains. In this context, we’re just fine.

What I don’t like to see is the SUPER-BUBBLE in bonds or the weird correlation between stocks and bonds:


In the coming days and weeks, we either return to our way of living or this PANDORA’S BOX unleashes its full FURY and WRATH on everyone.

The Federal Reserve has already bombarded the credit banking system with sums of debt that could alleviate poverty in Africa, but it seems that nothing is SUFFICIENT.

Tomorrow, we will begin sensing how the reaction to Washington’s plans is accepted.

This will have a lot to do with whether or not this spirals into a PROLONGED nightmare or if we’re starting a new, wiser and stronger path.

Clearly, with Bitcoin losing 50% in two days and with general equities looking like they have a rough patch ahead, mining stocks look GREAT, in comparison.

Alternatives bartering bidet Coronavirus COVID-19 economic collapse Emergency Preparedness Financial Crisis general public Headline News inciting fear infection Intelwars Mainstream media Market Crash mass panic Preparedness toilet paper

The Worst Part About The Pandemic Isn’t The Virus, It’s The Mass Panic Which Will Cause An Economic Collapse

Right now, the focus of is to make sure all readers are as UPDATED as possible on the Covid-19 pandemic. Download our EXCLUSIVE report immediately at:

The worst is yet to come, the official in government keeps saying, and the media keeps repeating it, and the masses keep panicking further. The biggest problem with this coronavirus pandemic is not the virus itself, but the reaction of the general public.

Not that long ago, we mentioned that more people would be bankrupted by the ridiculous amounts of panic than would die from this virus.  The truth is, that’s looking to be more true by the day. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t be prepared, however, the sheer amount of fear is doing damage to the economy and it may not recover for years.

If you went to a grocery store this weekend, you likely experienced at least empty shelves where toilet paper used to be stocked.  You may have even seen the frozen foods wiped out along with the chips and crackers. People have been panicking as the mainstream media shoves the narrative that you’ll have to give up your freedom of movement and what little economic freedom you have left in order to contain this virus. Are you ready for that?  Because that’s what you’ll need to prepare for in the coming weeks: an economic crisis, not a pandemic.

How To Best Prepare Yourself For The Coming Financial Crisis

Unfortunately, toilet paper is literally gone in most places and it’s even tough to find online.  But if you prepared and have several extra rolls saved, you could use it to barter in an economic depression, and that could be priceless.  Instead, switch to a bidet, and save your toilet paper.  They don’t cost much and you can install one right on your toilet giving you a powerful mountain of paper to barter with.  So many Americans have not even considered an alternative to toilet paper (even baby wipes or paper towels) to get them through a possible two-week lockdown.

Prepper Foods and Supplies to Survive Coronavirus Without Leaving the House

If you have a septic system, a bidet could help immensely with not filling it up too saving you money in the long run.   If there’s never any toilet paper left in the grocery store, you’ll at least have the bidet. It’s going to be a change for sure, and only you can decide if it’s worth it, but it’s a great solution.

You should also have an emergency fund in place.  Hopefully, you have 3-6 months worth of expenses saved up.  If not, it’s probably too late, unfortunately.  You should also have some emergency food stored, but most of you already know this.  They are restocking emergency food kits more quickly than toilet paper right now.

The mass panic is more worrisome than the actual virus, and preparations for social unrest (be able to defend yourself and your preps) and an economic meltdown wholly caused by the unnecessary panicking of the unprepared is, by far, a bigger concern.  If this is how people act over a few rolls of toilet paper, imagine an economic collapse caused by this same mentality when they can’t get any more TV dinners.

If Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy In Order To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?

The media, which is inciting mass panic has all but ensured a major economic collapse.  It could be a well-thought-out plan by the elitists to make sure Trump is not reelected, but that’s purely speculation.

An economic collapse is highly likely and a much bigger problem than this virus.  And the collapse will be swift.

Keep calm, and prepare.

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This article was contributed by our good friends at Future Money Trends.

Do Not Underestimate the Craziness of This Matter!

The bull market is over. Make sure to let that reality sink in. These past two weeks were the most violent market action in the history of the world, and so many things are GOING TO PERMANENTLY alter and change, going forward.

The economy is literally dead. Malls are empty by law. Streets are empty by law. Hotels, cruise ships, airports, office buildings, factories, restaurants, and the list goes on and on – TRADE has basically been banned.

In true Ray Dalio fashion, the world’s BIGGEST hedge fund manager proved that predictions mean SQUAT and that DIVERSIFICATION means everything.


No, Ray, cash is not trash, and I certainly don’t feel stupid about having LOTS and LOTS of available liquid cash both in the bank and in paper notes. Actually, I feel that it’s exactly what I need to do to protect my family.

The coronavirus has divided people between maximalists and minimalists. Some believe COVID-19 should be treated like the seasonal flu and that everyone should calm down. They are viewing the panic as the buying opportunity of a lifetime. On the other hand, the maximalists are afraid of a total and utter ECONOMIC DEPRESSION, which entails mass layoffs, a wave of defaults and bankruptcies, millions of casualties, and horrors of every kind. They are selling off their equity and are mandating themselves to home-quarantining.

This started with markets SHAMELESSLY ignoring all of the warning signs, and now Trump has BANNED all travel from Europe; the borders are shut. We have the National Guard on the streets and, as you know, people panic fast because the mainstream media is doing NOTHING to calm the spirit.


In the bigger picture, if you’ve been invested in the markets for more than a couple of years, like myself, your COST BASIS for the indices is much deeper than 20% and you’re still in the money, but the flick of a switch suddenness of this, from all-time highs to bear market, is tough to swallow.

Most investors have piled into the market only after Trump’s victory. They’re seeing their gains evaporate altogether. Retirees are seeing years of savings VAPORIZE.

Unlike in 2008, this isn’t just a financial crisis. People are not allowed to interact, which is the definition of an economy and a society.

I don’t know what your personal thoughts are about the lethality of the virus or what its infectiousness level is, but don’t even think about that right now. Your mind needs to be concerned with the ANNIHILATION of your local economy – small businesses won’t even last another week of this.

Financial conditions have tightened to the point they were in 2009 – political leaders better get their ACT TOGETHER!


Our way of life is at stake here. China will cease to be the manufacturing hub of the world. No CEO will trust it to be its sole or its main supplier. Coronavirus will change paradigms and will pave the way to new ideas and several new industries. America is going to see thousands of factories return home.

The World Health Organization OFFICIALLY declared the virus as a pandemic, so now politicians from all over the planet MUST cover their asses and treat this like the end of the world or they’ll be blamed for not taking this SERIOUSLY.

In Europe, the Spanish government has suspended parliamentary meetings after a politician was infected and the European Union Parliament itself got suspended INDEFINITELY.

Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, dropped a BOMB, saying that MORE than half of the country will carry the virus soon.

The Federal Reserve is not going to toy with this: in one week, the Fed Funds Rate could be ZERO!

I estimate that they’ll cut by another 75bps, even after the 50bps cut they already did a week ago.



The FED is pumping so many reserves into the system that I now QUESTION if global policymakers won’t begin to discuss issuing SDRs, which are the equivalents of GLOBAL CURRENCY!

With everything that’s happening, I want to make sure that you understand that I am also EVALUATING opportunities in this market. Some of the world’s highest-quality businesses are cheap!

There are blue-chip businesses trading at P/E ratios under 10, with some under 8, and even 6. I am going to WAIT until the FED meeting on the 17th before releasing my personal Shopping List, but I’m telling you up-front that if you’ve got cash, you are holding the KING.

LP(S) – Virus