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Pentagon confirms leaked video of ‘pyramid-shaped’ UFO is real

The Pentagon confirmed that a leaked video showing a triangle-shaped object hovering over a U.S. warship is genuine, as well as a UFO sighting by U.S. Navy personnel flying in an F-18.

Video recorded in 2019 by someone on a U.S. Navy destroyer was leaked and posted online by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on April 8. The UFO was recorded by Navy personnel on the USS Russell while sailing off the coast of San Diego.

“These are authentic photos and video from actual military encounters with UFOs – generated to educate high-level intelligence officers within our military on the nature and presentation of the UAP / UFO phenomenon,” Corbell wrote on his Extraordinary Beliefs website.

“In 2019 the US Navy photographed and filmed ‘pyramid’ shaped UFOs and advanced transmedium vehicles,” Corbell captioned the video.

2019 the US Navy filmed “PYRAMID” shaped UFOs; here is that footage

Corbell is best known for directing “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers,” a documentary about a physicist who claims to have worked for the U.S. government at Area 51, where he allegedly reverse-engineered alien spacecraft for the military in the 1980s.

Photos of an unidentified flying object captured by an F-18 weapons systems officer on March 4, 2019, resurfaced earlier this month by Mystery Wire, a site “dedicated to reports on Area 51, UFOs, military technology, paranormal, mysteries.”

Three photos of UAPs were taken from the cockpit of the F-18: one “sphere” shaped, another “acorn” shaped, and one described as a “metallic blimp.” The photos have been previously posted online.

On Thursday, the Pentagon confirmed that the video of unidentified aerial phenomena flying above a U.S. destroyer and photos of UFOs near the jet fighter are real.

“I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel,” Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough said in a statement to the Black Vault, a privately run archive of declassified documents that includes UFO-related documents obtained through freedom of information laws. “As we have said before, to maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to potential adversaries, DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examinations of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP.”

CNN confirmed the Pentagon statement on the photos and videos involving UFOs, noting that the spokesperson said the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, created in August to investigate UFO sightings by the U.S. military, has “included these incidents in their ongoing examinations.”

Previously in 2019, the Pentagon verified the existence and authenticity of videos published in 2017 and 2018 of UFOs that were encountered by U.S. Navy pilots years earlier.

Chad Underwood, the Navy pilot who filmed the “Tic Tac” UFO video noted that the aircraft “wasn’t behaving within the normal laws of physics.” He added that the UAP had “no sign of propulsion. It was going from like 50,000 feet to, you know, a hundred feet in like seconds, which is not possible.”

Gimbal: The First Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

Go Fast: Official USG Footage of UAP for Public Release

Corbell and Lazar appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” in 2019 to discuss UFOs and Area 51. The episode is one of the more popular “JRE” interviews, racking up nearly 15 million views on YouTube.

Joe Rogan Experience #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

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Man goes viral for promoting ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ movement — and insists he’s dead serious that government is using fake birds to spy on citizens

The creator of the “Birds Aren’t Real” movement is going viral for what he says is his brutal honesty.

What are the details?

According to a recent Newsweek report, the “Birds Aren’t Real” movement, which is gaining traction on social media, is “built around the claims that … birds aren’t real.”

“The unsubstantiated theory alleges that, between 1959 and 2001, the government killed off all birds and replaced them with surveillance drones,” the outlet noted. “It’s such a bizarre idea that it almost seems like a parody of other conspiracy theories — and it very might well be, despite what the movement’s apparent leader insists.”

Newsweek named the “leader” as “Birds Aren’t Real” frontman Peter McIndoe, who spoke with the outlet and provided details on the theory.

“McIndoe portrays the movement as completely serious,” Newsweek reported. “Throughout his interview with Newsweek, he remained deadpan and appeared to be improvising as he went along, further blurring the divide between reality and conspiracy. When asked directly whether this is actually an elaborate comedy project, he swore that it’s a real thing and that it was just operating underground until the advent of the internet. It should be noted, though, that the only indication that Birds Aren’t Real has been around for decades is the history section of its own website.”

Newsweek noted that it’s worth pointing out that when first speaking with the outlet about setting up an interview, McIndoe texted, “In regards to our movement being a joke, or for real: That is the very question that our post-truth era comedy project thrives within.”

During the phone interview, however, McIndoe said, “Whenever I type in, ‘Real movement, no comedy involved,’ it always autocorrects it to something like ‘meta-conspiracy parody-movement, showcasing post-truth-era absurdity.”

“I think that everyone, deep down, can identify and relate to the fact that we are being surveilled, and that surveillance is most likely coming from 12 billion birds simultaneously,” he added. He also insisted that any accusations that the movement is a joke are “absurd” and said that “big tech” and the government are to blame for the false characterization.

“That’s one of the saddest things, that people consider that this could be some sort of mass-improvisational performance, or some sort of showcasing, highlighting on a new era we’ve entered into as a society where anything can be true,” he told Newsweek. “Even if [the movement being satirical] was the case, you really wouldn’t even be able to tell.”

“I think people would mistake that we have comedic intent, because we will tap into these trends, but what people need to understand is things like that on TikTok are very intentional,” McIndoe continued. “The meme is the modern day parable, is what we like to tell the Bird Brigade. Comedy is the most disarming form of communication.”

What else?

Newsweek pointed out that at least one “Birds Aren’t Real” Instagram account boasts more than 296,000 followers, and a related TikTok account has more than 353,000 followers.

“Accounts for regional chapters have even sprung up in places like Idaho and Arkansas, and McIndoe claims there are members of the movement living in every state. It’s not clear how many of those people are true believers, and how many of them are interpreting the accounts as a joke,” the outlet noted.

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House Democrat wants to bar election fraud protesters, ‘conspiracy theory’ supporters from receiving security clearances

Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy (Fla.) has proposed legislation to “disqualify” individuals who protested election fraud or who adhere to “conspiracy theories” against the U.S. government from obtaining or maintaining a federal security clearance, credentials required to hold a wide array of federal jobs.

What are the details?

In the legislation, called the Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021, Murphy proposes modifying the questionnaire used in security clearance background checks “to include questions regarding an individual’s membership in, or association with, organizations spreading conspiracy theories regarding the Government and participation in the activities occurring at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, and for other purposes.”

The goal — according to a press release announcing the legislation — is to root out and “disqualify” from public service those who answer “yes” to the following questions, as stated in the legislation:

(1) ”Have you ever been a member of, associated with, or knowingly engaged in activities conducted by an organization or movement that spreads conspiracy theories and false information about the United States Government?”

(2) ”Did you participate in the activities occurring at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, or in any similar activity?”

Murphy, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, recently argued in an interview with the Daily Beast that the bill is a way to secure the nation from insider threats like the ones she claims were in play during the Capitol riot.

“What we discovered was that there was a shocking number of people involved in that insurrection who seemingly live normal lives, working in government and law enforcement and the military,” Murphy told the news outlet. “It’s really dangerous for individuals who hold these types of views to receive a security clearance and access to classified information. … If any Americans participated in the Capitol attack, or if they subscribe to these dangerous anti-government views of QAnon, then they have no business being entrusted with our nation’s secrets.”

What else?

In announcing the legislation last week, Murphy at times characterized her bill as specifically blocking from national security jobs those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and those who openly support QAnon. But the bill’s actual language is far more wide-ranging.

A summary statement about the bill describes its intention to force applicants to disclose their involvement in the events of Jan. 6 “or a similar ‘Stop the Steal’ event, or [whether they] have ever been a member of, associated with, or knowingly engaged in activities conducted by an organization or movement that spreads conspiracy theories and false information about the U.S. government.”

Such broad language seems ripe for abuse.

Even Denver Riggleman, a former Republican congressman whom the Daily Beast describes as “the GOP’s loudest QAnon critic” noted that the language could become a slippery slope, ensnaring people who don’t adhere to the most extreme theories.

“Disinformation, it encapsulates so many ridiculous notions,” Riggleman argued. “If you had someone go to ‘Stop the Steal,’ and thought there were white vans with burning ballots, that’s a bit different than thinking babies were harvested in Epstein’s temple.”

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Ben Sasse savages GOP for embracing conspiracy theories, targets new GOP rep: ‘Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs’

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse blasted his own political party in an essay over the weekend, condemning the embrace of conspiracy theories by some in the GOP, which Sasse claimed planted the seeds that resulted in the deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

What did Sasse say?

The Nebraska Republican did not mince words, writing in The Atlantic that the Republican Party must reclaim its identity after President Donald Trump’s departure from the White House — or risk falling into political obscurity.

“The violence that Americans witnessed—and that might recur in the coming days—is not a protest gone awry or the work of ‘a few bad apples.’ It is the blossoming of a rotten seed that took root in the Republican Party some time ago and has been nourished by treachery, poor political judgment, and cowardice,” Sasse wrote.

He continued, “When Trump leaves office, my party faces a choice: We can dedicate ourselves to defending the Constitution and perpetuating our best American institutions and traditions, or we can be a party of conspiracy theories, cable-news fantasies, and the ruin that comes with them. We can be the party of Eisenhower, or the party of the conspiracist Alex Jones.”

Criticizing GOP leaders for trying to “preach the Constitution while winking at QAnon,” Sasse wrote that the “GOP must reject conspiracy theories or be consumed by them,” before criticizing newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) in particular.

Sasse wrote:

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. She once ranted that “there’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out, and I think we have the president to do it.” During her campaign, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had a choice: disavow her campaign and potentially lose a Republican seat, or welcome her into his caucus and try to keep a lid on her ludicrous ideas. McCarthy failed the leadership test and sat on the sidelines. Now in Congress, Greene isn’t going to just back McCarthy as leader and stay quiet. She’s already announced plans to try to impeach Joe Biden on his first full day as president. She’ll keep making fools out of herself, her constituents, and the Republican Party.

What is the path forward?

According to Sasse, there are three reasons why those who identify with Republican politics are “falling prey to the siren song of conspiracism.”

  • “America’s junk-food media diet,” in which Sasse blamed mainstream media and right-leaning media for creating echo-chambers
  • “America’s institutional collapse,” which Sasse said created a vacuum, which Big Tech has filled
  • “America’s loss of meaning,” which Sasse said, “For generations, most Americans understood themselves as children of a loving God, and all had a role to play in loving their neighbors. But today, many Americans have no role in any common story.”

If the Republican Party wants to have a place in national politics moving forward, Sasse said it must do two things.

“First, Republicans must repudiate the nonsense that has set our party on fire,” Sasse explained. “Second, the party has to rebuild itself. It must offer a genuine answer to the frustrations of the past decade.”

“Whatever the Republican Party does, it faces an ugly fight,” Sasse predicted. “The fracture that so many politicians on the right have been trying desperately to avoid may soon happen.”

Americans authority conspiracy theories Debate Donald Trump enlightened government is slavery Headline News Intelwars left vs. right paradigm lie Leftists liberation Mainstream media matrix no masters no rulers no slaves oppression Self-ownership sheep Society the system trust is zeron voluntaryism


This article was contributed by The Wealth Research Group. 

Why is America getting split apart? What is the underlying cause of the division, the root of the issue, the heart of the rift that is visibly growing between left and right?

If you ask a Trump supporter or a Trump hater, they would give you one of a myriad of answers, but the bottom line, as far as we’re concerned, is trust in authority.

Trump’s supporters want him in office, because they trust him. They have no faith in career politicians at all; there’s a growing number of Americans, Europeans, and other westerners, who have come to the conclusion that career politicians are bought and paid for, represent interests that are not those of the majority of Americans and are colluding with foreign interests to globalize and to strip the rights of the average person. In developing nations, where distrust in government is the norm, this seems obvious, but westerners somehow forgot that governments have historically been a hindering force, not a liberating one.

If the media calls these anti-establishment ideas conspiracy theories, then Trump supporters consider it a way for the mainstream media to delegitimize what they think in their heart of hearts to be true, thus they don’t panic when the media attempts to debunk anything.

They simply do not trust the mainstream media at all.

My purpose is not to debate whether they’re right or wrong; it is to show that in today’s world, there are tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people, who have either zero faith or well below average confidence in their elected officials, whom they deem as crooked and working to enslave, deprive and censor them.

These issues are not to be brushed off and they’re not only shared by people on the sidelines or fringes of society; conspiracy theories once deemed as “nuts” have come to fruition, and now a great many feel enlightened about the nature of politics, big business and the deep state and the relationships that form between global interests.

As long as the system was reasonably working for most, they just sleepwalked through life, not caring about these issues, which have been known to many of us for decades. The ignorant were blissfully enjoying the invisible cage.

You and I have known about the elites, the deep state agenda, illegitimate warfare, global interests and secret societies for a long time; now there are many more who do, since the tragic comedy that is politics is much more visible to us. We can see their mistakes, their lack of self-discipline, their hypocrisy and double standards.

Criticism is labeled as spreading fake news and is censored; it’s a thin line that tech giants are walking on.

Wealth Research Group does not believe that these dividing issues are going away whatsoever; trust is impossible to rebuild, once it’s fully lost. Permanently shutting down Trump’s Twitter account may end up being a disastrous decision for this country.

While calls for impeachment have been made and articles have already been drafted, Trump is talking about building his own communications platform.

As I said before, it’s difficult to publish our letter without getting comments from both the left and the right, arguing their case.

Our mission is to analyze the politics and then translate it into finances.

In the end, being an efficient person requires handling YOUR BUSINESS, even in the midst of social crises. Stay disciplined about your affairs first; nothing is more important than realizing that being the best version of yourself is the most effective thing you can do for others.

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Arizona sharpie scandal Arizona sharpie vote scandal conspiracy theories Intelwars Sharpie vote conspiracy Sharpie vote scandal Trump voter sharpie conspiracy Trump votes in arizona

Trump voters accuse Arizona poll workers of giving them a sharpie pen to thwart their vote, and election officials have responded

Supporters of President Donald Trump spread a rumor that their votes were being thwarted in Arizona by poll workers giving them a sharpie brand pen that would cancel their ballot, but election officials refuted the claims.

Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union chairman, was among those spreading the theory on social media Wednesday.

Twitter restricted the visibility of the tweet over the disputed claims.

Schlapp tweeted, “apparently the use of sharpie pens in gop precincts is causing ballots to be invalidated. Could be huge numbers of mostly Trump supporters.”

Local officials respond

Local officials in Arizona attempted to debunk the theory.

“The felt-tip pen ballot controversy burning through social media is false. Don’t get caught up in it,” read a tweet from the Pima County government.

“Arizona ballot tabulating machines can read ballots marked with a felt tip pen. Felt pens are discouraged because the ink can bleed through,” they added.

They went on to
explain the process of deciphering the ballot and counting it even if the ink bleeds through on the ballot.

“All ballots in which voter intent can be discerned will be counted. That’s also in the manual. No ballots will be discarded because of the method used to color in the ovals,” they

The public information officer for the Arizona Secretary of State said in an email to the Associated Press that people were misunderstanding the cancellation of ballots.

“If a voter’s ballot is listed as canceled, it usually means the voter made an additional ballot request if they needed to have their original ballot replaced,” said Sophia Solis. “Depending on when they returned their replacement ballot, that ballot is most likely still being processed by the county.”

Despite the statement of election officials, some continued to spread the theory on social media.

“This is one example of fraud and maybe that happened in multiple places and states. Especially those Pro-Trump. The center gave the voter a sharpie to mark the options and this type of ink is not readable by the machine to register the votes,”
read one tweet.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sent a letter
demanding answers about the controversy from Maricopa County election officials after receiving hundreds of complaints.

On Wednesday, Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes admitted in a video that Joe Biden was leading Trump in the ballot count in Arizona by 93,000 votes, but noted that the president only needed 58% of 605,000 votes that were still being counted in order to beat Biden.

Here’s more about the sharpie election conspiracy:

Arizona AG opens inquiry into Sharpie ballot complaints, elections officials say votes will count

conspiracy theories Intelwars Mitt romney on antifa Mitt romney on qanon Mitt romney vs trump Romney qanon antifa Satanic child trafficking cult Trump on conspiracy theories

Mitt Romney slams Trump for not condemning QAnon conspiracy, and adds scorn for Democrats refusing to denounce Antifa

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) slammed President Donald Trump for his comments about the QAnon conspiracy theory during a combative town hall event on NBC, and added scorn for Democrats who refuse to denounce Antifa.

Romney tweeted a statement condemning the president on Friday from his social media account.

“The President’s unwillingness to denounce an absurd and dangerous conspiracy theory last night continues an alarming pattern: politicians and parties refuse to forcefully and convincingly repudiate groups like antifa, white supremacists, and conspiracy peddlers,” said Romney.

“Similarly troubling is their silence regarding anti-vaxxers, militias, and anarchists. Rather than expel the rabid fringes and the extremes, they have coddled or adopted them, eagerly trading their principles for the hope of electoral victories,” he added.

“As the parties rush down a rabbit hole, they may be opening a door to political movement that could eventually eclipse them both,” he warned.

One of the more heated interactions between moderator Savannah Guthrie and the president during his NBC town hall had to do with the conspiracy theory that accuses Democrat leaders of participating in a satanic child molestation and trafficking operation.

The president initially answered that he didn’t know what QAnon was, and then later praised them for being against pedophilia when pressed by Guthrie to denounce the believers of the conspiracy.

“So, I know nothing about QAnon, I know very little,” said the president to Guthrie.

“I know nothing about it. I do know that they are very much against pedophilia, they fight it very hard but I know nothing about it,” he added.

He went on to say that he didn’t know if there was a “satanic pedophile cult” as claimed by QAnon believers, and neither did Guthrie.

Romney, a former presidential candidate himself, has been very critical of the president in the past, but many on the left responded with scorn against Romney despite his statement about QAnon.

Among the more infamous incidents of Democrats ignoring the threat of Antifa is a statement from Democratic U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.) calling the left-wing group a “myth.”

Here’s the interaction from Trump’s town hall event:

Trump Denounces White Supremacy, Sidesteps Question On QAnon | NBC News

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‘A convenient boogeyman for misinformation artists’: Why is the New York Times defending George Soros?

On the “Glenn Beck Radio Program” Tuesday, Glenn discussed the details of a recent New York Times article that claims left-wing billionaire financier George Soros “has become a convenient boogeyman for misinformation artists who have falsely claimed that he funds spontaneous Black Lives Matter protests as well as antifa, the decentralized and largely online, far-left activist network that opposes President Trump.”

The Times article followed last week’s bizarre Fox News segment in which former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared to be censored for criticizing Soros (read more here). The article also labeled Glenn a “conspiracy theorist” for his tweet supporting Gingrich.

Watch the video clip below for details:

Want more from Glenn Beck?

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George Soros says there is an ‘international conspiracy’ working against him, calls Trump a ‘confidence trickster’

Leftist billionaire George Soros called President Donald Trump a “confidence trickster” and addressed the accusations that he is the center of a worldwide conspiracy.

The infamous financier made the comments in an interview with La Repubblica, an Italian publication.

“There are several strands of these conspiracies,” said Soros.

“One is that I have built a foundation that actually covers most of the globe. That fits the idea of what was at the time called a Judeo-Bolshevik global conspiracy. Now it’s just called a Jewish conspiracy,” he explained.

“There is an actual, genuine international conspiracy against me,” he claimed. “So, when I am challenging the same issues for an Open Society throughout the world, like discrimination, racial exclusion, totalitarian regimes, I am not conspiring, I am openly bringing forward the mission of my life. And my enemies learn from each other. And they attack together using similar techniques.”

“A confidence trickster”

He went on to accuse Trump of being a confidence trickster, and said the president was undermining democracy and the Constitution with his behavior in office.

“Even in the United States, a confidence trickster like Trump can be elected president and undermine democracy from within,” said Soros.

“But in the U.S. you have a great tradition of checks and balances and established rules,” he added. “And above all you have the Constitution. So I am confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon, hopefully ending in November.”

Soros continued on to say that the president remains “dangerous” and will face the consequences of violating the Constitution if he loses the election.

“A revolutionary moment”

He also said that pandemic crisis offered opportunities for change, but implied it would be used for malicious ends.

“We are in a crisis, the worst crisis in my lifetime since the Second World War,” he said. “I would describe it as a revolutionary moment when the range of possibilities is much greater than in normal times. What is inconceivable in normal times becomes not only possible but actually happens. People are disoriented and scared. They do things that are bad for them and for the world.”

The billionaire financier made headlines in July when he donated more than $50 million into several races in the 2020 election.

Here’s more recent news about George Soros:

George Soros praises Trump’s China policy in op-ed

Anti-semitic rant Anti-Semitism conspiracy theories cte Former chiefs larry johnson Intelwars NFL Twitter racist rant

Former NFL star Larry Johnson posts bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Twitter with zero repercussions

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson posted a bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory rant on Twitter and has apparently faced zero repercussions over it.

Johnson was criticizing ESPN sports commentator Max Kellerman for knocking down anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming Jews controlled the media and other industries.

The former NFL star implied that a “Jewish cabal” participated in human trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophilia, ritualistic child torture, perversion, human sacrifice and murder.

Kellerman, who is also Jewish,
demanded that Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson explain how he spread anti-Semitic messages even after he apologized for what he posted.

“Jews do not have a plan for world domination. I have no plan for world domination. And there’s no secret cabal with some plan for world domination,” Kellerman
said in July.

“You couldn’t uplift African Americans without singling out Jews falsely for having some kind of conspiracy to keep Black people down?” Kellerman asked.

‘Babylonian occult practitioners of pagan idolatry’

Johnson went on to make the claim that African-Americans were in the true lineage of the Israelites and that the Jews were not.

“Before the ‘Abrahamic ‘religion,’ which is stupid in itself because Israelites (Shemites) aren’t a religion. The Nephilim tainted line of HAM were the first Babylonian occult practitioners of pagan idolatry. AA’s you are not Hamites, you’re more Shemitic,” he
explained helpfully.

Television show host Nick Cannon
made similar claims in his own anti-Semitic rant on his YouTube show. He later apologized for the comments.

“Adrenochrome, Pizzagate…Qanon”

Johnson also appeared to defend other conspiracy theories that have gained popularity on social media platforms.

“Just like clockwork, Anything involving Hollywood, Adrenochrome, Pizzagate, its a Right Wing, QAnon, conspiracy… This is their way of saying ‘White People Crazy,'” tweeted Johnson.

“Instead of debating the proof, they label it a conspiracy and anti-Semitic,” said Johnson. “It’s TIRED.”

Many excoriated Johnson for the bizarre conspiracy theory, including CNN’s Jake Tapper who
tweeted, “Larry Johnson continuing to spread his anti-Semitic garbage. What a disgrace.”

Johnson previously posted a rant in August
complaining about an “effeminate agenda” in the NBA and NFL that he said had to do with the “buying power of the LGBTQ community.”

Non-response from Twitter

TheBlaze requested a comment from Twitter but the social media company did not respond to the request.

The former running back had numerous arrests for domestic violence when he played on the Chiefs’ team. In
an 2017 interview, Johnson said he was battling with headaches, memory loss, and believed that his violent outbursts could be due to CTE, a devastating brain injury found in some NFL players.

Here’s more about Johnson’s past:

Former NFL RB Larry Johnson: I Believe I Have CTE | SI Wire | Sports Illustrated

conspiracy theories Federal officers Intelwars John Heilemann Martial Law Martial law conspiracy theory Martial law trump Trump conspiracy theory

MSNBC analyst pushes bizarre conspiracy theory over Trump sending federal officers to riots

MSNBC analyst John Heilemann pushed a bizarre conspiracy theory Thursday about President Donald Trump’s decision to send federal officers to quell riots in Portland, Oregon, and other cities.

Heilemann said on “Morning Joe” that the president was using the law enforcement order as a trial balloon for using federal troops to stay in power should he lose the election in November.

“So, undermining a form of voting that we know is going to be more important in 2020 than ever, because of coronavirus, telling us that he’s not necessarily prepared to accept the result of the election, using federal forces against peaceful protesters outside the White House and now in Portland,” said Heilemann. “And increasingly encroaching on the state policing power, you know, they’re trying to make it sound like Chicago is going to be different but he’s setting precedents now.”

The president has faced criticism after it was reported that many local governments rejected the offer of help from federal law enforcement but Trump decided to send officers anyway. Some argued that this was a breach of the balance of power between the states and the federal government.

“This is what would happen if you were an authoritarian president who was preparing to resist a loss in the election, you would be saying the things Donald Trump is saying and you would be gradually rolling out federal police power into the states, against the wishes of the mayors and governors in question,” continued Heilemann.

He went on to cite Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) who said that Trump’s order was unconstitutional and that it might lead to martial law being declared.

“This is how it would happen, this is how the movie would play out and anybody who is not looking at this with a state of alarm and concern and worried about, is this president going to employ formally martial law at some point, as Ron Wyden suggested yesterday, is that on the president’s mind?” Heilemann asked.

“Is there anybody having watching Donald Trump for the last three and half years who doesn’t think that Donald Trump would try to employ martial law if he thought that was the only way to stay in power. I ask you Joe, is there anybody who’s sensible who comes on this show, who doesn’t think that’s possible?!” he concluded.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has been a vehement critic of the federal order, agreed to accept federal agents’ help with law enforcement efforts in Chicago after a phone call with the president.

Here’s the video of Heilemann’s comments:

conspiracy theories Intelwars Qanon banned Qanon conspiracy Qanon conspiracy theory Twitter bans qanon Twitter bias Twitter vs qanon

Twitter bans thousands of QAnon accounts and shuts down topics related to the conspiracy theory

Twitter announced on Tuesday that the social media company had banned thousands of accounts espousing the QAnon conspiracy theory and took steps to limit the spread of topics related to QAnon on its platform.

The company announced the action in a statement on Twitter.

“We’ve been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm. In line with this approach, this week we are taking further action on so-called ‘QAnon’ activity across the service,” the statement said.

The QAnon conspiracy includes a multitude of beliefs and claims, but it focuses on the existence of a shadowy figured named “Q” who claims to be in the Trump administration and posts cryptic messages about the president’s hidden strategy to take down the “deep state.”

“We will permanently suspend accounts Tweeting about these topics that we know are engaged in violations of our multi-account policy, coordinating abuse around individual victims, or are attempting to evade a previous suspension — something we’ve seen more of in recent weeks,” Twitter claimed.

The company went on to say that it would be shutting out content from QAnon accounts in the trending topics and recommendations, work to prevent highlighting the content, and block QAnon content from being shared.

A Twitter spokesperson said that the company banned 7,000 accounts, and the trending restrictions will affect about another 150,000 accounts, according to NBC News.

In August, CNN’s Chris Cillizza suggested that President Donald Trump was sending coded messages to QAnon supporters based on his use of the number 17 and the group’s belief that the number has a special meaning. That the president and other members of the administration often send coded messages of support for QAnon is a pillar of faith for believers of the conspiracy.

Some on social media wondered if the demands from liberal celebrity Chrissy Teigen that Twitter do something about QAnon accounts criticizing her led to the action by the company.

“It’s extremely disheartening. I don’t know how to stop this. I don’t think anyone quite gets it,” said Teigen, of the conspiracy trolling.

Here’s more about QAnon trolling Teigen:

Chrissy Teigen Slams Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theorists

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Agenda 21 Requires Martial Law

Richie from Boston has taken to boldly stating the obvious.  In order to force people to accept Agenda 21 and not fight back, military presence is mandatory. The United States government is wholly pushing the agenda forward for the elitists and we just keep falling for it and hate those who are trying to warn us.

The governments of the world are already busy crafting the next crisis. Once the rioting and looting dies down, another manufactured disaster will strike.  It’ll be one thing after another until “Plandemic 2” hits in the fall. Heck, maybe something even bigger will surface before then even and they won’t need “a second wave.” Ritchie from Boston touches some nerves in one of his most recent videos. His goal isn’t to appease those who listen, it’s to wake them up.

“Everything I am saying, you can still look up for yourself right now. And if you don’t, and what’s coming comes, you helped it happen,” says Richie. Is it difficult to bust through cognitive dissonance? Yep. Is it hard to read things that go against the indoctrination? Yes. It was tough for me, and Richie admits it was tough for him too.  But you have to open your eyes and stop giving people power over you.

“Get rid of your ego. Get rid of your pride. Get rid of your…everything because we need to move past that. Because the riots are the second stage.  They thought COVID would be enough to set it [Agenda 21 takeover] off. They NEED martial law in the United States in order to take away all the weapons etc. etc….they’re gonna use contact tracing in the New World Order to monitor you every single millisecond of every single day,” days Richie.

“It’s time to wake up. The riots? There are thousands of documents showing there are professional rioters and who they’re paid by. They want troops on the ground and once troops are on the ground, the same paid agitators, agent provocateurs, that have been destroying these peaceful protests, will also be the ones taking shots at the National Guard, etc. And once that happens, your guns are gone!” Have you ever stopped to ponder WHY some of us are saying stop asking more material law and military interference? “This country is gone. You need to wake up and you need to wake up NOW!

There’s a lot going on here, people. But I’ll tell you a little secret, you can talk all your conspiracy bullshit all you want…that was taught to you through television, movies, music, mainstream. But we’re living in the middle of one of the biggest conspiracies that’s ever been perpetrated on humanity EVER…The end game is to get troops on the ground. WE’RE HERE. You can hate me all you want. I don’t give a F*ck. I didn’t do this to be popular…this world is completely ridiculous. But you ain’t gonna be able to hate me much longer if you don’t heed my advice.”

It’s become apparent that the elitists are on a timeline and must achieve certain goals to make sure they maintain power forever. When is that timeline? I don’t know. All I know is we have to realize this is all a war for our minds, emotions, and perception. We also need to realize that we have only a finite amount of time before no amount of awareness will matter because they’ve already won.

If you want to sit back and “trust the plan” and actually believe that Trump is going to use the system (military tribunals) to take down those elitists (Obama, Hillary, The Federal Reserve) who created the system, do so. But you’re still stuck in the left/right paradigm that is being used to divide to force us into Agenda 21. Using their system to punish them isn’t ever going to work, and Trump has to know that. If he actually cared about liberty, freedom, and justice, he would have ended the Fed and the alphabet agencies that are destroying our freedom. He wouldn’t be patting the deep state’s backside and he wouldn’t have sold Americans into debt slavery using the CARES Act. Using the system to beat the system is a ludicrous idea.

We shouldn’t expect peace as long as there are people in power over other people.  There’s a simple solution. Realize you own yourself and reject the system they are trying to force upon you.  Most don’t want to see because it’s easier to be their slave, It’s easy to trust Trump will save you. It’s time we save ourselves. Take responsibility for your own life without the ruling class, or you will get to see exactly what a “New World Order” of enslavement will look like.


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Google Drive Takes Down PERSONAL Copy Of “Plandemic”

If there was ever a time in history to pay attention, it’s now.  It’s now obvious that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open to that which Big Tech and the government continue to censor to “save us” from “misinformation.” Google Drive, at the request of The Washington Post, has taken down a user’s personal copy of the movie “Plandemic.”

Ever since Big Tech platforms started cracking down on what they deem to be “coronavirus misinformation” (information they don’t want you to know about), the media has been willfully flagging alleged violations to social media companies and getting content taken down, reported News Break. 

In other words, they want us to remain in a panic-induced state of fear and only listen to the mainstream media’s official Operation Mockingbird narrative about the entire Plandemic.  And because you are not supposed to know anything else, Google drive has removed a user’s personal copy of Dr. Judy Mikovitz’s “Plandemic” after it was flagged by the Washington Post. 

It doesn’t get more blatant than this, folks.  We are being lied to and expected to stay fearful and obey the ruling class at all costs. It’s going to get ugly by the end of this year if tyrants don’t release their grip on power…and we know they won’t let go easily.

In an article reporting on the takedown, The Washington Post’s Silicon Valley Correspondent Elizabeth Dwoskin complained that after the coronavirus documentary Plandemic was censored on social media, some YouTube clips were telling users how to access “banned footage” from the documentary via Google Drive. She then notes that after The Washington Post contacted Google, Google Drive took down a file featuring the trailer for the Plandemic documentary.

Watch Plandemic on Bitchute, a decentralized, censorship-free platform by clicking here. 

As Big Tech ramps up censorship, we need to ramp up our exit and cease to use their products.  We said last month that the mainstream media was going to continue a smear campaign against anyone who stands up to the elitists and this tyrannical takeover and economic terrorism while using a virus as an excuse.

The mainstream media is going to continue its smear campaign against anyone who dares to believe they have the right to live freely so long as they aren’t harming others and take life’s risk upon themselves. But as fewer people tune in to listen to their propaganda, fewer people will be brainwashed by it. –SHTFplan

And that’s exactly what the Washington Post did. Dwoskin frames users sharing files containing the Plandemic trailer with each other as:

“A wave of seemingly countless workarounds employed by people motivated to spread misinformation about the virus — efforts that continue to thwart social media companies’ attempts at preventing hoaxes and conspiracy theories from spreading amid the greatest public health crisis in decades.”

There is good news though.  We now know that the mainstream media is struggling to maintain their grip on the official narrative, and for all intents and purposes, they’ve already failed.  Too many have awoken to the lies and propaganda designed to keep a ruling class in place, and the rest of us subjugated.  But that’s all ending and they will not go down without a fight. Expect more censorship as they desperately try to cling to their mind control and social engineering schemes in the coming months.

As Robert Kiyosaki said recently: “Pray for the best but prepare for the worst!”

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Breaking: Sources claim coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab as a result of China trying to surpass the US

A Fox News report provided more evidence that the coronavirus originated in a laboratory from Wuhan, China, and provided a motivation relating to China trying to surpass the United States.

The report relied on multiple sources telling Fox News they had access to knowledge about China’s early reaction to the spread of the virus and documents relating to the pandemic.

According to the report, the virus spread as a result of Chinese efforts to challenge the United States in their ability to identify and combat viruses.

One of the sources said it may be the “costliest government coverup of all time.”

The report however refuted speculation that the pandemic was an intentional bio-weapon spread to damage the United States and other rivals of China.

The sources claim that the virus was transmitted from a bat to a human at the Institute of Virology lab in Wuhan.

While some experts have theorized that the virus might have originated in the “wet markets” in Wuhan, others have noted the coincidental close proximity of the laboratory to the outbreak.

The report also corroborated accusations that the World Health Organization collaborated with China in order to cover up their culpability in the lethal global pandemic.

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he would be halting payments to the WHO based on numerous mistakes the organization made as the virus spread from China to the rest of the world.

Here’s more about the Fox News report:

Sources: Coronavirus pandemic may have started in Chinese laboratory

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Chinese official pushes conspiracy theory that the US Army introduced coronavirus to Wuhan

A top Chinese official pushed a conspiracy theory on Thursday that blamed the US Army for the coronavirus.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted about his suspicions, citing testimony from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield before House Oversight Committee.

Redfield said that some Americans who were thought to have died from influenza actually tested positive for COVID-19, another name for the coronavirus.

“CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals?” Zhao asked in his tweet.

“It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent!” he added.

“Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” he concluded.

The coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan, China, and has spread quickly to the rest of the world.

The bizarre accusation might have been an attempt to deflect accusations that the Chinese government covered up the extent of the disease in order to avoid responsibility for what has become a global pandemic.

Chinese officials have been reticent to admit the disease originated from China, and are holding out for the possibility that it came from elsewhere.

“No conclusion has been reached yet on the origin of the virus,” said Zhao in a recent media briefing. “What we are experiencing now is a global phenomenon with its source still undetermined.”

Health experts, however, believe the virus jumped from animals to humans in China in early November 2019.

Here’s more about the spread of COVID-19:

Top health official on US response to coronavirus pandemic