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Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood — who helped lead the accusations of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election — is under investigation for voter fraud

Attorney Lin Wood is under investigation by Georgia officials for potential voter fraud, according to a Tuesday night report from NBC News.

Wood was one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest advocates in attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election based on accusations of massive voter fraud.

The embattled attorney recently said that he has been living in South Carolina for the last several months.

What are the details?

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office confirmed the investigation in a statement to the network.

“The question is whether [Wood] was a legal resident when he voted in November in light of an email he sent to [WSB-TV reporter] Justin Gray saying he has been domiciled in South Carolina for several months,” the statement explained. “The investigation is ongoing.”

The secretary of state’s office added that “if a person removes to another state with the intention of making it such person’s residence, such person shall be considered to have lost such person’s residence in this state” — which would have made Wood ineligible to vote in Georgia if he were living in South Carolina during early voting.

On Tuesday night, Wood responded to the news and in a statement of his own announced, “I was domiciled in Atlanta in October of 2020 and was a resident of Georgia at that time. I have been a resident of Georgia since 1955.”

“I own properties in Georgia and South Carolina,” Wood’s statement added. “I changed my resident to South Carolina on February 1, 2021.”

What else?

On Wednesday, NPR reported that Wood took to the social media site Telegram on Monday, revealing that he was leaving Georgia and changing his permanent residency to South Carolina after insisting Georgia “falsely accused me and shunned me.”

“After news of the investigation broke, Wood wrote that he only became a South Carolina resident as of Feb. 1 and called Raffensperger a ‘loser’ who ‘is going to jail,'” NPR’s Stephen Fowler reported.

“Now, his posts on Telegram are under scrutiny as officials seek to determine if one of the loudest voices alleging election fraud committed a crime himself,” Fowler added. “Georgia state code 21-2-217 (a) (5) says that if a person moves to another state ‘with the intention of remaining there an indefinite time and making such state the person’s place of residence’ then they are no longer considered eligible to vote in Georgia.”

State investigators will now determine if Wood lived in South Carolina or in Georgia when he voted early in person for the November presidential election

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Biden calls for unity. Comedian says ‘F*** that. I want blood.’ Then conservatives pile on.

Comedian and actor David Cross has rejected President-elect Joe Biden’s plea for unity amid his transition into the White House, calling for “blood” instead.

What are the details?

Biden on Saturday
tweeted, “After a year of pain and loss, it’s time to unite, heal, and rebuild.”

While many social media users took the president-elect’s message in a productive and positive way, Cross called for a revolution.

“F*** that,” he
wrote, retweeting Biden’s remarks. “I want blood.”

Image source: Twitter screenshot

What was the response?

Despite its apparent call for division, the tweet, according to the
Washington Examiner, “did not violate any of the tech giant’s rules or policies,” a statement from Twitter said.

Many conservatives and critics, however, had their say and railed against Cross’s inflammatory remarks.

Writer Kurt Schlicter simply
wrote, “Come and take it.”

Twitter user TyrantNo4
wrote, “Imagine saying this and still thinking you’re one of the good guys.”

User BagelEnchilada chimed in, “David, I used to be a bouncer for a pub in Santa Monica. You came in one night. You barely made it to the top of the stool at the bar. Sit down.”

Musician Phil Labonte
added, “Well go gitchu some! Stop tweeting and start watering that grass. … For the rest of eternity, anytime he tweets, there should be at least one reply that says ‘the grass isn’t gonna water itself.'”

Following the backlash, Cross on Sunday wrote, “I am loving the responses to this that are all, ‘come and try p***y soy lib hollywood girl woman’ as if these anonymous maga chuds & chudettes don’t practice the same exact feckless violent fantasy trolling.”

Image source: Twitter screenshot

Anything else?

Just last week, actor Alec Baldwin — an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump — mused about the violence the sitting president should see should he refuse to vacate the White House in January.

“Who arrests Trump if he refuses to concede? Who drags him out? Pepper spray? Cuffs?” Baldwin
wrote on Twitter earlier in the month. “A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen? Does he wheeze ‘I can’t breathe.’ Just whale away on him like a piñata? Rodney King style? The thug who has destroyed the country. What does he deserve?”

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Vice President-elect Harris touts Biden’s planned 100-day mask mandate, but says administration will not punish people who refuse to comply

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris says there will be “no punishment” for people who violate President-elect Joe Biden’s 100-day mask mandate, according to The Wrap.

According to the outlet, the Biden administration hopes to be able to distribute 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in the first 100 days of taking office in January.

What are the details?

Harris appeared on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Good Morning America” where she discussed Biden’s plan to hand down a mandate regarding mask-wearing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There’s no punishment, nobody — they don’t have to, but he is saying, as a leader, ‘Please, everybody work with me here. For the first 100 days, let’s everybody just wear a mask and see the outcomes there.'”

The California senator also told “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts that it just makes sense for people to listen to Biden’s advice.

“Because, of course, the scientists and the public health officials tell us there’ll be really great outcomes if everyone does wear a mask when they’re in public,” she added.

President-elect Biden has previously promised that he will take the COVID-19 vaccine for the public to see. Harris told Roberts that she plans to receive the vaccination as well.

“I think we all have to understand that right now, this is a moment for everyone to sacrifice,” she explained. “If we’re gonna get through this together as a country, then we all have to do it.”

You can watch video of Harris’ remarks here.

What else?

Harris said that in four years, she hopes to look back on the first term of Biden’s presidency and define her own personal success as making him a successful president.

“Joe and I were elected to do a job, which is to build back better and to fight for the best of who we are as a nation,” she said. “And he and I as partners, if we are able to do that together, I think our country will be the better for it.”

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‘If you voted for Trump, there is a racist bone in your body’: Sitcom actress Wanda Sykes hit with the facts after defaming Trump voters

Sitcom actress and stand-up comic Wanda Sykes hopped on Twitter over the weekend and accused those who voted for President Donald Trump last month of being racists.

Well, maybe Trump voters aren’t total racists, she said — but at the very least, teeny, tiny parts of them probably would give standing ovations to the Ku Klux Klan:

“Here’s the tweet. If you voted for Trump, there is a racist bone in your body,” Sykes tweeted. “It might be in your pinky toe…but it’s there. Praying for you.”

She followed that up with a tweet saying “or maybe you’re just a greedy bastard.”

What was the reaction?

The “Black-ish” cast member — who boasts over half a million Twitter followers — certainly has her fans, and a number of them jumped at the chance to give Sykes virtual fist-bumps.

But others were less than pleased, and some even offered her some facts to chew on — like the user who shot back with, “So the 19% of black males who voted for Trump, up from 13% in 2016, are racist? That’s shocking!”

Indeed, support for Trump at the polls increased among minority voters since he was first elected. He garnered 8% of the black vote in 2016 and 12% in 2020; Trump got 28% of the Latino vote in 2016 and 32% in 2020, the Wall Street Journal reported.

So it may not be the best look for Sykes to essentially call a large number of black and Latino voters “racist” because they marked their boxes for Trump. Or maybe she just forgot to do her homework.

Others had the following to say to Sykes:

  • “You’re a hypocrite and a liar,” black conservative talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson wrote. “You need to forgive yo’ mama & yo’ daddy and overcome being such a nasty woman!”
  • Another user piggybacked on Peterson’s rebuttal: “Here’s the tweet. Wanda you live and work in LaLa Land (the place of make believe) and I’m supposed to believe what you say as truth? LOL Beware the children of the lie! Jesse is right the Devil is your master! And it shows!”
  • “Whoa. I voted for Trump mainly because of what he would do to help Black Americans, and he did not disappoint,” another commenter told Sykes. “You might want to look at [President-elect Joe] Biden’s history of racist comments and actions. Being [against] school choice is racist.”
  • “News flash. I voted for Trump and I’m NOT a racist. It is YOU and your ILK that keep that racist garbage going,” another user said. “You used to be my favorite person on the old Christine shows.. sound racist to you? It’s because I’m not. Sick of this race baiting by the Dems. Stop already!”
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Michigan Republican loses his committee assignments after comments construed as a refusal to condemn violence

Republican leaders in the Michigan Legislature reprimanded one of their GOP colleagues Monday after he made comments that some construed to “open the door to violent behavior” as security concerns have been raised over groups promising to disrupt the Electoral College vote in the state Capitol this afternoon.

Rep. Gary Eisen (R-St. Clair Township) made the comments on a morning radio program after he was interviewed about the imminent Electoral College vote, the Detroit Free Press reported. Michigan’s 16 electoral votes will be cast for former Vice President Joe Biden, who was certified as the winner of the state in the 2020 presidential election. President Donald Trump’s campaign and other Republicans filed several unsuccessful legal challenges to stop the certification of the election.

Eisen said that he and others would go further by participating in an event at the Capitol to appoint an alternative set of electors for the Electoral College and, when asked, he seemingly did not rule out the possibility of violence at the event. The lawmaker described what he and others were trying to do as a “Hail Mary” for Republicans to overturn the results of the election.

State House and Senate office buildings in Lansing were closed Monday because of “credible threats of violence” reported by law enforcement officials. According to the Detroit Free Press, there have been unconfirmed reports of violent threats made against Michigan delegates to the Electoral College.

Eisen was asked about the security concerns on the radio.

“Can you assure me that this is going to be safe day in Lansing, nobody’s going to get hurt?” radio host Paul Miller asked Eisen.

“No,” he responded. “I don’t know because what we’re doing today is uncharted. It hasn’t been done.”

Following these comments, Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R-Levering) announced that Eisen would be stripped of his committee assignments in a statement denouncing threats made against the Electoral College proceedings and accusing Eisen of opening the door to violence with his remarks.

“We have been consistent in our position on issues of violence and intimidation in politics — it is never appropriate and never acceptable. That is true of threats or suggestions of violence against Gov. (Gretchen) Whitmer, Secretary (of State Jocelyn) Benson, Rep. (Cynthia) Johnson and others on the Oversight committee, Republicans, Democrats, and members of the Electoral College. That applies to threats made toward public officials, and it must also apply when the public officials open the door to violent behavior and refuse to condemn it. We must do better,” Chatfield said.

“We as elected officials must be clear that violence has no place in our democratic process. We must be held to a higher standard. Because of that, Rep. Eisen has been removed from his committee assignments for the rest of the term.”

Eisen responded Monday afternoon, releasing a statement that clarified he supports sending an alternate slate of delegates to the Electoral College but does not condone violence. He announced that he will not attend the event at the Capitol this afternoon.

“I regret the confusion over my comments this morning, and I want to assure everyone that those of us who are supporting an alternative slate of electors intend to do so peacefully and legally. I wanted to attend today’s event to help prevent violence, not promote it. I no longer plan to go to the Capitol with that group today,” Eisen said.

White House aide Stephen Miller on Monday went on Fox News and promised that “an alternative” slate of electors would be appointed by Republicans in contested battleground states where the Trump campaign argues Biden won by fraud or by an illegitimate electoral process. There is no legal precedent for recognition of an “alternate” slate of electors from any state and Congress is extremely unlikely to recognize any electors but the official ones appointed by the several states.

Earlier this month, Michigan Republicans also stripped Democratic Rep. Cynthia Johnson of her committee assignments after she issued a video warning to “Trumpers” and urged “soldiers” to “make them pay.” Johnson later claimed her comments were referencing “soldiers” for “Christ” against “racism” and “misogyny” and that her video was made in response to racist threats she’s received. In the video she said she wants her supporters to “hit ’em in their pocketbooks,” which according to Johnson meant make those threatening her pay financially by reporting them to the authorities.

2020 Election 2020 presidential election electoral college Intelwars Joe Biden

Electoral College set to officially elect Joe Biden today

Across the country, at various times in state capitals, members of the nation’s Electoral College are set to meet today and vote, making Joe Biden the president-elect of the United States.

The Trump campaign’s legal team has mounted a bevy of challenges to the electoral results in a number of swing states, but those challenges have been rejected by federal courts, and the campaign’s attempts to prevent states from certifying and choosing electors have failed, culminating in last week’s refusal by the Supreme Court to hear the state of Texas’ last-ditch lawsuit contesting the manner in which some states changed their absentee ballot rules.

In the absence of any surprise defectors, Biden is expected to receive 306 electoral votes today, more than the 270 needed to elect him as the nation’s 46th president.

The Trump team has promised to continue to pursue legal challenges in the state court system; however, after electors cast their votes today, it seems highly unlikely that any court will hear further challenges or would be able to award any remedy that might undo the votes once they are cast, meaning that no plausible legal path to challenge Biden’s election remains.

The only remaining step in the formal process of electing the president is the congressional counting of Electoral College votes, which will occur on Jan. 6. The Trump team has promised that an “alternate” slate of electors will meet today in certain contested states, but there is no legal precedent for recognition of this “alternate” slate, and there is little or no chance that Congress will recognize their votes.

When sworn in, Biden will become the oldest person to serve as president of the United States at the age of 78. Kamala Harris will become the first female and first person of color to serve as vice president of the United States. In the absence of a truly unexpected event, Biden and Harris will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021.

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Michael Flynn breaks silence post-pardon with stirring remarks on 2020’s ‘war against the forces of evil’: ‘We must refuse to go to the funeral of our independence’

Gen. Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has broken his silence following his presidential pardon and said that he believes the country is in a “war against the forces of evil.”

In a remarks published in the Western Journal, Flynn insisted that the country must band together and refuse to “go to the funeral of our independence.”

His remarks come as the president and his supporters challenge the 2020 presidential election results in several states.

What are the details?

In his remarks, which were delivered on Saturday, Flynn said, “The battle we are engaged in cannot be fought with only human weapons: It requires the intervention of God because in a war against the forces of evil, only the Lord can obtain the victory.”

“[A]s American citizens, we must refuse to go to the funeral of our own independence,” he added. “We the people are proud to proclaim that the United States of America is ‘One Nation under God.'”

“In this public profession of faith in God, we recognize his Lordship over our country, and we proudly stand beneath the banner of Christ and our flag, in which millions have sacrificed their very lives for,” Flynn continued.

Flynn made the remarks from the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., as thousands of demonstrators gathered and held pro-Trump signs in support of an ongoing challenge of the 2020 presidential election results.

Citing scripture, he pointed out that the Lord also said, “‘Whoever is not with me is against me.'”

“We do not want a world governed by tyrants whom no one has elected and who want to have power in order to destroy us,” he said. “We understand what their plan is: to eliminate dissent, subdue any criticism and outlaw those who do not submit unconditionally to the dictatorship of the ‘new world order.'”

“In this crucible moment of our time, we have to pray that truth triumphs over lies, justice triumphs over abuse and fraud, honesty triumphs over corruption,” the former national security adviser later added. “Our sacred honor triumphs over infamy.”

He also insisted that there are “still avenues” to secure a Trump re-election.

“[W]e’re fighting with faith, and we’re fighting with courage,” Flynn added.

Trump pardoned Flynn in November after Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with a Russian envoy.

He later added, “The courts aren’t going to decide who the next president of the United States is going to be. ‘We the people’ decide.”

“[W]e’re only asking to show us a little transparency,” Flynn continued. “Why not recount? Why not look at the signatures? Why not look inside these [voting] machines? Why not? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding from? They’re hiding from something.”

Outright stating that fraud took place during the 2020 presidential election, Flynn insisted, “Our protest, our denunciation of electoral fraud is not only motivated by the fact that we are supporting Donald J. Trump as a candidate. It is above all a battle for justice and truth, which goes far beyond membership in a party or voting for a candidate.”

“Pray now that when the light shines in the coming days, it reveals the truth along with a new era of American patriotism,” he concluded.

The Electoral College is set to vote Monday on the results of the 2020 presidential election.

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YouTube says it will remove any video alleging widespread voter fraud in 2020 election

YouTube announced Wednesday that it will begin removing content that alleges widespread fraud or voting irregularities in the 2020 U.S. presidential election now that the safe harbor deadline for the election has passed.

Any new content uploaded to the video hosting platform after Tuesday that alleges widespread fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election will be removed, the company said in a blog post.

“Our policies prohibit misleading viewers about where and how to vote. We also disallow content alleging widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. Presidential election,” the company explained. “However in some cases, that has meant allowing controversial views on the outcome or process of counting votes of a current election as election officials have worked to finalize counts.”

“Yesterday was the safe harbor deadline for the U.S. Presidential election and enough states have certified their election results to determine a President-elect,” YouTube continued. “Given that, we will start removing any piece of content uploaded today (or anytime after) that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, in line with our approach towards historical U.S. Presidential elections.”

New videos, for example, that claim former Vice President Joe Biden won the election due to “software glitches or counting errors” associated with Dominion Voting Systems will be targeted for removal.

The content censorship comes as Texas has filed a lawsuit, supported by the attorneys general of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri, alleging that four battleground states exploited the coronavirus pandemic to make unconstitutional changes to mail-in voting rules. The lawsuit seeks to delay the Electoral College vote to select the next U.S. president until investigations into possible election fraud are completed.

In recent weeks, YouTube has faced heavy criticism for permitting videos that dispute the election results to be uploaded on its platform. Wednesday’s statement addressed the potential conflict between demands from the left to censor so-called “misinformation” and complaints from the right about free speech.

“We understand the need for intense scrutiny on our elections-related work. Our teams work hard to ensure we are striking a balance between allowing for a broad range of political speech and making sure our platform isn’t abused to incite real-world harm or broadly spread harmful misinformation,” YouTube said.

YouTube content creators like BlazeTV host Dave Rubin reported receiving an email from YouTube Wednesday explaining the new policy.

“Adios free speech. The bannings are coming,” Rubin said, sharing a screenshot of an email explaining that any video “alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election” will be removed.

“There’s a historic lawsuit at the Supreme Court alleging massive fraud in our election but we can’t talk about it on @YouTube,” video producer Robby Starbuck said. “This censorship does the exact opposite of what they intend for it to do. It will only solidify the belief many have that the elite stole the presidency.”

“Notice, they did no such thing with the Russia collusion conspiracy theories that went on for years,” radio talk show and BlazeTV host Mark Levin tweeted.

“These are editorial guidelines,” YouTuber Tim Pool said. “Time to start suing Youtube as they are now issuing direct guidance on what you can publish outside what is prescribed in Section 230.”

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Kellyanne Conway says Trump has the right to sue over the election, but ‘it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail’

Kellyanne Conway said that although President Donald Trump had the right to exhaust every legal option he has, that it appeared that former Vice President Joe Biden had win the election.

Conway made the comments in an interview with 19th News on Friday.

“If you look at the vote totals in the Electoral College tally, it looks like Joe Biden and [Sen.] Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will prevail,” said Conway. “I assume the electors will certify that and it will be official. We, as a nation, will move forward, because we always do.”

Conway made history when she became the first female campaign manager to run a winning presidential election in 2016. She had voraciously defended the president as a member of his administration but later left her position to look after her family.

“You always need a peaceful transfer of democracy, no matter whose administration goes into whose administration. There’s no question,” she added.

She noted that Trump did not stand in the way of the GSA beginning the official transition process from his administration to Biden’s administration.

“The president wants to exhaust all of his legal avenues, as he has made clear many times. His team is doing that, I see in the paper they’re doing that, they’re going to different states and trying to do that, and of course, that is his right,” she said.

The president is pursuing several legal avenues in order to prove his contention that the election was stolen from him through fraud. On Friday the speaker of the House in Arizona, who is a Republican, rebuffed demands that the legislature call a special session in order to award the state’s electoral votes to Trump.

Conway also said she would work with the future administration if they needed her help. “If there’s anything I can ever do to help,” she added, “they can count on me.”

Here’s the video of Conway’s comments:

Kellyanne Conway: “It looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail” in 2020 election

2020 presidential election Intelwars Joe Biden President Donald Trump Rick wilson The Daily Beast United States

Daily Beast editor-at-large goes on warpath in chilling editorial directed against Trump supporters?

Rick Wilson, the Daily Beast‘s editor-at-large, says he and presumably others “won’t forget” and “won’t forgive” what Trump supporters did to America.

In his rant, Wilson also appeared to compare the United States to a cheap hooker that President Donald Trump used and abused.

What are the details?

In a Sunday night editorial tagged “overdue penalties,” Wilson said that it’s simply “not enough to merely enjoy their agony and humiliation” as former Vice President Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated in January 2021.

“It’s not enough to hope they’ll be shamed and correct their behavior,” Wilson added in his short — but very pointed — remarks.

“The dark is rising for Trump’s sycophants, toadies, and enablers,” Wilson wrote. “Their tough-guy acts and f***-your-feelings s***-talk have become a furious whine of complaints and recriminations as a toxic slurry of rage and despair has left a stinging bile in the back of their throats that won’t go away.”

“Trump lost,” he continued, “and they can’t spin their way past it.”

Pointing to the Trump campaign’s election fraud-related lawsuits against various states, Wilson added, “Even as his lawyers are all but chased out of each town where they file their absurd, doomed lawsuits, the true believers still imagine some miracle emerging from the wreckage of Trump’s campaign.”

“The media apparatus that monetized the moronic state of religion of Trumpism is still pumping their slowcoach followers full of stupid, easily disproven lies.”

Wilson then appeared to compare the country to a cheap prostitute in concluding his rantings.

“The Professional Class of Republicans, though, know that the bitter end is here — that their dirty half-decade of personal abnegation and degradation is coming to a sick, sad finale,” he concluded. “It would leave them with a sense of shame if they had any. Most of the GOP, Inc. types long ago lost that sensibility. Still, America is watching them experiencing a combination of fury and humiliation as Trump heads to the door before even dropping the cash on the nightstand.”

2020 presidential election 2021 inauguration Intelwars Joe Biden Jon Voight President Donald Trump Social Media Trump Supporters Twitter warnings

Jon Voight makes dire prediction of what’s to come if Joe Biden takes office in January

Actor Jon Voight — an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump — says that the country is headed into a dangerous situation if former Vice President Joe Biden is inaugurated as president in January 2021.

What are the details?

In a now-viral video, Voight, 81, can be seen making the remarks while sitting in front of an American flag backdrop. He warns that the country is in a “great danger if we fall under a Biden administration.”

“We’re heading down a street that has no name now. We must not allow our nation to crumble,” he explains.

“Let me warn you all that we are in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration.”

The award-winning actor explains that Democrats and leftists are responsible for “burning and destroying our cities.”

“I ask all to fight this battle now to get them all out,” he says. “I have been attacked by my fellow peers saying I am preaching violence, when the truth is they all are. The left are burning and destroying our cities.”

“We are willing to fight for freedom, not freedom to burn down our flag, but to raise her up with the glory of this land of the free,” he adds.

“Let the truth show itself that President Trump is the only man that can save this nation,” he says.

Voight, who lives in California, also took aim at Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) during the video.

“Our state, California, is being ruled by a leftist mob,” he says. “Governor Newsom is taking away our freedom, your freedom. He is a disgrace to mankind — he and his relative, Nancy Pelosi, who has tried to bring President Trump down. … He is a lie like all the left that are trying to destroy the U.S.A. I ask all to fight this battle now to get them all out.”

Voight urged his fans and social media followers to join him in praying “in the name of Jesus, Moses, and all saints for their hands of safety to be on us now.”

Voight captioned the video “America” and tagged President Donald Trump in the post.

At the time of this reporting, the video has received more than 64,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 21,000 times.

2020 2020 Election 2020 presidential election covid Intelwars looting Protests Riots Thanksgiving

It’s OK to be thankful for the 2020 dumpster fire

Being thankful for a dumpster fire seems like a weird thing.

And if I’m being honest, I don’t suppose it’s the actual shinola of 2020 that I’m thankful for. It’s what that shinola provided.

Think of all the things that have been stripped away during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve missed out on hometown sports and get-togethers and shopping and parades and … well … you name it.

Many of us have lost loved ones or suffered ourselves thanks to the virus’ effects.

And we’ve gone through much more than COVID-19.

Our nation has seen a nasty election — both sides were ugly — and a media that seemed wildly unbalanced.

We’ve witnessed riots and looting — as well police whose actions have warranted protests.

Through it all, we’ve had a chance to grow. A chance to be better. A chance to focus on the things that matter.

Because apparently we needed it.

In the end, it’s 2020’s reminders of what matters that really mean something.

The reminder that people still matter. Grace still matters. Love still matters.

Through all of the garbage we’ve witnessed this year, people have remained. People who are as loved by their Creator as you and I are.

? That nasty Republican across the street? Yep, God loves him as much as He loves you.

? That weird Democrat neighbor? God loves her, too.

? That Antifa protester busting store windows and setting fires and taking whatever he pleases? Still loved by the Big Guy.

? That alt-right white supremacist? Loved.

? That governor who handed down the lockdown edict that closed your gym or shuttered your business or canceled your school year because, as you believe, he’s on a power trip? God’s love is for him.

? That governor who refused to mandate masks or enact other COVID-19 mandates because, as you believe, he doesn’t care if grandma dies? The cross covers him, too.

It’s a crazy thing to consider, but 2020 has given us a lot of opportunities to remember that if God loves all of us that much, then the very least that we can do is to try to love each other that much.

We’re not called to love just during the easy times, or to love only the people who are easy to love. That’s not how real love works. Real love happens without consideration for situations or whether love will be returned.

True love just loves — and that’s all it does.

? It’s about everyone else all the time.

? It’s about coming alongside and just being with people.

? It’s about following God to people who are hurting — and there are a lot of them — and being there when they hit the ground hard. (“Catching people on the bounce,” as Bob Goff puts it.)

? It’s about drawing a great big circle around everybody and saying they’re all in your circle — just like the circle grace drew around all of us.

This year has been … something. A lesson for us all. A chance to love the way we should. A chance to just be with people.

Be thankful for that.

2020 presidential election Faith George Washington Intelwars Prayer Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 2020

Thank you, almighty God, for your blessings this Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving Day falls on Thursday the 26th of November, marking 231 years to the exact date of the first Thanksgiving Day proclaimed by President George Washington. Forgive the cliche of quoting from Washington’s proclamation, but the simple fact is Washington issued a near-perfect statement of how Americans ought to think about the Thanksgiving holiday, and it’s worth honoring by remembrance.

A mere three paragraphs, Washington’s proclamation begins with an acknowledgement, the proclamation itself follows, and the president concludes with a request for the American people.

First, Washington acknowledges it is “the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor.” These days, Americans are very fond of demanding that government protect our various and innumerable rights. Undoubtedly, the purpose of just government is to secure the rights and liberties of its citizens. But a system of self-government such as we have will fail and will be unjust if the people, who are sovereign, do not recognize their duties. We each have a duty to our neighbors to respect their rights. We have a duty to follow just laws. To be good citizens. To be kind to one another, to serve each other, to help those in need, and for Washington, to be thankful for God’s provisions and to pray for his protection and favor.

In recognition of this duty, Washington proclaims “Thursday the 26th day of November next” to be a day for “the People of these States” to devote to God. Americans are to thank Him, “the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be” for “his kind care and protection,” for his mercy during the Revolutionary War, for the “tranquillity, union, and plenty” which followed, for “the peaceable and rational manner” in which the new American government was established, and “for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed,” the “means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge,” and also for “all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.”

These blessings here recounted are permanent things. Americans continue to enjoy the goodness God has shown to our forefathers, which speaks of God’s eternal nature. The sovereign King of Heaven, in His boundless mercy, saw fit to permit a rag-tag assembly of English colonists to overthrow the most powerful empire on earth and raised up wise political leaders to frame a Constitution that’s lasted for 233 years — a Constitution that to this day protects your rights and liberties and enables you to read this article in the safety of your own home, surrounded by family and friends and delicious food that, Lord willing, will last for several days.

And for those less fortunate, who may lack family or friends and food, did God not provide a country with many who can share with their countrymen? It is a great sin and transgression indeed for those of us who can share to neglect our duties to those who lack.

Yet sin is a reality we all must confront. People treat each other wickedly. We are unkind in our words. We are hateful and murderous in our thoughts. We are greedy, selfish, and self-serving, neglectful and thoughtless of those in need. We are proud and boastful, yet who can truly say they’ve always done right and never harmed another by word or deed? We lie to each other. We only love those who love us first, and even then we love poorly. We are unforgiving. And we’re too often ungrateful.

This is why, in the third paragraph, Washington requests that the American people “unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions.”

The greatest blessing freely offered by God to man is pardon for our sins. God offers forgiveness for all the wrongs we’ve done to Him and to each other to those who repent. Once free of our individual and national sins, He enables us “whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually—to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed.”

So giving thanks to God doesn’t simply involve thankful prayer, though that is important and necessary! It also involves obedience to His will, which is “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” We must repent of our sins toward one another and pray for forgiveness. We must love each other by performing our duties as citizens, which is to act righteously, to obey just laws, to respect each other, to help and support each other, both publicly and privately.

As Thanksgiving Day 2020 approaches, I cannot help but think of the hostility too many Americans feel towards one another after a contentious and divisive presidential election. I know this as truth: The anger, frustration, and anxieties felt by Americans on both the left and the right are the consequences of sin. No one is blameless. We have all sinned. If we loved each other as we ought, if we performed our duties as citizens to each other as we ought, would any right-thinking person be outraged or anxious about the White House changing parties for four short years?

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a God who loves us and offers forgiveness for our sins. I am thankful for a God who listens to and answers prayer. I’m thankful that God rules in heaven, that all authority on earth is on loan from Him, and that He will enact justice when we will not, no matter who occupies the presidency. I am thankful for a God who taught us, when we pray, to ask for our “daily bread,” reminding us that we are to rely on Him for His provisions each day and that we ought not to worry about tomorrow. I am thankful for a country and a Constitution that protect my right to worship this God. And it’s my intention and earnest prayer that in showing my gratitude, I fulfill my duty as an American citizen and a patriot to love my neighbors, as God commands.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” — Philippians 4:6-7

2020 presidential election Barack Obama Donald Trump Intelwars Joe Biden Leftists Man crush Stephen Colbert watch

‘I just want to take a moment to drink you in’: Stephen Colbert unleashes man crush on Barack Obama

Remember how left-wing TV host Stephen Colbert reacted to President Donald Trump winning the 2016 election over Hillary Clinton? Oh, it was a sad night for him.

In fact, Colbert said not long afterward that the show he had to pull off on election night was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life” and that “our audience was sobbing openly. And those are people who work for me, like my cameramen.”

Oh, what a difference four years makes

Fast forward to November 2020 — four years later — and Colbert indeed has struck a much happier tone in the wake of the media declaring Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden the victor over Trump earlier this month.

And Colbert’s pleasure was on full display Tuesday when he interviewed former President Barack Obama — and let’s just say “The Late Show” host’s man crush on Obama was glaringly apparent.

‘I just want to take a moment to drink you in’

“I just want to take a moment to drink you in, for just a moment because I’m having to get used to looking at a president again,” Colbert told Obama. “You know, I’ve gotten out of — I’ve gotten out of the habit. I gotta warm up for Joe Biden. I don’t want to pull anything when I see him take the oath of office. You gotta ease me into this a little bit.”

Obama told Colbert that with Biden “we’ve got the potential for returning to a presidency that is actually paying attention and trying to do right all people and not just some.”

Colbert said the prospect of new Cabinet holders would be a “return to stability and — what’s that word? — competency of your eight years,” after which he and Obama chuckled knowingly.

Obama took some indirect shot at Trump Cabinet holders, saying that those under Biden would have actually “read about stuff, know where countries are. It’s great.”

The former president also ripped the governmental response to the coronavirus, calling it “shambolic” and “frustrating” while stating that he and his family “don’t have to worry about the bills” — as if anyone doubted that.

President Barack Obama Shares His Frustrations About The White House’s Failed Pandemic Response

(H/T: The Washington Times)

2020 presidential election Barack Obama Bitter clingers Hispanic voters Intelwars Josh hawley Richard Grenell

Obama invites avalanche of criticism with ‘condescending’ remarks on Hispanic Trump supporters

Former President Barrack Obama invited a wave of criticism with remarks he made on a radio program about why President Donald Trump won a larger share of the Hispanic vote in the 2020 presidential election.

In his comments, Obama said that “evangelical Hispanics” ignored the “racist things” Trump says about Mexicans and how he put “undocumented workers in cages” because Trump agrees with them on gay marriage and abortion.

“People were surprised about a lot of Hispanic folks who voted for Trump, but there’s a lot of evangelical Hispanics who, the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts detainees, undocumented workers in cages, they think that’s less important than the fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion,” Obama said on “The Breakfast Club” radio show.

Trump earned 32% of the Latino vote in the presidential election, improving his election margins in 78 of 100 Hispanic counties in key battleground states from 2016. As Obama noted, many political commentators were surprised that Trump performed so well with Hispanics despite the media narrative that his immigration policies and focus on border security are “racist” toward Mexicans and other Hispanics.

Critics were quick to point out that the policy of separating migrant children from their parents or adult accompaniment was carried out under the Obama administration and that the infamous picture of children in cages used to attack Trump’s immigration enforcement policies was from 2014, when Obama was president.

Also, Obama publicly opposed gay marriage when he first ran for president in 2008 and it wasn’t until just before the 2012 election that his views “evolved” to appease progressives. President Trump, on the other hand, was the first elected president to support gay marriage while he campaigned for office.

“[Barack Obama] sadly will not be fact-checked by the adoring media for this lie,” said Richard Grenell, the first openly gay official to serve as acting director of National Intelligence under President Trump. “Obama ran for president saying he was against gay marriage. And he created the cages.”

Others suggested Obama’s comments were reminiscent to his 2008 statement on “bitter” working-class Americans who “cling” to guns and religion.

“Ah yes, those Hispanic evangelicals. So backwards. Clinging to their guns and religion, you might say,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.). “Barack Obama still the most condescending corporate liberal in America.”

“This is a great example of why Democrats are losing support in America’s Hispanic community,” said former Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo. “The comment is dismissive of millions of people and seems to diminish their faith. Regrettable at a time when the President-elect has called for healing and reconciliation.”

2020 presidential election Alan Dershowitz Constitutional victory Fox News Intelwars maria bartiromo President Donald Trump

Alan Dershowitz says ‘legal, constitutional paths’ to 2020 presidential election exist for Trump

Alan Dershowitz, legal scholar and famed criminal defense attorney, believes President Donald Trump has at least two or three potential constitutional paths to securing the 2020 presidential election.

Several states across the country are still in the process of officially certifying the vote, and the Electoral College convenes mid-December.

Inauguration Day is Jan. 20, 2021.

What are the details?

According to the Washington Examiner, Dershowitz said during an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo that Trump and his legal team have several strategies in order to clinch a re-election against former Vice President Joe Biden.

“In Pennsylvania, [the Trump team has] two very strong legal arguments,” he explained. “One, that the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of election day. That’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court. I don’t necessarily support it, but it’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court. … They also have a winning issue in the Supreme Court on equal protection, that some counties allowed flawed ballots to be cured while others didn’t. Bush v. Gore suggests that an equal protection argument can prevail.”

Dershowitz also said that Biden’s vote lead, however, could prevent Trump and his legal team from contesting what the Examiner refers to as a “sufficient number of ballots.”

“The other legal theory they have, which is a potentially strong one, is that the computers, either fraudulently or by glitches, changed hundreds of thousands of votes. There, there are enough votes to make a difference, but I haven’t seen the evidence to support that,” he explained to Bartiromo. “So, in one case, they don’t have the numbers. In another case, they don’t seem yet to have the evidence; maybe they do. I haven’t seen it. But the legal theory is there to support them if they have the numbers and they have the evidence.”

Dershowitz pointed out that Trump and his team is under the gun to prove a case based on voter fraud.

“You need to have witnesses, experts subject to cross-examination, and findings by a court,” he explained.

“Notwithstanding the fact that there are legal paths to potential victory,” the professor continued, “I don’t think that the election is going to be reversed based on the numbers that I see at the moment and based on the fact that I haven’t seen the evidence. Their strongest case, if they have the evidence, is that computers may have turned hundreds of thousands of votes.”

2020 presidential election cenk uygur Donald Trump Intelwars Joe Biden Videos young turks

‘Young Turks’ host Cenk Uygur says Biden is insulting voters by not fighting back against President Trump — and the Democratic Party is weak

Cenk Uygur, founder and host of “The Young Turks,” said that former Vice President Joe Biden is insulting all of his voters for refusing to fight back against President Donald Trump.

What are the details?

As highlighted by Mediaite, Uygur shredded Biden on Thursday, pointing out that Biden and his camp appear to be unwilling — or unable — to take action on Trump’s legal efforts regarding the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“Apparently [Biden] called the press conference to say, ‘No, I’m not going to do anything.’ You might want to open your mouth and talk about how they’re trying to steal the election,” Cenk said. “They are on the opposite side of you. They’re right now trying to end democracy because they’re un-American. They’d rather have power than have a democracy. You might want to make that point so that people understand what is happening.”

He continued, “The Republicans are the worst in terms of what they actually do and the Democrats are the worst in fighting back for their voters, for everybody — it’s an insult to everyone who voted for Joe Biden that he refuses to fight back against Donald Trump.”

Uygur then went on to blast those Democrats and Democratic supporters who refuse to speak up against Trump.

“What could they possibly do? Here’s what they could do,” he continued. “There are two federal laws that Donald Trump potentially broke by reaching out to people who are certifying the election. It is interfering with an election and voting rights. These are the same two federal laws that Lindsey Graham also might have violated by interfering with the Georgia Secretary of State. One carries a one-year prison sentence. The Democratic leadership could say, ‘Look, we don’t know yet whether Donald Trump has broken the law by interfering with this election but if he has — and we are going to absolutely positively pursue this to the end of the Earth — we guarantee you that Donald Trump will sit in a prison cell for trying to steal this election and for trying to end our democracy. Not on our watch. This is a democracy, people’s vote counts, we’re going to fight for our voters and we’re going to fight for America.'”

Uygur insisted that Democrats need to fight back against Trump so that Biden’s future — as well as that of the Democratic Party — is secure.

“Now we’re having a giant national conversation, and everybody is talking about, ‘Should Trump go to prison? Did he break the law? Are they trying to steal the election?’ But are we currently having any of those conversations? No, the only people talking about stealing the election are the Republicans pretending the Democrats stole it,” he added. “Oh my god [Democrats] are so bad at politics. That’s why Joe Biden barely won against a racist, fascist, idiot con man. He could barely beat him this time and they lost to him last time. The Democratic Party is abysmal and we’ve got to turn that ship around immediately. These guys are going to get killed in 2024 – and that’s if they manage to take the White House in an election they actually won.”

Michigan Republicans: No Democracy For You

2020 presidential election Donald Trump Intelwars rudy giuliani Sidney powell Trump legal team voter fraud

Trump legal team claims ‘national conspiracy’ of voter fraud will be proven in court

President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team hosted a barn-burner press conference Thursday during which Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani alleged that there is evidence of a “centralized” plan in a “national conspiracy” by Democrats to steal the 2020 presidential election.

Giuliani did not show specific evidence of a conspiracy to commit widespread voter fraud, instead stating that this is the “logical conclusion” he reached by studying several allegations of voting irregularities in various contested battleground states.

“What I’m describing to you is a massive fraud,” Giuliani said. He was joined by attorney Sidney Powell and Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis.

Trump’s lawyers challenged reporters who claim there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, insisting that the sworn affidavits in various lawsuits being undertaken by the campaign will prove in court that fraud not only took place but was so voluminous that former vice president Joe Biden’s victory was illegitimate and will be overturned. The existence of the sworn affidavits is the evidence, they insisted.

“There’s not a singular voter fraud in one state. This pattern that repeats itself in a number of states, almost exactly the same pattern,” Giuliani claimed, saying this pattern suggests “there’s a plan from a centralized place to execute these various acts of voter fraud specifically focused on big cities and specifically focused on big cities controlled by Democrats.”

The allegations of fraud cited by the former mayor of New York City mostly had to do with mail-in absentee ballots, which he claimed were extremely susceptible to fraud, and irregularities in ballot counting, to which he promised sworn witness testimony will be provided in court. Giuliani said the Trump legal team is in possession of hundreds of affidavits that attest to fraud and chastised the press for neglecting to report the contents of those affidavits. Some of these affidavits have been made public and have been reported by TheBlaze and others, but most have not been released by Trump’s legal team nor presented in court yet.

“I can’t give you all these affidavits because if I do these people will be harassed, they’ll be threatened, they may lose their job, they will lose their friends. We’ve lost lawyers in this case because they’ve been threatened,” Giuliani told reporters.

Among the allegations Giuliani cited were claims that Trump campaign poll watchers in Pennsylvania were prohibited from observing the ballot counting process because they were told to keep back to comply with coronavirus restrictions. The Republicans had sued and a judge ruled in their favor, allowing them to observe ballots being counted from six feet away, but Pennsylvania officials appealed that decision.

Giuliani also said he has hundreds of witnesses who will testify that election officials in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh permitted voters in those cities to fix errors on their absentee ballots while in the rest of the state, particularly in places with high Republican turnout, voters were not allowed to do so. He said this was a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and that the fixed ballots must be thrown out. Giuliani also claimed that there are 682,770 absentee ballots for which Trump’s legal team has affidavits alleging that they were not inspected before they were counted and therefore must be tossed.

Other affidavits Giuliani cited claim that in Pennsylvania and Michigan poll workers received instructions from their supervisors to commit fraudulent acts. One affidavit claims that in Pittsburgh poll workers were told to assign unregistered and unnamed absentee ballots to registered voters in Pennsylvania’s voter system that hadn’t shown up to vote yet. If a registered voter did show up and was told he had already voted, he would be given a provisional ballot, Giuliani said.

Giuliani read from the sworn testimony of Jessy Jacob, a furloughed Detroit city worker who was temporarily assigned to the city clerk’s office to work the election. Jacob’s testimony was part of a lawsuit filed in Michigan pursuing an audit of election results in Wayne County and making various allegations of election fraud. Last week Wayne County Circuit Chief Judge Timothy M. Kenny dismissed the lawsuit, finding Jacob’s testimony lacked credibility.

Giuliani accused Democrats of committing acts of fraud in parts of the country where “judges are appointed politically” and “too many of them are hacks,” leading to some Republican lawsuits being dismissed. He did not mention whether he thought the judges currently reviewing the Trump campaign’s lawsuits were “hacks.”

The ballot counting irregularities alleged by Trump’s legal team centered on claims that communist Venezuela and George Soros interfered in the U.S. election through weaknesses in Dominion Voting Systems software. Attorney Sidney Powell described how “one very strong witness” told the Trump legal team how the voting system software used in several battleground states has technological vulnerabilities, “backdoors that can be hooked up to the internet or a thumb drive stuck in it or whatever.” She alleged that one of the key features of the system “is its ability to flip votes,” suggesting that votes cast for President Trump were manipulated and switched to votes for Joe Biden.

Powell said the campaign is uncovering “the massive influence of community money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China, in the interference with our elections here in the United States. The Dominion voting system, the Smartmatic technology software and the software that goes in other computerized voting systems here as well – not just Dominion – were created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election after one constitutional referendum came out the way he did not want it to come out.”

Trump’s legal team connected Dominion, a company that sells voting machines used in 28 states, to another voting company called Smartmatic, which reportedly only had machines operating in Los Angeles County during the 2020 election. Both companies have issued statements saying that no ownership relationship exists between the two firms, which are market competitors. They have both denied having any ties with foreign governments as well.

Dominion Voting Systems has categorically denied “false assertions about vote switching and software issues with our voting systems,” and further denied that it has any connection or partnership with it’s “fierce competitor” Smartmatic.

“Dominion has no company ownership relationships with the Pelosi family, Feinstein family, Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela,” the company said in a statement. “Dominion works with all U.S. political parties; our customer base and our government outreach practices reflect this nonpartisan approach.”

Smartmatic has likewise denied any financial relationship to Dominion.

“Smartmatic has never owned any shares or had any financial stake in Dominion Voting Systems. Smartmatic has never provided Dominion Voting Systems with any software, hardware or other technology. The two companies are competitors in the marketplace,” the company said.

The Trump legal team insists, however, that the allegations they present in court will ultimately be shown to be true and will overturn the election. Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis said the allegations presented Thursday are the “opening statement” of the Trump campaign’s legal argument and that the evidence will be reviewed in court.

“What you have heard, I’m sure, in the fake newspapers tomorrow will be one of two things. Either there was not sufficient evidence that we presented, or we spoke too long,” Ellis said. “What you’ve heard now is basically an opening statement. This is what you can expect to see when we get to court to actually have a full trial on the merit, to actually show this evidence in court and prove our case. This is not a ‘Law & Order’ episode where everything is neatly wrapped up in 60 minutes.”

“This is basically an opening statement so the American people can understand what the networks have been hiding and what they refuse to cover, because all of our fake news headlines are dancing around the merits of this case and are trying to delegitimize what we are doing here,” she continued. “Let me be very clear that our objective is to make sure to preserve and protect election integrity.”

“This has been a massive attack on the integrity of the voting system in the greatest democracy on earth,” Giuliani said. “The people who did this have committed one of the worst crimes that I’ve ever seen or observed.”

2020 Election 2020 presidential election Chris Cuomo covid Intelwars Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz goes after Chris Cuomo in Twitter spat over election aftermath: ‘Hush child’

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has been one of President Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

Cruz has supported Trump’s efforts to fight voter fraud and arguments about ensuring the election was conducted fairly since the media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner and next president of the United States.

In Friday’s episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the senator reiterated his point that President Trump is within his rights to seek recounts and contest ballots and not recognize Biden as the victor until the election has been officially decided.

On Tuesday, Cruz posted a clip of his show to Twitter in which he pointed out the obvious, something that is apparently a “radical proposition” to the left: “Elections are decided when the results have been counted and the legal proceedings are over.”

“That didn’t use to be a controversial proposition,” the senator added.

Cruz’s statement of the obvious did not sit well with CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“Wrong,” Cuomo declared in a response to Cruz’s video.

“You have been empowering the notion that there are problems with the count that justify delaying transition in the middle of figuring out how to distribute a vaccine in a pandemic,” he continued. “Own it…because the position owns you and will be remembered.”

Cruz, a non-sufferer of fools, responded to Cuomo with a brief, cutting tweet: “Hush child.”

This set off the man known for having a bit of a temper and a penchant for threatening people who displease him.

Cuomo responded to Cruz’s admonition by bringing up Cruz’s recent spat with Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown over the latter’s “fake virtue” signaling over face masks.

“Says the man who called a senator an ‘ass,'” Cuomo wrote. “Senator, you have people on lines for food in your state. Focus on them…on those children. Every day you delay relief the line grows. #DoYourJob”

Cruz replied by noting that he and his fellow Republican senators have, indeed, been working on COVID relief but the Democratic Party has been standing in the way.

“In the past 2 months, we’ve voted TWICE on $500 billion in COVID relief. Both times, Senate Dems filibustered the bill,” Cruz said.

“You should call on your own party to stop blocking relief,” he continued. “EVERY SINGLE Dem voted to filibuster.”

The Texas senator then responded with a recommendation that perhaps Cuomo should focus on doing his own job: “I suspect you never reported on that fact to your viewers.”

(H/T: New York Daily News)

2020 presidential election Biden cenk uygur Donald Trump Intelwars Joe Biden The Young Turks Videos

‘Young Turks’ host Cenk Uygur rails against Biden for reportedly planning not to prosecute Trump: ‘Who are you going to unify with, QAnon?’

Cenk Uygur, founder and host of “The Young Turks,” bitterly blasted former Vice President Joe Biden after Biden reportedly said that he hopes to avoid any attempt to prosecute President Donald Trump.

According to a recent NBC News report, multiple sources close to Biden’s team say he’s reluctant to launch an investigation into Trump, worrying that such a move will increase the growing divide between American Democrats and Republicans.

What are the details?

In a video published Tuesday, Uygur said, “The historical context all led to the conclusion that Biden was going to do this. The Obama-Biden administration, as soon as they got into office, said, ‘We look forward, we don’t look backwards.’ Well, that’s a great relief to all the criminals, because all the crimes are in the past, not in the future. … That’s why Obama didn’t hold Bush and Cheney accountable for breaking several laws, including torture and warrantless wiretapping.”

Uygur added, “Who are you going to unify with, QAnon? Fifty percent of the Republican Party believes that the Democratic Party is led by child molesters. Fifty percent. And who leads the Democratic Party now? Joe Biden does. So, he’s like, ‘I want to unite with the people who called me a child molester.’ Why would you do that? That makes no sense at all.”

Ana Kasparian, “Young Turks” co-host, added, “If you care about protecting our democratic processes, which Donald Trump has worked very hard to dismantle, wouldn’t you want to look into that? Wouldn’t you want to investigate that? They’re trying to steal the election from Biden right now as we speak. But no — we’ve got to unify. As if that’s ever going to happen.”

Uygur pointed out that Biden is only shooting himself in the foot if he opts to avoid conflict with Trump, whom Uygur says has a “death lock” on the minds of Republicans:

Is it going to work? That if Biden just wants to move on from Trump, that Trump will go, ‘Oh, OK, yeah, sure, let’s move on,’ and then all the Republicans in the country will say, ‘Oh, no, we don’t care about Trump any more, even though he can decide unilaterally whether we win or lose our primaries, whether we keep our power or not?’ [Trump] hasn’t lost that power at all. Ninety-three percent of Republicans voted for him, and he has an absolute death lock on their minds. It’s not the Republican Party — it’s the Trump Party. Wakey, wakey, Joe Biden. Trump is not going to go away.

Joe Biden: I Have No Intention of Investigating Trump

(H/T: Mediaite)

2020 presidential election Intelwars Jorge masvidal Left-wing attacks Maga rally President Donald Trump

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal says he may start attending conservative rallies ‘to keep the peace’ after seeing left-wing violence

Jorge Masvidal, a conservative supporter of President Donald Trump, says that he may show up at conservative rallies after witnessing the violence leftist extremists carried out over the weekend at pro-Trump rallies.

What are the details?

On Saturday, Masvidal took to Twitter with his displeasure over the antics, writing, “I bet I can get a couple of teammates and start attending these things #supernecessary. And I say this not to promote violence. To keep the peace. We are all in this together. #theressurection [sic].”

As reported by the Daily Wire, the famed fighter’s remarks came as a caption to a video he retweeted featuring some of the violence that took place over the weekend in places such as the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C.

The video has apparently since been deleted from the tweet, but Masvidal’s remarks remain.

You can watch the original video here and below.

Content warning: Rough language, violence:

What else?

Masvidal, an unapologetic Trump supporter, stumped for the president during the 2020 presidential election as part of a movement called “Fighters Against Socialism.”

In a video for the campaign, Masvidal said, “I’m gonna let you in on something. The Democrats just think that they’re entitled to the Latino vote. They think that we just have to hand it over to them. That’s right. We sure as hell don’t. They’ve got to show us what they can do for us, what they can do for our communities. We’re not going to buy the same wolf tickets and false promises that destroyed great countries like Venezuela and Cuba. It’s not gonna happen.”

Taking a swipe at former Vice President Joe Biden and his 2020 presidential campaign, “You know what else is not gonna work for them? Playing ‘Despacito’ on your cell phone to pander to us. Hell no. You gotta give us some credit for having heads on our shoulders. I’m going to wrap this up for some words of Barack Obama. He said, ‘Elections have consequences.’ That is true. And those words have never been more true than they are today. We either re-elect President Trump and keep America great … or we let Joe Biden destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen.”

He concluded, “I’m a professional athlete, and I’ve been one for most of my life, so I’ve seen things through a sports lens — that makes Donald Trump our head coach, and before the global pandemic we were winning Super Bowls. And when you’re winning Super Bowls, you don’t fire the coach — it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the plays he runs, the players he puts on the field, or what he says on Twitter. You sure as hell don’t replace him for another coach that’s been in the business for 47 years at every level and never won a f***ing game.”

2020 Election 2020 presidential election Arizona Arizona vote count Intelwars voter fraud

Team Trump drops Arizona legal challenge, shutters voter fraud hotline

When the Associated Press and Fox News called Arizona for former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump’s staff and re-election campaign criticized the prediction, saying it was too early for such a call and guaranteeing the the president would ultimately win the Grand Canyon state and its 11 Electoral College votes.

The campaign and its supporters alleged voter irregularities, including the improper rejection of in-person votes in Maricopa County, and sought a court remedy.

But Friday morning, the Wall Street Journal reported the campaign has conceded that Arizona will never be flipped to the president’s column.

The Journal reported that Trump campaign attorneys said they are no longer asking a court to intervene in the presidential race in Arizona. Trump’s campaign realized and admitted that the few number of ballots at stake — approximately 200 — would have no impact on the results of the election. Biden currently leads Trump by 11,000 votes.

From the Journal:

At a daylong hearing Thursday, Kory Langhofer, an attorney for the Trump campaign, made clear the campaign wasn’t alleging any voter fraud but instead claimed some poll workers submitted ballots that had errors that voters weren’t given the opportunity to fix. The number of votes at issue was less than 200, and Mr. Langhofer said at the close of the hearing that they wouldn’t ask election officials to recount those ballots if they had no ability to affect the outcome of the race.

Langhofer told the court, “Since the close of yesterday’s hearing, the tabulation of votes statewide has rendered unnecessary a judicial ruling as to the presidential electors,” the paper reported.

Voter fraud hotline closing up shop

Team Trump is reportedly shutting its voter fraud hotline. ABC News’ Ben Siegal reported that the campaign is making the move after getting inundated with prank and spam calls.

“The Trump campaign is discontinuing its voter fraud hotline — the one flooded with pranks calls — and planning to downsize its staff beginning next week,” Siegal tweeted.

The decision comes following a slew of prank calls to the hotline, CNN said, adding that the voter fraud alert system has been changed to a website where people can submit allegations of fraud using a web form.

Gerald Rivera: Trump a ‘realist’

Fox News personality and longtime Trump friend said that he and the president had a “heartfelt” conversation Friday during which the president vowed to “do the ‘right thing'” when all of the election fallout is over should he lose.

According to Rivera, the president wants to see “what states do in terms of certification” and remains “committed to fighting for every vote.”

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Georgia GOP chairman: Why did absentee ballot rejection rate drastically drop in 2020 when a million more of them were cast than in 2018?

As the state of Georgia braces for a hand recount of votes from the disputed 2020 presidential election, Georgia’s Republican chairman has a question:

“In 2018, when 230,000 absentee ballots were cast, 3.5% were rejected for signature mismatches or other reasons,” David Shafer noted Thursday night on Twitter. “In 2020, when more than 1.2 million absentee ballots were cast, the rejection rate fell to 0.3%. Did the massive increase in ballots overwhelm the verification process?”

What do the numbers mean?

Shafer’s numbers indicate the rejection rate dropped a whopping 2.2% this year compared to 2018. You remember 2018, don’t you? When there was no coronavirus making it too dangerous to vote in person, as many Democratic officials claimed this year — although mass protests and riots were just fine.

Given Shafer’s numbers, let’s say the absentee ballot rejection rate in Georgia remained at 3.5% this year. That would mean about 42,000 of the 1.2 million cast in 2020 would have been rejected. But with a 2020 rejection rate of just 0.3%, the number of rejected absentee ballots instead was around 3,600, using Shafer’s numbers.

According to NBC News, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden led President Donald Trump in Georgia on Friday afternoon by a vote count of 2,472,152 to 2,458,002 — a difference of just 14,150 votes.

Seems an expectation of about 42,000 rejected ballots this year would make quite the difference in Georgia’s presidential vote outcome — even half that number theoretically would move Trump past Biden at present.

Now what?

Shafer and U.S. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Georgia) on Tuesday raised several concerns with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also a Republican, about the recount. Trump chose Collins to lead his Georgia recount team.

In the pair’s letter, a number of requests were made based on concerns about training and directives for the hand count — and one notes that the recount process doesn’t include a review of signatures on absentee ballot applications and ballot envelopes to confirm their validity.

“This raises serous concerns as to whether the counties properly conducted signature verification and/or other scrutiny of absentee ballots,” the letter says. “In fact it presents the issue of whether some counties conducted any scrutiny at all.”

The letter asks Raffensperger to make sure that signature verification happens in the recount: “We do not believe it is possible to certify the results of the 2020 General Election without conducting this investigation and analysis.”

In addition:

  • They also have concerns that there can be only one review for every 10 audit teams, which they said makes it impossible to monitor the recount in real time.
  • The letter also said it’s improper to certify the election results by 5 p.m. Friday when the audit and recount won’t be completed by that time.
  • Also they requested that the start of the recount, which was to commence Friday, be delayed until Monday so that interested parties can have sufficient notice of the audit locations.
  • Finally they said parameters for ballot security were not explained with any detail.

Raffensperger’s office on Friday didn’t immediately reply to TheBlaze’s request for comment regarding if he will consider any of the requests in the letter from Shafer and Collins.

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Pope Francis congratulates, blesses fellow Catholic Joe Biden. The pair agree on some issues — but abortion isn’t one of them.

Pope Francis congratulated fellow Catholic Joe Biden during a call Thursday morning, according to a Biden-Harris Transition

What did they talk about?

The statement said Biden “thanked His Holiness for extending blessings and congratulations and noted his appreciation for His Holiness’ leadership in promoting peace, reconciliation, and the common bonds of humanity around the world.”

The former vice president — who on Saturday was declared the winner of the 2020 election over President Donald Trump by numerous media outlets, although Trump is disputing the vote count — also “expressed his desire to work together on the basis of a shared belief in the dignity and equality of all humankind on issues such as caring for the marginalized and the poor, addressing the crisis of climate change, and welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees into our communities,” the statement added.

Biden would be the second Catholic president in U.S. history, following John F. Kennedy, National Public Radio said.

The rest of the story

NPR also characterized Biden as a “deeply devout person of faith” who “often delivers speeches with references to biblical language or the pope.”

But given that Biden staunchly favors abortion rights — a distinctly non-Catholic position — prominent Catholic church officials don’t view Biden as someone who takes faith seriously.

According to LifeSite News, Cardinal Raymond Burke just days before the election gave a failing grade to Biden’s positions on life, marriage, and the family.

“I can’t imagine that he would present himself as a devout Catholic,” Burke said of Biden. “He has a record which is unfortunately perfect in promoting the attack on the innocent defense of the unborn. … He is also not correct on the issues with regard to marriage and the family. … The great darkness in our nation comes from the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, also the attack on the family, all this gender theory … and now the attack on religious freedom.”

And while Biden in April called abortion an “essential health care service” during a conversation with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis decried that specific view in a United Nations address in September.

“Unfortunately, some countries and international institutions are also promoting abortion as one of the so-called ‘essential services’ provided in the humanitarian response to the pandemic,” the pope said, according the Catholic News Agency.

Biden has at times claimed he is personally opposed to abortion, LifeSite News said in separate story, but has drifted leftward on the issue over the years. The outlet said Biden in June 2019 reversed his stance on the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for most abortions, and explained that “circumstances have changed.” Indeed, Biden announced his candidacy for president in late April.

How would their differing views on abortion affect Biden’s relationship with Pope Francis in the future? Well, LifeSite News also said that Biden — commenting late last year on a priest who denied him Communion — claimed that “it’s not a position that I’ve found anywhere else, including from the Holy Father, who gives me Communion.”