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CNN’s Don Lemon says Americans don’t see black people as ‘human beings,’ proclaims US is racist

CNN anchor Don Lemon had some unfavorable remarks about the United States and Americans in a new interview. The left-wing cable TV host made a bizarre claim that Americans don’t see black people as human beings, and declared that the U.S. needs to “realize just how racist it is.”

Lemon gave an in-depth interview for the Washington Post Magazine’s Sunday feature. Reporter Eric Easter asked Lemon, “You’ve suggested that Trump was the president we deserved and probably a necessary and revealing wake-up call. Do you still think that?”

Lemon responded, “Considering people’s apathy to get involved in the political process, to pay attention to the political process, to go to the polls, their willingness to give so much attention to celebrity, I think that’s what I meant by ‘the president we deserve.'”

“But there’s also this false reality that we’re living in a post-racial world after the election of Barack Obama. That was all bulls***,” Lemon asserted. “It was a wake-up call to White people who thought we were living in a nonracist world. We’re living in two different realities as Black and White people.”

“We knew, as Black people, what was lurking beneath the surface,” the CNN host said. “I still believe that [Trump] was the necessary wake-up for America to realize just how racist it is.”

Easter then asked Lemon about his new book, “This book seems to be part of an ongoing process of putting yourself out there — bit by bit, revealing more personal things about yourself. Is that something you’ve wanted to, or something you’ve felt like you’ve had to do?”

Lemon replied, “I feel like I’ve had to do that because I don’t think America has seen enough people like me. I don’t think America intimately knows enough people like me.”

The CNN host then stated, “I would love America to see Black people, especially Black gay men as — and I hate this word — normal, and as human beings and as part of the culture.”

“I don’t know if America sees Black people and especially Black gay men as fully human, and as deserving of the American Dream,” Lemon said.

Despite his claims of living in a racist America, full of people questioning if he is a human being deserving of the American Dream, Lemon has achieved quite a bit of success, and lives in a neighborhood in the Hamptons area of Long Island.

Lemon claimed that “we’re living in two different realities as Black and White people,” but as the Daily Mail pointed out, “He lives in a $4.3 million four-bedroom cottage in Sag Harbor on New York’s Long Island, where 80% of the population is white and just 3% are black.”

“He also owned a three-bedroom condo in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, where 54 percent of residents are black,” according to the Daily Mail, but he purportedly sold the property for $1.5 million in February.

Lemon reportedly earns a $4 million annual salary from CNN, and has a net worth of $12 million.

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District attorneys drop most looting cases from last year’s riots in NYC, leaving business owners ‘disgusted’

District attorneys in New York City have dropped looting cases against hundreds of suspects, who were charged during last summer’s riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death, according to a new report. Allowing the looters to get off scot-free has disgusted some NYC business owners who had their stores ravaged by last year’s protests and riots that occurred on a regular basis.

According to NYPD data analyzed by WNBC-TV, there were 118 arrests made in the Bronx in early June last year — during the worst of the looting from riots. Despite many of the suspects being caught on surveillance footage or bragging about committing crimes on social media, Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark has reportedly dismissed 73 of those cases, more than 60% of the cases. There have been 19 convictions for mostly lesser counts, like trespassing, which carries no jail time. There are 18 cases that remain open.

Jessica Betancourt owns an eyeglass shop that was looted and destroyed in the Bronx last June.

“Those numbers, to be honest with you, is disgusting,” Betancourt said of so few looters being prosecuted. “I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side.”

“They could do it again because they know they won’t get the right punishment,” she said.

Betancourt is also the vice president of a local merchants association, where other business leaders are upset over the criminals getting away with ransacking businesses.

In Manhattan, where there was nearly nightly unrest, there were reportedly 485 arrests for looting and burglary. But 222 cases have been dropped, 73 had the charges reduced significantly, and 128 cases remain open, according to the data. There were 40 cases involving juveniles that were sent to family court, according to the report.

“If they are so overworked that they can’t handle the mission that they’re hired for, then maybe they should find another line of work,” former NYPD Chief of Patrol Wilbur Chapman said of the district attorneys. “It allowed people who committed crimes to go scot-free.”

NYPD Deputy Inspector Andrew Arias noted that painstaking work went into proving each case.

“We had to analyze each case individually and see if, in fact, we could prove the right person had committed the crime,” Arias said, adding that follow-up investigations into looting were tedious.

In an internal memo, Vance allegedly said there were over 600 commercial burglary arrests in addition to over 3,500 unindicted felony cases waiting to move forward in the courts, but were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before dropping the cases, Vance purportedly instructed his prosecutors to review the criminal histories of the defendants, whether police could really place the suspects at the scenes, and if the suspects caused “any damage to the store.”

Vance allegedly told his office, “For many of these commercial burglaries, you will be asked to reduce the initial felony charge to a misdemeanor and to dispose of the case … with an eye towards rehabilitation.”

The Manhattan DA also told prosecutors that they should strive to reach the “continued goal to achieve consistency and equitable treatment in these cases.”

WNBC reported, “Bronx DA Darcell Clark declined repeated requests for an interview, as did Manhattan DA Cy Vance, whose office has been busy with a team of prosecutors investigating separate allegations of tax fraud surrounding President Trump’s businesses – allegations Trump denies.”

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms blames city’s violent crime spike on Republicans reopening too early, Georgia’s governor strikes back

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has blamed the current violent crime spike in her city on Georgia’s Republican governor reopening too early. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp refuted those claims and told Bottoms to look at her party’s “anti-police agenda” for the surge in violent crime.

Homicides in Atlanta are up 58% compared to 2020, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which noted that there were 157 homicides in a “historically deadly 2020,” the most in more than two decades. In June, murders and shootings are up 40%. All while Atlanta’s police force “remains more than 400 officers under its authorized level.” There were 200 police officers who quit the force in 2020, and another 75 cops left since the start of the year.

The crime has gotten so out of control that one Atlanta neighborhood wants a divorce from the city because they believe the police are underfunded.

Bill White, chairman and CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, told Fox News, “We filed our divorce papers at the city of Atlanta — and our divorce is final. We have two bills in the Georgia legislature dropping in January to decide this referendum ballot.”

On Friday, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asked Bottoms about the violent crime spike, which the Atlanta mayor has previously called a “COVID crime wave.”

“Remember in Georgia we were opened up before the rest of the country, even before the CDC said that it was safe for us to open, so our night clubs and our bars remained open so we had people traveling here from across the country to party in our city,” Bottoms replied.

Bottoms then seemed to contradict herself in her next statement, where she said violent crime is up in cities across the country, including in Democrat-controlled states that only recently opened back up this month.

“If it were an Atlanta issue alone then I’d know that there was something that we weren’t getting right… but I’m talking to mayors and hearing from mayors in cities and large urban areas, we’re all experiencing this which means that we all have to work together to find a solution to this gun violence that is gripping our nation,” Bottoms told Ruhle.

Gov. Kemp responded to Bottoms’ implications that he was at fault for the violent crime surge in her city, and told her to look inward about the rising crime rate.

“According to the mayor, rising crime in our capital city is everyone’s fault but her’s,” Kemp fired back on Twitter. “Getting Georgians back to work, back to school, and back to normal didn’t lead to more crime. The left’s anti-police, soft-on-crime agenda is to blame.”

“That’s why I worked alongside the General Assembly to increase penalties for dangerous street racing and committed additional funding for state law enforcement officers to assist in crime suppression efforts in Atlanta,” the Republican governor of Georgia said. “Keeping our families safe will remain my top priority.”

Bottoms also blamed the coronavirus pandemic and access to guns for Atlanta’s crime crisis.

Bottoms said that “COVID left a lot of people battered and bruised, not just physically but also emotionally,” which led to an increase in personal disputes between people who have an “inability or an unwillingness to simply resolve conflict with words.”

“Until we deal with the systemic issues of gun violence in this country, how easily young people, people with mental illnesses can access guns in this country, I’m afraid that this will not be the last summer that we are having this conversation,” Bottoms told the left-wing cable network.

Bottoms admitted that law enforcement officers are leaving the police force in droves.

“But law enforcement across the nation has really had a difficult time retaining and attracting people into law enforcement,” Bottoms said. “What we’re seeing right now in Atlanta, people who are eligible for retirement in previous years perhaps would have considered staying on the force a bit longer, people are leaving the force, and again, this is not just happening in Atlanta, it’s happening across the country.”

Mayor Bottoms Talks Spike In Crime In Atlanta, Vaccine Hesitancy

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Ron DeSantis beats Donald Trump in 2024 straw poll at top conservative conference

Former President Donald Trump, by most accounts, is currently atop the list of potential GOP presidential candidates for 2024. However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been catapulted into the conversation of major contenders for the Republican Party in 2024, thanks in large part to his leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. A new poll gave DeSantis a slight edge over Trump as the preferred GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

The Western Conservative Summit, which bills itself as “the largest gathering of conservatives outside of Washington, D.C.,” was held this weekend in Denver, Colorado. Participants at the summit voted in a straw poll about several important topics for conservatives, including their preferred candidate in the 2024 presidential race.

DeSantis narrowly beat out Trump as the most popular Republican for 2024.

In-person attendees and online participants were asked about their approval of a field of 31 potential presidential candidates for 2024. DeSantis topped the list with a 74.12% approval rating, followed by Trump at 71.43%. DeSantis and Trump are far-and-away the top two candidates as the third-place finisher – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) – only captured a 42.86% approval rating, according to the Daily Wire. Trump’s former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo surprised at fourth, and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) rounded out the top five.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem came in sixth, followed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Donald Trump Jr., and former Vice President Mike Pence, who was booed and called a “traitor” at a conservative conference last week, came in 10th place.

It should be noted that the straw poll allowed participants to select as many candidates as they wanted.

  1. Ron DeSantis — 74.12%
  2. Donald Trump — 71.43%
  3. Ted Cruz — 42.86%
  4. Mike Pompeo — 39.35%
  5. Tim Scott — 35.58%
  6. Kristi Noem — 29.92%
  7. Tom Cotton — 29.92%
  8. Rand Paul — 27.76%
  9. Donald Trump Jr. — 24.8%
  10. Mike Pence — 21.56%

Colorado Politics pointed out that the Western Conservative Summit’s straw poll doesn’t have a sterling reputation of predicting future GOP candidates:

Though it might have pegged the favorites of its right-leaning crowd, the polls have done a poor job of predicting eventual GOP nominees or general election winners. Restauranteur Herman Cain won the first presidential poll in 2011, followed by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in 2012 and Cruz in 2013. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson topped the poll in 2014 and 2015, while in 2016 summit attendees thought Trump should tap former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as his running mate, and former district attorney George Brauchler was the runaway favorite for Colorado governor in 2017.

A straw poll conducted during the Conservative Political Action Conference in February also found huge support for Trump and DeSantis. There were 55% of CPAC attendees who said Trump would be the best choice as the GOP candidate in the 2024 presidential election, followed by DeSantis at 21%, and Noem at 4%.

The CPAC attendees were asked who they would want to run if Trump bows out of the 2024 election, which made DeSantis the overwhelming favorite with 43% support and Noem was the runner-up at 11%.

Participants of the Western Conservative Summit, which is sponsored by Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute, were also asked what their top issues are. The results were:

  1. Immigration/Border Security — 82.43%
  2. Election Integrity — 79.46%
  3. Religious Freedom — 74.86%
  4. Federal Budget, Debt & Deficit — 74.32%
  5. Gun Rights — 73.78%
  6. National Defense — 71.08%
  7. Energy Independence — 70.54%
  8. Education — 61.89%
  9. China/Russia — 60.81%
  10. Life/Abortion — 55.68%
  11. Media Bias — 55.68%
Flint police Flint, Michigan Intelwars Juneteenth Juneteenth parade Juneteenth shooting police shooting

Woman dead after shootout with police at Juneteenth parade, officer appears overwrought with grief after shooting

A Juneteenth parade was marred by a deadly police-involved shooting in Michigan on Saturday. A 19-year-old woman was reportedly shot and killed during a shootout with a police officer in Flint.

A Flint Police Department officer was working a traffic point during the Juneteenth Champions Parade in Michigan and got into a confrontation with the driver of a silver car around 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Witnesses sitting in a nearby vehicle who captured video of the unsettling situation appear to say that the driver fired the first shots.

The officer draws his gun and instructs the driver to put their hands up. NBC News noted that the officer screams, “Let me see your hands! Hands up!”

Suddenly, multiple gunshots are fired.

After the shots were fired, the vehicle slowly rolls down the street.

Video shows the police officer that fired the shots immediately falls to his knees. He appears to be overwrought with grief as he holds his face in his hands. Another officer attempts to console him, but he is so emotional that he slumps to the pavement. At one point, he is face-down on the wet road.

(Content Warning: Graphic video, strong language):

The Detroit News shared an alleged video from the shooting that was taken from a cellphone screen and posted on Facebook. The person who uploaded the footage claimed the driver of the car shot first.

“This car pulled up shooting first !! From inside the car with the windows still up! Which is what caused the police to shoot her,” the person on Facebook alleged. “He didn’t shoot her for no reason he had his life and the parade to protect. Why shots was coming from inside the car is what I don’t know.”

The Flint Police Department requested that the Michigan State Police investigate the officer-involved shooting.

Michigan State Police issued a statement on the shooting: “Preliminary investigation indicates the officer, who was working a traffic point for the Juneteenth Celebration Parade, was fired upon by the lone occupant of a vehicle who drove up to him at the traffic point. Upon taking fire, the officer returned fire, striking the suspect.”

The woman, who was not identified by police, allegedly was taken to a local hospital where she died.

The officer involved in the shooting was uninjured, and no bystanders were hurt, according to authorities.

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Social justice nonprofit founded by Black Lives Matter’s Patrisse Cullors failed to disclose major donations: report

Blacks Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is tied to a social justice nonprofit that failed to disclose hundreds of thousands in donations, according to a new report.

Dignity and Power Now is a self-described “Los Angeles based grassroots organization founded in 2012 that fights for the dignity and power of all incarcerated people, their families, and communities.” The nonprofit states: “Dignity and Power Now is founded and chaired by Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors.”

“Patrisse Cullors decided to create a performance art piece that highlighted her brother’s story of being abused in the county jails while dissolving the disconnect between the conditions inside custody and the community outside,” the Dignity and Power Now “about” page states. “That piece became STAINED: An Intimate Portrayal of State Violence. After a year of touring the piece around Los Angeles County it became clear that audiences wanted to do more than watch the piece – they wanted to change the county jail system.”

The Dignity and Power Now/The Coalition to End Sheriff’s Violence project was created in July 2012. The Dignity and Power Now nonprofit was “created to be the principle organization for a multifaceted, trauma informed, healing, motivated movement to end state violence and mass incarceration.”

The New York Post reported that Dignity and Power Now group “received at least $225,000 in 2016, but told the IRS that the charity had not made more than $50,000 that year, according to public filings.” The report noted that “failing to meet that revenue threshold meant that the group didn’t have to file a complete federal return, which would outline all of its spending and donations.”

The social justice nonprofit was given $100,000 by the Los Angeles-based Resnick Foundation, public documents reportedly show. The donation is purportedly on the Resnick Foundation’s 2015 federal tax filings, which show the group’s spending from October 2015 through September 2016.

The donation from the Resnick Foundation, a charity controlled by billionaire couple Stewart and Lynda Resnick. The couple have a reported combined net worth of $7.1 billion. Resnick has been the chairman and president of The Wonderful Company, which owns brands including POM Wonderful, bottled water company FIJI Water, Wonderful Pistachios, and Wonderful Almonds.

Dignity and Power Now also received $125,000 from the California Initiative in 2016, according to records.

According to tax filings, the donations were filtered through Community Partners, a nonprofit that helps administer funds for grassroots charities.

The report claims that DPN also didn’t disclose the cash donations in its filings to the California attorney general, who regulates charities in the state.

“Dignity and Power Now registered with the Registry of Charitable Trusts in 2017, informing the registry that they first received funds in July of 2017,” a statement from the California attorney general’s office reads.

The National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative watchdog group, filed complaints to both the IRS and the AG in California. The group called for an audit of Dignity and Power Now’s finances.

“The obvious question is what happened to the money,” NLPC chairman Peter Flaherty said. “Given these circumstances, we believe that an audit is in order.”
Dignity and Power Now purports to speak in the name of the disadvantaged. The IRS must ensure that no one is taking advantage.”

This is the latest controversy surrounding Khan-Cullors.

Last week, Michael Brown’s father joined BLM chapters who are demanding more “financial transparency” of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation raked in more than $90 million in 2020, according to the Associated Press.

Khan-Cullors resigned last month as the leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation following scandalous allegations about the co-founder’s recent real estate buying binge.

Critical Race Theory Critical race theory in schools Crt Intelwars Marxism Ted Cruz Texas What is critical race theory

Ted Cruz slams ‘evil’ critical race theory as a ‘lie,’ calls it ‘every bit as racist as a Klansmen in white sheets’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) lambasted critical race theory, calling it an “evil” concept derived from Marxism, and “every bit as racist as a Klansmen in white sheets.” Cruz made his fiery comments about critical race theory on Friday during a speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference.

According to Cruz, a reporter tried to get the Republican senator on a “gotcha” question last week, asking him, “What is critical race theory?” Cruz theorized the Capitol Hill reporter thought the question would trip him up because the reporter likely believes “conservatives are morons,” and they “don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“I explained to him and I said, ‘Well, it’s a theory that derives from Marxism. Carl Marx viewed the entire world as a conflict between classes, between the owners of capital and the working men and women, the proletariat,'” Cruz said. “A fundamental battle in society.”

“Critical race theory takes that same Marxist concept except it replaces ‘class’ with ‘race,'” he explained. “And it says all of America and all of the world is a battle between the races.”

“Critical race theory says every white person is a racist,” Cruz stated. “Critical race theory says America’s fundamentally racist and irredeemably racist. Critical race theory seeks to turn us against each other and if someone has a different color skin, seeks to make us hate that person.”

“And let me tell you right now, critical race theory is bigoted, it is a lie and it is every bit as racist as the Klansmen in white sheets,” Cruz emphatically proclaimed, which was greeted by applause from the conservative audience.

“As a Christian and as an American, I love my brothers and sisters, whatever skin color you are, whatever ethnicity you are, whatever faith you are, whatever creed you are,” Cruz declared. “We are commanded to love, period, the end.”

“And those who would divide us, those who would spread lies, it is evil,” he concluded. “It is exactly that, it is evil.”

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People countered Cruz’s comments on critical race theory.

“Critical race theory is an academic and legal framework that examines the impact of systemic racism on American society,” the NAACP tweeted. “Refusing to examine our history denotes that nothing is wrong with our systems or history.”

Critical race theory has dominated headlines in the past months and become a major topic in the culture war between left and right factions. Republican politicians across the country have taken steps to ban CRT from public schools.

Last week, Florida became the latest state to ban critical race theory.

“Florida’s education system exists to create opportunity for our children,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) stated. “Critical Race Theory teaches kids to hate our country and to hate each other. It is state-sanctioned racism and has no place in Florida schools.”

Aapi Asian attack Asian hate Dallas Intelwars Texas Viral Video viral videos

VIDEO: Armed Asian store employees turn the tables on attacker in Dallas

Video footage shows Asian store employees being attacked by a belligerent woman in Dallas, Texas. However, the store clerks turned the tables on the assailant, and by the end of the video she is begging the store employees stop retaliating against her.

A woman barged her way into an employee-only area of a convenience store in Dallas. She pushed open a door separating the customer area from the area behind the counter. The woman proceeded to shove one of the Asian store employees into the shelf, then pointed at an older Asian man. She screamed, “Don’t disrespect me!” She then marched toward the man, who attempted to keep his distance from her by stiff-arming her, but she steamrolled the man and pushed him into the wall while yelling, “F*** is wrong with you!”

The first man then brandished a handgun, to which a witness yelled, “Don’t shoot her! Nah. Don’t shoot her! Don’t shoot her!” Then both men attempted to subdue the intruder. The gun-wielding man screamed, “Stop! Get out!”

The older man unleashed a fury of fast punches. The woman then pleaded for mercy, “Chill out, chill out, alright chill out, alright chill out!”

The two witnesses in the store are heard saying, “Aw man, they got a pistol fam, they got a pistol, he got a pistol, that’s the only reason I ain’t gone back there yet.”

According to National File, the man who is recording the video threatened the Asian store employees, “I know, I’m gonna get him when he come out, he got that gun right there fam. Look, look, look.”

As the two store clerks beat up the assailant, the cameraman yelled, “That’s enough! That’s enough! That’s enough! Hey! Hey!”

A third store employee, who is elderly, came out of the back of the building armed with a flashlight.

The viral video, which has more than 1.1 million views on Twitter, ended with the woman being subdued. There is no indication if there were any arrests in the altercation.

(Content Warning: Graphic video):

CDC centers for disease control and prevention Coronavirus immunity Covid immunity Dr. anthony fauci Intelwars Natural immunity Thomas Massie

Rep. Thomas Massie slams Fauci and CDC for COVID-19 ‘coverup’: ‘One of the biggest scandals during this whole pandemic’

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) shut down a reporter who demanded to know the congressman’s vaccination status during a press conference. Massie also blasting Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for an alleged “coverup” of natural immunity.

While advocating that Americans get the coronavirus vaccine, Massie also touted the effectiveness of natural immunity, adding that the critical voices in U.S. health have downplayed “natural protection” to those who had already been infected with COVID-19.

“One of the biggest scandals during this whole pandemic is the coverup that’s been committed by Dr. Fauci and the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] — especially the CDC — about the effectiveness of immunity that’s conferred after a natural infection, after you’ve recovered from [COVID], they’ve completely ignored that,” Massie said during a news conference earlier this week. “They want everybody to get vaccinated, even those who don’t need [to be] vaccinated.”

Massie said to “follow the science,” and cited the Moderna trials that he said showed “no benefit of the vaccine to those who recovered from infection.” He then noted that the trials of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine “showed there was no benefit to those who had recovered from infection.”

“I’m not saying go out and get the virus instead of getting the vaccine. The vaccine can save lives, it’s certain,” Massie stated. “But there’s no need…to get the vaccine if you’ve already recovered from COVID. There’s no need to expose yourself to that danger.”

Massie referred to a five-month study from the Cleveland Clinic on 52,238 employees, which found that “none of the previously infected employees who remained unvaccinated were re-infected over the duration of the study.”

The CDC website states: “Getting COVID-19 may offer some natural protection, known as immunity. Current evidence suggests that reinfection with the virus that causes COVID-19 is uncommon in the 90 days after initial infection. However, experts don’t know for sure how long this protection lasts, and the risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 far outweighs any benefits of natural immunity.”

A reporter asked Massie if he had been vaccinated, to which he barked back, “Well, first of all, it’s none of your business, but I’m gonna tell you.”

“I’m not vaccinated, and until there’s some science—by the way I have a master’s of science degree from MIT, I’m not a virologist but I can read data,” the congressman, who earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said. “Everybody just needs to read. Don’t put your head in the sand. Look at the data.”

“I’m not gonna get the vaccine until there’s data that shows that it will improve upon the immunity that’s been conferred to me as a result of a natural infection that I had,” Massie explained.

In August 2020, Massie announced that he had recovered from COVID-19 and tested positive for antibodies, which prompted him to donate plasma.

Massie made his comments during a press conference about the House Republican-sponsored Fire Fauci Act, which reduces the salary of Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and calls for an examination of his correspondences and expenditures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fauci is the highest-paid federal government employee, reportedly raking in $417,608 in 2019.

Buffalo bills Cole beasley Coronavirus vaccines Covid-19 vaccines Intelwars Nfl covid Nfl covid protocols Nfl covid rules

Buffalo Bills player Cole Beasley reacts to COVID vaccine backlash, says he’s prepared to quit football: ‘My values are more important to me than a dollar’

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley railed against the NFL’s new and very rigid COVID-19 protocols for training camp and the preseason. Beasley proclaimed that he is prepared to walk away from the NFL, “My values are more important to me than a dollar.”

The NFL and NFL Players Association agreed upon new COVID-19 protocols, which are far more critical of unvaccinated players than those who are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated players will face daily COVID-19 tests, must wear a mask in the team facility and during travel, and are barred from leaving the hotel to eat at a restaurant. First violations of the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols can result in a $50,000 fine.

Some NFL players voiced their displeasure with the new restrictions as well as the NFLPA. One of the more outspoken players against the strict rules is Beasley, who on Thursday called the restrictions “crazy” and said the NFLPA is a “joke.”

There was swift backlash to Beasley’s opinions on the NFL’s COVID-19 rules, to which he responded to his critics with an even more powerful stance against the new restrictions.

Beasley began his response captioned by declaring, “Hi, I’m Cole Beasley, and I’m not vaccinated!”

“I will be outside doing what I do. I’ll be out in the public. If (you’re) scared of me, then steer clear, or get vaccinated. Point. Blank. Period,” he tweeted on Friday. “I may die of COVID, but I’d rather die actually living.”

“I have family members whose days are numbered,” Beasley said in response to the NFL’s rules that prohibit players from having more than 15 people at their home,” Beasley added. “If they want to come and see me and stay at my house then they are coming regardless of protocol.”

Beasley, who has two years and roughly $11.9 million remaining on his contract with the Bills, seemed to hint that he is willing to quit or be fired from the NFL over his COVID-19 vaccine stance.

“I don’t play for the money anymore. Fine me if you want,” Beasley stated. “My way of living and my values are more important to me than a dollar.”

“I’ll play for free this year to live life the way I’ve lived it from Day 1,” Beasley said. “If I’m forced into retirement, so be it. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve had … So either way, it’s a win-win.”

“I’m not going to take meds for a leg that isn’t broken,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’d rather take my chances with COVID and build up my immunity that way … That is my choice based on my experiences and what I think is best.”

“I love my teammates and enjoy playing ball because all the outside BS goes out the window in these moments,” Beasley continued. “I just want to win the Super Bowl and enjoy these relationships that will be created along the way.”

“Thank you for everyone who has been supportive throughout this process,” the wideout said.

Beasley said, “a lot of other NFL players” agree with his position on coronavirus vaccinations, but “aren’t in the right place in their careers to be so outspoken.”

“I’m hoping I’m doing my part to represent you guys well,” the second-team All-Pro wide receiver concluded.

Fellow Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie reacted to Beasley’s impassioned message, “I see you out there fighting brotha love it.”

In May, Beasley emphasized, “I don’t have a problem with anybody getting the vaccine. That is your choice. My problem is everyone is ridiculing and bullying people … into getting one or thinking the same way about it. It’s becoming that way with any issue. This is not OK.”

Last month, In May, Bills general manager Brandon Beane answered a hypothetical question about unvaccinated players, which he revealed that he would be inclined to cut an unvaccinated player if it helped the franchise reach an NFL threshold to relax COVID-19 restrictions. However, the NFL reportedly informed Beane that the team could not release a player solely due to his vaccination status.

In 2020, Beasley caught 82 receptions for 967 yards, both career highs.

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Man live-tweets epic saga of surviving 15-hour purgatory in Waffle House as punishment for fantasy football loss

Fantasy Football punishments for coming in last have gotten creative in recent years, including grown adults being forced to take the ACT standardized test used for college admissions and having to pose nearly nude in photo shoots for a calendar that was presented to the league’s other owners. One fantasy football loser chronicled his punishment for finishing last in his league – spend 24 hours in a Waffle House in Mississippi.

Journalist Lee Sanderlin was sentenced to 24 hours in a Waffle House as part of his punishment for losing his fantasy football league. There was one saving grace, Sanderlin could shave an hour off his 24-hour penance for every waffle he consumed. What sounded like a boon ended up being a poisoned chalice as the fantasy football loser ate a diabetes-inducing amount of waffles.

On Thursday afternoon, Sanderlin kicked off his live-tweeting of his journey that would be full of carbohydrates, regret, and intestinal pain.

“I am coming to you live from a Brandon, Mississippi Waffle House. I, a total loser, came in last place in my fantasy football league,” Sanderlin wrote on Twitter before ordering his first two waffles. “As punishment, I spend 24 hours in a Waffle House. Every waffle I eat shaves an hour off the clock. It’s 4:07 Central.”

Within an hour and a half into his carbohydrate castigation, Sanderlin managed to consume four waffles, which left him feeling “immense discomfort” and “dead on the inside,” but he cut four hours off his Waffle House punishment.

The now-viral tweets show that Sanderlin was feeling defeated, but then sprung to life and ordered a fifth waffle thanks to someone using the restaurant’s digital jukebox to play the motivational “Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor’s 1982 hit song and soundtrack to the “Rocky III” training montage.

It wasn’t even three hours into his Waffle House saga that he started asking his Twitter followers for thoughts and prayers. People on Twitter were “pulling” for Sanderlin to triumph over the waffles.

“Y’all they’re going down like cement now, and the heart is beating real heavy-like. I’m the only non-employee in here,” Sanderlin tweeted. “Got half of waffle 6 left and so many hours.”

With plenty of time on his hands, Sanderlin posted his fantasy football roster that got him into this predicament in the first place, which only made him want to puke.

After eating the sixth waffle, Sanderlin looks like he’s developing heart disease in real-time. Eating the waffles becomes a Kobayashi Maru for the young man; it takes away an hour but is also rapidly changing his blood type to maple syrup.

Sanderlin, who is an investigative reporter for the Clarion Ledger, quickly finds out that nothing good happens at the Waffle House at 1 a.m.

Sanderlin makes an early morning rally, and attempts to eat two more waffles. The suspense and Sanderlin’s BMI increase.

After nine waffles and 15 hours in Waffle House purgatory, Lee Sanderlin did the unthinkable. Mission accomplished. Fantasy football punishment successfully satisfied.

The 25-year-old gave sage advice to all his adoring fans, “I recommend absolutely no one do this.”

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Players blast NFL’s strict new COVID-19 vaccine protocols, call players association ‘a joke’

The NFL unveiled its new COVID-19 protocols for training camp and the preseason this week, which puts heavy restrictions on what unvaccinated football players are allowed to do. The strict coronavirus restrictions were agreed to by the NFL Players Association, which frustrated several professional football players.

The NFL released its COVID-19 protocols Wednesday, which dictates that coaches and staff must be vaccinated, but players have the option. However, unvaccinated NFL players are severely restricted, while vaccinated players have far more freedoms and return to near pre-pandemic rules.

  • Unvaccinated players will need to be tested for COVID-19 every single day, while those who are vaccinated will not.
  • Unvaccinated players will need to wear face masks at the facility and during travel, while vaccinated individuals will not.
  • Unvaccinated players will have travel restrictions, while vaccinated people will not.
  • Unvaccinated players are not permitted to leave their hotel rooms to get food from a restaurant and are not allowed to interact with anyone outside of the team, while there are no restrictions on vaccinated players.
  • Unvaccinated players must practice social distancing when eating, while those vaccinated are not required to do so.
  • Unvaccinated players are barred from the sauna and steam room, while vaccinated players are permitted to use these facilities.
  • Unvaccinated players have weight room capacity limits, while vaccinated individuals do not.
  • Unvaccinated players will lose out on extra income since they will be banned from social/media/marketing/sponsorship activities, while vaccinated players are permitted to do so.

“Individuals who are not fully vaccinated, including players, will be prohibited from gathering outside club facilities or team travel. NFL players who are not fully vaccinated will be barred from going to nightclubs, bars, house parties, concerts, etc,” the league stated.

Players are prohibited from house gatherings of more than 15 people unless all participants are wearing PPE.

Failure to follow the new rules could result in fines of $50,000 for a first offense.

The NFL has made it clear that unvaccinated players will have a much tougher time in the preseason than those who have received the coronavirus vaccine.

Some players have already voiced their displeasure at the constraining new rules set by the NFL and NFL Players Association.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley called the new regulations “crazy,” and blasted the NFLPA.

“This is crazy. Did we vote on this? I stay in the hotel. We still have meetings. We will all be together,” Beasley wrote on Twitter. “Vaccinated players can go out the hotel and bring covid back in to where I am. So what does it matter if I stay in the hotel now? 100 percent immune with vaccination? No.”

“So what are we really talking about? I understand completely why the NFL is doing this,” he tweeted. “It gives them back the freedom to make the most money as possible again if everyone is vaccinated. But will anyone fight for the players or nah?”

“The players association is a joke. Call it something different. It’s not for the players,” Beasley continued. “Everyone gives me the 98 percent of people who are vaccinated don’t get covid again. The odds of me getting in the NFL and playing for 10 years are lower than that and I’m here.”

Beasley was asked why he didn’t want to get vaccinated, to which he responded, “Why does it matter what my reasons are? It’s a personal choice. That means I don’t have to explain to anyone why I do what I do. Just like everything else in my life.”

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon also slammed the NFL Players Association for heavily restricting players who didn’t want to get vaccinated.

“The @NFLPA is not for the players they act like they represent us and they clearly show us different time & time again,” Mixon tweeted.

“I thought Football was a team sport and it’s clearly being individualized by beliefs,” he added.

Mixon clarified that he is not against vaccines or anyone who wants to get vaccinated, “I love everybody and I show love to everyone vaccinated or not. I RESPECT EVERYBODY who decides to get the vaccine or not. I’M NOT AGAINST EITHER! I WILL FIGHT & DIE FOR A RESPECTED DECISION.”

An NFL agent told ESPN that 60% of his clients are fully vaccinated.

Of the NFL’s 32 franchises, 16 teams have 51 or more players who are vaccinated against COVID-19, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera estimated 50% of his players have gotten the coronavirus vaccine, and noted that a few more plan to get vaccinated after the team brought in an infectious disease professor from Harvard to talk to players about the COVID-19 vaccine.

One Washington Football Team player who was not persuaded to get the vaccine was defensive end Montez Sweat.

“I’m not a fan of it,” Sweat said of the coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday. “I probably won’t get vaccinated until I get more facts and that stuff. I’m not a fan of it at all. I haven’t caught COVID yet so I don’t see me treating COVID until I actually get COVID.”

Unvaccinated fans are allowed to attend training camps, but must practice social distancing and remain more than 20 feet from players and team staff.

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Top Chinese counterintelligence official defected to US, provided intel on Wuhan lab and China’s bioweapons programs: Reports

There are multiple reports that a top Chinese official, who is reportedly “close to” Chinese President Xi Jinping, has defected to the United States. The reports claim that the defector is cooperating with a U.S. intelligence agency, providing eye-opening intel about the Wuhan Institute of Virology and China’s bioweapons programs.

There are reports that Dong Jingwei defected from China with his daughter Dong Yang in mid-February, flying from Hong Kong to the United States. Dong landed in California, where he contacted the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency to inform officials that he was defecting and could provide inside information about covert Chinese operations, according to a report from Red State, which says, “Dong then ‘hid in plain sight’ for about two weeks before disappearing into DIA custody.”

Dong is a longtime official in China’s Ministry of State Security, also known as the “Guoanbu.” The U.S. Department of Justice describes the Ministry of State Security as an “institution similar to the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency (ClA) combined under one intelligence directorate responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence, and political security.”

Dong’s “publicly available background indicates that he was responsible for the Ministry’s counterintelligence efforts in China, i.e., spy-catching, since being promoted to vice minister in April 2018,” as reported by the Daily Beast and SpyTalk, which is a news site offering analysis on national security topics and U.S. intelligence operations.

“If the stories are true, Dong would be the highest-level defector in the history of the People’s Republic of China,” the report says.

Dong is “close to” Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to Intelligence Online, a Paris-based newsletter specializing in coverage of the global intelligence community. “He previously headed the Guoanbu in the region of Hebei, which has produced many of Xi’s securocrats,” the publication reported in 2018.

The Daily Beast report states:

Dong’s defection was raised by Chinese officials last March at the Sino-American summit in Alaska, according to Dr. Han Lianchao, a former Chinese foreign ministry official before defecting after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. In a Wednesday tweet, Han, citing an unnamed source, alleged that China’s foreign minister Wang Yi and Communist Party foreign affairs boss Yang Jiechi demanded that the Americans return Dong, and U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken refused.

Dong allegedly supplied the U.S. with “information about the Wuhan Institute of Virology that changed the stance of the Biden administration concerning the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Red State reports, “Not only does Dong have detailed information about China’s special weapons systems, the Chinese military’s operation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origins of SARS-CoV-2, and the Chinese government’s assets and sources within the United States; Dong has extremely embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the ‘terabytes of data’ he’s provided to the DIA.”

The Red State report also claims that Dong provided the DIA with information about: “Early pathogenic studies of the virus we now know as SARS-CoV-2, models of predicted COVID-19 spread and damage to the US and the world, financial records detailing which exact organizations and governments funded the research on SARS-CoV-2 and other biological warfare research, names of US citizens who provide intel to China, names of Chinese spies working in the US or attending US universities, financial records showing US businessmen and public officials who’ve received money from the Chinese government, details of meetings US government officials had (perhaps unwittingly) with Chinese spies and members of Russia’s SVR, and how the Chinese government gained access to a CIA communications system, leading to the death of dozens of Chinese people who were working with the CIA.”

The report alleges that Dong delivered copies of the contents of the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop, “showing the information the Chinese government has about Hunter’s pornography problem and about his (and Joe’s) business dealings with Chinese entities.”

Emmy, AP, and RTNDA Award-winning American journalist Adam Housley said earlier this month that the United States “increased pressure on China in recent days is due to a defector with intimate knowledge.”

On the same day as Housley’s report, Red State published an article stating, “A person believed to be among the highest-ranking defectors ever to the United States from the People’s Republic of China has been working with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for months,” according to sources inside the intelligence community.

“FBI Director Christopher Wray was ‘ambushed’ with the information, they say, and Langley was also unaware,” the Red State report adds. “Sources say DIA leadership kept the defector within their Clandestine Services network to prevent Langley and the State Department from accessing the person, whose existence was kept from other agencies because DIA leadership believes there are Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and several other federal agencies.”

A report from the Washington Times in September 2020 claims that another defector, who was a member of the People’s Liberation Army, furnished the U.S. with information about China’s covert biological weapons program. The defector escaped to Europe and was reportedly “under the protection of a European government security service.” “The PLA defector believes that Chinese intelligence has penetrated the U.S. government and is therefore wary of cooperating with the CIA and other Western spy agencies,” the report alleges.

The Daily Beast article warns that rumors of defectors are common, “Former Pentagon, State Department, and CIA expert Nicholas Eftimiades, author of Chinese Espionage: Operations and Tactics, called the report ‘exactly what it is, a rumor. It happens all the time’ in the information warfare between Beijing and anti-communist overseas Chinese.”

Mollie Saltskog, a senior intelligence analyst with the Soufan Group, notes, “While significant and certainly useful for our intelligence efforts, one high-level defection will not drastically change our understanding or approach to China. In short, if true, this is potentially significant but not a game changer.”

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Lawsuit by 34 women claims Pornhub is running a ‘criminal enterprise,’ knowingly profiting off videos involving sex trafficking, rape, and child porn

A group of 34 women brought a civil lawsuit against MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, as well as dozens of the world’s most popular pornography websites. The lawsuit alleges that MindGeek is running a “criminal enterprise,” which knowingly profited from non-consensual videos. The suit claims that the porn site hosted videos involving sex trafficking, rape, and even child porn.

“MindGeek is the most dominant online pornography company in the world. It is also one of the largest human trafficking ventures in the world,” the lawsuit states. “And it is likely the largest non-regulatory repository of child pornography in North America and well beyond.

“It is a case about the rape and sexual exploitation of men and women. And it is a case about each of these defendants knowingly and intentionally electing to capitalize and profit from the horrendous exploitation and abuse of tens of thousands of other human beings so they could make more than the enormous sums of money they would have otherwise made anyway.”

The lawsuit claims that Mindgeek is a “classic criminal enterprise” that is run like “The Sopranos,” the HBO television series about the mafia. The suit alleges that MindGeek, the “most powerful online pornography company in the world,” was “built and sustained in material parts on child pornography, rape, and human trafficking.”

MindGeek owns and operates more than 100 pornographic websites, including some of the most popular adult video sites such as Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn, and Xtube.

“The MindGeek defendants frequently purchased in bulk trafficked content from known trafficking areas such as Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America,” the lawsuit alleges.

Michael Bowe, the lawyer representing the women, told CBS News: “This case is not about porn, it’s about rape. This is a legitimate industry that consenting people have every right to participate in. It just needs to be done legally and not with illegal content.”

CBS News spoke with four of the 34 women, including a woman who went by the name of “Isabella,” who revealed an explicit video posted on Pornhub. She said she was coerced by her boyfriend to make a nude video when she was 17 years old. She forgot about the incident from high school until she was in college and received a text from a close friend that said: “I didn’t know you did porn.”

“Immediately, I knew it was me. I mean, my face, my outfit — immediately,” she said. “My heart dropped into my stomach.”

Without her knowledge or consent, the explicit video was anonymously posted on Pornhub, which has 130 million users each day – more viewers than Netflix or Amazon. The video was watched by more than 200,000 people, “including everybody at my college, pretty much,” Isabella said.

“The view count on the video will forever haunt my dreams,” she said. “Just knowing that that many people saw it really messed me up.”

The shame haunted Isabella, who couldn’t look in a mirror for six months and transferred to a new school because of the video that was uploaded without her consent.

Of the 34 victims in the civil lawsuit, 14 of them were underage when the videos of them were filmed, one was as young as 15 years old. There were also 14 victims of people charged or convicted of sex crimes.

Another woman, who went by the name of “Aubrey” to protect her identity, said her ex-husband secretly recorded video of them having sex and then posted the footage to Pornhub without her consent or knowledge. The ex-husband now faces criminal charges of forcible rape, domestic assault, and non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images.

A friend informed Aubrey of the video in 2018, which was viewed over 400,000 times.

“I will never, ever be able to recover the emotional pain that this has caused me,” Aubrey said. “It truly, truly was a living nightmare. I — I didn’t — everybody had seen everything about me. And that’s just — that’s a very private moment. And it’s a very vulnerable moment. And it’s just — it’s hard to come to terms with. That the world has seen that.”

A former MindGeek executive told CBS News that the illegal content was seen as “good” for business.

“I mean, if you offer everything on the site, there is something for everyone,” the anonymous person said. “The more you have, the better it is. So for all the free sites like Pornhub, more content is always better.”

He revealed that when content was flagged as illegal on Pornhub, MindGeek often transferred it over to one of the other adult video sites the company operated. “Removed content popped up on all their other sites and no one really cared,” he said.

MindGeek issued a statement on the allegations:

The spread of illegal content is an existential threat to the internet, and every platform has the moral obligation to join the fight against it. Illegal material on the internet harms its victims, internet users and all platforms that operate online. Any suggestion that the company tolerates or celebrates this material is patently false. Anyone who attempts to post nonconsensual imagery or child sexual abuse material on the internet is a criminal, and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of the internet when it comes to the elimination of illegal content. Every online platform has the responsibility to join this fight, and it requires collective action and constant vigilance. We hope other platforms will use our model to help eradicate unwanted content.

Pornhub purged the site of more than 10 million videos of the site’s 13.5 million total videos in December 2020 in reaction to allegations the website was hosting child sexual exploitation, non-consensual violence, rape, and other unlawful material, according to The Verge.

“As part of our policy to ban unverified uploaders, we have now also suspended all previously uploaded content that was not created by content partners or members of the Model Program,” Pornhub said in a company blog post last year.

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Massive 700-pound George Floyd statue erected at Newark City Hall

A massive bronze statue of George Floyd was unveiled in New Jersey on Wednesday afternoon. The 700-pound statue will remain on display at Newark’s City Hall for at least a year.

“The artwork was donated to the city and will be on display for at least a year in collaboration with the Division of Arts and Cultural Affairs,” WPIX-TV reported.

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka (D) unveiled the statue along with artist Stanley Watts, who sculpted the statue, and filmmaker Leon Pickney, who commissioned the statue.

“George Floyd represents a lot more than himself at this juncture in history,” Baraka said during the unveiling ceremony. “Hopefully when people walk by it and they see it…hopefully it inspires them to become active in the struggles that are happening right here in Newark and right here in New Jersey.”

Floyd died on May 25, 2020, after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly 10 minutes. His death sparked nationwide protests calling for societal and criminal justice reforms.

Baraka hoped that the George Floyd statue would become a permanent fixture in Newark.

“He probably could have taken this anywhere, but we are grateful that he chose to display it in Newark for as long as we possibly can have it,” the mayor said. “Maybe it will find a permanent home somewhere or maybe it will be here, who knows, but we are happy to have it for the time we have it here.”

“Mr. Floyd’s death elevated the Black Lives Matter movement, which has resulted in an international response, including protests, police reform measures and the removal of Confederate statues from public parks and racist names from organizations,” city officials said in a statement.

Pickney said, “The statue was to cause them to remember why they marched during such a horrific pandemic and I didn’t want them to go back to a status quo.”

Watts explained why he selected this posture of George Floyd, “The world needed a peaceful George.”

“The world needed him relaxed and chilling on a bench and that’s what we produced and we produced him larger than life, because after death, George will be remembered,” he continued. “That’s what memorials are. To remember and never forget why we changed today and tomorrow and for the rest of our existence on this planet.”

Last year, Newark removed a statue of Christopher Columbus from Washington Park that was donated to the city as a gift from the Italian-American community in 1927.

“In keeping with the movement to remove symbols of oppression and white supremacy, we have decided to remove the statue,” Mayor Baraka said in June 2020. “We took it down with city work crews in a safe and orderly manner, to avoid the potential danger of people taking it upon themselves to topple it.”

“The removal of this statue should not be perceived as an insult to the Italian American community,” Baraka continued. “It is a statement against the barbarism, enslavement and oppression that this explorer represents.”

The Columbus statue will be replaced with a new monument honoring famed abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

“This monument will reflect how Newark honors one of our great pioneers and warriors, and therefore it should in turn reflect the views of our residents,” Baraka said.

Newark will also rename Washington Park to “Tubman Square” in 2022, when the new monument is expected to be installed. Washington Park was known as the areas of “North Common” or “Upper Green” until 1795, when the town voted to turn it into a park and change its name to honor the first president of the United States, George Washington.

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Liberal music composer’s career destroyed and he contemplated suicide after he was branded a ‘white supremacist piece of garbage’ for being against arson

A music composer, who is a liberal, was branded a “racist” and a “white supremacist piece of garbage” by woke critics because he spoke out against arson on social media. The cancel culture mob has reportedly been successful at destroying the musician’s professional career for the crime of tactfully pointing out that violent riots are self-defeating.

Daniel Elder is a 34-year-old composer based in Nashville, who won the Abbey Road Studios Anthem Competition in 2011 for his debut commercial album, “The Heart’s Reflection.” Elder claims that he has been blackballed by his publisher and choral directors refuse to work with him over potential backlash from a post he made on social media over a year ago.

During the George Floyd protests last summer, Elder was concerned about the rising tide of violent riots. On May 30, 2020, the riots hit close to Elder’s home in Tennessee. Criminals damaged over 30 buildings, the city’s historic courthouse was set on fire, rocks were hurled at law enforcement officers, and police cruisers were destroyed after a Black Lives Matter-inspired protest escalated into a full-scale riot.

“I saw a mob mentality around my own friends, and I worried that was what was happening on the outside, too,” Elder told Reason.

On his professional Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, Elder wrote, “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. I’m done.”

Elder, who had always considered himself center-left, received a tidal wave of hate from progressives over his post against burning down the city of Nashville. He was called a “racist” and a “white supremacist piece of garbage” by the outrage mob, despite Elder supporting police reform and opposing racism.

“I am a choir director and department head for the music department for a private school in Ohio,” one commenter demanded. “I want to inform you that your rhetoric surrounding the recent protests is unacceptable and my school will not be programming your music unless and until a public apology is issued.”

Another critic said, “Hope that you find a way to lose that hate in your heart.”

“Do some research and maybe some inner reflection and maybe figure out where your racist tendencies are coming from,” another person proclaimed. “You are canceled. Black lives matter!”

Some people who enjoyed Elder’s music vowed that they would never listen to it ever again.

“I’ve relatively recently become aware of your work and have enjoyed your compositions for their sensitivity and artistry,” a former fan wrote. “However, after learning of your insensitive comments on social media, however perceived as misunderstood, I’ve decided to unsubscribe from your [YouTube] channel and will no longer recommend your compositions to colleagues.”

Within 24 hours, the blowback from the seemingly innocuous post reached Elder’s publisher – GIA Publications, which is one of the biggest publishers of hymnals and religious music, plus it is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. On the morning of June 1, GIA president Alec Harris and media editor Susan LaBarr contacted Elder about issuing an apology over his social media post.

The company had already crafted an apology for Elder, which reads:

Over the weekend I made a post on my social media accounts that was insensitive and wrongly-worded. I deeply apologize for the anger, offense, and harm that this post caused. While this offense was not intended, it is what was created. For this I am truly sorry.

There is no justification that I can offer for my post. So, rather than try to offer an excuse for what was done, I offer a promise for what I will do going forward. I commit to making amends and to dialogue. I commit to continue educating myself about privilege and bias. I commit to continue seeking an understanding of the experience of others, especially the Black community. I know that working for justice requires that we each first act justly. My work begins now.

LaBarr allegedly told Elder that while “we know that you write music that promotes social justice,” this was not clear to people who had read the Instagram post.

“We’re feeling time pressure on this as some people are calling for boycotts,” added LaBarr. “It’s all very heavy.”

Elder refused to apologize for his words.

“I chose to be that guy who didn’t issue the apology,” he told Reason. “Things went from there and it wasn’t good.”

Within hours, GIA denounced Elder and announced they would no longer publish Elder’s work unless he “takes steps to publicly and appropriately address this situation.”

The views expressed in composer Daniel Elder’s incendiary social media post on Sunday evening do not reflect the values of GIA or our employees. GIA opposes racism in all its forms and is committed to do what Michelle Obama called “the honest, uncomfortable work of rooting it out.” Therefore, we will suspend future publishing with Daniel until he takes steps to publicly and appropriately address this situation. We are grateful to those who brought this to our attention and to all who continue to hold individuals and organizations to account.

Reason reached out to Harris and LaBarr “to a request for clarification as to which aspect of Elder’s anti-arson agenda they oppose,” but both executives at GIA did not respond.

Local choral directors disassociated with Elder. The composer lost friends, colleagues, and fans over the so-called “controversy,” which negatively affected his mental health. After he was canceled, Elder started seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, and said he has needed to be “talked off the ledge” several times. He has struggled to compose new music after being a victim of cancel culture.

“My artistic wellspring is capped,” Elder said. “I think it will come back, but things have remained in quite a rough place after all this happened.”

In June 2020, Elder permanently deleted his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

“I believe these platforms are encouraging a very dangerous division among us—a divide that is exponentially growing year-by-year—something very much out of line with what I strive to achieve as an artist,” Elder wrote on his website. “I am extraordinarily grateful for the following I have achieved in only eight years as a professional composer. Social media was valuable for advertising, but I’ve learned over the past decade that it isn’t the path towards musical and commercial success—it is merely an illusion.”

Elder said the social media platforms are causing harm to “our cultural and political relationships.”

He added, “For me the cost of social media has finally outweighed its benefits.” Elder said, “I achieved all my major successes entirely offline and you can too.”

Elder now only uses YouTube, but turns off comments on his videos.

The saga of having his professional life being robbed from him by progressives has shifted his political compass.

“Because I was exiled, I started listening to voices on the right and the center, especially these classical liberals who have been exiled from the leftist movement,” Elder told Reason. “The strange silver lining is this shook me out of my prejudices a little bit.”

#racisthunter Biden family Caroline biden Hunter biden Hunter biden laptop Hunters laptop Intelwars Joe Biden Racist hunter

Hunter Biden reportedly used anti-Asian racial slur in 2019 texts with his cousin

Fresh off the reports of Hunter Biden using the N-word in text messages, the son of President Joe Biden is embroiled in yet another racist scandal. Hunter Biden reportedly used an anti-Asian slur in text messages sent to his cousin in 2019, where he also said that he wanted to date 24-year-olds because they are “easy to impress.”

The Daily Mail published alleged messages between Hunter and his cousin Caroline Biden, who is the daughter of President Biden’s brother James. The damning text messages, which are said to have occurred on Jan. 26, 2019, were obtained from Hunter’s laptop reportedly abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

The topic of the conversation was about Caroline setting Hunter up on a date with one of her acquaintances.

The then-49-year-old Hunter expressed interest in dating younger women, specifically 24-year-olds because he said it is “incredibly easy to impress a 24 year old.”

“Caroline suggested Hunter signs up for Raya, an exclusive dating app that is known for pairing celebrities and the ultra-wealthy with models and young groupies,” the Daily Mail reported. “She pointed towards Lucy Dahl, famous children’s author Roald Dahl’s daughter who she described as ‘super loaded’ and ‘non judgemental.’ Hunter’s cousin even touted ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ actress and porn director Bella Thorne.”

Caroline asked Hunter about his preference of women, “Do you want foreign or domestic?” She then emphasizes, “I can’t give you f***ing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.”

According to a screenshot of the conversation, Hunter responded by writing, “Domesticated foreigner is fine.”

Then Hunter Biden reportedly said, “No yellow,” which is an anti-Asian slur.

There were reports in April 2019 that Hunter broke up with Hallie Biden, the widow of his older brother, Beau. The former in-laws reportedly started dating in 2017. Hunter fathered a child with Lunden Roberts in 2018. Lunden reportedly sued Biden after he refused to acknowledge the baby was his or pay child support. Hunter settled with Lunden out of court in 2020, according to the Daily Mail.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Hunter Biden used the N-word multiple times in a conversation with corporate lawyer George Mesires, according to text messages found on the now-infamous broken laptop. The alleged messages from December 2018 said, “‘how much money do I owe you. Becaause (sic) n***a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates.”

“That made me snarf my coffee,” Mesires responded, to which Biden replied, “That’s what im saying ni….”

Shortly after the racist messages were revealed, the hashtag #RacistHunter was a trending topic on Twitter.

Coincidentally, President Joe Biden made an offensive remark about South Asian people in 2006.

“You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent,” Joe Biden said. “I’m not joking.”

Caroline Biden, 34, made headlines in 2019 for being arrested for driving under the influence and driving without a license in a Philadelphia suburb.

“Biden, daughter of James Biden, was busted in Lower Merion Township, Pa., in August 2019 after slamming her car into a tree,” the New York Post reported. “Arresting officer Jeffrey Seamans noted Biden, who was driving without a license, ‘had difficulty focusing on the conversation’ as he questioned her.”

President Biden’s niece avoided jail time after she pleaded guilty to DUI on Dec. 3. She was sentenced to 20 days to six months of “confinement,” according to Pennsylvania court records.

Caroline Biden also didn’t see a day behind bars when she racked up $110,000 in expenses on someone else’s credit card. Biden paid back the money and completed community service.

Caroline Biden also walked away scot-free in 2013 when she was arrested in New York after authorities said she hit a police officer who was responding to a dispute with a roommate. She was charged with obstructing government administration, resisting arrest, and harassment. The case was dismissed after Biden agreed to get anger management treatment.

Biden g7 Biden gaffes g7 Intelwars Joe Biden President joe biden

Biden makes several gaffes at G7, at one point world leaders openly laugh at his forgetfulness

When on the world stage with his peers at the G7 summit this weekend, President Joe Biden had several mental lapses and gaffes. At one point, fellow world leaders openly laughed at Biden over his forgetfulness at the G7 conference in Cornwall, England.

During a press conference on Sunday, Biden stumbled while speaking about Russia ahead of his June 16 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We can work together with Russia – for example, in Libya. We should be opening up the passage to be able to go through, provide food assistance, and economic… I mean, vital assistance to a population that’s in real trouble,” Biden said, confusing Libya with Syria. Biden confused Libya for Syria on two more occasions in his meandering diatribe.

Previously, first lady Jill Biden proclaimed that her husband was “so well prepared” for the conference.

“He’s been studying for weeks working up for today,” she said. “He knows most of the leaders that will be here. Joe loves foreign policy. This is his forte.”

Time magazine was ridiculed last week for an extremely flattering cover featuring an illustration of Biden appearing years younger and a headline that read, “Taking on Putin.”

Biden already said he won’t hold a joint press conference with Putin because he doesn’t want to get “diverted” by who “talked the most.”

Also during the presser, Biden said, “I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way,” before selecting Bloomberg to ask him a question. At a prior press conference at the White House, Biden was using a “cheat sheet” to determine which reporters to call on.

When asked a question by the press, Biden responded in a strange whispering voice, “120 days, gimme a break. I need time.”

Biden delivered a befuddling comment during the presser, saying, “COVID, I know you all know, but a lot of people may not know what COVID is, that is a system whereby they’re going to provide funding for states to get access to vaccines.”

The White House issued a correction for the president, saying that when he said “COVID,” he meant to say “COVAX.” Biden reportedly made this same error on three different occasions during the press conference. COVAX is a worldwide initiative aimed at equitable access to coronavirus vaccines.

During the summit, there was a conference between the G7 leaders of the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan, along with other leaders from India, South Korea, and South Africa.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced the leaders, who were not G7 members, “Welcome, those who have just joined us, we have some pretty spectacular weather. We have Prime Minister Modi [India], President Ramaphosa [South Africa], President Moon [South Korea] in just a minute.”

A confused Biden interrupted Johnson to inform him that he didn’t introduce Ramaphosa, despite Johnson introducing the president of South Africa literally seconds earlier.

“And the president of South Africa,” Biden said, who was sitting next to Johnson.

Johnson replied, “And the president of South Africa as I said early on.”

The world leaders laughed at Biden’s forgetfulness at the G7 roundtable. Then the press was rushed out of the room.

There was another awkward moment during the G7 conference when Biden was walking through a section and was asked a random and easy question, “How are your meetings going in Cornwall, Mr. President?”

Jill Biden quickly interrupted the impromptu question, and frantically said, “Joe, c’mon,” as she waved her hands for him to come with her, which elicited laughter from the people nearby. She then grabbed his hand and lead him away.

Anti-Semitism FBI Ilhan omar Intelwars ISRAEL minnesota Terrorism

Rep. Ilhan Omar retweets video from anti-Israel group that was investigated by the FBI for terrorist ties

One day after Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) compared the United States and Israel to Hamas and Taliban terrorists, she retweeted a video from an anti-Israel group that was investigated by the FBI for possible terrorist ties.

The Democratic representative from Minnesota retweeted a video created by the anti-Israel organization International Solidarity Movement on Tuesday, according to Fox News. The video was filmed by activists associated with the organization.

The video was posted on Twitter by Marwa Fatafta, a self-proclaimed “Palestinian feminist.” The tweet was captioned, “This Palestinian child carrying his Spider-Man school backpack violently snatched and detained by Israeli forces. His wriggling is too painful to watch, but sure tell this brutalized child that [Secretary of State Antony Blinken] says he can claim justice from his abusers.”

“In 2010, ISM was deemed by the Anti-defamation League (ADL) as one of the top 10 anti-Israel organizations in the country,” Fox News reported.

The International Solidarity Movement was previously investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a 2020 report from The Intercept.

“It is clear, however, that the FBI conducted at least two major investigations into ISM,” the report stated. “In addition to the international terrorism investigation into the two St. Louis activists, the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office initiated a domestic security investigation into ISM as an organization.”

The documents obtained by The Intercept hinted, “Nothing in the documents suggests any of these investigations ever resulted in criminal charges.”

The day before Omar retweeted the video questioning Secretary of State Antony Blinken, she challenged Blinken on Monday when he appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a panel on which Omar sits.

Omar asked the secretary of state about the Biden administration’s opposition to the International Criminal Court pursuing investigations into alleged human rights violations by Israel and the U.S.

“I haven’t seen any evidence in either cases that domestic courts both can and will prosecute alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Omar said to Blinken. “So in both of these cases, if domestic courts can’t or won’t pursue justice and we oppose the ICC, where do we think the victims of these supposed crimes can go for justice?”

Blinken responded, “I believe that we have, whether it’s the United States or Israel, we both have the mechanisms to make sure that there is accountability in any situations where there are concerns about the use of force and human rights.”

Following the hearing, Omar tweeted a video questioning Blinken during the hearing with the caption, “We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.”

The comment ignited a firestorm, and even House Democrats slammed Omar for equating the U.S. and Israel to Hamas and Taliban terrorists.

Europe Florida g7 G7 summit Intelwars Joe Biden maria bartiromo President joe biden Ron DeSantis

DeSantis knocks Biden’s messaging at G7: ‘His performance probably played well with European elites, not sure there was much in it for Middle America’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis knocked President Joe Biden’s messaging at the G7 summit, noting that America’s enemies are “sizing up” the passive president at the international conference.

During an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” DeSantis said Biden’s low energy approach is “quite a contrast” from former President Donald Trump.

“I think that President Biden is someone that’s much more passive on the world stage, not nearly as assertive as somebody like Donald Trump was,” the Republican governor told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “I think his energy level is obviously much lower. And so I think that’s just something that people are sizing up. I think that our adversaries are watching that.”

“I didn’t hear very much in the way of holding China accountable for their role in covering up the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he continued. “I think that’s absolutely essential that China be held accountable for their role in that, as well as any bureaucrats in the United States who may have been covering it up.”

DeSantis also questioned Biden’s loyalty toward Middle America while he was hobnobbing with European elites and making commitments to decrease the energy production in the United States.

“They were talking economically a lot about other countries, [Biden] was talking about reducing energy production worldwide, and I couldn’t help but think, here in the United States, he’s leaving a lot of people behind,” DeSantis said.

“Look at all the workers he left behind by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline,” DeSantis noted. “Those were thousands and thousands of very good jobs.”

“And then also think about family budgets, with the sharp increase in gas prices, and then the overall budding inflation that we are seeing that’s being fueled by his big-spending policies,” DeSantis said of deteriorating economic factors since Biden took office. “So, I think that his performance probably played well with European elites. Not sure that there was much in it for Middle America.”

The national average gallon of regular gas in the U.S. is $3.078, versus $2.100 in 2020, according to AAA. Gas prices for Memorial Day weekend were the highest since 2014.

Consumer prices rose 5% year over year in May, the fastest pace since August 2008, CNBC reported.

DeSantis touted his home state of Florida for attracting wealthy individuals and corporations from other states.

“I mean, before COVID, we had seen by far the highest amount of wealth move into Florida compared to any other state,” he explained. “But I think that’s accelerated since COVID. I think you’re seeing a lot of people move here. Obviously, we have a very favorable tax climate. Florida is the lowest per capita tax burden, individual tax burden, in the country. And we are very proud of that. That has led, obviously, to more businesses moving here.”

China Ecohealth alliance Intelwars Peter daszak World Health Organization Wuhan Institute of Virology Wuhan lab Wuhan lab leak Wuhan lab leak theory

Video reportedly shows live bats at Wuhan lab, contradicting WHO investigation

The Wuhan Institute of Virology had live bats inside the Chinese biosafety level 4 laboratory in recent years, according to unearthed video revealed by Sky News Australia on Sunday. This discovery directly contradicts what World Health Organization investigators said earlier about the origins of COVID-19, dismissing the notion as a baseless conspiracy theory.

The eye-opening report included footage said to be taken from inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2017. The video allegedly shows bats being held in a cage at the Wuhan lab. Another purported scene from inside the premises shows a scientist feeding a worm to a bat.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

Live bats inside the Wuhan lab is a contradiction to what was said by zoologist Peter Daszak, who was a member of the World Health Organization. Daszak was named to the WHO investigation team sent to China in January to investigate the origins of COVID-19.

Daszak is the president of the non-profit research organization Ecohealth Alliance, which received grants from the National Institutes of Health.

“EcoHealth’s bat research in China was entirely funded through the $3.7 million NIH grant,” NPR reported. “A small portion — about $76,000 per year — was used to pay the Wuhan lab for its on-the-ground work.”

Daszak personally thanked Dr. Anthony Fauci for dismissing the possibility that the origin of the coronavirus pandemic may have been from a lab leak, according to leaked emails.

“I just wanted to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators, for publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID-19 from a bat-to-human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Daszak wrote in the email to Fauci. “From my perspective, your comments are brave, and coming from your trusted voice, will help dispel the myths being spun around the virus’ origins.”

“He has worked closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) to test bats for coronaviruses with the potential to spill over into people,” science journal Nature wrote about Daszak in December 2020.

At the same time Daszak joined the WHO investigative team, he publicly lampooned the idea that the coronavirus pandemic origin may have been from a lab leak. Daszak emphasized that the Wuhan lab doesn’t have “live or dead bats” on-premises.

“This is a widely circulated conspiracy theory,” Daszak tweeted in December 2020. “This piece describes work I’m the lead on & labs I’ve collaborated w/ for 15 yrs. They DO NOT have live or dead bats in them. There is no evidence anywhere that this happened. It’s an error that I hope will be corrected.”

In a since-deleted tweet from December 2020, Daszak reiterated that no live bats were sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“No BATS were sent to Wuhan lab for genetic analysis of viruses collected in the field,” Daszak wrote. “That’s now how this science works. We collect bat samples, send them to the lab. We RELEASE bats where we catch them!”

National Review shared reports from Taiwan News, which claimed the Wuhan Institute of Virology reportedly filed patents for bat cages. There is also reports from the Daily Caller referring to an alleged archived version of the Chinese Academy of Science website claiming that the Wuhan facility has “126 cages for Japanese white rabbits, 340 cages for SD and Wistar rats, inbred strains, closed groups, mutant strains, and genetically engineered mice. There are 3,268 cages, 12 ferrets, 12 bats, and two species of cotton bollworm and beet armyworm, totaling 52 strains.”

The newly unearthed video was reportedly recorded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which released the video to mark the launch of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in May 2017. The voice in the alleged video “speaks about the security precautions that are in place if ‘an accident’ occurs and reveals there had been ‘intense clashes’ with the French Government during the construction of the laboratory.”

“The animal room in the P4 facility can handle a variety of species, including primate work with SARS-CoV-2,” the video states.

The alleged video also shows “hundreds” of mice cages at the Wuhan lab.

The exposé on the Wuhan lab from Vanity Fair claimed that the Chinese military “engineered mice with humanized lungs” to test viruses on them in 2019, only months before the coronavirus pandemic erupted. The bombshell report said researchers with the Chinese military studied the humanized lungs to evaluate their “susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2.”

During the G7 summit, the head of the World Health Organization said that the lab leak theory should not be ruled out.

When WHO director general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was asked about the possibility of a lab leak as the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, he responded, “Every hypothesis should be open.”

Ghebreyesus added that China had not cooperated fully, and added that Beijing should provide more “transparency and cooperation” to help discover the origin of the virus out of “respect” for the dead.

“I think the respect these people deserve is knowing what the origin of this virus is so that we can prevent it from happening again,” he said.

In February, members of the WHO investigation team said it is “extremely unlikely” that coronavirus leaked from the lab in Wuhan, instead they said it was likely spread naturally from animals to humans, possibly from a wet market in Wuhan.

“Our initial findings suggest that the introduction through an intermediary host species is the most likely pathway and one that will require more studies and more specific targeted research,” Dr. Peter Ben Embarek from the World Health Organization said.

Cancel culture Columbus Day Indigenous peoples day Intelwars New Jersey Randolph board of education schools

New Jersey school district abolishes holiday names from calendar to avoid ‘hurt feelings’; petition calls for resignation of superintendent

A school district in New Jersey will remove all names of holidays from the school calendar to avoid any “hurt feelings.”

Randolph Board of Education members unanimously voted last week to remove all holiday names from the school calendar. The action would remove religious holidays such as Christmas and Yom Kippur, as well as Thanksgiving and Independence Day. The holidays will be replaced with “day off.”

“After careful consideration of concerns introduced by both proponents of the change as well as those in opposition to the change, a motion was presented for consideration to stop using holiday titles on the district’s calendar,” a statement from the Randolph Board of Education said. “We agreed unanimously that the change would be both inclusive and equitable. Although we have made these changes to the school district’s calendar, our decision to change the calendar titles will not impact the education of holidays as guided by the district’s curriculum.”

The controversial move stemmed from a prior decision by the school district to stop celebrating Columbus Day and rename it “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” which angered Italian-Americans.

In an attempt to not offend any groups, the school district in Morris County decided to remove all holiday names on Thursday.

“If we don’t have anything on the calendar, we don’t have to have anyone [with] hurt feelings or anything like that,” board member Dorene Roche told WNYW-TV.

‘I don’t think really it is the board’s responsibility to be naming these holidays,” board member Ronald Conti said. “Either take them off or just adopt whatever the federal and state governments are doing.”

Republican state Sen. Anthony Bucco argued against the changes at the June 10 meeting, where there was reportedly “crying, shouting and angry walkouts.”

The removal of holidays was met with backlash from parents. A petition calling for the resignation of Superintendant Jen Fano and all Randolph Board of Education members was created, and has nearly 1,700 signatures.

“Jen Fano and all of the Board of Education Members have disgraced our community and clearly do not have the best interests of our children in anything they do,” the petition reads. “They represent everything that is wrong in education today and are completely incompetent in every aspect of their role.”

The Randolph Board of Education released a statement in response to the backlash:

In partnership with the Randolph Township School district, the Board of Education has always been committed to supporting diversity and inclusion amongst our students, staff, and community. We believe an effective partnership can only be accomplished between the schools and the community through collective input from all stakeholders. Involvement and communication with our constituents help us guide policy decisions/changes and improve district protocols.

Cancel culture COMEDY Funny Hollywood Intelwars Jon Lovitz Saturday Night Live SNL

Comedian Jon Lovitz tears into cancel culture, compares it to McCarthyism

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Jon Lovitz chewed out cancel culture, and explained that comedians like himself will purposely push the boundaries when they’re told not to say something deemed offensive. The comedic actor also compared cancel culture to McCarthyism in a recent interview with Page Six.

When asked about cancel culture in the United States, Lovitz said, “I’ll just say it, it’s no different than McCarthyism,” comparing the current trend of ostracizing someone out of social and professional circles for something they said or did to the second Red Scare movement in the 1940s and 1950s when there was a hunt for anyone believed to have Communist connections spurred by Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

Lovitz emphasized that it’s a comedian’s “job to satirize what’s going on in society and point out the hypocrisies,” but cancel culture presents a roadblock in creating comedy.

“As soon as you say to a comedian like me, ‘You can’t say that,’ the first thing in my head is, ‘Oh, and now I have to,'” he divulged. Lovitz also pointed out that there is “a difference between making jokes and being outright mean.”

Lovitz gave some simple advice to anyone who can’t take a joke or is easily offended.

“If you don’t have the ability to laugh at yourself, don’t go to a comedy club,” the “SNL” alum stated. “I’m not changing my act. If you’re watching TV and you don’t like the show, change the channel. It’s very simple.”

Cancel culture has affected his friends in Hollywood or the stand-up comedy world.

“I’ve seen innocent friends lose their careers,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s enough.”

Last month, Lovitz lashed out at “SNL” cast members who demanded a safe space from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who hosted the comedy sketch TV show on NBC.

“For everyone @nbcsnl who isn’t sure about the host… Don’t forget where you were before you got the show. We are all extraordinarily lucky to have been on it,” Lovitz said, as reported by TheBlaze. “Be grateful and enjoy your time on SNL,” he continued. “Because nothing lasts forever.”

Other comedians have railed against cancel culture. Chris Rock warned that cancel culture breeds boring entertainment. Billy Crystal said canceling people over words has made comedy a “minefield.” Dave Chappelle said that “no one can be woke enough.” Stand-up comedian Bill Burr joked that the outrage mob has run out of people to cancel and has resorted to canceling dead people.

Meanwhile, fellow comedians Kat Williams and Seth Rogen have said that cancel culture doesn’t exist or is warranted for certain people.

CDC Coronavirus pandemic suicide Coronavirus suicides Covid pandemic suicide Covid suicides Depression Intelwars Suicides

Suicide attempts by teen girls spiked during COVID-19 pandemic: CDC

Suicide attempts by teen girls spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Among the adolescent girls aged 12-17 years, the average weekly visits to the emergency department for suspected suicide attempts from February 2021 to March 2021 was 50.6% higher than the same period the year before, according to the CDC analysis. Boys were far less likely to show suicidal tendencies during the same time period; the number of emergency department visits for suicide attempts rose by 3.7% for males.

“In May 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, ED visits for suspected suicide attempts began to increase among adolescents aged 12–17 years, especially girls,” the CDC study found.

From late July to late August 2020, the average weekly number of emergency department visits for suspected suicide attempts among 12- to 17-year-old girls increased by 26.2% from the same time period the prior year.

“The study likely underrepresents the real number of suspected suicide attempts because Americans were hesitant to go to hospitals during the pandemic, in fear of contracting COVID-19,” according to CNBC. “In spring 2020, there was a 16.8% drop in emergency department visits among men and women aged 18 to 24 compared with the same time period a year prior.”

The study theorized that the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic may have been toxic to the mental health of young people.

“Young persons might represent a group at high risk because they might have been particularly affected by mitigation measures, such as physical distancing (including a lack of connectedness to schools, teachers, and peers); barriers to mental health treatment; increases in substance use; and anxiety about family health and economic problems, which are all risk factors for suicide,” the CDC study said.

The CDC suggested that parents spending more time with children at home because of lockdowns may have tipped off adults to suicidal thoughts and behaviors of their children.

“The findings from this study suggest more severe distress among young females than has been identified in previous reports during the pandemic, reinforcing the need for increased attention to, and prevention for, this population,” the CDC said of the significant difference of suicide attempts by boys and girls.

States began implementing stay-at-home orders in March 2020, and by the end of March, 32 out of 50 states had locked down.

The CDC noted that the increase in suicide attempts did not equate to more deaths. The suicide rate among young persons aged 1524 from the third quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2020 “saw no significant change.”

Earlier studies also found an alarming increase in suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts during the COVID-19 pandemic. A poll conducted in June 2020 by the CDC found that 25.5% of Americans ages 18 and 24 reported “having seriously considered suicide in the 30 days before completing the survey.”

In January 2021, a rash of suicides forced Las Vegas schools to reopen partially.

In Japan, suicides were up nearly 40% in October 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Suicides by Japanese women spiked by 82.6% in October, compared to a 21.3% increase in suicides by men.

Drug overdose deaths in the United States surged during the coronavirus pandemic, reaching the highest totals since the opioid epidemic began, according to the CDC.