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Sociologist schooled after saying ‘Christian’ is the ‘greatest ethnic dog whistle the right has ever come up with’ since it means ‘white’ and ‘people like us’

“The greatest ethnic dog whistle the right has ever come up with is ‘Christian,’ because it means ‘people like us,’ it means white.”

The above quote is attributed to University of Oklahoma sociologist Samuel Perry, according to a recent New Yorker feature story by Eliza Griswold that explores “Christian nationalism.”

In context, Perry’s quote appears in a paragraph that leads with: “The election of Donald Trump intensified certain strains of Christian nationalism. He fanned fears of pluralism with Islamophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric. He often invoked Christianity, albeit in terms that were largely about ethnic identity rather than faith.”

While the New Yorker piece indeed explores larger religious and sociopolitical issues, Perry’s “ethnic dog whistle” quote is getting some play on social media after the New Yorker led with his strident words when introducing the feature story to its Twitter audience Thursday:

How are folks reacting to Perry’s quote?

As you might imagine, the quote from Perry — who also co-authored “Taking America Back For God: Christian Nationalism in the United States” with fellow sociologist Andrew L. Whitehead — is getting some pushback:

  • “Oh so now we are pretending only white people are Christian?” one user quipped. “Could the gaslighting get any more ridiculous?”
  • “What kind of stupid bigots think that Christian means white?” one commenter asked. “Just because the only ones YOU know are white, doesn’t even touch on how many black & brown Christians exist. Everything you people write is made-up trash.”
  • “Christians are every shade and every ethnicity, @socofthesacred,” another user said. “According to the book of Galatians, ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.'”
  • ‘”Christian’ literally means follower of Christ. It’s not an ‘ethnic dog whistle’ invented by the right, not does it have anything to do with politics, race or nationality,” another user noted. “It’s disgusting to use it as a slur against people of faith or a cudgel against your political opponents.”
  • “Huge parts of Africa and pretty much all of Latin and South America are Christians,” another commenter noted. “I image that they’ll be surprised to hear that you believe they’re white supremacists.”
  • “This is a terrible take as the future of Christianity actually lies in Africa and Asia,” another user declared. “The Christian populations are growing on those two continents while they shrink in North America and Europe.”
  • “Christianity isn’t ‘ethnic’. Neither is degeneracy. One cannot *rationally* demonize a whole group of people based on their skin-color or beliefs,” another commenter reasoned. “Individuals are responsible for their own *actions*–not the actions of anyone else who may seem to look or think similarly.”

Perry retweeted the New Yorker tweet that leads with his quote, but as of Thursday afternoon he doesn’t appear to have responded to critics or clarified his statement.

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‘Look at me!’: Black mother blasts ‘racist’ critical race theory to school board members’ faces in fiery address

A black woman who
reportedly is a mother of children in Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools absolutely eviscerated critical race theory in front of the school board Tuesday night.

What did she say?

The unidentified woman, wearing a face shield, began her address to board members by quoting from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech — specifically the part in which the late civil rights leader said he didn’t want his children judged by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their character.

Then she let it rip.

“[Critical race theory] is not an honest dialogue — it is a tactic used by Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan on slavery very many years ago to dumb down my ancestors so we could not think for ourselves,” the woman said, using the acronym “CRT.”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @iandprior

“[Critical race theory] is racist, it is abusive, it discriminates against one’s color,” she added. “Let me educate you: An honest dialogue does not oppress. An honest dialogue does not implement hatred or injustice. It’s to communicate without deceiving people. Today we don’t need your agreement; we want action and a backbone for what we ask for today — to ban CRT.”

She also said “we don’t want your political advertisement to divide our children or belittle them. Think twice before you indoctrinate such racist theories. You cannot tell me what is or is not racist.”

Then the mother glared at the school board members and growled, “Look at me! I had to come down here today to tell you to your face that we are coming together, and we are strong. This will not be the last ‘greet and meet,’ respectfully.”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @iandprior

Here’s the clip:

What is critical race theory?

Critical race theory has come under fire from those who say the concept — which calls the United States a racist country and says academics are filled with racism — is dangerous and divisive.

House Republicans on Wednesday
introduced the Stop CRT Act, which bans critical race theory training in the armed forces.

“Critical race theory is a divisive ideology that threatens to poison the American psyche,” U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) said at a news conference, according to NBC News. “For the sake of our children’s future, we must stop this effort to cancel the truth of our founding and our country.”

Chloe Valdary — who is black and is the founder of a New York City anti-racism firm — penned a
Newsweek op-ed Monday blasting critical race theory: “We should reject critical race theory’s social gospel not only from a wish to see no one — including white people — dehumanized because of their skin color but also as an affirmation of the enduring power, beauty, and triumph of black American life, despite the tragedies we have been made to bear.”

What did the school district have to say?

A Loudoun County Public Schools spokesperson
told Fox News on Wednesday that critical race theory “is not part of the Loudoun County Public Schools curriculum” and noted interim superintendent Scott Ziegler’s post on the district’s “equity work,” which included hiring a third-party group — the Equity Collaborative — that offers “equity coaching” and performed a “systemic equity assessment” on the district.

Fox News noted that racial equity is a key tenet of critical race theory.

Battling back

There’s an effort under way to recall six Loudoun County school board members from parents who say they’ve pushed critical race theory and were indifferent when parents who questioned it were attacked, the
New York Post reported.

A video ad was released Tuesday accusing the district of training teachers that Christians are oppressors and pushing the concepts of “white privilege” and “white fragility” on students, the paper said.

Here’s the ad:

We Can’t Wait

Anything else?

In March, GoFundMe reportedly took down a page run by the parents fighting against the district’s leftist agenda after local progressive activists complained.

And the woman who blasted critical race theory at the school board meeting earlier this week wasn’t the only person who received national attention for such a move. In January, an unnamed man blasted the board for keeping students out of school amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in this school system! Figure it out! Or get off the podium!” he screamed. “Because you know what? There are people like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out! It’s not a high bar! Raise the freaking bar!”

2nd Amendment Domestic dispute fatal shooting Florida home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense Threat watch

‘You wanna f***in’ play? Let’s play!’: Intruder kicks in door, allegedly threatens his kids’ mother. But woman in home has a gun — and ends threat for good.

A terrifying home surveillance video shows an incensed man walking up to the front door of a home a few miles north of Pensacola, Florida, last week and beginning to kick in the front door.

“F***in’ play, bitch? You wanna f***in’ play? You wanna f***in’ play? Let’s play! F***in’ bitch!” the man yells into the home before turning his back to the front door and bashing it with the bottom of his boot.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via @NorthEscambia

After the 10th kick, he enters the residence and was heard screaming, “Let’s f***in’ play! Let’s f***in’ play! You wanna f***in’ play with my kids?”

What happened next?

The surveillance clip of the May 5 incident ended at that point, but the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office told that once inside, the suspect armed himself with a knife and hollered that he was there to harm his children’s mother.

The sheriff’s office said the man searched room to room and threatened the occupants who had taken refuge in a bedroom in the back of the house, the outlet said.

The ESCO told NorthEscambia that the man confronted a female in the rear bedroom, who feared for her life, so she shot the intruder twice.

Deputies arrived at the scene just after 5 p.m. Tuesday to investigate a call about a disturbance that included a shooting, the outlet said.

Deputies found a 54-year old man dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head, NorthEscambia reported.

At the time of the incident, the outlet said the suspect had an active domestic violence injunction filed on him, adding that investigators said he was reportedly on his way to anger management when it all went down.

Now what?

The sheriff’s department said charges will not be filed against the individual who shot and killed the intruder, NorthEscambia noted.

“Florida State statute allows people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from harm,” Sheriff Chip Simmons said, according to the outlet. “You can see from the video; his demeanor and intent were clear. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office will defend a person’s right to reasonably protect themselves against harm, even with the use of deadly force. We do not intend to bring charges against the occupant of the home.”

No names have been released in relation to the incident, NorthEscambia added.

Here’s the clip. Content warning: Language:

Ashlyn faye bell high school Intelwars Sex with minors Teacher's aide Texas

Former HS aide testifies she didn’t realize sex with students is off limits for all staff, as opposed to just teachers — and gets 4 years behind bars

A former teacher’s aide at a Texarkana, Texas, high school testified that she wasn’t aware that sex with students is forbidden for all staff members, as opposed to just teachers — and in the end, 24-year-old Ashlyn Faye Bell was sentenced Monday to four years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct with three underage males.

What’s the background?

Testimony at the trial for Bell indicated she made contact with boys she met while working as an aide at Texas High School, the Texarkana Gazette reported, after which she picked them up from truck stops and their homes in the middle of the night — often with her 3-year-old daughter in the back seat. The paper reported that Bell took the boys to her home in New Boston where she had sex with them.

But Bell testified that she didn’t realize Texarkana Independent School District policy prohibited all staff members from having sex with students, as opposed to teachers only, the Gazette said. However, a prosecuting attorney referred to documents Bell signed at new employee orientation regarding sexual harassment of staff and students — and that Bell earned a 90% on a related test, the paper reported.

Bell also claimed she believed the boys were 18, the Gazette noted, adding that victims testified that she told them she could get in trouble over the illicit relationships.

How did she plead?

Bell pleaded guilty last month to two counts of improper relationship between educator and student involving two 17-year-old boys and two counts of sexual assault of a child involving a 16-year-old boy, the paper said in a later story. She was sentenced to four years in prison on one count of sexual assault of a child and received probation for the other three counts, the Gazette added.

Anything else?

The judge ordered Bell to be supervised on a sex offender caseload once she’s released from prison, the paper said, adding that she will be required to register as a sex offender. The Gazette added that Texas parole officials will not be able to consider Bell for release for two years.

Cancel culture Intelwars Mark kennedy Native Americans political correctness president Trail of Tears University of Colorado

President of major college stepping down after informally referring to ‘Trail of Tears’ in front of faculty

University of Colorado Mark Kennedy is stepping down after he informally referred to the “Trail of Tears” in front of faculty in late 2020, which led to his censure this year, the Hill reported.

What are the details?

Historically the “Trail of Tears” refers to the forced westward relocation of about 100,000 Native Americans in the 1830s, which resulted in more than 15,000 deaths. But Kennedy used the term to describe what would happen if the school failed in its online learning efforts.

“On-campus is declining and online is growing. If we don’t get online right … we have a trail of tears in front of us,” Kennedy said during the late summer faculty meeting, according to the Denver Post.

The school’s Center for Native American and Indigenous Studies soon after criticized Kennedy’s words, the paper said.

Kennedy — a former Republican congressman — became CU’s president in 2019, which ignited protests from students and faculty over his voting record against gay marriage and previous comments about diversity, the Hill said, citing a separate Post story.

Early this year, CU’s board of regents censured Kennedy over his comments on diversity, the Hill said, adding that faculty followed suit in March with a censure vote over “his failure of leadership with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Students censured Kennedy for the same reasons in April, the Hill said.

Stepping down

The Hill said Kennedy penned a letter to the university community Monday regarding his resignation as president and pointed out recent changes to the school’s board of regents and a new focus.

“The Board of Regents and I have entered into discussions about an orderly transition of the presidency of the University of Colorado in the near future,” Kennedy said in his letter, according to the Hill. “The Board of Regents has a new makeup this year, which has led to changes in its focus and philosophy.”

Chaplain College Intelwars Lgtbq Terrorism accusation UK Woke culture

UK boarding school turns over its chaplain to anti-terrorism authorities — after he preached against school’s LGBTQ policies

A boarding school in the United Kingdom secretly turned over its chaplain to an anti-terrorism program after preaching a sermon in which he defended students’ rights to question the school’s new LGBTQ policies, the Daily Mail reported.

What are the details?

The Rev. Dr. Bernard Randall told students at independent Trent College near Nottingham that it was OK for them to disagree with the policies, especially if they go against Church of England principles, the outlet said.

One of the school’s new policies was to “develop a whole school LGBT+ inclusive curriculum,” the Daily Mail said.

But when the powers that be at the boarding school deemed Randall’s sermon “harmful” to LGBTQ students, the school turned him in to Prevent, which the outlet said normally identifies individuals at risk of radicalization.

However, after police investigated the tip, they told Trent College that the 48-year-old chaplain posed “no counter terrorism risk, or risk of radicalization,” the Daily Mail said, adding that Derbyshire Police confirmed the case “did not meet the threshold for a Prevent referral.”

But it wasn’t over

But the outlet added that Randall — a former Cambridge University chaplain and Oxford graduate — revealed that Trent College later informed him that his future sermons would be censored in advance and that his chapel services would be monitored “to ensure that … requirements are met.”

And then Randall was fired, the Daily Mail said.

While the outlet said he’s suing for discrimination, harassment, victimization, and unfair dismissal, he shared that “my career and life are in tatters.”

What did he say in his sermon?

Randall said his June 2019 sermon in the school chapel was prompted by concerns from students about an organization called Educate & Celebrate, which was invited to “embed gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation into the fabric” of the school, the Daily Mail said.

“You should no more be told you have to accept LGBT ideology than you should be told you must be in favor of Brexit or must be Muslim,” Randall preached, according to the outlet.

However, he also encouraged students to “treat each other with respect,” the Daily Mail said.

And then a few days later, Randall said he was called to a meeting and told the sermon was inflammatory, divisive, and “harmful to LGBT pupils,” the outlet noted.

The Daily Mail said Randall only discovered the anti-terrorism referral because it was mentioned in documents given to him ahead of a disciplinary hearing: “I had visions of being investigated by MI5, of men knocking down the front door.”

The school finally made Randall “redundant” on Dec. 31, 2020, according to Staffordshire Live, which cited the Christian Legal Centre, the organization supporting Randall.

Toby Young of the Free Speech Union told the outlet that Randall’s sermon was “fantastic” and that it insists “no one has a monopoly on moral truth. For Bernard Randall to lose his job as a result of this sermon is scandalous. What’s so depressing about his treatment is the message it sends to the pupils. The central theme of his sermon is that children shouldn’t be afraid to think for themselves. But the message the school has sent is the opposite. Schools should be teaching children how to think, not what to think.”

Andrea Williams — chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre — asked, “Who are the extremists in this story? The partisan agency who teach young children that they can be born in the wrong body, or the school chaplain moderately presenting what the Christian church has taught about marriage, sex, and gender for the past 2,000 years?” the Daily Mail said.

Randall’s case is scheduled for a hearing in June, the outlet said, adding that Trent College declined to comment.

Here’s commentary on the controversy from the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles:

Pastor on TERRORIST Watch List After LGBTQ Outcry

burn Intelwars Iran ISRAEL Israeli flag watch

VIDEO: Iranian authorities attempt to burn Israeli flag — but ‘karma’ turns the tables all the way over

Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad reported Sunday that “authorities in the Islamic Republic attempted to burn the Israeli flag, as they usually do.”

However, Alinejad took note that “this time karma got them, and they ended up burning themselves.”

Here’s the clip:

Iranian burns Israel flag then gets caught on fire.

Alinejad added on Twitter that “unlike the regime, ordinary Iranians increasingly refuse to burn or walk on Israeli and American flags.”

Indeed, TheBlaze in January 2020 reported that when thousands of Iranians marched in the streets of Tehran calling for the resignation of Ayatollah Khamenei, most of them carefully walked around images of U.S. and Israeli flags painted on the ground.

How did folks react to the video?

While there’s always plenty of anti-Israel sentiment to be found on social media — particularly amid reports of Palestinian casualties following Israel’s retaliation against Hamas militants who fired rockets into Israel Monday — some folks who commented on the tweeted video weren’t too sympathetic to the Iranian guy after his backside caught fire:

  • “When it comes to venting Islamic radical hate, taking everything to excess is the rule,” one commenter said. “It can’t just be a little handheld flag, it has to be a battalion banner. They can’t just light a match or use a Bic, it has to be a bucketful of gasoline. They’re idiots.”
  • “Stupidity to the moon,” another user observed.
  • “Is this a lost episode of The Three Stooges?” another commenter asked. “I think I see Curly, but where’s Moe and Larry?”
  • “Did you notice a gust of wind came in just at the right time?” another user noted.
  • “He made an ash of himself,” another commenter quipped.
  • “Don’t mess with Israel,” another user declared.
  • “Guess they didn’t teach fire safety at terrorist school,” another user offered. “Stop. Drop. Roll.”
  • “I’ll take my xenophobia extra crispy, thanks!” another commenter joked.
  • “Good thing they were wearing masks,” another user noticed.

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

Black Lives Matter Intelwars Ken Paxton Leftists Plano Police Texas texas attorney general watch

Texas AG blasts ‘mob rule,’ police chief after angry driver is only person charged when Black Lives Matter militants ‘illegally shut down traffic’

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted “mob rule” and Plano’s police chief after an
angry driver caught on video confronting Black Lives Matter militants for blocking traffic was the only person charged in Saturday’s incident.

What are the details?

After Paxton caught wind of the viral showdown, he issued a
statement Monday decrying “a group of radical-left armed agitators and a police chief unwilling to enforce the law.”

The Texas AG said that after “a group of militant BLM protesters illegally shut down traffic underneath a major highway,” an “Antifa-like character pulled what appears to be a gun and pointed it at the man” who had exited his car “to demand the mob clear the way.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Paxton added that “rather than disperse the crowd or arrest the lawbreakers, the lone police officer told” the driver who confronted the group to “go away.”

More from the AG’s statement:

I instructed one of my top deputies to contact the Plano Police Chief to get more details. What he heard paints an even worse picture than the video alone depicts.

First the Chief told my deputy that while the weapon wasn’t a pistol, it was, in fact, a “pepper ball gun.” In a separate conversation, the Chief claimed it was a “taser.” In a recent Facebook post, the department is now saying it was [an] “electronic control device.” Whatever it was, the police declined to pursue the leftist who brandished the weapon, and no charges are being pressed against him.

Second, the Chief was anxious to excuse the rioters. “You have to understand the situation,” urged the Chief. “We have to negotiate with these people. Do you expect us to mass arrest these protesters? You know that’s not going to happen.” Most law enforcement officers are ready and willing to uphold law and order. We need them to do that. But too many are held back by politically motivated leaders, crippled by the woke agitators, now aiders and abettors to liberal lunacy.

Here’s a clip of the incident.
Content warning: Language:

BLM Protestors block road in Plano, TX, get confronted by angry driver

Paxton added in his statement that “only one person from this whole incident is being charged with a crime: The one man who told the protesters to go away. Why? For ‘assault with contact’ because he slapped a person’s hand out of his face. No one else is being charged with anything. None of the law-breaking traffic-blockers, not the guy who pulled a weapon — no one!”

The AG ended his statement by saying he’ll “never allow our beautiful Texas cities or neighborhoods to become Portland or Seattle or San Francisco because of the unchecked left. I call upon my friends and allies across the state to crack down on this lawlessness immediately. No excuses!”

What did police have to say?

Plano police
told WFAA-TV that the object in the protester’s hand is an electronic control device, which the station wrote is “commonly known as a Taser.”

Police Chief Ed Drain added to WFAA that the device was “purchased without a permit or license, and the person who pointed the device did not commit a criminal offense by doing so.”

In the video, the angry motorist appears to attempt to slap a phone out of the hand of one of the protesters. Police said in its statement that “a female reported that she was assaulted by a male who confronted the protestors. Due to the position of the crowd, the officer did not witness the assault. The officer de-escalated the situation by removing the male … from the crowd … After speaking with the victim and the suspect, and reviewing video footage of the incident, detectives filed an Assault-by-Contact charge with the Municipal Court against the male suspect,” the station reported.

Plano police told WFAA the names of the victim and suspect are not being released over concerns for their safety, and that assault by contact is a class C misdemeanor.

In addition, police told the station that the protesters were asked to disperse after the confrontation and complied. Officers also told them that obstructing traffic is illegal, WFAA reported. Chief Drain added to the station that traffic was held up for for seven minutes.

Asian attacks California Elderly man attacked Intelwars Physical attack Robbery Teens watch

VIDEO: Teens knock down 80-year-old Asian man, punch and slap and rob him — all amid high-pitched giggles as victim cries out for help

A pair of teenagers were caught on surveillance video knocking down an 80-year-old Asian man in a northern California neighborhood Saturday before punching him, slapping him, and robbing him — all amid high-pitched giggles presumably from a third teen as the victim cried out for help,
KGO-TV reported.

What are the details?

Police told the station the suspects are as young as 16.

The elderly man was on a walk around 4 p.m. when the attack on Acapulco Road occurred, police
told KNTV-TV, adding that the suspects ripped off the victim’s Fitbit. KGO said the 80-year-old’s watch was stolen and that he sustained minor injuries.

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified told KNTV the victim said the attackers “tried to take his wallet, but luckily he wasn’t seriously injured.”

The neighbor added to the station that he heard the elderly man tell police he’s noticed anti-Asian crime increasing in the Bay Area of late, and “he thought he was targeted for being Asian as well.”

KGO said a vehicle similar to the one seen in the surveillance video was observed during a strong-armed robbery in San Leandro less than two hours later. The station added that the victim in the latter incident is a younger woman whose purse was stolen.

Nearly 300% spike in attacks against Asian Americans

Two months ago San Leandro police revealed that
violent crimes against Asians jumped by 283% in the city from 2019 to 2020, KNTV reported — and San Leandro is only 36% Asian American.

Police told KGO they can’t say how many incidents were hate crimes or race-motivated — but San Leandro police Lt. Ali Kahn noted to the station that “numbers don’t lie.”

In nearby San Francisco, surveillance video caught the moment an
Asian man was punched, fell to the sidewalk, and then was hit with about a dozen punches to the head and back on April 30 — all while the victim’s 1-year-old child sat in a stroller just feet away.

The neighbor whose surveillance video caught the attack on the elderly Asian man in San Leandro told KGO he wants to see “more consequences” for the teen perps and others committing similar crimes: “Because it seems to be ongoing … That’s really the best thing that could happen, so they can learn.”

First graders I am jazz Indoctrination Intelwars Jazz Jennings public school Transgender agenda Washington state Woke culture

Anger ensues after pro-trans book read to 1st graders. But school board president — who runs ‘all ages’ sex shop — says ‘vitriol’ shows need to ‘support trans kids.’

A Washington state school district is circling the wagons amid complaints over a teacher who read a transgender-affirming children’s book to first-grade students recently.

What are the details?

The hubbub unfolded after Young America’s Foundation said it received an anonymous tip from a parent who provided a screenshot of an email exchange with the teacher who admitted to reading “I Am Jazz” to students.

“Yes, I did read this book,” the teacher replied, according to the outlet. “As a district we are working hard to support all members of our school community and promote inclusion through understanding and compassion.”

YAF said concerned parents reached out to officials with Bellingham Schools but no action was taken. The outlet added that one parent contacted Superintendent Greg Baker, who reportedly wouldn’t engage over email but agreed to a phone call. However, YAF said Baker wouldn’t conduct the phone call after the parent insisted on recording the conversation.

The Christian Post reported that the controversy at Geneva Elementary School culminated with the concerned parent “pulling his kid out of this teacher’s class,” according to an interview with YAF.

But Baker did eventually go public regarding the controversy on the district’s website last week, and he praised “I Am Jazz” and touted the district’s “values” as well as its “commitment to equitable, diverse and inclusive education.”

“Our teachers share books with children that are age-appropriate and that provide insights into lives of people who are like them and people who are different from them,” Baker wrote. “‘I Am Jazz’ is part of our library book collection in our elementary schools and has been in our libraries for several years. The message of ‘I Am Jazz’ is a child reflecting on their own gender identity and that all people are unique and wonderful.”

What’s the background on the book?

“I Am Jazz” caused a stir in 2015 when parents of some students at Mitchell Primary School in Kittery, Maine, criticized school officials for failing to notify them that their kids were to read the book. Superintendent of Schools Allyn Hutton said in a statement that the book was part of a lesson on “tolerance and respect.”

The book’s author Jazz Jennings was born a male but has been living as a female since the age of 5.

I Am Jazz | Book

Jennings underwent gender confirmation surgery in 2018. Prior to the operation, Jennings posted a video to fans proclaiming great excitement about it: “Like penis to vagina. That’s some serious s**t, y’all … I can’t believe it. I’m gonna have a vagina!”

Oh, but there’s more

YAF told the Christian Post that the parent upset about the “I Am Jazz” reading to first graders contacted the school board president, who answered with “a very standard form response, such as, ‘We have received your response, thank you for your inquiry.’ And beyond that, she never returned the parent’s email.”

After that, YAF took note that Jennifer Mason, president of the Bellingham School Board, owns and operates a sex shop in town called WinkWink, which is described as “an inclusive space for people of all gender identities and ages.” Mason told Western Front in 2018 that while the store only sells to those 16 and older, people of any age may enter it.

“I want to show people if sex isn’t something to be ashamed about, then I should be able to be an elected official and own a sex shop at the same time,” Mason added to Western Front. “That’s what it means to live your values.”

Mason has been school board president since 2017. Mason’s Instagram page, which is set to private, indicates she’s “Head Dildo at WinkWink.”

The Bellingham Herald on Friday published a story abut the controversy with a headline that seemed curious for a news story: “Here’s why Bellingham school officials are being harassed by far-right websites.”

“Bellingham school officials and a local business have been targeted with antisemitic and other hate speech and harassment over a children’s book about a transgender girl that was read to first-graders, the superintendent said Thursday, May 7,” the Herald noted.

More from the paper:

Harassment toward school staff apparently stems from stories on the websites of the right-wing Young America’s Foundation and at The Daily Wire, run by far-right media personality Ben Shapiro.

Both websites cite anonymous sources for their information, but they provide the name and contact information for the teacher they claim read the book, along with information about Jenn Mason, school board president.

School spokeswoman Dana Smith said the district has been receiving malicious emails and phone calls.

The Herald wrote that WinkWink is “a ‘woman-owned, inclusive, all-ages, not creepy, sex shop’ in downtown Bellingham.” Mason, who is Jewish, told the paper that “in the past 24 hours, I’ve received a lot of questions and messages of support, but I’ve also received a lot of antisemitic and anti-trans hate speech.”

“Our shop serves a huge number of queer and trans folks,” she added to the Herald. “I feel honored to play a role in their lives. If anything, all this vitriol just shows how much more work we need to do to support trans kids.”

In his superintendent’s message, Baker wrote that media attention on the controversy focused on a “private business owned by one of our school board members. This attention is prompting hate speech and harassment based on our values as a district and our commitment to equitable, diverse and inclusive education.”

Intelwars Laurel hubbard New Zealand Olympics Trans rights Transgender sports Transgender woman Weightlifting Wokeness

Female weightlifters allegedly told to ‘be quiet’ when they complain about transgender woman Laurel Hubbard competing against them

On the heels of the news that New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard — a biological male who identifies and competes as a female — is set to become the
first-ever transgender athlete to compete in the Olympics, it appears some biological female athletes are none too pleased.

And their concerns apparently don’t just fall on deaf ears; allegedly they’re told to shut up about the unfairness of it all.

What are the details?

Former Olympic weightlifter Tracey Lambrechs said in regard to Hubbard, “We’re all about equality for women in sport, but right now that equality is being taken away from us. I’ve had female weightlifters come up to me and say, ‘What do we do? This isn’t fair, what do we do?’ Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do because every time we voice it, we get told to be quiet,”
Australia’s 7 News reported.

Lambrechs — who won a bronze medal for New Zealand at the 2014 Commonwealth Games — added that she’s “quite disappointed, quite disappointed for the female athlete who will lose out on that spot,” the station reported, citing TVNZ.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee isn’t expected to name its weightlifting team until June, but 7 News reported that the country’s Olympic weightlifting coach Simon Kent said the 43-year-old Hubbard has met the current criteria.

“The rules are in place, that’s the playing field we’re playing in, so that’s how we’re going to move forward,” Kent said, according to the outlet, which cited TVNZ.

What’s the background?

Hubbard — who lived as a male for 35 years — transitioned to female in 2012 and began winning competitions several years later.

Hubbard made a splash in 2017 after
winning two silver medals in a women’s world championship — and then in 2019 took home two gold medals and a silver medal in the women’s competition at the Pacific Games in Samoa.

In 2015, IOC guidelines ruled that transgender athletes can compete as women if their testosterone levels are below 10 nanomoles per liter for at least 12 months before their first competition,
Reuters reported.

But numerous scientists have criticized these guidelines, saying they do little to mitigate the biological advantages of those who have gone through puberty as males, including bone and muscle density, 7 News reported.

Here’s Hubbard in action in early 2020:

?Laurel Hubbard Gold Medal (NZL) 126-144 Weightlifting World Cup Roma 2020

Anything else?

Australia’s weightlifting federation tried blocking Hubbard from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, 7 News added, but organizers rejected the move. The outlet added that rival weightlifters and coaches at the Commonwealth Games also complained.

Hubbard suffered a ruptured elbow ligament while attempting a 291-pound lift at the 2018 event while Lambrechs finished fifth.

Lambrechs won bronze at the Commonwealth Games in 2014, and 7 News said she finished 13th in the lower weight division at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars proof of vaccination san diego Vaccination bracelets Vaccine passports watch

Vaccination bracelet inventor says his device tells the powers that be, ‘I support the vaccine effort, I’ve been vaccinated, I’m safe to be around’

With newfangled vaccination bracelets now on the market, a standard question from public venue gatekeepers could end up being “May I see your ImmunaBand?” rather than “May I see your vaccine card?”

What are the details?

KSWB-TV ran a report last week on a bracelet that can offer proof that you’ve been vaccinated. It’s called the ImmunaBand, and it comes from Dr. Toshof Bernton of Denver, who said the invention was actually his son’s idea from several months ago.

Image source: KSWB-TV video screenshot

“If we had something where you can say, ‘OK, I support the vaccine effort, I’ve been vaccinated, I’m safe to be around,’ it would help us particularly as we start opening up,” Bernton told the station.

Image source: KSWB-TV video screenshot

The ImmunaBand has been for sale for about a month, and KSWB said thousands of the $19.99 bracelets have sold already.

Bernton said the ImmunaBand — which he believes is the first of its kind on the market — stores vaccine records so wearers don’t have to carry around their vaccine cards.

How does it work?

Once you’ve purchased the bracelet, you send a copy of your vaccine card to the ImmunaBand company, which loads your record into its encrypted website, the station said. After that, the bracelet comes in the mail with a QR code affixed to it, KSWB said.

The station said that if officials want to verify that you’ve been vaccinated, they pull out their cellphones, take an image of the QR code, and then they can see your vaccine record.

Image source: KSWB-TV video screenshot

Bernton noted to the station that if your ImmunaBand is stolen, the thief can get to the website but not to your vaccine record unless your PIN is known.

One of Bernton’s customers sent him a photo of himself wearing an ImmunaBand at a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, KSWB said, and the customer said he was allowed into the venue after an employee at the gate pulled up the website through the QR code.

Image source: KSWB-TV video screenshot

Madison Square Garden’s policy says that “guests can now enter with proof of a negative antigen COVID-19 test or full vaccination.”

In March, New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a pilot program for a COVID-19 electronic passport that allows users entry into public venues. TheBlaze reported last week that a growing number of NBA and MLB franchises will be asking for “vaccine passports” as they reopen their venues.

What has been the reaction?

Bernton also told the station that a lot of companies in the travel and hospitality industries are buying his vaccination bracelets for their employees. KSWB spoke to outdoor restaurant patrons in the Little Italy section of San Diego regarding the new ImmunaBand and received mixed reactions to the invention.

“It’s a little too much,” one woman told the station.

But another patron, Keshaun Slaughter, told KSWB that the vaccination bracelet is “actually [a] pretty good” idea since “a lot of people have their doubts about going in certain areas and certain places, so if there’s actually people with QR codes on wristbands, it will make it a lot easier for people to be comfortable.”

Billy Crystal Cancel culture COMEDY Entertainment Intelwars

Billy Crystal says comedy in the age of cancel culture is ‘becoming a minefield’ — and the woke mob lines up to blast him

Iconic actor and comedian Billy Crystal — now 73 — might pass for just a tad curmudgeonly when it comes to the state of comedy in the age of cancel culture.

“It’s becoming a minefield, and I get it,” Crystal told the New York Post. “I don’t like it; I understand it … I just keep doing what I’m doing, and that’s all you can do right now.”

The paper added that Crystal admitted with a laugh that “it’s a totally different world [now], and it doesn’t mean you have to like it.”

The woke mob claims a new victim

Uh oh. You can just hear the woke mob’s giant engine revving up, can’t you?

Yup. Not surprisingly, leftists were not kind to Crystal once they caught a whiff of his latter assessment, the Huffington Post pointed out:

  • “The most shocking part of this story is Billy Crystal thinking he’s a relevant voice in comedy in 2021,” one Twitter user said.
  • “That just means Billy Crystal is not really funny,” another commenter noted. “People are raising their standards.”
  • “Yeah alright, let’s agree with the old white guy who’s never felt oppressed in his life,” another user said.
  • “Always ancient rich comics like Billy Crystal who think comedy is becoming a minefield,” another commenter wrote. “They don’t understand that they’ve [just] grown old and out of touch.”
  • “The fact that comedians are so upset they can’t be so easily racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or xenophobic speaks volumes and says more about them personally than it does about society for changing,” another user said. “It’s not ‘cancel culture’: it’s CONSEQUENCE culture.”

Another commenter responded, “No, Billy Crystal, comedy isn’t a ‘minefield.’ You’re just mad you can’t do blackface anymore.”

Crystal donned blackface in a sketch for the 2012 Oscars featuring his impersonation of Sammy Davis Jr., whom he had impersonated on other occasions going back decades. And even though Davis’ daughter said at the time she was “100 percent certain that my father is smiling” over Crystal’s impersonation of her dad, the Oscars haven’t had Crystal back as host since.

As it happens, the Post asked Crystal if he watched this year’s Oscars — and he offered a quip that arguably shuts down his aforementioned bed-wetting critics.

“Were they on?” Crystal replied.

Anything else?

The paper also interviewed Crystal about his new movie “Here Today,” which employs the subject of changing comedic tastes — although that’s far from its only theme.

Crystal, who also directed the movie, plays longtime comedy writer Charlie Burnz who battles dementia and strikes up an unexpected yet touching friendship with singer Emma Payge (Tiffany Haddish), the paper said.

He told the Post that the idea for the movie came from a relative battling dementia who he was taking care of: “She described to me, so painfully, ‘I’m losing my words,’ and she was scared.”

But Crystal noted that it’s the friendship between the two main characters that’s most important — particularly as our world becomes more divided and angry, the paper said.

“That’s something that we really need more of, the country, and that is empathy, and that’s what I think is the beautiful part of this friendship,” he noted to the Post. “She gives up a chance for her career to move forward to take care of him. And I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Here’s the trailer for “Here Today”:

HERE TODAY – Official Trailer (HD)

(H/T: Rebel News)

Armed leftists Blocking traffic driver Intelwars Left-wing violence Physical attack Pointing guns Police portland

VIDEO: Heavily armed leftists surround, threaten lone Portland motorist. But when fed-up driver points his own gun at them, all hell breaks loose.

Heavily armed leftists apparently acting as security for a march in Portland earlier this week pointed their guns at a lone motorist and threatened him before the fed-up driver exited his truck and pointed his own gun at them — and then all hell broke loose.

What are the details?

Video showed a large group of leftist militants marching down a Portland street Wednesday reportedly to remember Patrick Kimmons, a black man fatally shot by Portland police in 2018.

But a vehicle apparently leading the group came upon a pickup truck driver who was traveling toward the marchers, and the lead vehicle blocked the driver’s path — and in seconds, numerous militants descended upon the pickup truck driver and began threatening him.

Thing is, though, the driver had a gun, too — and the heavily armed militants didn’t like that one bit.

“You better f***ing not!” one leftist was heard yelling at the driver. “Put your f***ing gun down!”

The driver, standing behind his truck door, pointed at one particularly well-strapped leftist and twice yelled back, “You got about five seconds to lower that f***ing weapon!”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The lone driver — who faced about a half dozen armed leftists in the standoff — jawed with the hostile group, calling them “c**ksuckers” and “f***in’ idiots” and repeatedly ordering them to “shut up.”

One leftist told the driver that his “vehicle is a deadly weapon” — which didn’t go over too well with the driver who noted all the rifles pointed in his direction.

As the driver got back into this truck and began to move past the militants, one leftist called him a “f***ing Nazi” as others demanded he “get outta here!” Then just before he reached the intersection — apparently after one of the leftists hit or threw something at his truck — the driver stopped, got out, and confronted the group.

The situation grew tense, with many people screaming, and the driver grabbed his gun and moved forward on one of the rifle-wielding leftists —

Image source: YouTube screenshot

— who promptly shoved the driver backward.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

With that, the driver regained his footing and drew his gun on the group.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But he was tackled from behind after which numerous militants piled on him.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Soon the driver was requesting an ambulance, asking for his gun back, and telling the leftists that he’s a disabled Marine.

Here’s the video. (Content warning: Language):

While Oregon is an open-carry state, gun owners cannot do so in Portland unless they are concealed carry license holders and their guns are not loaded.

But wait! There was more fun!

If you thought that was enough left-wing lawlessness for one day, there’s video of the same armed group attacking a different vehicle whose driver didn’t obey their orders and moved through and past their blockade.

As you can imagine, the militants didn’t like that too much — and apparently broke the red SUV’s windows and punctured at least two of its tires while managing to get the driver to stop.

“You f***ed with the wrong f***in’ people, bro!” one particularly erudite leftist hollered at the motorist.

The militants claimed one of their comrades was hit by the SUV and continued to threaten the driver. Eventually the apparently injured motorist exited the vehicle as one of the militants said on camera they were giving medical aid to him.

Here’s the clip of that confrontation. (Content warning: Language):

What did police have to say?

Portland police said they were called Wednesday around noon about a pedestrian struck by a vehicle near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street. But police said they found no pedestrians who claimed to have been struck.

Police said they knew the reported incident was related to the march, which they said had moved away into nearby streets by the time they arrived at the scene — and added that the march featured some people “openly carrying firearms.”

More from the police:

Additional calls came in from people who had been driving vehicles in the area and who were blocked by the crowd in the street. One person said people in the crowd broke out their vehicle windows, damaged tires, and sprayed them with some kind of irritant near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street.

A person in another vehicle blocked by the crowd near North Alberta Street and North Michigan Avenue got into a dispute with people who surrounded him and took a firearm from him, as well as tools and keys.

Portland Police attempted to collect as many statements as possible from those involved. Officers will document as much of the incidents as witnesses share and will attempt to gather available evidence, including video for follow-up on any criminal allegations.

One person was transported by ambulance to the hospital following one of the altercations.

Anti-asian attack Asian attacks Face punch hate crime Intelwars Physical attack washington dc watch

‘F*** you, Chinese people! I hate you!’: Video shows Asian store owner punched in face, knocked to floor by customer

Surveillance video caught the moment when an angry customer walked up to Chong Hu Lu, owner of Max Trading in Washington, D.C., and punched him in the face and knocked him to the floor of his business Tuesday, WRC-TV reported.

What are the details?

Lu told the station the customer was upset that opening store items is prohibited.

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

With that, video shows the man approaching Lu and suddenly punching him in the face, after which Lu fell to the floor.

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

The attacker then appeared to punch Lu again while he was on the ground.

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

Lu noted to WRC that the customer yelled, “F*** you, Chinese people! I hate you!”

After the punches were thrown, surveillance video shows Lu’s wife Cong Cong Hu stepped in and tried to help, the station said.

Later she told WRC, “I was so scared. What if the guy go crazy, have a gun or knife? I don’t know what would happen, so I’m so scared.”

Lu went to the hospital after the attack and needed 14 stitches, the station said.

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

The family told WRC the attacker ran off after the incident and has not been arrested.

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

But D.C. police told the station an investigation is ongoing, and that they’re treating the attack as a possible hate crime.

Lu added to WRC that he hopes police make an arrest and that he’s tired of the attacks upon Asian Americans.

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

The couple’s daughter told the station that she begged her parents to close the shop the next day for fear of their safety.

But Hu and Lu told WRC they had no choice but to stay open as they have to make a living. The station said Max Trading has been operating for 22 years, and that the family works six days a week, every week, and that the pandemic has made business especially tough.

Image source: WRC-TV video screenshot

“I just don’t understand,” Hu told WRC. “I couldn’t sleep the whole night last night. Why do they treat us like this? We didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Abortion Austin Christianity Heartbeat bill Intelwars pro choice Pro-choice religious leaders Pro-Life Texas watch

Pastors and ministers speak out against pro-life ‘heartbeat’ bill: ‘We will never give up … our God-given right to choose’

A group of pastors, ministers, and other faith leaders gathered at the Texas state Capitol in Austin this week and formed a prayer circle, KTBC-TV reported.

Often such actions coincide with causes that many people of faith believe in — such as protecting the unborn.

But this group of religious leaders were all about about protecting abortion rights, the station said.

What are the details?

“We will never give up our individual consciences and religious freedom or our God-given right to choose,” Rev. Erika Forbes, an interfaith minister from Dallas, declared at a microphone, KTBC said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The station said the group opposes a state measure that would ban abortions when babies’ heartbeats are detected — commonly known as a “heartbeat” bill — and such an event can occur as early as four to six weeks after conception.

KTBC said the Texas Senate has OK’d seven House bills aimed at restricting, and possibly even banning, abortions in the state.

“The same people who are doing this are blocking contraception, they are blocking a lot of the neonatal care being given as part of public service, it’s like you can’t slam doors in people’s faces without opening other doors,” Rev. Jim Rigby with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church said, according to the station.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Pastor Andries Coetzee, who leads San Antonio-University Presbyterian Church, said at the microphone that “the relationship between a parishioner and a pastor is one of sacred trust and cannot be legislated. It cannot be legislated. As God alone is Lord of the conscience and not Cesar.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Anything else?

Mary Elizabeth Castle with Texas Values — which supports the heartbeat bill — told the station that “we believe this bill goes to the basic premises of protecting life. What this bill is about is protecting those babies, who a lot of times are just the innocent bystander; they haven’t even lived life yet, so we want to give them that chance of life.”

The Texas House on Wednesday voted 81 to 63 in favor of the heartbeat bill, KTBC reported in a separate story, adding that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott indicated he would sign the bill into law.

Faith leaders oppose ‘heartbeat bill’ measures at Texas Capitol I FOX 7 Austin


father Human shield infant Intelwars Louisiana Mississippi Murder shootout watch

Father used 3-month-old son as human shield during shootout with police, source says. Now the boy and his father are dead.

A father used his 3-month-old son as a human shield in a shootout with police in Mississippi earlier this week, WALA-TV reported, citing a law enforcement source.

The dad died in the shootout, and the boy passed away later.

How did this tragedy unfold?

The station said it all started out as a domestic dispute in Louisiana, and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a shooting Monday afternoon, Biloxi police told the station.

Law enforcement then found two dead: Christin Parker and her nephew, Brandon Parker, WALA reported.

Soon police launched a search for Christin Parker’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Derell Smith — and their 3-month-old son, identified by Louisiana news organizations as La’Mello Parker, the station said. Smith was accused of abducting the boy, WALA reported.

Biloxi police joined in to help after learning that the suspect had been spotted on Interstate 10 heading east and nearing Gulfport, WALA said, adding that a slow-speed chase began.

Between the Gulfport and D’Iberville exits, the suspect drove into the grass median, after which a shootout commenced — and Smith died, the station said.

Smith’s infant son was taken to the University and South Alabama University Hospital and later transferred to Children’s and Women’s Hospital, where
he died, WALA said.

‘Real rough thing’

Back in Christin Parker’s neighborhood in East Baton Rouge, the station said the incident has left residents shocked.

“It’s quiet,” Kenneshia Cain told WALA. “This has never happened before … We’ve been here over 11 years and have never had a murder … happen on this street.”

Jamal Johnson told the station that Richmond Street was quiet when he got home from work Monday — and then it was suddenly filled with police vehicles. Johnson told WALA his heart goes out to the baby’s four siblings.

“I know it’s a rough thing,” he addd to the station. “So it’s mainly about the kids, how they feel about it. That’s the way everybody ought to look at it. Because it’s a real rough thing.”

Cain told WALA her kids and Parker’s often played together: “My heart goes out to her family, her children. We are praying for them.”

Anything else?

WALA reported that an autopsy had been scheduled Wednesday to determine cause of death, and that Biloxi police said a Harrison County sheriff’s deputy and police officer involved in the shooting are on administrative leave pending the investigation.

Intelwars Laurel hubbard New Zealand Olympics Transgender Transgender sports Transgender woman Weightlifting

Biological male weightlifter who identifies as female and competes against women poised to become first transgender Olympian

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard — a biological male who identifies as female and has competed against women for several years — is poised to become the first-ever transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Games, Inside the Games reported.

What are the details?

The outlet said the New Zealander has been “effectively guaranteed a place at the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games after the approval of an amended qualifying system by the International Olympic Committee.”

Since so many Olympic-qualifying competitions had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IOC devised a new system reducing the number of competition performances needed for qualification, Inside the Games said.

Hubbard’s best qualifying total is 285 kilograms, the outlet said — which is a bit over 628 pounds — and that puts the weightlifter “very much in the reckoning for a place on the podium in the women’s super-heavyweights in Tokyo.”

Inside the Games said only three athletes will have higher qualifying totals when the entries are named — and while Hubbard is ranked 16th, at least six weightlifters ranked higher won’t be attending the Olympics for various reasons.

Hubbard, 43, will be the oldest weightlifter at Tokyo, the outlet said. CNN reported, however, that Hubbard has not been named yet to the national women’s weightlifting team going to the Games.

What’s the background?

Hubbard lived as a male for 35 years and never made it into international weightlifting, Inside the Games noted, adding that Hubbard transitioned in 2012 and then began winning several years later.

Hubbard made a splash in 2017 after winning two silver medals in a women’s world championship — and then in 2019 took home two gold medals and a silver medal in the women’s competition at the Pacific Games in Samoa.

Hubbard suffered a ruptured elbow ligament while attempting a 291-pound lift at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and — while later saying the injury was career-ending — managed to recover.

Here’s Hubbard speaking about competing as a transgender woman:

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard asks critics to ‘treat people like me with respect’


Following Hubbard’s 2019 medal-winning performances, a women’s rights group called on New Zealand’s Olympic committee to “defend women’s sport.”

“Kiwis [New Zealanders] know that males competing in women’s sport is blatantly unfair,” according to Ani O’Brien of New Zealand lobby group “Speak Up for Women,” which wants athletic competition categorized by biological sex rather than gender identity, Reuters reported.

“As a nation we pride ourselves on being good sports, and going into the Olympics next year this is not a good look,” O’Brien added, Australia’s ABC News reported.

The sentiment was similar to others soon after Hubbard began competing against women.

“We’re in a power sport which is normally related to masculine tendencies … where you’ve got that aggression, you’ve got the right hormones, then you can lift bigger weights,” Australian Weightlifting Federation chief executive Michael Keelan told Fox Sports in 2017, adding that Hubbard’s presence creates an “uneven playing field.”

But Simon Kent, high performance manager of Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand, told Radio Sport there’s no right or wrong about Hubbard competing as a woman: “This is a tremendously complex issue that isn’t as simple as what people are perceiving when they see Laurel compete.”

In 2015, IOC guidelines ruled that transgender athletes can compete as women if their testosterone levels are below 10 nanomoles per liter for at least 12 months before their first competition, Reuters said.

Here’s Hubbard in action from early 2020:

?Laurel Hubbard Gold Medal (NZL) 126-144 Weightlifting World Cup Roma 2020

arrest Asian women Attacks against asians Baltimore Intelwars Physical attack watch

VIDEO: Attacker uses cement block to brutally beat two Asian women — and male bystander just feet away simply walks off

A pair of Korean woman were brutally beaten by an attacker who used a cement block to repeatedly strike them as they were trying to close their Baltimore store overnight Monday, WJZ-TV reported.

And the attack was caught on surveillance video.

What are the details?

John Yun — whose mother and aunt were the victims — told the station the attack was random and that they never saw their assailant before.

Surveillance video shows Yun’s aunt walking to the front of Wonderland Liquor Store to close for the night, WJZ said, when a man on the sidewalk comes at her with a cement block and pulls her through the door back into the store.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A male bystander who appeared to have just made a purchase watches the attacker and victim hit the floor — but makes sure to stay clear of the struggle as he casually walks out of the store.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The attacker then begins hitting Yun’s aunt in the head with the cement block while pinning her to the floor.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Yun’s mother then steps in to help, and the attacker hits her in the head with the cement block also, WJZ said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The victims manages to the push the attacker just outside the open door, but after Yun’s aunt pulls off the attacker’s mask, he repeatedly hits her in the face with the cement block.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Both women continue to fight back, however, and soon Yun’s mother wrestles away the cement block from the attacker and appears to threaten him with it:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

It appeared the fight continued on the sidewalk, but after a pedestrian stepped in to assist, the victims were able to get back inside their store.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Yun later told WJZ he was “so proud” of his mother and aunt for showing “courage” in the face of such a scary attack.

2 Asian Women Attacked by Man with Cement Block

What happened next?

Shortly after the attack, Baltimore police arrested 50-year-old Daryl Doyles and charged him with two counts of aggravated assault, the station said.

Yun told WJZ his aunt and mother were taken to a hospital with severe injuries but are now at home recovering.

“They’re in shock,” he noted to the station. “My aunt got the worst of it: 30 stitches, bruising … it’s so disheartening.”

Yun added to WJZ that he’s “feeling raged, of course” over the attack.

Image source: WJZ-TV video screenshot

“It doesn’t make sense why they would come here to make a living and be treated like this in a community that should … embrace [them] because we’ve been here for over 20-something years,” he added to the station. “We are a part of the community.”

While Yun said he wants “justice” for his mother and aunt, he told WJZ he also wants the hate to end.

“Everyone is treated equally; there’s not one person higher than another,” Yun told the station. “So please, just stop all this hate, it needs to stop.”

A GoFundMe page created to assist in the recovery of his mother and aunt has raised over $72,000 as of Thursday morning, well surpassing its $25,000 goal.

Barstool sports Cancel culture Dave portnoy Intelwars Leftists Nantucket magazine Woke mob

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy blasts ‘spineless’ magazine for apologizing to readers after backlash over cover story on him

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy reportedly issued a scathing rebuke to N Magazine — a publication focused on the exclusive island of Nantucket, Massachusetts — for apologizing to its readers after backlash over its May cover story on him.

According to Page Six, Portnoy called the magazine “spineless” for its mea culpa and added that “everybody who doesn’t like me can go f*** themselves.”

What are the details?

Page Six noted that N Magazine ran a “a glowing profile on Portnoy’s charity effort to raise money for small businesses.” But apparently that didn’t sit well with some woke folks.

So on Friday, publisher Bruce A. Percelay and editor Robert Cocuzzo penned an apology that ran on the magazine’s Facebook page, saying “a number of people in the community have taken issue with offensive remarks and actions [Portnoy] has made in the past. We never want to hurt, offend, or disappoint any of our readers with the stories we publish. Accordingly, we formally apologize for any pain caused to those who have objected to this May cover.”

The apology also read, “We now recognize and acknowledge our oversight in how this story would be received. We appreciate feedback, positive or otherwise, because ultimately it helps make us a better publication going forward.”

Portnoy has been accused of sexism, misogyny, and using racist language, Page Six noted.

What did Portnoy have to say?

But Page Six reported that the Barstool Sports founder — who owns a $2 million home on Nantucket — when reached for comment said “everybody who doesn’t like me can go f*** themselves” and that “if you took a poll on Nantucket of people who like me and hate me, I’d bet 99 percent like me.”

Page Six also said that Portnoy added “it’s unfortunate that the powers that be at N Magazine are spineless jellyfish who are held hostage by the whims of the vocal minority. Meanwhile, I will continue to do my best to make Nantucket and America a better place while those who hate me can continue to throw cry parties for themselves about how I made a joke they didn’t like 20 years ago.”

According to Variety, Portnoy last year was unapologetic about using racist language in “comedy” videos and quipped, “Memo to the cancel cops. I knew this was coming before you did. And I’m ready. You don’t cancel me. I cancel you.”

He added, “They’ve been trying to cancel me for two decades — I’m uncancelable.”

arrest Attacks against asians child father Intelwars Physical attack san francisco Stroller watch

VIDEO: Unhinged man delivers flurry of unprovoked punches on Asian father — whose 1-year-old child sits in stroller just feet away

Surveillance video caught the moment an Asian man was punched, fell to the sidewalk, and then was hit with a flurry of about a dozen punches to the head and back,
KPIX-TV reported.

And it all went down as the victim’s 1-year-old child sat in a stroller just feet away in front of Gus’s Community Market in San Francisco on Friday afternoon, the station said.

KPIX said the attack against the 36-year-old father came out of nowhere — and from behind.

San Francisco police told the station that officers were patrolling the area and immediately arrested 26-year-old Sidney Hammond who faces charges of assault, false imprisonment, and child endangerment.
KGO-TV reported that Hammond was arrested less than a month earlier after an assault and for stealing at the same location.

Police added to KPIX that Friday’s attack appeared to be random, and no words were exchanged.

The victim’s child was unharmed, the station said.

A father’s worst nightmare: ‘I couldn’t protect my child’

The victim spoke to KGO in the aftermath and said “my sense of security has been shattered.”

Going only by “Bruce,” the victim added the station that he was waiting to cross the street with his child when the attack commenced.

“I was right on the ground, and in that exact second I was trying to shield my head and prevent any worse injuries,” he told KGO. “I couldn’t protect my child. I was on the floor, and he was in a stroller that was slowly rolling away, so it’s definitely very scary as a parent.”

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

More from the station:

When asked if he thought the incident was racially motivated, Bruce said the thought did cross his mind, especially given the random nature of the attack and the number of attacks on Asian Americans in the past year.

The incident is shocking to nearby business owners, such as Nani Tsegaye of Tadu Ethiopian restaurant. She says her store location in Mission Bay has actually been broken into and robbed more times than their Tenderloin location, and that dealing with crime is the price of doing business in San Francisco.

“It was a heartbreaking experience,” Tsegaye told KGO. “We just expect something to happen now more than we expected before.”

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

Anything else?

The victim told the station he was speaking out to raise awareness and that he has a wish for the suspect: “That my attacker can be somewhere where he can’t harm anyone else, or if he needs help he can get the help he needs.”

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Rock-climbing class designed for students of color at Ivy League school draws racism accusations — but campus defends it

When folks got an eyeful of the original course description for PE 1641: BIPOC Rock Climbing at Cornell University this spring, some were shocked to learn that the class was open only to students identifying as black, indigenous, and people of color, the Cornell Daily Sun reported.

What happened next?

The paper said a thread of posts to the Cornell Reddit called for an end to “racially segregated P.E. classes at Cornell” while others said it hindered the school’s diversity and inclusion efforts and violated federal Title VI, which states that no educational program receiving federal financial assistance may exclude participation on the basis of race or national origin.

The Daily Sun added that national scrutiny followed, along with claims in the media that the course instituted a “white ban.”

With that, the paper said Cornell opened enrollment to all students — and wrote a new course description saying the “class is designed to enable Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color underrepresented in the sport of rock climbing to learn the sport and to feel included and supported. The class is open to all Cornell students interested in learning rock climbing with this special focus.”

The revision didn’t escape the notice of Campus Reform, which published a story with the following headline: “Cornell Charges Students $1,800 for Racially-segregated Rock Climbing Class, Frantically Scrubs Website When Confronted.”

Students have their say

In the wake of all the hubbub, the Daily Sun spoke to students to get their takes on the class as the spring semester draws to a close.

Student Lwam Asfaw told the paper the course’s BIPOC label encouraged her to enroll in it, adding that others should focus less on why segregation exists and more on why there’s a need to segregate.

Student Yvonne Chan told the Daily Sun that the course is a safe space, particularly since there are eight sections of
P.E. 1640: Basic Rock Climbing apart from the BIPOC class.

Thomas Gambra, another minority student, told the paper that “hearing people complain about this class, saying it’s taking away from our white peers, is laughable and frustrating.”

The Daily Sun said few students expressed any objection to the school’s decision to open enrollment to all students.

Student Matthew Gavieta, a BIPOC instructor leading the course this year, told the paper it’s unlikely that students who don’t identify as BIPOC would enroll in the course.

“At the end of the day there is an issue of inaccessibility for minorities in this white-centric sport,” Gavieta told the Daily Sun, “and BIPOC rock-climbing is a small step toward desegregating that community.”

Student Michelle Croen, another course instructor, told the paper that “from larger issues such as cost of entry and accessibility, to smaller microaggressions like the names of some outdoor climbing routes, it’s difficult to be a minority and feel welcomed in the outdoors. Just under the surface, the climbing world especially is affected by racism, sexism and sizeism.”

Here’s an orientation video regarding indoor rock climbing at Cornell posted to YouTube late last year:

Lindseth Climbing Center Orientation Video

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‘I am tired!’: Police officer makes viral video after hitting breaking point over anti-cop attitudes

Maj. Kelvin Dingle — operation commander at the Morehouse School of Medicine Department of Public Safety in Atlanta — made a video that has quickly gone viral.

“I wake up every morning and kiss my family goodbye, knowing that there’s a possibility I won’t come home,” Dingle says as he sits behind the wheel of his car. “I am tired of every time I wake up in the morning there’s someone else polarizing the fact that maybe law enforcement is just not a good thing! All of us are not bad! I am not as they are! Most of us are not! There are bad people in every career! I’m so goddamn tired! Tired! Tired!”

He ends the clip in a near whisper: “I’m so tired. I give everything. I give everything! I’m tired.”

The TikTok video has been viewed 1.6 million times as of Wednesday morning and seems to be striking a chord. Newsweek reported that one user wrote, “This absolutely breaks my heart. I am SO grateful for you and appreciate all you have sacrificed. I feel so blessed to have men like you.”

‘It wasn’t always that way’

Dingle told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that when he created the video, he was simply riding home and thinking about how badly police officers have been treated recently. “And that day, I just, honestly, had enough. My heart was broken because of the things that I saw in just traveling home to my family, and it wasn’t always that way.”

He noted that often when other motorists see him in uniform on the road, they’re “frowning at me. People are purposely doing things to get my attention. They’re flipping me off.”

“This is something new,” he added to the program. “It’s a new attitude.”

Dingle confessed that “it’s really heartbreaking to me. When I got in law enforcement 20 years ago, it was not that way. In the last two years or so, law enforcement has really, really been just put out there as something negative. And we’re not. We actually took an oath to protect and serve.”

While he understands the anger over isolated instances where police officers “make bad decisions,” Dingle told “Fox & Friends” that “the majority of us that put this badge on every day, the majority of us want to protect and serve. … We’re generally good-hearted people that want to make a difference.”

Dingle added on the program that there was a time when other drivers waved hello and smiled at him on the road — and some even saluted him, which he said meant a lot due to his background as a Marine.

What can we do?

Dingle added to “Fox & Friends” that it’s possible a renewed positive attitude toward law enforcement in America can return — but not without communication and listening.

“The truth of the matter is, we have two sides, and two sides need to be heard,” he told the program. “But people need to listen — not to respond — but listen to understand. That’s the difference … if you can do that, I promise you there’s a solution out there. We just have to communicate … to find it.”

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Now over half of nearly 100 cases against federally charged Portland rioters are being dismissed — and only one perp is heading to prison so far

After it was revealed in March that federal prosecutors had thrown out over a third of its cases against Portland rioters — 31 of 90 cases stemming from last year’s lawlessness — the case-dismissal ratio has actually grown.

Now what?

According to Fox News, over half of the cases against federally charged Portland rioters are being dismissed or are on track for dismissal through a deferred resolution agreement — 58 of 97 cases.

The cable network said 32 cases are still pending, and its sources indicated many of them are likely to end in dismissals. Fox News added that only seven people have entered guilty pleas — and only one is heading to prison so far.

“It’s offensive to all the men and women who risked their lives in Portland for 90 to 120 days or even longer in some cases, being attacked night after night after night,” said Chad Wolf, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security under former President Trump, according to Fox News.

Billy Williams — the U.S. Attorney for Oregon under Trump who stepped down Feb. 28 at the request of President Joe Biden’s administration — told KGW-TV that the case dismissals as initially reported were due to prosecutors not believing they could prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Each case was analyzed for the evidence that we had at the time,” Williams noted to the station. “Careful decisions were made on whether or not someone should be charged based on the evidence.”

And that’s pretty much what Lisa Hay, the federal public defender in Oregon, told Fox News in regard to the new case dismissal tally.

“I think the federal government went overboard in some of the ways they addressed these protests,” Hay told the cable network. “And what we’re seeing now is many of the cases that were brought because of the federal government’s overreach are now being dismissed.”

Fox News said of the 31 deferred resolution agreements, 19 were for individuals charged with felonies — and most were for alleged assaults on federal officers protecting the courthouse in Portland and other federal buildings under attack on a nightly basis

Williams signed some of the DRAs, the cable network said, while others have been signed by Scott Asphaug, acting U.S. Attorney in Oregon under Biden. Fox News said neither Williams nor Asphaug would comment in regard to this new report.

More from the cable network:

Wolf said Williams didn’t want to file many of the criminal charges in the first place. He said Williams pushed back on pressure from the White House and Attorney General Bill Barr arguing that protest is normal in Portland and filing federal charges will only inflame the situation.

Wolf said his urging of a tougher response has been vindicated. DHS eventually pulled most of the federal officers out of Portland leaving local police and prosecutors in charge of restoring peace. But sustained calm has not returned to the Rose City. Even with a new president in the White House, the riots and property destruction have continued.

Wolf says Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is finally starting to realize that leaders can’t appease violent criminals.

Wolf added to Fox News that Wheeler has made a number of recent statements about trying to take back Portland from anarchists — “and that’s exactly what I told him in July.”