Spanish Porn Star Arrested After Participant In “Mystic Ritual” Dies After Inhaling Psychedelic Toad Venom

Spanish Porn Star Arrested After Participant In “Mystic Ritual” Dies After Inhaling Psychedelic Toad Venom

Tyler Durden

Fri, 06/05/2020 – 04:15

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t this just another “Spanish porn star arrested on …

Searching Twitter For “Racist” Returns Donald Trump As Top Result

Zero Hedge | Twitter claims it’s unintentional.

Editorial by Mob: NYT Leadership Loses Control over Its Own Newsroom

Breitbart | The Times’ leadership has scheduled a town hall on Friday to discuss the op-ed with its staff.

Trump campaign blasts Twitter for CENSORSHIP as George Floyd clip taken down due to copyright claim

RT | The Trump campaign said the video contains “the same speech the media refused to cover.”

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Tick swarms, H.K money reset and seed shortages beginning

Sometimes you will need to take the second or third choice in a situation as your preferred first choice has disappeared, we are seeing this begin across so many layers of society at the moment. Food availability, foreign exchange, Amazon delivery, see…

Are Diamonds The Future Of Energy Storage?

Are Diamonds The Future Of Energy Storage?

Tyler Durden

Fri, 06/05/2020 – 03:30

Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via,

The advance of renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs) has incentivized scientists to look int…

Liberal magazine Slate declares violence is ‘important’ for protests, does NOT get censored by Twitter

RT | “Non-violence is an important tool for protests, but so is violence.”

BEST OF THE WEB: Medical martial law: Liberalism’s final capitulation

They passed the USA PATRIOT Act – and I did nothing because I am a patriot. They passed the USA Freedom Act – and I believe in freedom. They nominated Hillary Clinton – and I voted for the lesser evil. They declared medical martial law – and I didn’t w…

REVEALED: Philadelphia Police Prioritize Rioters Over Neighborhood Watch

National File | Commissioner Danielle Outlaw allegedly told police to stand down.

Remember the Yellow Vests? Now, Italy is seeing an ‘Orange Vests’ movement that calls into question the coronavirus pandemic

Remember the “yellow vests” movement that brought France to a standstill in late 2018? Now, Italy is seeing its own grassroots, anti-government, populist movement: the “Orange Vests” or “Gilet Arancioni.” Hundreds of protesters wearing orange vests or …

Intense lightning storm recorded over Toronto, Canada

Toronto residents were in for a show last night, as the warm and sunny day transitioned into a dark and gloomy mess with heavy rains, accompanied by high winds, hail, thunder, and lightning. On Tuesday, Environment Canada warned of a “severe” thunderst…

Has Sweden’s COVID-19 Strategy Backfired?

Has Sweden’s COVID-19 Strategy Backfired?

Tyler Durden

Fri, 06/05/2020 – 02:45

Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, has acknowledged that too many people have died in the country due to COVID-19. Tegnell was key in deve…

Prof. Karl Friston: “80% Of Brits Not Even Susceptible To COVID-19”

Prof. Karl Friston: “80% Of Brits Not Even Susceptible To COVID-19”

Tyler Durden

Fri, 06/05/2020 – 02:00


As the threat of COVID-19 quickly fades from foreground and the damage from governments’ experimen…

Retired Pentagon Officials Warn the Active Duty That Their Task is National Security, not Domestic Repression of Trump’s Political Foes; New Yorker Writes That Trump Is “Performing Fascism”; Public Attention Shifts to Whether Tenant of Oval Will Vacate Premises After Looming Election Defeat; At George Floyd Memorial Service, Sharpton Tells Trump to Stop Brandishing Bible and Try Reading It; Barr’s Mystery Soldateska aka Little Green Men in Streets of Washington DC Trying to Intimidate Population

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Thursday, June 4, 2020 48% of US Now Have Very Unfavorable View of Trump; Will He Fall Victim to Landslide Defeat Like Goldwater’s at Hands of LBJ in 1964?; GOP Sena…

Escobar: Why America’s Revolution Won’t Be Televised

Escobar: Why America’s Revolution Won’t Be Televised

Tyler Durden

Fri, 06/05/2020 – 00:05

Authored by Peper Escobar via The Asia Times,

The Revolution Won’t Be Televised because this is not a revolution. At least not yet.


BEST OF THE WEB: Lancet, New England Journal retract Covid-19 studies, including one that raised safety concerns about malaria drugs

The Lancet, one of the world’s top medical journals, on Thursday retracted an influential study that raised alarms about the safety of the experimental Covid-19 treatments chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine amid scrutiny of the data underlying the pape…

Searching Twitter For “Racist” Returns Donald Trump As Top Result

Searching Twitter For “Racist” Returns Donald Trump As Top Result

Tyler Durden

Thu, 06/04/2020 – 23:44

For some strange reason, when one types the word “racist” into Twitter’s people search, Donald Trump is the top result – a dis…

Cry For This Country, Because The Streets Of America Have Become A War Zone

It has truly been disheartening to watch how rapidly our major cities have descended into complete and utter chaos.  At a moment when our nation should be coming together like never before, we have open warfare in the streets.  The violence has shocked the entire world, and even more violence is expected this weekend.  But … Read more

Global Times Op-Ed: “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” Before China Surpasses US In National Strength

Global Times Op-Ed: “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” Before China Surpasses US In National Strength

Tyler Durden

Thu, 06/04/2020 – 23:25

At a time when Taiwan remains a crucial issue between China and the U.S., an “opinion” piece published in China’s nationalization propaganda machine, The Global Times, claims that: “It is just a matter of time before China surpasses the US in terms of comprehensive national strength.”

“No matter what card the US plays, it cannot change the general trend of China,” The Global Times wrote.

The piece is being published a time of heightened tensions between the U.S. and China. In addition to issuing blame for the coronavirus pandemic, there are a number of issues being grappled with by the two national superpowers: intellectual property issues, China’s seeming reluctance to hold up its end of the Phase 1 trade deal, and the latter country’s insistence of continuing to devalue the Yuan. 

But the most current issue at bar for the two nations remains control over Taiwan. Tsai Ing-wen delivered her inaugural speech on May 20, which seems to have irked – and is likely what prompted – this “response” from the CCP propaganda machine.

The “interview” includes Douglas Paal, Distinguished Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace of the US, and Jin Canrong, the associate dean of Renmin University of China’s School of International Studies in Beijing. Paal is a U.S. resident and directs the endowment’s Asia Program. Both were eager to push for support of China, apathy from Taiwan and skepticism toward U.S. policy. 

For example, when asked about the Trump administration’s obvious support of Taiwan right off the bat, Paal had no problem criticizing and undermining his own country’s handling of the situation:

Even before the Trump administration came to power, there has been a dual faceted policy toward the island of Taiwan from him. Many in his government want to elevate US relations with Taiwan in every way possible. Some want to use Taiwan as a cudgel against the Chinese mainland and its influence. Strangely, Trump himself seems not to share this view. He seems to view Taiwan as a “small country,” small market, and maybe even tradable in negotiating business deals.

This duality seems to have kept lower level officials from crossing really sensitive redlines in the long established ambiguities prevailing in US-Taiwan-Chinese mainland relations. I don’t think all current American officials appreciate how sensitive and explosive this issue is. In fact, I believe some think it will help bring the Chinese government down. So the situation devolving into a major crisis has low probability, but potentially high consequences.

He claimed that Trump’s position on Taiwan policy is “unclear”, other than seeing Taiwan as an asset to help control the mainland. He also contradicted Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization, making it seem as though the U.S. is “all bark and no bite” in its posturing that it would defend Taiwan. 

“For example, in the middle of a global pandemic, the US has no interest in losing a role within the WHO, but Trump is trying to withdraw from it,” Paal said, continuing to try and undermine the President’s actions.

“The gap between rhetoric and action is wide,” he later said, when asked if he thought the U.S. would act against China’s one-China principle.

Paal also encouraged Taiwan to “keep a low profile” amidst the dispute and said he thinks Tsai “is maintaining the basic official line of status quo” for the time being:

Taiwan, in my view, should stick to advocating its own interests, including international participation and acknowledgement, autonomy at home, lessons in good governance, especially concerning epidemics, and sound economics. None of those is compatible with becoming a spear-head for America’s brooding conflict with China.

If US officials want to send videos to Taiwan ceremonies, why would Taiwan want to reject them? If the US wants to send the 7th fleet into Taiwan’s waters, in the absence of a Chinese mainland attack, Taiwan should ask why and to what purpose?

Jin added: “The rise of China depends on our own economic development. As long as we stay on track, no outside force can stop us from growing stronger. It is just a matter of time before China surpasses the US in terms of comprehensive national strength. From this perspective, no matter what card the US plays, it cannot change the general trend of China. So, practically speaking, the Taiwan card is useless.”

Jin continued, trying to downplay potential U.S. effectiveness in dealing with Taiwan and asserting a reluctance to act by the U.S.:

“The island of Taiwan has been used by Washington as a chess piece to contain China’s development. The US used to have a bottom line, but now it is becoming increasingly radical due to fears of a rising China. Washington is not as confident as it was. It once believed that it would undoubtedly win the game with China. But now it has become scared and is using all the tools at its disposal to contain China. As US elites’ hostility toward China deepens, they might possibly cross China’s bottom line.

“Given Tsai’s intention to change the status quo, the cross-Straits situation could become increasingly risky,” Jin concluded.

“Actually, the Chinese central government can launch attacks whenever it wants and the result will be in favor of the mainland. Within the first island chain, the Chinese mainland faces no rivals. “

‘Left-wing sophomoric drivel!’ — Tom Cotton ridicules ‘child mob’ at New York Times after they pull his op-ed

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas excoriated the New York Times after they caved to online pressure to pull down his op-ed arguing for greater force against the rioting and looting nationwide.
On Thursday, a spokesperson released a statement …

“The Data Is Likely To Be Horrific”: Previewing The Worst Jobs Report In US History

"The Data Is Likely To Be Horrific": Previewing The Worst Jobs Report In US History

Tyler Durden

Thu, 06/04/2020 – 23:11

Tomorrow’s jobs report will be one for the history books: with a record 19% Unemployment, and an a…

President Trump says he’ll endorse anyone with ‘a pulse’ against GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski

President Donald Trump vowed Thursday to campaign for anyone with “a pulse” against Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, after the lawmaker from Alaska told the press she could not commit to voting for Trump in November. What are the details?”Few people kn…

Students Demand Lax Grading For Black Students. University Agrees…

Students Demand Lax Grading For Black Students. University Agrees…

Tyler Durden

Thu, 06/04/2020 – 22:45

Authored by Jessica Custodio via Campus Reform,

Students at the University of Washington are demanding that black students…

Robots And Social Distancing Will Revolutionize Restaurants In Post-COVID World  

Robots And Social Distancing Will Revolutionize Restaurants In Post-COVID World  

Tyler Durden

Thu, 06/04/2020 – 22:25

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the trend was in place for artificial intelligence and automation to displace …