UK lockdown madness: Tesco apologises after banning sale of ‘non-essential’ sanitary products in Welsh supermarkets

Tesco have issued an apology after it mistakenly prevented customers from buying sanitary products as part of new lockdown measures in Wales. On Sunday (October 25), Wales Minister Mark Drakeford said supermarkets have “discretion” over the ban on selling non-essential items during the nation’s firebreak lockdown.


Meet Eric Feigl-Ding: How A Nutritionist-Turned-Politician Became A “COVID-19 Expert” With A Far-Left Agenda

Meet Eric Feigl-Ding: How A Nutritionist-Turned-Politician Became A “COVID-19 Expert” With A Far-Left Agenda

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 20:05

Authored by Jordan Schachtel via The Dossier substack,

If you’re on social media and you follow news related to the coronavirus pandemic, chances are you’ve stumbled upon some panicked pandemic posts coming from a man named Eric Feigl-Ding, a nutritionist and longtime democrat political operative who has succeeded in impersonating a medical professional, and is generating a cult following in the process.

With one hysterical tweet after another, Feigl-Ding went from having a small social media following to accumulating a massive army of influence. Feigl-Ding’s consistent elevation of fear and panic, doom and gloom, and his relentless themes of chaos and destruction related to a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate has brought his accounts millions of clicks and views, and hundreds of thousands of new followers.

And he did it all without having a clue what he’s talking about.

The ‘Charlatan’

At the beginning of 2020, Feigl-Ding was an unpaid, visiting scientist in Harvard’s nutrition department. His academic research centered entirely around nutrition, diet, and exercise. If Eric Feigl-Ding was interested in pandemics and the study of viruses, his research and academic credentials did not reflect that.

When the coronavirus pandemic began to make waves in the media, everything changed. Feigl-Ding, an aspiring politician, appeared to see an opening to influence the masses and build up his brand.

Feigl-Ding’s rise to coronavirus stardom began with this since-deleted tweet falsely describing the coronavirus as “the most virulent virus epidemic the world has ever seen.”

But not everyone associated with Feigl-Ding was thrilled with the early panic promotion act. Feigl-Ding’s frequent use of Harvard-associated credentials to elevate his baseless COVID-19 proclamations greatly upset some of his colleagues (despite many of them advocating for the same draconian measures proposed by Feigl-Ding to “combat” the virus), and landed him in hot water with the academic institution.

Twitter, for reasons unknown, decided to credential him as a “COVID-19 health expert,” which further elevates his supposed legitimacy as an “expert” on the pandemic.

In mid March, Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at Harvard, described him as a “charlatan exploiting a tenuous connection for self-promotion.” 

The Association of Health Care Journalists also took notice, reporting that he has “precisely zero experience in infectious diseases.” 

An unnamed source at Harvard told The Chronicle on Higher Education in April that Feigl-Ding has “been asked many times to stop promoting himself as having specialized knowledge.” 

In recent months, Feigl-Ding updated his profile to show that he is no longer associated with Harvard. The reasons for his departure have not been made public.


In order to sell his purported expertise on COVID-19, Feigl-Ding has repeatedly misrepresented his credentials. As seen in this screenshot from 2019, prior to the pandemic, Ding clarified that he was a PhD nutritionist, and not a medical doctor. He has since removed the PhD label from his account.

May 8, 2019 (wayback archive):

January, 25 2020 (wayback archive):

Feigl-Ding has continued to muddy the waters surrounding his credentials, taking it to new heights in a new political advertisement. He recently appeared in a pro-Biden Super PAC (funded by Silicon Valley billionaires) ad about the coronavirus pandemic. It features “Dr” Feigl-Ding in a lab coat with tie ensemble that is associated with the attire worn by a medical doctor, not a PhD academic with a background in nutrition research.

“Joe Biden has a plan,” Feigl-Ding says in the ad. “He listens to medical experts. Joe Biden will do what needs to be done so we can live a healthy, normal life again.”

Many reporters were falsely led to believe that Feigl-Ding was one of the medical doctors featured in the ad spot.

Far-left politician/Soros ties

Feigl-Ding has long been a far-left activist who advances his agenda under a healthcare reform label.

In 2018, he ran unsuccessfully for a congressional seat in Pennsylvania. Universal healthcare and medicare for all, or socialized medicine, was the centerpiece platform of his congressional run. According to Science Magazine, Feigl-Ding was supported in his run by political networks associated with far-left democrat mega donor George Soros, and FEC records reflect that. Feigl-Ding’s ties with Soros go back many years. In 2008, he received a Soros scholarship for his medical school studies (he would later drop out).  Despite his far-left mega donor support base, Feigl-Ding finished an unimpressive third place in the PA-10 2018 Democratic Primary. 

Feigl-Ding remains closely connected to the Soros network. He currently serves as Treasurer of the The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellows Association (PDSFA).

And through his Twitter and Facebook feeds, Feigl-Ding has utilized his unwarranted credential as a “COVID-19 health expert” to promote his far-left politics, disguised as healthcare expertise, to hundreds of thousands of people.

Feigl-Ding’s political aspirations did not cease with his failed congressional run. During this election cycle, he has contributed over $110,000 of his own money to a non-profit he founded called Health Justice For All.

His organization’s website claims to be “building a grassroots network to expose Big Pharma, to fight for affordable medications, and to elect a bold new generation of leaders who will not stop fighting Big Pharma until there is health justice for all.” 

However, there is nothing particularly health oriented about this organization. FEC records show that Feigl-Ding uses Health Justice for All to run attack ads against Republicans and supportive ads for Democrats.

Social media’s foremost COVID-19 hysteric has leveraged his baseless pandemic panic promotion to achieve newfound fame. This month, the hyper-political nutritionist turned “COVID-19 expert” has dedicated his social media feed to nonstop promotion of Joe Biden’s candidacy for president. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to say that Eric Feigl-Ding’s rise to “public health” stardom has delivered plenty of opportunities to resurface as a true contender in the future political arena.

*  *  *

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Digital Nightmares

The world is going digital. It can’t be ignored, it can’t be avoided. It’s coming, whether you want it or not.  Via the use of newer blockchain technologies they have the ability to issue digital currency with a host of intriguing features, none of them make me warm and fuzzy.

Anyone that has been with me for any length of time knows that the current system is FUBAR. It can’t be fixed. The debts are impossible to pay. The levels of derivatives, too deep to even comprehend. It has to change and it’s going to.

But I’m sure not looking forward to it. Over the past year, everyone from the Bank of International Settlements, to the IMF, to many of the central banks, have all been talking about digital currency. To keep people a bit confused they change the language, they banter about “thinking about” it, versus doing it, etc. But make NO mistake, it’s already designed. They simply have to pick the right time to usher it in.


Really?  No decision to do this thing, eh? Well I tend to think that’s another Powell lie. I want you to consider a few of the things I’m going to post below. This isn’t Bob writing this, this is from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.


Payments and the Pandemic

Loretta J. Mester
President and Chief Executive Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Keynote Speech
20th Anniversary Chicago Payments Symposium
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Chicago, IL
(via videoconference)
September 23, 2020

I know I do not need to tell this audience that the payments system is a crucial part of the infrastructure of the U.S. and a well-functioning and secure payments system is vital for a sound economy. As is true of pretty much every aspect of life this year, the pandemic has affected the payments business, including payment patterns and volumes. The most important thing to recognize is that the U.S. payments system has been weathering the pandemic without significant disruptions. This has taken the hard work of many people in both the public sector and the private sector. Many of these workers were deemed to be essential, and we owe them all our deep gratitude for their dedication and public service. Because of the vital role played by the payments system, priorities had to change to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic. At the same time, progress continued on important projects that have longer-run consequences for the payments system.

There will be many lessons to take away from the current pandemic situation; two seem particularly relevant to the payments work in which we are all engaged. First, although it is safe to say no one anticipated an event quite like the pandemic, the industry’s forethought, investment, and preparation to ensure that the payments system would be resilient to extreme scenarios has paid off greatly. It has allowed us to avoid a collapse of the payments system – an event that would have made what was already a grave situation much, much worse. One big takeaway is that once we get through the current pandemic, making necessary investments to ensure that the U.S. payments system remains resilient in the face of extreme stress events will need to remain a priority.


(NOTE>>>BOB HERE… this rattles on and on about how the pandemic saw people hoarding cash and coins, and using such things as credit cards for online shopping, etc. It’s pretty long winded. But to summarize they basically say the old way of doing things is archaic and they need to modernize, so lets get back to them)


Another key lesson is that having the right technology in place can make a big difference in being able to address the challenges posed in an environment of rapid change in payments behavior. Industry participants may need to rethink their payments technology investment strategy once we are through the pandemic. The changes we have seen in customers’ payment behavior since February have happened quickly. The spread of COVID-19 heightened the reliance of businesses and individuals on digital services and faster connectivity, as many employees began to work from home and consumers turned to online shopping. This is a global pandemic, and demand for consumer-to-consumer and cross-border payments has risen, as people want to send and receive payments in support of family and friends. Some payments technology is more resilient, scalable, and adaptable to such rapid changes in user behavior and volume. Some industry participants note that cloud technologies are inherently more scalable and adaptable, and early adopters of the cloud are likely better positioned during these times compared to those operating on mainframes.1 It would be wrong to say that the pandemic has been the catalyst for payments system modernization: the Federal Reserve Banks have been assessing our payments technology for some time.


(BOB AGAIN…tons more blather about how they’ve been studying the payments processes and how to most easily get money into people’s accounts, etc. So lets get to the good part)



The Federal Reserve’s FedNow service, which is currently being built, will be an around-the-clock service whereby payments can be originated, cleared, and settled within seconds. The service is expected to provide clear public benefits in the form of safety, efficiency, and accessibility of instant payments. Yesterday, my colleague Ken Montgomery provided an excellent overview of FedNow features and functions, so let me touch upon a few points about how we’ll be rolling the service out.

While COVID-19 has affected many parts of the payments system, it has not slowed down our work on FedNow. Our goal is to bring FedNow to market as soon as practicably possible. The target release date remains 2023 or 2024, but we will announce a more specific time frame once additional work is completed. In order to get the service up and running as soon as possible, we are taking a phased approach to its features. We will begin with the most important features and introduce enhancements quickly and iteratively thereafter. To inform the design and to determine which features to include at the start, we have been engaging extensively with stakeholders through focus groups, industry meetings, and the establishment of a stakeholder-wide FedNow community, and through the more formal public comment process. We are working to finalize a technology strategy that will create a flexible infrastructure, one that is scalable and can evolve with the times.

In addition to offering secure instant payments, an important goal of FedNow is to establish a nationwide reach for the service so that this new type of payment is broadly accessible to consumers and businesses alike. The Federal Reserve’s payments services have a broad reach, with connections to and customer relationships with more than 10,000 diverse financial institutions across the country. This existing reach will help support a nationwide infrastructure for FedNow instant payments. We are also working closely with private-sector payment providers to explore the best approach to achieve wide accessibility.

Thinking ahead, a service like FedNow, coupled with a directory service with accurate information on where to route payments for final distribution to households and businesses, has the potential to solve some of the challenges the government faced when distributing pandemic relief payments.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

The experience with pandemic emergency payments has brought forward an idea that was already gaining increased attention at central banks around the world, that is, central bank digital currency (CBDC).Legislation has proposed that each American have an account at the Fed in which digital dollars could be deposited, as liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks, which could be used for emergency payments. Other proposals would create a new payments instrument, digital cash, which would be just like the physical currency issued by central banks today, but in a digital form and, potentially, without the anonymity of physical currency. Depending on how these currencies are designed, central banks could support them without the need for commercial bank involvement via direct issuance into the end-users’ digital wallets combined with central-bank-facilitated transfer and redemption services.8 The demand for and use of such instruments need further consideration in order to evaluate whether such a central bank digital currency would allow for quicker and more ubiquitous payments in times of emergency and more generally. In addition, a range of potential risks and policy issues surrounding central bank digital currency need to be better understood, and the costs and benefits evaluated.


8 See Mester (2020) for further discussion.

9 Brainard (2020).

The Federal Reserve has been researching issues raised by central bank digital currency for some time. The Board of Governors has a technology lab that has been building and testing a range of distributed ledger platforms to understand their potential benefits and tradeoffs.9 Staff members from several Reserve Banks, including Cleveland Fed software developers, are contributing to this effort. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is also engaged in a multiyear effort, working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to experiment with technologies that could be used for a central bank digital currency. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has established an innovation center, in partnership with the Bank for International Settlements, to identify and develop in-depth insights into critical trends

FedNow and central bank digital currency have to do with the future, but the Fed is also working to enhance our current portfolio of payment services to ensure they meet evolving customer needs.


Bob Again….So, Powell doesn’t know if they’re going to launch a digital currency. Yet here’s the Fed itself talking about it as being developed, and how it can work. Gimme a break.

Now, not to be left behind, Bidens best friends – the Communists in China had this to say on Wednesday:

(CN) China said to be closer to legalizing Digital Yuan (CNY) and banning crypto currency competitors in a new draft law

Banning crypto competitors. What happens when Bitcoin and Monero are simply banned?  If they’re going to ban cash (they will) am I to believe they’re going to allow the competition of a Monero or Bitcoin?  Good luck with that. See, here’s the rub. Monero is supposedly 100% untraceable. Okay that’s great if you want to send me 100 bucks. But what do I do with it, if Government says “no other digital currency shall be used for commerce of retail goods than our Central bank digital currency???”  So I got the Monero, and I can’t buy anything with it. The local Walmart can’t accept it. The local Publix can’t accept it. Swell.

Folks, just imagine what a wet dream the newly improved digital currency will be for them. Because of the advances of blockchain ledgers, it’s not bad enough that they will be able to track every single purchase you ever make, that’s the easy part. That’s the “given”

What people are not thinking about is that they have the ability to turn YOUR dollars on or off. Been buying too much alcohol lately?? They’ll throttle your spending amount at liquor stores. Been buying up ammo to burn up at the range? They’ll know how much you have, and if they think it’s too much, shut you off from buying more.  Been drinking too much soda and getting fat? Your coins will no longer work for soft drinks. It’s for your “good” they’ll say.

But it’s more than even that. Suppose they want to create some instant inflation. Simple, all those digital dollars of economic aid they gave you, they simply put an expiration date on those coins. You have to spend them within say 2 weeks or they go worthless.  See, they can create “instant” demand for material things, simply by putting a time limit on your digital hand outs.

They can go negative interest rates on you, and you can’t fight back. With cash in the bank, if they go to negative rates, you pull your cash and put it under the mattress. With digital dollars, if they want to “tax you” for having savings, they just imply a negative rate. You either spend your money, or lose it.

The “great reset” is coming folks. Central Bank Digital money is coming. You have no say in it. Do you notice the one central theme here? Cashless society, digital currency, plus AI, and facial technology , social credit score… equals complete control! And that’s what the elites want. Absolute control and this satans digital currency gives it to them.  Pray harder.

Oh by the way, take a peek at the latest Time International Cover

... 2020 democrats 2020 Election 2020 elections 60 Minutes blaze Blaze podcasts Blaze tv Blazetv Commentary conservative Conservative commentary Conservative News democratic party election Harris Intelwars Joe Biden Kamala Kamala Harris news Pat Pat gray Pat gray radio Pat gray unleashed Pat gray videos Pat grey Pat unleashed Pathhead Policy Politics Progressive Radio TALK RADIO TheBlaze USA Video

Kamala Harris says she will NOT bring socialist policies to a Biden administration

“60 Minutes” correspondent Norah O’Donnell pressed Sen. Kamala Harris on her reputation of being considered “the most liberal United States senator.”

In this clip, Pat Gray discussed the interview, and how O’Donnell pushed Harris about being a socialist.

“As we’ve said multiple times, [Kamala Harris] is the most liberal person, the most progressive senator we had in all of the Senate,” Pat said, “including Bernie Sanders, including Elizabeth Warren.”

O’Donnell sought clarification on whether Harris would support the policies of running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Harris noted that Biden did not share her support for socialist policies, including the Green New Deal and legalizing marijuana.

“Are going to bring those progressive policies — that you supported as senator — into a Biden administration,” O’Donnell asked.

In Harris’ response, she claimed part of a deal she made with Biden was to share her lived experience and give an honest perspective on policy matters.

“And is that a socialist or progressive perspective?” O’Donnell asked.

Harris said she would not bring a socialist perspective to the table. Harris added that she would not have joined the Democratic ticket if she didn’t support Biden’s vision for America.

For more interview details, click here.

Pat commented on the bizarre interview and gave his opinion of Harris’ denial of being a socialist.

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... 2020 democrats 2020 Election 2020 elections 60 Minutes blaze Blaze podcasts Blaze tv Blazetv Commentary conservative Conservative commentary Conservative News democratic party election Harris Intelwars Joe Biden Kamala Kamala Harris news Pat Pat gray Pat gray radio Pat gray unleashed Pat gray videos Pat grey Pat unleashed Pathhead Policy Politics Progressive Radio TALK RADIO TheBlaze USA Video

Kamala Harris says she will NOT bring socialist policies to a Biden administration

“60 Minutes” correspondent Norah O’Donnell pressed Sen. Kamala Harris on her reputation of being considered “the most liberal United States senator.”

In this clip, Pat Gray discussed the interview, and how O’Donnell pushed Harris about being a socialist.

“As we’ve said multiple times, [Kamala Harris] is the most liberal person, the most progressive senator we had in all of the Senate,” Pat said, “including Bernie Sanders, including Elizabeth Warren.”

O’Donnell sought clarification on whether Harris would support the policies of running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Harris noted that Biden did not share her support for socialist policies, including the Green New Deal and legalizing marijuana.

“Are going to bring those progressive policies — that you supported as senator — into a Biden administration,” O’Donnell asked.

In Harris’ response, she claimed part of a deal she made with Biden was to share her lived experience and give an honest perspective on policy matters.

“And is that a socialist or progressive perspective?” O’Donnell asked.

Harris said she would not bring a socialist perspective to the table. Harris added that she would not have joined the Democratic ticket if she didn’t support Biden’s vision for America.

For more interview details, click here.

Pat commented on the bizarre interview and gave his opinion of Harris’ denial of being a socialist.

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President Trump’s Campaign Website Was Just Hacked

President Trump’s Campaign Website Was Just Hacked

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 19:52

In an ironic piece of timing, shortly after US officials issues a warning about a hacking group from North Korea, President Trump’s campaign website – – was hacked.

The hackers took over the site and replaced the landing page with the following threat

We have blurred the crypto addresses (which were Monero, a private cryptocurrency).

Shortly after the site was taken down, presumably by Trump campaign officials, but the usual 404-page was not present…

As of writing there is no statement from the Trump campaign and the site is back up and running.




Gov. Abbot Sending 1,000 National Guard Troops To 5 Texas Cities For Possible ‘Post-Election Violence’

Gov. Abbot Sending 1,000 National Guard Troops To 5 Texas Cities For Possible ‘Post-Election Violence’

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 19:45

It’s been a nationally observable trend for months that Americans – often who have never so much as purchased a single weapon – are now stockpiling guns, ammo, and survivalist gear ahead of what many fear will be a contested election followed by mayhem and unrest, especially in urban areas which saw mass rioting and looting over the summer and the complete breakdown of law and order. 

Anticipating this very scenario Republican Gov. Greg Abbot has mobilized up to 1,000 troops to safeguard major cities in Texas on election day and afterward over potential unrest and “disturbances”Fox News reports.

National Guard file image, Getty

The San Antonio Express-News in a report Monday listed the five large cities where potential violence is expected, but which will see national guardsmen patrolling streets as Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio

Recall that last month Abbot threatened to take over the Austin Police Department to thwart the capital city’s attempt to drastically cut police funding.

The Texas National Guard command has further reportedly been asked by the governor’s office to draft specific contingency plans in case of an outbreak of election violence

Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Tracy Norris in a statement said the Texas Military Department was previously “activated to provide additional support to the Department of Public Safety in the summer of 2020” and that it will fill this role once again related to the November election.

“Texas Service Members continue to support DPS in this capacity, guarding historical landmarks such as the Alamo and the State Capitol,” Norris said. Austin police earlier said local law enforcement “will plan and prepare for any large protest or civil unrest events related to the upcoming elections.” 

However, given Texas Democrats are outraged and on edge over the Republican governor ordering up the National Guard, the general further underscored:

“To be clear, there has been no request nor any plan to provide any type of support at any polling location in Texas.”

On Tuesday many county and local Democrats slammed the move as unconstitutional and completely unjustified as nothing but a “peaceful election” is expected, they said.

It’s also the case that the 5 cities tend to be Democratic strongholds, as many commentators are also pointing out.

Critics have cried foul, claiming the mere presence of troops anywhere on Texas city streets is a form of voter suppression and intimidation. But as is currently being demonstrated with police being attacked by large roving mobs in Philadelphia, the potential for post-election chaos remains very real, especially if there’s a Trump victory.


Warring sides in Nagorno-Karabakh accuse each other of breaking 3rd cease-fire

Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other of violating a new humanitarian cease-fire to halt fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh shortly after it took effect on October 26. The Armenian Defense Ministry said the cease-fire was violated twice by shelling from Azerbaijani forces. “The regular ceasefire violation has been recorded at approximately 9.10 a.m.,” Shushan Stepanian, press secretary of the Armenian Defense Ministry, said on Twitter. “Azerbaijani side targeted positions located in south-eastern direction, firing 5 artillery shells in that direction.” An earlier violation occurred at 8:45 a.m. when combat positions northeast of Artsakh were shelled, she said on Facebook.


NYT’s Latest Trump Tax Leak Shows Trump Strong-Armed Deutsche Bank Into Forgiving $270MN

NYT’s Latest Trump Tax Leak Shows Trump Strong-Armed Deutsche Bank Into Forgiving $270MN

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 19:28

With roughly one week to go before the polls close on Election Day, the  New York Times has dropped – what else? – another”bombshell” under the now-infamous heading “The President’s Taxes”.

The MSM is of course still relitigating the claims from this fall’s first big tax bombshell, a 10,000-word piece from the NYT, and others that have been published since.

But in the paper’s latest foray into Trump’s financial history, they visit an episode that has been publicly disclosed before, though the paper adds more details about an “aggressive tax maneuver” undertaken by Trump and his team, as well as offering unprecedented insight into Trump’s extraordinary ability to strongarm lenders, even when eye-popping sums are involved.

The setting for today’s story is the depths of the financial crisis. The location: Chicago, where Trump visited in September 2008, the nadir of the crisis, to celebrate the completion of his 92-floor skyscraper.

After offering the usual boilerplate juxtaposing Trump’s public comments at the opening of the building with the struggles to sell condos in the tower, the NYT noted the following:

Yet for Mr. Trump and his company, the Chicago experience also turned out to be something else: the latest example of his ability to strong-arm major financial institutions and exploit the tax code to cushion the blow of his repeated business failures.

But most importantly, the story lands with a twist: it’s this series of financial victories of Trump over his lenders that is, amazingly, at the core of one of the many investigations currently underway involving Trump and his administration (most of which the public has long stopped caring about). Because New York AG Letitia James’ whole battle over Trump’s tax returns has been centered on whether Trump ‘cheated’ by not paying any taxes on the debts forgiven by Deutsche Bank tied to the Chicago Tower project, and others.

The story of Trump’s business relationship with DB and how he eventually came to take out the loans for the Chicago Tower project is recounted in exhaustive detail. But here’s the interesting part: when Trump applied for his second extension, DB said ‘no’, giving him only six weeks before the bank moved to seize the building.

So what did Trump do? He “went on the offensive,” as the NYT put it. He wrote a letter claiming that the financial crisis was a “force majeure” – an act of God – that entitled him to extra time to repay.

Trump sued, DB and Fortress (which was also brought in on the loan) counter sued, what happened next, like the details above (the broad strokes, at least), were already known.

What wasn’t was the figure that Trump eventually walked away from: Trump was allowed to default on just over $270 million in debt, a deal that, according to the NYT, “few American companies or individuals could ever expect to receive, especially without filing for bankruptcy protection.”

Here’s the key bit:

The forgiven debts showed up in Mr. Trump’s tax returns. For 2010, Mr. Trump’s 401 Mezz Venture reported about $181 million in canceled debts. Two years later, DJT Holdings, an umbrella company that the Chicago project had been folded into, reported that another $105 million of debt had been forgiven. Most of that appears to reflect the unpaid Fortress sum.

A few years later, when the rest of the loan came due, one arm of Deutsche Bank gave the Trump family the money needed to pay another part of the bank.

Now, years later, this is the type of carefully reported, smoothly written story that will sway swing voters to back Joe Biden over President Trump.

If anything, for fans of the president, the account of what he accomplished here will only further burnish his reputation as a ruthless businessman – something that helped propel him to the White House.

audience Fox News History Intelwars Rating Tucker Carlson

Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ breaks cable news ratings records

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” has broken the record for the highest-rated monthly viewership in the history of cable news, drawing in an average nightly audience of nearly 5.4 million, according to Nielsen Media Research ratings for October.

What are the details?

The Washington Examiner reported that the program, which airs at 8 p.m. EST, “averaged 5,359,000 viewers nightly, including 1,003,000 in the key 25-54 age demographic that marketers covet,” according to the Nielsen ratings, noting that “while the total ratings made cable news history, [Carlson] also became the first prime-time host to reach 1 million viewers in the 25-54 demo since September 2008.”

Fox News also broke a ratings record. According to TheWrap, “the network delivered the highest primetime averages in cable news history, too.”

But Carlson was not the only Fox News host to put eye-popping numbers on the board for this month.

Fox News pointed out that fellow primetime hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham also saw staggering viewership, reporting that “‘Hannity’ finished with its highest-rated month across both categories since the program launched in 2009,” and “‘The Ingraham Angle’ also made cable news history, finishing as the most-watched female host in history.”

Fox News further noted that it “finished with its second highest-rated total day viewership in the history of cable news, coming only behind its own coverage of the Iraq War in April 2003. With the victory, FNC has now beaten MSNBC and CNN in both total day and primetime viewership for 226-straight months.”

Anything else?

Tuesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show is slated to feature Tony Bobulinski, who says he is a former business partner of Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Bobulinski claims to have in-depth knowledge and documented evidence of the explosive allegations linking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to foreign deals involving his son, which were first reported by the New York Post and dismissed by several mainstream outlets.

Carlson tweeted Tuesday afternoon, “Tony Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden about China. The media have suppressed the story, but it’s real and it matters. Voters have a right to know the details.”

President Donald Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., wrote in response, “Eight words that the corrupt partners of the Chinese Communist Party over at Joe Biden’s campaign are dreading: ‘Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight.'”


PIMCO Founder Bill Gross Accused Of Blasting ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Theme Song On Loop To Torture Neighbors

PIMCO Founder Bill Gross Accused Of Blasting ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Theme Song On Loop To Torture Neighbors

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 19:05

Legendary bond investor Bill Gross is about as well known for his domestic antics (including using rotting fish and fart spray to torment his ex-wife) as he is for building PIMCO, the Cali-based bond-investing giant from which Gross was pushed out back in 2014,  fired over what his colleagues described as increasingly erratic behavior.

Apparently, since retiring from the asset-management industry – following PIMCO, Gates did a stint at Janus Henderson before hanging up his cleets – early last year, Gross has had more time to devote to his various personal feuds and grudges, including a debate with a neighbor to his massive Laguna Beach compound that has now spilled over into the press.

According to the LATimes, Gross’s neighbor, tech entrepreneur Mark Towfiq, has accused Gross and his girlfriend, former Tennis Pro Amy Schwartz, of intentionally inflicting emotional harm and distress during a dispute over a $1 million outdoor sculpture.

The Trowfiqs have reportedly filed a complaint with the city (which we imagine was promptly thrown in the recycling bin with all the other complaints about Gross’s behavior over the years).

The most amusing allegation: At one point during the feud, Gross blared the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song on a loop for hours simply to annoy his neighbor.

A dispute between bond king Bill Gross and his next-door neighbor over a $1-million outdoor sculpture has devolved into police calls to their Laguna Beach mansions, multiple legal actions — and allegations that the billionaire investor blared the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song on a loop at all hours to annoy his neighbor.

The Pimco co-founder and his partner, former professional tennis player Amy Schwartz, are being accused by tech entrepreneur Mark Towfiq and his wife of harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The cause? A 22-foot-long blue glass installation — and an even bigger pole and netting structure erected to protect it — that Towfiq said blocked his view, prompting a complaint to the city.

The dispute really started to heat up after Gross and Schwartz installed netting around the sculpture after somebody – the report didn’t specify who – threw a rock at the sculpture, damaging it. The netting apparently irritated Trowfiq, who filed a complaint with the city, leading a compliance officer to inform Gross that he lacked the proper permits for the netting and lights installed around the statue.

At issue this time is an artwork that can be lighted at night and features cobalt-colored reeds stretching nearly 10 feet in height, swimming marlin and globes inspired by traditional blown-glass Japanese fishing floats. It was created by Dale Chihuly, an artist whose striking blown-glass work adorns the ceiling of the Bellagio hotel’s lobby in Las Vegas.

The lawn sculpture was installed in 2019 and in itself appeared not to foment any trouble. The dispute began when Gross and Schwartz installed netting this year to protect the work after it was damaged, according to legal filings and city records. Gross and Schwartz in a lawsuit say more than $50,000 damage, “apparently” caused by a thrown rock, is evidence of an “escalating campaign of vandalism”; Towfiq and his wife say it was probably damaged by something falling on it.

Redacted emails released to The Times by the city of Laguna Beach indicated someone associated with Gross and Schwartz told a code enforcement officer the netting was temporary and was needed to protect the sculpture from “trees and mother nature,” and that a palm frond caused $100,000 in damage. Towfiq and his wife, Carol Nakahara, in their lawsuit say the netting was at first removed intermittently but later remained up, with Gross and Schwartz avoiding attempts to resolve the problem.

That prompted Towfiq to call the city, which inspected the property and sent Gross a letter July 28 informing him that the netting, lighting and sculpture lacked the proper permits. The quarrel has escalated since then.

After that, the dispute seriously escalated. In retaliation for filing the complaint, Bill Gross resorted to his usual devious tactics. At one point, he and Schwartz left the property – which they only inhabit 5 days a week, for 5 months out of the year – and left their sound system blaring music for days on end for hours at a time, at all hours of the night, according to the Trowfiq’s lawsuit.

Since we’re all reading about it now, it’s pretty evident that Gross’s heavy handed tactics didn’t inspire Trowfiq to drop the complaint. Instead, he filed a lawsuit, to which Gross counter-sued.

When Gross found out Trowfiq made videos to record the musical harrassment, he also accused Trowfiq of “peeping Tom”-like behavior for allegedly trying to ‘sneak a peak’ at Gross’s girlfriend, who can be seen in the photo above.

The neighbor’s lawsuit accuses the billionaire and his partner of playing blaring music at all hours, including the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song, rap and pop, in an effort to force him to drop the complaint. The couple say they have had to take refuge twice either with relatives or in a hotel room. In an application for a temporary restraining order filed Oct. 15, which was granted, Towfiq cites a text message allegedly sent to him by Gross after he asked the music to be turned down: “Peace on all fronts or well [sic] just have nightly concerts big boy.”

“Defendant William Gross is a 76-year-old billionaire used to getting his way no matter what. As proven by their behavior here, Gross and his decades-younger-girlfriend, defendant Amy Schwartz, are bullies,” states the Superior Court lawsuit filed by Towfiq and his wife.

Gross and Schwartz, 51, actually beat their neighbors to the courthouse, filing their own lawsuit Oct. 13 and accusing Towfiq of developing an obsession with them, which included installing cameras directed at their property and “peeping tom behaviors.” In a request for a temporary restraining order filed last week that is pending, Gross said he had played music since moving into the property and felt “trapped in my own home.”

“Defendant Towfiq appears to have a particular fascination not only with Mr. Gross but also Ms. Schwartz, particularly when the pair are swimming and thus wearing minimal, if any, clothing,” states the lawsuit, which accuses Towfiq of invasion of privacy, among other causes of action.

Towfiq, in his temporary restraining order application, said that after Gross and Schwartz complained to a police officer that he had inappropriately recorded them, he told the officer he made the videos on his property and only to record their “harassing noise violations” and the “intrusiveness of their unpermitted additions.”

Schwartz issued a statement that the dispute was “very upsetting” to her because the sculpture, with its assorted blue pieces, was bought for her by Gross because her mother was ill.

“Since I have no children of my own, they are like my babies. My mother, who has Alzheimer’s, and I pray to them and she enjoys looking at them because it’s her favorite color and makes her smile,” she said in the statement.

Schwartz also said she and Gross were the “best neighbors” since they were at the house only about five days a month, for five months a year. She added that the noise from the nearby highway and ocean were a lot louder than their music.

From what we can tell, the dispute is ongoing. Though we’re sure Gross still spends plenty of time playing around with the lifetime Bloomberg terminal subscription gifted to him by Mike Bloomberg as a retirement gift, the man still has a billion dollars to play around with.

Money like that could buy a lot of fart spray, so this could drag on for a while.

Chris cuomo andrew cuomo Chris cuomo cnn q-tip Cuomo broke quarantine Cuomo brothers Cuomo coronavirus scandal Intelwars Murtaugh vs chris cuomo Tim murtaugh mocks cuomos

Trump campaign official confronts Chris Cuomo for giving his governor brother a pass on coronavirus in combative interview

The communications director for the Trump 2020 campaign slapped down CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on his own show for going easy on his governor brother on the coronavirus in a combative interview on Monday.

Tim Murtaugh confronted Cuomo and cited an interview where he joked with his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, while the coronavirus ravaged New York City.

“Your own brother, the governor of New York said that every time he turned to the administration, the federal government was there with everything that he needed, and with everything that he asked for,” Murtaugh said.

“He did not say that, and that is not what happened,” Cuomo replied.

“Yes, he absolutely did, every time, yes!” interjected Murtaugh.

“No,” said Cuomo. “He said I went to the federal government, they helped me with things, they did not help with everything, they’re still not helping.”

“Your brother…” interrupted Murtaugh.

“My brother what? Keep talking about it,” said Cuomo, visibly upset at the line of questioning.

Murtaugh went on to remind Cuomo about how his brother falsely predicted a vast shortage of ventilators in New York City that would lead to many deaths. Cuomo tersely admitted that was true.

“You’re gonna ask me these self-righteous and talk about people taking it seriously, does this look like a couple of guys who were taking it seriously?” Murtaugh asked and then held up an image from Cuomo’s show where he held up a large Q-Tip cotton swab as a joke.

“You had your brother on for the Cuomo Brothers Comedy Hour, joking about the size of the Q-Tip that you would need for his nose to take the test,” Murtaugh said.

“Yeah, I did. It was funny as hell,” responded Cuomo defensively.

“Does this sound like somebody who is taking it seriously?” added Murtaugh.

“Now, you took your swing,” said Cuomo later on in the interview. “It missed. So now let’s discuss. Is that all you got? That my brother didn’t take COVID seriously? Are you kidding yourself? That I made fun with him at a time of such acute distress?”

Murtaugh went on to call out Cuomo for a report that said he had broken quarantine after he had tested positive for the coronavirus, and mocked him for the CNN show where viewers watched him come up from his quarantine in the basement living quarters.

“And you came home and you pretended to rise up from your basement, like Lazarus, even though you had already broken quarantine while you were COVID positive!” said Murtaugh.

Cuomo accused Murtaugh of mocking him for getting sick and denied ever breaking quarantine. He apparently doesn’t remember the confrontation with a bicyclist while looking at some undeveloped property he had recently purchased.

Here’s part of the fiery interview with Murtaugh on CNN:

Chris Cuomo confronted over joking with brother about covid test swabs


The “Wokeness” Wars Coming To Your Town

The “Wokeness” Wars Coming To Your Town

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 18:45

Authored by Philip Giraldi,

Kurt Vonnegut’s 1961 dystopian short story “Harrison Bergeron” describes a 2081 America in which the 211th, 212th, and 213th amendments to the Constitution of the United States have together mandated that all Americans must be made completely equal. No one is allowed to be more intelligent or handsome or more physically capable than anyone else. The standards are enforced by a Handicapper General, an elderly woman named Diana Moon Glampers armed with a shotgun, who mandates the wearing of disfiguring masks for those who are thought to be too beautiful while tiny radios are mounted inside the ears of intelligent people, programmed to go off at intervals and disrupt any thoughts. Those who are stronger or faster than others are required to wear heavy weights around their wrists and ankles.

Somehow, the Vonnegut story comes to mind at the present time, particularly in my home county here in Virginia. Loudoun County, a suburb of Washington D.C. where all that fiat money is printed, is the wealthiest in the United States based on per capita income. When I moved here twenty-three years ago, it was solidly Republican, but now it is controlled by the Democrats, largely due to the influx of out of state newcomers moving in to take the thousands of new federal jobs in the burgeoning Global War On Terror. When in power, the Republicans foolishly had allowed their business cronies to build large and ugly commuter housing developments that eventually changed the political power alignment when the liberal newcomers inevitably outnumbered the relatively conservative locals.

The county Board of Supervisors is headed by a black woman named Phyllis Randall. Randall has been in place since 2015 and is reliably progressive. Apart from muttering about “diversity” and “affordable housing,” she has generally avoided race issues in a county that is less than 10% black but has become more outspoken recently. The county seat Leesburg had a monument near the court house featuring a seven-foot bronze war memorial statue of a Confederate infantryman dubbed “Silent Sam” by some of the locals. Randall had described the memorial as a racist symbol that had intimidated “Thousands of Loudoun citizens, Black citizens, who never had a voice and sometimes didn’t have a vote.” It is a ridiculous argument that is often made when historical monuments are about to be purged by vandals, but apparently a statue can inspire real fear in some circles, at least according to Randall.

After being reelected last November and backed by a unanimously gutless board in a May vote, Randall felt empowered to remove the offending statue saying that she was “correcting history” over a “statue [that] should never have been put up.” The removal was accomplished on June 21st, in the midst of the wave of looting, rioting and arson all over the United States that was triggered by the Floyd George death.

Randall has also been pushing to replace the highly respected local sheriff’s department with a police department which would be controlled by her board. The popular sheriff is an elected official and he has committed the crime of being both somewhat independent and a Republican.

Since the removal of the Confederate statue, there has been more fun and games to include an apology to the black citizens of Loudoun from both the board of supervisors and the school board for the school segregation that continued into the 1960s. The local NAACP graciously responded that the apology was “not enough.” That was followed by a slap at another perennial punching bag for the social justice warrior movement. Columbus Day on the school calendar was renamed. Indigenous Peoples Day.

All of that has been bad enough, but the clincher is what is going on with the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). The school board has spent $422,500 on a consultant to apply Critical Race Theory (CRT) to a new program of instruction that will be mandatory for all employees and will serve as the framework for teaching the students. When schools eventually reopen, all kindergarteners, for example, will be taught “social justice” in a course designed by the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center and “diversity training” will be integrated in all other grade levels.

Critical Race Theory has been fairly criticized as it pretends to be an antidote to systemic racism but is itself racist in nature as it opposes a race neutral system that equally benefits everyone. It proposes that all of America’s governmental bodies and infrastructures are racist and supportive of “white supremacy” and must be deconstructed. It requires everything to be examined through a value system determined by identity politics and race and it views both whites and their institutions as hopelessly corrupted, if not evil.

The principal concern currently is that the school board, which is revising its Personal Conduct Policy 7560 “Professional Conduct” for staff, is basically treating the First Amendment right to free speech as inapplicable when it comes to challenging certain policies involving the school system arguing that the Bill of Rights itself is just a tool in support of white supremacy, which is what CRT teaches. The Personal Conduct draft only addresses the First Amendment briefly, noting that the right “may be outweighed” by LCPS interest in “promoting internal…and external community harmony and peace” through “directives, including protected class equity, racial equity, and the goal to root out systemic racism.”

Section B3 of the draft revised policy requires total commitment to the forthcoming “equity” policies and it threatens punishment to include firing if anyone within the system dares to express a criticism. The full text cites “Any comments or actions that are not in alignment with the school division’s commitment to action-oriented equity policies, and which impact an individual’s abilities to perform their job responsibilities or create a breach in the trust bestowed upon them as an employee of the school division. This includes on-campus and off-campus speech, social media posts, and any other electronic or telephonic communications.”

The school board also has an “Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism” which will require mandatory “racial literacy” classes for staff with the objective of creating “equity literacy and racial consciousness” for employees. To support struggling black students there will be non-coercive alternatives to suspension or expulsion for misbehavior, a feature that is being copied in many school districts. It is all part of the larger “Comprehensive Equity Plan” that the revised personal conduct policy is intended to protect, which includes manipulating passing grades to achieve “equity” — that is, to reward or punish people based not on their conduct and accomplishments or hard work, but primarily on their race and ethnicity. It calls specifically for the “disruption and dismantling of white racism.” It is not intended to give everyone an equal chance and is rather trying to guarantee a certain outcome. It will mean pushing people through the system based on race rather than merit until they find themselves holding jobs that they cannot possibly perform based on what they learned at school.

If that were not bad enough, the document also encourages school system employees to report on other employees who are critical of the policy. Most companies are within their rights to demand certain behavior while in the workplace, but the Loudoun County Public Schools demand that even criticizing the new policy with friends, family, at home, while on the phone, while shopping or even walking through the park is a violation subject to punishment. The draft states explicitly that employee speech “will not be tolerated” if it could be perceived as “undermining the views, positions, goals, policies or public statements” of Schools Superintendent Eric Williams or the school board. And other LCPS employees would have the “duty to report” speech violations to the school administration. Given that, the likelihood that anyone who is bold enough to surface as an employee-critic would be railroaded by the school administrators and the board is guaranteed. And, one might point out, LCPS has no teachers’ union.

Rod Dreher observes how the policy will also translate into what and how one’s children are taught. They too will be required to conform.

If your kid goes to a church that is not progressive and LGBT-affirming, she better shut up about her religious views at school, or she will be expelled. If you kid won’t consent to calling a trans student by that student’s preferred pronoun, that could be the end of him at Loudoun County public schools. Anything that the left identifies as a manifestation of ‘white supremacy’ — and these days, what isn’t? — makes students who hold it targets of the system. What if a high school student believes that on balance, Robert E. Lee was a noble, if tragic, figure, and said so in a history class? He would have to fear that Loudoun County public schools, in the state of Virginia, would punish him as a white supremacist. Basically, deep-blue, wealthy, predominantly white Loudoun County in suburban Washington, DC, is going to ruin its public schools by turning them into ideology factories.

One might also observe that imposition of a totalitarian style “equity” regime based on race will inevitably drive many of the academically better prepared students out of the system. Many of the better teachers will also move to the private academies that will spring up due to parental and student demand. Others will stop teaching altogether when confronted by political correctness at a level that prior to 2020 would have seemed unimaginable. The actual quality of education will suffer for everyone involved

The outcry against the proposed Loudoun Public Schools Personal Conduct Policy has been such that there has been some suggestion that it might be revised, but the most recent minutes of school board meetings suggest otherwise. One suspects that if the policy ever actually is approved it will be challenged and declared to be unconstitutional, but it would be unwise to place too much trust in America’s increasingly politicized “social” judicial system.

A quote attributed to Sinclair Lewis goes “If fascism ever comes to America it will be carrying a Bible and wrapped in a flag.”

He was wrong.

We have learned in the past few months that totalitarianism can come from either the left or the right.

Currently in America it is coming wrapped in a lot of virtue signaling coming from a gaggle of politicians and media “experts” who are working hard to turn the part of the United States that they have not burned down into what they perceive as a utopia where everyone can gather round the campfire and sing “Kumbaya.”

Of course, one will have to eliminate all the deplorables first, and some radicals are clearly prepared to use informants and spies to do so. It’s ironic that the progressives who wrote the draft on Professional Conduct for Loudoun County Public Schools just cannot see that there is scant difference between the system of control and intimidation that they are promoting and the vilified regimes once in place in Russia and Germany. Well, possibly the school board will develop a spine and a conscience and reverse itself. But, on the other hand, more likely not. Sadly, the issue is quite real for me as I have grandchildren in LCPS.


Discovery of a new nova in M31

A new M31 nova candidate was independently discovered on 2020 Oct. 21.741 (by K. Hornoch and H. Kucakova), on 2020 Oct. 21.92 UT (by A. Catapano, L. Izzo, E. Guido, A. Noschese, F. Coccia, L. D’Avino) and 2020 Oct. 22.550 UT (by M. Zhang and X. Gao) and designated as PNV J00423733+4120519 = AT2020xyv = M31N 2020-10e (ATel #14114). This possible nova was first reported on 2020 Oct. 22.56 by Zhang and Gao as a new source of G ~ 16.9 mag on CBAT “Transient Object Followup Reports” (TOCP PNV J00423733+4120519). Spectroscopic observations of AT2020xyv (PNVJ00423733+4120519) were obtained with the 3.58m TNG telescope equipped with LRS at Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos in La Palma (Spain) by L. Izzo et al. (ATel #14116). Observations started on October 24 at 01:12:54 UT and they consisted of three exposures of 600s each: “The combined spectrum (covering the range 3,500-8,000 AA, resolving power R = 585) shows bright emission lines of H-alpha and H-beta, the presence of O I 7773…

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Russian Airstrikes Obliterate Turkish-Backed ‘Rebel’ Camp In Idlib, Killing Over 60 (Huge escalation with Turkey as attacks came so near the border) – And Then They Came for the Books… (Video) – Hunter Biden Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’; Fumes After He And Joe Named As Criminal Witnesses: Audio – Philadelphia Overrun By Rioting, Looting After Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Black Man – Aaaand Another Climate Scientist with Impeccable Credentials Breaks Ranks: “Our models are Mickey-Mouse Mockeries of the Real World” – UK Column News (26th October 2020 – Video): Lockdown damage to the Economy & Society breaks records. Suicides double. – PUB RAIDED. Pizza is Not Enough | Carl Vernon (Video) – Fear Secures Obedience in COVID-19 War – Disobey: Drawing Your Line in the Sand – How (and When) to Prepare for the NEXT Lockdown – Illinois Gov Ends Indoor Dining Across 2/3rds Of State As Winter Cold Looms – Leaving Las Vegas? Sheldon Adelson Explores $6BN Sale Of Vegas Casinos – Poll: 79% of French Believe Islamism Has “Declared War” on Their Country – Three things Americans are doing to prepare for election chaos, another coronavirus spike and deepening economic problems – Ron Paul: ‘Iraq War Diaries’ At Ten Years: Truth is Treason – NYPD Officer Suspended Without Pay For Blaring “Trump 2020” On Loudspeaker

Russian Airstrikes Obliterate Turkish-Backed 'Rebel' Camp In Idlib, Killing Over 60 Huge escalation with Turkey as attacks came so near the border… — Infinite Unknown (@SecretNews) October 27, 2020 Philadelphia Overrun By Rioting, Looting After Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Black Man A total of 30 police officers were injured during the clashes… A female sergeant suffered … Read more

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NORTHERN HEMISPHERE TOTAL SNOW MASS IS ALREADY 300 GIGATONS ABOVE THE 1982-2012 AVERAGE (and that’s BEFORE the inclusion of the recent record volumes of snow witnessed across North America and Russia) – HUNDREDS OF RECORDS FALL ACROSS NORTH AMERICA: “THIS COLD WEATHER IS NOT NORMAL!” – THE UNITED STATES (LOWER-48) JUST SET ITS COLDEST TEMPERATURE EVER RECORDED THIS EARLY IN THE SEASON – Record low temps from Idaho to Montana to Wyoming to Colorado to South Dakota – DENVER OBLITERATES ALL-TIME LOW TEMPERATURE RECORDS IN WEATHER BOOKS DATING BACK 148 YEARS – Record snowfall in Washington state – Snowiest October on record in both Wisconsin and Minnesota – Two October snowfall records broken as Marquette in Michigan records 8 inches of snow Sunday – Parts of western Montana see October record cold temperatures, snow levels -8+ inches of snow reported in Vail, Colorado (falling at over an inch per hour) – Up to 32 inches more snowfall in the Alps – LOW TEMPERATURE RECORDS SMASHED ACROSS THE THOMPSON-OKANAGAN REGIONS OF B.C. – “KILLING FREEZE” HITS WICHITA, KANSAS AS ALL-TIME COLD AND SNOW RECORDS FALL – It’s only October, but the snow is already falling atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii – Typhoon Molave leaves 13 missing, displaces thousands in the Philippines

#GrandSolarMinimum… NORTHERN HEMISPHERE TOTAL SNOW MASS IS ALREADY 300 GIGATONS ABOVE THE 1982-2012 AVERAGE… …and that’s BEFORE the inclusion of the recent record volumes of snow witnessed across North America and Russia. — Electroverse (@Electroversenet) October 26, 2020 HUNDREDS OF RECORDS FALL ACROSS NORTH AMERICA: “THIS COLD WEATHER IS NOT NORMAL!” It’s beginning to look … Read more

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Flu away: Scientists baffled at disappearance of influenza – Seasonal Flu Rates Plunge, Baffling ‘Experts’ Who Predicted Deadly ‘Superbug’ -“Tremendous News!”: Maduro Touts Venezuelan Vaccine That Inhibits COVID – Coronavirus is not Covid19 (Video) – COVID UPDATE: #HerdImmunity is the only effective way out this…”the mildest flu pandemic in history”. No profiteering vaccine required. It worked for Sweden – Dr. Mercola: Majority Are Already Immune Against SARS-CoV-2

#Plandemic, #COVID1984… Flu away: Scientists baffled at disappearance of influenza… but is it really gone, or just masked by Covid-19? — Infinite Unknown (@SecretNews) October 27, 2020 Seasonal Flu Rates Plunge, Baffling 'Experts' Who Predicted Deadly 'Superbug' Remember all those warnings about COVID-19 and the flu teaming up to make this season extra deadly? … Read more

Constitution Facial Recognition Intelwars Police Police State qualified immunity Surveillance trump

Trump’s Plan to Expand the National Police-State

A draft report from the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice reveals the Trump administration’s plan to further expand the national police state, with an emphasis on supporting and expanding qualified immunity and facial recognition.

The president formed the commission via executive order in January. A federal judge recently blocked the release of the commission’s report due to a lack of diversity on the panel and evidence that it operated in secrecy in violation of public meeting laws.

The court order stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (NAACP LDF). The suit claimed the commission failed to provide proper notice of public hearing and that it gave too much influence to law enforcement interests in violation of laws dictating how federal advisory committees must operate.

According to a Reuters report, “The panel’s 18 commissioners include federal, state and local law enforcement representatives, but no civil rights advocates, defense attorneys or big-city police officials.”

Through an open records request, Reuters obtained a draft of the commission’s report, revealing a plan to further empower law enforcement in the United States. A New York Times op-ed declared, “The president’s commission was considering recommendations that could transform this nation into a dystopian police state.”

The report recommends increasing “due process” protections for police offers facing charges of misconduct, and called on the Justice Department to regularly affirm support for qualified immunity.

Federal courts created the qualified immunity legal defense and applied it across the U.S. through in incorporation doctrine. In practice, the federal courts have cemented a system in place that gives law enforcement officers almost complete immunity and allows them to violate any individual’s rights with virtual impunity. The problem isn’t a lack of due process for cops; it is a system that gives them almost unlimited protections. The commission’s recommendations not only affirms the system but would give even more power to police.

For instance, according to Reuters, “proposals included allowing officers accused of wrongdoing to view body camera footage before speaking to internal investigators.”

The report also calls for increased federal funding for facial recognition technologies even as many states are working to limit or ban their use.

The federal government has been developing a massive, nationwide facial recognition system for years. The FBI rolled out a nationwide facial-recognition program in the fall of 2014, with the goal of building a giant biometric database with pictures provided by the states and corporate friends.

In 2016, the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law released “The Perpetual Lineup,” a massive report on law enforcement use of facial recognition technology in the U.S. You can read the complete report at The organization conducted a year-long investigation and collected more than 15,000 pages of documents through more than 100 public records requests. The report paints a disturbing picture of intense cooperation between the federal government, and state and local law enforcement to develop a massive facial recognition database.

“Face recognition is a powerful technology that requires strict oversight. But those controls, by and large, don’t exist today,” report co-author Clare Garvie said. “With only a few exceptions, there are no laws governing police use of the technology, no standards ensuring its accuracy, and no systems checking for bias. It’s a wild west.”

There are many technical and legal problems with facial recognition, including significant concerns about the accuracy of the technology, particularly when reading the facial features of minority populations. During a test run by the ACLU of Northern California, facial recognition misidentified 26 members of the California legislature as people in a database of arrest photos.

With facial recognition technology, police and other government officials have the capability to track individuals in real-time. These systems allow law enforcement agents to use video cameras and continually scan everybody who walks by. According to the report, several major police departments have expressed an interest in this type of real-time tracking. Documents revealed agencies in at least five major cities, including Los Angeles, either claimed to run real-time face recognition off of street cameras, bought technology with the capability, or expressed written interest in buying it.

The federal government heavily involves itself in helping state and local agencies obtain this technology. The commission report recommends ramping it up even further.

The commission also wants to strip away privacy protections and make it easier for cops to access encrypted information on your phone.

Not only does the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice propose policies that will expand the ever-growing national police-state, but it also represents a further expansion of unconstitutional federal power. The federal government has no constitutional role in state and local policing. Police powers were among the powers supporters of the Constitution specifically said would remain with state governments.

The federal government has monopolized education, healthcare, environmental regulation, the economy, and more. Now it’s in the process of monopolizing law enforcement. Given the fed’s track record on everything else it controls, we should be wary of this movement to nationalize policing. It won’t end well.


America Black Lives Matter brandishing Headline News Intelwars knife looting Obey Philadelphia Police State Protests racial tensions Rioting Shooting Twitter unprovoked murder Walter Wallace Jr. footage

Philadelphia Overrun By Rioting, Looting After Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Black Man

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

Yet another night of looting and rioting in America…

As Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson reports, the rioters hit the streets after the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. in an incident being described as yet another unprovoked murder of a black man.

In reality, footage of the incident shows Wallace Jr. ignoring numerous warnings from police officers to drop the weapon as he advances on them before being shot.

NOTE – the tweet of the actual incident has now been deleted from Twitter

However, as we have seen multiple times over the past 5 months, Black Lives Matter agitators don’t let the facts get in the way of yet another chance to riot.

A female sergeant suffered a broken leg as she was struck by a speeding vehicle.

Other videos show BLM criminals looting a clothing store.

Another clip shows a police car on fire.

Cops were chased down the street by the mob, who threw projectiles at officers who weren’t wearing full protective riot gear.

“Get em, yeah! That’s what I like!” shouts the man filming the scene.

Another video shows riot cops being pelted with trash cans and other objects.

A total of 30 police officers were injured during the clashes.



The post Philadelphia Overrun By Rioting, Looting After Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Black Man first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.


Anarchy is being loosed upon the nation

“Every day I ask myself the same question: How can this be happening in America? How can people like these be in charge of our country? If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’d think I was having a hallucination.” — Philip Roth, novelist Things are falling apart. How much longer we can sustain the fiction that we live in a constitutional republic, I cannot say, but anarchy is being loosed upon the nation. We are witnessing the unraveling of the American dream one injustice at a time. Day after day, the government’s crimes against the citizenry grow more egregious, more treacherous and more tragic. And day after day, the American people wake up a little more to the grim realization that they have become captives in a prison of their own making. No longer a free people, we are now pushed and prodded and watched over by twitchy, hyper-sensitive, easily-spooked armed guards who care little for the rights, humanity or well-being of those in their care. The death toll is mounting. The…


Project Veritas Infiltrates Texas ‘Ballot Chasing’ Ring Targeting Senior Citizens

Project Veritas Infiltrates Texas ‘Ballot Chasing’ Ring Targeting Senior Citizens

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 18:25

The undercover investigative journalists at Project Veritas have done it again – this time infiltrating a Texas ‘ballot chasing’ operation in Texas which targets senior citizens.

The racket consists of operatives, such as Raquel Rodriguez – “nominally a political consultant for GOP House candidate Mauro E. Garza, the owner of the San Antonio’s Pegasus Nightclub” – who “develops personal relationships with senior citizens when she harvests their ballots and then uses different post offices, so that the bundles do not draw suspicion.

Despite consulting for a GOP candidate, Rodriguez was caught on camera convincing a voter to switch their ballot from John Cornyn (R) to M.J. Hegar (D).

Journalist: “So, John Cornyn, she voted for John Cornyn and then you made her—”

Raquel Rodriguez: “That’s my job.”

According to Veritas, “After the voter “corrected” her ballot, Rodriguez presented her with a shawl as a gift,” adding “Rodriguez said Garza gave her a gift budget of $2,500 for his campaign, and in addition to the shawls, she gives voters rosaries, diabetic socks and wallets.”

“So, if ya’ll are my seniors, I’m literally picking you up. I’m going to your house, you’re doing your ballot,” Rodriguez told the undercover journalist. “I go throughout the entire city. If I have a bunch of them, what I do if I have a bunch of them, I’ll take 20 [ballots] here, 30 [ballots] here, 40 [ballots] here.”

Raquel Rodriguez: “I can honestly say I’m bringing at least at least 7,000 votes to the polls.”

Journalist: “Seven thousand—and that’s for San Antonio for this area too. It’s a lot.”

Rodriguez: “That’s a lot. It’s a lot, period. Just so you know–have an idea–so this is what I do.”


And read the rest of the report here.

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Washington Post’s lefty writer Dana Milbank says only John Roberts can save the Supreme Court — and he’d better do it … or else

Since the moment Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed, the American left has been in panic over the makeup of the court.

When President Donald Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacancy left after Ginsburg’s death, the cries became more shrill.

Now that the Senate has confirmed Barrett to the high court and she is firmly ensconced on the bench, the left has increased their threats to pack the court by any means — including nuking the filibuster in the Senate — and find whatever ways they can to rein in a conservative court.

The New York Times even ran a special feature on “How to Fix the Supreme Court.” It included creating a new court, term limits for justices, preventing the court from choosing its cases, increasing the threats to pack the court, actually packing the courts, and expanding the lower courts.

But one famous liberal writer is pretty sure he knows exactly who needs to come to the rescue: Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank’s column Monday night declared, “It’s up to John Roberts to save his court.”

What did Milbank say?

After recounting and lamenting what he called the “pell-mell scramble” to get Barrett on the court, the liberal Milbank said Barrett’s confirmation “shreds whatever remained of the high court’s integrity and independence” — even though Barrett has yet to hear, much less rule on, a single case.

No matter, though, for Milbank. Only Roberts can save the U.S. now.

So, how should he do it? Milbank has ideas:

? Play the heavy.

He can lean heavily on Barrett to recuse herself from any case arising from the presidential election next week.

? Save Obamacare like he did before.

He can use his influence to make sure the court upholds the Affordable Care Act after it hears arguments next month — not a legalistic punt on technical matters of “severability” but a ruling that puts an end to the constant assaults on Obamacare.

? Reject religious freedom when it clashes with Obergefell.

He can persuade his conservative colleagues to join him in upholding the rights of LGBTQ Americans as established in the 2015 Obergefell case, by rejecting a challenge to it by Catholic Social Services that will be argued the morning after the election next week.

? Make Trump hand over his financial records.

He can forge a majority to reject Trump’s latest tired attempt to use the Supreme Court to further delay handing over his financial records to New York prosecutors.

? Uphold Roe at any cost.

And he and his colleagues can agree to hear one of the many challenges to Roe v. Wade now making their way through lower courts — and vote to uphold Roe for now. That would be the surest sign that the Roberts Court is not going to turn (immediately at least) into the reactionary caricature that most expect.

If Roberts can’t get the conservatives on the court to back the Milbank agenda, then, according to the writer, “they can count on being joined next year by a whole batch of new colleagues” nominated by President Joe Biden.


Daily Briefing – October 27, 2020

Daily Briefing – October 27, 2020

Tyler Durden

Tue, 10/27/2020 – 18:10

Senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes Tony Greer of TG Macro back to the Daily Briefing to make sense of price action in equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities. Tony reviews Monday’s rout in U.S. stocks and corresponding pop in the VIX, and explores why FX volatility was so low. He and Ash then discuss Bitcoin’s surge upon the news that Paypal is allowing bitcoin transactions on its platform. They look at durable goods orders, oil, gold, as well as investigating how big central bank balance sheets might get going forward. Lastly, Tony shares his view on how the upcoming U.S. Presidential election might affect markets. In the intro, editor Jack Farley looks at home sales, mall foreclosures, and “lender-on-lender” violence in the credit markets.

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Mike Lee, furious, calls on fellow senator to take back the ‘worst’ thing any Democrat has said about Amy Coney Barrett

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) lambasted one of his Democratic colleagues Tuesday for calling the originalist judicial philosophy racist, sexist and homophobic.

Ahead of the Senate vote confirming Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court Monday, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) bashed Barrett’s originalist judicial philosophy on Twitter, accusing originalism of being “just a fancy word for discrimination.”

Markey, who is up for reelection this year, also demanded that the Senate abolish the filibuster and expand the Supreme Court.

Lee, in an interview on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” said Markey’s comments were “patently irresponsible” in a rare show of anger.

“Of all the irresponsible and inflammatory statements I’ve heard over the last few weeks, and I’ve heard some doozies, this might well be the worst,” Lee said.

“If you think about what he is really saying there, Senator Markey has essentially said that our Constitution is racist. And an effort to understand it, understand its words at the time they were written, is itself racist and bigoted. I can’t think of a statement that has a greater tendency to undermine the foundation of our constitutional republic. I hope, expect, and demand that Sen. Markey retract his statement. It’s irresponsible; he can’t defend that,” Lee said.


Earlier in the interview, Lee said he attended the swearing-in ceremony for Justice Barrett.

“It was a fantastic moment,” Lee said, praising President Trump for nominating her.

“This was the SCOTUS trifecta that he managed to pull off, in his first term alone having put three justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. That doesn’t happen very often, and I’m glad it did, and I think he might well have saved the best for last, Justice Barrett is going to be terrific.”

Going on to explain why he supports Barrett’s originalist philosophy, Lee said the reason she is “making the heads of Democrats explode everywhere” is because “they don’t want the courts to be limited to judging institutions. They want them to be institutions of social change, of social policy, they want them to take debatable matters beyond debate.

“They want something much bigger, much grander than what the Constitution actually allows. Justice Barrett sees the elegant simplicity of the fact that you want judges to interpret the law based on what it says,” he continued.

Responding to Democratic calls to pack the Supreme Court, Lee said such an effort is “threatening serious damage to the judicial independence of the Supreme Court.”