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Sen. Josh Hawley lands new publisher for ‘Big Tech’ book after Simon & Schuster balks

Sen. Josh Hawley has found a new publisher for his upcoming book targeting Big Tech censorship, less than two weeks since Simon & Schuster canceled its contract with the Missouri Republican while accusing him of having a “role” in what led to a pro-Trump mob storming the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.

What are the details?

The Washington Examiner reported that Regnery Publishing, a “conservative publishing house based in Washington,” has picked up Hawley’s upcoming book titled, “The Tyranny of Big Tech.”

“Despite Senator Hawley’s immediate and forceful condemnation of the violent incursion, social media teemed with calls for retribution for his objection to the certification of the electoral vote,” Regnery said in a statement to the outlet. “The next day, … Simon & Schuster announced that it was dropping Hawley’s book, accusing Hawley of complicity in the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, the New York–based publishing conglomerate made the Missouri Republican one of the highest-profile victims of the ‘cancel culture.'”

Regnery went on to say, “It’s discouraging to see [these publishers] cower before the ‘woke mob,’ as Senator Hawley correctly calls it. Regnery is proud to stand in the breach with him. And the warning in his book about censorship obviously couldn’t be more urgent.”

Regnery said Hawley’s book will be released this spring.

Hawley was the first GOP senator to announce that he would be objecting to the certification of some states’ Electoral College votes, and has faced heavy criticism for that decision and for refusing to change his mind on contesting the results — as some Republicans did — following the siege on the Capitol that left at least five people dead.

What else?

The day after the attack, Simon & Schuster announced it would not longer publish Hawley’s upcoming book, saying in a statement:

After witnessing the disturbing, deadly insurrection that took place on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., Simon & Schuster has decided to cancel publication of Senator Josh Hawley’s forthcoming book, THE TYRANNY OF BIG TECH. We did not come to this decision lightly. As a publisher it will always be our mission to amplify a variety of voice and viewpoints; at the same time we take seriously our larger public responsibility as citizens, and cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.

Hawley responded to Simon & Schuster with a statement of his own, threatening to sue the firm:

This could not be more Orwellian. Simon & Schuster is canceling my contract because I was representing my constituents, leading a debate on the Senate floor on voter integrity, which they have now decided to redefine as sedition. Let me be clear, this is not just a contract dispute. It’s a direct assault on the First Amendment. Only approved speech can now be published. This is the Left looking to cancel everyone they don’t approve of. I will fight this cancel culture with everything I have. We’ll see you in court.

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Plandemic 2 | INDOCTORNATION (Documentary) – (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Chinese Subtitles)

? Source Uploads with subtitles: English Subtitles Deutsche Untertitel (German Subtitles) Subtítulos en español (Spanish Subtitles) Legendas em portugues (Portuguese Subtitles) Polskie napisy (Polish Subtitles) ???? (Chinese Subtitles) * * * PayPal: Donate in USD PayPal: Donate in EUR PayPal: Donate in GBP

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WHO inspector caught on camera revealing coronavirus manipulation in Wuhan before pandemic

Related info: – Plandemic 2 | INDOCTORNATION (Documentary) – (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Chinese Subtitles) WHO inspector caught on camera revealing coronavirus manipulation in Wuhan before pandemic Video shows scientist mention coronavirus experimentation in Wuhan lab weeks before pandemic — Infinite Unknown (@SecretNews) January 18, 2021 * * * PayPal: Donate in USD PayPal: … Read more

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Glenn Beck: Why MLK’s pledge of NONVIOLENCE is the key to saving America

Listen to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s pledge of nonviolence and really let it sink in: “Remember always that the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation — not victory.”

On the radio program, Glenn Beck shared King’s “ten commandments” of nonviolence and the meaning behind the powerful words you may never have noticed before.

“People will say nonviolent resistance is a method of cowards. It is not. It takes more courage to stand there when people are threatening you,” Glenn said. “You’re not necessarily the one who is going to win. You may lose. But you are standing up with courage for the ideas that you espouse. And the minute you engage in the kind of activity that the other side is engaging in, you discredit the movement. You discredit everything we believe in.”

Take MLK’s words to heart, America. We must stand with courage, nonviolently, with love for all, and strive for peace and rule of law, not “winning.”

Watch the video below for more:

Want more from Glenn Beck?

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In Today’s America, The Wise Person Willfully Suspends Belief

In Today’s America, The Wise Person Willfully Suspends Belief

Authored by Frank Liberato via,

In 2007, then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton deemed it necessary to “willfully suspend disbelief” to accept General David Petraeus’ progress report on the Iraq war.

In 2021, it seems necessary for the American people to willfully suspend belief in our government institutions, the media, and their corporate overlords. 

The body politic is putrid and lashing out with the most disgusting displays of immorality, deceit, and coercion. Entertainment, education, social media, and the MSM ‘watchdogs of democracy’ are now the defenders, recruiters, and propagandists for this sick, bloated, and festering bureaucracy. 

Twenty years ago, I believed most of what came over the nation’s airwaves. Ten years ago, I was becoming quite the skeptic. Today, after years of unrelenting attacks on the President, I don’t believe any of it.

It’s all lies, half-truths, and misinformation, designed to influence elections and steer the collective mentality toward accepting the loss of freedom, the loss of constitutional rights and, eventually, to embrace communist ideas and authoritarian policies. I’m not sure when it all went south, but I think it was probably long before I first became aware that there was a problem.

Fifty years ago, it seemed outrageous that the government would create laws requiring people to wear seat belts or to purchase auto insurance to be able to drive. Today, the debate is about forcing people to stay in their homes, wear masks, and allowing the government to inject them with “vaccines.” Where is the outrage? Oh, it’s all for “our protection.” Well, OK then. 

To stay out of jail, I’ll wear the mask where it’s required but I won’t be getting the vaccine and Joe Biden is not my President.

Anyone who stayed up to watch the election results on November 3rd knows that this election was a fraud. The counting stopped around midnight with the President enjoying seemingly insurmountable leads in all key states. We waited hours for a victory declaration or for the counting to resume. When neither was forthcoming, we called it a night.

We woke before sunrise to discover that all leads were gone and that Trump was losing in Michigan and Wisconsin. How is this possible? It’s not.

People ask me where is the evidence of fraud? I watched the fraud happen on the night of the election. I don’t need any more evidence, but it has been pouring in for weeks for those willing to look.

To this day, the President has not been granted a venue where he can present all the evidence. Is it any wonder that upwards of half-a-million people gathered in the capital to peacefully protest? They don’t need the President to tell them this was a fraud. They watched it happen.

The violence in the capital was a setup. Just as the Obama administration took extraordinary, and illegal measures to try to cripple or oust the incoming President, so too has the Deep State devised a plan to deface Trump’s legacy while simultaneously reducing all his followers to the status of domestic terrorists. It was brilliantly planned and executed, and altogether evil.

I would not have believed it possible four years ago, but after seeing the Russian collusion fiasco unravel with its illegal unmasking, spying, and politically motivated prosecutions, all orchestrated by the deep state and the opposition political party, and then to see all the actors that were caught red-handed walk away virtually unscathed, I can easily believe that political operatives with no scruples and nothing much else to do, could come up with this plan without any fear of being held responsible.

The Capitol scheme is already starting to unravel, with timelines not matching up and evidence of a preplanned attack coming to light. In the coming weeks and months, we should see a great deal more exposed, but the President is already impeached, and he and his followers are being banned from social media.

It’s very convenient that all the tech giants were ready to pounce. They were just waiting for the go signal from the deep state and now the media will run cover for all of them. If we do learn who was behind it all, I’m sure a never-ending investigation will be put to bed after a few years when everyone has fallen asleep. 

If not for President Trump’s pardons, General Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone would be languishing in prison for the rest of their lives. Their crime was having a relationship with Donald Trump. None of them would have faced any prosecution had they not tried to help the President in some way. 

Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Clinton, Joe Biden, and many others have committed real crimes. Many of them are on tape and documented, but it looks like they will all skate. 

If we continue to accept the swamp narrative, we’ll never get this ship turned around. I no longer believe anything that comes out of that den of thieves. I’m willfully suspending belief. We all should.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 01/18/2021 – 17:45

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UK Column News (18th January 2021 – Video) – Internment Camps for Dissenters

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Black Lives Matter Colin Kaepernick Colin kaepernick police brutality Intelwars Martin Luther King Jr. Sports writer usa today

Sports writer says it’s important to remember Colin Kaepernick’s ‘warnings about the police’ following Capitol riots, compares former NFL player to MLK Jr.

Sports writer Mike Freeman says that Colin Kaepernick’s message against police brutality is more important than ever on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What are the details?

In a Monday editorial in USA Today, Freeman says that Kaepernick, former NFL quarterback-turned-activist, continues to be relevant amid the chaos of the U.S. Capitol riot.

“Years before rioters stormed the Capitol,” Freeman writes, “a crowd that allegedly included cops, Colin Kaepernick spoke of, no, he warned of the abuse of power by police.”

In 2016, Kaepernick — ushering in the early days of kneeling protests — said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

“As we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., it’s important to remember that Kaepernick, like King, warned us for years about the dangers of police abuse,” Freeman explains. “This is especially important in light of how 13 off-duty police officers, according to the Washington Post, were part of the rioters that stormed the Capitol. According to NPR, the number of sworn police officers was actually 30.”

Freeman adds, “To Kaepernick, some police have always been part of a mob, and the distance between those mobs, and the lawlessness of sacking one of the beacons of democracy, isn’t miles. It’s inches.”

“If some police are willing to abuse the rights of one group of people,” he continues, “it’s only a matter of time before those same police start attacking others. Or even start attacking democracy.”

Pointing to the purported officers’ alleged involvement in the riots, Freeman muses, “[I]f a police officer takes part in a riot against a fortified building full of lawmakers, what would that same cop do to a black man at a traffic stop?”

Freeman, making a full-on comparison between Kaepernick and King, continues, “[I]f you don’t think the threads between Kaepernick and King are real, you’re wrong. While King is popular now, two-thirds of Americans disapproved of King. Many hated his blunt words on race, policing, and desegregation. The same is the case with some and Kaepernick and it’s not unthinkable to see a future where Kaepernick is revered as a civil rights hero.”

“In fact,” he adds, “that transformation is already happening (and he’s long been viewed this way by most black people).”

Freeman concludes, “Kaepernick has spent years speaking of police abuse. Like King, he was right. In fact, he may have been righter than we ever knew.”


Scientists shed light on how and why some people report ‘hearing the dead’

Spiritualist mediums might be more prone to immersive mental activities and unusual auditory experiences early in life, according to new research. This might explain why some people and not others eventually adopt spiritualist beliefs and engage in the practice of ‘hearing the dead’, the study led by Durham University found. Mediums who “hear” spirits are said to be experiencing clairaudient communications, rather than clairvoyant (“seeing”) or clairsentient (“feeling” or “sensing”) communications. The researchers conducted a survey of 65 clairaudient spiritualist mediums from the Spiritualists’ National Union and 143 members of the general population in the largest scientific study into the experiences of clairaudient mediums. They found that these spiritualists have a proclivity for absorption – a trait linked to immersion in mental or imaginative activities or experience of altered states of consciousness. Mediums are also are more likely to report experiences of unusual…


Trump Plans 100 Pardons For Tuesday – Will Assange Be Among Them?

Trump Plans 100 Pardons For Tuesday – Will Assange Be Among Them?

President Trump is expected to issue a long list of pardons and commutations on Tuesday, according to several sources who spoke to CNN:

President Donald Trump is preparing to issue around 100 pardons and commutations on his final full day in office Tuesday, according to three people familiar with the matter, a major batch of clemency actions that includes white collar criminals, high-profile rappers and others but — as of now — is not expected to include Trump himself. The White House held a meeting on Sunday to finalize the list of pardons, two sources said.

The president had issued a number of pardons prior to Christmas, but this final large list is said to have been finalized in a White House meeting on Sunday.

Some of them may be controversial to say the least – for example Steve Bannon. But currently still dominating the news are those arrested in the wake of the Capitol Hill mayhem of last week.

Sen. Lindsey Graham addressed this on a Sunday news show, telling Fox “There are a lot of people urging the President to pardon the folks” involved in the rioting. “To seek a pardon of these people would be wrong.”

But the biggest name said to be under possible consideration is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, subject of a major independent and social media campaign to lobby for his full pardon and release from a London jail where extradition proceedings are still ongoing. Will President Trump pardon Assange?

Even if Assange’s name isn’t among the current list of one hundred expected to be pardoned, it’s theoretically possible Trump could do so even on the morning of January 20 just ahead of Biden being formally sworn in as president.

“Still, Trump is expected to leave the White House on January 20 and could issue pardons up until noon on Inauguration Day,” according to CNN.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 01/18/2021 – 17:20

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KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov reveals Russian Subversion Tactics (G. Edward Griffin – Full Interview – 1984)

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contaminated COVID-19 Ice Cream Intelwars

Three samples of ice cream tested positive for COVID-19 in China

Pat Gray discussed a report released on Friday about COVID-19-contaminated ice cream produced in China by Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company.

“It’s likely this has come from a person, and without knowing the details, I think this is probably a one-off,” Dr. Stephen Griffin, a virologist based at the University of Leeds, told Sky News.

The article stated that anti-epidemic authorities in north China’s Tianjin Municipality are tracing people who may have been in contact with batches of ice cream.

Initial investigations determined the company “produced the batch of ice cream using raw materials, including milk powder imported from New Zealand and whey powder imported from Ukraine.” However, poor hygiene at the factory cold storage temperatures, rather than an issue with the production plant was noted.

In the article, Dr. Griffin claimed “we probably don’t need to panic that every bit of ice cream is suddenly going to be contaminated with coronavirus.”

“My gosh, so I guess you can get it from ice cream,” Pat said.

Watch the clip for more details. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

What else?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “There is currently no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 associated with food. Get answers to other questions about COVID-19 and food from CDC, the Food and Drug Administration external icon, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture external icon.”

Use promo code PAT to save $10 on one year of BlazeTV.

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#PumpUpThaVolume alternative news geopolitiks Intelwars Media Monarchy mediaMonarchy mp3 music podcast pump up tha volume

#PumpUpThaVolume: January 18, 2021

Media Monarchy plays Amyl and The Sniffers, Haley And The Crushers, Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs and more on #PumpUpThaVolume for January 18, 2021. ?

Ashli babbitt Bill Maher Capitol rioters HBO Intelwars real time with bill maher Trump Supporters

Bill Maher tells his audience not to hate 74 million Trump voters because 5,000 people rioted

Comedian Bill Maher, often a voice of reason for those on the liberal left, told his audience on Friday’s episode of his HBO show “Real Time With Bill Maher” not to hate the 74 million people who voted for President Donald Trump because about 5,000 people claiming to support the president stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

In his profane monologue, transcribed by Ian Schwartz for Real Clear Politics, the liberal Biden-supporting Maher discussed the “tragedy” of Trump voters and what he thinks are the underlying causes of people turning to violence when the system fails them.

“Let’s not confuse 5,000 people with 74 million,” Maher said. “Yes, even supporting the insurrection in spirit is, well, deplorable. But there’s a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on them. At least that’s what they always told me about Islamic terrorism.

“I keep wrestling on this show with the hard question of how do Americans, all of us, learn to share a country with a**holes you can’t stand,” he continued. “I preach, and still do, you can hate Trump, but not all the people who like him. And as counterintuitive as it may seem, you can like something run by a**holes without being one yourself.”

Maher told the story of 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, a woman who was fatally shot by Capitol Police after participating in the riot. Babbitt, a former Obama-Biden voter, was a strong Trump supporter who owned a business in San Diego, California. She faced economic hardship after being forced to take out a short-term loan with a 169% interest rate to keep her business open. Maher showed sympathy for Babbitt, who he believes was justifiably angry, but at the wrong people.

“She is the tragedy of the modern Republican voter personified: Pissed off at the greed and corruption that yes, has squeezed the middle class hard, but always coming up with the wrong answer to who is doing most of the squeezing,” Maher said.

Addressing the Capitol rioters, Maher said they were “storming the wrong building.”

“The feet up shouldn’t have been on Pelosi’s desk, it should have been on Trump’s tanning bed,” he added. “You thought Trump was going to be your bull in the china shop? Yeah, he was, but you were the china.

“Should Ashli Babbitt have applied better logic in seeing that her real problem in life wasn’t pedophile Democrats or Antifa and that people like Elizabeth Warren were actually the ones who were at least trying to do something about predatory lending and economic exploitation? Yes. But not everyone can watch MSNBC all day. She had other priorities, like fighting overseas,” Maher continued.

Then he took a swipe at California Democrats, criticizing woke politics and characterizing his state as overwhelmed by regulations and indifferent to the hardships of working people.

“Maybe, since all politics is local, all she knew was she lives in a state that cares more about her toxic whiteness than her toxic brokeness,” Maher said. “And that the state that is run entirely by Democrats. Yeah. They didn’t stop anyone from charging her 169% interest on a loan either.

“It shouldn’t be that surprising that America is full of fed-up unhappy people who just want to break s**t,” he continued. “Trump sure didn’t drain any swamps but when it comes to graft and corruption and everybody wetting his beak, California, yeah, that’s a swamp too. We can’t put up a housing unit for the homeless for less than $500,000 or build a rail line connecting the state for less than $200 million a mile.”


New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)


COVID Lockdowns Will Result In 1 Million Excess Deaths Over Next 15 Years, Scientists Find

COVID Lockdowns Will Result In 1 Million Excess Deaths Over Next 15 Years, Scientists Find

Back in the summer of 2020, a critical discussion almost broke out between progressives on one hand, who were adamant that if “just one life” could be saved with pervasive, widespread economic lockdowns that it was everyone’s imperative to bring the economy to a crawl, and pragmatic, rational thinkers who argued that the economic cost of such lockdowns would end up being far greater than the immediate human cost in terms of lives lost, especially since the impacted lives would be far younger than potential covid vicitms most of whom are in their 70s and 80s. Deutsche Bank credit strategist Jim Reid summarized it best as follows:

… while the coronavirus has lead to virtually no excess deaths in younger age cohorts, it is the younger strata of society that are the most impact by the economic shutdowns that have resulted in tens of millions of unemployed Millennials.

Reid then argued that since “younger people will be suffering most from the economic impact of Covid-19 for many years to come, we wonder how history will judge the global response.” To this, however, we countered that since the economic crisis resulting from Covid-19 helped crush Donald Trump’s chances for re-election and also unleashed full-blown helicopter money as well as the biggest round of corporate bailouts of insolvent and zombie companies in history, “we are confident that the tsunami of global moral hazard – which will leave tens of millions of young workers without a job – will allow central bankers to sleep soundly at night.”

Unfortunately as we said at the top, this discussion “almost” happened, although in the end it did not because any time an attempt for rational discourse emerged it would be promptly and violently shouted down by the armies of virtue signalers who were also monetarily incentivized in maintaining the lockdown status quo (such as bankers, pharma and online payment companies, politicians, the media and so on) and who would instantly defer to the “scientists” as the only expert class worth opining on the critical debate of “excess covid deaths now” vs “excess deaths from economic shutdowns later.”

Well, with a roughly one year delay, scientists from Duke, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins finally wrote a paper which may come as a shock to all the virtue-signaling progs out there, because its conclusion is stunning: in a nutshell, the NBER working paper (“The Long-Term Impact Of The Covid-19 Unemployment Shock On life Expectancy And Mortality Rates“) finds that while there have been roughly 400,000 covid-linked deaths so far (amid extensive debate of just what is a “covid-linked death” since even crash victims are counted as covid casualties, not to mention tens of thousands of others with terminal co-morbidities), the long-term economic implications from covid-related lockdowns are dire, resulting in COVID-19-related unemployment  “which is between 2 and 5 times larger than the typical unemployment shock” and resulting in a “3.0% increase in mortality rate and a 0.5%  drop in life expectancy over the next 15 years for the overall American population.”

The bottom line, as scientists Bianchi, Bianchi and Song find is that…

For the overall population, the increase in the death rate following the COVID-19 pandemic implies a staggering 0.89 and 1.37 million excess deaths over the next 15 and 20 years, respectively

That’s bad; where it gets even worse for the world’s progressives is the report’s finding that the “shock will disproportionately affect” women, particularly of Hispanic heritage; African Americans; foreign born individuals; less educated adults and individuals age 16-24 – in short all those racial and social classes that are of primary concern to the “progressives” – while “white men might suffer large consequences over longer horizons” (we doubt progs will care too much about this).

In short, everyone will be hit by the covid-lockdowns, with blacks, Hispanics and women first, and white men next for a far longer period of time. And, in the process, nearly 1 million excess deaths will take place that wouldn’t have taken place otherwise.

We wonder how those same progressives, who demanded wholesale economic lockdowns – because that’s the only way to save even one life – will feel now that scientists explicitly state that their preferred policies will lead to nearly a million excess deaths simply from the economic shutdowns. Or, as Reid warned all the way back in July 2020 – when nobody bothered to listen – “younger people will be suffering most from the economic impact of Covid-19 for many years to come, we wonder how history will judge the global response.”

Here are some more details from the NBER paper:

While the trade-off between containing  the  COVID-19  pandemic and economic activity has been analyzed in the short-term,  there is currently no analysis regarding the long-term impact of the COVID-19-related economic recession on public health. What is more, most of  the papers interested in the relation between the COVID-19 pandemic and economic activity argue, correctly, that lockdowns can save lives at the cost of reducing economic activity, but they do not consider the possibility that severe economic distress might also have important consequences  on  human  well-being  (Gordon  and  Sommers  (2016)  and  Ruhm (2015)). This shortcoming is arguably explained by the fact that current macroeconomic models do not allow for the  possibility that economic activity might affect mortality rates of the agents in the economy.

Which merely goes to show just how idiotic macroeconomics as a so-called “science” truly is, because if economists are truly baffled by this “shortcoming”, maybe they should take a look at the millions of small businesses and unemployed service workers to emerge from the covid crisis. Anyway, continuing with the paper:

Between  late  March-early April, most U.S. states imposed stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, resulting in widespread shut down of business. Unemployment rate rose from 3.8% in February 2020 to 14.7% in April 2020 with 23.1 million unemployed Americans.  Despite a decline to 6.7% in November 2020,the average unemployment rate over the year is comparable with the 10% unemployment rate at  the peak of the 2007-2009 Great Recession and it is near the post-World War II historical maximum reached in the early 1980s (10.8%). Importantly, COVID-19 related job losses disproportionately affect women, particularly of Hispanic heritage; African Americans; foreign born individuals; less educated adults and individuals age 16-24.  In fact, the unemployment rate underestimates the extent of the economic contraction as many potential workers have abandoned the workforce (especially women).

We fast-forward to the conclusion:

The long-term effects of the COVID-19 related unemployment surge on the US mortality rate have not been characterized in the literature. Thus, as a last step, we compute an estimate of  the excess deaths associated with the COVID-19 unemployment shock.   This corresponds to the difference between the number of deaths predicted by the model with and without the unemployment shock observed in 2020. For the overall population, the increase in the death rate following the COVID-19 pandemic implies a staggering 0.89 and 1.37 million excess deaths over the next 15 and 20 years, respectively. 

These numbers correspond to 0.24% and 0.37%of  the  projected  US  population  at  the  15-  and  20-year  horizons,  respectively.   For  African-Americans, we estimate 180 thousand and 270 thousand excess deaths over the next 15 and 20years, respectively.  These numbers correspond to 0.34% and 0.49% of the projected African-American population at the 15- and 20-year horizons,  respectively. For Whites, we estimate 0.82 and 1.21 million excess deaths over the next 15 and 20 years, respectively. These numbers correspond  to  0.30%  and  0.44% of the projected White population at the 15- and 20-year horizons, respectively. These numbers are roughly equally split between men and women.

And the damning piece de resistance which every virtue signaler will rush to burn before reading

Overall, our results indicate that, based on the historical evidence, the COVID-19 pandemic might have long-lasting consequences on human health through its impact on economic activity. We interpret these results as a strong indication that policymakers should take into consideration the severe, long-run implications of such a large economic recession on people’s lives when deliberating on COVID-19 recovery and containment measures. Without any doubt, lockdowns save lives, but they also contribute to the decline in real activity that can have severe consequences on health. Policy-makers should therefore consider combining lockdowns with policy interventions meant to reduce economic distress, guarantee access to health care, and facilitate effective economic reopening under health care policies to limit SARS-CoV-19 spread.

Needless to say, the longer the lockdowns continue, the death toll will only grow bigger across all races and social classes.

But wait, there’s even more!

As we reported last week, a new peer reviewed study out of Stanford has questioned the effectiveness of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders (which it calls NPIs, or non-pharmaceutical interventions) to combat Covid-19. The study’s lead author (an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at Stanford), found that “the study did not find evidence to support that NPIs were effective in preventing the spread” and that “we fail to find strong evidence supporting a role for more restrictive NPIs in the control of COVID in early 2020.”

So, did left-leaning states’ rushed policies in response to the pandemic – to unleash broad lockdowns, crush economies, and spark mass unemployment and poverty leading to increasing deaths of despair actually achieve anything? The short answer is no…

… while the longer answer we now know thanks to the NBER report, is yes: they made the situation for African Americans, Hispanics and women (and yes, even white men) considerably worse for at least the next two decades.

In other words, while lockdowns may not have even led to a tangible improvement in halting the spread of covid, what they will certainly do is lead to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, in excess deaths over the next decade.

Which begs the question: now that “respected scientists” have finally quantified the “staggering” excess death toll resulting from covid lockdowns, is it time to finally have the discussion – which nobody has dared to have since about a year ago – about the cost-benefit analysis between widespread economic lockdowns, which will lead over a million early deaths, and locking down the economy every time there is even a modest rebound in covid cases…

… as per the covid we created several months ago, and which may have zero positive impact on actually halting the spread of covid?

Tyler Durden
Mon, 01/18/2021 – 16:55

Insider Threat Intelwars National Guard Steve Cohen terror suspects Trump voters

Democratic congressman: National Guardsmen who voted for Trump should be ‘suspects’ of an insider attack

As more than 25,000 National Guard troops head into Washington, D.C., ahead of Inauguration Day, new concerns over the potential of an “insider threat” have reportedly risen to the surface — and now one Democratic lawmaker is suggesting that every Guardsmen who voted for President Trump should be a “suspect.”

What did he say?

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen (Tenn.), who chairs the House Judiciary’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, made the wild suggestion during an interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto on Monday.

“This morning I was reading about this on my Twitter account I guess, and people were reminding people of Anwar Sadat and Indira Gandhi who were killed by their own people,” Cohen said in reference to two political leaders who were assassinated by those tasked with protecting them.

“You know, I was thinking, the [National] Guard is 90 some odd percent I believe male, only about 20% of white males voted for Biden. You got to figure that in the Guard which is predominately more conservative — and I see that on my social media and we know it — there’s probably not more than 25% of the people that are there protecting us who voted for [President-elect Joe Biden]. The other 75% are in the class that would be the large class of folks who might want to do something,” he continued. “And there were military people and police who took oaths to defend the Constitution and to protect and defend who didn’t do it, who were in the insurrection. So, it does concern me …”

When Sciutto cut in to push back at Cohen’s suggestion that simply having voted for President Trump should make someone a threat, the Democratic lawmaker dug his heels in.

“You draw circles of people, and in the first circle is people who were for Trump and not for Biden as far as people who would be within the zone of folks who you would be suspect of, and the suspect group is large,” he said.

What’s the background?

The Associated Press reported Sunday that the FBI began vetting thousands of service members stationed in the nation’s capital after U.S. defense officials express concern over the potential that individuals charged with protecting the city may present a threat to Biden or other government officials.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy reportedly told the news agency that commanders have been instructed to be on the lookout for problems within their ranks. He added that no issue has been discovered yet.

“We’re continually going through the process, and taking second, third looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation,” McCarthy said.


Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steps Down After “Inappropriate” And “Sexually Charged” Texts To “Dozens Of Young Men”

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steps Down After “Inappropriate” And “Sexually Charged” Texts To “Dozens Of Young Men”

John Weaver, co-founder of the Lincoln Project anti-Trump super-PAC, has stepped down after reports that he sent dozens of young men “inappropriate” sexually charged messages. 

At least 2 dozen men have claimed that Weaver, who is married, held job opportunities in the balance while “propositioning [the men] for sex”, according to the NY Post. Weaver has said that he saw the exchanges as “consensual mutual conversations”. 

One man claimed to have had consensual intercourse with Weaver in a hotel – before failing to land the job in question. Other men said that Weaver would DM them on Twitter, complimenting them on their hair or asking about their genitals. Weaver had taken a leave of absence from the Lincoln Project over the summer and confirmed last week that he would not be returning.

In a statement to Axios, he said: “For far too long I’ve tried to live a life that wasn’t completely true. I was lying to myself, to my family who gave me nothing but unconditional love, and to others, causing a great deal of pain to all. The truth is that I am gay. And I have a wife and two kids whom I love. My inability to reconcile those two truths has led to this agonizing place.”

“To the men I made uncomfortable through my messages that I viewed as consensual mutual conversations at the time: I am truly sorry. They were inappropriate and it was because of my failings that this discomfort was brought on you,” he said

Weaver had formerly been a strategist for George H.W. Bush and John McCain. The Lincoln Project, who did not immediately comment for the Post story, has amassed more than 2 million followers on Twitter in less than 2 years.

Weaver’s full statement is below:

Tyler Durden
Mon, 01/18/2021 – 16:30

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Proof Of Warmer Earlier Climate! Swiss Geologist Studies 10,800-Year Old Tree Trunk Under Alps Glacier

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Why they hate Trump so deeply

In the words of Ronald Reagan, here we go again. The unbelievable hatred that Democrats, liberals, progressives, and the mainstream press have toward President Trump continues to consume them, with the latest manifestation being a second impeachment of President Trump, just a few days before he leaves office. Isn’t the purpose of an impeachment to remove a public official from power? Trump is out of power on January 20. The impeachment trial won’t even be held until after January 20. What’s the point? I’ll tell you the point: hatred — deep, unfathomable, all-consuming hatred for Donald Trump. After all, if Trump committed a criminal offense by “inciting” an insurrection, a rebellion, a revolution, or a Reichstag Fire, as his detractors are claiming, there is a remedy for that: a criminal prosecution. The Justice Department under President Biden could secure a criminal indictment against Trump the day he leaves office or afterward. So, why go the impeachment route?


Joe Biden: Return of the CFR

A Joe Biden presidency means a “return to normality” simply because it means a return of the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In 2008, Barack Obama received the names of his entire future cabinet already one month prior to his election by CFR Senior Fellow (and Citigroup banker) Michael Froman, as a Wikileaks email later revealed. Consequently, the key posts in Obama’s cabinet were filled almost exclusively by CFR members, as was the case in most cabinets since World War II. To be sure, Obama’s 2008 Republican opponent, the late John McCain, was a CFR member, too. Michael Froman later negotiated the TPP and TTIP international trade agreements, before returning to the CFR as a Distinguished Fellow. In 2017, CFR nightmare President Donald Trump immediately canceled these trade agreements – because he viewed them as detrimental to US domestic industry – which allowed China to conclude its own, recently announced RCEP free-trade area, encompassing 14 countries and a third of…


Lindsey Graham urges Chuck Schumer not to hold impeachment trial

Sen. Lindsey Graham has urged incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer not to hold an impeachment trial in the chamber once President Trump leaves office because it would only “incite further division” and delay the nation’s “healing.” The South Carolina Republican said in a letter to Schumer on Sunday that he should hold a vote to dismiss the one article of impeachment passed last week by the House 232-197 for “incitement of an insurrection.”? Graham said a Senate attempt to disqualify Trump from seeking office in the future “would be an unconstitutional act of political vengeance, not a righteous constitutional act to protect the Nation by removal of an incumbent president. Such a gratuitous, meaningless effort … is neither worthy of our great institution, nor a service to our great Nation and the American people. It will incite further division. We will be delaying indefinitely, if not forever, the healing of this great Nation if we do otherwise [and] the Senate fails to…


Pelosi baselessly claims GOP reps are dangerously bringing guns to inaugural

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims lawmakers might be carrying firearms to this week’s inaugural ceremony as more than 20,000 troops secure the nation’s capital on lockdown. According to ABC News congressional reporter Ben Siegel, on a call with Secret Service Wednesday Pelosi said she was “very, very concerned” about lawmakers bringing their weapons. Pelosi speaks as if colleagues trained to protect themselves and others by carrying firearms pose a significant threat after security failed at the Capitol earlier this month. Instead, the events vindicated Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s vows to carry legally on the hill. “I walk to my office every morning by myself, so as a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound woman, I choose to protect myself legally, because I am my best security,” the freshman congresswoman said in an ad released days after the new Congress was sworn in.

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Far-left actress Debra Messing threatens news networks if they ever hire, interview Kayleigh McEnany: ‘#Deplatform Hate’

Far-left actress Debra Messing — who doubles as a card-carrying enemy of President Donald Trump — is setting her sights on one of Trump’s closest confidants: White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Well, at least news networks that hire McEnany or put her on screen as a panelist:

“If I ever see @kayleighmcenany on a panel on a news show or hired by a network, I am immediately ceasing to support every single advertiser on that network,” Messing tweeted Monday, asking her 684,000 followers to retweet if they agree. She added a ‘Deplatform Hate’ hashtag to boot.

Indeed, cancel culture has been in overdrive following U.S. Capitol rioting earlier this month, with left-wing politicians, journalists, and CEOs of social media sites and Internet empires circling the wagons around conservatives and threatening to obliterate them into oblivion unless they speak the right way.

How did folks react to Messing’s latest Twitter barrage?

Of course, Messing has fans who couldn’t agree more with her threat against news networks, but others called out the former “Will & Grace” star for her own hatred:

  • “Debra now acting like the Nazi Party…incredible,” one commenter noted.
  • “So much for wanting unity and tolerance, right Deb?” another user quipped.
  • “Like really, because you’re ‘Hollywood’ you think you’re special or superior. You’re a second rate actress and sad you don’t yet realize America is done with Hollywood and ‘stars’ thinking they are so much smarter than them,” another user wrote. “You’re going to jail with the rest.”
  • “So, you would be fine with all Trump voters ceasing to support you and every single advertiser involving your career?” another commenter asked. “Wow. If anyone is spewing hate, it’s your reflection in the mirror.”

Anything else?

As noted previously, Messing is a veteran soldier in the I Hate Trump Army.

Last month, she told Trump in a now-deleted Twitter post that she wanted him to be imprisoned and raped: “[Y]ou are a weak, scared, stupid, inept, negligent, vindictive, narcissistic, criminal. I hope you live a long life in prison where you become the most popular boyfriend to the all inmates.”

Then after apologizing for appearing to belittle the LGBTQ community with her tweet, Messing simply doubled down: “Let me be clear: I said nothing about LGBTQI/queer LOVE. Rape is an act of violence. Trump has perpetrated violence on hundreds of millions of people. My hope is (and this is the first time in my life) that the tables are turned and he is the victim of perpetrators.”

Last summer, Messing was raked over the coals for tweeting a doctored image of President Trump and Adolf Hitler holding Bibles and calling it a “dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis.”

Going back on her word?

In 2019, Messing and her “Will & Grace” co-star Eric McCormack were hit with backlash after wanting to see a list of Trump supporters who were to attend the president’s fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Messing said “the public has a right to know”:

Well, believe it or not, even left-wing celeb Whoopi Goldberg didn’t like that idea: “Do not encourage people to print out lists because the next list that comes out, your name will be on and then people will be coming after you.”

Goldberg — speaking on “The View” — added that “in this country, people can vote for who they want to. That is one of the great rights of this country,” as audience members applauded.

Sure seems like a different America at the dawn of 2021.

Anyway, Messing responded to the outrage and tweeted amid her self-defense that “I NEVER NOR WOULD I EVER call for a blacklist of anyone for any reason.”

Really, Deb?


Reversal of fortune: Josh Hawley’s book on big tech tyranny to be published despite cancellation attempt

Sen. Josh Hawley’s highly anticipated book The Tyranny of Big Tech will be published after all. Washington-based Regnery Publishing has picked up the book and will publish it this spring. Simon and Schuster canceled the book Jan. 7, quickly caving to a pressure campaign organized by leftist activists and making the Missouri Republican one of the highest-profile victims of cancel culture. The New York-based publishing conglomerate claimed, without evidence, that Hawley was complicit in the storming of the U.S. Capitol the day prior because of his leadership role in debating questions of election integrity in the 2020 election. Hawley immediately and unreservedly condemned the incursion, which has since been reported to be the result of organized planning rather than impromptu incitement, as media and leftist activists had initially claimed.


American supporters of Donald Trump have growing interest in obtaining Russian passports says Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has revealed that followers of US President Donald Trump are showing increased interest in acquiring Russian citizenship following Joe Biden’s November election victory. Speaking to TV show host Vladimir Solovyov on Sunday evening, Zakharova claimed that Trump supporters fear persecution because of their political views. “The most popular comment I receive from Americans on my personal social media accounts is how to get Russian citizenship,” she explained on TV channel Russia-1. Following the storming of the US Capitol Building on January 6, Trump and some of his most ardent supporters were banned from Twitter and other social media. Apple also temporarily removed microblogging site Parler from its App Store, a network popular with far-right Americans. Following the restrictions, some right-wing Americans have expressed concern that they are going to be oppressed due to their views. “We wouldn’t care about this situation, but…