Russian-US relations at record-low — top lawmaker

Relations between Russia and the United States are at a record-low level but Russia hopes for a dialog, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said about the United States’ latest decision to impose sanctions against several Russian arms manufacturing enterprises. She hopes that the sanctions will not cause adverse effects on our enterprises, which will keep up good work. Last week it was announced that the United States acting in compliance with its Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act imposed sanctions on eight Russian organizations. A US State Department official told TASS these organizations are Rostec’s affiliates Rosoboronexport, research and industrial association Bazalt, 150th Aircraft Repair Plant and the Kolomna Machine-Building Design Bureau.

Tsunami alert issued after 6.7-magnitude earthquake rattles Russia’s Kamchatka

“The 6.7-magnitude earthquake occurred in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Kamchatka. The epicenter was located 85 kilometers away from the settlement of Ust-Kamchatsk. The population felt a 5-magnitude tremor. A tsunami alert was issued,” scientists at the local seismological station said. The earthquake was registered at 7:09 Moscow time (5:09 GMT). No casualties or damage have been reported so far.
“According to preliminary information, no injuries or damage as a result of the earthquake have been reported, no tsunami threat has been declared. All essential services of the region are working as normal,” the ministry’s press service said. The rescuers are now examining the territory to find out if any houses or other buildings were damaged. The task force is working in the Ust-Kamchatsky district, which was hit by the quake.

Russian General: US trying to destroy Syria’s critical infrastructure and complicate reconstruction

Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian military’s General Staff said on Tuesday that U.S.-led coalition airstrikes were intentionally targeting critical infrastructure in Syria — which could lead to major ecological and humanitarian catastrophes.

According to General Rudskoi,

[The U.S.-led coalition is] trying to “completely destroy critical infrastructure in Syria and complicate post-war reconstruction as much as possible.”

He added that US-led military aircraft had destroyed four bridges over the Euphrates River in Syria and hit the Tabqa Dam that lies 40 kilometers west of Daesh’s main stronghold of Raqqah.

Rudskoi further warned that the collapse of the dam, most commonly known as the Euphrates Dam, would create an “ecological catastrophe” and lead to “numerous” civilian deaths.

The United States denies that it targeted the dam, but evidence suggests that the control rooms as well as other parts of the dam have been completely destroyed or damaged.

Israel’s scheme to profit from the Syrian war – without costing it a cent

Israel has revealed a new plan to help rebuild war-torn Syria – with the ultimate goal of securing massive stores of natural resources. The plan would rely on significant investment from the U.S., a financial burden that will likely fall hardest on the…

Palestine names conditions for peace treaty with Israel — Abbas

Palestinians are ready to conclude a peace treaty with Israel, if the occupation of Palestinian territories ends and two states, including the independent Palestinian one, are established, the Jordanian daily newspaper Al Ghad quotes Palestinian Presid…

What’s “Excessively Objectionable Or Crude” About This Antiwar App?

“Five years ago, I made a simple iPhone app. It would send you a push notification every time a U.S. drone strike was reported in the news. Apple rejected the app three times, calling it “excessively objectionable or crude content.”… —After 12 Rejections, Apple Accepts App

EU government representatives reject GM maize crops in second critical vote

EU national government representatives failed on Monday to support the approval of three genetically modified (GM) maize crops for cultivation in Europe : two new ones and the only GM crop currently grown in the EU.

While no qualified majority was rea…