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There Is NO RECOVERY In Sight, And It’s All Engineered This Way

This economic crash was designed, and the purpose of the lockdowns worked perfectly: to kill small businesses and impoverish the masses. It was all engineered this way by the political puppets and there is not going to be a recovery.

There may be a “new system” if Americans are stupid enough to allow it, however, there will be no recovery.  If we are smart, once this system crashes and burns, we won’t replace it with another system at all. “We know the agenda and we understand what they are trying to pull off here,” says Gregory Mannarino in his latest video. “These subhuman individuals must lie,” he says of the Federal Reserve banking cartel hellbent on world domination as they intentionally destroy as many people as possible.

“It’s insulting because [The Federal Reserve] believes that we are stupid,” adds Mannarino.  Some are, as we have been dumbed down on purpose, but Americans are waking up at an alarming rate. The more the bankers try to control and crash the dollar, the more people will awaken to the chains around their necks and begin to live freely away from this rigged slave system.

“They’re trying to manipulate your mind because they think you’re stupid,” said Mannarino. This is what happens when things are this sick and this twisted. “These characters are going to continue to lie to you on an epic scale. It’s just the norm these days, the lies, the corruption, the propaganda, the misinformation, the misleading of the people on a scale that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before. And that just plays right into the New World Order, this New America.”

We are in a terrible situation. The only way out is to recognize it and reject the digital dollar. We know it’s coming. We know all transactions will be tracked, traced, and shut off at will, wholly centralized in the hands of the elitists and used as the new chains around our necks.

When this system falls, what do we replace it with? Well, if you cut out cancer, what do you replace it with? There’s your answer. Live free. Some fates are worse than death.


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Doctor Says The Flu “May Not Exist” This Year, Thanks To COVID-19

Thanks to the panic and fear over COVID-19, a doctor says the flu may not exist this year. But the mainstream media and doctors pushing the official narrative insist you still need a flu shot and the coronavirus vaccine.

They are already preparing us for the “darkest winter” in modern history and it all has to do with their plans to vaccine the world and use fear to make as many as possible comply. A top autoimmune disease expert said that the flu could be “nonexistent this fall” as the United States moves into the colder months while still grappling with the coronavirus scamdemic. Hand washing and social distancing have apparently lowered the number of flu cases this year already, but I’d wager they are simply counting those illnesses as COVID-19 instead.

We may not have the flu at all, but we should all get vaccinated,” Dr. Bob Lahita, chairman of the Department of Medicine at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System, told CBSN anchor Anne-Marie Green. Another former U.S. health official, Dr. Rick Bright, testified in a Congressional hearing that the country could face the “darkest winter in modern history” if the pandemic is not controlled.

The COVID-19 “Dark Winter” PsyOp: Question Everything…

We continue to hear the term “dark winter” and oddly enough, that’s when the Operation Warp Speed, rolled out with the help of the military, will attempt to vaccinate everyone.  The “third wave” propaganda is already popping up as well.

Another piece of information you should be aware of is that there is already talk of combining the flu shot with the new coronavirus vaccine.  “I think the novel coronavirus is going to be with us for many, many years,” he said. “However, there is hope going forward that in 2021, for example, we will have both vaccines combined together so that when you get vaccinated for the flu you get vaccinated for COVID-19.”

Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For UsThis vaccine seems tied to the “dark winter” they intend to put everyone through. It’s tough to say what exactly will happen when November rolls around, but they are gearing up for a brutal societal collapse over their fake election too (again, voting is an illusion, the central banks put the puppets in power), so that’s something to watch for as well. If you want to give credence to this system of slavery, by all means, cast a vote this fall. But those who have figured this out won’t be anywhere near a polling place this fall. MSM Frenzy: Trump Floats The Idea Of Delaying The ElectionAs I’ve said before, it will do you no good to live your life in fear, but you do need to be aware of what is going on.  Knowing what could happen is the best way to prepare for the unknown. My best guess is that you’ll need food and a filtration system for water.  You will also need a way to defend yourself because no matter what’s done in November of 2020, things will get ugly and could result in a complete devolution of some humans into animals.

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Greg Mannarino: The Solution To ALL Of This Is To “Become Your Own Central Bank”

Greg Mannarino has been spot on when it comes to what’s been going on in the markets.  Once again, he’s asking people to wake up to the Federal Reserve’s century-old plan to enslave humanity buy owning the globe.

Once you understand the Federal Reserve, the United States’ central bank, is in complete control and will get the election result in November that they want to push their agenda forward, you will be able to make the best decisions regarding your preparedness plans. I shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Fed is going to begin “new asset purchases,” considering their plan is to own everything.

“We haven’t seen anything yet,” says Mannarino. Tomorrow will be a day to watch, as we will “get to hear [the Fed’s] announcement on policy.”

“Obviously, they know ahead of time what they are gonna do,” says Mannarino. They already know who will be elected in November and how to show the public that there’s still some kind of illusion of choice when we know it’s all a grand stage.  They will go through with their plans, and there is only one way to stop it. “Become your own central bank,” says Mannarino. This has been my suggestion all along as well. You have to remove yourself from the Matrix they set up to control you, and that includes not attending the political theater anymore. This is by far, the best preparedness advice I can give anyone.

“Nothing is spontaneous here…these things [Federal Reserve bankers] are inhuman. And you know that. They’re not human beings. And they have an agenda that is  NOT in any way, shape, or form good for you or me.” -Greg Mannarino

Robert Kiyosaki: When They Took The Dollar Off The Gold Standard, They “Cheated The WORLD”

Where’s all the cash for the stimulus coming from? That’s by design. The government puppets are simply put in power to distract you and make sure your mind is controlled by one of the parties and you think you have a choice. But there’s a reason no one will tell you where the money comes from.

“You notice how no one tells you? Except me, And you know where it’s coming from. They’re gonna go right to the Federal Reserve and borrow it, and what does this do? This makes the Federal Reserve very very happy…nothing makes the Federal Reserve more happy than to issue more debt, create more slaves, and again, you know why. It brings them right to where they wanna be The lender and buyer of last resort so they can own the freaking world.

You know what to do. Continue to bet against this debt, become your own central bank, and realize what the grand plan is here: global takeover, new dollar, and that’s it it’s very simple and there’s no way to stop it. “ -Greg Mannarino

Open your eyes, sit back, and think about what you need to do to get yourself on the right side of this thing. If you use the new digital dollar that is coming out, you will be their slave. We are pretty much slaves now, but very soon, there will be the free who refuse to participate in the beast system, and the enslaved. That is a choice I cannot make for you. I do, however, suggest you open your eyes to what’s going on.  Put your politics aside, because if you can’t you will fall along with that illusion.

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Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

Greg Mannarino, who is asking people to put politics aside and look at the reality of the situation, is once again, trying to teach the public a powerful lesson. We do not elect presidents. They are selected and the Federal Reserve will make the decision.

Mannarino says that once you understand this, you stand to beat the system and will be able to generate a lot of wealth. However, this will take putting your politics aside and understanding what’s really happening as opposed to what you WANT to happen. The only reason there are two political parties is to give people the illusion of choice. This should go without saying, but so many are still stuck in a paradigm that will wholly enslave and impoverish them unless they wake up to it, and soon! It’s “critical” to use Mannarino’s word.

Basically, we don’t control the outcome of elections. The central banks do. If for one second, the Federal Reserve sees Biden as being more “on board” with their epic distribution of debt and credit, he WILL be the next president.  Trump could still  be reelected because he’s been incredibly effective at helping the central bank take over the planet.

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

“The easy money hasn’t even begun to pour into this market,” says Mannarino as he explains that the Wall Street banks continue to buy the market on their quest to won the world. “99% of the people have NO IDEA what the Fed is doing!” They are literally buying debt with cash they create out of thin air. What happens when those debts do not get repaid? The central bank then owns your asset. This isn’t rocket science, people. But it is time to wake up to what’s happening. How much longer can people stick their heads in the sand and ignore the reality of the situation in favor of a political central bank puppet?

Mannarino says this is NOT political, he’s a “market guy.” But it’s time to face reality. “Keep politics out of it. I’m not talking about this as a political thing. I’m talking about strictly from a market standpoint!” Mannarino adds: “I’m telling you how the markets work!” And unfortunately, people need to realize that the central bank chooses the president and the vast majority of the congress and senate to make sure their quest for world domination is not defeated.

Trump has already demanded more easy money in the form of suppressed rates, but if the Federal Reserve thinks they will achieve their agenda to own the planet with Biden, he’ll be elected. We DO NOT have a say in this, and voting is a waste of time. The central banks WILL put whoever they want in office. “I just want you to understand how these markets work. Keep politics out!” Mannarino says.

That’s the game. They don’t want you to be able to think, they don’t want you to be able to speak, or anything. It’s they’re in control and that’s it.” BUT as I have repeatedly pointed out, and Mannarino says too, once you know this, you’re in control! Empower yourself instead of playing into the false left vs. right paradigm. “You’re in control. Let me explain that to you. If you realize, that by understanding and having a clear picture of what the bigger picture is here, and you know what is: full control of the global markets by the Federal Reserve, who is running the entire charade right now. It’s simple. It’s the Wall Street banks and the Fed that are running the world. And they will do whatever they want. They will get whoever they want in office. That’s it.”

And it really is that simple, folks. Wake up. Life is a lot easier once you look beyond political and past the smoke in mirrors circus of political theatre.

The Federal Reserve’s Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Is Almost Complete

“If you have the intelligence to be able to see through the facade of this, I will keep you on the right side of this “thing” that’s enveloping the entire world. BUT, if you gotta ‘rah, rah, rah’ and gotta stick to whatever [political] party you believe in [bowing, subservient motions] you’ve got your faith in the wrong place,” Mannarino says toward the end.

Understand where we are. Your beliefs, left or right, literally don’t matter. Stop serving the ruling class and start serving yourself and your family and others and see how quickly your life will improve for the better. It’s past time to think critically, and if you cannot manage to do that, it’s going to be a bumpy rest of 2020 for you.

Yes, waking up is uncomfortable, but imperative to truly understand what’s going on and empower yourself to realize no one owns you. Apocalypse means “the lifting of the veil,” and it’s time for Americans to realize they’ve been sold a pack of lies bundled under the name “democracy” and the illusion of choice.

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Peter Turchin: “Unfortunately, Things Are Not As Bad As They Can Be”

A decade ago, Peter Turchin, a researcher at the University of Connecticut, said 2020 was going to be a messy year.  Now, he’s said that even though it’s already been difficult, it isn’t nearly as bad as it can get.

Turchin thinks the social upheaval is still to come, and it’ll be about the dramatic erosion of the middle class (done intentionally with the lockdowns) as money was given to wealthy elitists in large amounts with little left for the regular worker. In 2010, he predicted on that the United States would endure major social upheaval beginning around 2020.

“Very long ‘secular cycles’ interact with shorter-term processes. In the United States, 50-year instability spikes occurred around 1870, 1920, and 1970, so another could be due around 2020,” he wrote at the time. “Records show that societies can avert disaster. We need to find ways to ameliorate the negative effects of globalization on people’s well-being.”

Those negative effects on people’s well-being are only ever amplified however, as the elites continue on their quest for world domination and the complete permanent enslavement of mankind.

COVID-19: The Biggest Psyop In Human History

“We are rapidly approaching a historical cusp, at which the U.S. will be particularly vulnerable to violent upheaval,” he wrote. “If we understand the causes, we have a chance to prevent it from happening. But the first thing we will have to do is reverse the trend of ever-growing inequality,” he said in an essay on

“As a scientist, I feel vindicated,” Turchin said in the Time story recently. “But on the other hand, I am an American and have to live through these hard times.” He warned that the worst may be yet to come, as societal crises can typically last for five to 15 years.

This problem discussed by Turchin all comes back to the Federal Reserve, its owners, and their goals for the future.

Turchin says the government’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has further worsened the wellbeing of large swaths of the American population. Many have lost their livelihoods and businesses after the government declared them “non-essential.” The government has been a leading driver of national instability to help the elitists with their end game and has made the public less likely to trust government institutions, and with good reason. As millions of Americans remain jobless, Turchin says there will be other triggers (psyops) after this. He worries tensions “may escalate all the way to a civil war.” And if they don’t the elites have plans to force it.

Be prepared, because they will not stop trying to get the NWO established. No government stands in the way, only we do. Stay alert for the next “crisis,” which will most definitely be another psyop.

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

This can all end. But we have to recognize the problem, and most people are too concerned about keeping the current rigged and corrupt system in place to actually worry about their freedom and the future of their children. Once we stand together and leave the Matrix en masse, the entire system crumbles.  It needs your compliance. They need us. We do not need them. It’s going to take several more created crisis for people to figure it out, which is the worst part, and every future crisis designed to divide us and keep us dependent on the rigged system will bring us closer to the New World Order.

Robert Kiyosaki: What The Elites Don’t Want You To Know

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”Henry Ford