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Sarah Fuller, brand new to college football team, blasts players at halftime. After one kickoff, she’s named SEC special teams player of the week.

One story utterly dominated the sports world Saturday: A goalie for the Vanderbilt University women’s soccer team joined the school’s football team as its placekicker after specialists on the squad were out with COVID-19.

Factually speaking, Sarah Fuller made history when she stepped on the field against Missouri to start the second half, becoming the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game. The Southeastern Conference called her kickoff “perfectly-executed” noting that it “sailed 30 yards and was downed at the Missouri 35-yard line.”

Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller Becomes First Woman To Play In Power Five Football Game

But everything else surrounding her stint with the football team, according to a number of sports commentators, seemed just a tad over the top.

What are the details?

For starters, Fuller actually blasted her brand-new teammates in a halftime speech. Now, it’s not uncommon for players to get vocal with each other in the locker room when the chips are down — but a player who just joined the team? And given that kickers’ workloads are quite light, typically they’re the last players who will rip into teammates covered in mud, blood, and sweat.

But Fuller told reporters that’s just what she did.

“I just went in there, and I said exactly what I was thinking,” Fuller recalled, according to ESPN’s Courtney Cronin. “I was like, ‘We need to be cheering each other on. This is how you win games. This is how you get better is by calling each other out for stuff, and I’m going to call you guys out. We need to be supporting one another.'”

Fuller added that she “was a little pissed off at how quiet everybody was on the sideline. We made a first down, and I was the only one cheering, and I was like, ‘What the heck? What’s going on?’ And I tried to get them pumped up.”

And believe it or not, Fuller said after her speech she “had coaches come up to me and say, ‘I’ve been wanting to say that for awhile now.'” Vanderbilt lost the game 41-0.

Oh, and after her single kickoff, Fuller was named the SEC’s co-special teams player of the week.

Fuller’s effort reportedly was compared to Jackie Robinson

And a number of folks just couldn’t get enough of the growing legend surrounding Fuller.

Uber-woke NBA superstar LeBron James praised Fuller on Instagram. ESPN’s Linda Cohn gushed on camera, calling Fuller a “rock star” during a recent interview.

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller on becoming the first woman to play in Power 5 game | SportsCenter

Alex Scarborough, also with ESPN, penned a feature article totaling more than 2,000 words on Fuller.

Nashville-based radio commentator Chad Withrow said that a fellow local host likened Fuller’s efforts to Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier.

“I’m thinking, ‘Are you kidding me?'” Withrow told Outkick’s Clay Travis on Monday. “I mean the insanity of some of this drives me crazy.”

Broadcasters Compare Sarah Fuller To Greats Like JACKIE ROBINSON- Clay And Chad Are NOT Ok With It!

Travis — a Vanderbilt alum — has been following the story closely and suggested that the whole thing may have been a publicity stunt pulled off by head coach Derek Mason to save his job. (If so, it apparently didn’t work; Mason was fired the day after Fuller’s game, having tallied an 0-8 season.)

Anything else?

Fuller is well aware of the negativity pointed at her.

“I’ve been trying not to look at the comments, but it’s hard not to see them sometimes when they’re talking crap about you, and I’m just like, at this point, what are you doing?” she told ESPN in a separate story. “I am a D-I soccer player, I go to Vanderbilt University, I am going to get my degree from here, I’ve done amazing things I’ve set out to do, and so they can talk crap all they want. This is something I believe I’ve earned, and I was at the right place at the right time, so yeah, I’ll take on the hate.”

Fuller also said she wants to keep playing for Vanderbilt’s football team, even if other specialists return to the squad.

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Cal Cunningham refuses to answer — several times — whether he has had more affairs

North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham (D) held his first press conference Friday since admitting to sexting a woman other than his wife, but refused several times to answer whether he had been involved with additional women outside of his marriage.

What are the details?

Cunningham — a married father of two who is running to unseat incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis (R) — admitted a week ago to engaging in sexually-charged text messages with a California public relations strategist named Arlene Guzman Todd.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Guzman Todd “is married to Jeremy Todd, who like Cunningham is a military veteran, reportedly served 15 years in the Army.”

Guzman Todd later told the Associated Press that her affair with Cunningham was also physical.

While Cunningham has remained mum on the topic for several days, National File, the outlet that broke the news on his sexting scandal, published claims from a former Cunningham supporter and attorney that the Democrat had been carrying on an affair with another woman since 2012 who was “devastated” after learning of his relationship with Guzman Todd.

During the press conference on Friday, Cunningham was asked repeatedly by reporters whether or not there are more women who might come forward.

Local outlet WNCN-TV counted four times that the Senate candidate refused to answer the question, dodging by saying that he had already taken responsibility for the hurt he has caused, that “people are tired of hearing about personal issues,” and that Tillis was trying to redirect the conversation away from the Republican’s own record.

Cal Cunningham doesn’t answer specific questions about other potential affairs

Politico’s Burgess Everett reported: “‘I’ve said what I’m going to say about it,’ Cunningham concludes when asked if there are more women and if this might hang over his head.”

Early Friday morning, Tillis tweeted out a new political ad attacking Cunningham over the affair allegations, writing, “Chuck Schumer has spent over $80 million trying to paint one picture of Cal Cunningham, but North Carolinians are now realizing it was all one big lie and that Cunningham’s candidacy is riddled with hypocrisy.”

Anything else?

The U.S. Army Reserve said Wednesday that it is now investigating Cunningham, but did not provide any details.

According to The Washington Examiner:

Tillis previously stated that Cunningham’s actions warranted military disciplinary action, and Republicans went after Cunningham, saying that he may have violated Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice under the section of adultery, citing his rank as a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve and his mistress’s status as the wife of an Army combat veteran.

COVID-19 Intelwars lockdown pregnant Stillbirth surge Women

Studies show surge in stillbirths amid lockdowns. Researchers fear pregnant women are avoiding prenatal care.

An array of studies show that stillbirths have surged globally following lockdowns imposed in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and researchers speculate the link could be from pregnant women avoiding hospitals and clinics out of fear of catching the virus while seeking prenatal care.

What are the details?

Nature cited a slew of studies this week in reporting that stillbirth rates have risen “dramatically” since the pandemic began, and that “emerging data link disrupted pregnancy services to [the] increase in stillbirths.”

Jane Warland, a specialist in midwifery at the University of South Australis in Adelaide told the outlet, “What we’ve done is cause an unintended spike in stillbirth while trying to protect [pregnant women] from COVID-19.”

Stillbirths were reported to have risen 50% in the largest study conducted, which followed 20,000 women in Nepal. Nature noted, “The sharpest rise was observed during the first four weeks of the lockdown, under which people were allowed to leave their homes only to buy food and receive essential care.”

Studies from India, the United Kingdom, and Scotland also showed the same disturbing trend.

Perinatal epidemiologist Ashish K.C. at Uppsala University in Sweden, who conducted the Nepal study, also blamed lockdowns on the high stillbirth rates rather than coronavirus infections. K.C. pointed to the fact that many pregnant women studied had appointments canceled due to restrictions, were unable to use public transportation due to shutdowns, and said others likely avoided in-person clinic visits out of fear of contracting COVID-19.

Data indicates those fears have justification, too. CBS News reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study on COVID-19 and pregnancy this week that shows pregnant women infected with the coronavirus were 25% more likely to have preterm deliveries.

A separate report from the CDC earlier this year noted that “pregnancy was associated with hospitalization and increased risk for intensive care unit admission, and receipt of mechanical ventilation, but not with death.”

The Daily Mail pointed out:

In May, a poll found that nearly half of pregnant women were afraid to be in public and risk exposing themselves – and their unborn babies to coronavirus.

With non-essential medical appointments discouraged, many prenatal visits moved online.

It was an important stop-gap, but ran the risk of missed signs of symptoms that could imperil a pregnancy, such as an irregular fetal heartbeat, or preeclampsia, a form of pregnancy-related high blood pressure that can raise risks of stillbirth.

cervical cancer CNN Intelwars lbgtq political correctness Transgender Woke Women

‘Individuals with a cervix’: CNN story on cervical cancer screening avoids using the word ‘women’ — and observers have a field day

CNN story on cervical cancer screening begins with this sentence: “Individuals with a cervix are now recommended to start cervical cancers screening at 25 and continue through age 65, with the primary human papillomavirus (HPV) testing every five years as the preferred method of testing, according to a new guideline released Thursday by the American Cancer Society.”

Also a word search revealed that the Thursday story doesn’t refer to “women” or “woman” a single time.

What was the reaction?

As you might imagine, the phrase “individuals with a cervix” has been getting pretty much all of the attention in the comments of a
tweet of the story, with retweets and comments far outpacing likes as of Friday morning.

One Twitter user defended the “individuals with a cervix” phrase,
saying “all of the ppl replying ‘don’t you just mean women!’ conveniently forget 1. trans ppl exist and 2. chromosomal abnormalities often result in ppl who aren’t biologically female having a cervix (and those chromosomal abnormalities aren’t as rare as one might think).”

Another user
commented, “An accurate headline my OBGYN would agree with. Bc she gives pap smears to lots of people who aren’t women; I was there last week. And yes! Lots of women have cervixes too. But as a doctor, she knows that having/lacking a certain body part doesn’t make someone a woman or a man.”

And a user even argued that using the word “women” instead “excludes women without a cervix and men with a cervix.”

However, it seemed most commenters found the phrase “individuals with a cervix” nothing more than dog whistle for political correctness and woke culture:

Others were equally dumbfounded and put off by the phrase:

  • “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina. You’re welcome,” one user noted.
  • “This is beyond crazy!!! It’s not an implication…we were born with those parts…so the definition of a woman has changed? It’s now a forbidden word?” another user asked.
  • “My humble and antiquated opinion…Anyone can act and be exactly as they wish and should have total freedom to do that within the norms of society,” another user noted. “But to impose the feelings of a very small minority over the needs of a huge majority seems upside down to me.”
  • “Stop erasing women and pretending it’s progressive,” another user stated.

But this take may have won the day:

Coronavirus COVID-19 Frederica Wilson Gender Intelwars Women

Florida Democrat says coronavirus pandemic is a ‘gendered’ crisis that disproportionately impacts women

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida said Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed tens of thousands of people worldwide and decimated the U.S. economy, is actually a “gendered crisis” that impacts women more than men.

“In so many ways, the #COVID19 pandemic is a gendered crisis. We’re disproportionately on the frontlines as healthcare workers, food service workers, grocery.” Wilson tweeted.

Wilson’s comments are similar to those made by New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul in an op-ed in The Hill, co-written by Lauren Leader. They wrote:

76 percent of the health care workforce is female. A majority of the nurses, nurse practitioners, health aides and even a majority of doctors under the age of 45 are female. These everyday heroes are working tireless hours to save lives, while at the same time trying to protect their own health and the well-being of their families.

It’s not just women in health care who are bearing the brunt of this crisis. Think about this: women comprise the majority in most of the economic sectors hit hardest economically by the shut down of our economy. 40 percent of mothers in the U.S. are the primary breadwinners. They are the majority of service workers, two-thirds of America’s minimum wage workers, and they are more likely to be waitresses, cooks, hotel housekeepers now out of work.

Adding to the misery, 39 percent of small business owners are women — many living on the margins, now unsure whether they will even survive.

Still, the impact of the virus is clearly widespread and neither gender is getting a pass from the consequences. And notable in the above statistics is the fact that a majority of doctors over 45 are male, men are the primary breadwinners in most households, and most small business owners are men.

Additionally, current data shows that men are significantly more likely to die of COVID-19 than women. Dr. Deborah Birx, a response coordinator on the White House coronavirus task force, said the mortality rate in Italy is about twice as high among men as it is among women.

In short, everyone is suffering, and it takes a bit of statistical framing to portray the pandemic as “gendered.”

2020 democratic primary 2020 democratic race 2020 presidential election Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren girls Intelwars Joe Biden watch White men Women

Elizabeth Warren chokes up after question about ‘two white men’ now left in race: ‘All those little girls … are going to have to wait four more years’

When far-left U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) spoke to the media outside her Cambridge, Massachusetts, home Thursday about her decision to end her presidential campaign, a reporter asked about another kind of race.

“I wonder what your message would be to the women and girls who feel like, ‘We’re left with two white men to decide between’?” the reporter inquired, presumably in reference to the leading Democratic candidates, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I know,” Warren responded before getting a bit choked up. “One of the hardest parts of this is all those pinky promises, and all those little girls who are gonna have to wait four more years. That’s gonna be hard.”

Warren had been making “pinky promises” to young girls during her campaign “so that they’ll remember that running for president is what girls do.”

Anything else?

Warren, a front-runner for the Democratic nomination a few months ago, drifted into the pack once primary season began.

Disappointing vote totals in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina gave way to Warren’s chance to rebound on Super Tuesday. But she failed to win any of the 14 states up for grabs, including her home state of Massachusetts, where she took third place. In addition, Warren’s total pledged delegate count sat at 65 as of Thursday morning, well behind Biden’s 596 and Sanders’ 531. She then reportedly flew home to reassess her campaign with staff.

According to Mic, the Biden and Sanders campaigns reportedly have been asking Warren for her endorsement, but she noted Thursday that such a decision will have to wait.

“I need some space around this, and I want to take a little time to think a little more,” she said.

editorial Gender Intelwars Left-wing college students Massachusetts Newspaper Nonbinary Transgender Wellesley College Women

Campus newspaper for prestigious all-women college tells school to stop calling students ‘women’

A recent staff editorial for The Wellesley News, the student newspaper for Wellesley College, calls for the prestigious all-women school to edit its policies and language in deference to transgender and nonbinary individuals — most notably to stop calling students “women.”

What are the details?

The editorial takes umbrage at the “never-ending reminders” on campus that Wellesley is for “Women Who Will,” as well as the “attitudes of students, staff, and faculty members on campus who continue to refer to Wellesley ‘sisters’ and use she/her pronouns without consideration for who is in the room. These current practices and attitudes perpetuate the ongoing exclusion and ignorance of transgender and nonbinary identities.”

In addition, the editorial calls attention to Wellesley’s policy of excluding transgender male students from admission and only allowing applicants who identify as women — whether male or female assigned at birth — or who were identified as female at birth who now identify as nonbinary. “Those who are assigned male at birth and identify as nonbinary or identify as cis males are not eligible for admission,” the editorial adds.

More from the paper:

On the fifth anniversary of Wellesley introducing its new gender policy, The Wellesley News calls for the College to reject its complacent attitude and towards the neglect of the transgender and nonbinary community. To do so, we ask that the College administration revise its policy surrounding the admittance of transgender male students and usher in a more inclusive language standard for official communications. Additionally, we ask students to reflect these changes in their everyday lives in order to foster a more kind, empathetic environment.

That ‘women’ word

The editorial also stresses in order to complete a “cognizant rejection of the gender binary,” a few other things are in order, such as doing away with that “women” word. It notes a few ideas adapted from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion web page of another all-women school, Mount Holyoke College, which also includes transgender and nonbinary students:

  • “When discussing the student body, say ‘Wellesley students’ rather than ‘Wellesley women.'”
  • “Avoid making statements like ‘We’re all women here…'”
  • “Use gender-neutral language whenever possible in syllabi and other general written communication.”

“When we reexamine our assumptions surrounding gender through small shifts like language, we become more tolerant of those who deviate from the gender spectrum,” the editorial concludes. “And, most importantly, we cannot stay silent as our nonbinary and transgender siblings are stripped of their humanity by being excluded from something as crucial as language.”

(H/T: The College Fix)

2nd Amend. Church Cincinnati concealed carry gun rights guns Intelwars Ohio Self-Defense watch Women

Church hosts what may be one of the largest women-only concealed carry classes in state. Students say they’re tired of being afraid.

Kai Brown is a 35-year-old single mom with two small children who wants to protect her family, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

So despite her fear of guns, Brown attended what may have been the largest women-only concealed carry certification classes in Ohio earlier this month, the paper said.

“It’s my right to carry … so I want to be able to,” she noted to the Enquirer. “It’s wonderful to be surrounded by many different women from many different walks of life. And we’re all, you know, here to protect ourselves.”

Image source: Cincinnati Enquirer video screenshot

The class took place in the basement of New Prospect Baptist Church, which holds one of the largest black congregations in Cincinnati, the paper noted.

But two Saturdays ago, it was home to 179 women firing .22-caliber handguns, the Enquirer said.

Image source: Cincinnati Enquirer video screenshot

The paper added that students repeatedly said they were tired of being afraid — of guns, of being home alone, of walking in some neighborhoods.

Image source: Cincinnati Enquirer video screenshot

For Brown, it appeared to be a struggle to just hear gunshots much less pulling the trigger herself — but the paper said her instructors were kind, encouraging, and helpful.

Finally, she took a deep breath — and fired.

Image source: Cincinnati Enquirer video screenshot

“It’s evident that that fear is still there,” Brown told the Enquirer, adding that “you have to be prepared” due to the times we’re living in.

What’s the background?

The church’s pastor, the Rev. Damon Lynch III, along with Cincinnati City Councilman Jeff Pastor — a Republican who appeared at the class with a T-shirt reading “All gun control is racist” — organized the class, the paper said.

Image source: Cincinnati Enquirer video screenshot

Here’s a clip of Jeff Pastor speaking to the class:

And after it was announced in early January, the CCW class sold out within a week, the Enquirer said.

More from the paper:

Two hundred women signed up. Despite an early morning snowfall that made driving treacherous, 179 women turned out for the class, all with varying comfort levels with guns. Some had never touched one. Others owned a gun, but wanted the license needed to carry it with them. Some came because their moms or sisters or friends suggested it.

The class was taught by certified CCW licensing firm Arm the Populace. It was an intense, nine-hour class, complete with a built-just-for-the class shooting range in an empty storage area above the church’s community center.

Women paid $25 each to cover the cost of the space, cheaper than the typical $65 class fee.

Arm the Populace, a Cincinnati-based company that offers firearms and personal defense training, donated its time. It billed the class as the largest CCW class of all women ever in Ohio.

A spokesman for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, which keeps CCW records, said the office does not track class size, but from his experience, 179 women in a class could be the largest. The office does not keep CCW permit statistics by race.

The numbers

The Enquirer pointed to a 2017 Pew report on “America’s complex relationship with guns” that found gun ownership varies quite a bit when race and gender is taken into account: About 39% of men said they own a gun as opposed to 22% of women, and while 36% of whites said they’re gun owners, only about 25% of blacks and 15% of Hispanics said they own guns.

In addition, nearly half of the white men said they own a gun compared to about a quarter of white women and nonwhite men — and 16% of nonwhite women, the paper added, citing the report.

But at the church CCW class, 169 of the 179 attendees were black, the Enquirer said.

Image source: Cincinnati Enquirer video screenshot

Douglas Cooper, Arm the Populace’s founder and chief instructor, started the class by saying that “the Second Amendment is for everyone,” the paper noted.

Rev. Lynch agreed.

“I’m not a gun lover; I don’t own any guns, but people have Second Amendment rights to own a gun,” he told the Enquirer. “In the African American community, the conversation is usually about buying guns back. But if people are lawfully trained and learn how to be responsible, they will probably never use one. It sets them on a different course. As opposed to a person who gets a gun and thinks, ‘I have to go shoot.'”

Which, Lynch added to the paper, is a “good thing.”

affects men attack rate Children Coronavirus COVID-19 death toll Demographics Emergency Preparedness Epidemic evolve experts Gabriel Leung Headline News illness Infections Intelwars Mutation pandemic political threat sars symptoms Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Transmission Virus Women

The Majority Of Coronavirus Victims Are Men, And The Virus Is Hitting Adults Far Harder Than It Is Hitting Children

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Most Important News. 

This coronavirus outbreak just keeps getting weirder. With each passing day, the number of confirmed cases and the number of deaths continue to rise, but not all demographic groups are being affected equally. That seems very odd, but it may also give researchers important clues about how to fight this very deadly virus.

On Tuesday, global health officials finally gave this mysterious new coronavirus an official name. From now on they will be calling it “COVID-19”, but I doubt that moniker will really catch on with the general public. In any event, what everybody can agree on is the fact that this disease has the potential to rapidly spread all over the planet, and let us hope that the extreme measures that are being taken to prevent it from getting out of control will be enough.

One of the things that we have just learned about this virus is that it does not seem to affect men and women equally.

According to two different studies, it appears that men are significantly more likely to get infected than women are…

More men than women seem to contract coronavirus, several recent studies of patients at the heart of the outbreak suggest.

Among the Wuhan University hospital patients documented in one study, 54 percent were men. Another earlier study of hospitalized patients was made up of 68 percent men, Business Insider reported.

Scientists do not currently understand exactly why this is happening.

But researchers have pointed out that there was a similar pattern during the SARS outbreak

The 2003 outbreak of SARS struck more women among younger adults (20-54), but was more prevalent among men in older ages (55 and up).

When University of Iowa researchers exposed male and female mice to the virus, the males were more likely to contract SARS.

Could there be something about male physiology that makes us more vulnerable to a coronavirus outbreak?

This is something that scientists should investigate further.

Another thing about COVID-19 that seems quite strange is the fact that children seem to be a lot less vulnerable to the disease. The following comes from CNBC

The new coronavirus that has already killed more people than the 2003 SARS epidemic appears to be sparing one population group: kids.

Of the more than 43,100 people it’s infected since Dec. 31, World Health Organization officials say the majority are over 40 years old and it’s hitting those with underlying health conditions and the elderly particularly hard.

Some researchers are theorizing that a lot of kids are actually getting infected but that their stronger immune systems are preventing severe symptoms from manifesting

Prep For Cold & Flu Season: How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

The apparent lack of children among confirmed coronavirus cases could also be because they are getting infected but developing more mild symptoms and aren’t being reported to local authorities, according to Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. World health officials say they are working to improve surveillance of the disease and expect more mild cases to be reported. It could be a while before we have a clear picture on cases, Lipsitch said.

With any disease, those that have weaker or compromised immune systems are always going to be more vulnerable.

And if this outbreak starts to spiral out of control all over the globe, the number of victims could potentially be absolutely staggering.

In fact, Hong Kong epidemiologist Gabriel Leung is warning that 60 to 80 percent of the entire global population could potentially end up catching this virus if urgent action is not taken…

Prof Gabriel Leung, the chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University, said the overriding question was to figure out the size and shape of the iceberg. Most experts thought that each person infected would go on to transmit the virus to about 2.5 other people. That gave an “attack rate” of 60-80%.

“Sixty percent of the world’s population is an awfully big number,” Leung told the Guardian in London, en route to an expert meeting at the WHO in Geneva on Tuesday.

The official death rate is still fairly low, but if billions of people end up catching this bug it could result in tens of millions of deaths

With the global population currently at more than 7 billion (7,577,130,400), that means that the virus has the potential to infect more than 4 billion (4,546,278,240) if Professor Leung is correct and its spread continues to accelerate.

And if one percent of those people die, that means there will be more than 45 million deaths.

A death toll of that magnitude would put this crisis on par with the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.

Once again, I want to stress that there is absolutely no guarantee that such a scenario will actually unfold. The SARS outbreak in 2003 was eventually brought under control, and my hope is that this outbreak will eventually be brought under control as well.

But even if this outbreak ends tomorrow, life is not going to go back to normal. In fact, the truth is that our problems are just getting started.

As far as COVID-19 is concerned, we would be in far better shape if the Chinese had locked down the entire city of Wuhan much earlier. By waiting as long as they did, it allowed five million potential carriers to leave Wuhan for other areas of China…

EXPERTS fear it is too late to stop the deadly spread of coronavirus as FIVE MILLION people left the outbreak epicentre before it was even put on lockdown.

Millions continued to pour out of Wuhan – now dubbed zombieland – long after the first reports about a deadly new virus broke.

Now there are confirmed cases in every single province of China, and we will wait to see if this virus ultimately spreads all over the globe.

Thankfully, world health officials are taking this threat very seriously. On Tuesday, the head of the WHO warned that “a virus is more powerful in creating political, economic and social upheaval than any terrorist attack”

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in Geneva the vaccine lag meant “we have to do everything today using available weapons” and said the epidemic posed a “very grave threat”.

“To be honest, a virus is more powerful in creating political, economic and social upheaval than any terrorist attack,” Dr Ghebreyesus said.

And he is right.

This virus has the potential to absolutely turn the entire planet upside down.

I am still hoping that does not happen, but I am also encouraging all of my readers to get prepared for the worst.

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Emergency Food: A Buying & Storing Guide

How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season And Prevent Coronavirus Infection

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