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White woman’s ‘broth bar’ blasted for ‘cultural appropriation.’ Apologies, sales stoppage, and promises of ‘cultural sensitivity training’ follow.

Howls of “cultural appropriation” rang out recently over a pop-up “broth bar” in Toronto that sells bone broth, hot sauce, and multicultural foods — primarily because the company hosting it is owned by a white woman,
blogTO reported.

What are the details?

The outlet noted that the broth bar by
Ripe Nutrition popped up inside an athletic apparel store named PERMISSION earlier this month — but that partnership is kaput since the woke mob began lodging complaints.

Toronto Star editor Evy Kwong was prominent in the outrage campaign and posted
a Twitter thread last week to that end about the “white owned trendy spot”:

Kwong also noted she was “sick” over the pop-up “sexualizing” some items — for example, sauces called “jerk me” and “hot pho u” and calling the broth bar a “brothel,” blogTO said.

added that “the cultures they are taking from literally fight daily for legitimacy. the *wellness* cleansing of the food, the lack historical understanding, and the number of followers is alarming. i’m not tryna knock small businesses but damn, this one hurts.”

Kwong also said PERMISSION is located across from
Golden Turtle, a restaurant that has been serving authentic pho and Vietnamese cuisine since 1987 and has been struggling to survive amid the pandemic, blogTO reported.

What happened next?

After many complaints and criticism, an apologetic Laura Santino — cofounder of PERMISSION — told blogTO that the collaboration with Ripe Nutrition was done: “We acknowledge the hurt this has caused and apologize sincerely. Our pop-up was not in line with community values or our company ethos, and we have decided to part ways, effective immediately.”

Ripe Nutrition also apologized on Instagram:

“It is not the responsibility of people of colour to educate me, a white woman, on why cultural appropriation isn’t acceptable,” the statement from Ripe Nutrition founder Alexandra Baird read.

She added that she removed all culturally insensitive products from her company’s website and is looking to “cultural sensitivity training” for the whole staff.

Anything else?

Cultural appropriation outrage has touched many sectors of society of late:

Black lives matter protests charges Elderly couple HARASSMENT Intelwars Pittsburgh protests Restaurant watch White People

Black Lives Matter militants charged after viral video shows them harassing elderly diners: ‘F*** the white people’

Three Black Lives Matter militants were charged after a
viral video showed them harassing elderly diners outside a Pittsburgh restaurant over Labor Day weekend.

What are the details?

Monique Craft, 35, Kenneth McDowell, 33, and Shawn Green, 24 — who also goes by Lorenzo Rulli — were charged by summons with multiple misdemeanors Monday in connection with the Sept. 5 incident outside the Sienna Mercato restaurant, the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Craft is charged with theft, conspiracy, and simple trespass; McDowell is charged with possessing instruments of crime, conspiracy, harassment, and two counts of disorderly conduct; and Green faces charges of disorderly conduct, conspiracy, criminal mischief, and simple trespass, the paper said.

According to a criminal complaint, McDowell used a megaphone to scream obscenities at diners sitting outside the restaurant,
WPXI-TV reported.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Grace Harvey

The complaint added that Green swore at diners, specifically an elderly couple, and gave them the middle finger, the station said. Video shows Green telling the couple, “F*** the white people that built the system set against mine — you old dick!” He then issues a theatrical laugh at them as others join in.

The complaint also said Green walked up to the front of the restaurant and screamed into an open window, WPXI reported.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Grace Harvey

Police said Craft approached a table and drank a diner’s beverage, the Post-Gazette said. Video shows it’s the same table occupied by the elderly couple Green was harassing, and they simply watch Craft drink the beer, after which she sets the glass back on the table.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Grace Harvey

Another protester swipes a glass off a table, causing it to shatter on the ground, the paper said.

In a separate video at the scene, it appears McDowell shoves his megaphone into the head of a man holding a bicycle in the street:

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Grace Harvey

The man holding the bike swats back at McDowell:

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Grace Harvey

And then a third man bashes a skateboard over the head of the man holding the bike:

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Grace Harvey

Here are the clips. (
Content warning: Language):

But Craft told the Post-Gazette there’s much more to what happened that day.

More from the paper:

Craft said the videos show only one side of the story and that there were three men from outside the protest who were screaming “blue lives matter” — in support of police — at the protesters. When some protesters began to confront them, one man began swinging a bike at people.

According to Craft’s account, a man began grabbing Craft’s hair and placed his hand on Craft’s chest, saying he was trying to stop her from engaging with another man.

When the confrontation ended, Craft said, a man in the restaurant began condemning the protesters’ actions. The woman who was with him offered Craft to come over, have a beer and talk about the situation.

Green noted in an earlier Post-Gazette story that “we were talking to people that were talking to us. The beer that was consumed was an offer. The glass that fell was a mistake.”

He added to the paper that people in the restaurant were cheering on the protesters and that “the reason I engaged the individual man and his wife is because … her husband called me ‘an embarrassment’ and ‘disgusting.'”

Related incident at a McDonald’s

McDowell also was identified as the individual caught on video getting aggressive with a McDonald’s manager that same day, WPXI reported.

The video shows a man with a bullhorn harassing the manager and others chanting with him. The manager appears frustrated and tries to get them to leave, but they continue to pester him. At one point the man with the bullhorn challenges the manager to a fight.

The video was circulated on social media by a Twitter user who tried to frame the heated incident as the fault of the manager. (Content warning: Language):

Trump calls militants ‘thugs!’

Several days after the incidents, President Donald Trump called the militants “thugs.”

Complaint Intelwars Left-wing college students Mural Students University of Rhode Island White People World War 2

Nearly 70-year-old murals at college to be removed after complaints they depict too many white people

Woke college students apparently strike again.

Seems a nearly 70-year-old set of murals at the University of Rhode Island is slated for the dust bin of history.

Image source: WJAR-TV video screenshot


We’ll let Kathy Collins, the school’s vice president of student affairs, fill you in on the reason.

“I have received complaints about the murals that [they] portray a very homogeneous population … the persons painted and depicted on the wall are predominantly white, and that does not represent who our institution is today,” Collins
told WJAR-TV. “Some of our students have even shared with us they didn’t feel comfortable sitting in that space.”

Image source: WJAR-TV video screenshot

So now banners cover the murals, which were painted on plaster on two of the walls, the station said.

Image source: WJAR-TV video screenshot

“I think we have to recognize the horrible incidents [involving] George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and most recently Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during this … heightened time, and we as an institution have to look at the systems in place across this institution that maybe are not representing who we are today and representing the true diversity of URI today,” Collins added to WJAR.

What’s the background?

When veterans returned from World War II and enrolled at URI, they and other community members raised money in memory of those who lost their lives in the war — and result was the construction of a modern student union, and Memorial Union was dedicated in 1954, the station said.

Arthur “Art” Sherman was a decorated veteran and member of the class of 1950, and he was asked to paint murals for new student union, WJAR said.

“Oh, I loved painting that, yeah,” Sherman, now 95 years old, told the station. “I never had any formal education in painting, by the way; I just used to cartoon.”

Image source: WJAR-TV video screenshot

The murals depict returning servicemen, a class reunion, a URI commencement, a beach scene, and students piled into a car donned in letter sweaters, WJAR said.

Image source: WJAR-TV video screenshot

“Well, it depicted that era,” Sherman recounted to the station. “A lot of students, friends of mine, would come by and say, ‘Why don’t you do this, why don’t you do that?’ So, that’s what I did, so everybody chipped in.”

Then came the complaints

Collins noted to WJAR that she’s been working for URI for the last four years and has received complaints from students about the murals — and the school decided it wanted to start fall classes without the murals in sight.

“We’ve made a really difficult decision as we aim for the university’s future, and we think about who are our students today, and who are our students going to be tomorrow,” Collins told the station.

But the artist’s family doesn’t agree.

Pamela Sherman, Art Sherman’s daughter, told WJAR that her family doesn’t agree with the decision to remove the murals.

“It’s an opportunity for the University of Rhode Island to do the right thing,” Pamela Sherman told the station. “It’s an opportunity for them to capture a moment in time in their history.”

Image source: WJAR-TV video screenshot

She added to WJAR that the perspective should be, “Let’s look at our history, and let’s maintain the timeline of that history over the many generations. We would love to see new artwork, but let’s put them alongside and show a timeline of the evolution of this campus, the evolution of this university.”

Art Sherman ought to know, as he ended up becoming a professor of physical education at URI, where he worked for 30 years, the station said.

When WJAR asked him what he thought about his murals being removed, he smiled and laughed.

“That’s a good question. Time goes by, and things change,” he said.

Image source: WJAR-TV video screenshot

But his daughter wasn’t as diplomatic.

“It’s terribly upsetting, and we grew up with those murals being there,” Pamela Sherman told the station, adding that “we never want to forget our past.”

Collins told WJAR that photographs of the murals “will be included in any celebration of … the Memorial Union” and that the school will “always recognize” Sherman’s work.

Nevertheless, his daughter expressed doubts.

“Wouldn’t it be a mistake if we look back 100 years from now and say, ‘Isn’t it a tragedy that we lost this artwork?'” she asked the station. “It’s like any work of art, especially a painting — seeing a picture of it [is] just no comparison [to] seeing it live.”

The College Fix)

Black Lives Matter Black people Intelwars Leftists Portland rioters watch White People

VIDEO: White leftist militants actually block black woman from driving through Portland street. It gets ugly fast.

If you were wondering how blindly radical the leftist militants are who’ve been wreaking havoc and mayhem in Portland for the past three months, a confrontation with a black woman motorist Monday night just may answer that for you.

What are the details?

In a video, a group of white people defiantly stand in front of a truck and won’t let it pass. We’ve seen this petty stuff many times before. The difference here is that the motorist they’re blocking is a black woman.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

At best one might say such an astonishing show of force demonstrates how seriously they take their cause, as the core of it supposedly is standing up for black people they say are oppressed by police — and yet they refuse to let someone they say they’re fighting for drive down a street.

‘That’s violent!’

As you can probably guess, the driver isn’t happy.

“Get out of the way!” she hollers at them from the driver’s seat. “Because you killed my brother, move!” The clip doesn’t shed light on the latter claim, but it sure demonstrates her adversaries’ collective ignorance.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

Defiant voices shoot right back at her. “You’re gonna go backward!” one barks. “Turn around!” another yells.

She blasts them again: ‘You’re setting fires in the streets? No, that’s violence! That’s violent! Get out of my way!”

“I think you don’t know what you’re talking about!” a male voice can be heard arguing back with her.

Soon the woman dares the the militants to do damage to neighboring communities like they’ve done to Portland. “Get your ass away from here!” she yells at them, adding “now they see how ignorant this looks … you don’t want no race war out here!”

A black man who’s with the leftists moves in and appears to try to calm the situation as the woman driver accuses someone in the group of calling her the N-word — which they deny.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

“Stop pushing us with your car!” one male hollers at her as they place their bodies in front of the truck’s bumper.

‘You’d be rammed the f*** over!’

The furious woman then exits her truck and gives the ignorant leftists a wake up call: “If I was pushing you with my car, you’d be rammed the f*** over!”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

At this point, the black man who’s with the leftists orders his comrades to shut up and move: “We need to get this woman out of here safely!”

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language, racial slurs):

A follow-up clip shows that the crowd eventually parted and let the woman drive through. “Make a hole!” they repeatedly yell, as the woman slowly drives through and a couple of leftists escort her away.

Black Lives Matter, eh?

Some observers took note of the scene’s pitiful irony:

  • “A group of privileged white people are physically preventing a black woman from driving through, to protest the fact that everyone else is figuratively oppressing her,” one commenter wrote. “I honestly cannot think of a better representation of the Left.”
  • “White people literally preventing a black woman from legally driving on a street,” another commenter said. “You cannot make this stuff up.”
  • “Portland, a tragically boring, dreary city of wealthy white folks on the West Coast, displays a moment of stunning confusion in their never ending struggle to be hip,” another observer quips. “Better go back and study the PowerPoint to clarify things.”
Black Lives Matter HARASSMENT Intelwars Jacob blake shooting Leftists Restaurant washington dc watch White People

VIDEO: Leftist militants harass DC restaurant patrons who refuse to raise their fists: ‘White silence is violence!’

A group of leftist militants were caught on video harassing Washington, D.C., restaurant patrons Monday evening, apparently because they refused to raise their fists in solidarity like other patrons seated around them.

In the above clip, a crowd of militants descend upon a lone woman seated on a sidewalk in front of what appears to be an eatery of some sort, lean across her table, and scream just inches from her face, “White silence is violence! White silence is violence!” Later they chant, “No justice, no peace!”

Fists are raised skyward all around her; but she does not comply.

In the second clip, leftists harass a couple seated outside another restaurant, presumably for the same reason: The man and woman won’t raise their fists like their fellow patrons seated around them.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot, composite, redacted

Content warning: Language:

But as we can see from the next clip, it’s much less problematic when you do what the mob says. Indeed, a young child stands and raises his fist along with the adults with him, and voices can be heard telling him “good job” as he gives them the thumbs up:

How did observers react?

As you might imagine, a number of Twitter users were disgusted by what they saw on video:

  • “Wow. The left turned into fanatic religious ideologues pretty fast,” one user wrote.
  • “She should raise her hand…and give them the finger!” another user suggested.
  • “Only one I raise my hands to and kneel for is God himself. These POS need their asses beat. Leave the innocent ppl alone. This is only fueling the patriots to rise and when ppl start reacting these pansies will cry and ask why is this happening boo hoo. Punk ass bitch cowards,” another user noted.
  • “They are going to f*** with the wrong person one day….” another user wrote.

And one Twitter user referred to an iconic moment in history to make his point:

Image source: Twitter

Anything else?

There was violence and unrest in D.C. as well Monday night:

The action in the nation’s capital appears to be in response to the police-involved shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, which resulted in rioting and attacks upon law enforcement.

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Don’t look now, but California surfing apparently has a racism problem — not to mention issues with sexism and homophobia

Even though three Hawaiian princes introduced surfing to North America in the late 1800s, SF Weekly reported that the sport in California is steeped in racism that’s kept people of color out of the water and off the waves.

What are the details?

Dionne Ybarra told the outlet that even though she grew up just 20 minutes from Monterey peninsula beaches, her Mexican-American family only would get into the ocean about once annually — on the Fourth of July.

“There’s this fear set up from birth that we’re not ocean people, we don’t go in the ocean,” she added to SF Weekly, referring to people of color in the United States.

It wasn’t until Ybarra was in her 20s that she started surfing, and now she runs an organization campaigning to get more girls of color in the water, the outlet said.

More from SF Weekly:

She started The Wahine Surf Project in 2010 in Monterey. Through working with parents at surf lessons, Ybarra has come to realize that the fear of water her mother exhibited — and a culture of not going to the beach — is common in communities of color.

America’s history of systemic racism plays a major role in discouraging people of color from taking up water sports, according to Chelsea Woody, co-founder of Textured Waves, a surf collective for women of color.

“Segregation laws of this country really restricted who could participate in leisure activities and zoning laws with who could buy land in certain areas and coastal towns,” Woody explains.

And then the outlet said there’s the infamous “territorial aggression” within surfing culture that — while not necessarily connected to skin color — goes a long way toward underscoring issues of “privilege and access.”

“Localism helps ensure that the people who are already there kind of stay in control,” Mira Manickam-Shirley, co-founder of Oakland-based Brown Girl Surf, told SF Weekly. The outlet added that it’s harder for people of color to rise above it all given that people already in wealthier, beachfront communities are more likely to be white.

Sexism and homophobia issues

Kyla Langen, co-founder of San Francisco-based Queer Surf, noted to SF Weekly that sexism and homophobia also are issues in surfing communities given their hyper-masculine energy and obsession with dominating the waves.

More from SF Weekly:

Gay women felt pressure to hide their sexuality to stay more marketable for surf companies. Romantic partners were, in public, platonic travel buddies. The same went for gender expression. “If we wanted to get paid or if we wanted to get sponsored, we had to be as femme as we could be,” she says.

There was significantly less of this pressure when Langen moved to the Bay Area. She made more queer friends, and many said they had always wanted to surf but felt too intimidated to try. What started out as taking them surfing turned into formal lessons and retreats for queer, gender non-conforming, trans, and non-binary people. Langen officially founded Queer Surf in 2016. Showing up in groups, she says, has been helpful in queer folks feeling more safe and comfortable.

“It’s just such a privilege to be able to go to the ocean and be at the ocean,” Langen added to the outlet, “and it’s a shame that it’s a privilege that’s often reserved for straight white folks.”

Associated Press black Intelwars journalism Race style White People

AP says it will keep ‘white’ lowercase after recent decision to capitalize ‘Black’

The Associated Press on Monday announced that it will continue to keep the term “white” lowercase “in racial, ethnic and cultural senses.”

The move follows the outlet’s decision last month to capitalize “Black.”

What are the details?

John Daniszewski, the AP’s vice president for Standards, noted in a blog post that the news outlet “consulted with a wide group of people internally and externally around the globe and considered a variety of commentary in making these decisions.”

“There was clear desire and reason to capitalize Black,” Daniszewski continued. “Most notably, people who are Black have strong historical and cultural commonalities, even if they are from different parts of the world, and even if they now live in different parts of the world. That includes the shared experience of discrimination due solely to the color of one’s skin.”

He added, however, that at the moment there’s “less support for capitalizing white.”

The reason? “White people generally do not share the same history and culture, or the experience of being discriminated against because of skin color,” Daniszewski noted. “In addition, we are a global news organization, and in much of the world there is considerable disagreement, ambiguity, and confusion about whom the term includes.”

While the AP acknowledges that “white people’s skin color plays into systemic inequalities and injustices, and we want our journalism to robustly explore those problems,” Daniszewski said “capitalizing the term white, as is done by white supremacists, risks subtly conveying legitimacy to such beliefs.”

More from the outlet:

Some have expressed the belief that if we don’t capitalize white, we are being inconsistent and discriminating against white people or, conversely, that we are implying that white is the default. We also recognize the argument that capitalizing the term could pull white people more fully into issues and discussions of race and equality. We will closely watch how usage and thought evolves, and will periodically review our decision.

How did folks react?

Commentary has been coming in fast from the AP’s Twitter post about its decision to keep “white” lowercase while capitalizing “Black” — and as you can imagine, not everybody views it as a helpful or fair-minded move:

  • “They should both be lowercase, as that is the grammatically correct way,” one commenter noted. “This doesn’t make any sense.”
  • “Wow, that’s not racist at all, except for the racist part,” another commenter said.
  • “Capitalizing things to show some sort of respect is gratuitous,” yet another individual opined. “Proper nouns are capitalized and adjectives derived thereof are capitalized. Common nouns and adjectives derived thereof are not. Period. Paragraph.”
  • “Total and complete racism, bigotry, and just flat out idiocy,” another person said.
  • “The woke mob cannot be satiated, @AP,” one commenter added. “This does nothing other than signal your irrationality, intellectual weakness, and dishonesty. Congrats!”

Oh, and if you want an idea of what support for the AP’s decision looks like, one commenter in the thread offered frequent defenses. Here’s one of them: “My love, this is not what racism is. Uppercasing ‘Black’ is a symbol to make up for all of the history, culture, and knowledge that the world robbed from them when we enslaved them. We don’t do it for white people because we don’t need to. We are celebrated already.”

Black people City council member Intelwars People of color Police chief carmen best seattle police Seniority watch White People

‘We cannot do layoffs based on race’: Black Seattle police chief rejects white city council member’s suggestion for saving minority jobs

The Seattle City Council — like numerous decision-making bodies across the country in the wake of recent anti-police rioting — wants to defund the police in order to pay community-led organizations to take over some policing duties, KIRO-TV reported.

For Seattle, that means cutting the department’s budget in half.

“Now is the time to divest from the police department,” Council President Lorena Gonzalez said of the effort last week, the station noted. “Now is the time to zero out these budgets and to reimagine, rebuild, build something from a community-led and community-driven perspective that will actually build community safety for the people who have been harmed the most by over-policing and criminalization.”

Of course, a bunch of cops will be let go with such cuts.

Seattle police on Wednesday released a diversity breakdown of officers and recruits to detail the impact of that proposed cut, KIRO said — with a last hired, first fired caveat in mind.

What are the numbers?

Seattle police said the cuts would mean laying off 46 Asian officers, 47 black officers, 56 Hispanic officers, 59 biracial or multiracial officers, and 526 white officers, the station reported.

But Democratic Councilmember Lisa Herbold on Twitter noted such a cut is a “threat” to minority officers.

Herbold wrote that the Chief Carmen Best “can request the Public Safety Civil Service Commission [executive director] … lay off ‘out of order’ when doing so is in ‘the interest of efficient operations of his or her department.'”

“This means Chief doesn’t have to fire the newest hired first,” Herbold went on to say. “Chief says firing [minority] members of the SPD would be harmful, and I agree. I know she can argue just as convincingly that maintaining the employment of [minority] officers is in the interest of efficient operations of the SPD.”

The chief doesn’t see it that way

But Best shot down Herbold’s idea for preserving jobs on the force held by people of color.

“We cannot do layoffs based on race,” Best told KIRO. “I would love for Councilmember Herbold to work with us and not against us, making sure we have a viable number of officers.”

Image source: KIRO-TV video screenshot

The chief added to the station that “it is illegal to make layoffs based on race. I’m not sure where [Herbold is] getting her legal advice from, but the persons who are advising us are making sure we understand it’s illegal to do that.”

Anything else?

Seattle police patrol Officer Sergio Garcia — who’s been with the department for three years — told KIRO his job is on the line with the proposed cuts.

“I don’t have the privilege — as many people have had here, the privileges we speak of — of having a college education,” he told the station. “I don’t have that type of privilege, right. So I do depend on this job, and I take a lot of pride in doing a really good job and building a better community.”

Image source: KIRO-TV video screenshot

Garcia told KIRO he became a police officer in Florida after being pulled over multiple times by a white officer in a span of days — and his goal has been to “set a better example.”

“At the end of the day, I take this uniform off, and I’m still a brown person,” he added to the station. “So when I go to the same stores, when I go on vacation, I still deal with things that we are concerned about.”

VIDEO: SPD chief responds as councilmember appears to suggest layoffs based on race

(H/T: Hot Air)

Black Lives Matter Black lives matter protest Cancel culture Intelwars Sonya holt Tennessee viral videos White People

Woman loses job over viral video of her yelling, ‘white lives are better’ at Black Lives Matter protesters

A woman regrets yelling “white lives are better” at a group of Black Lives Matter protesters after the video of her comments went viral and she lost her job over it.

The incident happened at a protest in Elizabethton in Tennessee.

In another part of the video, she yells at a protester, “You’re a gay homosexual piece of crap who’s going to burn in hell.”

A man standing next to her says in the video, “We should have kept you (expletive) slaves, that’s what we should’ve done.”

The video was recorded by Sierra Gilmer, a teenager who told WJHL-TV she was simply recording reactions from people in the crowd when she happened upon Sonya Holt.

“I was live streaming on the Instagram on Johnson City BLM and just happened to get that on video. It was crazy. We kind of knew what to expect going into it,” said Gilmer.

“She started screaming everything that she did and telling me that, I’m just a poor little black girl with a messed up mind that, we should have been kept as slaves and all these things,” Gilmer said of Holt.

Keith Family Vision Clinic told WCYB-TV that Holt was fired from her job after the video went viral.

Holt apologizes

In an interview with WJHL-TV, Holt said she regretted her comments.

“I would like to apologize to the little girl. I did not know that she was a minor. If I had known she was a minor, I would have never spoken to her,” Holt said.

She confirmed that she lost her job over the video.

“I no longer have a job. I don’t have any animosity towards the doctors I worked for. They’re great people. Of course, I didn’t want their business to suffer because of mistakes that I made and I have great respect for them. They did what they had to do to protect their business,” Holt said.

Here’s the video of the heated interaction:

Racist remarks go viral after Black Lives Matter protest in Elizabethton

City of seattle Intelwars Racism accusation training White People white supremacy whiteness

City of Seattle reportedly hosts training for white employees titled ‘Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness’

The city of Seattle reportedly hosted a training session for white employees last month titled “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” which was geared, among other things, to help whites underscore and affirm their “complicity in racism” and to upend their “whiteness,” according to Christopher F. Rufo, director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty.

Rufo — also a City Journal contributing editor — said on Twitter he got a look at the training details through a public records request and that the session also was geared to help whites “let go” of “comfort,” “guaranteed physical safety,” “control over the land,” “social status,” and “relationships with some other white people.”

What are the details?

Rufo’s Twitter thread, posted Monday, outlined the particulars of the training session. He said that first of all “diversity trainers informed white participants that ‘objectivity,’ ‘individualism,’ ‘intellectualization,’ and ‘comfort’ are all vestiges of internalized racial oppression.”

He said diversity trainers then were to encourage white employees to “practice self-talk that affirms [their] complicity in racism” and work on “undoing your own whiteness.”

Getting down to practicalities, Rufo continued, saying trainers then were to ask white employees to “let go” of “comfort,” “guaranteed physical safety,” “control over the land,” “social status,” and “relationships with some other white people.” Then they went through a flow chart that outlines how white people “cause harm to POC,” “show up small and inauthentic,” and are unable to access their “humanity,” he said.

Rufo provided a screenshot of an email exchange purportedly about the training that said it was “specifically targeted for White employees” in order to show them their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and get them to “interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) folks within our community.”

Rufo added that the “City of Seattle has refused to provide the names of the diversity trainers, the budget for the program, or the video of the session. I’m going to keep pushing—because this is exactly the kind of thought-policing they want to implement everywhere.”

TheBlaze’s attempts by phone and email Tuesday to reach Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights for comment were unsuccessful. The office reportedly hosted the training session; it’s not clear if the training was mandatory or optional.

Black Lives Matter Hollywood Intelwars Leftists Terry crews White People Woke

Actor Terry Crews says Black Lives Matter shouldn’t become ‘Black Lives Better’ — and woke white leftists actually try educating him

Actor Terry Crews hasn’t been silent amid the tumultuous left-wing cultural shift that’s followed George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in May — but his words haven’t always been to the left’s liking.

You might recall earlier this month when he declared that “defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”

Crews got ripped for his words — with one Twitter commenter even telling him to “shut yo coon ass up.”

Now what?

Undaunted, Crews was back in the fray Tuesday with a similar Twitter message:

“If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister,” he wrote. “I have family of every race, creed and ideology. We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter.”


As you might expect, backlash again headed Crews’ way. And while most of it came from black people, there were a number of white observers — no doubt confidently riding their great woke wave — who actually thought it was a noble idea to join the pushback and even educate Crews.

For example, comedian Tony Posnanski told Crews that “you and JK Rowling would make some pretty ignorant children,” and an attorney added that “even I understand that the point of #BlackLivesMatter is to stop police discriminating against and killing black people, so America might truly become equal.”

Among other responses:

  • “Why are you playing into right wing narratives???” one commenter asked.
  • “I don’t know how a big strong successful black man at the height of his career can tell other black people at the bottom of the highest mountain to hold back?” another asked. “BLMing WOULD be better &, universally, for the better.”
  • “What the f***ing f*** does that even f***ing mean?” a budding wordsmith inquired.
  • “I’ve seen the same logic used against the LGBTQ community. The rights being demanded are the same rights that us white folk take for granted every damn day. The myth is ‘someone else having equal rights translates into less for rights me.’ My heart hurts,” another commenter offered.
  • “You are crazy,” another said.
Black people Capitol hill autonomous zone Chaz Intelwars Seattle White People

Leader in Seattle’s CHAZ demands white occupiers fork over money to black counterparts

A protest leader in Seattle’s so-called “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” demanded on Friday that white occupiers give their non-white counterparts money — or face retribution.

“I want you to find, by the time you leave this autonomous zone, I want you to give $10 to one African American person from this autonomous zone,” the man told a crowd.

“And if you find that’s difficult, if you find that it’s hard for you to give $10 to people of color, to black people especially, you have to think really critical about in the future are you actually going to give up power and land and capital when you have it,” he continued.

“If you have a hard time giving up $10, you’re gonna have to think about, ‘Are you really down with this struggle? Are you really down with the movement?’ Because if that’s a challenge for you, I’m not sure you’re in the right place,” he said.

The protest leader went on to subtly threaten the white occupiers by saying that he would remember them.

“White people, I see you. I see every one of you, and I remember your faces. You find that African American person and you give them $10,” he said. “Do it!”

The CHAZ, established on June 8 in the aftermath of violent protests stemming from the tragic death of George Floyd, covers six blocks in downtown Seattle.

As TheBlaze reported, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said violent crimes, such as rape and robbery, have occurred within the CHAZ, but police officers have been unable to adequately respond.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) has defended the CHAZ.

Am joy Coronavirus america Donald Trump Intelwars Joy Reid MSNBC Panel Protesters Racism accusation reopen economy republican party Shutdown social distancing Stay at home watch White People

Mind-reading MSNBC panel: ‘Overwhelmingly white’ protesters demanding reopening of economy actually want ‘more black and brown people to die’

Far-left MSNBC panelists tried their collective hand at mind reading during an “AM Joy” segment Sunday, insisting that the “overwhelmingly white” protesters showing up to state capitals to demand the reopening of the economy amid the coronavirus shutdown are throwing a “temper tantrum” — and even worse “want more black and brown people to die” in the process.

What are the details?

“They are the Fox News, Nazi, confederate death cult rump of the Republican Party,” Dave Zirin, sports editor of The Nation, offered during the panel discussion before going on a virtue-signaling rant:

“And their very existence is a slap in the face not only to the health care workers on the front lines risking their lives every single day, but it’s also a slap in the face to the people who are actually dying from this virus in disproportionate numbers, black and brown people. These aren’t economically disenfranchised folks; these are small business owners, these are retirees. These are people who want their workers to be sent back to work, not themselves.”

Zirin called their protesting an “astroturf farce” and “racist” before insisting the media shouldn’t cover them.

“They frankly don’t deserve the sweat off our brow,” he concluded before firing off a little side-to-side head bob as if he just won a poetry slam.

Renee Graham — an opinion columnist for the Boston Globe — said the only reason the protests began is because white people conducting them felt inconvenienced given reports that COVID-19 has been disproportionately affecting people of color.

“One thing I think is really interesting is how these protests have started after all the headlines the last week or so about the disproportionate effect the virus is having in communities of color,” Graham said. “And so when I look at these protests, what I see are a bunch of white people essentially saying, ‘Oh, it’s affecting those people, so why do I have to change my life for them?'”

She also said the “overwhelmingly white” protesters simply “don’t care” about anyone but themselves.

“They’re out there waving American flags. They don’t care about America,” Graham added. “What they care about is [President] Donald Trump and what Donald Trump has created. They don’t care about the people risking their lives to keep this country moving … all they want is another battle waged for their lost cause. This isn’t a protest; this is a temper tantrum.”

Michael Harriot, senior writer for The Root, put it bluntly: “If you want the government to open up, then you want more black and brown people to die.”

(H/T: Townhall)

Black people Cultural appropriation allegation Intelwars Negro spirituals Race Racism SLAVERY watch Western michigan university White People

Mostly white college choir singing ‘negro spirituals’ spurs ‘cultural appropriation’ charges. But black professor who led performance isn’t apologizing.

A performance of “negro spirituals” by a mostly white vocal ensemble at Western Michigan University has elicited angry accusations of “cultural appropriation” — but the black guest professor who led last Wednesday’s performance isn’t apologizing, according to the Western Herald, WMU’s student newspaper.

What are the details?

John Wesley Wright — who teaches at Salisbury University in Maryland — led the production of “Spirituals: From Ship to Shore,” which included songs black slaves sang in the 18th and 19th centuries, the paper said.

Wright said during the performance that the spirituals “don’t belong to one race” and had become so entrenched in United States history and culture that they “had no ethnicity” and are “American songs,” the Herald reported, which cited “multiple members of the majority white production and audience.”

That set off WMU music student Shaylee Faught, who attended the performance and called Wright’s comments “ignorant,” the paper said.

In fact, Faught posted video of the performance to Twitter — along with her reaction to it. (Content warning: Language):

A second clip shows Faught frowning as the ensemble sings “Wade in the Water”:

“So apparently Western Michigan University thinks it’s OK for white [people] to sing negro spirituals while the instructor talking ’bout ‘these songs don’t belong to one race.’ They sure as hell DO,” she wrote.

Faught sent an email to WMU’s dean, the dean of fine arts, the board of trustees, the director of the school of music, and the office for diversity and inclusion venting her outrage, WKZO radio reported.

“While I understand the importance of education, I think there is a fine line between appreciation and appropriation, and the concert last night seemed very inappropriate,” part of her email said, according to the station.

“As a black woman, Negro Spirituals are [a part] of my history and my culture, and it signifies the struggle and hardships my ancestors went through. The way the program last night was portrayed is that it is all fun and games and is merely entertainment,” she added, WKZO said.

Faught also asked for a public apology from the school of music, said Wright should never come back to WMU, and insisted that students should be consulted the next time a similar show is planned in order to avoid insensitivities, the station said.

The professor responds

Wright told the Herald that he’s not apologizing: “I do not feel the need to have to defend what I’m doing, and I’ve done this for 30 years and to great response.”

He also questioned Faught’s motives and wondered if she had been “investigated,” the paper said, adding that a mentor of his questioned her mental health.

Wright came to WMU on residency after Ken Prewitt, a WMU voice professor, invited him last year, the Herald reported. Wright arrived in Kalamazoo on Valentine’s Day to prepare the choirs for the Feb. 19 show, the paper added.

Prewitt told the Herald that Wright is “one of the premiere people for this kind of presentation” and declined further comment.

More students speak out

According to one of the vocalists, some of the songs performed weren’t part of the original program, the paper said.

Kayla Lawson, who is black, told the Herald that Wright added songs like “Wade in the Water” and “Walking Up With My Mind on Freedom” at the last minute: “We prepared all the other stuff but [Wright] randomly pulled that out and had us sing it, and we had no idea that was happening. He just told us to start singing to make a point.”

Allison Rousseau also sang in the show and told the paper she had mixed feelings but went ahead with the songs, the paper said: “Our instructor was African-American, and he said it was okay because the songs aren’t just [black] culture.”

But she added to the Herald that “it was just so conflicting to be a part of that. I’m upset that I didn’t say something before because I didn’t know how many people felt the same way that I did.”

However, another black student who was part of the show told the paper that Wright was on the mark.

“I don’t think that much needs to have been done differently,” Tre Bryant told the Herald. “Dr. Wright did his due diligence of educating the audience and performers of what they were doing and what the songs meant.”

Bryant added to the paper that the spirituals have evolved and have become part of the larger language of music, such as in blues, rock, and jazz — but that everyone should know their origins, which is why Wright called the songs “for everyone.”

“We cannot expect people of other races to truly understand what our people had to go through and the songs they sang just to make it through the day if we are not willing to allow them to learn, and that’s what this was meant to be,” Bryant told the Herald.

But audience member DeUnique Dorris — director of outreach for WMU’s Black Student Union — told the paper Wright’s comments were ill-conceived given the ethnicity of the singers: “The teacher wasn’t acknowledging the history when he’s saying it’s for everyone. Yeah, it’s for everyone to hear, but it takes away the meaning when it’s from a mostly white cast.”

In fact, the BSU demanded an apology and called the performance appalling and “another example of racial insensitivity allowed on WMU’s campus,” the Herald said.

WMU’s Student Association added, “We stand with Shaylee Faught and the students who experience the insidious nature of cultural appropriation. Their experience is characteristic of a lack of accountability to student concerns. When the director is more concerned with investigating the mental health of a student rather than empathetically responding to concerns of students, it further illustrates that student’s voices do not matter. We do not and will not tolerate these inappropriate responses,” the paper said.

What did the university have to say?

The school called Wright’s comments about Faught “unfortunate,” the Herald said, and that “the student’s perspective is real and is important, without a doubt.”

hate crime Intelwars portland Race Racism allegation Violence White People

‘I hate white people’: Woman charged with bias crime after allegedly punching a mom in the face multiple times at Portland bus stop

Court records state that Nimo Jire Kalinle, 42, exited a bus in Portland, Oregon, last month and proceeded to repeatedly punch a mother in the face at the bus stop, the Oregonian reported.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The mother — who was with her young daughter and husband at the time — asked why Kalinle was pummeling her, and the suspect’s response was, “It’s because you’re white, and I hate white people,” the paper said, citing a probable cause affidavit.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The husband stepped in and restrained Kalinle until officers arrived, and the victim — who stated she had never seen the suspect before and doesn’t know her — was taken to a hospital and treated for her injuries, KPTV-TV reported, citing court documents.

The station said the victim had been on the bus with Kalinle.

What happened next?

Kalinle was arrested and indicted on multiple criminal counts in connection with the Jan. 19 incident, the Oregonian reported, citing court documents.

But after Kalinle failed to show up for her Feb. 5 arraignment, authorities issued a bench warrant, the paper said, citing court records.

Finally cops arrested her Sunday on suspicion of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in a separate incident and booked her into Multnomah County jail, the Oregonian reported.

Kalinle on Monday pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree bias crime, second-degree bias crime, fourth-degree felony assault, and two counts of interfering with public transportation, KPTV reported.

She’s scheduled to be back in court March 6, the station said.

What else do we know about the suspect?

Kalinle previously faced criminal charges for throwing rocks through bus shelters and damaging other bus agency property, the Oregonian reported, citing court records.

Intelwars Multicultural student center Race Racism safe spaces university of virginia watch White People

In wake of ‘too many white people in here’ video, UVA students are asked: Should whites be allowed in school’s Multicultural Student Center?

A black woman was recently caught on video in the newly opened Multicultural Student Center at the University of Virginia saying there are “too many white people in here, and this is a space for people of color.” The university’s official stance is that the MSC is for all students.

Here’s the clip:

Should whites be allowed in the Multicultural Student Center?

Naturally the clip drew quite a bit of attention and controversy — and in its wake, Young America’s Foundation spokeswoman Kara Zupkus headed to UVA’s campus this week to ask students if whites indeed should be allowed in the Multicultural Student Center.

“I’m pretty much fine, like, if that space is [for nonwhites],” a white male student replied, adding that “we have more areas where we can feel comfortable, and if [people of color] don’t feel comfortable in those other areas … it’s nice for them to have a space where they do feel comfortable.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A black female student noted that it’s important to “be mindful that it is a space where students of color go to be comfortable and to feel safe and supported, and when … white students … are in there doing something that could be perceived as disrespectful … you have to understand that that could be hurtful.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

It isn’t clear from the clip if she offered an example of “disrespectful” behavior.

“White people need to be aware of the fact that it’s not a space for them and make sure that … when they’re entering … that space they’re not … taking up the space [from] people of color who want to use it,” a black male student said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

He added that the MSC “is a place for people of color and … multicultural students to gather, and so they kind of want that to be a safe space for them,” but that “you don’t want it to be exclusive” to the point that “white people are being ostracized … so it’s kind of … a tough balancing act.”

But in the end he noted that UVA is predominantly white and that the school’s “spaces … are made for white people,” and therefore other spaces where people of color and LGBTQ people can feel “safe” should exist.

A black female student added that UVA has a “history” of “oppressing people of color, and so it’s very hard for people to have a space where they feel, like, safe, and the MSC is place where we feel safe.” She also said that if white people do enter the MSC, it should be to “engage” with culture and to attend MSC events.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A white female student said the MSC is “a multicultural student space and that white people need to be aware of the spaces that they occupy” and that the black woman who spoke in the viral video “had a good point, and she wasn’t aggressive.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Another female student said “as a white person I don’t want to say that I should be allowed anywhere, and I think it should be up to those organizations to decide.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Here’s the video of the interviews:

(H/T: The College Fix)

2020 presidential election 2nd Amend. Bernie Sanders gun rights guns Intelwars Left-wing intolerance Leftists Racism allegation watch White People

White leftist lectures black man for wearing ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt at Bernie rally, calls his shirt ‘racist’ — and fight breaks out

A fight broke out during a rally Sunday evening for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver — but a man who contacted KCNC-TV said he was involved in the dust-up and that it says a lot about the intolerance of the left.

What are the details?

A KCNC cameraman taking video of the rally caught the fight in progress. A white man in a light-blue jeans jacket slammed another man to the floor before several people pulled them apart:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The man who was slammed to the ground was wearing a “Black Guns Matter” shirt underneath his jacket, as can be seen in the below clip of the fight:

What did the man who said he was wearing the ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt have to say?

A man who anonymously contacted KCNC said he is black and was wearing the “Black Guns Matter” shirt and that the white man was the aggressor.

“He had a problem with the shirt I was wearing,” the man told the station. “I was recording the event, he walks up and calls me a racist. But I thought, ‘What’s he know about black lives, about discrimination, or, for that matter, the representation of the shirt?'”

The man — who said he got the shirt from a concealed-carry class — added to KCNC that “black people and their ability to own firearms has historically been very restricted [in America].”

He also told the station he agrees with Sanders on a number of issues but not gun ownership — and that he was surprised at the intolerance of the white man who body slammed him.

“I think it’s really a sad thing at a Bernie rally when someone has a difference of opinion that someone would be treated like that,” the man added to KCNC. “I thought it really would be a lot more inclusive than that. It’s not a safe place to express differences. I would expect that sort of thing at a Trump rally.”

What did a man who said he was the other fight participant have to say?

A man who identified himself as “Tyler” also contacted the station and said he’s a Sanders supporter and was the other fight participant.

Tyler told KCNC a person with a “Black Guns Matter” shirt was with two other men, and they were booing during Sanders’ speech. He added to the station that when he tried to capture video of the booing, the man wearing the shirt shoved him through a barrier, and Tyler retaliated.

Here’s a clip KCNC said was sent anonymously to the station that shows what led up to the fight. (Content warning: Language):

In the clip, the white man lectured about the shirt and said “you’re equating black guns to black people, black lives, that’s exactly what you’re doing. I hope those guns are as important to you as other people’s lives.”

When things get heated, the white man asks, “Why are you getting so angry? Because you know I’m right.”

At one point, another person who sounds like a woman tells the white man that “we don’t have the right to speak on black lives.”

Finally, the white man says “your shirt’s racist” — and then it’s on.

The station added that neither of the men involved in the fight was removed from the venue, and that security simply told them to separate.

(H/T: Louder With Crowder)