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Atilis Gym says NJ ’emptied out every single dollar that we have’ from bank account amid COVID-19 lockdown battle with state

The co-owner of lockdown-defying Atilis Gym said the state of New Jersey “emptied out every single dollar that we have” from gym’s bank account amid a legal battle with the state over fines for breaking coronavirus-related rules for businesses.

What are the details?

Ian Smith appeared Thursday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and told the host that he and business partner Frank Trumbetti checked their bank statement Wednesday morning “and we had no money in our bank account. The state emptied out every single dollar that we have.”

Smith on Wednesday tweeted that far-left New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) “and his cronies seized 100%” of the Bellmawr gym’s “legal defense money” to the tune of $173,613.60. Smith added, “If you think that’s gonna make us stand down, you’re delusional.” In a video tweet Thursday, Smith cited an amount of $165,000. The gym on Friday didn’t immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for clarification on the dollar amount.

“This is in the middle of an appeals process and ongoing litigation in the matter of the fines and several other matters regarding the state, including a lawsuit against Governor Murphy and [State Health Commissioner] Judith Persichilli,” Smith told Carlson, adding that “this is an interference with our right to counsel.”

He added to the host that the money didn’t come from memberships since Atilis hasn’t charged members since April 1, 2020; rather it came from donations and T-shirt sales, which the owners used “to pay our bills and fight our legal battles.”

Smith noted that the money seizure is a “blatant violation of our constitutional rights and our ability to defend ourselves in the court of law.”

What did the state have to say?

A spokesman for the New Jersey attorney general’s office told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the information Smith shared “is not accurate” and that “the state has not seized their bank account funds.”

Instead, the spokesman said “the state has obtained judgments against the owners, and intends to collect on them. The total due and owing as a result of court-entered judgments to date is $134,463.08.”

“Apparently the funds you reference were frozen as a result of a bank levy having been issued due to the state’s collection efforts, which is part of the enforcement of a judicial order,” the state is quoted to have said to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Now what?

When Carlson asked Smith what he and Trumbetti will do now that there’s no money in their bank account, Smith said they will switch to a cash system.

“We will continue to fight this no matter what,” he added to the host.

Carlson noted how ironic it is that the gym owners are “being punished for trying to keep people healthy and trim in the middle of a pandemic that kills people who are overweight and out of shape.”

“You are doing more than [Gov. Murphy] has to save people’s lives,” the host added, “and, of course, you are being destroyed for it.”

Smith in his Thursday video tweet said the state also is leveling a $15,497.76 daily fine for each day the gym stays open.

Gym owner who defied lockdowns claims state emptied entire bank account

Anything else?

Atilis Gym has gained national attention amid its battle with New Jersey bureaucrats.

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Don Lemon keeps demonizing all Trump voters, says they’re ‘complicit’ with Capitol rioters’ actions and beliefs

CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday doubled down on his demonization of all those who voted for President Donald Trump, this time saying they’re “complicit” with the actions and beliefs of the U.S. Capitol rioters.

What’s the background?

Lemon on Wednesday lumped in all Trump voters with the rioters at the U.S. Capitol — as well as the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, the alt-right, and those who support slavery and bigotry.

Even if a Trump voter wasn’t part of the mob that stormed the Capitol, Lemon said “you’re in the crowd who voted for Trump. If you voted for Trump, you voted for the person who the Klan supported. You voted for the person who Nazis support. You voted for the person who the alt-right supports. That’s the crowd that you are in. You voted for a person who incited a crowd to go into the Capitol and potentially take the lives of lawmakers, took the lives of police officers, took the … innocent lives of the people who were at the Capitol that day.”

Encore! Encore!

Speaking again with colleague Chris Cuomo on Thursday night, Cuomo told Lemon in regard to Trump voters who disagree with last week’s rioting, “They look at this mob, and they say, ‘That’s not me. I’m nothing like those people. I would never have done that. They’re all wrong.'”

But Lemon was unmoved: “Those people voted they way you voted and who you voted for. I’m just saying.”

Cuomo replied, “But just because you voted for the same people doesn’t mean you believe the same things.”

“Yes, it does,” Lemon retorted, actually making a face at Cuomo. “You vote for people who have common interests … that’s just how it is. You don’t vote for the most liberal person in the world because you’re a conservative; you vote for someone who shares your common interests. That’s how voting works. That’s how political parties work …”

Cuomo observed, “But it doesn’t mean that a voter believes their vote means what you think it means.”

But Lemon wouldn’t let up his vilification of all Trump voters: “But it also means that you share something with that person, and you must own up to it. We have to stop … giving people an out for people who represent the worst behaviors. Stop trying to make an excuse for people who voted for someone who has those beliefs … you may think that you don’t believe that, but in a way … you’re complicit with it because you are voting for the same type of person.”

Here’s the clip:

Capitol rioters CNN Don Lemon Donald Trump Intelwars kkk Neo-Nazis Trump voters watch

CNN’s Don Lemon vilifies all Trump voters, lumps them in with Capitol rioters, Nazis, KKK, alt-right

CNN’s Don Lemon vilified all voters of President Donald Trump on his program Wednesday night, lumping them in with rioters at the U.S. Capitol as well as the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, the alt-right, and those who support slavery and bigotry.

What are the details?

While Lemon chatted with colleague Chris Cuomo, the subject turned to Trump voters and the Capitol riot last week.

“Now what you hear is, ‘Well, you can’t say that everybody who voted for Trump is like the people who went into the Capitol,'” Cuomo posed before asking Lemon for his reaction.

“You need to think about the side you’re on,” Lemon replied. “Principled people — conservative or liberal — never on the Klan side. Principled people — conservative or liberal — never on the Nazi side. Principled people who are conservative or liberal never on the side that treats their fellow Americans as less-than. That says that your fellow Americans should not exist. That says your fellow Americans should be in a concentration camp or that sides with slavery or sides with any sort of bigotry.”

“Right,” Cuomo replied. “And if they say, ‘I don’t agree with those people, I just like Trump’s policies—'”

“Well, then get out of the crowd with them,” Lemon shot back. “Get out of the crowd with them.”

“I wasn’t in the crowd; I just voted for Trump,” Cuomo replied, taking on the persona of a Trump voter.

“You’re in the crowd who voted for Trump,” Lemon answered. “If you voted for Trump, you voted for the person who the Klan supported. You voted for the person who Nazis support. You voted for the person who the alt-right supports. That’s the crowd that you are in. You voted for a person who incited a crowd to go into the Capitol and potentially take the lives of lawmakers, took the lives of police officers, took the … innocent lives of the people who were at the Capitol that day.”

Lemon added: “You voted on that side.”

What was the reaction?

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro took Lemon to task, calling his statements “vile.”

“It’s this deliberate attempt to lump together anyone who voted for Trump and the Capitol rioters that undermines the possibility of unity,” he added. “It also happens to be false and indecent.”

Here’s the clip:

Intelwars Kick to head Physical attack Police Seattle watch

Thug caught on video kicking women in head from behind in separate incidents; one victim suffers 10 facial fractures

Seattle police detectives arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with separate attacks caught on video in which two women were kicked in their heads from behind,
KIRO-TV reported.

Police said Wednesday the suspect was arrested and will be booked into the King County Jail on suspicion of assault, the station said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What are the details?

Police said in both attacks — which occurred day apart last week — the man was wearing the same clothes and attacked the women in the same way, the station said.

“There was no interaction between the two,” Seattle Police Officer Valerie Carson told KIRO. “They didn’t speak, they didn’t exchange words.”

On Jan. 6, police said the man stepped on a bus near Northeast 43rd and University Avenue and became agitated at a woman talking on the phone, the station reported. Surveillance video shows him kicking the victim from behind in her head.

The woman suffered a concussion as a result, KIRO said.

Then around 5 p.m. Jan. 7, investigators said a 56-year-old woman was planting flower bulbs on Fourth Avenue and Blanchard Street when the man walked up to her from behind and kicked her in the side of her head, the station reported.

After the second attack, video showed the man scampering off for a few yards before casually walking away.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Officer Carson said the second victim — who had never encountered the suspect before — suffered 10 fractures to cheekbone, nose, sinuses, and eye socket, KIRO reported.

Here’s a clip of the second attack:


The second victim is a semi-retired pediatric nurse who for years has cared for children with cancer, the station said, adding that she also has volunteered to help homeless people.

And every year she plants daffodil and tulip bulbs in the tree wells in Belltown, KIRO said.

Carson noted that “it’s shocking … for all of us to think that there might be someone out there who could do something so violent with no remorse,” KIRO added.

Anyone who has any information on the attacks can call the Seattle Police tip line at 206-233-5000, the station said.

Here’s a KCPQ-TV video report about the attacks which aired prior the arrest:

dinner Intelwars Mayor Physical attack portland Ted Wheeler violent leftists watch

Left-wing thugs punch, scream at left-wing Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler during restaurant dinner

It should come as no surprise to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the daily nightmare that is Portland, Oregon, that its left-wing Mayor Ted Wheeler isn’t left-wing enough for violent leftists who roam the streets looking for their pound of flesh.

What’s the background?

You may recall that Wheeler tried chatting with leftist rioters back in July after they’d been burning down his city night after night — and
they proceeded to shred him to bits. As Wheeler walked into the crowds for what he deemed a “listening session,” some threw objects toward him while others called for his resignation, chanting, “Tear Gas Teddy,” the New York Times said.

He was booed, he was cursed out, he was shouted down, he was harassed. “F*** Ted Wheeler!” one leftist shouted out before adding that the mayor is a “f***ing fascist!”

Content warning: Language:

Now what?

Fast-forward to what apparently had been a peaceful dinner for Wheeler and a companion Wednesday night at Cafe Nell’s outdoor dining area.

Well, as the mainstream media enjoys saying, it was mostly peaceful.

See, some folks started yelling obscenities at Wheeler from outside the tent, mayoral spokesman Jim Middaugh told the Oregonian in a statement. And soon the thugs eventually “pushed their way past restaurant employees” and confronted the mayor, Middaugh told the paper.

But after Wheeler asked the group to leave, “one member of the group started swatting at the mayor and made physical contact with him,” Middaugh added to the Oregonian.

More from the paper:

The reported contact was not captured on video footage posted to Twitter, though Wheeler can be heard
claiming someone assaulted him. He wasn’t hurt.

At one point in a different video clip, Wheeler repeatedly asks a person behind the camera how old they are — and tells them to grow up.

“You are going to be made to feel like the scum you are,” the person later yelled at Wheeler.

Restaurant staff eventually persuaded the group to leave, Middaugh said.

Here’s one of the clips. (Content warning: Language):

Eater noted that “Tevis” is Wheeler’s middle name.

Police told the Oregonian that no one has been arrested and authorities are investigating the incident.

“Given the tenor of political discourse nationally and locally, it’s not unusual for people to confront the mayor and other elected officials in public. It’s part of the job,” Middaugh added to the outlet. “The mayor will continue to support local restaurants and businesses as often as he can. He urges others to do the same.”

Black people Capitol siege Congress Cori bush Intelwars Police Violence watch White supremacy allegation

Democratic US rep calls out ‘white supremacy’ of Capitol siege, says rioters ‘would have been shot’ if they were black

Brand-new U.S. Rep. Cori Bush — a Black Lives Matter proponent who was part of the mob that confronted Mark and Patricia McCloskey outside their St. Louis home over the summer as the couple armed themselves — said the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday “would have been shot” had they been black.

What are the details?

Bush — a Missouri Democrat — told MSNBC “had it been people who look like me, had it been the same amount of people, but had they been black and brown, we wouldn’t have made it up those steps. We wouldn’t have made it to be able to get into the door and bust windows and go put our feet up on the desks of Congress members. We wouldn’t have made it that far. We would have been shot. We would’ve been tear gassed … rubber bullets. That would’ve happened before we made it there.”

She continued: “We need to call it what it is. It’s white supremacy. It was white privilege, and it was the call of our president, and it was encouraged by our Republican colleagues.”

Several hundred supporters of President Donald Trump — among tens of thousands who gathered Wednesday in Washington, D.C., to protest the results of the 2020 election — breached police lines, broke into the Capitol building, and rioted, forcing a lockdown and evacuation of elected officials and their staff members.

She also wants GOP legislators expelled who wanted to overturn election

Bush also told MSNBC that Republican lawmakers who disputed the election results “have been the ones trying to steal this election. That’s why we are calling for them to be removed. They should not be seated.”

Indeed, the Hill reported that her first legislative act is introducing a resolution to investigate and possibly remove them.

“I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences,” Bush said, according to the outlet. “They have broken their sacred Oath of Office. I will be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion.”

Questions for law enforcement

Bush in her MSBC interview also questioned the actions of law enforcement during the Capitol rioting.

“It was strange because it was almost like there was this call to not use force,” she said. “I’m not used to seeing this where there could be this many people, and there is nothing that looks like it’s in place. There are pictures and video of police officers … walking away. I’m even hearing people talking about … that they just stood by.”

Bush added that lawmakers at the Capitol have been reassured that “when we are here on these grounds that we are safe … but today was not that day.”

Anything else?

During their appearance at the Republican National Convention in August, the McCloskeys called Bush a “Marxist liberal activist” who was “leading the mob through our neighborhood” and “stood outside of our home with a bullhorn screaming ‘you can’t stop the revolution'” — and “that Marxist revolutionary is now going to be the congresswoman for the 1st District of Missouri,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said.

Bush responded to the couple’s remarks that “this is their way of just trying to get attention, trying to get some notoriety,” the paper added.

Last month a judge dismissed the St. Louis prosecutor from the McCloskey case, saying improper fundraising emails by Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s campaign infringed on the couple’s right to a fair trial. Gardner filed felony gun charges against the McCloskeys in July.

Georgia runoff election Intelwars Meghan McCain Raphael warnock The View watch Whoopi Goldberg

Angry Whoopi Goldberg slaps down Meghan McCain’s questions for Democratic US Sen.-elect Raphael Warnock — who of course skirted them

Co-host Meghan McCain has been having a tough couple of days on “The View.”

On Monday, the lone conservative voice on the decidedly left-wing TV program was forced to push back against Joy Behar — perhaps the most ardent leftist co-host on the show — over her “dangerous'” rhetoric regarding those who voted for President Donald Trump.

But it got nastier on Wednesday during a segment in which “The View” welcomed with open arms the new U.S. senator-elect from Georgia, the Rev. Raphael Warnock.

What happened?

McCain had no intention of pitching softballs to the far-left Democrat, fresh from his runoff victory Tuesday night — but she did offer him congratulations to start things off.

“I watched your race closely like everyone else, and you talked a lot about unity on the campaign trail and the need to unify the country and unify Georgians,” she continued. “But progressives across the country are celebrating that your election could mean adding two states, eliminating the filibuster, and packing the Supreme Court with more members. Your colleague [Democratic U.S. Sen.] Joe Manchin has joined with Republicans to reject those ideas. [Democratic Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer this morning tweeted ‘buckle up.’ So you could understand how it’s hard for Republicans like to believe in the spirit of unity. And I want to know, will you do the same thing as Joe Manchin and agree not to follow up on all of those things?”

Warnock skirted McCain’s question by replying that he hasn’t been thinking about those issues, and neither are his constituents. But McCain refused to let him grandstand, and she interrupted his attempt to move the goalposts.

“Senator, I do believe that average Americans care about packing the courts, and I just want to know if you would agree and join Joe Manchin and agree that you’re not for that?” McCain continued.

Already a skilled politician, Warnock certainly knows how to avoid giving direct answers — and he warbled on about other issues.

But after he finished, McCain continued to press: “Senator, I understand that. I’m just asking you a direct question. I just wanted to know if you would join—”

Goldberg, however, began speaking while McCain was still asking her question: “Well … actually, I’m going to end this. I get …”

And then she yelled at McCain: “Hey, listen!”

Dialing it back just a tad, Goldberg continued by saying, “We’re gonna say thanks to the Senator-elect, Rev. Raphael Warnock, and we will be right back. Thanks for coming back, sir.”

Warnock smiled and said, “Great to be on ‘The View!'”

Raphael Warnock Calls Projected Win “Reversal of the Old Southern Strategy’ | The View

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Mitch McConnell implores fellow senators to not attempt to overturn Electoral College win for Joe Biden

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told his colleagues Wednesday that they should not attempt to overturn the Electoral College victory for President-elect Joe Biden.

What are the details?

“This will be the most important vote I’ve ever cast,” McConnell said at the outset of a sober speech delivered from the Senate floor, adding that he supported President Donald Trump’s desire to contest the election results, which were mired in controversy and hit with numerous charges of fraud.

But McConnell added that after recounts and court proceedings, the results stood — and therefore the outcome must be accepted and supported.

“Every election we know features some illegality and irregularity, and, of course, that’s unacceptable,” he said. “I support strong state-led voting reforms. Last year’s bizarre pandemic procedures must not become the new norm. But, my colleagues, nothing before us proves illegality anywhere near the massive scale — the massive scale that would have tipped the entire election, nor can public doubt alone justify a radical break when the doubt itself was incited without any evidence.”

He added that Congress members have a “limited role” when it comes to election results: “We cannot simply declare ourselves a national board of elections on steroids. The voters, the courts, and the states have all spoken. They’ve all spoken. If we overrule them, it would damage our republic forever. … If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral. We would never see the whole nation accept an election again. Every four years would be a scramble for power at any cost.”

McConnell continued, “The Electoral College, which most of us on this side have been defending for years, would cease to exist, leaving many of our states with no real say at all in choosing a president.”

In one of the more stirring moments of his address, McConnell observed that “we cannot keep drifting apart into two separate tribes with a separate set of facts and separate realities with nothing in common except our hostility toward each other and mistrust for the few national institutions that we all still share.”

Democrats don’t get off the hook

McConnell didn’t let Democrats off the hook either, for contesting Electoral College results as recently as in the aftermaths of the 2000, 2004, and 2016 elections.

“After 2004, a senator joined and forced the same debate, and believe it or not, Democrats like Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and Hillary Clinton … praised them and applauded the stunt,” he recalled. “Republicans condemned those baseless efforts back then, and we just spent four years condemning Democrats’ shameful attacks on the validity of President Trump’s own election.”

More from his speech:

So look, there can be no double standard. The media that is outraged today spent four years aiding and abetting Democrats’ attacks on our institutions after they lost. But we must not imitate and escalate what we repudiate. Our duty is to govern for the public good. The United States Senate has a higher calling than an endless spiral of partisan vengeance. Congress will either override the voters, overrule them — the voters, the states, and the courts — for the first time ever or honor the people’s decision.

We’ll either guarantee Democrats’ delegitimizing efforts after 2016 become a permanent new routine for both sides or declare that our nation deserves a lot better than this. We’ll either hasten down a poisonous path where only the winners of [an] election actually accept the results, or show we can still muster the patriotic courage that our forebears showed not only in victory but in defeat.

McConnell concluded, “It would be unfair and wrong to disenfranchise American voters and overrule the courts and the states on this extraordinarily thin basis. And I will not pretend such a vote would be a harmless protest gesture while relying on others to do the right thing. I will vote to respect the people’s decision and defend our system of government as we know it.”

Here’s the full video of his speech:

Senator Mitch McConnell Full Remarks on Electoral College

Federal buildings Intelwars Minneapolis New Year's Eve Philadelphia Rioting vandalism violent leftists watch

Militant leftists arrested after New Year’s Eve rioting in Minneapolis, vandalism of federal buildings in Philadelphia

Left-wing militants in Minneapolis and Philadelphia apparently decided they’d ring in the new year not with horns and high-fives but rather with knives, mace, Molotov cocktails, and bricks in order to spread their messages of peace, love, and acceptance.

What are the details?

In Minneapolis, five people were charged Monday with second-degree riot-armed with a dangerous weapon, a felony,
KARE-TV reported. They are Jordan Abhold, 26, Nelson Mendez, 31, Thomas Moseley, 29, Marc Holley, 32, and Laura Galaviz, 29, the station said, citing the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

KARE said the arrests occurred one night after
a man was shot and killed during a shootout with Minneapolis police.

More from the station:

According to the criminal complaint, Minneapolis police noticed social media posts telling people to gather at 11 p.m. that night at Park Avenue and Fourth Street in downtown Minneapolis. The posts said to wear black and “mask up,” according to the complaint. The posts also made threats of property damage, including “BURN THE PRECINCTS & THE PRISONS!”

The complaint says about 75 people gathered at Commons Park chanting and marching on the sidewalks and roads, disrupting traffic and the light rail trains. The march continued to the Hennepin County Juvenile Justice Center and the Juvenile Detention Center on Park Avenue, according to the complaint.

Police also saw members of the group shooting fireworks toward motorists and spray-painting graffiti on buildings, including the detention center and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, less than 45 minutes after the group arrived at the park, officers were ordered to move in and detain as many of the people as possible. While many scattered, the complaint says officers arrested about 35 of them.

During the arrests, the complaint say officers recovered knives, mace, improvised spike balls, fireworks, gas masks, a taser, body armor and helmets. Five of the people arrested were charged with the felony riot charge.

Abhold was carrying a loaded .38 special revolver — which he had a permit to carry — two speed loaders with ammunition, and a device that appeared to be scanning police radio communication, KARE said, citing the complaint. Moseley was carrying a knife and already had been charged with felony damage to property at the Minneapolis Fifth Precinct police station and possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse, the station said, citing the complaint. Prosecutors are seeking $100,000 bail for both of them. KARE said, citing the attorney’s office.

The station added that Holley was carrying a knife, a gas mask, zip ties, body armor, and a two-way radio, according to the complaint, Mendez had fireworks, a green laser, a taser, and a gas mask, and Galaviz was carrying two knives. Prosecutors are seeking $20,000 bail for the trio, KARE said.

All five were expected to make their first court appearances Tuesday, the station said, citing the attorney’s office.

And in the City of Brotherly Love…

Seven people were arrested after several Philadelphia federal buildings were vandalized on New Year’s Eve, police told the Associated Press.

Get a load of the lineup:

WXTF-TV identified the arrestees in the above photos as (top row, from left) Adam McVicker, Meredith Tooker, Dustin Callahan, Sydney Miller, and (bottom row) Allison Donohue, Jacob Robotin, Josey Augustine.

What are the details?

Officers spotted about 50 people — all dressed in black — at the historic U.S. Customs House around 8:30 p.m. where windows were smashed, police told the AP. Four arrests were made there, the outlet said, and three other suspects were arrested elsewhere.

Vandals then scrawled anti-police and anti-prison graffiti on the Federal Detention Center, police told the AP, adding that a nearby sheriff’s van was defaced and had several windows broken.

Image source: WCAU-TV video screenshot

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Mike Cram said “numerous Molotov cocktails and some other devices which haven’t been identified” were recovered, the outlet reported.

McVicker, 25, is accused of throwing a brick and is charged with criminal mischief and related counts, as are Callahan, 24, Donohue, 23, and Augustine, 31, the AP said, adding that Robotin, 25, Miller, 22, and Tooker, 26, are charged with attempted arson and risking a catastrophe, as well was other counts that include conspiracy.

Robotin was carrying a glass jar with a fuse that had “a strong flammable odor,” as well as a plastic container with white powder labeled “Fire Starter,” police told the AP, adding that Miller had bottles with liquids that had “a chemical smell.”

Brad raffensperger Georgia election Intelwars Leftists Runoff election Stacey abrams steven colbert voter rights watch

Leftist Stacey Abrams rips Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as ‘not defending the right of voters’

It appears that leftist Stacey Abrams is tough to please — even if you’re the apparent new darling of the Democrats.

You see, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger defended the results of his state’s presidential election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden — and just days ago said he was glad a controversial phone recording between him and President Donald Trump surfaced, as Raffensperger said Trump misrepresented him.

“Brad Raffensperger: he’s not some liberal. Like he’s no hero of mine,” Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen told CNN, according to Reuters. “He is a solid conservative Republican standing up to the president. That’s what makes it so significant.”

But Abrams — who lost her Georgia gubernatorial bid in 2016 and has been working hard to get out the vote in the state’s runoff election Tuesday as the Democrats try to tip the balance of the U.S. Senate — is still no fan of Raffensperger.

What are the details?

“Lionizing Brad Raffensperger’s a bit wrong-headed,” she told late-night TV host Stephen Colbert on Monday. “This man is not defending the right of voters. He’s defending an election that he ran.”

Abrams — who was scolded by a Democratic representative earlier this year for actively campaigning to be Biden’s vice presidential pick — blasted Raffensperger for his desire to place restrictions on who can vote via absentee ballot in future Georgia elections. She added that he is “not” any sort of “voting rights champion.”

“But even a broken clock is right twice a day,” Abrams added, “and it’s a good thing that he’s defending this election …”

Anything else?

It’s worth noting that Raffensperger is investigating Abrams’ group — New Georgia Project — for “repeatedly and aggressively” seeking to register “ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” ahead of Tuesday’s runoff.

Raffensperger said early last month that “we’ve had additional information coming in regarding the tactics from these groups including the New Georgia Project sending five voter registrations to the same dead person, and sending applications to ineligible voters.” He also said his family received mailers directed to his deceased son, urging him to register to vote.

Oh, and a federal judge — who happens to be Abrams’ sister — last week ordered two Georgia counties to reverse course on removing thousands of individuals from voter rolls ahead of Tuesday’s runoff election.

Car theft gun rights guns Illinois Intelwars Physical attack Self-Defense Teenagers watch

Man, 35, chases down two 17-year-olds who allegedly stole his car. Teens end up shot after struggle, one of them fatally.

After a 35-year-old Illinois man located and chased down two 17-year-old males who allegedly stole his car days before, the teens ended up shot after a physical altercation early Sunday — one of them fatally, investigators told the Chicago Tribune.

What are the details?

The 35-year-old Round Lake Beach man reported his 2012 Chevrolet sedan stolen from his home Dec. 30 and spotted the black vehicle in Volo about 3 a.m. Sunday, Sgt. Chris Covelli of the Lake County sheriff’s office told the paper.

Covelli told the Tribune that detectives were trying to figure out if the man located his car by coincidence, if he had a tracking system onboard, or if he’d left electronics in the vehicle he could trace. Volo is about 15 minutes southwest of Round Lake Beach.

The Carol Stream teens were spotted near Route 12 and Route 120, and the owner pursued them in another vehicle, the paper said. The teens made it about a mile before running out of gas in a desolate, sparsely populated area, the Tribune reported, adding that the car owner confronted the teens in a deserted parking lot. Carol Stream is about 55 minutes west of Chicago and about 55 minutes south of Volo.

More from the paper:

The 35-year-old, who is not being named because he has not been charged with a crime, called 911 when he and the two 17-year-old boys got into a confrontation and physical fight, Covelli said. When it was over, both teenagers were suffering from gunshot wounds.

“The caller was the 35-year-old, dispatchers could hear the physical altercation in the background,” Covelli wrote in an email.

One of the three was armed with a handgun, although detectives were not yet sure to whom the gun belonged, where he’d been carrying it or when or why he drew it. Covelli said it was too soon to say whether the gun owner had a firearm owner’s identification card or a concealed carry license.

“Sheriff’s detectives are working to determine this as well,” he told the Tribune. “One would need a FOID card and possibly a CCL to legally possess the firearm. I can’t say at this time whether or not anyone involved possessed those.”

A sheriff’s news release said that during the struggle “one of the males produced a firearm, and it was discharged multiple times. One of the 17-year-olds was struck by the gunfire and pronounced deceased at the scene. The other 17-year-old was struck by the gunfire and sustained serious injuries,” the paper said.

What happened to the man?

The 35-year-old suffered minor injuries but was not shot, Covelli told the Tribune, adding that the man waited on scene for deputies to arrive and was not hospitalized.

The names of the juveniles were not released, the paper said, adding that Covelli said he expected an autopsy to be performed Monday to determine cause of death. The sheriff’s office was treating the case as a homicide investigation, he told the paper, adding that it was too soon to say if the shooting might be treated as self-defense case.

The extent of the surviving teen’s injuries wasn’t immediately clear, the Tribune said, adding that Covelli said the teen’s condition was stabilized at an area hospital.

No arrests had been made, the paper reported, adding that the sheriff’s office said there was “no reason to believe there were other individuals involved in this incident, and there is no immediate threat to the surrounding community.”

Arrests Coronavirus lockdown Curfew Florida Intelwars Key West New Year's Eve watch

COVID curfew violators arrested in Key West — including prominent restaurant owner: ‘He said it was not a real law’

Police arrested at least a half-dozen people — including a prominent restaurant owner — in Key West, Florida, for violating the city’s New Year’s Eve COVID-19 curfew, the Key West Citizen reported.

What are the details?

The paper said Joe Walsh has been a vocal opponent of several city COVID-19 restrictions, including a mask requirement, and that on Thursday he emailed City Manager Greg Veliz stating he wouldn’t close Fogarty’s, his bar and restaurant.

Turns out Walsh’s business was the only one that failed to heed the city’s curfew, which required nonessential businesses to close at 10 p.m. every night through Sunday, the Citizen reported.

“He said it was not a real law,” Veliz added to the paper regarding Walsh’s objection to the curfew.

Veliz noted to the Citizen that he told Walsh in front of Fogarty’s on New Year’s Eve that he didn’t have to be arrested but that he had to close.

“I told him it didn’t have to be this way,” Veliz told the paper. “I turned around, and next thing I know he was in handcuffs. It was unfortunate.”

Walsh and the other arrestees were cited with misdemeanors for violating an emergency management directive, the Citizen said.

In addition, a small protest broke out on New Year’s Eve on Duval Street shortly after 10 p.m., the paper said, adding that tourists told Veliz they didn’t have to obey the curfew.

“I had people telling me they come to Key West because there is no rules. That is the problem,” Veliz told the Citizen. “Times Square in New York City was closed off, and they are telling me Duval Street doesn’t apply.”

Nope, nothing out of sorts occurred in Times Square on New Year’s Eve — especially not with left-wing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Police were called to clear Duval Street and conduct crowd control, the paper said, adding that Veliz noted the street was cleared by 11:10 p.m.

Anything else?

Walsh — who’s scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 14 — on Friday told the Citizen he intends to plead not guilty and fight the charge.

He added to the paper that the city’s curfew violates the governor’s order prohibiting local governments from enforcing local COVID-19 restrictions and that the curfew is illegal because the entire city commission did not vote on it.

California Christmas carols Gavin Newsom Intelwars Kirk Cameron Lockdown protest Mask tyranny watch

Kirk Cameron leads large protest of stay-at-home order. Nary a Molotov cocktail in sight, these revolutionaries sang Christmas carols instead.

Actor Kirk Cameron led a large Tuesday night protest of far-left California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order — and it took place in a mall parking lot with not one Molotov cocktail, baseball bat, or metal baton in sight.

In fact, the group marked the truly peaceful protest by singing Christmas carols.

Image source: KCBS-TV video screenshot

What are the details?

More than 150 people met in the parking lot of the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks around 5:30 p.m., KCBS-TV reported. The station made sure to emphasize that “many were not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing guidelines.”

Image source: KCBS-TV video screenshot

Image source: KCBS-TV video screenshot

In a social media video posted prior to the event, Cameron said, “I personally think that a virus will go right through and will not stop at a piece of paper on your face with rubber bands around your ears.”

Image source: KCBS-TV video screenshot

KCBS added that it wasn’t the first such protest from the “Growing Pains” actor, who held a similar caroling event Dec. 13 that also drew hundreds of people.

One local health official told the station Tuesday’s demonstration could cost lives.

“Some super-spreading events end up in people dying,” Dr. Suman Radnakrishna of Dignity Health California Medical Center in Los Angeles told KCBS, adding that she prefers folks wait a little while longer before gathering normally again. She added that “this is just for the season. The vaccines are coming, if we can just wait it out. Easter will hopefully be a different story.”

The Oaks Mall told the station in an online statement that it wasn’t supporting the event: “We do not condone this irresponsible — yet constitutionally protected — peaceful protest event planned. We share your concern and have notified the sheriff’s office. As well, we have reached out to the event planner to ask that they do not use The Oaks as their venue.”

More from KCBS:

The demonstration comes after Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday the regional stay-at-home order imposed for the entire 11-county Southern California region will almost assuredly be extended beyond the Dec. 28 expiration date. The order initially took effect on Dec. 7.

“We are likely, I think it’s pretty self-evident, going to need to extend those regional dates,” Newsom said, according to the station. “Based upon all the data and based upon all these trend lines, it is very likely based on those current trends that we’ll need to extend that stay at home order, [which] you recall was a three-week order when we announced it.”

KCBS said gatherings similar to Tuesday’s have been taking place across the country since Dec. 6, adding that traction was gained in California when Cameron encouraged peacefully protesting with song.

The station noted at the end of its segment that there were a few arguments and heckling from people driving by at Tuesday’s event.

Donald Trump Intelwars Maxine Waters Military Nancy Pelosi Secret Service watch WHITE HOUSE

Maxine Waters: If President Trump doesn’t leave White House, he should be ‘marched out of there’ — possibly by military or Secret Service

Democratic U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) said that if President Donald Trump doesn’t leave the White House by the time his term is over, he should be “marched out of there” — possibly by the military or the Secret Service.

What are the details?

In an MSNBC interview Tuesday, the California congresswoman said, “We want him out, and we keep hearing these rumors about everything that he’s doing to try and stay in. We’ve even heard rumors that he said he’s not leaving. We want him out, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know exactly what you do with the president who has lost an election, and you have a new person who’s been elected to the presidency, and the old president is not wanting to leave. I don’t know what you do.”

She continued, “My understanding, or what I would like to do, is I would like to see him marched out of there. … I don’t know whether it’s the Secret Service or whether it’s military or what have you, but he can’t stay. He can’t claim, you know, ownership of the White House. He doesn’t want to leave, and he’s doing everything possible, including talking about martial war [sic], et cetera, et cetera. We want him out of there. I know Nancy Pelosi is counting down the hours. She told me that also.”

Martial “war,” Maxine?

Anything else?

Waters’ declarations aren’t terribly surprising given the rhetoric she’s spewed during Trump’s time in office. Perhaps her most infamous moment came in 2018 when she openly encouraged her supporters to harass and maybe even attack members of Trump’s administration.

“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Waters said in a speech.

Earlier this year she also said the Minneapolis police officer whose knee pressed into George Floyd’s neck “enjoyed doing what he was doing” and was out to kill that day. “I believe sometimes some of these officers leave home thinking, ‘I’m gonna get me one today.’ And I think this is his one,” Waters said.

Prior to the election, Waters blasted conservative black voters and said she’d “never, ever forgive them” for voting for Trump.

$600 Congress Covid relief democrat House of Representatives Intelwars Tulsi Gabbard watch

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard calls $600 in COVID relief ‘an insult and a slap in the face’ to struggling Americans

Democratic U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard told her Twitter followers that $600 in COVID-19 relief coming to Americans as part of a massive spending bill passed by the House and Senate Monday is “an insult and a slap in the face” to everyone struggling financially due to pandemic shutdowns since the spring.

What are the details?

Gabbard — who’s become a favorite among conservatives for her no-nonsense approach and shared views on crucial issues — posted a video saying that she voted against the spending bill.

“First of all, this bill was over 5,500 pages long,” she began. “We received the text of this bill at approximately 2:30 this afternoon, and we’re told we’d have to go and vote on it just a few hours later. There is no way that anybody in Congress had the opportunity or the time to go through and read this bill to know exactly what was in it. I’ve been here long enough to see how provisions are snuck into these bills literally in the dark of night, without any announcement, without telling anyone what is in it, and then rushed through in the manner that we have just seen tonight.”

Gabbard added that such actions are “the height of irresponsibility” that prevented elected officials from being able to adequately represent the interests of Americans.

She also emphasized that “the central part of this bill was supposed to be about providing direct COVID relief to the American people who are struggling and who need help the most.” But instead, Gabbard said, the bill “dished out hundreds of billions of dollars” to special interests, the military, and foreign countries while telling average Americans, “Here’s what’s left for you: You get 600 bucks.”

“I’ll tell you, in Hawaii, that in most cases won’t even cover 25 percent of your rent,” she explained. “It is an insult and a slap in the face to every single American in this country who is struggling because of this COVID pandemic, who is concerned about not being able to pay the rent, about eviction, about whether you’ll have enough to buy groceries or medicine for yourself or your loved ones.”

Gabbard concluded by calling the bill a “representation of the screwed-up priorities of Washington. They should be fighting for you and making sure that you, the American people, come first. This bill did not do that.”

Anything else?

Gabbard also made headlines this week for holding off on receiving the COVID-19 vaccine being given to her congressional colleagues, saying she’ll wait until elderly Americans are able to receive the shot.

And last week, she introduced two pro-life bills in the House of Representatives — one to protect babies who survive abortions and another to protect pain-capable unborn children from abortion.

Gabbard — who is retiring from Congress at the end of her term — also introduced a bill banning males from competing in women’s sports if they identify as transgender as well as another with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) that would repeal the Patriot Act.

Christmas Intelwars prageru Progressive Agenda watch Will witt Woke

‘Progressive Sounds of the Season’ parody commercial from PragerU’s Will Witt is tickling more than a few funny bones

We at TheBlaze couldn’t be happier to pass along to our readers some holiday musical cheer from our friends at PragerU: “Progressive Sounds of the Season.”

No, it’s not an actual musical compilation in the spirit of K-Tel — but it should be.

If only…

Instead, it’s a parody video ad for a fictional album, and in the clip Will Witt describes — and unfortunately sings to — holiday tunes with altered lyrics that are sure to please that special woke activist in your life.

“Many of the classic songs we grew up with are just out of date for our time,” Witt tells us, tongue firmly in cheek. “Filled with atrocious things like acknowledging differences in genders, celebrating the nuclear family, and appreciating differences in history. Just like wishing people a ‘Merry Christmas’ is obviously bigoted and outdated, it’s time to bring holiday songs into the 21st century by updating them with political correctness.”

He then introduces “Progressive Sounds of the Season,” which contain tunes such as:

  • “Silent (Mostly Peaceful) Night”
  • “I’ll Be Woke for Christmas”
  • “The Little Looter Boy”
  • “Rioting Around the Christmas Tree”
  • “All I Want for Christmas Is You (to Wear a Mask)”
  • “I’ll Be Homeless for Christmas”
  • “The 12 Days to Slow the Spread of Christmas”
  • “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”
  • “O, Come All Ye Hateful”
  • “Santifa Baby (Hurry Down to CHAZ Tonight)”
  • “Deck the Halls (falalalala Lockdown)”

Witt adds his vocals to the latter, belting out updated lyrics: “Destroy freedom with regulations / falalalala la la lockdown / use no logic and no reason / falalalala la la lockdown.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

He also quips that “Holly Jolly Protest” is “perfect for when you’re mixing those Molotov Cocktails,” and “Feliz Antifa” is for all his “Latinx compadres out there.”

Oh, and Witt reminds us that “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Venezuela” is a “California classic” that we shouldn’t leave off our playlists.

He also sings along to “White Privilege Christmas,” admitting “you’ll be sorry after hearing this one.” (Ya think?) Witt then begins crooning, “I’m renouncing my white privilege this Christmas / just so my friends will think I’m woke / give reparations to black children / straight white men shut up and listen / to hear a speech from Robin DiAngelo.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

DiAngelo is the author of popular progressive tome “White Fragility” — a copy of which Witt had open during the beginning of his commercial.

Anything else?

Since “we all have that one relative” with “a disproportionate amount of holiday cheer,” Witt says the album is a “perfect gift to take that away from them and level the playing field.”

And “Progressive Sounds of the Season” can be yours after three easy payments of $19.99 — and he adds that if you call right now, a “Tax the Rich” sweater will be thrown in for the “small price of $69.99.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Some comments on the video:

  • “Love this intelligent humor/sarcasm,” one commenter says.
  • “This would be really funny if it wasn’t so real,” another commenter writes. “Good job.”
  • “Petition for Will Witt to sing some full ‘Progressive [sounds] of the Season’ songs,” another commenter requests.

Progressive Sounds of the Season with Will Witt

Black Lives Matter Charity Christmas Christmas lights Intelwars protest watch Wisconsin

Black Lives Matter group invades ‘Candy Cane Lane’ — streets decorated with Christmas lights to benefit children with cancer — with protest march

A Black Lives Matter group invaded “Candy Cane Lane” on Friday night — a residential neighborhood in West Allis, Wisconsin, decorated with Christmas lights to benefit children with cancer — marching and chanting and shouting through bullhorns at vehicles lined up in the streets to see the displays.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What is Candy Cane Lane?

Here’s a brief history of Candy Cane Lane from its website:

In December,1984, a wonderful group of neighbors living in West Allis, Wisconsin, joined together to collect donations for the MACC Fund — Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc., in honor of a neighbor’s child diagnosed with cancer. The neighbors worked in concert in decorating their homes and encouraged visitors to make a small donation as they drove through the festively enhanced neighborhood. All of the money raised went to supporting research, treatment, and the eventual discovery of a cure for childhood cancers and related blood diseases.

What happened Friday night?

Several videos showed the protesting group — the People’s Revolution — marching through the brightly lit streets chanting “Black lives matter!” “No justice! No peace!” and “Whose lane? Our lane! Whose streets? Our streets!” The People’s Revolution has protested for months in Wauwatosa, as member of the group is accused of firing a gun at former police officer Joseph Mensah, Wisconsin Right Now reported.

The outlet said the Milwaukee County Crime, Fire, and Police News page on Facebook contained comments about the protest. “Yes, they came through. Did not obey any traffic rules,” one woman wrote, Wisconsin Right Now noted.

One man added, “My significant other lives on Candy Cane Lane, and she just texted me – BLM just crashed Candy Cane Lane! …they were blasting music so loud that it made her windows and walls shake and scared the crap out of her dogs,” the outlet said, adding that the man also had an issue with the group disrupting a charity: “If you don’t have a problem with this, then not only are you part of the problem, you are also a Class A Asshole!!!!”

Here’s a video of the march:

TPR- Day 204- MERRY CHRISTMAS CANDY CANE LN #neverstopvoices #independentmedia

Wisconsin Right Now also said a man shared a post from a friend:

So my son and I were playing in the living room, and we heard very loud music and people chanting from the outside. We open up the front door to see what all the commotion was about. It was a “Black Lives Matter” march going up and down my block and through Candy Cane Lane. These people saw my “Back the Badge” sign and “Trump 2020” sign and began to shout at us. They began to give us the middle finger and shouted, “F*** YOU F*** THE POLICE F*** TRUMP!” Uhm really? I am holding my ONE year old son in my arms. Glad to see how “peaceful” and “respectful” these people and protests really are lol. What a bunch of pieces of s**t.

Available videos so far don’t depict such a confrontation — but the latter YouTube video does show a woman apparently confronting the group in the street:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Mariah Smith shared a livestream of the march during which she acknowledged that several non-participants were “mad as hell” at the group. Prior to the march she asked her comrades, “Ready to make some f***in’ noise, man?”

What did police have to say?

“Last evening, starting at about 6:40 pm, we received a handful of calls of a protest group moving through Candy Cane Lane. The callers indicated that the group was causing traffic congestion and noise disturbances. West Allis officers responded to the area and monitored the situation. There was heavy traffic congestion related to Candy Cane Lane. There were reports of protestors walking in the roadway and using a bullhorn. Officers did not observe any violence or vandalism. No arrests were made and no citations were issued,” police told Wisconsin Right Now.

What did supporters of the protest have to say?

Never Stop Media LLC defended the People’s Revolution group: “The group planned the march through Candy Cane Ln with the intent to bring awareness to the neighborhood and stand up for [people of color] who live in the area. Marchers were seen dressed in holiday spirit and of course Santa made a special appearance for the occasion.”

In addition, Never Stop Media noted:

In our video it clearly shows demonstrators walking down the center of the streets to not impede any of the vehicles. None of these vehicles were surrounded, stranded or harassed. Posts claiming that TPR harassed people who did not approve of the protest are also not true. You can see in our video posted that when met with distain, protestors wished those people a Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday with of course the chant that “Black Lives Matter” as they continued to march. Posts also claim that TPR was terrorizing children who were looking at the holiday decorations. In the video posted by us it clearly shows families, both black and white with children showing full support for the group with parents and children yelling black lives matter. When demonstrators approached organizers (also standing in the streets) who were collecting donations they were asked to go around because they were trying to collect money. Members of TPR formed a wall as the rest of the group walked past so that organizers could collect their donations without interruption. This can also be seen in our video. At no time were donations interrupted for the MAAC Fund.

Child shouting ‘Black lives matter!’ with adult encouragement during Candy Cane Lane protestImage source: YouTube screenshot

The People’s Revolution marches also chanted, “We have every right to be in these streets!” and “All lives don’t matter until black lives matter!”

Christmas F-bombs Intelwars Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Tom cruise coronavirus rant watch

Tom Cruise’s F-bomb rant dubbed into scene from beloved ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ TV special — and it’s busting some guts

Someone did everybody a big solid for the end of yet another long week in the year 2020 and dubbed actor Tom Cruise’s headline-grabbing F-bomb rant at his “Mission: Impossible 7” crew into a scene from the beloved “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” TV special from the 1960s.

Check it out:

What’s the background?

In his audio-only rant, Cruise was angry at several members of his crew for not following through with COVID-19 protocols and told them “we’re the gold standard! They’re back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us! Because they believe in us and what we’re doing! And I’m on the phone with every f***ing studio at night, insurance companies, producers, and they’re looking at us and using us to make their movies!”

He added, “We are creating thousands of jobs, you motherf***ers!” and warned, “I don’t ever want to see it again! Ever! And if you don’t do it, you’re fired, and I see you do it again, you’re f***ing gone!”

Jason Gallagher — a director of video and strategy — called the humorous dub of Cruise’s rant into the “Rudolph” scene his “December passion project.”

In the clip, Santa Claus is shown mouthing Cruise’s rant to his elves and even poor Rudolph, as they gather ’round St. Nick to see what all the fuss is about.

By the end of Santa’s rant, he’s pointing directly at Rudolph and hollers, “And you! Don’t you ever f**ing do it again!”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jga41agher

Fox News reported that as of Friday morning the clip had over 421,000 views.

What was the reaction?

As you might expect, lots of folks found the dubbed clip exactly what the doctor ordered:

  • “This is very, very funny. Thanks so, so, much for the laugh. Just what I needed. Happy Holidays,” one commenter exclaimed.
  • “I would like to Venmo you $100 just for having brought it into my life,” another user said.
  • “This makes my day thank you,” another commenter said.

Even journalist Megyn Kelly was feeling the spirit: “I am wasting my spare time. Why am I not doing things that matter, like this?”

Anything else?

Cruise reportedly opted for an
early Christmas break after his meltdown on the set. In addition, five movie staffers reportedly quit after a second Cruise meltdown Tuesday night.

Children Christmas Coronavirus tyranny Gov. gretchen whitmer Grandparents Intelwars Michigan Santa watch

Smiling Democratic Gov. Whitmer appears with Santa in video, urges Michigan children not to visit grandparents for Christmas

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer posted a video on her Twitter page using Santa Claus to spread the message of mask-wearing and social distancing — and the Democrat had an extra-special holiday message for the children gathered on the video chat.

“And another way to stay safe during the holiday is to stay home but call your grandparents and your cousins and your family,” Whitmer told the tiny tots with their eyes all aglow, adding, “It’s the a safest way to tell the people you love how much you care about them. This year is it has to look a little bit different so we can stay safe.”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @GovWhitmer

What else was said on the clip?

Whitmer started things off by referring to Santa, her “special guest” on the chat, as “someone who’s been really following the rules and making sure that he stays safe and the elves stay safe.”

Then in what appeared to be preselected questions, the children on the video chat took turns asking Santa questions, such as “Santa, do you have to wear a mask?” and “How can we keep people safe for Christmas?”

St. Nick answered the latter query: “What I would suggest to do is what the governor is telling all the people of the great state of Michigan to do: Social distance, wash your hands, and make sure you wear your mask when you’re outside your home.”

How did folks react?

Whitmer — who’s drawn national attention for her strict coronavirus lockdown efforts — certainly has her critics. But she has plenty of supporters as well, so reactions to her Twitter video were a mixed bag.

Some commenters gushed with admiration:

  • “Happy holidays, Governor,” one user said. “Helluva job this year under extraordinary circumstances. You are everything a public servant should be. A tower of power. A leader. Compassionate. Tough. Smart as hell.”
  • “I don’t even live in your state but you Rock,” another commenter said. “Wished you were our Governor.”
  • “Thanks for doing something sweet for the kids this Christmas Governor Whitmer! Merry Christmas!” another user wrote. “To the conservatives that said this was a hoax and now mad their family members are dying due to COVID-19 and stuck at home, you can get coal.”

But Whitmer’s detractors were just as passionate in response to her Santa video for kids:

  • “You doing this qualifies as child abuse,” one user said.
  • “That’s nice since a lot of kids won’t be having much of a Christmas due to your insane lockdowns,” another user noted.
  • “Nothing like seeing Santa on a screen while you sit home learning next to nothing with your abusive parents who’ve lost their jobs,” another commenter said.
  • “You exemplify the problem in politics/government today,” another user wrote. “You believe that you are a ‘class’ above, and the ‘regular people’ have no right to question you. You are an oath breaking/ignoring traitorous bilge rat that should be removed from office and society.”
Counter-protesters Donald Trump Elderly victim of violence Intelwars leftist violence Massachusetts Punch Trump rally watch

Left-wing activist, 32, accused of punching chest of 80-year-old woman rallying for President Trump after she tossed water on him

A 32-year-old leftist activist is accused of punching an 80-year-old woman in the chest while she was rallying for President Donald Trump in Swampscott, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

But while Ernst Jean-Jacques, Jr., was charged with assault and battery on a person 60 years or older, the alleged victim admitted she was angry at the suspect for “gyrating in front of me” and tossed water on him in response, the Daily Item reported.

What are the details?

In video recorded at the event, Jean-Jacques Jr. — founder of the Freedom Fighters Coalition of 2020 — is seen across a barrier from the Trump supporters dancing to “It’s Raining Men,” which the Trump supporters had playing in the background.

At one point Jean-Jacques gives the finger to the Trump supporters:

Image source: YouTube screenshot, redacted

The alleged victim — Swampscott resident Linda Greenberg, the Daily Item said — was seen making her way through the crowd and approaching Jean-Jacques Jr. at another barrier.

Left to right, circled: Ernst Jean-Jacques, Jr., Linda GreenbergImage source: YouTube screenshot

Video appears to show Greenberg toss water on Jean-Jacques, after which he looks around and then appears to punch Greenberg.

Video shows Jean-Jacques’ elbow cocked slightly, but his forward motion is obscured by others in the video, so it’s not clear if he made contact with Greenberg. But the horrified reaction of others in the clip seems to reveal Greenberg sustained some pain.

Multiple police officers described Jean-Jacques as “punching” Greenberg after they witnessed “water propel from where Greenberg was standing,” the paper said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Jean-Jacques left the scene after the apparent punch, but the Daily Item said police caught up with him and took him away in handcuffs.

But in the paper’s follow-up story about Jean-Jacques’ Monday arraignment, defense attorney Murat Erkan said Greenberg admitted to tossing water on Jean-Jacques in a police interview.

“I was drinking my water, and he was gyrating in front of me, and I was getting mad, and I did get water on him,” Greenberg said in the interview, the Daily Item reported. “I don’t want to lie.”

The paper added that a bystander asked Greenberg if she agreed her conduct made her the aggressor, to which Greenberg replied, “Oh, why don’t you f*** off … You are not America, you are not America.”

Swampscott MAGA-chusetts Freedom Rally!

Now what?

The Daily Item said Jean-Jacques was released on $550 bail bond and that Greenberg refused medical assistance.

Prosecutor Danielle Doherty-Wirwicz at the arraignment asked that Jean-Jacques be declared a dangerous person, be banished from Swampscott, and be prohibited from contact with elderly persons, the paper said. But Judge Matthew Nestor — who described the case as “disturbing” — denied the prosecutor’s requests, the Daily Item added.

The defense also argued, based on the video and additional still images, that Jean-Jacques was “attempting to disarm Greenberg of the bottle” and that he used an “open hand” rather than a fist, the paper said.

More from the Daily Item:

Erkan also brought up images of 1960s Birmingham, Ala., when police sprayed water on peaceful black Civil Rights protesters, and implied that Greenberg’s splashing water on Jean-Jacques dehumanized him in that same manner.

Judge Nestor disagreed with the analogy.

Erkan indicated that he was speaking with authorities and expected to request that Greenberg be charged with a hate crime.

The defense also said Jean-Jacques has no record of prior convictions and works at a senior center caring for adults with intellectual disabilities, the paper said, adding that a pretrial hearing is set for February 24, 2021.

Anything else?

Jean-Jacques noted on his Facebook page that the Boston Red Sox honored him in August as part of the team’s “Hats Off to Heroes” ceremony that usually honors members of the military.

The letter to Jean-Jacques read: “This year, with everything that has been going on in the country, we got permission from the presenting sponsor John Hancock to expand the breadth of the program … So far this year we have recognized front-line health workers, other essential workers, military, a [woman] who spent her life fighting for civil rights and social justice. On Aug. 28 we are going to recognize an activist and pillar of their community, and I would absolutely love it if we could highlight you, for all that you do for [the] city and in the fight against social injustice.”

(H/T: RedState)

California lockdown Citation Coronavirus COVID-19 health department Intelwars Restaurant Ventura watch

‘Are you gonna pay my rent?’: California restaurant owner explodes at health dept. workers citing him for defying closure order

The owner of a restaurant in Ventura, California, exploded in anger at a couple of health department workers who issued him a citation Monday over his refusal to close and thus “breaking” the “law.”

A news outlet’s video camera was already at Nick the Greek for an interview with owner Anton Van Happen — and it picked up the highlights of him reading the riot act to the officials enforcing far-left Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new COVID-19 order requiring restaurants to serve only takeout and delivery.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“Are you gonna pay my rent?” Van Happen hollered at the officials.

One health department worker accused the restaurant owner of “not following the rules” — stemming from Van Happen’s protest last week inviting patrons to sit at tables outside the restaurant after receiving their takeout orders.

“I followed the rules! I continue to follow the rules and you guys still, time after time, are giving me citations, telling me I have to close my business! What about my employees?” Van Happen asked the visiting health department workers.

The worker noted that “there is a law that you’re breaking right now by operating without a permit.”

“Because you guys put this closure on my restaurant!” Van Happen shot back. “So you guys yourselves are creating your own rule. And you’re giving out citations for your own rule that’s created. It’s not by law that you cannot sit outside and eat; that’s not law.”

The other worker told Van Happen that his restaurant “is already closed. The permit has been suspended.”

Some bright spots

It was looking pretty bleak Monday, but amid the fiery confrontation there were at least two bright spots.

First, a customer standing just outside the restaurant’s doorway boiled over in frustration at the health department workers and told them to leave.

“Why aren’t you guys at Costco right now? There’s 500 people inside Costco!” the customer yelled. “There are 100 people inside Walmart! What are you doing? Just get out! No one wants you here! Go away! Nobody wants you here!”

The customer’s gesture earned him a round of applause from those within earshot:

And then there was this cool moment:

Anything else?

KEYT-TV spoke to Van Happen last week after he staged his outdoor seating protest.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“I am trying to start something where all restaurant owners are going to wake up,” he told the station, adding that “my calling is to all the other restaurant owners to open your restaurants. If we all open up, they can’t do anything.”

Downtown Ventura restaurants defying stay-at-home order

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Homeowner shoots all four armed men who broke into his house — two of them fatally. Surviving suspects face murder charges for accomplices’ deaths.

It appears to be yet another case of crime suspects getting charged with murder when their accomplices are fatally shot by the crime victim.

What are the details?

A Louisiana homeowner had just about all he could handle last Tuesday morning when four men carrying guns invaded his residence in Lacombe, WVUE-TV reported. Lacombe is about an hour’s drive north of — and directly across Lake Pontchartrain from — New Orleans.

Thing is, the homeowner also had a gun — and used it far more successfully than the quartet of intruders. The homeowner, in fact, shot all four suspects, killing two of them during the ensuing shootout.

The St. Tammany Coroner’s office identified the dead suspects as 25-year-old Renard Causey Jr. and 21-year-old Justin Hill, WVUE added.

But now the two suspects who survived the shooting — Renard Causey Sr. and Jason Leblanc — both face charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery, and home invasion, the station reported in a follow-up story.

Both men will be booked after they are released from a hospital, WVUE reported.

The homeowner’s 4-year-old daughter apparently was struck by a bullet in the crossfire, the station said, adding that family members said she received an operation and is expected to be OK.

The homeowner also is expected to be OK, and WVUE added that deputies say the homeowner won’t face charges at this time. A relative told WVUE the homeowner may have been pistol-whipped before he fired at the intruders.

St. Tammany Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the incident, the station said.

Anything else?

WVUE said the community on Palmer Drive is close — the kind of place where everyone either is related or has known each other for years — and many are stunned by what happened.

“It was late morning and we heard patrol cars, one after another and detective cars and then there would be ambulances,” Shannon Bordelon told the station. “There were several dozen emergency vehicles involved.”

Neighbors aded to WVUE that they waited 24 hours to learn about the shooting, but sheriff’s officials said they didn’t want to put out information sooner that might impede the investigation.

Arrests warrants issued in Lacombe deadly shooting

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Anti-lockdown gym owner to ‘petty tyrant’ NJ governor: ‘The only way you’ll ever close these doors is when you close my casket’

Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey — who’s been battling far-left Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy over coronavirus shutdowns since the spring and said he’s racked up over $1 million in fines — has a new message for Murphy and other state officials.

What did Smith say?

“We have been open against unconstitutional shut down orders since May,” Smith wrote in a now-viral
Instagram post over the weekend. “Not once have we flinched, and the petty tyrant of New Jersey governor Murphy has tried everything he could possibly think of to ruin us. Over seven months later we will open our doors every single day.”

He added: “No government official will ever tell me that I am not able to provide for my family. I do not answer to public servants – no matter what threats or punishments they impose. I am a free man. I do not ask for permission. I do not ask for forgiveness. You work for us. The only way you’ll ever close these doors is when you close my casket.”

The post comes with video in which Smith is seen holding up pieces of paper — which he presents to the camera and then discards one by one, “Subterranean Homesick Blues“-style — that send the same overall message.

“We have had our business license stripped,” the messages Smith holds aloft say. “We have had our doors locked and barricaded. We have been arrested and have over 60 citations.”

Smith’s silent message adds that on the day of the recording, Atilis passed 84,000 visits — but the gym won’t require masks and “never will.” The clip ends with four printed words: “No science. No shutdown.”

Just after Smith walks out of camera frame, someone is heard hollering, “F*** you, Murphy!”

Content warning: Language:

What did Murphy have to say?

When contacted about Smith’s new message, Murphy’s office told TMZ it had “nothing to add.”

Anything else?

Smith emphasized on numerous occasions that his gym uses safety protocols, including proper sanitation and social distancing to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

He told Fox News that he disputes the effectiveness of lockdown policies adopted across the nation put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus and is saddened by harms inflicted on businesses.

“What’s happening to the middle class and small businesses in America is nothing short of a complete tragedy, and I would go so far as to call it criminal,” Smith said. “You’re putting people out of business for good.”

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‘Jesus Christ is coming back!’ declares apparent Trump supporter after DC rally. Antifa militant punches him from behind in head soon after.

With every cowardly attack, Antifa is drawing a pretty clear picture of what the leftist militants are all about:

What’s the latest?

Oh, almost forgot: Antifa bros also like to attack their opponents from behind. And that stomach-turning tactic was on full display after the rally supporting President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

A couple was caught on video strolling down the sidewalk with a gang of Antifa militants following them.

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

Then the man — an apparent Trump supporter — declares as video rolls that “Jesus Christ is coming again!”

There’s a brief cut in the clip that shows the couple having moved down the sidewalk about a building’s length — and then a rather large Antifa militant comes up to the man from behind and wallops him in the side of the head:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

Soon after the victim apparently was maced:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

But does the leftist who hit the man stick around to finish him off? Nope. As noted above, Antifa also are very adept at running away — and that’s just what this tough guy did.

Not that it deterred the victim at all, who put aside turning the other cheek for the moment and ran after his assailant:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

But alas, it was to no avail; the Antifa bro was rather fleet of foot.

At some other point in the proceedings the victim — after being punched in the head from behind and maced — was tackled from behind near a bicycle by yet another Antifa militant who also punched him from behind several times:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

Of course, like clockwork, the assailant scoots away. The victim appears to have some sort of baton on him. Maybe it would come in handy — if his attackers ever manage the guts to come at him face to face.