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High school mercilessly mocked for placing band students in tents so they can practice amid pandemic

Wenatchee High School in Washington state came up with a novel way to allow band members to practice their instruments while remaining socially distant in the battle against COVID-19 — placing the students inside individual tents,
KCPQ-TV reported.

“We are not putting these in every classroom,” Principal Eric Anderson told the station, adding that the idea was a collaboration with local health officials. “I don’t want anybody to think out there this is the solution to more kids in the classroom. I don’t think that would work, but in this scenario, it’s worked really well.”

Image source: KCPQ-TV video screenshot

Anderson added to
Wenatchee World that his students have been back in school on a hybrid schedule since Jan. 26.

Tidal wave of reactions

Some folks deemed it a clever idea to put kids in tents so they could play their musical instruments: “Wenatchee HS Band is an award-winning org. I applaud their efforts of maintaining their standards while still trying to adhere to safety,” one Twitter user wrote. “While it may look ridiculous, these kids wouldn’t do it if they didn’t want to.”

But plenty of other social media users have been mocking the move:

You knew the “Spinal Tap” references would surface, too, right?

Others were similarly disturbed and amused:

  • “Well this confirms it,” another Twitter user declared. “Our decision to move to a Red state is definitely correct.”
  • “Can someone in the Wenatchee area donate a couple of their old camping tents to the high school for the poor tuba players?” another user asked.
  • “That adults, government, teachers or parents, would abuse young people like this is unimaginable,” another commenter wrote.
  • “They’re just f***ing with us at this point,” another user said.
  • “This is absolutely insane,” another commenter noted. “I fear for these kids[‘] mental health.”
  • “Excellent example of Rule through FEAR — once you sacrifice your freedom for security you will soon have none,” another user said. “Time to tell main stream media & dems we are no longer afraid. Time to shout ‘FREEDOM,’ take off our masks, open businesses and schools and hug our family and neighbors.”
  • “This is beyond stupid. We have lost our minds,” another commenter wrote. “Every day I say it can’t get more asinine…and yet it does.”

Here’s a report from KCPQ-TV:

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Assault suspect wanted after cops spar with violent militants at homeless encampment. Video appears to show police being abused at will.

Police in Bellingham, Washington, said Monday they’re looking for an assault suspect in connection with a mass standoff at a City Hall tent encampment late last month, KGMI-AM reported.

Police also released bodycam video of the standoff, which shows the suspect shouting at and attempting to spit at officers, the station said. She appears to show up — her eyes covered by goggles and her head covered — just after the 2-minute mark.

“You f***ing disgust me!” she yelled before spitting at cops:

A larger male ally soon led her away as she continued to scream, “Lemme at ’em! Lemme at ’em!”

Oh, but this individual appeared to be far from the only troublemaker. The video shows police being abused pretty much at will by the militant leftists.

What else?

In one scene another woman appears to spit at officers:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Then she appears to do it a second time. In the second spitting photo, she appears to be accompanied by the suspect police are after — who this time is dressed in purple:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

And at one point a cop firmly told a green-haired woman to ‘stop!’ after she continually rammed into him. Her comrades just laughed at the order.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

During most of the 10-minute video, leftists — besides the spitting — attempted to keep police from advancing on the encampment and consistently push, hit, threaten, and taunt them.

Here’s the clip. Content warning: Language:

Body Cam: Bellingham Police clash with Black Bloc Anarchists at City Hall. 2021-01-28

What’s the background?

Bellingham officials ordered the removal of the homeless encampment ahead of schedule Jan. 28 after reports of possible violence by “outside agitators” from Portland and other cities.

Officials said public workers were being harassed and that the growing encampment was engulfing the city buildings.

Bellingham Police Department Chief Flo Simon said there were as many as 100 tents in the encampment on city property. Police had responded to calls in relation to the encampment in recent weeks that involved attacks with a baseball bat, a hatchet, and sticks. Simon also said a propane tank ignited a fire at the site.

Several arrests were made amid the skirmishes, and there were reports of some assaulted officers.

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School board member who uttered ‘crack the whip’ in regard to graduation rates called on to resign

A school board member in Washington state is being called upon to resign after saying “we need to crack the whip” in regard to graduation rates.

What are the details?

Clover Park School District’s Paul Wagemann used the phrase during a Dec. 14 virtual board meeting, the Suburban Times reported.

Wagemann said he was referring to the 10% to 11% of district students who fail to graduate and that he meant the district needs to do all it can to help those students get their diplomas, the paper said.

But his opponent from the last school board election — Taniesha Lyons — said the phrase “is rooted in slavery” and demanded Wagemann’s resignation, calling him an “explicit racist” in a letter to the board.

According to Grammarist, “crack the whip” means “to push someone to work harder, to demand more work from someone or that someone work faster or longer” and makes no reference to slavery. Grammarist also said the phrase “describes the literal cracking of a whip over a horse’s head to startle him into obeying.”

Lyons also launched a petition in mid-December calling for Wagemann’s resignation. The petition has collected 190 signatures as of Tuesday.

“The Clover Park School Board cannot tell the community that they are working towards racial equity and require their staff to be culturally competent when a board member who can vote on policies that affect black and brown students within the district is a blatant racist,” she wrote in her letter to the board. “Paul maintaining his seat on the board, contradicts the Clover Park School District’s claims that racism and bigotry are not tolerated within the Clover Park School District. Paul is a considerable liability and puts the Clover Park school district at risk.”

How did district officials react?

Clover Park Education Association Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Filma Fontanilla said in a letter to the board that she was “hurt, appalled, and disgusted” by Wagemann’s remark.

Fontanilla also wrote that after board President Marty Schafer called out Wagemann for his “crack the whip” comment, Wagemann said, “I know what it means, and I meant it.” Fontanilla added that Schafer responded by saying, “That is not a comment I am comfortable with.”

The College Fix said it asked Wagemann and Schafer for comment on the matter and that Wagemann replied that he forwarded the outlet’s request to Schafer and the district superintendent. Schafer said no action was taken against Wagemann at a special Dec. 21 board meeting as its purpose was just “an opportunity to openly discuss and seek clarification,” the College Fix added.

covid Covid lockdowns Covid restrictions Intelwars Jay Inslee religious liberty Washington state

Washington Gov. Inslee bans singing in church. Broadway celeb responds: I’m not going to comply with your ‘unlawful orders.’

The liberal Democratic governor of Washington’s new COVID -19 restriction banning congregational singing in religious worship services is not sitting well with many citizens.

One Washington celebrity, Broadway star Chad Kimball, made it clear what the governor can do with his ban on musical worship.

What did the governor do?

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued new COVID-19 restrictions for his state Sunday.

Those new restrictions are widespread and include limits on social gatherings, closings of bars, restaurants, and gyms, occupancy restrictions for businesses, bans on indoor sporting events, and prohibitions on wedding receptions and funeral wakes.

Many citizens of the Evergreen State took serious issue with those new state dictates, but what really set off a significant share of the population was the governor’s treatment of religion and the exercise thereof.

Inslee’s declaration places hard limits on the number of people permitted to attend a religious service, prohibits choirs, bands, and ensembles, and outright bans congregational singing, which is a vital part of worship for many faiths. From the governor’s declaration (emphasis added):

Religious Services are limited to 25 percent of indoor occupancy limits, or no more than 200 people, whichever is fewer. Congregation members/attendees must wear facial coverings at all times and congregation singing is prohibited. No choir, band, or ensemble shall perform during the service. Vocal or instrumental soloists are permitted to perform, and vocal soloists may have a single accompanist. Outdoor services must follow the Outdoor Dining Guidance.

What was Kimball’s response?

Kimball took to Twitter shortly after Inslee’s announcement and made it clear where he stood on the governor’s attempt to ban singing during a religious service.

The Tony-nominated actor, who recovered from COVID-19 last spring, vowed to let no one ever stop him from singing or worshiping God and noted that this was a power grab by Inslee.

“Respectfully, I will never allow a Governor, or anyone, to stop me from SINGING, let alone sing in worship to my God,” Kimball wrote. “Folks, absolute POWER corrupts ABSOLUTELY. This is not about safety. It’s about POWER.”

“I will respectfully disobey these unlawful orders,” he concluded.

His stance, of course, did not sit well with his liberal colleagues in the acting world who took to Twitter to respond. Deadline dug up several of those responses, including:

  • Sharon Wheatley, Kimball’s “Come From Away” costar: “I respectfully totally and completely disagree with you. I respectfully feel you are very much on the wrong side of this. I FaceTimed with you when you had Covid, Chad. You were very sick. I remember. It scared me. I love you like a brother, but I disagree with you.”
  • Colin Donnell, Broadway actor and star of NBC’s “Chicago Med”: “Tried to think of something clever to say but just got more and more angry. 246,000+ dead. Entire industries shut down, including the one you’re in. A medical community full of people putting their lives on the line to take care of others, including you. This is f***ing moronic.”
  • Patti Murin, who starred as Princess Anna in the Broadway version of “Frozen”: “No one said you can’t sing. You can sing. Alone. In your own home. Possibly for the rest of your life, after this tweet.”
  • Jarrod Spector, star of multiple Broadway hits: “It really doesn’t seem like too much to ask that when you go to gatherings of up to TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE you refrain from using your well-trained diaphragm to aerosol spray everyone around you with Covid.”
  • Steve Kazee, Tony-winning actor: “The ones who quote the Bible most seem to be the ones who follow its teachings the least. This is not about you and your need to sing your praise songs. I’m almost certain selfishness is frowned upon in that big book of yours. Wear a mask. Take care of your fellow humans.”

Kimball later clarified that he’s not arguing with masks but with the governor’s overreach by banning singing even when people are wearing masks.

“To be clear: nobody is going maskless,” he said. “The overreach — in my opinion! — is not being able to sing even WITH a mask. No singing WITH a mask ON. Everyone will continue wearing masks. With respect and with hope and with care.”

Antifa violence demonstration Donald Trump Intelwars Olympia Trump Supporters Washington state watch

Antifa militants gang up on Trump fans, pummel women to ground — and pro-Trump group responds by singing national anthem

It was a sometimes violent study in contrasts Saturday when a large group of supporters of President Donald Trump faced off with Antifa militants in Olympia, Washington, after numerous media outlets declared former Vice President Joe Biden the 2020 election victor.

What happened?

As chronicled on video by reporter Katie Daviscourt, Trump backers lined streets and even gathered on the steps of the state capitol to wave American and pro-Trump flags and chant “back the blue!” — a pro-police rallying cry:

And while chants of “USA! USA! USA!” rang out, black-clad Antifa militants managed several cries of “f*** the USA!” “f*** America,” and stomped on Old Glory. (Content warning: Language):

The pro-Trump crowd told them off with chants of “get a job!” and “f*** Antifa!” (Content warning: Language):

Upping the ante

Soon the verbal war of words turned violent, as a brawl ensued between the groups and police responded with a flash-bang and what appeared to be rounds of non-lethal munitions.

One witness mentioned that Antifa militants were “attacking two women,” and then a man bleeding from his eyebrow — presumably a Trump supporter — confirmed that Antifa attacked him as well:

A fitting response

In another clip, two pro-Trump women described the Antifa attack. One said she was punched from behind as a leftist militant tried to steal her pro-Trump flag, and the second woman said a gang of Antifa thugs jumped her.

But soon a distinct sound was heard in the background.

It was singing. A bit off-key, a tad haggard — but singing nonetheless. It was the national anthem.

That’s right. The pro-Trump crowd answered the cowardice and destruction that have become Antifa’s trademark with a statement of hard-won freedom and liberty — even for the likes of those who’d rather stomp all over it.

Anything else?

Should Biden take office in January, he may have to contend with more than he may have bargained for. Also on Saturday, anarchists busted windows at the Multnomah County Democrats building in Portland and spray-painted messages such as “F*** Biden” and “No Presidents” — along with the universal symbol of anarchists.

The same night in Washington, D.C., black-clad demonstrators marched toward Black Lives Matter Plaza and held a large sign that read: “FREE THE PEOPLE, FIGHT THE POWER, F*** THE POLICE – DEFUND, DISARM, DISBAND.” Another sign said: “BURN DOWN THE AMERICAN PLANTATION.”

The group chanted, “What do we want? Justice When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it — Burn it down! BURN. IT. DOWN!” along with, “F*** Trump! F*** Biden! No more presidents!”

In Detroit, one leftist group wasn’t too thrilled with Biden, either, and chanted, “F*** Donald Trump! F*** Biden too! Both of them don’t give a f*** about you!”

dog Fighting back home invasion Intelwars knife Self-Defense Spokane Washington state

‘I’ll cut your head off, dude, if you even move’: Homeowner flips the script on intruder who could have choked him to death

Travis McKee told KHQ-TV he opened the door of his home Friday night in Spokane, Washington, to find a stranger — 36-year-old Randall Davis — asking for a cigarette.

And just moments later, McKee said he was in a battle for his life.

“He got on top of me and just pounded me for 10 minutes,” he noted to KHQ. “The side of my face … he had me in some kind of hold where my chin was pressed against my neck, and I couldn’t get any air.”

Turns out Davis is a convicted felon with a history of assault, the station said. But all McKee likely was considering at the time was how to stay alive, as Spokane police said he began to lose consciousness amid the intruder’s grip, KHQ said.

What happened next?

Enter McKee’s faithful dog, Mutt, who gave his owner a spark of mental clarity — so to speak.

“When my dog came up and bit my leg, it woke me up,” McKee told the station. “I remembered I had that knife in my pocket. I got my knees under me and started to try to kind of worm my way out of [the intruder’s grip]. It was just a last ditch effort. I was going to die.”

Davis still had McKee pinned to the floor, but McKee managed to slash at his attacker’s arm, stomach, and neck until he let go, KHQ said.

It gets better

Believe it or not, the beaten-down victim who may have died in his assailant’s grip resolved to prevent Davis from dying, the station said.

“I held a knife up to him. I told him, ‘I’ll cut your throat. I’ll cut your head off, dude, if you even move. You know, period. I’m going to tourniquet you, and you’d better not move,'” McKee recalled to KHQ telling the attacker.

And the bleeding assailant — the tables turned on him — wisely listened.

“He let me do it,” McKee told the station, “and I [put a tourniquet on] him and came back and found my phone and called 911.”

Police who arrived on the scene gave Davis first aid until medics arrived, KHQ said, adding that McKee and Davis both were taken to local hospitals.

Blood was all over the house, too, the station said:

Once Davis is released from the hospital, the station said he’ll be booked into jail on charges of first-degree burglary and second-degree assault.

When a KHQ reporter asked McKee why he couldn’t let his attacker die, he had a relatively simple answer: “‘Cause I’m just not into hurting people, you know?”

2020 Asian giant hornet Intelwars invasive species Murder hornets Nature Science Washington state

Good news America: Scientists found the first ever ‘murder hornet’ nest in the U.S. and will destroy it

Weeks of searching have finally paid off as scientists in Washington state located the first Asian giant hornet nest in the United States.

The Washington state Department of Agriculture confirmed on Friday that the nest of “murder hornets” was discovered in a tree on a property east of Blaine, Washington, in Whatcom County, KOMO News reports. The nest was found after entomologists captured one of the hornets and equipped it with a radio tag to follow it back to the nest.

The entomologists intend to destroy the nest on Saturday in an effort to eradicate the invasive species before they have chance to spread their reign of terror first throughout Washington and then the rest of the United States.

Officials told KOMO that the successful discovery of the nest came after a trapper captured two live Asian giant hornets on Wednesday using a new kind of trap the state agency deployed in the area.

Two more living hornets were found in another trap on Thursday morning, when scientists returned to attach a radio tracker to the first hornet. All three were outfitted with the transmitters and one of them led entomologists back to its nest Friday.

Video from the Washington Department of Agriculture shows the massive deadly hornets, which can grow as big as 2 inches long, entering and exiting their nest.

More from KOMO:

The nest is inside the cavity of a tree located on private property near an area cleared for a residential home. While Asian giant hornets normally nest in the ground, they are occasionally found nesting in dead trees. Dozens of the hornets were seen entering and exiting the tree.

The discovery of the nest follows two previous unsuccessful attempts to live-track hornets captured in the same immediate area just south of the Canadian border. It’s believed there may be at least one other murder hornet nest in the same area of Whatcom County.

The first confirmed detection of an Asian giant hornet in Washington state was made in December 2019 and the first hornet was caught in July after agents spent months placing traps in the area. Several more were subsequently caught, all in Whatcom County.

Beekeepers in Washington have lived in terror of the invasive giant hornets since their discovery was first reported in Washington state in late 2019. The hornets prey on honey bees, using their lethal mandibles to decapitate up to 40 bees per minute, devastating colonies and ruining the fortunes of beekeepers.

Their sting is also deadly to humans. Over just three months in 2013, Asian giant hornets killed 42 people and injured 1,675 more in China. The hornets kill about 50 people annually in Japan.

Scientists believe there is at least one other nest somewhere in Whatcom County.

Who knows where else they might be in America?

Black Lives Matter Black lives matter protests Black man Blocking street Intelwars Race Tacoma Washington state watch

Black motorist goes ballistic on Black Lives Matter protesters blocking street: ‘I’m blacker than you!’

A black motorist was captured on video chewing out a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters who were blocking a street Thursday in Tacoma, Washington.

What happened?

The clip initially shows the motorist — wearing a red shirt, jeans, and dark baseball cap — standing next to the driver-side door of a blue pickup truck at an intersection that the protesters appear to have blocked. The protesters are yelling at him — and he’s yelling right back.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @KittyLists

Much of what’s said isn’t clear, but it appears the furious motorist is telling protesters that their militancy is having a negative impact on the black lives they supposedly care about.

“I’m blacker than you!” the motorist hollers at the group. “I’m blacker than you!”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @KittyLists

One of the protesters is heard on the clip hilariously pleading several times to “de-escalate!” before she apparently starts fearing for her comrades’ safety and yells at the motorist to “stop, man!” and “just get in your f***ing truck and go!”

As the video continues, things heat up even more as other black people appear to take the motorist’s side and confront the Black Lives Matter group.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @KittyLists

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Anything else?

Black Lives Matter protesters in Tacoma blocked southbound Interstate 5 later Thursday evening, the News Tribune reported.

Earlier, they rallied in front of Tacoma police headquarters, the paper said, adding that some signs referenced Manuel Ellis, a Tacoma man who died while being restrained by Tacoma police in March.

The News Tribune said at about 5:30 p.m. the protesters began moving down South Pine Street toward South 38th Street and then started to block traffic.

A police spokeswoman told the paper that members moved onto I-5 sometime after 7 p.m.

Indeed, the below clip shows many of the same members of the Black Lives Matter group who were arguing with the motorist at the intersection now standing in the freeway lanes and chanting “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” and “No justice, no peace!”

Content warning: Language:

Tacoma Washington Antifa Blocks Entire HIGHWAY #Antifa #TacomaProtest #WA

Aaron danielson Attack against trump supporter Hit and Run Intelwars leftist violence Memorial service Michael forest reinoehl Washington state watch

Man allegedly follows mourners after memorial for fatally shot Trump supporter, harasses them at bar, hits one with his truck

After a Saturday memorial in downtown Vancouver, Washington, for Aaron “Jay” Danielson — the police and Patriot Prayer supporter who was fatally shot by an avowed Antifa militant after a recent rally backing President Donald Trump — authorities said a man allegedly followed mourners who had been attending the memorial, the Columbian reported.

The mourners ended up at Charlie’s Bar & Grill — and the man who allegedly followed them was in the bar, too, and began recording them with his phone, police told the paper.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What happened next?

Rex Fergus — a member of the group that went to the bar following Danielson’s memorial — told KPTV-TV that the man was causing problems.

“He came into the bar and immediately was aggressive with everyone that was in the bar,” Fergus noted to the station. “He was aggressive with the bouncer, he was aggressive with everyone that he came into contact with. He came into the bar, immediately pulled his phone out, and started coming over to our tables and putting his phone in our faces.”

Rex FergusImage source: YouTube screenshot

The man left the bar after “contact with security staff,” KPTV said, citing police. The mourners also went outside, the station said.

And at about 7 p.m., police said the man who’d been causing trouble got into his vehicle, drove toward and hit a member of the group, then fled from the parking lot, detectives told the Columbian.

The victim’s injuries were described as non-life-threatening, officers told KPTV, adding that he was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Who is the suspect?

Charles R. Holliday-Smith, 30, turned himself into police and was booked into jail, police told the station Monday night. He faces charges including assault in the first degree and felony hit-and-run, KPTV added.

While police told the Columbian the suspect allegedly followed the mourners after the memorial service, police added to the paper that investigators couldn’t confirm reports circulating that the suspect and victim were part of activist groups confronting each other.

Anything more on the victim?

Police did not identify the man struck by the vehicle, the Columbian said — but a GoFundMe page identified the victim as Shane Moon and noted that he was at a bar after leaving a celebration of life of a friend and was struck by a truck in the parking lot. Fergus in his interview with KPTV also identified the victim as “Shane.”

Fergus also told the station that the victim was among several people from the group who were taking pictures of the suspect in the parking lot “in case anything happened.”

More from the paper:

The GoFundMe page made no mention of the confrontation or whether Moon was affiliated with any activist group, though several donors left comments describing him as a “patriot” and criticizing Antifa. Posts on social media said that Moon had been at the Saturday evening memorial in downtown Vancouver for Danielson.

An administrator for the page confirmed later via email that Moon had attended the memorial for Danielson. The email said Moon is from the Vancouver area.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the fundraiser garnered just over $12,000 of its $25,000 goal.

The following WPTV report aired before the suspect turned himself in:

Police investigating hit-and-run after confrontation at Vancouver bar

What’s the background?

Danielson — the focal point of the Vancouver memorial — was fatally shot Aug. 29 after a Portland pro-Trump rally that attracted a ton of pushback from leftists.

While the likes of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden suggested that Danielson was killed because his fellow Trump supporters were “inciting responses,” the Multnomah County district attorney’s office released unsealed court documents last week that suggest the alleged shooter — Michael Forest Reinoehl — targeted Danielson before shots were fired.

In the below image, Reinoehl can be seen on the right:

Reinoehl — who had described himself as “100% Antifa” — was fatally shot by law enforcement agents who came to arrest him in Washington state Thursday after several days of investigations.

Oddly, Facebook answered all of this by reportedly taking down Patriot Prayer’s group page as well as the page of its founder, Joey Gibson.

Coronavirus relief fund Covid relief fund illegal aliens illegal immigrants Intelwars Jay Inslee undocumented immigrants Washington state

Washington state to provide $40 million in COVID-19 relief for illegal immigrants

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) has agreed to provide $40 million in COVID-19 relief for illegal immigrants. The fund will be available to illegal immigrants who can’t access federal coronavirus relief programs, such as the CARES Act, because of their immigration status.

Individual illegal immigrants who submit an application can receive up to $1,000 if approved, and families are eligible to receive up to $3,000. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services will select a nonprofit to administer the Immigrant Relief Fund.

“We have to ensure that no one in our state is left behind as we fight this pandemic,” Gov. Jay Inslee said in a statement. “COVID-19 doesn’t care what your immigration status is. We must support every family affected by the virus, especially those who lack the necessary means to quarantine or isolate and prevent further spread. This is the right thing for the well-being of individuals, the health of their colleagues and the safety of our communities.”

“Immigrant workers are critical to communities throughout the state and are the backbone of our economy,” Inslee said. “While some have been hit by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, others face safety risks as frontline workers. And even though immigrants in the United States pay billions of dollars in taxes, they do not receive the same support when a crisis occurs. This is one way to help rectify that situation.”

The Pew Research Center estimates that Washington has approximately 240,000 illegal residents, who reportedly pay around $368 million in state and local taxes annually.

“We’re excited to have a good chunk of money allocated to our community,” Alejandra Perez, an immigration activist from the Seattle area who has been working with the governor’s staff, said. “Even though our (original) ask was $100 million.”

In May, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution requesting emergency economic assistance from the state of Washington for illegal immigrants. The resolution called for the state to create the “Washington Worker Relief Fund,” which would allocate at least $100 million to assist illegal immigrants who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic. The city council voted 9-0 on the resolution, and it was signed by Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Washington’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council predicted the state’s current 2019-2021 budget would fall short of revenues by $4.5 billion. The 2021-2023 budget is forecast to have a $4.3 billion budget deficit, according to KING-TV.

In April, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced that California would provide millions of dollars to illegal immigrants in a coronavirus relief fund. Newsom said the state would contribute $75 million in taxpayer funds, while a network of immigration rights organizations have pledged to raise another $50 million for the fund.

In May, Oregon started distributing more than $10 million to illegal immigrants through the Oregon Worker Relief Fund.

Accused of being antifa Antifa Family on camping trip George floyd riots Intelwars Washington state

Multiracial family on a camping trip stalked, trapped at the campsite after being?? accused of being Antifa protesters, police say

A multiracial family from Spokane was on a camping trip in Washington state last week when they were accused of being Antifa provocateurs by a large group of people and subsequently stalked and harassed, according to police.

The family — which consisted of a husband and wife, their 16-year-old daughter, and the husband’s mother — were first confronted by “seven or eight car-loads of people” in the parking lot when they stopped to gather supplies at a store in Forks, Washington, a Clallam County Sheriff’s Office news release about the incident stated.

“The people in the parking lot repeatedly asked them if they were ‘ANTIFA’ protesters,” the release said. “The family told the people they weren’t associated with any such group and were just camping. The family had to drive their bus around vehicles in the parking lot in order to get back onto Highway 101.”

Police noted that “at least four vehicles” followed the family after they exited the parking lot and that “two of the vehicles had people in them carrying what appeared to be semi-automatic rifles.”

Later in the evening after the family had arrived at their campsite, they allegedly heard gunshots and chainsaws in the distance and became concerned for their safety. They packed up and decided to leave, but on their way out they came across felled trees in the road blocking them from leaving.

At this point, the family called police.

While officers were on their way to the scene, a small group of Forks High School students on their way up to the campsite stopped to help the family by using their own chainsaws to clear the road.

Police then escorted the family to safety and took their statement about the incident before helping them continue their travels.

The Department of Justice and President Trump have been outspoken about the involvement of Antifa, as well as similar extremist groups, in inciting violence at riots across America over George Floyd’s death May 25 in Minneapolis.

Last week, Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray announced in a press briefing that they have “evidence” that Antifa has been “instigating and participating” in violence at the riots.

Deputies investigate after family on trip near Forks harassed, accused of being part of Antifa

Coronavirus Coronavirus cause of death Coronavirus deaths Intelwars Washington department of health Washington state

Washington health official says state counted some gunshot victims as COVID-19 deaths

A Washington health official admitted that the state counted some deaths from causes other than coronavirus, including victims of gunshot wounds, as part of the COVID-19 death toll.

The Washington Department of Health held a virtual meeting Thursday with reporters. During the press briefing, a Washington health official said that some gunshot victims had been counted as COVID-19 deaths.

“There are a number of nuances to the data that we report and often it is very difficult — especially quickly — to make an assessment on the cause of death,” said Dr. Katie Hutchison, health statistics manager for the Washington State Department of Health.

“We currently have a number where it says unspecified natural causes, for example, again for these deaths, we really aren’t able to make a determination on whether they died from COVID or not,” Hutchison said. “We’re currently reporting only deaths that are identified to a COVID positive case.”

“We have a number of deaths, and right now it’s just under 100, where the death certificate indicates that the person is COVID-19, or probable COVID-19, we’ve not been able to link them to a positive case in our disease tracking system,” she continued. “So we’re not able to definitively rule them in or rule them out.”

“Our current dashboard reflects anyone who died, that tested positive for COVID, irrespective of cause of death,” Hutchison said during the news briefing.

Included in the COVID-19 deaths are some fatalities where the patients were victims of gunshot wounds.

“We don’t always know the cause of death for a death when it is first reported on our dashboard. That is true,” Hutchison said. “Over the course of the outbreak, we have been monitoring and recording the causes of death as we know it. We currently do have some deaths that are being reported that are clearly from other causes.”

“We have about five deaths — less than five deaths — that we know of that are related to obvious other causes,” the Washington health official said. “In this case, they are from gunshot wounds.”

“Over the course of the outbreak, we have been very aware of a small number of deaths being reported on our dashboard that end up not being due to COVID,” she stated. “We will be removing them over time from our death count.”

Hutchison said it might “take up to a year or more to get final counts on COVID-19 deaths.”

According to the Washington Department of Health, the state has over 19,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,044 COVID-19 deaths as of Friday afternoon. Nearly 10% of Washington’s COVID-19 deaths cannot be linked “to a positive case” of coronavirus in the state’s disease tracking system.

“Currently, we’re reporting just over 1,000 deaths, I would say that we currently have about a 3% variance on that,” Hutchison explained. “So, if we were to take our 30 deaths that are questionable – that we have about a 3% variance on that. And that is really quite excellent — considering how death certificates are processed.”

Washington’s Department of Health is reviewing the cases that are likely from other causes to see if the coronavirus played a part in the deaths.

Hutchison stated that there are about 3,000 cases dating back to Jan. 1, where the person’s death certificate indicated symptoms similar to COVID-19.

There has been scrutiny on other cases when a person’s cause of death was labeled as “COVID-19,” when it likely wasn’t. Last week, there was a Colorado man who died of acute alcohol poisoning, according to the Montezuma County coroner. However, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment said that the man died of the coronavirus.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health questioned the cause of death of a 17-year-old that was initially declared to be from COVID-19.

“Though early tests indicated a positive result for COVID-19, the case is complex and there may be an alternate explanation for this fatality,” the statement from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health read. “Patient privacy prevents our offering further details at this time.”

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond said that only six of the coronavirus deaths in his county were “purely, solely” from COVID-19.

Colorado lowered the state’s COVID-19 death toll by nearly 300 last week. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment significantly changed the way it counted COVID-19 deaths, lowering the state’s coronavirus deaths from 1,150 to 878.

Coronavirus Coronavirus lockdown Intelwars reopen america reopen economy Washington state

Gov. Inslee to Washington state restaurants: Want to reopen? You’ll have to help us track citizens’ movements

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) on May 1 published his state’s four-phase plan to reopen, which went into effect May 5. Dine-in restaurants can finally begin reopening in Phase 2.

Until Monday, no one knew what the requirements would be for restaurants wanting to do business. But now, restaurants in eight counties that have been approved to jump to Phase 2 immediately are discovering that Inslee’s order includes maintaining a log of customers that would lay the groundwork for a contact-tracing plan that would track citizens’ movements.

What’s that now?

Gov. Inslee’s plan always included a Phase 2 that would allow dine-in restaurants and taverns to open at 50% capacity, but he offered zero initial details on what the businesses’ requirements would be should they choose to reopen.

After a total of eight counties were approved Friday and Monday to move to Phase 2, the governor posted his 13 requirements for any dine-in facilities that wanted to do business.

The new requirements include party-size limits, a ban on bar seating, hand-sanitizer stations, occupancy caps, distance between seats, proscriptions on buffets, single-use-only menus, and staffing guidance.

But one requirement is raising eyebrows.

Inslee told restaurants they must keep a log of all customers’ names, phone numbers, emails, and arrival times, and maintain those logs for at least 30 days.

The logs will reportedly be part of a statewide plan to track citizens’ movements.

From the governor’s website:

If the establishment offers table service, create a daily log of all customers and maintain that daily log for 30 days, including telephone/email contact information, and time in. This will facilitate any contact tracing that might need to occur.

Eater noted that no one knows how the tracking info will be maintained and handled. Also, the governor was not clear on what would happen to the data once it’s no longer needed.

Inslee addressed concerns about the state’s contact-tracing plan Tuesday and said the state would have the authority to prevent restaurant data from being used for anything other than contact tracing, Eater reported.

However, he said the state is still working on how exactly it would protect the data.

Coronavirus Coronavirus response Green river killer Inmate release Intelwars Washington state

Washington state was one vote away from releasing an infamous serial killer into the public over COVID-19 concerns

In 5-4 decision last Thursday, the Washington State Supreme Court narrowly denied a petition that would have released thousands of inmates from state prisons — including some who committed serious violent crimes such as assault, rape, and murder.

One of those inmates would have been infamous serial killer Gary Ridgeway, a stunning report by PJ Media noted.

Ridgeway, also known as “the Green River Killer,” was sentenced to 500 years in prison in 2003 after being convicted of murdering 49 women, many of whom were prostitutes, in the 1980s and 1990s. He later confessed to murdering upward of 80 women.

Here’s more about Ridgeway from the PJ Media report:

He would take the women and girls, have sex with them, and then strangle them, watching the light go out of their eyes as he squeezed the life out of them. Sometimes he’d use a rope and sometimes he’d use his bare hands. He’d pose their bodies and sometimes come back and have sex with the corpses. His first victims were found in the Green River, giving the monster his moniker.

You’d think everyone would be in agreement that such an individual, by virtue of his actions, has forfeited his right to life within society. Yet for the legal activist group that brought the petition and for the four justices who supported it, that was not the case.

What’s the background?

Columbia Legal Services filed the petition last month which sought the release of all state inmates over the age of 50, with early release dates, or with risk of serious harm or death from COVID-19 due to underlying medical conditions. Ridgeway is 71 years old.

Nick Straley, an attorney for the legal group, argued that thousands of inmates should be released in order to preserve their safety and to allow for social distancing within prison facilities.

According to KCPQ-TV, the petitioners were demanding “that 2/3 of the prison population be released into the community, a number which includes serial killers and capital murderers.”

“We’re not talking about low-level druggies and low-level property crimes,” Skagit County Chief Deputy Criminal Prosecutor Rosemary Kaholokula said on April 21 before the ruling. “We’re talking about really bad people.”

Even though the petition was denied last week, Columbia Legal Services is celebrating its fight for inmate releases in the state.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Washington state has taken action to release roughly 1,000 inmates in order to combat the spread of the virus among prison populations. Several other states across the country have taken similar actions.

Army CentrutLink Field Center closed Coronavirus COVID-19 deaths Fear fear mongering FEMA field hospital Governor Jay Inslee Headline News Intelwars no patients pandemic panic patients Sick United States Washington state

Army’s Seattle Field Hospital Closed After 3 Days & Without Seeing A Single Patient

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The empty field hospital in Seattle. Courtesy:

The panic and fear among the people who cannot be bothered to read the actual statistics about this pandemic is what should concern most preppers.  In fact, this virus has been so overhyped that the Army’s field hospital in Seattle, an “epicenter” of the pandemic has closed after three days without seeing one single COVID-19 patient.

According to a report by, the hastily built field hospital set up by the Army in Seattle’s pro football stadium is shutting down without ever seeing a patient. This is being done “so the service can shift resources where they’re more urgently needed”, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee said.

Medical equipment at the CenturyLink Field Event Center is being returned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for use elsewhere, but the governor cautioned against reading too much into the move. Governor Inslee wants people to remain in a panicked state of emergency and dependent on the government’s salvation.

Don’t let this decision give you the impression that we are out of the woods,” Inslee said in a statement intended to push the official narrative of fear on Wednesday. “We have to keep our guard up and continue to stay home unless conducting essential activities to keep everyone healthy.” Washington state saw the first coronavirus death in the U.S. on February 29. Stay panicked and remain in fear, Inslee says.  “But we haven’t beat this virus yet and, until we do, it has the potential to spread rapidly if we don’t continue the measures we’ve put in place, he said.

The state asked FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers to convert the football stadium “before our physical distancing strategies were fully implemented and we had considerable concerns that our hospitals would be overloaded with COVID-19 cases,” Inslee said.  Even though the hospitals have the capacity to handle patients getting sick with the virus.

The decision to close the Seattle field hospital comes amid early signs that the number of new cases could be hitting a plateau in New York, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in the U.S., and other states.

BOMBSHELL: MN Senator Reveals HHS “Coaching Document” On How To OVERCOUNT Coronavirus Cases

Epidemiologist: Coronavirus Could Be “EXTERMINATED” If Lockdowns Are Lifted

At a news conference Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “Overall, New York is flattening the curve.”

We were never dealing with a pandemic in the general sense. We were always dealing with a tyrannical power grab by every governor in this country and at the head of that, was Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Fauci was so wrong about this virus he should be permanently discredited.  Yet Americans continue to fall in line and obey his orders to their own personal economic detriment.

The unprecedented government response and mass panic will have lasting negative effects for all Americans. Many more will be destroyed financially and all will lose most of what’s left of our basic human rights.

Dr. Ron Paul On Coronavirus Panic: The Real Danger “Is The Government’s Overreaction”

The good news is that you can find toilet paper on some online retailers again. I’ll continue to do my best to link items that were bought in a panic over the past month to help those who may need them. Toilet paper still seems to be the hottest commodity of 2020.

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20 states Amy Reynolds Bay Area California Coronavirus COVID-19 downturn Epidemic fevers Flatten the curve Headline News Health improvement Intelwars pandemic recovery sick patients social distancing hospitalizations Statistics United States Washington state

Turning Point: Hospitalizations For Coronavirus Patients Declined 20% In Washington State

We could be at the turning point of this pandemic, despite the ongoing fear-mongering from the government and mainstream media.  Hospitalizations for COVID-19 patients dropped 20% last week in Washington State, fevers across the country are down, and the Bay Area of California has already seen a “flattening of the curve” after two weeks of social isolation.

The state Department of Health (DOH) survey, covering the seven-day period that ended Saturday, tallied 193 admissions of patients with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath, down from 251 the previous week, reported The Seattle Times. This also marks the end of a monthlong rise in these admissions, which dates back to the last week in February, when only 61 hospitalizations of COVID-19-like illness were counted in Washington state.

“It is a little bit of good news,” said Amy Reynolds, DOH spokeswoman. This news comes as the scare tactics continue and people are banned from making a living.  Take the following snippet for example:

The downturn in hospitalizations in Washington, once the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus epidemic, comes as increasingly dire scenes unfold in other states — including New York, where some 9,500 people have been hospitalized and beleaguered doctors and nurses contend with a rapidly rising caseload of desperately sick patients. –The Seattle Times.

“We have seen an increase in volume of COVID-19 patients but fortunately at a slower rate than we anticipated, which is great,” said Dr. Douglas Wood, chair of UW Medicine’s surgery department, in an interview last week. “We have enough surgical masks to do our job. But we have to anticipate tomorrow.” This is an indication that the social distancing that has throttled the economy and taken away the livelihood of millions of Americans has bee working, reported The Seattle Times.

Reason reported that fewer fevers have also been reported nationwide.  This means the peak of this outbreak would be sooner than mid-April as the “experts” in the mainstream media predicted.

These good signs are an indication that the social distancing measures put in place have slowed the spread of the coronavirus and other influenza type illnesses.  Hopefully, these trends continue so we can all get back to our lives, albeit under a much more authoritarian state.

In California’s Bay Area, doctors have already seen a “flattening of the curve” after only two weeks of social distancing. After 14 days — the outermost period at which symptoms are believed to emerge post-infection — doctors at area hospitals are now reporting fewer cases than they expected to see at this point, according to a report by Politico.

Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?


Businesses Coronavirus Coronavirus panic Coronavirus quarantine Coronavirus response Crime Intelwars Olympia washington prank Washington state

Ominous flyers alarm business owners about coronavirus quarantine in Olympia — but it turns out to be a prank

Business owners in Olympia, Washington, were alarmed by new measures to combat coronavirus reported in a flyer posted on their doors, but it turned out to be a mean-spirited prank.

“Effective immediately, all of the businesses will be closed,” read the flyer that was posted all over downtown businesses.

The fake proclamation bore the logo of the city of Olympia in order to appear official.

The flyer claimed that all businesses would be closed, and that empty condos, businesses and schools would be repurposed to house the homeless.

Joseph Dukes Jr. of Cascadia Grill said the flyer stunned him because he believed it to be real.

“I think it’s a horrible thing to do, and it shouldn’t have been done in the first place,” he told KIRO-7 News.

The city called the prank “grossly irresponsible.” Many businesses have already closed due to the “social distancing” recommendations by health officials.

“I don’t know that it is fear-mongering, I feel like it’s someone’s wish fulfillment of what they think the city should do,” said Frank Hussey, an owner of a comic book store.

“I don’t think it was appropriate,” he added. “I don’t think you should spread misinformation!”

Here’s a local news report about the hoax flyer:

VIDEO: Fake flyers spread false COVID-19 response in Olympia

Bars California close Coronavirus Coronavirus america Coronavirus outbreak Coronavirus panic Coronavirus us Hunker down Illinois Intelwars Massachusetts New York City Ohio Restuarants schools Shut-down Washington state

America hunkers down as states begin to shut down schools, businesses, and large gatherings

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading health official in charge of the coronavirus response in the U.S., urged Americans to employ harsher social distancing and community mitigation efforts Sunday in order to combat the spread of the infectious disease.

“I think Americans should be prepared that they are going to have to hunker down significantly more than we as a country are doing,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Fauci’s advice came alongside a Centers for Disease Control recommendation that event organizers cancel or postpone events consisting of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks, excluding day-to-day operations of schools and businesses.

States shutting down restaurants, bars

Over the weekend, several states responded by enacting their most extreme measures yet to restrict the gathering of crowds and the potential spread of disease.

Governors in five states — California, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Washington state — issued guidelines temporarily closing or limiting capacity at bars and restaurants. Food service businesses in those states will still be able to offer carry-out and delivery options, but will not be permitted to seat people inside.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine wrote on Twitter that he is aware of the economic impact such guidelines will have, but insisted, “every day we delay, more people will die.”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee made the announcement that bars, restaurants, and recreational facilities would be temporarily closed Sunday evening only hours after he forcefully admonished state residents who were not practicing social distancing.

“Your actions could kill someone. Stop it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Officials in New York City also moved to close down entertainment venues in addition to bars and restaurants.

Schools across the country have closed

Parents and students are bracing for weeks without classes as schools in many states have closed amid the outbreak.

Schools in more than 30 states and many school districts in other states are scrambling to adjust schedules and move to online curriculum. Working parents, who are used to having the kids away at school during the work day, are feeling the effects, too.

But it is not just bars, restaurants, and schools that have been affected by the coronavirus. These latest announcements come on the heels of other changes that have already significantly altered the day-to-day life of Americans, such as the cancellation of church gatherings, sports seasons, and planned vacations. Also, many employees and businesses unfamiliar or unpracticed with remote work are undergoing some on-the-job training.

As of Monday morning, more than 3,700 people in the U.S. have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, resulting in at least 69 deaths, according to CBS News. Globally, the death toll is over 6,500.

Here’s more on America’s response to the coronavirus outbreak:

Coronavirus Outbreak: States Shutdown Restaurants And Bars To Slow Spread | NBC Nightly News

Intelwars Jay Inslee kindergarten LGBTQ public schools sex education Washington state watch

Bill mandating sex ed starting in kindergarten heads to Democratic governor’s desk; GOP opponent blasts ‘pornography’ taught in classroom

A bill that would require sex education in all Washington state public schools starting in kindergarten received its final approval Saturday from the state Senate and is headed to Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee’s desk, KREM-TV reported.

But opponents of the bill are lining up against it and want Inslee to veto it, the station said.

What are the details?

The legislation states kindergartners would be taught the differences between boys’ and girls’ bodies and that there are many ways to express gender, KREM reported.

Older students would learn about LGBTQ issues, contraception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual consent, the station added.

Also individual school districts will be allowed to determine how much is taught as long as the state’s minimum standards are followed, KREM said, and parents will be able to opt their children out of the program.

What are legislators saying?

“I’m offended at the pornography that we’re going to be forced to teach our children,” Republican state Rep. Robert Sutherland said as he spoke to the House, the station reported. “I’m offended at what this government is doing to the parents out there.”

GOP state Rep. Vicki Kraft (R) said certain concepts will go over students’ heads, KREM said. Opponents said that not all children are ready to learn about these topics.

“Do we really think that these types of concepts are going to have people going through consent methods and the boys listening when their hormones are raging because of what they are learning?” she asked, according to the station. “Will they really hear no? Will they really stop? I doubt it.”

But supporters of the bill said younger kids need to learn about their bodies and rights and that it’s imperative that they understand if someone touches them in ways they don’t like, they can say no, KREM reported.

“I can’t even tell you the suffering that was going on in my family for generations,” Democratic state Rep. Amy Walen said, according the the station. “For all the kids who don’t have such healthy families, those are the ones that it is our ultimate responsibility to watch out for.”

Democratic state Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self added, “What we don’t have time for is to continue with statistics that have continued for years, because we are too afraid to teach anything in our schools, and so as a result of that one in four girls get raped by the time they’re a senior in high school,” KREM reported.

CDC centers for disease control and prevention Coronavirus COVID-19 Intelwars Nursing homes Washington state

Former CDC chief says visits to nursing homes should be restricted amid coronavirus outbreak

A former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a recent op-ed that visits to nursing homes ought to be restricted due to concerns about the continued spread of the new virus.

In a CNN opinion post published Sunday evening, former CDC chief Dr. Tom Frieden wrote that “[n]ursing homes and other long-term care facilities are ground zero” for the virus’ spread and noted that most of the deaths in the United States have been traced back to a nursing home in Washington state:

This is not unexpected. There have been influenza and other disease outbreaks in nursing homes in the past. Influenza causes severe nursing home outbreaks even though we have influenza vaccines and medications — tools we lack for Covid-19. Residents in nursing homes are older and sicker and live in close quarters. Staff at these facilities are also at high risk. They are in close contact with many residents every day, and infection control is often suboptimal.

The facility that Frieden is referring to is the Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington. On Sunday, the Seattle Times reported that at least 13 residents of the center who had died after being taken to the hospital had tested positive for the virus, according to facility spokesman Tim Killian. Killian also said that 70 of Life Care’s 180 employees are showing symptoms of the virus, according to the newspaper.

On Sunday, the King County Council released a statement saying that the total number of coronavirus deaths in the county had reached 17, 16 of which were “associated with Life Care Center.”

A World Health Organization study of the new virus conducted last month found that “at highest risk for severe disease and death include people aged over 60 years and those with underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and cancer.” The same study also found that the virus’ mortality rate goes up with age, “with the highest mortality among people over 80 years of age.”

Frieden went on to write that “threat of rapid spread within long-term care facilities means that if we make the tough decision, now, to immediately restrict visits, we may be able to prevent many more outbreaks like the one in Kirkland.” He also said that staff of such facilities should not come to work if they are sick “and that they receive paid leave, so they have no economic incentive to come to work if ill.”

But what about families who want to see their elderly loved ones despite the conditions created by the ongoing outbreak? As a remedy for such situations, Frieden proposed that “we should facilitate virtual visits until we know more and can do more to protect the most vulnerable.”

President Barack Obama put Frieden at the head of the CDC in 2009 and he resigned as part of the transition to the Trump administration in early 2017. He was arrested in 2018 on sexual harassment charges, later pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Catholic high school Gay gay marriage Intelwars LGBT LGBT agenda Seattle Student protest Students Washington state

Students walk out of classes to protest Catholic high school allegedly forcing two gay teachers to resign

A gay proposal at Disneyland has led to teacher resignations and angry student protests at a Catholic high school near Seattle, Washington.

English teacher Paul Danforth and his partner Sean Nyberg got engaged at Disneyland in November, and Danforth resigned soon after from Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien, Washington.

Soccer coach Michelle Beattie also got engaged to her same sex partner and resigned.

The school says that they both voluntarily resigned, but Nyberg claims otherwise.

Nyberg said that Danforth was “no longer employed specifically because he and I got engaged,” according to a statement he gave to CBS News.

“This is not only personally painful, it also harms former students who looked up to them,” he added.

Students who are supportive of the gay teachers staged a sit-in and walked out in protest on Tuesday.

Another protest was planned against the Archdiocese of Seattle, which had not yet commented on the matter.

Family Policy Institute of Washington executive director Mark Miloscia defended the school.

“Especially what we believe is a constitutional right to hire the teachers and employees to go teach their children the beliefs and practices that are dear to their faith,” Miloscia said.

Both of the gay teachers have hired an attorney, but CBS News noted that it was unclear what legal action they could take against the school or the archdiocese.

Here’s more about the LGBT protest:

2nd Amend. gun rights guns home invasion Intelwars Self-Defense stand your ground Washington state watch

Man kicks in back door of house, charges at homeowner — who has a gun and fires. It proves to be suspect’s final home invasion.

The homeowner told KATU-TV that after his Vancouver, Washington, residence was broken into two years ago, he had security cameras and an alarm installed.

And it was that alarm that gave him the head’s up that his home was being broken into again Thursday night, the station said.

What are the details?

Police told KATU that the suspect kicked open a back door of the home after 10 p.m. and was inside when the homeowner confronted him.

Then the burglary suspect charged the homeowner, investigators told the station.

But in addition to security cameras and an alarm, the homeowner also had a gun. Police said the homeowner fired it and hit the suspect, who fled out the door, KATU reported.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was found dead where he collapsed outside in the back of the property, police told the station.

Police said the homeowner and his family were not injured, KATU noted.

Criminal defense attorney weighs in

The station spoke with criminal defense attorney Kris Carrasco, who said homeowners have a right to protect themselves. Washington is a Stand Your Ground state, KATU said.

“In a self-defense situation you do not have a duty to retreat,” Carrasco told the station. “You don’t have to run away before asserting your right to self-defense.”

Image source: KATU-TV video screenshot

But he also warned homeowners that there is such a thing as using too much force when defending themselves, KATU noted.

“You can’t bring a gun to a fist fight,” Carrasco told the station, adding that “for a mere trespass to property, you can’t use a gun and shoot to kill if someone is just doing a crime against your property. There has to be actual threat to your life.”

The attorney also noted to KATU, “The question is, ‘What’s the severity of the assault?’ Is there a reasonable belief of serious injury or just a normal assault?”

‘Homeowners have a right to protect themselves’

Mike Murphy lives nearby and told KOIN-TV that “homeowners have a right to protect themselves. You can’t just expect to break into somebody’s home and there’s not going to be repercussions to their actions.”

A woman who lives in the neighborhood agreed, telling KOIN she’s sorry someone died “for trinkets or whatever. It wasn’t worth it. But I totally support the homeowner’s desire to protect themselves.”