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Fiery Greg Gutfeld destroys media ‘hypocrites who pick and choose their favorite protesters’: ‘This is a red-pilled America’

Following the riot at the Capitol building on Wednesday, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld scorched “hypocrites in hair and makeup who pick and choose their favorite protesters.” The conservative commentator blasted members of the liberal media and Democrats who are “finally outraged by this disgusting behavior” of destructive rioting after staying silent about the incessant lawlessness by Black Lives Matter and Antifa across the country that has occurred regularly since late May.

“The Five” host delivered a passionate 4-minute tirade this week about the importance of condemning all political violence.

“Vandalism and looting, whether it’s in D.C. or Portland, SoHo, Kinosha, Minneapolis, Seattle – it’s all bad no matter who’s doing it,” Gutfeld stated. “So we must remain consistent. That’s what makes us different from the rest. We don’t play favorites with mobs. The other side does, but we don’t.”

“It’s hard for me personally because I was outraged over violence every single day this summer. I saw my neighborhood trashed,” Gutfeld admitted. The TV host then proclaimed that he must “condemn” the unrest at the Capitol “equally because we aren’t them. We are better than them.”

“To this point, I heard a pundit say that ‘even Republicans are outraged by this behavior.’ Duh! Republicans are always outraged by bad behavior because they consistently, consistently embrace law and order and condemn the destruction of private and public property,” Gutfeld poignantly explained.

“I do believe the Capitol is a sacred place,” he declared. “I also believe that the guy who invested his life savings in a small business, to him, that was a sacred place, too. So it’s consistency.”

“By pointing out Republicans, or non-liberals like me, who are equally outraged by this behavior, what you’re doing is you’re pointing out also the inconsistency, right? The lack of Democrats who weren’t doing this when our cities were in flame. That pisses me off,” he vehemently exclaimed.

Gutfeld slammed the transgressors who stormed the Capitol by saying that the “non-left” of Republicans, Libertarians, and conservates are “supposed to be the gate against the barbarians,” but on Wednesday in D.C., “We looked like the barbarians.”

“But you will not see Republicans bailing out those who were arrested. See, that is a vital contrast and Americans know this,” he continued.

Gutfeld was referring to the situation from the summer when Kamala Harris, Hollywood celebrities, and reportedly 13 Biden campaign staffers raised funds to bail out demonstrators and rioters who were involved in George Floyd protests in Minnesota that escalated into chaos and destruction.

“Americans do not need lectures from hypocrites in hair and makeup who pick and choose their favorite protesters,” Gutfeld blistered liberal media pundits. “So I’m glad Democrats are finally outraged by this disgusting behavior. Join the club! I’ve been there for a year! I do not play favorites with mobs.”

Gutfeld pointed out the 74 million people who voted for President Donald Trump need to have their voices heard. He highlighted the double-standard that Trump supporters face compared to BLM and Antifa rioters who seem to get a pass from the mainstream media.

Gutfeld then challenged President-elect Joe Biden to unite the country.

“If you want to unify this country, Joe Biden, you can’t sit there and act like the tough guy now,” Gutfeld emphatically stressed. “You’ve got to deal with a half a country that feels that they have been disenfranchised, that they’ve been disrespected, that they have been lied to by a media, they’ve been marginalized by a media, they’ve been made to feel small by a media. Their eyes are open.”

“This is a red-pilled America,” he trumpeted.

“Yesterday was a bubble that burst, but it’s a sign of a much, much, much larger problem, and it’s going to come back in four years,” Gutfeld warned. “It’s going to come back if you don’t deal with it, whether it is transparency in elections, voter I.D. – just being honest might be a start.”

“And stop calling these people rubes and denigrating them because they aren’t cool elites, because that’s part of this, too,” Gutfeld concluded his fiery monologue.

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Distressing video shows police raid home for ‘illegal gathering of six people’ on NYE in Canada; two arrested, six fined $1,546 each

A small and personal New Year’s Eve celebration rapidly descended into a turbulent and perilous situation. A distressing video shows police raid a home in Canada after neighbors informed authorities about the NYE party with only six people.

In Gatineau, Quebec’s fourth-largest city, indoor and outdoor private gatherings are currently prohibited until Jan. 10.

Some residents in Gatineau held a private New Year’s Eve party. Neighbors snitched on the partygoers, and police arrived at the home around 11:30 p.m., according to CTV News. There were six adults inside the home preparing to ring in the new year.

There is an unsettling video showing several police officers physically remove a man from the home. The man resists but is eventually forcefully plucked from the house by police officers, one of the cops is not wearing a face mask.

The video shows a group of police bring the man to the ground outside the residence. There is also a female being detained outside. In the viral video that has been viewed more than 4 million times, the sound of a female shrieking can be heard.

(Content Warning: Strong language):

“At some point, they had no judgment at all. You can’t treat people like this,” Mathieu Tessier, who appears in the video, told CTV News. “The truth is…they aggressed us.”

Tessier claims that he got involved in the altercation after a police officer allegedly pulled his mother’s arm.

Gatineau police, known as the SPVG, issued a statement on Twitter regarding the Dec. 31 incident, claiming that the residents refused to cooperate and attacked one of the cops.

“The video shows only an excerpt from the intervention,” the Gatineau police tweeted in French. “The individuals were recalcitrant and refused to cooperate. The individual arrested in the video had assaulted a police officer, hitting him in the face a few times.”

A Gatineau police spokesperson told CTV News that the individual seen in the video was charged with assault and obstructing an officer. The owner of the home was arrested and charged with refusing to provide personal information.

All six people at the gathering were issued fines for violating the COVID-19 regulations; the fines will cost each person a whopping $1,546.

Quebec City police said they issued 52 tickets on New Year’s Eve for violations of public health restrictions, according to the Global News.

Montreal police announced that they levied 34 fines between Dec. 21 and Dec. 27 to people skirting coronavirus rules, CBC reported.

“We ask for your collaboration to continue to respect health measures and collaborate during any police intervention,” the SPVG said.

Last month, another viral video surfaced out of Canada showing police assault and pull a taser on a young man, who was playing ice hockey outside.

Body cam footage Intelwars Nashville christmas bombing Nashville explosion viral videos

Stunning police bodycam footage captures officer’s viewpoint during Nashville Christmas bombing

A police officer-worn body camera captured footage of the moment a suicide bomber detonated an RV car bomb on Christmas Day in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

On Friday, a bomber whom police later
identified as Anthony Warner detonated a car bomb, killing himself, injuring three bystanders, and damaging dozens of buildings.

What are the details?

As highlighted by
Breaking911, Officer Michael Sipos — one of the officers responding to the call of an armed RV — had been issued a body camera days prior to the incident.

The video, which was released by the Nashville Police Department, showed a first-person account of the moments before Warner’s RV exploded early Christmas morning.

Moments before it exploded, the RV had been broadcasting recorded messages warning people in the area of a bomb, warning them to evacuate.

Around the video’s four-minute mark, the RV explodes, and officers bravely swarm the scene and warn residents away from the area.

What else?

On Sunday, Don Cochran, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, said, “Anthony Warner is the bomber. He was present when the bomb went off, and he perished in the bombing.”

Following the fatal blast, authorities raided the home of Warner, a resident of Antioch, Tennessee, and ultimately determined that he had acted alone.

Metro Nashville Police Officer James Wells, another responding officer, thanked God for saving his life.

“This might not be politically correct, but this is my truth,” Wells said in an interview following the incident, detailing the moments that led to him approach the RV before it exploded. “I literally heard God tell me to turn around and go check on [a fellow female officer], who was by herself down on Broadway.”

Following the blast, Wells said that he could only think to protect himself and the female officer.

He said, “I just tell myself to stay on your feet, stay alive. And I just take off in a full-out sprint. And I’m running toward [the female officer] and make sure she’s OK. And we kind of meet in the middle and we just grab each other.”

WATCH: Insane BodyCam Video Shows Officer’s Viewpoint During Nashville Christmas Bombing

Intelwars Las Vegas Las vegas airport Man on plane McCarran International Airport Viral Video viral videos

VIDEO: Man arrested for climbing onto wing of airplane preparing for takeoff at Las Vegas airport

There are some people who can handle a trip to Las Vegas and there are some people who can’t handle a trip to Las Vegas and end up trespassing onto an airport runway and climbing onto the wing of a commercial airliner that is preparing to depart. The gentleman in this viral video appears to be the latter.

An Alaska Airlines airplane was preparing to depart on Saturday from the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just before Flight 1367 took off for Portland, a man climbed onto the left wing of the Boeing 737. The pilot notified the control tower, which then alerted security.

Video taken by Brooke Knight shows the man on the wing, and has been watched nearly 2 million times on Twitter. So much for “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

At one point, he attempts to climb the winglet, but he can’t ascend up the tip of the elevated wing. The man believes that his shoes do not have enough traction to climb the winglet, so he takes off one of his shoes and socks. Unfortunately for him, being barefoot did not improve his climbing abilities. He mounts the winglet, but doesn’t get very far.

Police officers walk onto the wing to apprehend the man, but he gets nervous and falls to the ground. He is immediately taken into custody by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers who were waiting on the tarmac. The man was reportedly transported to a medical facility.

The unidentified suspect climbed over a perimeter fence of the airport and was observed by airport staff around 1:40 p.m. PST, McCarran International Airport spokesman Joe Rajchel told CNN.

The airplane returned to the gate for a full inspection following the incident, Alaska Airlines said in a statement.

“Law enforcement was dispatched and able to apprehend the individual,” the airline said. “Our guests and employees are safe and we are working with law enforcement. The plane returned to the gate for a full inspection.”

The plane eventually took off for Portland, but after a three-hour delay.

The airline executives are going to see this viral video and think to themselves, “Maybe we can make a lower class than “Economy Class” and charge people to fly on the wings?”

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Viral video shows moment angry youth football coach beats 9-year-old football player. NBA star LeBron James takes to social media to condemn the attack.

Viral video captured the moment a youth football coach struck a 9-year-old youth football player in the head at the national championships in Florida.

The video has garnered much attention from across social media, and has even caught the ire of NBA superstar LeBron James who said that he might have fought the coach in question if he were there.

You can watch the video here and below.

What are the details?

According to TMZ, the incident involving the unnamed child recently took place at the American Youth Football National Championships in Kissimmee, Florida.

Video caught the moment that the coach — later reported by the Grio to be a man named Alexis Cobb — began chastising the boy, identified as a Savannah Gators player, after a play. At one point, he hits the child — who was wearing a helmet — in the head and then shoves him to the sidelines.

International Business Times reported that the Gators issued a “half-hearted” apology for the incident, and said, “We understand what we all saw yesterday was disturbing to us all but let’s not blame everyone for one man’s actions. The guy in the video is our 9U head coach he is a good guy that just took it a little too far on a 9U player.”

The apology in question has reportedly since been deleted.

Following outcry, the coach issued an apology saying, “At the end of the day, I am a man. I’m not going to make no excuses for what I did.”

“I shouldn’t have discipled [the child] in public,” he added. “I should’ve waited till we got back. At the end of the day I apologize to him, the kids, the city, and my family back at home. I do apologize.”

LeBron James was so outraged that he shared the video on his Instagram Stories and said, “Ain’t no … way!! Couldn’t be my kid! Hell if I there and it’s not even my kid we gone have more than words for sure,” James said Wednesday.

TMZ reports that it is unclear at the time of this writing whether the coach will face criminal charges in connection to the attack.

International Business Times, however, reported that the coach has been banned from the league for life.

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Viral video showing a man assaulting a police officer takes a very unexpected turn

Viral video captured the moment a man appearing to be a police officer intervenes in a brutal street fight.

Twitter user Otto Dinero tweeted the video in the early hours of Sunday morning, writing, “Plot twist literally.”

At the time of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 1.9 million times.

What are the details?

Throughout the 51-second video, two younger males can be seen pummeling each other on a public street. What appears to be a police officer rushes the two and deftly breaks up the fight.

The apparent aggressor begins hitting and swinging at the officer, but the officer appears to respond only with defensive action and is ultimately able to subdue the suspect.

At the end of the video, the police officer helps the young suspect to his feet and claps him on the back as they put their arms around each other and breathlessly walk away from the scene.

TheBlaze has reached out to the social media user responsible for sharing the video in order to receive more details.

The user told TheBlaze that the incident recently took place in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, and escalated after the two men in the beginning of the video engaged in a verbal disagreement.

TheBlaze has reached out to the Atlanta Police Department for comment on the matter, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

(Content warning: Rough language):

Anything else?

Atlanta InTown reported that the Atlanta police are investigating another brawl that took place in nearby neighborhood Atlantic Station.

Police said that the large-scale fight involved “more than 300 teenagers” on Friday.

At least one teenager was arrested in connection with the incident, according to Atlanta InTown.

“Social media video showed a large group of teens fighting on 17th street with one child being knocked to the ground and kicked by a group of others,” the outlet reported. “Police suggested that the teens had gathered to fight as part of an ‘ongoing dispute,’ but did not elaborate.”

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Video shows brutal attack on older woman who asked a young couple to put on masks before joining her in elevator

Police are looking for two suspects in connection with a brutal attack on a 60-year-old woman last Friday.

The attack took place in a subway station elevator near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, according to

What are the details?

According to the outlet, an unnamed 60-year-old woman reportedly tried to reason with a young couple to put on masks before joining her in the subway station elevator.

Video surveillance of the exchange shows the woman appearing to speak to the couple about their lack of masks.

Instead of complying with her purported request, a young male can be seen forcing his way past the woman as his young accomplice gets into a scuffle with the older woman.

The male suspect can then be seen exiting the elevator, and when outside the doors, he begins to strike the older woman, knocking her down on the ground.

The three continue to scuffle as the woman is down on the ground, and both the male and the female can be seen raining blows down on her.

After the incident, both suspects — who the New York Post reports are believed to be in their late teens — reportedly fled from the scene.

At the time of this reporting, the two suspects are still believed to be on the run.

The NYPD is seeking the identities of the male and the female on the video, and is offering a reward of up to $2,500 for tips leading to the arrest.

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Furious activist in ‘BBQ Beer Freedom’ T-shirt goes viral after crashing Nevada presser: ‘Biden crime family is stealing the election’

Video of a man wearing a T-shirt reading “BBQ Beer Freedom” has gone viral after he gate-crashed a Nevada press conference on the presidential election.

What are the details?

According to Newsweek, a clearly irate blonde man can be seen appearing behind Nevada’s Clark County registrar of voters, Joe Gloria, who was providing an update on the state’s election.

The man, who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting, begins shouting that “the Biden crime family is stealing the election” and “the media is covering it up.”

Wearing his mask around his chin, the man punctuates his words by punching the air and pointing and shouts “We want our freedom for the world, give us our freedom, Joe Biden! You know Biden is covering up this election — he’s stealing it!”

Gloria, who is clearly shocked by the man’s presence, says nothing, and the unnamed man simply walks away after making his points.

During the briefing, Gloria said that all in-person early voting and Election Day ballots have been counted. The state continues to count mail ballots that were postmarked by Nov. 3. He also pointed out that the state’s final vote canvas would begin on Nov. 16.

The state’s six electoral votes remain up in the air as officials continue to tally ballots from across the state.

At the time of this reporting, the video has been viewed more than 11 million times via just one Twitter account.

User Timothy Burke shared one of the videos, captioning it, “This is 60 million of your neighbors.”

At the time of this reporting, the New York Times reports that 86 percent of the state’s vote has been counted. The outlet notes that former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has received 588,252 votes and President Donald Trump has received 580,605 votes.

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Social media shreds Joy Reid for her ‘disgusting’ and ‘racist ‘Uncle Clarence’ remark about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Much of social media came after MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Wednesday morning after she referred to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence” — an apparent “Uncle Tom” reference.

Former President George H.W. Bush nominated Thomas to the court in 1991.

What are the details?

In early morning remarks, Reid addressed President Donald Trump’s vow to take close races to the Supreme Court.

“If somehow they manage to stumble into the Supreme Court, do any of you guys expect Uncle Clarence and Amy Coney Barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law?” Reid asked. “No. It’s a completely politicized Supreme Court that you can’t just trust they’ll do the right thing. … Now, so far, the courts have actually been pretty good. So we’ll see.”

What was the response?

Reid received wide condemnation over the remarks on social media.

Responding to the remarks, longtime TV host Megyn Kelly tweeted, “‘Uncle Clarence? Are you kidding me??”

Kelly was responding to the Regan Battalion’s tweet on Reid’s remarks, which read, “Disgusting racist comment by @JoyAnnReid, a comment that would get her fired on any other network and deservingly so.”

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain wrote, “Good god….” in response to NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt’s remarks on Reid’s take.

Hunt wrote, “Joy Reid with an absolutely disgusting comment about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas just now on MSNBC[.]”

Conservative radio host Larry Elder added, “Notice her ‘woke’ @MSNBC colleagues said nothing.”

D.C. Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy added, “Joy Reid calls Justice Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Clarence’ — a clear reference to the derogatory epithet ‘Uncle Tom.’ How is this sort of stuff acceptable to anyone anywhere? (This is a rhetorical question — we know the reason.)”

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra simply added, “Joy Reid is a racist[.]”

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VIDEO: Woman tased on flight during furious brawl over face masks

A viral video shows a police officer taser an airline passenger who engaged in a brawl because she allegedly refused to wear a face mask.

A wild donnybrook broke out during a Spirit Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey, to the Luis Munoz Marin airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at around 7 p.m. on Sunday. The video was originally posted online by Twitter user V. Torres Montalvo on Oct. 26, and retweeted by CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, who said the brawl was started after a woman refused to wear a mask after the plane touched down in Puerto Rico.

Begnaud reported that Puerto Rico police identified the passenger as Nyasy Veronique Payne, adding that she “provoked an incident by acting in what witnesses called an aggressive, hostile, & defiant behavior.” Police claim that the woman hit 28-year-old Javier Lopez Cruz soon after the plane landed.

The man who recorded the video told Begnaud that the fight broke out because the woman refused to follow the mandatory mask rules instituted by Spirit Airlines.

According to a witness named “Alfredo,” there was a “young man was moving about the plane, switching seats and not wearing a mask.” Flights attendants instructed the young man to stop switching seats and to wear a face mask in accordance with the airline company’s COVID-19 protocols.

Three women were reportedly traveling with the young man, and were also not wearing masks “most of the flight, & were moving around while the sets belt sign was on,” according to the witness.

One of the passengers on the plane alleges that “three men began yelling homophobic and racial slurs at the three women.” According to the eyewitness, one person hit one of the women, which reportedly caused her to start punching passengers.

Police stormed the plane and attempted to squelch the melee, but the woman continued to attack a passenger in the rows behind her. A man is seen grabbing the woman’s head and pulling her hair, and she retaliates by attempting to hurdle over an airline crew member to assault the man. As the man and the woman attempt to exchange punches, another woman is seen slapping someone.

The airline crew and airport police were eventually able to separate the two warring parties, and the woman was arrested. Payne’s bail was set at $150,000, according to the travel website One Mile At A Time.

Spirit Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Intelwars Philadelphia riots Philly riot Police officers attacked viral videos Walter wallace

VIDEO: Philadelphia cops take cover as mob attacks. Dozens of officers injured, including one who was struck with a vehicle during Walter Wallace riots.

Viral videos captured the mayhem taking place against Philadelphia police on Monday night after the police shooting of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr.

fatally shot Wallace, who was reportedly armed with a knife as police responded to a scene of a domestic incident. During the incident, Wallace reportedly strode toward officers and refused to drop his knife.

You can read more on Wallace’s killing
here, which was captured on bodycam footage.

What are the details?

According to
Newsweek, many videos emerged across Twitter on Monday night, showing attacks on police officers.

In some of the videos, officers can be seen
running for cover as rioters attack.

The outlet added, “One video also appears to show an officer being struck by a pickup truck near 52nd and Walnut. The officer is reported to be a 56-year-old female sergeant who suffered a broken leg after being hit by the vehicle.”

Journalist Andy Ngo shared footage of what appeared to be the incident in question.

He captioned the tweet, “At the Philadelphia BLM riot, a cop got hit or run over by a speeding vehicle.”

The unnamed female officer reportedly wasn’t the only officer to suffer injuries in connection to Monday night’s riots.

reported that at least 30 police officers were injured in the line of duty as violent protesters smashed windows, looted, and set vehicles on fire.

“All the officers, except for the one struck by the truck, had been treated and released as of early Tuesday,” WCAU reported.

“Police cars and dumpsters were set on fire as police struggled to contain the crowds,” the station’s report continued. “More than a dozen officers, many with batons in hand, formed a line as they ran down 52nd Street chasing protesters away from the main thoroughfare. The crowd largely dispersed then.”

Authorities also said that at least five police vehicles and one fire department vehicle were vandalized.

At least 30 people were arrested in connection with the riots and looting.

What else?

Newsweek reported that Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said that the shooting, and the subsequent video, “raises many questions” and announced an investigation into the incident.

“Residents have my assurance that those questions will be fully addressed by the investigation,” Outlaw said. “While at the scene this evening, I heard and felt the anger of the community. Everyone involved will forever be impacted. I will be leaning on what the investigation gleans to answer the many unanswered questions that exist.”

“I also plan to join the Mayor in meeting with members of the community and members of Mr. Wallace’s family to hear their concerns as soon as it can be scheduled,” she added.

Arrests Buffalo police Intelwars Justice mark grisanti Maria grisanti Mark gristanti arrested supreme court justice viral videos

Shirtless, reportedly intoxicated New York state Supreme Court justice shoves cop while name-dropping mayor. He faces no charges.

New York state Supreme Court Justice Mark Grisanti was seen shoving at least one Buffalo, New York, police officer during an incident that took place outside his home in June.

What are the details?

According to the New York Post, officers responded to a call that ended up at the Grisanti home after the judge and his wife reportedly engaged in an altercation with neighbors.

On Thursday, the Daily Beast reported that the incident took place following a fight with a neighbor over a parking spot.

Bodycam footage obtained by WKBW-TV shows the judge’s wife, Maria Grisanti, shouting across the street at neighbors as they speak with the responding officers.

One officer tells Maria, “Ma’am, if you don’t stop yelling, this is gonna be a problem for you.”

The woman continues to shout across the street, responding, “I don’t care!”

Her remarks prompt the officer to cross into the Grisantis’ yard and move as if he is planning to arrest Maria. The unnamed officer attempts to handcuff Maria, but Mark — who is shirtless and later described by an officer on the scene as “intoxicated” — can be seen entering the scene and begins shouting at the officer, shoving him in the process.

The footage later shows Mark pushing an unnamed police officer and mentioning that he is friends with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown (D). Mark also name drops his son-in-law and daughter, who are both on the police force.

Mark shouts, “You better get off my f***ing wife! My daughter and my son are both Buffalo police officers. … I’ll call them right now!”

What did the officer say?

Another officer at the scene grabs Mark’s arm, and says, “Keep your hands off of a cop.”

A clearly angry Mark continues raging, and another officer begins telling the judge and former state senator off.

“Let me give you some constructive criticism,” the officer says. “You want to drop another copper’s name? You scream about how you … know the mayor? Why don’t you shut the f*** up?”

The officer then moves in to cuff Mark as well.

The officer continues, “You want to say, ‘I know all these coppers, I know all these things.’ You want to make us look dirty? Is that what you want to do? So how am I helping you now? … Tell me how can I help you!”

Authorities handcuffed Mark and Maria, and placed them in the back of two separate police cruisers.

One officer can be heard telling Mark, “You’re dropping everybody’s name with a badge and you’re expecting special treatment. How does that look like to everybody in this environment right now? You smell like cheap beer. It doesn’t look good.”

No charges were filed against either Grisanti in connection with the June incident.

The outlet reported that Erie County District Attorney John Flynn’s office announced several weeks after the incident that it would not charge anyone involved in the altercation.

You can watch several other bodycam videos in connection with the incident here.

State judicial board holds Grisanti’s future in its hands

What else is there to know?

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office told the Post that he refuses to get involved.

“It has been, and remains, my policy as mayor not to interfere in any police investigation,” the spokesperson said on Brown’s behalf. “I have not spoken to the Buffalo Police Department, District Attorney Flynn, or Judge Grisanti regarding this matter. I believe that the District Attorney’s office is in the best position to determine the appropriate course of action.”

Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo told WKBW that the officers involved decided not to charge the judge because he “didn’t tackle anyone, he didn’t punch him — he gave him, like, a shoulder shove.”

Following the incident, the judge’s neighbors spoke with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct to report Mark’s actions, according to WKBW.

The unnamed neighbors told the station that the commission reached out to them.

The Grisantis’ attorney, Leonard Zaccagnino, told the Washington Post that he did not receive a request for comment from the commission and said his clients are “embarrassed” and “very unhappy” about the June incident.

“The officer was grabbing her and putting her on the ground. He reacted to that, as I believe any husband would react if anybody saw their loved one being handled that way,” Zaccagnino said. “They obviously didn’t want this to happen.”

Black Lives Matter Black lives matter protests Blexit Candace owens Intelwars star spangled banner viral videos

‘This is a beautiful moment that the mainstream media won’t report on’: Blexit demonstration concludes with 2,000+ minority people singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens shared a moving video on her Twitter page Monday featuring more than 2,000 black and Hispanic demonstrators singing the national anthem during a Saturday Blexit demonstration in Washington, D.C. At the time of this reporting, Owens’ video has been viewed more than 447,000 times.

What are the details?

As highlighted by the Daily Wire, an estimated 2,000-plus Blexit — “black exit,” a movement Owens created in 2018 to encourage black Americans to leave the Democratic Party — demonstrators marched over the weekend.

Owens’ video captures the moment that the demonstration concludes with a singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Owens shared the video on Twitter with a stark comparison between Black Lives Matter protests and the Blexit demonstration.

She captioned the video, “Black Lives Matter protests end with rioting, looting, and the destruction of minority communities. BLEXIT protests end with 2,000+ black and Latino Americans singing the national anthem.”

“This is a beautiful moment that the mainstream media won’t report on,” she concluded. “I’m so proud.”

As seen in the video, following the singing of the national anthem, demonstrators break into chants of “USA! USA!”

Saturday’s demonstration saw the thousands march in support of back police officers and law enforcement officials.

On Saturday, Owens tweeted, “Black and Latino Americans do not support the Marxist, anti-police rhetoric that has become fashionable in the media. Today, thousands of us have descended upon Washington D.C. to #BackTheBlue. Minorities do not belong to the Left.”

That same day, she tweeted, “This is what an *actual* peaceful protest staged by thousands of minorities looks like. Today was incredible.”

Fox News on Sunday reported that Owens told demonstrators that President Donald Trump has supporters all around the country because he clearly supports law and order.

“There are people all around the country that support this president because he supports law and order. It’s that simple,” Owens said during the Saturday march. “Law and order should be what you want no matter what color you are. If you are an American, you should want law and you should want order. That is the way forward.”

Bill burr Cancel culture Gay community Intelwars John Wayne Saturday Night Live Videos viral videos

Comedian Bill Burr lights up cancel culture, gay pride in blistering ‘SNL’ monologue — and ignites a Twitter firestorm

Comedian Bill Burr shredded cancel culture during his monologue on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, joking that the movement had gotten out of control.

What are the details?

During his monologue — which received mixed reviews on social media — Burr joked that the cancel culture mob would be coming for him following the Saturday night appearance.

“They’re literally running out of people to cancel,” Burr said. “They’re going after dead people now.”

“They’re trying to cancel John Wayne,” he continued. “They’re all up in arms. They’re like, ‘Did you hear what he said in that interview in Playboy in 1970? He was born in 1907. That’s what these people sounded like. You never talked to your grandparents and brought up the wrong subject? All of a sudden, they went off the rails? Like, ‘Oh, God, keep making the cookies.'”

Burr also said that he’s unclear on why gay pride receives an entire month.

“The month of June is gay pride month,” he said. “That’s a little long, don’t you think? For a group of people that were never enslaved.”

The remark came with the implication that black people should get more than just 28 days of recognition for February’s Black History Month.

“These are equator people,” he joked. “Give them the sun for 31 days. There’s gay black people, they could celebrate from June 1, June 31, give them 61 days to celebrate.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Burr joked that white women — which he referred to as “b***hes” at one point — co-opted the “woke movement.”

“The woke movement was supposed to be about people of color not getting opportunities,” he explained. “Somehow, white women swung their Gucci-footed feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line.”

What are angry people saying about this?

One user wrote, “Bill Burr’s monologue segment re: WW wasn’t anything to be celebrated and I’m again disappointed at Black folks aligning with gendered insults just to take digs at white women. That whole segment was misogynistic trash just like the ‘Karen’ nonsense.”

Another added, “Bill Burr is trash and has always been trash. Not because he doesn’t raise valid criticisms in some of his comedy, but because he has always leveraged his ability to point them out to the detriment of change and the benefit of himself, and he can f*** off into the sun for it.”

“Honestly, I didn’t even know who Bill Burr was, and after that opening monologue I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t,” another user said. “Jokes were in poor taste, not funny. As a gay man in an interracial relationship we were both offended and turned the channel. Who approved that monologue?”

Another user wrote, “The fact some of you can’t even admit Bill Burr was wrong for calling women b***hes is problematic as f*** because I be damn if my dead grandmother is a b***h when she voted for Hillary Clinton and worked her damn hardest to protect her black grandkids!!!”

Yet another added, “Before yesterday I had no clue who Bill Burr was & I wish I didn’t know now. But the truth is Hillary was f***ed over by WW & WM. The numbers don’t lie. Be offended, check your privilege, and move on. If you voted for Hillary cool. It is what it is.”

What are entertained people saying about this?

One user wrote, “FYI If you’re a white woman mad at Bill Burr’s monologue, you’re openly identifying as one of his b***hes.”

Another added, “Bill Burr is a great comic with incredible, well crafted jokes and my personal view is that the people most served by pearl clutching about jokes are the people who want to launder real right wing extremism through the idea of “jokes” that are actually not jokes at all.”

“Did @billburr make SNL Great Again?” another user simply asked.

Another user wrote, “Bill Burr has both railed against cancel culture and against idiots like Bill Maher who self victimize over it. He’s constantly evolving in the service of comedy and he also calls himself an idiot a lot.”

Yet another added, “[Y]ou know whats even better than bill burr p***ing off wine mum twitter bill burr p***ing off racists with the exact same set.”

Bill Burr Stand-Up Monologue – SNL – YouTube

California mandates Coronavirus restrictions Intelwars los angeles lakers Los angeles mayor eric garcetti Nba finals Unlawful assembly viral videos

Thousands of fans ignore COVID rules to converge at LA Staples Center following Lakers’ championship win; many target cops during chaos

A massive horde of NBA fans took to the streets of Los Angeles after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title. The Lakers won 106-93 over the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the finals on Sunday night.

What are the details?

KABC-TV reported that thousands of people showed up on Figueroa Street outside Los Angeles’ Staples Center, and some of them targeted police officers and their cruisers as officers were forced to declare the scene an unlawful assembly.

Days ahead of the Lakers’ win, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti directed citizens to stay off of the streets due to COVID-19 restrictions.

On Friday, Garcetti
said that NBA fans should not congregate on the streets during or after the game — which took place at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando, Florida — either to celebrate a win or lament a loss.

“I encourage you to yell at the top of your lungs inside your homes, maybe even open up the window or step outside your door as we’ve done for our first responders and essential medical workers to thank them,” Garcetti said. “Let’s thank the Lakers when they win, but let’s do it safe.”

Garcetti also warned that disregarding his advice could sabotage “all the progress we have made in our fight against COVID-19.”

“LAPD went into tactical alert and declared the gathering an unlawful assembly,” KABC reported. “Cars were seen performing ‘donuts’ and ‘burnouts,’ some cars were swarmed by fans in the streets.”

The report continued, “Multiple fireworks were set off and there were isolated reports of small groups throwing rocks and bottles at police.”

The station noted that local police and California Highway Patrol officers shut down ramps leading to the downtown area during the melee.

Bleacher Report on Monday
noted that many of the fans “began throwing beer bottles and other ‘projectiles’ at uniformed police officers that swarmed the area.”

“The few isolated incidents soon grew to a large mob of sports fans which soon made their way down the streets of Los Angeles turning over police cars and breaking into local businesses,” the outlet reported. “Some innocent bystanders became injured in the incident as the hoard [sic] came rushing down the streets.”

The outlet added that police arrived on the scene en masse “with riot gear and shots of tear gas which were thrown into the mass of hysterical fans.”

The Daily Mail also reported that “witnesses told the Los Angeles Times that officers also fired ‘beanbag rounds’ at one point, which sent some people running.”

The Daily Wire)

Church is essential Grace community church los angeles Intelwars John macarthur Open your church Twitter viral videos

Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur issues blistering rebuke of ‘leftists and secular government,’ implores houses of worship: ‘OPEN YOUR CHURCH’

Los Angeles Pastor John MacArthur’s message in a new viral video is crystal clear: Open your churches.

What are the details?

MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, released a video Wednesday detailing why he believes church is essential and should be opened.

Grace Community Church reopened for in-person services in July, defying California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 restrictions. In response, Los Angeles County sought a court order to prohibit the church from meeting indoors. By August, however, a California Superior Court judge said the church could continue to hold indoor services as long as worshippers wear face coverings and practice social distancing.

In Wednesday’s widely viewed video, MacArthur argued that churches and parishioners across the country should band together in an effort to take back church amid the COVID-19 pandemic because it should be as God commanded.

In the video, MacArthur — who was recently in the news after local authorities threatened to jail him for holding in-person church services — said that the Bible calls Christians to gather.

“Today’s current crop of politicians are trampling on the Constitution and on the resolve of citizens to demand their rights under the pressure of a manufactured fear,” MacArthur said. “The reality is that the COVID data just doesn’t match the government’s COVID narrative.”

Without citing any specific research, MacArthur added, “You have a 99.99 percent chance to survive COVID. It’s just not what they’re saying it is.”

MacArthur insisted that what he chalks up to as hype and paranoia is keeping much of the country shut down.

“That absolutely does not warrant shutting down anything,” he continued. “But especially, absurdly, and arbitrarily, churches that have a special protection from the Constitution. Oh, and at the same time, leaving open abortion clinics, strip clubs, and marijuana dispensaries.”

MacArthur added that Black Lives Matter demonstrations and subsequent riots also don’t seem to be considered as “dangerous” as attending church services when it comes to the opinions of health officials.

“This is obviously targeted discrimination,” he added. “Leftists and secular government officials have no tolerance for biblical Christianity, so they’re using COVID as an excuse to shut us down.”

He impressed the importance of remaining united as Christians, reminding viewers that “the church is essential,” and pointed out that parishioners began showing up to his church in person, on their own accord, after a 20-week lockdown because “they didn’t believe the narrative the local government and media were giving them.”

In the video, MacArthur argued that the need to meet as a church is more important than ever.

“This is a watershed moment in America,” he concluded. “We have been granted by God the freedom to meet as a church, and that is protected by the Constitution. We need to be the church, not only because we’re free to be the church, but because we’re commanded to be the church by the Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the church. This is a time of all times to meet as the church. Open your church. The church is essential.”

At the time of this reporting, the video, which MacArthur shared on his Twitter page, has been viewed more than 475,000 times.

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

Daily caller arrests Daily caller reporters arrested Intelwars Richie mcginniss Shelby talcott Twitter viral videos

Daily Caller reporters say authorities forcibly detained, kicked, repeatedly hit them with clubs during Wisconsin riots

Two reporters for the Daily Caller say authorities detained them and hit them repeatedly as they covered demonstrations Thursday in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Demonstrations and riots erupted Thursday night in Wauwatosa after authorities announced that the police officer who fatally shot 17-year-old Alvin Cole would not face charges.

Investigators have said that Cole was running from police after reportedly firing a stolen handgun when police fired on the teen.

What are the details?

According to a Friday morning report from the outlet, reporters Shelby Talcott and Richie McGinniss said officers detained them even after they identified themselves as members of the press.

On Twitter, Talcott wrote, “@RichieMcGinniss and I just got detained/almost arrested. Officers kicked me and hit me with a billy club and repeatedly hit Richie with a club (we were not resisting). Luckily, an officer came while we were waiting in the police van and recognized that we were press.”

Following the alleged detainment, Talcott said that officers let her and McGinniss go.

“Richie had his press credentials visible before he was taken down,” Talcott said. “I was sitting in the car (outside of the area where protesters were being arrested) waiting for Richie (who was filming).”

The two were covering the demonstrations along with Campus Reform senior campus correspondent Blair Nelson and independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager.

Talcott alleged that authorities demanded McGinniss and Nelson leave the area and said that the two reporters complied with the order.

“Several officers then chased the boys down right as they reached our car & forced the rest of us out of the vehicle before making arrests,” Talcott wrote in a now-viral Twitter thread. “Richie captured audio of the incident.”

Talcott also shared photos of herself and McGinniss with what she said were injuries sustained in the detainment.

She captioned the snap, “We’ll have some nice cuts and bruises in the coming days[.]”

McGinniss also shared video of the incident on Twitter, saying, “Video of @ShelbyTalcott and my detainment. As I was recording arrests, one officer told me to (quickly) clear the area. Upon arriving to the car, I was forcibly detained (with press cred in hand) and as you can hear in the video, I tried my best to comply with police orders.”

Late Thursday evening, Talcott concluded, “Last thing I’ll note for some comments I’ve seen from Louisville and this: freedom of the press is important and allows reporters to be out past curfew, etc to report the news and get the truth out there. It’s a dangerous thing if that right goes away.”

In the early hours of Friday morning, Talcott shared a video taken by Caroline Reinwald of WISN-TV.

Talcott captioned the video, “.@WISN_Caroline captured part of our detainment (picks up sort of after @RichieMcGinniss’s video, it seems). The person being tossed from the passenger side is [Brendan Gutenschwager], who is still — to my knowledge — in jail.”

Early Friday morning, McGinnis took to Twitter, writing, “@ShelbyTalcott called multiple times and I sent emails to any applicable PD’s [sic]. Still no status updates regrading [Brenden Gutenschwager] and [Blair Nelson].”

Talcott added that Gutenschwager and Nelson were reportedly jailed on “some sort of violating curfew charge” and were expected to “be released somewhat soon (1,2 hours) after being fingerprinted, etc.”

Gutenschwager on Friday morning tweeted, “Tonight I was brutalized by police in Wisconsin. This is me being dragged out of a vehicle and slammed to the pavement. Pleaded with officers that I am here as press, never even given a chance to cooperate before they escalated to this. I am in shock.”

Nelson also tweeted, “Hey everybody, I’m out of jail, only in there for three hours. I was arrested for filming with @BGOnTheScene @ShelbyTalcott @RichieMcGinniss. Still don’t have my phone, hopefully, will get it soon.”

The Blaze reached out to the Wauwautosa Police Department for comment on the story, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Gov. andrew cuomo Intelwars Jewish holiday Mask burning new york fire department Orthodox Jews Videos viral videos

Police try to shut down celebration during Jewish holiday. Cuomo issues new ‘draconian’ measures, and community comes together to burn masks in the street.

A large group of Orthodox Jews
took to the streets in Brooklyn on Monday in celebration of Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Police attempted to intervene but were pushed out by revelers.

Following the event, New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced what he referred to as a “cluster action initiative” — an attempt to target red zone hot spot areas such as Brooklyn and Queens, as well as Broome, Orange, and Rockland counties across the state.

Cuomo’s announcement then prompted a second mass group to converge on the city’s streets on Tuesday, and its members burned their masks in response.

Police attempt to break up wild Monday dance party — and fail

On Monday, police attempted to
forcefully break up a large group of people celebrating the Jewish holiday of Sukkot — which began last Friday and will end this Friday — in the Crown Heights neighborhood.

According to a Tuesday
Newsweek report, members of the New York Police Department were ultimately unable to disperse the crowd. No arrests were made, and no citations were issued.

The Gothamist reported that the officers’ actions only prompted “indifference and hostility from Orthodox revelers who continued dancing even in the face of police orders.”

The outlet reported that “hundreds” of Jews gathered for the gathering.

“Video from the event shows police officers — including some from the NYPD’s Community Affairs Unit — imploring the densely packed crowd to follow state law’s intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” the outlet reported. “‘Please get onto the sidewalk,’ an officer pleads. ‘You will be allowed to dance on the sidewalk.'”

As seen in the video, the group apparently has no intention of following the officers’ orders, and instead, begins dancing more frenetically while pushing back at the police.

Shortly afterward, the officers ended up leaving the scene.

Gov. Cuomo’s initiative

On Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo addressed the issue of the large gatherings and announced his new initiative.

“I spoke to members of the Orthodox Jewish community today,” Cuomo said. “I spoke to the leaders myself this morning. We had a very good conversation. … I have been very close to the Orthodox community for many years. I understand the imposition this is going to place on them, and I said to them I need their cooperation. The Torah speaks about how certain religious obligations can be excused, if you are going to save a life. This is about saving a life.”

Cuomo added, “No large gatherings in synagogues to save a life. You look at where the infection rate is, you look at those clusters, people will die in those clusters and this is about protecting people and saving lives.”

In a statement in response to Cuomo’s mandate, state Sen. Simcha Felder, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, and Councilmen Kalman Yeger and Chaim Deutsch slammed Cuomo, and accused him of engaging in a “duplicitous bait-and-switch.”

“Outrageously, just hours later, Governor Cuomo announced a draconian return to restrictions that would shutter thousands of New York businesses and limit houses of worship to a maximum capacity of 10 (no matter the maximum capacity of the building),” the statement said.

“[Cuomo’s] rhetoric in recent days has been irresponsible and pejorative, particularly to a community of Holocaust survivors and their descendants, for whom his language was reminiscent of past verbal attacks on Jewish communities,” the statement added. “Governor Cuomo’s choice to single out a particular religious group, complete with a slideshow of photos to highlight this point, was outrageous.”

The initiative, effectively, would close schools, limit attendance at synagogues, and close nonessential businesses in “red zone” areas.

You can read more about the initiative here.

What happened on Tuesday night?

As seen in several videos circulating on social media, a massive group appeared on the streets of Brooklyn Tuesday night to protest against Cuomo’s new initiative.

Those members of the large group did not appear to be socially distanced, and many of them were not wearing any face coverings.

According to
Newsweek, the New York Fire Department showed up at the scene of at least one Tuesday night demonstration to extinguish a pile of burning masks.

The outlet notes that a “line of people [appeared] to briefly try and block the firefighters’ attempts to put out the blaze.”

Haaretz on Wednesday reported that protesters in Borough Park were joined by radio host Heshy Tischler and City Council Representative Kalman Yeger. Both, according to the outlet, “encouraged the crowd to stand up for religious freedom.”

“We are not going to be deprived of the right that we have in America, like everybody else in America, the right to observe our religion,” Yeger said. “I don’t care who in government thinks that they can stop us, they’re wrong. Let them try.”

Tischler later visited Crown Heights, where he told protesters, “We have a court order, we won, our schools and shuls are open, we will not close. … And here’s the deal, I’m filing a new court order, I’m holding Cuomo and the idiot de Blasio in contempt. We will civil disobedience … our amendments, our first amendments, our rights, we will not close our shuls Simchas Torah!”

Members of the crowd also chanted, “Jewish lives matter!” according to Haaretz.

Body cam footage Chicago stabbing Chicago Sun-Times Civilian office of police accountability Intelwars Reports Shaon jermy ochea warner viral videos

Graphic bodycam footage shows Chicago police fatally shooting knife-wielding stabbing suspect — who also stabbed a police officer

Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Thursday released bodycam footage of a police shooting involving a knife-wielding suspect.

The incident took place in September.

What are the details of the incident?

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, authorities responded to a call about a man armed with a large knife near Vittum Park.

When they arrived at the scene they discovered 34-year-old Shaon Jermy Ochea Warner armed with a large butcher’s knife.

On the video, an officer can be heard shouting, “Put your godd**n hands up. Don’t be reaching for nothing.”

Warner refuses and can be seen walking toward a female officer with the knife clutched in his hand. The female officer can be seen deploying her Taser at the suspect, which temporarily slows him down. It appears that Warner is able to rip out the Taser’s prongs, and once free, rushes the female officer and stabs her in the protective vest.

“Drop the godd**n knife!” an officer can be heard shouting on the tape.

Earlier in September, Chicago police spokesman Tom Ahern tweeted a photo of the suspect’s knife from the scene of the crime.

After Warner stabs the female officer, police unload on Warner, firing off about 15 shots, and the suspect falls to the ground.

The female officer can be heard telling her fellow officers that she is not injured.

First responders pronounced Warner dead at the scene.

In a statement, COPA said that its “investigation into the officer’s actions, including use of deadly force, is in its early stages and will determine if the actions of the officers are in accordance with the Department policy and training.”

CWBChicago shared the video on Twitter, captioning it, “Incredible video released by @ChicagoCOPA tonight. Police confront man wanted for stabbing a citizen nearby. Man clearly has large knife, overcomes effect of Tazer [sic] and charges sergeant with knife.”

You can watch the video here, but be warned, the content is graphic.

9mm beretta handgun Arrests Intelwars Jose cerpa guzman Los angeles times crime reports Pistol whipped police officer Police officer assaulted Videos viral videos

Highly disturbing video shows suspect repeatedly pistol-whipping police officer

Now-viral surveillance video captured the moment a suspect walked into a Los Angeles police station and repeatedly pistol-whipped an officer.

What are the details?

On Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported that the suspect — identified as 29-year-old Jose Cerpa Guzman — entered the Harbor Division station in San Pedro, California, on Saturday night. Guzman, who appears to be wearing a straw hat, can be seen entering the station and approaching a police officer inside.

The two can be seen engaging in what appears to be tense conversation as Guzman attempts to strike the officer with his hand. The suspect misses the first time, but connects a second time, driving the unnamed officer to the ground.

Guzman and the officer can be seen struggling on the floor of the station as the suspect is able to wrest away the officer’s weapon.

The outlet reported that Guzman was able to snatch away the officer’s 9mm Beretta handgun, and in the video, Guzman can be seen pointing the gun at the officer’s chest as the suspect gets to his feet and attempts to flee through the station’s front doors.

A second officer can be seen entering the scene at this point and sees the officer lying on the floor and the suspect attempting to flee.

The officer then runs after the suspect and draws her gun, but the suspect appears to attempt firing a shot from the first officer’s weapon. The officer takes cover, and a third officer enters the lobby with gun drawn.

Officer will recover

The Times reported that the suspect repeatedly pulled the trigger, but a “safety mechanism had prevented the gun from firing,” according to

“The officer would have been dead if it had not,” an LAPD official told the Times.

In a Monday statement shared to
Twitter, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said that the first officer sustained “bumps and bruises” during the attack.

He wrote, “Spoke with officer at hospital. He is resting and will be ok. Bumps and bruises. He was not shot. Harbor unit responding pursued suspect and took him into custody.”

What else?

A Twitter statement from the LAPD
read, “The Watch Commander heard the commotion and responded to the lobby, at which time an officer involved shooting occurred. The suspect ran to a white pick-up truck and drove off. Responding officers observed the suspects [sic] vehicle and pursued the suspect to Pacific Avenue and 17th Street where he was taken into custody. The suspect sustained minor abrasions, was medically treated and was released for booking.”

Where is the suspect now?

Guzman remains jailed and is expected to be in court on Tuesday. His bail has been set at $2.23 million.

According to
KABC-TV, the LAPD will address the attack in a report to be released within 45 days.

Dallas gas station Delonte west Delonte west bipolar disorder Delonte west rehab Intelwars Mark Cuban Nba star goes to rehab rehab viral videos

Viral video shows Mark Cuban picking up Delonte West at a Dallas gas station as family hopes the NBA star will go to rehab

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was seen picking up former NBA star Delonte West at a Dallas, Texas, gas station on Monday, according to TMZ.

Cuban himself confirmed the authenticity of the video to ESPN.

What’s a brief background here?

Earlier this month, West — who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008 and played for the Mavericks from 2011 to 2012 — was seen on the streets of Dallas begging for money.

West, according to Sports Illustrated, has reportedly been homeless off and on for the last several years and has also been seen behaving erratically in public on more than one occasion.

West’s family is reportedly holding out hope that West will go to rehab, and Cuban is reportedly willing to pay for the stay.

What are the details?

TMZ reported that Cuban had attempted to reach West in the days leading up to the Monday incident.

“Sources connected to the West’s [sic] family tell us that Cuban — who had been trying to reach DW on the phone for days — finally got in contact with Delonte … who agreed to meet the Mavs owner on Monday in Dallas,” the outlet reported, noting that sources told its reporters that Cuban transported West to a local hotel “while his family formulates a game plan.”

West, TMZ reported, now “seems open to the idea” of attending rehab.

Sports Illustrated on Tuesday reported that it confirmed Cuban was willing to foot the bill for West’s hospitalization.

Cuban isn’t the the first to reportedly attempt to help West — the outlet noted that the NBA, the NBA Players Association, the Boston Celtics’ Doc Rivers, and more attempted to get West help over the years.

West’s brother, Dmitri, has spoken out about the former NBA star’s struggles in the past.

“Delonte West is not crazy, he is not on drugs,” Dmitri said in 2016 after West was seen behaving erratically in public. “I don’t know what exactly is going on in his mind, but I can tell you that he is safe and he’s doing OK. My family are trying to get him the best professional help that’s out there, the best they can afford.”

West previously spent eight seasons as a player for the Seattle SuperSonics, Dallas Mavericks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Boston Celtics, averaging 9.7 points and 3.6 assists per game.

During his stint in the NBA, West also reportedly earned $16 million.

Mark Cuban Picks Delonte West Up At Gas Station, Family Hoping For Rehab | TMZ Sports

Anthony jefferson Anthony jefferson loses job Anthony jefferson saves children GoFundMe Hero dad Intelwars viral videos

Hero dad shields 3 kids from hail of gunfire at car dealership, sustains gunshot wound. He reportedly loses 2 jobs because he can’t currently walk.

A 39-year-old New York man reportedly lost his two jobs after he was injured shielding his three young children from gunfire at a Bronx car dealership last week.

What are the details of the shooting?

Anthony Jefferson was sitting on the sofa of a Bronx car dealership on Sept. 21 with his three children — ages six, five, and two — when three unnamed suspects opened fire outside the building.

As the suspects’ shots rang out and shattered one of the dealership’s windows — which was directly behind Jefferson and his three children — the brave dad shoved his kids off the sofa and onto the floor, as seen in now-viral surveillance video of the incident.

From the floor, Jefferson shielded the young trio with his own body and sustained a gunshot wound in the process.

TMZ reported that Jefferson was shot three times during the incident — once in his right thigh and twice in his boot.

The heroic father was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment following the shooting and was released. His family says he faces an additional surgery to remove the bullet, which is still reportedly lodged in his leg.

Last week, TMZ reported that three suspects were firing at a person inside the dealership, who returned fire. The outlet reported that the three suspects fled the scene on foot and that authorities are still looking for suspects in the shooting.

What about his employment?

Jefferson, who, according to his family, worked two jobs — one as a head painter and one as a construction worker — reportedly lost both jobs after the injuries he sustained in Monday’s shooting left him unable to walk.

His wife, Danica, told him that his two employers severed his employment because of his current inability to walk. Serena Wingate, a family friend, set up a GoFundMe page to benefit Johnson and his family during their time of crisis.

Wingate wrote, “On 9/21/20 at approx 7:20 PM, [Jefferson] was inside of 4077 Boston Rd in the Bronx with his three kids shopping for a vehicle to surprise his wife as her birthday gift, when 3 suspects fired multiple shots at a male who then returned fire, striking Anthony Jefferson 3 times, twice in his boot and once in his thigh as he was attempting to shield his 3 kids from the gunfire.”

“As he shielded his kids, the 3 suspect’s [sic] continued to shoot,” Wingate continued. “Due to his injury, Anthony lost his job and has to have surgery to remove the bullet. This Go Fund me is to help this heroic dad with his medical bills and his kids with therapy. They are beyond traumatized.”

At the time of this reporting, the GoFundMe page to benefit Jefferson and his family has received more than $281,000 in donations.

Anything else?

Jefferson told WNBC-TV that he was looking for a car for his wife’s birthday.

“I was trying to surprise my wife for her birthday,” Jefferson told the station.

He said that when he heard the shots, he had only one thing on his mind: “Get my kids and get low, to safety.”

“I was just being a father,” Jefferson added. “If my arms would have stretched to everyone, I would have made sure I would have gotten them to safety.”

Jefferson told the station that his young children are still suffering the devastating effects of the shooting.

“They’re traumatized,” he said. “My 2-year-old gets up in the middle of the night screaming. It’s heartbreaking.”

Dad dives in way of gunfire, shielding children at Bronx car dealership

Black lives matter protests Black lives matter riots BLM Blm riots Intelwars Louisville Louisville protests Louisville riots viral videos

Black Lives Matter activists try to bully Louisville store owner, but he doesn’t back down: ‘Nobody can intimidate me’

Black Lives Matter activists attempted to pressure a store owner into supporting their causes, but the man wasn’t about to be bullied into blindly agreeing with them.

An armed man was guarding his store in Louisville on Friday night. He was protecting his business because it was firebombed the night before when riots erupted, which were sparked by the grand jury decision not to charge any of the police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor case with homicide.

Several Black Lives Matter supporters confronted business owner Fadi Faouri, as seen in video taken by Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Ventura.

One of the activists ask Faouri, “Does black lives matter?” The store owner replies, “If you’re a good person, I will care about you. If you’re a bad person…pffft.”

With several other BLM supporters surrounding him and multiple people recording him, the BLM supporter then asks, “Does Breonna Taylor matter?” The business owner replies, “I don’t know.”

The activist aggressively asks, “What do you mean you don’t know?” Another person in the crowd comes forward and asks, “How you don’t know if it doesn’t matter?”

Faouri defends himself during the tense encounter, “You’re trying to intimidate me.”

More people in the crowd become agitated with his answer and want him to explain his stance of impartiality on the hot-button topic.

“I’m not playing that game,” the gun-toting store owner proclaims.

The crowd grows larger, and people steadily move closer to Faouri.

The store owner declares, “Nobody can intimidate me.”

While most of the group walks away, one woman who claims to be a documentary filmmaker confronts Faouri, and tells him the details from the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. The store owner responds by saying, “That’s not my f***ing business.”

Not satisfied with the response, she retorts, “It should be your business, because all lives matter, right? You just said, ‘All lives matter.’ You can say that, but it’s the color black that is the issue.”

“You have an issue with that, I don’t have an issue,” Faouri rebuts. “I don’t see color.”

“I don’t care, white or black bulls****, I see you as a human being, that’s all that I care about,” he says.

“I don’t care about white, black, purple, green, whatever the f*** it is,” he states. “I don’t believe in color.”

(Content Warning: Strong language):

Assault on police Campos media Coastal highway fight Facebook videos H2oi Intelwars Maryland state troopers Ocean city maryland police Ocean city police department viral videos

Insane video shows huge police presence during unauthorized beach car rally event as one rally-goer assaults group of officers

A raucous melee broke out in Ocean City, Maryland, on Friday night during an unauthorized pop-up car rally event.

Though unauthorized, the annual weekend-long event — titled H2Oi — draws hundreds and sometimes thousands of attendees from across the region.

Viral video caught the moment a suspect launched himself out of the crowd and onto the back of a Maryland law enforcement official who was attempting to detain another suspect.

What are the details?

According to a Saturday morning report from The Delmarva Daily Times, the incident — which reportedly took place near Baltimore Avenue in Ocean City — sparked a large police presence that resulted with one suspect jumping onto the back of a police officer during a scuffle.

A now-viral video posted by Campos Media shows a rally-goer break from the crowd as he jumps on top of at least one law enforcement official. At the time, the officer was, along with other law enforcement officials, attempting to take into custody another suspect in the middle of the road.

It is unclear at the time of this reporting why officers were attempting to detain the first suspect.

The media page captioned the video, “The police have their hands full this evening as a result of the unsanctioned H2O event being held in Ocean City. The video below shows footage of a police officer being assaulted by a young man.”

What is in the video?

The video begins by showing what appears to be illegal fireworks shooting across the sky. The town’s streets are lined with rally-goers who begin shouting and congregating as a Maryland State Police cruiser quickly flies onto the scene.

“Run! Run!” members of the crowd shout in the video.

Two Maryland State Police officers can be seen exiting the vehicle, and begin detaining what appears to be a male, who runs from the officers and into the road. Congregants can be heard screaming and hysterically cheering as officers tackle the suspect onto the pavement.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

As the officers’ backs are turned, a second unidentified person, who also appears to be male, flies out of the crowd and jumps onto the back of at least one of the state troopers. A group of officers then engage the second suspect in a desperate struggle to cuff him, and even more officers, who arrived on the scene, fight to contain both the first and second suspects.

The video then shifts focus to the altercation between the second suspect and the officers.

As the officers converge on the second person, what appears to be a glass bottle flies from the crowd and smashes on the pavement, showering those in the area with glass fragments, just inches from where the police were seconds before.

The crowd’s presence thickens, and people can be heard screaming and shouting “police brutality” as the second suspect fights back and rolls around on the ground, engaging with police.

Sirens can be heard approaching the scene as the officers scuffle to cuff the second suspect.

Image source: Facebook video screenshot

Police are eventually successful in cuffing both suspects, and several masked officers approach the crowd — a portion of which are closing in to get a better look at this point — with what appears to be an aerosol spray canister.

Members of the crowd erupt with profanity. One man shouts, “Suck a d***, b****!” as the officer attempts to drive the crowd back.

“F*** you and your mama!” another man can be heard yelling.

According to the Daily Times, police were forced to close down the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and 30th Street in the coastal beach town to break up the unruly crowd.

The outlet reported that following the incident, police were forced to deal with “disorderly crowds” in the area of the scuffle.

“One officer approached the sidewalk shouting for people to leave as he began to spray a smelly substance to encourage them to disperse, yet many lingered, changing [sic], ‘H2O! H2O!” the outlet reported.

TheBlaze reached out to the Maryland State Police, which directed all press inquiries to the Ocean City Police Department.

The Ocean City Police Department did not provide a statement in time for publication.

You can watch the full video here, which has been viewed more than 474,000 times at the time of this reporting.

(Content warning: Rough language):

What else?

Last week, Ocean City, Maryland, Mayor Rick Meehan and Ocean City Police warned people about attending the annual, unauthorized rally this year.

According to WTTG-TV, Meehan said that it was especially problematic this year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, for rally-goers to converge on the small beach town.

“Speeding, reckless driving, spinning of tires, demonstration driving,” Meehan said of previous years’ problems surrounding the event.

Meehan said that in 2019, authorities handed out approximately 1,400 citations and arrested more than 100 people.

WTTG reported that a “large contingency of law enforcement officials” would be waiting for the rally-goers in Ocean City, and Chief Ross Buzzuro said that hundreds of officers are set to be on duty throughout the weekend.