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School board VP: ‘Forcing’ teachers back to class before they’re vaccinated is ‘a very white supremacist ideology,’ akin to ‘slavery’

A California school board vice president argued that “forcing” teachers back into classrooms before they receive COVID-19 vaccinations “seems like a very white supremacist ideology” and is akin to “slavery.”

Chardá Bell-Fontenot, vice president of the La Mesa-Spring Valley Board of Education, sparred with numerous board members during Tuesday’s virtual meeting and even appeared to accuse district Superintendent David Feliciano of “racism” after he found some of her comments “offensive.”

What are the details?

The primary issue was setting a date for teachers to return to in-person instruction. While it appeared most of the individuals at the meeting — Bell-Fontenot’s video thumbnail was not onscreen, but her voice could be heard — were in favor of setting a return date, Bell-Fontenot was opposed to making a decision at the meeting.

While one of the proposals involved giving time for teachers to get vaccinated, at least one board member insisted that waiting wasn’t necessary. Bell-Fontenot took issue with the idea of “forcing” teachers to return to classrooms without being vaccinated, which she said “seems like a very white supremacist ideology” and akin to “racism.”

Several outlets said Bell-Fontenot did not respond to their requests for comment.

“We don’t have to give anybody any date!” Bell-Fontenot hollered at one point. “We don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to do right now. That’s what you don’t understand. I don’t know where you’re getting your information, or who’s telling you that we have to make a decision today, but that is not how this works.”

When a board member argued that a survey indicated 70% to 80% support for returning to school, Bell-Fontenot replied, “Who are the 70 to 80 percent, and where are they? I would like to know geographically from which school sites, which language groups, and how they conducted this feedback. Where? Please give it to me before I can make a decision. I can’t make one. I cannot make one. And I will not make one.”

When one individual said Bell-Fontenot could abstain from voting, Bell-Fontenot shot back, “There’s no reason to be nasty with me.” And again, when it was put to her that she’s “welcome” to vote no, Bell-Fontenot replied, “I know what I’m what I’m welcome to do, you guys. I do. And I know that what we’re doing is wrong.”

Throwing down with the superintendent

Amid the debate, Bell-Fontenot said, “None of you guys even know what you’re talking about right now. This seems like a mess. We should not be voting on this tonight. You guys don’t have all the information that you need. … You’re speaking from your heart, and that’s fine.” She added that a decision on a teacher return date should be pushed to the next meeting.

Then Superintendent Feliciano stepped in.

“I take great offense to the statement that no one on here knows what they’re talking about right now,” he told Bell-Fontenot. “I don’t believe that to be the case at all.”

“I wasn’t talking about you, David,” she replied. “I was talking about my fellow board members, especially the new ones.”

“I’m not speaking about me, either,” Feliciano answered. “I’m talking about your fellow board members.”

“They can speak for themselves if they have an issue with me; they can tell me,” Bell-Fontenot told the superintendent. “But you don’t need to speak for them, David.”

“I can speak for them if I choose to,” he replied.

It should be noted that while snippets of Bell-Fontenot’s arguments at the board meeting appear on the latter videos, a complete audio recording of the meeting can be found here. The relevant portion starts at the one-hour, fifteen-minute mark.

Feliciano also called Bell-Fontenot’s words “offensive.”

“Don’t say you can speak for others, that’s not appropriate,” Bell-Fontenot told him. “And it’s disrespectful. Like this is the second time you’ve disrespected me, David.”

When board President Rebecca McRae tried to move on and get Bell-Fontenot and Feliciano to discuss things in private, Bell-Fontenot hollered, “No, it doesn’t need to be private! … Racism doesn’t need to be private, Becky!”

Bell-Fontenot also didn’t seem to know the board meetings are recorded for the public, and when she was told they actually are and how to access them, she complained they aren’t “easily accessible.”

She also asked those at the meeting to “please stop trying to make me seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about, and like I’m dumb.” Bell-Fontenot added that she was “offended by the smirks on you guys’ faces.”

‘Racism’ challenged

Another individual at the meeting said she didn’t understand why Bell-Fontenot was “so upset.”

Bell-Fontenot replied, “You may not know me, but I’m not upset at all.”

The individual, a woman, went further and said, “I’m Hispanic, and I have four adopted children. We look like the U.N. So, that’s why when … you’re throwing out the racism, I don’t understand that.”

Measure passes

In the end, the board voted 4-1 in approval of Feliciano’s push to reopen the district’s classrooms, KNSD-TV reported, adding that a “hybrid” plan will begin April 19.

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Fauci’s boss credits Trump administration for ‘breathtaking’ Operation Warp Speed that saw vaccines developed and distributed

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health and also Dr. Anthony Fauci’s boss, praised the Trump administration in an interview with Axios posted Monday night for getting the COVID-19 vaccine developed in “breathtaking” speed.

Collins told “Axios on HBO” that the Trump White House deserves credit for its efforts to get the shots developed — and ultimately into the arms of Americans.

What did he say?

Axios editor-in-chief Nicholas Johnston asked Collins about the Trump administration’s record, “Mask-wearing aside, what did they get right?”

Collins quickly responded that the previous administration’s Operation Warp Speed, which was a surprise — both in its necessity and its ambition — to many in the NIH, was a big winner in his book.

“The Operation Warp Speed, for which I give a great deal of credit to [former HHS] Secretary [Alex] Azar, was an effort that many of us were not initially convinced was going to be necessary,” Collins said.

The director pointed out that the agency actually looked at the Trump plan as something akin to the “Manhattan Project” because of its enormity and complexity.

“And it was thought about as a ‘Manhattan Project,'” Collins continued. “Those words were used sometimes to describe what needed to happen in order to get all parts of the government together in an unprecedented way to test up to six vaccines in rigorous trials — and to do this at-risk manufacturing so that if any of those trials happen to work, you would already have doses ready to go into arms. That would not be the way things are traditionally done.”

Collins said the effort “was an incredibly important step forward that the administration deserves credit for, because that did motivate a lot of actions, a lot of coordination.”

The fact that there were two vaccines ready to go by December “is just breathtaking,” he added.

“That that got done in 11 months from when we first knew about this virus is at least five years faster than it’s ever been before before,” Collins said.

NIH director on Trump administration’s pandemic accomplishments

Debunked claims of starting from ‘scratch’

Collins’ adulation for the Trump administration’s efforts seems to run counter to repeated claims from Biden administration personnel, including Vice President Kamala Harris, that Team Biden was having to start from “scratch” with its vaccine distribution plan.

Dr. Fauci had already debunked the claim before Harris repeated the myth last week.

Operation Warp Speed included a distribution plan that was feasible in part because of the “at-risk manufacturing” Collins mentioned, which saw vaccine manufacturers creating millions of doses even before approval so that they would be ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice.

By the time President Joe Biden was sworn in, the government was already distributing vaccines at a pace of about 1 million shots a day.

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Propaganda Failure: Ruling Class Upset At MSM “Why Would ANYONE Get The Jab After This?

The ruling class and other power-hungry psychopaths are really upset with a mainstream media propaganda outlet. The Associated Press is now being criticized for not brainwashing the masses adequately.

The AP is under fire for publishing an article telling Americans that life won’t go back to normal even after they’ve been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Power-hungry control freaks are now upset that the message discourages vaccination amongst the slaves.

In the AP article from Saturday, which has since been republished by a number of news outlets including NBC New York, medical writer Lauran Neergaard bluntly told readers not to “expect to shed your mask and get back to normal activities right away” after being “fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

This isn’t exactly a secret, though. The tyrants have been telling us (for those with eyes to see and ears to hear) that this vaccine doesn’t work, won’t prevent you from getting covid and won’t return your life back to what most would consider “normal.”

They Want You Muzzled Permanently: Wear Your Mask Even If You Get The Vaccine

Tyrants: “Prepare To Wear Masks & Socially Distance Even After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine”

Actually, common sense would dictate that people should stay as far away from this vaccine as humanely possible. The statistics are in, and they have never favored getting this injection unless you are the brainwashed slave it’s geared towards.

People from all over the world have long been assured that mass vaccination would bring an end to restrictions. But nearly one year on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic it has been claimed that life might not return to normal for at least several years – if ever. –RT

Anyone paying attention should already know that this vaccine was never meant to return life to normal.  The goal is compliance and obedience from the slave class to the ruling class.  This vaccine is the beginning of the test for control and manipulation and to see how many are dupped and brainwashed enough to willingly take it. This is the ushering-in of the Great Reset and The New World Order.

The biggest concern for the ruling class is those who won’t take the vaccine, or “vaccine hesitancy.”

Vaccine hesitancy has become a growing concern for medical tyrants and the masters, who all support mass programs of Covid-19 vaccination regardless of party. A Pew Research report from December showed that 39 percent of Americans – over 100 million people – were opposed to receiving the vaccine.


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Big Pharma Promises Big Government mRNA Vaccine Production Will Be Ramped Up

Pfizer and Moderna are promising the United States government that they will increase mRNA vaccine production, more specifically, they will ramp the production of the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to a report by RT, Pfizer has increased its 2021 production plan from 1.3 billion to at least 2 billion doses since July. “To date, no serious safety concerns have been identified that have changed the favorable risk-benefit profile of the vaccine,” Pfizer Chief Business Officer John Young wrote. Say what? So a propaganda minister for a pharmaceutical company is now saying there are no serious safety concerns with the COVID-19 vaccine?

COVID Czar Admits The Vaccine Has “Significant Side Effects”

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

Not only have people reported serious health concerns after taking this vaccine, but it doesn’t return life to normal. So what’s the point anyways?  The ruling class obviously needs people to take this thing, and we’ll let you go ahead and guess what the reason for that could possibly be.

The worst part is that around 64.2 million Americans have decided that injecting themselves with this concoction is a good idea. Over 64 million doses of the vaccine have been administered across the country after the vaccine rollout began in December, according to Bloomberg’s tally.

Among the main concerns about this vaccine from the rulers and Big Pharma, are that people don’t want this thing.  They are also trying to keep the fear as high as possible over new mutations of COVID.  The new variants of Covid-19, including the UK variant, which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, could become dominant in the United States by March.

Pfizer said its studies show that the company’s vaccine is effective against the coronavirus strains from the UK and South Africa. Moderna reported that the company is closely monitoring the new variants and is testing the performance of its vaccine against them.

All while Bill Gates, known for his comments on population control and genocide, has said a third dose of the vaccine may be needed to “combat” the new variants. 

Bill Gates: “Climate Change and Bioterrorism” Will Be The Next Crises

Bill Gates’ Latest Depopulation Scheme? Pollute Skies, Collapse Ecosystem, & Starve Everybody to Death

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anthony fauci Intelwars Joe Biden Meghan McCain Replaced Science Vaccine

Meghan McCain says Dr. Fauci needs to be replaced by someone who ‘understands science’

Meghan McCain said recent public comments made by Dr. Anthony Fauci were the last straw for her, and she believes the infectious disease expert who’s been the face of fighting COVID-19 in the U.S. should be replaced by someone else who “understands science.”

What are the details?

During a segment of “The View” on Monday, the co-host played a clip from over the weekend where CNN’s Dana Bash asked Fauci for his guidance on whether fully vaccinated elderly Americans would be able to see their unvaccinated grandchildren and the doctor refused to provide a recommendation.

Fauci went on to explain that guidance would be forthcoming on the issue, but that he did not want to declare it on national television until after consulting with the coronavirus task force.

McCain said Fauci’s non-answer left her frustrated because of his inconsistent messaging, saying that she and so many other Americans have been responsible and followed guidance during the pandemic but there has not been clear guidance for emerging from restrictions as more people become vaccinated.

The co-host pointed to how public messaging in Israel encourages citizens to get vaccinated in order to return to normalcy in their lives.

“Is the science in Israel different than the science here in the United States of America? Because Israel has over half of their country vaccinated already and seem to be doing pretty well,” she asked.

“The idea that I can get vaccinated and I won’t be able to see friends and nothing in life changes, and that we’re going to have to wear masks forever — I don’t understand the downplaying of getting the vaccine,” she continued, adding that former President Donald Trump “can take much of the blame” for the rollout that she called “a disaster.”

“But,” McCain added, “now we’re in the Biden administration and I, for one, would like something to look forward to and to hope for. Because if getting the vaccine means that just nothing changes and we have to wait another few years until everyone gets it — there’s already people not getting it and we’re already having a messaging problem getting people to take this vaccine.”

She concluded: “So, I’m over Dr. Fauci. I think we need to have more people giving more opinions and honestly, quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places that are doing it successfully.”

What else?

According to the New York Post, McCain’s opinion sparked a debate between herself and co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who pushed back by pointing out that Israel is much smaller than the U.S. and that questions remain over “how protected” vaccinated people are after being inoculated.

McCain also took plenty of heat online for her on-air comments, but she doubled down, tweeting, “Many of you can keep worshiping at the alter of Fauchi (sic). I’m not a phony – i will not go on tv and lie saying one thing privately and another on air. This is my opinion. We need someone else in charge of coronavirus messaging and leadership.”

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Fauci: Life Will “Return To Normal” By Christmas

Head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci has said life in the United States will almost return to normal by Christmas, if people get vaccinated and then still social distance and wear masks.  That doesn’t sound “normal.”

In fact, Fauci even said vaccinated people are still going to have to take precautions and “measure risk factors” when contemplating activities. But if the vaccine works and protects these people, why do they have to still worry about getting and spreading COVID-19.  Things are not adding up and haven’t since this thing was declared a pandemic back in March of 2020.

In an interview with MSNBC, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warned that there were many variables at play and returning to some sort of normalcy “is not a mathematical formula…it’s a question of estimates.” But he agreed with President Joe Biden’s estimate that things will start getting back to normal “by the end of the year, by Christmas.” -Market Watch

The ruling class is still going to try to eliminate small businesses like restaurants and attempt to force the public to wear masks. Even though they want people vaccinated. Fauci also specifically said that once vaccinated, people will still need to separate low-risk contact from higher-risk public activities.

Is anyone still falling for this? Or is this the lull before they pull out all the stops and turn this into an actual illness? We already know many people do not handle this vaccine well at all.

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

Your “new normal” is going to look just like they told you it would look almost a year ago, even with the vaccine available. Things will never go back to what most would consider “normal”. Fauci said theaters and restaurants will likely still have reduced capacity, and “Maybe you’ll still have to wear masks” in public. “But these are all estimates and so many things can happen to modify that” for better or worse, he said. One concern is that new variants of COVID-19 could cause infections to spike again, potentially interfering with that timeline, according to a report by Market Watch. 

They are not letting go of this scam.  The big concern now is that many people are figuring out this was an elaborate hoax from the beginning. So what does the ruling class do next to convince the masses to roll up their sleeves and take this vaccine?

Stay prepared. Stay alert. Don’t put anything past these psychopaths in the ruling class. Use discernment and make sure you know not just what is going on, but why.

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Bill Gates: You Might Need 3 Shots of The Vax To “Combat Variant Strains”

Bill Gates is using the mutated strains of the coronavirus to try to convince the public to get three shots instead of just two.  This just feels like a mockery at this point, and sadly, many will line up for shot number 3 without hesitating.

“The discussion now is do we just need to get a super high coverage of the current vaccine or do we need a third dose that’s just the same or do we need a modified vaccine?” Gates told “CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell. “AstraZeneca in particular has a challenge with the variant. And the other two, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax, are slightly less effective, but still effective enough that we absolutely should get them out as fast as we can while we study this idea of tuning the vaccine,” Gates said.

Just In Time For The Vaccine: A New COVID Strain Has Been Found

Remember, these big pharma vaccine companies funded by Gates and the ruling class have complete immunity if you end up permanently or temporarily damaged, or even die after taking their vaccine. But somehow they want people to take 3 shots of this stuff that is already killing people?

Because the companies injecting people with these mRNA vaccines are looking to make changes to combat the new variants of a virus already proven to be less deadly than the “cure,” another dose is on the table for the rulers. “All five of the companies that have U.S. vaccines are looking at making that modification and adding that in so that people who’ve already had two shots might need to get a third shot,” Gates said. “I think it’s reasonably likely that we will have a tuned vaccine just to make absolutely sure that as these variants hit the U.S. that they’re not escaping from vaccine protection.”

What happens if people continue to get colds or the flu? If the coronavirus is not eradicated (we’ve had the flu vaccine since 1945 and we still have not “eradicated” the flu), according to Gates, additional shots may be necessary in the future. “Probably not yearly, but as long as it’s out there, we want as many Americans as possible not to be spreading it to each other,” he said. 

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

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At Least One Third Of U.S. Adults Are Skeptical About The COVID-19 Vaccine

A new poll has found that the vaccine propaganda is failing.  Even with all of the censorship and propaganda designed to brainwash the public into getting this vaccine, about one-third of Americans remain skeptical.

The poll from the Associated Press–NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that while 67% of Americans plan to get vaccinated or have already done so, 15% are certain they won’t and 17% say probably not. Many expressed doubts about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

But we have nothing to fear, right? The mainstream media and the ruling class say this vaccine is our ticket to return to normalcy. Or is it?

WHO Chief Scientist: There Is NO EVIDENCE That The Vaccine Will Prevent Infection

Even if you get the vaccine, the ruling class demands that you don the ritualistic shame muzzle to show your compliance to the New World Order. No wonder people are losing trust in rulers.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s leading infectious-disease scientist, has repeatedly admitted to lying and moving the goalposts in order to push the vaccine agenda.

After Telling The Public to Wear 2 Face Masks, Fauci Says There’s No Evidence That Helps

Fauci Admits To Lying About Herd Immunity To Convince People To Get The COVID Vaccine

He has consistently lied to the American public about herd immunity and has admitted such. Media outlets claim that somewhere between 70% and 85% of the U.S. population needs to get inoculated to “stop the scourge” that has killed close to 470,000 Americans.

More recently, he said the spread of more contagious variants of the virus increases the need for more people to get their shots — and quickly, whether those shots will work or not. What’s important here, is the fear and belief in centralized commands and authority. Once the slaves start to see what’s really going on, Fauci will be one of the first they demonize.

Nearly 33 million Americans, or about 10% of the population, have received at least one dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, and 9.8 million have been fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Honestly, I gave Americans too much credit.  Those numbers are much higher than I assumed they would ever be. It is stunning how many slaves will simply line up and do what they are told.

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

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Censorship facebook censorship False claims Intelwars MISINFORMATION Vaccine

Facebook announces major clampdown on vaccine, coronavirus ‘misinformation’

Facebook announced Monday a major clampdown on the spread of what the tech giant considers to be “false claims” about COVID-19 and vaccines.

Moving forward the company will be removing from its platform any misinformation regarding the coronavirus and vaccines, including claims that the virus was manufactured in a lab, that vaccines are not effective at preventing disease, that it’s safer to get the disease than the vaccine, and that vaccines, in general, are toxic, dangerous, or cause autism.

“In addition to sharing reliable information, we are expanding our efforts to remove false claims on Facebook and Instagram about COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines and vaccines in general during the pandemic,” the company’s head of health, Kang-Xing Jin, said in a newsroom update. “Today, following consultations with leading health organizations, including the WHO, we’re expanding the list of false claims we will remove to include additional debunked claims about COVID-19 and vaccines.”

The exhaustive list of of false claims that are now subject to removal are listed on Facebook’s Help Center webpage. It broadly includes any content that downplays the severity of COVID-19 or discourages good health practices such as wearing a mask.

“We will begin enforcing this policy immediately, with a particular focus on Pages, groups and accounts that violate these rules, and we’ll continue to expand our enforcement over the coming weeks,” Facebook’s vice president of Integrity, Guy Rosen, wrote. “Groups, Pages and accounts on Facebook and Instagram that repeatedly share these debunked claims may be removed altogether.”

Rosen added that the company plans to access to credible information by “promot[ing] relevant, authoritative results” when people search for vaccine or coronavirus-related content on the platform.

He noted that content monitoring regarding the coronavirus pandemic has been going on since December, only now the list of false claims has expanded.

The move does mark a significant departure from past actions, however. As the New York Times reported, in the past, the company has opted to “downrank” misinformation about the coronavirus, or push the content lower in people’s news feeds. But now the company is taking action by removing such content altogether.

According to the newsroom update, the new action is in response to a ruling by the company’s Oversight Board, which found that its rules and standards for health-related misinformation were “inappropriately vague.”

The news comes as Facebook and other major social media companies are under intense scrutiny for their censorship practices. If the new action serves as any indication, it appears that Facebook does not intend to relent from engaging in aggressive content suppression.

abolish slavery authorities blame this Brazil covid-21 deaths democracy is mob rule E484K experts Fear Force Headline News Intelwars involuntarily liars lockdowns Mainstream media Masters medial tyranny Mutations no one can rule you plandemic political parasites propaganda public ruing class scamdemic SLAVERY South Africa stop giving away your power tyranny UNITED KINGDOM Vaccine variants virulent voting doesn't matter wake up

Prepare: The UK COVID-19 Variant Has “Mutated Again”

Prepare for the mainstream media’s onslaught and push for the vaccine propaganda. The United Kingdom’s new COVID-19 variant has mutated yet again, say the medical tyrants.

Tests on some samples show a mutation, called E484K, already seen in the South Africa and Brazil variants that are of concern, according to a report by the BBC.  Although this change may reduce vaccine effectiveness, the current ones in use should still work, say “experts.” Although this is an obvious ploy to gin up the fear and convince people to roll up their sleeves and take this vaccine, many are concerned.

As I pondered yesterday, what will they (the ruling class) blame the vaccine deaths on:

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

There has been a plan to introduce the COVID-21 strain as a more deadly and virulent mutation of COVID-19 in order to further enslave humanity.  We all need to keep an eye on what they are doing and under what pretexts. This doesn’t feel like it’ll end without at least some kind of oppressive reaction the “order followers” will attempt to force on the public.

It’s not unexpected that variants are appearing or that they will continue to change – all viruses mutate as they make new copies of themselves to spread and thrive.

Dr. Julian Tang, a virus expert at the University of Leicester, described the finding as “a worrying development, though not entirely unexpected”. –BBC

There is no more “totalitarian tiptoe.” Those pushing humanity’s enslavement know exactly what they are doing. Tang said it was important that people follow the lockdown rules and get cases of coronavirus down to prevent opportunities for the virus to mutate further. So obey your master, and listen to those who claim the right to own you. “Otherwise not only can the virus continue to spread, it can also evolve.”

It’s important to keep an eye on what mainstream media is pushing.  There’s always a reason it always comes back to controlling you through some kind of propaganda designed to get you to give up your basic human rights in exchange for nonexistent security.

Stay alert and aware.  It’s hard to say how much longer we’ll be bombarded with the news reports of “mutant strains” until we are either under lockdown again involuntarily, or people willingly kneel to their masters and submit to their enslavement.  One way or another, those who think they own us will push this as far as they can. It’s now up to us.


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bill gates control COVID-10 dependency on the master Economic fallout eugenicist Event 201 financial system is a scam government is slavery Headline News Hoax human beings Humanity Intelwars killing money pandemic plandemic Prepare public rigged ruling class Scam scamdemic small business Vaccine wake up War

Bill Gates: “Pandemic Preparedness Must Be Taken As Seriously As We Take The Threat of War”

Bill Gates is at it again, asking for more totalitarian intervention to stop a future pathogen.  He wants to “prepare” for a plandemic in as serious of a manner as “we take the threat of war.”

Preparing for these plandemics is easy for the rulers because they’ve been “predicting” or setting up their authoritarian responses to these scamdemics beforehand. 

Are we honestly to believe that a eugenicist who helped develop a fast-tracked vaccine that’s killing and damaging more people than the COVID-19 scamdemic could ever hope to is doing anything for the food of anyone but himself?

In the annual letter from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Microsoft co-founder calls for billions of dollars in investments to develop a global alert system for emerging germs and build the capacity for the ruling class to respond quickly.

Government, Not Coronavirus, Is Killing Small Businesses

“We can’t afford to be caught flat-footed again,” Gates wrote. “To prevent the hardship of this last year from happening again, pandemic preparedness must be taken as seriously as we take the threat of war.”

While the cost may sound high, billions spent on infrastructure and technology would represent huge savings compared to the estimated $28 trillion global toll of COVID-19 and its associated economic fallout, he said, according to a report by the Seattle Times.   That cost was all to the little people, though, as Bill Gates made tons of money thanks to the scamdemic hoax the ruling classes of the world pulled off.

“No one needs to be convinced that an infectious disease could kill millions of people or shut down the global economy,” Gates wrote. Yeah.  No one needs to be convinced that the ruling classes who think they own other human beings will attempt to congeal power so all of the elitists’ agendas can come together all at once for the New World Order and the Great Reset.

Luckily, people are figuring this out. They are sick of having masters and even more tired of being slaves.


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covid Gitmo Guantanamo Bay Intelwars Terrorist Vaccine

Gitmo prisoners will be offered COVID-19 vaccines next week — ahead of most Americans

The prisoners held by the United States government at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been cleared by the Pentagon to receive COVID-19 vaccines as early as next week if they so choose, placing alleged terrorists well ahead of the vast majority of Americans in line for inoculation.

What are the details?

The New York Times reported Friday that “a prosecutor in the case against five prisoners accused of conspiring in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001” wrote to defense attorneys Thursday, “that an official in the Pentagon has just signed a memo approving the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine to the detainee population in Guantanamo.”

The prosecutor, Clayton Trivett, Jr., also noted that the detainees could receive their first dose of the inoculation “on a voluntary basis” as early as Monday.

The Times reported that residents of the U.S. Naval base began receiving the shots on Jan. 8, “but the Trump administration had declined to say whether prisoners would be vaccinated.”

Now, under the Biden administration, the Pentagon has given the all-clear for vaccinating accused terrorists such as purported 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (pictured above) protection against COVID-19 as the majority of the American public—including its vulnerable elderly population—has been told to wait for months.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense confirmed the news to the New York Post, telling the outlet that coronavirus vaccines will be “offered to all detainees and prisoners.”

The outlet noted:

Forty detainees remain at the United States military prison in Cuba, including the man accused of plotting the worst attack on US soil, which claimed 2,977 innocent lives on Sept. 11, 2001, and has since been linked to thousands of other deaths.

The Daily Mail reported that the Gitmo prioritization is occurring as the U.S. is experiencing shortages of the vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna, noting that only 26 million Americans have received a coronavirus shot.

The outlet also pointed to several social media users expressing disgust at the Biden administration’s decision, including one person who wrote, “Here is a trivia question. Who gets the vaccine first a 74 year old diabetic living in NE Philly or the guy who planned the 911 attacks sitting in jail in Guantanamo bay?”

While some people have expressed hesitation at getting the vaccines, others are scrambling to jump ahead of the line for the jab. A Mexican television host flew to Florida and was somehow able to obtain the shot ahead of the elderly Floridians who had stood in long lines, and Hollywood elites are reportedly doing all they can to skip the line themselves.

However, accused American murderers have apparently been given priority over accused Gitmo murderers: O.J. Simpson was able to get his shot on Friday.

Covid vaccine Florida Intelwars mexico Ron DeSantis Vaccinations Vaccine

Mexican TV host travels to Florida for a day to get COVID vaccine — ahead of US citizens

Americans have been inundated with stories of fellow citizens wanting to get the COVID-19 vaccination but missing out for one reason or another — whether due to long lines, a lack of supply, or priority lists that don’t include them.

So imagine the feeling Florida residents experienced when a popular Mexican television host jetted up to Florida for a day to get the vaccine that most Americans have been forced to wait for.

Juan Jose Origel — who, as the New York Post reported, is known for hosting Mexican daytime shows “Ventaneando” (“Looking Out the Window”), “Hoy” (“Today”) and “La Oreja” (“The Ear”) — has become a hot topic in the Sunshine State after he revealed on social media over the weekend that he had trekked north to get the shot.

Origel posted a photo of himself Saturday getting a shot in his right arm while sitting in his car at what was apparently a drive-through vaccine location.

The Texas-based, Spanish-language newspaper Al Dia Dallas reported (according to a Google Translate version of the article) that Origel flew to the U.S. over the weekend to get his shot at a vaccination event in Miami.

The host celebrated getting vaccinated in the U.S. and lamented that his own country could not get its vaccination act together.

“Already vaccinated!! Thanks #usa what a shame my country couldn’t grant me that security!!!” Origel tweeted in Spanish, according to a translation provided by the Post.

It remains unclear how he made the appointment considering he doesn’t live in Florida and was reportedly there for just the day, especially considering that the Florida Department of Health has been clear that vaccine tourism is a no-no.

Department spokesman Jason Mahon told the Wall Street Journal this month that the agency has vowed to investigate misuse of the vaccine.

“It is absolutely not permitted for someone to come into Florida for one day to receive the vaccine and leave the next,” he said. “We ask that all suspected incidents be reported to the appropriate county health department immediately.”

According to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), tourists are not supposed to be prioritized — and in fact, people have been discouraged from visiting just to get the vaccine.

The governor told the Journal in early January that people who have second homes in Florida or live in the state as part-time residents are “fine” to get vaccinated, but tourists who just fly in for a brief trip to get the shot are not.

“If they have a residence and they’re not just kind of flying by night for a week or two, I’m totally fine with that,” DeSantis told the Journal. “That’s a little bit different than somebody that’s just doing tourism and trying to come here. So we’re discouraging people to come to Florida just to get a vaccine.”

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MSM Admits: Vaccinated People Can Still Spread COVID

The mainstream media is admitting that the COVID-19 vaccines aren’t working and can still spread the virus.  That begs the question: why even bother getting it then and putting up with the side effects?

Well, the lockdowns and elimination of the middle class in order to usher in the Great Reset is one reason they want you to know the vaccines don’t work.

Covid “Mutation” Stories Show That The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever

People who have received a Covid-19 vaccine could still pass the virus on to others and should continue following lockdown rules, England’s deputy chief medical officer has warned. -BBC

The ruling class needs everyone masked, afraid, and locked down so they can finish enslaving everyone.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam stressed that scientists “do not yet know the impact of the vaccine on transmission”. He said vaccines offer only “hope” but infection rates must come down quickly.

Matt Hancock said 75% of over-80s in the United Kingdom have now had a first virus jab, side effects have been horrific, and people have even died. Those who didn’t experience side effects after the first dose are likely to have a reaction after the second dose, as doctors are already warning people.

Vaccine Trial Participants Warn: Side Effects After Second Shot Are “Intense”

Doctors Say The CDC Should “Warn” People About COVID-19 Vax Side Effects

COVID Czar Admits The Vaccine Has “Significant Side Effects”

Both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines require two doses, and statistical figures so far reflect those given the first dose. The health secretary told the BBC‘s Andrew Marr that around three-quarters of care homes had also been vaccinated. The tyrants who are still trying to convince the masses to get this injection say that no vaccine is 100% effective, so we should take it anyway, put up with the side effects, and know that it might not work.

Proffessor Van-Tam said “no vaccine has ever been” 100% effective, so there is no guaranteed protection.

It is possible to contract the virus in the two- to three-week period after receiving a jab, he said – and it is “better” to allow “at least three weeks” for an immune response to fully develop in older people.

“Even after you have had both doses of the vaccine you may still give Covid-19 to someone else and the chains of transmission will then continue,” Prof Van-Tam said. -BBC

Personally, I think they need a better propaganda campaign. This isn’t going to work on even the most dumbed-down people in society.

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Actress wife Canada vaccine Casino mogul Cutting vaccine line Intelwars Vaccine

Casino mogul, actress wife reportedly flew private plane to remote area, posed as motel workers to jump COVID vaccine line

A Canadian casino mogul and his actress wife have been fined for flouting Canadian health guidelines after they reportedly traveled to a remote Yukon territory near Alaska last week and posed as motel workers to jump the coronavirus vaccine line.

What are the details?

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company, 55-year-old Rodney Baker, the now former head of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, and 32-year-old Ekaterina Baker, an aspiring actress, failed to self-isolate for the required 14 days after arriving in Whitehorse from Vancouver last week.

Instead, they chartered a private plane to the remote town of Beaver Creek on Jan. 21, where doses of the Moderna vaccine were being distributed to protect the town’s tiny population of elderly indigenous people, the news outlet reported.

To receive the vaccine, the Bakers allegedly lied to health officials in Beaver Creek, claiming to be new employees at a local motel, said Yukon Community Services Minister John Streicker.

Rural communities in the Yukon territory have been selected to receive priority vaccinations due to their vulnerability to the impacts of the coronavirus and distance from resource-equipped hospitals, the CBC noted.

The wealthy couple almost succeeded in their scheme, but their plans were allegedly foiled when they raised suspicions by asking for a ride to the airport after receiving the vaccine. According to Yukon News, an enforcement team under the Civil Emergency Measures Act received a tip about the Bakers and were able to track them down at Whitehorse airport preparing to fly back to Vancouver.

There the two were ticketed for failing to self-isolate and failing to follow a travel declaration, each charge carrying a maximum penalty of $500 in fines and a 6-month jail sentence.

Former casino CEO, actress identified as couple who flew to Yukon, got COVID-19 vaccines

What else?

The indigenous group the White River First Nation slammed the couple’s actions in a statement Saturday.

“We are deeply concerned by the actions of individuals who put our elders and vulnerable people at risk to jump the line for selfish purposes,” Chief Angela Demit said.

Streicker added in an interview with the CBC: “We just didn’t anticipate that anyone would go to this length to effectively deceive the team to get vaccinated, and I think we all felt pretty offended at the whole thing.”

Rodney Baker, who resigned from his position on Sunday, reportedly was the CEO of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation since 2011, where he made millions of dollars each year. The company reportedly operates more than 20 casinos across Canada.

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Biden’s Presidency Will Be A Catalyst For Secession – And Perhaps Civil War

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at 

Over the past few months, I have written a handful of articles that discussed what would probably happen if Joe Biden actually entered the White House and launched his administration. My initial belief was that Trump would refuse to concede and that this would be a trigger for national chaos blamed on conservatives, but I have also noted that Biden’s entry is almost just as disruptive, as it sends a signal to the political left that it is “open season” on anyone that disagrees with their ideology.

Of course, conservatives are not going to simply sit still and be purged and abused, they are going to strike back, and this sets the stage for a number of events and outcomes, some of which are completely unpredictable, even for establishment globalists.

First, though, we need to address how Biden and the globalists are going to create chaos so that they can then demand their own brand of “order”.

In my article ‘A Biden Presidency Will Mean A Faster US Collapse’, published in October, I outlined why the ongoing economic crisis will accelerate in the wake of a Biden takeover. More specifically, I predicted that Biden would implement a federal covid lockdown, probably within the first year of his presidency, similar to the Level 4 lockdowns implemented in Europe and Australia. Biden may lure Americans into complacency with promises of “relief” and fewer restrictions in his first couple of months, but he will then use the rather convenient news of “covid mutations” to bring in even harsher mandates.

Such a lockdown, if Americans submit, would mean an even larger spike in unemployment, a loss of hundreds of thousands of small businesses as well as a huge loss in tax revenues for some states (mostly blue states).

Another scenario is that Biden leaves the lockdowns in the hands of state governments, but pursues a nationwide program for medical passports. The passport, of course, would require people to take the vaccine and accept contact tracing apps on their phones; meaning 24/7 surveillance on the public. At least 30% of Americans have said in polling that they will refuse the vaccines outright. Another 60% have said they are wary of the vaccines and need proof of their effectiveness. So, the medical passports will lead to millions of people being denied participation in the mainstream economy and collapse happens anyway.

In other words, the elites are going to try to hold the economy hostage while telling the public that if we don’t accept medical tyranny it will be OUR FAULT if the system breaks down.

The economic crisis, however, started long before the pandemic, long before Biden, and long before Trump. It has been building since the credit crash of 2008, and in the 12 years since, the Federal Reserve and other central banks have been pumping out trillions in stimulus while encouraging non-stop debt accumulation. Right before the beginning of the pandemic, the US was suffering from the highest corporate debt in history, the highest consumer debt in history as well as the highest national debt in history.

What we are witnessing right now is the final phase of a collapse scenario that was more than a decade in the making, and Biden is about to help finish the job.

Biden will no doubt seek to hyperinflate the dollar in the name of offsetting the losses and keep things afloat for a short time, but the real agenda will be to trigger price spikes in goods as well as eventually killing the dollar altogether. No amount of stimulus will stop the crash that has already been set in motion; the bailout measures from this point on are Kabuki theater, a show put on for the masses to make us believe that the government and the banks “did everything they could” to save us. The elites have no intention of stalling or stopping the collapse; their “great reset” demands it.

One’s initial assumption would be that Biden would then take the blame for the economic crisis, but it appears that the establishment is going to set up a Herbert Hoover narrative and lay all the blame squarely on Trump and conservatives. In the past I have noted that Trump’s trajectory was very similar to Herbert Hoover’s, in that he was a business mogul and Republican that pushed for corporate tax cut policies and also extensive tariffs.

Hoover also served only one term, taking the blame for the crash of 1929 and the advent of the Great Depression, even though the crash was primarily caused by the Federal Reserve’s ultra-low interest rates and easy money, followed by a series of rate hikes (a fact which former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke would later openly admit to in 2002). This launched the three-term dominion of Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the most communistic presidents in our history and the initiator of socialist programs which have since buried the American public in Quadrillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities.

Biden’s latest statements indicate he will be introducing numerous executive orders to “correct the mistakes of the Trump administration”, thereby implanting the idea that whatever happens next is Trump’s fault. The “Reset” globalists and their central banking partners will have to bring down the US economy very quickly under a Biden White House. Why? Because if they wait, or if they try to drag out the collapse and the worst happens a few years down the road, Biden and the globalists will get the blame. They MUST crash the old world order now so that Trump and conservatives can be saddled with the consequences.

The strategy seems to be this: Demonize conservatives as much as possible as quickly as possible so that our purge from social platforms can be rationalized. When we are incapable of defending ourselves in the public sphere because we have been removed from the internet, the establishment and leftists can blame us for everything going wrong. The public would have no access to any other points of view or contradictory facts and evidence because the alternative media will be gone. We become the monsters, the bogeymen, and the source of all American suffering.

We didn’t fall into the trap of supporting martial law measures during the BLM riots, so this must be Plan B.

Will their plan work? I doubt it. Just as the globalist rollout of the pandemic lockdowns and medical tyranny is failing to gain traction in the US as huge numbers of people refuse to take the questionable vaccines, I suspect millions upon millions of Americans are already savvy to the propaganda schemes of the establishment and will not buy-in. But, that doesn’t mean the elites won’t try it anyway.

In early November in Issue #47 of my newsletter, The Wild Bunch Dispatch, I war-gamed the Biden scenario extensively and concluded that if he was to enter the White House it would have to be followed by a massive erasure of conservative media platforms from the internet. I stated that:

If Biden does indeed enter the White House and take control of the presidency, expect certain consequences right away: A complete full spectrum censorship campaign of conservative news sources will be undertaken by tech companies and government. There is no way Biden and the democrats could keep control of the situation while conservatives are able to share information in real-time. Do not be surprised if web providers suddenly start kicking conservative sites off their servers, just as Bitchute (a YouTube alternative) was kicked off their server for 24 hours on election night.”

This is already happening, and Biden hasn’t even stepped foot into the role of “commander and chief” yet. The coordinated effort by Big Tech to remove Parler, a Twitter alternative, from the web completely was not all that surprising. Luckily, Parler will be back up and running by the end of the month, but the censorship campaign is only going to get worse from here on. Biden WILL support and defend the censorship efforts by Big Tech and the fascist marriage between government and the corporate world will be complete.

To summarize, the globalists have to silence us before they can effectively demonize us. The truth is on our side; facts and logic are on our side. They can’t win the war of ideas if we are allowed to speak; this is why they are so desperate to silence us.

Sweeping gun control measures will be issued by Biden, but only after the conservative purge from the internet is close to finished. If conservatives are isolated from one another in terms of communication, this makes it harder to organize a defense against aggressive gun confiscation. Biden will most likely try to exploit Red Flag gun laws first, this would allow federal agencies to declare anyone to be “a threat to public safety” without due process, and have their guns taken away preemptively.

There is an obvious outcome to all of these actions and I don’t think it’s far fetched to suggest that conservative counties and states will demand secession. At the very least, conservatives are going to continue to relocate to red states and red counties, just so they can continue to do business and make a living without government interference. There’s no way that most conservatives controlled states or counties are going to submit to federal lockdown mandates or medical passports, and economies in conservative regions are going to remain stable because of this while blue states are going to crumble.

Biden will seek to retaliate against conservative controlled areas of the country in response.

There comes a point when it is impossible for those that value freedom, logic, and reason to live side-by-side with those that are irrationally obsessed with control. The American constitutional framework in particular was designed to prevent collectivism from overriding individual liberties, but if the system is sabotaged through subversion and the Bill of Rights is violated, then maintaining the system is no longer plausible.

The best option for a number of reasons is to separate. Secession is often referred to as “running away” from a cultural problem, but this is an ignorant way of looking at it.

We are reaching a stage right now in the US where it will be virtually impossible to voice political concerns without risking retribution. If you are a conservative, you will be targeted.

If conservatives and moderates migrate away from leftist controlled areas and congregate in red states or red counties, then it will be difficult for leftists to attack them for voicing their views. If your employer is a conservative, then he’s not going to care if a leftist mob demands you be fired. If you own a business in a conservative community, then the people that live there will continue as your customers regardless of what leftists say about you.

Conservatives and moderates MUST start to physically separate from the political left. We must remove ourselves from the blood-sucking parasites that have attached themselves to us. This allows us to remain free to think and speak as we like, and it takes all power away from leftists to hurt us by disrupting our means of making a living.

Secession is a more extreme measure, but it WILL become necessary if leftists refuse to accept that we are no longer participating in their games of fear and subterfuge. Leftists are collectivist by nature, and collectivists see people as property. Walking away is not an option in their minds. So, though we might successfully separate, this would only be the beginning of the battle.

The important thing is to first make sure that conservatives KNOW that there are places they can go where their civil rights are valued and defended. If conservatives feel completely isolated and alone, many will give up, go dark, and pray they are not discovered. This is unacceptable.

The advantage of secession is clear; by separating, conservatives force the enemy to come to them, on the ground they have prepared. The leftists will be the aggressors by default. They will try to present the situation otherwise, but it won’t matter. We will have the moral high ground as well as the superior strategic position.

There are multiple narratives that will be used to demonize the secession movement beyond the terrorism angle. In particular, I think the government and the media will try to tie secession to “foreign entities”. In other words, they will claim the secession movement is being funded or supported by Russia, or some other foreign power. This is what almost every government in history has done when faced with a viable secession or rebellion that could threaten their control – They accuse the people that want to separate of being agents for evil outsiders.

It doesn’t matter.

Conservatives cannot live with leftists, their cultism and zealotry have made it impossible. And, we will not live under a globalist tyranny built around their reset agenda. Separation allows us to consolidate for defense and protects us economically. It is the only way to ensure that we remain free.

The globalists and the leftists will try to stop us; they can’t help themselves. They are insane, after all. This will lead to a war many of us have been expecting for quite some time. At the very least, with separation and secession, we will be in the best possible position to stop them. If we remain isolated from each other, the fight will be over before it even begins.

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Amreican Andrew Cuomo Blue California Conservatives COVID-19 Destruction economic crash failure Great Depression Headline News Hoax Intelwars left vs. right paradigm lie lockdowns moderates Monetary Policy New York plandemic political parasites red relocation scamdemic States totalitarian Vaccine

Blue State Economies Will Soon Crumble – But Will They Take Red States With Them?

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

Over the past six to eight months, the U.S. has seen perhaps one of the largest migrations of people based on economic and ideological concerns in almost a century. Not since the Great Depression has there been so many Americans relocating in search of a better life. Today, however, those who relocate seem to be largely conservatives and moderates. There is a very good, multifaceted, reason for this.

One of the best recent explanations for the conservative migration is visible in the near-180-degree turnaround by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on his draconian lockdown mandates. All of a sudden, Cuomo has announced that New York simply cannot stay closed any longer and that businesses need to reopen quickly.

What could have possibly forced the thick-skulled Cuomo to finally see the light?  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that New York has attempted to distribute millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and they have only been able to give out 30% of them. This means that around 70% of people eligible to get the vaccine in New York are apparently refusing to take it (a smart move in my opinion considering the highly experimental and untested nature of the cocktail). Surprisingly, at least 30% of NY healthcare workers are also refusing to take the vaccine. Cuomo has resorted to threatening hospitals with fines if they do not distribute the vaccines fast enough.

In his latest statement Cuomo is trying to send a message that New Yorkers need to take the vaccine so that a reopening can begin. In other words, “take the vaccine or the economy will collapse”.

I don’t believe Cuomo is mending his totalitarian ways, but at least for now, I think he is realizing what most of us in the alternative economic field have been saying for the past year:  Blue state economies are dying because they are oppressive and this stifles trade and business.

Beyond the business factor and the restrictions on people’s daily movements and activities, the lockdowns and subsequent financial crisis have triggered rising crime levels across the country, but predominantly in blue states and democratic controlled cities.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, New York City alone saw over 300,000 residents pick up everything and leave from March to October. This is an unprecedented spike, an exodus the likes of which New York has not seen in a long time.

On the other side of the country, California is witnessing its own exodus, and it started well before the pandemic struck. In 2019, California saw over 653,000 residents escape the state’s suffocating bureaucracy and high taxes. In 2020, the state has hit its lowest population growth rate in history, even after accounting for babies born. More than 200,000 people left the state than moved in in the past year, and before anyone claims that these people are “liberals” invading red states, even the California media admits they are mostly conservatives seeking to escape the socialist sinkhole.

U-Haul, one of the largest moving companies in the nation, has compiled data on the top states which Americans are moving to during the pandemic. The list is loaded with well-known conservative strongholds and red states, with Tennessee, Texas and Florida at the top.

But what does this mean for leftist states in economic terms?  First, a huge loss of tax revenue, and this is dangerous for blue states in particular. California was projecting a $5.6 billion surplus in January of last year, only to face a $54 billion deficit by August. The state’s net tax revenue fell by 42% from March to May year-over-year, far outpacing losses in the rest of the country. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom begged Congress for $14 billion in federal aid, claiming that the government has a “moral and ethical obligation to help the states”.

And this seems to be exactly how states like California are surviving, by stealing tax dollars from people in other states that have been more responsible in caring for their economies.

We often hear about states like California and New York as having GDPs comparable to entire countries. We hear about all the manufacturing and agricultural production, and a couple of years ago, there were even calls for secession in California on the grounds that “orange man bad” and that the state could fiscally support itself “easily.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. What leftist cheerleaders often refuse to mention is the deep and insidious debt problems and deficits blue states suffer from. Looking at a list of the most indebted states in the U.S. in terms of total assets and liabilities, you will find that the vast majority of them are Democrat controlled.

Furthermore, blue states tend to have the highest levels of unfunded pension liabilities. In other words, their public pension obligations are only partially funded and are suffering a net loss. California, Connecticut and Illinois top the list and the only red state that comes close in terms of percentages is Alaska. Red states top the list in terms of the best funded pensions and the lowest debt per capita.

These debts are caused by irresponsible spending policies and endless socialist welfare measures, and as with most socialist systems, they always end up spending more money than they can bring in. They also end up wasting money more than they effectively spend money. This translates to much higher taxes, as blue states refuse to admit policy errors and fix their mistakes. Instead, they punish the citizenry with increased taxation. A list of the highest personal income taxes across the country is dominated by blue states.

Blue states like Illinois also stack the list of highest property taxes.

One might assume that with such high taxation that social welfare programs would be in place to help the needy and to reduce poverty, but this is not the case. California and New York have the highest population of homeless people by far (151,278 in CA and 92,091 in NY). The next highest homeless population is in a red state, Florida, with only 28,000.

Add to this the fact that blue states have been the most lockdown-happy during the pandemic despite the fact that the lockdowns have done nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19, and now you know why people are leaving these places en masse.

This dynamic has led to red states outperforming blue states across the board in terms of economic recovery. Job recovery in red states far outpaces blue states, along with recovery in GDP. As a result, a call has been rising for a “Blue State Bailout”, and with Biden ostensibly entering the White House they may very well get what they are asking for.

The problem is, the amount of bailout money that would satiate the hunger of blue states would have to be in the multi-trillions. As more and more people and businesses leave these places for more free states, it’s inevitable that tax revenues will dry up. And, as leftists raise taxes to cover the deficit even more people will relocate. It is a vicious cycle that will lead to complete dependency on federal dollars for blue states to survive.

Red states, on the other hand, will not be enforcing strict lockdown mandates. In fact, I suspect that even if Biden tries to institute a Level 4 federal lockdown that many red states will defy him and carry on with business as usual while blue states quickly bow and submit. The only practical option is for blue states to ignore the lockdowns and fully reopen, not just for a couple of months, but permanently. Will they do this?  I doubt it.

It is also important to consider at a fundamental level the types of people that make up the populations of red states versus blue states. Blue states have built a culture of dependency and the majority of leftists have no useful skill sets that would allow them to adapt to an economic crisis. Meanwhile, red state culture encourages independence, self-reliance and productivity.

The most likely reaction among blue states or the federal government under Biden will be to try to “redistribute” the wealth and stability from red states to blue states. This could happen in the form of stimulus measures that unfairly benefit blue states. The resulting dollar devaluation and price inflation might hit red states harder because they would not be receiving bailouts to offset the higher costs. In the worst-case scenario, in which a full spectrum financial collapse occurs, we may even see the federal government attempt to redistribute production and manufacturing from red states to blue states in the name of “national emergency.”

There could also be an attempt to stop people from moving away from blue states entirely. We have already seen a beta test for this in California, where legislators are attempting to pass a bill which would legally require former residents to continue paying taxes to the state for years after they leave.

Of course, this would lead to severe resistance from conservatives, but that is a discussion for another time. The bottom line is this: the economic and pandemic policies of blue states have failed miserably. Their only option is to see the error of their ways, become fiscally responsible and remove totalitarian lockdown measures, or, attempt to leech success from the red states like parasites. Which one do you think they will choose?

The post Blue State Economies Will Soon Crumble – But Will They Take Red States With Them? first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

amazon Biden Intelwars Offer Vaccine

Amazon offers Biden help in nationwide COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Online retail giant Amazon reached out to President Joe Biden soon after his inauguration on Wednesday, offering to “leverage” its operations to assist in his efforts to ramp up distribution of COVID-19 vaccines nationwide.

What are the details?

David Clark, the chief executive of Amazon’s worldwide consumer business, issued a letter to Biden, congratulating the new president before declaring, “As you begin your work leading the country out of the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon stands ready to assist you in reaching your goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of your administration.”

After noting that Amazon is second largest employer in the U.S., Clark explained, “We are prepared to leverage our operations, information technology, and communications capabilities and expertise to assist in your administration’s vaccination efforts.”

He added, “Our scale allows us to make a meaningful impact immediately in the fight against COVID-19, and we stand ready to assist you in this effort.”

NBC News reporter Dylan Byers reported on Twitter, “For those asking if similar offer was extended to President Trump… I asked. Amazon rep said company was in touch with CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and Dept. of Health and Human Services last month. But no mention of a direct letter to President Trump.”

What else?

Two coronavirus vaccines — one from Pfizer and another from Moderna — are currently authorized by the Food and Drug Administration to be administered in the U.S. The shots were developed and rolled out with assistance from the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed roughly nine months after the virus was first detected in the U.S.

While the speedy development of the vaccines has been hailed as a medical miracle, the nationwide distribution of the shots has fallen under scrutiny.

Fox Business reported:

According to the latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 35 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been distributed and more than 16.5 million have been administered. More than 14.2 million Americans have received their first vaccine dose while more than 2.1 million have received their second dose.

Coronavirus Defense production act Intelwars Joe Biden Manufacture Vaccine

Joe Biden says he’ll use Defense Production Act to boost supplies needed for administering vaccines

President-elect Joe Biden said Friday that he will use the Defense Production Act to boost supplies needed to administer vaccines to speed up the nation’s effort to inoculate citizens against COVID-19.

What are the details?

“We’ll use the Defense Production Act to work with private industry to accelerate the making of materials needed to supply and administer the vaccine — from the tube and syringes, to protective equipment,” Biden said

The president-elect did not name which companies would be tapped, but explained that his transition team has already been working on the effort, saying, “Even though we don’t have the authority yet, go out and identify those companies that are prepared and will be able to do what we’re going to ask.”

“We need more vaccination sites,” Biden declared in a speech. “That’s where we’re going to harness the full resources of the federal government to establish thousands of community vaccination centers. On my first day in office I’ll instruct the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to begin setting up the first of these centers.

“By the end of my first month in office, we will have 100 federally supported centers across the nation that will ultimately vaccinate millions of people,” he said, noting that his administration would prioritize black and Latino communities.

Biden went on to say that pharmacies across the nation will also be empowered to administered the vaccine, much as they do flu shots.

“You have my word: We will manage the hell out of this operation,” he promised.

During the speech, Biden was critical of the Trump administration’s distribution efforts of the two coronavirus vaccines developed through President Donald Trump’s initiative, “Operation Warp Speed.” The Associated Press reported that Biden has called Trump’s vaccine rollout “a dismal failure so far.”

Biden Delivers Remarks On Covid Vaccine Plan | NBC News

Biden’s discussion of his plans to combat COVID-19 came the day after he unveiled a $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan” that includes $1,400 stimulus checks, an extension of moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures, and a federal minimum wage increase to $15 per hour.

The AP reported:

About $400 billion of the plan is focused on measures aimed at controlling the virus. Those range from mass vaccination centers to more sophisticated scientific analysis of new strains and squads of local health workers to trace the contacts of infected people.

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Here are the 10 states currently leading the way in getting the COVID-19 vaccine into Americans’ arms — and the 10 states falling behind

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some 29.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been distributed across the states and territories. Only about one-third (10.3 million) of those doses have been administered. And most of those doses were given to health care workers and the staff and residents of long-term-care facilities, Fortune noted.

With only about 3% of U.S. population having received the vaccine so far, how are the individual states doing?

West Virginia is leading the way, significantly out-pacing other states with 6,177 doses administered per 100,000 residents as of Wednesday. It’s followed by South Dakota (5,732 per 100K), North Dakota (5,344), Alaska (5,287), and Vermont (4,739).

The four of the bottom five are Southern states, with Alabama coming in with the worst record so far on per capita vaccinations. The Yellowhammer State has administered 1,714 doses per 100,000 residents, according to the most recent CDC data. It is followed by Georgia (1,872 per 100K), South Carolina (1,940), Nevada (2,002), and Mississippi (2,059).

Below are the 10 states doing the best and the 10 states doing the worst — so far — on per capita vaccinations, based on CDC data accessed Wednesday, Jan. 13.

10 states with greatest share of population vaccinated so far

No. 1: West Virginia
? Rate per 100,000: 6,177

No. 2: South Dakota
? Rate per 100,000: 5,732

No. 3: North Dakota
? Rate per 100,000: 5,344

No. 4: Alaska
? Rate per 100,000: 5,287

No. 5: Vermont
? Rate per 100,000: 4,739

No. 6: Connecticut
? Rate per 100,000: 4,540

No. 7: Oklahoma
? Rate per 100,000: 4,357

No. 8: Maine
? Rate per 100,000: 4,259

No. 9: Colorado
? Rate per 100,000: 4,162

No. 10: Montana
? Rate per 100,000: 4,123

10 states with smallest share of population vaccinated so far

No. 1: Alabama
? Rate per 100,000: 1,714

No. 2: Georgia
? Rate per 100,000: 1,872

No. 3: South Carolina
? Rate per 100,000: 1,940

No. 4: Nevada
? Rate per 100,000: 2,002

No. 5: Mississippi
? Rate per 100,000: 2,059

No. 6: Arizona
? Rate per 100,000: 2,126

No. 7: Idaho
? Rate per 100,000: 2,175

No. 8: California
? Rate per 100,000: 2,256

No. 9: Wisconsin
? Rate per 100,000: 2,357

No. 10: North Carolina
? Rate per 100,000: 2,545

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Investigation In Norway: Two People In Nursing Home Die After Getting Pfizer’s COVID Vax

Death is a side effect of the newly approved COVID-19 vaccines the government is demanding we all take. That’s becoming more and more clear by the day! In fact, Norway has launched an investigation into the deaths of two people in a nursing home after taking Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency has announced that two nursing home residents passed away days after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and that an investigation has been launched into the deaths. “We have to assess whether the vaccine is the cause of death, or if it is a coincidence that it happened soon after vaccination,” Medical Director Steiner Madsen said in a statement about the deaths.

Norway claims that due to the advanced age of the patients who received the vaccines, the deaths could be merely coincidental.

Portuguese Nurse Dies Suddenly After Receiving COVID Vaccine

The CDC’s VAERS reporting system was set up to track vaccine-related injury. Most patients can expect to experience some kind of adverse reaction, but for the vast majority of patients, symptoms will be relatively mild and clear up within a couple of days. But amid a rush of reports about patient deaths, Berenson points out that the number of patients seeing serious complications per the number of doses distributed is roughly 50x higher than the rate of ‘adverse’ reactions caused by the flu vaccine. -ZeroHedge

Mainstream media even warned the public to expect people to die after taking this vaccine, saying it was just their time to go. We should have known that this is how they would play this game. CNN’s main concern, however, is public relations for the ruling class and big pharma.

When shots begin to go into arms of residents, said Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition (who is also pushing the official narrative of propaganda onto the public) Americans need to understand that deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine. “We would not at all be surprised to see, coincidentally, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine, not because it has anything to do with the vaccination but just because that’s the place where people at the end of their lives reside,” Moore said.

“One of the things we want to make sure people understand is that they should not be unnecessarily alarmed if there are reports, once we start vaccinating, of someone or multiple people dying within a day or two of their vaccination who are residents of a long-term care facility. That would be something we would expect, as a normal occurrence, because people die frequently in nursing homes.” -CNN

Well, that’s comforting. They are concerned about the public’s perception of the vaccine if reports of people dying after getting it start to surface. Perhaps this is why they are starting nursing homes.  They can blame the deaths on something else and have already primed the minds of the masses to accept it.

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COVID-19 Intelwars Pharmacist Ruined unsafe Vaccine Wisconsin

Pharmacist intentionally ruined COVID-19 vaccines because he believed ‘they were unsafe,’ prosecutor says

A Wisconsin pharmacist arrested last week for allegedly ruining more than 500 doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine has confessed to intentionally ruining the vials, according to authorities, who say the man admitted that he sabotaged the vaccine because he believed the inoculations “were unsafe.”

What are the details?

Steven Brandenburg, 46, stands accused of removing 57 vials of the vaccine — each containing enough to treat 10 people — from refrigeration and leaving them at room temperature overnight on Dec. 24 and 25 at Advocate Aurora Health in Grafton, where he worked. Moderna’s vaccine must be kept at between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its effectiveness.

Brandenburg was terminated by the hospital after he allegedly confessed to his employer that his actions were not accidental, and the incident is now being investigated by the Grafton Police Department, the FBI, and the Food and Drug Administration. Brandenburg had initially said that he left the vaccines out of refrigeration by accident.

During the suspect’s court hearing on Monday, it was revealed that Brandenburg also told investigators the motive behind his actions.

According to The Daily Mail, Ozaukee County District Attorney Adam Gerol told the court of Brandenburg, “He’d formed this belief they were unsafe.”

Gerol reiterated that Brandenburg gave “a full confession that he had done exactly this. His intent was to destroy the medication. He did the things that he was accused of.”

ABC News reported:

The 46-year-old pharmacist, who’s been licensed since 1997, was “an admitted conspiracy theorist,” and told investigators he believed the vaccine “was not safe for people and could harm them and change their DNA,” Det. Sgt. Eric Sutherland said in the probable cause statement.

The outlet also reported that:

There is no evidence to suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine alters people’s DNA. Some companies, such as Moderna and Pfizer, use mRNA technology that introduces a small part of the virus’ genetic code to teach the body how to fight off the real virus. But the vaccine doesn’t change the person’s DNA in any way, according to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

What else?

During a press conference, Aurora Health Care Medical Group President Dr. Jeff Bahr explained that 57 people had received COVID-19 vaccinations from the doses that had been left out by Brandenburg. The hospital will work with the FDA and Moderna to determine how to move forward in completing those impacted individuals’ vaccinations.

Police said the discarded doses were worth between $8,000 and $11,000, the Daily Mail reported.

Brandenburg was released on $10,000 bond, but “was ordered to surrender any firearms still in his possession and was barred from serving as a pharmacist.”

COVID-19 elderly Intelwars Priority Ron DeSantis Vaccine

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’ll wait on getting COVID-19 vaccine until elderly receive it

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said Wednesday that while he is willing to take one of the newly-developed vaccines for COVID-19, he believes seniors should take priority over healthy younger people — including leaders like himself.

What are the details?

WPTV-TV reported that DeSantis made remarks during a visit to watch three senior citizens receive the Moderna vaccine at the Kings Point community in Delray Beach.

On his way out of the press conference, DeSantis was asked about whether he had been vaccinated for the coronavirus yet, to which he replied: “What I’ve said is I’m willing to take it, but I’m not the priority.” Pointing across the room, the governor said, “They’re the priority.”

“I’m under 45,” he explained. “People under 45 are not going to be first in line for this, so when it’s my turn I will take it, but this is who I want to be vaccinated. I want my parents, our grandparents to be able to get it.”

said during the presser, “You talk about a place like Kings Point, you have people from the Greatest Generation, people who fought in World War II, survived the Holocaust – these are people that we’ve got to stand with and prioritize.”

The recent FDA emergency approvals of two COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. have sparked debate over who should be first to receive the inoculations for the virus that has proven to be more fatal in elderly populations.

Under the federal government’s distribution, several
younger members of Congress have faced criticism from colleagues for taking the jab ahead of citizens who are statistically more vulnerable to the disease. But a number of House members have held off on receiving the vaccine, voicing the same reasoning DeSantis echoed.

On one side of the debate are folks who believe elected officials should take the vaccine publicly to build the public’s trust in the safety of the shots, while others say those politicians are jumping the line in front of those who need the vaccine most.

Acknowledging the topic, DeSantis quipped, “Granted I’m an elected official but whoop dee doo. At the end of the day, let’s focus on where the risk is.”

Anything else?

Fox News reported that Florida is currently experiencing long wait times for seniors who are lining up to take the vaccines that the governor’s executive order from last week makes available to health care workers, nursing home residents, and anyone in the state age 65 and over.

“Supply is limited,” DeSantis told his audience on Wednesday. He acknowledged, “We don’t have enough vaccines for all four million plus senior citizens in Florida,” but said more doses are expected to continue to flow in.

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Ex Merck Rep Brandy Vaughan (Video) – Brandy Vaughan Was Found Dead By Her 10-Year-Old Son On Dec. 8, 2020. Rest in Peace.

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