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VIDEO: UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal rallies Latino voters to support Trump in viral speech

UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal recently called out Democrats for their “false promises” and rallied Latino voters to support President Donald Trump’s re-election in a speech that is now going viral.

Masvidal’s comments came during a stop on the “Fighters Against Socialism” bus tour, which Donald Trump Jr. launched with Masvidal and other Latinos.

What did Masvidal say?

Masvidal, whose father escaped communist Cuba, warned his fellow Latinos that Democrats are attempting to take advantage of them by merely assuming Latinos will vote for Democratic candidates.

“I’m gonna let you in on something,” Masvidal said. “The Democrats just think that they’re entitled to the Latino vote. They think that we just have to hand it over to them. That’s right. We sure as hell don’t.”

The crowd responded with boos.

“They’ve got to show us what they can do for us, what they can do for our communities,” Masvidal continued. “We’re not going to buy the same wolf tickets and false promises that destroyed great countries like Venezuela and Cuba. It’s not gonna happen.”

“You know what else is not gonna work for them? Playing ‘Despacito’ on your cellphone to pander to us,” he added, referring to what Joe Biden did last month in an attempt to curry favor with Latino voters.

“Hell no. You gotta give us some credit for having heads on our shoulders,” Masvidal said, before referring to former President Barack Obama’s infamous phrase, “Elections have consequences.”

“Those words have never been more true than they are today,” Masvidal said. “We either re-elect President Trump and keep America great. Or we let Joe Biden destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen.”

What does the data show?

While Hillary Clinton handily won the Latino vote in 2016 — with the exception of Cubans in Florida — Trump is expected to earn more support from Latinos this year than previous Republican candidates.

From Vanity Fair:

Polls of Latino voters are now consistently more favorable for the president than one might expect. In the latest Economist/YouGov poll, 34% of Latino voters favor Trump, with roughly 9% still undecided. At this point, Trump is running well ahead of his own vote share in 2016 (28%), as well as that of Mitt Romney in 2012 (27%) and John McCain in 2008 (31%). It’s still a heavily Democratic vote, but the movement of somewhere between 6% and 15% of Latino voters is potentially significant enough to impact the outcome in states like Florida and North Carolina. The polling has shaken Democrats, who have rapidly expanded their efforts to engage with Latinos over the last month.

Stephanie Valencia, a cofounder of the progressive research hub EquisLabs, told Vanity Fair that the conservative message of personal freedom and economy prosperity resonates with Latino voters.

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UFC star predicts Trump ‘landslide’ in fiery post-victory speech — then Trump calls him live on air

UFC star Colby Covington delivered a booming post-victory speech Saturday night during which he predicted President Donald Trump will defeat Joe Biden in a “landslide” and took a shot at NBA star LeBron James and “woke athletes.”

Later, Trump called Covington when he was live on air for another post-victory interview.

What did Covington say?

After Covington’s fight, which he won with a total knockout, the UFC star said “Sleepy Joe” — the nickname the president has mockingly assigned Biden — will get the same result as his opponent this November at the ballot box.

“Ladies and gentleman, the silent majority is ready to make some noise. If you thought that was a beating wait until November 3rd, when Donald Trump gets his hands on Sleepy Joe. That’s gonna be a landslide,” Covington said.

Then Covington showered praise on first responders before taking a shot at NBA star LeBron James and “woke athletes.”

“I want to dedicate this fight to all the first responders, all the military out there,” he said. “This world would not be safe without you guys. You keep us safe and not these woke athletes. I’m sick of these woke athletes and these spineless cowards like LeBron James.”

The Trump phone call

Later, during an interview with ESPN, Covington, wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat adorned with Trump’s autograph, received a personal call from Trump.

“You’re a great fighter, man,” Trump said. “I tell you, you make it so easy, I don’t know how the hell you do that. Congratulations, I wanted to watch that fight tonight, I wanted to watch it, you were great.”

Covington replied, “Thank you so much, Mr. President. You gave me the dragon energy when you shook my hand on Sunday at your rally. It doesn’t matter if King Kong was in front of me, I was not going to lose after getting to shake your hand.”

The UFC star added that it did not matter who he fought, no one could stop him from winning after having met Trump personally.

“I’m proud of you man, I’m a big fan and I’m proud of you,” Trump responded. “You’re tough, you’re tough, you have the right spirit. So, now go win the next one, and just keep it for a long time, right? Just keep that championship for a long time. But you are something…I appreciated the shout-out tonight, too. I’m your fan, you’re my fan. Two of a kind, two of a kind.”

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UFC champ Jon Jones confronts rioters in New Mexico: ‘Is this s*** even about George Floyd anymore?’

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones confronted some people with spray cans who apparently had intentions of vandalism during protests in New Mexico, Fox News reported.

In a video posted to Jones’ Instagram account, the fighter takes spray cans from two masked men as they try to claim they aren’t doing anything, and one of them says “This ain’t the way, bro.”

Jones expressed his anger over the situation in an Instagram caption.

“Is this s*** even about George Floyd anymore?!?” Jones wrote. “Why the f*** are you punk ass teenagers destroying our cities!?? As a young black man trust me I’m frustrated as well but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse. If you really got love for your city (505), protect your s***. All you old heads need to speak up, call your young family members and tell them to come home tonight.”

Content warning: strong language

It’s unclear whether or not the men recognized Jones, but it’s likely fortunate for them that the altercation didn’t get physical. Jones is 6-foot-4 and more than 200 pounds, and a two-time light-heavyweight UFC champion. With a 26-1 record, he’s considered one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.

Jones’ confrontation comes around the same time that NBA player J.R. Smith was seen on video beating down a rioter who smashed the window of his car.

Smith posted a video later explaining that “One of these motherf***ing white boys didn’t know where he was going and broke my f***ing window in my truck.”

With police officers in some cities choosing not to engage rioters with force during these demonstrations, there are numerous examples of citizens taking matters into their own hands, like the business owner who pulled up to his business, pulled a shotgun out of his car, and began shooting at some potential looters.

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Joe Rogan hilariously trashes Trump-Biden 2020 matchup: ‘Like Mike Tyson versus a 3-year-old’

Hit podcast host Joe Rogan smashed former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden’s chances in defeating President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election in November.

What are the details?

During a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan compared Biden to a 3 year old and Trump to professional boxing legend Mike Tyson, and said that the Democratic Party is “crazy.”

“It shows you how crazy the system is that they wanted him,” he said. “That they wanted Biden to be their guy, that they don’t, they can’t admit that he’s in cognitive decline. I mean, it’s very strange.”

Rogan, a former MMA fighter, said that Biden is simply unable to carry on a coherent conversation or discussion for any prolonged period of time.

“Look,” he said. “If someone wants to ask me questions about things that I understand — like MMA or like comedy — like if you want to ask me questions about these things that I think about and talk about all the time, I could talk to you really clearly about those things and make a lot of sense.”

He also noted that the COVID-19 crisis is also going to highlight how ill-equipped Biden is when it comes to being able to defeat Trump.

“Right now, we’re in the s***, right? We’re in the April s***, it’s the worst time of the corona,” Rogan said. “A lot of people are dying. … So and then you go June, July, August — hopefully everything’s up and running again, the economy starts coming back on track. Trump makes a couple of great speeches, but Biden is more in decline.”

“It’s not gonna get better,” he insisted.

What else?

Rogan promised his listeners that there would be “no way” Biden could beat Trump in a hypothetical matchup.

“[Trump’s] already dismissing [Biden],” he continued. “He’s gonna destroy him. He’s gonna kill him man. I mean it’s such an easy target, it’s like Mike Tyson versus a 3-year-old.”

(Content warning: Rough language):

Joe Rogan on Bernie Dropping Out, Coronavirus Effects on 2020 Election