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The Real Reasons Why California Leftists Are Terrified Of The AR-15

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at 

This past week a US District judge in California struck down the state’s 30-year ban on high capacity semi-automatic rifles which leftists label “assault weapons”. The judge called the ban unconstitutional (which it is). In response, the progressive media has lost their collective minds, screeching in horror at the idea of AR-15 rifles being legal within the borders of their carefully manicured socialist Utopia state. Their most commonly expressed reaction seems to be fear.

Fear is rarely a rational thing. When someone operates based on fear, they tend to make terrible decisions and support oppressive causes and laws. Fear leads to an obsession with control. Fearful people also tend to look for large mobs of other terrified people so they can feel safe and secure and anonymous. They want to be able to act impulsively on their fears without having to face consequences for it later.

Leftists are driven primarily by two factors: Narcissism, and yes, fear. I’ve discussed their narcissism at great length in past articles; now I think we should delve into their fear.

The most common leftist retort to the question “Why are you so afraid of the AR-15?” will usually be a snort of indignant disbelief followed by the words: “Because it’s a military weapon designed to kill a lot of people quickly…idiot!”

But this is not an argument, it is an expression of irrational fear. Why are they, as individuals, afraid of the AR-15? What are the chances that they will EVER be faced with a person intent on killing them with an AR-15? And, why do they believe that disarming innocent law-abiding Americans will somehow save them from their paranoia?

Let’s examine the first issue of statistical probability; how many people are actually killed by AR-15s each year? Not many according to the FBI, which does not track the stats on specific rifles, but does track the stats on all rifles together. And, as it turns out, only around 6% of all gun deaths involve rifles in the US each year.

How much of that 6% involves the use of military-grade rifles like the AR-15? It’s impossible to say, but even if it was half, or 3% of all gun-related crimes, that would still mean you have FAR more of a chance of being murdered by a knife or blunt object than an AR. By extension, Rifles overall are dwarfed by handgun murders, so, again, why are leftists so afraid of the AR-15?

What about mass shootings? It seems like the AR-15 is a favorite among mass shooters because of its “efficiency”, so is this reason enough to be fearful? According to the New York Times’ own analysis, the AR-15 was used to kill 173 people in mass shootings in the US from 2007 to 2017. Meaning around 17 homicides per year over a decade can be attributed to the rifle. Again, the AR is dwarfed by almost all other weapons in homicide including knives, even when accounting for mass shootings.

With the sheer number of military-grade weapons in the hands of civilians in the US, there should be mass homicides everywhere you look if you take the common position of the typical progressive gun grabber. But, this is not the case. In fact, if you want to increase your chances of being killed by a gun, move to a major Democrat-run city like Chicago, New York, or Philadelphia. In Chicago, there were 4033 shootings and 784 homicides, predominantly in black neighborhoods and primarily with handguns.

So, statistically, access to AR-15s does not increase gun homicides. But what about living in a black neighborhood in leftist-run Chicago under some of the strictest gun laws in the country? Yes, your chances of being shot are MUCH higher (just not by an AR-15).

Since the math does not add up in favor of the leftists, perhaps we should examine other factors that might be driving them to focus on the AR in particular. Let’s talk about “precedence”…

Look at it this way – States like California are a petri dish, a testing ground for the future that leftists want for the entire country. There is an old saying that “As goes California, so goes the US”, and this is because California is often where most experimental legislation is pushed; legislation that violates the boundaries of what the constitution allows. Sometimes it’s New York or New Jersey or some other blue state, but most of the time CA is where unconstitutional precedents are set. Its massive population and a large number of electoral votes make it a perfect target for conditioning the wider public to further restrictions on their freedoms.

This explains some of the fear the media is showing regarding the latest federal court decision on military-grade weapons like the AR. Political elites see California as their own little kingdom with their own special laws, and they plan to eventually spread those laws across America using California as the model. But, if such laws are overturned as unconstitutional, then the precedent actually works in reverse. Now, the leftists are concerned that an overturned gun ban in CA means more blue states will follow and their entire gun-grabbing scheme will go out the window.

The leftist mind thinks in terms of unchecked and unhinged “democracy”. Meaning, they believe that the majority is paramount; the majority is law. If a majority in a society wants to take away your freedoms, then they have the right to because they have the mob on their side. 51% rules over the lives of the other 49%. But this is not how things work in a Constitutional Republic.

Under the Bill of Rights, your freedoms are codified and sacrosanct. They are inherent and gifted by God (or whatever you happen to believe in); government has no domain over these rights. The right to firearms and self-defense is one of these inherent qualities. It does not matter what the State of California thinks, or even what the “majority” of people in California think. If an American in California wants to own an AR-15, then he/she has the right to own an AR-15.

We also cannot ignore the fact that leftists have an insatiable appetite for collectivism, usually in the name of the “greater good”. Collectivism is basically totalitarianism disguised as humanitarianism. They know what’s best for you, and they are going to make sure you follow THEIR plan for your life.

The AR-15 is indeed a military-grade weapon, and maybe this is what frightens leftists the most. Not because they are personally more likely to be shot by one (we’ve already proven that notion false), but because leftists desire control over all else, and with military-grade weapons in the hands of the public control becomes much more difficult. ALL totalitarian governments seek to first disarm the people they intend to enslave or destroy. This is a fact.

When a group of people in power are working hard to remove defensive or even offensive weapons from your hands, it’s best to assume that their intentions are malevolent. They are not trying to help you, they are trying to help themselves.

They will deny this motive to the grave, but look at how the political left has been acting lately: They are the only people that have supported mass censorship of opposing viewpoints. They are the only people that are supported by international conglomerates and Big Tech companies. They are the only people that supported the pandemic lockdowns, which were completely useless in stopping the spread of covid, but they were very useful in killing hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the US. They are also the only people in favor of vaccine passports which would destroy the very fabric of our society and erase what is left of our freedoms.

It’s not really surprising that they want to disarm us as well.

Of course, they will claim that this argument is “silly”. After all, what can an AR-15 do against an Apache helicopter or an Abrams battle tank? Well, these rifles in the right hands can do a hell of a lot to stop a technologically advanced military, as we have seen for the past two decades in Afghanistan. Let us not play games; there is a reason why leftists and elites are obsessed with our disarmament. If military-grade rifles were not a threat to them, then they would not be going after them so aggressively.

Finally, the mainstream media has rolled out all the typical propaganda tools when it comes to spinning the federal decision in CA, including attacking the judge and his character. Almost every single article on this issue focuses on the fact that the judge compared the AR-15 to a “Swiss Army knife”.

The left will continue to use this narrative as a means to distract from the real problem at hand because false conflations and straw man arguments have worked for them in the past. Clearly, the judge was not trying to say that an AR-15 and a Swiss Army knife are exactly the same, or that they are equally capable of killing people. The logical interpretation is that the AR-15 is a tool like any other tool, and it has multiple uses. It is a utilitarian object, not an inherently demonic death machine as leftists would have us believe.

Gun grabbers love to make the argument that firearms are only designed for one purpose: “Killing”. This is a lie. They are also tools for self-defense. They are a means to defuse a violent situation before it even happens. There are thousands of videos on the web showing people with criminal intent running away from a Good Samaritan with a gun. There is no way of telling how many potential victims have been saved by the mere presence of a firearm, but the accounts are documented and numerous.

This is on top of all the other uses for guns, including hunting and sporting uses. So, yes, the judge is absolutely correct; an AR-15 is a multipurpose tool, just like a Swiss Army knife.

In my view, the gun control lobby in America is in the midst of a considerable decline, and maybe it is even about to die. The political left has long operated on the mantra that “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. In other words, they think if they whine long enough and loud enough about an issue someone will come along and give them what they want just to shut them up, even if what they want is illogical or morally bankrupt.

This strategy has worked out for them for many decades so it’s not surprising that they keep using it, but times are changing. Now, the squeaky wheel gets no oil, at least not from gun owners. The squeaky wheel gets nothing.

Gun control is the big line in the sand for most law-abiding conservatives and moderates, and we have grown tired of the debate because it’s no longer a debate, it’s an imposition of ideology and cultism. All the facts are on the side of gun owners. All the legal protections are on the side of gun owners. All the moral dynamics are on the side of gun owners. As long as we stand our ground, there is nothing that leftists can do about it.

They can continue to lie, they can continue to threaten and they can continue exploiting emotional arguments, but they’ll NEVER get the guns. And, as we have seen recently, we might even start returning some of those gun rights and rifles to states like California, where fear was used to cloud the public mind and people were conned into compliance

What are California leftists and their comrades in other blue states really afraid of? They are afraid that their strategies are failing, that the public is getting wise to their games, that their incrementalism only works for so long, that their true intentions have become transparent, that their narcissism has blinded them to their own frailties, that the law is not their plaything and that every piece of constitutional ground they have stolen over the decades could be taken back from them in the blink of an eye; as fast as a speeding bullet

Leftists and totalitarians fear the AR-15, but what they fear more is what it represents. And with each carefully placed practice shot at every gun range across America, they hear the crushing sound of inevitability.

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Israeli Warns Hezbollah That Strikes On Gaza Were “Only Tip Of The Iceberg”

The Israeli Defense Chief warned Hezbollah that the previous strikes on Gaza were “only the tip of the iceberg.” Could we see the advancement of war in the coming months?

Last month’s eleven-day Gaza war in which there were persistent fears that a “northern front” would open against Israel if Hezbollah joined the fray.  After multiple missiles launched from southern Lebanon reportedly by Palestinian factions in the country), Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz has warned that the next potential war in Lebanon will see “overwhelming force” used.

The words were given at a ceremony marking Israel’s official recognition of the army’s 18-year occupation of southern Lebanon, which is now considered an official military campaign. Referencing the devastating latest strikes on Gaza, which killed almost 250 Palestinians – many of them children – Gantz said the campaign was “only the tip of the iceberg” in terms of military capabilities and what Lebanon’s Hezbollah would face next. -ZeroHedge

“Whoever hides weapons in their house endangers their children,” the defense minister added, in what appears to be an acknowledgment of the high civilian death toll especially impacting children.

This warning elicited a response from Iran. Iranian state media quoted a senior Hezbollah representative who vowed that any aggression would be met with the “fire of hell” in the instance of an invasion or attack. “They (Israelis) should not err in their calculations again,” the official, identified as Hassan Baghdadi said. “If there is a war with Hezbollah, they will see the fire of hell as they have never imagined.”

Even though the missile strikes have ceased, for now, it appears that the rhetoric has continued to amp up. There seems to be no end to the threats, warnings, and rhetoric.

Stay alert, know what’s going on, and be prepared for anything.  Even though there seems to be a lull in the news right now, things look to be taking shape behind the scene.

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‘We Won’t Be Human Guinea Pigs’: 117 Doctors, Nurses Sue Over Forced ‘Experimental’ Vaccine

This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

Houston, TX — Over a hundred doctors and nurses who work in the Houston Methodist hospital network have filed a lawsuit against the company, arguing that they don’t want to be forced to take an “experimental” vaccine. This lawsuit could pave the way for other health care workers to make similar claims.

According to the lawsuit, the company’s CEO, Marc Boom gave all the employees of the network, some 26,000 people, a deadline of June 7 to be vaccinated or be fired.

A total of 117 plaintiffs are insisting that the hospital is “illegally requiring its employees to be injected with an experimental vaccine.” The hospital is forcing the staff to be “human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,” the lawsuit says.

“This is my body, this is my choice, and I don’t think employers or anyone should mandate what goes into my body,” Kim Mikeska, a registered nurse, told the Houston Chronicle.

Houston Methodist nurse Jennifer Bridges, the lead plaintiff in the case, told the Washington Post this month that she had received “every vaccine known to man” in the past, but believed the coronavirus vaccines needed further study.

The lawsuit referred to the vaccines as “experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection.”

“It is a severe and blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code and the public policy of the state of Texas,” attorney Jared Woodfill, who filed the lawsuit in Montgomery County, told local news, and he’s right.

Because the current Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J vaccines have been only authorized by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), the safety and effectiveness data are still being collected. This means the current mass vaccination program is an experiment in an ongoing study in which researchers may still find small effect-size side effects.

It is a fact that vaccines that receive EUA are considered experimental until the FDA formally approves it as it is entirely possible that a rare side effect will be found after mass vaccination allows a longer term of observation on a larger number of people.

Therefore, it can be argued that forcing employees to take the vaccine is a medical ethics violation. According to the 1947 Nuremberg Code:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent;
should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching,
or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved
as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision
by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is
to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his
participation in the experiment.

The fact that these vaccines are currently under EUA makes all attempts to mandate them, a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code as the number one premise behind it is that “the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

There is nothing voluntary about vaccine passports, forced vaccinations, or any other form of government or employee coercion methods to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates.

On an ethical stance alone, the very premise of these ideas is based on violations of the Nuremberg Code. Nevertheless, government officials, media, and academia alike, continue to shame, coerce, and threaten those who choose to abstain from the vaccine.

Marc Boom, the company’s CEO disagrees, however, and says “it is legal for health care institutions to mandate vaccines, as we have done with the flu vaccine since 2009?

He then went on to completely dismiss the facts in the case, claiming that the COVID-19 vaccines are “not experimental.”

Given the recent changes to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines over forced vaccinations in the workplace, Boom may want to reconsider his stance.

As TFTP reported earlier this month, OSHA recently changed the “vaccine-related” requirement for on-the-job injuries. In three parts it details the liability.

Are adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine recordable on the OSHA recordkeeping log?

In general, an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is recordable if the reaction is: (1) work-related, (2) a new case, and (3) meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7 (e.g., days away from work, restricted work or transfer to another job, medical treatment beyond first aid).

If I require my employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of their employment, are adverse reactions to the vaccine recordable?

If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.

In a third bullet point, OSHA explicitly notes that employers who do not require their employees to take the vaccine, will not be held liable through the recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7. The guideline notes that in order for an employer to be free from liability, the vaccine must be “truly voluntary,” meaning no negative reports for unvaccinated employees.

I do not require my employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. However, I do recommend that they receive the vaccine and may provide it to them or make arrangements for them to receive it offsite. If an employee has an adverse reaction to the vaccine, am I required to record it?

No. Although adverse reactions to recommended COVID-19 vaccines may be recordable under 29 CFR 1904.4(a) if the reaction is: (1) work-related, (2) a new case, and (3) meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7, OSHA is exercising its enforcement discretion to only require the recording of adverse effects to required vaccines at this time. Therefore, you do not need to record adverse effects from COVID-19 vaccines that you recommend, but do not require.

Note that for this discretion to apply, the vaccine must be truly voluntary. For example, an employee’s choice to accept or reject the vaccine cannot affect their performance rating or professional advancement. An employee who chooses not to receive the vaccine cannot suffer any repercussions from this choice. If employees are not free to choose whether or not to receive the vaccine without fearing adverse action, then the vaccine is not merely “recommended” and employers should consult the above FAQ regarding COVID-19 vaccines that are a condition of employment.

Note also that the exercise of this discretion is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding OSHA’s expectations as to the recording of adverse effects during the health emergency; it does not change any of employers’ other responsibilities under OSHA’s recordkeeping regulations or any of OSHA’s interpretations of those regulations.

Finally, note that this answer applies to a variety of scenarios where employers recommend, but do not require vaccines, including where the employer makes the COVID-19 vaccine available to employees at work, where the employer makes arrangements for employees to receive the vaccine at an offsite location (e.g., pharmacy, hospital, local health department, etc.), and where the employer offer the vaccine as part of a voluntary health and wellness program at my workplace. In other words, the method by which employees might receive a recommended vaccine does not matter for the sake of this question.

This clarification by OSHA is especially relevant thanks to The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) which removes any and all liability from vaccine manufacturers even if their product kills someone.

You can actually prove that you or your child were harmed from a vaccine yet the vaccine maker is completely shielded from liability. Even if you are awarded monetary compensation through the NVICP, the taxpayers are put on the line, not the vaccine makers.

If companies have to start footing the bill for lawsuits related to COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions, the implications for vaccine manufacturers could be massive especially given the sheer magnitude of adverse events being reported to the CDC from the COVID-19 vaccine.

The most recent data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the number of injuries and deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID vaccines reveals there have been over 200,000 adverse events reported. Of those adverse reactions, according to the CDC, 4,863 of them are deaths.

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Drivers Beware: The Deadly Perils of Blank Check Traffic Stops

This article was originally published by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead at The Rutherford Institute.

“The Fourth Amendment was designed to stand between us and arbitrary governmental authority. For all practical purposes, that shield has been shattered, leaving our liberty and personal integrity subject to the whim of every cop on the beat, trooper on the highway and jail official. The framers would be appalled.”—Herman Schwartz, The Nation

We’ve all been there before.

You’re driving along and you see a pair of flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror. Whether or not you’ve done anything wrong, you get a sinking feeling in your stomach.

You’ve read enough news stories, seen enough headlines, and lived in the American police state long enough to be anxious about any encounter with a cop that takes place on the side of the road.

For better or worse, from the moment you’re pulled over, you’re at the mercy of law enforcement officers who have almost absolute discretion to decide who is a threat, what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with the citizens they were appointed to “serve and protect.”

This is what I call “blank check policing,” in which the police get to call all of the shots.

So if you’re nervous about traffic stops, you have every reason to be.

Trying to predict the outcome of any encounter with the police is a bit like playing Russian roulette: most of the time you will emerge relatively unscathed, although decidedly poorer and less secure about your rights, but there’s always the chance that an encounter will turn deadly.

Try to assert your right to merely ask a question during a traffic stop and see how far it gets you.

Juanisha Brooks—black, 34 years old, and on her way home at 2:20 am—was pulled over, handcuffed, arrested, and charged with resisting arrest, eluding the police, reckless driving, and failure to use headlights after repeatedly asking police why she had been stopped. When Brooks—a Department of Defense employee—filed a complaint, prosecutors conceded that the traffic stop had been carried out without “proper legal basis” and dropped all charges.

Caron Nazario, a uniformed Army officer returning home from his duty station, was stopped for not having a rear license plate (his temporary plates were taped to the rear window of his new SUV). Nazario, who is Black and Latino, pulled over at a well-lit gas station only to be pepper-sprayed, held at gunpoint, beaten, and threatened with execution.

Zachary Noel was tasered by police and charged with resisting arrest after he questioned why he was being ordered out of his truck during a traffic stop. “Because I’m telling you to,” the officer replied before repeating his order for Noel to get out of the vehicle and then, without warning, shooting him with a taser through the open window.

Despite complying with all police orders when ordered to show his identification and exit his parked vehicle, Jeriel Edwards was subjected to excessive force and brutality, including being thrown to the ground, tasered, and placed in a chokehold that rendered him unconscious and required his hospitalization for three days. Although dashcam video of the arrest confirms that Edwards was peaceful, did not defy police orders, and did nothing to provoke police, a federal court ruled that Edwards’ trouble understanding police directions during the encounter constituted “resistance” that justified the force used by the four police officers involved in the violent arrest. Edwards is African-American.

Gregory Tucker, also black, was stopped by police for a broken taillight, only to be thrown to the ground, beaten and punched in the face and body more than 20 times, then arrested and hospitalized for severe injuries to his face and arm, all for allegedly “resisting arrest” by driving to a safe, well-lit area in front of his cousin’s house before stopping.

No wonder Americans are afraid of getting pulled over by police.

Mind you, all of these individuals complied with the police. They just didn’t do it fast enough to suit their purposes.

At a time when police can do no wrong—at least in the eyes of the courts, police unions and politicians dependent on their votes—and a “fear” for officer safety is used to justify all manner of police misconduct, “we the people” are at a severe disadvantage.

Add a traffic stop to the mix, and that disadvantage increases dramatically.

According to the Justice Department, the most common reason for a citizen to come into contact with the police is being a driver in a traffic stop.

On average, one in 10 Americans gets pulled over by police.

According to data collected under Virginia’s new Community Policing Act, black drivers are almost two times more likely than white drivers to be pulled over by police and three times more likely to have their vehicles searched. As the Washington Post concludes, “‘Driving while black’ is, indeed, a measurable phenomenon.”

Historically, police officers have been given free range to pull anyone over for a variety of reasons.

This free-handed approach to traffic stops has resulted in drivers being stopped for windows that are too heavily tinted, for driving too fast, driving too slow, failing to maintain speed, following too closely, improper lane changes, distracted driving, screeching a car’s tires, and leaving a parked car door open for too long.

Motorists can also be stopped by police for driving near a bar or on a road that has large amounts of drunk driving, driving a certain make of car (Mercedes, Grand Prix, and Hummers are among the most ticketed vehicles), having anything dangling from the rearview mirror (air fresheners, handicap parking permits, toll transponders or rosaries), and displaying pro-police bumper stickers.

Incredibly, a federal appeals court actually ruled unanimously in 2014 that acne scars and driving with a stiff upright posture are reasonable grounds for being pulled over. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that driving a vehicle that has a couple air fresheners, rosaries, and pro-police bumper stickers at 2 MPH over the speed limit is suspicious, meriting a traffic stop.

Equally appalling, in Heien v. North Carolina, the U.S. Supreme Court—which has largely paved the way for the police and other government agents to probe, poke, pinch, taser, search, seize, strip, and generally manhandle anyone they see fit in almost any circumstance—allowed police officers to stop drivers who appear nervous, provided they provide a palatable pretext for doing so.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the lone objector in the case. Dissenting in Heien, Sotomayor warned, “Giving officers license to effect seizures so long as they can attach to their reasonable view of the facts some reasonable legal interpretation (or misinterpretation) that suggests a law has been violated significantly expands this authority… One wonders how a citizen seeking to be law-abiding and to structure his or her behavior to avoid these invasive, frightening, and humiliating encounters could do so.”

In other words, drivers beware.

Traffic stops aren’t just dangerous. They can be downright deadly.

Remember Walter L. Scott? Reportedly pulled over for a broken taillight, Scott—unarmed—ran away from the police officer, who pursued and shot him from behind, first with a Taser, then with a gun. Scott was struck five times, “three times in the back, once in the upper buttocks and once in the ear — with at least one bullet entering his heart.”

Samuel Dubose, also unarmed, was pulled over for a missing front license plate. He was reportedly shot in the head after a brief struggle in which his car began rolling forward.

Levar Jones was stopped for a seatbelt offense, just as he was getting out of his car to enter a convenience store. Directed to show his license, Jones leaned into his car to get his wallet, only to be shot four times by the “fearful” officer. Jones was also unarmed.

Bobby Canipe was pulled over for having an expired registration. When the 70-year-old reached into the back of his truck for his walking cane, the officer fired several shots at him, hitting him once in the abdomen.

Dontrell Stevens was stopped “for not bicycling properly.” The officer pursuing him “thought the way Stephens rode his bike was suspicious. He thought the way Stephens got off his bike was suspicious.” Four seconds later, sheriff’s deputy Adams Lin shot Stephens four times as he pulled out a black object from his waistband. The object was his cell phone. Stephens was unarmed.

Sandra Bland, pulled over for allegedly failing to use her turn signal, was arrested after refusing to comply with the police officer’s order to extinguish her cigarette and exit her vehicle. The encounter escalated, with the officer threatening to “light” Bland up with his taser. Three days later, Bland was found dead in her jail cell. “You’re doing all of this for a failure to signal?” Bland asked as she got out of her car, after having been yelled at and threatened repeatedly.

Keep in mind, from the moment those lights start flashing and that siren goes off, we’re all in the same boat. However, it’s what happens after you’ve been pulled over that’s critical.

Survival is key.

Technically, you have the right to remain silent (beyond the basic requirement to identify yourself and show your registration). You have the right to refuse to have your vehicle searched. You have the right to film your interaction with police. You have the right to ask to leave. You also have the right to resist an unlawful order such as a police officer directing you to extinguish your cigarette, put away your phone or stop recording them.

However, there is a price for asserting one’s rights. That price grows more costly with every passing day.

If you ask cops and their enablers what Americans should do to stay alive during encounters with police, they will tell you to comply, cooperate, obey, not resist, not argue, not make threatening gestures or statements, avoid sudden movements, and submit to a search of their person and belongings.

Unfortunately, there are no longer any fail-safe rules of engagement for interacting with the police.

In the American police state, compliance is no guarantee that you will survive an encounter with the police with your life and liberties intact.

Every day we hear about situations in which unarmed Americans complied and still died during an encounter with the police simply because they appeared to be standing in a “shooting stance” or held a cell phone or a garden hose or carried around a baseball bat or answered the front door or held a spoon in a threatening manner or ran in an aggressive manner holding a tree branch or wandered around naked or hunched over in a defensive posture or made the mistake of wearing the same clothes as a carjacking suspect (dark pants and a basketball jersey) or dared to leave an area at the same time that a police officer showed up or had a car break down by the side of the road or were deaf or homeless or old.

More often than not, it seems as if all you have to do to be shot and killed by police is stand a certain way, or move a certain way, or hold something—anything—that police could misinterpret to be a gun or ignite some trigger-centric fear in a police officer’s mind that has nothing to do with an actual threat to their safety.

Now you can make all kinds of excuses to justify these shootings, and in fact, that’s exactly what you’ll hear from politicians, police unions, law enforcement officials, and individuals who are more than happy to march in lockstep with the police.

However, to suggest that a good citizen is a compliant citizen and that obedience will save us from the police state is not only recklessly irresponsible but it is also deluded and out of touch with reality.

To begin with, and most importantly, Americans need to know their rights when it comes to interactions with the police, bearing in mind that many law enforcement officials are largely ignorant of the law themselves.

A good resource is The Rutherford Institute’s “Constitutional Q&A: Rules of Engagement for Interacting with Police.”

In a nutshell, the following are your basic rights when it comes to interactions with the police as outlined in the Bill of Rights:

You have the right under the First Amendment to ask questions and express yourself. You have the right under the Fourth Amendment to not have your person or your property searched by police or any government agent unless they have a search warrant authorizing them to do so.  You have the right under the Fifth Amendment to remain silent, to not incriminate yourself and to request an attorney. Depending on which state you live in and whether your encounter with police is consensual as opposed to your being temporarily detained or arrested, you may have the right to refuse to identify yourself. Not all states require citizens to show their ID to an officer (although drivers in all states must do so).

As a rule of thumb, you should always be sure to clarify in any police encounter whether or not you are being detained, i.e., whether you have the right to walk away. That holds true whether it’s a casual “show your ID” request on a boardwalk, a stop-and-frisk search on a city street, or a traffic stop for speeding or just to check your insurance. If you feel like you can’t walk away from a police encounter of your own volition—and more often than not you can’t, especially when you’re being confronted by someone armed to the hilt with all manner of militarized weaponry and gear—then for all intents and purposes, you’re essentially under arrest from the moment a cop stops you. Still, it doesn’t hurt to clarify that distinction.

While technology is always going to be a double-edged sword, with the gadgets that are the most useful to us in our daily lives—GPS devices, cell phones, the internet—being the very tools used by the government to track us, monitor our activities, and generally spy on us, cell phones are particularly useful for recording encounters with the police and have proven to be increasingly powerful reminders to police that they are not all-powerful.

Knowing your rights is only part of the battle, unfortunately.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the hard part comes in when you have to exercise those rights in order to hold government officials accountable to respecting those rights.

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Antifa California Donald Trump Infiltrating antifa Intelwars Police Sonoma county Threats Trump supporter

Trump supporter infiltrates Antifa group, collects recordings of ‘comrades’ making threats against police: ‘Let’s kill some cops’

A supporter of former President Donald Trump told KGO-TV that he infiltrated an Antifa group in Sonoma County, California, and collected recordings of the far-left violent militants making threats against police and even preparing major action for Saturday — or May Day,

Here’s a sampling:

Group leader: “It’s May Day, baby, like come out and take, take somethin’ over with us, I don’t, I don’t [bleep]-ing know.”

Member: “Let’s kill people [laughs].”

Group Leader: “Let’s kill some cops.”

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

The Trump supporter who infiltrated Antifa appeared on camera in an interview with the station, but his face and voice were disguised.

He told KGO he saved messages, documents, and recordings of the Antifa group’s meetings.

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

The infiltrator gave KGO the group’s “target list,” which included former Santa Rosa Police Officer Barry Brodd, who testified for the defense as a use of force expert in the murder trial of former police Officer Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd.

Four days after Brodd’s testimony defending Chauvin, the station said masked figures in black threw a severed pig head and pig blood at the house where Brodd used to live. It’s now occupied by other people.

Lt. Jeneane Kucker of the Santa Rosa Police Department told KGO, “I know that the victims, in this case, feel threatened. And they don’t feel safe in their home.”

The Trump supporter who infiltrated the Antifa group told the station, “So, I saw that they were here, I read their manifesto, and I could tell that they were a threat to the community, and somebody needed to do something about this.”

More from KGO:

The manifesto posted online for SoCo (Sonoma County) Radical Action or SRA says, “Do not hesitate, do not wait … the brick in the street is meant to be thrown! The paint in the can is meant to be sprayed! The cop in your head is meant to be killed!”

The Trump supporter was able to join the group that communicates through the encrypted messaging app Wickr.

The infiltrator added to the station that, “I said, ‘Comrade, you know … I want to smash the system the same as you,’ [to] make them not feel alone, because that’s what they really want to hear, to know that there’s more people like them.”

More from KGO:

The I-Team has learned the group’s leader who goes by the screen name “Marb” is a 25-year-old college student, who was arrested for “felony assault on a police officer” last year at this Oakland riot after the death of George Floyd; the district attorney declined to file charges. The Trump supporter says he made this recording in March, when Marb discussed naming the group “SoCo Antifa.” […]

The infiltrator tells the I-Team he copied what the group calls its “target list,” people they want to “dox” — to publish their private information, their addresses and phone numbers, to surveil them for possible vandalism. After his testimony, they placed Brodd at the top of the list and within an hour of the attack on his former house, Marb is back on Wickr at 3:48 a.m. telling the group, “Hey y’all, late notice, but some comrades took action at a house owned by Barry Brodd and if someone could swing by in the morning and get pictures, our comrades would be very grateful!”

The target list also includes the head of the deputy sheriff’s union — or “killer deputies,” as Antifa calls them — as well as officers involved in fatal confrontations, and Trump supporters like Sandy Metzger, the station said.

Metzger, who heads the Santa Rosa Republican Women Federated, told KGO that she “really came out strongly against Antifa and [Black Lives Matter].”

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

When the station told her that she’s on the target list, Metzger said it does concern her “a little bit, but that’s not going to stop me from speaking out. Somebody has to speak out. And I feel very strong about some of these things.”

The recordings show the group has already checked out Metzger’s house, KGO reported.

Now what?

The infiltrator told the station he’s been in touch with the sheriff’s department and Santa Rosa police about the potential threats.

KGO’s Dan Noyes said Marb refused his attempts for an interview him, but the infiltrator actually intercepted a message from the group leader about “Dan Noyes at ABC7 asking about SRA. …To firmly restate our position, nobody, myself included, should cooperate with press or cops.”

The infiltrator added to the station that his interactions with SoCo Radical Action began last year — and he wanted to do something about the group.

“It felt like seeing Antifa getting sort of a pass all the time from government,” he told KGO, “saying they don’t exist, saying that they’re a myth, saying that they’re just an idea. You know, when obviously, they are very real, and they’re a big threat.”

The station reported that since it has been working on the story, Marb has been taking down his social media, both the public and private accounts.

American public common cold contagious control COVID-19 covid-21 Dangerous deadlier economic destruction fear mongering government is slavery Headline News Health Hoax Intelwars liars lockdowns Mainstream media Mutations pandemic propaganda ruling class scamdemic they don't care about us Threats wake up

COVID Mutations: MSM Ramps Up Fear Campaign

The mainstream media is doing their best to keep the American public in a panicked state of fear over the coronavirus.  The new fear-mongering campaign is centered around the mutations of the virus, that the authorities assure us will be concerning.

Don’t put anything past the elitists in the ruling class.  Could these variants be used to put the public through another more sinister lockdown? Could they be releasing something that is actually dangerous this time and not just the common cold? Could we be on the verge of something massive?

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

According to propaganda outlet, The New York Times, scientists are finding a number of new variants that seem to have originated in the United States — and many of them may pose the same kind of extra-contagious threat. In a study posted on Sunday, a team of researchers reported seven growing lineages of the coronavirus, spotted in states across the country. All have gained a mutation at the exact same spot in their genes.

Watch what they are saying in their own words. Whether these new mutations are worse or not is of no consequence to the ruling class.

“There’s clearly something going on with this mutation,” said Jeremy Kamil, a virologist at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and a co-author of the new study. That means they will either make it deadlier or use it as an excuse to lockdown the slaves again. Possibly something else, but those seem like the two most likely scenarios as these stories unfold.

“It’s tough to know what these substitutions are doing,” he said of the mutations. “It really needs to be followed up with some additional experimental data.”

The article by The New York Times goes on with the intent to continue to push the fear.

But just as states are again lifting mask-wearing mandates and loosening restrictions, experts fear that more contagious variants could undo all that progress.

That threat seems only to grow as researchers learn more. British government scientists now believe the more contagious variant that is ravaging Britain is also “likely” to be deadlier than earlier versions of the virus, according to a document posted on a government website on Friday. An earlier assessment on a smaller scale warned last month that there was a “realistic possibility” the variant was more lethal.

The variant, also known as B.1.1.7, is spreading rapidly in the United States, doubling roughly every 10 days, another recent study found. –The New York Times

Something is going on with these mutations and the way they are being reported on in the mainstream media.  Stay alert and stay prepared.

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Arrests Comments Facebook posts Intelwars Marjorie taylor greene Threats Town hall meeting Tv crew

Police threaten TV crew with arrest after reporter attempts to ask Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a question at a town hall event

Authorities threatened to arrest a TV reporter and videographer in attendance at Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s town hall event Wednesday night.

A reporter and videographer from a local Georgia station were reportedly in attendance at the event following an invite from Greene’s office but were asked to leave after attempting to ask the Republican lawmaker questions about ongoing controversies.

What are the details?

According to WRCB-TV, the reporter and videographer were threatened with arrest after attempting to ask Greene a question.

Meredith Aldis, a reporter with the station, said that the journalists were invited to attend the event.

The station said that when the crew arrived at the event, they were told that they would not be permitted to speak to either the constituents or to Greene herself.

According to the station, Greene was addressing a CNN investigation of Facebook posts that appeared to show that she expressed support for violence against Democrats and liberals before her successful bid for Congress. When the reporter tried to ask Greene about the posts in question, she allegedly told them that she was there to speak to her constituents, and not speak about the reports.

The station noted that the reporter attempted to ask Greene about Rep. Jimmy Gomez’s (D-Calif.) announcement that he will introduce a resolution to expel Greene from Congress.

At that point, a member of Greene’s staff allegedly told the reporter that they would have to leave. A Whitfield County sheriff’s deputy escorted the journalists out of the town hall and threatened to arrest and charge the crew with criminal trespassing if they refused to leave.

A spokesperson for Greene’s office said that the crew was removed because the town hall event was “not a press conference,” despite the station reporting that Greene’s office itself invited the media to attend the event.

WATCH: Channel 3 crew threatened with arrest after asking Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a question

Colleges Covid mask Covid-19 tests Covid-19 tyranny Intelwars penalties Threats

Colleges threaten students who disobey COVID-19 rules with lockouts from Wi-Fi, school services — and even dismissal

Some American colleges are threatening students with severe sanctions if they disobey rules concerning COVID-19, including lockouts from campus Wi-Fi and school services — and even dismissal, Campus Reform reported.

What are the details?

University of Illinois students who disobey the school’s recent “soft lockdown” are subject to loss of internet access and even dismissal, the Daily Illini reported.

“Please note that this semester, students who are out of compliance may also lose access to University Wi-Fi, Zoom, Compass and other technologies,” Chancellor Robert Jones wrote in a recent Massmail, which was bolded and underlined, the paper said.

Campus Reform said it obtained the Jan. 20 message from Jones to students, telling them “I need to be very clear that students who do not follow all COVID-related expectations face university disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.”

The outlet noted that Boston University students who fail to get mandatory coronavirus tests after a first warning of noncompliance will have their Student ID Cards and Wi-Fi disabled. Scofflaw students also will be “prohibited from participating in any classroom or academic activity, either in person or remote, including the ability to access your courses through Blackboard or other platforms, or complete quizzes, examinations, and other course assignments,” the school’s website (in bold) reads.

Punishments for students at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, depend on how many COVID-19 tests they miss, Campus Reform said.

“After two instances of failing to complete a weekly test, you will not be allowed to participate in University or student organization activities (All University SING, athletic events, student organization events, campus recreation sports, access to the Student Life Center for recreation, etc.). After missing three testing appointments, your WIFI access will be disabled for the remainder of the semester,” the school’s website says, according to the outlet. “After four instances of failing to complete a weekly test, you will be referred to Student Conduct Administration for disciplinary action.”

Baylor indicated that access to events and Wi-Fi are included in tuition, Campus Reform said — and outlet noted that the school didn’t respond to questions regarding if students are eligible for refunds if their access is revoked.

Campus Reform said it also reached out to the University of Illinois and Boston University but did not hear back from them in time for publication.

What did one student have to say?

Charlie Letts, a Baylor student, told Campus Reform his school’s punishments are “a little extreme.”

“Honestly, I find the punishments put in place by Baylor to be a little extreme,” he told the outlet. “The Wi-Fi is something students pay for, and they need in order to be successful as students. I realize that Baylor is trying to enforce the testing protocol, but taking something away that hinders being a productive student maybe isn’t the best option. Especially when everyone has different views about COVID, like how compliant to be with social distancing, mask wearing, etc.”

ali khamenei Double Standards Former president donald trump Intelwars Iran twitter Threats Trump twitter Twitter

Iran tweets threats of violent revenge against Trump — but Twitter took its sweet time removing the message and people are noticing

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Thursday tweeted what appeared to be an ominous warning against former President Donald Trump.

The tweet remained up for several hours and garnered much criticism before Twitter — which banned Trump for reportedly inciting violence ahead of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol — suspended Khamenei’s account.

On Friday, Reuters confirmed that Twitter suspended the account.

What are the details?

Roughly translated, the tweet said, “Revenge is inevitable. Revenge must be taken on those who ordered the murder of General Soleimani as well as those who carried it.”

The tweet accompanied a photo of a Trump likeness playing golf, with what appeared to be a graphic of a bomber aircraft’s shadow appearing from afar, above his head.

According to Newsweek, the image was previously tweeted by Iranian media outlet Tasnim News Agency.

Image source: Wayback Machine screenshot

‘Social media playing field remains starkly tilted in favor of the dictatorship’

Washington Post contributor Masih Alinejad called for Twitter to ban Khamenei’s account, and on Thursday, wrote, “Many Iranian human rights activists have often wondered why Twitter and other social media organizations take so little action against the Islamic republic’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other government officials.”

“Meanwhile, Khamenei has banned 83 million Iranians from Twitter, although he and his allies make full use of social platforms to spread their lies — without even a hint of warning labels,” Alinejad continued. “The social media playing field remains starkly tilted in favor of the dictatorship.”

Alinejad referred to an October Senate hearing in which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that Khamenei’s history of anti-Semitic tweets and calls to obliterate Israel “didn’t violate the company’s rules because they were only ‘saber-rattling.'”

“This is shortsighted — and plain wrong,” Alinejad continued.

“It is time to start restricting social media access for those authoritarian leaders and high-ranking officials who advocate violence against dissidents,” she concluded. “It’s time for Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech titans to stop giving Khamenei the means to preach hatred. We must hold all dictators to account.”

‘Is this a joke?’

The BBC on Friday reported that Twitter only suspended the account after outcry over the apparent double standard.

The British news organization cited one social media user’s complaints, which stated, “How come this atrocious psychopath can openly call for the assassination of a former U.S. president, and not be kicked out of Twitter?”

Another person added, “Trump’s banned but this is perfectly OK. Is this a joke?”

On Friday, the Times of Israel reported that a spokesperson for Twitter said that the tweet violated the company’s “abusive behavior policy” and violated its “manipulation and spam policy, specifically the creation of fake accounts.”

“However, Khamenei’s office runs several accounts and the others were still working, including his main account, which he regularly uses to call for the destruction of the Jewish state,” the outlet added.

alter minds David Robson Fear freedom Government Headline News Hoax Humanity Intelwars LIES Mainstream media mind control no authority panic PARANOIA plandemic political affiliations propaganda psycholoical warfare scamdemic Scams social attitudes Threats tyranny Wars

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Psychological Warfare Disguised as a Pandemic Threat

This article was originally published by John W. Whitehead at The Rutherford Institute. 

“Look! You fools! You’re in danger! Can’t you see? They’re after you! They’re after all of us! Our wives…our children…they’re here already! You’re next!”—Dr. Miles Bennell, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers all over again.

The nation is being overtaken by an alien threat that invades bodies, alters minds, and transforms freedom-loving people into a mindless, compliant, conforming mob intolerant of anyone who dares to be different, let alone think for themselves.

However, while Body Snatchersthe chilling 1956 film directed by Don Siegel—blames its woes on seed pods from outer space, the seismic societal shift taking place in America owes less to biological warfare reliant on the COVID-19 virus than it does to psychological warfare disguised as a pandemic threat.

As science writer David Robson explains:

Fears of contagion lead us to become more conformist and tribalistic, and less accepting of eccentricity. Our moral judgements become harsher and our social attitudes more conservative when considering issues such as immigration or sexual freedom and equality. Daily reminders of disease may even sway our political affiliations… Various experiments have shown that we become more conformist and respectful of convention when we feel the threat of a disease… the evocative images of a pandemic led [participants in an experiment] to value conformity and obedience over eccentricity or rebellion.

This is how you persuade a populace to voluntarily march in lockstep with a police state and police themselves (and each other): by ratcheting up the fear-factor, meted out one carefully calibrated crisis at a time, and teaching them to distrust any who diverge from the norm.

This is not a new experiment in mind control.

The powers-that-be have been pushing our buttons and herding us along like so much cattle since World War II, at least, starting with the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, which not only propelled the U.S. into World War II but also unified the American people in their opposition to a common enemy.

That fear of attack by foreign threats, conveniently torqued by the growing military-industrial complex, in turn, gave rise to the Cold War era’s “Red Scare.” Promulgated through government propaganda, paranoia, and manipulation, anti-Communist sentiments boiled over into a mass hysteria that viewed anyone and everyone as suspect: your friends, the next-door neighbor, even your family members could be a Communist subversive.

This hysteria, which culminated in hearings before the House Un-American Activities Committee, where hundreds of Americans were called before Congress to testify about their so-called Communist affiliations and intimidated into making false confessions, also paved the way for the rise of an all-knowing, all-seeing governmental surveillance state.

The 9/11 attacks followed a similar script: a foreign invasion mounts an attack on an unsuspecting nation, the people unite in solidarity against a common foe, and the government gains greater war-time powers (read: surveillance powers) that, conveniently enough, become permanent once the threat has passed.

The government’s scripted response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been predictably consistent: once again, in order to fight this so-called “foreign” foe, the government insists it needs even greater surveillance powers.

As we’ve seen since 9/11 and more recently with the COVID lockdowns, those in power have always had a penchant for enacting extreme measures to combat perceived threats. However, unlike the modern American police state, the American government circa the 1950s did not have at its disposal the arsenal of invasive technologies that are such an intrinsic part of our modern surveillance state.

Today, we are watched and tracked 24/7; data is collected on us at an alarming rate by governmental and corporate entities; and with the help of powerful computer programs, American domestic intelligence agencies sweep our websites, listen in on our telephone calls and read our text messages at will.

Now with the COVID pandemic and its offshoots such as contact tracing and immunity passports, the governmental landscape is even more invasive.

Yet no matter the threat, the underlying principle remains the same: can we hold onto our basic freedoms and avoid succumbing to the soul-sucking dredge of conformity that threatens our very humanity?

This conundrum is at the heart of the 1956 classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which was based on a 1954 science fiction novel by Jack Finney (and later remade into an equally chilling 1978 film by Philip Kaufman).

Body Snatchers not only captured the ideology and politics of its post-war era but remains timely and relevant as it relates to the worries that plague us today. Filmed with only seven days of rehearsal and 23 days of actual shooting, Body Snatchers is considered one of the great science fiction classics.

Body Snatchers is set in a small California town which has been infiltrated by mysterious pods from outer space that replicate and take the place of humans who then become conforming non-individuals. Miles Bennell, the main character, is a local doctor who resists the invaders and their attempts to erase humanity from the face of the earth.

At the very least, the film conveys a double meaning, serving as both a mirror of a particular moment in history and a compass pointing to a growing societal illness. Following World War II with the emerging military empire, the atomic bomb, and the Korean War, Americans were confused and neurotically preoccupied with domestic threats, the polio pandemic, and international political events, not much different from today’s populace preoccupied with domestic and international political drama, terrorism and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet Siegel’s film delves beneath the surface to confront an even more sinister threat: the dehumanization of individuals and the horrifying possibility that humanity could become infused as part of the societal machine.

Central to the film is one key speech delivered by Bennell while hiding from the aliens:

In my practice, I see how people have allowed their humanity to drain away…only it happens slowly instead of all at once. They didn’t seem to mind…. All of us, a little bit. We harden our hearts…grow callous…only when we have to fight to stay human do we realize how precious it is.

As Siegel makes clear, it is not Communists or terrorists or even viral pandemics that threaten our well-being. The real enemy is invasive governmental measures—something we now see happening across the country—and, thus, totalitarian conformity. And resistance must be against all government measures that threaten our civil liberties and against all kinds of conformity, no matter the shape, size, or color of the package it comes in.

When all is said and done, however, the real threat to freedom (in the fictional world of Body Snatchers and in our present-day America) is posed by an establishment—be it governmental, corporate, or societal—that is hostile to individuality and those who dare to challenge the status quo.

The mob hysteria, sense of paranoia, fascist police, and the witch hunt atmosphere of the film mirror the ills of a 1950s America that is frighteningly applicable to present American society.

Acknowledging that Body Snatchers portrayed the conflict between individuals and varied forms of mindless authority, Siegel stated, “I think the world is populated by pods and I wanted to show them.” He explained:

People are pods. Many of my associates are certainly pods. They have no feelings. They exist, breathe, sleep. To be a pod means that you have no passion, no anger, the spark has left you…of course, there’s a very strong case for being a pod. These pods, who get rid of pain, ill-health and mental disturbances are, in a sense, doing good. It happens to leave you in a very dull world but that, by the way, is the world that most of us live in. It’s the same as people who welcome going into the army or prison. There’s regimentation, a lack of having to make up your mind, face decisions…. People are becoming vegetables. I don’t know what the answer is except an awareness of it.

All of the threats to freedom documented in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People came about because “we the people” stopped thinking for ourselves and relinquished control over our lives and our country to government operatives who care only for money and power.

While the specific game plan for turning things around is complicated by a police state that wants to keep us at a disadvantage, the solution is relatively simple: Don’t be a pod person. Pay attention. Question everything. Dare to be different. Don’t follow the mob. Don’t let yourself become numb to the world around you. Be compassionate. Be humane. Most of all, think for yourself.

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Church Citation Covid restrictions health department Intelwars Maryland Threats Tucker Carlson watch

Church cited after maskless pastor — who’s alone in building — answers door for health official. Warnings of closure, fines, jail time follow.

A Pasadena, Maryland, church was cited recently after the pastor — who was alone in the building during office hours — answered the church door without wearing a mask for a health department official, who was making an unannounced visit, the American Constitutional Rights Union said.

What are the details?

After issuing the citation, the Anne Arundel County Department of Health official told the Rev. Dennis Jackman that he would return, and if Community United Methodist Church in Pasadena was not in full compliance with COVID-19 guidance that the church would be deemed an “unsafe facility” and “closed until the state of emergency has been terminated,” the ACRU added.

The citation also warned of criminal charges and “imprisonment of up to one year, and/or a fine of up to $5,000,” the organization noted, despite the church following all county guidance for services and making an effort to ensure the safety of worshipers.

What did the ACRU have to say?

ACRU President Lori Roman took Maryland officials to task: “Within the span of a week, Governor [Larry] Hogan has signed an executive order releasing prisoners, citing COVID, and health departments across the state have been unleashed to threaten and harass pastors and churches. The entire country is watching this juxtaposition of principles and priorities.”

What did the pastor have to say?

“I was in my office alone, without a mask on, and heard someone at the locked door of the church,” Jackman told the ACRU. “I was not expecting anyone, so I went to see who was trying to get in the church. Immediately after answering the door, I went to my desk and put on my mask, but the health official seemed intent on finding something worthy of a citation.”

The pastor also appeared Tuesday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and the host said the county health department told the program that it had been receiving complaints about the congregation engaging in “hand shaking, high fives, and fist bumps” — which Carlson mockingly referred to as “illicit worship.”

Jackman told Carlson he hadn’t heard of such complaints, that the church has been taking numerous steps to keep visitors safe — and that he’s been preaching his sermons from the back of a truck in the parking lot.

Pastor given citation after anonymous complaints of ‘fist bumps’ joins ‘Tucker’

Anything else?

Jackman isn’t the first Maryland pastor to square off with local government over church services amid coronavirus restrictions.

Back in May, Stacey Shiflett — pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk — read from an “intimidating” cease-and-desist letter he said he received from Baltimore County’s Department of Health and Human Services, warning that the church “could be subject to a fine of up to $5,000” if further in-person services were held in violation of executive orders.

Well, Shiflett went right ahead and not only held a Wednesday night service for 100 attendees in the 600-capacity sanctuary, Fox News reported — but also he tore up the cease-and-desist letter in the middle of his sermon.

“Pharaoh doesn’t get to dictate to God’s people how they worship their God,” Shiflett said with a raised voice. “God’s the one that defines the parameters, God’s the one that communicates his will and his plan for his church — not Egypt.”

During that period of time, Rev. Alvin Gwynn — pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Baltimore City — had harsh words for Democratic Baltimore Mayor Jack Young, who was keeping the city under a stay-at-home order even though Gov. Hogan said restrictions could be loosened.

“We got a mayor saying we can only worship in our parking lots, which is ridiculous,” Gwynn said.

Brad raffensperger FBI Georgia Intelwars investigating Officials Threats

FBI investigating threats against Georgia election officials: Report

The FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations are investigating threats lodged against the state’s top election officials according to a report, after leaders became targets of ridicule over the handling of the general election.

President Donald Trump continues to allege that widespread voting fraud and irregularities occurred in Georgia, even placing blame on fellow Republicans despite a recount confirming tallies that indicated Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won the state.

What are the details?

Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs told
Forbes on Sunday that federal and state law enforcement agencies were investigating threats against Raffensperger and his team, but she did not provide further details. The GBI issued a statement confirming it was looking into alleged threats against the state’s election officials.

Last week, Raffensperger told
The Washington Post that he and his wife, Tricia, had received death threats while he was overseeing a second recount of the state’s votes from the Nov. 3 election. The secretary of state said that one text message he received read, “You better not botch this recount. Your life depends on it.”

Over the weekend, Georgia’s voting system manager, Republican Gabriel Sterling, also said that he had been threatened and harassed.

“So this is fun,” he tweeted, sarcastically. “multiple attempted hacks of my emails, police protection around my home, the threats. But all is well…following the the law, following the process…doing our jobs.”

New York Post reported that “despite calling himself a ‘proud’ supporter of President Trump, Raffensperger has also found himself repeatedly under attack over the handling of the state’s election process after declaring Joe Biden the victor after a hand recount.”

President Trump has led the charge on blaming Raffensperger for his performance on the election oversight, and Republican Georgia Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue — both up for re-election in runoffs races slated for January — have called for the GOP secretary of state to resign.

Days ago, the president also attacked Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, another Republican and Trump supporter, claiming he and Raffensperger “refuse to let us look at signatures which would expose hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.”

Raffensperger pushes back

But Raffensperger refuted the president’s claims, writing in a
Washington Post op-ed that “in Georgia, signatures for absentee ballot voters are verified twice to ensure that each voter gets one vote — and only one vote.”

He added:

The truth is that the people of Georgia — and across the country — should not have any remaining doubts about who was elected governor two years ago or who won the presidential election earlier this month. The presidential outcome was remarkably close, but the new paper-ballot system, the strong election security and integrity mechanisms in place, and the audit and hand recount should combine to put to rest any doubts about the final outcome.

Anything else?

Georgia’s vote tallies will be counted a third time, with a second recount set to begin Tuesday morning at the request of the Trump campaign, the Associated Press reported.

The outlet noted that according to Sterling, “counties are to give public notice of when during that period they will be counting so monitors from political parties and any interested members of the public can be there to observe.”

The election results, certified last week by Raffensperger, showed Biden winning by 12,670 votes out of about 5 million cast.

Attorney Intelwars Kansas City Mayor police officers Threats watch

‘You don’t think we don’t know where your children go to school?’: Activist lawyer appears to threaten cops, their families in tirade — and backlash is severe

A prominent activist attorney appeared to make threats against Kansas City police officers during a megaphone tirade outside police headquarters Friday — a portion of which was shared on social media.

What are the details?

“We are seeking to revoke the peace officers’ licenses,” Stacy Shaw hollered while standing with a crowd of supporters. “We are going to start sharing things with your children’s teachers.”

She added, “You don’t think we don’t know where your children go to school? Who the f*** do you think we are?”

Shaw is leading a movement to get Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith fired, among other demands, KCTV-TV reported. In her rant, she accused police of “terrorizing” citizens.

“We are tired, and I don’t make threats,” she added in her megaphone rant. “I don’t make threats, but we’re going to start sharing this information so your children can see it.”

In the end, she said officers “will have no one, no one that loves you after we get done with this next campaign” and that “there will not be a place of peace, there will not be a place of respite, there will not be a place of respect left for anyone that wears this badge. Not one single place. We will make sure that even your children can’t stand you.”

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Stacy Shaw Attorney Outside KCPD HQ October 2020

What was the reaction?

Brad Lemon, president of the city’s Fraternal Order of Police, noted in a Facebook statement that the organization is “aware of the video of Attorney Stacy Shaw threatening our members and their families. Our Lodge has begun work with city and state leadership.”

His statement also indicated that “we urge our membership to remain calm and act as we have been trained to do. We should always be aware of our surroundings and potential threats. Yes, Shaw’s threats serve to raise that threat level. We must remember that while a small number of people may be violent and threatening our families, the majority of this city supports you.”

Lemon concluded by saying, “We do this job and have an understanding of the danger that accompanies our oath. Our families do not deserve what Shaw is threatening.”

Shaw later denied that she threatened police, telling KCTV that “an information campaign is not a threat.”

But Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas — who is black — wasn’t buying her explanation and took Shaw to task.

“That is one of the biggest bull crap statements I’ve ever heard in my entire life,” Lucas said, according to the station. “You do not say I’m going to threaten your spouse and your children simply because you want them to understand the nature of someone’s job. That’s ridiculous and preposterous. Her statements were uncalled for, and she knows better. She’s a lawyer, a member of the bar. We are trained not to make statements like that.”

Lemon reacted similarly to Shaw’s denial, KCTV said: “That’s bull crap. You watched the video, everybody else watched that video. We didn’t edit the video. There were no cuts in that video. She said what she said, and she’s trying to backtrack it now. The reality is she has threatened the families of police officers.”

The station said Shaw noted in a Monday press conference that she no longer will discourage violent protests: “I will be praying for the safety of the officers families because as much as I’ve done for them, as much as I have influence the community to only protest non-violently, it is not my place to tell people how to protest.”

‘Regrettable statements’

But by Tuesday evening, Shaw apologized.

On Friday, I made regrettable statements that I in no way intended as a threat. I sincerely apologize for the brief moment that I was not upholding the values of love and transformative justice I have consistently championed.

To be clear, I do not endorse nor will I ever tolerate harm to police families or children. We all deserve better. This video has become a distraction from the important work of organizers and activists that are on the brink of changing so much in this city and country.

I am taking time to focus on self-accountability and how I may be of further service in this historic movement.

Lemon, however, didn’t seem very impressed by Shaw’s mea culpa:

While we acknowledge Ms. Shaw’s apology, which unfortunately is serval days too late, it does not in anyway mitigate the fact that our officers had to endure unwarranted threats from a member of the Missouri Bar.

The FOP will continue to evaluate whether to pursue criminal charges or file appropriate ethics complaints against her with the Missouri Disciplinary Administrator.

(H/T: The Police Tribune)

burn it down Civil War court reform division Donald Trump election Elizabeth Warren escalation Headline News IMPEACHMENT Intelwars left vs. right paradigm lie looting Mitch McConnell Nancy Pelosi promises Rioting Ruth Bader Ginsburg social media warnings this is war Threats Violence vows

Democrats Promise Violence: “This Is WAR!”

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has prompted President Donald Trump to act quickly to secure a replacement before the election. That decision has upset the left and they are promising violence in increasingly concerning statements such as “this is war!”

We may not be able to escape a civil war in this country. There’s simply too much division. Even though Donald Trump has vowed to replace Ginsburg with another female justice, those on the left feel that it should be put off until after the election.

The fight over the 2017 Kavanaugh nomination already looked tame by comparison Sunday as Democrats geared up to block whomever President Trump picks to fill the seat left by the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, according to the Washinton Times. 

Calls of “burn it down” and “this is war” raged on social media as activists held weekend protests outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s homes in Louisville, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C., and a rally outside the Supreme Court featuring Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body isn’t even cold and Mitch McConnell is dancing on her grave. This is war. Dems have powerful weapons. Now is the time to use them,” tweeted progressive Hollywood director and actor Rob Reiner.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday warned that another impeachment attempt of Trump is on the table. They have also suggested making big changes and expanding the government, which is never a good idea for the public.

“If in fact, they are successful in placing a justice on the court, I think that what Democrats have to do, assuming that Biden is president and there is a Senate majority in for the Democrats, we need to think about court reform,” said former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on MSNBC. “And at a minimum, as part of that reform package, I think additional justices needed to be placed on the Supreme Court.”

The election has already been promised to be one of complete horror.

Brace For The Worst Election In U.S. History

Systematic Collapse of Society: Manufactured Election Crisis & FAMINE

Now is the time to ensure you have adequate protection. Violence appears inevitable and if we can trust anything, it’s that violence and looting and rioting will all be on the table this year no matter what. Brace yourselves, it will get uglier.

The post Democrats Promise Violence: “This Is WAR!” first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You.

anarchy brainwashing common sense Critical Thinking Death Force globalism Headline News Intelwars looting losing control Mainstream media Martial Law master Military Politicians propaganda property destruction rioters ruler ruling class set up store owners Threats troops Violence wake up war for your mind

It’s A Set Up: Police ALLOW LOOTING, ARREST STORE OWNERS for Protecting Their Property

The United States has descended further into tyranny and the police are strengthening the ruling class’ power by using force against the wrong people.  It’s all a set up to divide and conquer. The police are allowing property destruction, but arresting store owners for protecting their own property.

Donald Trump isn’t helping either. No amount of martial law will fix this, because the troops, like the cops, have their marching orders and take commands from the ruling class and political elitists, not us. It’s time to wake up to what’s happening on American soil! This is a fight for our basic human rights to not be ruled at this point.

In Las Angeles, the tense standoff at the city’s Van Nuys neighborhood was filmed by a FOX 11 news crew.

According to the reporter at the scene, several vehicles drove up to a gold store, and a group of apparent looters attempted to enter the premises. They were confronted by the store’s owners, two of whom were wielding shotguns. Another person at the scene had a large machete-type knife on his belt. According to a report by RT, the people, identified by the reporter as the store’s owners, were heard yelling: “We’re closed, bro.” When the police arrived, several men had fled the scene and were chased down by the officers.

The police handcuffed and detained the people that had come out of the shop, prompting the reporter to shout: They’re the store owners! They’re protecting the store!”

Because this is a fight for our basic human right to live without a ruling class, the government has done their best, with the help of the mainstream media to undermine the word “anarchy.” Just to educate the readers, anarchy simply means: an-without archos-rulers. It literally means “without rulers.” Nothin more, nothing less. Wake up.

There’s a reason they won’t tell you this and say it’s “anarchists” causing the rioting.  Those who don’t want rulers will not be the ones trying to control you.  It’s easy to misplace anger when so much is happening so quickly, but it’s important to understand the end game here and WHY the ruling class needs you to hate “anarchists.” When you don’t want to live under a ruler, it simply means no one has a higher claim to your life than yourself. Isn’t it obvious why they need you to reject critical thinking and simply hate those who want to live freely?

The book TheMost Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose explains this the best. It’s eye-opening, and once you realize what the ruling class has done to you in order to manufacture your consent to be enslaved, you won’t ever go back to worshipping any politician.

We know they (mainstream media, the propaganda arm of the government) will tell you what they want you to believe, and sadly, people are still falling for it. The brainwashing isn’t going to stop, but we can at least be aware of it instead of falling for it. Divide and conquer. It’s worked for a long time, but once people examine the truth, that narrative fails.

It’s time to look past the politicians and their hired enforcers and look into yourself. Who owns you? If you own yourself, and not some ruler or master, you’re an anarchist too and they are making us all out to be the bad guys because we are rejecting their false authority over us.

The governments of the world know their time is up.  Too many see past the facade at this point, so they will do whatever they can to hold onto power for as long as possible. The beast will not go down without a fight.  Don’t let them take your common sense, critical thinking, and mental health along with them. This is a war for your mind. Don’t let the ruling class win!

After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

It’s time to really start to go within and figure out who you are and if you need a ruler or a master, or if you’re a free sovereign human being.

Andrew Cuomo Bill de Blasio communist comrade defy orders dignity disobey Fear funeral Government Hasidic Jews Headline News human rights Humanity Intelwars last form of slavery Mainstream media modern slavery Police State propaganda rabbi Threats Violence

Commie De Blasio on Full Tyrannical Display

Tyranny is here in the United States, the “land of the free.” What a joke that’s become lately, as communist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio warns Hasidic Jews against mourning the death of rabbi.  He will punish such mourning with arrests.

Wake up, people.  This is not OK. No pandemic on earth is worth the endless lockedown of millions of innocent people and threats of kidnapping and violence.  But not too many seem able to open their eyes enough to stop this ruthless enslavement of the entire planet.  Now, comrade de Blasio is making threats against those who want to mourn the loss of a religious leader.

Is this what you fought for, military? Is this what you intend to enforce, police? I’d really like to know because not many of you seem to be able to disobey these tyrannical orders to violate the basic human rights and dignity of others.

It takes a soulless dictatorial demon to want to actually threaten those who mourn the loss of a loved one.  De Blasio is a sociopath, and so is every cop who obeys this horrific order.

It would take a very insensitive person, however, to decide to target their anger and frustration at Jews as a collective group, singling them out. And it would be a very stupid and ill-advised response to threaten such people with arrest, given that New York City’s jails are incubators for the coronavirus.

So, ladies and gentlemen here is comrade Bill de Blasio’s threat:

Apparently, since they didn’t obey his commands to enslave themselves inside their homes, they deserve to be kidnapped and have their rights violated by force. Even though fellow tyrant, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said: “if 19 million people go out, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Straight From A Tyrant’s Mouth: “If 19 Million People Go About Their Lives, There’s Nothing We Can Do”

The real question is how much longer are we going to let these tyrannical criminals get away with this? Have we all lost our backbones? There are some on Twitter blasting the complete fascism being forced upon people:

It shouldn’t matter what group anyone in the ruling class is threatening.  All humans are born with inalienable rights and those rights don’t get eliminated during the mainstream media’s panic campaign, regardless of laws or commands. Some say “no one is above the law.” Well, I say, everyone is above any law that tramples their freedom and human rights – which is almost all of them.

If you are still unaware of what’s really going on, it’s time to open your eyes and learn:

This needs to be condemned by every single human being alive. We will not be enslaved willingly and we will not stop.  Humanity is waking up to what government is and has always been – slave owners of entire populations.  It would be nice to see eyes open more quickly to eliminate forever the only form of slavery still around.


CNN Death Threats George Webb Intelwars Maatje benassi patient zero Threats U.S. Army

US Army reservist says she’s receiving death threats after radio host labels her COVID-19 patient zero

A U.S. Army reservist says she’s been on the receiving end of death threats after a radio host falsely identified her as COVID-19’s “patient zero” in the U.S.

Purportedly false reports of Maatje Benassi being patient zero have made tracks all across the internet, including on YouTube and social media channels.

What are the details?

Benassi told CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan that radio host George Webb said that she brought the coronavirus to China while participating in a Wuhan cycling competition that left her with a fractured rib and a concussion.

“It’s like waking up from a bad dream, going into a nightmare, day after day,” said Benassi, a mother of two who revealed that the harassment began after she participated in the Military World Games in October.

Some of the threats she received included “[e]xecute them by firing squad, we need to be killing these key people, these people will get a bullet to the skull.”

Benassi and her husband — a retired Air Force officer who is now a civilian employee at Fort Belvoir in Virginia — said that because the threats are not directed at them, and instead, have been made on social media about them, law enforcement cannot do anything about the threats.

Webb reportedly said that Benassi tested positive for COVID-19, but Benassi insisted that she has never tested positive and never experienced any symptoms of the deadly virus.

CNN reports that she and her husband are now “subjects of discussion on Chinese social media about the outbreak, including among accounts that are known drivers of large-scale coordinated activities by their followers.”

“I want everybody to stop harassing me, because this is cyberbullying to me, and it’s gone way out of hand,” Benassi added.

What else?

According to CNN, “Webb offered no substantive evidence to support his claims about the Benassis, and said he considered himself an ‘investigative reporter,'” and not a conspiracy theorist. The CNN report described Webb as a “prolific 59-year-old American misinformation peddler,” who has “for years regularly streamed hours of diatribe live on YouTube, where he has amassed more than 27 million views and almost 100,000 followers.”

Benassi’s husband added, “It’s really hard to hold him accountable. Law enforcement will tell you that there’s nothing that we can do about it because we have free speech in this country. Then they say, ‘Go talk to a civil attorney,’ so we did. We talked to an attorney. You quickly realize that for folks like us, it’s just too expensive to litigate something like this. We get no recourse from law enforcement. We get no recourse from the courts.”

He said that he aired his grievances to YouTube, but it’s often too late after a video goes viral.

He added, “[T]he damage is done. I know it [will] never be the same. Every time you’re going to Google my name, it will pop up as patient zero.”

Americans annihilate Anxiety Army War College civil disobedience Conspiracy Fact and Theory CONTAGION Coronavirus criminalize deter dystopia Emergency Preparedness enemies of government experts Fear Forecasting GLobal Headline News human rights Intelwars lock down Martial Law medical martial law monitor no freedom pandemic panic peaceful activists People Police State political violence Self-Defense spreading Terrorists Threats tracked Zombies

Detect, Deter and Annihilate: How the Police State Will Deal with a Coronavirus Outbreak

This article was originally published by John W. Whitehead at The Rutherford Institute.

“Fear is a primitive impulse, brainless as hunger, and because the aim of horror fiction is the production of the deepest kinds of fears, the genre tends to reinforce some remarkably uncivilized ideas about self-protection. In the current crop of zombie stories, the prevailing value for the beleaguered survivors is a sort of siege mentality, a vigilance so constant and unremitting that it’s indistinguishable from the purest paranoia.”— Terrence Rafferty, New York Times

What do zombies have to do with the U.S. government’s plans for dealing with a coronavirus outbreak? Read on, and I’ll tell you.

The zombie narrative was popularized by the hit television series The Walking Dead, in which a small group of Americans attempt to survive in a zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic world where they’re not only fighting off flesh-eating ghouls but cannibalistic humans.

For a while there, zombies could be found lurking around every corner: wreaking havoc at gun shows, battling corsets in movies such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and running for their lives in 5K charity races.

Understandably, zombie fiction plays to our fears and paranoia, while allowing us to “envision how we and our own would thrive if everything went to hell and we lost all our societal supports.” Yet as journalist Syreeta McFadden points out, while dystopian stories used to reflect our anxieties, now they reflect our reality, mirroring how we as a nation view the world around us, how we as citizens view each other, and most of all how our government views us.

Indeed, the U.S. government has spent a lot of time and energy in recent years using zombies as the models for a variety of crisis scenarios not too dissimilar from what we are currently experiencing.

For instance, back in 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put together a zombie apocalypse preparation kit “that details everything you would need to have on hand in the event the living dead showed up at your front door.” The CDC, in conjunction with the Dept. of Defense, even used zombies to put government agents through their paces in mock military drills.

Fear the Walking Dead—AMC’s spinoff of its popular Walking Dead series—drove this point home by dialing back the clock to when the zombie outbreak first appears and setting viewers down in the midst of societal unrest not unlike our own experiences of recent years (“a bunch of weird incidents, police protests, riots, and … rapid social entropy”). Then, as Forbes reports, “the military showed up and we fast-forwarded into an ad hoc police state with no glimpse at what was happening in the world around our main cast of hapless survivors.”

Forbes found Fear’s quick shift into a police state to be far-fetched, but anyone who has been paying attention in recent years knows that the groundwork was laid long ago for the government—i.e., the military—to intervene and lock down the nation in the event of a national disaster.

We’re seeing this play out now as the coronavirus contagion spreads.

What we have yet to experience (although it may only be a matter of time) is that the government through the imposition of martial law could pose a greater threat to our safety (and our freedoms) than any virus.

As the Atlantic noted about Fear the Walking Dead: “The villains aren’t the zombies, who rarely appear, but the U.S. military, who sweep into an L.A. suburb to quarantine the survivors. Zombies are, after all, a recognizable threat—but Fear plumbs drama and horror from the betrayal by institutions designed to keep people safe.”

Indeed, zombie fiction perfectly embodies the government’s paranoia about the citizenry as potential threats that need to be monitored, tracked, surveilled, sequestered, deterred, vanquished and rendered impotent.

Why else would the government feel the need to monitor our communications, track our movements, criminalize our every action, treat us like suspects, and strip us of any means of defense while equipping its own personnel with an amazing arsenal of weapons?

For years now, the government has been carrying out military training drills with zombies as the enemy. In 2011, the DOD created a 31-page instruction manual for how to protect America from a terrorist attack carried out by zombie forces. In 2012, the CDC released a guide for surviving a zombie plague. That was followed by training drills for members of the military, police officers and first responders.

As journalist Andrea Peyser reports:

Coinciding with Halloween 2012, a five-day national conference was put on by the HALO Corp. in San Diego for more than 1,000 first responders, military personnel and law enforcement types. It included workshops produced by a Hollywood-affiliated firm in…overcoming a zombie invasion. Actors were made up to look like flesh-chomping monsters. The Department of Homeland Security even paid the $1,000 entry fees for an unknown number of participants…

“Zombie disaster” drills were held in October 2012 and ’13 at California’s Sutter Roseville Medical Center. The exercises allowed medical center staff “to test response to a deadly infectious disease, a mass-casualty event, terrorism event and security procedures”…

[In October 2014], REI outdoor-gear stores in Soho and around the country are to hold free classes in zombie preparedness, which the stores have been providing for about three years.

The zombie exercises appeared to be kitschy and fun—government agents running around trying to put down a zombie rebellion—but what if the zombies in the exercises were us, the citizenry, viewed by those in power as mindless, voracious, zombie hordes?

Consider this: the government started playing around with the idea of using zombies as stand-ins for enemy combatants in its training drills right around the time the Army War College issued its 2008 report, warning that an economic crisis in the U.S. could lead to massive civil unrest that would require the military to intervene and restore order.

That same year, it was revealed that the government had amassed more than 8 million names of Americans considered a threat to national security, to be used “by the military in the event of a national catastrophe, a suspension of the Constitution or the imposition of martial law.” The program’s name, Main Core, refers to the fact that it contains “copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community.”

Also in 2008, the Pentagon launched the Minerva Initiative, a $75 million military-driven research project focused on studying social behavior in order to determine how best to cope with mass civil disobedience or uprisings. The Minerva Initiative has funded projects such as “Who Does Not Become a Terrorist, and Why?” which “conflates peaceful activists with ‘supporters of political violence’ who are different from terrorists only in that they do not embark on ‘armed militancy’ themselves.”

In 2009, the Dept. of Homeland Security issued its reports on Rightwing and Leftwing Extremism, in which the terms “extremist” and “terrorist” were used interchangeably to describe citizens they perceived to be disgruntled or anti-government.

Meanwhile, a government campaign was underway to spy on Americans’ mail, email and cell phone communications. News reports indicate that the U.S. Postal Service has handled more than 150,000 requests by federal and state law enforcement agencies to monitor Americans’ mail, in addition to photographing every piece of mail sent through the postal system.

Fast forward a few years more and local police were being transformed into extensions of the military, taught to view members of their community as suspects, trained to shoot first and ask questions later, and equipped with all of the technology and weaponry of a soldier on a battlefield.

The Obama administration then hired a domestic terrorism czar whose job is to focus on anti-government American “extremists” who have been designated a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda. As part of the government’s so-called war on right-wing extremism, the Obama administration agreed to partner with the United Nations to take part in its Strong Cities Network program, which is training local police agencies across America in how to identify, fight and prevent extremism.

Nothing has changed for the better under the Trump Administration.

Those who believe in and exercise their rights under the Constitution (namely, the right to speak freely, worship freely, associate with like-minded individuals who share their political views, criticize the government, own a weapon, demand a warrant before being questioned or searched, or any other activity viewed as potentially anti-government, racist, bigoted, anarchic or sovereign), continue to be promoted to the top of the government’s terrorism watch list.

“We the people” or, more appropriately, “we the zombies” are the enemy in the eyes of the government. This coronavirus merely ups the ante.

So when presented with the Defense Department’s battle plan for defeating an army of the walking dead, you might find yourself tempted to giggle over the fact that a taxpayer-funded government bureaucrat actually took the time to research and write about vegetarian zombies, evil magic zombies, chicken zombies, space zombies, bio-engineered weaponized zombies, radiation zombies, symbiont-induced zombies, and pathogenic zombies.

However, in an age of extreme government paranoia, this is no laughing matter.

The DOD’s strategy for dealing with a zombie uprising, outlined in “CONOP 8888,” is for all intents and purposes a training manual for the government in how to put down a citizen uprising or at least an uprising of individuals “infected” with a dangerous disease or dangerous ideas about freedom.

Rest assured that the tactics and difficulties outlined in the “fictional training scenario” are all too real, beginning with martial law.

As the DOD training manual states: “zombies [stand-ins for “we the people”] are horribly dangerous to all human life and zombie infections have the potential to seriously undermine national security and economic activities that sustain our way of life. Therefore having a population that is not composed of zombies or at risk from their malign influence is vital to U.S. and Allied national interests.”

So how does the military plan to put down a zombie (a.k.a. citizen) uprising?

The strategy manual outlines five phases necessary for a counter-offensive: shape, deter, seize initiative, dominate, stabilize and restore civil authority. Here are a few details:

Phase 0 (Shape): Conduct general zombie awareness training. Monitor increased threats (i.e., surveillance). Carry out military drills. Synchronize contingency plans between federal and state agencies. Anticipate and prepare for a breakdown in law and order.

Phase 1 (Deter): Recognize that zombies cannot be deterred or reasoned with. Carry out training drills to discourage other countries from developing or deploying attack zombies and publicly reinforce the government’s ability to combat a zombie threat. Initiate intelligence sharing between federal and state agencies. Assist the Dept. of Homeland Security in identifying or discouraging immigrants from areas where zombie-related diseases originate.

Phase 2 (Seize initiative): Recall all military personal to their duty stations. Fortify all military outposts. Deploy air and ground forces for at least 35 days. Carry out confidence-building measures with nuclear-armed peers such as Russia and China to ensure they do not misinterpret the government’s zombie countermeasures as preparations for war. Establish quarantine zones. Distribute explosion-resistant protective equipment. Place the military on red alert. Begin limited scale military operations to combat zombie threats. Carry out combat operations against zombie populations within the United States that were “previously” U.S. citizens.

Phase 3 (Dominate): Lock down all military bases for 30 days. Shelter all essential government personnel for at least 40 days. Equip all government agents with military protective gear. Issue orders for the military to kill all non-human life on sight. Initiate bomber and missile strikes against targeted sources of zombie infection, including the infrastructure. Burn all zombie corpses. Deploy the military to lock down the beaches and waterways.

Phase 4 (Stabilize): Send out recon teams to check for remaining threats and survey the status of basic services (water, power, sewage infrastructure, air, and lines of communication). Execute a counter-zombie ISR plan to ID holdout pockets of zombie resistance. Use all military resources to target any remaining regions of zombie holdouts and influence. Continue all actions from the Dominate phase.

Phase 5 (Restore civil authority): Deploy military personnel to assist any surviving civil authorities in disaster zones. Reconstitute combat capabilities at various military bases. Prepare to redeploy military forces to attack surviving zombie holdouts. Restore basic services in disaster areas.

Notice the similarities?

Surveillance. Military drills. Awareness training. Militarized police forces. Martial law.

As I point out in my book, Battlefield America: The War on the American People, if there is any lesson to be learned, it is simply this: whether the threat to national security comes in the form of imaginary zombies, actual terrorists, American citizens infected with the coronavirus, or disgruntled American citizens infected with dangerous ideas about freedom, the government’s response to such threats remains the same: detect, deter and annihilate.


Anti-conservative bias Anti-socialism China Coronavirus David Axelrod Intelwars Left-wing college students Meghan McCain Nikki Haley Rachel campos duffy Racism allegation Scott Walker Sean Duffy Threats University of Chicago Xenophobia allegation

Conservative Hispanic college student — daughter of former GOP congressman — threatened with violence after blasting socialism

A conservative Hispanic college student penned an op-ed for the University of Chicago’s student newspaper Friday saying that after she expressed her anti-socialist beliefs as part of a school-related project, she received an “onslaught of online hate and threats of violence.”

The student in question, Evita Duffy, also happens to be the daughter of former Republican U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy, a Fox News contributor and author, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

But in the wake of the fallout against her, Evita Duffy also has received support from some pretty big names for making her voice heard.

What’s the background?

Duffy, a sophomore at the prestigious school, noted that the college’s Institute of Politics asked her to participate in a digital initiative called “I Vote Because” in which students pose with a small white board stating their reasons for casting ballots. Her statement read, “I VOTE BECAUSE … the coronavirus won’t destroy America, but socialism will.”

What was the reaction?

Duffy wrote in her op-ed for the Chicago Maroon said she’s used to “being in the minority opinion” since she’s a “conservative Hispanic woman” on a “liberal college campus.”

“I am a proponent of free speech, and I hoped my white board message might even encourage a lively and robust debate on economics,” she added. “However, I was naïvely unprepared for the onslaught of online hate and threats of violence I received.

More from her op-ed:

Fellow students attacked my character, my intellect, my family, my appearance, and even threatened me with physical violence, using foul and offensive language. I was called a racist and a xenophobe. Some compared me to animals. Others declared that they would personally stop me from voting, and many defended the personal attacks, saying I deserved to be bullied and that I don’t belong at the University of Chicago on account of my beliefs. I was told by many that I was the most hated person on campus. It was frightening. It was also hurtful, since some of the attacks came from people I considered friends.after that post she received threatening messages on social media and from her classmates.

She also ripped college officials, saying it’s “not hard to imagine what sort of actions they would be taking if an LGBTQ+ or Muslim student faced similar threats or experienced this sort of intolerance on campus.”

In relation to the other part of her white board statement, Duffy noted that “as awful as the coronavirus is, killing a total of 12 people nationwide and over 3,000 globally, its number of victims pales in comparison to the tens of millions of people who have died at the hands of socialism and communism.”

Who else spoke up?

David Axelrod — the IOP’s founding director and confidant of former President Barack Obama — penned a statement Friday speaking against the “unacceptable harassment” Duffy endured. But Axelrod also said her “minimization” of the Coronavirus was “offensive to those who have loved one here and overseas who have been infected and whose lives have been disrupted — which may very quickly include all of us — in large ways and small.”

Still, Axelrod pointed to Duffy’s statement about socialism as the primary element that stirred anger, and that she was “entitled to express [her opinion] without the ugly and inappropriate online harassment that followed. We strongly condemn and deeply regret the threatening comments this student has received.”

Messages of support

Duffy’s op-ed caught the attention of a number of high-profile voices who offered their support and encouragement, including former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Republican presidential candidate and governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, and cohost of “The View” Meghan McCain:

Anything else?

The day after Duffy’s op-ed was published, the Chicago Maroon ran a rebuttal from Darcy Kuang, a fellow student and deputy news editor, who called Duffy’s white board message “insensitive, offensive, and racist.”

“You treated an extremely traumatic event for Chinese people around the world as nothing but a way to weaponize your own political opinion, which you could have sufficiently expressed without any mentions of the outbreak,” Kuang wrote, adding that “you made Chinese students feel like our trauma is unrecognized and unimportant at this school. Your message suggests that our trauma is only worthy of being the backdrop of ‘important’ discussions like capitalism vs. socialism.”

But judging by some of the comments to Huang’s rebuttal, it doesn’t seem to have been received all that positively:

  • “Hey Genius, Coronavirus, does not just kill Chinese people…so you can crawl off the alter of victimhood and find another argument to whine about.”
  • “Connecting two newsworthy topics in the same sentence doesn’t trivialize or marginalize either one, and nothing about this statement is racist or xenophobic. In fact, it’s the very opposite of xenophobia. You trivialize real racism, which does still exist in this country, with your eagerness to be angry. What a bizarre and anti-intellectual reaction.”
  • “More examples of ‘feelings’ and needs for ‘safe spaces’ from the whining generation.”
Coronavirus Donald Trump Jr. Intelwars Interviews MSNBC Rep. John Garamendi Threats

Democratic lawmaker says he would have a ‘serious altercation’ with Donald Trump Jr. over coronavirus remarks: ‘Better not get any place close to me’

Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) threatened Donald Trump Jr. with a “serious altercation” during a Friday interview on MSNBC.

In remarks, the president’s son suggested that Democrats want the coronavirus to spread within the United States — a notion that apparently infuriated Garamendi.

Wait — what did Trump Jr. say, anyway?

During a Friday interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Trump Jr. said, “For [Democrats] to try to take a pandemic, and seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people so they can end Donald Trump’s streak of winning, is a new level of sickness.”

“I don’t know if this is coronavirus or Trump derangement syndrome,” he added.

What are the details?

Garamendi discussed California’s latest confirmed coronavirus patient with MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson, as well as news of the HHS whistleblower, who revealed that the agency reportedly dropped the ball on safely handling Americans who were exposed to coronavirus.

During the exchange, Garamendi took aim at Trump Jr. over the “Fox & Friends” remarks.

“I think it’s coming through the screen you’re angry, you’re obviously visibly emotional about [coronavirus],” Jackson began.

She later added, “When you look at the discussion around coronavirus … the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. was on this morning and suggested, or said outright, that Democrats are taking the pandemic seemingly hoping it … it comes here and it kills millions of people so it can end the president’s streak of winning.”

Garmendi responded, “[Trump Jr.] shouldn’t be near me when he says that. There would be a serious altercation.”

“That’s just totally outrageous,” he continued. “I can assure you that there’s not a Democrat or Republican in Congress that wants anybody to be sick. What we are concerned about is the administration’s response to this illness.”

He concluded, “Don Jr. better not get any place close to me. It would not be a healthy situation.”

Abuse allegations corey feldman Dr. oz Hollywood pedophiles Intelwars Social Media The rape of 2 coreys Threats Videos

Actor Corey Feldman says his life is being threatened ahead of his promised Hollywood pedophile reveal

Actor Corey Feldman says that he is being threatened ahead of his promised bombshell documentary, “The Rape of 2 Coreys.”

Earlier this month, Feldman announced that he is set to name alleged Hollywood pedophiles that molested both him and his late friend, Corey Haim when they were child actors.

You can read more about Feldman’s documentary — which is set to air just one time via livestream on March 9 — here.

What are the details?

Feldman, who will appear on Monday’s broadcast of “The Dr. Oz Show,” said on the pre-taped episode that he has been receiving threats ever since he came out with the news he would be outing alleged Hollywood pedophiles.

TheBlaze obtained an advance preview of Dr. Oz’s forthcoming interview with Feldman.

“Have you been living in fear?” Oz asked.

Feldman responded that he’s been the subject of what appears to be a targeted threat campaign.

“So, let me break it down for you a little bit and explain to you that there’s elements of this, that, the reason why this has been so difficult which is, there’s a multitude of reasons,” Feldman began. “But one of the main things is a lot of the people who were pushing me and saying, ‘You’ve got to do this’ were victims that knew about what was going on.”

He continued, “[A]t the last minute, these people would back out and they would say, ‘Oh, well, we got death threats. Oh, well, my family is afraid. We’ve got a family to think about. My family’s got to come first.’ And I’m going, ‘What about my family? Does my family not matter? Why am I being asked to sacrifice everything when nobody else is willing to take those same sacrifices?'”

“But you know what?” Feldman added. “That wasn’t enough to stop me. So I kept going, and then another thing would happen. Then I get stabbed. Then I get almost run over. It’s just one thing after another that have happened over the last three years. They do it through intimidation. And then they all go around and spread this rumor that you’re this awful person.”

Dr. Oz and Corey Feldman On Living in Fear – YouTube

Oz later asked Feldman about one alleged pedophile in particular, whom he said he was shocked to learn about.

“There’s one individual in particular who allegedly was involved in raping Corey Haim. … That he told you, and told others, in the movie, that you’ve interviewed the same story, and this man, you nicknamed him ‘The Rapist,'” he began. “You revealed his actual name in the movie. It was startling for me to hear. Does he know that his name is going to be mentioned in this film?”

Feldman seemed to answer in the affirmative, issuing an ominous response.

“I believe he reached out to somebody within my circle and made it known that he knows where I am, and he has a way to find me,” he admitted.

Dr. Oz and Corey Feldman Discuss Predator’s Knowledge of Upcoming Film – YouTube

Border Security College democrats college republicans Corky messner dartmouth college Intelwars Left-wing college students Leftists New Hampshire opioid crisis Threats Violence against conservatives

Threats of left-wing violence lead Dartmouth College Republicans to cancel talk on opioid crisis and need for border security

Citing concerns over left-wing threats of violence, the Dartmouth College Republicans indefinitely postponed a policy talk on the need for border security and New Hampshire’s opioid crisis, NHJournal reported.

What are the details?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corky Messner was slated to speak Tuesday on “Building a Wall Against Drugs: The Need for Border Security to End the Opioid Crisis,” the outlet said.

“The security risk has outpaced our capacity to handle the potential protests. Given the reaction and the subject matter, and the threats against our members, we’re facing a security problem bigger than we can handle,” Daniel Bring, chairman of the Dartmouth College Republicans, told NHJournal. “There’s a large contingent of radical leftists on campus who have descended on events in the past in order to shut down speech they don’t agree with. They pound on doors, rush the podium and harass the speakers. The backlash has been so great, we’re not prepared to say we will have the necessary security.”

Bring added to the outlet that group members have received specific threats and alerted campus security and Hanover police: “It’s not just a single comment here or there; it’s the wider situation and the threat of radical, intense protests.”

Dartmouth College, Hanover, New HampshirePhoto by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Griffin Mackey, secretary of Dartmouth College Republicans, told NHJournal that members heard threats directed toward the group as well as Messner.

“We don’t know if they were serious or not, but our first priority has to be an event that’s safe and where people who want to hear our speaker feel welcome,” Mackey said.

Mackey added to the outlet that he was concerned about tactics College Democrats have used in the past, noting that when conservative author David Horowitz spoke in 2018, College Democrats showed up with laptops, sat in the crowd, logged on to porn sites, and cranked up the volume. “I’m not kidding,” he said.

What did Messner have to say?

Messner told NHJournal that he’s frequently “encountered situations where the healthy exchange of ideas is discouraged by those who apparently feel threatened by even the existence of opposing viewpoints” and that “the situation at Dartmouth College is the most egregious example I’ve encountered of this intellectual intolerance. Thanks to the efforts of those agitators who disagree with the planned event topic — the mere topic itself, mind you — we are denied the right to assemble, the right to listen to others’ viewpoints — to even express ourselves. Ironically, freedom of speech is demonized at an institution of higher learning, where expression and exploration of ideas should be exalted, not stamped out.”

No sympathy from College Democrats

“When the College Republicans encounter pushback for hosting racist events, they cry censorship,” Katie Smith, communications director for Dartmouth College Democrats, added to the outlet. “It is not censorship to call out racism when you see it. We encourage everyone to use their right to free speech to voice their opinion on the matter.”

In addition, NHJournal said College Democrats issued a statement denouncing the “xenophobia and racism” of the talk, saying they “unequivocally condemn this illegitimate excuse for a ‘policy talk.’ We won’t stand for the racism and anti-immigrant policies propagated by Corky Messner and endorsed by the Dartmouth College Republicans.”

What did other opponents of the talk have to say?

“The College Republicans can — and I cannot stress this enough — f*** off,” a class of 2023 member tweeted, the outlet said.

“I say Dartmouth Twitter should band together and jump the College Republicans for that email/event. I’m sure none of them can fight,” another commenter tweeted, adding an invitation to a progressive counter-event, NHJournal said.

Anything else?

The New Hampshire Federation of College Republicans issued a statement calling the threats “an insult to the First Amendment,” the outlet said.

“The right to freedom of speech and thought is a unique value in our society that is increasingly under attack from the far left, especially on our college campuses,” the statement continued, according the NHJournal. “This type of behavior should not be tolerated by Dartmouth College or its administration — it’s time for colleges and universities to stand up and denounce this type of egregious behavior by their extreme left students.”

bio weapon Censorship China control control the narrative Coronavirus Epidemic free speech Headline News Hospital Humanity Intelwars lying about the numbers mass surveillance Online Media origins patients Police quarantine Society Threats totalitarian tyranny Use of Force Violence Wuhan xi jinping

China’s Xi Threatens More Crackdowns As Scientists Say Coronavirus May Have Originated From Wuhan Labs

This article was originally published by Aaron Kesel at Activist Post. 

China’s President Xi Jinping has called for tightened control over online discussion and increased policing to ensure “positive energy” and social stability according to state media, Bloomberg reported. This is being pushed as Chinese scientists in South Beijing have said the virus’s origin was the long-suspected Wuhan Virology lab or another Wuhan Center for Disease Control lab.

The government must “strengthen the management and control of online media,” and “crackdown on those who seize the opportunity to create rumors” on the internet, Xi said.

“It is necessary to increase use of police force and strengthen the visible use of police,” Xi said, calling for a crackdown on behavior that “disrupts social order” including hoarding medical supplies. This is amid a lockdown of over 400 million people forbidden from leaving the country and in some cases even their own homes. Xi’s call to police the internet comes after a Chinese professor, Xu Zhangrun, published a rare public critique of President Xi Jinping over China’s coronavirus crisis. The man was then placed under house arrest after his report according to The Guardian.

Other Chinese scientists in South Beijing just recently released a bombshell study from the Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology that states the Wuhan Center for Disease Control (WHCDC) could have spawned the contagion in Hubei province.

“The possible origins of the previously named 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) coronavirus,” are claimed by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao to originate from either the Wuhan Virology Institute or the WHCDC which kept disease-ridden animals in laboratories, including 605 bats.

Coronavirus: The Best Face Masks And How To Prevent Contraction Of The Virus

The paper also mentions that bats – which are linked to coronavirus – once attacked a researcher and the “blood of a bat was on his skin,” which resulted in the researcher quarantining himself after the incident for 2 weeks.

The report adds that the “Genome sequences from patients were 96% or 89% identical to the Bat CoV ZC45 coronavirus originally found in Rhinolophus affinis (intermediate horseshoe bat).”

“The WHCDC was also adjacent to the Union Hospital where the first group of doctors were infected during this epidemic,” the report said.

“It is plausible that the virus leaked around and some of them contaminated the initial patients in this epidemic, though solid proofs are needed in a future study,” the researchers wrote.

The scientists further stated that besides the WHCDC, the report suggests that the Wuhan Institute of Virology could also have leaked the virus, as Activist Post previously reported early on. “This laboratory reported that the Chinese horseshoe bats were natural reservoirs for the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) which caused the 2002-3 pandemic,” the report said. To note the paper is talking about the WHCDC lab and not the Wuhan Institute Of Virology.

The Washington Times reported that Wuhan is the site of two Chinese biological labs according to Dany Shoham, a former Israeli military intelligence officer who has studied Chinese biowarfare. The report which was published prior to the Beijing scientists’ claims, suggests the virus was either accidentally let out or deliberately. If true, it would explain how the coronavirus evolved so fast to jump from animals to humans.

When the Washington Times asked Shoham whether the new coronavirus may have leaked, Mr. Shoham said:

In principle, outward virus infiltration might take place either as leakage or as an indoor unnoticed infection of a person that normally went out of the concerned facility. This could have been the case with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but so far there isn’t evidence or indication for such incident.

What’s more, the lab was officially working with different strains of coronavirus, as well as other deadly illnesses like Ebola, beginning in 2018. This lab is just 20 miles away from the Huanan wet market where the first case of the coronavirus is believed to be transmitted.

This is significant because there was a theft of coronavirus sent to the Wuhan Virology lab and the lab themselves posted a job offer which discussed – “using bats to research the molecular mechanism that allows Ebola and SARS-associated coronaviruses to lie dormant for a long time without causing diseases.”

An author at BuzzFeed got Zerohedge suspended on Twitter for mentioning the job post and linking to public details on the official responsible for the lab. Further, that same writer then proceeded to attack anyone who believes the virus is biological calling it a “hoax,” including Francis Boyle, the man who drafted the Biological Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. This writer also noted that videos of people collapsing in China, and other videos were fake, without a shred of evidence.

Boyle did an interview with Geopolitics and Empire, as well as Activist Post‘s contributor Spiro Skouras. In the interviews, Boyle said the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan likely came from the BSL-4 lab in the city.

Boyle stated in the interview that he believes the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapon genetically modified. Boyle also touched on a fact this reporter stated previously — how Chinese biowarfare agents working at the Canadian lab in Winnipeg were involved in the smuggling of coronavirus to Wuhan’s lab in July of last year.

Lancet medical journal recently published a study finding that many of the first cases of the novel coronavirus, including patient zero, had no connection to the wet market, leading many like Boyle to speculate with supporting evidence that the virus may have been a bio accident. The Lancet study corroborates the study published by the South China University of Technology. Other DNA sleuths at the New England Journal of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health continue to investigate.

In 2015, National Med published a paper warning that a “SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronavirus pose a threat for human emergence.”

Before the lab opened, scientists all over the world were voicing concerns about the potential dangers. An article was even published in the science journal Nature in 2017, detailing the plans for the lab and sharing expert opinions about how a dangerous bug could leak from the facility. In fact, the SARS virus has escaped from high-level containment facilities in Beijing multiple times.

Interestingly enough, in 2004, China punished five top officials of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the outbreak of SARS. The investigation found that the release of the virus was due to the negligence of two CDC employees who were infected and was not deliberate, China Daily reported.

At the time of this report, the coronavirus has widely surpassed that of SARS with officially over 71,900 confirmed cases and a total of 1,775 dead, according to the Johns Hopkins map.

However, many express skepticism that China is telling the truth about those infected and dead, including the White House and scientists like Professor Neil Ferguson, as the Guardian reported.

Department of Defense: The Military Has MASS Quarantine Camps Set Up In The U.S.

China is also being accused of lying to the public about the figures of those infected by many sources like the Wall Street Journal, and even Chinese media which was censored for spreading that thought. China recently censored a media outlet called Caijing, which is one of the most reputable outlets in the country. In the article, the authors claim that China has significantly underreported both cases and deaths, especially among the elderly. (archive) (translation)

There is also a report by the Wall Street Journal that Chinese doctors are saying coronavirus cases are pneumonia or another sickness to hide the official count. Yahoo News also reports that Wuhan officials are cremating deceased coronavirus victims before they can be added to the official death toll.

Meanwhile, purported leaks out of China like those from the Tencent app, a funeral home recording, and alleged Chinese doctors have suggested the numbers are much higher, as Activist Post has reported. Especially since German doctors have now determined the virus has the ability to stick on surfaces and objects for at least up to 9 days. China has also announced that the virus is airborne with a potential rare incubation rate of 24 days. However, some estimates are much higher with the Global Times reporting that one woman who was infected in Wuhan didn’t start showing symptoms until a massive 42 days later.

Best preventive measures include washing your hands and avoiding public places where someone may be sick, according to the CDC.

Symptoms of the coronavirus include a fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. However, according to Chinese state media, some are not experiencing any of these symptoms and are instead experiencing nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, bad concentration, headache, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, cornea inflammation, and muscular pains in the limbs, back, and waist. Best preventive measures include washing your hands and avoiding public places where someone may be sick, according to the CDC.

Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu