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New York Times writer admits Trump was right all along when it came to reopening schools

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote last week that President Donald Trump was right when during 2020’s spring months he insisted that children should be back in schools for in-person learning.

What are the details?

In an editorial titled, “When Trump Was Right and Many Democrats Wrong,” Kristof pointed out that “children have suffered because many mayors and governors were too willing to close schools.”

The op-ed, which was published last week, discussed what Kristof believes to be education-related failures on behalf of local and state politicians.

“Some things are true even though President Donald Trump says them,” Kristof wrote. “Trump has been demanding for months that schools reopen, and on that he seems to have been largely right. Schools, especially elementary schools, do not appear to have been major sources of coronavirus transmission, and remote learning is proving to be a catastrophe for many low-income children.”

Last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced that he would be shuttering the city’s public schools once more.

“Yet America is shutting schools — New York City announced Wednesday that it was closing schools in the nation’s largest school district — even as it allows businesses like restaurants and bars to operate,” Kristof wrote. “What are our priorities?”

Kristof added that overseas, many countries have closed restaurants and bars, for example, and have insisted that children remain in schools.

“In both Europe and the United States, schools have not been linked to substantial transmission, and teachers and family members have not been shown to be at extra risk,” he wrote, adding, “Meanwhile, the evidence has mounted of the human cost of school closures. Dropouts live shorter lives, so while the virus kills, so do school closures.”

Citing the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kristof wrote, “‘Children learn best when physically present in the classroom. But children get much more than academics at school. They also learn social and emotional skills at school, get healthy meals and exercise, mental health support, and other services that cannot be easily replicated online.'”

Kristof pointed out that school closures hit hardest children from underprivileged homes.

“School closures magnify these equalities, as many private schools remain open and affluent parents are better able to help kids adjust to remote learning,” he added. “At the same time, low income children fall even further behind.”

Kristof concluded, “Let’s follow Europe: Close bars, and try harder to keep schools open.”

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Comedian Chris Rock rips Democrats over COVID: ‘You let the pandemic come in’ by focusing on impeachment

Comedian Chris Rock ripped Democrats for letting coronavirus spread in the U.S. because they were too fixated on impeaching President Donald Trump at the time.

The Senate acquitted Trump in February.

What are the details?

In an interview with the New York Times that was published Wednesday, Rock, 55, said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democratic Party were responsible for helping the spread of coronavirus in America because they were too focused on impeaching Trump.

Prefacing the remarks, Rock compared the Trump administration to the 1987 film “The Last Emperor.” The film revolves around a child ruler.

“Did you ever see that movie ‘The Last Emperor?'” he asked the interviewer. “Where, like, a 5-year-old is the emperor of China? There’s a kid and he’s the king. So I’m like, it’s all the Democrats’ fault.”

“Because you knew that the emperor was 5 years old,” he continued. “And when the emperor’s 5 years old, they only lead in theory. There’s usually an adult who’s, like, ‘OK, this is what we’re really going to do.’ And it was totally up to Pelosi and the Democrats. Their thing was ‘We’re going to get [Trump] impeached,’ which was never going to happen. You let the pandemic come in. Yes, we can blame Trump, but he’s really the 5-year-old.”

Rock later said that both parties are guilty of propagating “fake news.”

“Put it this way,” he said. “Republicans tell outright lies. Democrats leave out key pieces of the truth that would lead to a more nuanced argument. In a sense, it’s all fake news.”

Anything else?

Elsewhere in the wide-ranging interview, Rock said that he wasn’t offended by comedian Jimmy Fallon’s use of blackface in a “Saturday Night Live” skit in the 1990s.

During the skit in question, Fallon portrayed Rock.

“Hey, man, I’m friends with Jimmy. Jimmy’s a great guy,” he said during the interview. “And he didn’t mean anything. A lot of people want to say intention doesn’t matter, but it does. And I don’t think Jimmy Fallon intended to hurt me. And he didn’t.”

Following outcry over a resurfaced clip in May, Fallon issued a heartfelt apology.

“In 2000, while on SNL, I made a terrible decision to do an impersonation of Chris Rock while in blackface,” he said at the time. “There is no excuse for this. I am very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision and thank all of you for holding me accountable.”

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Angry Canadians are turning in Americans who sneak across the northern border

Canadians are reportedly tracking down and reporting American illegals,
The New York Times reports.

What are the details?

The outlet reports that the angry Canadians are seeking out Americans who have reportedly illegally crossed the northern border.

Canada closed its borders to tourists in March amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and its citizens remain concerned over the nationwide ramifications continued outbreaks could cause.

New York Times reporter Karen Schwartz — a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S. — related a story of her own ahead of a recent trip from Colorado to Alberta, Canada.

“The Canadians are actually doing damage to vehicles with United States plates on them,” a friend reportedly told her via text before her trip.

Schwartz writes that many Americans have been turned away at border crossings amid the pandemic, and some have even been threatened with fines and the possibility of being banned from ever entering Canada again.

“There were so many interlopers that on July 31, Canada began limiting which crossings along the border with the United States can be used by foreign nationals who are allowed to transit through the country for nondiscretionary purposes,” she wrote. “It is also requiring them to register, and making them display a hang tag on their rearview mirror with a mandatory departure date.”

‘I would suggest that they get their plates changed’

During a recent press conference, John Horgan — premier of British Columbia — said, “With respect to those who have offshore plates and are feeling harassed, I would suggest perhaps public transit. I would suggest that they get their plates changed. I would suggest that they ride a bike.”

Schwartz even writes that Vancouver Island residents are even going as far as to monitor boat arrivals to prevent potentially infected travelers from coming into the country via a water route.

One hotel manager said that he and his staff often conduct parking lot sweeps to see if there are any U.S. license plates, and adds that he has no problem questioning guests and reporting them to local authorities if necessary.

The outlet reported that federal police based in Alberta recorded at least 121 complaints of U.S. license plates between July 1 and July 28.

At the time of this writing, researchers at
Johns Hopkins University estimate that there have been at least 120,684 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada, with at least 9,013 deaths attributed to the deadly virus.

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Michael Malice EXPOSES how the MSM manipulates the facts and why, in interview with Dave Rubin

Author, columnist, and media personality, Michael Malice, joined Dave Rubin on “The Rubin Report” to talk about the mainstream media’s dangerous levels of hypocrisy and deception, and how severely our trust in media institutions has been eroded.

Dave argued that the internet and social media have led to the culture of fake news in the mainstream media.

“By and large, the mainstream media — The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, and the rest — they have been unmasked. There has been a slow unmasking over the last few years … partisan isn’t strong enough of a word. They have decided that they are going to pick the winners and losers. They are going to destroy some people, while saving others,” Dave said. “It’s become a cabal in that they’re all in on it together.”

Michael added that the mainstream media has gone beyond bias — which he believes is simply a function of human perception — and now are operating with a leftist agenda.

Dave and Michael also discuss some of the people who have been targeted and smeared by the media, such as Nick Sandmann, James Damore, Bret Weinstein, Lindsay Shepherd, and Ben Shapiro, only to come out stronger afterward.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Hannity demanded a retraction of a coronavirus article and the New York Times just responded

The New York Times responded Tuesday to a demand from Sean Hannity to retract claims made against him in their article about coronavirus and apologize.

“The columns are accurate, do not reasonably imply what you and Mr. Hannity allege they do, and constitute protected opinion,” wrote David E. McCraw, the attorney representing the New York Times.

“In response to your request for an apology and retraction, our answer is ‘no,’ ” he concludes.

Hannity’s lawyers threatened to sue the Times over an article published on April 18 documenting the death of Joe Joyce from coronavirus.

The family of Joyce say that he was warned not to go on a cruise during the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, but that he ignored the warnings because of the news broadcasts on Fox News downplaying the threat.

One of those cited was a segment by Sean Hannity.

On Monday, Hannity sent a demand from his lawyers that they apologize and retract the story because his report was chronologically a week after Joyce decided to go on the cruise.

“We demand that you promptly remove the foregoing false and defamatory statements from the Stories and any subsequent republications in print or any other medium, and publish a full, fair and conspicuous retraction, correction and apology as to each of the false and defamatory statements identified above,” read the letter from Hannity.

In 2017 Hannity threatened to sue former President Barack Obama with the “biggest lawsuit” possible over reports that he had been incidentally surveilled as part of the investigation into Russian election interference.

Here’s Hannity on the New York Times feud:

Hannity demands retraction, apology from the New York Times