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Richie From Boston: “The Darkest Winter” Is Here

Richie from Boston, now deleted from YouTube and given a Google ban, says this upcoming trucker strike, coupled with the new lockdown restrictions could be the battering ram the brings in the “darkest winter” we have been repeatedly promised. If you add in election chaos, this could explode.

We are reaching a breaking point. Everything is coming together right now.  Please consider supporting Richie in light of his censorship.  Visit him on Bitchute and at his website by clicking on these links. Listen to what this vaccine is by watching the video below.

Anything that comes against the agenda of the elitists is going to be censored, fact-checked, and deemed fake news or misinformation. This video also shows information about the depopulation agenda as well. Is the vaccine linked to depopulation? That’s for you to decide.

The “darkest winter” however, is shaping up to be a reality.

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This vaccine will be distributed by the military.  If you still think it will be “voluntary” you don’t understand the meaning of that word.  There will be punishments, force, and coercion used in conjunction with impoverishment and the promises of a pittance of universal basic income to take it. If you take it, you will lose all your freedom. If you don’t take it, you will lose all your freedom.  That’s not in any way voluntary.

This vaccine will be coming soon. The lockdowns are also coming. All of this is a part of the plan. “This is all coming to a shuttering crescendo and right after Thanksgiving is when [the vaccine] takes effect,” Richie says.

The vaccine is close. Time is up. You will have to make the decision to take it or be punished for not taking it soon.

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