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Spotify is quietly removing more of Joe Rogan’s podcasts after some employees reportedly threatened to strike

Spotify continued to quietly remove more episodes of Joe Rogan’s incredibly popular podcast from their service months after he agreed to a $100 million exclusive deal with the media streaming company.

The deletions were documented by Digital Music News, which reported that 42 podcasts had been deleted from his vast catalogue of nearly 1,500 episodes.

Spotify has provided no rationale for the deletion of the podcasts. DMN noted the guests on the deleted podcasts included Chris D’elia, Owen Benjamin, Joey Diaz, Gavin McInnes, and Eddie Bravo. Among the more notorious deletions were podcasts with Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos.

In September, an unspecified number of Spotify employees reportedly threatened a strike against the company over what they saw as problematic statements made on Rogan’s podcast by him and his guests.

“A contingent of activist Spotify staffers are now considering a walkout or full-blown strike if their demands for direct editorial oversight of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast aren’t met,” the report said.

Some critics of Rogan have pointed to statements he’s made questioning the rationale behind policies pushed by the transgender lobby. He has faced rabid criticism from many calling him “transphobic.”

DMN noted that Rogan has dismissed the deletions after admitting that it was part of his $100 million deal.

“There were a few episodes they didn’t want on their platform, and I was like ‘Okay, I don’t care’,” Rogan said on his podcast in March. He said that most of the objections centered on Alex Jones, who had appeared on the podcast several times.

However, he said that the company mostly didn’t care about what content he published.

“They don’t give a f*** man. They haven’t given me a hard time at all,” he added.

It is not clear whether Rogan is aware of the additional deleted episodes.

Here’s a comedic take on the Rogan controversy at Spotify:

Spotify Employees Censoring Joe Rogan

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Joe Rogan denies censorship rumor after his podcast with Alex Jones disappears, then his explanation gets deleted too

Spotify listeners said that a recently published podcast by Joe Rogan with an interview of
conspiracy theorist Alex Jones disappeared from their app, leading many to believe it had been censored. Later Rogan said that it was due to a technical glitch, and then that explanation disappeared as well.

Rogan is one of the world’s most popular podcasters, but liberal employees at Spotify bristled when he signed a reportedly $100 million deal to move his popular podcast to their platform.

On Wednesday listeners
reported on social media that podcast #1555 with Jones had vanished from their apps.

Many were concerned that the company had censored the episode in order to appease liberal critics of Rogan and Jones. Hours later, the episode reappeared without an explanation from Spotify.

On Thursday, Rogan himself
explained in an Instagram post that the deletion of the podcast had been a technical error.

“The conspiracy about the show with the conspiracy theorist…. The episode that was uploaded to Spotify had some cache issues, and it wasn’t working correctly on some devices so the engineers had Jamie re-upload it with the same date, thinking it would fix the problem but still play for everyone like it was never missing. Didn’t quite work out perfect, which led to my phone getting hit up by people thinking it was removed.”

Then that Instagram post disappeared.

reported that employees had criticized the podcast episode over comments made by Jones against vaccination, but that Spotify stood its ground on allowing the episode to remain published.

On Thursday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek
defended the podcast with Alex Jones in an interview with the Financial Times.

“We want creators to create. It’s what they do best. We’re not looking to play a role in what they should say,” he said.

TheBlaze has reached out to both Spotify and Joe Rogan for comment but neither responded in time for publication.

Here’s part of the podcast with Alex Jones [expletives included]:

Alex Jones on Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Epstein