Military To ‘Joint Venture’ With CDC To Distribute Coming Vaccines – Want to know when the Civil War will begin? – Trump Signs Executive Orders On Coronavirus Relief, Payroll Tax – “Any Inbound Missile Will Be Seen As Nuclear”: Russia’s Military Warns Amid Arms Treaty Talks – 2020’s Economic Depression Is Becoming An Endless Nightmare For Millions Of Americans – Gordon: “We’re Heading To Complete Financial, Moral, & Political Collapse” – US Dollar Devalues By 99% Vs Gold In 100 Years As Gold Price Crosses $2,067 – The Global Great Reset Explained – Giant Condor flies in to thank this man who nursed him back to health – Trucking Company Refuses To Deliver To Cities Calling To “Defund The Police” – Bike Store Cancels Contract With Austin Bike Police After “Woke” Employees Complain – Fighting Over Kashmir Could Blow Up The Planet – “Leave, You Are All Killers!” Protesters Storm Multiple Government Ministries In Beirut – Twitter…facilitator of fascism…censors all links to BitChute…Now partially lifts but warnings remain – “Huge Increase”: Americans Renouncing Citizenship Surges To Record Level – The 1958 “Psychological Warfare” Plan Playing Out Before Us – “I Started A Local Gun And Preparedness Club… And Leftists Tried To Interfere” – Meet The RVs That Are Literally “Driving” Our Country’s GDP – Bernie Sanders Just Proposed A Tax That Would Instantly Cost Bezos $42.8 Billion And Musk $27.5 Billion

by Infinite on 2020/08/08

Trump: “This May Be The Last Time You’ll See Me For A While” – Minneapolis in BIG TROUBLE! Businesses leaving! “Hundreds of Millions Lost” – 39% Of Younger Millennials Return Home Amid Crushing Recession – Schiff: People Don’t Understand The Significance Of $2,000 Gold – New Yorkers, Crushed By Pandemic, See $336 Billion In Personal Wealth Evaporate – Von Greyerz: The Nightmare Scenario For The World – “Tsunami Of Rage”: Lebanon Braces For Mass Protests Over Blast, Economy In Free Fall – Petition to UK government demands no sanctions against those refusing the Gates ‘virus’ vaccine (Sign here) – This video shows what reopened school could look like in Florida…and some are calling it ‘sad’ and ‘dystopian’ – Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “Burden lifted off of my soul” – The drug war, though, is not just a war against substances, it is a war on consciousness.- Canada Allows Patients to Use Psychedelics for End-Of-Life Therapy – Rare, mutant honeybee is both male and female – UPitt Prof Stripped Of Position After Questioning Affirmative Action In Admissions – Air India Express Boeing 737 Flight Breaks Apart After Crash Landing, At Least 15 Dead – Raoul Pal: “It May Not Be Worth Owning Any Asset Other Than Bitcoin” – Trump “Not Bluffing” Over Stimulus Executive Order Amid Washington Stalemate – Lebanese President: We Will Investigate “Possible External Interference” In Historic Beirut Blast – Trump Was Right: “Big” Payroll Number Smashes Expectations As 1.76 Million Jobs Added – Trump Signs Executive Order Banning TikTok, WeChat In 45 Days – Chinese Drones Now Deployed In Balkans After Serbia Deal… NATO On Edge – Russian S-300 Air Defense System Spotted In Libya? – ‘Kansas Should Go F*** Itself’: Taibbi Opines On Liberal Arrogance In Lieu Of Introspection – Massive fireball explodes above Chinese city after lightning strikes building under construction (South China Morning Post Video)

by Infinite on 2020/08/08

Trump Calls Beirut Explosion “A Terrible Attack …A Bomb Of Some Kind” After Briefed By Generals – ‘It’s Like Hiroshima’: Terrifying Seismic Shock From Blast Devastates Beirut – Gold Futures Surge Above $2,050; Silver Nears $27 – Why Gold $3000 Is Next: Bank Of America’s Full ‘Must Read’ Client Call Transcript – $15,000 Gold?…Why not? – On Verge Of Six-Week Shuttering, Australian Small Businesses Beg: We Can’t Survive Another Lockdown – Citizens having their ‘lives ruined and businesses destroyed’ in Victoria – URGENT! MILLIONS LOCKED DOWN AGAIN!! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!? – Unheard Stories Of Economic Despair From America’s Worst Economic Downturn Since The Great Depression – The Spreading Feeling “This Is Happening All By Design” – US Confirms American Company Has Signed Deal With ‘Rebels’ To Take Syria’s Oil – The Underground Bunker Business Is Booming As Global Events Spiral Out Of Control – Your Phone Is Spying On You: Companies Are Generating Secret “Surveillance Scores” Based On That Data (Nothing that you do on your phone is private) – 300 ISIS Terrorists At Large: Mass Prison Break In Afghanistan After Hours-Long Firefight – Funding Is Being Reduced For “Nearly Half” Of All Major City Police Departments In America – Victoria police forced to smash car windows over non-compliance – Trace Amounts: Ethyl Mercury (Educational Documentary On Vaccine Ingredients) – Democrats Up Stimulus Demand To $3.4 Trillion In Odd Negotiating Tactic – “V For Vendetta”: Was V’s 2005 “Sermon” Warning Us Of COVID-19(84) Tyranny? – Illinois Rep Wants To Abolish History Classes As Racist – It’s Now Virtually Impossible To Get A Bank Loan As Lending Standards Soar – In Desperation Panic, Turkey Hikes Lira Overnight Rate To 1,024% To Crush Shorts As Currency Implodes – Argentina Strikes Deal With Creditors Over $65BN Debt After 3rd Default In 20 Years – Ireland’s National Health Service Urges “Phone Sex Only” During Pandemic

by Infinite on 2020/08/05