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CDC affirms Americans’ right to break quarantine to vote, even if they have COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidelines for voting safely Sunday, affirming that even voters diagnosed with COVID-19 have a right to break quarantine to vote.

“Voters have the right to vote, regardless of whether they are sick or in quarantine,” the CDC said, listing steps voters should take to protect themselves and others from spreading disease at the ballot box.

“Voters who are sick or in quarantine should take steps to protect poll workers and other voters. This includes wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before and after voting. You should also let poll workers know that you are sick or in quarantine when you arrive at the polling location. Check with local authorities for any additional guidance,” the guidelines state.

Voters are urged to make a checklist of items to bring when they go to vote including: a mask, an extra mask, tissues, hand sanitizer, water, and a black ink pen.

“You should wear a mask consistently and correctly in public and around people who don’t live with you,” the CDC said. “If you must take your mask off, use hand sanitizer before and after.” The second mask is needed “in case yours gets wet or dirty.”

The agency also recommended voters clean their hands often and stay at least six feet apart from other voters, even those wearing masks.

Political scientists are forecasting record-breaking turnout, potentially the highest voter turnout of any election since 1908. Long lines have been reported across America as voters head to the polls to cast their ballots.

Photos and videos posted on social media anecdotally show packed polling places, with many voters abiding by CDC recommendations to wear masks.

Several states have adopted measures to expand early and mail-in voting to reduce the risk of voters spreading COVID-19 by voting in person.

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin have each attempted to extend the deadlines for which mail-in votes could be received and counted. Republicans in these states have filed legal challenges to reverse the election rules changes with varying degrees of success.

The Supreme Court rejected a GOP effort to undo an absentee ballot deadline extension in North Carolina, permitting the state to receive and count ballots until Nov. 12, nine days after Election Day. The high court also declined to fast-track a challenge to Pennsylvania’s extended absentee ballot deadline, handing a temporary defeat to state Republicans but leaving room for the court to reverse the extension and disqualify late ballots after the election.

In Wisconsin, the Supreme Court ruled against Democrats seeking to have mail-in ballots received after Election Day counted.

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Dr. Fauci says even with a vaccine, masks and social distancing will continue until 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of America’s leading public health experts, said recently that even after a coronavirus vaccine is developed, Americans will likely need to continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing for quite some time.

In fact, people should expect to wear masks and social distance through the end of 2021 and into 2022, he said.

Fauci, who directs the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, made the comments during a Zoom meeting with faculty and students at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia last week.

During the meeting, in which Fauci also predicted any forthcoming vaccine will only be 70% effective, he noted that masks and social distancing will be needed because it will take significant time before herd immunity is achieved.

“You’re not going to have a profound degree of herd immunity for a considerable period of time, maybe toward the end of 2021, into 2022,” he said. “I feel very strongly that we’re going to need to have some degree of public-health measures to continue. Maybe not as stringent as they are right now.”

“It’s not going to be the way it was with polio and measles, where you get a vaccine, case closed, it’s done,” he added. “It’s going to be public-health measures that linger for months and months.”

Fauci also warned Americans against thinking a vaccine will be a “knockout punch” for the virus, noting that vaccines are often less effective against respiratory viruses.

“I tend to be conservative in my projections of what’s going to happen,” he said. “I think we’ve got to set reasonable expectations. If I’m surprised pleasantly, so be it.”

News of Fauci’s comments come as President Trump has been airing criticisms about the health expert.

Trump argued on a campaign call Monday that many Americans are growing tired of strict lockdown measures which have kept the economy from returning to normal levels and have resulted in many Americans losing work.

“People are tired of COVID. I have these huge rallies,” Trump said on the call. “People are saying whatever. Just leave us alone. They’re tired of it. People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots … Fauci is a nice guy. He’s been here for 500 years.”

Trump added later on the call that Fauci has been a “disaster.”

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Dr. Fauci Warns of Winter Once Again: “I Think We’re Facing a Whole Lot of Trouble”

Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning yet again of a troublesome winter. The “authorities” don’t seem to want to stop talking about how bad things are going to get in the coming months. Especially when it comes to this scamdemic.

Winter is approaching and so is the prospect of a “twindemic” if you believe the fear mongers in the mainstream media and the government authoritarians. It almost seem like they are signaling to us that there will be another lockdown for any reason they can come up with.

Fauci’s Warning: “Hunker Down” Over Winter, Second Lockdown Coming

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and an expert in infectious diseases for the last four decades, told CNBC’s Shepard Smith Monday evening that it was more critical than ever to do these five things: wear a mask, social distance, avoid crowded spaces, do things outdoors where possible (if you aren’t on house arrest), and wash your hands frequently.

Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

“I think we’re facing a whole lot of trouble,” Fauci said. “We have a baseline of infections now that vary between 40,000 and 50,000 per day. That’s a bad place to be when you’re going into the cooler weather of the fall, and the colder weather of the winter. In addition, we would like to see the percent positivity be coming down.”

The COVID-19 “Dark Winter” PsyOp: Question Everything…

Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us

A second lockdown is becoming more likely by the day as the cases continue to allegedly go up. Fauci claims there isn’t talk of shutting down again. But Fauci also said masks shouldn’t be worn and now insists everyone wears one. “We’re not talking about shutting anything down; we’re talking about using public-health measures as a vehicle, or a gateway, to keeping the country open, to keeping the economy going. It is not an obstacle,” the con man said according to Market Watch. 

Fauci also said there is no way that he’s giving up on the behavior modification and assistance with the New World Order.  “This is an outbreak of historic proportions, the likes of which we have not seen in 102 years,” he said, citing the 1918 flu. “There’s no chance that I’m going to give up on this and walk away from it no matter what has happened.” Fauci is dedicated to this agenda, and he says it himself.

I know people have already said I should stop suggesting storing food and water,  but I don’t’ care. Prepare. Stock up on food and water. If nothing else, you will be buying yourself more time.  Those who have planned the upcoming destruction, chaos, and violence are banking on people not picking up the suble clues as to what’s coming.

If Fauci isn’t giving up then neither should you.

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Horowitz: New information on airborne transmission demonstrates why masks are useless

The magical mask and the mystical six-foot distance will save you from a respiratory virus that spreads as prolifically as a cold. Or at least we’ve been told that by our overlords for the past six months. The problem is that the virus has been spreading like wildfire despite the overwhelming majority of people adhering to these two rituals with the zealous faith of an Islamic fundamentalist.

Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that the virus can spread further than six feet. What they fail to admit, but what is nonetheless incontrovertibly clear from their admission, is that masks do not work.

The notion that a virus would spread this profusely from large visible droplets was always dubious. Yes, it’s possible to sneeze droplets into someone’s mouth, but aside from an adult holding her infant baby who sneezes, this is really not very common, especially with people keeping their distance.

Droplets are very heavy and gravity forces them to the ground immediately. Yes, there are likely times when someone hits a half-court shot with their sneeze and gets a visible droplet directly into someone’s mouth, but there is no way that anomaly can account for all the spread.

In comes the CDC on Monday and admits what we have always known — that in addition to large droplets, there are tiny atomized particles of the virus that are emitted every time a person breaths or speaks, much less coughs or sneezes. These virions are so small that they are usually about 1/20 the size of common bacteria. As such, they can remain suspended in the air and infect someone else, primarily indoors where there is poor ventilation and no wind.

While the CDC claims this is not the primary source of transmission (they need to protect the mask mandates!), they concede that in enclosed spaces where an infected individual had been present for a longer period of time, these aerosols can remain suspended for a while and travel more than six feet.

While they downplay this form of transmission as “uncommon,” the reality of the past six months tells a different story. As I’ve chronicled, masks have not worked to stop the spread anywhere they have been mandated with full compliance. Here is a collection of charts from showing the failure of masks to stop the very spread mask supporters are now panicking over.

What this demonstrates is that the CDC’s slow and reluctant revelation of the existence of SARS-CoV-2 airborne transmission is a lot more significant than they are willing to admit. On Monday, a group of medical researchers from Harvard University, University of California, and University of Maryland warned of “an urgent need” to educate the public on the problem of microscopic suspended particles vs. droplets and the actions needed to combat that mode of transmission.

In a letter to Science Mag, the researchers warned that there is a big distinction between the much-vaunted droplets that are 100 ?m (100 micrometers) and the microscopic particles that are usually 60-140 nanometers, or on average, 0.1 micrometers. While droplets are tiny, they are still visible and fall to the ground. The virions, which are at least 1,000 times smaller, are only visible through a scanning electron microscope. The difference, according to the authors is enormous:

Viruses in droplets (larger than 100 ?m) typically fall to the ground in seconds within 2 m of the source and can be sprayed like tiny cannonballs onto nearby individuals. Because of their limited travel range, physical distancing reduces exposure to these droplets. Viruses in aerosols (smaller than 100 ?m) can remain suspended in air for many seconds to hours, like smoke, and be inhaled. They are highly concentrated near an infected person, so they can infect people most easily in close proximity. But aerosols containing infectious virus can also travel more than 2 m and accumulate in poorly ventilated indoor air, leading to superspreading events.

In other words, because the virions of the coronavirus are roughly 100 nanometers, 1/10,000 the width of a hair and 1/30 the size of surgical mask filtrations (about 3.0 microns or 3,000 nanometers), surgical masks do not help. Cotton masks are really pathetic. The hydraulic diameter of cotton is roughly 200 microns, 1,429 times the size of the larger aerosol.

As a friend of mine noted on Twitter, “If you were driving down a tunnel in a truck, the aerosol being the pickup, the tunnel would be 1.83 MILES WIDE.”

Consider how these researchers compare aerosols to smoke inhalation. We already know that the government has warned for years that masks do not work against smoke particles. Most wood smoke particles are about 1,000 nanometers (1 micron), which is 10 times larger than SARS-CoV-2 virions.

Obviously, given that the mask mandate is sacrilege, no respected scientist can openly oppose it. Thus, the authors say to continue wearing masks. But if you read between the lines, they are making a mockery out of the mandate by noting that droplet transmission is rare and suspended aerosols are the main form of transmission.

Individuals with COVID-19, many of whom have no symptoms, release thousands of virus-laden aerosols and far fewer droplets when breathing and talking. Thus, one is far more likely to inhale aerosols than be sprayed by a droplet, and so the balance of attention must be shifted to protecting against airborne transmission.

So, what’s the solution?

There is no solution to this problem other than essentially cancelling life as we know it, at least indoors, for the remainder of our lives.

In addition to existing mandates of mask-wearing, social distancing, and hygiene efforts, we urge public health officials to add clear guidance about the importance of moving activities outdoors, improving indoor air using ventilation and filtration, and improving protection for high-risk workers.

The good news is that the entire premise of panicking over a virus that has a fatality rate of a pandemic flu and presents itself as more mild than the flu for most people is absurd.

As the president and his top coronavirus adviser, Scott Atlas, said this week, it’s time to face the fear head on. We have no other choice. The masks and the six-feet rituals don’t work. It’s time we recognize that there is no reason to hide from this virus, nor do we have the ability to do so anyway.

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VIDEO: Staffer stops father’s funeral at UK crematorium, orders sons to move away from grieving mom due to COVID-19 rules

A staff member stopped a father’s funeral at a crematorium in the United Kingdom last week and ordered his two sons to move away from their grieving mother due to COVID-19 rules — and it was all captured on video.

What are the details?

At the start of his father Alan Wright’s service Friday at Crownhill Crematorium, the chairs were spread apart to conform to social distancing guidelines. Wright died from a heart attack in September, the Daily Mail reported.

But Craig Bicknell told BBC News he decided to close the distance between himself and his “vulnerable” mother as she was “lost.”

“I made everyone aware that I [would] need to comfort my mum at some point,” he added to the outlet. “When I saw my mum break as she did, it just took over that I had to comfort her and put my arm around her.”

Seconds later, Bicknell’s brother followed suit and moved his chair, and both sons were sitting next to their mother.

Image source: Daily Mail video screenshot

However, a crematorium staffer was seen on video walking in, raising his arms, walking behind the sons and their mother, interrupting the speaker, and telling Bicknell and his brother, “you have to put them back, I’m afraid,” BBC News said.

Image source: Daily Mail video screenshot

“You can’t move the chairs, you were told,” he added, according to the outlet.

The brothers complied.

Image source: Daily Mail video screenshot

What did the powers that be have to say?

Milton Keynes Council, which runs the building, told BBC News it regrets the incident.

“We are sorry to have upset this family,” a Council spokesman told the outlet. “We don’t usually step in if a guest needs to be comforted by another family member, and in this instance [we] should have taken a more considered approach. We ask funeral directors to let us know whether any chairs should be grouped in advance, and from now on this includes guests who are in the same household or bubbles, as well as people who need extra support.”

BBC News said COVID-19 government guidelines allow up to 30 people to attend a funeral and require social distancing.

What else did Bicknell have to say?

Bicknell noted to the Daily Mail that he and his brother Paul were left devastated by the “telling off,” and he added to BBC News that the incident left him “angry, upset; it was just an empty feeling.”

He also told BBC News that it “totally ruined the day” as he still had to deliver his eulogy after the confrontation.

“It was very hard to do,” he said. “I needed the service to carry on for my dad. It was a really scary feeling, I’ve never felt [it] before.”

Bicknell wrote on Facebook of the experience, “I can sit in a restaurant, I can sit in a pub, I can live at her house, I can travel in a limousine to the crematorium with 6. But when I want to give my mum a cuddle at dads funeral, a man flies out mid service shouting stop the service and makes us split…A devastating day made even worse,” the Daily Mail reported.

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Tyrants: “Prepare To Wear Masks & Socially Distance Even After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine”

Doctors are now saying we should expect to practice social distancing and wear masks even after everyone is vaccinated.  Talk about moving the goalposts in an epic fashion!

They have warned us of this in the past too:

They Moved The Goalposts…AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”

There is no going back. It’s not going to be “normal” again.

Dr. Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who also co-invented the rotavirus vaccine (is in the back pocket of Big Pharma) suggests that even after you’re injected with the horrific concoction of whatever is going to be in the COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll still have to socially distance and wear a face mask.  In other words, get used to living life as a slave because it’s not going back to “normal” as we knew it.

As a “vaccine expert,” Offit helped develop the rotavirus vaccine, which supposedly protects young children against infections with the virus that can cause severe diarrhea. He also sits on the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, according to Market Watch. So he’s got a vested interest in making sure you take the vaccine.

Offit is now keeping a close eye on the clinical trials underway for COVID-19 vaccine candidates and the Trump administration’s potential influence on federal agencies closely involved in the pandemic response. “The government has shown its capacity to impose its will on science-based federal agencies”, he said. “There is a reason to worry.”

Of course, there’s a reason to worry. A vaccine will come and this one will be like nothing ever released or used on human beings before. Offit then says that Moderna would normally wait to see whether a vaccine works and was safe before they mass-produced it. What the government said is, “Look, we’ll take the risk out of it for you. We’ll pay for the Phase 3 trial. We’ll pay for mass production.” That’s good, actually.” So the government has already made certain that vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable for the side effects, or even death of those who take the vaccine.

“A vaccine is a part of what’s going to get us out of this mess,” says Offit. But we still have to wear masks and social distance. Get used to the new normal, or wake up.


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Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper slammed for scrapping social distancing as the cameras pull away

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and CNN host Anderson Cooper were criticized on social media Thursday night, after viewers noticed that the two threw social distancing out the window as the cameras pulled away after carefully staying far apart during the candidate’s town hall.

What are the details?

Pundit Steve Krakauer shared footage of the incident, tweeting, “Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper are making a point of social distancing during the CNN Town Hall while on the stage. But when they think they’ve gone to commercial break, they get so close to each other that Biden is whispering in Cooper’s ear:”

Sure enough, the clip shared by Krakauer shows that after Cooper signs off for a commercial break, the cameras pull back but continue to show Biden approaching Anderson and the host leaning over as Biden appears to whisper in his ear.

Neither of them were wearing masks, which is noteworthy since Biden has repeatedly vowed that his administration would impose a federal mask mandate as long as it is legal.

The town hall was held in a parking lot and 35 cars were allowed for the “drive-in” event.. CNN reported that it “CNN is following all of the local guidelines and restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic,” according to the vice president of its special events team, “and everybody attending and working the town hall will have their temperatures taken and will answer screening questions.”

The outlet noted that in Pennsylvania, where the event was held, “wearing masks when outside of the home is mandatory.”

But Twitter users noticed that Biden and Cooper did not appear to be following the rules.

Several people called both men “frauds” and re-upped the common accusation that CNN is “fake news.” One person tweeted, “They are so phony. It’s sad that so many people are blind to it..” Another asked, “Can you catch Covid if the cameras aren’t rolling?”

Fox News” Pete Hegseth reacted to the footage, describing it as ‘mask-mandate Joe whispering sweeting nothings to @andersoncooper.”

Some folks wondered exactly what the two were discussing.

Others said the moment reminded them of when CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was caught on camera immediately removing her mask after a White House coronavirus briefing in May.

But there were those who came to Biden and Cooper’s defense, with one person tweeting, “They are both tested daily. They have to be in order to do their jobs effectively.”

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70-year-old man dragged by hair from store, kicked in head, punched, spit on after asking suspect to socially distance

Police in Winter Park, Florida, said a 70-year-old man was beaten last week after asking a fellow store customer who wasn’t wearing a mask to socially distance, WOFL-TV reported.

What are the details?

Police told the station the incident erupted after the victim asked Rovester Ingram to move away from him because Ingram wasn’t wearing a mask.

Mohamed Tutul — who works at the Citgo gas station where Tuesday’s incident occurred — told WOFL the suspect and victim are both “regular customers.”

Tutul noted to the station that the pair began arguing at the counter. The suspect was “mad” and reacted to the victim’s request by saying, “I come in here every day. Why are you telling me 6 feet?”

Investigators told WOFL the victim walked out of the store, and Ingram followed. Outside the store, Ingram started punching the victim in the face, the New York Post reported, citing police. But when the victim re-entered the store, Ingram began punching and kicking him, the station said.

At that point, Tutul told WOFL he called police.

Surveillance video appears to show the suspect dragging the victim back outside the store by his hair, the station said.

Outside the store, the victim “was on his stomach as Ingram repeatedly punched him on his back, then spat on him and kicked him in the head before walking away,” police told WOFL.

A third customer can be seen exiting the store and walking right by as the beating winds down.

What happened next?

The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, including broken bones, the station said.

Officers told WOFL they recognized Ingram from the surveillance video and arrested him at his home. The station said Ingram was charged with kidnapping and aggravated battery on a person over 65 years of age.

A similar incident occurred earlier this summer in New Jersey when a Staples customer was caught on video throwing another woman — who was using a cane — to the floor after the victim told her to socially distance because she wasn’t correctly wearing her mask over her nose.

In the July incident, the 54-year-old victim suffered a broken leg — and video shows the assailant casually flipping her hair off her shoulder and proceeding with her business in the Hackensack Staples.

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Andrew Cuomo RAMPS UP Police State: Wants “Social Distancing Task Force”

AP Photo/John Minchillo

New York governor Andrew Cuomo says a full-blown police state is necessary in the state before he “allows” restaurants to reopen for indoor dining. That means, he’s threatening a police state communist society if people want to eat inside as winter approaches.

Cuomo said would not “allow” indoor dining to return in New York City unless local politicians devoted significant police resources to enforcing social distancing and other reopening conditions, according to a report by Reason. Meaning, that as a totalitarian tyrant, Cuomo wants more enforcers to violently shove his rules and commands down the throats of everyone.  But if you have eyes to see, you’ll know this is all a part of the agenda.

“Our rules and guidance on reopening is only as good as the compliance and the enforcement,” Cuomo said, adding that state resources have already been stretched thin attempting to enforce limits on the serving of alcohol by outdoor restaurants in the city. “If we open restaurants that’s going to complicate by the hundreds if not thousands the number of establishments that have to be monitored.”

Restaurants in the rest of New York state have been allowed to reopen their dining rooms at 50 percent capacity provided they maintain six feet of distance between parties and following other physical distancing guidelines. Earlier this week, one New York City restaurant filed a $2 billion class-action lawsuit against state and local officials over their continued ban on indoor dining. –Reason

Politicians are continuing to war against the public. Be aware of what’s going on, and make no mistake; all of this is planned to cause as much fear and pain as possible so you will willingly accept the New World Order.

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

The United States is a totalitarian dictatorship now, and have been since about March. The Constitution either allowed this government to exist or was powerless to stop it. Sadly, it’s a fact we need to come to terms with. We, as humans need to stop giving power to other people.  This seems obvious right now, but Americans are not figuring it out.

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CNN Intelwars Protests Republican National Convention Riots Rob davidson social distancing social justice

CNN guest says COVID-19 isn’t as big a concern for social justice protests because racism is a ‘public health crisis’

While discussing social distancing on CNN, Dr. Rob Davidson said that the lack of COVID-19 precautions at social justice protests aren’t as concerning as the crowd at the White House for President Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech, because racism is a public health issue.

Members of the media heavily criticized President Trump for allowing 1,500 people to sit in close quarters outside the White House for his Thursday night speech, citing the risk of COVID-19 spread since attendees weren’t required to be tested for the virus, and very few people wore masks.

On Friday, however, thousands of people marched in Washington, D.C., in protest of police brutality against minorities. The protest was labeled as a “March on Washington” with the official title, “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” a reference to the Minneapolis Police Department killing of George Floyd.

Here’s what Dr. Davidson had to say about the RNC gathering:

“I was very concerned about the White House event last night, 1,500 people packed shoulder-to-shoulder, the head of the White House coronavirus task force in attendance without a mask, with his family and his elderly mother without a mask, and it’s concerning. We know people weren’t tested, only people in direct contact with President Trump had tests done. So I think we are going to see cases come out of that, and it’s just modeling bad behavior.”

And here’s what he had to say about the protest:

“Now when you juxtapose that with what’s going on in Washington, D.C. right now, people mostly wearing masks. Now true there is social distancing issues, however this is a public health crisis they are marching against. Systemic racism has taken so many lives in this country throughout our history. … I just think that when you’re marching against a public health emergency, you do every risk mitigation procedure you can, but we understand that you have to do the risk-benefit analysis, and the folks there are doing something very important today.”

Davidson draws the distinction that many protesters are wearing masks. However, one of the greatest concerns public health experts have consistently raised about mask use is that they fear people who wear masks will then neglect social distancing, leading to more spread of the virus.

Children Coronavirus guns Intelwars New York social distancing Threat watch Yeshiva camp

Man arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up yeshiva children’s camp over lack of social distancing

A Long Island, New York, man was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up a children’s yeshiva camp over what he viewed as a lack of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, authorities
told WNBC-TV.

What are the details?

Nicola Pelle — 58-year-old Inwood resident — called police Monday evening saying there were “500 kids in the yard playing and not social distancing” at the Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island children’s camp, the station said, adding that he said no one was wearing a mask.

Image source: WNBC-TV video screenshot

But while cops were en route, Pelle called again because he didn’t feel they were responding fast enough and threatened to shoot those at the camp if authorities didn’t arrive promptly, Nassau County officials noted to WNBC.

“If I gotta go out there with a freaking machine gun and shoot all these people, I will,” Pelle said, according to Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, the station reported.

More from WNBC:

He was arrested without incident. Cops later found him in possession of a valid Nassau County pistol permit, five handguns and rifles and shotguns, including two assault weapons. Fourteen weapons were found in all, and were seized as evidence, cops said. One of the guns found, a bushmaster rifle, is illegal to own in New York.

Pelle was charged with making a terroristic threat, four counts of criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm. He was arraigned in Mineola court later Tuesday and was released on bond. It wasn’t clear if he had retained an attorney, and Pelle did not speak with reporters at his home.

Hours after he posted bond, EMTs were seen at his home, but it was not known why.

Image source: WNBC-TV video screenshot

What did the rabbi who runs the yeshiva have to say?

Rabbi Ari Ginian, who runs the yeshiva, told the station that Pelle’s alleged behavior was “very uncharacteristic” and that he’s lived next door to the camp for many years.

“He may have been frustrated by some of the situation we are under,” Ginian added to WNBC. “There is duress right now on everyone’s part. We feel for him that he brought himself to that point, and we hope that he takes back what he said.”

Image source: WNBC-TV video screenshot

Neighbors told the station the allegations are unusual for Pelle, who they described as a “very nice guy.” They also told WNBC that he’s not in good health and may have been stressed.

“He definitely wasn’t himself, he didn’t look right,” neighbor Anthony Rivelli noted to the station, adding that when Pelle was speaking to him he “just wasn’t making sense. I knew something was wrong, so I think we got a little overreaction here.”

Pelle is scheduled to appear in court in October, WNBC reported.

Agenda 21 Americans CORRUPTION Crimes Depression Emergency Preparedness enslave the mind Fear fear induced panic food shortages Headline News health risks Hoax Humanity Intelwars LIES live free Mainstream media masses Mental Health obedient slaves plandemic POVERTY ruling class scamdemic slaves social distancing taking orders torture ultimate control

“Fear Is The Primary Driver” Of Mental Health Problems

A new study on the mental health problems facing Americans in the aftermath of the mainstream media’s constant fear-mongering propaganda-driven narrative on the coronavirus scamdemic, states that “fear is the primary driver.” Because the ruling class and elites manufacture consent for enslavement using fear, don’t expect this to change the way the mainstream media reports on anything.

Coronavirus Panic & Fear: The Greatest Mainstream Media Hoax In History

According to USA Today, a psychological survey of 10,368 American adults amid the coronavirus plandemic found that the fear of it has led to higher levels of depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and psychological trauma. “These are all factors contributing to poor mental health outcomes — higher levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms, as well as suicide ideation and general thoughts about suicide,” Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jones Chair in Community at the University of Arkansas and one of the co-authors of the studies, told Yahoo Finance. “Fear is a primary driver and an important factor in determining the mental health of our sampled U.S. adults.”

[WATCH] Social Distancing is a “CIA Protocol” That Amounts To Torture

The system is reliant on fear to keep it going. If people are not afraid, they don’t need to be governed (controlled, ruled). If people are terrified, they will submit to any level of enslavement under the false sense of security politicians pretend to offer.

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

The researchers, who published the finding across three studies, found that aside from the health risks that come with coronavirus, stress arises from “the unique juxtaposition of extreme physical distancing, approaching geographical isolation, coupled with sustained isolation” as well as fear about losing jobs or not being able to pay bills or afford food.


Exposed: Lies, Corruption, & Pay To Keep The Public In a Fear-Induced Panic For Ultimate Control

“As long as the mind is enslaved the body can never be free.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

This whole scamdemic has been a battle for the mind and which entity you allow to control your perception. Whoever you allow to control your mind, controls you. Go within yourself, and seek the truth. It’s there behind the facade and the fake theatre masquerading as government. If we can all break free mentally, we have a chance to break free from those who think they own us.

Coronavirus mask fight Coronavirus Pandemic Federal mask mandate Intelwars Kamala biden Mask mandate National mask mandate social distancing

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris call for a nationwide mandatory mask order; Trump slaps down the suggestion

The presumed Democratic presidential candidates called for a federal order for mandatory mask mandate that would apply to all Americans nationwide.

Former Vice President Joe Biden made the demand on Thursday and California Sen. Kamala Harris endorsed the policy.

“Every American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum,” Biden told reporters in a media briefing in Wilmington, Delaware.

“Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately and we will save lives. The estimates are we will save over 40,000 lives in the next three months if that is done,” Biden added.

Harris approved of Biden’s statement.

“That’s what real leadership looks like,” Harris said. “We just witnessed real leadership.”

The announcement was made only a day after Harris was announced as Biden’s vice presidential pick.

Federal vs. local control

President Donald Trump has resisted calls for a federal mask mandate and has instead left it up to state and local governments to determine their own policies on enforcing social distancing guidelines.

When asked to respond to the suggestion from Biden and Harris, he gave a characteristically dismissive response.

“We do not need to bring the full wait of the government down on law-abiding Americans to accomplish this goal. Americans must have their freedoms, and I trust the American people and their governors very much,” President Trump said in his media briefing.

“I trust the American people and the governors want to do the right thing to make the smart decisions and Joe doesn’t. Joe doesn’t, Joe doesn’t, know too much,” he continued.

“Unlike the Biden approach, our approach is guided by science,” he added. “Sleepy Joe rejects the scientific approach in favor of locking all Americans in their basements for months on end!”

The president went on to accused Biden of wanting to “shut down our economy” and “grind society to a halt” through a federal mandate.

A poll in June found that 76% of Americans thought the lockdown was appropriate or didn’t go far enough, while 80% of Americans said that they looked favorably at people who wore masks to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The U.S. has seen more than 5.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country, and the death toll in the U.S. is at more than 166,000 people.

Here’s the video of the demand:

BREAKING: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris call for nationwide mask mandate

Ahern hotel shut down Evangelicals for trump Intelwars Las vegas ahern hotel Las vegas nevada Las vegas officials Mrs nevada pageant social distancing

Las Vegas officials shut down Mrs. Nevada Pageant — hotel says it’s ‘retribution’ for hosting Trump campaign rally

The general manager of a Las Vegas hotel is accusing government officials of shutting down a beauty pageant as “retribution” for hosting a Trump campaign event.

“Our occupancy is 1,605 people and there were less than 200 people present tonight,” said general manager Keith Wright of the Ahern Hotel, according to KSNV-TV.

“The Mayor of Las Vegas spoke at a meeting here for well over 50 people a few weeks ago, and nothing was said at that time,” he added.

A video posted to social media showed the Mrs. Nevada Pageant being shut down to remove attendees by city officials.

“This is not Nazi Germany, OK?” said a man over the loudspeaker as he told spectators that they had to leave the event.

The official social media account of the city of Las Vegas confirmed that the event had been scaled down because it violated the social distancing order from Nevada’s governor.

“The city and @LVMPD found that the Ahern Hotel is in violation of the governor’s safety directives by attempting to hold the Mrs. Nevada Pageant with spectators,” they tweeted.

“Business Licensing accompanied by Metro Police did visit the property tonight and the event was stopped.” they added.

The pageant continued with only the contestants and pageant officials, but with no spectators.

KTNV-TV reported that there were about 200 people at the event. No citations were issued.

‘This is punishment’

Amy Tarkanian, a judge at the pageant, took to Twitter to complain about the action.

“WTF the Mrs Nevada Pageant is being shut down even thought it’s been at 50% capacity,” she tweeted.

She also claimed that officials were targeting the hotel because of the previous Trump campaign event.

“This is punishment for hosting the evangelicals for Trump event because last nights slap on the wrist made no sense. We crowned our winners but without the originally agreed upon sized audience. Rock it ladies!” she tweeted.

‘Callous and dangerous behavior’

Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak had previously condemned the Trump campaign and the Ahern Hotel for holding an “Evangelicals for Trump” campaign even in defiance of his social distancing order.

“I was deeply disheartened and dismayed to see the callous and dangerous behavior displayed last night in Las Vegas at a campaign event for President Trump,” tweeted Sisolak.

“I am equally dismayed that the campaign and business defied the State of Nevada emergency directive which limits public gatherings to 50 people or fewer,” he added.

The hotel was fined $250 for hosting the “Evangelicals for Trump” event, which reportedly included more than 500 guests.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Mrs. Nevada Pageant must downsize due to pandemic says City of Las Vegas

Campus Children cia torture Colleges control Emergency Preparedness enslavement Fall classes Headline News indoctrination camps Intelwars lack of testing Michael Christakis monitor Nazi Germany North Korea parties People plandemic quarantine Sarah Scalese scamdemic schools social distancing teach kids to obey test trace

Some College Campuses Will Look Like Nazi Germany This Autumn

As children and young adults gear up to get back to school this autumn, college campuses that are open will be imposing varying degrees of draconian testing on the students.

Students enrolled at New York’s public colleges must first pass a COVID-19 test in order to get access to campus in a bid to prevent the spread of the contagious virus.  Before setting foot on campus, a student must submit to the highly inaccurate (different studies show the PCR tests give a 50-80% false-positive rate) test.

“Given reported delays for COVID-19 test results and lack of testing availability in some areas, all University at Albany students should be tested as soon as possible in order to have results prior to the beginning of fall classes,” Michael Christakis, vice president of student affairs, said in a “Dear Great Dane” letter to students, according to a report by the New York Post. 

“If a student living on campus fails to provide the University proof of a negative test or NYS Department of Health clearance document (for students who have had documented COVID-19) before their arrival on campus, they will not be permitted to check in to their residence hall or apartment,” warned Christakis. “Until students have a negative test result in hand, they should remain at home.”

According to USA Today, The University of Texas at Austin, for example, has banned parties, both on campus and off, saying they put “the health and safety of our community at risk and raise anxiety levels.” Tulane University in New Orleans threatened suspension or expulsion for students who throw or attend parties that have more than 15 people and asked students to monitor and report on the behavior of their peers.

On Thursday, Syracuse University, which had suspended a fraternity for violating social distancing rules in the spring, said it had also suspended a group of students for “knowingly violating quarantine orders,” spokeswoman Sarah Scalese said.  Most college campuses said throwing a party with 30 to 40 people could be viewed as endangerment to the community.

Before sending your child or teenager back to school, it may do you some good to understand the new “COVID” policies of the school.  Some could look like schools in North Korea or Nazi Germany thanks to the scamdemic.

[WATCH] Social Distancing is a “CIA Protocol” That Amounts To Torture

Schools seem hellbent on the psychological torture of children this year, so be aware of what they could be subjected to during the Federal Reserve’s attempted takeover of the world.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Georgia Intelwars School reopening social distancing

Georgia school backs down, reverses suspension of student who shared crowded hallway photo

A Georgia high school reversed its decision to suspend a student who tweeted a viral photo of a crowded hallway, which sparked widespread criticism for the school’s apparent lack of social distancing, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sophomore Hannah Watters, 15, attends North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia. Earlier this week, Hannah tweeted a photo showing the hallway between classes, where students were packed in the hallways shoulder-to-shoulder with most of them unmasked. She and another student were suspended for sharing photos.

Hannah’s mother, Lynne Watters, confirmed that after a conversation with school officials, the suspension was reversed and Hannah will return to school next week.

“I spoke to the principal a short time ago and he has rescinded the suspension and she will have no discipline on her record,” Lynne Watters told AJC.

The suspension was related to student conduct policies banning the use of phones during instruction time, the use of a phone during school hours for social media, and recording students and posting the recording on social media.

Hannah admits she broke the rule about posting images of students to social media, but both she and her mother said high school students are exempt from the phone ban and she didn’t post the photo until after school.

“Cellphone use is allowed by high school students during non-instructional time, and she did not post to social media until after regular school hours,” Lynne Watters said, according to AJC.

WSB-TV first reported that Paulding County Superintendent Brian Otott threatened punishment for students who shared crowded hallway photos, and reported that he only threatened such action after the photos went viral.

Otott said the photo has been taken out of context to criticize the school, although he admitted in a letter to parents obtained by WSB that “there is no question that the photo does not look good.”

“Some individuals on social media are taking this photo and using it without context to criticize our school reopening efforts,” Otott said, according to WSB. “Under the COVID-19 protocols we have adopted, class changes that look like this may happen, especially at a high school with more than 2,000 students.”

Hannah said even a suspension would have been worthwhile in the interest of safety.

“I’d like to say this is some good and necessary trouble,” Hannah told CNN. “My biggest concern is not only about me being safe, it’s about everyone being safe because behind every teacher, student and staff member there is a family, there are friends, and I would just want to keep everyone safe.”

There have not yet been any reports of COVID-19 cases at the school.

Schools begin reopening amid coronavirus safety concerns

Coronavirus COVID-19 Georgia Intelwars School reopening schools social distancing

Some Georgia schools struggle to socially distance, manage COVID-19 cases as they reopen

Some schools in Georgia have opened for in-person classes, but reopening has come with the reality of the difficulty of social distancing and the impact a single positive COVID-19 case can have on the rest of the school, CBS News reported.

Pictures circulated online of students packed in hallways, with few of them wearing masks, and showing students getting together in groups for first day of school pictures. Educators are optimistic or hopeful that students and teachers will be safe, but theories about how the virus may spread in school environments will be put to the test.

Cherokee Independent School District Superintendent Brian Hightower on Friday sent a stern message to school teachers and staff, implying they may need to seek employment elsewhere if they didn’t like the plan to reopen — although he pulled back on that some after criticism. From CBS News:

“For those of you who are unhappy with various facets of our reopening plan, I ask you to reflect on the best direction for you in your role with CCSD,” Hightower wrote.

On Saturday, Hightower wrote another email saying he heard from “several” employees and he “should have done a much better job of sharing my appreciation for both your efforts and concerns as it relates to our school reopening.”

Statistically children have been shown to be at an extremely low risk of serious illness when infected with COVID-19. However, the highly contagious nature of the virus means that even a minor or asymptomatic case can shut down entire classes for weeks.

Sixes Elementary School in Cherokee County had one second-grade student test positive for COVID-19, which required the entire class of 20 students, and the teacher, to quarantine at home for two weeks, during which time the students will engage in online instruction.

For the parents of those students who are forced to be home for two weeks regardless of whether they’re sick, the quarantine could be highly disruptive to work schedules, creating an environment where the stakes are high in terms of the effort to keep classes infection-free. But, as one administrator told CBS, even mandating masks can be impractical or impossible.

“Wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them,” Paulding County Superintendent Brian Ottot said.

HYPOCRISY Intelwars John lewis funeral social distancing

Powerful picture exposes the double standard politicians allow for themselves on social distancing

Americans nationwide continue to be impacted by coronavirus-related restrictions implemented by their state leaders. Although most lockdowns have lifted, leaders continue to restrict gatherings to few people, require social distancing of at least six feet between people, and mandate the wearing of face coverings.

The restrictions have forced millions of Americans to miss out on important family-related events, like weddings and funerals.

But, for some reason, the same restrictions that apply to the general public were not followed during the funeral for American hero John Lewis, which took place at Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.

A powerful picture revealed the double standard on social distancing that apparently applies to politicians and other American leaders.

In a viral Twitter post, user “brink,” wrote, “I get it. My dad wasn’t important. So it’s ok to limit his funeral to 10 people tomorrow.” Accompanied was a picture from Lewis’ memorial showing attendees not social distancing.

“This is not an attack or statement on Lewis or Masks. Rather, a statement on the double standards of those we have voted into office vs. the people who voted for them,” the user added in a follow up tweet.

Indeed, one of the most tragic aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is that many people have died alone in hospitals and other care facilities, and that families have been unable to attend funerals, instead being forced to settle for watching a memorial service via livestream.

Crystal beach suites Florida Man Intelwars Miami Miami beach Shooting social distancing

Florida man opens fire in hotel lobby because a mother and son weren’t social distancing, police say

A Florida man fired a gun inside a Miami Beach hotel after he became angry that a mother and son weren’t social distancing, police said.

The shooting happened Monday night at the Crystal Beach Suites Hotel on Collins Avenue. Douglas Marks reportedly entered the lobby of the beachfront hotel and noticed a mother and son sitting on a couch.

“You all aren’t social distancing,” Marks told the mother and son, according to the police report. Marks then told them, “You all need to leave.”

The mother, Veronica Pena, and her son ignored the man.

“Let me take care of them, I have two people not following directions,” Marks said, according to Pena.

Marks then pulled out a firearm and fired several shots. An anonymous male witness said he shielded the mother and son during the shooting, and claimed there were “like six” shots fired.

Police say the shooter “continued to scream commands to social distance while holding the firearm and subsequently fired several shots.”

“The guy came and started shooting,” a witness said. “The son and the mom were, like, crying, and they were scared.”

Elio Rodriguez was in a Crystal Beach Suites Hotel room with his wife and child when the shooting occurred and said he tried to protect his family when the gunshots rang out.

“‘Bam! Bam!’ Real loud, loud. I just grabbed everybody and put them on the floor,” Rodriguez told WSVN. “I grabbed my daughter and everybody and put them on the floor.”

No one was injured. There was a bullet hole only inches away from the hotel’s front desk.

Marks was arrested by Miami Beach Police. He surrendered to police without incident.

Marks allegedly later admitted to the shooting. The police report stated that Marks asked the hotel front desk to call 911 before firing “four warning shots.” He said that he did so because he was being followed by someone, the Miami Herald reported.

On Tuesday morning, Marks was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, use of a firearm to commit a felony, and discharging a firearm in public. He was being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on $11,000 bond, according to jail records.

Man arrested for Miami Beach shooting that was allegedly over social distancing

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, there have been numerous violent and alarming incidents involving COVID-19 precautions.

Earlier this month, a California Lyft rider reportedly attacked her driver and spat at him after the Lyft driver requested that she wear a face mask.

Two men allegedly attacked a security guard at a Target store in May after they refused to wear a face mask.

A viral video this week showed a woman enraged that small children were not wearing face masks. She told the children: “I hope you all die!”

Intelwars Mask dispute Mask murder Mask order Michigan gov whitmer Michigan mask order social distancing Stabbing

Two days into mandatory mask order in Michigan, one man is killed by police and another is stabbed over a mask dispute

One man is dead and another has been hospitalized with a serious stab wound over a dispute about a mask only two days in Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s social distancing order.

Police say that Sean Ernest Ruis, 43, was confronted by a 77-year-old man for not wearing a mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus at a Quality Dairy store outside of Lansing.

Ruis allegedly stabbed the man and fled the scene.

Michigan State Police released video from a female deputy’s bodycam when she later attempted to pull over Ruis and he rushed her with a knife, leading to his shooting death.

“Very unfortunate she had to use her weapon, but she saved her life,” said Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich, according to USA Today.

“I mean, that’s the most important thing right here,” he added. “She had to use deadly force, and she did it properly, and I’m glad she wasn’t harmed in any way.”

The 77-year-old victim was hospitalized with a serious injury and is in stable condition.

The deputy involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave as the Michigan State Police investigate the incident. She is a 22-year veteran of the force.

Here’s the video of the harrowing incident:

Man killed by police after mask dispute at Michigan store

6 feet abolish all power over people CIA Conspiracy Fact and Theory COVID-19 Critical Thinking discernment elitists enslavement hand washing handlers Headline News Intelwars LIES lockdowns Luciferians New World Order Obey occult symbolism One World Religion Rituals ruling class social distancing torture

Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to figure out the reason behind the mandating of face masks that are ramping up even as the deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic have wanned.  Since there is no logic to it, could it possibly be something else more sinister?

As with everything you see, read, hear, or are commanded to do; use your discernment. Some will think this is crazy, but as we know, the people who are trying to take over the world to create a New World Order are Luciferian occultists, and they believe this stuff, whether you do or not. I don’t know how much stock to put in this, but again, use your own critical thinking skills and discernment and see if any of this information resonates with you.

*NOTE: I am NOT saying any of this is true or any of this is false. I am simply sharing the information I came across. 

According to a website called Have Ye Not Read, the coronavirus has provided those pushing the New World Order with an opportunity to initiate people into their new position as a slave with occult ritual transformations.  The article is long, but it details how mask-wearing, hand washing, “social separation” and lockdowns are age-old occult rituals being used to initiate people into a New Global Order.

Masking has traditionally played a very important role in occult rituals.

Among other things, the wearing of the mask over one’s mouth is a token of submission…a gesture of your willingness to be subject to others who are not your usual Sovereign.  

But there’s more.  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, mask-wearing is:

“A form of disguise or concealment usually worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being.”

The wearing of the mask is simply part of the initiation ritual used to visually and psychologically signal your consent to this new arrangement.  –Have Ye Not Read

But it gets more sinister.  Hand washing is also bein used to symbolize your willingness to wash away and bring in the New World Order of evil control. If you don’t believe in any kind of religion, remember, those trying to enslave you do, and they very well could be using occultic rituals to do it. Again, discernment is necessary.

 For the purposes of occult ritual initiation, the powers-that-be have you symbolically washing your hands of your duties to Christ Himself.

To the occultists, this forced occult ritual washing of the hands reverses Pilate’s public handwashing ritual, which, for the last 2,000 years, has put the onus for Christ’s death on the hands of the ritualists themselves, and absolved Christ (and the Romans) of all guilt.

Your ritual washing of hands has you symbolically (albeit unconsciously) washing away your old position – your old Master and his prescribed ways — in anticipation of your new master and his.

It’s that simple.  Hand washing is the occult ritualistic symbol of rejection. –Have Ye Not Read

Social distancing is also “ritualistic” in nature, not to mention a CIA tactic of torture. Not to mention the use of the number 6 (6 feet apart) which these psychopaths tend to use quite often.

Much like mask-wearing, social distancing is a lie.  It cannot possibly work.  Yet we’re being forced to participate in it.

But symbolically speaking, the ritual of “social distancing” — at the magical “six feet” apart – is the part of the initiation ritual that SEPARATES YOU from Christ. –Have Ye Not Read

The lockdowns are simply more psychological trauma and are being used to initiate people. When you comply, you signal to the Satanic elitists that you are willing to be enslaved by them and their religion.

There are basically four stages to an isolation ritual:

Stage 1:  Isolation for purification (you’re cut off from the normal, and thrust into a “new normal” that’s completely different than your past life)

Stage 2:  Surrender to the “new normal.”  This often involves being given a token gift (think “stimulus check”) leading the initiate believe he’s being well-taken care of by his new overlords, so there’s no need to rebel against the new order one is being initiated into.

Stage 3:  Sacrifice.  No gift can be given without something being taken. In this case, your dignity…your sovereign independence…your voice…your individual power on this earth as a representative of the Word of the Most High God – all of these things, and more, are being taken from you in exchange for the cold “comfort” of a new way in a new world.

Stage 4:  Submission.  Think:  Mandatory vaccines.  Social tracing.  The willing acceptance of new rules for a new order. –Have Ye Not Read

You may not believe any of this. You may not be religious. I know I’m not. But those forcing this new world order down our throats plain and simply, do believe this.  They seem to be trying to initiate us into a new one-world religion of vile and disturbing tyrannical enslavement to them.


Coronavirus Coronavirus lockdown Greg Abbott Intelwars Mask orders social distancing Texas coronavirus Texas lockdown

Gov. Abbott warns that a lockdown is coming if coronavirus surge in Texas doesn’t slow down

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned that if the rise of coronavirus cases in his state doesn’t slow down that he would have to impose a lockdown order to stop the spread of the pandemic.

“Things will get worse, and let me explain why,” he told KLBK-TV on Friday.

“The deaths that we’re seeing announced today and yesterday — which are now over 100 — those are people who likely contracted COVID-19 in late May,” he explained.

“Actually, the worst is yet to come as we work our way through that massive increase in people testing positive,” Abbott added.

He pleaded with Texans to follow the social distancing guidelines in order to help stop spread the coronavirus and avoid a further lockdown.

“The public needs to understand this was a very tough decision for me to make,” Abbott said.

“I made clear that I made this tough decision for one reason: It was our last best effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. If we do not slow the spread of COVID-19, with that rise of hospitalizations that you’re seeing in Lubbock, with the increased death rate we’re seeing in the state of Texas, the next step would have to be a lockdown,” he added.

“The last thing I want to do, the last thing anybody in Texas wants to do, is to see another lockdown,” Abbot concluded, “hence, the best thing everybody can do is do this thing that is inconvenient of wearing a face covering, knowing that it will keep your jobs open, your economy open, and your businesses open.”

There are more than 10,000 coronavirus patients hospitalized in Texas, with nearly 10,000 new cases reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Here’s the video of Abbott’s warning:

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott addresses the rise in Covid-19 deaths and hospitalizations

bossed around botched policies businesses closed civil disobedience control the public Crimes disobey economy destroyed Fear federal reserve takeover free people freedom get off your knees Government Headline News HOPE Intelwars LIES lockdowns New York City Obey panic play in the park post-COVID society propaganda rights aren't gifts from government Self-ownership SLAVERY social distancing stand up tyranny voluntaryism

Post-COVID Society: Americans Might Be DONE Taking Orders

Americans are losing patience with the lies, propaganda, and destruction of their livelihoods since following the orders of the totalitarian government.  It looks like the government has overplayed its hand, and Americans are done obeying the ruling class.

Have Americans finally reached their breaking point? Do they actually desire freedom over the false sense of security being promised by the government?  Maybe. It appears that a good number are simply unwilling to comply with orders anymore.

On June 19, the mayor of Cottonwood, Arizona, unilaterally ordered city residents to wear face masks in public places. A week later, my family went downtown to grab some lunch at a favorite barbecue joint. The proclamation might as well have never been issued; we were among the very few people wearing masks on the street or in the stores. –Reason

Compliance with orders from on-high is losing popularity rapidly across the country. More and more Americans are simply disobeying the commands in favor of living a life of freedom. One of the COVID-19 pandemic’s legacies may very well be an overwhelming public fatigue with being told what to do.

Honestly, I tired of the rhetoric and commands early on when businesses began to shut down after being told to. All governments refuse to ask if the public even needs to be bossed around, but ordering the slaves to comply is what they do best. And they’re finally getting a lot of pushback.

Even at the beginning of the pandemic, when fear and uncertainty were at their height, many Americans worried that they would lose more to economic stagnation and social isolation than they gained from society-wide lockdowns. Closing businesses and banning gatherings might slow the spread of disease, but it also chokes off commerce, kills jobs, and sends people to the brink of despair.

“Frustrated small-business owners have turned to heavily armed, militia-style protesters … to serve as reopening security squads” to deter government officials from enforcing closure orders, The New York Timesreported in mid-May. Disobedience morphed into open rebellion as people chafed against draconian commands and the resulting dwindling bank accounts.

It isn’t only a matter of dollars and cents, either. In New York City, parents sick of confinement at home and unable to legally let their children blow off steam in playgrounds “cut the locks and chains on gates that had kept them closed for months,” according to the New York Daily News. –Reason

Civil disobedience is the only option left for those who want to live freely.  Petitions don’t work because the government doesn’t care. Protests don’t work because the government doesn’t care. Free people don’t ask permission anyway, they just live free.

Civil Disobedience Is Here: People All Over Are Getting Off Their Knees & Disobeying Tyrants

Granted, there are still a number of good slaves out there ready to obey, comply, and bow down to the incoming New World Order, the one world currency, and the one-world religion. But for many, it’s already gone too far, and they’ve said: “enough is enough.”

We don’t need governments’ permission to be free, and it’s about time people begin to realize that. Americans’ unwillingness to be governed any further by officials who responded to the pandemic with a series of botched policy initiativespersonal exemptions, and seemingly arbitrary commands to the public is understandable. Why would you take orders from people who seem to have no idea what they’re doing and clearly don’t intend to follow the rules themselves?

No one owns you, including the government of the United States. You own yourself, and with that, the responsibility of acting in your own free will, and not be at the whims of a ruling class. Your rights were given to you by the Creator and cannot be taken no matter what is voted for and no matter who writes a law otherwise. It’s good to see Americans finally realizing this.


as effective as physical torture CIA Crimes global takeover Headline News homeschooling Humanity Intelwars Kids Leigh Dundas LIES Mental Health New World Order Prisoners of War propaganda schools social distancing social isolation torture we are all enemies of the state

[WATCH] Social Distancing is a “CIA Protocol” That Amounts To Torture

In a video that couldn’t be found anywhere on YouTube (which isn’t a big surprise), a woman blasts social distancing as a “CIA protocol” the amounts to torture.  She says that the world’s governments are using social distancing to destabilize the mental health of the entire planet.

The video below is on a platform called Bitchute, and will not be removed by any censors. Bitchute is decentralized.  In the video, Leigh Dundas says “social distancing is actually a technique that might be causing more harm to our children than that which it seeks to avoid. So, social distancing is a euphemism for social isolation. It was a technique that was developed about 70 years ago by the CIA and they found it was REALLY REALLY good at breaking down enemies of the state.”

So what in the hell are we doing to our children? Why are they enemies of the state? Because we all are enemies of the state. If you aren’t a politician, you are the enemy and they want to enslave us under the New World Order and the government is a part of the plan to manufacture compliance. This is not a conspiracy theory.  They are coming out and saying it now, and several sites, including this one, have proven this time and time again. Your inability to understand what’s going on or break your own mental chains does not make it “unreal.”

“It destroys the part of the brain that is responsible for learning in our children and ourselves, which is known as the ventral striata…in 1951, the CIA held a secret meeting at the Ritz Carlton in Canada and it was a meeting with doctors present who had ties to, and I quote ‘the US, UK, and Canadian military forces.” The CIA realized at that meeting and others that “social distancing and social isolation techniques were quote ‘the ideal way of breaking down a prisoner.’” 

Creepy Proposal: Government’s Plans to “Track” COVID-19 at Schools

The video is currently up on Facebook as well, but it could definitely be deleted by the censors:

Many educators and parents are struggling with the concept of social distancing in schools. Here are some lesser known facts about social distancing and isolation: • It was developed 70 years ago by the CIA to break down enemies of state.• It is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day AND being an alcoholic.• It doubles the risk of death, and destroys the part of the brain responsible for learning.To learn more about the secret military meeting in Canada in the 1950’s that gave rise to social distancing and isolation techniques – and to learn the basis for the “six foot distance rule” during times of COVID — watch this video. Bottom line? The CA Department of Education has no business deploying CIA protocols — still used to this day to break down enemies because they are more effective than physical torture — against kindergardeners in classrooms. Particularly since adoption of the 6 foot rule will force CA schools into a hybrid "remote learning" model – where students will only be able to be on-campus part time – which will unfairly disadvantage the 43% of California’s students who are from lower socio-economic families. By fifth grade, these children are already testing 2-3 years behind their counterparts. Because they are poor, they often do not have any parent home with them during the day, and further lack computers and consistent internet connections. To deploy remote learning against these children is an educational death sentence – simply put, they will never catch up to their peers. Call and email California State Department of Education and Superintendent Tony Thurmond (916-319-0800 and — and do the same with your County Board of Education, your local school district and your child’s principal — and tell them: NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, and NO REMOTE LEARNING.PS: For those concerned about sending kids to school this Fall, there is good news: • A child’s risk of dying from COVID is 0.0%, per the CDC.• No child has passed on COVID to a family member or third party (they do not transmit).Visit (resource tab) for more data.

Posted by Leigh Dundas on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dundas writes: Many educators and parents are struggling with the concept of social distancing in schools. Here are some lesser-known facts about social distancing and isolation:

• It was developed 70 years ago by the CIA to break down enemies of the state.

• It is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day AND being an alcoholic.

• It doubles the risk of death and destroys the part of the brain responsible for learning.

To learn more about the secret military meeting in Canada in the 1950s that gave rise to social distancing and isolation techniques – and to learn the basis for the “six-foot distance rule” during times of COVID — watch this video.

Bottom line? The CA Department of Education has no business deploying CIA protocols — still used to this day to break down enemies because they are more effective than physical torture — against kindergarteners in classrooms.

This could be a big reason why so many parents have already decided to homeschool their children this coming year. Honestly, that’s probably a good thing. If children cannot socialize, what’s the point of public schools anyway?

This was is on us.  It’s become obvious. We all need to become of aware of the mental and spiritual war being fought for the power over our minds right now. No one is coming to save us. We are going to need to save ourselves.  No amount of voting will get us out of this. The system was set up against us, it doesn’t’ matter who the ruler is. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the truth. The way out is realizing no one owns you. No one has rights you don’t have, and no one has any obligation to obey anyone else. We got to this point by people acquiescing to power instead of realizing they are the power and have ultimate control over their own life.

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