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Seattle police arrest at least 8 people during Election Day protests as rioters reportedly put nails in roadway

Seattle, Washington, police arrested at least eight suspects as a result of Election Day protests on Tuesday.

According to Fox News, some of the demonstrators and rioters reportedly scattered nails along roadways in the city.

What are the details?

The outlet reported that two groups were reportedly seen marching through Seattle on Tuesday night. Authorities said that at least one of the groups was given a warning to keep moving, but the two groups eventually converged around 9 p.m. local time in Seattle’s downtown area.

Late Tuesday night, the Seattle Police Department tweeted, “Officers have provided multiple additional public safety warnings to the group. Individuals have continued to put items in roadway, including nails.”

“Marchers are moving traffic barricades into the roadway,” the department added. “Pedestrian interference warnings have been given. Group is westbound on Lenora St from Westlake Ave. Please use caution if driving in the downtown area.”

Fox reported that the arrests were for “pedestrian interference, obstruction, assault on an officer, reckless driving, and criminal mischief.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) said that she was watching the city closely amid the presidential eleceiton.

“In one of the most challenging years in our city’s history, we have a president that has consistently incited hate, fear, and violence. This is why my office has been closely coordinating with the governor, county executive, and city departments for a safe and secure Election Day and planning for the days that follow,” Durkan said.

At least one demonstrator told the Seattle Times, “We are not scared of whoever gets elected. It’s not going to stop us.”

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Seattle rioters tried to seal police officers inside precinct with cement and set the building on fire

Anti-police rioters in Seattle attempted to trap officers inside a precinct by sealing the door with cement and setting the building on fire, KTTH reported.

Unrest in Seattle has been on going since late May, when George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis Police Department officers, but it may have been further inflamed by the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Video of the Blake shooting went viral over the weekend.

According to KTTH, some protesters brought quick-dry cement to the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct. As other rioters vandalized the building, some of them mixed up a cement solution and applied it to the door, as well as destroying the key card reader on the door.

At the same time, some of the rioters tried to set the building on fire with officers inside, with the apparent intention of burning the officers alive. Fortunately, they weren’t very good at mixing up concrete. From Jason Rantz of KTTH:

A source tells me the officers inside had to kick the door open to exit the building and disperse the rioters. Luckily, already lacking discernible skills, the rioters did not follow directions and may have used too much water in the cement mixture. Photos indicate it too runny to fully seal the doorway shut.

Seattle police have been targeted with intense protests for months, including several weeks when protesters occupied nine blocks of the city surrounding the East Precinct in what was called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

At the wishes of the protesters, the Seattle City Council voted 7-1 to cut the police budget so severely that it could cause the department to lose 100 officers. The vote spurred Chief Carmen Best to submit her resignation. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who was supportive of the anti-police protests, vetoed that cut.

From the Seattle Times:

Durkan described the council’s cuts to police as imprudent, saying they had “no plan for how the city will bridge gaps in the police response that will be caused if we lose 100 police officers” and “no plans for how the city will address encampments or RVs that pose a public safety risk.”

She also objected to cutting the salaries of SPD’s command staff.

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Mayor Jenny Durkan vetos measure by Seattle City Council to defund the police and cut up to 100 police officers

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said she would veto budget changes passed by the Seattle City Council to defund the police. The proposals could have cut up to 100 officer positions.

The proposals follow upon demands from Black Lives Matter protesters to “defund the police” and reroute the funds to social services, the lack of which is said to be the root cause of crime and violence.

Durkan indicated that she was open to something similar to what the council had passed, but that they had not collaborated enough with her office before passing he measure.

“This veto was because the bills as passed did not have the type of collaboration that I think we will have going forward, and that I’m hopeful we will have going forward,” she explained on Friday.

The proposal would have only cut $4 million from the department’s $400 million budget. Seattle has about 1,400 police officers.

Sawant dissents

Kshama Sawant, one of the most far left progressive members of the city council, voted against the measure, but only because they didn’t go far enough to defund the police.

“Seattle Mayor Durkan remains hostile to defunding police. Democratic Councilmembers completely failed to keep their public promises of 50% defunding in the Summer budget vote, furthermore, approved an austerity budget after having promised anti-austerity,” Sawant tweeted on Thursday.

Criminal justice alternatives

Durkan however, appeared to approve of seeking community-based alternatives to traditional policing methods as a response to crime in the city.

“We must stop gun violence,” Durkan emphasized.

“We know that enforcement and policing is only one part of the work that needs to be done to do so,” she added. “We also have to work with trusted community partners, who can work both to de-escalate situations, and provide alternatives to the criminal justice system.”

Durkan also noted that there’s been a 50% increase in shootings since June 1st in the beleaguered city.

The Democratic mayor made headlines in June when she angrily denounced Black Lives Matter protesting at her home and vandalizing it after she had previously shown support for the movement.

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Seattle man asks protesters outside his home to quiet down so he can sleep. He gets a beatdown instead.

A 47-year-old Seattle man was attacked after asking local protesters to quiet down so he could sleep.

What are the details?

According to the Seattle Police Department blotter, the unnamed man said he confronted the demonstrators outside his home in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

The man said he was attempting to sleep, but around midnight, he was awoken by the sound of protesters working their way through his neighborhood.

He went outside with his phone recording and filmed himself asking protesters to be quieter so he could get some rest.

Authorities reported that members of the protest reportedly became angered because he was recording them and began taunting him with lasers and flashlights.

KIRO-TV reported that at least one demonstrator reportedly struck the unnamed man with a “blunt object,” which possibly could have been a flashlight. Video footage of the incident shows the man lying on the ground after the assault.

The department said that several other protesters who were not involved in the taunting or the attack provided first aid to the man.

‘I have no problem’

A family member transported the man to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“Officers spoke with multiple witnesses who confirmed the victim’s story, found surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident, and took photos of blood splatter at the crime scene,” he told officers, according to the blotter.

Police met the victim at the hospital and he told them that “he was attempting to sleep but was kept awake by a protest that had been making its way through the neighborhood” before the attack.

KIRO obtained some video footage of the incident, in which one of the demonstrators can be heard demanding, “What’s your problem here?”

The victim, who was apparently just trying to sleep, responded, “I have no problem.”

Moments later, the victim was on the ground.

VIDEO: Man assaulted after confronting protesters outside his Seattle home, police say

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Seattle police found van full of improvised explosives, spike strips and stun guns at riot

Seattle police said they impounded a van full of explosives, stun guns, and improvised spike strips after witnessing protesters passing out items during the violent protests on Saturday.

Police Chief Carmen Best spoke to reporters about the discovery at a media briefing on Wednesday.

“Over the past several weeks we have seen many demonstrations throughout the city. Many demonstrators have been peaceful, however, many have not,” said Best.

“Since July 19th, we have seen three protests where individuals have embedded themselves and they were particularly destructive and violent inside the peaceful group. Last Saturday a group of protesters went to the Youth Service Center where people within the group threw incendiary devices, molotov cocktails, into a construction site which resulted in several trailers being destroyed by fire,” she explained.

“The group went from the construction cite to the East Precinct. A van that was closely following the group arrived at the precinct with the group. People were seen removing items and distributing them to people within the group. These items were described as baseball bats, pyrotechnic explosives, APR respirators, improvised shields, and face masks,” Best added.

A detective explains improvised spike strips found in Seattle vanImage Source: YouTube screenshot

“Moments later an explosion blew an eight-inch hole into the wall of the East Precinct,” Best continued.

“Because of the manner in which the vehicle was parked and abandoned, there was a real fear that it would contain explosive devices that could detonate. The vehicle was impounded, detectives applied for a search warrant, yesterday a judge granted that request,” said Best.

“The search yielded, one, pyrotechnic explosives, smoke bombs bundled together and unlit, but able to cause large amounts of smoke that are caustic to humans, bear spray, using it on anything but bears is a federal offense, pepper spray, stun guns, improvised spike strips,” she explained.

Improvised pyrotechnic explosions Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who has expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, condemned the violence from the rioting.

“Peaceful protests are good for our city and good for our country,” said Durkan, “but in our city it is also a truth that arson, destruction, and violence have occurred and they undermine the push and need and voice for systemic change.”

She went on to admit that some journalists were harassed and intimidated by protesters. Durkan also said that any charges of police misconduct would be thoroughly investigated.

Best said that 59 officers were injured and 47 people were arrested at Saturday’s riot.

Here’s the video of the press briefing from KING 5:

WATCH LIVE: Seattle mayor, police chief on Saturday’s protests

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Rabid rioters burn justice center, apartment building in violent clashes: Media won’t show ‘full picture’ because ‘they don’t want you to realize Antifa’ torched homes

A violent mob set fire to a justice center construction site in Seattle, Washington, reports say.

The group of rioters also set fire to a local Starbucks, which is housed on the ground floor of an apartment building.

What are the details?

KIRO-TV reported that “thousands of people” peacefully gathered in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood on Saturday morning in a demonstration of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests in Portland.

The tenor of the protest quickly change, and began to spiral out of control by afternoon.

Angry protesters, bent on destruction, reportedly set to a construction site at the King County Youth Service Center/Judge Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center by Saturday evening.

In a statement, the Seattle Police Department said, “Approximately a dozen people … entered a construction site at the facility, set fire to portable trailers and other equipment, and broke out windows on personal vehicles in the area and court facilities.”

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, Seattle-based conservative radio host Jason Rantz tweeted, “The peaceful protesters destroyed a Starbucks and a fire was supposedly set. It’s attached to an apartment complex.”

Others in the area alleged that people were telling residents to evacuate the apartment complex, such as New York Times reporter Mike Baker.

On Twitter, Baker wrote, “Moving through the Capitol Hill, hitting a Starbucks. Smoke is coming out of the window and people are now calling for the residents above to evacuate.

Baker also added that a crowd estimated to contain around 2,000 demonstrators attracted the attention of federal law enforcement.

He also shared video footage of the burning constriction site.

Baker later pointed out that police showed up on the dramatic scene, and were forced to deploy crowd-control tactics on the out-of-control rioters.

“The police have shown up, using flash-bangs and pepper spray,” Baker shared.

Ian Miles Cheong, Human Evens managing editor, also tweeted about the melee, writing, “The Starbucks is on the ground floor of an apartment complex. The media does not show you the full picture because they don’t want you to realize Antifa set homes on fire in Seattle.”

KIRO reported on Sunday that authorities arrested 45 people in connection with Saturday’s riots, and revealed that at least 21 officers were injured as a result.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best added that Saturday’s protest was “not a peaceful demonstration at all.”

You can read more about Saturday’s violent criminal outbreak here.

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Protesters injure 12 Seattle police officers, set fire in a precinct, damage businesses in anti-cop demonstrations

A dozen Seattle Police Department officers were injured and multiple businesses and police facilities were vandalized during weekend anti-police protests, My Northwest reported.

What started as a peaceful protest Sunday morning became rowdy and violent when some protesters showed up a few hours into the demonstration with baseball bats, paint, and fireworks.

Rioters marched through the streets smashing windows, tagging buildings with graffiti, and looting some businesses.

The group attacked police officers standing outside the Seattle Police Department’s West Precinct with bottles and rocks. Some officers were injured by fireworks thrown at them by the rioters.

The destructive march continued through the city to the Capitol Hill area, which was the site of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, also known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, which occupied 6-9 blocks of the city surrounding the SPD East Precinct for about two weeks.

When the group arrived at Capitol Hill, they damaged more businesses, looted, and even set a fire inside one business that was broken into.

They got to the East Precinct, which has only recently been recovered by SPD after they abandoned it to CHAZ protesters, and broke out windows at the front of the building and set a small fire inside with fireworks.

Seattle Police called the riots a “very concerted effort at property damage of certain businesses and government facilities.” The department shared pictures of some of the damage on Twitter. They reportedly targeted specific businesses:

Police said the group targeted several businesses, including an Amazon store and Starbucks coffee shop. The Macy’s downtown also had windows broken.

There’s no word yet on how much the damage will cost or if there will be more arrests.

Arson/bomb detectives along with members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are conducting the follow-up investigations related to the arson and the fireworks.

“Demonstrators went from Westlake Park to the Municipal Courthouse and then headed back north to the West Precinct…leaving behind a trail of property destruction. These are criminal acts, not peaceful protests,” the post read.

A majority of the Seattle City Council supports severely cutting Seattle Police Department funding in 2020, although Mayor Jenny Durkan is trying to push such measures back by at least one year. From the Seattle Times:

Last week, seven of nine council members said they would support a high-level proposal — laid out by the coalitions Decriminalize Seattle and King County Equity Now — to cut police spending by 50% and redirect the money to alternative 911 responders, community services and affordable housing.