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Five Antifa scumbags gang up on man, beat him silly — and their ‘comrades’ demand reporter not record attack

Washington, D.C., and
Washington state weren’t the only flash points of Antifa thuggery over the weekend.

The black-clad leftists — who gaslight us with their self-described “anti-fascist” credo while engaging in blatantly fascist violence, bullying, and intimidation against anyone who gets in their way with few consequences — decided they would flex their muscles in Sacramento, California.

What happened?

The Proud Boys were protesting there Saturday, and Scott Rodd — the state government reporter for CapRadio News — was there to
document the violence when Antifa decided to join the fray.

Rodd noted in a Twitter
thread that “today was the most violent of any protest in downtown Sacramento since the election. Mace, batons, fisticuffs. A guy even pulled out a katana.” A katana is a Japanese sword with a curved, single-edged blade used for slashing and stabbing — and yes, turns out an Antifa militant was brandishing the Samurai weapon, although Rodd referred to him as a “man on [the] counter-protest side.”

One of the most draw-dropping of Rodd’s clips
showed what he said was a “man with a baton” who was “verbally antagonizing the group of counter protesters” — i.e., Antifa.

And how did the Antifa militants handle the verbal slights? “A number of them rushed him in an alley and beat him,” Rodd wrote. It appears to be a five-against-one gang-up — Antifa aren’t known for fighting one on one:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SRodd_CPR

They seem nice.

But that wasn’t all. “Multiple counter-protesters blocked me and demanded I not film,” Rodd added in his tweet. “I said (through a gas mask) I’m press and just doing my job.”

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SRodd_CPR

“Do not film! Do not film! Do not film this!” one leftist is heard hollering at Rodd while black umbrellas attempt to block him from recording.

When the beating ends, Rodd captures the image of the victim sprawled on the concrete and struggling to stand:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SRodd_CPR

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @SRodd_CPR

Here’s the clip:

One might assume if our anti-fascist friends weren’t up to anything violent or illegal — you know, like if they were sitting down over beers and coming together as one with conservatives in their post-election euphoria so we can build back better or something — they wouldn’t be demanding that journalists refrain from documenting their actions.

This blatant prevention of First Amendment-protected reporting is an ongoing MO with Antifa and other violent leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter. We saw it in broad daylight in Portland, Oregon, last week when a
gang of militant leftists bullied and physically attacked a Portland TV news reporter and videographer who dared enter their “autonomous zone” — and then kicked them out.

Still, there are plenty of folks still demanding cover for Antifa lawlessness, like one guy who warned Rodd that “there can be legal consequences for their comrades if you get too close [with a video camera]. It’s a thin line. I have no respect for snitches disguised as journalists. Respect earns respect and trust earns trust.”

But another Twitter user wasn’t having any of it and shot back, “If your comrades aren’t violating LAWS, then there wouldn’t be LEGAL consequences! Freedom of the press is a fundamental right, protected by the constitution. If their actions put them in legal jeopardy, thats 100% on them!”

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Brutal brawl erupts between black bloc anarchists and ‘Back the Blue’ supporters in Washington

There were violent clashes in Washington’s capital on Saturday during a “Back the Blue” rally when black bloc anarchists held their own counterprotest.

The Olympia Police Department released a notice: “Large group of opposing protesters started near the Capitol and are now moving through downtown Olympia. Near City Hall. The groups have dispersed into smaller groups and are moving throughout the area. Officers are monitoring to ensure things are peaceful from here forward.”

The black bloc anarchists held their own event titled “Squash Fascists.” The two groups baited each other throughout the day, as seen in footage from photojournalist Independent Media PDX. The black bloc members burned American flags and the “Back the Blue” supporters retaliated by burning a black umbrella, which many Antifa members carry to conceal their identities.

(Content Warning: Explicit and violent videos):

At one point, a brutal brawl between the two groups erupted. Individuals dressed in all black are beaten with American and Trump flag poles.

The Olympia Police Department said the groups “have largely dispersed.” The department said, “An arrest was made for two counts of felony assault. An additional charge may be referred for reckless endangerment as well.”

“We did make an arrest for a subject that appeared to fire at least one round from a handgun into the opposing crowd,” the police tweeted. “Any witnesses to that crime should contact @OlyPD through the 911 system.”

Olympia wasn’t the only place where groups clashed. In St Paul, Minneapolis, groups prepared for confrontation.

In California, Black bloc militants wielded shields and chanted, “No more Proud Boys in Sacramento!” There was a heavy police presence with officers wearing riot gear. Police officers fired non-lethal munitions at rowdy demonstrators dressed in all black.

At one point, alleged Proud Boys and black bloc members clashed. Black bloc members attacked Trump supporters and left them injured.

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Former sheriff’s deputy sentenced to jail for sex with 16-year-old son of ex-boyfriend

A former sheriff’s deputy was sentenced Wednesday to a year in jail for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. The juvenile was the 16-year-old son of her ex-boyfriend.

Shauna Bishop was a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy, who had been reportedly dating a man who also worked for the sheriff’s department and said to be “a high-ranking officer.” In April 2019, the man allegedly broke off the relationship after a year.

The man told his ex-wife that he was concerned that Bishop’s relationship with their son was “inappropriate” and that Shauna was “grooming” the boy, according to court records.

The boy’s mother checked her son’s cellphone records to investigate.

“I found nothing that led me to believe there was more to the relationship than what it was,” she told police.

Despite the father’s concerns, the mother and Bishop became close friends after the breakup, according to the Sacramento Bee.

On April 28, 2019, the mother asked the sheriff’s deputy to come to her home and talk to her son about his drinking and marijuana use, court documents said. Bishop, 44, arrived at 8 p.m. and ended up staying overnight.

“We all three sat on the couch and I wanted Shauna there with me because (the victim) really responds well to her and I knew it would be easier to discuss if she was with me,” the boy’s mother told the police.

Later that night, Bishop went into the boy’s room, and they engaged in sexual intercourse and oral sex, according to a statement the 16-year-old provided to authorities. About two weeks after the incident, the boy reportedly told his 19-year-old sister about the encounter. She informed their mother, who contacted the Folsom Police Department, which began an investigation.

According to court documents, authorities had the mother call Bishop to ask if she “did something” the night she slept over. The mother then told her that she knew about Bishop’s 69-minute phone call with the teen a day after the incident.

“When he told me what happened, I had no idea,” Bishop is quoted as saying, according to court documents. “I was so drugged. I thought it was a dream. I’ve been so sick over it. I literally have no recollection.”

Bishop hinted that she had been under the influence of the Ambien, which both women reportedly took on the night of the incident.

The teen did not initially inform police about the sexual contact with Bishop because he was concerned about her and her children, court documents said.

“I really don’t want anything to happen to Shauna,” the boy told police. “I am worried for her kids. She has a 16-year-old daughter and 20-year-old daughter and I don’t want to see them get hurt. I really wish this would all just go away.”

The boy’s parents filed a police report. Bishop turned herself in to authorities in June 2019, and was arrested by Folsom police on her birthday. The five-year veteran was put on paid leave in May 2019 during the investigation and resigned in August 2019, as reported by KOVR.

This July, Bishop pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse. In the plea agreement, prosecutors dismissed four other charges against her.

On Wednesday, Bishop was sentenced to one year in county jail, five years of probation, and she must register as a sex offender, KCRA reported. She was also ordered to serve 180 days on the sheriff’s work project when she’s released.

The Folsom Police Department released a statement last June that read, “Although Bishop is a deputy sheriff, she did not meet the victim through her job nor did the alleged acts occur while on duty. Detectives do not believe there are additional victims.”

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Fisherman saves four children from submerged car after their mother was shot and killed

A fisherman is being hailed as a hero after he prevented a horrific crime from turning into a far worse tragedy when he helped save four children from a car submerged into a river.

The stunning incident occurred on Monday evening in Sacramento, California.

Harrell Fischer recounted his actions in an interview with KOVR-TV.

Fischer said that he was working on his boat near the Sacramento River when he heard gunshots and saw the car veer off the road into the water. He and a friend made their way to the boat and were startled when they opened one of the doors.

“We opened that door, and I saw that little face looking at me, oh my God, I melted,” he said emotionally.

“I said ‘no,’ and then I saw little hands poking out of the sides too. Man, I was devastated,” he added.

Fischer and his friend then jumped into the water to help pluck the four children from the submerged car. The children ranged from 2 to 6 years old.

“I just went into survival mode, I just started yanking kids out, just trying to go after the kids, you know, make sure the kids were ok,” he said.

“I grabbed my coat and told them to get in a little circle get in as tight as they could cause they were cold and I wanted their body heat to keep them warm too,” Fischer continued. “I put my coat around them, they were all devastated, they were in shock.”

Fischer told KOVR-TV that a man in the car allegedly got out and refused to help them. Police later arrested that man, Mandiko Kwadzo, who is the father of three of the four children. He has been charged with murder.

“Although the motive for the shooting is not yet known, detectives believe the male shot the female while she was driving, causing her to veer the vehicle into the river,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement released after the arrest of Kwadzo.

Investigators told KOVR that the mother had been shot in the head in front of her children.

“I’m glad that I was there, but I hate that I was there,” Fischer said. “You know? I hate that I had to see that, but I’m glad that I got to protect those kids a little bit and get them out of harm’s way.”

Here’s the interview with Fischer from KOVR-TV:

Good Samaritan Saves 4 Kids After Father Shoots Their Mother While Driving