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SF free speech rally canceled after organizer’s tooth knocked out, police escort Trump supporters away from violent mob

A free speech rally was shut down in San Francisco on Saturday after counter-protesters became violent. The situation became so dangerous for conservatives that police needed to escort them to their cars for their own safety from an angry mob.

A “Free Speech Rally Against Twitter and Big Tech” was planned for Saturday at the Federal Building at U.N. Plaza, which is near Twitter’s headquarters. The event was to protest Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post’s article about Hunter Biden’s alleged emails regarding overseas dealings.

The rally, which was organized by Team Save America, was granted a permit by the city. There was a strong police presence in the area and barricades were set up to separate the rally-goers and the counter-protesters.

“The First Amendment ensures the right to assemble for everyone and the permit process is in place to allow for planning, to minimize disruptions and to create basic safety measures,” San Francisco Rec & Parks spokesperson Tamara Aparton told SFist. “The San Francisco Police Department will be implementing all safety measures for this event.”

Before the 1 p.m. free speech rally kicked off, hundreds of counter-protesters assembled in the area, including a group of black-clad individuals wielding shields. Demonstrators were holding signs that read, “Smash Fascism” and “Nazi Trump F*** Off.”

“They have no business being here, they’re trying to build a fascist movement in this country,” San Francisco resident Carol Seligman told KABC-TV.

“It’s tough, I believe in free speech but I’m also anti-fascism,” said Elana Thurson-Milgrom from San Francisco.

The main organizer, Philip Anderson, was attacked and punched while he was walking to the stage to deliver his speech. The counter-protesters threw bottles at Anderson while he was on stage. Anderson announced the rally was canceled.

“Too bad it got canceled, that’s what happens when you lose free speech, this is what our country has turned into,” Anderson told the crowd.

(Content Warning: The following media contain graphic images):

Anderson shared a photo that shows his bloody mouth with his front tooth knocked out and another hanging loosely with the caption: “Antifa attacked me for no reason.”

Anderson also posted a video from a hospital bed. “I have a question for you, Joe Biden. You said that Antifa is just an idea. This is what they did to me,” Andersen said with a front tooth missing. “I’m at the hospital right now … because of Antifa. Do you still think, after seeing this, that they’re just an idea?”

Despite the free speech rally being canceled, police determined that the conservatives in the area were in danger after the riotous horde tried to knock down the barricades and threw glass bottles. Law enforcement provided a police escort to the conservatives, many of them wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Video shows a police motorcade taking the Trump supporters to a parking garage where their cars were located.

San Francisco police said counter-protesters threw “plastic bottles filled with unknown liquid,” metal cans and eggs at rally participants.

The San Francisco Police Department said six people were injured, including three officers who suffered non-life-threatening injuries when they were assaulted with pepper spray and caustic chemicals. One officer was taken to a local hospital for treatment, the department said.

One Trump supporter was seen being taken away in an ambulance with a leg injury.

No arrests were made, the department said.

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Report: Wisconsin man admits to firing first shots on the night of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting

According to a criminal complaint obtained by the New York Post, a Wisconsin man has been charged by Wisconsin authorities with multiple crimes after he reportedly admitted to having fired the first of a number of fateful shots that rang out in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on the night of Aug. 25.

According to the Post, 35-year-old Wisconsin native Joshua Ziminski and his wife both admitted to detectives that Ziminski fired a “warning shot” into the air immediately before Rittenhouse allegedly shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum during a tense night of protests. The detectives are the same detectives who have been in charge of investigating Rittenhouse’s activities on that evening.

Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree murder, among other charges. His attorneys say he was acting in self-defense.

The shot fired by Ziminski was a pivotal moment in the evening and may have played a key role in the violent events of that night. As noted by the New York Times, which exhaustively reviewed available footage of Rittenhouse from that evening, Rittenhouse appears to have been fleeing an increasingly agitated mob of protesters until he was cornered in the lot of a car dealership. Video taken of the shooting appears to show that right before Rittenhouse shot and killed Rosenbaum, there was a nearby muzzle flash and gunshot sound from the same direction that Rosenbaum was charging.

According to detectives, that gunshot was fired by Ziminski, who was seen on video “holding a black handgun” immediately before the attack, then was seen walking into the Ultimate Gas Station lot — which is adjacent to the car dealership where the Rosenbaum shooting occurred — with his “arm pointing the gun upward towards the sky.” Videos of the shooting appear to show Rittenhouse turning toward the sound of the shot and seeing Rosenbaum charging at him, whereupon Rittenhouse fired several close-range shots at the charging Rosenbaum.

Rittenhouse’s attorneys have said that the gunshot allegedly fired by Ziminski was what caused their client to believe that his life was in danger. Daily Caller reporter Richie McGinness, who was on the scene and witnessed the shooting firsthand, also stated that the sound of the gunshot was when Rittenhouse “went from running away to aiming his weapon.”

After Rosenbaum was shot, Rittenhouse then fled an even larger group of pursuers. In the course of that flight, he fatally shot 26-year-old Anthony Huber, who chased him down and tackled him in the street, and also shot and wounded Gage Grosskreutz, who appears to have pulled a handgun on him.

Ziminski’s attorneys did not return a request for comment to the New York Post. He has been released on bond and is scheduled to have a pre-trial hearing on Dec. 4.

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VIDEO: Portland rioters topple Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt statues in ‘day of rage’ against Columbus Day

Rioters in Portland, Oregon, toppled statues of former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln Sunday night, declaring a “day of rage” in anticipation of Columbus Day.

According to the Associated Press, the rioters assembled for “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage,” referring to “Indigenous Peoples Day,” an alternative holiday to Columbus Day favored by progressive activists who accuse famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus of committing acts of genocide against Native Americans.

The AP noted that President Roosevelt “expressed hostility towards Native Americans, once saying: ‘I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every 10 are.'”

OregonLive reported that nearly 200 people made up the crowd marching through downtown Portland, most dressing in head-to-toe black and some wielding melee weapons. The organizers of the event prohibited video livestreaming and photographs of their criminal activity and harassed individuals who attempted to film. One apartment resident reportedly had lasers shined at his eyes and liquid thrown in his face for attempting to take video of the riot from his terrace.

The rioters defaced the statues with paint and used chains and a blowtorch to topple the monuments. The words “Dakota 38” were spray-painted on the base of Lincoln’s statue, a reference to the 38 Dakota tribesmen whose hangings Lincoln approved after a violent conflict with white settlers in Minnesota.

At 9 p.m. they were successful in tearing down Roosevelt’s statue, called “Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Rider.” Several minutes later they pulled down Lincoln’s statue.

After pulling down the statues, they moved on to commit more acts of vandalism, smashing the windows at the Oregon Historical Society and then doing the same at the Portland State University campus police office.

Journalist Andy Ngô covered the protests and shared video taken at the event Sunday night.

According to OregonLive, the police declared the demonstrations a riot and ordered the rioters to disperse but did not directly intervene until nearly an hour after the first statue was torn down. Police said anyone involved in “criminal behavior, including vandalism,” would be arrested.

The crowds did not disperse until police cruisers flooded the area and officers in tactical gear began making arrests.

President Donald Trump on Monday called for law enforcement to act and “focus their energy on ANTIFA.”

In June, rioters in Portland toppled a nearly 100-year-old statue of George Washington, painting the words “BLM” and “genocidal colonist” on the statue.

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Photojournalist went undercover to expose white supremacists at riots, but found black bloc anarchists instead

Photojournalist Jeremy Lee Quinn was furloughed this year, so he set out to document the protests and the riots that beset cities across the U.S. following the death of George Floyd. Quinn expected to discover white supremacists caused havoc and violence at riots, but what he actually found shocked him — violent left-wing anarchists who were extremely organized.

On May 31, Quinn covered a Black Lives Matter protest in Santa Monica, California, where “suburban moms” were kneeling. Then he was alerted to a shoe store being looted about a mile away.

“He arrived to find young people pouring out of the store, shoeboxes under their arms. But there was something odd about the scene,” Farah Stockman wrote in the New York Times. “A group of men, dressed entirely in black, milled around nearby, like supervisors. One wore a creepy rubber Halloween mask.”

The next day, Quinn went to another protest, and another store was being looted. A white man wearing all black smashed the window of the store with a crowbar, but he walked away without stealing anything.

Quinn started pouring over footage of looting that was happening across the country. Once again, he noticed that white men dressed in black were often the culprits of the looting.

Quinn believed that the caucasian men causing damage were white supremacist supporters of President Donald Trump, who were attempting to make Black Lives Matter protests appear in a negative light. In an effort to expose the alleged racist Trump supporters, Quinn went undercover and infiltrated the groups. Instead, he found that these destructive forces were “true believers in insurrectionary anarchism.”

Over the next four months, Quinn marched along with “black bloc anarchists in half a dozen cities across the country.” He was in Washington D.C., where militant agitators harassed diners, and in Portland where rioters launched fireworks at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

“He says he respects the idealistic goal of a hierarchy-free society that anarchists embrace, but grew increasingly uncomfortable with the tactics used by some anarchists, which he feared would set off a backlash that could help get President Trump re-elected.”

Quinn told the New York Times that the far-left anarchists were not “a spontaneous eruption of anger at racial injustice,” like much of the mainstream media categorized the violence as. “It was strategically planned, facilitated and advertised on social media by anarchists who believed that their actions advanced the cause of racial justice.”

Quinn cautioned that the violent militants in Washington, Portland, and Seattle generated a “cultlike energy.”

Quinn saw something else he did not expect to see during the protests, Black Lives Matter protesters praying together with Trump supporters in Tulsa.

Quinn detailed his experience during protests and riots on his website, Public Report, where he warned how dangerous far-left anarchist groups could be.

“Establishment media still continues to overlook trending Anarchist black bloc tactics especially in DC, Portland & Seattle with satellite activity in Denver, Sacramento and San Diego,” Quinn wrote. “Insurrectionary Anarchist ideology & rhetoric however has permeated into the social justice movement with blazing efficiency.”

“In our experience in Louisville, Community was strong and gravitating towards non violent protest,” he wrote. “Earlier in the afternoon we saw individual protesters shutting down agitators trying to use fireworks. But the arrival of a U-Haul with Anarcho / Antifascist symboled shields changed everything.”

Many of the left-wing extremists consider themselves “insurrectionary anarchists,” some of which “advocate using crimes like arson and shoplifting to wear down the capitalist system.”

The NYT article cites a report by Rutgers researchers that documents the “systematic, online mobilization of violence that was planned, coordinated (in real time) and celebrated by explicitly violent anarcho-socialist networks that rode on the coattails of peaceful protest.” The research found that some anarchist social media accounts had exploded 300-fold since May, garnering hundreds of thousands of followers.

Stockman explained the problem with making alliances with insurrectionary anarchists. “If they help you get into power, they will try to oust you the following day, since power is what they are against,” she wrote. “Many of them don’t even vote. They are experts at unraveling an old order but considerably less skilled at building a new one. That’s why, even after more than 100 days of protest in Portland, activists do not agree on a set of common policy goals.”

“We are not sure if the socialist, communist, democratic or even anarchist utopia is possible,” admitted a host of the anarchist-supporting podcast “The Ex-Worker.” “Rather, some insurrectionary anarchists believe that the meaning of being an anarchist lies in the struggle itself and what that struggle reveals.”

Stockman hints that the far-left anarchists are not truly destroying American cities to declare that black lives matter or demand racial equality, but because they crave anarchy and their mission is to topple the status quo.

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Minnesota’s Mall of America offers free retail space for women- and minority-owned businesses impacted by riots

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, is providing free store space to some retailers who were impacted by riots across the city as well as by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Star Tribune report on Tuesday.

What are the details?

The outlet reports that the mall is offering up free, temporary retail space for 17 women- and minority-owned shops that have been impacted by rioting or the coronavirus pandemic.

The spaces will remain free for the 17 businesses for at least six months.

One store owner who will benefit from the new program is Spencer Puckett, who said he was forced to close his south Minneapolis store “several times this year” because of the riots spurred on by the police killing of George Floyd on May 25.

Puckett said that the offer is a “great opportunity.”

“I didn’t expect for [the Mall of America] to do this,” Puckett added.

Store owner Jasmine McConnell said that the new program could help boost her store’s reputation.

“There are so many larger stores that are well known in the Mall of America,” she said. “To give 17 vendors the opportunity to be on that same platform — and it’s free — it’s the biggest opportunity ever.”

Starting Thursday, Puckett’s business — along with 16 others — will be set to occupy a 5,000 square-foot space previously occupied by an apparel store.

Jill Renslow, Mall of America’s executive vice president of business development and marketing, told the outlet, “We recognize these businesses have [gone] through a tremendous amount of hardship, whether they were directly impacted physically from the arson or the looting destruction that was taking place or just the sense of lost business.”

According to the outlet, the mall began scouting areas impacted by rioting and the coronavirus to determine how it could “partner with small businesses hurt by the civil unrest that erupted after the Memorial Day killing of George Floyd.”

What else?

Fox Business reported that the retail space “will include a variety of stores ranging from apparel to accessories to food and beverage to personal care and family gifts.”

“One of the stores relocating to the space, Urban 29, had a two-year run before being decimated by riots,” the outlet added.

“Back in May, my storefront was destroyed in the riots,” store owner of Joyce Sanders told the outlet. “It was looted and set on fire. I lost everything.”

In a statement to Fox Business, Renslow said:

The Community Commons initiative is one of hope and possibility as Mall of America joins the efforts to help rebuild the hearts, minds and livelihoods of our diverse retail community. We are proud to welcome these businesses to Mall of America where guests will be introduced to an even greater slice of what our retail community has to offer beyond the doors of Mall of America.

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David Hogg denounces violence, then apologizes, backtracks, and says only for ‘young white people’

David Hogg, the 20-year-old survivor of the 2018 Parkland school shooting and co-founder of the March for Our Lives gun control advocacy group, apologized Monday for comments he made denouncing violence and looting.

Civil unrest has overtaken many of America’s cities this year as anarchists and Antifa have used Black Lives Matter anti-police brutality protests to engage in arson and looting. Protests in Portland, Seattle, New York City, Rochester, and Kenosha in response to police killings of black Americans George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Daniel Prude and the police shooting of Jacob Blake have all turned violent. Some Black Lives Matter protesters have justified the violence and called for police to be killed.

Speaking out against the rioting, Hogg wrote a Twitter thread calling on young people to stage a “nonviolent political revolution,” practicing “humility, kindness, and grace” to create change. He wants activists to vote, protest, and organize and run for elected office instead of setting buildings on fire and assaulting people to burn down the system.

“We must not fall for the slander espoused by those in power that says violence will solve our problems, they only say that so they can have an excuse to grow their authoritarianism,” Hogg tweeted.

“I have seen how violence and hate destroys lives and communities- it is not the answer,” he added, referring to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that claimed the lives of 17 people.

Hogg received backlash from his tweets, with some commenters accusing him of telling black people how to run their revolution. In follow-up tweets, Hogg backtracked and said his initial thread was “directed specifically at the young white people” arming themselves and looting.

“Let me be clear, what I am NOT trying to do is tell [black, indigenous, people of color] how they should react to violence directed at them by the state,” Hogg said. “It is not my place or any white persons [sic] to direct or criticize the way BIPOC people choose to defend themselves against this violence from the state.”

Hogg then apologized for taking a stand against violence and calling for nonviolent protest.

“I am sorry for how understandably anyone could have misinterpreted what I said,” he tweeted, thanking those who ridiculed and shamed him for opposing looting.

“Many are understandably upset and offended and I have have [sic] to do my part in admitting to mistakes when I make them and supporting my friends,” Hogg said.

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Louisville police officer shot during Breonna Taylor riots walks in for roll call one night after attack — and the response is fantastic

One of two Louisville, Kentucky, police officers who were shot during Wednesday night protests showed up for roll call the very night after he was shot and hospitalized.

What’s a brief history here?

A suspect — identified as 26-year-old Larynzo Johnson — reportedly opened fire on two officers, identified as Maj. Aubrey Gregory and Officer Robinson Desroches, during Wednesday night unrest following the announcement of an indictment in the Breonna Taylor case.

Authorities arrested and charged Johnson with two counts of assault in the first degree and 14 counts of wanton endangerment in connection with the assault on Gregory and Desroches.

You can read more about the indictment in the Taylor case here.

What are the details?

Viral video shows the moment Gregory — wearing a hooded sweatshirt that appears to read “Nobody cares, work harder” — walked into a room where roll call was being held.

Gregory was shot in the hip during the Wednesday night protests and transported to a local hospital for treatment. Desroches was shot in the abdomen and was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. Desroches remains hospitalized in stable condition and is expected to recover from the attack.

In the video of Gregory’s return, raucous applause erupts as the major, who is commander of the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Special Operation Division, humbly makes his entrance and waves off the attention.

On Thursday night, the department shared video of Gregory’s return to its Facebook page, writing, “Last night, two LMPD officers were shot in the line of duty during our response to the local protests.”

“We’re happy to share this short video of Majory [sic] Gregory, walking in to [sic] one of our roll calls less than 24 hours after being shot,” the posting continued. “Major Gregory is still recovering from his injury and is not back to full duty … yet.”

The post concluded, “The other officer shot is still recovering.”

At the time of this reporting, the video has been liked more than 9,600 times.

Anything else?

Johnson, who was taken into custody Wednesday night, is set to be arraigned on Friday.

In a statement, LMPD interim Chief Robert Schroeder said that the attack “could have been so much worse.”

“Last night’s situation could have been so much worse for our officers and for the people who were protesting when the gunfire rang out,” Schroeder said according to the Louisville Courier Journal.

“We are extremely fortunate these two officers will recover.”

The outlet reported that Johnson’s arrest citation said the suspect’s actions “showed an extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

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VIDEO: Rioter hits Seattle police officer in back of head with metal baseball bat, explosives thrown at cops

Following Wednesday’s decision by a grand jury not to indict police officers on homicide charges in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, cities across the country erupted in protests and violence, including St. Petersburg, Portland, and Louisville, where two police officers were shot. In Seattle, riots erupted that included a vicious baseball bat attack on a police officer.

A shocking video from Wednesday night’s riots in Seattle shows a man dressed in all black violently smash a police officer in the back of the head with a metal baseball bat. The police officer was wearing a helmet, which may have saved his life.

The officer was attempting to wrest his bicycle back from a person in the crowd. The masked rioter sneaks up on the officer while he is distracted and steps into a swinging attack with the metal bat that hits the cop in the back of the helmet. The officer was able to keep his footing after being bashed in the head and escaped the violent mob.

The Seattle Police Department issued a press release on Wednesday night’s violence in the city. “Multiple officers were injured to include one who was struck in the head with a baseball bat cracking his helmet,” the statement said, which included photos of the officer’s damaged helmet.

The Seattle Police Department also noted that an individual threw an explosive at law enforcement officers at approximately 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday night. The incendiary device “exploded near waiting bike officers.”

When cops attempted to arrest the suspect, they were assaulted with glass bottles and rocks from the crowd of rioters. Police said they “deployed pepper spray and blast balls in an attempt to create space between the officers and the protestors.”

Agitators also cut wires powering the security cameras to the precinct and set dumpsters on fire, and more explosives were thrown at officers. Seattle Police declared the ongoing protest an unlawful assembly after several fireworks were fired at police.

The Seattle police said they arrested 13 individuals. Charges include property destruction, resisting arrest, failure to disperse, and assault on an officer.

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice announced that Seattle is one of three U.S. cities declared to be “anarchist jurisdictions,” along with Portland and New York City. The designation could cause those cities to lose federal funding.

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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

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It’s going to be EXTREMELY DISHEARTENING to see countries coming apart, democracies crumbling, friendships coming undone, corruption reigning supreme, and old ideas falling from a cliff, but the next three to four months WILL BE DISASTROUS.

Don’t stoop to the level of general society; instead, help lift others upwards instead.


I want to really DRIVE HOME the point of why rates can’t go higher. If anything, they’re probably HEADED DOWN even more.

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If a government can restructure MOST or ALL of its debt to zero and negative rates, they’ll also be able to issue very long-term bonds, going out 50 and 100 years.

That’s one MAIN REASON why the central banks must continue monetizing the debt by suppressing bond yields down.

The governments aren’t by themselves in this, solely thanks to zero rates. Corporations are RIDDEN WITH DEBT that can only be serviced in this environment.

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Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

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Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

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Fleeing from a mob Florida governor Florida law Intelwars mobs Protesters Protests Riots Ron DeSantis

Fla. governor Ron DeSantis proposes law that would protect drivers who kill or injure demonstrators if they’re fleeing a ‘mob’

Flordia Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced on Monday a proposed new law that would protect drivers who kill or injure demonstrators if the drivers are fleeing a “mob.”

The move comes following the death while under police restraint of George Floyd and amid heightened tensions across the U.S. between law enforcement and protesters.

The proposed legislation will be filed for the March 2021 session.

What are the details?

On Twitter, DeSantis wrote, “Today I announced bold legislation that creates new criminal offenses and increases penalties for those who target law enforcement and participate in violent or disorderly assemblies. We will always stand with our men and women in uniform who keep our communities safe.”

DeSantis released the proposal on Monday. It targets protesters and increases existing penalties for such actions as “toppling monuments or blocking roadways,” Insider reported.

The bill, titled the “Combatting Violence, Disorder and Looting and Protecting Law Enforcement Act,” would also criminalize certain road-blocking protests, and violation of the law would create a third-degree felony for those who “obstruct traffic during an unpermitted protest, demonstration or violent or disorderly assembly.”

In the proposed law is a new protection against liability for drivers who kill or injure protesters if they are “fleeing for safety from a mob.”

A portion of the proposal reads, “Driver is NOT liable for injury or death caused if fleeing for safety from a mob.”

Protections for police officers

The proposed law would also include protections for individual police officers and departments at risk of losing funding.

“Florida cities that enact any legislation aimed at reducing funding allocated to their police forces amid activists [sic] call to ‘defund the police’ would have their access to state grants and aid revoked,” Insider reported.

The bill, if passed, would deny bail to any persons arrested for a crime “during a violent or disorderly assembly” until their first court appearance.

Further, the Republican governor is calling for a mandatory six-month sentence for any persons convicted of striking a law enforcement officer “during a violent or disorderly assembly.”

A “violent or disorderly assembly,” according to the bill, is defined as a group of seven or more people who are “involved in an assembly and cause damage to property or injury to other persons.”

‘I will not allow this kind of violence’

During a Monday press conference, DeSantis said, “Our right to peacefully assemble is one of our most cherished as Americans, but throughout the country we’ve seen that right being taken advantage of by professional agitators, bent on sowing disorder and causing mayhem in our cities. I will not allow this kind of violence to occur here in Florida.”

He also added, “[The law will] require a felony if you incapacitate any of the roadways. We see people take over interstates. That is absolutely hazardous. It’s not fair to motorists who get caught up in that, so that will be unacceptable.”

You can read more about the proposals here.

Governor Ron DeSantis Announces New Legislation in Polk County

Anything else?

In May, a protester jumped on the hood of a vehicle during a demonstration in Minneapolis.

Video footage of the incident showed a driver attempting to move through the crowd that swarmed the vehicle. As the driver accelerated, the protester was forced to get off. The driver, according to reports, then made a U-turn and hit the protester, knocking them to the street.

In June, an angry mob smashed the windshield of a police patrol vehicle in Florida while it was transporting arrestees to jail. Police officers were forced to retaliate and go after the rioters.

In July, violent rioters converged on the vehicle of a 58-year-old man with cerebral palsy. The man, who was just trying to make his way down an Ohio street, said that he was worried that the demonstrators would kill him.

The list goes on and on.

What is the opposition saying about this?

Florida House Minority Leader Evan Jenne told Politico, “Most of this stuff is already illegal, [DeSantis] is just hell bent on silencing any voice of opposition. None of this is about policy … it’s about buoying President [Donald] Trump, who has slipped precipitously in the polls. It’s dog-whistle base stuff.”

Ignoring the repeated examples of protesters threatening violence against innocent drivers, the African-American Policy Forum said DeSantis’ proposal was trying to give drivers a license to mow down protesters.

“Ron DeSantis sending as loud a signal as possible that he is okay with, and would even encourage, anyone who wants to use their car or truck to mow down BLM protesters,” the organization wrote in a Monday tweet. “We should not understate how dangerous this is.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes added, “Today a GOP Senator released an ad jokingly (?) endorsing killing liberal journalists, and Ron De Santis introduced a bill in Florida making it legal to run over protesters with your car. So it’s not just randos in line at rallies.”

Black Lives Matter Breonna taylor Intelwars Louisville Louisville metropolitan police department Protests Riots state of emergency

Louisville police declare state of emergency due to fear of riots that could follow Breonna Taylor decision

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department declared a state of emergency for the city Monday in anticipation of the unrest that could follow a grand jury decision on whether or not to charge the three officers involved in the raid that killed Breonna Taylor in March, NBC News reported.

“In anticipation of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement in the Breonna Taylor case, I am declaring a state of emergency for the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD),” a memo from Chief Robert J. Schroeder to officers read.

What do we know?

The emergency declaration went into effect immediately Monday, and all officer time-off requests that had not already been approved were canceled. Under the emergency guidelines, officers will work 12-hour shifts.

Windows of federal buildings in the city, including the courthouse, have been boarded up. Hearings scheduled for this week have been changed to video conferences.

Attorney General Cameron is expected to announce this week whether charges will be filed against Sgt. Brett Hankison, Officer Myles Cosgrove, and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in Taylor’s death. Hankison was fired from the department for “an extreme indifference to the value of human life,” while the other two have been placed on administrative leave.

The city of Louisville paid Taylor’s family $12 million last week to settle a civil lawsuit.

What do we not know?

It is currently unknown whether grand jury deliberations have begun or not, so it is also unknown exactly when an announcement will be made on the fate of the three LMPD officers.


Taylor was a 26-year-old emergency medical technician. She was in her apartment with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, when police officers in plain clothes burst in after midnight March 13. Officers had a warrant due to her connection with her ex-boyfriend, who is a convicted drug dealer.

Walker, allegedly believing a home invasion was taking place, shot one of the officers in the leg. The officers returned fire, shooting more than 20 bullets into the home, hitting Taylor five times. She died at the scene.

The incident was not widely publicized until about two months after it occurred, after which it gained national media attention. Along with the death of Ahmaud Arbery, which also made national news in May, and later the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the killings of black individuals sparked nationwide protests and riots that have persisted in the four months since.

Intelwars Riots Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Violence

Democrats threaten violence if GOP fills SCOTUS vacancy: ‘Burn the entire f***ing thing down’

Democrats, members of the media, and Hollywood figures threatened violence on Friday if the Republican-controlled Senate moves to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

Reza Aslan, a former CNN host, said, “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f***ing thing down.”

In response to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s commitment to vote on President Donald Trump’s nominee prior to the election, Aslan said, “Over our dead bodies. Literally.”

Hollywood screenwriter Beau Willimon said, “We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election.”

Dr. Jessie Christiansen, an Australian astrophysicist who works at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, said, “IF THEY RAM THROUGH AN APPOINTMENT IN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS I WILL RIOT.”

Emmett Macfarlane, a political science professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada, said, “Burn Congress down before letting Trump try to appoint anyone to SCOTUS.”

Author Aaron Gouveia responded to McConnell’s commitment by saying, “F*** no. Burn it all down.”

Laura Bassett — who has written for GQ magazine, the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, among other outlets — tweeted, “If McConnell jams someone through, which he will, there will be riots.”

She followed that tweet by saying, “*more, bigger riots.” She has since deleted her clarification.

What’s the background?

With the 2020 election less than two months away, Democrats and Republicans disagree on whether the vacancy should be filled. Democrats advocated filling a high court vacancy in 2016 when Barack Obama was president, while the Republican-controlled Senate blocked Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland.

However, Democrats now say the vacancy should be filled after Election Day, while McConnell has already said the Senate will vote on Trump’s nominee.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) warned a “constitutional crisis” may unfold if the vacancy is not filled prior to the election, considering the increased likelihood of a legally contested election.

“We cannot have Election Day come and go with a 4-4 court,” Cruz said Friday. “A 4-4 court that is equally divided cannot decide anything. And I think we risk a constitutional crisis if we do not have a nine justice Supreme Court, particularly when there’s such a risk of a contested litigation and a contested election.”

“Twenty years ago, I was part of the legal team that litigated Bush v. Gore and went to the Supreme Court. Thirty-seven days the country did not know who the president was going to be, and if we had a 4-4 court it could have dragged on for weeks and month,” he explained.

Trump said Saturday that Republicans have an “obligation” to fill the Supreme Court vacancy “without delay.”

“@GOP We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us, the most important of which has long been considered to be the selection of United States Supreme Court Justices. We have this obligation, without delay!” the president said.

Intelwars looting Nancy Pelosi Protests Riots social justice

Nancy Pelosi condemns rioting as public sentiment turns against unrest: ‘They should be prosecuted’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) spoke forcefully Thursday against the riots that have been occurring with regularity for nearly four months in cities all over the country, as polling continues to show public sentiment souring on the unrest.

Pelosi and other Democrats have spent much of the last few months criticizing President Donald Trump’s use of federal law enforcement to stop violence in places like Chicago and Portland, Oregon.

“We support peaceful demonstrations, we participate in them, they are part of the essence of our democracy,” Pelosi said. “That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting. They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness. I’m very proud that Joe Biden has presented the clarity that, making a distinction that I don’t think our colleagues quite understand but the American people do and a poll released today said that the American people support congressional Democrats over President Trump in terms of dealing with the issue of crime in our country for all of their misrepresentations.”

Pelosi also claimed that voters support congressional Democrats to handle crime more than they trust President Trump.

Protests began in late May after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis Police Department officers while resisting them after they attempted to arrest him for allegedly using counterfeit money at a local store.

Anti-police protests sprung up all over the country, often devolving into dangerous riots at night time. Protesters in Seattle took over blocks of the city and occupied a police precinct. Further police violence incidents, such as the shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta and the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sparked renewed protests and violence.

Portland, which has long dealt with general unrest often inflamed by Antifa, has seen some form of protests in the streets for more than 100 days in a row. Former GOP congressman Trey Gowdy criticized Pelosi for her late condemnation of the ongoing violence.

“You can be 100% behind law and order and law enforcement, or you can be, in her case, 100 days behind them,” Gowdy said on Fox News. “It’s been about 100 days. In that time, she had time to compare cops to stormtroopers. She had time to call [House Minority Leadaer] Kevin McCarthy the ‘enemy of the state.’ She had time to get her hair done … but she had no time to defend law enforcement until the polls started tightening.”

George floyd Insurance Intelwars looting Property damage record Riots vandalism

Looting, vandalism from 2020 riots estimated to break insurance claim records

The looting and destruction of property linked to riots following the death of George Floyd are estimated to be the “most expensive in insurance history,” according to an exclusive report from Axios.

What are the details?

Axios reported that according to data from a firm called Property Claim Services, “The protests that took place in 140 U.S. cities this spring were mostly peaceful, but the arson, vandalism and looting that did occur will result in at least $1 billion to $2 billion of paid insurance claims — eclipsing the record set in Los Angeles in 1992 after the acquittal of the police officers who brutalized Rodney King.”

Damage from the LA riots following the acquittal of the officers seen on video beating King cost insurers $775 million, which comes in at $1.42 billion when adjusted to 2020 dollars.

But the claims keep rolling in for property damage linked to civil unrest following the death of Floyd in late May, as riots in several U.S. cities continue months later — meaning even the high $2 billion estimate could be eclipsed.

Loretta Worters of the Insurance Information Institute explained to the outlet, “It’s not just happening in one city or state — it’s all over the country. And this is still happening, so the losses could be significantly more.”

The Daily Wire noted:

The Floyd riots are also notable because the destruction is ongoing in places like Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, and new riots and incidents of looting crop up in cities weekly, as new police-involved shooting incidents come to light. The $2 billion likely does not include damage in Rochester, New York, or Lancaster, Pennsylvania, both of which played host, last weekend, to demonstrations that eventually turned violent. And it definitely does not include anticipated unrest following the November presidential election.

Other costly periods of civil unrest in America “include the Watts riots in Los Angeles in 1965, the 1967 Detroit riot, and the New York City blackout of 1977,” Fox News reported.

Those events racked up losses totaling $357 million, $322 million, and $118 million respectively, in 2020 dollars.

Property Claim Services classifies events that result in more than $25 million in losses to be a “catastrophe.”

Anything else?

The Daily Mail pointed out that property damage claims due to civil unrest typically “pale in comparison to those related to natural disasters.”

The outlet reported, “Insurance companies paid out a total of $219billion worldwide for natural disasters in 2017 and 2018, according to Swiss Re,” adding that “in California alone, insurance companies paid out $20 billion in claims during those two years after wildfires devastated the state.”

American tradition Bill de Blasio cancelling Christmas cancelling Thanksgiving day parade cases decreasing COIVD-19 communist comrade control Coronavirus culture war family Headline News History Hoax Intelwars left-right paradigm lockdowns looting Mayor New World Order New York City plandemic reinventinthe parade Riots scamdemic tyranny tyrants virtual parade Virus

NYC Mayor Comrade De Blasio Shuts Down Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York City mayor and known communist, Bill de Blasio has already shut down the city’s infamous Thanksgiving Day Parade all because of the scamdemic. With more than two months until Thanksgiving day, de Blasio somehow already knows the COVID-19 hoax will somehow play a role.

Luckily, de Blasio is being mercilessly mocked on social media for his heavy-handed tyrannical decision. De Blasio’s attempt to “reinvent” the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, an American tradition, was met will all kinds of disdain. The parade will be “reinvented” and held virtually this year due to safety concerns around the ongoing coronavirus pandemic hoax. “It will not be the same parade we are used to,” De Blasio said at a press conference on Monday, according to a report by RT. “It will be a different kind of event. [Macy’s is] reinventing the event for this moment in history.”

The mayor attempted to downplay the scale of these changes by reminding citizens that the fourth of July fireworks show was also greatly scaled back. Don’t be surprised is these tyrants pull off another lockdown banning people from being with family during the holidays.  Because of his willingness to exert control over everything and every person, the public is hitting back.

Commie De Blasio’s Snitch Hotline FLOODED With Obscenities

Many view de Blasio’s decision as an “ongoing culture war” between the left and the right, and accused him of wanting to cancel Christmas, and I’d be lying if I said that that is beneath even this comrade.

This is just one more example of the total control these people want over everyone’s life. They are cancelling whatever they can and most Americans are still not speaking out against this. If we continue to let this drag on, we will all be slaves injected and subservient to the New World Order and the ruling classes of the planet.

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Bill Maher Intelwars looting Mainstream media real time with bill maher Riots Videos Violence viral videos

Bill Maher shreds CNN correspondent on live television for defending riots, looting, downplaying violence

Comedian Bill Maher castigated former CNN White House correspondent Jessica Yellin on Friday after she appeared to dismiss recent violence and unrest erupting across the country following George Floyd’s death.

Yellin, author of the novel “Savage News” and founder of #NewsNotNoise on Instagram, appeared on the show along with Peter Hamby, host of Snapchat’s political show “Good Luck America” and contributing writer for Vanity Fair.

What are the details?

Yellin appeared on Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” where she insisted that nationwide violence was concentrated in a small area in Portland, Oregon.

“I’m not down with this ‘Property’s on the table as something we can just take because things are not right,'” Maher said of protests and looting.

Yellin responded, “Where is the mass destruction of property happening right now?” prompting Maher to incredulously fire back, “Do you watch the news?”

“If you look at Portland, it’s two square blocks!” Yellin insisted.

From that point, it was clear that Maher wouldn’t let her get a word in edgewise.

“There is a view, it is in the media,” he told her. “Please. I know you’ve seen it. Don’t look at me like I am making this up — that somehow this is a justifiable approach.”

Yellin refused to depart from her talking points, and feebly responded, “Isn’t pain part of protest? I mean, isn’t that what … ”

“So you’re part of this,” he answered. “You believe it!”

He later added, “I saw this guy at a Papa John’s yelling through his broken glass, ‘You are going to elect Trump and I’m just trying to feed my family.’ I don’t think his view is just, like, ‘C’est la vie, it’s just property.'”

Anything else?

According to Deadline, “Real Time with Bill Maher” is believed to be the very first talk show to bring back live audiences following the COVID-19 production shutdown earlier this year.

The outlet notes that the production permitted no more than 25 audience members in the studio during a live taping.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)

Black Lives Matter business owners Charles Molineaux Conspiracy Fact and Theory Daniel prude Death Emergency Preparedness fire Intelwars Jesse barksdale killing Murder New York Ownership Police State Protests racial divide Racism Riots Rochester Shooting streets U-haul Violence


This article was originally published by Duncan Smith at The National Sentinal. 

If you needed more proof that the thuggish Black Lives Matter movement isn’t really about black lives but instead is a front for a domestic terrorist organization, here you go.

You may have heard of new demonstrations (riots) in Rochester, NY, Friday following the death of a black man in police custody.

The man in question, Daniel Prude, died after having an anti-spit bag placed over his head, per department policy. And he didn’t die right away.

In any event, that took place in March. But suddenly, it’s an ‘issue’ and one that requires a riot that injured eight Rochester police officers, some of them bad enough to be hospitalized.

And naturally, nothing accomplishes the objective of achieving ‘justice’ like breaking things, destroying livelihoods, and burning businesses down — including those belonging to black business owners.

The Epoch Times reports:

A Rochester, New York man said parts of his business were set on fire during riots following the death of a black man who died in police custody in March.

A local reporter, Charles Molineaux, took photos of the destruction of a business owned by Jesse Barksdale. It appeared that he put up a ‘Proud to be Black Owned’ sign near his business, which appeared to have been ignored by rioters.

‘Multiple trucks on fire at U-Haul on State Street at Brown. Rochester fire just arriving now,’ Molineaux said on Sunday morning. He posted photos of the vehicles on fire, also showing fire department officials responding to the alleged arson incident.



‘Three U-Haul trucks destroyed at J-Ribs on State Street. Owner Jesse Barksdale says he was bounced out of bed to respond. Livid over the destruction of his business,’ he wrote.



Barksdale’s business was listed in June on the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle’s website as a black-owned business that needs ‘support right now.’

But Barksdale didn’t get support.

He instead got the wrath of mindless BLM mobsters who don’t really care a whit about black lives — or anyone else’s, for that matter.


David dorn Intelwars Jacksonville jaguars NFL Riots Tyler eifert

NFL’s Tyler Eifert to honor retired St. Louis cop David Dorn, who was killed during George Floyd riots

Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tyler Eifert will use the NFL’s new social justice policy to honor David Dorn, a retired St. Louis police officer who was murdered by looters during riots after the police killing of George Floyd, according to Fox News.

Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou tweeted Monday that Eifert would feature Dorn’s name on the back of his helmet at some point this season. Pro Football Talk recently reported that players can feature the name of victims of police brutality or systemic racism on their helmet padding.

Some of the options players will reportedly be able to choose from include George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, three people whose deaths have sparked racial unrest across the country in recent months.

“Got some very good news from former @Bengals player/current @Jaguars player @tylereifert that he will honor fallen police officer David Dorns on his helmet,” Triantafilou tweeted. “Always been a fan of Tyler’s and God bless him!”

Dorn, 77, worked for the St. Louis Police Department for nearly 40 years. After he retired, he worked as a volunteer police chief in Moline Acres, Missouri.

He was friends with a local pawn shop owner, and whenever the alarm went off at the shop, Dorn would be notified and he would go check it out. On June 2, the alarm went off early in the morning after a night of destructive riots. Dorn went to the shop, as he always did. He was shot and killed by one of the burglars who had broken into the shop.

Ann Dorn, David’s wife, told the story of her husband’s murder during the Republican National Convention as a way to condemn the riots that have persisted since late May, when George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis.

“I relive that horror in my mind every single day,” Ann said, remembering an officer coming to her door around 4 a.m. to tell her that her husband was dead. “My hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we are witnessing in our cities and bring about positive, peaceful change.

“This isn’t a video game, where you can commit mayhem and then just hit reset and bring all the characters back to life,” Ann Dorn said. “David is never, never coming back to me. He was murdered by people who didn’t know and just didn’t care. He would’ve done anything to help them.”

Black lives matter protests Democrats violence Intelwars Riots Unrest Violence

VIDEO: Prominent Democrats openly call for violence, riots, and uprisings

A video that splices together clips of prominent Democrats and progressives openly calling for political unrest is now trending online as the nation continues to be gripped by violence and riots in the streets.

The video, produced by Caldron Pool, has garnered 2.5 million views since being posted to Twitter on Sunday.

In its original post, the Caldron Pool account asks, “how did you think it would end?” insinuating that progressives’ calls for violence have indeed given rise to the violence now playing out in communities across the country such as Portland, Oregon; Kenosha, Wisconsin; and Chicago.

BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer — who has reported on much of the violence firsthand and has even had a gun pointed in his face as a result — tweeted out the video, calling it “the most important video of 2020.”

Fellow BlazeTV host Steven Crowder suggested that the video be immediately turned into an ad for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

What are the details?

“I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country,” Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) says as the video opens, adding, “Maybe there will be.”

The video then cuts to clips from two separate MSNBC newscasts where one contributors says, “People need to start taking to the streets” in opposition to Trump and then progressive Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) says, “There needs to be unrest in the streets.”

After that, CNN host Chris Cuomo is shown saying, “Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful,” against a backdrop of news about widespread looting and vandalism in New York City.

Elsewhere in the video, liberal reporters, Hollywood celebrities, and politicians — including Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden — can be heard calling for violence against the president and antagonizing his supporters.

“If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him,” Biden said about Trump in 2018.

Why does it matter?

Many Americans have become increasingly frustrated as protests against racial injustice and police brutality have devolved into violent riots over the last several months, seemingly with little or no opposition from Democratic leaders.

Democratic officials in many cities where violent riots have taken place have often acquiesced to demands to cut police budgets even as lawlessness runs rampant.

In response, President Trump has called out the violence and has made law and order a major theme of his re-election campaign, suggesting that if Democrats have their way, the violence will only continue and increase.

“Make no mistake, if you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will defund police departments all across America,” Trump said in his speech at the Republican National Convention last week. “They will pass federal legislation to reduce law enforcement nationwide. They will make every city look like Democrat-run Portland, Oregon.”

Intelwars Kenosha Laura Ingraham Protests Riots Trump Supporters

President Trump says he doesn’t want his supporters confronting rioters: ‘Leave it to law enforcement’

After some high-profile and deadly clashes between rioters and people seeking to defend property from destruction, President Donald Trump urged his supporters to allow law enforcement to handle riots and not to take matters into their own hands.

During an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, the president seemed to try to tone down some of the conflict between citizens in the streets of numerous American cities.

“Do you want your supporters to confront the left-wing protesters, or do you want to leave it to law enforcement?” Ingraham asked the president.

“No. No, no, I don’t want them. I want to leave it to law enforcement,” Trump responded. “But my supporters are wonderful, hard-working, tremendous people. And they turn on their television set, and they look at a Portland, or they look at a Kenosha, before I got involved and stopped it, or they look at Chicago, where 78 people were shot last weekend and numerous people died, or they look at New York, where violence is up by like, what? 150%. … They’re looking at all of this, and they can’t believe it.”

A Trump supporter was killed in Portland during a protest, and the suspect in that case identified himself as being a member of Antifa.

President Trump angered some of his opponents by not condemning Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old Trump supporter from Illinois who has been charged with two homicides for allegedly shooting two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin during riots.

“I guess he was in very big trouble,” Trump said when asked about Rittenhouse. “He would have been, he probably would have been killed. But it’s under — it’s under investigation.”

The president is traveling to Kenosha on Tuesday to meet with law enforcement officials and survey the severe damage that was causes last week by days of riots that left entire city blocks burned to the ground.

This latest round of national unrest was triggered by the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The shooting is still under investigation, but police have said they were attempting to arrest Blake for his involvement in a domestic disturbance and for a third-degree sexual assault warrant. Blake resisted arrest and was shot seven times in the back when he reached into his car. Police say they found a knife near where he was reaching.

Antifa Coronavirus Federal crime Intelwars Jim banks looting Riots unemployment

GOP rep introduces bill to make ‘Antifa thugs’ pay, lose benefits for rioting, looting

As lawlessness plagues major cities across the United States, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) introduced legislation last week that would increase the punishment for people convicted of looting and rioting.

the “Support Peaceful Protest Act,” the bill would make individuals convicted of federal crimes during the course of a protest ineligible for enhanced federal unemployment benefits or any “supplemental unemployment compensation” available to Americans during the COVID-19 panic.

The bill would also “hold individuals convicted of federal offenses during the course of protests financially liable for the cost of federal policing.”

The bill

In the case of an individual convicted of a Federal offense related to the individual’s conduct at and during the course of a protest with respect to which a Federal law enforcement officer was engaged in policing activity, the court shall, in addition to the penalty for such conviction, order the individual to pay an order of restitution to the appropriate Federal law enforcement agency in an
amount that is equal to the cost of such policing activity,
as determined by the court.

a statement, Banks said rioters who are destroying cities — like Portland and Kenosha — need to feel the financial burden they are imposing on their communities.

“Antifa thugs are descending on suffering communities, disrupting peaceful protests and leaving violence, looting and vandalism in their wake. They turned Milwaukee, Seattle and Portland into warzones, and now they’re moving the chaos to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Who knows which community is next?” Banks said.

He added, “Due to enhanced federal benefits, taxpayers are giving wages to jobless rioters that are destroying our communities. We need to cut them off from their funding and make them feel the full financial consequences of their actions.”

It’s not yet clear if Banks has enough support to secure the bill’s passage. The House is on recess until after Labor Day.

However, we already know at least 74 individuals whom Bank’s bill would target.

As TheBlaze reported, the Justice Department announced last week federal charges against 74 individuals accused of committing violence in Portland over the last several months.

“Violent agitators have hijacked any semblance of First Amendment protected activity, engaging in violent criminal acts and destruction of public safety,” U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said.

democrat Intelwars Powerful Rep. john deberry Riots speech Tennessee violent

Tennessee Democrat rejected by his party delivers powerful speech condemning violent riots

Longtime Democratic Tennessee state lawmaker Rep. John DeBerry Jr. says people refusing to acknowledge the violent riots going on in America right now are fooling themselves, and warned his colleagues in a powerful floor speech this month that such behavior must be condemned and stopped.

His message is unusual coming from a Democratic officeholder in 2020, but DeBerry has never been afraid to take positions countering the party’s platform. In fact, after 26 years in office, the Democratic Party recently booted the preacher out over his support of some conservative views.

What are the details?

In his address, Mr. DeBerry recounted riding “on the back of the bus” and attending a segregated school during the Jim Crow era and noted that he was present for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final speech in Memphis before the Civil Rights leader was assassinated.

He reminded the Tennessee House that Dr. King’s method of protest was peaceful, and that after King was murdered and some people began rioting, angry and heartbroken civil rights protesters returned to peaceful demonstrations during a time that was much different than what protesters are living in today.

DeBerry recalled, “When the riots started and folks started burning stuff down, that’s when my father took my arm and we left. We left because that was not what we were there for. That was not what Dr. King was there for. That was not what others who are famous in the civil rights days were there for.”

Rep. DeBerry then pointed to Dr. King delivering his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, D.C, saying, “That man stood there and said that he wanted his children judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. And all we do in America right now is talk about color. Every issue. Every issue is about race, it’s about color, instead of sitting down at the table like men and women of common sense.”

“You tell me that somebody got the right to tear down property that Tennessee taxpayers paid for?” He asked. “That American taxpayers paid for? Somebody has the right to destroy it? Deface it? And tear it down? What kind of people have we become?”

“Peaceful protest ends peacefully,” he added. “Anarchy ends in chaos. And what we see happening right now—any of us with any common sense whatsoever—know that what we see is not peaceful.”

He asked, “What has happened to us?” and warned, “If we don’t get this right, right now, I’ve got grandchildren—I don’t want to see the country 5,10, 15, 20 years from now. If we don’t start acting like we got some guts…right now.”

Rep. John DeBerry

The Christian Chronicle reported earlier this month that the Tennessee Democratic Party voted in the spring to remove DeBerry from the party’s primary ballot over his “conservative positions on issues such as abortion, gay rights and school choice.” The decision was handed down after it was too late for the 13-time incumbent to run as a Republican or Independent .

But the Republican-led legislature voted to amend state elections rules so that DeBerry could run as an Independent in November. He is facing a Democrat, and no Republicans are in the race.

CNN Intelwars Protests Republican National Convention Riots Rob davidson social distancing social justice

CNN guest says COVID-19 isn’t as big a concern for social justice protests because racism is a ‘public health crisis’

While discussing social distancing on CNN, Dr. Rob Davidson said that the lack of COVID-19 precautions at social justice protests aren’t as concerning as the crowd at the White House for President Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech, because racism is a public health issue.

Members of the media heavily criticized President Trump for allowing 1,500 people to sit in close quarters outside the White House for his Thursday night speech, citing the risk of COVID-19 spread since attendees weren’t required to be tested for the virus, and very few people wore masks.

On Friday, however, thousands of people marched in Washington, D.C., in protest of police brutality against minorities. The protest was labeled as a “March on Washington” with the official title, “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” a reference to the Minneapolis Police Department killing of George Floyd.

Here’s what Dr. Davidson had to say about the RNC gathering:

“I was very concerned about the White House event last night, 1,500 people packed shoulder-to-shoulder, the head of the White House coronavirus task force in attendance without a mask, with his family and his elderly mother without a mask, and it’s concerning. We know people weren’t tested, only people in direct contact with President Trump had tests done. So I think we are going to see cases come out of that, and it’s just modeling bad behavior.”

And here’s what he had to say about the protest:

“Now when you juxtapose that with what’s going on in Washington, D.C. right now, people mostly wearing masks. Now true there is social distancing issues, however this is a public health crisis they are marching against. Systemic racism has taken so many lives in this country throughout our history. … I just think that when you’re marching against a public health emergency, you do every risk mitigation procedure you can, but we understand that you have to do the risk-benefit analysis, and the folks there are doing something very important today.”

Davidson draws the distinction that many protesters are wearing masks. However, one of the greatest concerns public health experts have consistently raised about mask use is that they fear people who wear masks will then neglect social distancing, leading to more spread of the virus.

CNN covid Intelwars Jim Acosta Riots Rnc 2020 Rnc speech WHITE HOUSE

CNN’s Jim Acosta and panelists ignore DC riots, say President Trump’s White House convention speech could be the real danger: ‘Possible super-spreader event’

As riots and protests raged outside the White House Thursday night during and after President Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech, CNN reporter and longtime Trump foil Jim Acosta was worried — worried about the well-being of people who were at the event.

He lamented after the speech that many people’s lives and health could be at risk.

But his focus was not on the chaos going on just feet from where he was reporting. He was not focused on the mayhem that saw lawmakers accosted and their lives threatened.

His concern was that people at the White House rally were not wearing masks or socially distancing and that the president’s RNC speech could become a “super-spreader event.”

On Friday morning, that appeared to be the main concern of CNN’s “New Day” panel, where the guests focused not on the chaos in the streets but on the “alarming” scene of mask-less event attendees sitting close to each other outdoors.

What did they say?

Despite the fact that many (though certainly not all) rioters and protesters were mask-less and not socially distanced while screaming at and attacking people on the streets just outside the White House, Acosta was determined to explain to the country how dangerous the Trump speech was — both in rhetoric and in coronavirus terms.

“We not only heard a lot of gaslighting tonight, we possibly saw and witnessed some super spreading from this event,” Acosta reported. “I talked to a senior White House official earlier this evening about all of these people — hundreds of people — sitting side by side in the audience not wearing masks.”

Acosta then went on to claim that the official just figured everybody was going to get the virus one way or the other.

“The senior White House official brushed off these concerns about the lack of social distancing at the president’s speech tonight,” Acosta reported, “saying — and get this, this quote might blow you away — ‘Everybody is going to catch this thing eventually.’ Those are the words coming from a senior White House official about the concerns being raised about this being a possible super-spreader event tonight.”

The next morning, his CNN colleagues on “New Day” also set the riots aside to share Acosta’s worry that what was really dangerous Thursday night was the RNC event.

Asked what he was thinking about when he saw the crowd at the president’s speech — though not asked what he thought when he saw crowd marching and rioting in the streets — and the lack of masks and social distancing, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, warned that the event may well cause the deaths of people who attended.

“The history books will be written about this chapter in our lives at some point, and it will show events like that say that in the middle of a pandemic — at a time when the country decided to shut down when there were 5,000, roughly, people who were infected — and at a time when there were more than 5 million infected, we started having events like that again,” Gupta lamented. “It’s really frustrating. It’s mind-boggling.

“Chairs were six inches apart. People were not required to be masked. They did not have to be tested,” he continued. “It was risky for them. It was a risk that they were posing to others.”

Gupta predicted, “There will be people who became infected as a result of that event last night, and there’ll be people who will spread it and possibly require hospitalization, may even die.”

Fellow panelist New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said, “The number of mask-less people last night was alarming.”

“This is obviously not an issue the president thinks that he can win on. It’s not an issue that the president’s advisors think that they can win on,” she said, blasting the administration’s treatment of COVID-19. “They know that if they are talking about the coronavirus, they are probably not on a winning side. And that is their cold, political calculation.”