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Henry Kissinger; Are You Watching This?

This article was contributed by James Davis of Future Money Trends.

They attribute the August 15th, 1971 decision to the presidential criminal, Richard Nixon, but if you know one thing about old Richard, it is that he didn’t do anything without first GETTING THE BLESSING of Mr. Henry Kissinger.

In the 20th century, there were very few politicians whose actions led to wilder UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES than Kissinger’s. He is in charge of overseeing the Napalm horrors and crimes committed in Vietnam, in addition to a LONG LIST of other war crimes, going back to his first days in the Kennedy Administration.

JFK was so suspicious of Kissinger’s agenda and sinister plots that he wanted him PERMANENTLY REMOVED from positions of power; truly, a high degree of intellectual power, coupled with evil, is a LETHAL COMBINATION, as exhibited by Kissinger.

By the late 1960s, Western European countries were recovering from WW2 and were becoming a DIRECT THREAT to United States’ currency and credit hegemony. Gold reserves in the United States PLUMMETED in the 1950s and 1960s; Europe had a HIGH CONCENTRATION of gold, so Kissinger became convinced that to keep control, gold had to become irrelevant.

The market called this WAR CRIMINAL’S bluff and gold rose 2,400% in one decade (1971-1980)!

If you’re reading this, I can still CALL YOUR BLUFF, Henry, whether it’s you, one your globalist associates, or any DEEP STATE PUPPET!

You wanted to weaken gold, but as always with your schemes, YOU FAILED!

Gold is going to hit you RIGHT IN THE FACE within days, surpassing $2,000/ounce and silver is FLOATING ON A CLOUD right now!



This is nuts on all levels, and I’m grinning from EAR TO EAR, thinking about Henry and Richard, assuming that they stopped Europe from getting stronger by throwing the DOLLAR INTO THE GARBAGE CAN!

Henry Kissinger – thank you for the GREATEST BULL MARKET in precious metals history!

When I closed my eyes on Monday, silver’s spot price was still BELOW $20/ounce. When I awoke, it was INCHING UP, even sitting for a while on $19.99, before taking that RESISTANCE LEVEL and cutting through it like a SEMI TRUCK through a plaster wall.


Imagine the Robinhood army of day-traders and the Cavalry of MOMENTUM-CHASING algorithms piling into silver, a market that is 1,000 times smaller than the TECH GIANTS that they’ve been drooling over and sending to STUPID VALUATIONS for the past few months!

I get excited just thinking about how much MONEY WILL FLOOD our little niche of junior mining shares and I start dancing in the living room!

The general trading herd is currently fixated on stocks that will NEVER MAKE MONEY. When they realize the puck has moved, CAN YOU IMAGINE what’s going to occur?

Houston, we have lift-off!

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This article was contributed by Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global. 

By now, it ought to be clear that western governments aren’t ISSUING DEBT with the intention of paying it back. They’re stalling, buying time, waiting it out, and anticipating the Chinese to disrupt the currency structure on the global scene, putting themselves and the citizens they serve on a collision course with a MONSTER TRUCK, metaphorically speaking.

It’s tragic, corrupt, and disingenuous, but it’s all we’ve got.

As an individual, you can hedge this collective mind-numbing spell that the western world has been hypnotized with.

You could have bought gold. Depending on your age, at any point during the past 20 years, you could have bought, held, and made money.

Courtesy: Ray Dalio’s LinkedIn account

As an American, do you realize that the RED LINE meeting your BLUE ONE symbolizes the day you’re no longer the bulldog, but will turn into a Chihuahua?

Go back more than 500 years and you’ll find that China was the BIG KAHUNA in the 1,500s, but Spain came along, challenged it, was then outpaced by the Dutch, who were overtaken by the British, later overthrown by The United States. BUT – the RED DRAGON is staging the most prolific currency comeback in modern history.

China, except for the past 100 years, has NEVER BEEN poor.

Its comeback is a natural thing; for thousands of years, perhaps even more, the Chinese people have been rich and powerful.

It’s a reality to embrace, adapt to, and internalize, not to FUTILEY NEGATE and attempt to contain.

I’m not in favor of communism nor do I want to see that kind of influence in my life, but AT THE SAME TIME, it would be naïve and weird not to accept what’s coming shortly.

The Chinese will become the biggest economy in the world, in a matter of 4-6 years!

Around 2035 to 2040, their military will eclipse that of America’s as well.


The dollar has been trending in a BEAUTIFUL LINE since it bottomed in 2011. On several occasions, it had bumped on its support, but bounced right back and kept on rallying.

I’m not sure there’s a catalyst for it to remain stronger than its worthless competitors in the fiat race to the bottom.

The Federal Reserve, along with Washington, have a clear incentive to WEAKEN IT, since it is becoming a burden on the national debt.

There’s a grand illusion that the dollar will crash due to inflation, but that’s not the reason.

China is the main driver of dollar weakness since it is growing again and showing signs of recovering. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy grapples with re-opening, closing up again, in addition to an upcoming election between two very hated candidates.

The Democrats despise Trump, while Republicans believe Biden is mentally unfit for office.

Courtesy: Ray Dalio’s LinkedIn Account

In 1945, the Bretton Woods system pegged gold to the dollar and CEMENTED AMERICAN DOMINANCE.

In the 1950s and 1960s, America boomed, but the Kennedy assassination marked the beginning of a darker period.

Nixon’s decision to default in 1971 led to an inflationary nightmare.

By 1980, it was either going to be another currency regime change by the government, or the Federal Reserve would break inflation’s back.

In a move that not many would DARE ATTEMPT, Chairman Paul Volcker raised the Fed Funds Rate to over 15%. It was the RED CARPET being rolled in front of the stock market, allowing rates to begin falling and stock to commence on an 18-year bull market.

Is there another currency rabbit to pull out of the hat?

Rates are at zero and CAN’T GO UP. Unemployment has reversed to 2009 levels. America is at odds internally, and China is way bigger than it was in 2008.

The central banks are partying, but the HANGOVER will be brutal – OWN PRECIOUS METALS – SOBER UP!

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This article was contributed by James Davis at Future Money Trends. 

I’m probably going to shock you, but I am currently CAUTIOUS WITH precious metals.

Gold and silver have been GENERATING SPECTACULAR returns for us in 2020, especially if you caught the bottom with silver since we’re up more than 50% since.

Gold stocks and silver stocks have been CHEWING THROUGH WALLS and delivering massive gains as well.

Right now, though, gold is swimming in the HIGH SEAS. It’s playing with price targets that are FOREIGN TO IT. Goldman Sachs sees it hitting $2,000, Bank of America sees $3,000, and Rob McEwen predicts $5,000.

Silver is SO, SO CLOSE to hitting $20/ounce and it’s up nearly 60% since April!

We should begin to entertain the thought that precious metals are going to face TREMENDOUS RESISTANCE in the days and weeks ahead, perhaps the most excruciating seller momentum ever as short-term traders TAKE PROFITS on both the physical metals and the stocks.



In 1980, Paul Volcker, then FED Chairman, gave fiat currencies air by raising rates to over 15%. Doing so stopped the INFLATIONARY MADNESS of the 1970s, but it also birthed the beginning of the end for America’s middle class and savers.

He basically CREATED THE TOP for government interest rates.

Look at the chart above and you’ll notice how he stopped gold from entering a point where it would have covered more than the ENTIRE CURRENCY SUPPLY.

At $850/ounce, gold had backed the dollar again by free-market forces in 1980.

Nixon essentially freed it up in 1971 to CALL BULLSHIT on the $35:1 conversion, and in nine years, it achieved that goal.

Had this happened once more in 2020, the price would be north of $20,000/ounce.

In other words, today’s gold price of $1,820 is EQUIVALENT TO gold’s price in the mid-1970s when it traded for $60.

We need to put things INTO CONTEXT, and today, gold covers only 5% of the dollars in existence, which means that $850 in 1980 is like $36,000 today!


Goldman Sachs has put S&P 500 earnings for the full year at $115, which means that at 3,200 points, the P/E ratio is currently 27.8.

In this environment, VALUATIONS of the classical kind are less meaningful than in previous times since so much liquidity is pumped into the currency system that stocks serve as an INCOME HEDGE to governments and corporate bonds.

The S&P 500 dividend yield is 1.93%, which is 300% MORE THAN the yield of the benchmark 10-year Treasury bond.

A pension fund, university endowment fund, sovereign wealth fund, insurance company, and wealthy institution will CHOOSE STOCKS over bonds in this world.

Stocks are now bond replacements, which is the reason investors are willing to pay ADDITIONAL PREMIUMS for them, but there’s a limit to that.


We’re entering a DEEP RECESSION. In it, many Americans will be suffering.

Don’t wait for Trump, Biden, or anyone else to dig you out of the situation you find yourself in.

Create your own destiny; this is a time for CALIBRATING CAREER CHOICES.

Struggling industries, such as travel, leisure, hospitality, restaurants, retail stores, banking, insurance, energy, and commercial real estate are SPEWING LAVA with opportunities to fill roles of leadership and innovation.

Capitalize on the leadership gap and assume your position in history!

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This article was contributed by our James Davis of Future Money Trends. 

Throughout this weekend I’ve had a chance to TRULY sit down with the data and process the TANTALIZING and UNMATCHED actions taken by both the world’s central banks and governments to COUNTER the blows of the forced-upon quarantines, curfews, and shutdown of non-essential businesses WORLDWIDE.

It should be CRYSTAL CLEAR to you by now that our fiat monetary system ONLY works if borrowers can service the debts they undertake and if central banks continue papering-over mistakes until the whole thing CRASHES by the force of its weight.

Once loan servicing becomes OUT OF REACH, everything and everyone, no matter how frugal, patient, or mindful they’ve been in their own lives with their finances, GETS HURT by the impending train wreck.

All of the world’s assets are priced based on the level of optimism displayed by our collective sentiment. When times are good and someone feels that their business is doing well, one may originate a mortgage, take their family on vacations, dine out, and enjoy recreational activities.

When things look like the chart below, though, “things” are worthless:

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors


When an event the size of the global pandemic we have with the COVID-19 disease erupts, ALL BETS ARE OFF. Our system, this fractional reserve lending debt bubble, ONLY functions in times of expansion. It suffers from an almost IMMEDIATE cracking effect the first second something holds back the wheels of the Ponzi-like scheme of fiat monetary banking.

This system clearly ISN’T FAIR. If a government can simply decide to take on $4T of sovereign debt by CASTING A SENATE VOTE and a central bank can SIMPLY make asset purchases by issuing a SEEMINGLY infinite amount of currency units, we should be SERIOUSLY QUESTIONING the validity of this structure continuing much longer.

This is the most critical week since the Covid-19 disease was declared a pandemic. In the U.S. alone, there are over 110,000 REPORTED CASES and that means that the real NUMBER is probably in the neighborhood of double or even TRIPLE that amount.

10% of Americans now say they know someone who carries the disease.

Both the federal government and the non-Federal Reserve Bank have LAUNCHED stimulus packages, which are far and above anything the world has ever witnessed before.

Trillions have been announced and trillions have ALREADY been invested, so if we don’t want to see $12 trillion of our money, our children’s money and our country’s money GO DOWN THE DRAIN, the government must flatten the curve this week or face a disastrous outcome.

We don’t have to look at the numbers to understand whether or not this is more lethal than the seasonal flu, but we have to treat it like it is. Even if the mortality rate is 1%, the TOTAL number of people catching it is huge.

There are over 30,000 deaths worldwide thus far and the reported number of cases is closing in on 700,000. We can assume that the number is probably over 5,000,000 and growing. The measures taken to stop the spread are ADMIRABLE.

Never did I think that we would see a time when virtually all of the resources at our race’s disposal would be devoted to defeat one problem, yet here we are.



This pandemic is so ECONOMICALLY disruptive that even after all of the bailouts were announced, banks still DON’T trust each other and still charge EXTREMELY high rates from counterparties in overnight lending.

We have entire countries where citizens are staying at home in nearly 150 nationalities.

Before the world’s governments begin to release the masses into society, the healthcare system must be ready to absorb the increasing number of patients, since what my sources are telling me is that some hospitals have so few respirators that patients have to sign a waiver, stating they understand that they might not receive one.

It’s that bad in some areas.

Therefore, once every American PERSONALLY knows at least one family member, friend or co-worker who is fighting for his life, the working thesis is that the baby boomers will begin liquidating their portfolios in droves.


Therefore, the Federal Reserve is buying a gargantuan quantity of stocks, bonds, and mortgages. After 2008, we all KNEW that in the next crisis the FED would be unstoppable since the markets are ADDICTED to it.

The more DELUSIONAL the system – where governments borrow at 0% from other governments, their own central banks or the public – the more STUPIDLY HURTFUL the inevitable JUBILEE or DEFAULT will be.

The more we wait, the more this mess will come back to bite us hard.

We simply have a screwed up system, which we inherited from Richard Nixon’s decision to take everyone off the gold standard in 1971.

Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

The price of oil has CRATERED so badly that the energy industry is on the verge of mass bankruptcies if it isn’t restructured.

As you can see, gold has been such a key asset to own.

In the weeks ahead, as corporations and everyday Americans receive the bailouts, I expect the dollar to fall so hard that it won’t KNOW WHAT HIT IT!