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Rush Limbaugh lauds the power of prayer as he delivers a sobering update on his cancer battle

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, 69, says that he is leaning on God’s blessings amid his battle with lung cancer.

What are the details?

Limbaugh, who announced he had advanced lung cancer earlier this year, said that his latest bout of treatment has rendered him “virtually worthless.”

Despite being beaten down by aggressive treatment, Limbaugh said that everything in his life is a blessing — including “just waking up.”

“There have been many cycles, but this is the third wave, and this current wave, I have to tell you, is kicking my ass,” he said during a Tuesday broadcast of his nationally syndicated show.

Limbaugh said that he’s only had energy to rest, relax, and recuperate from the treatment.

“Every day, I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God that I did,” he said. “Just waking up is a blessing.”

The radio host said that he is being sustained these days by prayers.

“I know many of you are praying daily and nightly,” he said. “I happen to believe that [prayers] work. I believe that they are sustaining me, and I pray for the energy to be able to do this. … I have to be honest: I do not have the energy that I used to have.”

What about the radio show?

He added that is he well aware of the fact that he may not be able to continue his regular radio show.

“My attitude is this — and the reality is — the day is gonna come where I’m not gonna be able to be here,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t know when that is, and I’m hoping that it is months, years. I’m hoping that the current cycle [of treatment] that we’re in does its magic and starts working on the tumor as the clinical trial drugs did. But regardless, the day is gonna come where it isn’t gonna be possible to be here every day, and who knows? It may not be possible to be here for three hours a day.

“Any chance to do the show,” he continued, “I’m gonna take it.”

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Fox News’ Shannon Bream shares what life is like as a cable news host and reveals why she starts every day with prayer and the Bible

Shannon Bream is a talented journalist who has a penchant for asking insightful questions. The “Fox News @ Night” anchor is also a faithful Christian with a unique worldview that sets her apart from many of her media peers.

Bream, a trained attorney, recently told “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” that she’s a “news junkie” who has been on-air at Fox since 2007. In addition to describing her career path, the popular anchor explained that she finds daily comfort in her faith.

“We’re all a work in progress … I’ve been through wonderful highs and terrible lows like we all do in our life,” Bream said. “Through the toughest things is where my faith has become the most personal and has grown the most.”

She added, “It’s a daily comfort and a strength for me to spend time with the Lord.”

Listen to Bream share her faith and life story:

Bream said she starts every day with Bible reading — something that helps her stay centered.

“I have to get grounded,” she said, noting that she journals and prays every morning before she dives into the chaos of the day. “I am not equipped to handle it myself.”

Bream noted that her faith was rooted early on. Her mother taught at the Christian school she attended, and the family social circle was the local church and school.

But it wasn’t until middle school that Bream said she made a decision for herself.

“Have I ever made this personal?” she recalled asking herself at the time. “Have I really committed my life to Christ and accepted him as my savior?”

Bream accepted Christ at that point and the rest is, well, history. She went on to practice law before transitioning into media.

And she’s now encouraging others to find their passion areas and move forward into them.

“I’ve always been a very curious person … I think we’re all born with different gifts and different passions and different skills,” she said. “We should encourage people whatever their gifts are … to go into that field and be a light.”

Bream also discussed some of the battles she’s faced in her own life, including her now-husband’s brain tumor battle before their marriage — a challenge that she said “put everything into perspective.”

“Thank God he is wonderful and healed,” she said, noting that the couple is grateful to have come out on the other side of that battle.

Listen to Bream tell her story here.

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Meghan McCain refuses to host ‘The View’ with Elisabeth Hasselbeck over her coronavirus prayer comments

Meghan McCain said that she would refuse to co-host “The View” with Elisabeth Hasselbeck because of her comments telling people to pray against the coronavirus pandemic.

McCain made the comments on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

“Somebody actually sent me a screenshot of my face when she said that,” McCain said to Cohen.

“I took this virus seriously from the very beginning, and I thought a lot of this rhetoric was really dangerous. I think it’s really, really unfortunate and dangerous that she said that,” she added.

Meghan McCain Doesn’t Want to Co-Host with Elisabeth Hasselbeck | WWHL

Hasselbeck had returned to the show in early March and commented that people needed to pray against the coronavirus in addition to taking personal precautions.

“I think there can be a fine line between what is precaution, what is taking precaution, and what is panic,” said Hasselbeck on the previous show. “Yes, we’re going to take precautions, we’re going to Purell, pray that God’s got us in our tomorrows. We pray that this coronavirus is extinguished, that it stops in its tracks.”

McCain can be seen in the video grimacing at Hasselbeck’s comment.

Later McCain accused her of putting out misinformation about coronavirus.

“I don’t need to co-host with her again, and it’s unfortunate, because I’ve been a huge fan for a long time,” McCain said. “Anybody who is screwing around with this virus and putting out sort of misinformation, I don’t really have a lot of time for right now.”

There are nearly 900,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., with more than 50,000 deaths.

Here’s the video of Hasselbeck’s comments:

Calming Coronavirus Fears Amid Outbreak | The View

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Study: Droves of Americans are turning to prayer in the face of COVID-19 fear and uncertainty

A new
report says that more than half of Americans are praying that COVID-19 will quickly come to an end.

What are the details?

The new poll from the Pew Research Center reports that more Americans are turning to prayer to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

“The virus also has impacted Americans’ religious behaviors,” the poll notes. “More than half of all U.S. adults (55%) say they have prayed for an end to the spread of coronavirus. Large majorities of Americans who pray daily (86%) and of U.S. Christians (73%) have taken to prayer during the outbreak — but so have some who say they seldom or never pray, and people who say they do not belong to any religion (15% and 24%, respectively).”

The poll reports that 82% of evangelicals have prayed for an end to the COVID-19 outbreak — which is unsurprising, but 26% of religious “nones” — or “nothing in particular” — self-report that they, too, have been turning to prayer as a means to end COVID-19. The poll also reports that at least 15% of people who say they seldom to never pray are also praying for an end to the deadly pandemic.

At least 40% of Americans who say they attend church on a monthly basis now say that they have been virtually attending worship services online or via television on a regular basis.

To note, the poll finds that “Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say their personal life has changed in a major way as a result of the coronavirus outbreak: About half of Democrats and Democratic leaners (51%) say this, compared with 38% of Republicans and those who lean to the GOP.”

The survey, taken by 11,537 Americans, was conducted between March 19-24.

You can read the poll’s full findings

What else?

As pointed out by the
Washington Examiner, nearly half of the United States believes that the COVID-19 outbreak is a “wake-up call” from God.

A new national survey for The Joshua Fund — which was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates — says that 44% of people polled believe that the virus should encourage people to “turn back to faith in God.”

Further, 29% of people surveyed said they believe that the coronavirus pandemic indicates that humans are living in “the ‘last days.'”

The poll notes that of all people surveyed, 30% of Jewish Americans, 30% of Democrats, 39% of Republicans, 40% of African Americans, and 50% of Hispanics believe that the COVID-19 outbreak is indicative of the end of days.

In a statement, Joshua Fund founder Joel C. Rosenberg says, “Americans in near full lockdown are anxious, and understandably so. Yet millions are turning to God, the Bible, and Christian sermons for answers, some of them for the first time. That may be the most important silver lining in this crisis so far.”

McLaughlin & Associates conducted the survey from March 23-26 on 1,000 likely American voters.

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President Trump stops amidst coronavirus crisis for prayer call with pastors: ‘I have to find time’

President Donald Trump may never be busier than he is right now, as the nation deals with the public health and economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Still, he made time to pray with Vice President Mike Pence and a group of 700 pastors Friday, according to LifeNews.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council arranged a prayer conference call with the group Friday. According to Perkins, Pence told President Trump he was about to get on the call, Trump decided he needed to stop what he was doing and join. Perkins wrote:

“When I told the president I was going to be speaking to all of you,” Mike explained, “[he was] in the midst of an extraordinarily busy day. [But] he looked at me and said, ‘I have to find time. I need to find time.'” To the president, he went on, “the prayers of the people on this call mean [everything] to him …” So despite everything facing America, the two most important leaders of this nation stopped everything to pray with the people on the ground, who are ministering to their communities.

It’s a “wild world,” the president started. The virus, he said, “came upon us so suddenly. And we were doing better than we’ve ever done before as a country in terms of the economy — and then, all of the sudden, we got hit with this. So we had to close it down,” he said wistfully. “We’re actually paying a big price to close it down. Never happened before.” But, President Trump insisted, “I think we’re going to come back stronger than ever before.”

Perkins said the president asked for prayer for the strength of the United States, and also that Americans would make the “right choice” on Election Day in November.

“I want to thank you for praying for our country and for those who are sick. You do such an incredible job,” Trump said on the call, according to Perkins. “You’re very inspirational people. And I’m with you all the way. You know that you see what we’ve done for right to life and all of the things that we’ve been working so hard together. I’ve been working with many of the people on the call. Many, many of the people. We’ve had tremendous support. But we are going to get over this.”

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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Prosperity preacher Paula White solicits cash during coronavirus prayer session: ‘We are a hospital for those who are soul-sick’

Prosperity gospel preacher Paula White, who is also a spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, recently solicited for cash donations during a prayer session for the coronavirus.

White, who heads the White House’s “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” program, is a proponent of the prosperity gospel, a teaching that espouses that God promises to reward those who are faithful with health and wealth and general success.

On Tuesday, she held a prayer and teaching time live on her Facebook page intended to offer hope during the virus outbreak and teaching on the subject of prayer.

Near the end of the session, she urged viewers to support her ministry, which she described as a “hospital for those who are soul-sick.”

“Churches do so much,” White said. “Not just from a humanitarian standpoint, but the greatest thing we do is bring spiritual truths that transform. What we do as ministers of the gospel is so vitally important, because every single day, we are a hospital to the sick.”

“Not necessarily the physically sick, though we also help take care of that. Many churches have health centers, etc.,” she explained. “But we are a hospital for those who are soul-sick, those who are spiritually sick, because we bring forth the word of God, and we bring for truth that gets deep down in your soul in the way you think and you feel about things.

“Maybe you’d like to sow a $91 seed, and that’s just putting your faith with Psalm 91,” White continued. “Or maybe $9. Or whatever God tells you to do. If you want to be a blessing to Paula White Ministry or City of Destiny. We would love for you to help us and stand with us. We’d love for you to stand with your church. Don’t forget: Now is not the time to abandon your covenant with God. It’s a time that you go deeper. Stand with your pastor.”

Paula White’s Coronavirus Prayer

White took leave from her church, New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida, to serve as a spiritual adviser to the president in May 2019. In her current role, she still operates as head of Paula White Ministries.

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Rashida Tlaib endorses explicit insult against the National Day of Prayer

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) decided to endorse an explicit insult against the National Day of Prayer through a retweet on her official social media account.

Tlaib endorsed the divisive message posted by vocal gun control activist David Hogg on Twitter by pushing it to her nearly one million followers.

“Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic,” tweeted Hogg. “F**k a National day of Prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action.”

Image Source: Twitter screenshot

Critics of the congresswoman denounced the use of extreme language against what is a tradition of prayer that is inclusive of many religions, including her Muslim faith.

This isn’t the first time Tlaib has employed expletives while pushing her political agenda. One of the first controversies of her tenure in Congress was when she screamed, “We’re gonna impeach the motherf***er!” about the president to a cheering crowd of supporters.

On the other hand, she objected mightily when a citizen expressed their disfavor against her policies by paying for a billboard that called her and her congressional compatriots “idiots.”

Here’s more about Tlaib’s insulting retweet:

Israel Erasing Extremist Rep. Tlaib Attacks Prayer

[H/T: Red State.]

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‘Satan is the one true lord’: Woman harasses pro-life students outside abortion clinic. Students respond by saying they’ll pray for her.

Pro-life students were harassed in a variety of ways while they peacefully prayed Saturday outside the Bellingham, Washington, Planned Parenthood, Students for Life reported.

But perhaps the most pointed reaction to the pro-life students from Whatcom Community College was a woman caught on video driving up to them and declaring allegiance to the devil.

‘Satan is the one true lord’

“Satan is the one true lord,” she announced, looking at the students through the passenger window of her vehicle. “Satan — the dark lord.”

“We’ll pray for you,” one pro-life student replied before adding that the students were “just out here praying, trying to support the community.”

“We don’t need your prayers,” the woman replied before driving off and announcing in a ta-ta-for-now tone, “Hail Satan!”

Check it out:

But there was more in store

According to Autumn Lindsey, a leader for Whatcom Community College Students for Life, there was much more action at the demonstration. Such as:

  • Drivers passing by and yelling obscenities and displaying crude gestures.
  • A group of people yelling threateningly in one student’s face, calling him a “c***sucker.”
  • A man riding a bike by students and throwing a glass vial at them, which shattered. Police were called to make sure it wasn’t dangerous or harmful, and the fire department tested and cleaned up the fluid.
  • A woman flashing the students while yelling, “My body, my choice!”
  • Oh, and a car passenger masturbating toward the students as the vehicle passed them.

“What happened Saturday shows us the worst of the worst of the pro-choice movement; obscenity, Satan worship, and lewdness towards students,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America said.

Lindsey added, “This kind of intimidation causes some of our volunteers to feel uneasy to sign up to pray for mothers and preborn children during a 40 Days for Life event. We are only 11 days in, and we have already been bullied and threatened to the point where our volunteers are nervous to go alone. But we will not back down because this just demonstrates how evil the abortion industry is. We will stand united together and not let the bullies stop us even though the violence of abortion is celebrated by increasingly violent people.”

Ainsley Earhardt authors Beth moore Bible Christianity evangelists Intelwars Prayer Scripture Sexual Abuse

Author, teacher Beth Moore explains how Bible Scriptures got her through childhood sexual abuse

Prominent evangelical teacher and author Beth Moore appeared on Fox Nation’s “Ainsley’s Bible Study” and revealed that leaning on the Word of God helped her cope with childhood sexual abuse.

What are the details?

Speaking with co-host Ainsley Earhardt and other Bible study guests, Moore discussed her experience overcoming childhood sex abuse trauma.

“I had the great blessing of being raised in church three times a week in those days, Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night —minimum — we were always there,” she began. “I do not remember a time of my life that I was not hearing the name of Jesus.”

“However,” she added, “my family was very, very broken. … It’s just that sort of the combination of the good and the bad and the ugly that can all take place under one roof.”

Moore pointed out that while she was loved, she also lived in a home that was “extremely unstable.”

“While there were certainly people that loved me and met a lot of my needs … our home was extremely unstable, extremely unstable,” she admitted. “I also fell victim to a childhood sexual abuse within my own home.”

Moore said that she will not publicly identify her alleged abuser, but revealed that the culprit was in a “protective role.”

“I don’t identify publicly who it was, but I will simply say that when anyone that should be in a protective role around you becomes not the protector, but the perpetrator, I cannot tell you how that will mess with you,” she added.

Moore pointed out that it took her decades of relying on God’s Word to leave the abyss.

“No one would ever have known from the outside,” she explained. “But I was going to absolutely implode. I was 40 years old by the time I would tell you that my mind was completely out from under the influence of my victimization.”

Finally breaking free

Moore said that she was able to finally break free through memorizing Bible Scriptures.

“I put those truths on index cards and I would take those things with me everywhere I went,” she said. “I would walk around the grocery store … I was just saying those Scriptures over and over.”

Moore said that she would receive validation through God as her creator.

“I’d make statements of ‘This is who God says you are,’ and ‘This is what you have to believe,'” she added. “And I don’t care how you feel — this is the truth.”

(H/T: Faithwire)

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Ruth Graham: The case for President Trump and Christianity

Christians are conflicted when it comes to President Donald Trump. Some proudly support him and his policies, while others just can’t accept the man behind the boorish language.

Ruth Graham, daughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham, joined Glenn Beck on “The Glenn Beck Podcast” this week to make a case for the president from a Christian’s point-of-view.

Watch a the clip from the podcast below:

Watch the full interview below:

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