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NFL player covers name of police shooting victim on helmet in favor of Army vet killed in Iraq — and shooting victim’s mother is irate

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva is no stranger to controversy.

You might recall almost exactly three years ago when Villanueva — a former Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan — stood alone on the field for the national anthem while the rest of the team stayed in the locker room.

It was the fall of 2017, and President Donald Trump — barely a year into his first term — was angry at players taking a knee in protest of police brutality against minorities, a movement that began the previous season with then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Prior to Villanueva standing on the field for the national anthem, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said his entire team would stay in the locker room to help them avoid politics. The next day Villanueva said he regretted his gesture because it made the rest of his team look bad.

Now what?

It’s now the fall of 2020, and football players taking a knee for the national anthem seems decidedly mild compared to the strident social justice stances professional athletes, teams, and leagues are taking in the wake of recent minority deaths at the hands of police and the wave of protests that have gripped the country.

In that vein, the NFL has allowed players to wear helmet decals honoring victims of “systemic racism,” CBS Sports reported, adding that the Steelers decided as a team to honor for an entire season police shooting victim Antwon Rose Jr. — a black teenager shot in the back by a white police officer in Pittsburgh in 2018 after he ran from a pulled-over vehicle. The network said the now-former officer was charged with murder, but a jury found him not guilty in March 2019.

But Villanueva had something different in mind.

For the Steelers’ game against the New York Giants on Monday, he covered Rose’s name on the back of his helmet in favor of the name Alwyn Cashe, an Army sergeant who died after trying to rescue soldiers from a burning vehicle in Iraq in 2005, CBS Sports said.

Tomlin said Tuesday he gave Villanueva permission to break ranks with his teammates and that it was “in line with everything we’ve said about participating in social justice this offseason,” TribLive reported.

“As an organization, and myself as the head coach of the organization, we’re going to support our players however they chose to participate and express themselves, or to not participate or not express themselves, as long as they do so thoughtfully and with class,” Tomlin also said, according to CBS Sports, adding that Villanueva’s choice didn’t warrant an explanation.

Shooting victim’s mom is angry

It appears, however, that Rose’s mother wants an explanation — because she isn’t happy with what Villanueva did.

“The Pittsburgh Steelers took a team vote,” Michelle Kenney wrote on Facebook, according to TribLive. “Obviously, one person didn’t like the results, so they chose to do something different.”

Kenney had praised the team for choosing to place her son’s name on their helmets, saying it “means more to me than anything,” but that feeling appears to be gone.

“I have nothing against vets and absolutely appreciate everything that they have done and continue to do for us,” Kenney also wrote, TribLive said. “But this one person showed us exactly who he is, and obviously he didn’t approve of how the vote turned out.”

Rose’s mother also wrote that she will use what she deemed as “negative press” as motivation to “hold the Pittsburgh Steelers even more accountable,” the outlet reported.

“Yes, I believe in second chances, but as we all know I believe in putting in the work and that’s how I base my collaborations,” Kenney wrote, according to TribLive. “They came to me as a team/organization and I don’t care how good of an individual you are, if you are not a TEAM player, then maybe you are playing for the wrong team.”

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Leftists charged in Lancaster rioting learn — to the tune of $1 million bail each — their antics don’t fly in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

A Pennsylvania judge threw ye olde book at nine fine people charged in connection to riots in Lancaster over the weekend — and alas none of them could scare up the cash to post bail, which was set for each at $1 million, the New York Post reported.

Where, oh, where is Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler — and the get-out-of-jail-with-no-bail policy that rioters in his city love — when you need him?

What are the details?

Riots broke out Sunday over the fatal shooting of a knife-wielding man by police. It was the usual M.O. A mob marched to the police station and threw glass bottles, rocks, bricks, gallon jugs filled with liquid, and plastic road barricades at cops, police told the Post.

But police managed to arrest over a dozen people around 3 a.m. Monday, the paper said.

Twelve adults — Jamal Shariff Newman, 24; Barry Jones, 30; Frank Gaston, 43; Yoshua Dwayne Montague, 23; Matthew Modderman, 31; Talia Gessner, 18; Kathryn Patterson, 20; Taylor Enterline, 20; T-Jay Fry, 28; Dylan Davis, 28; Lee Alexander Wise, 29; Jessica Marie Lopez, 32 — face felony and misdemeanor charges, including arson, riot, institutional vandalism, and criminal conspiracy, the Post said, adding that Montague also faces a charge of illegal possession of a firearm.

A 16-year-old male also was arrested on charges of riot, disorderly conduct, possession of instruments of crime, possession of a small amount of marijuana, propulsion of missiles onto a roadway, and institutional vandalism, the paper added.


And with that, Magisterial District Judge Bruce A. Roth set bail for nine of the defendants — Newman, Jones, Montague, Modderman, Gessner, Patterson, Enterline, Fry, and Davis — at $1 million each, the Post said, adding that court records show all of them were unable to post the cash.

They’re being held at the Lancaster County Prison, the paper said, adding that bail information for Lopez wasn’t available and Wise’s bail was set at $100,000, which also was a tad too rich for his blood. Gaston was on probation and a detainer would be lodged against him, police said, the Post reported.

‘Politically motivated attack’

Social justice advocacy group Lancaster Stands Up claimed Patterson and Enterline were working as “medics” when they were arrested, the Post said.

“The absurdly high bail amounts indicate that what we’re seeing is not a measured pursuit of justice, but a politically motivated attack on the movement for police reform and accountability,”
the group tweeted, according to the paper.

More from the Post:

Lancaster Stands Up then called on a number of elected officials, including Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace and Gov. Tom Wolf, “to step in and defend Taylor, Kathryn and other peaceful protestors against the politically motivated actions of local law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.”

Jumping the gun again?

Turns out that just after the shooting, social media posts claimed police killed an unarmed, autistic teenager. But bodycam video of the shooting was quickly released, and officials revealed the deceased was a 27-year-old man who chased the officer with a knife.

But it seemed — as with other riots this summer — the initial rumors were just too good to pass up for rioters.

(Content warning: Language):

Lancaster police said the local district attorney is now investigating the incident to determine whether lethal force was legally justifiable in the case.

The man killed by police was later identified as Ricardo Munoz, the Associated Press reported. He was set to go to trial in October on charges he slashed four people last year, the Post added.

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Chicago Police have been shot at five times more than normal this year, superintendent says

Violent attacks on Chicago police officers have increased in frequency this year amid a nationwide escalation in anti-police sentiments sparked by high-profile police killings or shootings of black people, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago is already one of the most violent cities in America, but violence against police is occurring at a rate far above what Chicago Police Department Supt. David Brown can remember seeing in the past. Just this year, 65 Chicago police officers have been shot at, and 10 of them have been hit.

“There’s not a comparable year,” Brown told reporters, according to the Sun-Times. “That’s five times any previous year that anyone can recall in this city — the number of officers.”

Brown emphasized the great danger officers put themselves in on a regular basis in an attempt to make the city safer for law-abiding residents.

“What we are doing is we’re doing our part, murders are a result of gun violence in our city, and we are taking guns off the street at great risk to our personal safety,” Brown said, according to Fox News. “We are risking everything.”

The Chicago Police Department told Fox News two weeks ago that it received intelligence from the FBI about a gang pact to shoot police officers on sight in public:

The alert—which mentions around 36 gangs, including the Latin Kings and Vice Lords — says “members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, police officers in performance of their official duties,” ABC7 says.

“The purpose of which is to catch on film an officer drawing his/her weapon on any subject and the subsequent ‘shoot on-site’ of said officer, in order to garner national media attention,” it added, according to the station.

The increased hostility toward police officers nationwide has led to large protests and riots when police shoot suspects, even in situations where the suspect is armed and aggressive toward officers, such as a recent incident in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Perhaps the most dangerous manifestation of anti-police rhetoric and sentiments came when two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot multiple times while sitting in their car in Compton on Saturday. Both survived the attack. Police are still searching for the suspect, who is seen on video walking directly up to the vehicle and firing a pistol into the passenger side window.

“This is just a somber reminder that this is a dangerous job, and actions and words have consequences. Our job does not get any easier because people do not like law enforcement,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, CNN reported. “It pisses me off. It dismays me at the same time.”

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Violence erupts in Pennsylvania city after officer kills man — then the bodycam footage is released

Lancaster, a city in southeastern Pennsylvania, became the latest city to experience racial unrest following the fatal shooting of a man by police on Sunday.

But the narrative that was circulated on social media in the immediate aftermath of the tragic incident was completely incongruent with the facts in the case, which were made public when Lancaster police released bodycam footage from the officer who fired the fatal shots.

What was the narrative?

Social media posts claimed that police had
killed an autistic teenager who was unarmed.

The claims
triggered the same cycle of unrest that many American cities have experienced this summer: Tense confrontations with police, which become violent, resulting in the destruction of property and looting.

Content Warning: The following video contains strong language:

However, the social media claims, it turned out, were far from true.

What is the truth?

According to the Lancaster Police, officers responded to a domestic disturbance Sunday afternoon. When officers made contact with the individuals involved, a man began chasing one of the officers with a knife. The officer responded by firing his weapon, striking and killing the man.

Police said the deceased person was not a teenager — but rather a 27-year-old man.

The Lancaster Police said in a statement:

The first officer on the scene walked to the front of the residence and made contact with a woman, who was identified as a family member. A male subject then exited the front door of the residence and began chasing the officer. Preliminary information and body worn camera footage indicates that the male subject had a knife in his right hand as he was chasing the officer. The officer fired several shots from his firearm, striking the subject. The subject, identified as 27 year old Lancaster man, did not survive his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later in the evening, as the false claims circulated on social media, police released the officer’s bodycam footage, confirming the deceased man did, in fact, chase the responding officer in a threatening manner with a knife.

Content warning: The following video contains footage some viewers might find disturbing.

Officer Involved Shooting 300 blk. Laurel St. Body Camera Video 9/13/2020

Lancaster Police said the local district attorney is now investigating the incident to determine whether lethal force was legally justifiable in the case.

The man killed by police was later identified as Ricardo Munoz, the Associated Press reported.

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NC community mourns loss of police officer Ryan Hendrix, Marine veteran and father of two, shot and killed on duty

A North Carolina community is mourning the loss of Henderson County police officer Ryan Hendrix, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Hendrix, 35, was a Marine veteran and father of two children, ages six and nine.

Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix was responding to a car burglary at around 2:50 a.m. on Thursday after a homeowner called 911. The suspect, Robert Ray Doss Jr., appeared to be cooperating with police officers at first.

The suspect “initially appeared to comply with lawful orders to show the deputies his hands…but in one rapid movement, he retrieved the gun, firing one round, striking [Hendrix] in the face and critically wounding him,” Sheriff Lowell Griffin said during a Thursday press conference.

Two other deputies returned fire and killed Doss, a “career criminal with arrests in Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia,” according to Fox News. Doss had a lengthy rap sheet, including crimes for drugs, multiple arsons, and felony thefts, Griffin said.

Hendrix was taken to the hospital, but later died from his injuries.

“It is with a very heavy heart the family of Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix and Sheriff Lowell Griffin announce Ryan’s passing,” the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “Early this morning while the world slept, Ryan responded to assist a family needing help when they became innocent victims of a violent encounter.”

“Even in passing Ryan continues to exemplify a servant’s heart,” the post read. “You see, Ryan was also an organ donor. He will continue to help strangers for a lifetime, even after making the ultimate sacrifice.”

The Hendrix family released a statement that said, “Ryan was doing the job he was born to do and he died doing the job he loved.”

Besides leaving behind his two young children, he leaves behind his fiancée, who he was set to marry in October.

Hendrix had been with the sheriff’s department for eight years, and before that, he was a Marine.

Sheriff Griffin said Hendrix was “an exemplary officer who was also a member of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, serves as a field training officer, and assists in many other capacities.”

North Carolina Governor Cooper (D) wrote, “Kristin and I are praying for Ryan Hendrix, who was shot and killed this morning while trying to keep his community safe. Our thoughts are with his loved ones, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Dept. and the entire community.”

“God bless the family of Marine veteran and Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix, who was shot and killed in the line of duty,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) wrote on Twitter. “Susan and I are praying for him, his family, and his fellow Henderson County deputies.”

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with the North Carolina Police Benevolent Foundation to create a fundraising page for Hendrix’s family; 100% of the proceeds will go to his family.

Zechariah Cartledge is the boy who is the face of Running 4 Heroes, an organization that raises awareness and funds for first responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. On Sept. 11, Cartledge went to North Carolina to show support for Hendrix as well as the first responders who lost their lives in the 9/11 terror attacks.

Cartledge ran with Henderson County law enforcement members as they were trailed by police vehicles with their lights flashing and sirens blaring as a tribute to Hendrix.

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Four Houston police officers fired for fatal shooting of mentally ill man who reached for one of their stun guns

Four Houston Police Department officers were fired this week over the fatal shooting of a man apparently experiencing a mental illness episode in April, ABC News reported.

The identities of the officers have not been revealed, but the police union condemned the firings and said the officers had no choice but to use deadly force when they shot and killed Nicolas Chavez.

“What happened to Nicolas Chavez was a tragedy,” Houston Police Officers Union president Joe Gamaldi said. “(He was) a man who was clearly struggling from mental illness or a possible overdose and as a result forced our officers into a suicide-by-cop scenario. … They used every non-lethal option available … all while giving verbal commands to Mr. Chavez to give up peacefully. They begged and pleaded with Mr. Chavez to give up for the entire 15 minutes and to no avail. As Mr. Chavez stated several times, he wanted the officers to shoot and kill him.”

What happened?

On April 21, police responded to a call about a possibly suicidal man running in traffic and threatening bystanders.

According to Gamaldi, the officers confronted Chavez and attempted to verbally convince him to surrender. Police said they also used stun guns and bean bag rounds, but Chavez would not stand down.

Police say Chavez was holding a piece of metal, and he got his hands on a stun gun that one of the officers dropped and pointed it at them.

Body camera footage of the shooting was played during a Thursday news conference and viewed by the Houston Chronicle. Chavez appeared to be on his knees when he was shot while reaching for a used stun gun, which three of the officers allegedly did not know had been used already.

Officers fired a total of 24 rounds at Chavez, said Police Chief Art Acevedo.

“You will hear these officers pleading with (Chavez), ‘Please don’t do this. Please don’t do it,'” HPOU executive director Ray Hunt said, according to KPRC-TV. “You will also hear the sergeant, after he shoots (Chavez), use profanity because he is so upset that he had to finally do this … This is an outrage for these four officers, but you know what, they’re just a number.”

An independent review board determined that the shooting was justified and that the officers didn’t need to be disciplined, but Acevedo opted to fire them anyway.

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Sheriff’s office releases bodycam video of deputy shooting allegedly armed man running from traffic stop in Chicago

A police officer shot an allegedly armed man who fled a traffic stop Wednesday in Chicago. On Thursday, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office released bodycam footage of the incident after the man’s family disputed that he had a gun.

Cook County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over a driver for speeding in Chicago’s LeClaire Courts neighborhood at 7:20 p.m. Wednesday. The vehicle is said to be missing a front license plate and had illegally tinted windows, as reported in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The driver stopped, opened his door, but refused to exit the vehicle. He then allegedly drove off and turned down an alley. He abandoned his car and fled on foot. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office alleges that the man had something in his hand, and dropped a black cellphone while fleeing police.

The man, identified as Durel Foster, reportedly ignored deputies’ commands to stop. Bodycam footage appears to show Foster, 27, brandishing a handgun as defies orders and runs past cops.

After Foster runs past one of the police officers with what looks like a firearm, the cop fires four shots at the man. Foster was hit by two shots, one struck him in the shoulder and the other in the buttocks. Foster falls to the ground, sits back up, then flails back down.

Deputies claim that Foster resisted arrest after being shot, and ran to a nearby porch. Foster was eventually taken into custody after a police officer used a Taser on him.

He was handcuffed, arrested, and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he is said to be in good condition. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office claims a handgun and bags of suspected cocaine were found near Foster.

Foster’s father, Maurice Foster, said, “Police stopped him because of the way he looked.”

“He’s a young Black man, he had nice jewelry on, nice clothes,” Maurice Foster said. “They didn’t even tell me when they put him in the ambulance, he was already shot twice and tased, he had the handcuffs on … and they put him in the ambulance for 10 minutes.”

The father denied that his son was armed and disputes that he had a gun during the incident.

“I can’t see real good from the footage,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I can’t see what’s in his hand. I see him toss a bag. It goes by real fast, and it’s blurry also.”

The father said he hasn’t been able to speak with his son since the arrest. He added that his son is “an excellent basketball player, he’s smart, he’s intelligent, he’s respectful, and he’s good to his family.”

Cook County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect had three prior felony convictions, including aggravated battery on a police officer in 2018, according to the New York Post. He was sentenced to four years in prison and had been on parole in Illinois at the time of Wednesday’s arrest.

Chicago police are conducting an independent investigation into the shooting.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police Release Body Cam Video After Officer Shoots Man

Black Lives Matter Dc blm protests Deon kay shooting Intelwars Police body cam video police shooting Washington dc shooting

Protesters accuse DC police of killing unarmed black teenager — then cops release body cam video

Protests erupted in Washington D.C., after police shot and killed an 18-year-old black man on Wednesday, but the more exaggerated accusations were undermined by body camera video released a day later.

Black Lives Matter protesters immediately pounced on reports that the police had shot and killed Deon Kay, and many accused the police on social media of shooting another innocent unarmed black man.

Police released a statement on Wednesday evening identifying the 18-year-old as Deon Kay and said that they had recovered two guns from the shooting incident. They indicated that police were responding to a report of a live stream video on social media showing guns in a vehicle.

Protesters immediately organized a demonstration outside D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s home to demand that she fire the police chief over the shooting and also defund the police department.

On Thursday, police released body camera footage that showed Kay brandishing a gun during the altercation.

Here’s the graphic body cam video of the incident:

Bodycam Footage From Police Shooting of Deon Kay

The footage came from the body camera of officer Alexander Alvarez.

The video showed officers approaching the vehicle before one passenger jumps out and runs away. As Alvarez gives chase, he turns and sees Kay with a gun in his hand. Alvarez shoots once and strikes Kay in the chest, and he is seen collapsing to the ground.

The video follows the officer as he seeks the gun that Kay tossed over his head in the split second before the shooting.

Police said that the first man who fled the car escaped.

“Uniformed police officers had information that there were guys in the neighborhood with guns, specifically,” said Police Chief Newsham said in a press conference on Wednesday. “That’s what they were looking for and evidently that’s what they found.”

The footage also contradicted the claims that Kay had been shot in the back by police.

Despite the body camera evidence, some persisted in claiming that police had acted inappropriately.

“Body camera footage just released from yesterday’s fatal shooting of 18yo Deon Kay in DC. The officer could have used ‘less-lethal tactics’ but chose to SHOOT him instead… Even after he threw his gun on the ground. We need police reform NOW,” tweeted attorney Ben Crump.

“RT If you are tired of negotiating whether a Black child deserved to be killed by police. If you are tired of paying the salary of our executioners,” tweeted the verified account for Black Lives Matter in Washington, D.C.

“Regardless, what you see in the tapes, you know Black people deserve better than this,” they added.

Here’s a news video of protesters outside the mayor’s home:

Protesters at D.C. mayor’s home: Fire police chief

Black Lives Matter Intelwars Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officer-involved shooting police brutality police shooting Protests South los angeles

Black man killed by sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles after they confront him for riding bike illegally

Protests broke out in south Los Angeles on Monday after Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a black man they stopped for riding a bike illegally, ABC News reported.

The speed with which anti-police protests mobilized after the shooting highlight the extreme tension surrounding the issue of police violence against minorities. A day later, there are still few details available on the incident, and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is urging the public to be patient with the investigation.

“Give us time to conduct our investigation,” Lt. Brandon Dean said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “We will get all of the facts of this case and eventually present them.”

What happened?

According to Dean, two deputies saw a man riding a bike in violation of vehicle codes Monday afternoon. Dean said he doesn’t know what the specific violation was.

The deputies confronted the man, who has been identified as 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee. Dean said that Kizzee dropped his bike and fled when the deputies attempted to make contact with him.

They caught up to Kizzee after about a block, and Kizzee allegedly punched one of them in the face. During the altercation, Kizzee dropped a bundle of clothes he was carrying, and the deputies spotted a gun on the ground in the clothes. Both deputies shot Kizzee, killing him.

A witness video posted to social media shows a clip of the deputies chasing Kizzee down the street, and a subsequent clip shows the moments after they shot him.

Content warning: vulgar language and potentially disturbing imagery:

What we still don’t know

There are crucial details missing at this time, as authorities continue to investigate the shooting. We don’t know what the initial violation was that caused the deputies to pursue Kizzee. We don’t know whether Kizzee was in legal possession of the weapon he was carrying. We don’t know whether Kizzee was attempting to reach for or use his weapon against the deputies when they shot him or whether he simply dropped it on the ground.

Still, a large group of protesters marched on the sheriff’s department Monday evening and night, chanting and protesting what they believe was another unjust killing of a black man. In the past six months, the police killings of Breonna Taylor in Louisville and George Floyd in Minneapolis and most recently the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, have spurred a perpetual state of protest and rioting in some parts of the United States.

Donald Trump Intelwars Jacob blake Kenosha police shooting Wisconsin

Jacob Blake’s father rejects idea of speaking to Trump: ‘I’ve already talked to President Biden’

President Donald Trump will travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, a city that has seen violent — and sometimes deadly — riots after the police shooting of Jacob Blake on Aug. 23. Although the Trump administration has reached out to Blake’s family for a potential meeting, at least one member of the family is not interested, according to the Washington Post.

Blake’s father, Jacob Blake Sr., told the Post on Friday that he’s not even interested in a call with the president at this point.

“I’ve already talked to President Biden,” Blake Sr. told the Post’s Dave Weigel.

A meeting with at least some members of Blake’s family seems possible still, with the White House claiming to have unsuccessfully reached out ahead of Trump’s visit to Kenosha.

“We are efforting outreach, have not been able to connect yet,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, according to The Hill. “So tomorrow the plan is so far to go and to meet with law enforcement and to look at the damage from the riots, but we are holding his family close to our hearts.”

Benjamin Crump, the civil rights attorney who is representing Blake’s family, claimed no one from the White House had reached out to them.

“My office has received no calls to set up any kind of meeting,” Crump told MSNBC.

However, a White House communications staffer refuted Crump on Twitter, saying White House chief of staff Mark Meadows had left messages with the family and had spoken multiple times with the pastor of Julia Jackson, Blake’s mother.

Recapping what happened

Blake was shot seven times in the back by a Kenosha Police Department officer on Aug. 23. Video of the shooting went viral sparking local protests and national outrage.

The narrative surrounding the shooting began with a claim that Blake had been attempting to break up a fight between two women when he was shot, but has evolved with additional information to paint a different picture.

Blake was charged with third-degree sexual assault in July, and had a warrant out for his arrest. The woman who accused him of the assault called 911 on Aug. 23 because Blake was at her home despite a restraining order. Police were reportedly aware of the warrant when they responded to the scene. Blake attempted to resist arrest, fighting with multiple police officers who reportedly attempted to subdue him with a stun gun, but failed.

During the altercation, Blake opened the driver’s side door of his vehicle and leaned inside. That’s when an officer shot him in the back. Police found a knife on the floor of the vehicle. Blake’s three children were also in the car when he was shot. Blake survived the shooting, but a family member said he is paralyzed from the waist down.

In the days following the shooting, Kenosha was ravaged with riots as people — many of them from out of town — caused havoc and burned down buildings. Two people were shot and killed by a 17-year-old teenager from Illinois who said he came to the city to help protect property from rioters. The teen has been charged with intentional homicide and reckless homicide.

President Trump plans to tour the city this week to see the damage and meet with local law enforcement. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have attempted to blame the chaos in Kenosha on each other. Biden currently has no plans to visit Kenosha.

chicago police Cops shot Intelwars police shooting Police Shootings Police shot St. Louis police

4 police officers shot in Chicago and St. Louis, one ‘fighting for his life’

Four police officers were shot on Saturday night and early Sunday morning in two separate violent incidents in Chicago and St. Louis. One police officer is in critical condition following a shooting.

At around 6 p.m. on Saturday, St. Louis police officers responded to a gunman who barricaded himself in a home in the Tower Grove South neighborhood. The suspect allegedly started firing at two police officers.

One cop was shot in his leg, and suffered a non-life-threatening wound. The other police officer was shot in the head and “very critically” wounded, St. Louis Police Department Chief John Hayden Jr. told reporters.

“As our brave officers were trying to get him secured, other officers responded to the scene, and another one of our officers was shot in the leg,” Hayden said. “Both are at area hospitals. Doctors are working feverishly to assist them.”

“While they’re on the scene, they hear shots, and our first officer, who is very critically injured, and when I say very critically injured, he’s very critically injured, he was shot. He has a head wound. And that officer is down,” Hayden said.

The St. Louis Police said the officer is “fighting for his life.”

Hayden said both of the injured officers are about 29-years-old, and the critically wounded cop has been on the force for approximately three years.

The suspect was taken into custody after nearly 12 hours, and witnesses say up to 100 police and SWAT officers were involved.

Hayden said there have been eight police officers shot in the line of duty since June 1.

placeholder“Our officers have been going through a lot this summer, as you know. We’ve had a surge in violence,” Hayden said. “These officers, all they’re trying to do is do their job and help a person that’s wounded, and they come under gunfire themselves.”

Early Sunday morning, two Chicago police officers were shot during a traffic stop. At 2:33 a.m., police officers were conducting a traffic stop of a “vehicle matching the description from a person with a gun call,” according to officials.

Police allegedly spotted a handgun next to a person in the backseat of the car. The cops instructed the person to get out of the vehicle, but he refused to comply.

The officers shattered the vehicle’s window to remove the man from the car. The suspect allegedly fired multiple shots at the police and struck both cops. A third officer shot back and hit the suspect.

One officer suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, side and back, according to Chicago Police Department Supt. David Brown. He was transported to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital in serious condition. The officer underwent surgery for his injuries.

The other cop was shot in the shoulder and chest and transported to the same hospital. He is reportedly in good condition.

The supervisor of the downed cops drove them to the hospital in a police vehicle.

“The quick response and thinking of their supervisors, their sergeant, likely saved precious time for their treatment,” Brown said. “That really is important when you have bleeding, gunshot wounds. That time is critical to get the treatment started.”

Brown said the wounded cops, who are in their early 20s and have been on the force for about two years, are members of a “summer mobile citywide team recently formed to address violent crime.”

The suspect is in critical condition, but has been stabilized.

“When officers leave home, they never really know what the day holds, whether or not they’ll be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice,” Brown said.

CPD spokesman Tom Ahern posted a photo of the gun that was used to shoot the police.

Intelwars Jacob blake Kenosha police reform police shooting Tim Scott Wisconsin

Sen. Tim Scott says there was ‘no justification’ for officer to shoot Jacob Blake

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the U.S. Senate and the lawmaker who led the GOP’s unsuccessful police reform effort earlier this year, said he saw “no justification” for a Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer to shoot Jacob Blake seven times in the back, according to CBS News.

What did he say? “Looking at the video, I saw no justification whatsoever for those cops to shoot that young man, Jacob,” Scott told Gayle King. “We need to get to the root of the issue. As the pastor who prayed before the news conference for the family said, this is a sin issue not a skin issue, though it seems to be happening far more often to folks who are African American than not. That frustrates me, to be honest with you.”

King pushed back, saying it is a “skin issue” when considering how police treated Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old from Illinois who killed two people during riots Tuesday night, contrasted with how police treated Blake. Rittenhouse was not arrested at the scene of the shootings, but was later arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Is Scott correct? There is still debate about whether Officer Rusten Sheskey was justified in shooting Blake. Sheskey and other officers arrived at the scene due to a domestic disturbance call. Blake’s girlfriend reportedly called 911 on him and accused him of taking her keys and refusing to leave the premises.

Officers attempted to subdue Blake, who resisted arrest, and deployed stun guns, which also failed to stop him. Blake freed himself from officers and walked from the passenger side of his car to the driver’s side, where he opened the door and reached into the vehicle. That’s when Sheskey shot him seven times in the back at close range.

Police say a knife was found on the floor of the driver’s side where Blake was reaching, but they did not clarify whether Blake was holding the knife when he was shot, or whether it was on the floor and they believed him to be reaching for it.

What’s going on now? Blake is still in the hospital, reportedly paralyzed from the waist down—a condition which doctors are still unsure whether it will be permanent. Blake’s father reported that his son is handcuffed to his bed, but that police aren’t dealing why.

State court records show that Blake had a warrant out for third-degree sexual assault and domestic abuse that was issued on July 7.

Breonna taylor Intelwars Kenneth taylor Louisville metropolitan police department No-knock warrant police shooting

Louisville police report details alleged drug trafficking connections that led to Breonna Taylor warrant

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department released a report this week providing more details about Breonna Taylor’s alleged connections to drug trafficking that led police to obtain and execute a no-knock search warrant at her home in March, the Courier Journal reported.

Taylor was shot eight times and killed by police who broke into her home in the middle of the night on March 13. Police shot back after Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired a shot at them when they entered the apartment. No drugs or money were found at the apartment.

What’s in the report?

Recorded calls about bail money. During a call from jail on March 12, Jamarcus Glover (the main target in the drug probe) called a friend and told her that Taylor was keeping $8,000 of his money and that she had been “handling all of my money.” Glover and Taylor had dated a couple of years prior.

In January, in another call from jail, Glover called Taylor to ask her to arrange for obtaining bail money from a mutual associate.

Taylor posted bail for Glover twice in 2017, and there were 27 calls from Glover to Taylor while he was in jail at various points from January 2016 through January 2020.

Glover and Taylor seen leaving alleged drug house together. Police reportedly observed Taylor and Glover visiting a known drug house together on Feb. 13.

According to the report, in a call from jail the the same day Taylor was killed, Glover expressed confusion to an associate named Adrian Walker about why the police searched Taylor’s apartment when their only connection was the bail money, and Walker responded that it was probably because of the photos of them going to the drug house.

The mayor criticizes the report

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer criticized the Courier Journal’s publication of the information from LMPD’s report as “reckless” in a statement:

Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy. Period. Justice, peace and healing are what is needed for her, for her family and for our community. Today a news story was released that includes information related to the Breonna Taylor case, despite the fact that the Attorney General and FBI have insisted that the investigation remain confidential for the integrity of the judicial process as a whole. In addition, attorneys for Breonna’s family, the county attorney, and the civil attorneys for the officers are under a protective order that does not permit them to disclose evidence in this case. It is deeply reckless for this information, which presents only a small fraction of the entire investigation, to be shared with the media while the criminal process remains ongoing. It would be unjust to draw conclusions about this case before the investigation is complete and the full truth comes out. And, efforts to sway opinion and impact the investigation by releasing select information are wrong and divisive, at a time when our city needs unity more than ever before.

American cities boots on the ground Conspiracy Fact and Theory Curfew deaths demonstrators Emergency Preparedness executive order. military gun shots Headline News Intelwars Kenosha looting Martial Law National Guard police shooting Police State rioters Tony evers totalitarian takeover troops unarmed Violence war zone Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin Descends Into A War Zone

The violence has been ongoing but turned deadly early this morning when a confrontation between demonstrators and a group of men armed with guns. This occurred at protests and riots over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, in which one person was injured and two were killed.

The city has seen several nights of rioting, following the police shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake. A curfew was imposed on Tuesday night and police ordered residents to stay off the streets, according to a report by RT. National Guard troops were also deployed to the Kenosha’s courthouse for a second night after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order doubling the Guard’s presence in the city from 125 to 250 personnel.

In a separate incident, a man with a gun opened fire after being chased by a group of demonstrators. At least one person was shot in the arm.

Stay alert and be prepared. Know what’s going on but refuse to feed the fear.  The difficult times could just be beinning. Brace yourself and make sure your are well prepped for massive societal unrest and social upheaval like we have never seen.

These are the times that try men’s souls, Thomas Paine infamously said. We are descending quickly into a totalitarian regime from one that was already fascist (a merere between the government and the corporations) and socialist. The fall as fast, and the United States is gone. Sorry. It is. There will be no going back.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It simply means we have to make sure that once this system crashes under its own weight, we don’t allow anyone power over anyone else for any reason or any amount of time. We can have a future of freedom, but it’ll require self-reflection, morality, and personal responsibility; three things Americans drarely, if ever, do.

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CORPORATE MEDIA Crime Headline News Intelwars Kenosha looting Martial Law National Guard order out of chaos police shooting propaganda Rioting ruling class societal collapse Tony evers Violence Wisconsin

We Should Mourn For What Is Happening To America

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.

This week it was Kenosha, Wisconsin and next week it will probably be somewhere else.  Yet another senseless police shooting was followed by more rioting, looting, and violence.

Of course rioting, looting and violence have basically become a nightly occurrence in America at this point anyway.  The protests never seem to end in some cities, and crime rates are absolutely skyrocketing all over the country.  Much of what is written about all of this chaos is focused on trying to pin the blame on someone, but even if we correctly identify who is to blame, will that actually stop the violence?  I don’t believe that it would.  In fact, I don’t think that anything is going to stop the violence any time soon.

I just feel so sad today.  We are literally watching the meltdown of our society, and that process is going to continue no matter what happens in November.  I have never seen so much anger in America, and the frightening thing is that the level of anger seems to just keep growing.

I wish that we could learn to truly forgive one another, love one another and come together as a society.  For years I have been telling my readers that civil unrest like this was coming, and there is an entire chapter in my new book entitled “Civil Unrest and Martial Law”.  So many of the things that myself and others have been warning about are now playing out right in front of our eyes, but there is absolutely no joy in being correct.  There is only sadness.  I love the United States of America and what I see happening to our nation grieves me very deeply.

Whenever I write articles about our need to love one another, those articles tend not to get much attention at all.  In America today, we would much rather hate our enemies than love them.  The corporate media has trained us to hate those “on the other side”, and they have done that job very well.  They have been stirring the pot for years, and now much of the population has been perfectly primed to explode.

In such an environment, it was inevitable that there would eventually be eruptions of violence.  On Sunday night, it was Kenosha’s turn

Armed rioters shut down streets in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday night as the city fell into chaos after a police-involved shooting earlier in the evening.

A large group of rioters – including at least two armed rioters – blocked a police armored car from proceeding down a street. After a standoff, the police began throwing tear gas canisters from the top of the vehicle to disperse the crowd. Moments later, gunshots rang out after one of the protesters appeared to open fire.

The police shooting that caused these riots only happened a few hours earlier.

That means that some of these rioters were already armed and were ready to cause chaos on very little notice.

And it seems that these sorts of riots are almost always accompanied by widespread looting

The violence quickly spread and eventually large mobs began looting shops and stores throughout the city.

Later in the night, vehicles at several car dealerships were set ablaze. Including one at a dealership next to a church which displayed a Black Lives Matter sign.

And just like in so many other cities, police officers in Kenosha quickly became targets.  In fact, it was reported that one officer was actually knocked down with a brick.

Protesters were promising to come back Monday night, but Governor Tony Evers called out the National Guard in a desperate attempt to keep that from happening…

In a bid to stave off another night of chaos, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers said 125 members of the National Guard would be in Kenosha on Monday night with responsibility for ‘guarding infrastructure and making sure our firefighters and others involved are protected.’

The Kenosha Police Department declared a state-of-emergency curfew for Monday night beginning at 8pm until 7am the following morning, according to a post on the police department’s Twitter feed.

Meanwhile, we witnessed yet another senseless riot in Portland on Sunday night…

A tumultuous weekend in Portland ended late Sunday night with Portland Police declaring a riot outside of the bureau’s North Precinct.

Police said they made 23 arrests over the course of the night on various charges like interfering with a peace officer and rioting.

During the riot, protesters were literally hurling anything that they could find at the police…

Demonstrators lit dumpsters on fire, and threw fireworks, rocks, and “sharp chunks of ceramic” at officers, police said.

Just after 10:30 p.m., police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Sadly, a similar scene unfolded in Denver just the night before…

Dozens of armed Black Lives Matter anarchists descended on the Denver Police Headquarters and damaged buildings, set fires and shot fireworks at cops.

The mob, consisting of between 50 to 75 demonstrators, were said to be wielding numerous weapons — from axes to guns — during the incident.

Of course the riot in Denver didn’t even make many headlines around the nation because this sort of thing has become so commonplace in our major cities at this point.

We have basically entered a period of semi-permanent civil unrest.

And now that lawlessness has been unleashed in our streets, new eruptions of violence will be easily sparked with each new incident that comes along.

I am particularly concerned about this upcoming election season.  It is easy to imagine quite a few scenarios which would unleash widespread rage and fury.

I just wish that things could be different.

Americans should not be fighting other Americans in the streets, and it deeply grieves me whenever I see it happening.

If everyone simply treated others the way that they would like to be treated, we wouldn’t see senseless police shootings and there wouldn’t be rioting and looting in our streets.

Unfortunately, the very basic values that this nation was founded upon were rejected by our society long ago, and now we are paying a very great price for that choice.

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Intelwars Jacob blake Jacob blake shooting Kenosha protests Kenosha rioting Kenosha riots Looting and rioting police shooting

‘This is not justice’: Owner in disbelief after business looted in Kenosha rioting over police shooting of Jacob Blake

Residents of Kenosha, Wisconsin, are trying to make sense of the looting and rioting in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Business owner Pat Oertle sobbed about the damage done to her business in the rioting.

“It makes no sense! Why? Why?” Oertle asked in an interview with the Associated Press.

She has owned and operated the Computer Adventure sales shop along with her husband for 30 years.

“They took computers, they took,” she said, overwhelmed. “If you want to take it, don’t destroy everything else!”

Protests in Kenosha turned to rioting and looting for a second straight day on Monday, after police shot Jacob Blake eight times in the back Sunday evening as he appeared to reach for something in his car during their attempt to detain him. He was hospitalized with serious injuries, but the shooting inspired even more violence.

Blake’s father told the media Tuesday that he was likely paralyzed from the waist down from the injuries.

On Monday, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers activated the National Guard to help local law enforcement quell the rioting.

Kenosha Fire Chief Charles Leipzig told the Kenosha News that 30 businesses were destroyed or damaged, and 34 fires were sparked during the rioting. Police employed pepper spray and tear gas in order to disperse the crowds of protesters who violated the 8 p.m. curfew.

Other business owners were just as devastated.

Joshua Ferguson, the owner of the Sugar Boxx Ice Cream Shop, said that the rioters and looters were likely not from the area because the business district they targeted was “one of the most multicultural communities of business owners.”

Community members and local leaders were out on the streets on Tuesday trying to help business owners clean up the mess left by the rioters and looters.

“Oh my God, nobody deserves this,” Oertle said. “This accomplishes nothing!”

Here’s the Associated Press video with Pat Oertle:

Ransacked Kenosha shop owner: This is not justice

Intelwars Jacob blake Kenosha Kenosha protest Kenosha riot police brutality police shooting Wisconsin

Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by Kenosha Police, father says

Jacob Blake, the black man shot multiple times in an altercation with Kenosha Police Department officers over the weekend, is paralyzed from the waist down, his father told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Blake, 29, was shot in the back seven or eight times by officers who, based on a brief video clip, appeared to be attempting to detain him after responding to a domestic disturbance call. It’s unclear what role Blake played in the domestic dispute, but witnesses have said Blake was there to break up the fight.

From the Sun-Times:

His father said there are now “eight holes” in his son’s body, and he’s paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors don’t yet know if the injury is permanent.

The elder Blake is now making the drive from Charlotte, North Carolina, to be with his son in the hospital Tuesday.

“I want to put my hand on my son’s cheek and kiss him on his forehead, and then I’ll be OK,” his father said. “I’ll kiss him with my mask. The first thing I want to do is touch my son.”

The Kenosha Police Department has not released further information about the incident yet, so the only available evidence is a video clip that begins with Blake being restrained on the ground by multiple officers near his car.

CNN reported that during the 911 call that brought officers to the scene, the dispatcher says Blake “isn’t supposed to be there” and that he had taken someone’s keys and refused to leave the scene.

The person who recorded the viral video of the shooting, Raysean White, said Blake showed up at the scene where two women were arguing, told one of his sons who was there to get in his car, and then walked into a home. White said he stepped away for a few moments and returned to see police wrestling with Blake, which is when he started recording.

One witness said the officers were punching and tasing Blake on the ground. Somehow, as the video shows, Blake escapes their grip and is able to get up. He begins walking around his car toward the driver’s side front door. The officers follow him around the car, with guns aimed at him.

Blake opens the door and reaches in, and at least one officer shoots him in the back multiple times at close range. Blake’s children were reportedly in the car at the time.The witness said he heard officers say Blake had a knife. It’s unknown whether Blake was in possession of a knife or any other weapon.

Shooting of Jacob Blake sparks protests in Wisconsin

The officers involved have been placed on administrative leave as state and county law enforcement officials conduct an investigation.

Court records show that Blake was charged with third-degree sexual assault, trespassing, and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse on July 6, and an arrest warrant was issued on July 7, but it’s not clear whether or not those charges were a factor in the attempted arrest of Blake or the shooting.

Intelwars Kenosha protests Kenosha rioting Kenosha shooting Looting and rioting National guard against protests police shooting wisconsin gov

Wisconsin Gov. Evers deploys National Guard after rioting over police shooting of Jacob Blake

Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called on the National Guard to aid local law enforcement in quelling the riots that arose in the wake of the police shooting of an unarmed black man.

Video showed several Kenosha police officers attempting to detain Jacob Blake, 29, on Sunday after they were called over a “domestic incident.” When Blake attempted to walk away from the police and jump into his vehicle, one officer grabbed his shirt and then shot at him at least seven times.

Blake was hospitalized with serious injuries and is expected to survive. Meanwhile, the city erupted in protests and rioting.

“I know folks across our state will be making their voices heard in Kenosha and in communities across Wisconsin. Every person should be able to express their anger and frustration by exercising their First Amendment rights and report on these calls to action without any fear of being unsafe,” Evers said in a statement
released on Monday.

Evers was one of the first to release a statement condemning the shooting incident on Sunday. He compared it other controversial police shootings of blacks that had led to the protests and rioting.

“This is a limited mobilization of the National Guard focused on supporting the needs of local first responders to protect critical infrastructure, such as utilities and fire stations, and to ensure Kenoshians are able to assemble safely,” the governor continued in the statement.

On Monday, a second night of protests and possibly rioting, was being documented on social media. Kenosha police set a curfew from 8 p.m. Monday night until 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Other videos showed protesters throwing water bottles at the police lined up to protect a courthouse that was the focus of violent attacks on Monday.

Blake’s mother asked through a statement by his cousin that the public remain peaceful despite the heightened tensions surrounding the incident.

Here’s a local news video about the order:

Kenosha police officers shot an individual after responding to domestic incident

Intelwars Jacob blake Joe Biden Kenosha police brutality police shooting Wisconsin

Joe Biden slams cops in Jacob Blake shooting: ‘Yet another Black American is a victim of excessive force’

After video clip of a black man in Wisconsin being shot in the back by police went viral, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden described the shooting “excessive force” and called for equal justice for black Americans.

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was shot seven times in the back by police. Only a short video clip of the shooting is available, and the full details of the events leading to the shooting have not been publicized.

“And this morning, the nation wakes up yet again with grief and outrage that yet another Black American is a victim of excessive force,” Biden said in a statement Monday. “This calls for an immediate, full and transparent investigation and the officers must be held accountable.

“These shots pierce the soul of our nation,” Biden continued. “Jill and I pray for Jacob’s recovery and for his children.”

What do we know?

Kenosha Police Department officers responded to a call about a domestic incident at about 5 p.m. Sunday. The video circulating publicly does not show what this incident was.

The clip begins with Blake walking around his car from the passenger side toward the driver’s side, being followed by officers who have weapons drawn and aimed at him.

Blake opens the door to his car and appears to lean or reach inside when one officer grabs his shirt and seven shots ring out at close range, striking him in the back. Blake was critically injured but his condition has since stabilized and improved, and he is expected to survive.

A neighbor reported seeing Blake breaking up a fight. Multiple police officers arrived on the scene and allegedly attempted to talk to Blake, who refused and tried to leave. Three of his children — ages 3, 5 and 8 —were reportedly in the car. It has not been determined whether or not Blake had a weapon in his possession or in the vehicle.

This video contains graphic/disturbing content and language.


The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave.

More protests

The shooting quickly led to protests in the city, which devolved into riots with city vehicles set on fire, windows smashed, and protesters clashing with law enforcement. The county courthouse was closed Monday due to damage. Tear gas was deployed to scatter the crowd, and a curfew is in place.

The state National Guard has been deployed to Kenosha to prevent further unrest. Biden’s statement, as well as a statement by Gov. Tony Evers, have the potential to fuel the unrest.

“Equal justice has not been real for Black Americans and so many others,” Biden said. “We are at an inflection point. We must dismantle systemic racism. It is the urgent task before us.”

Black man Intelwars Kenosha rioting Kenosha shooting police shooting Rioters with guns Sheriff's deputies watch

Thugs with rifles, handguns stare down sheriff’s vehicle during Kenosha rioting — then run for cover after tear gas greeting

During rioting Sunday night after a
police-involved shooting of a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, cellphone video captured a surreal scene: A group of apparent street fighters — some armed with rifles and handguns — staring down a sheriff’s vehicle as fires burned in the background.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

What are the details?

The clip begins with a group numbering around dozen standing in the street opposite the sheriff’s vehicle, which appears to be armored; a larger group stands farther away.

“You guys are instigating!” one person yells at the vehicle as it sits in the street with its lights flashing.

Then a red-shirted hippie holding a rifle runs from in front of the vehicle to the side and assumes a kind of battle stance, barking at his comrades that the deputies are ready to “gas us!” Someone else near him appears to be holding a handgun:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Someone a greater distance away ironically hollers at the deputies that they’re “f***in’ cowards!”

At one point the peaceful protester comes dangerously close to pointing his rifle at the vehicle — and is quickly reminded by one of his left-wing buddies not to do so.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

So he wisely moves to the grass median and stands near another individual also holding a rifle:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

But he’s correct about what law enforcement is about to bring forth: Soon a deputy opens a hatch on the roof and tosses a tear gas canister on the street.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

And the whole group scatters.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Several loud pops are heard as the crowd clears the street, and someone actually yells “f***in’ pussies!” at the vehicle now in motion.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Whether it was the same guy who called the deputies “f***in’ cowards” is anyone’s guess, but the vocabulary is strikingly similar.

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Anything else?

Also on Sunday night, cellphone video captured the moment a law enforcement officer fell face-first on the street after being apparently struck in the head with an object — someone from mob around other officers yelled out that the victim “got bricked!” The violence stemmed from a police-involved shooting of a black man hours earlier.

Black man Intelwars Kenosha police shooting Rioting Violence against police watch Wisconsin

VIDEO: Mob cheers when cop gets ‘bricked’ in head, falls face-first on Kenosha street amid violent outrage over police shooting

Cellphone video captured the moment a law enforcement officer fell face-first on a Kenosha, Wisconsin, street, apparently after being hit in the head with an object Sunday night amid violent outrage over a police-involved shooting of a black man hours earlier.

The clip shows the chaotic scene on a residential street: At least two fires and scuffles on front lawns as a crowd mills around a few officers.

Officers then appear to respond to a crashing sound and move down the street in front of a police cruiser when a thud is heard and one officer falls face-first on the street.

Onlookers at first react in shock as fellow officers attend to the injured officer: “He just got bricked! He just got bricked!” one observer exclaims.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

But when the mob begins to realize that the victim is a law enforcement officer, one person begins to applaud — and then loud cheering and hooting and hollering are heard.

“Yeah!” one person yells after officers drag the injured cop to the sidewalk. “That’s the police!” another person cries out in apparent glee.

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Police on Monday morning didn’t immediately respond to TheBlaze regarding the condition of the officer.

What’s the background?

Police shot Jacob Blake near 28th Avenue and 40th Street just after 5 p.m. following a call about a “domestic incident,” WDJT-TV reported.

Cellphone video of the shooting shows Blake walking away from police and getting into an SUV, the station said, adding that one officer is seen holding Blake’s shirt after which seven gunshots are heard.

Content warning: Graphic:

Police said officers provided immediate aid to the man after the shooting, WDJT said, adding that he was transported via Flight for Life to a Milwaukee hospital in serious condition.

The station said Blake’s cousin posted the following on Twitter early Monday morning:

“It should have never happened especially with four or five cops and one guy,” one person told WDJT. “He didn’t have no weapon or nothing… It’s happening everywhere, it’s crazy it’s happening here now.”

Unrest following the shooting continued into the night, and Kenosha County declared a state of emergency curfew that lasted until 7 a.m. Monday, the station said. Early Monday morning WDJT reported seeing burned-out garbage trucks, vandalized businesses, a burned car lot, and authorities blocking the area around the Kenosha County Courthouse.

The courthouse was closed Monday.

The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin State Patrol were called to assist after the shooting, the station said, and the Wisconsin Department of Justice will handle the investigation.

Man injured after officer-involved shooting in Kenosha

Detroit police Intelwars K9 police Pit bulls Police shoot dog police shooting Police shooting dogs

Police officer seen in shocking video fatally shooting dog in its own yard will not be reprimanded

A Detroit police officer who fatally shot and killed a dog after it attacked her K-9 partner will not be reprimanded. The disturbing incident was caught on video and has since gone viral on social media.

Police officers from the 9th Precinct were searching for an illegal firearm that was allegedly tossed into a yard while a suspect was fleeing from authorities. Police allegedly asked the homeowner to secure the dog in the yard while they conducted their search in the area, according to the Detroit Free Press.

A Ring doorbell camera captured the moment on Aug. 3 that a Detroit K-9 officer and a dog got into a tussle, despite both animals being separated by a fence. The dog, which was in its own yard, allegedly latched itself onto the K-9’s snout though the fence. The police officer did have her dog on a leash, but was not able to separate the two canines.

The police officer then took out her gun and fatally shot the dog, which Detroit Police claim to have been a pit bull. Graphic footage shows the wounded dog spastically twitching after being shot.

“Her partner was being attacked and we demand that our officers protect not only themselves but their partners and citizens. At this point it was a clear and present danger; her dog was being viciously harmed,” Detroit Police Commander Darin Szilagyi said on Friday. “It’s unfortunate it came to this, we don’t like to see any animal hurt.”

The K-9 officer suffered extensive injuries, including a large rip through the skin of its upper snout and puncture wounds on its upper jawlines, according to the police. The police dog will undergo tests and evaluations to determine whether it is competent to return to police work.

The officer who shot the dog is back on duty after completing counseling. She will not face any consequences for the shooting.

“No matter what, when force is used on a person or animal, it is ugly. No one likes it, I don’t like it, I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I don’t like it,” Szilagyi said, defending the police officer. “But unfortunately it’s necessary if you have life or death situations, and this was a life or death situation, that is the option that a police officer has to use, and I commend the officer for making a decision and coming back to work and taking care of her partner.”

“I’m a dog lover, I own several dogs, I have a responsibility to protect the public from my animals, just like anyone else,” Szilagyi said. “Keep your dogs in the backyards and this won’t be an issue.”

Unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro shared the unsettling video on Twitter, where it has over 3.5 million views. Castro called for the police officer to be “fired and prosecuted.”

(Content Warning: Extremely disturbing and graphic video)

Black Lives Matter chicago Intelwars looting Lori lightfoot police shooting riot

Chicago mayor claims riots and looting were a planned attack on the city

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the rioting and looting that occurred in her city Sunday night and Monday morning were the result of a coordinated and pre-planned attack, not organic protests of an officer-involved shooting, according to Time.

Businesses in downtown Chicago were damaged and looted for the second time in the past few months, and the situation got so out of control that the city raised the bridges leading into the area to limit access.

The violence was allegedly sparked by the non-fatal police shooting of 20-year-old Latrell Allen on Sunday afternoon. Allen stands charged with first-degree attempted murder and possession of a concealed weapon, and reportedly shot at police first.

Lightfoot acknowledges that some of the unrest may have come from legitimate protesters, but said most of the damage was done by highly organized criminals looking to take advantage of the chaos.

“When people showed up on Michigan Avenue in the downtown area with U-Haul trucks and cargo vans, and sophisticated equipment used to cut metal, and the methods that were used, and how quickly it got spun up … that wasn’t any spontaneous reaction,” Lightfoot told Time. “To be sure, there are people that did join in that were motivated by lots of different reasons, and certainly were motivated by social media posts encouraging people to come downtown. But the core of what happened — that’s organized criminal activity. … It was a planned attack.”

There were reportedly more than 1,800 911 calls made between midnight and 3 a.m., and Lightfoot said looters chose to strike during that time, knowing there would be fewer police officers on duty.

Black Lives Matter Chicago disagrees with Lightfoot’s claim that the unrest was not organic, saying it was a direct result of frustration and distrust of police. The organization blamed Lightfoot for leaving Chicagoans with no option besides protest to create change.

“If mayor Lori Lightfoot is upset about the protests last night, then a plausible answer would be to provide an outlet for the people to exert control over the policing of their community,” a BLM Chicago statement read. “Instead, the mayor has opposed and ignored the demand for a Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) which would empower the people to get justice for police violence and enact the systemic changes needed to prevent it in the future.”

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Protests erupted when police gunned down black man in North Carolina — then they released the dash cam video

Protests erupted in Roxboro, North Carolina, after police shot and killed a black man on last Friday, but some of the criticism was quelled after police released the dash cam video of the incident.

Police said that they had responded to a report of a man walking with what looked like a shotgun when they encountered David Brooks Jr., 45, near a Dollar General store.

Six minutes later, the man was dead after being shot by police. Police recovered a loaded sawed-off shotgun at the scene. No police were injured in the altercation, and none of the responding officers had body cameras.

“We want justice”

A cousin of Brooks disputed the police account in a statement

“He walked the road every day. He don’t bother anybody. He don’t start no trouble or nothing,” he said. “He probably had one of those guns he had on his chest. It was visible. He wouldn’t hurt nobody, though.

Tanillya Partridge, another cousin of Brooks, had a message for the police.

“You shoot my cousin in the street like a dog. We want justice,” she said. “We are not going to stop until we get justice for David Brooks because he never hurt anybody.”

Accusations of racism and other claims were leveled at the officers, often based on rumors.

“We want justice. We want honesty,” Vee Monique, a protest organizer said. “We understand that the people that are in office, that are in the police department, are in cahoots, so we might have to take this over their heads, if possible.”

Police later said that Brooks had only been shot once through the chest. They also said that Brooks had pointed the sawed off shotgun at them before they shot him.

Dash cam video released

On Wednesday, the police released the dash cam of the incident that protesters were demanding. That video can be seen here.

The video showed police attempting to talk to Brooks, who appeared to raise his gun and point at them. One shot can be seen striking Brooks before he falls to the ground.

Also on Wednesday, members of the Black Panthers marched to the spot where Brooks was killed by police. Brooks’ brother told a
WNCN reporter that he had been a “cadet” in the Black Panthers.

Vigil held after man dies in Roxboro officer-involved shooting