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More Than 200 Marines Arrive At MASS VACCINATION Site To Help FEMA

In order to support the government’s mass vaccination program, more than  200 marines and sailors arrived at a FEMA mass vaccination site in Philadelphia. The site will open tomorrow, on Wednesday, March 3.

Trump told us he would make sure the military delivered these vaccines. You were warned. If you think it’s only going to be Philadelphia, think again.  This will be hailed a success so that the military and FEMA will rollout vaccines in all major areas.

Trump: “The Military Is Ready To Deliver A Vaccine”

Pentagon Will Deploy Active Duty Troops To Mass Vaccination Sites

For those who said the military will never do this, you were wrong. Mass vaccination has always been in the plans and the military was slated from the beginning as the ones to make it happen in the United States. The goal of this mass vaccination site is to provide around 6,000 doses a day to Philadelphia residents, according to a CBS local affiliate.  That’s more than 4 people per minute.

The Pentagon & CDC Will Join Together To Mass Distribute The COVID Vaccine

This center will be open 7 days a week for 5 weeks, and they will administer the Pfizer vaccine to anyone willing. The FEMA site will be delivering vaccines by appointment only. If you have any doubt as to whether this is nefarious or not, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is traveling to Philadelphia on Tuesday to tour the FEMA mass vaccination site.

Wake up. It is past time to figure out who the real enemy is. We are all slaves and we don’t figure it out soon, we’ll be dumbed down to the point that our future generations will face that permanence of their enslavement due to our inability to think critically. Use discernment, and look into everything. There is a reason the ruling class needs the slaves to willingly take this vaccine for a disease that has a 99.02% survival rate.

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Cancer victim Carjackers Elderly woman Heart attack Intelwars pepper spray Philadelphia Physical attack watch

Female thugs knock down 78-year-old woman battling cancer — then pepper-spray and punch her before stealing her car

Angelina Bellissima — a 78-year-old who’s battling cancer — had just parked her car on South Smedley Street in Philadelphia last week so she and her daughter could unload groceries, WPVI-TV reported.

But instead, Bellissima would endure a terrifying ordeal.

What happened?

Three women — who investigators say were “stalking” Bellissima — knocked her down, pepper-sprayed her in the face, punched her, grabbed her car keys, and took off in her vehicle, police said, adding that security cameras captured the attack as well as the suspects’ getaway.

“I just felt like I was going to die,” Bellissima told WPVI Wednesday, just hours after police released videos of the attack.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“I hear a scream, ‘Help me, help me!” her daughter Angela Palumbo recalled to the station in an earlier story from the station about the attack, which noted that Bellissima said the suspects asked her for a ride and then came at her when she said no.

“I just feel them come back, like hit me from the back, and I feel this pepper spray in my face,” she added to the station. “They threw me to the ground, punched me in the face. They grabbed the keys out of my hand, and I heard them saying, ‘Open the doors, open the doors.'”

Palumbo added to WPVI: “When I saw my mom in a ball crying with her face full of pepper spray, I just lost it. For somebody to come along and just hurt her like that, there’s no pain, there’s no pain like that.”

Here’s video police released of the attack:

Robbery 27XX S Smedley St DC 21 01 001541

It gets worse

Bellissima also suffered a stress heart attack and just regained sight in her left eye, the station said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“I’m scared to death to go out because they’re not caught yet, I really am,” she added to WPVI. “Usually I’m pretty strong. Let me tell you, I’m fighting cancer, but this time I’m scared because I know they’re still out there.”

Carjackings have been skyrocketing in the Philadelphia area, and the perpetrators are getting more brazen, the station said.

“They need to pay for what they did to her because she doesn’t deserve this,” Palumbo told WPVI. “She just got done cancer radiation, five surgeries — and now this.”

Elderly woman recounts brazen carjacking: ‘I just felt like I was going to die’

Federal buildings Intelwars Minneapolis New Year's Eve Philadelphia Rioting vandalism violent leftists watch

Militant leftists arrested after New Year’s Eve rioting in Minneapolis, vandalism of federal buildings in Philadelphia

Left-wing militants in Minneapolis and Philadelphia apparently decided they’d ring in the new year not with horns and high-fives but rather with knives, mace, Molotov cocktails, and bricks in order to spread their messages of peace, love, and acceptance.

What are the details?

In Minneapolis, five people were charged Monday with second-degree riot-armed with a dangerous weapon, a felony,
KARE-TV reported. They are Jordan Abhold, 26, Nelson Mendez, 31, Thomas Moseley, 29, Marc Holley, 32, and Laura Galaviz, 29, the station said, citing the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

KARE said the arrests occurred one night after
a man was shot and killed during a shootout with Minneapolis police.

More from the station:

According to the criminal complaint, Minneapolis police noticed social media posts telling people to gather at 11 p.m. that night at Park Avenue and Fourth Street in downtown Minneapolis. The posts said to wear black and “mask up,” according to the complaint. The posts also made threats of property damage, including “BURN THE PRECINCTS & THE PRISONS!”

The complaint says about 75 people gathered at Commons Park chanting and marching on the sidewalks and roads, disrupting traffic and the light rail trains. The march continued to the Hennepin County Juvenile Justice Center and the Juvenile Detention Center on Park Avenue, according to the complaint.

Police also saw members of the group shooting fireworks toward motorists and spray-painting graffiti on buildings, including the detention center and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, less than 45 minutes after the group arrived at the park, officers were ordered to move in and detain as many of the people as possible. While many scattered, the complaint says officers arrested about 35 of them.

During the arrests, the complaint say officers recovered knives, mace, improvised spike balls, fireworks, gas masks, a taser, body armor and helmets. Five of the people arrested were charged with the felony riot charge.

Abhold was carrying a loaded .38 special revolver — which he had a permit to carry — two speed loaders with ammunition, and a device that appeared to be scanning police radio communication, KARE said, citing the complaint. Moseley was carrying a knife and already had been charged with felony damage to property at the Minneapolis Fifth Precinct police station and possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse, the station said, citing the complaint. Prosecutors are seeking $100,000 bail for both of them. KARE said, citing the attorney’s office.

The station added that Holley was carrying a knife, a gas mask, zip ties, body armor, and a two-way radio, according to the complaint, Mendez had fireworks, a green laser, a taser, and a gas mask, and Galaviz was carrying two knives. Prosecutors are seeking $20,000 bail for the trio, KARE said.

All five were expected to make their first court appearances Tuesday, the station said, citing the attorney’s office.

And in the City of Brotherly Love…

Seven people were arrested after several Philadelphia federal buildings were vandalized on New Year’s Eve, police told the Associated Press.

Get a load of the lineup:

WXTF-TV identified the arrestees in the above photos as (top row, from left) Adam McVicker, Meredith Tooker, Dustin Callahan, Sydney Miller, and (bottom row) Allison Donohue, Jacob Robotin, Josey Augustine.

What are the details?

Officers spotted about 50 people — all dressed in black — at the historic U.S. Customs House around 8:30 p.m. where windows were smashed, police told the AP. Four arrests were made there, the outlet said, and three other suspects were arrested elsewhere.

Vandals then scrawled anti-police and anti-prison graffiti on the Federal Detention Center, police told the AP, adding that a nearby sheriff’s van was defaced and had several windows broken.

Image source: WCAU-TV video screenshot

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Mike Cram said “numerous Molotov cocktails and some other devices which haven’t been identified” were recovered, the outlet reported.

McVicker, 25, is accused of throwing a brick and is charged with criminal mischief and related counts, as are Callahan, 24, Donohue, 23, and Augustine, 31, the AP said, adding that Robotin, 25, Miller, 22, and Tooker, 26, are charged with attempted arson and risking a catastrophe, as well was other counts that include conspiracy.

Robotin was carrying a glass jar with a fuse that had “a strong flammable odor,” as well as a plastic container with white powder labeled “Fire Starter,” police told the AP, adding that Miller had bottles with liquids that had “a chemical smell.”

2nd Amend. armed robbery concealed carry gun rights guns Intelwars Philadelphia Self-Defense watch

Armed robber demands cash at Philly Wingstop. But customer with license to carry walks in — and puts perp down for good with one shot.

Looks like yet another criminal didn’t pay attention to the growing number of headlines announcing that law-abiding citizens in greater and greater numbers are deciding it’s time to arm themselves with guns — and use them if necessary.

What happened?

Philadelphia police said a Wingstop in the 2100 block of Cottman Avenue — located in the northeast section of the city — was open for takeout Sunday night and was staffed with three employees when a 53-year-old man walked in around 10:30 p.m. wearing a mask and gloves, WPVI-TV reported.

Employees said the man pointed a gun and ordered them to empty the drawer, the station said.

But investigators said a customer soon walked into the store while talking on his cellphone, WPVI reported.

“And that’s when the robber pointed a gun at that customer and demanded his cell phone,” Chief Inspector Scott Small told the station. “The customer, who is in his late 20s, pulled his gun, fired one shot at the perpetrator, striking him in the neck.”

The shot was fatal — and the customer who pulled the trigger has a license to carry, WXTF-TV reported.

In addition, WXTF said the three employees and the customer all told the same story to police, and surveillance video showed that when the customer handed over his phone to the suspect, it was at that moment — when the suspect was busy holding a gun and customer’s cellphone — that the customer saw an opening and fired his own gun.

Police found the suspect dead behind the counter, WXTF added.

Anything else?

Authorities added to WPVI that the suspect had prior run-ins with the law.

The customer is cooperating with the investigation, and police said it doesn’t appear as though he’ll face any charges, the station said. Police also said they found one spent shell casing on the customer side of the counter, WPVI reported.

A WXTF reporter said on camera that the Wingstop is open until midnight and that on a Sunday full of football games, it’s a “tempting target” for crooks “thinking there’s a whole lot of cash in there.”

But on this night, the suspect came away empty handed in more ways than one.

court order Donald Trump Election 2020 Intelwars Joe Biden Pennsylvania ballots Philadelphia watch

Trump campaign allegedly being prevented from watching vote count in Philadelphia despite court order allowing them to do so

Members of President Donald Trump’s campaign Thursday allegedly were not being permitted to observe ballot counting in the Philadelphia Convention Center despite a court order issued earlier in the day allowing them to do so.

What are the details?

A Philadelphia court ruled Thursday morning that poll watchers were allowed to be within six feet of ballot counting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center rather than the previous 20-foot perimeter, KYW-TV reported.

Pam Bondi and Corey Lewandowski of the Trump Campaign presented the order, which went into effect at 10:30 a.m., the station said, adding that the pair said it allows them access inside and up to six feet of the vote-counters. KYW reported that they then walked inside the convention center.

However, two videos posted to social media show Trump campaign representatives — including Lewandowski — declaring that they were being blocked from observing the count:

Lewandowski said in the above clip that Philadelphia officials “refuse to honor the judge’s order” giving them access and that it “flies in the face of democracy.” He added that “the attorney for the city said they are going to evaluate … the judge’s order.”

A woman who said she’s an attorney representing Philadelphia stated in the above clip that the city is “evaluating” the judge’s order and determining “what the order means” and “when they’re ready to talk to you about it, they will.” The woman also said the city isn’t violating the court order by its actions.

Ballot counting in Philadelphia was halted for about an hour Thursday morning due to legal challenges, KYW said in a separate story. It isn’t clear if above videos were recorded when counting was paused or not.

City commissioners tweeted later that the count was back on:

However, TheBlaze looked at the livestream referred to in the above tweet just before 4:30 p.m. Thursday, and it didn’t appear to show poll watchers standing within six feet of ballot counters.

Still, Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt told KYW that representatives from both the Trump campaign and from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign were watching the vote count.

“They’re observing all of it,” Schmidt noted to the station.

None of the three Philadelphia commissioners on Thursday immediately responded to TheBlaze’s request for comment on the allegations that Trump officials were being prevented from observing the vote count despite the court order allowing them to do so.

Anything else?

Associated Press reported late Wednesday that Trump’s campaign sued to stop the Pennsylvania vote count over lack of “transparency” and was seeking to intervene in the Supreme Court case. Fox News said the lawsuit was meant to overturn a SCOTUS decision that allows Pennsylvania to continue counting mail-in ballots received after Tuesday until Friday, as long as they were postmarked by Nov. 3.

An NBC News reporter said Thursday she incorrectly tweeted that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overruled the lower court’s decision favoring the Trump campaign and added that the state’s high court hasn’t “weighed in” on the case yet.

Pennsylvania officials on Thursday were still counting mail-in ballots for Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Winning the state’s 20 electoral votes would put Biden above the 270-vote threshold that determines the winner of the election.

beaten Elijah schaffer Exaggerated Intelwars Philadelphia reporter Violence

‘Look at my face’: BlazeTV reporter beaten by looters fires back at critics who say Philadelphia violence ‘exaggerated’

BlazeTV reporter Elijah Schaffer — who was beaten earlier this week while covering looting in Philadelphia following the death of Walter Wallace Jr. — has a message for those in the mainstream media who claim the violence that occurred has been exaggerated by so-called right wing outlets: “Look at my face.”

What are the details?

Schaffer recounted the attack on him to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday night, where the host asked if any journalist advocacy groups had come to his defense or offered to chip in on his medical bills. The reporter said the response has been “quite the opposite.”

“The man had a gun, and I”ll say this…I owe it to God, and I give praise to Jesus for saving my life in that moment, because just right outside a few hundred yards away a 15-year-old girl was shot, multiple guns were fired,” Schaffer told Carlson. “They had guns, they were using guns, but lucky for me all I received was about a dozen or so blows to the head and the body.”

“So nobody came to your defense?” Carlson asked again, “There wasn’t an editorial in the New York Times that a racist mob attacked you, threatened you with a firearm, beat you up in the middle of a major American city?”

Schaffer replied, “I know the New York Times talked about people they called the right wing ‘glorifying’ or ‘exaggerating’ or ‘hyper-focusing’ on violence, and I have to say to someone at the New York Times, who’s sitting in their office that is writing in the comfortability of their flat, writing and judging and characterizing people: Look at my face.”

“I’m a young man, I’m married, my wife is at home,” Schaffer continued. “I’m just there capturing the news while they’re not, and they look at someone like myself and many other brave people who are putting their lives on the line and they tell me my face being beaten, a gun being pointed at my head…you’re telling me this is an exaggeration? Well, I’m taking blows for America and you’re sitting at your fancy desk and your nice salary telling us—real reporters—why we’re wrong.”

“Journalism is dead in this country, and it’s dangerous,” Schaffer argued, adding, “You know why journalists don’t do this? It’s because it actually takes a risk. It requires sacrifice, and that’s been lost today, in our country. And it breaks my heart to realize people are not getting truth.”

Intelwars looting Looting in philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia riots Philly Philly riot Riots

Police find van loaded with explosives in Philadelphia; looting and rioting continues in city despite curfew

Philadelphia police have launched an investigation after discovering a van that was reportedly loaded with explosives and suspicious items around 10 p.m. Wednesday night. The bomb squad and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives were called in to assist with the investigation.

Inside the abandoned van were explosives, such as propane tanks, dynamite sticks, and torches, according to WPVI-TV. The van was reportedly found at Logan Circle, a large traffic circle with a park and gardens in Philly’s Center City neighborhood in the city’s museum district.

No one was in the van when police approached the vehicle, but an eyewitness told WCAU-TV that they saw a man running away from the van.

The identity of the owner of the van has not been revealed, and no arrests have been made.

Philadelphia police have reported that explosives have been used to try to breach ATMs during the riots. WTXF-TV reported that authorities responded to four reports of explosives being detonated near automated teller machines in North Philadelphia between 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and 5 a.m. Wednesday. Police say the cashboxes were still intact after the explosions and the suspects could not steal the money, but significant damage was done to the machines.

This week’s protests that have escalated into looting and fiery riots were sparked by Monday’s police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who reportedly wielded a knife and charged at officers. Police fired 14 shots, killing Wallace.

During the first night of riots, dozens of businesses were looted, and at least 30 Philadelphia police officers were injured, 12 were hospitalized. Looting continued a second night in Philadelphia, including at a Five Below store, where BlazeTV reporter Elijah Schaffer was assaulted by looters.

Philadelphia instituted a citywide curfew from 9 p.m. Wednesday until 6 a.m. Thursday. Despite the curfew, there was still looting in the city on Wednesday night.

More than half of the stores in a northeast Philadelphia strip mall were vandalized Wednesday night, according to KYW-TV.

“One of the stores’ managers told the station a group of about 12 to 15 people drove up to the shopping center at about midnight and went business by business, smashing doors and windows,” KYW-TV news reporter Jan Carabeo noted.

In a different part of the city, a Lord & Taylor and other businesses were damaged by rioters.

No arrests were reported.

“City officials said at least 200 businesses, many of them already struggling in the midst of the pandemic, were the targets of massive looting across the city,” WCAU-TV reported. “To assist police, an undetermined number of Pennsylvania National Guard troops will soon be arriving in the city.”

“I have requested the assistance of the Pennsylvania National Guard,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said. “Their role, first and foremost, will be to safeguard property and prevent looting. They will also provide assistance for our police department and other operational departments as needed.”

The Pennsylvania National Guard troops will begin arriving in Philadelphia on Friday, Kenney said during a virtual news conference on Wednesday.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw delivered an update regarding the investigation into the police shooting death of Wallace.

“As I said yesterday, this investigation has many moving parts and we are working hard to ensure that a fair and thorough investigation takes place,” Outlaw said. “We plan on releasing premise history audio of 911 calls and bodycam footage of the discharging officers in the near future.

“We will be meeting with members of Mr. Wallace’s family, to ensure they get an opportunity to view the materials first,” Outlaw continued.

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 President John McNesby commented on the investigation.

“We’re calling on the city leadership to release the facts of this case, it’s not hard, it’s cut and dry. Release what you have,” McNesby said.

District attorney vs trump Intelwars Philadelphia Philadelphia da larry krasner Philadelphia looting Philadelphia riots Philly da vs trump Walter wallace jr

Philadelphia DA warns President Trump on election poll-watchers: ‘Break the law here, and I’ve got something for you.’

The district attorney in Philadelphia issued a fiery statement warning President Donald Trump about supporting uncertified poll watchers for the election.

Larry Krasner issued the statement on Wednesday as a third night of violent protests were expected to erupt in the historic city.

“The Trump Administration’s efforts to suppress votes amid a global pandemic fueled by their disregard for human life will not be tolerated in the birthplace of American democracy. Philadelphians from a diversity of political opinions believe strongly in the rule of law, in fair and free elections, and in a democratic system of government. We will not be cowed or ruled by a lawless, power-hungry despot. Some folks learned that the hard way in the 1700s,” read the statement.

Krasner went on blame the president for coronavirus pandemic deaths, and then addressed the rioting over the lethal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a black man.

“Philadelphians are grieving the fatal shooting by police of a Black man who appeared to be in mental health crisis. Instead of working with cities and states to improve accountability and efficacy in policing, instead of supporting and strengthening Black communities, the Trump Administration seeks to throw gasoline on a long-burning fire in order to provoke further unrest and violence ahead of an election he is terrified to lose,” he said.

Krasner then said his office was pursuing serious charges against a suspect who allegedly ran over a police sergeant, seriously injuring her, during the protests.

“My office is also investigating the police shooting death of Walter Wallace, Jr., because justice demands accountability for every death at the hands of government actors — whether on the streets or in prisons or in the ICE facilities where Donald Trump is caging children,” he added.

“Keep your Proud Boys, goon squads, and uncertified ‘poll watchers’ out of our city, Mr. President. Break the law here, and I’ve got something for you,” Krasner concluded.

The Trump campaign had said they were prepared to sue the city over their lack of cooperation with the insertion of “poll watchers” for the election. The president tweeted about the issue in September.

Krasner said during an interview on Democracy Now! that the law would apply to any federal officers that the president might send to the city and if they attempted to arrest people without probable cause that he would press charges against them and litigate the issue as a crime. He went on to say that he believed Trump was a “wannabe fascist,” during the interview.

Here’s more about Kresner’s threats:

Philly DA Larry Krasner: Trump Is a “Wannabe Fascist.” I Will Charge His Agents If They Break Law

Beat up Elijah schaffer Filming Intelwars looting Philadelphia Walter wallce

BlazeTV reporter beaten while filming the looting inside Philadelphia store

BlazeTV reporter Elijah Schaffer was attacked Tuesday night inside a Philadelphia store while filming ongoing looting in the wake of the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who was killed after allegedly charging at officers while holding a knife on Monday.

What are the details?

The Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott, also reporting from Philadelphia, tweeted Tuesday night, “Mass looting across the river and @ElijahSchaffer just got beaten up for filming. This is inside the Five Below store. Police are in the same parking lot near the Walmart, but there seem to be too many looters.”

Talcott posted footage showing her walking inside the store and seeing Schaffer, who was wearing a white patterned bandana, being approached by alleged looters amid calls for him to “Stop recording!” Schaffer was seen on the video being surrounded by several people who threw punches.

Talcott then posted images of Schaffer with a busted lip, reporting, “.
@ElijahSchaffer got beaten up inside one of the stores for filming.”

Schaffer explained in a video posted on his own Twitter feed that he “was jumped by BLM rioters while they were looting more than a dozen stores, including Wal-Matt, T-Mobile, & 5-below.”

He continued, “Though in pain, I didn’t stop reporting because Americans need to see what the corporate media refuses to show.”

Schaffer then shared the footage he took leading up to when he was attacked. In the tweet accompanying the video, he wrote, “PHILADELPHIA: This is the footage I was recording when BLM assaulted me. Other journalists were filming but I was the only white person in the store I do believe I was targeted for being white as they accused me of being a white supremacist & did not attack people of color.”

What’s the background?

After the police shooting of 27-year-old Wallace went viral, Philadelphia erupted in violent protests and looting caught on social media that evening. More than 90 people were arrested and 30 officers were hurt in the rioting on Monday. The rioting started up again Tuesday with more protests and looting across the city.

America Black Lives Matter brandishing Headline News Intelwars knife looting Obey Philadelphia Police State Protests racial tensions Rioting Shooting Twitter unprovoked murder Walter Wallace Jr. footage

Philadelphia Overrun By Rioting, Looting After Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Black Man

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

Yet another night of looting and rioting in America…

As Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson reports, the rioters hit the streets after the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. in an incident being described as yet another unprovoked murder of a black man.

In reality, footage of the incident shows Wallace Jr. ignoring numerous warnings from police officers to drop the weapon as he advances on them before being shot.

NOTE – the tweet of the actual incident has now been deleted from Twitter

However, as we have seen multiple times over the past 5 months, Black Lives Matter agitators don’t let the facts get in the way of yet another chance to riot.

A female sergeant suffered a broken leg as she was struck by a speeding vehicle.

Other videos show BLM criminals looting a clothing store.

Another clip shows a police car on fire.

Cops were chased down the street by the mob, who threw projectiles at officers who weren’t wearing full protective riot gear.

“Get em, yeah! That’s what I like!” shouts the man filming the scene.

Another video shows riot cops being pelted with trash cans and other objects.

A total of 30 police officers were injured during the clashes.



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Election integrity Intelwars Philadelphia Security voter fraud Voting Machines warehouse watch

Days after computer theft from Philly elections warehouse, reporter strolls inside, walks by rows of voting machines — with no one else around

After a report in a major newspaper of stolen computer equipment from a major U.S. city’s elections warehouse, one may be inclined to conclude that the premises would be buttoned up a bit afterward.

But apparently that wasn’t the case at Philadelphia’s elections warehouse — at least not on Thursday when WHYY-TV reporter Max Marin said he was able to enter the facility with no problem, walk past rows of voting machines, and just hang out all by his lonesome for several minutes while recording the breach on his cellphone:

Marin wrote that he “strolled past hundreds of voting machines, various boxes, and other unidentified equipment without seeing other people.”

“Eventually” he “stumbled upon a staffer in an office, who said press was not allowed in the building and escorted the reporter to the door, locking it behind him. The staffer declined to answer questions about security, or answer why it was so easy to enter. No security cameras were immediately visible, either inside or outside the building,” Marin added.

He also noted in his report that upon leaving the warehouse, a guard was visible at the other side of the building and more staffers arrived at the facility later, with one taking up a station outside the door.

What’s the background?

The Philadelphia Inquirer noted earlier this week that the items stolen were a laptop belonging to an on-site employee for the company that supplies the voting machines and several memory sticks used to program the machines. The paper said the theft sparked a “scramble to investigate and to ensure the machines had not been compromised.”

City officials privately expressed concern that President Donald Trump and his allies might use news of the theft to cast doubt on the integrity of the city’s elections “in light of false claims and conspiracy theories he cited during Tuesday’s presidential debate,” the Inquirer reported.

The paper added that officials “initially refused to confirm the theft or that an investigation had been opened. They only did so after The Inquirer informed them it would be reporting the incident based on sources who were not authorized to publicly discuss it.”

Far-left Mayor Jim Kenney weighed in, telling the paper in a statement: “I have immediately committed to making necessary police resources available to investigate this incident and find the perpetrators. I have also committed to the city commissioners additional resources to provide enhanced security at the warehouse going forward. This matter should not deter Philadelphians from voting, nor from having confidence in the security of this election.”

Yet the WHYY reporter still got inside

In the wake of Marin’s report of lax security at the warehouse, he said Deputy Commissioner Nick Custodio told him a security guard should have been stationed outside the door he walked through — but didn’t know if the guard was supposed to be there 24 hours or only during operating hours.

Custodio works for the Office of City Commissioners, which oversees elections in Philadelphia, and told WHYY he would address the situation.

In response to the theft and Marin’s breach of the warehouse, city spokesperson Mike Dunn told the station new safeguards would include:

  • Greatly increasing the number of security personnel stationed at the site (24/7);
  • Adding a round-the-clock police presence;
  • Instituting a strict logging procedure for anyone entering and exiting the buildings;
  • Enforcing strict adherence to the current policy.
ballots Barack Obama beginning of the end belief Conspiracy Fact and Theory Coronavirus Donald Trump election Emergency Preparedness experts Forecasting Government government is a religion Headline News Illusion of Choice illusion of freedom Intelwars Joe Biden last election left vs. right paradigm lie Mail-in voting matrix no faith no government Philadelphia system voting is a scam Voting Machines

Will The 2020 Election Be The Beginning Of The End For Our System Of Government?

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

Most Americans assume that our system of government could never fail, but the truth is that it is failing right in front of our eyes.  In order for our system of government to work, people need to be able to believe that their votes will count and that the outcomes of our elections will be fair.

For over 200 years, most Americans did have faith in the system, but now things are rapidly changing.  Here in 2020, we appear to be heading for a hotly contested result in the presidential election, and many on the losing side are inevitably going to believe that the election was stolen from them.  And day after day we just continue to see more examples that indicate the security of our elections is being compromised on a widespread basis.  Not too long ago, I wrote about the military ballots for Trump that had been discarded in a dumpster in Pennsylvania and the ballots that were discovered in a ditch in Wisconsin.  And now today I came across a report about how memory sticks that are “used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines” were stolen from a warehouse…

A laptop and several memory sticks used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse in East Falls, officials confirmed Wednesday, setting off a scramble to investigate and to ensure the machines had not been compromised.

Though it remains unclear when the equipment was stolen, sources briefed on the investigation said the items vanished this week. The laptop belonged to an on-site employee for the company that supplies the machines. It and the USB drives were the only items believed to have been taken.

We will want to watch the results coming out of Philadelphia very carefully because the winner of Pennsylvania is probably going to win the presidency.

In 2012, 100 percent of the vote went to Barack Obama in precinct after precinct in Philly, and it will be very interesting to see if a similar pattern emerges during this election.

Elsewhere, James O’Keefe has just exposed an absolutely shocking “cash-for-ballots harvesting scheme” in Minnesota.  Apparently, people were being paid lots of money to collect absentee ballots from elderly individuals and fill them out for preferred Democratic candidates.  The following comes from a Newsweek report

“Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman,” Mohamed says in the video. “I have 300 ballots in my car right now.”

“Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. Look, all these are for Jamal Osman.”

Mohamed can be seen showing white envelopes on his car’s dashboard in a video from July 1. Later in the Project Veritas video Mohamed says, “Money is the king in this world… and a campaign is driven by money.”

How can an election be legitimate when there is this sort of vote-buying going on?

And now with tens of millions of ballots going through the mail in 2020, it is going to be easier to “harvest” ballots than ever before

I just have such a bad feeling about what is going to happen in November.

For weeks, the mainstream media has been trying to convince us that President Trump will probably have a lead on election night but that Joe Biden will win once all of the mail-in ballots are finally counted.

Of course, it could take a really long time for all of those ballots to be counted, and meanwhile, all sorts of monkey business could be happening in the background that we don’t know anything about.

In the end, one side is going to end up bitterly disappointed and will feel like the election has been stolen.  If Trump wins many Biden supporters will believe it was because all of the votes were not fairly counted and if Biden wins many Trump supporters will believe that there was widespread fraud involving mail-in ballots.

We could very easily end up with a scenario where both candidates are declaring victory, and that could set up a very ugly constitutional crisis.  In one of his recent articles, James Howard Kunstler detailed one way that this could all play out

  • The complicit newspapers and cable news channels publish polls showing Joe Biden leading in several swing states, even if it’s not true.
  • Facebook and Twitter amplify expectations of a Biden victory.
  • This sets the stage for a furor when it turns out that he loses on election night.
  • On cue, Antifa commences to riot all around the country. Meanwhile, a mighty harvest of mail-in votes pours into election districts utterly unequipped to validate them.
  • Lawfare cadres agitate in the contested states’ legislatures to send rogue elector slates to the electoral college. The dispute ends up in congress, which awaits a seating of newly-elected representatives on January 4, hopefully for Lawfare, mostly Democrats. Whoops…!
  • Turns out, the Dems lost their majority there too. Fighting in the streets ramps up and overwhelms hamstrung police forces in Democratic-run cities.
  • January 20 — Inauguration Day — rolls around, and the Dems ask the military to drag Trump out of the White House “with great dispatch!” as Mr. Biden himself put it so nicely back in the summer.

I do believe that Trump will have a lead on election night.

In fact, it could be a very big lead.

Trump has been trashing voting by mail for months, and this is going to encourage most of his supporters to vote in person.  In fact, during the first presidential debate, Trump once again talked about potential problems with mail-in votes

In the final segment of the contentious debate between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, Trump launched into an extended argument against mail voting, claiming without evidence that it is ripe for fraud and suggesting mail ballots may be “manipulated.”

“This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen,” the president said of the massive shift to mail voting prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

And the Republican National Committee has also been making disparaging statements about voting by mail…

‘We always expected to be behind at this point as Democrats have made it their mission to push for an all-mail election that brings fraud and chaos into the system,’ said Republican National Committee spokesman Mike Reed. ‘You’ll see Democrats predominantly vote by mail, and our voters will come out in droves to vote in person, especially on Election Day.’

Those that follow my work on a regular basis already know how I feel about voting by mail.  I believe that Americans should be required to vote in person whenever possible because voting by mail just opens up so many opportunities for things to go wrong.

And many on the left are starting to realize this too.  For example, the following comes from a recent article by Derek Thompson

Mail votes require several steps, and different steps in different locations, including postmarking the ballots, signing in various places, and using the proper number of envelopes. For that reason, it can confuse first-time voters, and even experienced voters used to queuing at local high schools. Two studies of the 2018 midterm elections in Florida and Georgia found that young and minority voters are especially likely to have their mail ballots rejected.

For most of 2020, Democrats have been relentlessly promoting voting by mail, but now they are beginning to understand that could result in hundreds of thousands of their votes being thrown out.  In fact, it is being reported that more than half a million votes were “disqualified” during the 2020 primaries…

In the 2020 primaries, more than 550,000 mail and absentee ballots were disqualified, a much higher number than four years ago. The problem is especially severe in some swing states. More than 23,000 mailed ballots were rejected in the presidential primaries in Wisconsin—more than Donald Trump’s margin of victory in that state in 2016. Deep-blue districts have had the same problem: New York City alone threw out more than 84,000 ballots this primary season.

In the end, Democrats could be sabotaging their own efforts by pushing mail-in voting so much.  If Democrats vote by mail in much higher numbers than Republicans, they will also likely have their votes disqualified in much higher numbers too.

Right now, Democrats are requesting mail ballots at a much higher rate than Republicans are in quite a few key swing states…

Of the more than 9 million voters who requested mail ballots as of Monday in five critical states where the data is available – Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine and Iowa – 52 percent were Democrats, 28 percent were Republicans, and 20 percent were unaffiliated.

Additional internal Democratic and Republican Party data obtained by The Washington Post shows a similar trend in Ohio, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, the paper reported.

Many Republican operatives are deeply concerned about these numbers, but perhaps they shouldn’t be.

If Republicans show up in person at the polls in tremendous numbers, that could give Trump an enormous lead on election night.

Of course, Joe Biden will definitely not concede no matter how large the lead looks, and that will set the stage for weeks of legal wrangling over the counting of votes in multiple states.

Ultimately, we will probably have to wait a long time to see if the Democrats can come up with enough “mail-in ballots” to overcome Trump’s lead.

But this process is not going to be good for our nation no matter who ends up winning.

In fact, it is likely that millions of Americans will be so turned off by what happens that they will lose faith in the system permanently.

And once faith in our system is gone, it will be nearly impossible to get back.

***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on***

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Antifa dog Intelwars Philadelphia protest Violence watch

Antifa militants smash up SUV with terrified dog inside — and believe it or not, driver reportedly is anti-Trump

It was another banner day for the Antifa faithful — and this time their antics took place amid a Saturday counterprotest in a park under sunny Philadelphia skies.

What happened?

Seems there were rumblings that the Proud Boys had a rally planned in Clark Park, which — according to the Philadelphia Inquirer — is located in “one of the most progressive, racially diverse neighborhoods in the city.”

“Clark Park remains a place where folks from all walks of life come to recreate and to convene and to just be,” Jamie Gauthier, who represents the neighborhood on the city council, said in a speech, according to the paper. “The white supremacist hate group that plan to come here today, they set out to disrupt all of that.”

But the Inquirer noted that while the Proud Boys never showed, about 500 “locals” did arrive in the afternoon to oppose the controversial, conservative group.

More from the paper:

Social media posts claimed there was a Proud Boys presence at the park, with members saying they were there disguised as journalists to gather information about leftist activists, but they did not engage in organized demonstrations.

A Proud Boys social media page claimed the event, which had been promoted for at least two weeks, was always intended to be a fake, and was a ploy to expose Antifa violence.

BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer noted that at one point a member of the crowd opposed to President Donald Trump came alongside content creator James Klug and — in a move of apparent intimidation — smacked the ground hard with a bat. But Schaffer said the crowd turned on the anti-Trump man — confusing him for a Trump supporter and calling him a Nazi — and chased him out of the park.

The Proud Boys social media site said the man isn’t with the organization, the Inquirer noted.

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Soon after Antifa militants who were administering the man’s expulsion followed the man to his SUV and proceeded to smash it up — with a “terrified” dog inside, Schaffer said.

The leftist militants broke the vehicle’s rear window — with the dog barking and poking its head into shards of glass — and continually kicked the side panels.

“Get the f*** out of here, motherf***er!” one Antifa member hollered at the man before he pulled out of his parking spot and drove off.

One of the Antifa faithful threw a large rock at the escaping vehicle for good measure:

(Content warning: Language):

Coronavirus lockdown democrat Intelwars Leftists Maryland Mayor jim kenney Philadelphia Restaurants watch

Left-wing Philly mayor ripped for indoor dining in MD while restaurants he banned from same service in his own city ‘suffer and fight for every nickel’

Left-wing Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is getting called out for hypocrisy after a photo emerged on social media showing him dining inside a Maryland restaurant over the weekend while eateries in his own city “suffer” from his ban on indoor dining.

What are the details?

Philadelphia restaurateur Marc Vetri — a critic of Kenny’s indoor-dining ban — ripped the mayor over the photo, WPVI-TV reported.

“Hi @phillymayor!!!” Vetri wrote on Instagram. “Glad you’re enjoying indoor dining with no social distancing or mask wearing in Maryland tonight while restaurants here in Philly close, suffer and fight for every nickel just to survive. I guess all your press briefings and your narrative of unsafe indoor dining don’t apply to you. Thank you for clearing it all up for us tonight.”

KYW-TV reported that Maryland restaurants have been open to indoor dining at 25% capacity since June.

How did Kenney respond?

Kenney issued an apology in a pair of Monday afternoon tweets, WPVI reported.

“I felt the risk was low because the county I visited has had fewer than 800 COVID-19 cases, compared to over 33,000 cases in Philadelphia,” Kenney tweeted, according to the station. “Regardless, I understand the frustration.”

“I’m sorry if my decision hurt those who’ve worked to keep their businesses going under difficult circumstances,” Kenny added, WPVI noted.

The mayor’s office defended his decision to dine indoors in Maryland — and blamed “elected officials at the federal level” for the coronavirus fallout, the station added:

The mayor went to Maryland earlier today to patronize a restaurant owned by a friend of his. For what it’s worth, he also went to Rouge to enjoy outdoor dining in Philly on the way home. He looks forward to expanding indoor dining locally next week.

Throughout the pandemic the Mayor has consistently deferred to the guidance of the Health Commissioner, who in this case felt strongly about waiting until Sept. 8 to resume indoor dining. If elected officials at the federal level had similarly deferred to health experts over the past five months, this might not even be an issue by now.

Of course we understand the frustrations of local restaurant owners who have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. But there are 782 total cases in the county the mayor briefly visited, compared to over 33,000 cases in Philadelphia. Drastically different circumstances.

Indoor dining at Philadelphia restaurants is set to resume next Tuesday with restrictions, including a 25% capacity limit, WPVI said.

Kenney earlier this month staunchly stood by his decision to ban indoor dining until Sept. 8, the station said: “We need to follow what we are being asked to do by the health department. I beg you to follow the rules.”

Columbus statue Genocide accusation George floyd Intelwars Philadelphia Protesters Racism accusation

Judge who halted removal of Columbus statue makes it ‘crystal clear that she will not tolerate mob rule,’ attorney says

An attorney praised a judge for putting the brakes on the Philadelphia Art Commission’s plan to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus from Marconi Plaza, where heated demonstrations have taken place in favor of and against the monument in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Attorney George Bochetto represents a group of South Philadelphia residents fighting to keep the statue in place, and he told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Judge Paula Patrick — who issued a temporary stay — made it “crystal clear that she will not tolerate mob rule or kangaroo tactics.”

Bochetto added to the paper that the judge’s stay is “not just a victory for the Columbus Statue, [but] a victory for civilized society.”

What’s the background?

In June, about 100 people — some of them carrying bats, golf clubs, sticks, and even guns — decided to protect the Columbus statue from possible vandalism given that left-wing rioters in other parts of the country beheaded, toppled, and vandalized statues and monuments in their fury over racism and Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

The crew of folks protecting the Columbus statue attracted the attention of those against it, and things got heated between the two sides.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney indirectly referred to the behavior of those guarding the statue as “vigilantism,” and District Attorney Larry Krasner called them “criminal bullies.”

Armed Group Surrounds South Philly Christopher Columbus Statue | NBC10 Philadelphia

Afterward, the city covered the Columbus statue in plywood, the Inquirer said, and a police cruiser has been stationed near the statue to make sure things stay calm.

More from the paper:

In July, city officials proposed a plan to remove the statue, arguing it threatened public safety and should be relocated “in recognition of the fact that Columbus’ legacy includes the enslavement, forcible removal, and the devastation of the Indigenous people that he encountered, and that in this current moment in our country’s history, the statue can no longer be displayed on public property.”

Those in favor of keeping the statue at Marconi say it celebrates Italian American culture in a city steeped in Italian heritage. Those against it say it’s a painful reminder of atrocities against Indigenous people directed by Columbus. The statue has been at the plaza since 1976.

What now?

The statue’s removal will be paused until the judge rules on another motion to prevent moving the statue while the case is appealed, the Inquirer said, adding that attorneys said the city cut legal corners in the case and rushed the process to dismantle the statue.

The art commission voted 8-0 — with Commissioner Joe Laragione abstaining — in favor of the statue’s relocation as long as the city report every six months on progress regarding a new location for the statue accessible to the public, the paper said.

“It’s a serious piece of art, it was a gift of the Italian government in the 1800s. It needs to be stored and protected so that something can be figured out,” Commission Chair Alan Greenberger said, according to the Inquirer. “The worst thing in my view that can happen, as many of you said, is that it stays in storage and is forgotten.”

Some commissioners questioned whether removing the statue would set a precedent for taking down other pieces of public art in Philadelphia, the paper added.

More from the Inquirer:

The commission’s deciding vote comes two weeks after the Philadelphia Historical Commission
also endorsed a city proposal to remove the statue on the grounds of public safety. Commissioners said that if it were allowed to remain at Broad Street and Oregon Avenue, it would continue to be a flash point for protests, making the statue itself susceptible to damage.

“As Philadelphia — and the nation — continue to reckon with the deep legacy of racism and oppression in America, it is critical that our public spaces are seen as safe, welcoming and inclusive for all people,” city spokesperson Lauren Cox told the paper. “Philadelphia’s public art must reflect the people and spirit of our city, not divide us.”

Arrests Delayed flight Florida Fort Lauderdale Intelwars Philadelphia Physical attack Spirit Airlines watch

Women reportedly punch, kick airline workers — and even throw shoes, phones, metal boarding signs, fast food at them — over delayed flight

Spirit Airlines said three women physically attacked employees at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, WPLG-TV reported. And what sparked Tuesday night’s free-for-all, captured on video?

Apparently, a delayed flight.

What are the details?

The airline said three employees suffered minor injuries when the would-be passengers “became combative following a delayed flight,” the station said.

The three women hit airplane employees “with miscellaneous items, such as phones, shoes, full water bottles, metal boarding signs and fast food,” WPLG said, citing Broward County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The melee occurred outside the gate of a flight to Philadelphia in Terminal 4, the station said.

“The victims were also punched and kicked in different sections of their bodies numerous times,” the arrest reports said, according to WPLG.

Here’s the full video. It shows women throwing various objects at employees behind the airline counter and then charging at them, delivering punches and kicks. Later in the clip one airline employee is seen limping as she escapes through a glass door as the women appear to come back for more:

Airline employees injured in attack by passengers waiting for flight

Who was arrested?

The three arrested women all hail from Philadelphia, the station said.

Tymaya Wright, 20, was charged with battery and petit theft for allegedly taking a Spirit employee’s phone, WPLG reported, adding that Danaysha Dixon, 22, and Keira Ferguson, 21, were charged with battery.

(L to R) Tymaya Wright, Danaysha Dixon, Keira FergusonImage source: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

The trio was taken to jail and released on bond Wednesday morning, the station said.

WPLG said the women declined to share their side of the story.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The sheriff’s office told the station its investigation is continuing and that the women could face additional charges.

What did Spirit Airlines have to say?

Spirit Airlines released the following statement, according to WPLG:

“We thank our Team Members for their professionalism and quick actions, and we also thank the Broward Sheriff’s Office for their assistance at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport yesterday. Three Guests became combative following a delayed flight, and they were arrested for physically assaulting our Team Members. Three of our Team Members sustained minor injuries. This violent behavior is completely unacceptable and has absolutely no place in airports or any other place of business. We will not tolerate abusive behavior of any kind. Further questions about this incident should be referred to law enforcement.”

3 Philly women arrested after attack at Fort Lauderdale airport

Black Lives Matter Intelwars Left-Wing Leftists Philadelphia Protesters Thrown out violations

Left-wing Philly mayor throws out hundreds of citations handed out to Black Lives Matter protesters

Democratic Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is throwing out hundreds of citations handed out to protesters over the past month in the wake of the George Floyd killing, PhillyVoice reported.

What are the details?

Philadelphia’s Law Department and Office of Administrative Review previously recommended that the city drop most civil citations handed out during the height of protest activity, the outlet said, adding that while they don’t carry criminal charges, such citations typically come with fines. For Philly protesters, they also came with arrests and time in jail until violations could be processed, PhillyVoice said.

“My decision to waive these violations is not a statement on the validity of the individual citations,” Kenney said, according to the outlet. “Rather, it is a recognition of the core concerns that caused thousands to demonstrate on the streets of Philadelphia. In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that their message — black lives matter — needs to be heard every day until systemic racism is fully eradicated from this city and nation.”

The two most common civil citations from the protests were failure to disperse and curfew violations, PhillyVoice said, adding that the fines are $50 and $25, respectively.

Civil citations for disorderly conduct and related offenses, as well as all curfew violations, will be waived if they occurred between May 30 and June 30, the outlet said.

Criminal arrests and charges — e.g., looting or burglary — will still be pursued and prosecuted, PhillyVoice said.

Those who’ve received civil violations and haven’t paid fines yet don’t need to take any further action, the outlet said, adding that those who’ve paid fines can get refunds.

Between May 29 and June 25, police handed out 80 citations for disorderly conduct, 316 for curfew violations, 21 for defiant trespass, 338 for failure to disperse, and one for vandalism, PhillyVoice said.

City Solicitor Marcel S. Pratt told the outlet that taking action on such citations “would have served no useful purpose, and we are glad that the mayor approved our recommendation that they be waived.”

People Defy Philly’s Citywide Curfew and Loot Stores | NBC10 Philadelphia

(H/T: The Police Tribune)

Black Lives Matter BLM Family court Intelwars Philadelphia Race vandalism watch

Man rips down Black Lives Matter posters, tells woman who confronts him to ‘go f*** yourself.’ Now he’s out of a job.

A writ server supervisor for Philadelphia Family Court was fired Monday after he was caught on video ripping down Black Lives Matter posters from a park fence, PhillyVoice reported.

Michael Henkel was terminated for multiple violations of the state court’s Code of Conduct and the Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Policy, the outlet said, citing a statement from First Judicial District spokesperson Martin O’Rourke.

“The Court takes this incident very seriously and believes Mr. Henkel’s behavior, as shown in the video, is egregious and totally unacceptable for an employee of the Courts,” O’Rourke noted, according to PhillyVoice.

What happened in the video?

In an Instagram video, Henkel was seen ripping down Black Lives Matter signs from the fence surrounding Columbus Square Park and engaging in a contentious chat with a woman who confronted him about his actions.

The woman — who isn’t seen in the clip — tells Henkel that the park isn’t his property.

“I know, it’s the city,” Henkel replies. “I pay for this … yeah, my taxes pay for this place … just so you know, so I can do whatever I want.”

When she questions that assertion, he replies, “You’re f***in’ right I can, and I’m always around here, too.”

As Henkel walks away with the signs, the woman tells him, “Black lives matter!”

Henkel’s reply? “Not to me they don’t. You can call it anyway you want. You should go f*** yourself, though.”

Here’s the clip. Content warning: language

The incident occurred Sunday afternoon, WPVI-TV reported.

The posters had been hung Friday during a demonstration calling for police-free schools, PhillyVoice said.

What else happened after the signs were torn down?

Less than 12 hours after Henkel tore the signs down, witnesses told WPVI that a resident was hanging up an anti-racism poster on the same fence and was allegedly attacked in the process.

“He ripped the plastic sign off and then whipped it at my face,” the victim said, according to the station.

But on Monday night, residents put up more anti-racism posters on the fence, WPVI said.

“You take one sign down, we’re going to put 10 more up,” Timothy Kalosky Jr., told the station.

Matthew McKelvey added to WPVI, “No matter how many signs he tears down, we’re going to be out here every day putting these signs back up.”

Court supervisor caught on camera tearing down ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs

Anything else?

Philadelphia has been in the headlines of late in relation to the George Floyd protests:

Armed Columbus statue guns Intelwars Leftists Mayor jim kenney Philadelphia Protesters watch

Armed South Philly residents guard Columbus statue from vandalism — and leftist mayor, district attorney call them vigilantes, ‘criminal bullies’

Philly folk don’t play. But you probably already knew that.

You might recall about 100 residents of the city’s Fishtown neighborhood
patrolled their streets with baseball bats, hammers, and shovels as nationwide George Floyd rioting hit a fever pitch earlier this month.

Well, another 100 or so in south Philadelphia — a legendary Italian-American stronghold that’s home to “Rocky” lore and arguably the best cheesesteaks around — took it upon themselves to guard the Christopher Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza from potential vandalism over the weekend.

And some of them used bats, golf clubs, sticks — and guns — to convince those who might hold opposite opinions to stay away,
PhillyVoice reported.

Still, it got heated at times.

Image source: WTXF-TV video screenshot

As TheBlaze has been reporting, protesters last week
beheaded, toppled, and vandalized statues and monuments across America in their fury over racism and Floyd’s death — but Philly leftists didn’t exactly get high marks after they ignorantly vandalized the statue of abolitionist Matthias Baldwin outside City Hall, spray-painting “murderer” and “colonizer” on its pedestal.

Still, the south Philly faithful wanted to be ready.

“We refuse to let our statue be taken by looters,” one resident
told WTXF-TV. “If they wanna take the statue, which we are against, do it the right way.”

Another man added to the station that protesters “break stuff” and “loot” and “destroy, and then people give you what you want — that’s terrorism. This is not what America’s supposed to be about. We’re not supposed to give in to terror.”

Image source: WTXF-TV video screenshot

What happened?

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney indirectly referred to the behavior of those guarding the statue as “vigilantism,” and District Attorney Larry Krasner called them “criminal bullies.”

Kenney also said officials know about “an apparent assault caught on video tape, as well as possible restrictions placed on journalists filming the event. These incidents are under investigation at this time.”

More from PhillyVoice:

Some of those who gathered allegedly assaulted a reporter named Chris Schiano from the media company Unicorn Riot after they were seen being filmed, as footage shows the reporter being hit in the head and having the tires of his bike slashed.

Some of those who gathered allegedly fought with police officers over the reporter covering the event and argued with the cops to get Schiano to stop filming the gathering.

A Philadelphia police officer named Louis Campione also allegedly attempted to stop the reporter from filming and covering the event, as well as accused the reporter of instigating the crowd.

Here are some related clips. (
Content warning: Language):

Sunday was far more intense

Presumably because they caught wind of south Philly folk guarding the statue, leftists descended upon the area Sunday, and the two groups squared off, WTXF reported.

Police reportedly arrested at least two people for disorderly conduct, the station said, adding that one counterprotester was detained for ripping down a flag and second for moving a police barricade.

Jeering the mayor — at his fiancee’s house

Some of the people guarding the statue on Sunday evening walked about a half mile to the home of the mayor’s fiancee where they jeered Kenney for not backing police and what they believed was his weak response to the riots — and they also cheered for President Donald Trump, WTXF said.

Residents guarded the Columbus statue through Monday morning, the station added.

Abolitionist George floyd protests Intelwars Leftists Matthias baldwin Philadelphia Statue vandalism

Ignorant leftists fuming at racism vandalize statue of abolitionist, spray-paint ‘murderer’ and ‘colonizer’ on pedestal

As protesters have beheaded, toppled, and vandalized statues and monuments across America this week in their fury over racism and George Floyd’s death, the righteously indignant managed to expose their pitiful lack of knowledge by defacing the statue of an abolitionist in Philadelphia.

Yup, some crew of comrades decided to score big left-wing points by tossing red paint on the Matthias Baldwin statue outside City Hall — and further demonstrated their ignorance by spray-painting “murderer” and “colonizer” on the pedestal.

Here’s a photo of one justice seeker apparently in the process of placing a noose around the statue’s neck:


The graffiti has been cleaned off the statue, National Review reported, adding that a spokesperson for the mayor’s office said the statue was vandalized during recent demonstrations.

And the act doesn’t sit well with Joe Walsh, a member of the Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park, who told the outlet that Baldwin “hired blacks in his shops when that was not the norm.”

“He was BLM [Black Lives Matter] before there was a slogan,” Walsh added to National Review.

More from the outlet:

Born in 1795, Baldwin moved to Philadelphia from New Jersey at the age of 16 and rose from an apprenticeship at a local jeweler to establish a successful business manufacturing train locomotives. Baldwin argued for the right of African Americans to vote in Pennsylvania during the state’s 1837 Constitutional Convention, and helped establish a school for African American children where he paid teachers’ salaries for years.

Oh, and National Review also said protesters defaced Philadelphia’s Civil War Soldiers and Sailors monument with graffiti reading “BLM” — not that they bothered to read the monument’s inscription: “All who have labored today in behalf of the Union have wrought for the best interests of the country and the world not only for the present but for all future ages.”

Walsh told the outlet that “the irony of vandalizing a monument to those who died to end slavery is lost on the morons who don’t know their history.”

Angela hall Intelwars Murder Officer Philadelphia Tony nieves

Accused looter charged with attempted murder for allegedly running over Philly cop

A woman linked to multiple crimes during violent riots in Philadelphia last month has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly running over a police officer and leaving him “crushed from the waist up” as she fled the scene of a burglary.

What are the details?

Authorities say Angela Hall, 41, served as a getaway driver in the looting of a beauty supply store on May 30. According to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Hall ran over Philadelphia police officer Tony Nieves when he responded to the scene as she fled, “causing severe bodily injury” to the bicycle patrol officer.

But prosecutors say Hall’s criminal activity did not end with her running over Nieves. She is also accused of falsely reporting as stolen the rental car she was driving when she allegedly hit the police officer.

WPVIT-TV reported that Nieves was left with 12 broken ribs, a shattered sternum, and five fractured vertebrae from the attack.

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 President John McNesby told the outlet of Nieves, “He’s in very bad shape right now at Jefferson Hospital. He’s basically crushed from the waist up.” McNesby added, “He’s going to have a long recovery and he’s going to need a lot of people to rally around him. A lot of prayers, right now.”

Hall has been charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, attempted murder, obstruction of justice, false reports to law enforcement authorities and several other charges.

District Attorney Larry Kasner said in a statement,

This individual’s criminal actions are egregious and resulted in serious, possibly permanent injuries to a police officer who was responding to a situation that was already dangerous. My thoughts are with this officer and his loved ones at this time: I hope your recovery will be speedy and complete.

This office intends to hold Angela Hall accountable for the severe harm she has caused Officer Nieves.

George floyd riots Intelwars looting Media Bias Philadelphia philadelphia inquirer Riots Stan wischnowski

Newspaper ran article titled, ‘Buildings Matter, Too.’ The top editor was just forced to resign.

The top editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Stan Wischnowski, was forced to resign over the weekend over outrage stemming from an article that declared, “Buildings Matter, Too.”

In the shadow of George Floyd’s tragic death two weeks ago, violence and looting have plagued cities nationwide. Thousands of businesses have been looted, set on fire, and completely destroyed by agitators exploiting racial tensions.

Last Tuesday, the Inquirer published a column highlighting the heartbreaking impact of the violence. The
column was titled, “Buildings Matter, Too.”

The headline generated immediate backlash, forcing the newspaper’s leadership
to issue an apology.

“The Philadelphia Inquirer published a headline in Tuesday’s edition that was deeply offensive. We should not have printed it,” the editors said. “We’re sorry, and regret that we did. We also know that an apology on its own is not sufficient.”

“The headline accompanied a story on the future of Philadelphia’s buildings and civic infrastructure in the aftermath of this week’s protests,” the apology continued. “The headline offensively riffed on the Black Lives Matter movement, and suggested an equivalence between the loss of buildings and the lives of black Americans. That is unacceptable.”

Unfortunately, the apology was not enough, and by Saturday the Inquirer announced that Wischnowski — the paper’s executive editor and senior vice president — had resigned.

From the Inquirer:

In a statement Saturday afternoon, publisher Lisa Hughes said that Wischnowski “has decided to step down as senior vice president and executive editor.” She thanked him for his 20 years working at the paper and serving as executive editor.

Wischnowski worked at the Inquirer 20 years. He will formally leave the newspaper at the end of business on Friday. His successor was not immediately announced.

Wischnowski is not the only major newspaper editor who was forced out of a job over a controversial article in recent days.

James Bennet, the editor of the New York Times editorial page, was also forced to resign over the weekend following controversy stemming from the newspaper publishing an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).

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Man is killed after reportedly trying to break into Philly ATM with explosives?

A man is dead after reportedly trying to blast open a Philadelphia ATM with explosives, according to KYW-TV.

What are the details?

The station reported that residents of Philadelphia heard a series of explosions Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Many of the explosions were reportedly due to vandals attempting to blow up ATMs.

Police say that suspects reportedly attempted to blow up no fewer than 10 automated teller machines across the city.

One unnamed suspect, a 24-year-old man, was not as lucky as others who reportedly tried to break into the money machines. Police said the man reportedly tried to use explosives to blow up an ATM by Sidekicks Sports Bar, but was immediately struck down by the impact of the detonation. The man was reportedly thrown to the ground with “serious injuries.”

Authorities responded to the scene and took the man to a nearby hospital, where he died.

WCAU-TV reported that the unnamed man suffered “trauma to his upper body” in the blast, and noted that law enforcement officials discovered live explosives at the scene of the crime.

The station also reported that law enforcement officials were not able to arrest any suspects in connection with the ATM blasts. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said that the ATM thefts are believed to be efforts that were both “organized” and “coordinated.”

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is leading an investigation into the incidents.

What else?

Videos of violent Philadelphia riots went viral on Monday night, featuring explosions purported to be people blowing up ATMs.

One social media user shared footage of the melee, writing, “Thugs and Antifa blowing up ATMs in Philadelphia so they can steal cash. 7th and Girard, trying to blow an ATM. Probably what most of the Philly explosions are that everyone’s heard from Fishtown to Passyunk to Breweryrown.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer also reported on a roving group of about 100 people — “nearly all white males” — who were armed with bats, hammers, and shovels in the same neighborhood on Monday evening.

The men were reportedly walking the streets in order to defend the homes of their families and neighbors from vandals and looters.

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Looters break into a Philly gun store overnight — and are surprised to meet the owner armed with an M4 rifle

A group of would-be looters attempted to break into a gun store in Philadelphia early Tuesday morning, and one of them was killed by the owner who happened to be spending the night inside to protect his business, WCAU-TV reported.

The owner of the Firing Line Inc. gun store knew that people had tried to break into his store over the past few nights, so he decided to stay the night in the store and monitor the surveillance cameras.

Around 4:15 a.m., he saw a group of three or four men using bolt cutters on the gate to break into the property. The group of looters broke through the back door of the store and headed upstairs.

When they got upstairs, they were greeted by the store’s 67-year-old owner armed with an M4 rifle. The owner fired at the intruders, killing one of them with a shot to the head. The other men escaped, leaving behind a handgun. Police believe a man who turned up in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder could be one of the suspects.

The police believe the man who was killed was pointing the handgun at the store owner.

“One of the individuals that broke into the property, pointed a handgun at him,” Chief Inspector Scott Smalls said, according to WTXF-TV. “And that’s when the store owner fired his own weapon, striking the one perpetrator at least one time in the head and he collapsed, dropping his gun between his legs.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he was troubled by occurrences of deadly violence that have resulted from looting, but he also sent a clear message, saying “looting has consequences.”

The other men are expected to be charged with burglary, police said. The store owner was not injured in the incident.