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NRA files for bankruptcy, seeking to leave New York and reincorporate in Texas

The National Rifle Association has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as it seeks to leave New York and reincorporate in Texas, the gun rights organization announced Friday.

What are the details?

The NRA “will restructure the Association as a Texas nonprofit to exit what it believes is a corrupt political and regulatory environment in New York,” the group wrote in a press release.

The announcement comes months after New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) sued the NRA in an effort to dissolve the organization entirely over allegations of fraud and misuse of donor funds.

James mocked the NRA over the news, tweeting, “The @NRA‘s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt. While we review its bankruptcy filing, we will not allow the @NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight.”

William Brewer III, an attorney representing the NRA in some of its legal battles, said in a statement, “Under this plan, the Association wisely seeks protection from New York officials who it believes have illegally weaponized their powers against the NRA and its members.” He added, “The NRA will continue to fight to protect the interests of its members in New York – and all forums where the NRA is unlawfully singled out for its Second Amendment advocacy.”

The Associated Press reported that “the coronavirus pandemic has also upended the NRA, which last year laid off dozens of employees, canceled its national convention and scuttled fundraising.”

Yet, the NRA claimed in its bulletin that the organization’s “move comes at a time when the NRA is in its strongest financial condition in years.”

Although the NRA was chartered in New York 150 years ago, the Second Amendment advocacy group is currently headquartered in Fairfax, Va.

The organization says it will continue to operate out of Virginia while it explores whether to move its headquarters elsewhere, too. Meanwhile, the NRA “has formed a committee to study opportunities for relocating segments of its business operations to Texas or other states.”

NRA CEO and executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said of the move:

“This strategic plan represents a pathway to opportunity, growth and progress. Obviously, an important part of this plan is ‘dumping New York.’ The NRA is pursuing reincorporating in a state that values the contributions of the NRA, celebrates our law-abiding members, and will join us as a partner in upholding constitutional freedom. This is a transformational moment in the history of the NRA.”

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Report: Donald Trump Jr. could challenge Wayne LaPierre for leadership of the NRA

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly being talked about to challenge National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre for control of the Second Amendment advocacy organization, according to Business Insider.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son, who has previously been rumored as a potential Republican candidate for various offices, was name dropped by sources reported to be Trump advisers who spoke to Business Insider about the Trump family’s political future. They say Trump Jr. is eyeing the executive vice president position at the NRA as other members of his family look to position themselves in media and politics to have lasting influence on the Republican Party.

“They’re looking for a franchise for Trump Jr.,” a GOP source reportedly said of Trumpworld’s plans.

The president’s son is an avid hunter and has previously appeared at high-profile events for the NRA. On several occasions, Trump Jr. has posted about gun rights on social media, accusing Democrats of wanting “to take away your Second Amendment rights.”

However, another Republican source told BI that Trump Jr. was not interested in involving himself with the NRA as the organization in recent years has been plagued by infighting. Current and former NRA executives have been accused of using money donated to the non-profit group to enrich themselves and the NRA is under investigation by the New York attorney general’s office.

“Don is just not getting involved in that pissing match,” the source said.

Even if Trump Jr. indeed wants the job, NRA leadership is selected by the organization’s board, which according to one of the Republicans who spoke to BI is currently filled with people loyal to LaPierre.

Other members of the Trump family are reportedly seeking ways to stay relevant in politics after President Trump completes his term.

The president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, who is married to Donald Jr.’s younger brother Eric, is mulling a bid for Senate in her home state of North Carolina when Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) retires in 2022.

Meanwhile, the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has reportedly pitched the creation of a Trump media outlet, BI reports.

Of course, the biggest question looming over the Trump family’s political future is whether the president will attempt to run for a second term in 2024. Multiple reports have suggested that the president could announce a 2024 campaign as early as the week former Vice President Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the next president.

“He’s serious about it,” said one of BI’s Republican sources.

However, speaking to reporters Wednesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that for the time being, the Trump campaign remains focused on litigating the 2020 election, not planning for 2024.

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Navy SEAL rips Georgia Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock for mocking churchgoers who want to carry guns in church

Eli Crane, a former Navy SEAL, blasted controversial Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock on Wednesday after Warnock mocked Christians who want to carry guns in church for self-defense purposes.

What’s a brief history here?

Warnock in 2014 mocked parishioners over their desire to carry guns in church ahead of the implementation of the Safe Carry Protection Act, which allowed residents with concealed carry licenses to carry in places like churches.

In late November, the National Rifle Association resurfaced Warnock’s remarks in a now-viral video condemning the reverend’s sentiments.

What are the details of the video?

In the video, released on Wednesday, Crane said that even though he is retired, he will never stop fighting for the United States — which includes standing up against those who might trample on God-given rights.

“I just can’t sit by and watch it any more,” Crane said. “That’s why when I hear these guys, these wannabe leaders and politicians like Raphael Warnock, in a sermon no less, making fun of Christians who want to carry a firearm into church, serving a party talking about defunding the police. I mean, it’s like these guys could care less about ‘We the people,’ you and me.”

“I can’t stand to listen to their divisive rhetoric or their policies that destroy prosperity, our freedoms, our liberties, and our ability to protect ourselves,” Crane added.

He concluded, “Here’s the deal. For all of you Georgians out there, and for every American: We are losing this country every single day, one little cut at a time. And we will continue to lose it, it will continue to get worse, these lockdowns, these curfews, these quarantines, you’ll see more and more of it as your freedoms and liberties are stripped away from you if you don’t get involved and get engaged in this fight. Our kids deserve it, future generations deserve it, and we must demand leaders that actually have a backbone, are moral individuals, and who care about ‘We the people.’ We must reject these individuals that are trying to destroy the United States of America. And this guy, I’m telling you … he is bad news.”

The NRA shared video of Crane’s remarks and captioned it, “Watch NRA member and Navy Seal @EliCrane_CEO OBLITERATE Democrat @ReverendWarnock for mocking churchgoers who carry firearms to protect themselves. ‘We must reject these individuals who are trying to destroy the United States of America.'”

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Heroes who intervened in church mass killings shred Biden’s ‘insane’ gun control stance: ‘The only thing that will keep us safe in times of evil are our guns’

Two heroes responsible for intervening in church mass killings have spoken out against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his stance on gun control.

What are the details?

On Tuesday, the National Rifle Association published a video featuring gun owners Stephen Willeford and Jack Wilson.

In the video, Biden can be seen criticizing Willeford’s use of an AR-15 in the man’s attempt to stop the attacker at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church in Texas in 2017.

In the clip, Biden says, “The kind of gun being carried, [Willeford] shouldn’t be carrying.”

The 2017 mass killing left at least 26 churchgoers dead.

Willeford shot back, “If it was Hunter Biden and your wife and family sitting in those pews at that church, would you still not want me to have this gun to protect them with?”

Elsewhere in the video, Wilson — who took down an armed suspect who was apparently bent on attacking parishioners at a Fort Worth, Texas, church in 2019 — added that Biden’s tax plan for certain magazines will prevent regular Americans from owning guns.

“[Biden] wants to make gun ownership only affordable to the elite,” Wilson said in the video.

Wilson added, “The fact is, the only thing that will keep us safe in times of evil are our guns. Evil will always exist.”

According to the Washington Examiner, both men — who used their legally owned weapons to intervene in two criminal acts — are issuing a warning that Biden’s “insane” gun control plan will “hurt public safety, raise billions in taxes, and force millions to give up their weapons.”

Wilson pointed out that Biden’s “dream” could cost American lives.

“Biden’s dream is to leave us all defenseless against criminals,” Wilson insisted.

“I put a terrorist down in a matter of seconds with this gun, and it’s not even a weapon of war or whatever that means. You know what Joe told me? That I shouldn’t have been armed in that church.”

“All of this is nuts,” Willeford added.

Armed Texans Who Stopped Church Shooters EXPOSE Joe Biden’s Gun Control Plan

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Judge rules Los Angeles must pay $150K to the NRA after violating group’s First Amendment rights

A federal judge ruled this week that city officials in Los Angeles must pay the National Rifle Association a six-figure settlement after violating the gun-rights group’s First Amendment rights.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Judge Stephen Wilson blocked an ordinance late last year that would have forced companies to disclose connections with the NRA in order to receive government contracts.

Now he has ordered city officials to pay for the Second Amendment group’s attorney fees, reportedly totaling nearly $150,000.

In December 2019, Wilson ruled that “the text of the Ordinance, the Ordinance’s legislative history, and the concurrent public statements made by the Ordinance’s primary legislative sponsor evince a strong intent to suppress the speech of the NRA.”

“Even though the Ordinance only forces disclosure of activity that may not be expressive, the clear purpose of the disclosure is to undermine the NRA’s explicitly political speech,” Wilson added.

“The City has no interest in the suppression of political advocacy — regardless of how distasteful it finds the content,” he concluded. “The Ordinance is therefore incompatible with the Constitution, and Plaintiffs are likely to be successful on the merits of their First Amendment speech claims.”

At the time, the NRA, who filed the lawsuit against the city after the ordinance’s implementation last April, celebrated the ruling as a First Amendment win.

“This is an important win for the NRA, our members, and all who believe in America’s constitutional freedoms,” the NRA’s managing director of public affairs, Andrew Arulanandam, told the Free Beacon. “The ruling sends a powerful message to those government officials who would take any actions that are adverse to the NRA because they dislike its political speech.”

In an updated comment, NRA spokeswoman Amy Hunter said, “The courts have rightfully imposed those consequences upon Los Angeles. The NRA will continue our fight and, as always, work to hold politicians accountable.”

The Free Beacon noted that neither Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti nor Democratic Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell — both of whom sponsored the ordinance and were named in the lawsuit — responded when requested for comment.

The ordinance, now struck down, explicitly stated its intention was to spotlight city contractors who have done business with the NRA or donated to the organization.

“The City of Los Angeles has enacted ordinances and adopted positions that promote gun safety and sensible gun ownership,” the ordinance stated. “The City’s residents deserve to know if the City’s public funds are spent on contractors that have contractual or sponsorship ties with the NRA. Public funds provided to such contractors undermines the City’s efforts to legislate and promote gun safety.”

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DC sues NRA and its foundation — as New York sues to dissolve NRA altogether

The democratic attorney general of Washington, D.C., sued the National Rifle Association and its affiliated NRA Foundation on Thursday, the same day the democratic attorney general of New York state sued to have the NRA dissolved entirely.

What are the details?

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) sued the NRA on Thursday, alleging during a press conference that “the NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets.”

She further claimed, “The NRA is fraught with fraud and abuse, which is why, today, we seek to dissolve the NRA, because no organization is above the law.”

James made headlines with the move, and afterward, longtime NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre reacted in a statement, “The NYAG’s actions are an affront to democracy and freedom. This is an unconstitutional, premeditated attack aiming to dismantle and destroy the NRA — the fiercest defender of America’s freedom at the ballot box for decades.”

He added, “The NRA is well governed, financially solvent, and committed to good governance. We’re ready for the fight. Bring it on.”

The same morning, D.C. Attorney General Karl Rancine announced his own attack on the NRA — going after the organization along with its affiliated foundation further alleging misappropriation of funds.

The lawsuit is asking a court to appoint someone to “monitor all Foundational financial decisions and transactions” and to “impose a constructive trust, for the benefit of the Foundation, over Foundation funds improperly diverted to the NRA in violation of District Law and the Foundation’s nonprofit purpose.”

According to a press release put out by Rancine’s office:

In 2017, the NRA Foundation’s board approved a $5 million loan request from the NRA, despite awareness of the NRA’s financial problems. In 2018, the NRA requested a second $5 million loan, which the Foundation’s Board also approved. Later, the Board also granted repeated requests to extend and modify loan terms in ways that benefitted the NRA and harmed the Foundation—including a change that allowed the NRA to repay other debt before it repaid the Foundation. As of August 2020, the NRA still owes the Foundation $5 million.

The NRA tweeted Thursday night, “From our cold, dead hands.”

Anything else?

The NRA has been a frequent target of progressive politicians pushing for gun control, but the organization has also faced several internal problems in recent years.

WRC-TV reported:

There has been an ongoing factional war within organization, pitting some of its most ardent gun-rights supporters and loyalists against one another. The NRA has traded lawsuits with Ackerman McQueen, which crafted some of its most prominent messages for decades, eventually severing ties with it last year and scrapping its controversial NRA-TV, which aired many of its most controversial messages.

The internal battles reached a fevered pitch at its 2019 annual meeting where its then-president, Oliver North, was denied a traditional second term amid a tussle with LaPierre as he sought to independently review the NRA’s expenses and operations. He accused LaPierre of exerting “dictatorial” control.

Chris Cox, the NRA’s longtime lobbyist and widely viewed as a likely successor to LaPierre, left after being accused of working behind the scenes with North to undermine LaPierre.

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Elite college bans student from campus over AR-15 photo marking Tiananmen Square anniversary, demands apology — but he isn’t backing down

Last month, on the anniversary of 1989’s Tiananmen Square massacre in communist China, Austin Tong posted an Instagram photo of him holding his AR-15 with the accompanying phrase “don’t tread on me.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

It seemed a more than fitting gesture. After all, Tong was born in China and moved to the United States with his family 15 years ago to experience freedom and democracy — the same freedom and democracy that students in his home country tried to attain before its totalitarian regime cracked down on them.

But we’re living in 2020 — the Year of Cancel Culture. And America is not the same country it was when Tong moved here.

And while Tong is now a college student himself, neither his fellow students nor his school — Fordham University — appreciated his exercise of free speech.

What happened?

Tong told the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action that he received big-time backlash from fellow students over his post displaying his legally purchased firearm and got calls for expulsion and even death threats.

Then Fordham Safety officers actually showed up at his house a few hours after his post hit Instagram.

“[I] received a call from the officers saying they were a few minutes away and wanted to talk,” Tong told the NRA. “I looked out my door and saw them standing outside my home. One came in and one stayed with the car. It was basically about 20 minutes of questions about the firearm, why I posted the pictures, and what I was trying to say.”

Then Fordham’s administration threw the book at Tong for his post, charging him with “Bias and/or Hate Crimes” and “threats/intimidation,” according to a disciplinary letter from the school.

His penalties? First off, disciplinary probation through remainder of his college career — which Tong is scheduled to finish next May. He’s also banned from campus and must complete his degree online. If Tong needs to venture on campus, he has to get permission beforehand.

Furthermore, by Aug. 10 he must complete activities related to learning about “implicit bias” which involve “required reading” as well as a meeting with Office for Multicultural Affairs.

Oh, and Tong also is supposed to pen an apology letter. That was due Thursday.

But Tong isn’t playing Fordham’s game.

How is Tong responding?

“I will not apologize,” he told the Washington Free Beacon. “I did nothing wrong, and they did everything wrong. [Fordham is] a total disgrace. I will not apologize, whatever consequence there may be.”

Tong added to the NRA that he “was shocked, appalled, and disappointed. But I didn’t do anything wrong, and that’s why, if they carry through with their threats, we’re going to sue.”

Tong’s lawyer Brett Josphe is preparing a suit against Fordham that may be filed in the coming weeks, the paper said.

“For a mere $50,000 a year in tuition, Fordham has smeared our client’s reputation and permanently damaged his career prospects,” Josphe added to the
Free Beacon. “This behavior by the school and its officials shocks the conscience, and there should be a heavy price to pay.”

The NRA also came to Tong’s defense, releasing a video describing his plight.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Amy Hunter, spokeswoman for the gun-rights group, told the paper that Tong is a “victim of intolerance.”

“Under no circumstances should he be attacked by gutless keyboard troopers or penalized by his university because of his support of the Second Amendment,” she added to the Free Beacon. “It’s absolutely shameful that anyone would condemn him for supporting the Bill of Rights. Fordham University owes Mr. Tong a full apology.”

More from the paper:

Tong said the university’s actions appear hypocritical in light of recent violent protests in New York City. He said Fordham has not condemned or taken any action against students who’ve harassed and harmed police officers. The university has remained silent about alum Urooj Rahman, who faces federal charges after being caught on camera torching a police vehicle.

“[Fordham] is very hypocritical, and they don’t denounce anything that [leftist] students do,” Tong added to the Free Beacon. “One [Fordham graduate] threw a molotov cocktail out of a car. You have students supporting hurting police and hurting businesses, and Fordham turned a blind eye.”

But Tong also told the paper that “thousands of people across the world … have reached out to me, and they have all sorts of backgrounds and stories about how they were silenced, how they were bullied, how their university silenced them. When I saw that, I felt something within me.”

Fordham Student Charged With Hate Crime By University for Picture of Gun Sends SAVAGE Message

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Federal appeals court reinstates California law requiring background checks for ammo purchases

Last month, a federal judge struck down a California law requiring background checks for people buying ammunition, saying that it violated a citizen’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. Now, a federal appeals court has reinstated the law requiring background checks for ammo.

California became the first state in the U.S. to require background checks for ammunition when the law went into effect on July 1, 2019.

Two weeks ago, U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego said California’s ammo regulations were “constitutionally defective.” Benitez argued that the ammo background checks hurt legal ammunition buyers while doing very little to prevent criminals from obtaining ammunition.

“California’s new ammunition background check law misfires, and the Second Amendment rights of California citizens have been gravely injured,” Benitez wrote in his 120-page opinion. “In this action, Plaintiffs seek a preliminary injunction enjoining California’s onerous and convoluted new laws requiring ammunition purchase background checks and implementing ammunition anti-importation laws.”

“Criminals, tyrants, and terrorists don’t do background checks,” the judge stated. “The background check experiment defies common sense while unduly and severely burdening the Second Amendment rights of every responsible, gun-owning citizen desiring to lawfully buy ammunition.”

Benitez blocked the ammunition law and ruled in favor of the California Rifle & Pistol Association and six-time Olympic medalist skeet shooter Kim Rhode, who asked to halt the background checks.

On Friday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reversed the decision made by Benitez. The National Rifle Association reacted to the ruling.

“Late Friday night, the following order came out from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, granting a temporary stay on the injunction issued on Thursday, April 24, in the NRA funded case of Rhode v. Becerra,” the NRA wrote. “This means that the same restrictions that have been previously in effect regarding ammunition in California are back for the time being, pending further order from the court.”

The law requires buyers to pay a $1 background check fee each time they buy ammunition, even if they already passed a background check.

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NRA sues California officials over forced closure of gun shops amid outbreak

The National Rifle Association has joined forces with other Second Amendment advocates to sue several California officials over the forced closure of gun shops in the state amid shut-down orders imposed during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

What are the details?

The NRA and its fellow plaintiffs sued California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva, and two other state officials, arguing that “firearms licensees are essential businesses that provide access to constitutionally protected rights. Full stop.”

“Californians cannot exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms without such businesses,” the filing continued. “Shuttering access to arms necessarily shutters the Constitutional right to those arms.”

“The circumstances posed by the Novel Coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) outbreak are noteworthy,” the claim acknowledged, “but do not excuse unlawful government infringements upon freedom.”

The plaintiffs added, “In fact, the importance of maintaining the ongoing activities of essential businesses for the safety, health, and welfare of Californians makes Plaintiffs’ point: the need for enhanced safety during uncertain times is precisely when Plaintiffs and their members must be able to exercise their fundamental rights to keep and bear arms.”

Last week, Gov. Newsom issued a statewide dictate ordering all “non-essential businesses” to close temporarily in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Villaneuva ordered all gun shops closed in Los Angeles County, but reversed his decision after the county’s legal counsel and health department determined that such stores were considered essential under the county’s own stay-at-home order, The Associated Press reported.

KTTV-TV reported that “the governor later stated that sheriffs do have the authority to make such closures under the given circumstances, which once again led to Villanueva ordering that gun shops close to the general public.”

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NRA goes on the offensive after Senate Democrat attacks its latest ad featuring a cancer survivor as ‘sickening’

The National Rifle Association hit back at criticism of its latest Second Amendment rights advertisement after a top Senate Democrat called the ad “sickening.”

What’s this ad?

Over the weekend, the NRA published a video featuring cancer survivor Carletta Whiting.

In the video, Whiting — who says she has a fibromyalgia disability — highlighted the importance of gun ownership during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the video, Whiting said, “What’s in my control is how I defend myself if things go from bad to worse. I know from history how quickly society breaks down during a crisis, and we’ve never faced anything like this before, and never is the Second Amendment more important than during public unrest.”

She also added that California liberals are even “lining up because they know the government will not be able to protect them.”

Whiting can be seen firing off rounds from her AR-9 rifle.

The pro-2A organization captioned the video, “Americans are flocking to gun stores because they know the only reliable self-defense during a crisis is the #2A. Carletta Whiting, who’s disabled & vulnerable to #coronavirus, asks Dems trying to exploit the pandemic: Why do you want to leave people like me defenseless?”

At the time of this writing, the video has received more than 919,000 views.

What did the Democratic lawmaker say?

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) issued a scathing tweet directed at the NRA and its latest advertisement.

wrote, “Mainstream gun owners have left the NRA, so now they’re reducing to telling people to stockpile assault weapons, instead of food, to get ready for the coming Coronavirus civil war. So sickening.”

How did the NRA respond?

In a statement, Amy Hunter — the organization’s director of media relations — told
Fox News that Murphy is simply trying to push an anti-gun agenda.

“Sen. Murphy is either being intentionally disingenuous or is obtuse,” Hunter said. “Carletta Whiting is one of millions of Americans who feel vulnerable and who know that when crime happens, the police are minutes away — despite their best intentions.”

“Right now,” she continued, “anti-gun politicians are using the pandemic to try and strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. Meanwhile, gun sales are increasing because good people are worried their government won’t be able to protect them. This is when Americans rely on their Second Amendment rights the most.”

According to Fox News, interviews conducted in recent days with gun store owners and sellers indicated that sales this month, on average, have spiked anywhere between 30% and 400%, compared with a “normal” time period.