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After locking down New York, Gov. Cuomo forecasts state’s decimated job market won’t recover from COVID-19 until 2025

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has bad news for his people: It will be literally years before the state’s job market recovers from the hit it took during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The massive loss of jobs the Empire State experienced came largely as a result of COVID-19 lockdown policies instituted at the hands of the left-wing executive.

What did Cuomo say?

In his annual budget plan submitted this week, Cuomo made it clear that there are rough times ahead for New York’s workers.

His subjects should not expect the state’s employment levels to recover to pre-pandemic levels until sometime in 2025, he stated in his “Economic Revenue and Outlook” outline of his $192.9 billion budget.

The document noted that actions taken by the government to “slow the spread” of the virus brought the economy to a stop, with nearly 2 million jobs lost in New York alone. Though there has been some recovery in the employment numbers, things are still way behind where they should be: November’s employment levels were 10.3% below pre-pandemic levels.

And the state has fallen behind the national pace.

The measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 brought the State economy to a virtual standstill in March and April of 2020. More than 1.9 million jobs were lost in these two months alone. Based on the most recent Current Employment Statistics (CES) seasonally adjusted data, almost half of those jobs have been recovered as of this publication. However, the November level of employment remains 10.3 percent below its February (pre-pandemic) level. As illustrated in the figure below, the pace of the national labor market recovery initially outperformed that of the State. With the easing of the most stringent phase of the New York lockdown on pause in May, the State initiated a staged reopening in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-issued guidelines. The national labor market made a strong and immediate comeback, adding 9.3 million jobs in the three months through July, or 41.8 percent of jobs lost. That compares to the 533,000 jobs New York recovered over the same period, or 27.4 percent of jobs lost.

Image source:, “FY 2022 Economic and Review Outlook” screenshot

With Cuomo’s orders killing restaurant dining and colder weather making any sort of outdoor dining options for most New York eateries not possible, the recovery of the labor market has suffered even more.

The governor’s office now predicts job growth to be a mere 5.4% for 2021, after declining 9.9% in 2020.

Which means, according to Cuomo’s own budget outline, the state of New York should not expect to reach its pre-pandemic employment levels until 2025.

With the onset of colder autumn weather, and virus-safe practices such as outdoor dining no longer feasible in many areas of the State, the labor market recovery has since slowed to a trickle, as the State added only 29,500 total jobs and 36,300 private sector jobs in November. With COVID-19 transmission intensifying across both the State and the nation, job growth is expected to slow even further over the winter months until vaccines become widely available. Job growth of 5.4 percent is now projected for 2021, following a decline of 9.9 percent for 2020. Private sector job growth of 6.2 percent is projected for 2021, following an estimated decline of 11.1 percent for 2020. These projections compare to national declines of 5.7 percent for total employment and 6.2 percent for private employment for 2020, followed by growth of 2.7 percent for total employment and 3.4 percent for private employment for 2021. New York State employment is not expected to reach its pre-pandemic peak until 2025.

And, as the New York Post noted, things are even worse in New York City, where unemployment is still 12.2% below February’s pre-pandemic levels.

The Cuomo budget out noted that Gotham has recouped only 39.4% of jobs lost during the COVID outbreak in the spring, which, the Post reported, contrasts significantly with the more than 60% recovery in the surrounding Long Island and Westchester-Rockland-Orange counties.

Image source:, “FY 2022 Economic and Review Outlook” screenshot

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‘Get back on the job’: New York Post demands that all schools reopen full-time now that teachers have been given vaccines, pulls no punches on unions

In a scathing editorial posted Monday night, the New York Post editorial board demanded that teachers get back in the classrooms for in-person learning and unions get out of the way now that New York City is vaccinating teachers against COVID.

What’s happening?

New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza announced over the weekend that teachers and education workers are being prioritized for vaccinations and urged all education employees to make appointments to get their shots.

With that news, many advocates, parents, and members of the media began to call for all Big Apple schools to be fully reopened instead of the part-time and/or hybrid schedules the city elected to employ last fall.

The Post made its position clear in a staff editorial titled “Teacher vaccinations mean all schools should reopen full-time ASAP.”

The piece began by going after the teachers’ unions that have stood in the way of a return to full-time in-person instruction:

Good news: New York City began vaccinating teachers against COVID-19 on Monday. That leaves the teachers’ union no excuse for continuing to oppose in-person learning: Classrooms at all grade levels must reopen so our kids can get the education they’re entitled to — but have lost out on for nearly a year.

The United Federation of Teachers has long stood in the way of getting back into classrooms daily, despite the fact that experts repeatedly stated that kids are a very low-risk population for catching or transmitting the coronavirus. But, in the words of the Post, the union “doesn’t care about the science — or the students.”

The UFT, the paper said, threatened lawsuits and strikes to avoid getting back into the classrooms before the school year started. The union agreed to go back to work only after Mayor Bill de Blasio was forced to offer new concessions. But the UFT wasn’t done there, the editorial noted; it has repeatedly tried to get schools closed and to avoid any reopenings — even some “more radical factions” demanded that all Gotham schools remain closed “until the whole city is basically virus-free.”

The need to get back into the schools is obvious to the Post’s editorial board:

Middle- and high-school students haven’t seen the inside of a classroom since the city shut schools on Nov. 19. Though even that was only part-time. Pre-kindergarten and elementary students resumed a “hybrid” learning last month, while special-needs kids returned to classrooms full-time. Kudos to de Blasio for getting that much done; children needing special ed are particularly ill-served by remote classes.

But all kids need to go back, full-time. “Without in-person instruction, schools risk children falling behind academically and exacerbating educational inequities,” warned a National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine report last year. Nathaniel Beers, coauthor of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ report, explained that all children suffer under remote learning, even teens: “Adolescence is a period of time in life when you are to be exploring your own sense of self and developing your identity,” he said. “It’s difficult to do that if you are at home with your parents all the time.”

It’s far past time, the paper said, for students to get back into the classroom — and with vaccines in the arms of teachers, there’s no longer any reason not to.

“New York’s children have lost nearly a year of education,” the Post said. “It’s long past time they get to learn in a classroom again.”

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When We Teach Our Kids That Life Has No Value, This Is How They Act…

The endless chaos in our streets is directly related to how we have been raising our children for the past couple of decades.  Bad beliefs lead to bad actions, and we have been teaching our kids values that are fundamentally flawed.  In particular, our children are endlessly taught that life has no value in a multitude of ways.  They view thousands of murders on television and in the movies as they grow up, the news glorifies politicians that tell them that it is a good thing to slaughter the unborn, and western nations are increasingly embracing the idea that older people should be willing to ask for the “plug to be pulled” once their “usefulness” is over.  Throughout their lives, our kids are trained to believe that they evolved from animals and that there is nothingness after they die, and the logical conclusion of such a worldview is that the period of time between birth and death is rather meaningless.

If life has no value and our existence is essentially meaningless, you might as well do whatever you feel like doing because tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.

Sadly, millions upon millions of our young people have adopted such an outlook at this point, and so we shouldn’t be surprised that many of them are completely out of control.

Yesterday, I wrote about how murder rates are absolutely skyrocketing all over the nation.  You might think that this is a bad thing, but if life has no value, what is the big deal?

Today, many Americans were absolutely shocked when dozens of wild youths stopped a BMW on Fifth Avenue in New York City and began brutally attacking it

Max Torgovnick, 36, was driving in the BMW with his mom when they encountered the large group of youngsters biking up Fifth Avenue near 21st Street.

The pair had just dropped off a holiday donation to a local charity when their vehicle was viciously set upon.

According to eyewitnesses, the teens began blocking traffic and started to attack the luxury car.

Shocking video shows several teens punching the BMW’s windows and stomping on its hood.

That account really doesn’t capture the true horror of the assault.

To really appreciate what happened, you really need to watch video footage of the incident.

If those young people valued the lives of the two people inside that BMW, they would have not attacked them like that.

But they don’t, and the reason they don’t is because the system raised them to not have any respect for life.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen everywhere on the planet.

For example, in Belarus young people are dressing up in formal attire and are attending extremely elaborate balls instead of torching buildings and terrorizing their fellow citizens.

So who is more civilized, them or us?

Of course we have been trying to undermine the government of Belarus for years, and our stated goal is to replace it with a form of government that is more similar to our own because we want them to be more like us.

But maybe our goal should be to become more like them.

And the chaos in our streets is only going to intensify as our economy continues to deteriorate.  According to one recent report, we just witnessed the largest one year increase in poverty in this country that has ever been recorded

Due to the coronavirus pandemic’s decimation of the labor market and the months-long expiration of benefits from the government relief package keeping families afloat, the poverty rate in the United States surged from 9.3% in June to 11.7% in November, according to a report released Wednesday by analysts at the University of Chicago and the University of Notre Dame, creating the biggest increase in a single year since the government began tracking poverty in 1960.

Sadly, as our system continues to melt down it is going to fuel even more civil unrest.  The more desperate people become, the worse the violence in the streets is going to get.

Honestly, I don’t want to be anywhere around the hordes of young people that have been rioting, looting and burning buildings almost all year long.

If our founders could see us today, they would wonder how things could have possibly gone so wrong.

Of course there are still people out there that have solid values and that are trying to do the right thing.  For instance, I was greatly encouraged when I came across a news story about a homeless man that ran into a burning animal shelter to save the cats and dogs that were trapped inside

A homeless man is being hailed as a hero after he risked his life to rescue several dogs and cats from a fire at an animal shelter.

The man, Keith Walker, rushed inside the W-Underdogs shelter after a fire broke out Dec. 18, the facility said in a Facebook post.

“Tonight we thank our guardian angels. The homeless man that ran into our burning house and rescued our animals,” it said. “Our animals are safe and thanks to the incredible response from the community, everyone is settled and safe warm and secure.”

I wish that our society would produce more people like Keith Walker, but it doesn’t because the way that we raise kids these days is completely and totally messed up.

Instead, we are producing lots of self-centered idiots like this well-known divorce lawyer

Cindy Liquori, 55, was dog-sitting at her mother’s home in Windsor Locks on Friday when her husband, 59-year-old John Liquori, gunned her down in her sleep, police sources told the Hartford Courant.

John Liquori then lay next to his wife and shot himself to death, according to the source.

John Liquori probably believed that suicide would be an easy way out because he was taught from a very young age to believe that there is nothing after death.

But instead, he quickly found out that he had a date with the big divorce court in the sky.

What we teach our kids when they are young really matters, because it will heavily influence the decisions that they make for the rest of their lives.

As a nation, we have been failing our children for a very long time, and now there is chaos in our streets as a result.

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Video shows gang of young bicyclists in ‘animalistic attack’ on BMW in Manhattan in broad daylight: ‘Welcome to de Blasio’s NYC’

A disturbing video posted Tuesday night shows a gang of bicyclists attacking a BMW in Manhattan in broad daylight and terrorizing the man and woman who were inside the vehicle.

One police officer noted that the attack was just another example of how far the city has fallen recently under current elected leadership.

What happened?

The recorded attack happened around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and 21st Street, the New York Post reported.

The video was posted to Instagram by Breaking911. The outlet’s post said the BMW bore “physician plates” and that the male driver was trying to take his mother to see Christmas lights around Manhattan when the pack of thugs launched their attack unprovoked.

“WELCOME TO DE BLASIO’S #NYC,” Breaking911 wrote, referring to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Gang of thugs vandalize BMW with physician plates as a son was reportedly taking his elderly mother to see Christmas lights in Manhattan. Bystanders say the driver did nothing to provoke the attack. The elderly woman was crying & scared for her life.”

The attackers can be seen trying to get into the BMW, doing body slams on the hood of the car, and beating the vehicle with their bikes.

Image source: Instragram/breaking911 video screenshot

Then one of the thugs gets a running start, launches himself off the hood of the car, and comes down with both feet slamming into the car’s windshield, shattering and caving it in.

Image source: Instragram/breaking911 video screenshot

Image source: Instragram/breaking911 video screenshot

All the while, the perpetrators were being cheered on by their peers.

An unnamed Manhattan cop didn’t mince words in his description of the attack to the Post — and what the crime symbolizes for the Big Apple.

“This was an animalistic attack in broad daylight,” the officer told the Post.

After noting that the pair in the car were clearly scared for their lives, the cop added, “It shows how far the city has deteriorated and the politicians better get their heads out of the sand and start to deal with these problems before there is nothing left.”

A source told the Post that the same group of thugs attacked a taxi not long after this incident was caught on video.

It remains unclear if any arrests have been made in connection to the attack, the Post said.

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Homeless man bashes Andrew Cuomo staffer in the head with cinder block; video shows moments before brutal attack

In broad daylight on Christmas Eve, a homeless man reportedly used a cinder block to violently bash the head of a female staffer for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The moments before the sadistic attack were captured on a disturbing video.

Lisa Cavanaugh, a 51-year-old staffer for the New York governor, was walking on Third Avenue near East 48th Street near a construction project around 2:15 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Chilling footage, obtained by the New York Post, shows a man stalking Cavanaugh from behind. In the last frame of the video, it shows the alleged attacker pursuing Cavanaugh before hoisting the large cinder block over his head with two hands in what was purportedly the seconds before the savage drubbing.

Cavanaugh was smashed in the back of the head, and temporarily knocked unconscious. Two bystanders who witnessed the incident alerted NYPD officers. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

The Post reported, “The Cuomo staffer, who helps with recruitment and appointments for the governor’s office, needed stitches to close the 2-inch-deep wound on her head. She suffered non-life-threatening injuries, sources said.” Cavanaugh was in stable condition, according to the Daily Mail.

Cavanaugh had just left Cuomo’s Manhattan office, which is six blocks away from where the barbaric attack took place, and was reportedly on her way home. Officials said the brutal assault was unprovoked.

Police identified the alleged attacker as 28-year-old Christopher Guzman, who told cops that he lives at a homeless shelter on West 35th Street in Manhattan. Guzman was arrested and charged with second-degree assault.

In the 11 months of 2020, violent crimes have surged in New York City. For the year, shootings are up a whopping 95% compared to the same time period in 2019. Homicides are also up this year, jumping 38% to last year. Burglaries are up 30% and carjackings are up 36%.

Of all of U.S. states, New York had the most people migrate to another state between July 2019 and July 2020.

Man arrested after Cuomo staffer randomly struck in head with cinder block

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NYC restaurant owners flummoxed by new, inconsistent dining edicts as the government continues to contradict itself

Restaurant owners have borne the brunt of COVID restrictions during the pandemic — and very few cities have seen more severe and inconsistent new regulations than New York City.

Now, more New York City restaurant owners are publicly pointing out the lack of consistency in the dining shutdown policies in a city where — according to the governor’s own data — bars and restaurants are responsible for just 1.43% of the virus’ spread.

The contradictions these businesses are facing as New York governmental agencies cannot get their orders straight have made life nearly impossible for entrepreneurs seeking just to stay afloat.

What are the restaurants doing?

After getting completely shut down last spring, New York City restaurants began slowly reopening with limited crowds over the summer and early fall. To cope with diminished indoor seating options, eateries created outdoor dining areas, which worked fairly well as long as the weather cooperated.

On Friday, Dec. 11, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) declared that all indoor dining in the city would have to close as the virus was surging again. Shortly after the governor issued his edict, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) threatened that if people didn’t get the virus under control, the city could be facing a “full shutdown.”

And once again, Gotham eateries got creative and made major investments in attempts to expand outdoor dining and offer more takeout and delivery options.

Then on Thursday, the city issued a new “COVID-19 Dining Update” for restaurants, the New York Post reported. Included in that update was a ban on restaurant employees eating inside the restaurants they work for during their breaks.

The city also added a new requirement for nighttime takeout — no more in-person orders, even if conducted outdoors. All such orders must now be placed via online or telephone. Also, orders can be picked up inside the eatery only before 10 p.m. — after that it’s curbside only.

But the most controversial item on the COVID update was the declaration that patrons at a restaurant’s outdoor dining area could not use the establishment’s indoor restrooms. What made the new order even more strikingly egregious was the fact that New York was in the middle of serious winter weather with 30-degree temperatures and significant snowfall.

However, the Post reported, after significant pushback, the state reversed its bathroom ban.

The government can’t get its edicts straight

The Post’s Karol Markowicz has been watching the impact of government edicts on the Big Apple — from businesses to education to families — and her piece Monday revealed some of the conflicting standards city eateries are facing with Cuomo’s new COVID orders that target New York City restaurants.

Markowicz interviewed restaurant owners in the Big Apple who are attempting to navigate the new regulations, and she determined that the “new city diktats are just the latest serving of hell dished out to restaurateurs and their workers by a political class that continues to receive regular paychecks courtesy of taxpayers.”

One owner, Tina Plagos, who owns three establishments, said she hasn’t turned a profit in 10 months.

“We haven’t had a profit since February and have bought air purifiers, heaters, a ton of extra cleaning supplies, masks, hand sanitizer and have spent thousands to build and rebuild the outdoor seating area,” she told Markowicz.

But according to Plagos, what is really maddening about the new COVID edicts is that apparently restaurants are dangerous only if they are located within the boundaries of New York City.

“In Long Island, customers can sit and eat at the bar six feet apart, but in New York City, no one is allowed near the bar,” Plagos said. “You can’t order a drink at the bar, let alone eat at the bar.”

Rafi Hasid, another multi-location restaurant owner, told Markowicz he has spent at least $10,000 per site to keep up with the ongoing and ever-shifting regulations.

But worst of all, the government continues to contradict itself, as agencies give conflicting messages on what is allowed and what is not for outdoor dining.

“In the beginning, they said they’re going to allow propane heaters. But then they said you can’t have them on the street side or on the outside of the sidewalk,” Hasid said. “Then they said you can’t keep the propane tanks on your property and must store them at a different location every night. So that was a wasted purchase.”

And heaters weren’t the only area he saw major conflicting messages from officials.

“We capsuled the outdoor seating, so every table has its own personal area,” he said. “The Health Department said it’s good. Then the Fire Department said we need a door, and it should be closed. Then yesterday, we got an e-mail from the city that the door can’t be closed, because the space needs to be open on two sides. We keep investing money but what’s the criteria to open indoor dining again? We have no idea.”

Restaurant owners continue to cry for help, asking a city and state that apparently won’t listen.

“Restaurants are mainly family-owned and made up of mainly minorities,” Plagos told Markowicz. “They aren’t corporate America. We were living the American dream of working hard and taking care of our families, and now they took that right away from us.”

Anti-racism Anti-racist Critical Race Theory Dalton school Education Intelwars New York City nyc

Elite NYC school suffering ‘race meltdown’ over ‘extreme’ anti-racist demands: report

The Dalton School, an elite school in New York City, is reportedly experiencing a “race meltdown” over anti-racist demands by teachers that some are calling “extreme” and “insane.”

The Dalton School is an elite K-12 preparatory school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that has an exorbitant tuition of $54,180, but also prides itself on being extremely progressive. Jim Best, the head of the school, declared that he has “committed Dalton to becoming a visibly, vocally, structurally anti-racist institution.”

The school’s website has a “Commitment to Anti-Racism” page, where it outlines it’s “anti-racism vision.” The objectives include: “All Dalton students will have a deep historical understanding of racial and structural inequities in the U.S., and particularly the history of anti-black racism.”

Despite the prep school already committed to anti-racism, the teachers at the Dalton School are allegedly demanding the institution be even more committed to anti-racism. The New York Post reported on the eight-page “anti-racist manifesto signed by dozens of faculty members with a sweeping list of demands.”

The purported demands, some based on critical race theory, include:

  • Hiring 12 full-time diversity officers, and multiple psychologists to support students “coping with race-based traumatic stress.”
  • Assigning a staffer dedicated to black students who have “complaints or face disciplinary action,” and a full-time advocate to help black kids “navigate a predominantly white institution.”
  • Paying the student debt of black staffers upon hiring them.
  • Requiring courses that focus on “Black liberation” and “challenges to white supremacy.”
  • Compensating any student of color who appears in Dalton promotional material.
  • Abolishing high-level academic courses by 2023 if the performance of black students is not on par with non-blacks.
  • Requiring “anti-racism” statements from all staffers.
  • Overhauling the entire curriculum, reading lists and student plays to reflect diversity and social justice themes.
  • Divesting from companies that “criminalize or dehumanize” black people, including private prisons and tech firms that manufacture police equipment or weapons.
  • Donating 50 percent of all fundraising dollars to NYC public schools if Dalton is not representative of the city in terms of gender, race, socioeconomic background, and immigration status by 2025.

Colin Wright, managing editor Quillette, posted some of the demands on Twitter. He wrote, “The Dalton School in Manhattan is having a race meltdown. Teachers are holding the school for ransom with demands, but they’re so extreme the school will crumble if they give in. But they’ll crumble if they don’t, too!”

Naked Dollar writer Scott Johnston, who first revealed the alleged manifesto, said, “Dalton’s teachers are refusing to come back” until the demands are met.

The Post spoke to parents of children who attend the elite school.

“My ancestors experienced white supremacy by being slaughtered,” a Jewish parent reportedly said. “The idea that being white automatically means you are privileged or a white supremacist is ridiculous. My child comes from people who had to fight for everything they got. It’s just about skin color now.”

Earlier this year, the pricey school received pushback from parents who were unsatisfied with the school’s remote education during the coronavirus pandemic. The Dalton School went to all-digital instruction until at least mid-year. Approximately 70 parents signed a petition to open the school, which stated, “Zoom-school is not Dalton.”

“We are, in short, frustrated and confused and better hope to understand the school’s thought processes behind the virtual model it has adopted,” a letter from parents to the school reads, according to Bloomberg. “Please tell us what are the criteria for re-opening fully in person. Covid-19 is not going away and waiting for that to happen is misguided.”

The Dalton School is known for its famous alumni such as Anderson Cooper, Christian Slater, and Claire Danes. The school is also where Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher by former headmaster Donald Barr, father of former United States Attorney General William Barr.

In November, journalist Megyn Kelly announced that she had pulled her two sons from a “woke, far-left” elite NYC prep school that planned to implement an extreme racial social justice agenda.

“It’s so out of control on so many levels, and after years of resisting it, we’re going to leave the city,” she said on “The Megyn Kelly Show.” “We pulled our boys from their school, and our daughter is going to be leaving hers soon, too. The schools have always been far left, which doesn’t align with my own ideology, but I didn’t really care. Most of my friends are liberals; it’s fine. I come from Democrats as a family.”

Bill de Blasio Intelwars Mayor New York City Redistribute wealth

NYC Mayor de Blasio: ‘I like to say very bluntly, our mission is to redistribute wealth’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) reiterated to his constituents Friday, “I like to say very bluntly, our mission is to redistribute wealth,” a declaration he has made before although he recognized that “a lot of people bristle at that phrase.”

What are the details?

During a press conference, de Blasio began by voicing his support for the findings of a recently-concluded investigation by the city that determined the NYPD “made a number of key errors that likely escalated tensions and a potential for violence” during the protests following the death of George Floyd. He promised the police department would be reformed.

“The COVID era has taught us that so clearly, and we need to do better and we will,” de Blasio said. “And that means a commitment to fighting disparities and inequality in every part of the life of New York City and that certainly takes us to education where if you’re talking about the problems of disparity, if you’re talking about structural racism, certainly policing is not the only area to talk about. There are many areas to talk about and education must be front and center.”

“There has been so much that needed to be addressed in education in New York City, and from the beginning, what I tried to focus on was a very simple concept: equity and excellence,” he continued. “That we needed to profoundly change the distribution of resources.”

De Blasio emphasized, “I like to say very bluntly, our mission is to redistribute wealth.” He added, “A lot of people bristle at that phrase, that is, in fact, the phrase we need to use.”

De Blasio has used such phrasing before, even just recently.

In August, the New York Post reported that de Blasio “made a public plea” for “taxing the rich and redistributing their money even as the Big Apple reels from a coronavirus-induced budget crisis that’s already caused well-heeled New Yorkers to head for the hills.”

“Help me tax the wealthy. Help me redistribute wealth. Help me build affordable housing in white communities if you want desegregation,” the mayor told a caller on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” during a discussion about schools.

“What changes things is redistribution of wealth,” he reiterated. “Tax the wealthy at a much higher level. I just feel like this is a lot of cocktail party comfort going on rather than people honestly dealing with this issue.”

But de Blasio’s insistence on further taxes on wealthy New Yorkers has received pushback even from fellow Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has pleaded with high earners to stop fleeing the state in a mass exodus that began when the coronavirus and lockdowns hit.

Cuomo pointed out earlier this year that the wealthiest one percent of New Yorkers pay roughly half the taxes collected in the state.

Bill de Blasio covid Covid lockdowns Covid restrictions Intelwars New York City

Forget the indoor dining ban — Mayor de Blasio is threatening a ‘full shutdown’ in New York City

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said Monday that he is prepared to see the government go beyond the governor’s recent shutdown of indoor dining in the city and threatened that there could be a full citywide lockdown in the near future.

What’s happening in New York?

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that all of New York City’s indoor dining would be shut down effective Monday.

Cuomo made the move despite the fact that, according to his own slide presentation during the shutdown announcement, restaurants and bars accounted for less than 1.5% of the share of exposure to COVID-19.

De Blasio made an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” Monday to discuss COVID-19 shutdowns and vaccines. During the interview, host Alisyn Camerota confronted the mayor about closing restaurants.

“Is it possible that closing restaurants isn’t going to do what you hope it will?” Camerota asked.

De Blasio, naturally, didn’t shy away from the restaurant shutdown edict, though he claimed, “I feel for these restaurant owners,” and lauded the new “permanent” outdoor dining. But then he went on to think it’s time to be “ready” for a full shutdown — which, of course, would mean that the outdoor dining the mayor just touted would be closed, too.

Citing growing numbers of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations and the need to “protect people’s lives,” he declared “you’ve got to start shutting down the most sensitive areas.” He went on to echo Cuomo’s recent statements that a “larger shutdown” could be on the way in the Big Apple and that it’s something the city’s residents should be “ready for in the coming weeks.”

Camerota didn’t let the mayor’s statement slide by. She pushed back on de Blasio’s assertion that the “most sensitive places” should include restaurants.

“On balance, maybe it would be more important to protect people’s livelihood and paychecks” than shut down places that contribute to only 1.43% of the spread, she said.

The mayor responded that “unfortunately, this is just one of a number of steps that, I think, are going to be needed.”

“There’s going to be more restrictions after this,” he warned.

Camerota asked him what other kinds restrictions he had in mind.

“A full shutdown,” de Blasio said, noting that it’s time to stop the virus’ momentum.

“I think, Alisyn, you’re talking about the potential — and again, I’m quoting from Gov. Cuomo, and I think he’s right — there’s the potential of having to do a full pause, a full shutdown in the coming weeks,” he said, noting how the city fought back against the virus in the spring and needed to do it again.

“We’re seeing the kind of level of infection with the coronavirus we haven’t seen since May, and we have got to stop that momentum — or else, our hospital system will be threatened,” the mayor continued.

According to de Blasio, “That’s worth putting restrictions in place for.”

Hizzoner made it clear by the end of the segment that a shutdown would not be targeted — it would be “across the board.”

Alexandria ocasio-cortez amazon AOC Intelwars New York City queens

Queens residents torch Ocasio-Cortez for Amazon abandoning HQ plans: ‘Everybody fears AOC’

Queens residents lashed out at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) over the weekend for her role in Amazon canceling its plans to build its second headquarters location in the New York City borough.

What’s the background?

Two years ago, Amazon announced it would split its second headquarters between two locations: Long Island City in Queens and Crystal City, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C.

But Ocasio-Cortez, who at the time was a relatively unknown far-left progressive who had just been elected to Congress, took serious issue with Amazon operating in Queens, despite Long Island City not being located in the congressional district she was elected to represent.

Amazon would have brought tens of thousands of jobs to the area and billions of dollars in annual revenue. But Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive New York politicians like state Sen. Mike Gianaris (D) opposed the development, decrying the tax incentives Amazon would have received and Amazon itself as an anti-union company.

What are residents saying?

Now, nearly two years after Amazon pulled its plans for Queens, residents are speaking out about the “squandered economic opportunity,” according to the New York Post, that has been made worse by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m watching AOC selling ‘Tax the rich’ T-shirts for $58 while businesses are leaving New York. That’s AOC’s solution. Who is going to pay $58 for a T-shirt when you’re out of a job?” local business owner Eric Benaim told the Post.

Local art gallery owner Donna Drimer told the Post, “We’re in the middle of a pandemic. People say, ‘If we only had Amazon.’ We got nothing.”

Drimer added, “AOC, Gianaris, [local Councilman Jimmy] Van Bramer — wake up! People are leaving. Businesses are closing.”

Meanwhile, Gianna Cerbone, owner of a local restaurant, was more explicit with her anger, saying “delusional” far-left politicians have ruined western Queens, where Long Island City is located.

“I’m angry at the stupidity. Everybody fears AOC, who has no idea what she’s doing. Opposing Amazon benefited other communities. Imagine if AOC did something positive with her big mouth,” Cerbone told the Post. “I believed in Gianaris. Mike believed in the community until he went so far up AOC’s ass she couldn’t s**t him out.”

Who else criticized AOC?

Surprisingly, fellow Democrats New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized Ocasio-Cortez, though not directly, after Amazon pulled the plug on its plans.

Cuomo, in fact, said politicians who opposed Amazon coming to Queens needed to be held accountable.

“A small group of politicians put their own narrow political interests above their community — which poll after poll showed overwhelmingly supported bringing Amazon to Long Island City — the state’s economic future and the best interests of the people of this state,” Cuomo said. “The New York State Senate has done tremendous damage. They should be held accountable for this lost economic opportunity.”

How did AOC’s office respond?

Lauren Hitt, a spokeswoman for Ocasio-Cortez, claimed the Amazon deal “would have given [residents’] hard-earned tax dollars to one of the wealthiest men in the world, in exchange for a campus that made no promises about hiring local residents or contracting with local businesses.”

Meanwhile, Gianaris maintained his opposition to Amazon.

“In the last two years, Amazon has already added and announced more white-collar jobs in New York City than were called for in the HQ2 plan, all without massive public subsidy,” he told the Post.

democrat Intelwars New York New York City Package surcharge Robert carroll Tax

NY lawmaker proposes $3 delivery surcharge on every ‘nonessential’ delivery from online purchases

A New York lawmaker has proposed enacting a $3 surcharge on every “nonessential” package that is delivered via an online purchase in New York City, already one of the most taxed cities in the United States.

The new tax would alleviate financial constraints of the city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, which has forecasted a budget shortfall of more than $16 billion through 2024.

According to New York Assemblyman Robert Carroll, a Democrat, enacting a $3 surcharge on package deliveries from online purchases would raise more than $1 billion per year, considering that an estimated 1.8 million packages are delivered daily in the Big Apple.

“Delivery trucks and vans are a ubiquitous presence on our city streets, weaving through our neighborhoods, double-parking in bus lanes and idling outside buildings, day and night,” Carroll wrote in an op-ed in the New York Daily News. “Shopping online is cheap and convenient. It also means more trucks clogging city traffic, slowing buses, and spewing pollution, all of which have costs of their own.”

The delivery surcharge would apply only to deliveries of “nonessential items,” which includes most everything that people buy online. Items like medicine and food would be considered “essential.”

Carroll explained that his proposal would also incentivize New Yorkers to shop local, and mockingly said consumers should wait longer for their packages to arrive.

A delivery surcharge would incentive some consumers to patronize neighborhood businesses instead of reflexively ordering items online from Amazon, Walmart, Etsy or eBay. They might be reminded how local mom-and-pop stores, and bigger retailers like Bloomingdales and Macy’s, are part of what makes a city dynamic, diverse and interesting. These businesses also employ our neighbors.

A delivery surcharge will also undoubtedly encourage consumers, and the Amazons of the world, to more regularly consolidate multiple items into a single package for delivery. Instead of shipping someone a pair of new sneakers on Monday, a pair of socks on Wednesday and a toaster oven on Friday, Amazon could put them into one box and (gasp) make you wait a little. That’s one truck trip down your block by FedEx or UPS instead of three. Now multiply that by millions.

According to WPIX-TV, the MTA has asked the federal government for $12 billion to stymie “drastic service cuts, layoffs and gutting our historic capital plan that would devastate our colleagues and customers.”

However, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, enacting the new tax would only penalize New Yorkers.

“[A] tax of $3 per package may hurt Amazon and Walmart indirectly, it’s really a tax on the people who benefit from the competitive prices and convenience those and other online retailers often provide,” the think tank said. “If the tax succeeds in reducing online purchases, it will not generate the projected revenue. If it fails to shift many additional purchases to brick-and-mortar shops, it merely penalizes New York City residents for shopping online during a pandemic.”

Anarchists Antifa Christmas Hanukkah Intelwars Metropolitan republican club New York City vandalism

Antifa blamed for NYC Republican Club vandalism same day historic group planned Christmas, Hanukkah celebration

Antifa militants are being blamed for vandalism at the historic Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City — not only because the GOP group supports President Donald Trump but also because the club scheduled a celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah the same day, Fox News reported.

What are the details?

The club held its annual “Christmas and Hanukkah Social” on Thursday evening, but the cable network said when members arrived they saw anarchist graffiti and Antifa symbols spray-painted in red across the entrance to the building — along with the phrase, “You’re canceled” on the dark double doors:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @spotnews_tv

Fox News also said a circle with three arrows — a symbol often used by Antifa based on 1930s German anti-fascist resistance movement symbolism — was spray painted on the sidewalk. In addition, the letters “ACAB” — which stands for “all cops are bastards” — was spray painted on the building, the network said.

Black bags symbolizing dead bodies of non-white COVID-19 victims were left on the sidewalk, Fox News added.

What did the club have to say?

“I am deeply disturbed and disgusted at this attack,” club president Ian Walsh Reilly told the cable network, adding that members came together that night “under social guidelines.”

“We were then having a celebration of religion — of Christianity and Judaism and their holidays — and that was the date they chose to attack the Met Club,” Reilly added to Fox News. “It shows such intolerance from the very people who say they are anti-fascist.”

In a Twitter statement, the club called the perpetrators “cowards”:

Fox News said New York City police are investigating, and Reilly told the network that four black-clad men clad carried out the deed in the darkness of the early morning.

“We do openly put the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘Hanukkah’ in the title of the party because we should be open and honest,” he added to Fox News. “This is a celebration of two wonderful religions, and as the club is the most visible symbol of the Republican party in New York City — a city that is becoming more and more intolerant of opposing opinions — I am afraid that is going to continue.”

More from the network:

The club was founded in 1902 by Republican reformers who supported President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1930 the club constructed the elegant Federal-style townhouse to serve as its home and has had a long historic role in the city’s political life. The club is where two storied Republican mayors announced their successful candidacies for City Hall, Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 1989 and the legendary Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia in the 1930s. Other Republican mayors and governors have also been among its members.

In 2018 anarchists were blamed for smashing some of the club’s windows and spray painting graffiti including the letter “A” inside a circle, what is considered an anarchist symbol. Police said a note was left behind that warned “Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize.”

In 2019 two members of the far-right “Proud Boys” were sentenced to four years in prison after a street fight near the club erupted between members of the group and Antifa following an appearance by “Proud Boys” founder Gavin McInnes at the club.

As for how the club members are reacting, Reilly told Fox News they felt “disgust and horror” but “will not be intimidated.”

“People were just sad but also defiant,” he told the network. “They just wanted to come together and honor our traditions.”

He added to Fox News that “we will not be intimidated, and if our vocal and unending support for the NYPD continues to bring this type of hatred upon us, we will not back down from it,.”

Andrew Cuomo covid Covid lockdowns Indoor dining ban Intelwars New York New York City Outdoor dining

NYC restaurants spend a ton to get creative with outdoor dining as Gov. Cuomo threatens to shut down all indoor eating options

New York City restaurants are already having trouble staying in business under Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s edicts, which says they may operate at only 25% capacity.

Now Cuomo is threatening to completely close all indoor dining in the city.

The governor declared Monday that all dining rooms in the Big Apple could be shut down as COVID-19 hospitalizations increase, the New York Post reported.

“If after five days we haven’t seen a stabilization in a region’s hospital rate, we’re going to clamp down on indoor dining, ” Cuomo announced during a news conference in New York City.

“There are certain absolutes, OK? What is the absolute here? You cannot overwhelm your hospitals. You can’t be Italy,” Cuomo told New York City reporters. “If you are at a rate that is going to overwhelm your hospitals, you must shut down.”

Some areas of the city have already seen restaurants forced to completely close their dining rooms and offer takeout and outdoor dining only.

One Staten Island location, Mac’s Public House, famously defied the shutdown order and declared itself an “autonomous zone” from lockdown restrictions. New York Sheriff’s Department officers arrested the bar’s co-owner, Danny Presti, for flouting the health mandates.

During his presser Monday, Cuomo mocked New Yorkers who would dare to complain about lockdowns, the Post said.

“‘Oh, we don’t want to do that again,'” the governor said mockingly. Then he warned that there was just one way to avoid a citywide ban on indoor dining: “Then change your behavior. But if we don’t change our behavior, that is the absolute reality of the situation.”

The difficulty restaurants are having were reflected in a newly released survey from the National Restaurant Association that found one in six restaurants in the U.S. have closed permanently as a result of the pandemic.

Gotham’s restaurants are feeling the heat and many are getting creative with outdoor dining as Cuomo continues on his rampage.

Restaurants lucky enough to have rooftop access, backyards, sidewalk space, or streets not blocked by fire hydrants are investing a lot of money to winterize their outdoor spaces for dining, the Post reported. For example:

  • Nerai, a Greek restaurant in Midtown, has spent $120,000 to winterize its garden area for outdoor-dining patrons.
  • Fig & Olive had to close one of its two Manhattan locations, but its remaining location has spent thousands of dollars creating dinging igloos that are wrapped in plastic as well has a “lean-to style ‘lodge.'”
  • The Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Times Square has transformed its 10,000 square-foot outdoor area into a ski-lodge-themed dining space.
  • Tribeca’s Kitchen is spending thousands of dollars to winterize its outdoor space with a permanent outdoor structure coming after the New Year.
  • Carnegie Diner & Cafe in Midtown spent $6,000 updating its outdoor space that holds only 40 people.
  • Benjamin Prime Steakhouse in Midtown has come under fire after investing serious money in building a giant tent that covers the sidewalk on 40th Street and requires pedestrians to use a passageway through the outdoor dining area in lieu of using the street.

Restaurant consultant Rick Camac told the Post, “Everyone is trying to grab as much outdoor space as they can — even from their neighbors. And if you don’t have outdoor space, you are out of luck.”

If things don’t change soon, Camac warned, it’s going to be curtains for a lot more eateries.

“Many restaurants will be dropping like flies, unless more federal aid kicks in,” he said.

Assault charge Coronavirus lockdown Danny presti Intelwars Mac's public house New York City Sheriffs Staten Island watch

Staten Island bar co-owner who defied lockdown order allegedly hits sheriff’s deputy with car, gets arrested again

The co-owner of Mac’s Public House — the Staten Island bar that has gained national attention for defying COVID-19 lockdown orders — was arrested over the weekend for allegedly hitting a New York City sheriff’s deputy with his car, KABC-TV reported.

What are the details?

Two deputies followed Danny Presti to his vehicle after he left the bar — which had welcomed customers once again — shortly after midnight Sunday, officials told the station.

Image source: WABC-TV video screenshot

The deputies identified themselves, approached Presti, and tried to arrest him for multiple offenses, KABC said, adding that Presti began to flee on foot toward his vehicle. The pursuing officers ordered him to stop, the station said, but Presti entered his car.

Officials said Presti allegedly drove into one of the deputies, who was thrown upon the hood of the vehicle, KABC said, adding that Presti drove about 100 yards with the injured officer clinging to the hood until deputies eventually brought the vehicle to a stop.

KABC said the incident was caught on surveillance video.

What happened to Presti?

Presti was arraigned Sunday on multiple charges — including felony assault — and was released from police custody, the station said. Presti’s attorney Lou Gelormino told WABC his client spent the night in jail.

It was the second time Presti was arrested in less than a week, as sheriff’s deputies raided Mac’s Public House last Tuesday night and led Presti away in handcuffs for defying COVID-19 lockdown orders.

Presti on Monday said he’s stepping back for a couple of days out of respect for law and order, the station said — but he and Gelormino maintained his innocence.

“Two big, burly officers came out from in between a parked car, behind him, and yelled, ‘Presti! Hey, Presti!’ and started running at him,” Gelormino said Monday, according to WABC. “That’s what started the whole turn of events. It wasn’t two officers in uniform, waving badges, saying, ‘Hey, can we talk to you?’ That’s what started the whole event.”

Presti also made a statement Monday, the station said: “I have nothing but respect for the NYPD and other law enforcement. I think when you find at the end of the investigation, you will find that I did nothing wrong.”

Image source: WABC-TV video screenshot

What happened to the sheriff’s deputy?

The injured deputy was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released, WABC said. A station reporter said during the broadcast that the deputy broke bones in his leg as a result of the incident — but that Presti denies that and insists the deputy only twisted his ankle — and that there’s video to prove it.

More from WABC:

Officers made the arrest after conducting surveillance on the bar, which had violated COVID restrictions multiple times.

Officials say officers saw a woman standing in front of the pub who would guide people into the neighboring commercial space.

They were able to observe people enter the space and then disappear into a back room.

Those who were visible through the windows appeared to be drinking alcoholic beverages.

Around 10 p.m., officers saw about 20 people exit the neighboring space, followed by another 10 people.

Gelormino told the station the bar’s tables were six feet apart Saturday night, including on the patio in the back, and that all social distancing rules were being followed.

Presti prior to his arrest told KABC that “we’re struggling, and a lot of people in these businesses have lost a lot, and in the beginning, we were OK to sacrifice, and we’ve sacrificed everything at this point. You have to take care of us, the government is supposed to be there to protect you, and that’s the opposite of what’s happening here.”

What did NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio have to say?

“I think his actions are extraordinarily disturbing, I think they are disgusting, I think there’s no excuse for someone doing something that might threaten a law enforcement officer, that’s what he did,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said about the incident, the station reported. “Our sheriff’s deputy, his life was in danger because of what this guy did. It’s absolutely unacceptable, he should pay very very serious consequences for what he did. I am always concerned we have to make sure consequences are clear. So I respect that the law enforcement system has a way of determining who can get released and who doesn’t. But what I care about the most here, is that it be very clear, there are serious serious charges, and this guy did something extremely dangerous, and he needs to suffer the appropriate consequences for what he did.”

What did New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have to say?

“A couple of primary New York values: One of them was, you don’t assault a police officer. They are defending a person who drove his car into a law enforcement officer, drove 100 yards with a law enforcement officer clinging to the hood for his life, and that’s who they are championing … Someone who attacked a law enforcement officer,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, according to WABC. “You don’t attack the NYPD. You don’t do it. They put their life on the line. You don’t attack a law enforcement officer who is doing his or her job. And when you have someone who drives their car into someone, could have killed him, hospitalizes him — how dare you? What signal are you sending when you glamorize that type of behavior? … It’s repugnant to the values of any real New Yorker. You never assault a police officer.”

Anything else?

After Presti’s first arrest Tuesday a large group of protesters hit the street in front of Mac’s Public House Wednesday night to show their support for the bar.

And WABC reported that yet another protest is planned for Monday.

CBS News said Staten Island is home to many police officers and firefighters and is usually seen as supportive of law enforcement. The network added that the New York City borough is much more conservative than the rest of the city and is the only one of the Big Apple’s five boroughs that voted for President Donald Trump in November.

Andrew Cuomo Bill de Blasio Covid lockdowns Intelwars Mac's public house New York City Staten Island

NYC pub takes defiant stand against Gov. Cuomo, declares itself ‘autonomous zone’ from lockdown restrictions

A Staten Island restaurant has declared itself an “autonomous zone” that is free from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s business-killing coronavirus restrictions.

Beginning Nov. 20, Mac’s Public House, owned by Danny Presti and Keith McAlarney, said they would not abide by restrictions enacted by Cuomo or New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Their defiant stance came just days before new restrictions hit the area where Mac’s is located, which includes a ban on indoor dining at bars and restaurants, according to the New York Post.

The declaration that Mac’s is now an “autonomous zone” pays homage to the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone,” which far-left radicals established in Seattle in June.

A sign outside Mac’s now reads:

!ATTENTION! We hereby declare this establishment an !!!AUTONOMOUS ZONE!!! We refuse to abide by any rules and regulations put forth by the Mayor of NYC and Governor of NY State.

For their defiance, Mac’s has been “slapped with thousands of dollars in fines, a shut-down order from the state Health Department and the Friday revocation of its liquor license by the State Liquor Authority,” according to the Post.

But those consequences have not deterred Mac’s owners.

In a YouTube video, Presti explained the sheriff’s department is issuing his restaurant $1,000 fines, but said, “at this point, we’re OK with it, because we’re not paying it.”

To circumvent their business licenses being revoked, Presti said they are allowing patrons to eat and drink for free — while asking them for donations to stay afloat.

Meanwhile, McAlarney challenged Cuomo and “De Bozo” — a reference to de Blasio — to personally come to Mac’s to revoke their licenses.

“We’re not backing down. You think you scared me by…saying I don’t have a license now to serve liquor now? Well guess what? That liquor license is on the wall. If that liquor license is gonna come off the wall, it’s gonna be done by Cuomo. You wanna come down here and pull that license off the wall?” McAlarney said.

He continued, “Or De Bozo, you want to come down here and pull the license off the wall? Feel free to end up comin’ down, and we’ll end up having a conversation before you even think about stepping foot on my property. I will not back down.”

Staten Island – Mac’s Public House – More FINES! Original $15,000 Fine Voided, THE BATTLE HEATS UP!

However, keeping the restaurant’s doors opened does not mean Presti and McAlarney are being unwise. In fact, they are taking significant COVID-related precautions.

“We will still wear masks, take the same safety precautions we’ve had in place, maintain daily cleanings and work in a responsible manner to the best of our abilities,” the owners told the Staten Island Advance.

But, Presti explained, “What we will not be doing is living in fear. By fear, we mean the constant threat of our local city and state governments sending agencies in to check up, fine and threaten to shut us down. Every day small businesses are living in fear, not just of this virus, but that our governments will take our livelihoods away, even as we’re being safe.”

Bill de Blasio covid Covid lockdowns Intelwars New York City New york city sheriff

NYC mayor announces checkpoints at bridges and crossings, hypes ‘real penalties’ in order ‘to keep people safe’ for the holidays

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared this week that the city would be stepping up enforcement measures to make sure everyone follows government-imposed COVID mandates.

And according to the mayor, people will not want to be caught violating the crackdown rules, because there will be “substantial” penalties.

What is the mayor planning?

During a news conference Tuesday, de Blasio announced that city officials and law enforcement would be focused on making sure people follow the COVID edicts by ramping up penalties and checkpoints. Included in the stricter New York mandates is a travel quarantine for non-New Yorkers coming into the city.

No one will be spared from the crackdown.

“We’re going to make sure that people are reminded constantly throughout this whole holiday season if you travel, there are very clear rules you have to follow,” Hizzoner said.

With the increased travel, de Blasio continued, there will be a markedly increased “presence of the City of New York.”

“You’re going to see that there are really clear rules to be followed and they will be enforced,” the mayor said. “And you’re going to know that if someone does not follow those rules that there are real penalties, substantial financial penalties that will be applied.”

De Blasio said he doesn’t want to do this, but it’s necessary — to keep everybody safe — and he’s got just the guy to make sure everybody follows the rules: Sheriff Joe Fucito.

“No one likes that, no one wants to do that in the holidays, but we will do it to keep people safe,” the mayor added. “So, here to tell you about all our efforts to make sure people travel safely and follow the rules that will keep us all safe, our Sheriff Joe Fucito.”

Cracking down on ‘dangerous gatherings’

Fucito took the ball and ran with it, telling everyone that there will be increased vehicle checkpoints a bridges, tunnels, and crossings, and that his teams will be standing curbside at bus stops as riders disembark from out-of-state buses.

“There has to be enforcement in order to keep everyone safe. So, I’ll go over just some highlights of how we’re going to be keeping enforcement regarding the compliance with the travel quarantine and the standing emergency orders,” Fucito began.

“Sheriff teams will be out in force as the holidays approach,” he continued. “There will be vehicle checkpoints at key bridges and crossings throughout New York City. Sheriff will also be conducting checkpoints at curbside drop-off bus stops — so, out-of-state buses coming into New York City, when they drop off at the curb, they will be met by sheriff teams.”

Those sheriff teams will make sure people know exactly what they must do in order to comply with New York’s quarantine orders, Fucito said.

Anyone who does not follow the travel quarantine rules should know: “There will be consequences,” including mandatory quarantine orders from the health commissioner, summons, and fines.

And he tied holiday gatherings to other unsavory gatherings such as “illegal fight clubs, underground raves, and illegal gambling dens.”

From Sheriff Fucito:

Violation of a self-quarantine travel regulation may result in deputy sheriffs serving you a mandatory quarantine order issued by the Health Commissioner. In cases of violation, Deputies could serve you with a civil summons that carries a $1,000 fine. As a practical matter, and as the Mayor stated previously, the Sheriff’s Office would be concentrating on large-scale gatherings. Our actions in the last several months have reinforced this point. Deputy sheriffs are investigating massive events that violate a panoply of criminal, fire, building, health and other regulatory laws at locations such as illegal fight clubs, underground raves, and illegal gambling dens. These activities were illegal and sometimes deadly before COVID-19, and the public safety hazards regarding them have been amplified exponentially by the pandemic.

The “best and most pragmatic” way to “save lives” in a city of 8 million people, the sheriff continued, is to really crack down on “these types of dangerous gatherings.”

Mayor de Blasio went on to add that he wanted folks to be aware that the city will be “constantly monitoring people.”

Sheriff Fucito backed the mayor up, noting that the testing and tracing teams will be making sure people are following the quarantine and will be doing “other types of investigation.”

If those teams have evidence that someone violated quarantine, law enforcement will get involved. If violations continue, the violator can expect “legal action taken against” him.

“We have made arrests and charged somebody with a misdemeanor for violating the quarantine,” Fucito said.

(H/T: Bloomberg)

Andrew Cuomo Bill de Blasio Covid lockdowns Intelwars Jews New York City

NYC Mayor de Blasio fines synagogue $15K for massive secret wedding, says house of worship will be closed down if there’s ‘any further illegal activity’

Remember the super-secret Jewish wedding in New York City that saw an estimated 7,000 maskless attendees standing shoulder to shoulder singing and dancing?

You know, the one that was pulled off earlier this month by organizers who operated by word of mouth only.

The one that really upset Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Well, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared Monday night that City Hall is fining the synagogue for holding the event that violated state- and city-issued mask requirements and proscriptions on large gatherings, the New York Post reported.

Not only will the house of worship receive a fine, it also faces being forceably closed down if there are any further violations on the premises.

What happened?

Over the weekend, the Post reported on the secretly held Brooklyn wedding that occurred Nov. 8.

According to the Post, organizers surreptitiously pulled off the wedding that violated COVID-19 directives from the state and the city prohibiting such gatherings during the pandemic by putting nothing on paper and sending no invitations.

Thousands of guests “crammed shoulder to shoulder” into the Yetev Lev temple in Williamsburg, which has a capacity of 7,000 people, for the event, “stomping, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs without a mask in sight,” the Post said.

After the Post’s exposé, Gov. Cuomo blasted the event as “illegal” and “disrespectful” and demanded an investigation.

City Hall told the Post that the city was investigating the wedding.

Now, we have the fallout

De Blasio announced that the city will fine the synagogue $15,000.

“There appeared to be a real effort to conceal it, which is absolutely unacceptable,” de Blasio told NY1, the Post reported. “There will be a summons for $15,000 immediately for that site and there could be additional consequences quite soon as well.”

A reporter pressed Hizzoner on the effectiveness of the city’s enforcement efforts and the announced fine, the paper said.

De Blasio shot back that his administration’s ability to find flouters of COVID-19 mandates has “been very, very consistent,” but he added a caveat: “It’s a big city with more than 8 million people. It’s a huge geography to cover.”

He added that he felt the punishment the synagogue faces will definitely send a message — because it’s more than just a $15,000 fine. The house of worship also has received a cease and desist order, the mayor said.

That means that any violation will get the entire synagogue shuttered.

“But I think the cease and desist order is crucial here,” he said, according to the Post. “From this point on, if there’s any further illegal activity in that building, the building will be closed down. I think that’s a pretty clear deterrent.”

Andrew Cuomo Covid lockdowns COVID-19 Intelwars New York City New york pandemic

Thousands gathered for a secret, massive wedding ceremony in Brooklyn — and Gov. Cuomo is livid about it

A report over the weekend revealed that thousands of Hasidic Jews gathered for a secret, massive wedding in New York City earlier in this month.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo was none too happy about it when he found out, calling the gathering “a blatant disregard of the law” and demanding an investigation.

What secret wedding?

The New York Post published a report Saturday of a secretly organized wedding in Brooklyn that took place Nov. 8.

According to the Post, the wedding for a chief rabbi’s grandson was secretly organized and pulled off in spite of COVID directives from the state and the city prohibiting such gatherings during the pandemic.

Thousands of guests “crammed shoulder to shoulder” into the Yetev Lev temple in Williamsburg, which has a capacity of 7,000 people, for the event, “stomping, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs without a mask in sight,” the Post said.

Video and photos of the nuptials obtained by the Post show the synagogue jam-packed to the rafters with thousands of men in the bleachers and women in the balcony.

The Post reported that organizers planned the wedding of the grandson of Satmar Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelman in secret to hide it from the media and the government.

“Due to the ongoing situation with government restrictions, preparations were made secretly and discreetly, so as not to draw attention from strangers,” the Satmar sect’s Yiddish newspaper Der Blatt reported, the Post said.

According to the paper, the organizers did their best to make all arrangements on the sly. All updates about the event were passed along by word of mouth and no notices were made in writing and no invitations were sent.

The secretly planned wedding came in the wake of the government’s cancellation last month of a massive planned wedding that was expected to draw 10,000 people.

How did Cuomo react?

Needless to say, Gov. Cuomo was displeased.

The governor has been issuing increased lockdowns across the state, with special attention on New York City — and especially the Big Apple’s Jewish community. So it’s no wonder he had something to say about the massive event.

“It was a blatant disregard of the law. It’s illegal. It was also disrespectful to the people of New York,” Cuomo said Sunday, the Post reported. “The law protects everybody. It protects you, but it also protects me.”

The governor demanded that the city conduct an investigation into the massive wedding.

He said he’s particularly interested in how such a large event could be kept secret.

“If 7,000 people went to a wedding, you can figure that out, right? That’s the problem with a ‘secret’ 7,000. It’s hard to keep a secret,” he said, adding, “It’s my information the city is investigating. They should investigate, and if 7,000 people were at a wedding, I’m sure they’ll be able to figure it out, and then we’ll bring the full consequences of legal action to bear.”

A spokeswoman for City Hall told the Post that the city is investigating the wedding and “will hold those accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Intelwars New York City

NYC closes schools citing COVID-19, despite low positivity rate

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced Wednesday that public schools citywide would be closed and all learning would be conducted virtually starting Thursday, in a blow to parents.

A rise in coronavirus rates in the Big Apple was cited for the reasoning, despite officials admitting that cases in the nation’s largest school system itself remain incredibly low.

What are the details?

“New York City has reached the 3% testing positivity 7-day average threshold,” de Blasio tweeted Wednesday afternoon. “Unfortunately, this means public school buildings will be closed as of tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 19, out an abundance of caution. We must fight back the second wave of COVID-19.”

Politico reported that in a letter to principals, “Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said schools have seen a Covid-19 positivity rate of only 0.19 percent out of more than 120,000 students and staff tested but that the city established a 3 percent threshold and was sticking to it.”

According to the New York Times:

The mayor set the 3 percent threshold over the summer, when average positivity rates were hovering around 1 percent or below. He has been explicit that the number is less of a strictly scientific measure and more of a symbol intended to reassure parents, educators and the union.

While parents were given less than 24 hours’ notice to find child care and make other arrangements after de Blasio’s announcement, the mayor had warned them last week to “have a plan” in case such a spur-of-the-moment decision was made.

WNBC-TV reported that de Blasio “told parents Friday to have a plan in place as early as Monday in the event the citywide rolling positivity rate hits the school shutdown threshold (3 percent) over the weekend.

Anything else?

There appeared to be confusion earlier in the day Wednesday between New York City and the state over school closings, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo refused to provide clear answers during a press conference on whether New York City schools would go virtual on Thursday.

Cuomo lost his cool on two separate reporters who pressed him to answer whether classes would be in session, after they told the governor that parents were also confused over what the plan would be.

The governor called one reporter “obnoxious and offensive” after the journalist questioned whether the city or state was in charge of the decision, and asked, “for the millions of parents who want to know, are the schools going to open tomorrow in New York City?”

After dodging that question, another reporter asked Cuomo, “I guess the point blank question is, are schools going to be open tomorrow in New York City.”

Cuomo accused both reporters of not paying attention, but he never answered the question.

CNBC reported that Cuomo had acknowledged Friday on a call with reporters, “The problem is not coming from the schools. It’s coming from the bars, the restaurants, the gyms and the living room family spread. So if in fact you do close schools, I would urge the mayor and all involved to open them as quickly as possible.”

cop killer Indoctrination Intelwars megyn kelly Megyn kelly kids New York City schools White kids

Megyn Kelly yanks kids out of NYC school over call to reform white children — and now she and her family are leaving the city altogether

Veteran news journalist and media maven Megyn Kelly has pulled her children out of their New York City school and plans to leave the city behind altogether.

Kelly announced the decision after learning that her kids’ school promoted the “reform” of white children in racially biased practices.

Kelly did not reveal the name of the school her children previously attended.

What are the details?

During Monday’s broadcast of her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Kelly said that she received a letter from the administrators of her two young sons’ school that detailed a plan to implement an extreme racial social justice agenda in the school.

“It’s so out of control on so many levels, and after years of resisting it, we’re going to leave the city,” Kelly admitted. “We pulled our boys from their school, and our daughter is going to be leaving hers soon, too. The schools have always been far left, which doesn’t align with my own ideology, but I didn’t really care. Most of my friends are liberals; it’s fine. I come from Democrats as a family.”

Kelly added, however, that the final straw was when she found out that the administration was peddling concerning sentiments about how white children are “left unchecked and unbothered” in their schools, homes, and communities.

“I’m not offended at all by the ideology, and I lean center-left on some things, but they’ve gone around the bend,” she insisted. “I mean, they have gone off the deep-end. The summer in the wake of George Floyd, they circulated amongst the diversity group — which includes white parents like us; there are people who want to be allies and stay attuned to what we can do — an article, and afterward, they recirculated it and wanted every member of the faculty to read it.”

Kelly recalled that the article asserted that white children are inherently racist.

According to Kelly, a portion of the article — which appears to have been written by Nahliah Webber, executive director of Orleans Public Education Network in June — said, “There is a killer cop sitting in every school where white children learn. They gleefully soak in their whitewashed history that downplays the holocaust of indigenous native peoples and Africans in the Americas. They happily believe their all-white spaces exist as a matter of personal effort and willingly use violence against black bodies to keep those spaces white.”

“As black bodies drop like flies around us by violence at white hands, how can we in any of our minds conclude that whites are all right?” the article added. “White children are left unchecked and unbothered in their schools, homes, and communities to join, advance, and protect systems that take away black life. I am tired of white people reveling in their state-sanctioned depravity, snuffing out black life with no consequences.”

The article continued, “Where’s the urgency for school reform for white kids being indoctrinated in black death and protected from the consequences? Where are the government-sponsored reports looking into how white mothers are raising culturally deprived children who think black death is okay?”

“Where are the national conferences, white papers, and policy positions on the pathology of whiteness in schools?” the article said. “This time if you really want to make a difference in black lives — and not have to protest this s*** again — go reform white kids. Because that’s where the problem is — with white children being raised from infancy to violate black bodies with no remorse or accountability.”

Anything else?

A portion of Kelly’s podcast appeared on Twitter Monday, captioned, “‘After years of resisting it, we’re going to leave.’ @MegynKelly describes why she pulled her kids out of their NYC schools — and she, @GlennLoury and @Coldxman Hughes discuss how ‘woke’ leftism has taken over schools.”

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

Attempted kidnapping Baby snatching good samaritan Hero Intelwars Martial Arts Mental Health New York City watch

Martial arts coach saves the day when man tries to snatch baby from stroller right in front of screaming mother

Brian Kemsley was walking with his girlfriend last week near New York City’s Madison Square Park when he saw and heard something that required immediate action: A man was trying to grab a baby from a stroller, WPIX-TV reported.

What are the details?

Kemsley, a 33-year-old Muay Thai coach, immediately put his skills to use, the New York Post reported.

He told WPIX the assailant was asked to let go of the stroller but kept reaching for the baby, and the mother was already holding a toddler, both of whom were screaming — as was the growing crowd around them.

Cellphone footage shows Kemsley tackling the man to the ground, the Post said. Kemsley pinned him and waited for authorities to arrive, WPIX reported.

Image source: WPIX-TV video screenshot

“I was trying to get him away from the mother and let her get away to safety … but toward the end of it, I was also trying to keep the guy safe from the mob,” he told the Post.

Kemsley added to the paper that even though his martial arts training includes a decade of jiu jitsu, he was “worried about passing out and losing my grip” as the ordeal lasted about 15 minutes until authorities arrived.

“Here’s the thing, I don’t enjoy jiujitsu, I don’t think training is particularly fun, but I have a lot of respect for it as it is absolutely essential in a street fight and self-defense,” he said regarding the incident, the paper said, citing an Instagram post that apparently has been deleted.

Image source: WPIX-TV video screenshot

He added in another post — which also apparently has been deleted — that “smashing someone should not be the priority” when it comes to “community security” and that citizens shouldn’t “show up with sticks and start beating people. The priority should always be to defuse the situation safely and as non violently as possible so we do not escalate the situation,” the Post added.

What happened next?

Park rangers soon arrived, WPIX said. New York City Police told the paper they responded to the park around 3:35 p.m. for a report of an emotionally disturbed person who was taken into custody and to Bellevue hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Indeed, Kemsley told the Post that as he was pinning the man in place, he realized the perpetrator — who kept trying to fight — seemed unwell mentally, at one point appearing to believe he was speaking to former President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

No one was hurt, the station said.

“It’s not a matter of stepping in; it’s a matter of duty, when you see a woman and her child screaming,” Kemsely told WPIX.

When it was all over “everyone started clapping, everyone was grateful,” he added to the Post, noting that it “was a very nice moment.”

Andrew Cuomo Coronavirus Pandemic Coronavirus vaccine COVID-19 Intelwars New York City New york pandemic

Hypocritical Gov. Andrew Cuomo says strong leaders ‘admit your mistakes’ — though he won’t admit his

The New York Republican Party and several pundits and commentators lambasted New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo after he gave a speech over the weekend criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and saying that strong leaders admit their mistakes.

Plugging his new book on leadership during the pandemic at Riverside Church in Morningside Heights in Manhattan Sunday, Cuomo said that a strong leader shouldn’t be defensive when he’s made mistakes.

“The key is to be strong and secure enough to admit your mistakes and admit your shortcomings, don’t get defensive,” Cuomo said. “Denying the mistake only assures repeating the mistake.”

The New York GOP responded to a video of Cuomo’s remarks, blasting the governor and accusing him of dodging responsibility for his numerous mistakes.

After the onset of the pandemic at the beginning of the year, Cuomo infamously issued an executive directive on March 25 requiring nursing home facilities to accept patients diagnosed with COVID-19 from hospitals. The purpose of the order was to free up hospital bed space for an expected overwhelming influx of virus patients. The result of this extraordinary mistake was to house sick coronavirus patients with elderly populations that proved to be extremely susceptible to contracting the disease, resulting in the deaths of about 6,720 New Yorkers in nursing homes, according to estimates from the state Health Department.

Cuomo has never accepted responsibility for this mistake. In fact, the governor has defensively accused his critics of lying and blamed state Republicans and the New York Post for the controversy over his administration’s disastrous policy.

In the speech, Cuomo also discussed progress on a coronavirus vaccine, accusing the federal government under President Donald Trump’s leadership of politicizing vaccine progress and undermining the American people’s confidence in the government.

“We have a vaccine on the way, truly great news,” Cuomo said. “But polls say 50% of the American people say they would not take the vaccine if it were available today because they don’t trust the way this federal government has politicized the process.”

Cuomo added that his administration and independent medical experts will review any vaccine supplied by the Trump administration before distributing it to New Yorkers to increase confidence in the vaccine. He did not mention that in October he said he himself was “not that confident” in the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process for a potential vaccine, adding that the American people “should be” “very skeptical.”

President Trump on Friday held a press conference updating the nation on Operation Warp Speed and the progress pharmaceutical companies partnered with the federal government have made toward creating and distributing a coronavirus vaccine. The Trump administration announced that they expect to be able to vaccinate 20 million Americans in December and another 25 to 30 million Americans per month on an ongoing basis from there.

In his remarks, Trump called out Cuomo’s vaccine skepticism and said the federal government will not be able to deliver a vaccine to New York until Cuomo’s reviewers give it approval. In response, Cuomo on Sunday threatened to sue the Trump administration.

“I tell you today, if the Trump administration does not change this plan and does not provide an equitable vaccine process … we will bring legal action to protect New Yorkers,” he vowed.

“President Trump must learn the lesson: Stop the abuse. Stop the division. Stop the anger. Stop the hatred. Stop the narcissism. And spend your last months trying to help people and repair the damage you have done,” Cuomo said.

Commentators noted Cuomo’s jarring hypocrisy. Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean called Cuomo “a real piece of work.” Dean’s husband’s parents were both residents of New York assisted living facilities or nursing homes before they contracted COVID-19 and died.

Others mocked Cuomo for his seeming lack of self-awareness.

Or just criticized his attempt to gaslight New York and the rest of the nation.

In August at the Democratic National Convention, Cuomo declared that “our way succeeded,” claiming his policies lowered the spread of coronavirus in New York and attacking Republicans for failing to control the pandemic, even as tens of thousands of New Yorkers died of the virus and the state’s economy was crippled by his policies.

Now, Cuomo’s comments on Sunday and his new book on lessons learned from the pandemic come as New York faces a new spike of coronavirus cases and an increase in hospitalizations. In response to this second wave of the pandemic, Cuomo days ago announced a new series of coronavirus restrictions, limiting private gatherings in New York to just 10 people indoors with Thanksgiving around the corner.

“Rhetoric only goes so far, we don’t want to hear any more,” Cuomo said Sunday. “We want actions, because it is results that matter at the end of the day.”

Coronavirus lockdown Covid lockdowns Economy Intelwars mass exodus New York New York City nyc Real Estate

Mass exodus from NYC is happening as New York state to lose $1.4 billion in tax revenue: report

Some extremely worrisome data has recently emerged providing a glimpse into the economic downfall of the real estate market in New York during the coronavirus pandemic.

The New York Post published a report detailing how New Yorkers are fleeing NYC in vast numbers. According to data from the United States Postal Service, more than 300,000 NYC residents have moved out of the Big Apple since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Post found that 295,103 New Yorkers filed change of address requests from March 1 to Oct. 31. However, the total amount is well over 300,000 once you consider that a single change of address would likely include numerous multiple-person households.

From March through July, there were 244,895 change of address requests to locations outside of New York City, more than double the 101,342 during the same period in 2019.

The postal data shows residents are moving out of the city, but staying in the tri-state area. The top five destinations are: East Hampton, N.Y., (2,769), Jersey City, N.J. (1,821), Southampton, N.Y. (1,398), Hoboken, N.J. (1,204), and Sag Harbor, NY (961). There were 558 people who moved to Greenwich, C.T.

The mass exodus could be derived from a number of reasons, including fear of living in a dense city during a pandemic, stringent COVID-19 restrictions set forth by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, a summer that saw skyrocketing shootings, and the effects of a mandatory $15 minimum wage.

The lack of real estate sales and apartment rentals have contributed to a massive drop in tax revenue. The Real Estate Board of New York released a report last week that New York City and state have collectively lost $1.4 billion in tax revenue so far this year.

“Investment sales and residential sales year-to-date totaled $34.5 billion, a 50% decline compared to the same time period in 2019, causing a 39% decline in tax revenue,” the REBNY reported.

Civil unrest and violent riots plus high coronavirus death totals have hurt the city with tourism. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer told Market Watch in July, “In the midst of the pandemic, we are beginning to realize that our 62 million [annual] tourists will no longer be in the short term.”

Anti-Semitism COVID-19 Election 2020 Intelwars New York City

Horowitz: NYC officials target Jewish business owner for COVID citation, while Biden supporters hold wild parties

There’s election fraud, but then there’s also governing fraud. Even if one legitimately wins an election, he cannot do whatever he wants to the citizenry. We live in a republic where the government is constrained by rules and cannot indiscriminately violate civil liberties. Yet that appears to have gone out the window in New York City, as Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio target Jewish-owned businesses.

You would think they’d be busy with the gang warfare in the city streets or the beatings in the subways, but a New York City sheriff’s deputy was seen harassing a woman who owns a pottery shop in Brooklyn for supposed COVID violations. Yesterday, the local city councilman posted the video of the encounter with the following message:

Numerous videos have surfaced on the internet in recent days showing Jewish business owners and schools in Cuomo’s “red zone” of “certain zip codes” Brooklyn being harassed by law enforcement and accused, often wrongly, of violating his latest arbitrary edict.

Perhaps there is something more insidious about the targeting of those zip codes:

The problem with those business owners is that they are not throwing Biden celebration parties with marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs. That would be lauded as the highest form of democratic expression.

Folks, this is the governing fraud on display before your eyes. In some ways, this is a more dangerous form of cheating than even dead people voting. In a constitutional republic, we shouldn’t have to worry about our lives being at stake based on the results of an election, even if one side cheats to achieve their electoral win. Now we all have to fear this sort of sickening double standard on civil liberties in Kamala Harris’ America. This is an America where criminal is victim, illegal alien is citizen, man is woman, income is welfare, and welfare is income. This is not a part of the sacred document that was signed in 1787.

We are not the ones who badly want our guy in the Oval Office as much as the other side wants their man. We think most decisions should be up to local authority and that certain policies are off-limits and out of constitutional bounds. It is the other side that seeks to dominate us by shutting down our houses of worship, schools, businesses, and even our own mouths and noses.

Meanwhile, as government does everything that it is constitutionally prohibited from doing, it refuses to protect us from criminals. My entire neighborhood in Baltimore County is being ravaged by carjackers, as criminals have become emboldened by the anti-prison stance of the Democrat Party. Now that they know prison is only reserved for someone opening a business or not wearing a mask, they feel they can terrorize neighborhoods with impunity because, after all, they are usually wearing masks when committing their dastardly deeds.

Folks, this is about a lot more than just election fraud. It’s about governing fraud that makes King George look like James Madison. Indeed, the great revolution was fought over much less. The tyranny under King George wasn’t that bad precisely because the Patriots didn’t let the usurpations deteriorate to the point of debilitating their ability to militate against them. As John Adams so presciently warned in 1774, “Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people.” Sadly, we’ve allowed those buds of tyranny to blossom ever so strongly. The question for us: Is it too late?